Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Next Chapter

Well, the blog was active for almost 9 years, and it's about time to wrap it up. I fell out of the habit of updating after the holidays, and it seems like a good idea for the kids to start telling their own stories.

A quick recap of the first half of the year: the kids finished up school strong, with Bud doing a good job on his California mission project and in the school musical. Buster was extremely successful in his class, and both kids got great reports from school.

We celebrated the kids birthdays in the spring, with a soccer party for Bud at a local indoor soccer gym, and at home with a Minecraft theme for Buster. I can't believe Bud has been around for a decade now.

Bud did a very good job on his Black Belt test for Tae Kwon Do, and has been helping out in TKD classes since then. The test for the Black Belt was a whole different beast, lasting two days, and we discovered that Bud can run a 48 minute 10k. Buster recently earned his Dark Red belt in TKD summer camps, and is started to look really good in his movements.

The kids continue on piano, and had a great recital towards the end of spring. They've been taking a bit of a piano vacation during the summer, but are gearing up for a special 'duet' concert, and they've been working on a couple of pieces that they play together.

Buster continues to be very interested in Minecraft, and has taken to watching Minecraft videos / machinima on YouTube. I've helped him download some mods and supervised him playing on some public servers, but he and Bud primarily enjoy creating worlds. Bud has helped out a bit, but Bud's interests are more towards soccer and Clash of Clans, which he plays when he can. We set up our own clan, and a few of Bud's school friends have joined as well.

The kids have stayed busy with week-long summer camps this year, including the aforementioned TKD camps, soccer camp, swim lessons, and a fencing and archery camp. This week, for a change of pace, they're both enjoying chess camp. Overall, they seem to be enjoying their summer.

We took a family vacation to Disney World to meet up with Grandma W and Granddad B, along with Ruggermom and her posse. It was a great week, and we enjoyed seeing the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, a water park, and hanging out at the hotel. The kids were great to travel with, and overall we had a wonderful time.

Looking forward, Bud will be going into 5th grade, his last year at the elementary school. Buster will be going into 2nd, and both kids look ready for the next levels. They become more independent each day, and I'm pretty happy to have the opportunity to help them along the way.

Thanks all for reading along, and my deepest thanks and love to M-lady for being my partner in this whole parenthood undertaking.
So long for now,