Sunday, February 08, 2015

Holed Up For The Weekend

We had a nice weekend, but it was raining for the majority of it, so we mostly stayed in. The kids were up fairly early on Saturday, and spent time playing Minecraft together until M-lady and I got up and joined them for breakfast. We started getting chores done around the house, Bud working on some long-running homework assignments, and both kids doing their piano practice.

M-lady headed out to run some errands, and we had a late lunch when she got back. Buster had a birthday party to go to in the afternoon, and M-lady took him while I hung out with Bud. It was a drop off party, so M-lady was back quickly, and Bud headed outside to play with the neighbors for a little while in a brief respite from the rain.

I picked up Buster, and Ama and Agu and Cousin C came over for dinner. The kids had a good time playing Minecraft for a while until Aunt O and Uncle C came to pick him up, at about bedtime.

Today, the kids were up fairly early again, but M-lady and I managed to pull ourselves out of bed before too long. The kids did get some time to play Clash of Clans together for a bit, though. We had waffles for breakfast, which the kids enjoyed, and then M-lady got started on making Valentines with the kids for their classmates.

I did a few odd jobs around the house, and then headed out to run a quick errand. The errand was totally successful, and I came back to find the kids working on piano. I helped with getting some lunch ready, and afterward spent some time building Lego with the kids.

A little while later Aunt O and Cousin C arrived, and the kids had a good time playing together. Aunt O and M-lady headed out to do some quick shopping, and I turned on the video of the hour record attempt which had occurred earlier in the morning. The kids found it mildly interesting, and watched a little with me before running off to play a bit more.

Aunt O and Cousin C took their leave a bit after 5:00, and I headed out with Bud to pick up some dinner. We brought it back and ate in front of the TV, doing a movie night. We started with checking out the opening scenes from Grim Fandango, which M-lady and I had played together a number of years ago. The kids seemed to be slowly getting into it, and we'll try and play more of it together going forward.

After Grim Fandago, we watched another episode of Planet Earth, and then the kids played a little bit more of Clash of Clans before it was time to get ready for bed.


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