Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Catching Up Again

Time to get back to blogging! Since the holidays my main computer has been in a less-accessible place: it's created an interesting change in habits. Unfortunately, one of the side effects is that I've totally fallen off the wagon in terms of blogging. Trying to get back to it!

Buster lost one of his front teeth last week, and has a really cute gap-toothed smile now. I was struck by how much he's grown... he's really getting big. He's been really getting into Minecraft since the holidays, but just this week he's started turning his focus to Clash of Clans, following his brother.

Bud has been busy, working on his California Mission report, as well as working on the paper for his upcoming TKD Black Belt test. The TKD paper is sizable, and I took a trip with Bud a little while back to get books from the downtown San Jose library. We found a few good titles, and we've been working to get the paper together.

Bud was turned on to Clash of Clans by his friends at school, who have created a clan. I sat with Bud last night before bed as he played and chatted with friends online for the first time... I expect he'll be doing more of that in the future. We have had a chat about the dangers of online social interactions, but it will be something we reiterate as well.

Aside from papers and games, Bud has been playing with the neighbors across the street almost every day. They really have a good time together. Buster joins occasionally, but has been more interested in spending his free time inside, preferably playing a video game. We've been monitoring his screen time, and send him outside to play from time to time, but he generally would rather be inside.

We've had some work done around the house, and the kids have helped a little bit. I've picked more of the Clementines from the tree in our front yard, and the kids (including the neighbors) have had fun catching the small oranges as I drop them from the ladder with their baseball gloves. Just need to keep them from dropping peels all over the yard...

The kids have both been watching 'Making of' specials about the first episode of The Hobbit with M-lady. I suspect we'll all sit down to watch the first part of the movie before too long.


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