Monday, January 19, 2015

Time Getting Away

Sorry, I hadn't intended to not post for a week...

The kids had a pretty straightforward week at school, and did their now-scheduled Tuesday/Thursday/Friday TKD classes. The Friday class wasn't as physically demanding this time, so the kids weren't sore the next couple of days. Friday was logistically interesting, though: M-lady got home in time to take the kids to their piano lesson, and I met them at home when they got back with dinner set up in my car. We loaded up and ate on the way to TKD class. M-lady and I transferred the kids to Nanny J at the TKD class, and headed up to see a Danse Libre show. Nanny J took the kids home, where they were met by Ama and Agu, who spent the evening with them and got them to bed. M-lady and I got home a bit later, after the kids were asleep.

On Saturday, we ran around doing errands (library and grocery store) before packing up and heading out at about 3:00 to drive up to San Francisco for a party with long time dance friends. The kids were content to watch Looney Tunes in the car on the way up, and then enjoyed the company of Friends Av and An during the course of the evening. The big dog L was there, who is super mellow, so Buster enjoyed hanging out with him a bit. The kids also had a good time with the iPhones and the Action Movie FX app, shooting quick segments of the guests and superimposing missle strikes and avalanches on them.

Bud had an accident with his copy of The Fellowship of the Ring, unfortunately, spilling a large quantity of grape juice directly on it. It ruined the book, and Bud was distraught until we came up with a plan to replace the book. We enjoyed the party well into the evening, and headed home some time close to 10:00pm. The kids stayed awake on the drive home, again watching Looney Tunes, and got into bed around 11:00, after Bud and M-lady ordered a new copy of his book for him.

We had another mellow morning on Sunday, and I got out for a bike ride in the late morning. Cousin C and Aunt O came over to play in the afternoon, and were there when I got home. I cleaned up and took a shower, and then spent the rest of the afternoon fixing the dripping shower while Bud mostly played outside and Buster and Cousin C played Minecraft.

After Aunt O and Cousin C headed home, we did a movie night dinner in front of the TV, watched a couple of Fred and Ginger dance numbers before turning on another episode of Planet Earth. The kids got to bed at a normal hour, and overall didn't seem to be affected by the late night previous.

Today, I got up a little earlier and we all had waffles for breakfast. Bud helped make the waffles, which was nice. After breakfast, the kids did their piano practice with M-lady, and the kids had a little bit of Xbox time before we headed out for lunch at Five Guys. The kid ate well, and we headed over to Aunt O and Cousin C's for the afternoon. The kids had a good time running around, and we came home at about 4:00. Buster and I had a nice video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, and Buster showed them around the Minecraft world he's been building for the past few weeks.

I made dinner, and Buster got a little more Minecraft time in while Bud and I started the very first bits of research in his TKD black belt research paper. It's going to be a pretty big project, so we'll need to break it down into smaller chunks. The kids did a good bedtime routine, and Bud and I spent a little time checking out Clash of Clans for the first time, which a bunch of Bud's friends play, apparently.


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