Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Loose Teeth

The kids have been having a pretty good week. Buster discovered towards the beginning of the week that he had a loose tooth: one of the lower center teeth. He shortly noticed that the other center tooth was also loose. We took a look, and discovered, that like his older brother, his permanent teeth had already broken through the gums a little behind his baby teeth. When that happened to Bud, we asked the dentist if it was OK, and she assured us that it was very common. It's looking like the baby teeth will come out soon, and the adult teeth will be in pretty quickly.

We have a big storm hitting the area in the morning, and lots of wind and flood advisories. The wind is predicted to peak (in this area) at about 40 mph, with gusts getting a bit higher. Hopefully that doesn't uproot too many trees. The rain is supposed to be in the 3" range, which pretty much counts as a deluge. I suspect there will be flooding, but I'm not too worried about our area. I'll post again tomorrow to let you know we're all afloat.


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