Friday, June 27, 2014

Yet Another Belt

Buster was a little slower to get up this morning, but it wasn't too bad getting him going. We got the kids up, got them some breakfast, and I took a look at Bud's foot. He'd been stepped on the previous day by one of the other kids: his instep had a good-sized bruise, and was slightly swollen. I put an Ace wrap on his foot, and he was reasonably content. We headed to the last day of TKD camp and I dropped them off, where they had a conditioning morning: they were doing sit ups, push ups, and burpees when I headed out.

I came back around noon to catch Buster's belt test. It turns out that since it was the last day of class, all the students went through a test-like process, although only some were eligible for belts. Buster did a great job, nailed his form, and had a solid board break with a tough hook kick. Bud got to show his stuff as well, and did a board break with a good flying back kick. Buster got his purple senior belt, and I congratulated him before the kids headed home with Nanny J.

I went back to work for a bit, and managed to get home, bearing dinner, at about 5:30. We said goodbye to Nanny J and got set up watching a movie with food. M-lady arrived home as we started the movie (Star Wars Episode I), and we enjoyed the movie for a while before quitting and doing some prep for tomorrow, followed by snack and bedtime.

M-lady ran out for a quick errand while I got the kids into bed, and she managed to get back in time to say goodnight to the kids. Both kids were a bit excited, and were up a little bit later than they should have been, but eventually dropped off to sleep.

Movie Questions

The kids were pretty good about getting up this morning and getting ready to go. I helped them get some breakfast, combed their hair, and sent them out the door with M-lady, who took them to TKD camp today. She enjoyed getting to see them gear up for sparring and do some drills before she headed out at about 10:00.

I headed to work a bit later, and ended up working late, getting home a bit after 7:00. The kids were working on piano when I got home, and had already had dinner. After Buster finished piano, he played on the Xbox, and when Bud finished he went outside to shoot some hoops.

We convened again around 8:00 for snack time, and the kids showered and got ready for bed with a little bit of prodding. I helped put Bud to bed, and he asked me some questions about The Princess Bride. Apparently the characters in the book he was reading really liked the movie, and Bud wanted to know if he could see it. I think he's old enough now, so maybe we'll watch it together before too long. We also came across Labyrinth while looking for The Princess Bride, which might be another one he's old enough for and would enjoy.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Another Belt

We had a pretty standard morning. Buster was good about getting up when I went in to rouse him, and Bud was anxious to practice the oral questions for his TKD belt test, which he was having that day (he came into our room around 7:00 asking us to quiz him). I loaded the kids up after 8:00 and we headed for TKD camp.

I quizzed the kids on their TKD questions, and they both did really well. The dropoff at TKD went fine, and I headed in to work. I was back at TKD at about noon, and got to see Bud's belt test and then stand in Bud's belt ceremony. He received his brown belt: his next test will be for his black belt, probably in the spring.

The kids went home with Nanny J, and I headed back to work. I met them again at about 4:00 at the dentist, where the kids had their usual check-up. Both kids did fine, and I took them home while Nanny J met us back there. I snoozed for about an hour, and got up around the time Nanny J took her leave.

M-lady was home a short time later, and I headed out to race my bike at the track. They apparently had a good evening, mostly playing basketball with the neighbors. Buster played as well, which was good. They had a good dinner, and were in bed by the time I got home. Bud was still up, so I chatted with him for a few minutes before he fell asleep.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sparring Day

Buster was a little slow to get up this morning, but otherwise the morning routine was fairly uneventful. We made sure the kids had all their sparring gear, and then I loaded them up and took them to TKD camp.

I dropped them off at the start of camp at 9:00, and then hung around a bit to watch the class. The instructor had them all get their own gear on (for the most part), and then they all helped each other get the chest protectors on, which lace in the back. Then they started with some warmups, a discussions of how Kyorugi (sparring) works, and proceeded to start kicking each other. Unfortunately I couldn't stay much after that, but it was very entertaining.

I got home around 5:00, shortly before the kids headed off with Nanny J to their piano lesson, where they met M-lady. They had a good lesson, their last for a couple of months. When they got home around 6:30 we immediately got started on dinner.

The kids ate well, and Bud ran outside to shoot baskets with the neighbors immediately after dinner. Buster and M-lady and I watched some Lego Movie specials until we called Bud in and did snack time. Shower and bedtime followed, and Buster fell asleep quickly after a long day.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Padding Up

I was up a little early this morning, as we needed to get to TKD camp a bit on the early side. The kids were a little slow to get up, Buster in particular. We did manage to get the kids fed and out the door by about 8:15, which was a few minutes after my target, but not too bad.

We arrived at TKD at about 8:45, 15 minutes before the start of camp. The studio wasn't opened yet, though, so we stood around for a few minutes waiting for the instructors to show up. Once they did, I asked about getting some sparring pads for Buster, and was directed to return at the kids pickup time since they wouldn't need pads today. We said hello to Uncle C and Cousin C, and I watched the first part of class as the kids warmed up and worked on doing proper push-ups, which was fairly entertaining.

I headed off to work, and returned in time to meet Nanny J and say hello to the kids as they got out of camp. They'd had a good day, and were ready to head home and have lunch. We picked up Buster's pads, and I sent them home with the kids and Nanny J before returning to work.

I got home around 5:30, and we said goodbye to Nanny J a short time later. Buster had taken his shower, but I got him back into civvies and the kids and I headed over to the local salon to get their hair cut. We waited a little while, but the kids were good, and we made it home at about 7:00. M-lady was already home, and Buster was excited to show off his 'spikey' hair. I'm sure I'll have to comb it that way tomorrow morning.

After showering the kids, we all had some dinner together. Bud did his piano after dinner, and then ran outside to play some basketball with the neighbors. Buster and I watched some Lego Movie specials after he finished his piano, and M-lady joined us presently.

We didn't do snack time until about 8:30, so the kids got to stay up a little late. I watched some Mythbusters with Bud, and we turned out his light a bit after 9:00. We studied his TKD belt test questions briefly, and he'll probably need to review again in the morning, since he seems to be on the cusp of getting another belt.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Between Camps

We had a good weekend. On Friday, Bud headed to the last day of his basketball camp, and Buster stayed home again. Buster will be able to make up his gymnastics camp later this summer, since he was sick for most of the week. Nanny J watched Buster on Friday, and picked up Bud at 4:00 from his camp. M-lady got home a bit early, and I got home around 5:30. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and got started on setting up movie night.

The Lego Movie disc had arrived that day, so we spent the evening watching that, which was loads of fun. It took us until about 8:15, so we didn't have time to watch any specials, but we all enjoyed the movie. Afterward, there was time for a quick snack and getting ready for bed. I hung out with Buster for a few minutes before we turned out the light.

On Saturday, I made breakfast for Buster when I got up around 9:00. Bud had already gotten breakfast for himself. After that, I headed out for a bike ride from about 11:00 to 2:00. While I was out, M-lady took the kids to the library, ran a couple errands, got lunch, and had the kids practice piano. We had a mellow afternoon, watched a little soccer, and spent some time watching some of The Lego Movie specials.

At about 5:00, we headed over to Ama and Agu's house, where we also met up with Aunt O, Uncle C, and Cousin C. The kids had a great time tearing around for most of the evening, and we had a very nice dinner. We packed up at about 8:00 and headed home to start the bedtime routine.

On Sunday, the kids were up fairly early again, and M-lady got up to make them breakfast. After eating, I took Bud over to the local sporting goods store to pick up a new mouthguard for him for TKD camp, as well as some soccer shinguards for soccer camp later in the summer. We found both items, and were home by about 11:30. M-lady headed out to run some errands, and Uncle C and Cousin C came over for the afternoon.

The kids had a good time playing, and we got some lunch at about 12:30. We turned on the US World Cup game at about 3:00 (kicking the kids off the Xbox), and Uncle C and Cousin C headed out about 20 minutes later. After the game, we headed out to get some dinner together, and then did the grocery shopping all together as a family on the way home. The kids just had time to do piano before having a snack and getting ready for bed.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Feeling Better

Buster was still running a mild fever this morning, so I gave him a dose of Tylenol. He was fine for the rest of the day, though. Unfortunately, since he's missed most of the week of Gymnastics camp, we've decided to keep him home again tomorrow and he'll get to make up the camp next month instead.

The kids were up around 7:00, bouncing in and out of the room a bit, and I got up around 8:00. I helped Bud dress a blister on his toe, and then got breakfast for the kids. M-lady headed off for work a little early, and I waited for Nanny J to arrive before taking Bud to his basketball camp.

The kids seem to have had a good day. Bud enjoyed camp, and was pretty tired when Nanny J picked him up. Buster was fairly full of energy, and bounced around the house most of the day. I got home around 5:30, and M-lady arrived a couple minutes later. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and Bud headed out back to shoot baskets for a while. He was probably out there for about an hour while M-lady, Buster, and I hung out together.

I helped get dinner together for the kids and M-lady around 7:30, and then headed out to visit with some old work friends. M-lady got the kids ready for bed, and I got home around 9:30. Bud was still up, but fell asleep soon after I got home.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Catching Up

A quick post to catch up:

Buster was running a fever Monday night, so stayed home from gymnastics camp yesterday and today. The fever is the only symptom he seems to have... he's still running around and playing vigorously. On Tuesday he apparently napped for a while, but other than that he's not obviously sick.

Nanny J has come to the rescue, keeping an eye on Buster from about 9:00am on each day. Yesterday I got home in time to relieve Nanny J, and M-lady got home around the same time. The kids were busy playing, so we had dinner a little late. Bud played outside after dinner until snack time, and we had a pretty standard time of getting ready for bed.

Buster stayed at home again today, and I took Bud to his basketball camp when Nanny J arrived at about 8:45. M-lady got home to watch the kids, and I went straight from work to a bike race, getting home in time to hang out with Bud a little bit before we turned out the lights around 9:00. Bud had a good day at basketball, and Buster had fun staying home. Buster was running a bit of a fever again today, so he'll need to stay home tomorrow, too.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Camps, Day 1

The kids were up really early this morning, excited to go to their respective camps. Buster was going to a gymnastics day camp, along with Cousin C, and Bud was going to a basketball camp with a number of his friends from school. They were up and dressed and anxious to go well before 7:00.

M-lady and I got up around 7:30, and I got the kids some breakfast. After making sure Bud's new basketball shoes were going to work for him, I loaded up with Buster and we headed off to his first day of camp. He joined the group without any trepidation, and was running around the floor with the other kids when I headed out.

Both kids apparently had good days. I got home around 5:30, and both kids were excited to tell me about their days at camp. We said goodbye to Nanny J after a few minutes, and I caught up with the kids.

M-lady had a get together with work friends, so I did the evening with the kids. We read a story together for a little while, and then had some dinner. The kids ate pretty well. Since there was no homework or piano practice, the evening was all ours. They opted to watch some Mythbusters, so we did that for the remainder of the evening.

Unfortunately, Buster was moving more and more slowly and complaining of being cold. I checked his temperature at snack time, and he was running a fever of about 101 degrees. I gave him a dose of ibuprofen, and we did the bedtime routine together. M-lady arrived home a few minutes before it was time to turn out the light, so he got to snuggle with her for a little while as well.

I spent a little time reading with Bud as well, and we turned his light out a bit after 9:00. Buster won't be able to go to his gymnastics camp tomorrow, but hopefully will recover quickly enough to get back there by the end of the week.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

The kids were up fairly early today, but did go downstairs to make themselves breakfast at M-lady's prompting. Unfortunately, I had intimated that there might be a treat for breakfast, and they were anxious to get to that. M-lady and I rolled out of bed around 9:00 and made cinnamon roll pancakes, which were well received.

M-lady and the kids delivered Father's Day cards and gifts to me, one of which was a book which I read to the kids for the next half-hour or so. The kids spent some time after that playing a video game, while M-lady and I got some time to read. Eventually I headed out to run a couple errands, and got back shortly after the rest of the family had eaten lunch.

I got myself some lunch, and then hung out with the kids during the afternoon. M-lady ran out to get groceries a little later, and I read with the kids a little more. At about 5:00, Cousin C came over with his parents, and was really excited to play. The three kids kept themselves entertained for most of the rest of the evening, taking a break to have dinner with us.

After dinner, I tried a simple recipe and made funnel cakes for everyone for dessert. They turned out really well, and they were enjoyed so much that Aunt O called Ama and Agu to come over and have some. They arrived a few minutes later, and we had a pleasant party until our guests took their leave around 7:30.

The kids took showers, had some fruit for a snack, and I read more of the Father's Day book with the kids before putting Buster to bed around 8:30. We talked about the plan for the week, and Buster's pretty excited to start gymnastics camp tomorrow.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

In-Home Piano Recital

On Friday, the kids didn't have any major planned activities, so we were able to sleep in a little bit (until about 8:00). Nanny J arrived at 8:45, and I headed off to work soon after, as the kids were getting some breakfast.

The kids apparently took their scooters to the park with Nanny J during the day, and had a pretty good time. They had done their piano lesson earlier in the week, so were waiting at home for M-lady when she arrived to relieve Nanny J. I had an errand to run on the way home, and managed to get there with dinner a little after 6:30.

Aunt O had already arrived, and Friend J arrived just a couple minutes later. We set up dinner and the recording of the Tonys, and watched that for movie night. The kids really enjoyed the show. I'd seen it with M-lady earlier in the week, so wandered in and out during the show, and then helped get the kids ready for bed at about 8:30 while M-lady and our guests watched the rest. All in all, an enjoyable the evening, and the kids really enjoyed watching the Tonys.

On Saturday, I got up early for a bike ride, and was on the road by 7:30. M-lady took care of the kids for the morning, and by the time I got back a little after 11:00, the kids had practiced piano. We had some lunch, and then spent a little time getting the house ready for guests. At about 4:00, Ama and Agu arrived, and a short time later folks started arriving for the piano recital.

We hosted a recital with 4 other kids. All the kids performing (including our two) were giving book graduation performances, playing about 4 pieces each. Bud and Buster got to perform a duet together as well which they've been working on. The kids played well, the overall recital went well, and we had snacks for everyone after the program.

Ama and Agu remained after the other guests had left, and Aunt O, Uncle C, and Cousin C arrived a short time later. The kids had fun playing together, and Ama and Agu brought dinner. We celebrated Ama and Agu's anniversary, Aunt O and Uncle C's anniversary, and Father's Day all in one swoop.

Our guests headed out around 8:00, and we started getting the kids ready for bed. They had been running around with Cousin C, and were particularly sweaty (and smelly), so they showered and washed their hair and had to pass a smell test before getting into bed. Once he was clean, I watched a couple of cartoons with Bud before we turned the light out a bit after 9:00.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Day One Playdate

The kids were up fairly early, and Bud had a friend coming over around 8:15. That meant M-lady and I needed to get up. I helped get the kids some breakfast, and Bud's Friend N was dropped off after the kids had finished eating. They had a great time playing with Nerf guns and board games throughout the morning.

Nanny J arrived at about 8:45, and M-lady was home until about 11:00, when Friend N was picked up. The kids apparently had a fairly quiet afternoon, and then headed to TKD. Buster was in the tub when I got home around 5:30. We said goodbye to Nanny J after Buster was out of the bath, and I got dinner for Bud as he claimed being famished. Buster didn't seem hungry, though, and spent time playing his own game with the Risk 2010 AD pieces and map.

I napped for a short time on the couch, and M-lady arrived home around 6:30 or so. We gathered in the playroom, where Buster was still playing, and Bud started asking questions from the kids Trivial Pursuit cards we had (they're a bit dated). We had fun, though, and Bud was pretty excited when I pulled down the Star Wars Trivial Pursuit game.

Buster and M-lady and I had dinner, and the kids did their piano practice before snack time. While M-lady was putting Buster to bed, Bud and I played a game of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. He did pretty well, although the game was created before the new trilogy was released, so Bud didn't know the movies quite so well. We had a good time, though.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

School's Out!

Buster was up early and excited, but Bud was a little slow getting out of bed. We did a pretty standard morning routine, and M-lady took the kids to school after taking a couple pictures.

Bud got out of school before lunch (same time as Buster), so both kids came home for lunch. I picked them up from TKD in the afternoon, and had a chance to chat with them a bit on the way home. They talked a little about the last day of school, and speculated on who their teachers might be for next year.

I dropped them off with M-lady at home, and headed off to race my bike at the track. They apparently had a good evening, first practicing piano and then headed out for a celebratory dinner. When they got back the spent the rest of the time before snack making Father's Day cards, apparently. They did the snack and bedtime routine, and I think they got to stay up a little late. I wasn't home until about 10:00, though so they were asleep when I arrived.

Congrats to my kids for making it past Kindergarten and Third Grade!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Phone Realization

Buster was up pretty early, around 6:00, and was in and out of our room a bit. He came in to lie down with us around 7:00, and was good about getting dressed when 7:30 rolled around. Bud was already up and dressed when I checked on him as well. I got some breakfast for the kids, and we picked up a little bit for the cleaners before I took them off to school.

The kids had a good day. We discovered through some very minor mis-adventures this afternoon that Bud has never learned to dial a phone. He could recite our phone numbers without hesitation, but has never dialed a phone himself, so was a little daunted by the prospect. M-lady and I realized that dialing a phone is a little trickier these days (turning the phone on necessary? 7 or 10 digits? cell signal required? etc.), so we'll work on that with both kids in the coming days.

I was already home by the time the kids got back from TKD, at about 5:00. They got themselves cleaned up quickly after saying hello, and Nanny J took them off to their piano lesson for the week, where M-lady met them. They got home again at about 6:45, and we had dinner a short time later, followed quickly by snack and bedtime.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Play Evening

Buster joined us in bed around 7:00, and we all got up at about 7:30. I rolled Bud out of bed, and the kids were pretty good about getting going. I got their hair combed and sent them off to school with M-lady before heading to work myself.

The kids seem to have had a good day at school. School's winding down, and their just wrapping up a few things, apparently. M-lady and I arrived home at about the same time, and said goodbye to Nanny J as Buster was getting out of his bath.

Since the kids didn't have homework, we had a very relaxed evening. It wasn't quite as hot today as yesterday, but the kids stayed inside for the most part, and had a lot of energy to divest themselves of in the evening. So they spent a good portion of the time happily wrestling with each other.

I got dinner together, and the kids played both before and after dinner. After relaxing for a little while, M-lady got piano going with Buster, and then with Bud as I got Buster his snack. M-lady read a story with Buster before bed, and I watched a few videos with Bud.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Hot Day

M-lady's parents stayed at our place last night after bringing the kids home, so spent time hanging out with them in the morning. That was nice, as it let M-lady and me sleep in a bit. M-lady got up to make pancakes for the kids for breakfast, and I rolled out of bed around 10:30.

We got going pretty quickly after that point and headed to the mall. The temperature was already around 90 degrees when we arrived a little after 11:00, so I expected the day to be pretty hot. I did some pants shopping, we had lunch, and headed home a short time later.

Once home, I dropped the kids off with M-lady and ran out to try and find a new lamp for the playroom. I didn't have much luck, and got home again around 3:00. M-lady was napping, and the kids were playing quietly. We had a very quiet afternoon, and the kids did their piano practice with M-lady when she got up a little later in the afternoon.

We had sushi for dinner, which was nice and cool, and then the kids and I watched an episode of Cosmos together before having a quick video call with Grandma W. Snack time was greatly anticipated, as we had popsicles, which the kids really liked. They were good about getting ready for bed, and looking forward to the last week of school for the year.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Off to See the Show

The kids were up fairly early, but let us sleep in a bit. M-lady helped the kids get breakfast, and we all got moving before too long. I headed out for a bike ride shortly after getting up, and the kids went to the library with M-lady while I was out.

They arrived from the library shortly after I got home from the ride, and we had some lunch. A short time later, M-lady took Buster to the nearby park for one of his classmates' birthday party, where he apparently had a pretty good time. Bud and I hung out at home for a little while, and then headed out to do the grocery shopping.

M-lady and Buster got home before Bud and I did, so they were able to help us unload the groceries. The kids did their piano practice with M-lady, and then M-lady packed up and headed out for call for the show. The kids and I had some dinner, and then got ready to go out ourselves.

Ama and Agu picked us up at about 6:45, and we headed over to the theater. We got there fairly early, so we had time to wander around the theater a bit before they opened the doors. The show started at 8:00, and the kids were pretty excited. The first scene, however, was a little scary, and turned Buster off of the show. He looked pretty stressed for the remainder of the first act, and asked to not watch the rest after intermission. I sat outside with him for Act II, although we did slip in to watch M-lady's dance. Buster was content waiting outside for the show to finish.

After the show, Ama and Agu zipped the kids home, since it was way past their bedtime, while I stayed with M-lady to help strike and go to the cast party. The kids went to bed pretty much as soon as they got home.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Show Night

The kids were up early today, and good about getting ready once M-lady and I had gotten up. I got them some breakfast, and then took them to school before heading off to work.

The kids seem to have had a good day. M-lady came home early to take them to their piano lesson at 3:00, and then hung out with them until I got home at about 5:30. I brought dinner with me, and we said goodbye to M-lady, who took off shortly to make her call time. The kids and I did our usual movie night, although we started a bit earlier than usual.

The kids wanted to see Mythbusters, so we watched a couple of episodes. I pointed out to Bud that they weren't using the proper technique to aim their mirrors when trying to replicate Archimedes Death Ray, and I thought it could have been done better. We had a good time chatting about it, though.

After a couple of episodes we took a break, and then the kids played a little bit of Xbox before snack time. The kids were good about getting ready for bed, and I read a story with Buster before watching a little bit of an Asterix cartoon with Bud.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Helping Out In Class

We did a pretty standard morning routine, and M-lady took the kids to school after I got them some breakfast and combed their hair. After getting them to school, M-lady helped out in Buster's class for a while in the morning, and had an opportunity to chat with Buster's teacher about how he's doing.

After leaving Buster's class, M-lady joined Bud's class to help out with their field trip to a local park. She walked with the kids and teachers to the park, and helped corral the kids at the park for a bit. Bud apparently had a good time running around with his classmates.

The kids did TKD in the afternoon, and Buster was taking his bath when I got home from work a bit after 5:00. M-lady arrived home at 5:45, and we said goodbye to Nanny J. The kids were good about eating dinner, and then M-lady did a solid piano practice with the kids. Since they don't really have homework this week, it's made the evenings a little easier.

The kids got started on snack a few minutes late, and so the bedtime routine was a little behind. M-lady read a story with Buster before bed, and I watched a few minutes of Mythbusters with Bud (and M-lady, who joined us) before we turned out his light at about 9:00.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Rehearsal Night

Buster came and snuggled with us in bed around 7:00, so didn't need nearly as much coaxing to get dressed when the time came a bit after 7:30. Bud was feeling well enough to go to school as well, so I took them both at the usual time.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I picked them up at TKD, we said goodbye to Nanny J, and I brought them home. Unfortunately, there was some construction on the way home, and traffic was pretty bad, but it gave us a chance to chat and listen to music.

Bud got to see a presentation by one of the Harlem Globetrotters who visited the school, and was pretty excited about that. We talked a bit about them, and I answered a series of seemingly random questions from the kids about all sorts of things: I assume as they saved up a bunch of questions which occurred to them during the day.

We got home, and Buster took a bath while I got some dinner for Bud. M-lady was off at rehearsal again, so it was just me and the kids. Ama and Agu had dropped off some rice porridge for Bud (traditional comfort food), and both kids were excited to have it for dinner. The kids did their piano after dinner, and we had time to watch some Harlem Globetrotter videos on YouTube before snack and bed time.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Voting Day

Bud stayed home another day from school, so I got Buster ready to go and took him while M-lady stayed home with Bud until Nanny J arrived, a bit before 9:00. The kids seem to have had a good day, and M-lady was home briefly in the late afternoon to pick up her dance bag and costumes for a tech rehearsal this evening. She was gone already by the time I got home around 5:30.

We said goodbye to Nanny J, and then hung out for a few minutes before getting started on dinner. The kids ate pretty well, and after dinner we put shoes on and headed over to the nearby polling location to cast our votes. The kids took their scooters, waiting for me at street crossings, and I walked quickly behind. I dropped off the ballots M-lady and I had filled out the night previous, and we headed home again with 'I Voted' stickers.

I ran the kids through their piano practice when we got home, and we had about 10 minutes of Mythbusters before snack time. The kids were pretty good about getting ready for bed, and I read a story and watched a video with Buster before hanging out with Bud for a little while.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Not Very Sick

Bud was running a little bit of a fever yesterday, so he needed to stay home from school today. That didn't stop him from getting up around 7:00, though. I got up at about 7:30 to get Buster going, and helped get the kids some breakfast. M-lady took Buster to school, and I worked from home and watched Bud in the morning.

Bud was pretty good about letting me work, and spent some time watching the Apple WWDC keynote with me. He looked over my shoulder while I was on a video call with my team (he said hello to the team) a little bit later. Nanny J arrived with Buster shortly after noon, and Bud got some lunch with them.

Buster had gone to Build-a-Bear with his class today, and had a new teddy bear, which seems to be the new favorite as well. We'll see how long the new bear stays as the primary cuddle toy. The kids stayed inside for the afternoon, and came in to bug me from time to time. They were generally good, though, although they got bored and a little more disruptive as time went on. M-lady arrived home around 5:45, and we said goodbye to Nanny J.

After M-lady settled in, I got started on making dinner. The kids ate well, and did a good job on piano after that. We had time for about 10 minutes of Mythbusters at their request before snack time. M-lady read stories with Buster before bed, and Bud and I read half of an old Dr. Seuss story before watching a little bit more Mythbusters.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Burger First

We had a pretty straightforward Friday morning, and M-lady took the kids to school. She met them at piano later in the afternoon, where they had the opportunity to show off for Teacher C's parents, who were visiting. The kids apparently played their pieces really, really well, and got to promote Teacher C to her parents as well.

I picked up dinner on the way home, and arrived a few minutes before they got home. We opted to watch some more Mythbusters for movie night, and had a good time together. We let the kids stay up a little late, and had snack and a usual bedtime routine.

On Saturday, the kids joined us in bed for a little while before M-lady got up and headed out to her ballet class. I hung out with the kids, and I got Buster some breakfast. Bud had gotten his own breakfast earlier, which was nice. While M-lady was out, Bud and I worked on trying out the parachute cord bracelet maker Nanny J had gotten him for his birthday, which seemed like fun. We turned out a pretty good bracelet for him. M-lady got home around 11:00, and I headed out a short time later for a clinic down at the track.

While I was out, Bud took a long nap, as he'd started to feel under the weather. Since he was a little sick, they decided not to get together with Cousin C and family, but stayed at home a laid low. Buster and M-lady spent some time cleaning up his room and making space on his bookshelves for more books.

After I'd gotten home and cleaned up, I took the kids out to pick up some dinner while M-lady ran an errand. We headed to a burger place, and Buster didn't pick anything to eat the first time through the line. He had made a decision after we'd picked up our food and were ready to head out, though, so I went back in, ordered a burger for him, and we headed home after getting it. Buster ate about half his burger, which is a first for him (eating a burger with the bun and some toppings).

After dinner there was some time to hang out, and I tried to run a quick errand to REI but found they were already closed. I made it back home in time for snack and bedtime.

Today, the kids were up and in our bed again from a fairly early hour, and M-lady got up to get them breakfast. Bud was feeling a bit under the weather again, so when M-lady took Buster over to Cousin C's place, I stayed home with Bud. We ran out to get groceries and hit REI for more parachute cord bracelet parts before coming home for lunch. M-lady and Buster got home in the early afternoon.

Around 4:00, M-lady headed out to an evening dance rehearsal, and the kids and I settled in front of the TV before too long to watch some Mythbusters. We took a break to have dinner, and then watched a little bit more before turning it off. We played a little, chatted about guitar physics, and then decided to play some Rock Band. We played a few songs before snack time.

M-lady arrived home just as we were starting the bedtime routine, and helped get Bud to bed. I got Buster through his routine, and we read a little before watching about 5 minutes of video on the iPad and turning the lights out. Of course, a few minutes after the lights went out Buster complained that his toenails were pointy, so M-lady spent the next 10 minutes or so trimming the kids toenails.