Monday, March 31, 2014

Gotta Get'em All

The kids had the day off from school today, so we were able to sleep in half an hour or so. The kids got themselves up early, and Buster got himself dressed. Hope he does the same tomorrow. Nanny J arrived at about 8:45, and M-lady and I headed off to work a few minutes later.

The kids seem to have had a good day. They did get to play outside a little bit, and got wet in the rain. They were dry when I got home, playing with Lego. Buster took a bath shortly after 5:00, and afterward I showed the kids the Google Maps Pokemon search. The kids spent just about every otherwise unoccupied minute for the rest of the evening looking for Pokemon.

M-lady arrived home around 5:40, and Nanny J departed soon after. M-lady and I were able to have dinner together while the kids searched, and then they took a break to eat. After dinner, they handled their piano, and then we had snack. Buster headed upstairs to get ready for bed, and I worked with Bud on his boardgame a bit before we went to bed. We managed to play through it a couple of times, and it seems to be a pretty solid game now. Just need to pretty it up a bit before he turns it in on Friday.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekend Update #2

Another weekend summary... somewhat abbreviated this time, as I accidentally blew away the completed summary before it managed to get published:

Friday morning was normal, and I took the kids to school before heading on to work. M-lady worked from home in the afternoon and took the kids to piano, where they both did really well. Buster in particular seems to be advancing surprisingly quickly.

I picked up dinner on the way home, and we watched the Olympics Closing Ceremonies at the kids request (along with some ski jumping). That took us to snack and bed time.

I worked with Buster each evening to take a shower. He's learning how to shower himself, and seems to be doing a good job when he doesn't get distracted. I still have to wash his hair for him right now, but he seems to be able to handle the rest of the shower.

M-lady headed to ballet on Saturday morning, and I got breakfast for the kids. Buster cleaned up some Lego in the morning, and Bud started work on the project accompanying his next book report: a board game based on the Hardy Boys novel he read. We hashed out how the game would work, came up with some resource lists, and started work on a draft of the board.

M-lady got home and we had some lunch, and then headed over to Cousin C's birthday party. It was a Mulan-themed party, and the kids had a good time. They didn't know any of the other guests, and largely kept to themselves, but did have fun with the Nerf target shooting (actually, everyone had fun with that, including the parents).

We headed home around 4:30, and the kids did their piano while I got dinner together. We all had dinner together, and then Bud worked on his board game a little bit more while Buster played on the Xbox. Bud and I started a game of Arkham Horror as well, so Bud could get some inspiration.

On Sunday (today), M-lady took care of the kids in the morning. I got ready for a bike ride, heading out around the same time M-lady took the kids over to visit Ama and Agu. Cousin C was there as well, apparently, and M-lady got some time to run a bunch of errands. I got home from my ride around 2:00, and M-lady and the kids got home about 30 minutes later.

After watching a bit of the Stanford women's basketball game (Buster went and got his 'big foamy finger'), we got ready and headed over to a friend's party for a little while. The kids were well behaved and enjoyed the snacks, and we headed home after chatting with some friends for a little while. I picked up sushi for dinner by popular demand, and after dinner Bud put a little more work into his board game while Buster played Xbox. Bud joined Buster for a few minutes before snack time.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


We had a fairly normal morning: Bud was up and dressed before we were, and Buster was pretty good about getting up. There was a little concern that the Frosted Flakes supply was running low. The kids were ready to go at about 8:10, and M-lady took them to school a few minutes later.

I got home a few minutes before M-lady at 5:45, and found Buster having a snack after his bath. M-lady got home and said goodbye to Nanny J, and Bud headed out back to play basketball while Buster curled up in the bed with M-lady and myself. I was pretty tired, and snoozed for a few minutes before dinner.

We had dinner around 6:30, and did the last of the homework for the week and piano. The kids were pretty good about getting their stuff done, and we had snack about halfway through Bud's practice. I got Buster ready for bed, and then watched some Mythbusters with Bud before we turned the light out. There was a little disappointment that we weren't going over to Cousin C's place tonight to celebrate his birthday, but we'll get to that this weekend.

Happy Birthday, Cousin C!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Bud was up early, and Buster was pretty quick to get up. In fact, they were done with breakfast in record time, and were ready to go by about 8:00. They bounced around the house a bit for about 15 minutes before M-lady took them to school.

I headed home around 5:00, and got home around 5:30. As I pulled into the driveway, I realized I needed to pick up the kids at TKD, back near where I work. I had M-lady call Nanny J and let them know I was on my way, and headed back. I got there a few minutes before 6:00, and we made it home a bit after 6:30, picking up dinner on the way.

M-lady met us at home, and we ate dinner before the kids got started on homework. Fortunately, they were a little ahead on homework this week, so didn't have too much to do. Buster did his piano, the kids had snack time, and then Bud did his piano while I bathed Buster and got him ready for bed.

Buster and I read a few stories, and then watched a few minutes of video before turning the light out at about 8:30. He was asleep inside 15 minutes.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

M-lady's Turn

Bud was up and dressed before we woke at 7:30. Buster wasn't too hard to get going, given the promise of Frosted Flakes. The kids had big breakfasts, and then I took them to school without any drama before heading off to work.

I was a little later than usual getting home from work, and arrived at about 6:15. Buster was just wrapping up his piano practice, and Bud got started. I had some dinner with Buster while Bud was practicing with M-lady, and they joined us for dinner presently.

After dinner, the kids took care of their homework, which was pretty short. M-lady headed out to meet with some friends, and I presided over the latter half of Bud's piano practice. The kids had a few minutes to play Xbox before I got them a snack.

They were pretty good about getting ready for bed. I read a few stories with Buster, and then watched part of a video on the iPad before we turned the light out at 8:30. Bud took his shower after that, and then spent some time watching a video on his iPad before we turned the lights out at 9:00.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Showering Age

The kids were up fairly quickly, and very excited that I'd gotten a 'treat cereal' for them at the grocery store yesterday. I used to get sugared cereals for them when M-lady was out of town, since it provided significant motivation for them to get themselves ready in the morning. But since M-lady hasn't been on a trip in a while, they've been without sugared cereals. So yesterday at the grocery store I picked up a box of Frosted Flakes.

After breakfast, I took the kids to school, and then headed off to work. When I got home, Bud was playing with Neighbor E in the driveway, where they were constructing (apparently) a doomsday machine using old foam floor tiles. I smiled and nodded, and headed inside.

M-lady had already arrived home, and Nanny J was just heading out. Buster had taken his bath, but was upset about something. I couldn't get him to tell me, but the suspicion was that he had been playing outside and was upset to come in and take a bath. He's getting old enough to shower himself if he shows that he can, though, so we may start working on that.

The kids played a little more (Bud outside, Buster on the Xbox), and then we had dinner. The kids handled their homework after dinner, and then piano. Buster got a little more Xbox time before snack time. After getting Buster ready for bed, I watched most of the second episode of Cosmos with Bud before we turned the lights out around 9:00.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekend Update

I forgot to do my usual double post last night, so I'll cover Friday and the weekend here. However, I'll just summarize in this post rather than triple-posting tonight.

Friday morning went the usual way. I got the kids ready for school, then dropped them off and headed to work. M-lady met the kids at piano in the afternoon, and I got home around 6:00, fifteen minutes before they arrived.

We got dinner ready, then ate in front of the TV and watched Dancing With the Stars. Bud was really excited to watch it, and Buster liked seeing R2-D2 and the stormtroopers. That took us all the way to snack time, and I got Buster showered before watching a little bit of iPad with him before bedtime.

On Saturday, we got up fairly early. I got the kids ready to go, and M-lady took them to pick up Ama and Agu and then go to the Saratoga Blossom Festival. I met them there, and we watched the Saratoga Taiko group perform, as well as checked out some cool historic cars (including a Stutz Bearcat!). I headed back home around the time they were heading over to the food trucks to get some waffles.

I had a quick lunch at home and then headed over to the track for a sprint clinic. The kids had a good afternoon with M-lady, Ama, and Agu. I got home around 3:45, after they'd left for the kids piano recital. I just had time to throw on some clean clothes and head over to the recital, where I arrived just as they were starting. Bud MC'd the show, and the kids both performed really well. Ama and Agu made it out for the recital as well, which was nice.

After the recital, we all headed over to Red Robin for dinner. Service was a little slow, but the food was good, and everyone ate well. After dinner we came home, and Ama and Agu said goodbye and headed home.

The kids spent some time playing outside, and snack time came up pretty quickly. I got Buster showered again, and then spent time hanging out with Bud before bed. We watched the first episode of Cosmos together on the iPad, which he really enjoyed. I talked up a few points, and he asked a couple questions, and overall we had a great time.

On Sunday, the kids were in and out of the room for a bit before we got them ready and M-lady took them to Cousin C's for the morning. M-lady headed to ballet class after dropping them off. I took a short nap, then did the grocery shopping.

I picked Bud up from Cousin C's shortly after 11:30, and brought him home for a quick lunch. After eating, I took him over to a birthday party at a trampoline place, which looked like a lot of fun. Bud found the trampoline basketball area, and spent a fair amount of time there with Friend D, apparently.

I was home when M-lady arrived with Buster at about 2:30, and I headed out a few minutes later to pick Bud up. We came home and the kids spent a little time playing on the computer before Bud did his piano practice with M-lady. Buster had apparently gotten his piano practice out of the way a bit earlier, so the kids were pretty much free after that. They played outside for the better part of the afternoon while M-lady and I did some chores around the house.

We had dinner around 6:30, and then the kids headed out back to play some more. We called them in at snack time, and I showered Buster before watching a video on the iPad with him at bedtime. All in all it was an entertaining and successful weekend.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Twisted Ankle

Bud was excited to get up this morning, as his class was going on a field trip. The morning routine was fairly standard, although Bud was anxious to get to school, so we arrived a few minutes earlier than usual. I waited with Buster while Bud ran off to class.

Bud had a good time seeing a production of Charlotte's Web, a book he'd just finished reading for school. Apparently he twisted his ankle coming off a slide at recess after the field trip, though, and was limping when I got home around 5:00. Buster let me know that Bud skipped TKD this afternoon due to the ankle injury.

I had to go to a business meeting after M-lady arrived home, but took a look at Bud's ankle. He stressed it fairly high, so it wasn't swelling. Apparently he was running around on it just fine later in the evening, although he complained of it being sore at bedtime.

M-lady did the evening routine with the kids, and they were asleep by the time I got home around 10:30. Thanks M-lady!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wall Kicks

Bud was up early this morning, and Buster was pretty good about getting going. Buster was good about getting dressed, and I got the kids breakfast. The drop off at school was fine, and I headed to work.

I picked up the kids at TKD, where they were working on some interesting kicks, including kicks from jumping off the wall. Both kids did pretty well with them.

We listened to the Frozen soundtrack on the way home, and got home a few minutes after 6:00. The kids got out of their TKD uniforms, and the Bud got started on homework. Buster had already done his homework earlier in the day, apparently.

We did dinner, and then piano. I got Buster showered, and then he had a bit of Xbox time. Snack time came up quickly, and I hung out with Bud for a bit, catching up on Slo Mo Guys and a couple of Smarter Every Day videos.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Trying to Stay Up Late

Buster has been trying to convince us that he's ready to stay up the extra half-hour that Bud gets to stay up. We've told him he needs to get himself up and dressed by himself in the morning, so he's been trying to do that the past couple days. It does make the morning routine a little easier, although yesterday he was up particularly early.

We had an otherwise usual morning routine, and M-lady took the kids to school. I took off a few minutes later, biking to work.

I got home at about 5:45, a couple minutes after M-lady arrived home. Buster met me at the door, and let me know they'd had a pretty good day so far. We had a fairly standard evening, with homework and piano practice. M-lady managed homework and got dinner together, and I helped Buster get ready for bed. We read a library book together, and then watched iPad for a little while before bed.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patty's

The kids were up early this morning, playing with Nerf weapons. Buster's bow broke last night (the draw cord stopped retracting properly), and I thought I'd fixed it, but it broke again this morning after a few pulls. I offered to take it back and get a new one.

The kids were pretty good about getting ready for school, and each chose a green shirt to wear. I took them to school, and took some green Jell-O that M-lady made yesterday for Buster's St. Patrick's Day feast. Buster was excited to get into class and check his leprechaun trap.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I managed to exchange the Nerf bow on the way home from work, so brought a new one home for Buster, who asked about it as soon as I walked in the door. We got it unpackaged for him first thing, and I asked about his day. No one in his class managed to catch a leprechaun, but all the traps were sprung, as well as some minor vandalism of the classroom.

M-lady arrived home a few minutes later, and the kids got started on homework shortly. They were good about getting homework done, and we had potato soup for dinner, figuring it was sufficiently Irish. After dinner, the kids tackled piano, and I ran out to grab Shamrock Shakes for a treat, which we all enjoyed at snack time.

Happy Anniversary to Grandma W and Granddad B!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nerf Day 2

M-lady let me sleep in this morning, which was nice. She got up and got breakfast for the kids, and they knocked out piano practice and Bud worked on a bunch of his thank you notes all before I got up around 10:30 (when the kids started to get particularly impatient with me). I hung out with Buster while Bud finished up his piano, and then got some lunch for myself and the kids.

After lunch, we headed out on a surprise trip for the kids to Toys 'R Us to stock up on Nerf weapons. Buster has been particularly patient since Bud got several blasters for his birthday, so we got Buster an early birthday present. He picked out a Nerf Bow blaster, and M-lady and I each picked a weapon. We got some dart refills as well, and a set of three blasters for the kids to use with Cousin C when he comes over.

The kids were pretty excited, and we had Nerf Blaster Time for a while after we got home. I set some targets up for the kids, and we all tried each other's blasters. I eventually snoozed for about half an hour, and then took the kids out to the park for a little while to throw a ball around while M-lady ran off to the grocery store.

The kids had a little bit of screen time after we got home, and then we had dinner shortly after 6:00. We had a brief video call with Grandma Wendy, where she got to see some of the Nerf weapons, and it was time to have a snack and start getting ready for bed before too long. I read a story with Buster after showering him, and we watched a little bit on the iPad before turning out the light at about 8:30.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Nerf Day 1

M-lady and the kids got up fairly early, similar to a school day. I helped get the kids ready to go, and M-lady took them over to Cousin C's house to play while she headed off to ballet class. I got to go back to bed for a while.

Aunt O had purchased Nerf guns for all three kids, and they got to play with them while they were there. I gather they had a really good time. M-lady joined them after her class, and they had lunch there as well. I headed off to a party in the afternoon, so I missed the family when they came home.

They apparently did a library trip, and got through piano in the afternoon before I got home. I got home around 6:00, shortly after they'd had dinner. We had a fairly mellow evening, and I helped get the kids ready for bed, then watched some Mythbusters with Bud before we turned out the light.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Taking the Trap to School

The morning routine was pretty standard, although Buster had to take his leprechaun trap to school today. There was one small part of the trap (a pin), which managed to disappear between the front door and the car as we were loading up. I quickly fashioned a new pin, and we headed off to school.

When I dropped Buster off at school, I saw him go in (along with the other kids toting traps), put his trap down on the floor a short distance inside the classroom, and work on setting it. He seemed pretty happy.

The kids had a good day at school. M-lady met them at piano, and I brought home some pizzas for dinner. Ama and Agu came over for movie night as well, and we watched Frozen on digital download. It was the first time I'd purchased a movie through iTunes and watched it on the AppleTV, which worked pretty well. The kids were in and out a little bit, but everyone enjoyed the film (and the music).

Ama and Agu said goodnight, and we got the kids into bed. I read with both Bud and Buster, and the kids were good about going to sleep, as usual.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Change of Plans

The kids were pretty good about getting up this morning, and we did a standard morning routine. I got them breakfast and combed their hair, and M-lady took them to school. M-lady volunteered in Buster's class this morning, which apparently went well.

The kids' school had an art show in the evening, and the kids hadn't expressed any interest in going, so we hadn't really planned to go. However, last night the kids discovered that there were going to be food trucks at the event, which changed their perspective. M-lady's dinner plans got pushed back as well, so the kids opted to get their homework done early and we headed over to the school shortly after M-lady and I got home from work.

The food truck lines were unfortunately too long, and it didn't look like the kids would like the food very much. We opted to check out the show and run (Bud ran off to play basketball with his friends). Buster, M-lady, and I found a few pieces done by the kids, and got some pictures. We had a chance to congratulate the art teacher (who's really great), and then gathered Bud up and headed off to get some dinner.

We ate out and then headed home. There was a short time for Bud to do his piano practice (Buster had already done his), and then snack and bedtime came up. I got both the kids to bed, and M-lady headed out to her late dinner. The kids went to bed without issue, and were asleep pretty quickly.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Trap Decoration

The kids were pretty good about getting up this morning, and I got them breakfast and combed their hair before M-lady took them to school again. I rested for a little while, and then headed into work.

The kids had a good day. I picked them up from TKD at about 5:30. They were doing a good job, and it was nice that it was still light out when we headed home. We listened to the Frozen soundtrack again on the way home, and the kids sang most of the songs.

We got started on homework when we got home, and M-lady put dinner together for us while the kids were doing that. We all ate a good dinner, and Bud got started on his piano afterward while Buster worked with M-lady on decorating his leprechan trap. I rigged the tripwire for it, and showed Buster how to arm the trap, which he thought was pretty cool.

Bud and I did snack after he finished piano, and Buster got started on his piano practice. While Bud was getting ready for bed, I helped Buster take a shower and get ready for bed as well. Buster then read some stories with M-lady while I helped Bud with his typing homework. Bud and I finished the evening with a Mythbusters before we turned the light out at about 9:00.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Trap Construction

The kids were a bit easier to rouse this morning, and I got them some breakfast and combed their hair. M-lady took the kids to school, and I rested for a bit to try and kick the fever I've had on and off for the past couple days. M-lady worked from home in the morning as well.

M-lady headed out a few minutes before Buster got home, and I headed to work at about 1:00. The kids seem to have had a good afternoon, and went to TKD. M-lady got home to relieve Nanny J, and I arrived home around 6:15 as I had a presentation at work which went a little late.

Bud was playing at the neighbor's house, and got home a few minutes after I did. The kids did their homework, and M-lady got dinner together. After dinner, Buster did his piano practice while Bud did his online reading assignment.

While Bud was working on his piano, Buster and I got working on his leprechan trap. We made a fair bit of progress before snack time, including cutting the base out of a piece of cardboard, and cutting the top support dowel to length. Buster helped out in the garage and with the measuring tape, and we had a good time working together.

Buster and I did the bedtime routine after snack, and we read a couple of stories before bed. He fell asleep reasonably quickly when we turned the light out at 8:30.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Adjusting To The Time

The kids were a little slow getting up this morning, but eventually got going. I got them some breakfast and combed their hair after they were dressed, and M-lady took them to school. I was feeling a little under the weather so worked from home.

Buster got home from school around noon and had some lunch, and I came down for lunch after a series of meetings at about 1:30. I think I surprised Buster, who didn't know I was home. The kids were good about leaving me alone to work during the afternoon, although they stopped in once or twice to let me know they were bored. I offered a few activity suggestions, and then sent them out again.

M-lady arrived home around 5:45, and I was able to nap for a little while before it was time to get the kids started on homework. They were a little resistant, but eventually got going. We had dinner together, and I spent a few minutes watching TV after dinner while Buster did his piano with M-lady. When it was Bud's turn, Buster and I spent some time together planning his leprechan trap, which is due at the end of the week.

We did snack, and I read a few stories with Buster before M-lady snuggled with him before bedtime. Bud and I watched some Mythbusters before we turned out the light around 9:00. Buster was still up (and about), and I chased him down and tucked him in again after saying goodnight to Bud.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Rare Friends

The kids were up reasonably early given the time change, and I was up around 9:45 to get them some breakfast. M-lady was up around the same time, and we got going on the day. M-lady did piano with the kids, and I headed out for a bike ride a bit later in the morning. While I was out, M-lady took the kids to pick up some pastries at a local Chinese bakery and we all convened for lunch a little bit after noon.

After lunch, we loaded up and headed out to a get together with some dance friends at Friends R and T's house. They have a new dog, apparently acquired from a senior dog rescue project, who's a Newf/Lab mutt. He was pretty mellow, and while the kids were a little wary at first, Buster eventually warmed up to him and spent time petting him during the afternoon.

Our friends with children also arrived, and the kids who see each other a couple times per year had a great time playing together all afternoon. They were running around inside and outside, and we heard their happy screams through most of the day. The kids were pretty sweaty and well-exercised by the time we headed for home, around 5:00.

Bud jumped in the shower when we got home, and I bathed Buster afterward while M-lady headed out to pick up some dinner. We all ate sushi together for dinner, which was great, and since the kids had finished piano we didn't have any other obligations for the evening. Buster spent most of it playing on the Xbox, and M-lady, Bud, and I played a game of Dominion together.

I helped Buster into bed after snack time, as it snuck up on us a bit due to the time change. We watched a few minutes of a video before turning the light out, and got to sleep reasonably quickly. Hopefully the kids won't have too much trouble getting up in the morning tomorrow for school.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Party Day

The kids were up before we were, and were in and out of our room a bit. We rolled out of bed around 9:30ish to start getting things done. Most of the morning was spent picking up the downstairs, with breaks for breakfast for the kids. We were in good shape by lunchtime.

M-lady ran out during the morning to pick up more frosting for Bud's birthday cake, which she was finishing up this morning (and turned out fantastically). We had lunch and I was able to rest for a few minutes before guests started showing up for Bud's party.

Bud had all boys for his party this year, and they spent a good amount of the party wrestling with each other: I think this may be the last year that we can do an indoor party. We broke up the wrestling with Looney Tunes (the theme for Bud's party), first Road Runner and later Bugs Bunny cartoons.

The kids seem to have a good time, enjoyed the cake and snacks, and no one got hurt, so we called it a successful party. Ama and Agu and Aunt O and Cousin C stayed on for dinner, but took their leave before too long.

Bud received several Nerf guns for his birthday, and M-lady and I have decided to let the boys play with them going forward. I spent most of the evening hanging out with Bud and discussing the rules for the guns (no pointing at peoples faces, don't look down the barrel, keep them in the living room, etc.). He was pretty excited to obtain an instant arsenal, though.

Snack time rolled up, and the kids had the last of the birthday cake before I got Buster into the shower. I helped him into PJs, and then turned him over to M-lady while hanging out with Bud for a bit. We watched some Mythbusters before turning off the light a little after 9:00.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Movie Game Night

We did the usual Friday morning, and I took the kids to school after breakfast and hair. They seem to have had a good day, and M-lady met them with Nanny J at their piano lesson.

I picked up dinner on the way home from work, and we all arrived home around the same time. The kids were excited to watch some more Winter Olympics, so we watched some slalom, figure skating, and bobsled. After eating, the kids were excited to play board games, though, so we turned off the TV and broke out the games.

M-lady learned to play Dominion with Bud, while I taught Buster how to play Stratego. We all had a pretty good time, and ended up staying up a bit late. After a late snack, I got Buster into bed close to 9:00, and we turned off the light after we read a Dr. Seuss story together.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

A Couple of New Games

M-lady had an early conference to go to this morning, so was out of the house before anyone else was up. The kids were good about getting up, though: Bud was up playing with his Yu-Gi-Oh cards when I went to get him up, and Buster was quietly giggling under his covers when I went to check on him. I got the kids some breakfast after they were dressed, and then brought them to school.

The kids seem to have had a good day. Buster was just getting out of the shower after TKD when I got home, and Bud was playing with his Yu-Gi-Oh cards again. After we said goodbye to Nanny J, we hung out for a few minutes before getting started on dinner.

The kids ate well, and after dinner Bud tackled the remainder of his homework. He'd done most of it earlier in the week, so didn't have much to do. M-lady arrived home and had some dinner, and got started on piano with Buster.

While Buster was doing his piano, Bud and I played a game of Stratego. I had played it a bunch when I was a kid, and really enjoyed it. Bud had fun playing it as well, so I look forward to more games with him.

Buster finished up piano and started playing on the Xbox, and Bud did his piano. It was about snack time when he finished, so the kids had a quick snack. I got Buster ready for bed, and read the first part of a Dr. Seuss book with him, which M-lady finished.

I went to hang out with Bud after he'd taken a shower, and we played a game of Dominion before bed. We had a great time, and Bud really enjoyed that one as well. I thing it's easy enough for Buster to play, too, so we may try to get the whole family involved. Bud and I finished up the game around 9:00, and turned out the light a short time later.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Nine Years!

Bud woke up early this morning, a bit before 7:00, excited about his birthday. We'd picked out a present for him to open for just such a situation, which he was also excited about. He opened some Yu-Gi-Oh cards, then brought all his cards into our room and chattered excitedly as we tried to get more sleep.

Getting ready for school required a little bit of attention redirection, but I got them ready to go and M-lady took the kids to school. I headed for work a short time later.

It was Nanny J's birthday as well, and the kids gave her a gift and card when they saw her in the afternoon. I wished Nanny J a happy birthday as well when I met them at TKD.

The kids did a good job at TKD, and I brought them home, arriving a little after 6:00. Ama and Agu were already there, and M-lady arrived at about the same time we did, bearing an ice cream cake. We headed in, the kids changed out of their TKD uniforms, and Ama and Agu got dinner put together for us.

After a great dinner, Bud opened his presents. We might have over done it a little bit, but all the presents were really thoughtful and well received. He generally got books, crafts, and games (including the Yu-Gi-Oh cards). For the first time, I don't think he got any Lego, but his interest in that has been waning recently.

We did cake after that, and then said goodnight to Ama and Agu around 7:45. The kids did quick piano practices (no homework tonight since they'd worked ahead a little bit during the week), and I showered Buster and got him ready for bed. We read a story together, and turned out the light at 8:30. He was still a little excited, and didn't fall asleep until after 9:00.

Aside from Bud's birthday, it also marks 8 completed years of blogging (wow...), with about 2800 posts. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Last Day of 8

The kids were pretty good about getting up this morning, and we did a fairly standard morning routine. We congratulated Bud on his last day of being eight years old, and M-lady took the kids to school after I got them breakfast and combed their hair.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I met them at about 4:30 at TKD, where Buster received his purple belt. He was pretty happy, and after congratulating him the kids went home with Nanny J while I ran some errands on the way home.

I got home around 5:30, and we said goodbye to Nanny J a few minutes later. Bud played outside for a bit, and came in around the time M-lady arrived home. The kids did some homework and we had dinner together, and after helping Bud finish up his homework I napped on the couch for a little while as M-lady did piano with the kids.

I got up to help with snack time, and then got Buster ready for bed before watching the end of Drunken Master with Bud.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Samurai Practice

The kids were pretty good about getting going this morning, and their hair was much easier to comb since the haircuts yesterday. I took the kids to school before heading in to work.

The kids seem to have a good day. I got home around 5:30, after Buster had his bath. The kids were in our room, Buster with a Nerf sword, and Bud with a foam disc shooter. Bud was shooting at Buster, and Buster was trying to block the shots with the sword. He was successful now and then, and the kids were having a great time.

After saying goodbye to Nanny J, Buster played a little bit of Xbox and Bud read for a bit before we got started on homework. M-lady arrived home and got dinner started, and we all ate together before the kids did their piano practice. Buster opted to play a little more Xbox instead of a snack, and I read a bit with him at bedtime. We turned out the light around 8:30, and he fell asleep pretty quickly.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Oscar Night

The kids were up and in our bed fairly early, and eventually M-lady got up to get them some breakfast. I was able to sleep in for a bit, which was nice.

M-lady headed out to run some errands with her mother and sister at about 10:30, and the kids and I dashed out around the same time to get them haircuts. The kids were good about being patient and during the cuts, and afterward we came home and had showers. After getting dressed again, I took them over to the school playground, where their friends, brothers N and R, were having a joint birthday party. I dropped the kids off and headed back home.

M-lady and I ran a few errands in the afternoon, and got back to the party just in time to pick up the kids again. They'd had a really good time, and apparently Bud had played basketball nearly non-stop for three hours.

After getting home, we had a nice video chat with Grandma W, and then chilled out for a little while. The kids had some iPad time, and then joined M-lady in watching the first part of the Oscars. We paused and took a break for dinner, and then all watched the Oscars until bedtime.

We had popcorn in front of the TV for a snack, and the kids opted to keep watching rather than have iPads in bed. They were anxious to see the performance of Let It Go from Disney's movie Frozen, and just managed to see the song before it was time to head upstairs and brush teeth.

M-lady tucked Buster in, and I chilled with Bud for half an hour or so before we turned out the lights.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Enjoying the Weekend

The kids were up before we were, which wasn't that unusual, and crawled into bed with us to snuggle for a little while. M-lady headed out for ballet around 8:30, and the kids got me out of bed for breakfast a short time later, around 9:00.

After breakfast, we got dressed and packed up and headed over to Cousin C's place. We all played some games, including Mille Bournes, Uno, and Junior Catan, and then the kids went off and did their own thing for a while. M-lady joined us there, and we all had lunch together. After lunch, we headed home, arriving at about 2:00.

M-lady and I rested for a little while as the kids played on the computer for a bit. We got going again a little after 4:00, and M-lady took the kids to run some errands while I hit the grocery store. We met back home around 5:30, and the kids did their piano before we got set for a movie night.

We ate dinner in front of the TV, watching recorded Olympic events, including short track, cross-country skiing, and the bobsled. Buster liked the bobsled, and thought we could do it as a family, since there's four of us.

We did a usual snack and bedtime, and I read with Buster and watched a short video before we turned out the light around 8:30.