Friday, February 28, 2014

Going Purple

The kids were pretty good for the morning routine. Buster was testing for his purple belt in TKD in the evening, though, and M-lady and I realized that he hadn't been studying his oral questions at all. I printed up the page of questions, and we went over them a few times in the morning, and left them so he could study up in the afternoon as well.

M-lady took the kids to school, and volunteered some time in Buster's class. The day was busy in terms of logistics towards the end of the day. Nanny J took the kids to their piano lesson at 5:00, and Bud went first. M-lady met them there, and after Bud finished up M-lady stayed with Buster while Nanny J dropped Bud off at a birthday party.

When Buster finished his lesson, M-lady brought him straight to TKD for his belt test (he did his piano lesson in his TKD uniform). I met M-lady and Buster there, and we all stayed through the test and came home together. M-lady headed out shortly after arriving home to pick Bud up from the birthday party.

Buster did a great job in his test, broke the board with a stepping back kick on the first try, and answered his question accurately and quickly. He was patient as all the other kids tested as well.

Since there were a couple of late events, the kids were a little late getting into bed. I put both kids to bed, turning Buster's light off around 9:00 and Bud's at about 9:30.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Morning and Evening

Buster came and snuggled with us this morning, and was pretty good about getting up and getting dressed when the time came. Bud was already dressed when I checked on him around 7:40. I got the kids breakfast, and M-lady took them to school.

The kids did their usual school and TKD thing today. M-lady and I both had (separate) evening events tonight, so M-lady went home to relieve Nanny J and hang out with the kids for a short time before Ama and Agu arrived. The kids were good about finishing up their homework, and were able to relax for most of the evening with Ama and Agu. I got home at 9:00 and said goodnight to Ama and Agu, and then chatted with Bud for a couple minutes, who had just gone to bed.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Evening With M-lady

The kids were a little slow to get up this morning, which was understandable because it was raining fairly heavily. Once out of bed, they were pretty good about getting ready and heading downstairs for breakfast. I took the kids to school, and we all huddled under an umbrella from the car to the classrooms.

I picked the kids up from TKD in the late afternoon. It was still pretty rainy, so the drive home was a little slow. We had a nice time chatting, though. We got home a bit after 6:00, and the kids changed clothes before getting started on dinner.

I hung out for a little while, and then rolled out again to meet up with some friends for dinner at about 6:30. M-lady was good enough to watch the kids so I could go out. They did dinner, homework, and piano, with Bud finishing up most of his crossword puzzle for his book report. M-lady got the kids to bed, and I got home around 10:00.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Grumpy Afternoon

Bud was up by the time I went to get him out of bed, and M-lady helped to get Buster out of bed. Buster was good about getting himself going, and I got breakfast for the kids and combed their hair before M-lady took them to school. I rode my bike to work.

I got home around 5:30, and Buster greeted me at the door naked. He was just about to take his bath, and was really excited to show me that he'd earned the last tapes needed to qualify for his next TKD test. Nanny J called him back in, and he took a bath while I came in.

Buster had apparently been a bit grouchy at lunchtime, and had thrown a little bit of a tantrum. There was a big mess in the playroom which he cleaned up after dinner.

Before dinner, we had a nice quick video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, where Buster showed off his TKD belt and played a piano piece for them. We had dinner after the call, and the kids were good about tackling their homework. Bud did his piano as well, and we did the usual snack and bedtime routines.

I worked with Bud a little on the crossword puzzle he's developing for his book report, and after he'd showered we watched a little bit more of a Jackie Chan film before turning out the light at about 9:00.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Getting Ahead

The kids were good about doing the standard school morning routine. I got them some breakfast, and then took them to school. Buster's teacher is back after being out for more than a month with a concussion, so that was nice to see. Buster seemed happy to see her back as well.

The kids seem to have had a good day. Buster was freshly bathed when I got home around 5:30, and the kids were having a snack. M-lady arrived home a short time later, and we said goodbye to Nanny J.

The neighbors from across the street stopped by to drop off some presents they'd picked up for Bud and Buster while at Disneyland last week, which was really sweet. The kids said thank you, and Bud went outside to play with them for a little while (Buster was already in PJs, so he stayed in). We got started on dinner, and Bud came in soon to join us.

Both kids ate well, although Buster took a while. After dinner, the kids got into homework, and both kids were good about getting a little bit ahead for the week. Both kids did their piano, and Buster had a little time to play on the Xbox before snack time. Bud was working on his crossword puzzle for his book report, and managed to get a fair bit of that done tonight as well.

I helped Buster get ready for bed after snack time, and we read a few stories before watching some videos. We turned the light out around 8:30, and he drifted off to sleep before too long.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Brunch and Movie

The kids let us sleep in a little bit. Buster in particular was up late (for him), and played with his brother before coming into our room. M-lady got up and got the kids some breakfast, and I was up by about 9:30 to help out.

We got the kids dressed and cleaned up the house a little, and then I had a nice chat with Grandma W. Buster wanted to do a video call, but we'll do that next time. After finishing up the call, the kids started on piano practice while I started making waffle batter for brunch.

Ama, Agu, Aunt O, and Cousin C arrived around 11:00, and we all had a nice brunch together. After brunch, I helped set up the kids on some video games for a little while before Cousin C left with Aunt O.

Bud did some work on his book report in the afternoon, and at about 3:00 we made the decision to head out to see Frozen. Buster was a little reluctant, but we convinced him to come with us and we all headed out to catch a 4:00 show. Everyone agreed to enjoying the movie afterward, and we chatted about it on the way home.

We had dinner when we got home, and the kids both ate well. After dinner Bud worked on his report more, and I got Buster into the shower. The kids had a quick snack after that, and after getting Buster ready for bed I sat with Bud while he wrote out the final draft of his report. We took breaks and watched short video clips between rewriting paragraphs, and ended up turning the lights out at about 9:15.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cousin Afternoon

The kids were up before M-lady and me, and were pretty good about letting us snooze a little. M-lady headed out to go to ballet around 8:30, and I got up shortly after 9:00 to get some breakfast for the kids. After breakfast, the kids got dressed and had a little bit of iPad/Xbox time.

M-lady arrived home a bit after 11:00, and I got lunch together for the gang at about noon. After lunch, the kids did their piano practice while I worked in the garage for a short time before heading out on a bike ride. While I was out, M-lady took the kids over to Cousin C's place, where she dropped them off and ran to get groceries.

The kids had a good time playing with their cousin. M-lady and I headed over to meet them at about 6:00, bringing dinner with us. The kids continued to play after dinner until we wrapped up and headed home around 8:00. It was straight to bed when we arrived home, and I read stories and watched a little bit of video with Buster before we turned out the light around 8:45.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Not Sore

Buster crawled in bed with us around 7:00 this morning, and hung out until we got up around 8:00. It was a pretty mellow morning, since the kids didn't have to go to school. I rolled out at about 8:30 and headed to work, while M-lady waited for Nanny J.

The kids had an early piano lesson this week, and Nanny J took them around lunchtime. The lesson apparently went well. M-lady got home in time to relieve Nanny J, while I returned our rental ski gear. I got home around 6:00 and found the kids playing fairly quietly.

We got dinner together, and the kids ate pretty well. After dinner, since piano was already done, we sat down to watch some of the Olympics. The kids enjoyed watching some cross-country skiing, and then played Xbox for a few minutes before snack time.

After snack, Buster and I spent some time reading together before turning out the light a little after 8:30.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

High Speed Kids

We just got back from a two-day ski trip up to Tahoe, so I'll cover the past two days in this post.

Yesterday morning we rolled the kids out of bed at about 4:30 and loaded them into the car for the drive up. They snoozed for the first couple hours, and then roused when we stopped for breakfast shortly after 7:00. They both ate surprisingly large breakfasts, and we were back on the road before too long. The kids enjoyed watching a movie before we arrived at the resort at about 9:00.

We spent some time getting into ski clothes, getting boots on, getting pockets appropriately filled, and then hoofed it up to the lodge to get lift tickets. Bud was great about carrying his own equipment, and after I showed him how his boots and bindings worked, he was able to get in and out of his skis by himself.

The kids were pretty tentative for the first few runs. We stayed on the bunny slopes, and I was skiing Buster down between my skis at first. But as the day progressed, they showed marked improvement. We stopped for an early lunch, skied some more, and then stopped for a mid-afternoon snack. During the snack, I headed out on a 'real' lift to scout out a much longer beginner run.

We decided to try the bigger lift as the last run of the day when I got back, and then opted to try a blue square run instead of the beginner run. I skied Buster down between my skis again, but Bud handled the intermediate run with aplomb. We got back to the lodge, packed up, and headed to our hotel.

After changing into clean clothes, we headed to a diner in Historic Truckee for dinner, which was really good (but really slow). After dinner, we came back to the hotel, took showers, and watched a movie and had some iPad time before we turned the lights out at about 8:30 and all went to sleep.

The kids were up around 6:30, and went into the bathroom to read so they wouldn't disturb M-lady and me while we slept. M-lady and I got up around 7:00, and after getting dressed we had breakfast in the hotel. It was snowing lightly while we had breakfast, and Buster was pretty excited. We finished up breakfast, packed up, and headed out by about 8:30.

We got to the ski resort and got lift tickets. We had intended to get the kids into ski school in the morning, but the 4-5 yr old class had filled up, so we skipped ski school this time. We all went back up the big run we did at the end of the previous day, but I couldn't ski Buster down easily (too tired/sore). So Buster and I headed back over to the bunny slopes, where he was comfortable skiing on his own, and M-lady and Bud hit the longer slopes for the morning. We met at the lodge for lunch.

After lunch, I skied with Bud a bit, and M-lady skied with Buster. We met again for snack, and then all skied on the bunny slopes together for a little while. I headed out for a final run, hitting a black diamond, and then we all reconvened at the lodge, hit the bathrooms, and headed to the car. We loaded up, changed into clean clothes, and started the drive home.

We stopped a little after 5:00 and a little north of Sacramento to have some dinner, and then had one more bathroom stop in Walnut Creek before making it home shortly after 8:00. The kids watched a couple of movies on the trip, and were generally content. We unloaded, bathed the kids, and put them to bed.

The kids were fantastic the whole trip. They both really enjoyed skiing: Bud was fantastically self-sufficient and got to a near-intermediate level skier, and Buster was just having a great time every time he headed down the slope, and was giggling every time he fell down. The kids never melted down or even seemed to get frustrated, they learned to get themselves up when they fell down, and were generally good-natured the entire time. What great kids.

Monday, February 17, 2014

A Day With Grandparents

M-lady didn't get the day off work today, so we generally got started as a usual morning would. M-lady got breakfast for the kids, and Nanny J arrived at about 8:45, after which M-lady headed off to work.

I hung out for a little while. Bud was coughing a bit this morning, but it subsided after the first 30 minutes or so, and he's definitely feeling better since the sore throat is gone. After checking out Buster's Lego at about 9:30, I headed out to run some errands. Nanny J dropped the kids off with Ama and Agu at about lunchtime at their invitation.

The kids spent the afternoon having a grand time with Ama and Agu. They watched TV, including the Lantern Festival parade and the Olympics Opening Ceremonies, played ping-pong, played games, drew pictures, and snacked pretty much constantly all afternoon. I arrived to pick them up at about 6:30, and after they finished their current snack we said goodbye and headed out.

We ran one more errand before heading home, and then got started on dinner before too long. The kids ate surprisingly well at dinner time, and were good about doing quick piano practices. Snack time came up quickly.

At snack time, I had Bud try to swallow very small pieces of gummy bear to work on swallowing pills. Given his runny nose today, he could use a Sudafed. He didn't get it today, but we'll keep working on it.

I bathed Buster, and then put Bud to bed after he took his shower. We watched a little Mythbusters, and turned the light out shortly after 9:00.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Playing In The Art

The kids were up pretty early this morning, and Bud seemed to have a lot more energy than yesterday. M-lady got up and got the kids breakfast, and I got up in time to help clean up.

I let the kids play on the computer for about half an hour before I got them loaded up and we headed out to reserve some skis. The ski rental place was a little busy, but we showed up early enough that our wait wasn't too bad. The kids were good about the wait, though, and we got home around 11:00.

We had lunch shortly after getting home, and after eating I headed out for a bike race. M-lady kindly watched the kids in the afternoon. They did some piano practice, and then headed over to the Stanford art museum with Aunt O, Uncle C, and Cousin C.

There are a couple of large art installations there which the kids had a great time running around and through. The kids apparently had a really good time. They were home by mid-afternoon, and were having a snack when I arrived home a little before 4:00.

M-lady took the kids out to Target while I got groceries. The kids were excited to go shopping, where they spent some of their allowance and hong bao. Bud picked out some Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and Buster got a LEGO Movie Lego set. They were happily playing with their new acquisitions when I got home from the grocery store.

M-lady put dinner together, and we all ate well. After dinner, I turned on the Olympics for a little while, as Buster played with his Lego and Bud read a book. Buster took a few minutes to play on the Xbox before snack time.

Snack and bed time were pretty standard, and I read stories and watched some videos with Buster before we turned out the lights.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Awesome Movie

M-lady got breakfast for the kids this morning, and then ran off to her ballet class. The kids let me sleep for a little while, although Buster had me out of bed a short time later to help get him more breakfast.

Bud was still complaining of a sore throat, so I took him to the doctor when M-lady got back from ballet. He had a throat swab which came back negative, so no strep, and just a recommendation for hot tea and gargling with warm salt water. It occurred to me that I'll need to teach Bud how to gargle, which should be fun.

We picked up some lunch on the way home, and Bud played outside for a few minutes after lunch. At about 1:30 we loaded up to all go see The Lego Movie. It's one of the few movies Buster's been excited to see in the theater. The movie was great, and we all had a good time, although Bud was getting tired by the time we got home.

Ama and Agu arrived at the same time we got home. Since Bud was feeling bad, I gave him a dose of ibuprofen before we all had dinner together. Bud was feeling better by the end of dinner, and we all watched a bit of the Chinese Lantern Festival Parade in Chinatown in SF on TV before snack and bedtime.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

We did a fairly standard morning. I helped get the kids ready to go, and M-lady took the kids to school. She helped out with their Valentine's Day parties, and the kids brought cookies for their classes.

M-lady was around in the afternoon a bit as well, and took the kids to piano. I got home a bit before 6:00 and got started on dinner. M-lady and the kids arrived home, and we did our movie night, albeit with Olympics. Buster still likes the idea of luge, so we watched some of the Luge Relay, which was fun.

At snack time, I made Rice Krispie Treats. I had picked up some pink frosting, thinking it would make the Rice Krispie Treats a little more in the spirit of the day, and they looked very nice. The quantity of sugar was overwhelming, however, and we all felt a little sick after eating one.

I read stories and watched a little bit of video with Buster at bedtime, and we turned out the light a bit after 8:30.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Olympics Instead of Xbox

Bud went back to a full day of school today, and so we did a standard morning routine. M-lady helped get Buster going, and I got them breakfast before M-lady took them to school. I headed for work a short time later.

The kids had a good day at school. They went to TKD in the afternoon, but Bud decided to sit out, as he still isn't quite up to full strength. Buster was pretty happy about getting a new tape on his belt today, getting him one step closer to testing for his purple belt.

I got home around 5:30, and M-lady arrived home as Nanny J was leaving. Buster had already finished his homework for the week, so wasn't at pressured tonight. We had a nice dinner together, and Bud started his homework as Buster plowed through his piano practice. After piano, Buster built one of my older Lego sets, a TIE Fighter, while Bud did his piano.

After the kids were done, we watched some Olympics together. There was a little bit of Nordic Biathlon, which the kids found interesting for a few minutes, and the Luge Relay, which was a lot of fun to watch. Buster still wants to go luging.

We had the usual snack and bedtime routine, and I played a game of MTG with Bud before we watched some Mythbusters and turned out the light.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Staying Home With A Kid

We decided to keep Bud home from school today. I got up at about 7:30, and found Bud up and reading in bed. It took a while to rouse Buster, but I eventually got him dressed and got him some breakfast. M-lady took Buster to school, and checked with Bud's teacher for schoolwork for Bud to do while he was out. Bud has apparently been working ahead a bit, so didn't need to do any school work today.

I did a little work in the morning, and napped for a bit as well. Bud kept himself busy, did most of his homework, and played with an iPad later in the morning. Nanny J and Buster arrived home around lunchtime, and Bud had lunch with them.

I ran out for a little while, and got back around 1:00. The kids played together most of the afternoon, since we decided it would be better for them to skip TKD for a couple of days. At about 5:30 M-lady arrived home, and we started our usual evening routine.

Buster worked ahead on his homework, so he's mostly done for the week. Bud was good about wrapping up his work, and both the kids had time to play on the Xbox for a little while after piano practice. I made popcorn for snack time again, and then hung out with Bud before bedtime.

Bud seems well enough to go to school tomorrow, but I think we're only going to send him for a half-day.

Monday, February 10, 2014

First Program

I felt pretty bad getting up this morning, but soldiered through the routine and got the kids breakfast and got them ready to go to school. After dropping them off at school, I came back home, and discovered I was running a fever and vomited a few times. Apparently I got what Buster had.

I laid low at home most of the day. Buster had a fine morning at school, and came home with Nanny J early in the afternoon. He played quietly by himself for a bit, and then went to get Bud in the afternoon with Nanny J. The kids had a great time playing together for most of the afternoon.

Bud came to me complaining of being bored later in the afternoon, so I suggested he do his homework. He tackled some of his homework, which was nice. Around 5:00 the two of us started working on a book I'd picked up for him: Python for Kids, a book about learning computer programming through the Python language. I got Bud set up, and he wrote "Hello World".

M-lady arrived home around that time, and we got started on dinner. The kids ate pretty well, although Bud complained of not feeling well. Sure enough, he was running a fever, too (but hasn't vomited yet). M-lady worked with the kids to do homework and piano while I rested a bit.

I helped out with snack time, and then read stories with Buster before we turned out the light at 8:30. Before Bud went to sleep at 9:00, I gave him a dose of Advil as well. Hopefully he doesn't get the nausea that Buster and I got.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Not Quite Well

Buster crawled into bed with us around 8:00 today, and M-lady headed off to ballet class a short time later. Buster convinced me to get out of bed and get him some breakfast, and Bud joined us at about 9:00.

The kids both ate good breakfasts, and afterward we all played some Xbox together. M-lady arrived home in the late morning, and we had some lunch together. Buster was hesitant about eating lunch, but otherwise seemed in good spirits.

After lunch, M-lady and the kids worked on making Valentines for the their classes. They got a good rhythm going, and I headed off to do the grocery shopping. They were taking a break when I got back, but they'd gotten all the cards cut and glued, and just had addressing and candy attachment to do.

I took the kids to the local ski rental store to get them measured up, pending our ski trip. When we got home, I headed out to shop for ski boots for myself for a little while, and the kids did a little more time on the cards with M-lady, finishing up the addressing. We got started on dinner when I got back around 6:00.

Buster was acting particularly tired around dinner time, and I found he was running a low-grade fever again. He perked up with some Advil and Gatorade, and we all watched some of the Olympics opening ceremony together before bedtime. Buster did eat a small snack before bedtime, and I got him showered before M-lady read some stories with him. After Bud took his shower, I watched a little bit of a Mythbusters with him before we turned out the light.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Beginning The Olympics

Buster stayed home from school today, so we let him sleep in. I got Bud ready and took him to school, then did a quick grocery run to pick up some Gatorade for Buster so he could re-hydrate after vomiting a few times during the night. M-lady and I stayed around until Nanny J arrived, and then we headed off for work.

Buster was pretty chipper when we left, and apparently had a good day. M-lady took both kids to piano, and I met them at home with dinner. Ama and Agu came over as well, and we did our Friday night dinner in front of the TV watching the first events of the Olympics. There was hope we would see the opening ceremonies, but they didn't come on until 8:15.

Buster apparently vomited once during the day in the afternoon, but didn't tell Nanny J about it and cleaned up after himself (he managed to get it in his bucket). He was running a very low fever in the evening, but seemed to be past the barfing. I got him into PJs and read some stories with him before we turned out the light at about 8:30.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

A Touch of Stomach Flu

Buster crawled in bed with us again this morning, and had a snuggle with M-lady before I got him dressed. The kids were generally good about getting ready to go, and headed out the door with M-lady to school. I headed off to work a short time later.

The kids had a good day at school, and did TKD in the afternoon. M-lady and I both arrived home around 5:30, and we said goodbye to Nanny J a short time later. We were all a little slower than usual to dinner, and got started on homework after that. Bud, fortunately, was able to breeze through his homework, and we even got through both kids piano practice before snack time. Buster had a little time to play on the Xbox, but was a little grumpy when it was time to turn it off for snack.

Buster skipped snack, complaining of a tummy ache. We did the usual bedtime routine, and after his lights were out but while I was still reading to Bud, he vomited in bed. I showered Buster while M-lady cleaned up the sheets, and we got him back into bed before too long.

He vomited again around 11:30, this time making it into the bathroom. He managed to get his PJs and some of the sheets again, though, so we stripped the bed again, and gave him a bucket. He used the bucket at 1:00, although we still needed to change his PJs, but he managed to keep the bed mostly clean (fortunate, since we were mostly out of sheets). He was anxious to go back to sleep, so I tucked him in again, and hopefully he can sleep the rest of the night.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

School Culture

I rolled the kids out of bed this morning at about 7:40, and they were about as good as they usually are about getting up: Bud got himself up and dressed after a couple of groans, and Buster required my attention for about 10 minutes to get up and get dressed. I got both kids downstairs for breakfast, and I took them to school a short time later.

The kids apparently had a school assembly today with several performers from the local opera performing anglicized numbers from The Magic Flute. Bud thought the music was a bit loud, but otherwise both kids enjoyed the show.

The kids had TKD in the late afternoon, and I picked them up from Nanny J there. We listened to Abba (their request) and Queen music on the way home, and then got started on dinner and homework on arrival. Buster had managed to work ahead on his homework a bit in the last two days, so opted to skip homework tonight, and went straight to piano after dinner.

I worked with Bud on his homework a bit, and then played on the Xbox with Buster until snack time. After snack, I showered Buster and read a couple of stories with him before turning the light out at 8:30.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Start of the Month

Buster crawled in bed with us again at about 7:00, and we all got up around 7:30. The kids were good about getting ready, and I helped pick up around the house as the cleaners were due to arrived later in the morning. M-lady took the kids to school, and I headed out a short time later.

The kids had a good day. They went to TKD in the afternoon, where they had a 'fun day'. The TKD school does belt testing at the end of the month, and the first week after the belt testing has a fun day where they break into teams and do relay races, dodgeball, etc. in the name of conditioning. The kids had a good time.

Bud was playing outside when I got home, and came in shortly after Nanny J took her leave. We got the kids started on homework, and had dinner before too long. Homework wasn't too onerous, and the kids had some free time after dinner and piano. Buster played on the Xbox, and Bud spent some time with me working on a new Rainbow Loom bracelet pattern.

We had snack and did the bedtime routine, and M-lady read with Buster while I had Bud do some typing practice before we watched a video and turned out the light.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Short Homework

Buster crawled in bed with us around 7:00, and both kids were good about getting up and getting dressed this morning. I got the kids breakfast, helped Buster pack up Clifford, and took the kids to school. Buster has had substitutes for the past couple weeks, and his usual teacher was still absent today, but should be back towards the end of the week. Buster hasn't indicated that the substitute teachers are any kind of hardship, though.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I got home around 5:40, and found Buster having recently gotten out of the bath. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and I got the kids going on homework at about 6:00. M-lady was out having dinner with friends, so we put our own dinner together. The kids ate pretty well, and both were game to do homework. Bud's math was straightforward, for once, which was nice. Buster had a small page of math problems as well, and we needed to redo them since they weren't entire clear on the first pass (being largely picture based).

After dinner and homework, Buster did his piano practice, and then played Xbox for a little while. Bud spent more time working the card game he is developing before M-lady arrived home, and they worked on his piano together. I did snack and bedtime with Buster, and we turned the light out at about 8:30.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Chinese New Year and SuperBowl

The kids were up and playing together for a bit this morning. I got up around 9:00 with the intention of heading out for a bike ride, only to discover that it was raining fairly heavily. Instead, I got some breakfast for the kids, and then got on my trainer for a little while and pedaled in front of the TV.

Buster spent some time with M-lady working on his weekend with Clifford journal, and the kids did their piano practice with M-lady, and by noon we were ready to head out to visit Ama and Agu. Uncle C and Cousin C were already there when we arrived, and Aunt O arrived a short time later. We all had a nice lunch to celebrate Chinese New Year, the kids got their hong bao, and we spent a pleasant afternoon hanging out.

Shortly before the SuperBowl kickoff, we headed home, inviting the others over to watch the game. The other families declined and headed home for naps, apparently. When we got home, the kids spent some time playing outside, where it had cleared up a bit, and I set down in front of the TV to watch the game. Eventually the kids came in and watched with me, and Buster spent some time hanging out. Bud headed across the street to play at the neighbor's house for a little while, but came home at 5:30 for dinner.

M-lady assembled dinner, and we all ate together. After dinner, I got Buster showered, and we played on the Xbox for a little while before having a snack and getting ready for bed. During bedtime, Buster watched some Cirque videos with M-lady, and I watched some of an Asterix movie with Bud.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

A Family Show

M-lady and I slept in a bit this morning, and M-lady overslept her usual ballet class. She got up to get the kids some breakfast, and then headed out with Buster over to visit Cousin C and Aunt O. M-lady skipped her ballet class to go for a walk with Aunt O, while the kids played with Uncle C.

Bud and I stayed home, and headed outside in the later morning. Bud played with the neighbors from across the street, and I worked on harvesting some more of our clementines. I gave the neighbors a bag of clementines to take, and Bud and I headed in for lunch a bit after noon when the neighbors had company arrived.

M-lady and Buster had lunch with Aunt O and family, and came home afterward. The kids played a bit, and Buster did his piano before we had a snack and all loaded up to go out to see the latest Cirque Du Soleil show, Amaluna. Bus was a little grumpy for unknown reasons, but Buster was really excited for the show.

The kids enjoyed the show, and we got popcorn and cotton candy at intermission (which I doled out through the second act). Both kids were very excited about the show afterward, and we had fun chatting about it for the rest of the evening. We picked up some dinner on the way home, and all ate together.

Dinner wrapped up at about 7:45, so we finished off the cotton candy for snack and got started on the bedtime routine. I gave Buster a shower, and then read a book with him before we turned the light out at about 8:30.