Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Plenty Of Excercise

M-lady was up a little earlier, but we all started moving at about 8:00. Once I got Buster out of bed and dressed, the kids were good about having breakfast, getting their soccer gear on, and getting ready to go. I took the kids to soccer this morning, and hung around for about 10 minutes as they warmed up.

Both kids seem to be doing fine. Buster has developed pretty good ball control, and can dribble around the field without the ball getting away from him. His kicking is a little weak, but he really doesn't mass much more than the ball right now. Bud's got a stronger kick and continues to develop skills.

The kids were picked up by Nanny J, who took them to TKD in the late afternoon, where I picked them up. The class had been split into big kids and little kids, and Buster (who was the size of the little kids) was working in the big kids group. Apparently, he pays attention and follows instructions, so he works with the big kids. Both kids exhibited good kicks and one-step sparring.

After class, we said goodbye to Nanny J, who's taking a month off to visit her daughter and her brand-new grandson. The kids headed home with me, and after fighting through some traffic, we made it home to find M-lady and Ama and Agu waiting. Ama and Agu will be helping out while Nanny J is away.

I headed off to race my bike, but not before hearing Bud complain that his legs were really sore. That apparently didn't stop him from playing vigorously with Buster and Agu during the evening, though. The kids ate solid dinners, and were asleep before I got back from the race.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Two Sport Day

The kids slept in a bit, and M-lady and I rolled them out of bed when we got up around 8:00. Buster was a little reluctant to get dressed, but we got both kids moving and got them some breakfast. I helped put some moleskin on a blister Buster developed on his ankle, and we sunscreened the kids while we got their shinguards and cleats on. M-lady took the kids to soccer camp again, where they apparently had a good time.

Nanny J took them to TKD in the afternoon as well, but they were only slightly subdued in the evening. I arrived home around 5:30, and M-lady got home a few minutes later. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and settled in a bit before getting dinner ready shortly after 6:00.

The kids ate well, and Bud handled his piano after dinner. The kids opted to play on the Xbox for a while before snack time. After snack, I helped Buster get ready for bed, and then read his picture atlas with him, which is his current favorite book. We looked for volcanoes. There was a little time before lights out where he played some Minion Rush on the iPad, and he fell asleep pretty quickly once we turned out the lights.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Soccer Enthusiasm

We all got up around 8:00 this morning, and got the kids ready to head out to the first day of soccer camp. We ended up being a little rushed, but I think M-lady was able to get them to camp on time. The kids were pretty excited to put on their shinguards and lace up their new cleats.

The kids seem to have had a good day. Buster's soccer camp ended at about 11:00, and he played on the playground until Bud's camp was done at noon. Nanny J brought them home for lunch.

Buster got a bit of a blister on his ankle, but didn't seem too put out by it. We'll slap some moleskin on it tomorrow morning.

The kids managed to knock a picture off the mantle this afternoon, and the glass in the frame broke. Nanny J helped clean up, and no one was cut, but the photo was damaged a bit. We'll have to look into getting a new print (and frame).

I got home around 5:30, and M-lady arrived home a short time later. After saying goodbye to Nanny J, we got dinner together, and all ate. Buster had quite an appetite, and Bud ate well, too. After dinner Bud tackled his piano, and the kids spent the remainder of the evening playing together and gaming on the Xbox.

I got Buster showered and into PJs after snack time, and then watched some old Disney cartoons with Bud before bed, including a couple of Mickey Mouse cartoons, and a Silly Symphony. We both thoroughly enjoyed them before turning out the light around 9:15.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Trying To Start Something

The kids bounced around this morning starting at about 8:00, but let me sleep until 9:00 or so before getting me out of bed to get them breakfast. Buster decided to defer breakfast, though, and ended up having his waffle at about 11:00.

Te kids played together pretty well this morning, and we spent a little time watching the end of The Lion King and some specials. The kids played a little Battleship together, and around noon we headed out to pick up some Jamba Juice for lunch.

After lunch, we rested a bit, until M-lady arrived home around 2:30. The kids and I were really excited to see her, and we spent a little time catching up before M-lady and I started looking into the kids' soccer equipment for camp tomorrow. They both needed new cleats, so I took them off to the soccer store, where we picked up cleats, socks, and shinguards.

We had dinner shortly after returning, and then the kids played on the Wii and Xbox until snack time. After snack, the kids got ready for bed pretty quickly, and we decided to try "Family Reading Time". We all gathered on our bed in PJs, and I read the first chapter of Harry Potter out loud. We'll continue and see if we can build some enthusiasm in the kids for reading out loud.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A New Movie

We got up kind of slowly this morning, and I got breakfast for the kids around 8:30. After breakfast, they played on the Wii for a short time before we motivated and got dressed. Around 10:30 Ama and Agu arrived with Cousin C, and I headed out for a bike ride.

Ama and Agu were really nice about watching the kids and getting them some lunch. Bud apparently loved the steam buns, and ate three. I got back in the early afternoon, had some lunch, and then headed out to get groceries.

The kids played more Wii in the afternoon, and when I returned from the grocery shopping Ama and Agu headed out to go look at a house. While they were out, Bud and I baked cookies, which were just coming out of the oven when Ama and Agu returned. Everyone had a cookie, and then Ama and Agu took Cousin C home.

The kids played Wii again for a while, rather vigorously. I think Bud got a pretty good workout. We quit shortly after 5:00 to have some dinner, and the kids ate well. After dinner, I set up Lion King on the TV, and we watched the first half together. The kids were a little stressed, but enjoyed the movie and some of the great songs.

We had snack a little early, and then showers and got ready for bed. The kids were good about getting into bed, and I read with Buster for a bit before playing Minion Rush for a few minutes. Bud and I watched a few videos before we turned the lights out shortly after 9:00.

Friday, July 26, 2013


The kids slept in a bit this morning, and weren't up until after 8:00, when I got up. They were still in their PJs when Nanny J arrived. I got an urgent call from work just as I was about to head to the office, and spent the time online rather than driving in for a while I didn't head into the office until about 10:00am. The kids checked on me a few times, but were generally good about letting me work.

I picked up a pizza on the way home, and arrived right at 5:45. We said goodbye to Nanny J, put on some Looney Tunes, and had our Friday Night 'Movie'. It was a mellow evening, which was nice after a hectic day for me.

The kids were good about snacking and getting ready for bed. We had a nice, if short, video chat with M-lady after the kids were in PJs. After saying goodnight to M-lady, I read a few stories with Buster, and watched a couple videos with Bud, before we turned out their respective lights.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another Outfit

Buster crawled into bed with me this morning around 6:30, and we snoozed until about 8:00. The kids were much more intent on bounding around rather than getting dressed, and were consequently not dressed or fed when Nanny J arrived. I headed off to work soon after.

The kids seem to have had a good day. Bud seems mostly recovered from his brief cold, although he still has a slightly sniffy nose and decided to sit out TKD today. He was bouncing around the house with considerable energy with Buster when I got home from work, though, so I don't think he's feeling too badly.

We said goodbye to Nanny J, and the kids continued to bounce around a bit while I settled in. We all had some dinner, and the kids ate pretty well. After dinner Buster played on the Wii while Bud decided to costume/outfit himself again. He put on his Indy jacket (with two pretend pistols in inside pockets), turned up the collar, and asked me for a winter hat so he could be 'Russian'. I'm not sure exactly where he was going with that, but he had a good time.

Agu arrived around snack time to gather mail, and the kids said hello to him before heading upstairs. We had a nice, if brief and slightly chaotic, video chat with M-lady before the kids got started on getting ready for bed. We were all happy to see her.

Buster and I read a couple stories and played on the iPad for a few minutes, and then Bud and I watched some Slo Mo Guys videos, and talked a little about cavitation and bubble motion. Both kids fell asleep quickly when the lights went out.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Just In Time

M-lady took off for a trip to BlogHer this morning around 7:00. The kids slept in a little bit, and joined me in bed around 7:30. I was able to snooze until about 8:00, when I got up and started getting ready for work. The kids were pretty good about entertaining themselves, and weren't interested in breakfast until Nanny J arrived and I headed off for work.

The kids seem to have had a good day. They went to TKD, where Buster participated, but Bud didn't, since he's still feeling a little under the weather. After TKD, they went to Nanny J's place for dinner, while I was out racing my bike. I managed to get home around 8:30.

Buster was running around when I got home, and after thanking Nanny J, I got him tucked into bed. I then spent some time chatting with Bud, and he got himself tucked in while I finished unloading from the bike race. His light was out shortly after 9:00, and both kids were asleep quickly. I look forward to having more of an evening with them tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vacation Days

The kids haven't had camps this week, so they're doing the full-on summer vacation. They've joined us in bed around 7:00 each morning, and M-lady has gotten up to get them breakfast before 8:00. I've gotten up around 8:00ish to head out to work, and Nanny J has arrived at 8:45.

M-lady has been working just a little these past two days, getting ready to head out on a trip tomorrow. She headed out to a ballet class this morning after Nanny J arrived. Bud seems to have come down with a bit of a cold the past couple days, which hasn't really slowed him down much: just now and then he complains of a headache, takes some Tylenol, and is back running around. He skipped TKD today, though, staying home with M-lady while Buster went and had a good time.

I got home around 5:30, and M-lady said goodbye to Nanny J a short time later as I snoozed for a few minutes before dinner. We all had dinner together, which was nice, and Bud did a solid piano practice after dinner while Buster played with the Wii. Bud joined Buster when he finished practicing.

We had a pretty mellow snack, with the kids still working on some unicorn pops that Aunt Ruggermom got for them at Disney last week. After snack, the kids got ready for bed, and I believe both played their latest favorite game, Minion Rush, on the iPad before bedtime.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Wonderful Vacation Week

We spent last week on our big summer vacation, meeting up with Aunt Ruggermom and her kids, Grandma W, and Granddad B. We converged on a villa at Walt Disney World in the Animal Kingdom lodges, and had a wonderful week hanging out and hitting the parks.

We headed out on Sunday, catching a direct flight from SFO to Orlando. We got a slightly later morning flight, so didn't need to leave the house until about 8:00am. With M-lady's perks from all her traveling this year, we were able to board first and get free upgrades to Economy Plus, so it was a comfortable trip. The kids were fabulous, and generally kept themselves entertained with iPads.

When we arrived, the Disney system took over, and we were shuttled to the resort while they picked up our bags for us. It was nice to not worry about grabbing the checked luggage and hauling it with us, but the luggage didn't arrive at our room until fairly late in the evening, after the kids had gone to bed (and needed pajamas). It was great to see the rest of the family which had already arrived, and meet Aunt Ruggermom's new beau, Friend J.

We tried to get the kids to bed fairly early, but Bud didn't fall asleep until about 11:30. The four of us shared a room with 2 twins, so M-lady and I each slept with one of the kids, and swapped each night. The next day we decided to keep fairly gentle, and spent the late morning at the resort pool. The kids had a great time playing, and Buster loved the waterslides. The afternoon was spent hanging out and spending some time figuring out the rest of the days. In the late afternoon, we headed over to Downtown Disney for dinner, where the thunderstorms hit us. We were mostly prepared, though, and had fun checking out the Lego store after dinner before heading back to the resort.

Bud had a great time all week playing with Cousin H, and Buster connected with Cousin V later in the week. The kids generally had a good time together, and entertained each other quite a bit in the afternoons in the hotel rooms.

Tuesday we headed to Hollywood Studios to hit the most important ride first: Star Tours. We were able to walk on with no line twice, and the kids all enjoyed it. We hit various other attractions, had lunch, and then made sure to check out the stunt car show, which was really impressive. Everyone enjoyed it, and we were satisfied with heading back to the hotel in the early afternoon, right before the big rainstorm hit. The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out at the resort.

Wednesday we headed to the Typhoon Lagoon waterpark. The kids really enjoyed the lazy river tube ride around the park, and Bud and Cousin H had fun in the big wave pool (BIG wave pool). We ended up getting rained out in the early afternoon, but we'd had a good morning. Back to the resort again, where we had a mellow afternoon. I should point out that since we were in the Animal Kingdom lodge, we could look out our window and see giraffes, zebra, ostriches, various antelope, etc wandering by. It was really very pleasant and fun to see.

We tackled the Magic Kingdom on Thursday, and with excellent planning and execution, managed to see everything we wanted to see without waiting in any lines longer than 15 minutes or so. We had someone running to get FastPasses while the others were at different attractions, and managed to his the Tomorrowland Speedway (Autopia), the Little Mermaid ride, Teacups, a new little rollercoaster called the Barnstormer, Dumbo, Buzz Lightyear, Peoplemover, Peter Pan, and Pirates. We had lots of snacks, and lunch, and did some shopping on Main Street on the way out in the mid-afternoon. We hit the resort pool again before dinner. All in all, it was a hugely successful and very pleasant day.

Unfortunately, Cousin V got sick Thursday night, so there was some effort to clean her and her brother up, and get them back to bed. Aunt Ruggermom and Friend J kept Cousin V and Cousin B at the resort the next day, while Grandma B and Granddad W and Cousin H came with us to Epcot. Again we executed a plan fairly well, and had a great day. There were really only two rides at Epcot with lines: Soarin' and Test Track. They were both worth it, though, and we used FastPasses on both. We also got to see the Lands, Journey into Imagination, the Living Seas, Spaceship Earth (a favorite), and walk the World Showcase. The kids were pretty excited to see Norway. Test Track was fantastic we we got to it in the mid-afternoon, and we hit Spaceship Earth one more time on the way out.

It was a fuller day, and we got back to the resort in the late afternoon, where we started packing for the homeward trip. We said our goodbyes that night since we had a really early flight.

The shuttle picked us up at about 4:00am, and we boarded our flight at about 6:45. The flight was uneventful, though, and the kids again kept themselves entertained with iPads. Buster actually watched Despicable Me twice through on the flight. Neither boy slept, though, and they passed out when we got in the car for the drive home.

We were home before noon, and spent the day mostly cleaning up and recovering. On Sunday morning we went to see Despicable Me 2 as a family in the theater, Buster's first theater movie. We all enjoyed the show, and afterward had a nice lunch and did a little shopping before heading over to Aunt O and Uncle C's place. The kids had a great time playing with Cousin C, and we were able to greet Ama and Agu, who are relocating to the area. When we were socked by jetlag, we came home and had a quiet evening before turning in.

Thanks so much to Grandma W and Granddad B for organizing, and to Ruggermom and crew for making the trek out. We all had a great time seeing the family, and had a thoroughly enjoyable vacation together.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Water Party

The kids were up but fairly quiet this morning. Buster crawled into bed with us at one point, but ran off again before too long. M-lady was up around 8:00, and headed out to a ballet class. Buster convinced me to get up to feed him and his brother at about 8:45.

I made breakfast for the kids, and we finished up building Orthanc together. I took some photos during the process, and will try to put together a build movie before too long. M-lady arrived home as we were wrapping up, around 11:30.

I headed out for a bike ride, and was back shortly after M-lady and the kids had lunch. I took a shower and got lunch for myself, and then spent a little time unboxing one of my birthday gifts which had arrived a little late. It's a steering wheel and pedals for driving games, and the kids were pretty interested. Buster in particular wanted to play with the wheel. I didn't have time to set them up, but I did get them unwrapped.

Bud and Buster were invited to one of Bud's classmate's birthday party today, and there was a promise of a waterslide. I took the kids over in their swimsuits at about 3:00, and the kids had a great time at the party. There was, indeed, an inflatable waterslide in the backyard, along with squirtguns for everyone.

After getting thoroughly soaked, the party moved inside for a bit. Unfortunately, we hadn't brought dry clothes for the kids. M-lady came to the rescue, bringing over some dry clothes and collecting their wet ones.

The kids ate pretty well at the party. There was pizza and cookies and fruit, and an ice cream cake at the end. We rolled out at about 6:30, towards the end of the party, after the cake.

I snoozed for a short time after returning home, and then got up around the kids snack time. After snack, I bathed the kids, and then sat with Bud for a bit as we watched videos on the iPad. We turned out his light around 8:30, as we have a somewhat early morning tomorrow.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Last Day of Camps

The morning routine was straightforward, and I took the kids off to gymnastics as usual. They were excited for the day, although Bud was a bit nervous about his wrap-up gymnastics performance in the afternoon.

I headed back to the gymnastics studio around 11:30, where I got to see Buster's class's end-of-camp performance. Buster showed quite a few skills, including forward rolls, donkey kicks, walking a balance beam, and split jumps on the tumble track. Cousin C did a good job, too, and after class the kids showed us some of their favorite activities, including the monkey bars and trampoline. Buster's doing a good job flipping around a bar, too. Nanny J took Buster home when class ended, and I headed back to work for a while.

I was back at the gym at about 3:30, catching Bud's performance. M-lady was there as well, and we both watched Bud do some good forward rolls and dive rolls, and a pretty solid round-off cartwheel. After class, he headed home with M-lady, and I hit a gas station on the way home.

Nanny J took the kids to their last swim lesson of this series, and I headed out to pick up dinner while M-lady picked up the kids. They both got good report cards, and are improving. They each have a couple more skills to master before getting to the next level, though. Fortunately, this set of swim lessons has overall been a very positive experience.

I got home around the same time as the kids, and we cleaned them up and set up movie night. We watched the second half of the movie we started the previous night, Despicable Me, as well as some shorts and specials. The kids were good about snack and bed time, and I read some books with Buster before we turned out the light around 8:30. He was pretty tired after a long day, and fell asleep quickly.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sharing The Minions

The kids got up early this morning with Agu, who got them some breakfast. M-lady encouraged them to get dressed, and I just had to comb their hair before M-lady took them off to gymnastics and rock climbing camp. I headed out to work myself a couple minutes later.

The kids had a good day. Bud has a scraped toe and a drained blister on his palm which we've been taping up, but the kids seem to be holding up pretty well otherwise. M-lady was able to stay for a short time when dropping them off, and got a few photos.

I arrived a little early to see Bud when I picked him up, and watched him run around a little. He learned how to do a roundoff cartwheel today, and I saw him working on that. We headed home, and Nanny J took the kids to their swim class a short time later.

M-lady picked them up, and we did the clean the kids and swim gear routine when they got home. Once they were cleaned up, we had some dinner, and then got started on the 'movie night' which Buster requested. He really wanted to watch Despicable Me with Agu, and share some of the Minion shorts as well as the movie. We watched a couple of shorts and about half the movie before snacking with Agu and M-lady.

They headed off to run a quick errand, and I got the kids ready for bed. Buster showed off some pretty impressive reading, and Bud and I chatted a bit. Bud was still up when M-lady and Agu got home, and said goodnight before crawling back into bed.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

She's Back

I rolled out of bed around 7:30, and got the kids going. They were a little slow, but otherwise OK about getting ready for camp. We packed up and headed out the door by 8:20.

The drop-off went fine, although I didn't have the opportunity to hang out and watch the beginning of Bud's rock climbing class as I would have liked, since I had to head for work to prepare for a meeting. Buster got picked up by Nanny J at noon again, and I picked up Bud at 4:00. We chatted a bit on the way home.

M-lady and Agu had arrived and were just finishing unpacking the car when Bud and I got home. Buster was pretty excited to see Agu. The kids had a snack and rested for a few minutes before Nanny J took them off to swimming.
I headed off to the bike races this evening, and M-lady went to pick up the kids. They apparently had a good evening, with showers, dinner, and Bud doing his piano practice. I think Buster had fun playing with Agu. I got home shortly after 9:00, and sat with Bud for a few minutes before he went to sleep.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

One Day Solo

Buster jumped in bed with us around 7:15 this morning, and I was up at about 7:30. I got the kids moving about 15 minutes later, and we had a fairly standard routine getting out the door. M-lady was packing for a short trip, and we said goodbye as we headed out the door for gymnastics camp.

I dropped the kids off on their second day of camp. Buster managed to trip getting out of the car, and scraped his shin on the curb. We got a Band-Aid in the gym, though, and he was fine. Aunt O dropped off Cousin C, so we got to see her briefly. I took off as Buster headed off for stretches at 9:00.

Nanny J picked up Buster again, and I brought Bud home at 4:00. The kids had a snack and then headed off to their swim lessons with Nanny J, and I retrieved them when they finished up at 5:45. We headed home, where the slight difference in the day manifested.

M-lady was off for a single-day trip, so I herded the kids into the shower before cleaning up their swim gear. I got Buster into a fresh Band-Aid at his request after the shower. Bud had a good size blister on his hand (which he perforated on his own) which I tended to, and hopefully won't hamper him tomorrow. We had a pretty mellow evening, mostly doing Lego, and the kids ate a pretty good dinner. Snack time came up in short order, and the kids enjoyed cookies and fruit before getting ready for bed.

I read a couple stories with Buster, and then watched him play Minion Rush until it was time to turn out the light shortly after 8:30. Bud and I played with iPads as well for about 30 minutes, and his light went off a little after 9:00. Both kids fell asleep quickly: I think combined gymnastics, rock climbing, and swimming is wearing them out a little.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Another Week, Another Camp

I rolled the kids out of bed this morning around 7:45, and we did a pretty standard morning routine. We got their snacks and water bottles packed up, and I headed out the door with them around 8:20. They were pretty excited to head to their new day camp.

Buster is doing a gymnastics camp, and Bud is doing a combined gymnastics and rock climbing camp. We arrived a few minutes early, and waited until we saw Cousin C arrive, who is taking the same class as Buster. I got the kids signed in, walked Bud over to the rock climbing gym, and wished them a good day. They both seemed pretty excited.

Nanny J picked up Buster around noon, and they apparently had a pretty mellow afternoon. Buster took it upon himself to construct another level of the Lego Orthanc project, which I discovered later. I reminded him that we were all working on Orthanc together, and he needed to wait until we were all home to work on it.

I picked Bud up from his camp around 4:00, and headed home. He was pretty satisfied with camp, although it took a fair amount of prodding from me to find out what he'd done. We got home a little before 4:30, and Bud had half an hour before Nanny J took the kids to their swim lesson. I caught up with them again there, and brought them home around 6:00.

M-lady was home, and helped get the kids showered while I rinsed out their suits and gear. I spent a few minutes checking out Buster's work on Orthanc, and made a few minor fixes: overall he did a pretty good job on a complex piece. M-lady got started on dinner around 6:30, and I helped out. Everyone ate pretty well.

After dinner, Bud tackled his piano practice, while I made cookies with Buster watching. I've been itching to bake cookies for a while now, and Buster had a good time asking me questions about what I was doing and how it worked. He watched the oven for the full ten minutes baking time, and the cookies were ready by snack time.

Buster and I read a few stories at bedtime, and played on the iPad for about 10 minutes before turning out the light.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Minion Meal

The kids were up around 7:00ish, and in and out of our room for a while. M-lady got up around 8:30 to get them some breakfast, and I joined a short time later to help clean up while M-lady headed out to her ballet class.

After breakfast, the kids and I worked on the Lego Orthanc a bit more, and then the kids watched an episode of Sesame Street before lunch. M-lady arrived home at about lunchtime, and I got the food ready. We actually all sat down at the table for lunch at the same time, which was a little unusual.

After lunch, we did a little more Lego before I headed out for a bike ride. While I was out, M-lady took the kids over to Cousin C's house, where they had a good time playing together for most of the afternoon. They headed back home as I headed out to pick up some dinner.

I'd noticed that McDonald's was offering minions as Happy Meal toys in conjunction with the Despicable Me 2 release, so I headed over there to get Happy Meals for the family. Everyone was really excited about not only the minion toys, but also the complete minion packaging for the Happy Meals. We all had a nice dinner together.

After dinner, there was a little more Lego before we sat down to watch the first half hour of Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets (the second movie), which Bud has been anxious to see. He's gotten back into Harry Potter the last few days, and has been carrying a wand around almost constantly.

We had a standard snack time, then showers and bed time. The kids are getting ready to head to gymnastics camp (+ rock climbing camp for Bud) tomorrow, so I watched some gymnastics and rock climbing videos with Bud before bed. We both liked watching the speed climbing videos.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Long Nap

Buster and Cousin C were up and excited at about 6:00 this morning, and making quite a bit of noise by 6:30. I headed downstairs and put Despicable Me on TV for them (at their request), and headed back to bed. Bud apparently joined them about halfway through the film, and they let me know it was over around 8:00.

I rolled out of bed a little before 9:00 and started getting breakfast for the kids. Aunt O and Cousin C were already on their way out the door, as Cousin C was showing signs of fatigue. We said goodbye as he staggered out the door, and finished our breakfast.

I dashed shortly after breakfast to get a haircut, and I hit the grocery store on the way back. Apparently Buster nodded off shortly after I headed out, and was still out cold when I got back around 1:00. M-lady headed out to run some errands, and Bud and I played video games for a little while. I checked on Buster a few times, but he remained out cold until about 2:30, when I roused him to work on the Lego project with Bud and me.

Buster ate lunch a short time later when M-lady arrived home, and we cleaned up and bit and got ready for company which arrived at 4:00. A dance friend of ours, with her husband and 2-year-old son, came over for dinner.

The young visitor was a little grumpy at first, apparently a holdover from being in the car for a while, but warmed up pretty quickly and was excited by all the new toys to play with. Unfortunately, our house isn't as toddler safe as it used to be, and consequently he required pretty constant monitoring. The kids kept to themselves for the most part, but did come down for dinner and played with our guests a bit after eating.

Our guests took off shortly after 7:00, and after getting dishes cleared away and floors swept, the kids and I worked a little bit more on the Lego project before snack and bedtime. I read stories with Buster until nearly 9:00, and we turned out the light and fell asleep pretty quickly.

As for the Lego project, on the 4th I picked up this from the Lego store. We've been having a good time building it so far.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Very First Sleepover

The kids were up fairly early, but entertained each other for quite a bit of the morning. M-lady helped with breakfast, and I rolled out of bed around 9:00. The kids and I spent a little time building Lego together, and photographing the build so we can put together a time-lapse movie when the big set we're working on is done.

The morning was fairly mellow, with M-lady working on cleaning up the guest room and Bud's closet, and I spent some time cleaning up the garage and my workbench. I worked on fixing the kids' new/broken lightsabers, and actually got Buster's shattered saber mostly glued back together. Buster joined me a little bit, but mostly the kids played together inside.

After a later lunch, I took both kids out to get haircuts. We went to the local SuperCuts for the first time, since they've sort of outgrown the Lollipop Cuts place. Both kids did well, although Buster looked super serious during the whole procedure. He was fine and happy immediately afterward. Bud was great, of course, and after they were done I took them both to get Slurpees as a reward (since they didn't get lollipops).

When we got home, the kids finished their Slurpees outside, and I subsequently got them into the shower to wash off excess hair clippings. After getting cleaned up, the kids played for a short time before Cousin C and Aunt O arrived. The kids played together for the remainder of the afternoon.

At about 5:00, M-lady took Bud and Buster off the their swim lesson. I stayed home with our guests, and set Cousin C up on the Xbox for a while. Eventually I took a turn, and put in Rock Band. Cousin C professed no interest to begin with, but started playing before Bud and Buster returned. After they got back, they all got set up and played (loudly) until dinner time.

The kids ate a quick dinner, and then got back to playing together. The plan was for Aunt O and Cousin C to spend the night, so I set up the tent in the living room. Bud opted to sleep in his room, but Cousin C and Buster put their sleeping bags in the tent and got into their PJs pretty early.

M-lady made a cool meringue-fruit cake, which we all had for snack. After snacking, the kids got (more) ready for bed, and I read stories to Buster and Cousin C in the tent before hanging out with Bud for a bit. Bud and I turned the light out about 9:15.

As expected, Buster and Cousin C were up chattering and giggling until well past 10:00. They got up about half a dozen time to pee (together), and made off with some books and were reading them by flashlight for a little while. They eventually passed out, and hopefully won't be too out-of-sorts tomorrow for lack of sleep. They really had a great time together this evening, though, in the classic sleepover mode.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Starting Le Tour

The kids slept in a bit this morning, and Buster was still in bed when Nanny J arrived at 8:45. Bud had gotten up and quietly gone downstairs, and I found him down there reading when I headed down to head to work.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I met them at the pool again, and they continued to improve. Bud is now swimming several body lengths at a time. After the class ended, Nanny J helped to dry the kids off, we said goodbye, and I got the kids loaded up. We headed home, where we found M-lady waiting for us.

M-lady got the kids showered while I cleaned up their swim clothes and towels. The kids snuggled with M-lady for a little while after getting cleaned up, and I got started on getting dinner together. We did our movie night routine, although instead of watching a movie we watched a recorded stage of the Tour de France.

The kids ate well, but they weren't really excited by the bike race. After the stage wrapped up, we watched a few of the Despicable Me shorts before doing snack and bedtime. I helped get Buster ready for bed, and then watched some more of Return of the Jedi with Bud. He really likes the Ewoks.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Friendly Evening

The kids were up around 7:00 this morning, and M-lady had a call at about 8:00. I rolled out of bed around 8:30 and got dressed and ready to go before Nanny J arrived at 8:45. Buster hung out with me a bit while I was getting dressed, and then ran off to get himself dressed as well.

I headed off to work, and the kids apparently had a pretty mellow day. They opted not to do TKD today, and they'll be off of TKD for a couple weeks with other camps and activities. I met them at their swim lesson, where they both looked even better and more comfortable than yesterday.

After swim class, we said goodbye to Nanny J and I brought the kids home. Our dinner guests, M-lady's colleague and his family visiting from out of town, arrived just as the kids and I got home. M-lady fielded the kids and got them into the shower, and I chatted with our guests and their kids a little.

M-lady came down to chat after Buster was getting dressed, and I got started on grilling dinner. Bud holed up in his room for much of the evening, but Buster was willing to at least play near our guests, who were having a good time with the PlayHuts in the living room.

We all had a good dinner, and the kids had popsicles around snack time (it was a hot day again today). Our guests took their leave around 8:00, and I herded the kids upstairs to bed. Buster and I read stories until about 8:45, and we both passed out pretty quickly when the light turned out.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Swimming Again

The kids were up a little early, but were good about entertaining themselves this morning. Bud even got breakfast for himself and Bud (with a little help from M-lady). M-lady headed off for work around 8:30, and I headed out shortly after Nanny J arrived at 8:45.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I got home around 4:30, and helped the kids get ready for their swim lessons with Nanny J. We all rolled out together around 5:00 after spending a little time struggling with goggles.

The kids did great in their swim lessons. They're both getting more comfortable in the water, but I think they've developed enough confidence (TKD probably helps) that they're OK doing what the instructor tells them to in the water. I'm proud of both of them today, and I'm sure they'll be much better in a couple weeks of lessons.

We said goodbye to Nanny J at the end of the lesson after she helped towel off the kids and get them into the car, and then headed home. M-lady was home when we got there, and she helped get the kids into the shower. They were having dinner when Babysitter G arrived, and M-lady and I got them settled before heading out for dinner with a friend. The kids apparently had a good evening with Babysitter G, watching Despicable Me again before turning in.