Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pre-Meal Snuggle

I helped roll the kids out of bed a little after 7:30, and we had a fairly standard morning. Buster has been more motivated to get himself dressed recently, which is nice. I got the kids breakfast and combed their hair, and M-lady took them to school while I headed out to work.

The kids had a good day at school. Bud started his STAR testing today, and sounded reasonably confident when I talked to him about it in the evening. The kids did TKD in the afternoon as well.

I got home a few minutes after M-lady, and we got started on making dinner fairly quickly. Bud and I were at the table first, and M-lady and Buster joined us after they'd had a snuggle break. The kids ate pretty well, and after dinner Bud addressed his homework and piano.

Buster played Xbox for a little while, and the kids started getting ready for bed a little bit early. They had snack separately, and I read stories and watched a video with Buster before we turned the light out a few minutes after 8:30.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Getting Our Nanny Back

Buster crawled into bed with us a little after 7:00, and we all got up around 7:30 to do a pretty standard morning routine. M-lady had an 8:00am call, so I took the kids to school.

Nanny J returned to us today, and picked the kids up from school. M-lady got home a few minutes before I did, and I got to say hello to Nanny J as she was leaving. The kids were doing well, and Buster was just finishing up the second of the Lego sets he got yesterday. Bud has light homework this week, due to STAR testing at school, so he wrapped that up pretty quickly.

I had ridden my bike to work and back, so I took a quick shower while M-lady got started on making dinner. I finished up the process while M-lady did piano practice with Bud. We all ate together, and Bud was free from obligation after dinner.

Buster, however, had strewn Lego fairly liberally around the dining room, so we had him pick it up before the cleaners arrived tomorrow. The rest of us helped clean up the dining room as well, which was fairly choked with the kids toys and books.

We finished cleaned, and Buster had about 10 minutes of Xbox time before snack time came around. I did a usual snack with the kids, and then did the bedtime routine with Bud while M-lady helped Buster to bed.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Shopping Day

I rolled out of bed around 8:30, and got some breakfast for the kids. M-lady headed out for her ballet class a short time later, and I got the kids ready to go out a short time later.

We put on sunscreen, and headed over to the local bike shop, which was having it's annual swap meet. The kids were very patient with me, waiting in line to get in and then helping me to look for bike parts. I ended up picking up a campy cassette, but didn't find much in the way of track gear. The kids and I headed home after wandering around for half an hour or so.

I got started on cleaning up the cassette in the garage, and Bud helped me a bit while Buster played outside. Eventually Bud tired of wiping grease off the cassette, and went to play with Buster while I degreased. M-lady arrived home around 12:30, and we all headed inside to get some lunch.

The kids had smoothies courtesy of M-lady, and both ate pretty well. After lunch, we had a nice video chat with Grandma W, and then M-lady and the kids packed up and headed out for some more shopping: they hit a steampunk event to check out a crafter that M-lady has admired online, and then headed to the mall so Buster could shop for some Lego. While they were gone, I headed out for a quick bike ride.

I got back before they did, and had time to take a quick shower before they arrived home. When they got in, Bud and I packed up and headed out to the local game store, where Bud and I picked up some new Magic cards. He was pretty excited, and opened up his packs when we got home, where Buster was busy building his new Lego set.

We had some dinner, and Bud did his piano practice. After dinner, Bud and I looked at cards together a bit before snack time. The kids opted for popcorn for a snack, and then I did the bedtime routine with Buster. We read a bit and watched a quick video before turning out the light around 8:30.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Good Finds

The kids were up before we were this morning, and jumped on the bed a bit. M-lady got up to get them some breakfast, and then came back to bed. I rolled out of bed a bit before 10:00, and headed out to run a quick errand.

M-lady and the kids were just heading out to the library when I got back. I did the grocery shopping while they were gone, and we all got home at about the same time. The kids were really excited about some of the books they'd found: Buster found a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles book, and Buster found a kid's version of Les Miserables. The kids spent the rest of the morning before lunch reading away.

After lunch, Bud continued to read while Buster played on his Leapster for a bit. I played Rock Band on the Xbox, and the kids came to watch a bit, but weren't interested in joining me.

At about 3:00, I headed out to get a haircut. M-lady and the kids headed over to Aunt O, Uncle C, and Cousin C's place, and I headed that way after my haircut. The kids were having a great time playing together when I arrived.

We were invited to stay for dinner, and had steaks on the grill. The kids ate pretty well. After dinner, the kids all played on the Xbox together for a bit. I played some Magic with Uncle C and Aunt O, and Bud helped out as well. We may be able to play Magic with them a bit going forward.

We stayed pretty late, and didn't get home until after 8:00. The kids had a quick snack before we did showers and got ready for bed. I watched a video with Bud on the iPad, and we turned out the lights around 9:00. The kids were pretty tired after playing hard all afternoon, and fell asleep quickly.

Friday, April 26, 2013

A More Significant Movie

The kids were up this morning when it was time to get going, so I didn't have to roll them out of bed for the first time this week. They were pretty good about getting ready for school, although Buster wanted some snuggling before agreeing to getting dressed. M-lady took the kids to school, and I worked from home during the day.

I picked Buster up a bit before 12:30, and brought him home. He was happy to have stayed for Lunch Bunch again, and proudly informed me that he'd eaten his entire lunch at school. I got him a snack when we got home, and he played quietly by himself for a while.

We headed over to pick Bud up from school around 2:30, and came home. Bud wanted a snack, too, and then the kids played together for a bit. M-lady got home around 3:30, and took Bud to his piano lesson as 5:00 approached. I sat with Buster for a bit, and read some stories.

When M-lady and Bud got home, we started on family movie night. Bud requested The Dark Crystal, which we were able to watch in its entirety. Bud seemed to enjoy the film, and wanted to watch the making-of special afterward. Buster avoided the movie for the most part, and played with Lego on his own for a bit. While Bud was watching the special, I got Buster his snack and helped get him ready for bed.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Running the Afternoon

The morning routine was pretty standard, with the kids a little slow to rise but getting ready in time for M-lady to take them to school. I headed to the office, where I got a bit of work done before heading back to Buster's preschool to pick him up at about 12:30.

He had the birthday celebration paraphernalia from his class the day before, including a birthday poster and book of drawings from members of his class. He was pretty excited to show me when we got home. I got him a snack, and let him entertain himself for a bit while I got a little more work done.

We headed over to Bud's school to pick him up around 2:30, and then came home. The kids had a quick snack before getting ready for TKD, and we headed off a bit after 3:00. The kids did a good job in their class, which was focused on conditioning today. It was a lot of fun to watch, and the kids had a good time. They got to split a Powerbar on the ride home as well, which they really liked.

I bathed Buster when we got home, and was just about to start on dinner when M-lady arrived home. Her later meeting had been cancelled, so she was home earlier than expected. I got dinner prepared, and we all ate together, which was nice. After dinner Bud worked on homework, which took a little longer tonight than usual, and Buster played Xbox. I helped Bud with his homework a little.

Bud had a little bit of runaround time before starting on his piano practice with M-lady, and I got a snack for Buster and did the bedtime prep with him. We did a little bit of reading together before M-lady came up to put him to bed. I watched a video with Bud after he got himself ready for bed, and we turned out the light around 9:00.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

M-Lady Wednesday

The morning routine was fairly standard, and I took both kids to school. I toted the cupcakes M-lady made for Buster's class's snack, and he was pretty excited about it when I dropped him off.

I went straight from work to bike racing at the track, so missed the rest of the day with the kids. M-lady picked up the kids from school, took them to TKD, got them washed and fed, and put them to bed all on her own. Thank you M-lady! I had a good time at the track, and placed in some of the races.

The kids were apparently reasonably well behaved during the day. Bud did his homework before TKD, and Buster played outside a little bit in the afternoon. I'll be keeping an eye on them tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reading Stories

M-lady had an early call this morning, so was out of bed by the time I got up a little before 7:30. I rolled the kids out of bed and did the usual morning routine with them, with the addition of putting Buster's lunch together for him. Both kids headed out with me and we had smooth drop-offs at school.

M-lady handled the fairly busy afternoon: she picked up the kids from school, orchestrated snacks, and took the kids to TKD. Buster even got his bath in the afternoon. The kids were excited to see me when I got home, and Buster was anxious to hang out with me a bit. M-lady was busy making cupcakes for Buster's class tomorrow for his 'Birthday snack'.

I dropped my stuff, and helped out with Bud's homework, and then with getting dinner ready. We all ate together, and the kids ate pretty well. After dinner, I helped M-lady with the cupcakes while the kids played with lightsabers. They seem to be spending a good chunk of their time since we got back from Disneyland being Jedi again.

While Bud did his piano practice, I played a game of Battleship with Buster. He's getting pretty good at keeping track of the shots, and we had a solid game together. We finished the game just in time for snack time.

I did the bedtime routine with Buster, and we read a few pages from The Hobbit before playing with the iPad for a few minutes. I'm afraid the iPad, and easily available video at bedtime, has perhaps spoiled the traditional bedtime stories. We'll see if I can keep Buster's interest with the book.

Monday, April 22, 2013


We did the usual school-prep morning, and knocked the rust off the routine. The kids were pretty good about getting ready, and M-lady took them to school while I headed off to work.

Nanny J is off this week, so M-lady and I are splitting afternoons. I headed back to Buster's pre-school around 12:30 to pick him up. He's staying at school an extra hour each day this week, in a program called 'Lunch Bunch'. We're packing a lunch for him, and he seemed to have adapted to the new situation without missing a beat.

He was happy to see me, and we headed home and I got him a snack. He was pretty good about letting me work for a while, and we headed out to pick up Bud from school at about 2:30. The kids had another snack when we got home, and Buster had an entire hotdog with bun. After the snack, the kids mostly entertained themselves for the rest of the afternoon.

M-lady arrived home around 5:30, and I got Bud started on homework a short time later. After Bud finished up his homework, I got dinner going, and we all ate together. After dinner, M-lady got Bud to do a solid piano practice. We all sat around and watched a little bit of TV before snack time.

After snack, I gave Buster a quick shower, and got him into PJs before M-lady did the bedtime routine with him. I waited for Bud to shower and get into PJs, and then we watched some videos on the iPad before turning out the light around 9:00.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Recovery Day

Buster crawled in bed with us shortly after 7:00, and I got a call inviting me to join Uncle C on a bike ride at about 7:30. M-lady was getting out of bed around the time I was heading out to get the kids some breakfast.

Aunt O and Cousin C came over for the morning, and the kids had a great time playing together. I got home around noon, and had a quick lunch before taking a shower. Aunt O and Cousin C stayed for lunch, and M-lady prepared smoothies to everyone's delight. Cousin C stayed until a bit before 2:00, when Aunt O and Cousin C headed home.

M-lady headed out to run a quick errand, and I headed out to do the grocery shopping when she got back. The kids spent the day inside, but ran around and played with their lightsabers quite a bit. While I was out, Buster wrote up his thank you notes, and Bud did his piano practice.

I got started on making dinner when I got home, and we ate around 5:30. The kids ate well, and got back to playing together after dinner. They stayed busy right up until I got them into the shower, around 7:30. After getting cleaned up, we had snack time and bed time. I read stories with Buster, and we turned out the light around 8:30. He fell asleep pretty quickly, looking forward to going back to school tomorrow.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Good Ride Back

We loaded up this morning and were ready to go shortly after 7:00. M-lady got the kids up and dressed while I was loading up the car, and we skipped breakfast. We said goodbye to Ama and Agu, and hit the road by about 7:15. The kids were comfy on the trip, and we had a mellow morning.

We stopped for breakfast after about 90 minutes on the road, and switched drivers. M-lady did a solid run until shortly before lunchtime, and we ate lunch just north of the 99 split from 5. The kids spent a couple hours after lunch watching a movie and then playing Xbox, which took them almost to Gilroy.

We picked up some fresh fruit in Gilroy, and then stopped for milkshakes a few miles later, which lasted us until we got home, a bit before 4:00pm. The drive was actually really quick without as many stops to pee. The kids helped a little with unloading the car, but were more anxious to stretch out and relax at home.

Buster had been waiting and waiting all week to open his big Lego set, and I got him going on that a little after we'd settled in. He spent the next three hours building the set, mostly by himself. He took a brief break to watch some Road Runner / Wile E. Coyote cartoons with us, and another short break to eat dinner, but that was pretty much his late afternoon and evening. He did a great job on the set, too.

Bud ate dinner with M-lady and me in front of the TV. We watched Peter Pan at his request, and he enjoyed it. We'll try to get some more of the Disney films over the next few weeks.

That took us to snack and bed time. The kids had some of the strawberries we picked up in Gilroy, and then got ready for bed. M-lady read stories with Buster, and I watched the first episode of Samurai Jack with Bud. We turned out the light a little after 9:00, and he was asleep pretty quickly.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Enjoying A Classic

Buster again enjoyed sleeping in a little bit this morning, and was just getting up as Bud and I headed out the door. I dropped Bud off in plenty of time for school, and headed off to work.

The kids had a good day. They didn't have TKD, and M-lady arrived home in time to take Bud to his piano class. I got home, bearing a pizza for dinner, at about 5:45, as M-lady and Bud were getting home. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and got set up for our Friday evening movie.

After a little discussion, we decided to watch the original Star Wars Episode IV. Buster was in and out of the room a bit, but watched good chunks of it. Bud was really enjoyed it. We skipped a bit due to time constraints, but had fun watching until snack time.

Snack was quick, and then the kids were getting ready for bed. Buster was good about picking up the matchbox cars he'd distributed in our bathroom, and M-lady chatted and snuggled with him before turning out the light. I spent some time hanging out with Bud with iPads before we turned the light out a bit after 9:00.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

On and Off

Buster slept in a little bit this morning, and I helped get Bud out of bed and fed and ready for school. M-lady took him at about 8:15, and Buster woke right around that time. I managed to get Buster dressed before Nanny J arrived at 8:45.

I headed out to work on my bike, and got home at about 5:30, a couple minutes before M-lady arrived home. She said goodbye to Nanny J while I was showering. Buster jumped me as I was getting out of the shower, and continued to snuggle me for the next 30 minutes or so, as I moved between rooms to settle in and start getting dinner ready.

Bud was good about doing his homework, and the kids and I had some dinner around 6:30. M-lady joined us a short time later, as Bud was wrapping up his homework. When Buster finished dinner, he ran off and played by himself for a bit, and later with Bud. We didn't see him again until snack time.

Buster finished up his dinner, and the kids had a quick snack. Bud got started on his piano practice with M-lady, and I did the bedtime routine with Buster, with the addition of trying on his swimsuit to make sure it still fit, and picking up his room for the cleaners tomorrow. He was good about picking up, and after his room was straightened he spent bedtime playing with his Leapster before we turned out the light a few minutes after 8:30.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Race Night

Buster came and snuggled with M-lady this morning just as it was time to get up, convincing her to stay in bed a few more minutes. I got up and got Bud moving, and made sure he was ready to go. I took him to school at about 8:15, leaving Buster with M-lady to wait for Nanny J.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I met them with Nanny J at TKD a bit after 5:00, and both kids were doing a good job with their kicks and their forms. After class, we loaded up and I delivered powerbars for the drive home.

I dropped the kids off at home, and headed out for the velodrome to race my bike for the evening. M-lady was kind enough to watch the kids, and they apparently had a fairly standard evening. Bud was good about doing his homework and piano, and they had a solid meal. Both the kids were asleep when I got home around 9:30.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013


The morning routine was fairly easy again this morning. Bud came and hung out with us a little before it was time to get up, and Buster was already downstairs playing when we got going. Bud got dressed and had some breakfast, and M-lady took him to school while I got Buster dressed and fed. Nanny J arrived around 8:45, and I headed off for work a short time later.

I needed to run an errand at Target on the way home, and checked out their kites. They had some simple kites and some decent string winders for shockingly low prices, so I picked up a couple of kites and winders, and headed home. It wasn't as windy as yesterday, but there was still a reasonable breeze, and I thought I might get the kids to the park for some kite flying.

Bud was a little reluctant at first, but I eventually got him to take a stab at his homework. M-lady arrived home around 5:30, and I headed out with the kids to the park at about 5:45. They selected their kites, and we worked on getting them assembled without having them blow away.

First solid kite experience
I put Buster's kite together first, which was a slight miscalculation, as he needed more help flying it than Buster did. But eventually we got both kites put together, and it was hard to keep them out of the air. The kids had a great time, and I had to keep giving them tips which I should have delivered while we were still in the car: don't fly too close to each other, watch out for other people, stay away from trees, etc.

The kids had a lot of fun running around with the kites (although it wasn't necessary: there was enough wind to fly the kites just fine while standing still). Eventually we got started on pulling the kites in to head home, though. As I was packing up Buster's kite, Bud called out that his kite was stuck in the tree: he'd lodged it 30 feet up a pine tree while winding it in. I made some attempts to pull it down, but ultimate the harness snapped, and kite stayed in the tree. Bud was pretty sad, but I assured him this was a normal part of kite flying, and that we'd get him a replacement.

We headed home, where M-lady was putting dinner together, and everyone ate pretty well. After dinner, Bud tackled his homework and piano. I played Xbox with Buster for about 10 minutes before snack time, and then read stories with him after snack and getting ready for bed.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Singing Strong

Buster was in bed with us fairly early, especially considering that he didn't have school today. The morning routine was a little more focused on Bud, but Buster got dressed and had breakfast, too. I took Bud to school while M-lady stayed with Buster until Nanny J arrived.

The kids had a good day, and had haircuts in the afternoon. Apparently a junior stylist worked on them for a long, long time before a senior stylist quickly finished them up. They're getting old enough that they can go to a regular barber shop instead of a kid-themed one now, though. And their haircuts look pretty good right now, so not too much complaining.

A bunch of packages arrived for Buster's birthday, and he'd shaken several and determined which ones were Lego. He's spent a chunk of the afternoon speculating on what his gifts might be.

M-lady and I got home around 5:30, and prompted Bud to do his homework and piano. It was a really windy day, and I wanted to take the kids out to fly a kite before it got dark, but I'd forgotten that Bud had his school music concert. So around 6:00 we loaded up and headed over to his school, where he climbed up on stage with the rest of the 2nd graders and we settled ourselves into the full audience.

They performed about a 30 minute set, including a bunch of songs from The Wizard of Oz. Bud has become much more vocal in his singing, and does a good job of really opening his mouth. I don't know how much of that is from his music class and how much is from watching Les Mis performances.

After the show, M-lady had to get home for a call. We dropped her off, and then headed out for a quick celebratory dinner. After eating, we got food for M-lady and headed home. The kids and I had about 10 minutes to play with the toys from the Happy Meals before snack time.

Buster and I read Richard Scarry stories (with Bud listening in) before bed, and then I sat with Bud while we did some iPad before his bedtime. After Bud and I turned the lights out, we chatted for a bit about my grade and high school singing career: I have some of the video tapes, I just don't have an 8mm tape player right now. I'll have to look on eBay.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Chi Drink

The kids were again up early this morning, alternately snuggling and wrestling on our bed while we tried to sleep in a little bit. I got up around 9:00 and got started on breakfast for them, while M-lady got herself ready to head out to a ballet class. The kids enjoyed breakfast, and then watched an episode of Sesame Street.

After watching TV, I got the kids (and myself) dressed, and we played together a little bit, mostly with Lego. We were just getting some lunch around noon when M-lady arrived home. After eating, Bud did his piano with M-lady, and I hung out with the kids a bit.

I had purchased some blue Gatorade for my velodrome cycling yesterday, and the kids were really interested in having some. Bud dubbed the Gatorade 'Chi Drink', since it's the same color as the 'Chi' from the Lego Legends of Chima milieu they've been following, sort of an electric blue. I relented and let them each have a little at snack times during the day.

M-lady headed out again to run some errands around 3:00, and after getting a snack for the kids and putting on a little sunscreen, we headed over to the park. Buster rode his glider bike and Bud rode his scooter, and I walked. We had a good time at the park, and headed back after about an hour. When we got back, we had another quick snack before loading up and heading to the mall to meet up with M-lady.

We had dinner at a CPK at the mall, which was a little different from our usual fare. Buster got grumpy (perhaps because we told him we weren't going to get any Lego today), and sulked through most of the meal. He perked up a bit when I suggested we get cupcakes from the vendor right outside the restaurant, and ate a little bit of pizza before we left.

The kids got new shoes, having each increased a size and a half since they last got shoes. Both were pretty happy with the shoes they got, and looked forward to breaking them in this week.

We watched an episode of Legends of Chima when we got home, which led up to snack time. I showered Buster before we got ready for bed, and then read Richard Scarry stories with him for a bit. We stayed up a few minutes late, since he doesn't have school tomorrow: he's on his spring break this week.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Meal With Family

The kids jumped in bed with us this morning, and I kicked them out a couple of times. They kept coming back, though. Eventually M-lady got up and got them some breakfast, and I joined them downstairs while they were eating. I spent the morning packing up a bit, and had an early lunch with Bud a little after 11:00. Then I headed out to a sprint clinic at the local velodrome for most of the rest of the afternoon.

M-lady was nice enough to watch the kids. They were apparently really good, gamely going on errands and doing the grocery shopping with her. They got home from the grocery shopping mid-afternoon, and were joined a short time later by Aunt O and Cousin C, who'd been anxiously waiting to hear that they had arrived home so he could come over to play. The kids were playing together happily and loudly when I arrived home around 4:30.

After getting into some clean clothes, I got started on getting some dinner ready for us and our guests. Uncle C arrived just as the burgers were coming off the grill. We all sat down and had a good meal, and after eating, Buster and Cousin C played some Xbox together. They kept at it until it was time for Aunt O, Uncle C, and Cousin C to take their leave. The kids and I hung out together for a few minutes until it was snack time.

We did the usual snack and bed time, and I sat with Bud and watched bit of Les Mis productions with him on the iPad before we turned out the light around 9:00.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Field Trip Day

Buster crawled in bed with us this morning, and it took a little convincing to get him up and moving. I got him dressed, and we did a standard morning routine. M-lady had some phone calls, but was around to watch Buster while I took Bud to school. I came home, loaded up Buster, and took him off to his field trip destination.

We went to a local farm/park, and the kids started off playing on the playground. Buster had a great time. When the teachers called class to 'order', they played with a parachute in the park for a bit (which the whole class loved). M-lady arrived while the kids were wrapping up with the 'chute.

After getting a quick drink of water, the kids headed off to see the farm animals. The small animals were up first: pot-bellied pigs, rabbits, ducks, geese, chickens/roosters, and a big peacock. Buster looked on with interest, but didn't seem entranced. After seeing the smaller animals, we looked at a big turkey for a short time before checking out the cows and pigs. There weren't any big pigs, but a couple of piglets captured the class's attention.

The kids came back to the play structure for a little while, an I headed out to come home and get on a work phone call. The kids apparently played and flew kites for a while after I left: there wasn't enough wind for our box kite, but Buster got to fly one of the teacher's lighter kites, which made him pretty happy.

They came home around noon, and met Nanny J, who was waiting for them. M-lady headed off to run some errands, while Nanny J and the kids had a standard afternoon. M-lady was home in time to take Bud to his piano lesson, and Buster had just had his bath when I got home around 5:30. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and did our standard movie night routine.

Bus elected to watch Looney Tunes, and Buster played with Lego while we watched. The kids both ate well, and we watched right up to snack time. After snack, I read Richard Scarry stories with Buster until we turned the lights out around 8:30.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Future Room

Ama and Agu headed out early this morning, and Bud woke to say goodbye. Buster came and snuggled with us for a little while, and M-lady and Buster were a little slow getting out of bed. I got the kids rolling, though, and M-lady took them to school after they had breakfast and I combed their hair.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I got home around 5:30, and M-lady was already home. A few minutes after I arrived, we said goodbye to Nanny J, and then all loaded up and headed over to Bud's school for his open house. Bud had a checklist of things to show us, and diligently showed us around his classroom, checking things off as he went.

After checking out his room, and chatting with his teacher for a few minutes, we headed over to the school book fair, where the kids each got to pick out a book. They spent the rest of the trip with their noses buried in their books, running into people.

On the way out we swung by the kindergarten classrooms, so Buster could see where he'll be next year. He was a little shy about talking to the kindergarten teachers, but took a good look around, and liked sitting in the teacher's chair.

We headed home, where Bud got started on homework while we got dinner together. Both kids ate pretty well, and afterward Bud finished up his homework and then started on piano. I got a snack for Buster, and helped get him ready for bed, and then spent time doing his new Lego stickerbook with him before bedtime.

M-lady came and snuggled with Buster for a bit after getting Bud's snack and sending him upstairs to get ready for bed, and I watched a few videos on the iPad with Bud (including some science news videos) before we turned the light out around 9:00.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Getting Wound Up

Buster had already wandered downstairs when I got to looking for him a bit after 7:30 this morning, and he was reluctant to come upstairs again to get dressed. I got him up there, though, and the kids did a fairly standard morning routine, with Ama helping out. M-lady had to leave for work a little early, so I took both kids to school.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I met Ama and the kids at TKD, where Nanny J had dropped them off. The kids had a good class, and we all headed home together in my car. I brought them snacks for after their class, which they enjoyed. Buster had a bloody nose on the way home, but we managed to contain it without getting blood everywhere, and he was fine except for some cleanup by the time we got home.

M-lady had an evening event, and had been home, but took off a few minutes before we got home. I got Buster into the bathtub, and Bud got started on his homework. After we finished those activities up, we had some dinner, which Ama and Agu had prepared. Both kids ate well, and we enjoyed Beard Papa cream puffs afterward.

Bud handled his piano practice after dinner, and then we had about 20 minutes before snack time. The kids and Agu staged a fairly comprehensive foam dart and stuffed Angry Bird battle during that time, and the kids were pretty excited by snack time. We settled down a little bit with snacks, and then did the bedtime routine.

I watched some Disneyland ride videos with the kids, at their request. Bud showed interest in some of the thrill rides, but we'll see how he feels when we get there: he's been fairly cautious in the past. Both kids were in bed at their usual times, and asleep fairly quickly.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Building Some Excitement

Buster joined us in bed around 7:00, and then ran downstairs at about 7:30 to have breakfast with Ama before getting dressed. We rolled Bud out of bed as well, and he came down for breakfast dressed. After Buster finished eating, we got him into his clothes for the day, and M-lady took both kids to school.

I rode my bike to work, after doing some final picking up before the cleaners arrived. Ama and Agu headed over to Aunt O and Uncle C's place in the afternoon, and the kids had a good time at TKD. M-lady arrived home a few minutes before I did, and after Nanny J took her leave, got Bud started on his homework.

Bud didn't have much homework today, and he did his piano practice immediately afterward. I spent the early evening installing new thermostats in the house, and Buster helped me a bit. We all had dinner together a bit before 7:00, and the kids played some Xbox before snack time.

Ama and Agu arrived while the kids were playing, and joined for snack. Bud requested to be put to bed by Agu, and showed him some of the Slow Mo Guys videos we've been watching. M-lady put Buster to bed, and they watched some Disneyland videos to get Buster excited about our spring break trip. Both kids got sent off to dreamland at reasonable times.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Karaoke Night

The kids were a little slow waking up, and Buster in particular had to be roused. I got the kids downstairs a bit before 8:00, and they had some breakfast and did a fairly standard routine. I took Bud to school, while M-lady took Buster.

The kids apparently had a good day, and got to play with Ama and Agu in the afternoon. I was out for a track bike training event for the evening, but M-lady said Bud was good about getting homework and piano done. There was enough time left over for the family to do a large Karaoke session, hitting the Les Mis highlights. Both kids were solidly asleep when I got home around 9:30.