Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Serious Haul

I got the kids ready this morning with a fairly usual routine, although the kids were excited about Halloween and we had to make sure they took their costumes to school. Buster dressed in his as M-lady took him to his class parade, and Bud took his cloak in a bag as I took him to school.

Bud put his cloak on for his Halloween parade at school, and looked really good. After all the classes paraded around, the teachers gathered together for a teacher photo. Bud's teacher handed him her iPad, and he took the photo of the teachers. He was pretty excited to have been picked. After all the kids were back in their class, I took Bud's cloak and dropped it off at home.

The kids had a mellow afternoon, and skipped TKD, since they wanted to get on to Trick or Treating as soon as possible. M-lady arrived home around 5:00, and took the kids over to Aunt O and Uncle C's place. I met them there around 5:30. The kids were pretty excited, and after a few minutes we wrangled them into their costumes and headed off down the street.

A few doors down we met with Cousin C's neighbors, and we had a big group to Trick or Treat with (probably about 8 kids all together). The kids were tentative on the first few doors, but got the hang of it pretty quickly. We hit about a dozen houses, and the kids got pretty well loaded up with candy.

We headed back to Aunt O and Uncle C's house, where we had some pizza (pepperoni + mushroom, rather than cheese!) for dinner. After eating, we packed up and headed for home, arriving around 7:30. I turned on the light and answered the door a few times for Trick or Treaters, but bedtime came up quick and I turned the light out again before 8:30.

During snack time the kids examined their hauls, and did a bit of trading, before stashing their take and getting ready for bed. I watched some vids with Bud for a bit before turning the light out around 9:00.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mounting Excitement

Bud was already up when I got up this morning around 7:30, and was good about getting dressed. Buster took a little more coaxing, but I got them both downstairs for breakfast within about 20 minutes. I got them some breakfast and took them to school while M-lady had some meetings this morning.

I came back and worked from home as the cleaners came, and then headed to work around the time Nanny J arrived in the later morning. I forgot my badge at home, however, and came home around noon to find Buster eating lunch. I said a quick hello, grabbed my badge, and headed out again.

The kids seem to have had a good day. They did TKD in the afternoon, and M-lady got home a little late to relieve Nanny J. I had a party at work, so didn't make it home until after the kids went to bed. Much thanks to M-lady for taking care of the kids.

They had a good dinner, and Bud did a solid piano practice (since he probably won't practice much tomorrow). They also planned out what parts of their costumes that they'll wear to school tomorrow for their respective parades.

Buster has been asking M-lady to make a plush 'ring' for him as he's gotten interested in The Lord of the Rings, probably through the Lego sets. He wanted a ring the size of a doughnut, though, which M-lady provided. It's possible Buster things the 'one ring to rule them all' should be bigger than all the other rings.

M-lady got the kids snacked and into bed, and they were all asleep when I got home.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Doc and Jack

I rolled Buster out of bed this morning around 7:45. Bud was up, but didn't have school today, so spent the morning reading in bed. Buster was good about the morning routine once he got moving, and I took him to school. M-lady stayed home with Bud during the morning, and got him to do his piano practice.

Nanny J arrived after picking up Buster, and M-lady headed in to work. The kids had a good afternoon, and I met them at the doctor's office around 4:00. Buster had the doctor check out his cough (he's fine), and then both kids got flu shots. They both put on a brave face, and handled the shot without trouble.

Bud apparently fell down on the driveway before I got home, and was resting in his room. He had a couple of very minor scrapes, but otherwise I think was just a little shaken. It did point out that his shoes are pretty worn, so he and I looked for new shoes for him online after M-lady got home.

I got a quick dinner for the kids, and then we headed into the garage to carve up the pumpkin. The kids decided on a design together, and we had a good time scraping out and carving up the gourd. It turned out pretty well, and the kids were excited to see it done.

The kids had a quick snack before getting ready for bed. I played some Scribblenauts with Buster before bed, which he really enjoyed. His coughing is still coming on late at night, but overall seems to be a little less violent each night.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Long Nap

I had a bike race this morning, but didn't have to leave until 8:30. Buster crawled into bed with us around 8:00, and was ready to be up and playing. M-lady was kind enough to watch the kids and make pancakes for them after I headed out to my race.

Aunt O and Cousin C came over to play in the later morning, and the kids were having a great time when I got back a bit before noon. After I'd showered, I headed outside with the kids for a bit so they could play in the front yard. I worked in the garage for a bit while they played, and helped them dig out the stomp rockets, which kept them entertained for a while.

Aunt O and Cousin C took off after a bit, and we lazed about for much of the afternoon. Buster eventually fell asleep a bit before 4:00, and I played some Xbox with Bud before dinnertime. M-lady put a great dinner together, but unfortunately I had to run out to help set up sound and lights for a party at work later in the week.

The kids had dinner with M-lady, and they had a good time before snack and bedtime. Buster was still awake when I got home around 9:30, curled up on the rug in our room. His nap had apparently made it hard for him to fall asleep. After dropping my things, I lay down in his bed with him until he nodded off, around 10:00.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dinner Adventure

M-lady headed for ballet class in the morning, and the kids were good about letting me snooze for a little while. I got up a little after 9:00 and got them some breakfast, and Buster ate a huge amount. After breakfast, we hung out together for a little while before M-lady arrived home.

We had some lunch together in the early afternoon, and then loaded up and headed out to Bud's piano recital. It was a short recital, and Bud did a great job with his pieces. I made a quick run to Fry's when we got back for bits for Bud's Halloween costume, and then the kids and I walked over to the park on my return.

Bud had asked to go to the park to throw a football, since our front yard has become too constraining. Buster played on the playground equipment while Bud and I threw the ball a bit, and M-lady joined us a short time later. We all had a good time, and then loaded into the car to try and get some dinner.

Unfortunately, we were directed to incorrect addresses twice for the restaurant we were looking for (the one near us was closed for construction, and Yelp apparently had wrong/out of date addresses for other locations), so we ended up driving for a while before giving in and getting some fast food. The kids didn't mind, though, and we got milkshakes on the way home.

The milkshakes were consumed at snack time, and then I showered Buster while Bud showered himself. I then watched a video with Bud while M-lady put Buster to bed, and the kids were asleep in short order.

Buster's had a persistent cough for a few days, and it caught up with him later in the evening, when between the post nasal drip and coughing he ended up vomiting. He was very chipper when he was awake, though, as M-lady and I got him and his bed cleaned up. We sat with him again for a bit as he went back to sleep.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Satisfying Movie Night

The morning routine was straightforward, and I took Bud to school while M-lady took Buster. Buster had a pumpkin patch outing which M-lady attended, and they had a good time. Buster got to pick out a pumpkin, and was instructed by the teachers to hold the pumpkin's belly button (the bottom) to his belly button, which kept the kids from swinging their pumpkins around by the stems.

M-lady got home in time to take Bud to his piano class, which went well. I arrived home around 5:45, with dinner, and after saying goodbye to Nanny J we all settled in front of the TV to watch some School House Rocks.

We did that all the way to snack time, which passed quickly into bed time. It was a fun family evening together, and we're all enjoying the movie night tradition. Buster was asleep pretty soon after his lights went out at 8:30, and Bud a short time after that.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

More Baseball

M-lady had meetings this morning and had to head in a little early, so I rolled the kids out and got them ready. It was a pretty straightforward morning, and we got out of the house in time to drop Bud off at school, and then drop Buster off. I headed to work after that.

The kids had a good day again. They went to TKD in the afternoon, and were just heading outside to play when I got home around 5:15. I played ball with them a bit after Nanny J took her leave around 5:45, and we came in a few minutes after 6:00 as it was starting to cool off.

We came in and watched a little of the second World Series game, and greeted M-lady when she arrived home. The kids lobbied to watch a little bit of Sesame Street, so we did that for about 20 minutes before starting on dinner.

The kids ate well, and after dinner, Bud did his homework and got started on piano. Buster and I played in the living room a bit while Bud did his work. There was time to watch a little bit more baseball before snack and bedtime. The kids were pretty good about getting ready for bed, and I watched a couple short videos with Buster before we turned out the light. Buster was asleep inside ten minutes.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Giant Reminder

The kids were still in bed when I got up this morning, and I rolled them out around 7:45. Buster got a little bit of snuggle time in with M-lady before coming down for breakfast, and both kids were ready to go in time. I dropped Bud off at school while M-lady took Buster in.

The kids seem to have had a good day. They got back on the TKD horse, and had a good time. They were both playing out back when I arrived home around 5:45.

After saying goodbye to Nanny J, I got started on dinner at about 6:15. The kids came in and M-lady got them wrangled to the table, and we all had a good dinner together. After dinner, Buster pointed out that they had talked about the Giants in school today, and how they'd won (the pennant). That reminded me that the World Series was on, so we watched a little bit of the first game. Bud joined us for a bit between homework and piano.

We got snack going a little late, and the kids didn't get started on the bedtime routine until about 8:15. M-lady put Buster to bed, and Bud and I watched a vid and chatted for a bit before turning the light out around 9:00.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Sesame Day

I rolled Bud out of bed this morning around 7:45, and he was pretty good about getting ready to go. Buster was staying home from school today, since he was running a fever last night, and slept in a bit while Bud had breakfast. M-lady got Buster dressed, and then took Bud to school while I got Buster some breakfast.

Nanny J arrived a short time later, and Buster played with her for a bit while I worked from home. Nanny J had to run out to pick her husband up from the airport at about 11:30, and Buster came up to sit with me. I put on the Sesame Street website for him, and he was happy as a clam for about an hour, watching videos and doing reading games. He's really at the perfect age for Sesame Street, as he's just learning to read.

Buster deferred lunch for a bit, as I discovered he'd snacked on some fresh raisin bread than Nanny J had baked this morning. I ate my lunch first, and then got some food for Buster, which he was still eating when Nanny J returned. I headed out for work a short time later.

The kids had a good day. They opted to skip TKD today, which was probably a reasonable decision given that they're both a bit sick. I found them playing outside, however, when I got home.

M-lady arrived home around the same time, and we said goodbye to Nanny J. I turned on the TV for a bit, and we watched a few minutes of Sesame Street (the TV show) together before getting started on dinner. The kids ate dinner a bit reluctantly, and Bud wrapped up his homework and did his piano practice afterward.

We'd picked up a pomegranate at the store on Bud's curiosity a few days ago, and I opted to carve it up for the kids for snack tonight. It came with instructions, which promised 'Easy Opening!', but the instructions lied. It was still a fair bit of work to extract the pomegranate innards, a process which the boys found very interesting.

The kids enjoyed the seeds for snack time, and I got Buster into bed a few minutes before lights out. We just had time to watch a quick video before turning out the light. Hopefully the kids will sleep well tonight, with a bit less coughing than last night.

Monday, October 22, 2012

One Up, One Down

We did a fairly normal prep for school this morning, aside from the fact that it was raining a bit. I took Bud to school, and dropped him off in line. His friends were happy to see him again after he was out most of last week. M-lady took Buster to his school.

The lab called back with Bud's throat culture from Friday, and apparently he didn't actually have strep, so we were able to leave off on the antibiotics. I guess he just had a nasty virus.

The kids seem to have a good day, and the weather cleared up. M-lady met Nanny J and the kids in the late afternoon at a new, local dentist. The dentist visit went well, and the kids were playing at home when I arrived a bit after 5:00.

After Nanny J took her leave, we all had dinner together at about 6:30. After dinner, I turned on the football game, and we watched a bit before Bud did his piano practice. Buster fell asleep on my lap, and I noticed his forehead was a little hot. I discovered he was running a fever of about 102, so gave him a dose of ibuprofen and got him ready for bed.

Bud and I had a snack and chatted for a bit before turning out the light a little late, around 9:15.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Farm

I got up early this morning to head out to a bike race. Bud apparently slept in, which was not that surprising given that he was up for a fair chunk of time from about 10:30 to midnight or so last night. M-lady got some breakfast for the kids, and then headed out to a pumpkin patch.

I made it back to the pumpkin patch around the same time they showed up, and we met Aunt O, Uncle C, and Cousin C there as well. The patch/farm was really busy, had a lot of good pumpkins, and had a whole bunch of rides and amusements for the kids. Buster and Cousin C had a good time in the bouncy castle, and did a 'train' ride (little cars strung together behind a tractor) around the patch. After a fair bit of dust and sun, we picked out a big pumpkin for the family and headed home.

After some lunch, we had a very quiet afternoon. M-lady and I both snoozed for a while, and the kids entertained themselves for a bit. I got up again around 4:00, and after playing on the computer with the kids for a little while, got started on getting dinner ready.

We had a great dinner, and Buster tried some bacon (and liked it). After we were all well-fed, Bud did a solid piano rehearsal, and then I got the kids bathed. After getting into PJs the kids had their snack, and we did the bedtime routine.

Buster was really excited to read some of his library books again, and I read them with him before he put them back on the shelf space he has labelled for library books, and we watched a quick video before turning out the lights. Bud seemed much more comfortable going to bed this evening, and so far has slept well.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Bud woke without a fever this morning for the first time since Tuesday. M-lady headed to ballet around 8:30, and the kids were in and out of my bed, but generally let me snooze until about 9:30. I got up and made them some breakfast, and we all spent the morning in our PJs together.

The kids and I played on the Xbox until M-lady got home in the late morning. A bit after 12:00 I started watching Big Game, and the kids were in and out, watching with me for stretches.

We had lunch in shifts: First M-lady and me, then Bud, and finally Buster. After Buster had finished, we motivated the kids and all headed out together to the library. We had a good time there, picking out some new books for everyone, and hit the grocery store before heading home.

I watched the rest of the game after we got home (Go Stanford!), and then ran out to pick up some sushi for dinner by popular request. We all ate well, and after dinner I snoozed on the couch for a few minutes while Bud did his piano practice. I got up a little later and played Monopoly with Buster on the iPad for a while, which he really enjoyed.

We had ice cream cones for snack, which the kids liked. I don't think they've had ice cream cones before, although they certainly knew what they were and how to eat them. After snack, we did a standard bedtime routine, and the kids were asleep fairly quickly.

Unfortunately, Bud was up around 10:00 with croup/stridor-like symptoms. We did the usual steamed-up bathroom routine, and got him a dose of prednisone fairly quickly. Even so, he was up for a good ninety minutes, and ended up sleeping sitting up. He did drop off to sleep eventually, though, and slept through the night.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Strep Again

The morning routine was pretty standard for getting Buster ready for school. However, as Buster was loading into M-lady's car, he reminded us that he didn't have school today, and we felt pretty silly for forgetting.

I kept an eye on the kids this morning as M-lady ran some errands and headed to work. I took the kids into a doctor's appointment we'd set up for Bud, and discovered that he had strep, which had been causing the fever all week. We headed home again around lunchtime, and I dropped the kids off at home with Nanny J before heading out again to pick up an antibiotic prescription for Bud.

Bud had a fever again this afternoon, and was napping when I got home. He joined us for dinner around 7:00, and we all watched a little bit more of the recorded Olympics before doing a fairly standard snack and bedtime routine.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rambling Lecture

Buster was still asleep when I got up around 7:30, which was kind of unusual. I got him going after I got myself dressed. Bud was slow getting up as well, and had a low-grade fever, so was staying home again.

I took Buster to school, while Bud stayed home with M-lady until Nanny J arrived. The kids apparently had a good day, and went to TKD again. I didn't get home until almost 7:00, and the kids were having dinner. Bud was in good spirits, but running a low-grade fever again.

After dinner, I played cards with Buster while M-lady worked with Bud on his homework/schoolwork. Bud had a lot to do, since he was doing his school work as well. He wrapped up around 8:00, so we started snack time about 15 minutes later than usual.

I got Buster into PJs, and then chatted with Bud a bit before bed. Bud had asked about salt, which eventually led to a discussion of what an atom is, the standard model of the atom, the periodic table, and eventually ionic solids. Not sure he got all of it, but he stayed interested for a good while.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Taking It Easy

Bud was running a fever again this morning, so was low-key while I got Buster ready. M-lady had some morning meetings, so I took Buster to school and picked up Bud's homework, bringing it home again before I headed off to work. Bud was feeling better and eating breakfast when I dropped off his homework, around 9:00ish.

The kids had a good day. Bud did his homework in the morning, and was fever-free until they got home from TKD (he watched again), and I was home just in time to give him a dose of medicine. His fever wasn't too bad, though, and he was feeling better soon.

We all rested for a bit after M-lady arrived home and Nanny J took her leave, and the kids entertained themselves with iPads for a little while. We all had dinner together around 6:30, and Bud wrapped up his homework before doing a quick piano practice. We all watched one dance of DWTS before snack time and getting ready for bed.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fever Pattern

M-lady was up a little early this morning, and Buster was up with her while she got ready for a call. I got up around 7:30, and after getting myself ready, I helped Buster get dressed. Bud was up, but lazing a bit, as he would be staying home from school.

Buster had breakfast and M-lady took him to school, and Nanny J arrived a short time later. I said goodbye to Bud, and headed off to work.

The kids generally had a good day, and did TKD in the afternoon. During the class (which Bud watched rather than participating in) his fever came back, and he was back in bed when they got home. I arrived home around 4:45 and hung out with him while the ibuprofen did it's thing. His temperature was still a bit elevated through most of the evening, though.

Bud was really hungry by dinner time, and ate well. Buster deferred. After dinner, we all watched a little bit of Dancing With The Stars together before snack time. Buster had enough dinner to have a snack, and then we did the bedtime routine. Bud and I hung out for a bit, and turned the light out at 9:00.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sick Again

Buster joined us fairly early again, but he was cuddling with M-lady, so I didn't note the time he crawled into bed with us. He was anxious to play while I was getting ready, and we had to point out that it was time to get ready for school. He shifted gears easily and both kids were ready for school in plenty of time.

I dropped Bud off, and then headed to work. The kids apparently had a pretty good day, although Bud started feeling tired in the afternoon, and was actually napping when M-lady arrived home around 5:00. He was up but listless in bed when I got home around 6:00, and I found he was running a fever north of 102. After a dose of ibuprofen, he was feeling much better.

We spent most of the evening picking up around the house, since the cleaners come tomorrow. Buster deferred dinner until snack time, and Bud ate a little late, after he was feeling a little better and his appetite came back.

Buster did end up eating well, although late, and wasn't in bed until about 8:15. We read a 'Biscuit the Dog' story together, and he did a really good job. The light was out around 8:30, and he was asleep fairly soon after that.

Bud stayed up until 9:00, and fell asleep soon after. He'll probably stay home from school tomorrow.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nice to Have M-lady Back

M-lady got up with the kids this morning and made them breakfast, letting me sleep in a bit, which was nice. The kids came in a prodded me occasionally, but generally let me be until I got up around 10:00.

After I got up and dressed, I worked on a new Lego set for a bit with the kids' help. Buster was particularly anxious to help out, and did a good job. After finishing up the set, we played a bit more, and then had some lunch.

I headed out to run some errands after lunch, including a trip to the bike store and the grocery store. Buster opted to come with me, and we had a good time together. He really wanted to carry the tires out of the store (which are almost as tall as he is), but he did a good job getting them into the trunk.

When we got home, I headed out for a bike ride as the kids headed outside to play for a little while. They headed back in to hang out with M-lady before too long, and Bud was working on his piano practice when I got back from my ride.

We had dinner a short time after I got home, and after wrapping that up I headed out to meet up with some friends. M-lady handled snack and bedtime, which went fairly smoothly.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Office Playground

The kids were kind enough to let me sleep in a bit this morning. When I finally got out of bed around 9:30, I found Buster had mostly finished up the Lego set he'd started working on the previous night, and done a pretty good job with it. I got the kids some breakfast, and then we all got dressed.

We had a pretty mellow morning, reading stories and playing together. We watched a little bit of football before lunch as well. The kids ate a good lunch, but it was a little late since we'd had such a late breakfast. After I'd gotten lunch into the kids, we packed up and headed out for a quick outing.

We went to my new office, since I needed a doc out of my filing cabinet, as well as a piece of equipment. The kids were excited to see the office, particularly since we have swings, hammocks, and a slide from the second story to the first. The kids spent some time playing in the (mostly) empty office, and we had a chance to meet a few folks, before we packed up and came home.

The afternoon was mellow, too. We played outside a bit, and spent a little time pitching the new tent again, as the kids asked if they could sleep in it tonight. After getting the tent up, they enjoyed playing in the tent for a bit.

We went out to pick up some dinner, and M-lady was home by the time we got back. The kids were really excited to see her. After saying hello, we had dinner in front of the TV, watching a few episodes of The Muppet Show, which everyone enjoyed. That took us to snack and bed time.

The kids decided to read stories and watch videos in the tent, but then headed up to their individual beds for sleeping. Maybe next time they'll try staying the night in the tent.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Buster wandered in this morning a bit before 7:00, and curled up with me until I rolled out of bed around 7:15. While I was getting myself ready, Buster wrapped himself in a blanket on the floor for a bit. When I had gotten myself all set, I helped the kids get up, get dressed, and get breakfast, and we headed out the door in time to get both kids to school.

I got home around 4:45, and found the kids playing outside with Nanny J. I whisked Bud off to his piano lesson, where he did pretty well. We said goodbye to Nanny J when we got back, and had a dinner that Nanny J had prepared.

We postponed movie night to wait for M-lady, and instead did a 'toy' night. Both kids received rewards for earned points today: Bud got a deck of Magic cards in the mail which he'd spent his accumulated points on, and Buster had earned a new Lego set he'd been working towards for quite some time. I pulled out a Lego set for myself as well, and we all had fun with the new items.

Both kids ate good dinners, and we played with Lego and Magic for the remainder of the evening. We had a snack break around 8:15, and Buster headed straight to bed after that. He was in bed a few minutes later than usual, but fell asleep quickly. I spent time hanging out with Bud until his usual bedtime.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Up Early, Out Late

Buster joined me a bit after 6:00 this morning, and cuddled up until we got up around 7:30. I rolled Bud out of bed, and we did a standard morning routine, although we got out the door about 5 minutes later than I would have liked.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I didn't get home until about 8:00, so the kids did the later TKD class, and both had high praise for the fried rice Nanny J prepared for dinner. When I walked in the door, the kids were just getting into PJs. Buster was excited to see me, and let me know that he had just pooped.

We said goodbye and thank you to Nanny J, and I got snacks for the kids before doing the bedtime routine. The kids were good about going to bed, and both were asleep pretty quickly.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back to the Street

It was raining this morning when I woke up. I got up a little early, and rolled the kids out, so we could have a video chat with M-lady. Buster was in his own bed, rolled in his blanket, and sleeping soundly when I turned him out a bit before 7:30. He was excited to see M-lady, though.

After a quick chat, both kids were good about getting ready. We headed downstairs, had some breakfast, and had about 10 minutes to play before combing hair and getting shoes on. Buster and I found a great 'E' picture in a magazine for school, which we'd forgotten to do all the previous week evenings. I got both kids to school on time, bundled up against the rain which didn't really materialize the rest of the day as the clouds broke and sunshine came through.

The kids had fun at TKD in the afternoon, and both got blue tapes (for sparring), apparently. That put's Bud in a position to test again at the end of the month. He's still proceeding at a pretty remarkable rate. Buster may still test this month, too: he's just got one more tape to get (kicking, I believe).

I got home around 5:45, and was greeted by the kids. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and I got Bud started on his homework. It was short, though, and he was done fairly quickly. After he was done with that, we watched a little bit of Sesame Street before dinner.

The kids both ate well, and Bud did his piano practice after dinner. After wrapping up his practice, we watched a little more Sesame Street before snack time. The kids really enjoyed the show, and I'm happy I've got a couple episodes on the DVR all the time.

Snack and bedtime were straightforward. Buster requested we read some of his astronomy books, and I had him read some of the words. After he was asleep, I sat with Bud for a while before we turned the light out. The staggered bedtimes has worked really well for putting the kids to bed sequentially: one person can do it much more easily now.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Early Refugee

Buster crawled into bed with me around 5:00 this morning, and was sound asleep when I got up a bit before 7:30. Bud was up, though, so I could just let him know it was time to get dressed and focus on rousing and dressing Buster. By the time he was dressed, he was ready to go and get some breakfast, and the rest of the morning was very smooth.

The kids had a good day at school, and had fun at TKD in the afternoon. I got home a bit after 5:30, and after settling in and saying goodbye to Nanny J, I got Bud started on his homework. While he was working on that, we had a nice video chat with Granddad B: as soon as we connected, Buster immediately got himself into his Halloween costume to show. Granddad B was suitably impressed.

We played a bit before dinner, and Bud tackled piano after dinner. That took us most of the way to snack time, and the kids were good about getting ready for bed afterward. Buster read a BOB book with me, and then went to sleep a short time later. Bud and I hung out for another half hour before turning out his light.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Last Minute Rush

Buster joined me in bed a bit after 7:00, and we rolled out a bit before 7:30. The morning routine went smoothly, and I got both kids delivered to school on time. I made sure to get Buster primped a bit for his school picture today, as well.

The kids seem to have had a good day. Bud has short days at school this week, getting out just after 1:00. Nanny J and Buster walked over to pick him up, and Buster showed me the collection of acorns he gathered on the way home.

The kids were playing vigorously in the living room when I got home, and I joined in for a short time after saying goodbye to Nanny J. We settled in front of MNF for a short time, and then got going on dinner. The kids ate pretty well, although they dragged the meal out a bit.

After dinner, Bud got going on his homework. It took him a while, and he started piano around the usual snack time. Fortunately, he'd had a big enough dinner that he didn't want much at snack time, and we were able to keep to schedule. Buster was asleep before 8:45, and Bud's lights went out around 9:00.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Grandiose Plans

M-lady headed out for another business trip today, and will be gone for the week. The kids were fairly understanding of our late night, and let us sleep in a bit. I didn't have to kick them out of our bed until about 8:45.

The kids played with iPads while M-lady and I got ourselves together, and M-lady headed out around 10:00. I got breakfast for the kids a few minutes later, and we spend the rest of the morning just hanging out, and watching a little bit of football. The kids ate a late lunch (not surprising, given the late breakfast), and around 2:00 I finally mobilized them and we headed out to run a couple of errands.

I had an REI coupon, and Bud had asked me about camping more than once recently, so we headed to REI to examine the tents. I picked out a fairly large (4 person) backpacking tent, figuring the boys and I may be able to use it next spring/summer. We'll practice in the meantime.

A brief moment of calm in the new tent
After picking up the tent, we hit the grocery store, and got set on food for the week. After unloading the groceries, we set up the tent in the living room for a little while, which the kids really enjoyed. We played outside for a bit, and I had a good time tossing the football with the kids in the yard before we headed out to pick up some dinner.

After dinner, we watched a little bit of TV, had showers, and watched a little bit more TV. Bud did a quick piano practice, and snack and bedtime were pretty straightforward. Buster was so tired he fell asleep before lights out. Bud was up until we turned out his lights at 9:00.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Lying Low

We spent a mellow day today, largely recuperating from the previous week. I've been staving off a cold all week, and took some time to be mellow. M-lady was wrapping up a busy work week, and getting ready for a trip.

The kids assaulted us in bed before 8:00, and we were up a short time later. Breakfast was a normal affair, and we ended up puttering around the house for most of the day. We had a straightforward lunch, and M-lady and I were able to nap for a short time in the afternoon.

We headed out for dinner, and had a good time at the restaurant. After dinner, we had time to play outside for a short time before coming in and doing the snack and bedtime routine.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Continued Olympics

The morning routine went well, and M-lady took Buster to school while I dropped off Bud. Bud had a short day at school again, and M-lady got home in time to take him to his piano lesson.

M-lady and Bud got home at the same time I did, and we said goodbye to Nanny J. After settling in for a few minutes, I got dinner going, and we spent some time deciding what to watch for movie night. After a few rejected suggestions, we agreed on Olympic coverage again.

We had a good time watching some Track and Field, including the men's 100 semis, women's beach volleyball, and women's gymnastics. The kids continue to enjoy watching, but we've warned them that the recorded coverage is going to run out eventually.

Bud (as well as M-lady) was excited to get the new Harry Potter book from the library today. M-lady was thinking ahead and put it on reserve before it arrived. Bud spent most of the time after snack reading the book before it was time to turn the lights out.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Shorter School

The kids rolled out of bed with us around 7:30, and were pretty good about getting ready for school. M-lady took Bud to school, where he had his first computer class in the morning, and I took Buster. The drop off went fine.

Bud had a short day at school, since parent-teacher conferences started today. M-lady and I met with Bud's teacher, and the meeting went smoothly and without any surprises. Bud is doing fine in school, and the teacher commented on his sense of humor, which is apparently somewhat rare in second graders.

Nanny J forgot to pick Bud up immediately at the early time, although there were apparently a bunch of other kids as well. Bud took it in stride, and enjoyed his lengthier afternoon.

I had dinner with some friends, so missed the evening activities. M-lady took care of the kids and got them to bed without incident.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Guests with Gifts

M-lady was up for an early meeting at 7:00, and I rolled out of bed around 7:30. The kids got up around the same time, and I got them dressed and fed before we packed up and headed out to take them to school. I dropped Bud off while M-lady took Buster.

The kids had a good day. They did TKD in the afternoon, and Bud was starting on his homework when I got home around 6:00. We had dinner guests in the evening, so I got started on getting dinner together with M-lady.

When the guests arrived, Friend K and Friend A, they brought small Lego sets for each of the kids. Buster was really excited, and immediately tore into his set, and spent all the time before dinner working on it. Bud was a bit more reserved, and saved his set for later. He headed outside to shoot baskets while I tended the grill.

Dinner took a while to cook, and we ate a little late. The kids were well behaved, thought, and ate well. Bud handled his own steak knife without issue, as well. Bud did a quick piano practice between dinner and dessert, and we all enjoyed some apple pie before I got the kids into bed. It was already 9:00, so the kids were up a bit late tonight, but they were pretty good about going to bed quickly, and were asleep before too long.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A Different Class

The kids woke a little late today, and we were a few minutes behind getting out the door. Bud was at school in time (cleaned up for picture day, no less), but I got Buster to school about five minutes late. Not a big deal in preschool, however.

The kids had a good day, and tried going to the later TKD class this afternoon. It's for older kids, but Buster has been invited, and Bud is ready for the next level. It's later in the afternoon, though, and Nanny J was arriving home with the kids around the same time I got home, right around 6:00pm. Nanny J stayed to get Buster through his bath before taking her leave.

Bud had done his homework in the afternoon, so we just had to check it in the evening. M-lady was good enough to pull dinner together, and we all ate well. After dinner, Bud did his piano practice while Buster and I played on the iPad a bit.

Snack time was straightforward, and after snack Bud showered and played some Gloom with me before turning out the light. Since both kids were a little late getting up this morning, the lights went out just a little early this evening. Buster was up running around a bit after lights out, but fell asleep before too long.