Tuesday, July 31, 2012

All-Day Playdate

M-lady left early this morning for a trip out of town, so I got up with the kids around 8:00 on my own. Buster had wandered in a bit earlier, but wandered out again when he didn't find M-lady. The kids were pretty good about getting ready, although we got slowed down by hair issues. I got Bud to camp a few minutes late.

Bud played with his Friend N at camp for the first part of the day. Buster got to go to TKD as well. I picked up both Bud and Friend N from camp at about 3:00, and brought them home.

Bud and Friend N were good about including Buster, and the three of them seemed to have a good time. Friend N's mom picked him up a bit after 5:00, and I got out of meetings around 5:45, in time to see Nanny J off. The kids and I hung out for a bit, then had some dinner.

Bud did a good job on his piano practice, and we all watched some Olympics together. Buster deferred his dinner until snack time, and the kids were good about getting ready for bed after snack. Buster watched some Busytown before bed, while Bud and I played a game of Magic. I managed to get both kids tucked into bed a bit before 9:00.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Last Summer Camp

The morning was uneventful, with the sole difference from last week that Bud needed to get ready to head off to 'Galileo Camp'. I got him slathered up with sunscreen, and then M-lady took him off to camp while I watched Buster until Nanny J arrived.

The kids had a good day, and Buster went to TKD in the morning. They picked up Bud in the afternoon, and M-lady and I were both home around 5:30. We let Nanny J go, and played with the kids for a bit before heading downstairs and figuring out dinner. Buster played with the Wii for a bit, and I worked on a puzzle with Bud, before we sat down to eat.

After dinner, Bud did his piano practice, and I watched a little bit of TV (Ninjago and Olympics) with Buster. Bud and M-lady joined us presently, and eventually we turned it off to have a snack. After snack, the kids got ready for bed, and I played a couple rounds of Magic with Bud before we turned out the light.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Games and Guest

The kids jumped in bed with us about 8:00, and we rolled out around 9:00. M-lady got breakfast for the kids, and I got myself ready to go for a bike ride. The kids were in good spirits, eating pancakes, when I headed out a bit after 10:00.

I was gone for more than 4 hours on a pretty long ride, and everything was going well when I got back. They had all been out to run some errands, had a late-ish lunch, and Bud was practicing piano when I arrived. After eating and showering, I headed downstairs to do some dinner prep.

I got Buster set up to play Lego Batman, apparently his favorite thing in the world right now, and played a game of Magic with Bud.

A dinner guest, Friend J, one of M-lady's coworkers, arrived around 5:00, and I headed downstairs to get started on making dinner. Buster wrapped up his Xbox session, and the kids were in and out, keeping themselves entertained for a bit. We had dinner around 6:30, and both kids ate pretty well.

After dinner, I got the kids showered and into PJs, and then we headed back downstairs for a snack. Snack ended around 7:30, and I played another game of Magic with Bud while Buster played with an iPad a bit before bedtime. Bud ended up watching some Olympics clips with me before I put Buster to bed around 8:30.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Game Interest

I intended to make pancakes for the kids this morning, but I discovered we were out of eggs. They settled for Eggos. Buster's primary concern, which he vocalized to me, was that we still had syrup.

M-lady headed for an early ballet class, and the kids and I enjoyed watching some Olympic competition this morning: primarily swimming and the men's cycling road race. The kids mostly sat with me and watched, but they did get up and run around some as well.

We had a snack around 11:00, and M-lady arrived home around the same time. M-lady and I caught up a bit, and we watched a little bit more Olympics before lunchtime rolled around.

After lunch, we had a nice video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B, whom we hadn't chatted with in a while. It was good to catch up, and both kids were excited to say hello.

Bud came across some LoTR collectible game cards (just a few) and was saddened to hear that the game has been out of print for a few years. I pulled out my Magic card archives, though, and he was entranced. I let him put together a deck, and we played a couple games together this afternoon. Buster enjoyed spending some time playing on SesameStreet.com.

I ran out to pick up dinner fairly early, and Bud offered to go with me. We made it home fairly quickly, and all had a nice dinner together. After dinner, we all played Wii together as a family, which was nice. Snack time came up quick, and I played another couple games of Magic with Bud before bed.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Family Games

The morning was pretty usual, although the kids didn't ask for breakfast until after Nanny J arrived. M-lady and I headed out a short time later.

We both got home around the same time, and started up movie night, watching Mater's Tall Tales, which was a winner for everyone. After the tales, we turned on the Olympics, and watched the first part of the opening ceremony together. I'm not sure the kids understood what was going on, and Buster was getting pretty tired, but they stayed rapt.

We got started on snack and bedtime routine a little late, and I watched a short video with Buster before tucking into bed around 9:00.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Babysat With Company

The morning was pretty standard, with all of us rolling out of bed around 8:00ish. I got breakfast for the kids after getting Buster dressed, and headed out shortly after Nanny J arrived.

The kids had a good day. Nanny J took them shopping for food, and prepared a good meal for us. I got home around 5:00 and headed up to the office to take a call. M-lady arrived home a short time later, and we said goodbye to Nanny J around the time I was wrapping up.

We got started on dinner pretty quickly, and around 6:30, as we were wrapping up dinner, Cousin C with parents arrived, followed soon by Babysitter G. The cousins were happy to see each other, and Aunt O, Uncle C, M-lady, and I headed out to see a show.

We got home around 10:00pm, and Cousin C was still up. Our boys were asleep, though. We said goodnight to everyone, and I checked on the kids, who were both sleeping soundly. They'd apparently had a good evening playing together and with Babysitter G.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Poker Night

Buster came and jumped in bed with us around 7:30, and I was up a short time later to get ready for work. I got some breakfast for Buster first, as Bud slept in a little bit. Nanny J arrived around 8:45, and both M-lady and I headed for work before too long. Buster was having a second breakfast, while Bud was having his first, when I headed out.

I got home a little late this afternoon, and the kids were excited to let me know that they'd both earned more belt tapes in their TKD class this afternoon. Bud is already ready to test for his next belt, although the instructors are postponing since he's not supposed to test two months in a row. He's doing pretty well, though.

M-lady was already working on dinner when I got home, and we all sat down and ate. Both kids ate pretty well. Bud started on piano after dinner, and Buster played some Lego Batman. When Bud was done with piano, he asked me to show him how to play poker. We played a few hands of 5 card draw together before snack time.

Snack and bedtime were fairly straightforward, and Buster and I turned out the light a little before 9:00.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Puzzle Interest

The kids slept in a bit this morning, and were just getting up when I rolled out of bed around 7:45. I got the kids some breakfast as I headed downstairs and out the door. M-lady stayed with the kids until Nanny J arrived.

The kids did a morning TKD class again, and had a good time. M-lady was home in the early afternoon, and I got home a bit before 6:00, just as she was getting started on an early dinner.

The kids ate pretty well, and after dinner I headed upstairs to play with my new birthday gift, a bit of computer kit. Buster busied himself playing Xbox downstairs. Bud found the 3D castle puzzle in the office while I was setting up, and asked to work on it. I helped him for a while, and we had fun working on the puzzle together.

When my machine was up and running, Bud, M-lady, and I all had fun checking out the new monitor. Buster came up and joined us just as we were about to head back downstairs to get a snack. The kids ate and got ready for bed without much trouble.

Bud and I played an iPad game before bed called Tiny Tower. The point is to manage a high-rise, building floor by floor, and allocating apartment space and different classifications of stores. It's a far cry from the Lemonade game for sales sims that I got started on.

Monday, July 23, 2012


We're back! I'll be backfilling posts over the next week... stay tuned.

Buster was up early this morning, around 6:00, and crawled in bed with us. He fell asleep in bed with us for a while, but was up again around 7:00, and headed into his room to play for a bit.

M-lady left for work a little early, and Buster rousted me around 7:30 to get him some breakfast. I got ready for work in a leisurely manner, and Bud was up and dressed before too long as well. I was getting Bud some breakfast, and Buster a second breakfast, when Nanny J arrived at 8:45.

I headed off for work, and the kids caught up and played with Nanny J. They had TKD in the morning, and had fun getting back to that after a week off.

M-lady and I both got home around 5:45, and said goodbye to Nanny J after dropping our stuff. Apparently Buster had fallen asleep on the bathroom floor right around bathtime, and he woke shortly after we got home. I got some dinner together, and the kids ate pretty well. Buster got a bit grumpy during dinner, though, and didn't perk up until we'd finished and Bud was practicing piano.

Buster watched a little bit of How It's Made with me, and then he ate the remainder of his dinner at snack time (along with a good-sized snack). I got the kids going on bedtime, and watched a vid with Buster on iPad before turning out the light a bit before 9:00.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Train Day

We got up a little earlier than we might otherwise have to get ready for a family outing. Bud was excited to see Cousin H in the morning, but Buster was a little out of sorts. He vomited on the way down to breakfast, and again after eating just a little. No fever, though: I think the travel day, schedule and diet change just caught up with him.

To be safe, he stayed home with M-lady while the rest of us loaded up in the car for a little bit of a road trip. Bud rode with Cousin H and RuggerMom's younger twins, with Granddad B, Grandma Nese, and Aunt K. Great Aunt L and RuggerMom drove in the car with me.

It was a 90 minute drive out to a little airport where a retired train engineer had set up a giant model railway spanning two aircraft hangers. Everyone was impressed, even the guys who'd seen the trains before. Apparently the engineer fired up more trains at once than anyone had seen before. The two hangers were connected by a railway bridge, and we saw the trains traverse between the hangers, which was really neat. The kids seemed to think it was pretty cool, too.

After a bit, we headed over to a local pizza parlor for lunch before loading up again for the long drive home. We arrived around 3:15, and I got the kids going on decorating rockets for the launcher we'd built the previous day. Buster was fine, and joined in playing with the other kids outside with bubbles while I worked on getting the rockets constructed.

We had a good dinner all together, and then headed outside to launch the rockets together. This was extremely popular, and all the kids enjoyed the spectacle and the opportunity to launch their rockets.

I got my heli together, and crashed it on the first flight (which was not entirely unexpected). There was enough damage that I wasn't going to repair it that day, though. We headed in, had a snack, and started getting the kids ready for bed.

Bud and Cousin H slept in the tent together, and Buster opted to sleep in our room. It took a long time for Bud and Cousin H to go to sleep.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Project Day

Although the kids were up really late the night before, they were up around 8:30, having a pleasant breakfast with the grandparents. It was a very hot day, so we holed up for most of it. After breakfast, we hung out a bit, and checked out the basement. I found the old Skittles set down there, and the kids had fun with that for a while.

Grandma Nese headed to the post office to pick up the box I'd mailed with toys and helicopters, and Granddad B had a lunchtime award event he needed to attend. We had lunch around the time he got back, and after lunch Bud and I headed out to the garage with him to start working on a project together.

We spent the afternoon building a compressed air rocket launcher together. We all had fun, and Bud participated as much as Granddad B and I did. We made a couple of rockets as well, and Buster helped a bit. It took most of the afternoon, but we had a chance to give it a try in the early evening, with spectacular results. The rockets went way higher than any of us expected, and we had a great time shooting them off in the front yard.

We had a solid dinner, and then set up the Xbox and Wii in the evening. The kids went to bed without much trouble, although Bud was really excited to see Cousin H, who would be arriving with his family late that night, long after bedtime. Bud asked to be woken up, but we let him sleep when the rest of the family arrived around 1:00am.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Travel Day

It was a really early morning, and we rolled the kids out of bed at around 3:00am (we didn't get to sleep ourselves, with packing and getting ready for the trip). We had let the kids sleep in their travel clothes, and they were pretty excited as we loaded them into the car and headed for the airport.

I dropped off the kids with M-lady and the luggage, and headed off to park the car. When I made my way back to the terminal, the kids and M-lady had wrestled the bags to the counter and checked them in, and we all headed through security together without much hassle. We made it to the gate, took a potty break, and loaded onto the plane.

We sat four across on the flight, three on one side of the aisle and one on the other. M-lady sat with the kids, and I had the opportunity to snooze a bit. Apparently Buster snoozed as well, but Bud was too wired. Both kids used the restroom on the plane.

We got into Houston a little early and took a train to the terminal for our connecting flight. Buster really liked the train, and I made sure we sat in front. Since we had a little time, we got lunch on the way to the gate, and both kids ate reasonably well. Boarding the flight was non-eventful, and we sat in the same configuration, save I was with the kids rather than M-lady.

M-lady was able to snooze a bit, and I was able to keep the kids entertained, primarily with iPads. The flight was uneventful, and we arrived in Detroit on time. Getting our luggage was straightforward, and we didn't have any trouble finding the shuttle to the car rental lot. Since I have a gold club membership, we were able to walk right up to the reserved car, load up (with the rented booster seats for both kids), and drive off.

Both kids fell asleep on the hour-long drive to Granddad B and Grandma Nese's house, but woke and were really excited when we arrived. They were excited to see the grandparents, and excited about the new environment. They spent the first hour running around, exploring the house. Bud had some memories from our visit two years ago, but it was all pretty new for Buster.

Grandma Nese provided a great dinner, and the kids played a little more before we showered them and got them ready for bed. The grandparents had set up a tent in my old room, and Buster slept in the tent (as he had at our last visit). Buster opted to sleep in his new sleeping bag in the same room, but outside the tent.

Given the time change and the excitement, the kids were up for a looooong time after the lights went out. M-lady and I chased them back to bed a number of times. They finally fell asleep around 11:30pm (Eastern) or so, which corresponded to their usual bedtime on the west coast.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Prep Day

The kids were up fairly early again today, and jumped into bed with us. I got up around 8:30 to get them some breakfast, but Buster held out until M-lady got back from the grocery store around 10:00 with a fresh bottle of syrup so he could have waffles.

The kids played outside a little, and at about 11:30 I headed out to an SF Giants baseball game I'd been invited to. M-lady took the kids to CostCo to pick up bagels and other supplies, and the kids apparently did very well. M-lady reported that it was the first time that they didn't use a cart at CostCo... the kids were walking under their own power, rather than being confined to the cart. Bud even helped carry stuff.

I got home a bit after 5:00, and found the kids building a Lego scene in Buster's room. I got dinner together, and we all ate pretty well. The kids went on a high-energy playing spree after that, and M-lady and I did some work on the computers.

At about 7:45, I gave Buster a bath, and got him into PJs. We had a snack together, and Bud took his shower to get ready for bed. M-lady and Bud read stories, and I sat with Buster a bit before turning out the lights just a little early.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

To The Academy

The kids were up this morning around 8:00, and we got up and got dressed and had breakfast as usual. Friend A arrived a short time later, and we all loaded up in the car and headed up to SF together.

We headed for the Golden Gate Park, and stopped at the California Academy of Sciences. M-lady and Friend A headed over to the nearby de Young museum to see a fashion exhibit. Meanwhile, the kids and I headed into CAS. The 'greeter' there is a T. Rex skeleton, which the kids thought was pretty cool. From there we went to see the albino alligator, and then the rainforest exhibit.

After exiting the rainforest, we met up with Aunt O and Cousin C. Bud had been asking to see the show at the planetarium, which we'd had to skip the last time we were up there since Buster hadn't been old enough. He was old enough this time, so we all headed over and got seats at the 11:00 show. The show was about earthquakes, which was pretty good, although Bud had been hoping for a presentation about the stars and constellations.

We headed for an early lunch after getting out of the planetarium, and met up with M-lady as we finished up. Cousin C wanted to see the exhibit where you can stomp on virtual bugs, and he and Buster enjoyed doing that for the better part of half an hour. Bud and I wandered around a bit while they were preoccupied.

After the bug stomping, we saw the warm-weather penguins and wandered through the aquarium before saying goodbye to Aunt O and Cousin C, rejoining with Friend A, and heading home.

I ran out for a haircut shortly after arriving home, and apparently Buster took a nap. Bud and M-lady were playing Go Fish together when I got back. We had dinner before too long, and did a fairly standard evening. Buster was a little tough to get to fall asleep, since he'd napped solidly in the late afternoon.

Friday, July 13, 2012


M-lady took off early for work this morning, and I got up around the same time as the kids. We got dressed and had breakfast, and the kids had time to play together a bit before Nanny J arrived. They ended up having a bit of a disagreement, but were mostly reconciled by the time I took Bud to basketball camp.

The kids seem to have had a good day. M-lady got home first, and I picked up some dinner on the way home. It was M-lady's turn to pick the movie for movie night, and she selected Tangled. Buster mostly avoided the movie at first, I think since he got scared of the trailer of hair binding Flynn from the dark. He eventually joined towards the end of the movie. Bud was semi-involved in the movie, but apparently found some parts scary and wandered out.

We got the kids into PJs after the movie, and had snack and bedtime. I put Buster to bed, and we had fun chatting a little after turning the light out around 9:00.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Up A Little Late

I got up early this morning, around 7:15, for an early meeting. Bud was up and reading in his bed, and Buster came in and snuggled with M-lady as I headed out.

M-lady had a meeting when I finished up, and I got the kids some breakfast and got Buster dressed. I took them both to their summer camps, dropping Bud off at basketball and taking Buster to his summer pre-school. Both drop-offs went fine.

The kids had a good day, as usual. After classes, Nanny J took them to get haircuts, and they both did well, apparently. I got home a bit before 6:00, and found Buster practicing his swordsmanship and using two makeshift shields strapped to his arms. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and then rested/wrestled for a bit until M-lady arrived home.

M-lady and I chatted for a bit, and I played a little Xbox with Buster before I got started on making dinner. The kids ate well, and after dinner they did sword training together while M-lady and I chatted more. Eventually, I watched a little TV with Buster while M-lady did piano with Bud. Bud joined us, and we watched about 10 minutes of the Team USA basketball game, which Bud watched with great interest.

We got started on the bedtime routine at about 8:45, which is pretty late for our household. Bud and I ended up reading side-by-side in his bed for a bit, and we turned the light out a bit after 9:00.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More Basketball and TKD

Bud was up early this morning, around 6:30, excited about basketball camp. He and Buster crawled into bed with us before 7:00, and the bed became a bit of a war zone. I had to kick the kids out around 7:30.

After a fairly usual morning routine, I headed out for a work a bit early, and M-lady waited for Nanny J before taking Bud to camp.

The kids had a good day. Bud worked on shooting at basketball camp, and both kids went to TKD in the afternoon. They tried out the more intermediate class, which Bud really needs at this point to keep progressing. M-lady and I both arrived home around 5:45, and said goodbye to Nanny J.

We had a somewhat bouncy evening with the kids, and we got going on dinner around 6:30. After dinner, the kids had a disagreement while playing together, and Buster got into his sulking mode. I sat with him for a bit, and eventually got him in a good mood again before snack time. Meanwhile, Bud did his piano practice with M-lady.

The kids had a snack and I got Buster ready for bed. He was getting pretty tired, and fell asleep quickly. Tomorrow is his last day of his current summer school program.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Another Week, Another Camp

I rolled Bud out of bed a few minutes after 8:00 this morning, and got him going on getting dressed and fed. Buster spent some time snuggling with M-lady, and Bud and I headed out the door just as Nanny J was arriving.

I dropped Bud off at his first day of basketball camp, which is a week-long, full day (9:00-3:00) camp. We got him checked in, and he headed out and started warming up with the other kids. I headed off for work.

Buster went to TKD in the morning, and then he and Nanny J picked Bud up in the afternoon. M-lady and I both got home around 5:45, and we said goodbye to Nanny J. Bud talked a little about his day at camp, but was interested in showing off the improvements he'd made to the Weathertop model.

M-lady got dinner ready, and the kids both ate pretty well. M-lady conducted piano after dinner, and I played a little bit of Xbox with Buster before snack time. Bud spent some time reading as well.

Snack went well, and I put Buster to bed. We introduced Bud to Calvin and Hobbes, but unfortunately I think most of the language Calvin uses is going over Bud's head right now. Maybe in a few more years...

Sunday, July 08, 2012

New Lego Project

The kids jumped in bed with us around 7:30, and made it difficult to sleep for a while. They eventually cleared out, and started playing with Lego together quietly, which was a nice change of pace. I got up to get ready for a bike ride and hit the road, and M-lady got them some breakfast a short time later.

The kids apparently continued to play quietly with Lego for the remainder of the morning and the beginning of the afternoon. I got home a bit before 2:00, and the kids hadn't had lunch yet due to a late breakfast and being engrossed in their Lego. We all ate together.

I got some work done on the computer after cleaning up, and then we had a nice video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese. Bud was really anxious to build something with me, so we started looking at how to build a model of Weathertop in Lego.

After dinner, we got started on building, and made a pretty cool ruined castle. Bud wants to work on it more tomorrow. Buster helped pick out pieces and suggested ideas, and I got it started with a base and general structure.

Snack time and bed time came up pretty quick, and we need to look at getting Bud out on schedule again tomorrow, since he starts basketball camp.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Getting Rid of Gear

The kids jumped in bed with us around 7:30, and M-lady headed out for a ballet class a bit after 8:00. I rolled out of bed around 8:45, and made breakfast for the kids.

We got dressed, played a little bit of Lego Batman, and hung out in the garage together for a bit. The kids helped me pull out and put together the old bike trailer so I could take pictures and advertise it for sale. They had fun getting in and out again, but Bud is way to big for the trailer now, and even Buster it cramped.

M-lady got home in time to make lunch for the kids, and then Buster played on the computer a bit with me before I had my lunch. The kids had a snack while I ate, and then Buster and I headed out to the hobby store while Bud went to the library with M-lady.

M-lady and Bud were already back when Buster and I returned, and we all lazed about for a bit before loading up and heading out to the mall. We had dinner there, and M-lady ran some errands while the kids and I looked at the Lego store and the Apple store.

We hit a Baskin Robbins on the way home for ice cream, which everyone enjoyed. We headed straight home after that, and Bud did his piano practice right before we started getting ready for bed. Buster was pretty tired, and fell asleep quickly after turning out the lights a bit before 9:00.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Finishing Up the Movie

Given that the kids didn't have school today, we were able to sleep in a little bit. The kids were still in PJs when Nanny J arrived, and she got them breakfast and then dressed.

I had a late morning doctor's appointment, so worked from home until about 10:00. The kids came in once to say hello, but otherwise I heard them having a good time playing with Nanny J.

M-lady arrived home early, and Bud had a play date with Friend D, which apparently went very well. Bud took a shower after Friend D left, as he had apparently worked up a sweat running around the house.

I got home a bit before 6:00, and after Bud had done a quick piano practice, we got started on watching the second half of Star Wars Episode IV, which we'd started on Tuesday night. We all enjoyed watching the remainder of the movie, and then a few special features before having a snack and heading for bed.

Bud and I watched some of the trailers for the Wrath of the Titans movie, which he found really interesting given his current fascination with Greek mythology.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

A Lunch Out

The kids were up around 7:30 this morning, and I rolled out of bed a few minutes later. They didn't have anywhere to be, since Buster didn't have his summer school today, so they got dressed and had breakfast in a pretty leisurely manner. I helped get Buster dressed, and then headed off to work as M-lady waited for Nanny J.

The kids apparently went over to Nanny J's place for lunch, and had a good time. They watched some TV, and spent time hanging out with Nanny J's daughter and son-in-law.

M-lady got home in time to pick up the kids, and got dinner for them a bit later. I got home a bit after 7:00, and chatted with M-lady for a bit while the kids played together in a rather loud and rambunctious way. They had a good time, though, and definitely used up some energy.

Around 7:45, M-lady supervised piano practice, and Buster played a little Xbox. After that it was snack and bedtime, which went pretty smoothly. Buster and I hung out together a bit, and turned the light out around 9:00.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy Fourth with Swords

The kids joined us in bed a bit before 8:00, and M-lady got up before too long to get them some breakfast. She made pancakes with chocolate chips, which lured me down for one as I was getting ready to head on for a bike ride.

While I was out, M-lady took the kids to the grocery store to stock up a bit. I got home a few minutes before they did. M-lady unloaded the groceries and then headed off to ballet. The kids and I played for a bit, and then I got them some lunch.

After lunch, we headed over to the hobby store, but unfortunately found it closed. The kids enjoyed the ride in the car, though. We headed back home and played a bit more before M-lady returned.

When M-lady arrived, Bud and I headed out to Toys-'R-Us to pick out Bud's award for being particularly good at Friend R's tribute concert over the weekend. He was looking to get Thor's hammer, but we couldn't find a good one. We did find some Nerf swords, though, which Bud thought were pretty cool. So we picked up a couple of those.

We arrived home a few minutes before Aunt O, Uncle C, and Cousin C arrived to hang out with us for the afternoon. The kids spent a good amount of time in sword fights, and seemed to have a good time overall. Eventually they settled a bit and played Xbox, and then ate some dinner after I grilled burgers and dogs.

We all had some dinner together, chatted a bit more, and our guests took their leave around 6:30ish. We did a secondary minor birthday celebration for me, which was nice, and then watched a little TV before Bud did his piano practice. The kids had a snack, and we did a standard bedtime routine.

No fireworks this year, but Buster has school tomorrow. Bud's definitely getting old enough to handle occasional late nights, though.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Riding Home

The kids were up surprisingly early, given the late night, and started making noise around 7:30. M-lady got up and grabbed some of the hotel breakfast with them a bit after 8:00, which they returned to the room with to munch on for a bit. After the small breakfast, we packed up, loaded up, and hit the road for home a bit after 9:00.

We stopped for food, gas, and bathroom breaks along the way, and made fairly decent time. The kids enjoyed playing Xbox and watching a movie in the back, and I even took part of the ride sitting back there with them to help them get set up. I played a little Xbox with Buster, which he enjoyed.

We arrived home around 3:00ish. Buster had fallen asleep a short time before, and I was able to get him upstairs to his bed without any trouble. He and M-lady napped for a bit, and Bud and I played together.

We had a nice video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese when Buster had woken up, and both kids showed off their TKD forms. Bud headed upstairs to read for a bit, and Buster played Xbox for a short time before dinner after we'd wrapped up the call. M-lady made smoothies for the kids, so they got treats all day.

After dinner, I flew my big helicopter in the back yard a bit, and the kids went out the with me. We all played a little bit of basketball after I'd put the copter away, and then headed in to take showers and get ready for bed. The lights went out a little late, closer to 9:00, but the kids don't have anything tomorrow, either.

Overall, they were great on the trip, and very patient through lots of sitting the past two days.