Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Sleepy Update

We had a pretty normal morning, and I took Bud to school after getting the kids ready. Both kids were pretty cooperative.

I got home in time to relieve Nanny J, and M-lady arrived a few minutes later. I had not really slept much the previous two nights due to work, so when M-lady arrived I sacked out for a little while. I had intended to get up to help with bedtime, but I slept right through dinner and bedtime, and woke up again well after the kids were asleep. So I missed the evening. M-lady reported that the kids were happy, and tractable, but loud. I missed that part, too. Much thanks to M-lady for letting me sleep a bit!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

TV Request

The morning was standard, although M-lady had an early call so I took both kids to school. They were good about getting ready, and we had plenty of time to drop Bud off and get Buster to class. Buster was eager to head back to school after an effective week off.

M-lady got home again to pick up the kids, as I was out running errands. I arrived home around 6:45, and found Bud wrapping up his piano practice. We had dinner together, although I'd already eaten earlier. The kids ate pretty well.

Buster asked me if he could watch Sesame Street this evening, which is the first time he's brought it up in a long time. I don't know what prompted the request, but he and Bud and I all sat down and watched about half of a Sesame Street episode. Buster seemed to enjoy it.

I got a snack for the kids, and they got ready for bed. I read a story and watched a couple short vids with Buster before we turned out the light around 8:30. He tossed and turned for a bit, but was asleep by 9:00.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back to the Usual

Buster was up pretty early, but not as early as I expected given how early he fell asleep. He crawled into bed with us a bit before 7:00. I rolled out of bed around 7:30, and got myself ready. M-lady was up a short time later after snuggling with Buster a little bit more, and I rolled Bud out of bed around 7:45. I got breakfast for the kids, and then took Bud to school.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I had to stay late at work, so M-lady managed homework, dinner, and piano practice. Buster was in PJs and the kids were looking at pictures with M-lady when I arrived home.

I helped the kids with a snack, and then supervised Bud's shower as he got ready for bed. Bud and I had time to watch just a couple of quick videos before turning out the light.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Early Crash

The kids rolled in around 8:00, and I got up before too long to get them some breakfast. M-lady came down a little past 9:00, and I headed back towards bed for a bit. M-lady got herself ready, and headed out to do some shopping while I watched the boys. They were being particularly rough and tumble, so I got them watching Shaun the Sheep with me.
After a cooling down period, we got dressed and played a little bit. Before too long we loaded up in the car and headed over to the mall to have lunch with M-lady. Bud was hungry all day, and seems to be going through a growth phase. After having lunch, the kids and I visited the Lego store before heading out, while M-lady did a little more shopping.

The kids and I played outside for a bit when we got home, and M-lady arrived a short time later. I packed up and headed out for a bike ride. M-lady and the kids apparently had a very rambunctious video chat with her folks, including a virtual lightsaber battle.

We had a nice video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese when I got back from the ride, and Buster climbed over me for a bit while we chatted. After the call, I showered and we headed down to have some dinner that M-lady had prepared. Bud ate well, but Buster ate a huge amount, as he hadn't had a really solid meal for a while.

After cleaning up after dinner, Bud practiced piano, and I stretched out on the couch. Buster lay down on me, and we were both napping before too long. I was able to extract myself from beneath Buster when I woke a short time later, but Buster was out for the rest of the night. I carried him upstairs, got him into PJs, and tucked him in, all without him waking. I think he needed some extra sleep.

Bud had his snack and got himself ready for bed, and M-lady read some stories with him before turning out the light.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Visiting the New House

The kids were up around 8:00, and our room continues to be the place they want to play loudly in the mornings. We tried to shoo them off a couple times, but they came back. M-lady got up to get Buster out of his nighttime diaper, and I got them breakfast a little later.

M-lady headed off to ballet class, and the boys and I played and watched some videos together. Around 11:30 we started mobilizing, and headed out to meet Aunt O, Uncle C, and Cousin C at their new and much closer home. We arrived around noon, just a few minutes before M-lady arrived.

I'd been there once, so I skipped the tour, but everyone else wandered around a bit. The boys all played together, and we took a break for lunch after a bit. I played with the kids in the backyard as well, and eventually, as 3:00 approached, I headed out to run some errands while M-lady took the kids home.

I got home around 4:30, and immediately got the kids a snack at their request. I played some Arkham Horror with Bud, and then got dinner going after a bit. The kids ate pretty well, and really enjoyed the corn on the cob which I'd grilled. After dinner, there was a small amount of playtime before baths, snacks, and bed.

Bud has shown interest in a simplified version of the Odyssey of late, and we watched a cliff-notes style video on youtube before bed.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Friends and Movie Night Drama

The kids were up fairly early, and made a fair bit of noise as M-lady and I tried to snooze. We eventually kicked them out of the room. I got up to get Buster dressed, and M-lady got the kids some breakfast as I headed back to bed for a little while.

I got up a little bit later, and headed to the grocery store with Bud. While we were out, Buster's play date arrived, his friend E from school. E and Buster played reasonably well, although they're both getting the hang of play dates. Bud played with them for a bit, but mostly read in his room. After unloading the groceries and saying hello, I prepped and headed out for a bike ride.

The kids had some lunch while I was out, and Friend E went home. The kids were playing when I got back, and after I'd cleaned up they headed out with me to get my car washed (at the popcorn and lemonade place). M-lady headed out to run some errands while we were out. When we got back, the kids played outside for a bit, and Bud spent some time doing some woodworking.

When M-lady got home, we got dinner in the oven and started on the movie, Beauty and the Beast, one of my all-time favorites. Unfortunately, the Beast was a little scary for Buster at the beginning, and he got upset partway through. We convinced him the Beast turned into a good guy, though, and he settled in and enjoyed the remainder of the movie.

We stayed up late watching specials after getting the kids into PJs. Buster fell asleep on the couch with us, and I was able to take him up to bed and drop him in when we turned the TV off at about 9:00. Bud had a quick snack, and then headed for bed with M-lady. He was also asleep pretty quickly after a long day.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Long Weekend Start

The kids were up as usual, and we all said goodbye to Ama and Agu as they rolled out shortly before 8:00. I got both kids fed, and then took Bud to school while M-lady was on some calls and kept an eye on Buster until Nanny J arrived.

I got home around 5:45, and found the kids enjoying the afternoon. Bud was finishing up reading the second book in the Percy Jackson series (which he started last night), and Buster had been playing with Nanny J. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and the kids played with iPads for a few minutes until M-lady arrived home.

M-lady and I rested while the kids played around us for a bit, and then got up and got some dinner. The kids ate reasonably well, and after dinner Bud did a solid piano practice. I played a couple rounds of Arkham Horror with him before snack time, which we started a little later than usual. The kids don't have school tomorrow, however, so it's the beginning of a long weekend for them.

After snack, I read a few stories with Buster, and we turned out the light a bit before 9:00.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quick Visit

Both kids were in our room early this morning. Buster brought both of M-lady's big stuffed sea lifes with him again, and stretched out across the two of them. We rolled out of bed around 7:30, and the kids were good about getting ready. I took Bud to school, while M-lady took Buster.

Ama and Agu came over in the afternoon, and joined the kids at TKD. Buster took his bath in the afternoon, and M-lady arrived home a little early to spend more time with her folks. I arrived home around 6:00, as Bud and Buster were engaged in an epic lightsaber battle with Agu, who'd brought his own lightsaber this time.

We had dinner shortly after I got settled, and the kids ate pretty well. After dinner, Bud did his piano and homework, and the grandparents were very appreciative of his piano dry run performance. Bud had asked to play a little bit more of Arkham Horror, but we ended up watching a little bit of ABDC instead before snack time.

Ama and Agu had brought Beard Papa cream puffs with them, which the kids enjoyed for snack. They were good about getting ready for bed, and Bud and I watched a few videos on the iPad before turning the light out. Ama and Agu said goodbye earlier, as they'll be heading out early in the morning.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Game Time

The morning was fairly standard. Buster crawled into bed with us early, bringing M-lady's new and old stuffed sea life, which made the bed pretty full. The kids were good about getting ready, and I waited with Buster for Nanny J while M-lady took Bud to school.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I got home around 5:45, and we said goodbye to Nanny J. Bud had already completed his homework, so after I checked that we started playing a little bit of the Arkham Horror game we'd set up the night before. We got through a couple of rounds before dinner and piano practice.

Bud ate with me, and then Buster ate later with M-lady. Snack time came up pretty quickly, and the bedtime routine was standard. I read stories with Buster before we turned the light out around 8:30.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Late Mother's Day Gift

Buster jumped in bed with us a bit before 7:00, as usual. We all rolled out of bed around 7:30, and did the usual morning routine. I got Buster breakfast before he got dressed this morning, as he seemed particularly hungry. He was good about getting dressed after eating, and I took him to school while M-lady took Bud.

I got home at the usual time, and after saying goodbye to Nanny J, we opened the box which finally arrived with M-lady's Mother's Day present. Buster was pretty excited to see it, but was good about leaving it in the wrapping until M-lady got home. Bud got through his homework, and M-lady arrived home before too long.

After she'd settled, she opened her gift, which was a new plush jellyfish. He was introduced to his octopus brethren, and Buster and M-lady had a good time cuddling with the plush sea life.

I got started on dinner, and Bud got through his piano practice while it was cooking. We all had a good dinner together, and then Bud and I cleaned up the dining room table with Buster's help so we could set up a game of Arkham Horror at Bud's request. We didn't have time to start the game before snack/bedtime, but we got the board and pieces set up.

I read and watched a few videos with Bud after helping Buster into his PJs. Apparently Buster and M-lady spent more time snuggling the sea life before bed.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Play Day

The kids were up fairly early, and M-lady was getting them breakfast when Cousin C arrived, dropped off by Agu. Aunt O and Uncle C and Cousin C moved to a new house today, much closer to us, and we watched Cousin C for them to keep him out from underfoot.

The kids immediately started playing together, and overall had a grand day. They all played with lightsabers for a while, and then Bud retired to his room to read for a bit while Buster and Cousin C played with Lego. M-lady headed out to ballet for a bit, and I kept an ear open for any discontent.

Buster had been in his PJs when Cousin C arrived, and had no motivation to get dressed until we decided to go play outside for a bit, around 11:00. I got him dressed, and we all headed out, where the kids played ball, bubbles, riding bikes/scooters, and more ball. I puttered around the garage for a bit, and when Bud was looking for something else to do, taught him how to drive a nail into a board. He practiced that for a while, and the younger kids came to take a look.

Eventually the kids got hungry, and we all headed inside. M-lady had been planning some lunch, but the kids were hungry before she got back, so I got them started on some snacks. M-lady arrived a few minutes later, and made smoothies for the kids, which they all seemed to like.

I headed out for a bike ride soon after that, and the kids went back to playing for a while. M-lady eventually slowed things down with a video, and I found everyone on the couch watching when I returned. Agu came to pick up Cousin C around 4:30, and everybody said goodbye after having a great day together.

Buster was clearly tired out, as he threw a small fit and then fell promptly asleep when I didn't let him play with an iPad immediately. He snoozed for a couple hours while Bud read. Bud spent some time hanging out with me while I was getting dinner together, and we shot some baskets together in the backyard while I was grilling.

Buster got up in time for dinner, and we all ate together. After dinner, I got the kids to help clean up the living room, which had the post-tornado look after the kids had played there all day. Bud did his piano practice while Buster and I played just a little bit of Xbox before snack time.

The kids were pretty good about getting ready for bed, and I read a few stories and played on the iPad with Buster before we turned out the light around 8:30. He didn't fall asleep immediately, but dropped off after M-lady sat with him for a bit.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Geeky Festival

The kids were up earlier than us this morning, and Buster jumped in bed with us for a while. M-lady got up and got them some breakfast, but then came back to bed. We ended up rolling out of bed for real around 9:00.

We got ourselves ready to go, and loaded up in the car to head over to Maker Faire. The drive was fine, but the main parking lot filled up before we got there, so we had to hunt for another parking lot. We found a great lot that was expensive, but apparently the proceeds went to Make, so I didn't complain.

We headed into the faire, and had a good time seeing all sorts of stuff. The kids enjoyed the Lego area (which was smaller than in past years), and we caught a performance by ArcAttack, which was pretty cool. The kids also really liked seeing the full size RC R2-D2's and Wall-Es. We had a quick lunch, and then wandered a bit until the kids got tired. We left before I would have liked, but we got to see some cool stuff.

We came home and relaxed for a bit, and then I headed off to Aunt O and Uncle C's place to help them pack. They're moving this weekend, and I helped out a bit with packing and moving their entertainment system. While I was out, M-lady mobilized the kids and got the grocery shopping handled.

I got home just in time for movie, and we fired up Sound of Music. M-lady and I had forgotten how long the movie was, so about halfway through we started skipping to the songs. The boys enjoyed the film, particularly the Do-Re-Mi song.

We took a break at about 7:45 to bathe and get into PJs, and then headed for bed a bit after 8:30. I read stories with Bud, and we turned out the light close to 9:00.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Making It Home

Buster joined us early again this morning, and was chipper and ready to eat breakfast well before our usual rising time of 7:30. I rolled out of bed around 7:15, since I needed to load my bike in the car. The kids were good about getting ready, and I took Buster to school while M-lady dropped off Bud.

M-lady got home early, but Bud's piano lesson was cancelled since his teacher had jury duty. M-lady and Bud did a big practice at home instead. Since I was getting home late, the family had dinner and a pleasant evening without me.

I did get home around 7:45, and the kids were excited to see me. I conducted snack, delivering the some gifts to the kids from my coworker Q, which she had brought from China for the kids. The kids were excited about the gifts, one of which was a game which they played a couple rounds of before bed. Eventually we headed upstairs for bed, played a few games on the iPad with Buster, turned out the light around 9:00ish.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Open House

Buster joined us in bed a little early, but was up playing with Bud before we got up. The kids were pretty good about getting ready, and M-lady had an 8:00 call so stayed home with Buster while I took Bud to school.

The kids seem to have had a good day. Buster got another tape at TKD, and they were pretty excited when I arrived home around the same time as M-lady at 5:45. After saying goodbye to Nanny J, we loaded up into the car and headed over to Bud's school's open house.

Bud did a great job of showing us around his classroom, and we were able to say hello to his teacher and some of the other parents. After a bit, we headed outside, where the kids had a good time playing: Bud with his friends on the basketball court, and Buster on the playground. We headed home as 7:00 approached.

I got some dinner together for the kids, and then headed out to a work group dinner. The kids were disappointed that I left, but I did enjoy the part of the evening that I got to spend with them. They promised to be good for M-lady as I headed out the door. I look forward to spending some time with them over the weekend.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


We had a fairly standard morning, getting the kids ready for school. Buster ate a big breakfast again, and I took him to school while M-lady took Bud. I was late getting home again, as I was at dinner with coworkers.

I did manage to get home before bedtime, though, and the kids seemed happy to see me. I discovered both kids got a tape on their belts today at TKD, Buster to indicate he's doing well with his sparring technique, and Bud for his form, I believe. Buster was pretty excited.

M-lady put Buster to bed, and I chatted with and watched a few videos with Bud. Bud asked why I wasn't around in the evenings this week, and apparently Buster asked the same of M-lady. I assured him it was temporary, and I'd be getting home at the usual time again next week.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Good Morning

Buster crawled into bed with us pretty early this morning, around 6:00. He contained himself reasonably well, but was ready for breakfast by about 7:15. M-lady had an early start, so took off about that time. I got Buster dressed and headed downstairs around 7:30, where he ate a pretty big breakfast.

Bud was less enthusiastic about getting up, but reasonably willing. He was ready to go in time, so we all loaded into the car and we dropped Bud off at school. Buster and I headed back home, where we played together until Nanny J arrived and I headed off for work.

M-lady got home to take care of the kids, as I was out for dinner with my work team and the teams visiting from China and Ireland this week. Apparently the kids were pretty good, and everyone was asleep when I got home.

Monday, May 14, 2012

New Lego Game

Buster was reluctant to get up this morning, although he was never in a bad mood. I concentrated on getting Bud going, and helped out with Buster when I could. Eventually M-lady got him dressed, and I got him fed before I headed out the door with Bud. We just made it to Bud's class in time.

I had a full day at work, and M-lady got home to get the kids. They were done with dinner and homework when I got home a bit before 7:00. I had some dinner while Bud did piano with M-lady, and then played a little bit of a new iPad Ninjago game with Buster until snack time.

Bud enjoyed a snack, but Buster skipped it, and I helped Buster get ready for bed. We played a little more on the iPad before turning the lights out. Both kids took a while to go to sleep: hopefully they'll wake without too much trouble tomorrow.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Pleasant Mother's Day

The kids were up early, as usual, and I rolled out of bed around 8:30 to get them some breakfast. I made pancakes by popular demand, and the kids ate pretty well. M-lady came down for a short stack, too. After eating, we all headed back upstairs to bed while the kids played some more.

I set them up to watch some Sesame Street on the computer, and that kept them occupied until almost lunch time. It was a very mellow morning, though.

Around 11:30 I was up and trying to call Grandparents. We didn't get any video calls going before we had to start getting ready for our outing of the day. I got some lunch for the kids, and we packed up and were out the door shortly after 12:00.

We drove over to Mountain View to the theater there to see the Peninsula Youth Theater production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The kids were both pretty excited to see it. Buster wasn't big enough to hold the folding theater seat down, though, so sat in my lap for the show. He was engaged for the whole thing, and didn't really squirm at all.

On the way home, we all agreed that we enjoyed the show. We had a snack, a short break, and a quick video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B before heading out again to get some dinner. We had a nice dinner at Red Robin, and then a quick stroll before heading back home again.

That brought up shower time, and snack time soon after. I watched a few videos with Bud on the iPad before bed, and we turned out the light shortly after 8:30. Both Bud and Buster seem to be recovering from their colds, but both are showing some lingering effects. Hopefully everyone will be fit again tomorrow.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Loving the Movie Night

We had a lazy morning, with M-lady and I hanging out in bed for a while with the kids running in and out. M-lady got breakfast for the kids, and I got moving around 10:00 to head out for a bike ride. While I was out, M-lady took the kids to the library.

I got back in time to take custody of Buster while M-lady took Bud to his piano recital. He did pretty well, although not quite as well as he did in his rehearsal run through earlier in the day. While they were out, Buster and I made a trip to the grocery store. We had a good time, and had just gotten the groceries put away when M-lady and Bud arrived home.

We hung out for a bit, staying inside since it was particularly hot out. As the early evening rolled around, I got started on getting dinner ready, and we started up our Family Movie Night movie: Bud's choice, Rango. This is the third week we've done this, and we're all really enjoying it. We have a finger-food dinner in front of the TV, and popcorn later on.

We all enjoyed the movie, and got ready for bed after it wrapped up. I read stories with Buster, and we turned the light out a bit after 8:30. He fell asleep pretty quickly.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Usual Friday

We decided to keep Buster at home this morning, since he was still coughing a bit too much to be comfortable in the classroom. I stayed home with him until Nanny J arrived mid-morning, while M-lady took Bud to school. Buster wasn't hurting at all because of the cough, and had fun playing while I called into meetings.

He and Nanny J were having lunch when I headed out. M-lady got home in time to get Bud to his piano lesson, and then returned to take Buster from Nanny J and wish her a pleasant weekend. I picked up some dinner on the way home, as I was delayed at work a little bit. The kids were happy to see me, and we ate when I arrived home.

We played a little bit of Rock Band before snack and bed time rolled around. The kids were good about heading for bed, and I watched a vid with Bud before we turned out the light.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Laying Low

Buster crawled in bed with us this morning, and was giggly around the time we got up at 7:30. He ate an early breakfast, and then played a bit, and M-lady got him dressed while I got Bud up, dressed, and fed. I took Bud to school, and M-lady kept an eye on Buster until Nanny J arrived.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I got home around 5:45, and we said goodbye to Nanny J. M-lady was out for the evening, so it was just us boys. Buster seems to have developed a nasty dry cough, and vomited a small amount once later in the evening. Otherwise seemed fine, but I tried to limit the exuberant activity during the evening. After getting Bud to do his homework, we played a little Xbox, watched a little TV, and played on the iPad a bit.

Bud and I had a reasonable dinner, but Buster declined. After dinner, I got the kids ready for bed, and they entertained themselves with iPads before turning out the light. Bud complained of a sore throat before going to be, which M-lady and I have both been fending off. So I guess the whole family is a bit under the weather.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Open House

I got up a few minutes early, and Buster was already up. Bud got up with minimal prodding. We did a usual breakfast and getting ready routine, and then did an unusual dropoff... we all went in the same car, as M-lady and I were carpooling today. We dropped off Bud first, and then Buster, and then M-lady and I proceeded on to work.

The kids seem to have had a good day. M-lady and I got home right around 5:45, and said goodbye to Nanny J. After dropping our things, and getting Bud to do his homework, we all loaded up in the car and headed over to Buster's school for his open house. We had a good time chatting with the teachers, checking out some of Buster's work, and watching the kids play outside for a bit. Teacher N remembered Bud, too.

We headed home again, arriving around 7:00. There was just time to get some dinner before I had to head back to work for a late meeting. M-lady did piano with Bud, and then watched parts of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which the kids apparently enjoyed. M-lady handled bedtime, and I got home pretty late.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Bread Day

I was feeling a bit under the weather today, so opted to work from home. I got up to help get Bud ready for school, and then played with Buster, working on his Lego set with him, until Nanny J arrived. Then I headed upstairs to get started on work.

Buster and Nanny J made bread together today. When I came down for lunch, the dough was rising, and Buster was pretty excited about the whole thing. They ended up making raisin bread, and wrapping it around hotdogs.

The kids enjoyed TKD in the afternoon, and Buster took his bath before the evening. I was on a phone call when Nanny J left, and unfortunately had to fend off the kids for about 15 minutes while the call wrapped up. I was finally able to get off the call, and enjoyed hanging out with the kids for a bit.

Bud got started on homework, and M-lady arrived home a short time later. The kids had been eating a big bread snack right before Nanny J left, so they weren't really hungry. Bud did his piano practice, and we had a late, light dinner.

Buster played a little bit of Lego Pirates, and then a quick snack before bedtime. I read some stories with Buster before turning out the light.

Monday, May 07, 2012

New Bedtime Book

Buster crawled into bed with us around 7:00ish, and then passed out. When it was time to get up, he was sound asleep, which is a little unusual. I was able to coax him up, and he rose in a good mood, which was nice. I helped get the kids ready to go, and then headed off to work for a slightly early meeting while M-lady took the kids to school.

The kids seem to have had a good day. Bud was anxious to get started on the Lego Harry Potter game again, so did his homework before I got home. When I arrived, we said goodbye to Nanny J, and I checked his homework for him. He did a solid piano practice as soon as M-lady got home, and then we got started on working on the game together for a bit before dinner.

Bud ate a good dinner, and Buster mostly deferred again. After eating, the kids played with lightsabers in the living room for a bit. Before snack time, Buster and I played a little bit of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean together, and Buster skipped his snack to play just a little longer. He was good about quitting and heading upstairs to get ready for bed when it was time. Bud had a snack, and both kids were good about getting ready for bed.

Bud and I started reading The Lord of the Rings together at bedtime. Not sure how long it will hold his interest, but we got a page or two into it after skimming some of the prologue and introductory information about Hobbits.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Backups Needed

The kids were up fairly early this morning, and M-lady handled the first breakfast. I managed to sleep in until about 9:30, when I got up to get the kids their second breakfast. M-lady headed out for ballet soon after.

The kids and I played for a bit, got dressed, and worked on Lego. We were just sitting down to a pre-lunch snack when M-lady arrived home, and got started on making smoothies for the kids for lunch. I got myself together and headed out for a bike ride.

The fam was gone when I got back, out to visit the popcorn and lemonade place that also washes cars. The hit the fruit market as well, and got home after I'd had a chance to clean up a bit. The kids played outside with me for a while, and then came in around the time I started working on dinner.

Given the general enthusiasm around skewers of teriyaki chicken at the Cherry Blossom Festival last week, I decided to recreate it on the grill. It turned out well, and both kids ate a fair bit. After dinner, Bud sat down to play some Lego Harry Potter, but inadvertently cleared his save game. He was more than three-quarters of the way through the game, and when he realized he needed to start over at the beginning, he got a bit upset. M-lady and I tried to console him, and I expect I'll be playing with him for the next week or two to help him get back to where he was.

I got Buster cleaned up while M-lady hung out with Bud, and then she got a snack for Bud while I played some Machinarium with Buster. Buster was pretty tired, and fell asleep within a few minutes of turning out the light.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Little Piece of Norway

The kids were up before 8:00, and M-lady got up with Buster to get him some breakfast fairly early. I rolled out of bed around 8:30, and got Bud some breakfast, and got Buster his second breakfast. M-lady was up a short time later, and we started working on getting ourselves together to get out the door.

We loaded into the car a bit after 10:00, and started the drive up to San Francisco. We arrived at our destination a bit after 11:00, found good parking, and walked into the Norway Day celebration at Fort Mason. After figuring out and acquiring tickets, we headed straight for the first food booth to get some lunch. We had waffles with jam, and sausages (with a flatbread rather than a bun), and then perused some of the booths.

We stopped to see/hear a curling demonstration on fake ice, presented by a Norwegian Olympic silver medalist in the sport. We then split up for a little while, and I supervised Buster in a bouncy castle while M-lady wandered around a bit with Bud. Reconvening at the main stage, we saw a traditional dance performance followed by a fashion exhibition before heading out again.

The kids watched a video on the drive, and we headed straight to a birthday party Bud was going to. We dropped him off there, and then headed home. M-lady headed back to hang out with Bud and bring him home when the party was over.

Meanwhile, Buster and I worked on his Lego set, had a little snack, and chilled out for a bit. M-lady and Bud arrived home near 6:00, and I got dinner started.

We had Family Movie Night again this evening, and Buster picked out Kung Fu Panda 2. We ate dinner while watching the first part of the movie, and took a small break about a third of the way in. The kids loved the movie, though, and we had a good time. The movie wrapped around 8:15, and we did snack and bedtime routine pretty quickly. I watched a few YouTube vids with Bud, and turned out the light a bit before 9:00.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Earned Rewards

The morning was routine, and I took Buster to school while M-lady took Bud. M-lady discovered from Bud's teacher that he got published in the school newspaper for his write-up of their class field trip the previous week, which was pretty cool.

M-lady took Bud to his piano lesson yesterday afternoon, and I arrived home shortly after they did. We did the usual settling in, and then Buster and I ran out to grab some dinner. We all ate pretty well when Buster and I got back, around 6:45.

After dinner, we discussed the fact that Buster had kept his pants dry all day, and had earned the Lego set he'd been working towards. We had a duplicate set for Bud, which he opted to get a little early by spending some of his birthday money. The latter part of the evening was spent with the kids happily building away.

We did a standard snack and bedtime, and I watched a few YouTube vids with Buster before we turned out the light.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Snuggle Time

Buster was up pretty early this morning, but Bud took a little bit of rousing. M-lady had an early call, so I handled most of the getting the kids ready. Bud and I headed out to school around 8:15, and Buster hung out with M-lady until Nanny J arrived.

I had a latish meeting, so M-lady got home and took the kids. They'd had a good time at TKD, and I found Buster snuggling with M-lady on the La-Z-boy when I got home. Bud came down to chat, and we got started on getting dinner together in short order. Bud ate well, and Buster ate a couple bites (more than last night). After dinner, Bud did his piano with M-lady while Buster played some Lego Pirates.

I got snack together for the kids, and then got the kids ready for bed. M-lady read a story to Buster, and I watched a video with Bud. We looked at Netflix, and he was interested in seeing the Avengers cartoon. He had a lot of questions about the story, but he enjoyed it a fair bit.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Skipping Meals

Apparently I was mistaken last night, and Buster didn't eat dinner, and had a minimal snack. Consequently, he woke up this morning really hungry, and ate a huge breakfast. M-lady left for work early this morning, but the kids were really good about getting ready, and we were out the door in plenty of time. I dropped the kids off at their respective schools, and headed off to work.

I had to work a little bit late, and M-lady got home to take the kids from Nanny J. The kids had a good day, and had a good time at TKD (which was another play day). They were just sitting down to dinner when I arrived home around 6:30, and Bud had already finished his homework.

Buster skipped dinner again, and Bud ate pretty well. I played with Buster a bit while M-lady did piano with Bud, and bedtime rolled around pretty quickly after that. Buster skipped snack (since he still didn't want to eat his dinner), and I watched a few vids with him before we turned out the light around 8:30.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Another Belt

The kids were good this morning, and the routine was smooth. I took Bud to school while M-lady stayed home with Buster. I gave Buster his new wand this morning, and he seemed interested, if not excited the way Bud is.

I met Nanny J and the kids at TKD in the afternoon so Bud could get his new senior green belt. Nanny J headed home early, and I watched the rest of the class. Both kids did really well. It was a playful class, as they usually play a game after the belt tests. Today it was dodgeball, and both kids enjoyed themselves. We headed home after class, and Nanny J bathed the kids while I got back to work.

We said goodbye to Nanny J around 5:45, and I got Bud started on his homework. M-lady arrived home soon afterward. The kids played a little bit of Lego Harry Potter on the Xbox, and then we got dinner ready. Buster was a little reluctant to leave the game, but eventually came and ate some dinner.

Bud did his piano practice after dinner, and then snack and bed time rolled around. I watched a few Pixar shorts with Bud before we turned out the light.