Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Excitable Boy

M-lady had an early meeting this morning, and took off around 7:15. That was about the same time that Buster crawled into bed with me. We chilled for about ten minutes before getting up, at which point he went and woke up his older brother. Bud was briefly upset about being roused about ten minutes before he needed to get up.

Breakfast was straightforward, and I got both kids bundled Up and dropped off at school without incident. I ended up working a little late, so M-lady got home to get the kids. They seemed fine, and Bud did his homework before dinner. I managed to get home while they were eating.

Buster didn't end up eating much dinner, and was pretty wired after he left the table. Bud did a solid piano practice while I distracted Buster. At snack time, Buster got a little grumpy, although the promise of playing with an iPhone enticed him to get ready for bed. He voluntarily skipped his snack. I got him into PJs, then lent him an iPhone for a bit.

Bud and I watched a bit of a video before bed, and we turned out the light around 8:30. It took him a little while to go to sleep, but he dropped off after chatting with himself for a bit.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feeling Better

Buster was up about 7:30, and hung out with M-lady while she had some morning meetings. I got up around 8:00, and found Bud up and reading in bed. He didn't have a fever, and seemed to generally be recovering.

I got breakfast for the kids, and M-lady dashed out to pick up schoolwork for Bud from his class. Nanny J had just arrived around the time she got back, so we headed into work together.

The kids had a good, mellow day. They skipped TKD, and Bud assured me that he spent the day resting. He was fever-free all day. The kids were pretty happy to see us when we got home, and shortly after saying goodbye to Nanny J I got Bud started on homework. Buster had fun with his workbook as well, although we switched to playing with the iPad after a bit.

We had dinner as Bud was wrapping up his homework, and then I watched a little TV with Buster as Bud did his piano practice. I pulled out some ice cream at snack time as a special treat, which the kids really liked. Bedtime was pretty straightforward, and Buster and I turned out the light around 8:30. Buster was a little wired, though, and didn't fall asleep for about half an hour.

Since Bud didn't have a fever today, and has been on the antibiotics for more than 24 hours, he should be OK to go back to school tomorrow.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Bud had a bit of a fever when he got up this morning, and his sore throat looked a little lumpy (on the inside), so we decided to keep him home from school and take him in to the doctor. M-lady took Buster to school, and I stayed home with Bud. In an effort to get him to rest, I gave him an iPad to play with for most of the morning. He watched some shows, but also had a great time playing with a math game I downloaded for him.

Nanny J arrived with Buster at about noon, and Bud got a little bit of lunch. He wasn't very hungry, though. I headed out with him around 2:00, and we picked up his homework from school on the way to the doctor's office. He tolerated the throat swab pretty well, and the result came back positive in a couple of minutes: strep throat. Fortunately, easy to fix. The doctor gave us a little guidance and sent us on our way with a prescription for amoxicillin.

Bud and I talked about getting sick, the differences between viruses and bacteria, and why he needed antibiotics. He's at an age where he can usually tolerate the long answers to his questions, which prompt more questions, and we have a fun talk about whatever subject he's interested in.

We headed over to the pharmacy to pick up his prescription, and then headed home. He was a bit tired out, so had a small snack, his first dose, and then rested while I got back to my meetings.

I got off the phone around 5:30, and we said goodbye to Nanny J. I set up the TV with an episode of Ninjago for Buster, and Bud curled up on the couch with his book. M-lady arrived home before too long and took care of getting dinner set up.

After dinner, Buster spent some time attacking me while I was on the phone, and Bud worked on his school work and home work. Buster wanted to do some homework, too, so pulled out an activity book and worked on writing numbers. That took us up to a quick snack time, and bedtime right afterward. Bud and I watched a quick episode of Backyardigans and turned out the light. He fell asleep pretty quickly. Hopefully he'll get rid of the sore throat tomorrow, and be able to get back to school later this week.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Persistent Fever

Bud woke this morning feeling fine, and M-lady got some breakfast with the kids. I rolled out of bed a bit later, and played with the kids for a bit. A bit after 10:00, we all loaded up in the car and headed out to run some errands.

The kids were well behaved for the trip. The first couple stops weren't very interesting for them, but the last stop was at Toys-'R-Us to pick up some bits and pieces for Bud's birthday party. The kids were happy to be in the store, of course, and we had a chance to look at some Lego. They were well behaved, though, and we got out without hysterics.

Bud complained of not feeling well at that point, so we headed home for lunch. Sure enough, Bud was running a fairly high fever, so after lunch we decided to lay low for the rest of the day. The kids watched some TV, and I headed out for a quick bike ride.

Bud was clearly feeling better when I got back, and we had to chill a bit as he was bouncing around. We had a nice video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, and both kids interacted a bit. After the call, we built up the wagon we'd picked up at the toy store together in the living room. Both kids helped, and then had fun pulling each other in the wagon around the room.

The rest of the evening was fairly straightforward. Dinner, shower, a little bit of computer and TV. The kids watched a few minutes of the Oscars with M-lady before snack time. For snack, M-lady had a test-run of cupcakes for Bud's party, which the kids approved.

Buster and I watched a little bit of a Ninjago episode on the iPad before turning out the light. He fell asleep pretty quickly. Bud has complained a little about a sore throat today, besides having the fever, so if the fever persists I may see if I can take him to the doctor tomorrow.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Birthday Request

The kids were up this morning shortly before 8:00, and I rolled out of bed to get them some breakfast. After they'd eaten, I crawled back into bed for a bit. M-lady got up a short time later, and got Bud to practice his piano. Bud's Book 1 recital is coming up, so he's been doing 'dressed rehearsal' practices.

I got up a bit later, and did some work on the computer. Buster joined me, and we took a look at his wish list for his birthday together. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, his first response was, "a iPhone". Hmmmm... good choice, but probably not for his 4th birthday.

M-lady got some lunch for the kids, and after I ate I packed the kids up and we headed out to the grocery store. We had a quick diversion to Office Max on the way, and the kids were well behaved for the trip. We picked up a box of GirlScout cookies on the way out.

The kids had cookies for a snack when we got home, and then we played a bit. I napped again in the afternoon, and got up in time to load up and head out for an early dinner. We went to Red Robin, a kid favorite. The kids had a good time, and both ate well. Bud ate everything within arm's reach. When we got home, Bud asked if it was snack time when we walked in the door. I think he's growing.

We watched a little bit of TV, and snack time came up soon enough. Bud complained of a sore arm at bedtime, apparently another indication of growing. He fell asleep pretty quickly.

Bud woke late in the evening running a bit of a fever. We gave him a dose of Tylenol, and then put him back to bed. We caught him a few minutes later reading under his covers with a flashlight, but he was asleep before too long.

Friday, February 24, 2012

End of a Mellow Week

The morning was fairly standard, with M-lady leaving a little early. I waited with the kids until Nanny J arrived, and then headed off to work. They were still in PJs when she arrived, and were having a good time battling with the pool noodles.

In the afternoon, M-lady got home from work in time to take Bud to his piano lesson, which apparently went well. I got stuck in traffic on the way home, but picked up some dinner and got in a bit after 6:30. We all ate together, and then the kids played Lego Pirates on the Xbox for a little while before snack time.

Snack and bedtime were plain, and I watched some Bob the Builder with Buster on the iPad before turning out the light.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Noodle Battle

The kids are enjoying the time off school, and we're enjoying the relatively leisurely mornings. Buster jumped in bed with us around 7:30, and we rolled out of bed nearer 8:00. Bud was in his bed, reading, as usual. I headed off to work around 8:30, and M-lady stayed with the kids until Nanny J arrived.

The kids had a good day. I got home around 5:30, and found the kids battling in the living room with the pool noodles we acquired for Bud's birthday party. They had gone to TKD, and then gotten haircuts during the day, and looked very tidy. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and I sat them in front of the TV for a bit while I continued to do some work.

After the show, I got them some dinner, but was unfortunately still distracted by work issues. M-lady arrived home, and helped finish up dinner. She got Bud doing his piano practice, and Buster came and bothered me for a bit before I put my computer down. Before snack time I had the opportunity to have a big noodle battle with the kids.

Snack and bedtime was fairly standard, and I watched a little bit of a Netflix movie with Bud before bed. The kids went to sleep without any trouble.

Buster was starting to exhibit a bit of a runny nose this evening, but hopefully it doesn't develop into much more.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Earned Reward

The kids were up a bit before 8:00 again. Bud kept to his room, reading, and Buster came in to jump in bed with us. M-lady was up a little earlier than me, and I got out of bed around 8:00.

Bud has been earning points and saving them for about two months, as well as putting all his New Year's gift money and other funds he had at his disposal, to purchase a Lego set he's been wanting for some time: The Black Pearl from Pirates of the Carribean. He earned enough points over the weekend, the box arrived yesterday, and he opened it up this morning. Both kids headed up to Bud's room to work on the set, and were just getting started when Nanny J arrived and I headed out for work.

The first thing Bud said to me when I got home around 5:45 was that he was sorry that he'd finished constructing the ship before I got home, and there wasn't anything left for us to do together. I didn't mind too much, and after Nanny J took her leave, we took a look at the ship together. It's pretty impressive, and both kids were really excited about it.

M-lady arrived home a short time later, and was also given a tour of the ship. A bit later, the kids and I watched a new episode of Ninjago on TV. The writing for that show is actually really impressive: they're taking more risks than any kids show I've seen before, and more than most adult TV fare as well. It's pretty cool.

Dinner came up, and the kids ate reasonably well. Bud did his piano practice after dinner, and I played a little on the computer with Buster before snack time. Snack was a fairly quick affair, and then I played on the iPad with Buster a bit before tucking him into bed. He fell asleep pretty quickly.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Personal Trainer

Both the kids slept in just a little today, and we all got up around 8:00ish. Bud was running his low-grade fever again, so I gave him a dose of Tylenol before heading for work.

The kids seem to have had a good day, but stayed home from TKD since Bud's under the weather. I got home around 5:30, and found the kids practicing TKD in the living room. Bud was giving Buster pointers on his kicks, and both kids seemed to be having a pretty good time.

After saying goodbye to Nanny J, the kids and I watched a little TV before M-lady got home. Dinner followed, and Bud ate pretty well, while Buster deferred. After dinner, Bud did his piano while I watched a little more TV with Buster.

Buster finished his dinner at snack time, and bed time followed quickly. I read Bud'd big dinosaur book with him, and we turned the lights out shortly after 8:30. He fell asleep pretty quickly, the only evidence besides his temperature that he's a little under the weather.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Octopus Outing

The kids slept in a little bit today, and we all got up a bit after 8:00. The kids have the week off school, so there was no rush to get ready. I had intended to take the day off with M-lady, but I had to go in to work this morning. M-lady and the kids had breakfast and then headed out for a trip up to the Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco, on Pier 39, where they had recently acquired three Giant Pacific Octopi.

They had a good time at the Pier and the Aquarium, had a solid lunch, and returned home. I was back home by the time they arrived, around 2:00. I was able to spend some time hanging out with the kids, during which they told me about the outing, until I needed to call into a meeting around 3:30.

Buster played with the iPad and my computer for a bit in the afternoon, and Bud mostly read. Bud did his piano with M-lady around the time I got off the phone, and complained of not feeling well. After his piano practice, I discovered that he was running a low-grade fever. We gave him a dose of Tylenol, and he was low-key for most of the evening.

The kids and I watched a little bit of TV while M-lady ran an errand. We watched an episode of a new game show on the History Channel about jousting. I skipped the drama stuff, and we mostly just watched the practices and the jousting itself. Bud loved it, and when M-lady arrived home with some pool noodles to be used as brooms for Quidditch, Bud immediately started using one for jousting.

We had dinner a little bit later, and then showers and snack and bed time. The kids were pretty easy to put to bed, and Buster was asleep about ten minutes after the lights went out.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kids to Work Day

The kids were jumping on us fairly early again this morning, and M-lady got up to feed them. I rolled our of bed around 9:00, and helped get the kids ready. M-lady took them out to run some errands, and apparently had a very nice morning. I had to head to the office again, and got there around 10:30 or so.

M-lady and the kids headed to Toys-R-Us, where they picked up some supplies for Bud's birthday party in a couple weeks. He's asked to play Quidditch for his party, so we're working on ways to make that work. M-lady picked up some balls and hula hoops for goals. They also stopped by a fruit market to replenish our supply.

From there, they came to the office, where we all hung out for a few minutes before heading out to get some lunch. One of my co-workers came with us, and we headed over to Jamba Juice to pick up some smoothies, which we took back to the office. After lunch, M-lady and Buster headed for home, and Bud hung out with me in my office while I spent some more time working. Bud had a good time helping test the application, as well as drawing on the whiteboard.

We headed home mid-afternoon, and Bud was excited to show me the hula hoops when we arrived. M-lady took off to do some shopping, and the kids and I hung out together for a bit. Eventually we got off our butts and headed out to do the grocery shopping, came home, and then headed out again to grab some dinner. We were just watching a bit of TV together before snack time when M-lady got home.

Snack time and bed time soon followed. The kids had a quick snack tonight, and Bud got interested in reading Harry Potter again, so we read side-by-side in his bed before turning out the light around 8:30. Bud fell asleep really quickly, within about 10 minutes of the lights going out.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Complete Circle

The kids were up a bit before 8:00 this morning, and M-lady was good enough to get them some breakfast. I slept in a bit. Buster came and pressed me for an iPad to play with after breakfast, and I let him play with that a bit while I got myself dressed. M-lady got dressed as well, and she and the kids headed off around 10:00 to Happy Hollow. I headed in to work, unfortunately, to make a little headway on a looming deadline.

The family had a good time at Happy Hollow, and came home around 2:00. They had a pretty mellow afternoon, and Bud had a proto dinner around 4:00. I arrived home a few minutes later, and picked Bud up to go to the movies.

It was Bud's first movie in the theater, and we went to see Star Wars Episode I (3D). Bud was pretty excited, and we headed in and picked seats in the half-full theater. Bud guarded the seats while I got some snacks, and Bud ate a ton of popcorn during the movie. He had to pee a couple of times, but it wasn't a problem because we'd both seen the movie before.

We talked about the movie when it wrapped up, and headed home to find M-lady and Buster watching a little bit of TV. Bud recapped the experience to M-lady and we went straight to snack time. Buster was pretty tired, and we headed for bed quickly. Buster and M-lady had made a trip to target while we were at the movie.

Buster and I played a little bit of Angry Birds before turning out the light. He was asleep within a couple of minutes.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Some Games

The school routine this morning was nice and straightforward. Both kids were good about getting up, getting dressed and ready, and getting out the door. I took Buster to school, and we arrived a few minutes before the door opened.

M-lady got home early to take Bud to piano, where he had a double lesson to make up for a missed lesson a few weeks ago. Bud seems to be doing very well in piano, and is certainly playing well beyond any level I achieved when I studied.

I got home around 5:45, and Buster and I said goodbye to Nanny J. They had been playing a game together, and Buster was at first interested in playing with me, and then more interested in playing with me and the iPad. We played a few games before M-lady and Bud arrived home.

Buster and I slipped out to pick up some food, and we all ate dinner together when we got back. Everyone ate well. After dinner, the kids and I watched the new Ninjago episode we recorded this week, but hadn't had the opportunity to watch. That led us straight to snack and bed time. I played with Bud on the iPad a little bit before bed, and we tackled a few levels of Scribblenauts together before turning out the lights.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Missing A Day

The morning routine was fairly standard. Bud was up first, and reading a book by the time I rolled out of bed. I encouraged him to get dressed, and he was having breakfast around 7:50. Buster was up by that time at well, but in no hurry to get dressed or have breakfast.

After Bud ate breakfast, he got suddenly grumpy, and was sulky on the way to school. Not sure what prompted the turn of mood, but he seemed OK as I left him.

I ended up at work all day, and had a working dinner with my manager and his staff. The kids were asleep by the time I got home. M-lady was good enough to get home and take care of the kids this evening.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Late Pickup Run

The kids were up a little early today, and bouncing around the bedroom about ten minutes before we had to get up. M-lady and I rolled out of bed, and got the kids going. M-lady was kind enough to take both kids to school, so they left a little early. I headed out a short time later.

I got home early, around 3:30. The kids were playing with Lego in Buster's room, and were very excited to see me. They were good about letting me work for a couple of hours, though. They invaded the office around 5:30, and I accompanied them downstairs to say goodbye to Nanny J.

I set the kids up playing Machinarium while I worked for a bit longer. M-lady arrived home around 6:30, and I headed out a short time later. I was selling my old car to a dealership, and was headed out to finish up the deal.

Bud had done his homework early at my urging, and just needed to do piano with M-lady. They had some dinner and the kids got into PJs before they loaded up to come get me (after successfully selling my car). We got home a short time after 8:30, and immediately got everybody into bed. Buster claimed to be a "sleepyhead" in the evening for the first time: I usually tease him about that in the mornings.

I got Buster into bed, we watched a short video, and turned the light out around 8:45. He was asleep inside 10 minutes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

M-lady and I got up around 7:30, and found Bud already up, reading. Buster slept in a little bit, and I got Bud some breakfast. He was ready to go at 8:15, and M-lady took him to school. I had to get on a call, and Buster and I lounged on the bed together for a bit while I was on the phone before Nanny J arrived. When she showed up, Buster got dressed and had breakfast, and I headed off for work.

M-lady arrived home first, and I came in a little after 6:00. The kids were settled a little bit. Bud did a good job of handling his homework and piano this evening, and I had to take care of some email before dinner. Both kids were excited to have some Valentine's Day candy after dinner and at snack time.

Buster and I watched just a little Ninjago before snack time, and then I watched some more of Kung Fu Panda 2 with Bud before bed.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Easy Monday

Buster joined us in bed about 20 minutes before it was time to get up, and then was pretty good about getting dressed and getting ready for school. Bud was a little tougher to roll out of bed, but both kids were ready to go without much rushing. I took Bud to school and dropped him off just as the rain was setting in.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I got home a few minutes after M-lady, just as Nanny J was leaving. Buster greeted me by letting me know that he refused to take a bath today.

Bud and Buster were having a great time roughhousing in the living room, and eventually (inevitably) there was a minor mishap. The kids apparently collided and Buster hurt his hand. It still seemed to work, though, and there wasn't any swelling, so after a bit of consoling he was fine. We turned on the TV, and Buster watched a couple episodes of Ninjago for the remainder of the evening.

We had a dinner that both kids enjoyed. Towards the end of the meal, Buster started playing 'Battle Tomatos', and eating the loser of each face off. We all found this very entertaining. Bud was good about doing homework and piano practice, and snack time rolled around pretty quickly.

I put Buster to bed, and we turned out the light fairly early, around 8:15. Bud was in bed by 8:30, but had trouble falling asleep, and was up and down a few times. He finally fell asleep sometime around 9:30. Hopefully he won't have trouble getting up in the morning.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quick Post

The kids were up around 8:00ish, and I helped get them some breakfast before I headed out around 9:00 for a bike ride. The kids and M-lady had a good time while I was out.

They headed out to the mall for lunch, and got home a little before I did. I was home later than I had hoped, and when I arrived M-lady headed out to run some quick errands. We had dinner when she got back, and I played with the kids a bit for the evening.

I finished watching Kung Fu Panda 2 with Bud at bedtime, which he really enjoyed. He asked to start watching it from the beginning again. We had the lights out around 8:30, and the kids were asleep before too long.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Late Party

Bud was up early this morning, and got himself breakfast before I was up. M-lady left early as well, so it was just me and the kids when I rose. Bud was ahead of schedule all morning, which was nice. I got Buster dressed, and Nanny J arrived around 8:15 in time to get Buster some breakfast while I took Bud to school.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I arrived home around 6:00, and the kids greeted me enthusiastically. Bud proudly let me know that Buster earned a tape stripe on his belt in TKD, which means he a step closer to being ready to test for the next belt. Bud was proud of his brother, and Buster was pretty proud of himself, too.

I had brought dinner home with me, and we got the kids started. A few minutes later, our guests for an evening work/Rock Band party started arriving. Bud retreated to his room for the majority of the evening, but Buster was OK wandering around with the guests. One of my coworkers brought her three-year-old daughter, who immediately took a liking to Buster, and the two of them had a good time playing together through the evening.

Buster took a turn playing drums when we started playing Rock Band, and headed to bed a short time later. M-lady was good enough to get the kids into bed. Bud read for a bit, and turned in around 8:30. The kids took a while to fall asleep given the noise in the house. Hopefully they won't be too groggy in the morning.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Sulky Morning

The morning started well, with the kids getting up a little before us and playing together while we got dressed. I got the kids dressed, and headed downstairs for breakfast. Sometime between going downstairs and eating, Buster got grumpy. When he gets sulky, he tends to really hold onto the sulk, and he doesn't communicate what he's upset about. He ended up not eating breakfast, and screaming a bit on the way to school. M-lady reported that he was still grumpy heading into school, but it apparently didn't last too long.

I got home around 5:30, and the kids seemed pretty pleased to see me. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and I got Bud started on his homework before too long. After getting through that, we all watched a little bit of TV together before dinner. After dinner, Bud got through his piano practice, and there was time to watch a little bit more TV before snack.

Buster opted to forgo the snack today, and I got him into PJs. Nanny J had reported he was very tired, so I tried to get him into bed a little early. I got the lights out in his room shortly after 8:00, and then hung out with Bud a little bit. We turned the light out in his room around 8:30.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Busy Daddy

A two in one post, since I missed yesterday.

I've been very busy at work, as we've got all the people from out of town in town this week. I was out at a dinner/planning session last night, and didn't make it home 'til pretty late, after the kids were asleep. This morning Buster jumped into bed with us, and crawled on me as well as M-lady.

I got up around 7:30, and helped get Bud ready for school and Buster dressed and fed. After M-lady took Bud to school, I played with Buster for about 20 minutes before Nanny J arrived. It was pleasant to spend a little time together.

M-lady was great about taking care of the kids again this evening, as I was out late for work. I arrived home around 8:30, as the kids were getting into bed. They were both watching videos on separate iPads in the same room, which made for a somewhat noisy environment. I did hear an excited, "Daddy's home!" when I walked in the door, but it wasn't exciting enough to tear them away from their iPads.

As the vids finished up, I helped tuck the kids in, and they fell asleep pretty quickly. M-lady reported that Bud had done a good job on homework and piano, so I need to add his points. I'll be getting home to take the kids tomorrow night (as it's M-lady's turn to be out with her team), and I'm looking forward to spending the evening with them.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Ear Information

The kids were up sometime before 8:00, and M-lady got them some breakfast before coming back to bed. I rolled out of bed shortly after 8:00, got Buster dressed, and then got myself ready for a bike ride. I headed out around 9:00, as Bud and Buster were playing a game of chess together. Buster was sort of pushing the pieces around, but they seemed to be having a reasonably good time.

They apparently had a good morning, which included a second breakfast a little bit later. I got home around 1:00, and walked in the door with a couple of friends who'd ridden with me. The kids came down to say hi, and Bud's first words were: "Dad, I've got soooo much earwax!" I guess he and M-lady had been working on cleaning his ears when we arrived.

I took a quick shower and got some lunch for the family, and then rested a bit while Buster and Bud played with the iPad near me, jumping in occasionally to forestall arguments and keep the peace. M-lady spent time today manufacturing plush shuriken for the kids, based on the design from the Lego Ninjago series. The kids had a lot of fun playing with the shuriken as well.

Eventually I roused myself and headed outside to pick some oranges. The kids followed me out, and had a good time running around while I worked on the tree. I saw Bud teaching Buster how to use the glider bike, which was pretty cool. The kids remained outside for a bit after I'd wrapped up my work, and ended up coming in around 5:00.

We started watching some of the Super Bowl, which I'd been capturing on DVR, and M-lady arrived home from an errand run just as I was getting dinner started. We all ate well, and I got the kids into the shower after dinner. After getting all cleaned up, we watched a little bit more of the game and commercials before snack time.

The kids had a quick snack, and I watched a vid with Buster on the iPad before turning the light out around 8:30. He fell asleep pretty quickly.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Family Weekend

The kids were on us around 8:00 this morning, and M-lady was good about getting up and tending to them. They had some breakfast before too long, and I was able to sleep in until about 10:00, which was great.

M-lady headed back to bed for a while, and the kids entertained themselves with an iPad for a bit. Eventually, I got Buster motivated and he and I headed out to do the grocery shopping. Bud and M-lady took off a short time later for Target and a few other errands.

We got home a few minutes before them, and I was just getting started on preparing lunch when they got back. We all had a good lunch. Afterward, Bud did his piano with M-lady, and I worked on hanging our new big Toulouse Lautrec art in the living room. It's a pretty big piece, and I ended up heading off to Home Depot with Buster to pick up a new stepladder. Buster and I had a pretty good time on our second outing of the day.

After getting the piece hung, the kids and I played a little bit of Machinarium before we went to pick up some dinner. The kids opted to come with me to get some sushi, and we again had a good time. The kids ate well when we got home, and they settled down to play together a bit after dinner.

They eventually had an argument of some sort, and Buster was upset for the rest of the evening, probably due to fatigue. He ended up skipping snack, and wailed for a bit at bedtime. M-lady eventually soothed him to sleep. Bud and I got a quick snack, and we watched a little bit more of Kung Fu Panda 2 together before turning out the light.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Integrated Errands

I woke and headed out early this morning to drop my car off at the shop, and rode my bike back home. M-lady got the kids up and dressed, and generally did the morning routine with them. The kids got dressed quickly on the promise of opening up the last bag of Buster's new skull truck Lego set, which Bud helped him finish constructing before school started.

I got arrived home just in time to take Bud to school. The kids cam downstairs proudly brandishing the finished truck, and it took a while to separate it from Buster. M-lady took Buster to school, though, and we all managed to get out the door in time to make school start.

I got home around 4:30, and M-lady arrived a short time later. She took Bud to his piano lesson, while I played iPad with Buster after he'd had his bath. When M-lady arrived home, we said goodbye to Nanny J, and loaded up in the car again immediately.

M-lady dropped me off at the dealership, where I picked up my car, and we met again at a place for dinner. After we'd all eaten, we headed home, and watched a little bit of TV before snack and bed time.

Bud was suddenly excited to see Kung Fu Panda 2, which the kids had received at Christmas, but shunned so far. Bud and I watched the start of the movie together on a laptop at bedtime, which was fun.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Rewards and Recognition

Bud was up before we were this morning, and we could hear him digging through bins of Lego. Buster was up a short time later, and I got Bud some breakfast before he headed off to school with M-lady. Buster got a little grumpy about something during the morning, and refused breakfast, but I did get to play with him a bit before Nanny J arrived.

The kids seem to have had a good day. M-lady got home early enough to snooze for about 10 minutes before Nanny J took her leave. She was apparently prodded a bit, but not jumped on while she rested.

When I got home near 6:00, Buster proudly let me know that he'd kept his pants dry today. We've been giving him stars for dry pants days, and this star marked the completion of his first set and attainment of his first reward, a Lego set. He was really excited. We opened up the set a little later in the evening, after Bud had started working on homework, and spent a chunk of the rest of the evening putting it together.

Both kids ate reasonable dinners, although Bud has been complaining of a sore throat. Hopefully he feels better tomorrow.

I got Buster ready for bed, and we worked on his Lego more rather than reading a story before turning out the lights.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Slightly Stuffed

The kids slept solidly during the night, and I rolled them out about 7:40. Buster was pretty groggy, but was motivated by the promise of new shoes, which had arrived in the mail the day before. I got the kids fed, and took Buster to school while M-lady took Bud.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I got home a few minutes late, and the kids were running around, having a good time. Nanny J apparently baked with them again today, and they reportedly consumed a large quantity of bread in the afternoon. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and I got Bud started on his homework.

M-lady arrived home a short time later, and Buster started watching some TV while Bud was finishing his homework. Bud joined Buster presently, and M-lady and I had a nice meal while they were occupied. The kids did end up eating dinner a bit after 7:00.

Bud did his piano with M-lady, and there was a quick snack time before getting ready for bed. I chatted with Bud a bit before bed, and we turned out the lights around 8:30.