Monday, September 05, 2011

Theatrical Version

I got up around 7:30 this morning, and rolled Bud out of bed a short time later. He got himself up and dressed before too long. I had to drop my car off at the dealership for some service, so I loaded the bike and took off a bit before 8:00. I was home again about 20 minutes later.

Bud got himself some breakfast, and Buster was up as well by the time I got home. I put on a video for them before snoozing next to M-lady for a little while. I jumped up a few times to help with the kids, and M-lady had a solid sleep-in.

I suited up for a bike ride before lunch, as M-lady was having breakfast with the kids. It was Bud's second breakfast, and Buster's first. Buster was a little sluggish today: he didn't seem to be running a fever, but was just a little bit lower energy than usual. I headed out a little before noon, with M-lady playing a dance game and Buster watching.

I had a good, quick ride, and was back around 1:00. The family hadn't had lunch yet, so we mostly ate together. Buster declined to eat at the time, though. After lunch, I got myself cleaned up, and Bud wrapped up his piano practice for the day. When I was presentable again, we all loaded into the car to run some errands together.

The kids were pretty good on the errands, and didn't have to go in to any of the stores. M-lady dashed into Old Navy, and I ran into a bike store. On the way home, we picked up Krispy Kreme doughnuts for a treat. Buster had fallen asleep on the way home, and slept on the couch for a bit after we arrived. The rest of us had some doughnuts.

Bud and I started watching the first Harry Potter movie together, and M-lady joined us for part of it. Bud really enjoyed the film, and it was fun to see the actors as kids again after having seen the last film recently. We took a break for dinner, which M-lady prepared. Buster declined to eat at the time, but joined us for a snack a bit later. After I'd gotten Bud bathed, we watched a little bit more of the movie before snack time.

At snack time, we finished up the doughnuts, and the bedtime routine was fairly standard. Buster was still awake when I turned out the light and left him, but he only got up twice, and neither time did he leave his room. He was asleep before too long. Hopefully he's not sick, and will be able to go to his first day of preschool this week.


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