Monday, September 19, 2011

Successful Day

Buster came in around 6:30 this morning, asking where M-lady was. I reminded him that she was travelling for the week, and he accepted that and went back to his room to play for a bit. He got me up again about half an hour later to help out with Lego. Around 7:30 I got up for good, and got the kids some breakfast.

The kids were pretty good about getting ready for school. I had just enough time to get myself together before Nanny J arrived around 8:15 to take Bud to school. I left with Buster a couple minutes later. We arrived just as the door was opened, and Buster was good about putting his stuff in his cubby, using the magic soap (hand sanitizer), and finding his spot in the circle. I waved at him as I left.

The kids seem to have had a good day. Bud was reading in his room, and Buster was drawing pictures with Nanny J when I arrived home. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and I did some drawings with Buster for a while before Bud came down and we caught up with each other a bit. Bud went ahead and did his homework, and we were all set to relax for a while.

We played a little bit of Lego Pirates before I got started on dinner. I got the kids to agree to a dinner plan, which worked out fairly well. The kids both ate pretty well, and we watched a little bit of MNF before snack time. Bud professes not to like football, but he seems engaged by the game, and is interested in learning the rules. I played a lot of touch football with the other kids on the street while I was growing up, and we don't really have that kind of community here, so I'm not sure the kids will develop the same interest in the game. Probably not a big loss.

Snack time was pretty quick, and the kids were good about getting ready for bed. Bud has generally been really good today, doing the things he needs to do without a lot of oversight. We read some stories together, watched a few videos, and I tucked the kids in. I checked on Buster about 5 minutes after tucking him in, and he was already passed out. I think he skipped his nap today. Bud fell asleep on his own a short time later.


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