Sunday, September 11, 2011


I was up to head off to a bike race before the kids got up, and out of the house around 8:00. M-lady handled the kids while I was off racing, and they apparently had a pretty good morning. Bud did his piano, and they all packed up to go to M-lady's afternoon rehearsal.

M-lady has an event for work tomorrow, and is acting as MC. They had tech rehearsal today, and she needed to be there before I was done with my race, so they headed over to the Computer History Museum. The kids had a picnic lunch, and were just pulling out their iPhones when I arrived shortly after 1:00. I said hello to M-lady, packed the kids up, and we picked up some lunch for me, snack for them as we headed home.

When we got home, we played some Xbox after I'd had a few minutes to get a shower. Bud has been excited to play Lego Pirates of the Caribbean since acquiring it yesterday, so I played a few levels with him. We took a break in the later afternoon, and had a nice video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese.

The kids had a snack, and then entertained themselves with their iPhones for a bit until M-lady arrived home and got started on making dinner. Bud ate a solid dinner, although Buster deferred. After dinner, Bud went ahead and showered himself (on M-lady's and my instructions). I went to check on him, and discovered he still had soap in his hair, and helped him rinse that out. He's close to being totally self-sufficient in showering, though.

I headed out a short time later to visit some friends, and M-lady conducted the final evening routine. The kids were apparently pretty good about snack and bed time, although Buster was up a couple of times. He fell asleep presently, though, and both kids were sleeping soundly by the time I got home.


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