Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mellow Day For Guys

The kids were up fairly early, and jumped in bed with us several times. M-lady got up to get them some breakfast, and then climbed back into bed for a bit. By about 9:00, we were all up and moving.

M-lady had a plane to catch, and was picked up at 10:00. The boys and I said our goodbyes, and M-lady delivered books to the boys to help keep them entertained in her absence. Both kids stayed pretty busy with the books, on and off, during the day.

The kids and I read and chatted together for a bit in the morning, and eventually headed out to get lunch at Jamba Juice. Buster was again brave, and willing to go into the store. We picked up our juice and headed home.

The kids drank their smoothies pretty quickly, and both had to put jackets on. After lunch, we played a bit more, and spent a lot of time on Lego. I played with my Mindstorms set a bit as the kids played with their sets, and then we all spent time reading books again.
In the mid-afternoon, I let the kids watch an episode of Sesame Street, which they both enjoyed. The kids wanted to play Creationary after that, but I put them to work restoring the pieces in the game, as somewhere along the way one or both of the kids made off with some of the pieces. It was a it of a scavenger hunt. Bud and I managed to get all but a few of the pieces restored by combing his and Buster's Lego caches.

Buster wandered downstairs while I worked with Bud a bit, and I found him a short time later, asleep on the floor under the coffee table in the playroom. I let him sleep there, and Bud and I played a bit on the computer together.

I threw dinner together around 6:00. Buster had just woken from his nap, and ate pretty well. Bud ate a bit, but didn't really finish his dinner. After dinner, I got both kids bathed, and snack time came up pretty quickly. Bud complained of his tummy hurting briefly after snack, but he didn't seem too out of sorts. Hopefully he doesn't vomit during the night.

I read from Bud's Ninjago book to the kids for a bit, we watched a couple of videos, and then headed for bed. Buster was pretty good about staying in bed, only getting up once. He put himself back to bed on his own when I found him up, though.


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