Friday, September 23, 2011

Bud's Day Off

As Bud informed me last night, he didn't have school today. Both kids were up around 7:15, and I was up a short time later, I got Buster dressed and we all had some breakfast before taking Buster to school. Bud's old teacher said hello to him as we dropped Buster off, and then headed back home.

I worked from home in the morning (as Nanny J didn't arrive until after picking Buster up from school), and Bud spent the morning playing with Lego, reading Harry Potter, and hanging out with me in the office. Nanny J arrived with Buster around lunchtime, and Bud joined them as I headed out for work.

I got home a bit after 4:00, and Bud and I headed out to his piano lesson before 5:00. Bud did well in his lesson, and again demonstrated his remarkable ear and awareness of what he's doing. He was a little tired, though, and glazed over a couple of times.

We came home and relieved Nanny J, wishing her a good weekend as she took her leave. We all loaded into the car again and picked up a pizza for dinner, which took a little longer than it should have, but was ultimately successful. The kids ate well, and after dinner we watched some specials from the first Harry Potter movie before getting ready for bed.

The kids were good about getting ready for bed, and fell asleep quickly. Bud put a big dent into Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince today, getting nearly 200 pages into it. I've realized that I remember very little about the books, and will need to re-read them to be able to discuss them intelligently with Bud.


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