Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Becoming a Big Boy

Buster jumped into bed with us this morning around 7:00, and I think M-lady has been missing snuggling with him in the evenings, so she let him stay. Around 7:45, we got started on the usual morning routine. Bud was good about getting up, getting dressed, and getting breakfast, a I took him to school without fuss. We arrived a couple minutes before the door opened, and he trotted in.

M-lady arrived home from work shortly after 5:00, and was able to settle in a bit. Since Buster starts preschool this week, Nanny J's hours have changed slightly, and she stayed until about 5:45. I wasn't able to get home until about 7:00. When I arrived, the family had already had dinner, and Bud had finished his piano practice and homework.

I had a quick bite, and then set up an episode of The Backyardigans for Buster. Bud and I stretched a little bit together (the one thing he seems a bit behind on at TKD is flexibility), and chatted. When the show finished up, we did the snack and bedtime routines.

Buster was pretty good about getting ready for bed. He was excited about going to preschool tomorrow, and we chatted about that a little. When we turned out the light, I sat with him for 5 minutes before asking him to stay in bed until he fell asleep, which he apparently did on his own. Tomorrow M-lady will have a go at putting him to bed and escaping.


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