Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Inside

Bud was up first this morning, and M-lady was wonderful enough to get him some breakfast. Buster was up a short time later, and M-lady got breakfast for him, too. The kids played around our bedroom a bit, and occasionally jumped on the bed. Buster was pretty snuggly.

M-lady packed up and headed off to dance class around 9:30, and I got myself out of bed and dressed. I played with the kids for a bit, and then we set up in front of the TV where the kids played some Lego Star Wars while I did some work on the computer.

We had some lunch after I turned off the Xbox, and M-lady arrived home before too long. After a brief post-lunch rest, M-lady headed out again to run some more errands. Bud spent a good chunk of the afternoon playing with Lego, and I chased Buster around a bit.

M-lady arrived home again later in the afternoon, and found the kids and I playing together on the computer. Buster joined her for a bit, and Bud and I headed downstairs when the game wrapped up. M-lady got some dinner ready, and we all ate together.

Bud practiced piano with M-lady while I played Lego with Buster, and then I showered both kids. After showering, we headed downstairs for a snack, which was a cake that M-lady had picked up for me to celebrate 10 years cancer free.

I helped Buster get ready for bed, we picked up his room, read a story, and played some Monopoly before turning out the light. Buster was pretty tired, and fell asleep quickly.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Warm Welcome

Since early Wednesday morning, I've been off on a trip visiting family at Oshkosh. I got home today, arriving right around 8:00 pm. M-lady did a fantastic job taking care of the kids while I was gone, and let them stay up until I got home.

The kids ran for the door when they heard me open it, and Bud gave me a big hug. It was nice to see them. They were already in PJs, so after saying Hello, we started the bedtime routine.

I gave each boy one of the gifts I brought for them from Oshkosh: a set of airplane collectors cards. Both boys seemed enthralled, and I read cards to Bud while M-lady did the same with Buster.

Bud and I eventually watched a couple YouTube videos before turning out the light. Both kids went to sleep pretty quickly, even though they were excited. They had had a busy day visiting with Aunt O and Cousin C, and had played hard. I look forward to catching up with the boys tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Bud was up reading a book in his room when I got up around 8:00. Bud and I got ready together, and I got him some breakfast. I helped him into his shinguards and socks, got his snack and waterbottle ready, and M-lady took him to soccer camp as I jump on a 9:00 meeting.

Buster woke a short time after Nanny J arrived, and was happily having breakfast when I headed out to go to work.

I got home just after 5:00, and found Buster playing Candy Land with Nanny J. They seemed to be having a good time. After I dropped my stuff, I took Nanny J's place at the table, and let her head home. Buster and I played a few more rounds, and then a couple games of Chutes and Ladders.

M-lady and Bud arrived home a short time later. They'd been out at Bud's piano lesson, which had gone reasonably well. Bud, however, needed cleats for his soccer camp, since the ground has been a little wet and slippery, and his old sneakers just aren't cutting it.

Bud and I immediately loaded up and headed out to a nearby soccer store. It's nice to have a good store that just provides soccer stuff, and they have a tremendous selection of cleats. Bud tried on a few pairs, and got one that he liked the look of and we thought was a reasonable balance between cost and quality. We also picked up new shinguards and socks for him.

When we got home, we put the whole ensemble on again. These are Bud's first lace-up shoes, so I went over how to tie his shoes with him, but I expect he'll need help for the first few times.

We all had dinner a short time later. The kids ate reasonably well. After dinner, the kids played a little bit of Xbox before snack time.

The kids had big snacks, with lots of fruit, before heading up for bed. Bud and I read the first few chapters of The Boxcar Children together before turning out the light around 9:00. Bud fell asleep pretty quickly.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Soccer Camp

M-lady had an early meeting this morning, so was on the video call by about 7:00. The kids wandered in to the bedroom a short time later, and hung out with me as I snoozed until about 8:00. I rolled out of bed, got myself dressed, and got some breakfast for the kids.

Bud had his first day of soccer camp this morning, and was pretty excited. He got himself dressed, and after breakfast I helped him get his shinguards and sunscreen on. We left for camp shortly after Nanny J arrived. Buster was really upset that he couldn't come as well, but was apparently consoled with some watermelon.

Bud reported having a good time at camp today, which lasted until noon. Bud also did TKD in the afternoon, and Buster napped for about an hour. The kids were having another snack when I arrived home around 5:00.

The kids had a good time running around the house for a bit, and then settled in front of the TV with me for a little while. M-lady arrived home before too long, and she got dinner together for us. The kids ate reasonably well.

After dinner, Bud put in a solid piano practice while I played with Duplo with Buster again. We had a good time building towers together. Snack time came up before too long, and then a pretty standard bedtime routine. I read some stories with Buster, and we played part of a game of Monopoly on the iPad.

Buster managed to whack his head on the wall when I turned the light out, but he didn't cry and assured me he was OK0. He took a while to fall asleep, and finally drifted off around 10:00.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Real Board Games

M-lady rose first with the kids this morning after they invaded our bed, and got them some breakfast, allowing me to snooze for a bit longer. Eventually she came back to bed, and I got up and played with them a bit. Buster and I played some Rock Band, and Bud spent time playing with Lego in his room (building a Rock Band diorama).

M-lady took off mid-morning to run some errands. A short time later I had some lunch with Buster, but Bud deferred. After lunch, Buster engaged me in a game of Candy Land. Buster knew how to play, and we completed a whole game in short order (he won handily). It was fun to play a real board game with him. Apparently he's been playing with Bud a bit.

Bud came down and had some lunch, and Buster had a snack at the same time. After they'd eaten, I started getting myself ready for a bike ride. We were all in the garage, them playing, me tuning my bike, when M-lady arrived home. I headed out for a ride with a friend.

My ride lasted a little longer than expected, and I didn't get home until about 6:00. By that time, Uncle C, Aunt O, and Cousin C had arrived and dinner was just coming off the grill. I took a quick shower and joined the family at the table.

We all had a nice meal, and were able to play a bit more Rock Band after dinner before our guests took their leave. I put on another Disney film, The Sword in the Stone for the kids, which they seemed to enjoy. We didn't get to watch the whole thing before snack time was upon us, though.

Buster apparently fell asleep almost immediately after M-lady turned out his light. Bud pulled out his Disney storybook, and we read the store of The Sword in the Stone (and a few others) before bed. I turned the lights out around 9:00, and he was asleep soon after.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Hang Out Saturday

The kids were up around 8:00, and in and out of the room a bit. M-lady got up to get Buster out of his diaper, and then came back to bed. I got some breakfast for the kids a short time later.

I headed off to get a haircut, and the kids stayed home with M-lady while I was out. I returned around lunchtime, and found the kids eating. I joined for lunch, and the kids wrapped up pretty quickly. Bud didn't eat much of his lunch, and was a bit grumpy for the early afternoon.

I spent some time hanging out with Buster, and Bud ended up going to the library with M-lady, where they had a good time. Buster and I played with trains for a bit, then put those away and played with Duplo. It was a very low-key afternoon.

The kids had some fruit for a snack on Bud's return, and we ended up watching Peter Pan in the later afternoon. Bud managed to sit through the whole thing, although he did cover his eyes a couple of times.

Buster passed out before dinner time, and snoozed on the couch while the rest of us ate. He woke as we were finishing up, and was apparently famished, as he ate a fairly large dinner.

The whole family played some Xbox after dinner, which took us up to snack time. The kids enjoyed the blueberries and kettle corn I'd purchased at the farmer's market which I'd hit while I was out in the morning. I read a few stories to Buster before bed, and we played a game of Monopoly on the iPad before turning out the light. Since he'd had a late nap, it took him a while to drift off to sleep. I think he finally stopped tossing and turning a bit before 10:00.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Dinner With Guests

We did the usual (summer) morning routine, although M-lady got up a little early and hit the road around 8:15. I was up a short time later, and the kids hung out with me while I shaved before Nanny J arrived. I took off for work a short time later.

M-lady and our dinner guests had already arrived by the time I got home a few minutes after 5:00. We had one of M-lady's co-workers and his family visiting from Norway over: H, his wife R, and their 18 month-old son E.

Bud and Buster were sort of hiding upstairs when I arrived, but a short time later they received gifts from our guests: balloons (for balloon animals) and pumps. A short time later the kids were running around screaming with balloon swords and nunchucks.

We all ate dinner together, and we even all sat down together at the table for a while. The kids ate pretty well. After dinner, there was more running around, and both kids climbed on me every time I sat down. They were a bit excited.

Our guests took their leave, and we immediately herded the kids into the shower, since they were so sweaty from running around. After shower, it was snack time, and the rest of the evening was pretty standard. I read a story and watched a video with Bud before we turned the light out around 8:45, and he was asleep before too long.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Math Skills

The kids were up this morning around 8:00, and I got out of bed around 8:30. The kids had breakfast with Nanny J when she arrived a short time later.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I got home a bit after 5:00, and the kids were getting out of the bath. Bud enjoyed his TKD class in the afternoon, and told me a bit about the goings on there. I got a snack for Bud, and played with Buster a bit before we turned on the Xbox for a while.

M-lady got home and got dinner together, and afterward Bud practiced piano and did a page of his 1st grade workbook. He did a fantastic job with some math skills which are a bit beyond what I expected: he could take a larger number (e.g., 18) and two smaller numbers (e.g., 4 and 5), and determine what third smaller number was needed to make the sum of the small numbers equal the large one (in this case, 9). This is a fairly involved concept of addition and subtraction to determine the result, and he was consistently computing the right answer.

We all picked up the house a bit in the expectation of guests tomorrow, and then had a snack and did the bedtime routine. I read a book and then played Monopoly with Buster on the iPad before we turned the light out a few minutes after 9:00.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back to Board Games

The kids were up around 8:00 this morning, and we got up around the same time. M-lady got breakfast for the kids, and Nanny J arrived at 8:45, as usual. M-lady and I headed off for a meeting around 9:00.

I got home about 10 minutes late, as the time neared 5:30. I apologized to Nanny J, and the kids and I said goodbye to her. Bud showed me how Buster had been practicing his kicking with Bud's help, who was holding one of the big foam blocks so Buster could work on his front snaps.

We played a little bit, and Buster and I ended up playing a bit of Rock Band and watching a science show on TV while Bud played in the living room. Bud eventually joined us, and M-lady arrived home soon after. M-lady was kind enough to start up dinner, which I finished while the kids watched some Sesame Street.

The kids ate a pretty good dinner. Afterward, the kids requested to play Monopoly. So I pulled the board game down, and the three of us played while M-lady looked on. Bud is getting good with the math required to handle the money, and Buster has fun rolling dice and moving pieces around. We played about half a game before snack time rolled around.

The kids had a good snack, although they've now eaten all the fruit in the house. Time to go out and get some more. Bud did a quick piano practice after snack, and then we did a bedtime routine. Bud and I read a story, watched a quick video, and turned the light out around 8:45. Both kids were asleep pretty quickly.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cooperative Drumming

Bud was up this morning around 7:45, the same time I got up. I had to head to work a little early, so Bud hung out with me while I got ready to go. M-lady was getting up to get him some breakfast as I headed out around 8:00.

The kids seem to have had a good day. M-lady arrived home early enough to take Bud to his piano lesson, and I arrived home just at 5:15. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and I played with blocks with Buster for a while. Eventually we turned on the TV, a few moments before M-lady and Bud arrived home. Bud joined us watching a bit of TV before dinner.

The kids ate pretty well, and we played Rock Band together after dinner. Buster has been getting some help from Bud, who hits the kick pedal for him, since Buster's feet don't touch the ground when he's playing drums. We all had a good time.

Snack time came up, and the kids ate a ton of fruit. I eventually got Buster to finish up and we headed upstairs to do the bedtime routine. We said goodnight to Bud and M-lady, and I read stories and watched a few videos with Buster. We turned the light out a bit after 8:30, and he fell asleep pretty quickly.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Dinner Consensus

M-lady was up a little early for a meeting this morning, and Bud wandered in a bit after 8:00 to see when I would be getting up. I got myself together and got him some breakfast, and we greeted Nanny J a short time later. She woke Buster, and I headed for work after a few minutes.

The kids seem to have had a good day. Bud went to TKD, and Buster fell asleep on the way home. He was still napping when I arrived home around 5:15. Bud and I watched a little bit of TV together, and then I woke Buster up a little before 6:00. M-lady arrived home a short time later.

Bud suggested a dinner strategy, and M-lady and I conceded that it would be expedient and tasty. I went to pick up dinner, and Buster elected to accompany me. We had an uneventful outing, and brought food back in short order.

We all had a good dinner, although Buster didn't end up eating any of the procured meal, opting for his fallback tomatoes and string cheese. After dinner, Bud had a solid piano practice, and I played games with Buster on the iPad.

We had a snack and got ready for bed after that. I got Buster into his PJs, and then read stories with Bud for a bit until we turned the light out around 8:45. Bud was still a bit restless, and didn't fall asleep for a while.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


The kids were up today around 8:00 again, and M-lady was nice enough to get the breakfast. I got up to play with the kids a bit when she headed off to ballet class. The kids and I played with the iPad for a little while, and we enjoyed a game of Battleship together.

We eventually headed downstairs, where we played a little bit of Xbox before lunch. We were eating when M-lady arrived home again. The kids are reasonably well, and we all played some drums together (taking turns) after lunch.

In the early afternoon, I headed out for a bike ride. The kids played with M-lady a bit, and then they all packed up and went out to do the grocery shopping. The kids were good on the trip, and arrived home just as I was getting out of the shower. I helped unload groceries while the kids played outside.

Buster came inside, and was just starting to jump on the couch when I was heading out. I watched Bud play a bit outside, and we had a video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese. Bud mostly avoided the camera, but did eventually say Hello.

When Bud and I came in a bit before 6:00, I found Buster asleep on the couch. I guess he needed the nap. We let him sleep until dinner.

I made waffles for dinner while Bud practiced piano, and then woke Buster when it was time to eat. We all enjoyed dinner, particularly with the berries that M-lady had purchased to go with the waffles.

After eating, Bud finished up his piano practice and Buster and I had a quick video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B. After saying hi, we got the kids bathed, and then had a quick snack of fruit before starting the bedtime routine.

Buster was a little tough to put to sleep, since he'd had the late afternoon nap, but finally dropped off around 9:30 or so.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Three cymbals

Once again, M-lady was wonderful enough to get breakfast for the kids this morning. When she came back to bed, I got up to avoid being kicked in the head by Buster, and started on the morning entertainment.

The third cymbal for the new drum kit arrived yesterday, so we put that on the kit and spent the morning taking turns playing drums. The kids still enjoy the freestyle drumming. We wrapped that up around 10:30, and I started getting ready for a wedding M-lady and I were attending that afternoon.

Nanny J arrived to babysit at about 11:00, and M-lady and I headed out soon afterward. The kids had a good day, and went with Nanny J to the grocery store, and then to her house for dinner. They apparently had a good time over there.

M-lady and I didn't get home until around 11:00pm, and the kids were safely tucked in and sleeping for the night.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Lego Surprise

Summer has been nice, in that we generally don't have the urgency when we get up to get Bud going and get him ready for school. Today, we got up around 8:00, and got Bud some breakfast a bit after that. Buster got up around the time Nanny J arrived.

I was working a little late, so M-lady got home first to get the kids. I called and everyone sounded happy.

We met at the mall at about 6:30, and all had some dinner together. The kids ate pretty well. After dinner, M-lady split to do a little shopping, and I wandered around with the kids for a bit. Of course, our wandering took us over towards the Lego store.

The kids were pretty good in the store, and I got each kid a minifig-in-bag. Lego has been pushing minifigs recently, and they have several collectable 'series' of minifigs out. After getting their bags, we wandered around a bit more before reconvening with M-lady and heading out to the cars.

The boys opted to go home with me, and opened their minifigs when we got to the car. M-lady ran some errands on the way home, so we arrived home a short time before she did. That pretty much led us directly to snack and bedtime, which went pretty smoothly. I watched a few vids with Bud before we turned the light out, and Bud fell asleep quickly.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Drum Turns

The kids were apparently still sleeping when M-lady and I got up around 8:00. Bud was up a short time later, and got himself dressed pretty quickly. Buster was up by about 8:30, looking pretty groggy. He sat with M-lady for a little while as she was on a video call.

Nanny J arrived, and I headed out a short time later. The kids seem to have had a good day, and they were playing Pirates when I got home. Each had a sword, and Bud was dressed up pretty well. They were having a great time running around the house.

We said goodbye to Nanny J, and I played with them for a bit. We weren't expecting M-lady home until late, as she had headed off to a book signing. After running around for a little while, I settled the kids a bit in front of the TV.

I pulled out the new Rock Band drum kit I got for my birthday, and we all had a good time playing with that. It doesn't adjust height as easily, so it was a little tall for the kids, but they managed pretty well. They really liked playing with the cymbals. We rotated, each taking a 5 minute turn or so, and then started on dinner around 6:30.

Both kids ate reasonably well, and after dinner we watched a little TV. Snack time rolled up pretty quickly, and the kids were reasonably good about eating, getting into PJs, and doing the bedtime routine.

Both kids were in bed, and I was sitting with Buster, at about 9:00 when M-lady arrived home. I headed down to get online with a friend, and apparently both kids got up to see M-lady. She eventually got them back to bed and to sleep.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pausing The Game

I was up a bit late last night, so endeavored to sleep in a bit this morning. The kids jumped into bed with M-lady and me around 8:00ish, until I kicked them out. They didn't seem too put out, though, and M-lady got them some breakfast before too long.

Nanny J arrived, and M-lady took off. I finally got up around 9:00, around the same time Buster was getting dressed, I believe. When I finally came downstairs to head to work, the kids were playing checkers at the foot of the stairs. Bud was winning (and taking advantage of his younger sibling), but Buster didn't seem put out. They were just about to put their shoes on and go outside.

Bud yelled, "We'll pause the game so we don't miss anything until we get back!"

They are clearly of the digital generation.

I had a team dinner today, so didn't get home until well after bedtime. M-lady took the kids to the library when she got home from work, and they checked out a whole bunch of new books. Dinner and snack apparently went pretty smoothly, and the kids were sleeping soundly when I got home.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Late Meal

The morning was fairly straightforward. M-lady was again up with the kids earlier than I was, and they were dressed and ready to go around the time I rolled out of bed, around 8:30. Buster asked to play a game on my iPad as I was getting ready, and I got him started playing a bit. Buster was upset with me when I took the iPad to head to work shortly after Nanny J arrived.

The kids seem to have had a good day. M-lady arrived home in time to take Bud to his piano lesson this afternoon, and they were gone when I got home around 5:00. Nanny J took her leave a short time later, and I settled in with Buster to see what he wanted to do. He requested playing on the iPad again, so I got him set up with that. We played a bit together before M-lady and Bud arrived home.

The kids and I watched a little bit of TV before getting started on dinner. Both kids deferred on dinner, so M-lady and I had a nice, quiet meal. After eating, the kids and I watched the ending of the USA vs. Brazil Women's World Cup game before snack time.

The kids finally ate their dinner's at snack time, and both ended up eating pretty well. They had some watermelon after eating their dinner, and we headed upstairs to start the bedtime routine a bit after 8:00. Buster and I read a story and watched a few minutes of video before turning out the light at about 8:45. Buster fell asleep pretty quickly.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Back To Summer Routine

After two weeks of upset routine, it's nice to start to get back into a groove again. The kids woke up pretty early, but let M-lady and I nap for a bit. M-lady was up before I was, and managed the kids a bit. I got up shortly after 8:00, after having Buster jump on me for a bit. I got breakfast for the kids before heading out the door to work, shortly after Nanny J arrived.

The kids seem to have had a good day. Bud had his TKD class, and Buster had a long nap during the day. The kids were revved up when I got home around 5:00, and did laps around me and the house, with lightsabers, at high volume. I eventually got them to quiet down a bit in front of the TV, and we played a little Rock Band together before M-lady arrived home.

M-lady made dinner, and we all ate together. The kids ate pretty well. After dinner, I played a little more Xbox with them before snack time. The kids had a good snack, and I did the bedtime routine with Bud. Actually, he does most the routine himself now, with a little prompting. I did see M-lady chasing a naked Buster down the hall, though.

Bud has been introduced to 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books, which he's really enjoying. I have been giving him some of my old ones, which I used to enjoy and still have around. We started reading another one together before bedtime.

Bud fell asleep pretty quickly, but Buster took a while. He didn't drop off until after 9:30, and that was in our bed with M-lady. I transferred him to his own bed a bit later.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Today was mostly about recovering from our trip. The kids slept well through the night, although they were up a little early. M-lady did most of the work taking care of the kids this morning, although they crawled in bed with us for a time until we kicked them out.

M-lady got breakfast for them, which let me snooze a little bit longer. I got out of bed shortly after 9:00, and got myself dressed. M-lady got herself dressed and headed out to a ballet class. I spent a while convincing the kids that they needed to get dressed as well.

I played some Xbox with the kids, and we were wrapping up around the time M-lady arrived home again. I got the kids some lunch while M-lady was showering, and then got M-lady some lunch as the kids entertained themselves.

The kids declined coming out with me on some errands, so I ran around for a bit on my own as the kids stayed home and hung out with M-lady. They apparently had a pretty good time, and I found them hanging out in Bud's room when I returned.

I played with the kids a bit on the computer, and then we all headed out to Target together. The kids were well behaved, and we had a good time looking at the toys before we left. Bud was particularly interested in the plastic lightsabers.

The kids wanted to play outside when we got home, and proceeded to do so for about ninety minutes. I took a bike ride during that time, and we all came back inside together and had dinner when I returned. M-lady prepared a wonderful meal, and the kids ate pretty well.

After dinner it was shower time, and I got both the kids cleaned up. After showering, Buster apparently headed downstairs to wait for a snack. I found him sitting at the table, head down and asleep, when I headed down there a few minutes later. He was pretty well gone, so I carried him up to bed and tucked him in.

Bud had his snack and read some stories with M-lady before turning out the light. He was pretty tired, too, and fell asleep quickly. I expect Buster will wake a little early tomorrow, but if he gets a nap in the afternoon he'll get back on track without any trouble.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Hiding From The Heat

The kids got up up this morning around 8:00ish, and M-lady was good enough to get breakfast for the kids. I rolled out of bed around 8:30, when they returned, and got started on getting dressed. I got into biking gear, and headed out on my bike at around 9:00.

The kids had a good morning with M-lady, and I was back by about 10:30. It was already really hot outside, so we spent pretty much the rest of the day indoors. Bud chatted with me as I had a snack. Aunt O, Uncle C, and Cousin C arrived a short time later, and the kids played together while I excused myself to take a quick shower.

The kids had a good time in the morning, and the parents had the opportunity to chat a bit. We had lunch around noon, and our visitors took their leave a short time later to chase naps at home.

I played with the kids a bit in the afternoon, and spent some time working on the computer as the kids entertained themselves. The kids were actually really good about playing with each other and entertaining themselves for a lot of the afternoon.

The kids watched an episode of Sesame Street before dinner, and then ate reasonably well. After dinner the kids again played well with each other until snack time.

I did the bedtime routine with Buster, and rather than watch videos after reading stories, he wanted to play a game of Monopoly as well. We played a match against the computer together on the iPad, and Buster was getting pretty tired by the end. We turned out the light a little before 9:00, and he was asleep shortly.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Running Errands

M-lady got up with the kids, and got them some breakfast. They let me sleep in, which was really nice, but the kids started getting antsy for me to get up around 9:30 or so. I obliged around 10:00, and played with the kids for a bit before I got going myself. Bud and I played a game of Monopoly on the iPad, with Buster watching on, and we all had a good time.

The family eventually provided me with my birthday presents, which was a lot of fun. After playing with some new toys, I got up and got lunch for myself and Bud. Buster had expressed a preference to hang out with M-lady, so was getting lunch with her a few minutes behind Bud and me.

Bud and I finished up lunch and packed up to run some errands. We got all loaded up in the car, and we were just pulling out of the driveway when I noticed Buster coming out the front door, crying, and holding his shoes. Apparently he wanted to come with Bud and me rather than go with M-lady after all, and thought we were leaving him. I came back, and we waited for him to get his shoes on and load up.

The kids and I first headed over to REI, where we had a good time. We came across the Camelbaks, and Bud and I picked one out for him, with the intent for him to use it on day trips, going to the zoo, going hiking, etc. He was pretty excited about his new pack. Buster was tolerant of us trying them on and spending a little time.

After REI, we headed over to Fry's. The kids were again really good, and the trip was quick. I picked up a cold bottle of lemonade for the drive home, and the kids enjoyed the beverage.

We headed inside when we arrived home, and I played with the kids for a short time until M-lady arrived home from her errands. I was able to nap for a short time in the late afternoon, and then I played another round of Monopoly with Bud.

M-lady prepared dinner a bit early, and a new babysitter, Babysitter N, arrived at about 6:00. The kids had been warned, so while they were a bit retiring, they weren't screaming or hostile. M-lady and I were able to head out to a show without any hysterics.

The evening apparently went pretty well. Buster did skip dinner, and generally kept to himself, but Bud enjoyed Babysitter N's company, watched some TV with her, had a solid dinner and snack, and headed for bed. Both kids were sleeping soundly when M-lady and I returned home.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy Family Day

I rolled out of bed at 8:00, and got Bud moving. He was a little slow this morning, but managed to get himself dressed and was having breakfast around 8:30. Buster woke around 8:20, and was ready for breakfast shortly after Bud.

Nanny J arrived a bit before 8:45, and Bud was ready to go a short time later. We got out of the house a few minutes after I would have liked but we still managed to get to sports camp a couple minutes before they got started. I dropped Bud off, and he happily joined the last day of camp. He later reported having a great time, and they played some games where they got wet (dodgeball with a 'water ball') as the day got hotter.

I got home around 5:00, and the kids were getting ready to head to swim class. Buster once again stated that he was going to get in the pool, no crying, and then backed out when we arrived. Bud headed off for his last day of this swimming series, and had a good time. He got his report card at the end, and passed his grade level with flying colors.

We packed up and headed home, and the kids were delighted to find M-lady had made it home while we were out. She helped bathe the kids, and we all chatted and caught up for a bit before dinner.

The kids ate pretty well at dinner time, and we had a short time afterward to hang out before snack time. The kids were fairly wired all evening, with the excitement of having M-lady back. I eventually herded them upstairs, where M-lady put Buster to bed and I watched a few videos with Bud before turning out the light. He was interested in Sonic the Hedgehog, so we dug up some videos around that. We turned out the light shortly after 8:30, and Bud fell asleep around 9:00.

It's wonderful to have M-lady home!