Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ninja Food

The kids were up a bit before 8:00, certainly before M-lady and I were ready to get up. They jumped on us for a bit, and I eventually got up to get them some breakfast. The kids ate pretty well, and after breakfast I got Buster dressed. Bud had already put his clothes on by himself.

I headed back to bed for a little while, and M-lady watched the kids until she took off for ballet class a bit after 10:00. I rolled myself out of bed and played with the kids for a bit.

I took Buster to sit on the potty for a bit, since it was his usual pooping time. We played with the iPad while he sat. He didn't poop, but he did pee on the potty, and received much praise.

We headed out to Toys 'R Us at about 11:30, where the kids each bought a Ninjago Lego set with birthday/holiday money. Bud effected his purchase by himself for the first time, giving the clerk his money and getting his change. They got the same Lego set, and were pretty happy as we headed home.

We had some lunch when we got home, which Buster deferred so he could play with his new Lego set. M-lady arrived as we were eating, and after Bud and I finished we worked on the Lego directly. I helped Buster with his build, and Bud and I got the models together in about the same time.

M-lady made a trip out to the library while we were working, and returned with a bounty of books. Bud holed up in his room reading for a while when she returned. She had a nice video chat with Ama and Agu, and the kids both participated. I worked in the garage for a bit, and then played ball with Bud when he came outside to join me.

We eventually headed out to the mall to pick up some sundries for me. I also got myself the Lego Robotics set, primarily for myself but also as a tool to help start teaching Bud about programming. It has a GUI for creating programs, and hopefully Bud will start picking up how to develop algorithms.

We picked up sushi on the way home for dinner. We ate well. While we were eating, Buster commented that we were having 'Ninja Food', which we agreed with. After dinner, we had time to play with more Lego, including a first quick robot, before snack and bed time.

Bud and I read a few chapters from a Boxcar Children book, which I assume he'll probably read the rest of tomorrow. I'm going to have to go back and read those books, too, so I can talk to him about the stories.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gaming the System

M-lady had an early-morning meeting this morning, so was up pretty early getting ready. Buster woke about 6:45, and I was up and down with him a little bit. I got him dressed around 7:00, and got his first breakfast for him a short time later. Bud also woke early, and read books in his room until he got himself dressed around 7:45.

I got Bud some breakfast, and Buster asked for his second. Bud was finished in time to for M-lady to take him to school, and I read stories with Buster for a bit before Nanny J arrived. When I left for work a little later, Buster was playing with one of Bud's crafts, very carefully arranging little beads on a pegboard. I was very impressed with his focus and dexterity.

Apparently Buster figured out the treat system Nanny J implemented to encourage him to use the potty today. Buster received an M&M when he peed on the potty. He proceeded to pee about three drops into his potty every five minutes or so, and then show it to Nanny J to redeem it for another M&M. She eventually cut him off, I think. The good news is that he's figured out how to pee when he wants to.

Bud had a good time at his TKD class, and is looking forward to testing for yellow belt next week.

M-lady arrived home first, and I got home around 6:15 or so. Buster donned his Jedi robe for the first time this afternoon, and the kids were apparently very cute in the matching robes. Buster had fun spinning.

After I got home, I played a little Xbox with Bud and Buster, and then helped Bud work on his homework while I got dinner for him. Buster and M-lady joined us for dinner before too long, and Bud continued on homework until he wrapped up around 7:45. We played a few more minutes of Xbox before having a quick snack and getting ready for bed.

The kids were pretty good at bedtime this evening, and I read a bit with Bud before turning out the light around 8:45. He fell asleep pretty quickly.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sword Construction

Buster was up around 7:20, and jumped on us in bed. M-lady and I rolled out of bed around 7:30. I got Bud out of bed, and M-lady got Buster dressed, and I got breakfast for the kids. When I was heading out the door with Bud, Buster got mad. I understand his frustration when he doesn't get what he wants. This morning he was so mad that he took his pants off.

Bud had a 'in-class field trip' today when the class was visited by the San Jose Water District. He recounted several of the science experiments they tried. After recess, they were visited by seniors from one of the local high schools, who worked with them on a map-book project.

Buster again had some success on the potty today. He reported that he both peed and pooped on the potty (and in his pants).

I got home around 5:00, and the kids were involved in a sword battle with Nanny J again. They had apparently modified their swords to be 'ninja swords': they took the cross-pieces off the hilts, leaving just the handle and the blade, which does indeed look more like a katana.

After we said goodbye to Nanny J, we battled with swords for a little while before settling in front of the TV. We watched some Mythbusters before M-lady arrived home and I jumped on a call for work. The call was short, fortunately, and I was able to join the kids playing some Lego Star Wars before we took a break to have dinner.

Buster had a bit of a meltdown at dinner time, and again took his pants off. He came down a bit later requesting M-lady to put some shorts on him. Bud did his piano practice and some homework for TKD before dinner, and we all ended up having dinner together.

After dinner, Bud and I worked to finish a Lego Star Wars level, and then started snack time. I got Buster into PJs, and we read some stories and watched a couple of videos. He was a little upset when we turned out the lights, but eventually quieted down. He didn't fall asleep until about 9:45, though.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some Success

Buster was up and in our bed starting at about 7:00 this morning. M-lady eventually got up and got him dressed shortly before I rolled out of bed to get Bud up. Buster sat with me as Bud de-grogged a bit, and the three of us eventually headed downstairs for breakfast.

The kids both ate pretty sizable meals, and Bud was ready for school before too long. I played a bit with Buster after M-lady took Bud off. Nanny J arrived at the usual time, and I made the handoff.

Buster apparently did very well with his potty training today. He peed once and pooped twice on the potty. Go Buster!

I got home around 5:00, and found a vigorous sword battle in progress. After I dropped my things, we said goodbye to Nanny J, and the kids handed me a sword and proceeded to involve me. We sat down in front of the TV a little before 6:00, and after setting up Animusic for them, I called in to a work meeting.

The work meeting was short, fortunately, and I was able to start getting dinner ready while I was on the phone with Granddad B. The three of us sat down for dinner around 7:00, just as M-lady arrived home.

M-lady had managed to sign Buster up for a soccer class, which was good, since we've been trying to do that for a while, but his classes keep getting cancelled due to lack of sign-ups. This one is already in progress, though, so he should be all set. The running around outside will be lots of fun.

After dinner, Bud did a quick piano practice, and we played a little bit of Xbox before it was time for snack. The kids protested a little bit, but I got Bud upstairs before too long and we read some books before watching a video and turning out the light. Bud was again upset at lights out time, but fell asleep pretty quickly.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Potty Training Again

We had to start up the school routine again today, so I rolled Bud out of bed around 7:40. After some initial grogginess, he was pretty good about getting ready, and had dressed and eaten breakfast before 8:00. Buster woke around 8:00, and I got him dressed and fed him breakfast while M-lady took Bud to school. Nanny J arrived, and I headed off to work around 9:00.

The day was largely routine, with Bud at school and then his TKD lesson. Nanny J did try to start potty training with Buster, though, and left him diaperless for part of the day. Buster did apparently pee on the potty once, but he also peed in his pants a couple of times as well. Really looking forward to no diapers, though!

I got home around 5:00, and M-lady was home a few minutes later. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and then chatted and played a little bit with the kids. I had a work call to get on at 6:00, so I did that while M-lady watched the kids. They had some fun drumming together, and Bud did his homework and piano practice.

The kids apparently ate reasonable dinners, and they were done by the time I got off my call. I ate my dinner, and played with the kids a little bit (including about 10 minutes of Xbox time) before having a snack and starting the bedtime routine.

Buster was a little resistant to going to bed, and had a little bit of a meltdown when I turned out the light around 8:30. But he was clearly tired, and was fast asleep within about 10 minutes.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

The kids were up this morning around 7:00, and managed to keep themselves occupied upstairs for about an hour. After about 8:00, we heard them wander downstairs and start discovering some of the eggs we'd hidden. M-lady and I got up and headed downstairs to referee the proceedings.

We'd hidden nearly sixty plastic eggs downstairs, some filled with candy, others with stickers. We laid some ground rules for the kids, and they took off with baskets in hand, looking for eggs. I helped Bud out with a couple of the harder ones by playing hot/cold with him. At the end of the hunt, we think the kids found most of the eggs, but we may turn up a couple over the next week.

The kids examined their loot and had some breakfast, and then I headed upstairs to nap a bit. M-lady was also able to snooze on and off, although she helped the kids out as they needed attention. I managed to sleep until about 11:00, and was thoroughly refreshed.

I got up and helped get some lunch for the kids, and then headed out for a bike ride for the afternoon. M-lady was wonderful and watched the kids while I was out. They apparently had a good time, in particular setting up a 'drum circle' in the living room where the two kids stood in the middle of all the drums they had set up and rotated, back to back, banging on the drums.

I got home and helped with the kids having some snacks. After showering, I played with the kids for a short time before we headed downstairs to have some of the dinner which M-lady prepared for us. The kids ate pretty well.

After dinner, we had a nice video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B. Both kids interacted well, and Bud showed off the TKD form he's been learning. After the call, the kids ran around a little more before I suggested we play a little Xbox to settle down before snack time and bed time.

Snack time was pretty quick, with the kids each selecting some candy from their stash and then heading upstairs. Bud was pretty good about getting into PJs, and he and I read a couple of stories and watched a video before bed. Lights were out shortly after 8:30 in anticipation of school tomorrow, and he fell asleep reasonably quickly.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dying Eggs

The kids were up surprisingly early this morning, around 7:00. I managed to get out of bed around 8:00 to get them some breakfast. I made roll-up pancakes, which the kids really enjoyed this time around (they didn't like them last time we tried them). The two of them ate most of a batch this morning, though.

After breakfast, I headed back to bed for a bit. M-lady played with the kids and got ready for her ballet class, and headed out a bit after 10:00. The kids and I played with Lego for a while, and then headed outside to play for a bit.

I worked on my bike while they played, and then joined them for a while. We had fun playing catch, and shooting baskets in the back yard. Bud is tall enough to almost dunk on the hoop right now, so we'll need to move it up a little soon. I don't want to put it out of reach for Buster, though, who can currently sink a shot now and then.

We came in to have some lunch at about 12:30. Bud and I had hotdogs, and Buster had a hotdog bun. I managed to get him to eat some tomatoes as well, but overall his lunch was a little thin.

We played a little bit of Lego Star Wars after lunch, until M-lady arrived home. I headed out for a hair cut after that. Bud continued to play for a bit, and apparently finished a level on his own, which he was very excited about.

After I got home, Bud practiced piano with M-lady, and I played with Buster for a bit. When piano was wrapped up, we all packed up and headed out to Red Robin for dinner. Bud ate well, and Buster mostly eschewed dinner. The kids were well behaved, though.

I got started on hard-boiling some eggs when we got home, and then showered with the kids. After showering and getting into PJs, we all headed downstairs to try dying some Easter eggs for the first time. The process went fairly smoothly, with only one minor dye spill. We turned out six solid colored eggs, and the kids seemed to enjoy the process.

After the eggs were set out to dry, the kids had a snack of apple slices. Buster broke all his slices in half, saying he was a Fruit Ninja. We headed to bed when snack was done.

Buster and I played a couple games on the iPad, read a story, and turned out the light. Buster fell asleep almost immediately; he was pretty tired after a short night last night and no nap today.

Friday, April 22, 2011

iPad Attached

Buster was up first this morning, and M-lady got up with him, getting him dressed and some breakfast. She came back to bed shortly, and I got up a little after 8:00 to get Bud some breakfast, and get a refill for Buster. Nanny J arrived as the kids were finishing up, and I headed off to work.

I got home around 5:00, and after dropping my things we said goodbye to Nanny J. We played some Lego Star Wars III together until M-lady arrived home, and then got dinner together. Buster elected to skip dinner in favor of playing with the iPad.

Bud and I watched a little bit of TV before snack time, while Buster continued to play games and watch videos on the iPad. When snacktime rolled around, I extracted the iPad, much to Buster's dismay. He had a minor meltdown, but finally elected to eat. M-lady had to keep serving him food, as he ate a ton and ended up delaying bedtime a bit.

Buster took a long time to fall asleep once he got to bed, as he'd had a long nap in the afternoon, apparently. He didn't drop off until nearly 10:00.

Bud and I read nursery rhymes from my old Mother Goose book, and watched a little video before turning the light out around 8:45. He fell asleep reasonably quickly.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tuckered Out

Buster was up this morning just before 7:00, and wandered in and crashed on our bed with us for a while. He wandered out again before too long. M-lady got up to get him some breakfast, and a short time later Bud wandered in. I got up around 7:45 and got Bud some breakfast, and a refill for Buster. Nanny J arrived around 8:45, and M-lady departed a short time later. I left a few minutes after she did.

The kids seem to have had a good day. Bud enjoyed his TKD class, but Buster's starting to get restless during the classes. We'll either have to sign him up too, or find some sure-fire entertainment for him.

M-lady got home in time to get the kids from Nanny J. They were just wrapping up dinner when I got home at about 6:15. After settling in a little bit, I played some Lego Star Wars III with the kids before snack time.

The kids had a quick snack, and then I wrestled Buster into his PJs. We read a few stories, watched a few videos, and turned out the light. He didn't do his usual rolling around thing before falling asleep, and passed out almost immediately. He must have been pretty tired out.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back to the Music

The kids were up around 8:00 this morning, and M-lady and I rolled out of bed. M-lady got some breakfast for Buster, and I got dressed with Bud before heading downstairs to get Bud some cereal and provide Buster with a refill.

Nanny J arrived while the boys were eating, and I finished getting ready and headed off to work. I got back around 5:00, and found everyone playing. After I dropped my stuff, we said goodbye to Nanny J. Buster requested playing Lego Rock Band again, so we did that for a bit.

At about 6:00, Bud got ready to go to his piano lesson. He got out of his Jedi robe, gathered his book, and got his shoes on. M-lady arrived shortly and Bud headed out to his lesson with her, which apparently went pretty well.

Buster wanted to continue with Lego Rock Band for a bit, and then we switched to Rock Band 3 at his request. We had a good time, and played a lot of songs.

We watched a few minutes of TV as well before M-lady and Bud returned. We turned off the TV to get dinner started, and Buster had a minor outburst which got him sent to his room. He settled down pretty quickly, and I started getting dinner together with M-lady's help.

Both kids ate pretty well, and had a few minutes to play after dinner. Bud declined his snack, and we read a chapter of Winnie-the-Pooh before watching a few YouTube videos and turning out the light. Bud again selected to sleep on the floor in his sleeping bag tonight.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quick Evening Errand

M-lady had an early meeting this morning, which she took from home. The kids came and rolled me out of bed shortly after 8:00, and I got Buster dressed and got some breakfast for Bud. Nanny J arrived before too long, and I headed off to work around the same time as M-lady.

I got home around 5:00, and had a few minutes to drop my stuff before we said goodbye to Nanny J. The kids and I played a little bit of Lego Rock Band before watching a little TV. M-lady arrived home, and we all had some dinner. The kids requested dinner alternatives (Bud wanted a hot dog, and Buster wanted some yogurt), but they each ate enough of their main dinner that we OK'd the requests.

After dinner, Bud did a piano practice with M-lady, and I took Buster and headed over to Home Depot. Buster and I had a good time, and got everything we needed. We were home just in time for a snack.

Buster had a quick snack (three M&M's), and I got him into PJs. We said goodnight to the others, read a couple stories, and watched a couple videos before turning out the light. Buster apparently didn't have a nap today, and fell asleep pretty quickly. Bud opted to sleep in his bed for the first time in a while.

Monday, April 18, 2011

White Belt

Bud slept in a bit this morning, as he doesn't have school this week, which let M-lady and I snooze an extra half hour as well. Buster eventually wandered in and joined us in bed for a bit.

Both kids had tremendous bedhead this morning. I combed Bud's down before I headed out for work, after Nanny J had arrived.

M-lady took most of the day off work today, and got some errands done in the morning. Bud had a playdate with Friend D, which he really enjoyed, and then went to his Taekwondo class in the afternoon. Since we have officially signed him up for classes, he received his white belt today.

Bud apparently is doing very well, and is scheduled to test for his yellow belt at the end of the month. When I got home around 5:30, he came out the front door to tell me all about his TKD class and show me his belt.

I played with the kids on the computer for a few minutes, and then set them up with an episode of Sesame Street while I got onto a call for work. M-lady had a brief snooze, and then got dinner set up for the kids when the show ended. I joined them as soon as I could, a bit after 7:00.

The kids both ate really good meals, and we almost entirely wiped out our store of leftovers. After dinner, I let Bud show me a bunch of he TKD, and showed him some Kung Fu at his request. That took us right up to snack time.

The kids had a quick snack, and I read a couple stories and watched a video with Bud. Buster and M-lady apparently had a disagreement on the number of videos they would watch, and Buster had a bit of a meltdown. He finally compromised with M-lady a bit, and headed for bed a little bit later. Bud opted to sleep in his sleeping bag again this evening.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Show Experiment

The kids were up today around 8:00ish, and M-lady got up with them. I got out of bed around 9:00, and got some breakfast for the kids. They ate pretty well.

After breakfast, we got dressed, and I got started on finalizing our taxes. The kids sat with me for a bit, and watched Sesame Street on the computer. They eventually headed downstairs with M-lady to get some lunch.

Around noon we started getting ready to go see Stomp, which was playing in San Jose. We took a chance and bought 4 tickets, in the hope that Buster would dig it. We managed to get to the show a few minutes before curtain.

Buster was not happy. I think the large space (we were on the balcony), the crowd, and the high volume all intimidated him a bit. After the second number I took him out to the lobby, where we waited for the rest of the show. Bud had a great time, though, and really enjoyed the show tremendously.

We headed home after the show, and had a nice video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B. Buster showed off some of his Ninjago moves, which includes spinning until he falls over. It was pretty funny.

After chatting I played with Buster a little bit more on the computer, and worked around him a little bit. That took us to dinner time before we knew it.

M-lady prepared fried rice for dinner, and the kids both ate large portions. After dinner, I showered both kids, and we watched a little bit of TV before snack time. That led to bed time, and both kids were very amenable. Bud and M-lady read stories together, and I read a few stories with Buster before turning out the light shortly after 8:00. Buster fell asleep reasonably quickly. Bud decided to sleep on the floor again in his sleeping bag. He's off school this week, so maybe we'll set up a tent in his room for him.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Birthday

Buster was up around 7:30, and Bud a short time later. The kids mostly left us alone until about 8:00, at which point they came in and jumped on us, and Bud demanded breakfast. He was already dressed.

I got breakfast for Bud, and got Buster dressed, and then got myself ready for a bike ride. I headed out around 8:45, with the kids promising to be good for M-lady while I was out.

They apparently had a very good time. They headed to the library, CostCo, and the mall. They had lunch at the latter, and had their feet measured for new shoes. It turned out neither of them needed new shoes, so they deferred for a bit. The kids both ate a solid lunch, and apparently had a nice video chat with Ama and Agu as well.

I got home a bit after 2:00, and found M-lady working on cupcakes for the evening. After I'd had a snack and a shower, I played with the kids for a bit. We had a great video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, and that took us right up to the time where I needed to start working on preparing dinner.

Aunt O, Uncle C, and Cousin C arrived a few minutes later, and the kids immediately started in on an epic lightsaber and sword battle. They kept up a high-paced shrieking runaround for about half an hour. Eventually, we settled them down a little with an episode of Penguins right before dinner.

The kids ate a bit. Bud did the best, while Buster and Cousin C had had large snacks in the afternoon, and mostly skipped dinner. We had cupcakes a bit after dinner, and then Buster got to open a couple of gifts from the visitors. We played a little bit of Lego Rock Band before it was time for our guests to head home.

The evening wrapped up pretty quickly, with a brief game of Kinectimals before snack and bedtime. The kids were pretty worn out from playing, so they were amenable to the bedtime routine. Bud decided to sleep on the floor of his room in the sleeping bag which arrived from Granddad B and Grandma Nese... we'll see if he stays there all night.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Dance Lesson

Buster slept in a little bit this morning, but the rest of us got going as usual. I got some breakfast for Bud, and for Buster a bit later, and then headed out a bit after 8:00 to a doctor's appointment. Nanny J arrived a little early so that M-lady didn't need to take Buster to drop Bud off at school.

Bud had a play date with Friend D in the afternoon, which apparently went pretty well. Friend D lent Bud some Bakugan figures, which Bud played with for most of the afternoon.

M-lady arrived home around the time I did, at 5:00. She immediately shuttled Bud off to piano, while I dropped my stuff and Buster and I said goodbye to Nanny J. We watched a little bit of TV, and were joined by Bud when he got back from his lesson. M-lady reported that he did very well.

Buster protests a little bit when we turned the TV off, but ate a solid dinner a short time later. Our guests arrived bearing Chinese take out at about 7:00. Friend P and her fiance D had dinner with us, and Bud seemed to enjoy the food although he wanted to eat in a different room, being a bit shy. Buster sat at the table with us, but didn't eat much.

After dinner, the kids each had a cookie and I worked on getting them into bed. I was able to tuck them in, and then M-lady and I tried to teach our guests a dance lesson for their wedding. It ended up that one of us would teach, and the other would try to keep Buster in bed, and we tag-teamed a bit. Buster absolutely wanted to see what was going on, and even came down and watched for a bit when it was clear that he wasn't going to stay in bed.

Our guests departed at about 9:30, and M-lady sat with Buster while I sat with Bud, who'd also been kept awake by the noise of the dance lesson and Buster's giggling. Both kids fell asleep pretty quickly once the house quieted down.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Buster woke this morning right at about 7:30, and was very excited and cheerful. We wished him a Happy Birthday, and I think he sort of understood that today was special for him. We gave him one of his presents (a small Lego set), which kept both him and his brother occupied most of the morning.

The kids had a quick breakfast (in order to play with the minifigs more), and then I took them both to drop Bud off at school while M-lady headed in to work. I came home with Bud, and we played for a few more minutes before Nanny J arrived and I headed out to work.

The kids had a good day. Bud participated in his class Egg Drop today, but didn't managed to get his package opened again until after I got home. We discovered, sadly, that his egg didn't survive. It was a good try, though.

Nanny J took Bud to his TKD class in the afternoon, and M-lady met them there in the hopes of getting Bud signed up so he could get his white belt. Bud was pretty excited. Unfortunately, there was a little bit of a mix up, and while M-lady did get Bud signed up for classes, he won't get his white belt until Monday. Bud was a little disappointed, but not dramatically so.

I got home around 5:15, and we all said goodbye to Nanny J. Buster wanted to watch Animusic, so I set that up for the kids and got started on making some cookie dough. We gave Buster a few more of his presents after the show ended, and Bud helped him with another little Lego set. Buster was having a good time.

Bud ate a good dinner, but Buster deferred. When the cookies were ready, Buster had a couple after eating a minimalist dinner. Bud has a couple as well. Buster had a bit if a meltdown when we refused him a third cookie, and headed upstairs for bedtime.

M-lady got Buster ready for bed, and I read stories with Bud. We read another chapter of The Hobbit before turning out the light a bit after 8:30.

Happy Birthday, Buster! You're a big three-year-old now!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Egg Drop Prep

I rolled Bud out of bed around 7:30, and he was pretty good about doing the standard morning routine, although he read a few chapters of The Boxcar Children along the way. M-lady took Bud to school at about 8:15. Buster didn't wake up until after Nanny J arrived, at about 9:00ish.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I got home around 5:00, and we said goodbye to Nanny J. I played Lego Indiana Jones with Buster while Bud finished up his homework, and then played the newLego Star Wars III with Bud. Unfortunately, the new game seems a little tougher, and Bud and I haven't had the time to make it all the way through a level yet. We're getting closer, though.

At about 6:00, M-lady arrived home and I jumped on a call for work. Fortunately, the call was short I was able to re-engage pretty quickly. We had leftovers for dinner, and Bud ate really, really well.

After dinner, Bud and I worked on his egg drop submission for an event at school tomorrow. The requirement was to package in less than 7" cubed, so I found a small packing box and we went the bubble-wrap and styrofoam peanuts route. Bud had a great time with the bubble wrap.

Bud and M-lady decorated the box, and that took us right up to snack time. The kids had a quick snack, and we did the bedtime routine. M-lady read some stories with Bud, and I read with Buster. Buster did get a nap today, and was in a pretty good mood during the evening, but didn't fall asleep until about 9:30.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Evening Of Play

Bud had a special 'field day' at school today, and so his class was delayed from 8:30 to about 10:00. Consequently, he got to sleep in. Buster was up a bit after 7:30, and followed M-lady downstairs to get some breakfast while I got ready for work and headed out shortly after 8:00.

Bud had a good time at field day, although Buster missed his nap (again). M-lady got home in time to pick up the kids from Nanny J, and I stopped by the grocery store on the way home to pick up a couple of items.

A few minutes after I arrived home, our two dinner guests arrived. They are coworkers of M-lady, in town for the week. I got started on a couple of items for the grill, while Bud ran up to his room for a little while. Buster was willing to play with the new guests almost immediately.

Bud came down a little later, probably because Buster sounded like he was having a good time. Both kids had a good time with the guests while M-lady and I popped our heads in now and then and attended to dinner.

It took longer to grill the roast than I expected, and we got dinner on the table around 7:30. Everyone ate well. Bud even ate some of the tri-tip. Dinner wrapped up pretty late, but the guests wanted to see the Kinect, so we had the kids show that to them. Bud had fun showing off Kinectimals, and Buster got to play a bit, too.

I took them upstairs to get ready for bed, and Buster protested for a couple of minutes. He was good about getting into PJs pretty quickly, though, and I read a couple of stories to the kids before tucking Bud and Buster into bed. We didn't get the lights out until almost 9:00, but Buster fell asleep pretty much immediately. He needs to get a few naps in, I think.

Monday, April 11, 2011

No Chicken

Bud was up and dressed and reading in his room by the time I got out of bed around 7:30. I went ahead and got myself ready, and then got Bud some breakfast. Buster slept in a little bit, waking near 8:00. Bud and I headed out for school a short time later.

The kids had a good day. Bud enjoyed his TKD class again, and as his trial period is about to end, we'll be signing him up for continuing lessons. I'm glad he's getting into martial arts. We'll see how long before Buster insists on taking classes as well.

M-lady arrived home in time to say goodbye to Nanny J, and I got home a bit before 6:00. After dropping my things, I set the kids up to watch a little TV while I called in to a late meeting. M-lady got dinner for the kids around the time their show ended.

Buster had a bowl of veggies and rice made up for him, with a little piece of chicken on the side (about half-a-bite-sized). Buster refused to eat the meal with the chicken there. When I joined dinner, Buster sat on his chair continuing in his refusal. I extracted the piece of chicken, and he hungrily devoured his broccoli.

After dinner, we played a little bit of the new Xbox game that Bud received for his birthday from Aunt RuggerMom and family. We had a good time, although it ran a little long. We started snack time around 8:00, and did a hurried bedtime routine. I read a story to Bud while he got into PJs, and we turned out the light around 8:30.

Buster has missed his nap three days in a row now (weekend plus TKD today), and was a bit grumpy in the evening. He had a minor meltdown after dinner, but joined Bud and I again to watch the gaming for a bit before bedtime.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pleasant Sunday

M-lady took care of the kids this morning, which was nice. She got up and got them some breakfast (Buster required two). I got up around 9:00, and she headed back to bed for a little while.

The kids and I played and read stories for a bit, and played on the computer for a while. At about 10:00 I started getting ready to go for a bike ride, and M-lady joined us again.

I headed out a short time later, and M-lady played with the kids a bit. They were still hanging out together when I got home around lunch time.

We all had a nice lunch together. After lunch, we played together for a short time before we packed up and headed out to run some errands. M-lady took the kids to the grocery store, and I hit the hardware store and ran to Toys 'R Us to look for some birthday presents for Buster. The kids were apparently very cute at the store, and M-lady received some comments from other shoppers to that effect. The kids played outside for a while after they got home, and had just come in to have a snack when I arrived home.

I was successful at Toys 'R Us, and we think Buster will be pleased. I was less successful at Home Depot, but I didn't know it at the time. When I got home, I tried to replace the burned out lightbulbs in our bathroom and discovered that I'd purchased the wrong length.

Bud had a virtual playdate with Cousin LR, so we fired that up. We were able to do a video chat with Aunt RuggerMom, Cousin LR, the Twins, and Uncle D while Bud and Cousin LR played Lego Star Wars together. The kids had a good time playing together, and I had a nice chat with RuggerMom.

We got started on dinner not too long after finishing up the game. M-lady and I made french toast, which the kids enjoyed. After dinner, Bud did a solid piano rehearsal while I played with Buster.

We watched some TV before doing showers. Both kids were pretty good in the shower, and we got in and out fairly quickly. The kids got into PJs, and we did snack time and bedtime. The kids both had cereal for snack, and I read a few stories and watched a few vids with Buster before bed. Buster fell asleep really quickly, within about 20 minutes. Both kids have slept solidly so far this evening.

Saturday, April 09, 2011


Buster woke me up at about 7:00, but was willing to let me tuck him back into bed, as has become usual recently. I noticed as I was tucking him back in that his face and hands were caked with dried blood. He'd apparently had a nosebleed at some point during the night, although there was no fresh blood anywhere. I got him cleaned up, and noted a couple of spots on the sheets to wash later.

Buster finally succeeded in getting me out of bed around 8:00. I played with him in his room for a little while, and then got him dressed and headed downstairs to get him some breakfast. He ate a huge amount, and then ran off to play a bit as Bud came downstairs for some breakfast.

Bud headed back up to his room to play Lego, and Buster watched a little bit of TV. At about 11:00, we packed up and headed out to run some errands and hit the mall. I was looking forward to getting a big Lego set for myself as a reward for keeping things together this week.

We had a nice lunch together at the mall, and then hit the Lego store. The kids each picked out a little Ninjago set (they picked the same one), but the robotics set I wanted wasn't in stock. The kids were happy with their sets, though, and we wandered back through the mall and headed home.

The kids built their sets when we got home. I helped Buster with his, but Buster spent most of the rest of the day disassembling and reassembling the two minifigs from the set. It kept him entertained for hours.

We had a couple of nice video chats with the grandparents, which the kids participated in a bit. After that we headed outside to play for a while. The kids had a good time running around while I cleaned up a little bit, and then had a blast as I washed my very muddy mountain bike. They both helped dry it off as well. We headed in after being outside for about two hours.

We watched a little bit of TV together before M-lady arrived home. We were all pretty excited and happy to be reunited. We got started on dinner at about 6:00, which overall went fairly well. Buster had a minor meltdown at the end, and then started falling asleep in his seat. He was pretty worn out after skipping his nap today. He eventually woke enough to play a bit before snack and bedtime, though.

M-lady did the bedtime routine with Buster, and I read some stories and watched a few videos with Bud. Both kids fell asleep pretty quickly, and have slept soundly so far.

We're thrilled to all be together again!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Successful Friday Evening

Buster woke a bit before 7:00 this morning, but was willing to be tucked back into bed, where he waited until almost 7:30. I got Bud up around then, and we did the usual morning routine. Nanny J arrived as Buster was finishing up breakfast, a little earlier than usual, and I took Bud off to school.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I got home around 4:30, and the kids were having their baths. After they were cleaned up, I loaded them into the car and we said goodbye to Nanny J for the weekend. We headed over to Bud's piano lesson, where he did a good job and Buster kept himself entertained with an iPhone.

We ordered a pizza and picked it up on the way home, and all enjoyed dinner together. After dinner we watched an episode of Little Einsteins and played some Lego Star Wars before we got to snack time. The kids snacked on fruit and cereal before we headed up for bed.

The kids were good for the bedtime routine, and we all read a few stories and watched videos together. I was able to tuck Bud into bed around 8:30, and Buster a few minutes later. Buster drifted off to sleep a bit after 9:00.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Temporary Dinner Contention

Both kids slept through the night again, which was nice. Buster was up just before 7:30, and wandered into Bud's room before I could stop him. So Bud was up around the same time.

M-lady called around 7:45, right after I'd gotten Buster dressed, and we had a nice video chat. Both kids came to say hi, and it was great to see her for a few minutes. But we had to continue to get ready for school, so we signed off after a few minutes.

Both kids ate a solid breakfast, and we all loaded up and headed off to school. Buster now requires that I let him ride on my shoulders as we walk from the car to the classroom and back.

Buster requested a second breakfast when we got home, and was munching away when Nanny J arrived. The house cleaners arrived a short time later, and I headed off for work.

The kid seem to have had a good day. I got home around 5:00, and Bud immediately showed me the first part of a form he started learning in TKD. It looks similar to the first form of many martial arts, focusing on executing different kinds of blocks. Bud was pretty excited about it.

I dropped my things, and we said goodbye to Nanny J. The kids watched an episode of Little Einsteins while I wrapped up some work items. We played some Lego Star Wars together after that.

I got dinner together while Bud and Buster continued to play, and then called them to the table when dinner was ready (after fair warning). Buster got upset and threw his controller, so I sent him to his room where he screamed for almost 20 minutes. Bud declined to eat his dinner, but didn't want to practice piano either, so sat at the table unhappily while I ate.

After I finished, Bud eventually decided that it was OK to eat some broccoli, and his dinner progressed happily after that. Then Buster cried himself out, and came downstairs to eat as well. I supplemented their dinners with a quesadilla, which they both enjoyed.

Bud played for a few minutes after dinner, and then ran through his piano pieces. I haven't been able to do his piano practice with him every day this week, but he's sounding reasonably good. I then played some other stuff on the piano with him, and we had a good time.

We played on the iPad for a few minutes before snack time. I made some popcorn for a snack, and the kids enjoyed that with some apple slices. I got Buster into PJs while Bud got himself into PJs, and we read some stories together and watched a couple of YouTube clips. I was able to tuck Bud in, and then sit with Buster for a while. Buster didn't drop off to sleep until about 9:30, but has slept solidly since then.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Busy Evening

Buster woke around 7:00, and wandered into my room. We headed downstairs while he was still in his PJs so he could say goodbye to Ama and Agu, who were having breakfast. Buster decided to have breakfast with them.

Bud got up a short time later, and read books in his room. At about 7:30, we had a video call from M-lady, and Buster was really excited to see her. Bud stayed holed up in his room. Ama and Agu got to see her as well right before they left.

We said goodbye to M-lady and Ama and Agu all shortly after 7:30. Bud eventually got dressed and headed downstairs for breakfast. Buster had a second breakfast, and we all packed up and headed off to school at about 8:15. I was able to make it home with Buster a bit after 8:30, and we had fun playing together for a few minutes before Nanny J arrived.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I got home around 5:00, and we packed up to make a run to the grocery store. Nanny J helped Buster get his socks on, and then we said goodbye to her as we all headed out the door. The kids were good and patient on the grocery run, and we made it home just after 6:00.

I had a call to get on at 6:00, so I set the kids up watching Little Einsteins and dialed in as I was putting groceries away. Bud was pretty hungry, though, so I ended up dropping off the call after about 40 minutes and getting dinner together. We collectively made a solid dent in the leftovers.

After dinner, Bud finished up his homework for the week, and we even had time to play for almost half an hour before snack time. I ran around with the kids a little bit to try and wear them out (with little perceived effect). Snack time came up at 7:45, and the kids had cereal. Buster ate a huge amount at snack time, so I clearly need to sell dinner a little more.

Bud was good about getting into PJs on his own, and Buster was good about letting me get him into PJs. We all read a couple of stories together, and then watched a couple of quick YouTube clips before going to bed. Bud was good about turning in, and I sat with Buster for a while. I left Buster a bit after 9:00, and he got up looking for me a couple of times with naughty giggles as I chased him back to bed. He didn't finally fall asleep until about 9:45, so I expect him to be hard to wake up tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Bud was up this morning shortly after 7:00, and Buster was up a few minutes later. Bud got himself ready to go with Ama and Agu's help, and got some breakfast with them. Buster wandered into my room, then back to his own room to 'rest' for a little bit. He eventually let Agu get him dressed, and had some breakfast around 8:00 this morning. I headed out with Bud to take him to school at about 8:15.

The kids seem to have had a good day. Buster went to a soccer class, but the class was canceled due to poor attendance. We'll have to try and find something else for him to do. He did show some interest in joining Bud's TKD class the last time he was there.

I got home around 5:00. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and I played with the kids for a bit while Ama and Agu took a walk. Bud was pretty good about doing some of his homework, and Buster had fun playing with the iPad.

When the grandparents got back, we all had dinner. Buster stormed up to his room once at the beginning of dinner, and we were left to puzzle out why he was angry. He made his way back down before too long, though, and ate some peas.

After dinner Ama shared her chocolates with us, which the kids really liked. After dinner, I had the kids show Ama and Agu the Kinect. Buster went first, playing Kinectimals. He had a lot of fun, and the grandparents were impressed with his ability to manipulate the game. I still haven't managed to set up a profile for him, since it requires him to stand still a bit, but I think he may be able to sign on by himself.

Bud played next, and showed more significant mastery of the interface. I got a turn as well, playing some of the Kinect Adventures game. That took us to snack time.

Bud had a good snack, but Buster had a minor meltdown and ended up going straight to bed. Bud got himself into PJs, and said goodnight and goodbye to Ama and Agu, who will leave for home early tomorrow morning. I read a few stories to Bud, and we turned out the light around 8:30.

Buster got out of bed a few times, and I sat with him after saying goodnight to Bud. He fell asleep before 9:00.

We'll miss having Ama and Agu here to play with! I wish them a safe drive home tomorrow, and I'll have to find some evening entertainment for the kids. Maybe we can play outside tomorrow when I get home, since it's light almost until bedtime now.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Performance Night

I rolled Bud out of bed shortly after 7:30, and Buster was up a few minutes later. After I got myself dressed, I saw to getting Buster dressed while Ama helped Bud out of bed.

Ama got some breakfast for the kids. Bud was ready to go to school in plenty of time, and we headed out a bit early. It was cool, but the day warmed up to be fairly warm. The dropoff was fine, and I headed off to work while Ama and Agu kept an eye on Buster until Nanny J arrived.

Everyone apparently went to Bud's TKD class together, where Bud did very well. It seems he may be approaching getting his white belt, which will require a parent to be present. I'll have to figure out how I can take him to a class before too long.

I got home around 5:00, and we said goodbye to Nanny J a short time later. Ama and Agu prepared dinner while Bud got changed out of his Jedi outfit and I played Lego with Buster. Both kids ate a reasonable dinner around 6:00.

At about 7:00, we headed back to Bud's school for a music concert he was performing in. Kids from all classes took the stage, with the kindergarteners in front. We got there a bit early, which was good because we got seats and the place ended up being totally packed.

Bud did a pretty good job singing. At least, I could see his mouth moving. They projected the words to the songs on a big screen for the kids, and I'm sure that helped. The program was about half an hour long.

Buster was really patient, and I managed to keep him fairly occupied for some of the show with my iPhone. The show wrapped at about 8:00, and we all headed home. I congratulated Bud on a good performance, and Buster on being well behaved in the audience. Both kids got pieces of cake at home as a treat.

The bedtime routine quickly followed the cake, as it was getting past bedtime. Agu read stories to Bud to put him to bed, and I read stories and watched a couple videos with Buster. He took a long time to fall asleep, as he apparently had a 3 hour nap during the day. He finally drifted off around 9:45.

Sunday, April 03, 2011


M-lady and Ama and Agu handled the kids this morning, which let me sleep in a bit. Bud apparently didn't eat breakfast until fairly late. I got up around 10:00, and watched as M-lady did her final packing for her trip. We all said goodbye to her as she headed out the door a bit after 10:30.

I played with the kids a little bit, and then made a couple of phone calls as the kids played outside with Ama and Agu. They had a good time with the bubble wands that the grandparents had brought for them. Buster apparently did very well with the wand.

We had lunch when they came in. Buster had his usual, but Bud had a grilled cheese sandwich with thin apple slices in it that Ama made for him. He seemed to like it. After lunch I rested for a short time while the kis wore the grandparents out.

At about 2:00, I set Buster up with a DVD, and took Bud off to his Friend J's birthday party held at the Jungle. Bud doesn't get a chance to see Friend J very often, but they seems the closest of friends whenever they do get together. They had a good time tearing around the Jungle together. There was the usual pizza and cake, and Bud left thoroughly satisfied.

Buster hadn't napped, but was in good spirits when we returned. I was able to rest just a little more before we had dinner. Buster ate a huge amount at dinner, apparently from lack of snacking in the afternoon. He seems to really like cauliflower, too.

After dinner I bathed the kids, and Agu helped get Buster into PJs. The kids and I watched a little TV before snack time while the grandparents went for a walk. They returned right as we were getting ready for bed. I got Bud tucked in while Agu read a story to Buster. When I checked on Buster around 8:30, he was already sound asleep. Bud went to sleep on his own a short time later.

Already missing you M-lady! Hope you have a smooth flight and arrives safely.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

New Robes

The kids were up around 8:00ish, and M-lady was kind enough to watch them for a bit. I got up around 9:30 and did the usual helping out. Around 11:45 I got Buster some lunch at his request, and then headed for bed again, still feeling the effects of the cold I've had for the past few days.

M-lady got lunch for Bud, and a short time later they headed out to visit Aunt O, Uncle C, and Cousin C. It was Cousin C's birthday, and the kids apparently had a good time. I hear Buster has gotten very cagey about getting in line early for cake. I'm sorry I didn't make it, but I clearly needed the sleep, as I stayed sacked out for more than three hours. I did some picking up when I came to, and the family arrived home soon after. Buster had napped in the car for a few minutes, but woke when they got home.

M-lady headed out again to run some errands, and Ama and Agu arrived a few minutes before she got back. The kids and I helped them get settled, and they got started on making dinner pretty quickly. The kids ate a pretty good meal, and the evening routine was fairly standard.

Bud has outgrown his old Jedi robe, so M-lady and Agu worked to make him a new one in the evening. It turned out well, and Bud was really happy with it before bed. I believe he's handing his old robe on to the next class of Jedi, Buster. I'm looking forward to seeing the both of them in their robes together.

Friday, April 01, 2011

A Minor Crouping

Buster woke with a light case of croup around 11:00 or so. We were able to medicate and get him back to breathing comfortably after a few hours. He didn't have a lot of stridor, so it wasn't too bad. After sitting with him in the bathroom for while with the shower running, we watched some TV downstairs before he headed back to bed and slept the rest of the night.

The morning was fairly standard. I got Bud set to go, and then took him to school. M-lady stayed home with Buster, and made a doctor's appointment for him at 11:15. Nanny J arrived shortly after Bud and I headed out, and we discovered that Nanny J had come down with the cold, too.

The doctor let us know that Buster was basically on the tail end of his cold, and there wasn't much more to do other than wait it out. As long as he's got symptoms, however, we'll be medicating him against nightly croup attacks.

M-lady headed for work around 1:00, and Buster went down for a nap a short time later. I got home around 2:00, and jumped on a phone call. Nanny J headed out around 2:30, and Bud entertained himself with the Lego Ninjago website while I wrapped up my call.

We watched a little bit of Star Wars Episode I while I finished up my work for the day. I got Buster up from his nap at about 4:30, and M-lady came to pick Bud up for his piano lesson a bit before 5:00.

Buster and I had fun hanging out, and he played on the Sesame Street website a little bit before M-lady and Bud got back home. I got dinner going a short time later, and Bud and I ate together.

After dinner, we hung out together a bit. Buster eventually had a bowl of cereal for dinner. Snack time came up before too long, and bedtime after that. Bud was good about going to bed. I sat with Buster until he fell asleep, which took a very long time, due to his long nap during the day. Hopefully he'll sleep a little more peacefully tonight.