Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Adventures

The kids were up around 7:30 again this morning, and we had a fairly standard routine. M-lady took Bud to school, and I hung out with Buster for a while. Buster decided to have breakfast shortly after they left, and was just finishing up when Nanny J arrived.

I got home around 5:00, and after dropping my stuff and saying goodbye to Nanny J, Bud asked me to play adventures with him again. He asked if I wanted to have a jungle or a forest adventure, and I opted for a desert adventure. So we crawled across the living room desert a few times, and outran a sandstorm.

We eventually headed to watch an episode of The Backyardigans, during which M-lady arrived home. We ended up chatting and playing with the kids for a while, and having dinner relatively late.

Bud ate a solid dinner, but Buster deferred. After dinner, M-lady and I were able to chat for a bit while the kids entertained themselves for a bit. I eventually gathered them up to have a snack.

Buster ate a pretty solid dinner at nap time, and M-lady did the bedtime routine with him. I put Bud to bed, and we read some books together. His reading skills have gotten really, really good. The only words that gave him some trouble tonight were 'receive' and 'tongue'.

Both kids were asleep shortly after 9:00, and have slept well so far this evening.

Monday, August 30, 2010


M-lady had an early meeting this morning, so was up before any of us. I rolled out of bed around 7:30, and as I was blinking, Bud walked in fully dressed. He was afraid he'd overslept, I think perhaps because he heard M-lady talking in the next room. I assured him he wasn't late and started getting myself ready.

Buster woke around the same time, but was content reading books in his crib. Bud and I got some breakfast, and as Bud was ready to go around 8:00, we decided to walk to school this morning rather than drive. It was a pleasant walk, which took less than fifteen minutes, so we arrived in plenty of time. Bud was happy to be going to school, and headed in without reserve when the door opened.

While I was out, M-lady had gotten Buster dressed, and he was up and about. I headed off to work around the time Nanny J arrived.

The kids seem to have had a good day. The were running around, and Bud informed me that the were having 'adventures', and that I should drop my stuff and have adventures with them. After Nanny J left, we ran around a little bit, having adventures, I suppose.

We watched a little bit of TV, and then the kids played with dominoes for a bit while I got some dinner ready. The kids ate pretty well. After dinner, Bud and I got started on his first official homework assignment: writing his name five times on lined paper, with the proper capitalization. We worked on his lower-case 'r's a little bit, and then he knocked out three names before taking a short break, and then finishing up.

We headed upstairs and got both kids into PJs, and then came back down for a snack. M-lady arrived home as the kids were working on snacks, so was able to help with the second part of Bud's homework assignment: he's suppose to read or be read to 10 minutes per day. We read as much as a half hour each evening, so that shouldn't be a problem.

I read a couple stories to Buster, and he was in bed a few minutes earlier than usual. Both fell asleep without fuss, and have slept quietly so far.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Zoo and Errands

The kids were up around 7:30ish again, and M-lady got up with them to get them breakfast around 8:30. I got up and joined them at about 9:00.

The kids were OK with the idea of going to Happy Hollow today. The park didn't open until 10:00, however, so we had a video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese before we left. The kids got involved occasionally, and we had a nice chat.

We arrived at Happy Hollow around 10:30, and had a good time. We hit the lower zoo first. The capybaras were not in their enclosure today, as there are apparently some baby capybaras, which we look forward to seeing on a future visit. We also witnessed one of the parrots make an escape attempt, climbing down from his perch and heading out onto the paths. He immediately drew a crowd, so after ambling about a bit, headed back to the enclosure to gain a little altitude.

After the lower zoo, we wandered around the amusement park section, where Buster elected to go on one of the rides. Bud decided to sit out, so we all watched Bud ride a small carousel-style car ride. He was grim-faced for the entire event, but claimed that he enjoyed the ride and had fun.

The kids got a chance to run around a bit, and we wandered through the upper zoo, then headed home to have lunch. The kids ate pretty well, and we played a bit after lunch. M-lady went out to run some errands, and I hung out with the kids in Bud's room for a bit, where they played Lego. We were playing Sesame Street games on the computer when M-lady arrived home.

I took Buster out to get groceries, and he was good during the trip. He did ask for a bag of pretzels, but otherwise didn't pull anything off the shelves. We headed home, and Bud helped M-lady and me unload the groceries.

I watched a little bit of TV with the kids before getting dinner ready. Bud really got into the Sunday Night Football game, oddly enough, as he's shown less interest in watching football recently. The kids ate well, having skipped an afternoon snack. After dinner, we had a nice video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B, and then piled into the shower. We then had a short time for snack and bedtime. Bud and I read more Winnie-the-Pooh, and the light was out around 8:30.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Out and About

The kids were up around 7:30, but were willing to let M-lady and I lounge for an hour or so before we got up. Of course, they jumped on us a bit in the bed, but it wasn't too bad. I got up a bit before 9:00 to get the kids started on some breakfast.

The kids ate well, and played for a bit while M-lady had some breakfast and I started getting ready for a bike ride. The kids and M-lady did some negotiating about what they were going to do, and eventually decided on running errands rather than going to Happy Hollow. I headed out on my ride a little before 11:00, before the rest of the family had headed out.

They went to the mall to run an errand and get some lunch, where the kids got Happy Meal toys. The kids were apparently incredibly well behaved, and also went along to CostCo and the library, where Bud got a new set of books.

They got home a bit after 2:00, after I'd already gotten home and had some lunch. The kids and I played outside for a bit, and then loaded up in my car to run a quick trip to Fry's. The kids were great in the store, and while they both wanted to walk on their own, neither strayed far.

We picked M-lady up at home, and headed out to dinner. It was pretty early, so the kids actually didn't eat very much, but we had a pleasant meal. Afterward, we headed home, where the kids spent the evening running around at high speed. M-lady managed to contain Bud for a while to practice piano, and I managed a short nap.

I started snack time a little early, since they didn't eat much dinner and Buster didn't have a nap. Buster did end up eating a pretty good snack, and was showing signs of fatigue when he was done. He was very cooperative through the bedtime routine, and fell asleep pretty quickly when the lights went out.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Go Chargers

The kids were up by 7:30 again today, and Bud didn't have any problem getting ready to go. Buster and I played together and read some stories after M-lady took Bud to school, and Nanny J arrived at the usual time. I headed for work soon after.

Bud had his piano lesson again today, so he and M-lady were off at that when I arrived home. The Chargers pre-season football game had started right around the time I got home, so Buster and I turned it on after saying goodbye to Nanny J. Buster asked about his jersey, so he and I put our Chargers jerseys on to watch the game.

When Bud and M-lady got home, Bud also donned his jersey and joined the game watch. The kids eventually tired of the game and entertain themselves for a bit while I got dinner ready and M-lady rested a bit. The kids ate a solid dinner a bit earlier than usual, so we had a fair amount of time to play before snack time.

I pulled out their old small football, and the kids had a great time running around with it. We expended a fair amount of energy before bedtime. Snack time went pretty quickly, and Bud and I read some more Winnie-the-Pooh before turning out the light.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Preparing For Quizes

We all got started a little before 7:30 this morning. Bud was reluctant to leave his Lego to get some breakfast, but did manage to be ready to go to school in time. M-lady took him to school, where the dropoff went fine. Buster was playing happily with Nanny J when I headed for work.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I got home around 5:00, and we said goodbye to Nanny J. I played with the kids a little bit, but I had a bit of a stomach cramp which had been plaguing me during the afternoon, so I begged off on our usual roughhousing. We watched an episode of Little Einsteins, and I did my best to avoid being climbed on.

M-lady arrived home and got dinner together, and the kids ate pretty well. Bud again reported having a great day at school, although he was still a little sketchy on the details. We talked to him a bit about trying to remember his day, and perhaps thinking over it on the walk home so he has something to tell us at dinner time.

After dinner we played together a little bit, and then did the snack and bedtime routine. Buster was good about getting ready for bed, and we had a good time reading stories before turning the light out. He fell asleep within about 15 minutes of turning out the light.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The kids seemed to be up really early this morning. M-lady got up with them initially. Bud was reading in our bed when I got up a little after 7:00, and Buster was looking at books in his crib.

It was warm already in the morning, so Buster declined to put a shirt on when getting ready. Bud had to wear a shirt, since he was going to school. We had a pretty standard getting ready for school routine, and I took Bud to school at about 8:15. The drop off went fine, and I headed off to work.

The kids seem to have had a good day. They were both shirtless when I got home a little after 5:00. I dropped my stuff and we said goodbye to Nanny J, and then the kids wrestled with me until we all decided it was too hot. Bud and I watched some TV until dinnertime, and Buster played with Bud's Lego.

M-lady hit on the brilliant idea of having cold sandwiches for dinner, which went over well. Both kids ate well. After dinner, Bud practiced piano with M-lady, and I played with trains with Buster for a short time before they both arranged furniture and toys in the living room to have a ship.

Snack time rolled around eventually, and then bed time. Bud was reasonably cooperative going to bed, but took a long time to fall asleep, most likely due to the heat. Fortunately it's not quite as bad as it was last night, so I expect it to cool off during the later evening and be a bit more reasonable tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Doc Kit

I took Bud to school today for the first time. The morning was pretty straightforward, and Bud was ready in time to even do a quick piano practice with M-lady before heading off to school. I drove him over to class, and he happily headed inside when the door opened.

The kids seem to have had a good day, although the weather was brutally hot. When I got home a little after 5:00, we said goodbye to Nanny J, and then tried to lie low and not generate any extra heat. We watched a little TV before M-lady arrived home.

Bud told me he had a great day at school, but I wasn't able to extract much more information from him. He apparently had an assembly today, where the principal introduced all the teachers to the kids. We also forgot that the kids get out fifteen minutes early on Tuesday, so Nanny J was a little late picking him up. Apparently most of the kids in class were picked up late, though, so we weren't the only ones who forgot.

I asked Buster if he'd worn his new shoes today, and he happily replied in the affirmative. He confirmed that they were comfortable as well, so that was good. Buster ended up jumping on me a bit as I lay on the floor of the living room before dinner, while Bud played with his Lego.

Bud created a "doctor's kit" out of Lego with a stethoscope, syringe, ophthalmoscope, and band-aids. It was impressively creative and surprisingly well executed. We may have to pick up a copy of Creationary and see if he likes it.

Buster didn't have dinner with the rest of us, but when he did decide to eat, he ate well. Bud got another quick piano practice in with M-lady between dinner and snack time, and Buster's dinner ran right into snack time. The kids had snack and we headed up for bed around 8:00. The house was still pretty hot, but the kids fell asleep without too much trouble.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Shoe Practice

M-lady had an early meeting this morning, so I helped Bud get dressed and get some breakfast. Buster was content to play in his crib for a bit. After Bud left for school with M-lady, I focused on getting Buster up and ready. He allowed me to change his diaper, but wasn't interested in putting on clothes. He was just wearing his diaper when Nanny J arrived, and was playing with her (still mostly nude) when I headed for work a short time later.

Bud apparently had a great day at school. I got home around 5:00, and both kids seemed happy. Bud told me a little about his day with some prying, including that he made another friend today. Nanny J and Buster had picked him up from school on foot again, so they had walked home together.

I played with the kids for a little while after Nanny J left, and then played a little bit of a video game before M-lady arrived home. We all sort of lounged a little bit before getting dinner started. The kids ate well.

After dinner, I asked Buster if he wanted to wear his new Captain Rex shoes, which he apparently hadn't worn during the day. With a little prodding, I got him to wear his shoes a little bit inside, and then we played the running around game in the living room called "Get Daddy". Eventually Buster was ready to go play outside in his new shoes, so we did that until it was snack time.

Bud was pretty good about going to bed, and we read together for a while before turning out the light shortly after 8:30. Bud was asleep by 9:00. Both kids have slept quietly so far tonight.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Shoes

The kids sort of let us sleep in a bit this morning, which was nice. They largely entertained themselves (although some of that entertainment was jumping on our bed) until about 9:00. At that point, we all headed downstairs to get some breakfast.

We had a nice video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B after breakfast, and the kids had fun interacting with them. It's been so long since our last video call that they remarked on Bud's height. I think he's grown a bit recently myself.

Shortly after 11:00 we packed up to head to the mall. Buster has been refusing to wear his new shoes for the past month, and we've been wedging his feet into shoes which are clearly too tiny. Particularly since Bud got his cool new Captain Rex shoes, Buster has wanted nothing to do with his new brown sneakers.

We headed straight to the Stride-Rite when we got to the mall, and had Buster's feet measured. His feet measured 8, and the clerk suggested we get an 8.5. Which is perfect, since that's the smallest size that denote 'toddler shoes' rather than 'infant shoes', and was also the smallest size that the Captain Rex shoes were available in. So Buster got a set of the Captain Rex shoes for himself. He let the saleslady put them on his feet, and trotted around a little. He seemed pretty happy.

We got some lunch together at the mall, and then M-lady split to do some shopping while the kids and I wandered around a little, then headed for home. We had taken two cars to the mall, so we didn't strand M-lady. The kids and I stopped at the haircut place on the way home in hopes of getting Bud a haircut, but it was closed.

The kids played out in the front yard for a little while before we headed inside and watched a little bit of TV. M-lady arrived home, and the kids had a snack. After snack, Bud practiced piano with M-lady, and I build a train track with Buster. Eventually I convinced Buster that it was a good idea to take a nap, and he passed out a little bit after 4:00.

Bud and I played video games and had a video chat with Cousin LR and family, which was enjoyed by everyone. It was nice to catch up with RuggerMom, too. We signed off around 5:30, I woke Buster up, and we got started on dinner.

The kids ate pretty well, and after dinner we made a batch of peanut-butter cookies. The kids helped make the fork patterns in the top of the cookies (why do peanut-butter cookies have the crossed fork pattern in them?). While the cookies were cooling, I showered the kids, and we had cookies for a snack when we were dry.

The kids were pretty good about going to bed, although Buster took a while to fall asleep. Both kids have slept quietly so far this evening, though.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Impromptu Party

We had a pretty standard early morning, with breakfast a bit after 8:00. I watched a little bit of morning TV with the kids, and then we split up: Bud went with M-lady to run a couple of errands, and Buster came with me to do the grocery shopping.

Buster was very well behaved in the grocery store. He elected to walk rather than ride in the cart, and did a good job of staying close and not picking up everything. The trip was pretty efficient, and we made it home without incident.

I unloaded the groceries when we got home, and played with Buster for a bit. We had some lunch when M-lady and Bud got home, and then I started getting ready for a bike ride.

While I was out for my ride, M-lady took the kids out to an outdoor mall in the afternoon, where they visited all the fountains, and then shared some frozen yogurt for a treat. When they got home, the kids ran around outside for a bit to blow off steam.

I got home a bit after 4:00, and had a quick snack with the kids before taking a shower. As I was getting dressed, we had some guests arrive. M-lady had invited some friends over for dinner the night before, and they arrived around 5:00ish.

Bud and Buster headed upstairs when the guests arrived. They spent most of the evening on the periphery, occasionally peeking in. They generally entertained themselves, though. M-lady and I checked on the them regularly, but they never seemed to want for much.

The kids elected to come with me when I headed out to pick up pizza, and then enjoyed sitting at one of their own little tables to eat while the rest of us sat at the usual table. The party broke up just before bedtime, and the kids had a snack and headed for bed without fuss. Bud and I read stories for a bit before bed, and he dropped off a bit before 9:00.

While the kids weren't interested in interacting with the guests, they were almost entirely self-sufficient for the evening.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Piano Lesson

This morning was probably closer to a prototypical morning with Bud in school. M-lady got him started at about 7:30, and we both urged him along through getting dressed. I got him some breakfast a little before 8:00, and he and M-lady were off to school at about 8:15. Buster and I had some breakfast and then played together for a bit until Nanny J arrived at 8:45.

Bud apparently had a great day at school. He reported that he found a friend to play with at school, but was a bit vague on the details.

Nanny J decided to pick Bud up from school in the afternoon by walking. The school is just a little over half a mile away, and she covered the distance in about 10 minutes with Buster in the stroller. Then they all had a pleasant walk home and had some lunch.

M-lady arrived home a bit early to take Bud to his first piano lesson. Bud was really good at his lesson, and showed excellent focus and attention. His rhythmic aptitude was also noted by the teacher.

I arrived home shortly after 5:00, and Buster and I said goodbye to Nanny J. We played a little while, then watched some Animusic, which Buster has been pretty excited about this week. M-lady and Bud arrived home a bit before 6:00, and after chatting a little I got started on making dinner.

Bud and M-lady practiced on the piano a bit in the evening, both before and after dinner. After practicing, we spent a little time playing video games before snack time and bed time. Buster was very cooperative going to bed, and we watched a couple of videos and read stories before turning the light out. He woke once, and M-lady consoled him quickly.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

Buster was making noise pretty early, and M-lady was snoozing in his room when Bud woke me up a bit before 7:00. I hadn't gotten much sleep, and was unclear on the time, so I went ahead and started the morning routine with him. The result was that he was ready to go to school a good 45 minutes before it was time to go.

Buster got up shortly after Bud, so we had breakfast together a little after 7:00. M-lady headed off to school with Bud around 8:15, and I hung out with Buster. We read stories together until M-lady arrived home, at about the same time Nanny J arrived.

The drop off went fine, and Bud had a great day at his new school. M-lady worked from home, and went with Nanny J and Buster to pick Bud up. They all had some lunch together. Bud was not super forthcoming with details about his day, but he seems to like his teacher and is looking forward to going back tomorrow.

In the afternoon, M-lady took Bud out to get new shoes. We'd already picked up shoes for him, but they didn't fit very well. Bud got a spiffy new pair of Captain Rex shoes in size 13. His feet are huge.

The shoes were the first thing Bud showed me when I got home around 5:00. He was pretty excited that they light up. The kids and M-lady and I played together for a little while after Nanny J took her leave, and then I got started on dinner at Bud's request. We all ate pretty well, and after dinner we watched a little bit of TV together. Bud and I headed out back for a short time to water the strawberries, which are coming along.

The snack time and bed time routines went pretty well, although Bud protested turning the lights out and going to sleep. But both kids went to sleep pretty quickly. Buster woke once briefly at about 11:00, but went back to sleep once I checked on him.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Buster was up around 6:45 this morning, and M-lady and I took turns checking in on him. We rolled Bud out of bed around 7:30, and successfully completed the morning routine by about 8:15. Since there was still some time before Nanny J arrived, I hung out with Buster in our room for a bit until she came.

The kids had a good morning. M-lady and I got home again around 12:30, just as Bud was finishing up lunch. We packed him up and the three of us headed off to Bud's kindergarten orientation.

The school is close by, so we had time to check out the parking situation around the school. Bud was a little nervous, but was fine while holding on to either M-lady's or my hand. We signed in at a table outside the classrooms, determined which classroom Bud would be in, and then waited for the event to start.

We got a chance to check out Bud's classroom, which looks very nice. The playground was closed off today, as they're wrapping up renovations, but we were assured it would be ready for tomorrow. After checking out the classroom, Bud had some ice cream, and we had a brief tour of the rest of the school before we headed for home.

M-lady and I worked from home the rest of the afternoon. M-lady had the opportunity to talk with Nanny J about some classes for Buster, and decided on a set of classes in the mornings which should keep him fairly busy.

Nanny J took off around 5:15, and M-lady played with the kids for a bit. She and Bud worked on making simple stop-motion animated movies using the flip camera and Lego. Bud had a good time with that.

I set the kids up in front of an episode of Backyardigans while I made some dinner, and we all ate together. After dinner, there was a short play time before snack and bedtime. Both kids were cooperative, and Buster was in bed by 8:30. It took him about half an hour to fall asleep. Both kids have slept well so far.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We again started rolling out of bed around 7:30, and Bud was awake by 7:45. He got himself dressed, and then played with Lego for a while before we had breakfast. Tomorrow will be our last dry run before school starts, so we'll aim for being dressed and fed and ready to go by 8:15.

Nanny J arrived at 8:45, and M-lady and I headed for work soon after. The kids seem to have had a good day, and were playing with the trains again when I got home from work around 5:00.

Bud was very interested in playing 'X-Men' all evening. He had his sunglasses on, and was pretending to by Cyclops. I was assigned various teammates, and we battled pretend bad guys and obstacles.

Before dinner we all ran over to the local polling place so M-lady and I could vote. The kids enjoyed the outing, and the helpers at the polling location let the kids put the ballots into the box. They each got a sticker, of course, and we headed back home happy.

The kids ate a good dinner, and afterward I played some more X-Men with Bud while M-lady played cars and trains with Buster. We started the snack routine at about 7:45, and the bedtime routine followed. Both kids were tractable, and Bud and I had a good time reading stories together. His light was out around 8:45, and he was asleep shortly after 9:00. Both kids have slept quietly so far tonight.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pleasant Evening

M-lady had an early meeting this morning, so was up before any of us. She opened Bud's blinds at about 7:30, and I rolled out of bed a few minutes later and made sure Bud got up around 7:45. We'll need to be getting him out of bed by about 7:30 in the coming days.

Buster was up a short time later, and we were all ready to go long before we needed to be ready to go. Eventually M-lady took the kids downstairs for breakfast just before Nanny J arrived.

I headed off for work around 9:00, and M-lady a bit later. The kids apparently had a good day, although they stayed inside. We need to encourage them to at least play in the yard and get some sunshine.

I got home around 5:00 and found the kids and Nanny J had built a huge train track in the playroom. The kids were very excited about it. After I'd put my stuff down and we'd said goodbye to Nanny J, I played with them on the track for a little while. Buster was very intent on driving cars around the track.

We eventually watched the Animusic DVDs at Buster's request. Buster really got into them this time, since we haven't watched them in a while. They kept the kids entertained while I got dinner ready, and M-lady was able to watch with them a bit as well.

The kids both ate a good dinner, and we played Hide-and-Seek a bit with Bud afterward. Bud enjoyed playing, but he laughs too much when hiding.

Bud and I played a little bit of his new video game before snack time. We had snack and bedtime, and I showed videos and read stories to a very cooperative Buster. Buster was in bed with the lights out a little after 8:30, and fell asleep in about 20 minutes. Both kids have slept quietly this evening.

The evening was so much more relaxed since we didn't have swim class. It will be nice to play with the kids a little bit in the evenings.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blowing Off Steam

M-lady and I tried our best to sleep through the kids waking up, but we ended up taking turns looking after Buster and Bud when they were up a little before 8:00. Eventually we all headed downstairs for breakfast.

Bud and I were planning on heading out to the community pool to swim for a bit when they opened, and Bud couldn't wait to go. I managed to kill the time after we'd packed and dressed by tumbling with the kids a bit in the living room. Eventually Bud and I headed out around 10:30. M-lady took Buster out to run some errands as well while we were at the pool.

Bud and I arrived at the pool about five minutes before they opened, and had a great time swimming and splashing together for more than an hour. Bud was playing hard, and eventually tired himself out. We packed up around 12:30, and headed for home.

We were both starving, so we headed straight home to get some lunch. M-lady and Buster returned just as we were finishing up. After lunch, Bud and I took a shower, and then M-lady and I gave Bud a video game I'd been holding in reserve for a while for doing so well with his swimming class. Bud and I played that for a little while in the early afternoon.

The play areas had deteriorated a bit, so I got the kids to help pick up and organize the living room and the playroom. Bud was particularly cooperative, and Buster helped out a little bit. We got the rooms picked up, had a snack, and watched some of Winnie-the-Pooh in lieu of a nap.

The kids were a little rambunctious, so M-lady took them outside for a little while as I chatted with Granddad B and Grandma Nese. The kids clearly needed to run around a little, and had a great time sprinting in circles out front for a bit. Eventually we came back in to get started on dinner.

I made a quick dinner which we ate relatively early, around 6:00. After dinner, we played a bit, and Bud and I spent a little more time on his new video game, while M-lady showered Buster. Then snacktime and bedtime rolled around, with their usual routines. We're going to start waking the kids a little earlier, in order to get ready for Bud going to kindergarten starting on Thursday, so we tried to pull bedtime in a little bit. Both kids went to sleep reasonably quickly. Buster woke once a little later in the evening, but went back to sleep without much fussing.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Great Companions

Bud was up pretty early this morning, and M-lady got up with him first. After he was up around 7:00, I got up and snoozed in his room while he played there at his request. We ended up getting up and getting going a little after 8:00. Buster was up a short time later.

After getting the kids situated for breakfast, I headed out for a bike ride. M-lady finished up the breakfast routine, and then took the kids out on a major errand tour. They hit stores, the library, swung by Bud's kindergarten so he could see the playground, and went to the mall for lunch. The kids were apparently great through the whole set.

The arrived home around the same time I did, a little after 1:00. After I'd cleaned myself up, I took the kids downstairs where we played, watched a little TV, and had a snack while M-lady snoozed upstairs. Eventually I convinced Buster to take a nap around 4:00, and M-lady hung out with Bud while we rested for a bit.

Bud and I ran out to pick up some dinner, and we all had a solid meal. After dinner, I went outside with Bud and we worked on riding his big bike again at his request. He's much better at balancing now, and once he can start and stop on his own, he'll be all set. Just a little more practice.

We headed inside for a snack and bedtime. M-lady and Bud read some of his new library books, and I watched a few videos with Buster before bed. Buster was very cooperative, and in bed with the lights out around 8:30. He didn't fall asleep until after 9:00, however. Both kids have slept well so far, though.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Passing Grade

The kids were up around 8:00, as usual, and we had a pretty standard morning routine. M-lady and I took off for work together after Nanny J had arrived and the kids were set eating breakfast.

The kids seem to have had a good day, and Bud was all set to go to swim class when M-lady and I got back. We all went to Bud's last swim class, so Buster and M-lady loaded up in the car, too.

Bud did a great job in class again, and M-lady got some good photos of him swimming. Buster showed interest in the class, but was generally entertained by my iPhone. Bud got his report card today, and managed to pass his level of class, which means he got his 'water safety' certification. We were all very proud of Bud.

M-lady got dinner ready as I got Bud bathed, and we had a pretty mellow evening. Buster ended up delaying his meal again, but ate pretty well before bedtime. Both kids went to bed without protest, and Bud was asleep by about 8:45.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Making Strides

M-lady was up with Buster a little bit during the night. He seems to have picked up Bud's cold, and has had a bit of a cough and a runny nose. Both kids slept in a bit in the morning.

They apparently had a good time at the park today. I got home around 5:00, and after I'd dropped my things we said goodbye to Nanny J. M-lady arrived home in time for me to pack up Bud and take him to swim class.

Bud has had about 5 kids in his group in swim class for the past two weeks. For whatever reason, most of the kids haven't shown up the past two days. Today, he was the only one for the first ten minutes of class or so, which meant Bud had a mini private lesson. I saw him do great front and back floats, work on pushing off from the side of the pool, and start adding arms to his swimming. One other student arrived, and it was just the two of them for the rest of the class, so Bud got a lot of individual attention. He really came a long way today in swim class.

We headed home, where M-lady and Bud were just arrived having run an errand. M-lady took Bud in and gave him his bath, while I wrangled with Buster for a bit. We watched some of an episode of The Backyardigans, and then I finished up washing Bud before we all had some dinner.

After dinner we all watched some of last week's SYTYCD episode, and Bud enjoyed watching the dancing. Buster enjoyed climbing on me as we watched the dancing.

Snack time was pretty straightforward, although Buster opted to skip snack and head directly to bedtime. He was pretty tired, and had one minor meltdown before crawling in bed and falling asleep. I think the cold is taking a fair amount out of him. Hopefully he'll recover quickly.

We're going to have to start moving the wakeup time a little earlier, since Bud starts school next week.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Actually Swimming

The kids slept pretty well, and were up around 8:00ish again. M-lady got up with them, and Buster and Bud visited me before I got up around 8:20. They went to have breakfast around the time Nanny J arrived.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I arrived home around 5:00, and M-lady arrived a few minutes later. We did our usual routine, and I took Bud off to swim class while M-lady ran an errand with Buster.

Bud was great in class. He's now floating on his back and kicking his feet to propel himself, which counts as swimming. He's working on doing solid push-offs from the wall.

We got home a little before M-lady and Buster got back, and Bud took his bath. We all had dinner together when Bud got out of the tub, and then played in the living room for a bit before picking up and having a snack. After snack Bud and I did the bedtime routine, and we turned the light out at about 8:30. We chatted for a bit before falling asleep a bit before 9:00.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Major Step

The kids were up around 8:00ish this morning, and M-lady got up with them. I rolled out of bed a little before 8:30, and chatted with the kids as I got ready. The kids were eating breakfast with Nanny J when I took off for work.

When I arrived home, shortly after 5:00, Bud was recovering from accidentally poking himself in the eye. It didn't seem too serious, and he was ok after a couple of minutes, although he complained of his eye being irritated for a while.

Nanny J and Bud both told me that Buster pooped on his little potty for the first time today. Yay! M-lady and I praised Buster quite a bit over the rest of the evening. I look forward to being a diaper free household some day.

M-lady was a little late getting home, and I wasn't sure if she would make it before I had to take Bud to swim class, so I got Buster ready to go with us. M-lady did manage to arrive in time, but Buster was determined to come with us by that point, so I took both kids off to swim class. Bud, again, did great, and Buster was very patient, sitting with me and watching some videos on the iPhone.

Bud took a quick bath when we got home, and Buster played with M-lady. M-lady prepared dinner as Bud was getting out of his bath, and the three of us had a good meal. Buster again deferred.

After dinner, the kids played with the lightsaber app on the iPhones at Bud's request. They had a pretty good time, and played until snack time. Bud had his snack and headed upstairs to do the bedtime routine with M-lady, while I stayed downstairs and tried to convince Buster to eat his dinner. He eventually had some rice and broccoli, as well as a banana.

I had a good bedtime routine with Buster, and he was asleep by about 8:45. Both kids have slept quietly so far this evening.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Whole Family Again

Bud woke at about 6:00, and I was able to get him back to sleep before too long. He woke for good around 8:00. Buster actually slept solidly until 9:00, after Nanny J had arrived. The kids seemed comfortable and happy as I left for work.

They apparently had a good day, although they stayed inside for most of it. M-lady arrived home in the late afternoon, and the kids were delighted to see her. I got home about 5:00, and the kids showed me the toys M-lady had picked up for them on her trip, including some foam oranges and a couple of the new Weeble-Wobbles.

I got Bud into his swimsuit, and caught up briefly with M-lady before I took Bud off to swim class. Again, he did great, and had a good time in class. I put him in the tub when we got home, while M-lady prepared some dinner.

The kids ate reasonably, and we watched a little of a Backyardigans episode before snack time. M-lady fed the kids their snack, and then we did the usual bedtime routine, with M-lady putting Buster to bed and me reading a story to Bud.

Bud was pretty good about going to bed, and fell asleep before 9:00. Both kids have slept quietly so far tonight. Bud's cold seems to be a little better today, and Buster hasn't shown any symptoms with the possible exception of some slightly off sleeping hours.

We're all really happy to have M-lady back.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Hanging Out

Bud woke at about 8:00 this morning, and Buster slept in until about 9:00. Bud had a pretty thick chest cough and a very runny nose this morning, but otherwise seemed chipper. Aside from Buster sleeping in late, he seemed fine. After everyone got up, we headed downstairs for some breakfast and a wee bit of morning TV.

Before long we were dressed and sunblocked, and headed out the door to walk over to the local park. Bud rode his glider bike, and showed off his improved sense of balance. He's starting to the hang of maintaining his balance by adjusting the steering wheel... he should be ready for the jump to his big bike before too long.

We spent about an hour playing at the park. We mostly ran around the equipment, and generally had a good time. We were all getting hungry for lunch by the time we started back.

We had a simple lunch, and the kids ate pretty well. After lunch, the kids helped me pick up the living room, which had been suffering an excess of entropy. After the room was cleaned up, we all put shoes on and headed out for a treat: Slurpees from 7-Eleven.

We got the Slurpees and came back, and sat in the garage for a bit to drink them. The kids played out front for a little while after finishing, and then we came in to settle down, read some stories, and take a nap.

Nap time officially started at about 3:00, but Buster didn't fall asleep until about 3:50, ten minutes before I'd expected 'nap time' to be over. Instead, I let him snooze for a bit, and Bud and I played some games on the computer together. At about 5:00, we got Buster up, and I got started on dinner.

Bud and I enjoyed dinner together, but Buster opted for a rain check. After Bud and I had eaten, the three of us loaded into the shower, and we all cleaned up. We had fun playing in the shower, too.

After getting everyone dried off and into PJs, we headed back downstairs, where Buster had some dinner and both kids had a snack. I'd purchased a pound of strawberries yesterday at the grocery store, and the kids pretty much split it for their snack.

After snack time, we headed upstairs and started getting ready for bed. To try a different tactic this evening, we read stories together in Buster's room rather than Bud's room. When it was time for lights out, I tucked Buster in, and then explained to him that I needed to go tuck Bud in as well. Buster was fine with me leaving him in his room for a bit, but he did call out to check on me after a few minutes.

Both kids fell asleep without any trouble, and have slept well tonight. Both kids expressed to me that they missed M-lady. We'll all be happy to see her again tomorrow.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Avoiding Colds

Buster woke at about 6:00 this morning, but I managed to keep him from actively trying to get out of bed until around 7:00. Bud was up a short time later, and after I got Buster into a clean diaper and daytime clothes, the kids terrorized me as I tried to snooze for a little while.

We eventually got up and headed downstairs to watch some Saturday morning TV. After catching The Wiggles, we had some breakfast, and then packed up and headed off to Target and the grocery store. The kids were well behaved, and we picked out a DVD for them (another Backyardigans disc) for being so good this week.

We headed to get some groceries, and then home. The kids were generally well behaved in the store, and we made it home without incident. I got lunch started for the kids shortly after we got home

Babysitter G arrived around 1:00, and Buster had a brief, vocal protest which lasted about 30 seconds or so. I started up a Little Einsteins DVD, and the kids were wrapped up in it and didn't make a peep as I left. I took a bike ride to get a little exercise, and got back shortly after 4:00.

The kids had watched quite a bit of TV, including most of the new DVD, and Buster had skipped his nap. They all seemed to be in good spirits. Buster even said that he'd had a good time when I asked him. After I took a quick shower, we let Babysitter G go. She'd driven herself for the first time, so we didn't have to drive her home.

Since the kids had been inside all afternoon, we immediately went outside to play. We played in the front yard for almost an hour before we packed up to go pick up a pizza for dinner. Buster dozed off in the car for a few minutes on the way home, clearly needing that missing nap.

The kids had a good dinner, and we watched a little more TV before having a snack and starting the bedtime routine. After we'd gotten PJs on, we had a nice video chat via FaceTime with M-lady. We read a couple of stories and watched some videos, and then I tucked the kids in.

Buster had a major meltdown at lights-out time, wanting just one more story, and clearly being overtired. Eventually I convinced him it was time to sleep, and sang a lullaby to him. He was out before I finished the song.

Buster cried once at about 10:00. He was screaming with his eyes shut, and it took me a while to wake him up. Once I did, he immediately calmed down, and then went back to sleep without another peep. I'm hoping he sleeps in a little longer tomorrow.

Bud exhibited a bit of a cough and a runny nose at bedtime: we'll have to keep an eye on that.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Weekend Musings

The kids had their first restless night last night. Buster was up around 3:30, and I slept in his room with him for about an hour. Then Bud woke around 5:00ish, and I put him back to bed. Buster woke for good shortly after 7:00, but was content to hang out in his crib for a bit.

Bud was a little reluctant to get up, but I finally got him out of bed and dressed. Buster was just finishing up his breakfast when Nanny J arrived, and I took Bud off to his last day of Science Camp. The drop off went fine, and I headed off for work.

The kids apparently had a good day. We did a very similar routine to last night: I got home, we headed to Bud's swim class, Buster was really patient, Bud was great in class, headed home with snacks, Bud bathed, made dinner, and watched The Backyardigans. We had a nice FaceTime chat with M-lady during our snack time, and the kids seem to be getting a little more used to the diminutive video chat.

We didn't get to bed much earlier than last night, but the kids fell asleep pretty quickly. I'm not entirely sure what we're going to do this weekend, but I'll probably try to get the kids to go with me to the grocery store tomorrow morning, since we're running out of food. I'm looking forward to a fun weekend with them, though. We might even get a few chores done around the house.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Patient Two-Year-Old

Buster was up this morning around 7:45, and Bud a few minutes later. We all got ready together, and had finished up breakfast shortly before Nanny J arrived. I was able to drop Bud off to Science Camp without any problems.

I arrived home around 5:00, and found both kids ready to go to swim class. After dropping my work things and saying goodbye to Nanny J, who had kindly extended her hours the past two days to watch Buster while I took Bud to swim class, we packed up and headed off.

Buster was definitely curious about the whole thing, but totally well behaved. We saw Bud to the beginning of his class, and then sat nearby to watch. Buster was content to sit with me, and we spent most of the half-hour class playing with the iPhone. Buster didn't complain once.

Bud was great in swim class, and is starting to use his arms along with his kicking to try and propel himself a little bit. I saw him do some longer head dunks, and his floating is great. After class, Buster watched as I dried Bud off, and then we all headed back to the car, where the kids had snacks as we drove home.

When we got home, I put Bud in the tub, and Buster and I watched some videos on the computer before getting Bud out and heading downstairs to have dinner. When I asked Bud about dinner options, I discovered Nanny J had fed them what I had first considered preparing for dinner. The kids watched The Backyardigans while I created Plan B dinner.

The kids ate well, and M-lady called while we were eating. The kids got to have a nice FaceTime chat with her, which went well. It was good to see her. After dinner, we finished watching the episode we'd started, had a snack, and headed for bed.

The whole evening routine took a little longer than I'd hoped, and the kids were in bed just a little before 9:00. They both fell asleep quickly, though, and have slept quietly so far.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Best Behavior

Buster was up around 7:00 this morning, but was willing to hang out in his crib for a bit.Bud read stories to him for a little while after he got up, and we all got dressed and headed downstairs for breakfast at about 8:15.

Bud was good about getting ready to go to Science Camp, and we hit the road shortly after Nanny J arrived. The dropoff was fine, and Bud apparently had a good day.

When I got home around 5:00, Bud was relaxing in his room, and hadn't changed into his swimsuit yet. I got him going, and we headed out for class around 5:30. Bud did a fantastic job in class, doing some head dunks on his own and showing off a great back float. I let him know that I was proud of the effort his was putting in to class.

I got Bud into the tub when we got home, and Nanny J took her leave. Buster and I sat and chatted a bit while Bud soaked, and after Bud got washed and came out, we all headed downstairs for dinner. The kids ate pretty well, but it was about 7:40 when we finished. So we watched TV for about 20 minutes and started snacktime a little late.

After snack, we read some stories together, and the kids had a brief audio call with M-lady before I tucked them in. They were both asleep shortly after 9:00.

Both kids have been so easy to take care of that I feel lucky. I'm looking forward to figuring out what we can do together over the weekend.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Comfortable In Routine

M-lady left early this morning to make her flight, so I got up with the kids. Buster woke around 7:30, and was happy to have the window opened and the books placed nearby so he could read to himself for a bit. Bud woke a short time later, and joined Buster for a little while.

I got myself going at about 8:00, and got the kids dressed and headed downstairs for breakfast. Bud ate efficiently, and was ready to go to science camp by the time Nanny J arrived. Buster decided to have seconds, and was still working on breakfast.

Bud was fine at the drop off today, and seemed excited about class. I made sure he was comfortable before I left today, and he waved goodbye to me. He seems to have had a fun time.

I arrived home a little early today, around 4:45, and found Buster taking his bath. Bud was already in his swimsuit, and we played together a little bit before heading out to class. Nanny J stayed on a little late today to watch Buster, and they were happily reading a book together when Bud and I left.

Bud told me about Science Camp on the way to swim class. Among other things, they apparently learned how to burn paper with magnifying glasses using sunlight today. And while I'm sure he would have picked up this valuable skill at some point, it does mean we need to have a chat about fire safety shortly.

Bud did a great job at swim class. He did solid back floats, and did some self-head dunks while he was waiting for his turn with the teacher. I'm really happy he seems to be progressing quickly. I don't think we'll be able to go to the pool this weekend, because I can't handle both kids at the same time in the water, but I'm looking forward to swimming with Bud more before the end of the summer.

We got home around 6:30, and I got Bud straight into the tub. Nanny J took her leave, and Buster and I read a story while Bud soaked. When he was done, we all headed downstairs and had some dinner. The kids ate well, and as they were finishing up we had a speakerphone call with M-lady. The kids were pretty excited to hear her voice.

After finishing dinner, we headed upstairs where we had a video chat with M-lady. She was a little bandwidth-limited at the hotel, but the kids could see her. They were pretty excited, and chattered at her for a bit. We eventually said goodbye, and headed back downstairs to get a snack.

After a quick snack, the kids and I did the bedtime routine. They brushed their teeth and got ready for bed, and we all sat down together in Bud's room to read a couple of stories. After reading, I tucked Bud in, and then read another story to Buster in his room before putting him to bed. Both kids fell asleep around 9:00 without any fuss at all.

We all miss M-lady, but the routine is established and the kids are doing well.

Monday, August 02, 2010

A Two Class Day

M-lady had an early meeting this morning, starting at about 6:00am. The kids didn't wake until about 7:30. They hung out with her in the office while she was on the video call, but were very quiet and didn't cause any problems. Later, when she was chatting with co-workers one-on-one, Bud would hold a toy in view of the camera, but didn't get onscreen himself.

I took Bud off to his first morning of Science Camp. It's a 9:00 to 12:00 class, and held in his preschool classroom from last year. We arrived a few minutes early, and signed in. Bud was a little nervous, since he hadn't met the teachers before, but looked interested in the table full of magnifying glasses and various specimens to examine. He was fine when I gave him a hug and took off, but apparently cried a little bit after I left.

He ended up having fun at Science Camp, though. They made sun tea in waterbottles, created 'rainbow viewers' with small cardboard tubes and a diffraction grating, and had fun with the aforementioned magnifying glasses. When I got home from work at about 5:00, he and Buster were happily playing together, and he told me about his day.

M-lady arrived home a short time later, and we said goodbye to Nanny J as I packed Bud up to take him to the beginning of his second session of swim class. He got a new teacher, but seemed to take well to her, and didn't have any trouble jumping into the lesson. Both he and I agreed that the class seemed short today. He did a great job, showing off how he can backfloat, and working on his kicking.

We headed home and I plunked him into the bathtub. M-lady and Buster had gone out to run some errands, and had a good time getting groceries. When they got home, Buster came upstairs to give me one of the bottles of Gatorade they'd purchased for me. Apparently he was very excited to bring me the bottle, and M-lady was able to just put him inside, where he was able to take his own shoes off and find me upstairs.

We had a quick dinner, and Bud had some of his sun tea with a little bit of sugar. Snack time came up quickly, and the kids had a pretty standard bedtime routine. M-lady said goodbye to the kids, since she'll be heading out to the airport early tomorrow for a week's vacation. Buster went to bed without too much trouble, and fell asleep around 9:00.

Sunday, August 01, 2010


The kids slept in a little bit this morning. I got up when Buster called for me shortly after 8:00. After changing his diaper, we read a few stories. Bud wandered in as well, and we hung out together for a little while before I turned them over to M-lady, who took them downstairs for breakfast.

After breakfast, I played with the kids a little bit, and we watched an episode of The Backyardigans. Around mid-morning, I got myself ready for a bike ride, and M-lady took the kids out to run an errand. The kids were apparently very well behaved, and I found them all listening to music on the computer upstairs when I got home from my ride.

I cleaned myself up and we all had some lunch together. Both kids ate a pretty big lunch. After eating, we packed up and headed over to a friends birthday party. Friend D's parents had a large inflatable waterslide set up in their backyard, which all the kids were having a great time on.

Buster avoided the slide and headed over to a playhouse in the backyard, and spent a good portion of the party 'cooking' in the house. Bud hung out with me a bit, and eventually went with me on the waterslide. Both kids enjoyed the cake, ice cream, and sno-cones, and should remain wired until Tuesday.

We headed home in the late afternoon, with Buster skipping his nap. When we got home, we tried to have a fairly quiet evening. The kids and I had a fun video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, with the kids crawling all over me as I tried to chat. After the chat, the kids and I watched a little more TV, and M-lady made a nice dinner for us.

The kids ate well, and after dinner we played and watched a little bit of Riverdance at Bud's request. We started the bedtime routine a little early, but didn't managed to get the kids to sleep before about 9:00.