Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Late Morning

We all slept in a little too long this morning. M-lady rolled out of bed and rousted everyone else a little before 8:30. Since I needed to leave with Bud for school by about 8:45, we rushed a bit getting ready and eating breakfast. Fortunately, with his new haircut, we were able to skip the combing the hair part of the morning routine.

I managed to get him to school on time, and the kids seem to have had a pretty good day. I got home around 5:00, and we said goodbye to Nanny J. I played with the kids for a little while, and we watched some Mythbusters until M-lady got home.

I started working on the chore of cleaning out the filters for our heaters, and Bud joined me outside as I hosed them down. He had a good time playing in the water, and we eventually headed to the backyard where I tuned up the filters a little and Bud played some basketball.

We headed in for dinner a little before 7:00, and Bud ate pretty well. Buster had apparently eaten a huge lunch and snack, and consequently wasn't hungry at dinner time. After dinner, I headed back outside with Bud to finish up the filter cleaning, and we came back in around 7:30 to have a snack. Buster was still avoiding eating, and ended up going to bed without any dinner.

M-lady did the bedtime routine with Bud, and I put Buster to bed. We watched a couple of videos, and read some stories before turning the light out. Buster took a while to fall asleep, but did so without too much chattering. He asked for M-lady after a while, but decided I was OK when I sang a few songs to him.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The kids slept in a bit, which made for a mellow morning. Bud had eaten breakfast by the time Nanny J arrived, but Buster was just getting downstairs. I headed off for work a short time later.

The kids seem to have had a good day. Nanny J took them to get haircuts this morning, and then they had baths in the afternoon. When M-lady and I arrived home at about 5:00, we found two very adorable-looking kids with appropriately short summer hair.

The living room was a huge mess, in the middle of which they'd spread out some blankets to make a 'swimming pool'. When I asked about the mess, Bud informed me that all pool parties are messy.

I helped the kids pick up some of the debris in the living room before we had some dinner. After dinner, we headed into the backyard for a little while, and the kids had a lot of fun shooting baskets. I adjusted the rim about six inches higher to give Bud a sufficient challenge. Buster is right on the edge of being able to make a shot.

We all had a good time in the backyard, and headed back in a bit later to have some cake to celebrate my birthday. M-lady had picked up an ice cream cake, and the kids were really excited about it. After inhaling their pieces, they had the standard snack before we got started on the bedtime routine.

Bud and I read some stories before bed, and he was asleep by 9:00. Buster woke once later in the evening, but went back to sleep quickly after being soothed.

Monday, June 28, 2010


The kids were up by about 7:30, and M-lady did the first response. The kids were kind enough to let us both snooze a little bit, though. We rolled out of bed around 8:00.

Bud was ready to go to school in plenty of time, since we didn't need to leave until about 8:45. I dropped him off, and he seems to have had a good day.

Both the kids took baths today, which is good, although they were both sweaty when I got home, since it was pretty hot. They were playing with trains with Nanny J, and seemed to be having a pretty good time. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and I managed to get them into the car so we could run a quick errand to Fry's. We had a good time listening to music in the car, and the kids were really well behaved in the store.

M-lady had arrived home by the time we got home from Fry's. The kids had eaten a snack on the way home, so we pushed dinner out a little bit. Bud ended up eating with M-lady and me, but Buster waited until snack time before eating dinner.

After three of us had eaten, the kids and M-lady cleaned up some of the living room. Bud was intent on having a dance show, so after they'd cleaned up, he prodded me into getting a swing dance CD and putting on the boom box. He and Buster had fun dancing and singing, and got me to dance and sing with them a bit.

Snack time came up pretty quickly, and we managed to get Buster to eat dinner and snack successively. I did a pretty standard bedtime routine with Buster, and we had a good time watching a couple of videos and reading stories. He asked for me to sing to him when we turned out the lights, and he fell asleep after about 20 minutes. He woke once later in the evening, but went back to sleep pretty quickly.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


The kids were up this morning around 7:30, and M-lady did the first response. I took Bud downstairs around 8:00 to get some breakfast, and M-lady followed with Buster shortly after. I hung out with the kids downstairs for a bit, and we watched an episode of The Backyardigans. Buster immediately grabbed a mic and started singing along whenever they were singing (although he hasn't seen the show before, and didn't know any words).

After the show, we got dressed and headed out to visit Aunt O, Uncle C, Cousin C, and Ama and Agu. We went straight to the park next door when we arrived, and played with bubbles, stomp rockets, and soccer balls together. We headed back to their place for lunch, and headed home around nap time.

Buster dozed off in the car, and I tried to get him to sleep some more when we got home without success. M-lady hung out with Bud, and they went to run some errands later in the afternoon. Bud was apparently very well behaved on the trip.

When they got back, we had a great video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B. The kids had fin interacting with them, although they got a bit rambunctious. After chatting, the kids and M-lady and I loaded up and headed out to Target.

We picked up Bud's treat for being good for a month, and something he's been requesting for a while now: a basketball hoop. After some deliberation, and measuring how tall he was, we got a 32" backboard that adjust rim height from 4.5' to 6.5'. Both kids were pretty excited about it.

We got home, and Buster and M-lady started on making dinner, while Bud and I headed over to Home Depot to pick up sand to fill the base with. We got home in time to have dinner with M-lady and Buster, and then Bud and I spent the rest of the evening constructing the backboard. It took until well after 8:00, and we didn't quite finish getting the sand in. But we got enough in that Bud was able to try it out, with great success.

I did a super quick shower and snack with Bud, and he was in bed a bit after 8:30. We read a couple of stories, and turned out the light about 8:50. I sat with Bud for a few minutes, and then headed outside to finish filling the base of the backboard with sand.

Buster was a little wired at bedtime, and didn't fall asleep quickly. He eventually fell asleep on his own, but woke once at about 10:30. He went back to sleep without problem, though.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I slept with Buster for a little while during the night, but I don't remember much about it. The kids were up after 7:00, and M-lady got up with them. Ama and Agu helped out as well.

I got up around 8:30, and helped out with breakfast. We had waffles, bacon, and strawberries, and everyone ate well. After breakfast, Ama and Agu packed up and headed off to Aunt O and Uncle C's place. The kids and M-lady and I played together a little bit. We had a nice video chat with Grandma Nese and Granddad B mid-morning, as the US World Cup match was getting underway.

Bud watched some of the game with me, and then got bored and played with Buster and M-lady. They had lunch while the game was going on, and I joined them after the game wrapped up, around 1:30. After I'd had some lunch, I took Bud off to Home Depot for a quick errand while M-lady put Buster down for a nap.

Bud and I worked in the back yard for a bit, putting up new yellowjacket traps and re-hanging the strawberry planter properly. We played ball for a little while in the front yard before coming in.

The kids and M-lady had some dinner while I took a quick nap. After I got up and ate, we all headed out front again to play a bit. Bud had some sidewalk chalk he was dying to try out, and Buster hadn't really been outside much during the day.

Bud and M-lady drew on the driveway while Buster and I played with stomp rockets. Buster has just started following the rockets path upward, rather than looking around until it falls back into his field of vision. He still has a blast with the rockets.

Bud and M-lady drew some pictures, and then Bud drew a large oval, which was his race track. He and Buster ran around the oval quite a bit before we washed away the chalk and headed back inside.

The rest of the evening was pretty standard, with showers, snacks, stories, and bedtime. Buster was pretty good about going to bed. He let M-lady give him a shower while I was showering Bud, and then we all had snacktime together. Buster and I watched a couple of Sesame Street videos before reading a few stories and going to bed. He chatted a little bit, but fell asleep quickly. He's slept soundly so far tonight.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Ama and Agu have been fantastic taking care of the kids this week. They've done a lot of work in the mornings, as M-lady and I get ready for dance, and then again in the evenings as we go off to dance events.

The kids apparently had a good day, and were pretty happy to see us when we got home, bearing pizza for dinner. After eating, we were able to play with the kids a little bit, and they hung out with us a little as we got ready to go to the evening event.

The kids were a little annoyed that we weren't putting them to bed, though. Buster got a bit fussy, and Bud asked why we were never at home in the evenings anymore. We promised that things would go back to normal next week.

The kids were good for the grandparents, and went to sleep without too much trouble.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Home For An Evening

Bud woke at about 4:30 this morning from a bad dream, and M-lady saw him back to bed. He fell asleep again quickly. The kids slept in a bit later, getting up near 8:00. This allowed M-lady and I to get ready for dance a bit more easily this morning. Both kids were up and heading for breakfast when M-lady and I headed out to class.

The kids apparently had a good day. M-lady and I arrived home around 6:00, and found the kids playing happily just before dinner. Buster wasn't really interested in dinner as the others headed for the table, so I played with him for a little bit. He did really well with some letter flash cards, identifying letters and the pictures that went with them.

We joined the others for dinner after working our way through most of the cards, where the kids ate pretty well. Both had large helpings of broccoli. After dinner, I played with Bud for a bit. We were pirates, and had sword battles while saying "Arrr..."

Bud and I watched a little bit of TV with Buster and M-lady before snack time, which rolled into bedtime. Bud was pretty good about getting ready for bed, although there was a little bit of whining involved. After getting into bed, we enjoyed reading stories together and watching a couple of videos on the iPhone. The lights went out a bit after 8:30, and Bud was asleep pretty soon. Both kids have slept well so far this evening.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Young Restaurateur

Bud was up this morning a bit before 7:00, but was willing to hang out with Ama. Buster was up a bit after 7:00, and M-lady took some time out from getting ready for dance class to read to him for a bit, which he enjoyed thoroughly. Both kids were playing with the grandparents when M-lady and I left.

They had a good day. Nanny J came and took Bud to his summer school class. The kids had lots of attention during the day, and had a good time.

M-lady and I got home a bit before 6:00, and the kids had been playing at making a restaurant. Bud informed us that he and Buster had been cooking and serving dinner, and there was a floor show with dancing and a magic act. The whole scenario was thoroughly fleshed out.

We all had some real dinner, and then played restaurant together some more. I got to see Bud's dancing (and was directed to give him flowers), and ordered dessert from a pretend menu. We had a pretty good time.

Eventually Bud and I watched a little bit of Mythbusters, and then headed upstairs where Ama helped Bud into PJs, and M-lady and I were getting ready to go to our evening dance event. The kids were watching So You Think You Can Dance with the grandparents when we left.

Apparently the kids went to bed without any fuss, and were sleeping quietly when we got home later.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Anticipated Arrival

M-lady and I were up to start getting ready for dance a bit before 7:00. Buster was up around then, and M-lady read him some stories while he was still in his crib. Bud was up a short time later, and the kids were having breakfast around the time Nanny J arrived and M-lady and I took off.

The kids apparently had a good day. M-lady's folks arrived in the afternoon, and were greeted by naked children just about to have their baths. The kids did end up taking quick baths, and had a great time playing with the grandparents. Both kids were really excited to see them.

Ama and Agu reported that the kids ate pretty good dinner, and were very easy to put to bed. M-lady and I didn't arrive home until pretty late, but the kids have been sleeping peacefully as far as we know.

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Quick Monday

Bud rolled me out of bed around 4:30, but went back to sleep pretty quickly once I tucked him back in his bed. I figure he had a bad dream. Both kids got up around 7:30. M-lady and I were already up and getting ready to go to our dance workshop. I got Bud some breakfast, and Nanny J arrived around 8:00. M-lady and I managed to head out a few minutes later.

Bud had his first day of summer preschool today. Nanny J dropped him off, and he apparently had a good day. He came home for lunch, and the kids played inside for most of the afternoon since it was a bit hot outside.

M-lady and I arrived home a little before 6:00, and said goodbye to Nanny J. I ran out again to pick up some dinner, as M-lady played with the kids a little bit. We all had a solid dinner when I got back.

After dinner, the kids and I headed outside to water the strawberries and play a little bit. We had a good time, got the jobs done, and came back inside in time to have a snack (a bowl of fruit M-lady prepared) and get ready for bed. Bud and I read stories before turning out the light. It took him a while to fall asleep. Both kids have slept quietly since about 9:00.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Bud was up really early this morning, around 6:30. He got into bed with us for a little while, and then M-lady got up with the kids, letting me sleep in for Father's Day. Thanks, M-lady!

They all trooped in around 8:30, and gave me cards and a box of cookies. I got myself up and dressed, and played downstairs with the kids for a while as M-lady snoozed for a few minutes. Eventually Aunt O arrived with Cousin C, and the kids all played together very well.

Aunt O and Cousin C left at about lunchtime, and the kids ate pretty well. After lunch, I headed out with Bud to run some errands. First up was hitting Toys 'R Us to get Bud a small Lego set for his continued good behavior. He opted to spend a little of his own money as well, and we got him a little tow truck. He was pretty happy about it.

Next we hit Home Depot, where I picked up some strawberry plants, soil, and plant food. I purchased a hanging planter for the strawberries a few days ago, and wanted to get them planted so the kids could have fun watering, growing, picking, and eating strawberries this summer.

Buster had gone out with M-lady to run errands, and we all got home around the same time. I tried to put Buster down for a nap without success after we'd had a snack. He was tired and grumpy, and didn't want to go to sleep. He ended up watching some Little Einsteins with M-lady while Bud and I worked on planting the strawberries.

Buster went out on another errand with M-lady, and dozed a little in the car. When they got back, the kids played outside for a bit with M-lady, blowing bubbles. I ran back to Home Depot to pick up hardware to hang the planter.

The kids played outside some more while I hung the planter, and Bud helped me water it for the first time before we headed inside to get some dinner. The kids ate pretty well, and after dinner got their PJs on immediately while M-lady and I started getting ready to go out.

Babysitter G arrived around 7:15, and while Buster was a little nervous, he was pretty content watching Bob the Builder when M-lady and I left. They apparently had a good evening, and went to bed without fuss. The kids have been sleeping quietly since M-lady and I got back.

Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dance Practice

The kids were up a bit before 8:00, and we all had a very relaxed morning. Eventually I got the kids some cereal for breakfast, and M-lady played with the kids for a while as I snoozed for an extra half hour. They apparently had a really good time playing with the train sets.

M-lady and I were off to Stanford to teach in the afternoon, so we spent a lot of the morning picking out and organizing swing music. The kids really enjoyed dancing with M-lady while I played different tunes. That kept us busy right up until lunchtime.

The kids ate a good lunch, and Nanny J arrived while they were eating. M-lady and I were able to head out to our dance gig without the kids being upset at all. They had a good afternoon. Buster took a nap, and Bud got a bath in. M-lady and I returned about 4:30, and found the kids having a great time playing ball in the living room.

We said goodbye to Nanny J, and loaded up and headed out to Red Robin for dinner. The kids were really well behaved, and we all enjoyed the trip. We got home by about 6:00, and M-lady and Buster headed off to the mall to do some Father's Day shopping while Bud and I hung out at home. We had fun playing outside for a little while, and then watching an episode of MythBusters.

We did a pretty standard snack and bedtime routine when M-lady and Buster got home, although we started it a little bit late. I had Buster in bed by about 8:45, but he didn't fall asleep until well after 9:00. Both kids have slept quietly so far.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fountain Observation

Buster was up once during the night, and I slept in his room around 4:30-5:30. It did a number on my back, unfortunately. I was a bit stiff all day.

The kids were up around 8:00, and the morning routine was pretty standard. M-lady had to head off to work a little early, so I got the kids breakfast and was ready to head out with Bud to Lego camp when Nanny J arrived.

Bud had a busy day. After Lego camp, he came home and had some lunch. M-lady picked him up around 2:30, and they headed out to a dentist appointment. The ran some errands on the way home, including returning and picking out some new library books.

I got home a bit after 5:00, and we said goodbye to Nanny J and packed up into the car. We headed up to Stanford, where we attended the opening minutes of the Dance Weekend. M-lady and I are teaching at the weekend, so we were introduced in the opening ceremonies. Before the introductions, though, we chatted with friends and ate a picnic dinner of turkey and PB+J sandwiches.

The kids really enjoyed running around the courtyard of the dance gym. The fountain was turned on, and Buster thought it was the coolest thing ever. Unfortunately it had gotten a bit chilly out, so we didn't stay outside for too long.

We headed back home a bit after 7:00, and the kids got to play outside for a few minutes before we came in to have a snack. After eating, I got Bud through his bath and into PJs. We only had one quick video before the lights went out, since it was already almost 8:45. Bud fell asleep pretty quickly, and both kids have slept well so far tonight.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Castle Walls

Buster was up a fair bit during the night. The morning was again pretty relaxed, with the kids getting up around 8:00. I got them dressed, and M-lady took Bud downstairs for breakfast. I took Bud off to Lego camp, as Nanny J and the cleaners arrived.

The kids seem to have had a good day. When I arrived home, they were playing ball in the living room. Bud showed me the castle he constructed: a set of foam shapes set up in a wall, with the slide in the middle. After Nanny J left, we played a little bit, and watched a little TV.

M-lady arrived a short time later, and played with the kids for a bit before dinner as I took an impromptu nap. I got up in time to join the family for dinner, where Buster concentrated intently on shelling edamame.

After dinner, we all played a little bit more in the living room. M-lady and I had a good time throwing balls at Bud's castle walls, which he defended by batting the balls away. Buster spent some time playing with cars before snacktime.

Both kids were well behaved at bedtime, and Buster fell asleep within a few minutes of turning out the lights. He woke once a little later in the evening, but otherwise has slept well.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Bud was up before 8:00 this morning, so getting ready for Lego camp was a relaxed affair. I rolled out the door with Bud around the time Nanny J arrived, and Buster was having some breakfast with M-lady.

The drop off went just fine, and I headed off to work. The kids seem to have had a good day, and were playing in a pretty messy living room when I arrived home around 5:00. I dropped my stuff, we said goodbye to Nanny J, and played together for a little while. Buster was inexplicably upset with the Zoob car kit today, and was tossing pieces around the room. We switched to watching an episode of Blue's Clues to settle down.

M-lady arrived home as the show was ending, and we got started on making some dinner. The kids ate well, and M-lady played with them for a bit after dinner. We all made an effort to pick up the living room and the play room, since the cleaners are coming tomorrow, and the kids did a good job with the picking up.

M-lady got the kids a snack, and I did the bedtime routine with Bud. We read some stories, and I showed him how to look up words that he doesn't know in his dictionary. I'm not sure he totally got the concept of alphabetical order, but he did show quite a bit of excitement at the prospect of being able to find out what unknown words mean.

Bud went to sleep before 9:00, and has slept well. Buster has slept restlessly, and has been up and down for much of the evening. Hopefully he'll settle down soon.

Happy Birthday to Aunt RuggerMom!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cars and Air Hockey

We got up at a slightly earlier time this morning, and getting Bud ready to go to Lego camp was much more relaxed. I got him some breakfast after he got dressed, and I took him off to camp while M-lady stayed home with Buster. Nanny J arrived as Bud and I were leaving.

I dropped Bud off at Lego camp, where he immediately dove into a bin of parts and started building. Both he and Buster seem to have had a good day. I arrived home around 5:00, and found both kids playing with the Zoob car kit with Nanny J.

We said goodbye to Nanny J, and continued to play with the Zoob cars and Buster's HotWheels. Eventually Bud pulled out his air hockey set, and we batted the almost-hovering puck back and forth in the dining room for a while. Both kids enjoyed that.

We watched a little bit of TV, and turned it off shortly after M-lady got home. There was time for a little craft before dinner, and then more play with the Zoob kit, the HotWheels, and air hockey set. Those three toys have really carved out some mindshare.

I dozed off briefly before snacktime, which M-lady handled. After snack, M-lady got Bud into bed, and I wrangled with Buster. He was pretty amiable, although he didn't fall asleep very quickly. The lights were out at about 8:15, and M-lady and I were preparing to go to dance rehearsal. Friend D arrived to babysit while we were out. Buster was still awake at 9:00 when I had to leave, so I explained to him that we were going out and he needed to go to sleep. Apparently he called for me a bit after we left, but fell asleep before too long.

Monday, June 14, 2010

First Summer Activity

The kids were up a little late this morning, and we had to hustle to get them out the door with M-lady so Bud wouldn't be late for his first day of Lego Camp. I took Bud downstairs and got him some breakfast, and we had to spend a minute getting his hair to behave. Buster missed breakfast on the way out. But the kids and M-lady headed out with Nanny J as soon as she arrived.

Bud immediately jumped into playing with Lego when they arrived. Buster was very disappointed that he couldn't join, and got a bit upset when he had to come home. Nanny J was able to soothe him and get him some breakfast when they returned.

They picked up Bud around noon, and apparently had a pretty standard afternoon. Buster took a nap, and both kids had baths before I arrived home around 5:00. Bud told me a little about camp, and seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the first day. The kids and I had fun playing with cars and lightsabers and watching a little bit of TV together before M-lady arrived a bit after 6:00.

We had a quick dinner, and both kids ate pretty well. After dinner, we brought our rat guests out for a little visit. The kids were pretty excited, and M-lady and I had to caution them to move slowly around the rats. The girls didn't seem too upset to come out and play, although they didn't mind going back in their cage a short time later.

We had a quick snack and started getting ready for bed after that. Bud was pretty good about getting ready for bed, and I read another chapter of Winnie-The-Pooh to him before we turned out the light. Both kids have slept well so far this evening. Hopefully we'll get up with a little more time to spare tomorrow morning.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pool Party

The kids slept in a little bit today, which was nice. I rolled out of bed around 9:00, and took Bud downstairs with me to get some breakfast. After eating, we got ready and headed out to run some errands before we went to a pool party.

Bud and I picked up some swim vests for him and Buster, as well as some kickboards. We then headed to the grocery store to stock up, and got home a bit before noon. After the groceries had been unloaded, we all got into our swimsuits and packed up to go to the party.

The party was actually a going away party for Bud's Friend A and his family, who are heading down south for jobs. Friend A is one of Bud's original 'new baby class' friends, so we've known Friend A pretty much all his and Bud's life. They will be missed.

All the kids were playing in the pool when we arrived. Bud hasn't been really excited about swimming before, but I managed to coax him into the pool. Eventually he made his way into the hot tub, where he had a great time playing with Friend E and Friend A. Over time, he became much more comfortable in the water.

Buster didn't want to get in the pool for a long time. Eventually, the cake came out, and all the kids got out of the pool for cake. We almost didn't catch Buster as he dove straight for the pool... it wasn't the water he was afraid of, it was all the other kids (and the ruckus they were making).

M-lady and I took turns playing with Buster in the pool. He had a great time, giggling and splashing and hanging onto a kickboard. We eventually got him out of the pool when it was time to go.

We got home at almost 3:00, and I showered, and got Buster cleaned up as well. Bud decided to defer his bath. After cleaning up, we had a nice video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese. Both kids got involved, occasionally a bit too much. After chatting we played a little bit. M-lady headed out to run some errands and pick up some dinner, and I watched some TV with the kids as they were getting closer to melting down.

After dinner, we loaded up and headed out for Bud's week-end treat for behaving all week. This week, he selected 'donuts', so we headed out to Krispy Kreme. The kids really enjoyed seeing the machine that makes the donuts, as well as the donuts themselves. All in all, it was a fun outing.

After we got home, I gave Bud a shower and we did the bedtime routine. Buster, having skipped his nap, was pretty tired, but not quite ready to go to sleep when I turned out the light, apparently. He tossed and turned and chatted at me from about 8:15 to nearly 9:00 before he fell asleep.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bike Races

I was up with Buster a little bit during the night, but I don't remember much of it. The kids were up before 8:00, and M-lady handled the first shift. I rolled out of bed a little after 8:00, as M-lady got back in and snoozed for a bit, and I took the kids downstairs to watch a bit of TV and then play for a while.

Aunt O and Cousin C arrived a little later, and the kids all played together pretty well for the rest of the morning. We'll be taking care of Aunt O's rats for the week, and Bud and Buster were pretty interested in the rats as we located them in the guest room, generally out of harms way.

Aunt O and Cousin C stayed through an early lunch before taking their leave. M-lady and Bud headed out a short time later to run a quick errand, and I had a second lunch/large snack with Buster. The little one and I played for a bit, and then tried to take a nap around the time M-lady and Bud returned.

Buster didn't nap for me, and M-lady took over for sitting with Buster while I headed off to work for a little while. Bud got some more Lego to play with, which kept him entertained. While I was out, Buster eventually dropped off to nap, and M-lady and Bud played together a bit.

I met M-lady and Bud at a track cycling event down south a little ways. A couple of my work friends were with me, and we all enjoyed watching the races for a bit. Buster again showed his comfort with crowds, and was perfectly happy to wander off on his own. M-lady and I chased him down a couple of times.

I had misread the flyer for the event, and thought that there would be food there. In fact, the food provided was mainly pretzels, which was a little short from the BBQ I had envisioned. M-lady had packed snacks for the kids, but not dinner, so everyone was pretty hungry when we headed for home. Bud and I picked up some dinner on the way home, and we all ate together when we arrived.

It was straight to bed after that, as it was a bit past the kids bedtime. Bud and I turned the light out at about 9:15, and Bud was asleep soon after that. Both kids have slept quietly so far.

Friday, June 11, 2010


The morning was fairly standard, with M-lady taking first shift with the kids. I helped out when I got up, and Nanny J arrived fairly soon. I headed off for work after that.

The kids seem to have had a good day. M-lady took care of the kids in the evening, as I was out with my work team. I didn't make it home until after the kids were asleep.

Apparently they had a good evening together. They spent some time playing Hide and Seek, which Bud seems to be enjoying now. M-lady started taking her turns as seeker counting in Mandarin, and Bud replied by taking his turns counting in Spanish. He seems to have picked that up in school, and can reliably count to ten in that language. Buster also joined in the counting as well, throwing himself in the tree tent and counting away.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Broccoli Monster

M-lady had to go into work early again, but she handled the kids until she had to leave. I got up around the time she left, a bit before 8:00, and hung out with the kids in Buster's room for a little while before we all headed downstairs to get some breakfast. Both kids wanted cereal with milk, and while Buster occasionally reached in with his free hand to grab cereal and put it on his spoon, he otherwise did pretty well.

Nanny J arrived before 9:00, and I headed out to work shortly after that. The kids seem to have had a good day. They headed out to Bud's last soccer class in the afternoon, where Bud apparently scored a goal. Good work, Bud!

I was home a little late, so we said goodbye to Nanny J and played for a little while before settling in front of the TV to watch some Bob the Builder. When that wrapped up, we started on dinner at the kids request. Both kids had a plate of potatoes and broccoli. Buster requested two more servings of broccoli, clearing us out.

M-lady arrived home as we were wrapping up dinner. I helped get Bud into PJs while M-lady handled Buster, and we reconvened downstairs to watch an old video that Bud wanted to see. That led into snack time, where the kids enjoyed popsicles again before we got started on bedtime. I read a story to Bud, we watched a couple of videos, and he dropped off to sleep a few minutes after the lights went out.

Both kids have slept quietly this evening.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Cereal With Milk

M-lady had to head to work a little early again this morning, but the kids were already up when she left. I headed downstairs with the kids to get them some breakfast.

Bud opted for Rice Krispies, and Buster wanted the same thing, and specifically asked for milk with his cereal. He's been eating his cereal dry so far in order to reduce potential clean up as he's learning to use a spoon, but I figured he's ready. He was pretty excited to be eating cereal with milk, just like his big brother. And he did a great job with the spoon.

After breakfast, Bud got himself dressed, and the three of us played together until Nanny J arrived. The kids were playing happily when I headed for work a short time later.

It was a bit grey outside today, and I don't think the kids got outside to play much. But Bud was good all day, and even made some jewelry for M-lady with the craft beads she'd left out for him. I arrived home around 5:20, and we said goodbye to Nanny J.

The kids and I played for a little while, and then watched a little bit of TV before M-lady arrived home with one of her colleagues who's visiting from Norway. The kids were a little shy, but not very, and were soon interacting pretty well as M-lady and I got started on making dinner.

The kids were both really well behaved tonight, largely entertaining themselves while we prepared dinner. Another of M-lady's colleagues arrived as we were sitting down to dinner. Both kids ate well, and after dinner I got them set up to watch an episode of Little Einsteins. When that wrapped up they had popsicles for dessert, and we headed upstairs to get ready for bed.

Bud was pretty good about getting ready for bed, and I tucked him in before sitting with Buster for a while. Both kids were asleep before too long, and have slept solidly so far this evening. They were in bed a little bit later than usual, but again, don't have any need to get up early tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Getting The Beat

M-lady had to head into the office this morning a bit early again, so was gone before the kids got up. Bud rolled out of bed around 7:45, and I hung out with him for a bit. Buster woke around 8:15, and was content to read books in his crib for a little while. We were all up and heading for breakfast when Nanny J arrived at 8:45.

Bud extracted some Lego from the office before I left for the day, and set up shop with them on the floor of our bedroom. He apparently spent a good portion of the morning playing with the Lego.

In the afternoon, Bud had a playdate with Friend M. Friend M's mother arrived and picked Bud up, and they went to the park for a while as Buster was taking his afternoon nap. Bud reported making cakes in the sandbox.

M-lady arrived home in time to relieve Nanny J, and had a good evening with the kids. They had a good dinner, and apparently after dinner Buster was tapping on his chair and tray in a quarter-quarter-half rhythm. Bud recognized it as "We Will Rock You". Buster hasn't shown the drumming proclivity that Bud had, but he seems pretty capable.

I got home shortly after 7:00, and was able to hang out a bit with the kids through snack time. I helped Buster get ready for bed, and we watched a couple of videos and read some stories. The kids were in bed just a little late tonight, but without school tomorrow there's no rush to get up. Both kids have slept well so far this evening.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Playing House

M-lady had to head to work early this morning again. Bud was up around 7:00 or so, and was able to say goodbye to her as she left. He hung out with me in our bed, looking at books while I snoozed for a bit.

Eventually I got up and we got him some breakfast. Buster slept in until Nanny J arrived at 8:45. The kids got dressed and were playing outside with their new basketballs when I left for work a little after 9:00.

The kids seem to have had a good day. When I got home a little after 5:00, they were playing in one end of the living room, where they'd pushed all their tables and chairs. Buster had a bunch of the play food out on one of the tables, and was apparently cooking. Bud let me know that they built a house.

We said goodbye to Nanny J, and I played with them for a little while, chatting with Bud and eating the food served to me by Buster. M-lady had a team dinner this evening, so it was just me with the kids. Eventually we settled in front of the TV for a little while before starting on dinner. The kids ate pretty well, and afterward we disassembled the glider/rocker in Buster's room and took it downstairs.

A dance friend who's expecting their first child this week showed up at about 7:30 to pick up the chair. I helped him load it into his Mini, and then we started working on getting the kids into PJs.

Bud protested a little bit when getting into PJs, but I eventually convinced him. We watched a few videos together, had a snack, brushed teeth, and read a bedtime story. Unfortunately we were running a little late, and the lights didn't go out until a bit after 8:30. Bud was asleep before 9:00, but Buster tossed and turned a bit until nearly 9:30.

All in all we had a pleasant evening together. The kids have slept soundly, and I expect they'll sleep in a little bit tomorrow.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Up To The City

Bud was up around 7:00, and Buster a little bit later. The kids were pretty tolerant of us trying to snooze just a little bit more, but shortly after 8:00 we were all up and working on some breakfast. I made pancakes, which both kids enjoyed. Buster ate a huge breakfast.

After eating, we finished getting dressed and ready, loaded into the car, and drove up to San Francisco. I needed to pick up a badge for a conference which starts tomorrow, and we decided to make a day of it. We arrived around 11:00, and walked over to the Zeum in Yerba Buena Gardens.

We found the playground outside first, and the kids had a great time running around and exploring. It was very well put together, and we all enjoyed it until we started getting hungry. We found a shady spot to sit, had a snack, and then headed into the Zeum proper.

The Zeum is really geared towards kids just a little bit older, with lots of interactive digital media. It would be perfect for 8-12 year olds. The kids did enjoy a few of the exhibits, though, in particular spending some time in a 'make your own dance video' exhibit. It let the kids select the type of music and video effect, and they danced quite a bit there.

We got some lunch on our way out, and I picked up the badge right before we got into the car to head home, shortly after 2:00. Both kids fell asleep pretty quickly on the drive home. The woke before we arrived home, however, so they got naps of a little less than an hour. This was actually perfect for Buster, since he's been taking long naps and then spending long portions of the night awake.

We settled in at home a bit after 3:00, and I took a little nap while M-lady played with the kids. M-lady got some dinner ready around 5:00, and then left for a dinner with her team members visiting from Norway. The kids and I had dinner around 5:30, and then loaded up in the car to go get ice cream to reward Bud for being good this week.

The kids loved the ice cream at Baskin Robbins, and after they'd devoured their sundaes, we headed over to Target to look for some fans I can use to exhaust hot air from the upstairs of the house in the evenings. We didn't have luck finding fans, but we did find small basketballs for the kids. Bud's been trying to dribble his soccer ball for a while now, and I wanted to get him the right ball for the skill.

We got home around 7:00, and the kids bounced the balls around for a little while before we came in and had baths. The kids got cleaned up, we had a snack, and then I read some stories before we headed for bed. The kids had lights out around 8:30. Buster fell asleep really quickly, and Bud was asleep before 9:00, around the time M-lady arrived home. Both kids have slept quietly so far... hopefully Buster will stay asleep tonight.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

A Hot Day

The kids started getting up around 7:00 this morning, but didn't start getting rambunctious until about 8:00. That's when both kids made their way into our bed, with much squirming and pushing. Before too long we were all downstairs working on breakfast.

The kids played with M-lady a bit while I fixed some of the household electronics, and then we all got ready to go out for a bit. At about 11:00 we hit the road, and headed for a nearby Art and Wine festival, which also happened to be where the place I was getting a haircut was situated.

Parking was a little tough when we arrived, but we eventually found a spot. I left M-lady walking with the kids, and headed to my appointment. When I was properly shorn, I joined the family again, and took the kids to get some lunch while M-lady did a bit of shopping.

We got some good fair food, including strawberry lemonade. The kids munched away, and we were joined by M-lady before too long. After eating, we wandered back to the car and headed home.

Buster was pretty tired, but not quite ready to nap. We played a little bit before lying down. Buster eventually fell asleep, although it took a little while. Bud and M-lady headed out to run some errands while we napped.

Buster didn't get up until nearly 6:00. I got dinner ready for Bud and Buster, and then gave the kids quick baths before M-lady and I turned the kids over to Babysitter G and headed out for the evening. Bud was a little disappointed that he didn't get to come to the dance show with us, but behaved well for Babysitter G. Buster did really well, too, and didn't break out the tears when we left for the first time.

The kids went to bed at the right time, but Bud took a while to fall asleep due to the heat. We need to get our AC checked to make sure it's working properly. Buster woke again after M-lady and I returned home, and took a while to fall asleep again. Hopefully we'll be able to keep him to a shorter nap tomorrow, and try to limit these nighttime wakeful spots.

Friday, June 04, 2010


The kids slept pretty well, and we had a fairly standard morning. Both kids were tractable. We got Bud into a swimsuit and shirt for school, since they were having a 'play in the water' day for the last day of pre-school.

I dropped Bud off at school, and M-lady watched Buster until Nanny J arrived. The kids seem to have had a good day. I arrived home a few minutes after 5:00, and both kids were playing in the living room with Nanny J. Bud greeted me with a statement of his new accomplishment: "I graduated!"

I congratulated Bud on his graduation from pre-school, and we said goodbye to Nanny J. M-lady hung out with us for a short time before taking a nap. I deposited the kids in front of the TV and ran out to pick up some dinner, since the kids declined my invitation to accompany me.

When I returned, we all ate a solid dinner, watched a little bit more TV, and then snacked and did the bedtime routine. Bud was good again today, so got his positive marks on the chart. Buster and I watched a few videos before I read him some stories and we turned out the light.

It was pretty hot today, and that turned into a hot evening. Buster has been up a couple of times, asking for water. I think he's just a bit warm in his room right now. Hopefully he'll drop off to sleep again soon.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Surprisingly Tough Questions

The kids slept well, and M-lady did first response to Buster in the morning. I got up around 7:15, checked in on Buster, and got Bud up a few minutes later. Bud was pretty tractable, and after de-grogging a little went and joined Buster in his crib, where the read books together for a while.

I had to leave to go to a doctor's appointment, so M-lady handled the rest of the morning. I got home around 5:00 today, and found the kids having a snack. Bud had had a good time at his soccer class, and both kids had a bath later in the afternoon.

The kids and I played together for a little while after Nanny J took her leave, and then watched some TV before getting some dinner. The kids ate pretty well, and we were wrapped up and playing with Bud's marble run toy when M-lady arrived home.

M-lady had her dinner as the kids had a snack, and Bud and I did a pretty standard bedtime routine. Bud wanted to look at pictures from some of our old Babylon 5 books, and asked lots of simple questions that really didn't have simple answers. Like, "Is that a bad guy or a good guy?" It's pretty simple to answer in the Star Wars universe, but much more difficult in Bab5.

The lights were out by about 8:30, and the kids were asleep before too long. Buster woke once, but has otherwise slept well.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Being Good

Buster was up a bit early this morning, and M-lady got up with him for a bit. I rolled out of bed around 7:15, attempted to hang out with Buster and was rebuffed. I got Bud out of bed a little after 7:30, and we did a pretty standard morning routine.

I dropped Bud off at school, and a short time later M-lady arrived to watch his final pre-school class show. They sang a couple of songs for the parents, and did some dancing. Bud went through all the motions, if he didn't actually sing.

The kids had a good afternoon with Nanny J, and she reported that Bud generally behaved. Bud took his bath in the afternoon as well, and so Bud got two of four possible good behavior marks on the new chart in the afternoon. M-lady arrived home in time to relieve Nanny J, and was just starting on getting dinner ready when I got home around 6:00.

Bud seemed very motivated to behave today, which was good to see. Hopefully it will continue over the next couple of weeks, particularly through the occasional summer days where we don't have activities planned.

I had a minor balloon-lightsaber battle with the kids while M-lady got some dinner ready, and we all ate together a short time later. The kids ate well, and after dinner I watched a little bit of TV with them. Then it was a pretty standard snack and bed time. Both kids were tractable through the bedtime, and Bud earned his remaining good marks for the day.

Both kids have slept solidly so far, and we look forward to a quiet night.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A Talk

Buster slept reasonably well through the night once he fell asleep. M-lady had to head out for work early, and Bud got me out of bed around 8:00. We hung out together for a little while before Buster woke up at about 8:30.

Buster was still refusing to let me change his diaper (although he was in a chipper mood) when Nanny J arrived. I got Bud some breakfast while she got Buster up and dressed. I headed off to work a short time later.

The kids apparently had a good day. When I arrived home at about 5:00, Nanny J was reading to the kids in Bud's room, and they were both intent on the book. I dropped my stuff, and then helped them get a snack as Nanny J took her leave.

We watched a little bit of TV until M-lady arrived home. We had to have a little talk with Bud about misbehaving while we're at work, and finally worked out a charting system to track good behavior for him. With enough good marks, he'll get a reward at the end of the week, and too few, and he'll have privileges revoked. We'll see how it works out, but he seemed to respond to it really well during the evening.

We all had some dinner, and after dinner I got Bud through a bath. He was really well behaved all evening after the talk, and we worked on designing the chart together after he was in PJs. We finished with enough time to head downstairs for a snack.

After snack, we watched a couple of short videos and read some stories. We turned out the light around 8:30, but Bud didn't fall asleep until after 9:00. Hopefully he won't have any trouble getting up in the morning to get to school.

M-lady handled Buster around bedtime, and he went to sleep without too much trouble. He's already slept more soundly tonight than last night, and hopefully will go back to consistent solid sleeping.