Friday, April 30, 2010

Family Field Trip

M-lady got up early this morning to get on a 7:00 call, and was consequently awake when the kids started getting up. She took today off work, however, so was able to help get the kids ready during and after her call. After greeting Bud when he woke, I sent him downstairs to hang out with Ama and Agu for a bit. I headed off for work around 8:30, around the time the kids were heading downstairs to get some breakfast.

Bud had a field trip today, which the whole family (save me) went along for. They visited a farm, and saw lots of animals. After visiting, the family had lunch there and flew Bud's kite, which we'd pulled out of the garage last night.

Ama and Agu headed on to Aunt O and Uncle C's place in the afternoon. I arrived home around 3:00, after my PT session, and found Buster napping under Nanny J's eye, and Bud out running errands with M-lady.

When they got home, Bud came to hang out with me for a little while, as M-lady headed to take a nap. After hanging out with Bud for a bit, I headed off to join M-lady in a nap, while Bud and the recently woken Buster took baths.

Nanny J took her leave around 5:15, and we watched a little bit of Kung Fu Panda before Bud and I headed out to pick up some dinner. The kids ate pretty well, and after dinner we watched a little more TV before heading up for bed.

Buster and I watched some videos on the computer, and then read a few stories before turning in. Buster took a little while to fall asleep. M-lady leaves tomorrow morning for the week, so I've been brainstorming with Bud about things the boys and I can do this weekend. I suspect we'll stay entertained.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Skill

M-lady again had an early meeting this morning, but took the call from home so I could head into work a little bit early for a meeting I had. The kids were up around 7:00ish, and I helped out as much as I could before leaving at about 7:45. M-lady got the kids breakfast before Nanny J arrived at 8:45.

The weather cleared enough for Nanny J to take Bud to his soccer class today. When they got home, they found Ama and Agu had arrived for a weekend visit. When I got home around 5:00, I found the kids very engaged playing with the grandparents.

Nanny J took her leave a short time later, and the kids played with Ama and Agu for a bit while I wrapped up some work. I came downstairs again a little before 6:00, and found the kids pretty wound up. I sat them down in front of a Wiggles video to chill them out a little bit before dinner.

M-lady was a little late getting home, so we started dinner without her. She managed to get home before we finished dinner, however, and was able to join us. After dinner, the kids played in the living room for a bit. Buster showed off a new trick: he can now turn a somersault on his own. He's been close for a while, but managed to do it by himself for the first time that we saw today. He seemed pretty proud of himself.

Ama and Agu gave Bud a late birthday gift, which was a Zoob set. Both boys really enjoyed snapping pieces together and making little vehicles. I made a couple of fairly sturdy little cars for them eventually, and they zoomed them around the dining room for a bit before it was time to have a snack and head for bed.

Bud and I turned out the lights a little late, around 8:30. Bud didn't drop off to sleep until well after 9:00, possibly owing to the excitement of the evening. Buster has called out once this evening, but otherwise seems to be sleeping well.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Radiation Explanation

M-lady had to head for work really early again, so I was on my own when Buster woke a little after 7:00. He was upset to see me at first, since I wasn't M-lady, but a few minutes later gave me smiles and giggles. I found Bud reading in the dark in his room around 7:30, and we all got moving and downstairs for breakfast by about 7:45.

Nanny J arrived at 8:15, as the kids finished up breakfast, and I took Bud to school. The kids seem to have had a good day, and were playing in the living room when I got home around 5:15. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and played ball in the living room for a little while.

Eventually we sat down to watch some educational TV. The kids seem to like science and nature shows, so we watched a documentary on the aftereffects of nuclear weapon testing on the Bikini Atoll. Bud seemed interested, but wasn't sure what 'radiation' was.

M-lady arrived home as we watched, and got some dinner ready. We all ate around 6:30, and played in the living room for a bit after dinner. Bud got his nose bopped by a ball, which slowed things down again, and we all watched part of a documentary about an octopus, which M-lady seemed to really like. Buster definitely likes the fishes.

We snacked and headed for bed according to the standard schedule. Buster and I watched a few videos before turning out the light at about 8:15. He took about 20 minutes to fall asleep.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mellow Morning

M-lady had an early meeting again this morning, and had to head into work pretty early. I was up late working, but was pleasantly surprised when the kids slept in this morning. Buster woke around 7:30, but didn't want to get up out of bed until about 8:00. Bud got up around 8:00 as well.

After getting Buster into a clean diaper and daytime clothes, we all read some books together in Bud's bedroom. I couldn't convince the kids to get breakfast, and we only headed downstairs when Nanny J arrived at about 8:45. She took over the duties of getting breakfast for the kids.

The kids seem to have had a good day, although I believe they were mostly cooped up inside, since it rained most of the day. I was stuck at work for a bit, so M-lady got home first. She also had fun reading with the kids before they got started on dinner. I arrived home in time to join them.

After dinner, Bud and I watched a little bit of Kung Fu Panda before snack time. Both kids were interested in the last of the kettle corn, and after some of that I we headed upstairs to get into PJs and get ready for bed. M-lady watched a few videos with them, and I read a story with Bud before we turned out the light a little after 8:00. Bud fell asleep pretty quickly, so hopefully he'll get up early enough that the school routine won't be rushed tomorrow.

Monday, April 26, 2010


The morning was pretty standard, with M-lady doing the first triage, and then me getting up around 7:30 and helping feed the kids breakfast. M-lady took off with Bud to go to school at about 8:15, and Buster and I sat and read stories until Nanny J arrived at 8:45.

The kids seem to have had a solid day. M-lady and I arrived home at the same time, shortly after 5:00, and the kids were running around the house, playing together. After saying goodbye to Nanny J, I changed Buster's diaper, and then we headed downstairs and watched some of a Mythbusters before having some dinner.

The kids ate pretty well, and we wrapped up dinner a fair bit earlier than usual. After dinner, the kids spent some time dancing, and we read a story together. We watched a little bit of TV, and then headed for snack time, again, a little ahead of schedule.

The kids had Graham crackers for a snack this evening. While snacking, Buster picked up his Graham cracker and proceeded to use it like an iPhone. He flicked his finger across it, turned it sideways, and told us he was watching a Cars video. It was really cute.

Buster also imitated the Wiggles today, singing the refrain of the song Fruit Salad with the accompanying hand gestures. We couldn't get him to do it for the camera very well, but he's definitely got it down.

After snack, we headed upstairs to do the bedtime thing. Since there was some extra time after the kids were in PJs, they got to watch a few videos with M-lady before we split up and I read to Buster while M-lady read with Bud. Buster demanded a Star Wars book, so we paged through one of my art books, naming the characters as they appeared.

Buster took a little while to fall asleep once the lights went out, finally dropping off around 8:45. Bud was asleep in a similar timeframe, and both kids have slept well so far this evening.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Playground

The kids were up pretty early this morning, and M-lady took the first shift. I got up with them around 7:30, and headed downstairs with the boys while M-lady snoozed for a little while. The boys weren't hungry yet, so we watched TV for a bit. Around 8:30, M-lady came down and got some breakfast for them while I snoozed.

M-lady took off for ballet at about 9:30, and the boys and I packed up and headed over to a local bike swap-meet. The swap-meet ended up being ridiculously crowded, so we bagged and headed off to a local park. It was a park we haven't been to before, so the kids had a good time checking out the play structure.

We arrived back home a few minutes before lunchtime. The kids had sandwiches for lunch, supplemented with a few potato chips and some of the kettle corn from yesterday. After lunch, the kids spent a chunk of time dancing to one of their music toys before we watched an episode of Mythbusters. M-lady arrived home as we were wrapping up, and I took Buster upstairs for a nap while Bud played with M-lady.

With Buster sleeping, I headed out to run some errands. Bud and M-lady did some costuming for him and took some pictures together, and were still having a good time together when I got back. I headed out for another bike ride, and got home a bit after 5:00, finding Buster eating a big snack after having woken from his nap.

After cleaning myself up, we all had some dinner. Bud ate really well, and Buster nibbled after having that big snack pretty late in the day. After dinner, M-lady and I got both kids bathed and into PJs, in time to have a snack and head for bed.

Bud and I read a story and watched some videos, and turned out the light a little after 8:00. Bud took a while to fall asleep, though, given the warm evening.

Buster apparently decided that he actually did want a snack after doing the whole bedtime routine, and apparently ate a very large one. Consequently, he didn't get to bed until after 8:30, and fell asleep a little while later.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fun Lunch Outing

Buster was again up pretty early, and M-lady handled him. She brought him to our bed for a bit, where he proceeded to kick me in the back for a while.

We eventually all got up, and dressed, and headed downstairs for breakfast. After eating, M-lady took Bud out to the nearby GoodWill to drop off a few things and see if she could find some costume pieces that Bud's been asking for. Buster and I played together for a bit while they were gone.

When they got back, we got ourselves packed up, including some sandwiches that M-lady made, and headed out to the annual Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival. We arrived in time to sit down and watch the San Jose Taiko performance, and a Karate demonstration immediately afterward. We all ate lunch while enjoying the drumming, and the kids really seemed to like the show.

After finishing the lunch we'd brought, we wandered out into the tents, where M-lady looked at some of the crafts while the kids and I snacked on some kettle corn and played on the playground. M-lady rejoined us after a short time, and we headed for home. When we arrived, we cleaned up, had a little bit more kettle corn, and I put Buster down for a nap.

While Buster and I were napping, Bud and M-lady made a quick run out to the library, where Bud stocked up on new books. When they returned, Buster was still napping, and I headed out for a short bike ride for the first time in a few months.

I returned to find Bud in his PJs already, and Buster sitting watching a scene from High School Musical with him. After I got cleaned up, we all had some dinner, watched a little bit of TV, had a snack, and headed for bed.

Buster was pretty good about going to bed, although ended up falling asleep a little late, some time around 8:30.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Quick Evening Concert

M-lady was available to help out with the kids this morning, and ended up doing most of the work getting them ready. Buster was again awake around 5:00ish for a short time. I helped out with breakfast around 7:45 or so. Buster was more reluctant to eat breakfast than usual, and didn't end up starting on his oatmeal until after M-lady had headed out with Bud to take him to school. Buster did eventually eat a solid breakfast, though, finishing up around the time Nanny J arrived.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I arrived home around 4:30, and Buster was just getting up from his nap. Nanny J gave the kids their baths, and they were dressed in matching sweaters when I next saw them playing downstairs.

We said goodbye to Nanny J at a little after 5:00, and watched some of Kung Fu Panda before M-lady arrived home. We all had a solid dinner.

After dinner, M-lady and Bud headed out to a quick Suzuki piano concert. We're probably going to start Bud on piano lessons before too long, and they wanted to see the students of one of the potential teachers. Bud seemed to enjoy the concert once he was convinced to go.

Buster and I hung out played for a bit, and watched a Blue's Clues before having a snack. We were just finishing up our snack when M-lady and Bud arrived home, and I got Buster into PJs while Bud was having his snack.

Bud and I read stories and watched videos for a little while before bed, and turned out the light a little after 8:00. Bud didn't take too long to fall asleep, and both kids have slept pretty well so far.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Returning Towards The Usual

Buster woke about 5:00 this morning, and was up and down repeatedly until he got up for good at about 6:45. M-lady and I both worked on soothing him, but he was restless. M-lady had another really early morning, and was off to work by about 6:30, so I was up with Buster when he got up.

He was fairly chipper, so we had a good time reading books. I checked on Bud around 7:30, and found him just getting up. I got Buster dressed, and helped Bud get going on that project, and got myself dressed, and we all headed downstairs for some breakfast by about 8:00. The kids ate pretty well, and we played until Nanny J and the cleaners arrived at just about the same time.

Before I left for work, I made sure Bud knew how to put his shinguards on, and Nanny J got an idea of how they were supposed to look when worn. Bud apparently made it to his soccer class during the day, so he got a chance to play a scrimmage and run around a bit.

I arrived home a bit after 5:00, and M-lady had already gotten home. After saying goodbye to Nanny J, I sat down and watched the end of Monsters Versus Aliens with Bud. He enjoyed the movie, and ended up watching the whole thing. We started watching a special before dinner, although we didn't get to finish it until afterward.

The kids ate a pretty good dinner, and I decided to bake snickerdoodles again. Bud helped me roll the dough into balls, and both kids helped coat them with the cinnamon-sugar mixture. We watched the end of the movie special while the cookies baked, with Buster waiting anxiously by the oven.

The kids each got a cookie and a half for snack, and then headed up to bed. They started the bedtime routine a little later than usual, but ended up in bed at about the right time. Buster was in bed shortly after 8:00, and fell asleep pretty quickly. Both kids have slept quietly so far.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Return Of Nanny J

M-lady had to get to work really early this morning, and was gone before Buster woke at about 6:45. I checked on him, and hung out with him a little bit before opening Bud's blinds and getting him going. The kids got up early enough and kept moving quickly enough that there wasn't any panic getting Bud ready for school.

The kids were done with breakfast shortly after 8:00, and Nanny J arrived at about 8:15. The kids seemed pretty happy to see her. Bud and I packed up and headed off to school, and Buster was upset that he didn't get to come as well. But I think he had a good time hanging out with Nanny J.

It rained hard during the day, so they stayed inside for the afternoon. M-lady and I arrived home at the same time, around 5:00, and found Bud already in his pajamas. He'd gotten into PJs after his bath so he could enjoy more videos and stories at bedtime.

M-lady had a chance to catch up with Nanny J as I wrapped up some work. The kids were pretty fired up, but M-lady and I were pretty tired. I spent most of the evening before dinner watching the first part of Monsters Versus Aliens witb Bud. He had lots of questions about the characters' motivation, and carried on the questions right into dinner.

Buster ate a huge dinner, consuming about three times what Bud ate. After dinner, we watched a little bit more of the movie, and then had a snack and got ready for bed. The kids had finished up the snickerdoodles during the day, but M-lady had gotten some Andes mints, and each child enjoyed one before we headed up to bed.

Bud had a bit of a meltdown around bedtime, and was in bed a bit before 8:00. M-lady watched a few videos with Buster and put him to bed shortly afterward. Both kids were asleep before too long, and have stayed asleep.

We're all really happy to have Nanny J back!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Short Day Care

Buster was up fairly early, and Bud was up by about 7:00 again. I rolled out of bed around 7:30 to help take the kids downstairs to get some breakfast. They were reasonably cooperative, and M-lady took them off to day care by about 8:00.

The drop off wasn't great, but M-lady had promised to pick them up again by 1:00. Bud's friend S was there again today, and both kids seemed to have a good time from what I could tell on the video camera. They even got to go outside and play for a bit when the weather cleared up.

M-lady picked the kids up around 1:00 as promised, and then headed back to the office with them in tow for a short time. The kids apparently did very well at the office, and Bud was really good about introducing himself and shaking hands with people.

They had a reasonable afternoon, and I arrived home shortly after 5:00 to find them watching High School Musical 3 together. M-lady took a few minutes to wrap up work and I watched the end of the movie with the boys.

I managed to get them to help me pick up the playroom a bit while M-lady prepared dinner, and we ate a short time later. The kids ate pretty well. After dinner, it was time for bathing the kids. M-lady handled bathing Buster, who's enjoying his new boats in the bath, and I showered with Bud. After getting the kids clean, it was snack time. Buster had the last cupcake, and Bud had a cookie. Buster had a little bit of a meltdown at the end of snacktime, largely owing to the lack of nap during the day.

I watched some videos with Buster, and put him to bed a few minutes after 8:00. After protesting for a couple of minutes, he fell asleep, and has slept soundly so far.

We're all looking forward to Nanny J returning tomorrow! Also sending a Happy Birthday to Uncle D!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Stay At Home Dad

The kids were up around 7:00ish this morning, and M-lady was the first responder again. I rolled out of bed around 7:15, and headed the kids downstairs for breakfast after getting dressed myself. M-lady had to head into the office early, so I got the kids fed and Bud ready for school. I was taking the day off work to fill in for Nanny J, who will be back later this week.

We all loaded up around 8:15, and took Bud off to school. He seemed pretty happy to be going to hang out with his friends again. The drop off was uneventful, and Buster and I returned home.

Buster and I spent the balance of the morning playing with the trains. We watched some of an episode of Sesame Street, and had a snack before loading up again to go pick up Bud. The weather had turned a little cooler, and it was pretty windy on the pickup. We hustled home and got started on some lunch.

The kids ate reasonably well, although Buster asked for chicken and then just sucked ketchup off the chicken nuggets I provided him. After lunch, we all played with the trains together for a while before it was time for Buster's nap.

I was able to put Buster down after a little bit of protest. He fell asleep reasonably quickly, and I got back to spending some time with Bud. We made snickerdoodles together, and then watched some more Kung Fu Panda specials together.

Buster slept for a couple of hours, and when he got up, we all had a snack (cookies and grapes). After the snack, we headed out to the front yard to play a bit. I had originally intended to head to the park, but the sky was a bit threatening, so we decided to keep it close to home.

Buster had a good time with the stomp rockets again, and the kids got the chance to run around a bit. Buster did managed to lose a plastic softball down a storm drain, but he didn't seem too disheartened. We headed inside to start working on dinner around 5:30ish.

M-lady arrived home a short time later, and we got dinner on the table. Everyone ate pretty well, and I relaxed with Bud a bit before snack time. The bedtime routine went pretty easily, and Bud was in bed before 8:00. He showed me that he can read all his BOB books without any trouble, and we chatted a bit about Kung Fu Panda before he drifted off a bit after 8:00. Buster woke once around 11:00, but went back to sleep quickly.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday Wrap Up

Buster was up pretty early this morning, and M-lady took the first watch. I got up with the kids around 7:30ish, and we all headed downstairs for some breakfast a short time later. We made waffles, which were popular all around.

I managed to nap for about 30 minutes after breakfast before M-lady took off for her ballet class. The kids and I played together for a little while, and then we packed up and headed over to Target for a quick errand. The kids were great, and we were able to head home again without any problems.

When we got home, we played outside for a bit before M-lady arrived home again. The kids had a great time playing with their stomp rockets again, and Buster started figuring out how to get some height on his launches.

We had some lunch when M-lady got home, and the kids ate reasonably well. After lunch, we gave Buster the remainder of his birthday gifts, including some new GeoTrax trains and track. We pulled out all of Bud's old track as well. Bud wasn't too keen on sharing at first, but we eventually talked him into sharing the track with Buster.

I put Buster down for his nap at about 2:00, and after some struggle he passed out. I headed out for a quick errand, and Bud stayed home with M-lady. They worked together to clean up his room quite a bit in the afternoon.

M-lady headed out to do the grocery shopping when I got home, and Bud helped me work on the new server I'm building. Buster ended up sleeping until about 4:30. He was a bit groggy and grumpy when he woke up, a few minutes before M-lady arrived home.

M-lady got a snack for Buster, and we all hung out together and watched Kung Fu Panda specials for a little bit before we had dinner. M-lady prepared a great dinner, and everyone ate well.

After dinner, I showered Bud while M-lady bathed Buster. With two clean and PJed kids, snack time rolled up quickly and we started the general bedtime routine. Bud got a little grumpy before bed, but apparently had a nice chat with M-lady before falling asleep. Buster and I negotiated a couple of Wiggles videos on the iPhone before falling asleep a bit after 8:00. Both kids have slept peacefully so far tonight.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yet More Birthday Celebration

The kids were up pretty early this morning, and M-lady handled the first wave. I got up around 8:00, and headed downstairs with the kids and M-lady to get some breakfast.

After eating, we had a nice video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B, and Buster opened his birthday gift from them. It was a pack of 20 Hot Wheels cars and case for them, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Buster picked out two of them which he carried around for most of the rest of the day. By evening, the cars seem to have been distributed evenly throughout the house, apparently succumbing to entropy.

After a nice chat with the grandparents, we loaded up in the car and headed off to Fry's. The kids and M-lady were really patient while I picked up some parts for a new computer, and had a snack at the cafe while I finished up the purchases. We headed over to Arby's for lunch, which was great for everyone except Buster, who didn't eat his chicken.

When we got home, I played outside with the kids for a while. Bud pulled out his stomp rockets, and since he has two launchers now, both kids got to play with their own. Buster had a great time with his, carefully putting a rocket on the launcher, and then getting it to fly about three feet off the ground. He would giggle and giggle, and then load it up again.

He was a little upset when we came inside, but settled down quickly. I tried to put Buster down for a nap at about 2:00, without success. At 3:00 we got up again, and I made a quick break out to the grocery store to pick up provisions for dinner.

Aunt O, Uncle C, and Cousin C arrived shortly after I got back from the grocery store, and we had a very pleasant visit with them. Cousin C seemed much more comfortable around us than he has in the past, and consequently was more talkative. It was nice to interact with him a little bit.

We all had dinner together, which was nice, and overall had a nice visit. Buster was presented with his cupcakes, which he seemed to enjoy (although Bud had a bit of a meltdown at the time). After our guests left, we all watched a little bit more of the Kung Fu Panda specials before having a snack and heading for bed.

Both kids fell asleep pretty quickly, although Buster has been a little restless this evening.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Blankey Emergency

M-lady got the kids up this morning, and I helped get the out the door. M-lady took them to day care again, and once again they weren't very excited about going. When M-lady arrived at day care, she discovered that they didn't have Buster's Blankey, which was going to be a problem. He'd left his Blankey in my car yesterday.

M-lady called me to ask if I knew where the Blankey was, and after finding it and getting ready for work, I dropped the critical item off at day care. I had it delivered to the room, so the kids wouldn't get upset when I showed up and then left again. Apparently everyone was very relieved that Blankey was returned to Buster.

M-lady picked the kids up from day care a little early, and they headed over to the Cisco company store together. Each child got to pick out a pen, which they enjoyed. They ended up getting home around 4:30, just after I got home after having gone to PT.

I was really tired in the evening, and dozed off a couple of times. M-lady got the kids some dinner, and we all watched some of Kung Fu Panda. Bud liked it enough that he's now watched the whole movie, even the parts he thought were too scary before. It has also sparked talks of studying kung fu again.

The bedtime routine was pretty straightforward, and Buster fell asleep in a few minutes after I got him into his bed. Both kids seemed to sleep pretty solidly.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Soccer Class

Bud rolled me out of bed around 7:00 this morning. M-lady was sleeping with Buster in his room, so he must have woken early. I helped Bud get dressed, and Buster and M-lady were up by 7:30 or so.

I helped the kids get some breakfast, and then loaded them up and took them off to their day care again, arriving around 9:00. Bud was OK for the drop off, and Buster cried again, but apparently was OK shortly after I left.

Bud reported that they got to play on the playground for a bit in the morning, and they also took a walk around the building. It's a pretty big building, so it probably was a reasonable outing. I'm sure lunch was good, and nap time followed lunch.

I picked the boys up a bit before 3:00, and we loaded up into the car to go to Bud's soccer class. We arrived a few minutes before class start, and had time to get Bud into shorts, put his shinguards on, and hit the bathroom. Bud did a great job during class, which was largely focused on dribbling skills today. Buster hung out with me and snacked on goldfish and raisins for most of the class.

After class, we headed home and had a snack before settling in front of the TV for a little while. M-lady had a dinner event with her team at work, so it was just me and the boys. The kids sort of continuously snacked during the evening, so dinner was sort of spread out. We wrapped up the official dinner at about 6:30, though, and got started on baths for the kids.

Bud had gotten sweaty and grassy at soccer, so I bathed him, and Buster refused to be left behind. He almost managed to climb into the tub, fully clothed, while I was turned the other way. After Bud was cleaned up, I stripped Buster and got him bathed as well.

We had a little bit of ice cream and cantaloupe for a snack, and then headed for bed. I read a story to Bud and Buster, and then got them into bed. Bud kept his light on and read to himself while I sat with Buster.

M-lady arrived home around 8:30, and finished up the sitting with Buster to put him to sleep, while I read a story with Bud and put him to sleep as well. Both kids have slept quietly tonight so far. Overall it was a better evening than the past few nights, with noticeably fewer meltdowns. I'm not sure if this is an indication that they're getting used to day care, or that the time outside running around was good for blowing off steam.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Second Fifth Birthday

The kids were pretty good about getting up this morning, and M-lady did most of the work getting them up and dressed. When we wished Buster a happy second birthday, and told him he was two, he responded with a terse "Yeah."

I took the kids down for breakfast, and got them fed before M-lady took them off to daycare. Bud was stoic at the dropoff, although Buster cried again when M-lady left. They looked OK on video, though.

M-lady was able to stop by at lunchtime, and got to sample the lunch that was prepared for the kids. She was thoroughly impressed with the food. They had a good time at lunch together, although the kids cried again when she left for work again.

The kids apparently sang "Happy Birthday" to Buster at some point during the day. Buster napped during nap time, and the kids got an opportunity to play outside for a bit as well. In the afternoon, I saw Bud playing with one of the other kids for the first time, which was encouraging. They seemed to really be having a good time, and apparently were still playing together when M-lady arrived to pick up the boys around 5:00.

They were able to play a little bit more on the playground on their way out, and got home around 5:45. The kids were again a bit frazzled, and the evening had its share of meltdowns.

We did have a nice video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese. Buster opened his presents from them, which he really enjoyed. During the chat, he denied being two, and insisted that he was five. He responded the same way several times during the evening. He's pretty sure that he's five.

We decided to space out the present opening a bit, so Buster will open his other gifts over the next few days.

We headed downstairs after the video chat to get some dinner. M-lady prepared a great meal, and the kids ate well. Dinner was wrapped up a bit after 7:00, and we got started on bathing. The kids elected to have M-lady bathe them in the tub this evening, rather than shower with me. I spent a fair amount of time after Buster came out of the tub trying to convince him (unsuccessfully) to get into PJs.

Due to timing, we didn't get to have a snack before bed, and Bud had a final meltdown and decided on his own to skip story time. He turned his light out a few minutes before 8:00, and fell asleep pretty quickly. Buster hasn't slept very well this evening, and has had someone in his room with him for a fair bit of the night so far. He seems to be settled now, and hopefully will sleep well the rest of the night.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Backup Day Care, Day 2

We had both kids up by about 7:45 this morning, and M-lady helped get them dressed before she had to head to work at about 8:15. I got the kids breakfasted, and then we loaded up into my car and headed off.

Bud had reiterated that he didn't really want to go back, but was cooperative while being a bit resigned. Buster seemed generally OK. The kids were fine until we got into the classroom and it was time for me to go, at which point both boys burst into tears. I promised I would be back as soon as I could, and headed to work.

I had the video surveillance camera open most of the day, and saw both kids doing fine. Buster seemed pretty comfortable, tromping from place to place, and occasionally dropping his blankey, then going back to retrieve it. He did seem to go to the door to look out fairly often. Bud seemed more subdued, and his body language indicated some discomfort. He's definitely on the older side of the kids there, and I think he's a little bored some of the time.

The kids did get to play outside this morning, though, and Buster apparently had a good time on the big slide. They had tomato soup for lunch, and both kids apparently ate pretty well. Buster napped, and Bud read stories during nap time. I was able to come get them at about 4:00.

The kids were happy to see me, but Bud wanted to finish the craft he was working on, and Buster wandered back over to the Lego table before they started to grab their stuff. Bud received a glowing report for how much he watched out for and took care of Buster, which was really sweet. I gave them a cookie to split in the car, and we headed for home.

We played outside for a little while, and then came in when there was a dual meltdown. The kids are definitely a little bit out of sorts in the evening, understandably given how much their routine is shaken up. We settled down and watched some TV before ordering a pizza, which arrived around the same time as M-lady.

I got Buster into his PJs, and then snoozed for a few minutes while the kids played and had a snack. Buster wasn't too hard to put to bed this evening, although he took a little longer than usual to fall asleep. He's slept quietly so far, though.

I get the feeling that the kids are getting used to day care, at least, so hopefully the drop off tomorrow will go a little more smoothly for M-lady.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Backup Day Care, Day 1

We all rolled out of bed by about 7:30 this morning, and worked on getting the kids ready to go with M-lady to our backup day care solution. Bud is on spring break this week, so there's no interference with pre-school. I had a presentation to give in the morning, so I got myself dressed up with a tie and coat. Bud asked why I was getting dressed for dancing.

M-lady took off with the kids around the same time I headed out, about 8:30. We were unsure of how the kids would take to day care, but apparently the drop off went really well. The kids started checking out the classroom they would both be in while M-lady filled out paper work, and then gave her a hug and wandered off when she said goodbye.

Apparently the kids were really good all day. Bud checked on Buster quite a bit, and made sure he was doing OK. Buster took a solid nap in the afternoon, and Bud did some crafts and kept himself entertained.

Buster apparently broke into tears (after being fine all day) when M-lady arrived to pick the kids up. Bud was ready to go, too, and they all came home, arriving a bit before 6:00. It had rained most of the day, so the kids had not gotten outside. I hung out outside with them for a bit while they played with balls on the driveway, running around and getting a little fresh air.

Buster was a bit upset when it was time to come in, but happy to get some water. We all had some dinner together, and Bud ate a huge sandwich. After dinner we got started on showers for the kids, and then got them into PJs. There was time for a snack and then getting ready for bed, making our evening pretty tightly scripted.

Bud indicated that he didn't want to go back to day care tomorrow, but hopefully he'll be OK tomorrow. I'll be doing the drop off and pick up, and hopefully it won't be too bad. Bud and I chatted about it a bit before bed, and then went to sleep around 8:30.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Different Happy Hollow

We all slept in a bit today, which was nice. M-lady got up with Buster, but convinced him to curl up with her on the couch for a while before he demanded to be put back in his crib so he could read books to himself. Bud didn't get up until a bit later, and we all started really moving at about 9:00.

The day was threatening rain, but we decided to make use of our season pass to Happy Hollow and try to spend a little while there in the morning. Since we had the family season pass, it didn't cost us anything to try. It was drizzling when we arrived, but we decided to brave the weather and go in.

We found an almost entirely deserted park. Yes, we got a bit dampish, but we had brought our coats, and no one was particularly uncomfortable. Some of the animals were very curious about us, as it seems they hadn't had many visitors. The peccaries in particular came over to visit and snort at Bud's umbrella.

We had a good time wandering around, but the kids weren't interested in the rides that didn't have any lines. We ended up heading home shortly before lunchtime, happy that we'd made the effort.

We all had some lunch, and I put Buster down for his nap around 1:00. He wasn't very interested in sleeping, but I needed to go into the office to do some work. Bud opted to come with me to the office, so M-lady got him all set with snacks, books, and entertainment.

Bud was great while I was working, parking himself in a corner and behaving for hours. He drew some pictures, read his books, and snacked. I checked on him after a bit, and offered my Nintendo DS for him to play with for the last half hour or so. We were finally able to head home at about 4:00, and found Buster and M-lady up to greet us.

We had a nice video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, and then got started on dinner. Both kids ate reasonably well, and afterward Bud and I watched the end of Kung Fu Panda. Bud really enjoyed most of the movie, so we'll probably be watching it again soon.

Snack time came up pretty quickly, and I put Buster to bed after that. Buster protested putting his sleeper on, but there weren't any other long-sleeved pajamas available, and it promises to be a cool night. Buster eventually conceded the PJs, and then fell asleep within a few minutes of turning out the light. He's woken once, but went back to sleep pretty quickly.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Soccer Gear

The kids were up fairly early this morning, and they happily played together in Buster's crib with his new firetruck for a while. Bud very occasionally climbs into Buster's crib with him, and we warn him that he has to sit down and generally stay still, since it really isn't designed for someone of his weight. He's pretty good about it.

M-lady had already gotten Buster dressed, so after I got Bud in daytime clothes I took the kids downstairs for breakfast a bit before 8:30, and M-lady headed off to ballet. We were just wrapping up breakfast around 9:00ish when an installation tech for our new internet service arrived. I plopped the kids down in front of an episode of Little Einsteins and worked with the installer in the garage for a bit. Both kids eventually came out to join us, and played in the front yard for a little while as we worked.

We (mostly successfully) wrapped up the install around 11:00, and I took the kids back inside to play. We were just starting to look into lunch when M-lady arrived home. I ended up making some noodles ("Like Kung Fu Panda!"), which Bud enjoyed. Buster got a little grumpy around lunchtime, and ended up just eating blueberries.

I took a nap after lunch, and M-lady played with the kids. Around 2:00, she took Bud out to the library to exchange books. I sat with Buster for a while in his room, and when it was clear he wasn't going to go to sleep quickly, we played together on the computer for a little while. He now thoroughly enjoys typing in a Word doc with the font cranked up to about 200pts.

A little before 3:00, we tried napping again, and it took pretty quickly. I was able to sneak out when M-lady arrived home. At that point, I took Bud on another outing to get shinguards and socks for his upcoming soccer class. We found a good place at the second store we tried, and got the shinguards, two pairs of tube socks, and a soccer ball in his size (3) and headed home.

Bud tried on his shinguards and socks immediately, and then played outside kicking the ball around the front yard for a while. I joined him for a bit, and then Buster joined when he woke from his nap. I eventually wrangled the kids back inside as it got close to dinner time.

Both kids ate pretty well for dinner, and afterward I gave them showers, as they'd been rolling around in the grass out front. Both kids behaved during the showers, and after they were clean and in PJs, we headed downstairs to watch a little bit more of Kung Fu Panda before snack time.

Since the kids were already in PJs, the bedtime routine went quickly, and Bud and I had a lot of time to read together before we turned out the light at about 8:00. We talked more about the movie after the light went out, and he was asleep around 8:15. Both kids have slept quietly so far.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Slightly Early Birthday Gift

The morning was pretty straightforward, and M-lady handled the first contact with the kids. She got Bud some breakfast, while I hung out with Buster, and then took Bud to school while I was getting Buster dressed. Buster and I had some breakfast together before Nanny J arrived.

Bud apparently had a good day at school. I arrived home a little before 5:00, and Nanny J had just given Buster his birthday present from her. It was a fire truck, which both kids were pretty excited about. Buster ran up to me as I came in and exclaimed, "Fire!" It took a moment for me to figure out what he was referring to. Bud let me know that he didn't barf at school today.

M-lady arrived home a few minutes later, and we said goodbye to Nanny J. She'll be taking the next week or two off, so the kids gave her big hugs before she left. It's just a couple of weeks, but we're going to miss her.

We all settled in to watch a little of the Netflix movie which arrived, Kung Fu Panda. We watched the first 30 minutes or so before dinner. Bud found the slapstick really funny, but some of the emotional tension very 'scary'.

We had dinner after that, and then ran around the living room a bit to burn off some excess energy. Snack time came up pretty quickly, and Bud decided to forgo his snack and get straight to PJs and bedtime routine. Buster just had some raisins before we headed upstairs to join the others.

I was able to get Buster ready for bed without much trouble. We watched some videos, read some stories, and turned out the light a little after 8:00. Both kids have slept pretty quietly so far.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Chase

Buster was a bit restless last night around 1:00-3:00am, and M-lady and I both took turns soothing him. Not sure what had him up so much.

M-lady had another early meeting this morning, so I got up with the kids around 7:30 again. Since Bud didn't have school today, there was less urgency around getting him up and dressed. Buster was willing to let me dress him this morning, so we all headed downstairs for breakfast a little after 8:00.

Buster was just finishing up his breakfast when Nanny J arrived. The cleaners arrived a short time later, and I headed off for work after that. The kids apparently had a good day, and Nanny J took them out to the grocery store when they decided that they didn't want to go to the park. Bud reported that they did play in the front yard for a bit, though.

I got home around 5:00, and the kids were having a snack with Nanny J. After she left, the kids and I chased each other around for a bit. I would tell one of the boys that I was going to 'get him', and he'd run off shrieking. After catching and tickling, I'd either go after the other boy, or announce that they couldn't get me, and run off. Bud's getting pretty quick, though, so I have to move if I don't want to get caught.

We played this game (with a couple of breathers) until M-lady got home. The cover story for Entertainment Weekly this week was about Star Wars, and Bud had us read the article to him multiple times before we started on dinner.

The kids ate pretty well, and there was time to watch a few minutes of TV (a Science Channel show about weather on other planets) before having a snack and heading for bed.

Bud was pretty good about going to bed, and we had the light out shortly after 8:00. He was snoring by 8:30. Both kids have slept quietly so far tonight.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Hiccup in the Routine

M-lady had a really early meeting to go in to work for, and left before any of the rest of us were up. I rolled out of bed around 7:30, and met Bud in the hallway as he was getting up. Buster woke a few minutes later.

Bud was good about getting himself ready to go to school, and Buster decided to hang out in his crib despite my offers to get him into a clean diaper and clothes. Nanny J arrived a little after 8:00, and Bud and I headed off for school.

I got a call from Bud's teacher around 11:00, letting me know that Bud had barfed on the playground after snack time. He was resting in the class room. Nanny J had already left to go pick him up by that time, so I headed home to meet them there. I waited out in front of the house to meet them as they arrived, and Bud and Buster raced each other to get home once they were out of the car. Bud didn't look much out of sorts.

Upon some questioning, Bud let me know that he hadn't felt sick before or after barfing. I got him a bucket just in case, and told him to take it easy during the afternoon. He was fine, though, and aside from barfing at school, had an entirely normal day.

I headed back to work in the mid-afternoon, and M-lady got home around 5:00 to take care of the kids for a bit. I made it home near 6:00, and got started on making dinner after settling in. I played with the kids for a little while as dinner cooked, and we had fun chasing each other around the living room.

Dinner was a little late, around 7:00, and it was pretty much snack time immediately after dinner was over. The kids had a little bit more chocolate from Buster's Easter bunny, and then we got ready for bed. Buster was pretty tired, and was willing to go to sleep after a couple of stories. M-lady was able to put Bud to bed without much issue. Both kids have slept quietly.

Bud must have eaten something that didn't agree with him at snack time, or run too hard on the playground afterward. Hopefully it's a one-time event.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Fair-Weather Fan

The kids were pretty good getting up this morning. Bud was up around 7:30, and Buster a short time later. Bud got himself dressed, and I took him downstairs for breakfast while Buster was content to read to himself and hang out in his crib. In fact, Buster didn't show any interest in getting out of his crib before Nanny J arrived, so she got him up and dressed.

The kids seem to have had a good day. The furniture was re-distributed about the living room when I got home, so they'd been busy playing. After I got settled in, Nanny J took her leave, and I spent some time hanging out with the kids before turning on the TV to watch the Women's NCAA Basketball Finals.

Buster was good about cheering for Stanford, but Bud seems to be at the age where he wants to cheer for the winning team. I remember doing the same thing when I was young. Bud wasn't excited about watching basketball, but was willing to hang out with me while I watched. He had a minor meltdown right before M-lady arrived home.

M-lady was wonderful and got dinner for the kids while I watched the end of the game. When things wrapped up, I got the kids going on snack time, serving up the rest of the pineapple from yesterday. After snack, I took Bud upstairs and helped him get ready for bed.

Bud was reasonably cooperative, and we read stories and watched videos on the iPhone before bed. Buster came and joined us for one of the iPhone videos. I was able to turn the lights out a few minutes after 8:00, and Bud was asleep pretty quickly. Both kids have slept quietly so far.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Drumming On The House

The kids were up around 7:30 this morning, and Bud got himself dressed pretty quickly. Buster lingered in his crib for a bit. I took Bud downstairs for breakfast a bit early at his request, and he was done with breakfast and ready to go by about 8:00. Buster finally relented and let me change his diaper and get him dressed closer to 8:30, after M-lady and Bud had already headed off to school. Buster was excited to see Nanny J when she arrived.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I was home briefly before my PT at about 2:30, and Buster was just waking from his nap. Both kids said hello to me, but didn't mind me leaving again pretty quickly.

I got home for good at about 5:00. As I approached the front door, I could hear the kids drumming inside. The kids, and Bud in particular, had distributed all the play furniture evenly about the living room, and were drumming on all the different surfaces with a pair of Lincoln Logs each. Bud's actually a pretty good drummer, and Buster seems to like hitting things with sticks, so they were having a pretty good time.

After Nanny J departed, we drummed together for a little while, and then settled in front of the TV to play a little bit of Lego Indiana Jones and watch Blue's Clues. M-lady arrived home before too long, and she got us started on dinner.

The kids ate pretty well, but since we ate a little late, it was snack time when the dishes from dinner were washed. I had picked up a pineapple at the grocery store, and the kids were pretty excited to have some pineapple for snack time.

The kids were pretty good about getting ready for bed, and Buster was tired by the time we turned the light out a few minutes after 8:00. He fell asleep quickly, although he woke once later in the evening. I was able to soothe him back to sleep without any problems, though.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Egg Hunt

The kids were up pretty early this morning. M-lady was snoozing with Buster in his room when Bud rolled me out of bed around 6:30. I lay down with Bud in his bed then, but he was too excited to sleep. We finally let the kids roust us around 7:30, and headed downstairs to get started on the egg hunt.

Bud wanted to help hide eggs for Buster, so we'd set aside about five eggs for him to place. He did that, and then we turned both boys loose on finding the eggs we'd hidden around the living room and kitchen. There were almost fifty eggs in total, and they had a lot of fun finding them. Most were filled with a couple of goldfish crackers.

The hunt lasted for about twenty minutes, and then we got started on getting some breakfast for the boys. Bud ended up sort of skipping breakfast, just having a little bit of candy instead. I headed upstairs to snooze for a little while before M-lady headed off to ballet.

They apparently watched a little bit of High School Musical together while I was snoozing. When I got up, we watched a little more TV, as the morning was a bit dreary. The kids declined a snack, but I managed to get them interested in going out a bit before lunchtime. We loaded up in the car, and I had the intention of heading to a local preserve and going for a short walk.

Unfortunately, it started raining a bit as we were driving, so we opted to stay in the car and just go for a drive. We got up into the hills a little bit, and the kids enjoyed the scenery and the windy, hilly roads. It wasn't a terribly long drive, although Buster drifted off to sleep in the last few minutes before we arrived home.

M-lady was home when we got there, and we got started on lunch. Overall the afternoon was pretty mellow, as it continued to rain. Bud spent some time with his Lego, and I spent some time unsuccessfully trying to get Buster to take a nap.

Buster got a bit grumpy in the later afternoon, having skipped his nap and needing some food. M-lady got a snack for herself and the kids, and they joined me, much renewed, as I watched the Stanford Women's Basketball game.

M-lady got started on dinner, and I helped and joined as the game wrapped up. Both kids ate reasonably well, and after dinner we got started on baths. I had Buster join me in the shower for the first time in a while, and he did great. We had fun with some bubbles I brought into the shower. M-lady got Buster dried off and into PJs while I showered Bud next.

After getting the kids cleaned up, we played for a little while before starting snack and bed time. Bud had a little bit more of his chocolate Easter bunny for his snack, and then we headed up to bed. Both kids were pretty tired, having woken up early and not napped during the day. Bud passed out pretty quickly after we turned out the lights around 8:00, so hopefully he'll get a solid night's sleep before school tomorrow.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Double-Duty Party

The kids were up around 7:30, and after getting the kids dressed I took them downstairs for breakfast while M-lady snoozed a bit. After breakfast the kids and I played a little bit, and watched a little bit of TV. Around 9:00, I switched places with M-lady, and she took off with Buster to run an errand at about 9:45.

I got up and was hanging out with Bud when M-lady returned shortly after 10:00. We all got ready and loaded up in the car, and headed out to Friend J's birthday party. Friend J is a friend of Bud's from his first pre-school, in the toddler's program. They've been good friends for a while now.

Friend J's party was a lot of fun, and in many ways mimicked Bud's birthday party, although it was also an Easter celebration. They started with balloon lightsaber duels, and then had an Easter egg hunt. After the hunt there was pizza for lunch, and the usual cake (shaped like R2-D2) and candles. Both kids did really well, without any of the shyness we've seen in the past. Buster let strangers help him find eggs, and Bud interacted really well with everyone.

We headed home to get Buster down for his nap, and M-lady went out with Bud for a little while. When they got back, M-lady napped for a bit while I spent time hanging out with Bud. Buster was up a short time later, and we all had a nice video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B.

After chatting, we got a snack and played a little bit of Lego Indiana Jones before I headed out to pick up some dinner. I discovered that our favorite nearby sushi place has sadly gone out of business, so we're going to have to look for a new place to get sushi. Oh well.

After dinner, we watched a little bit of TV before snack time and the bedtime routine. Buster was pretty easy to get to bed this evening, although it took him a little while to fall asleep. He woke once as we were preparing the egg hunt for tomorrow, but M-lady was able to soothe him back to sleep quickly.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Banana Boat Song

The kids slept pretty well, and we had to roust them around 7:30. Bud didn't have too much trouble getting out of bed, and had breakfast and got ready for school. Buster lagged a little bit, but ate a bowl of oatmeal and played with me for a little while before Nanny J arrived.

Bud had a good day at school, and apparently played with Buster a bit in the afternoon. I was home for a short time before my PT at 3:00, and Bud was playing with Lego while Buster was napping.

Bud and Buster seem to have collided at some point during the day, and Buster got a bit of a bruise on his cheek, while Bud got a similar bruise on his arm. It's hard to tell exactly what happened, but both kids were pretty happy when I got home. We played some Lego Star Wars before M-lady got home and we had some dinner.

A while ago I sang the Banana Boat Song to Bud, and we even watched some Harry Belafonte clips together. It has sections of the song which are easy to latch on to. Buster has apparently picked up the song from Bud, and now sings: "si foot, sev foot, a foot, BUNCH!" He kicks his feet up while singing.

We all sang the song a bit while getting dinner together. Both kids ate well, and we threw balls around in the living room together for a bit before snack and bed time.

Bud was pretty good about getting ready for bed, and we read some stories and watched a video before bed. The light was out about 8:15, but he didn't fall asleep until about 9:00. Both kids have slept quietly so far.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Cooking Night

The kids were up pretty late this morning again, although Buster called out a couple of times during the night. He was quickly soothed each time. The kids didn't get up until nearly 8:00, and we headed downstairs for breakfast at about 8:30. M-lady and I took off for work a short time after Nanny J arrived.

Bud asked about his sports class which is usually on Thursdays, but he finished that up last week. He'll be starting soccer class in a couple of weeks, though. I need to get him some shinguards.

M-lady got home before I did, and relieved Nanny J. When I got home, the kids were busy pretending to cook together. Bud informed me that they were cooking in Kitchen Stadium, and they kept at is all evening until dinner time. They had pulled out all of Bud's cooking toys, the sushi set, the plastic fruits and vegetables, and anything else that looked like food. Bud and Buster would come over to where M-lady or I was sitting and have us taste what they were cooking.

M-lady got dinner together, and we all ate a slightly late dinner. The kids had apparently had a huge lunch, and neither was particularly interested in a real dinner. After eating, I played a little bit of Beatles Rock Band at Bud's request, with the kids playing along on instruments that weren't plugged in. We kept that up until snack time.

Buster requested Lego Rock Band videos tonight rather than the usual Cars fare, and went to sleep under protest a little bit after 8:00. M-lady and Bud read stories together until about the same time.