Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting Better

Buster didn't sleep very well last night, as expected, and M-lady and I took turns sleeping in his room with him. Bud woke once during the night as well, but wasn't very upset, and was easily put back to bed.

M-lady got Bud some breakfast while Buster was happily looking at books in his crib, and let me sleep in a little bit. I got up around 8:00, and got Buster into a clean diaper and clothes, cleaned his crusty nose up, and we headed downstairs to get him something to eat. Bud joined us, and M-lady was able to snooze for a little bit.

Buster ate oatmeal as well, and managed to hide a big glop under his bib while I wasn't looking. After discovering this, I got him into a clean shirt, and we came back downstairs to join Bud and watch and episode of Blue's Clues. M-lady joined us a short time later, and I took the opportunity to head back to bed for a little while.

I joined again a little before lunchtime, and we evaluated the boys. They were both playing happily, with no fevers or even dramatically runny noses. We decided to go out for lunch, to give the boys some fresher air and a change of scenery.

The kids were great through lunch, and we decided to hit Target on the way home to get more Kleenex and other sundries. Buster, however, was getting tired, and was really into the Cars music we were playing on the drive. He wailed when we stopped the car. We probably would have been fine had we had a walkman with us, but as it was we decided to head home so I could put Buster down for his nap.

Buster fell asleep almost immediately (no surprise there), and M-lady and Buster headed back out to run the Target trip. I managed to get some work done, and M-lady and Bud had a good time at the store. Buster didn't end up napping very long, and we were all playing together before too long.

I took the boys for a walk in the later afternoon, and we had a good time just trooping around the block. Buster didn't want me to hold his hand crossing the road, but after I carried him across the first time, was willing to hold hands on subsequent crossings. The boys were both ready to come back inside when we got home.

Dinner was a somewhat disjointed affair, but both kids ate reasonably well. After dinner, M-lady prepared fried rice for the kids for lunch tomorrow, and I changed another poopy diaper. We all played a little more, had a nice video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B, and then watched the end of Cars before doing the usual snack and bedtime routine. Buster fell asleep pretty quickly, and has only woken once so far this evening. Here's to a quieter night tonight.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sick Day

Buster continued to not sleep particularly well last night, and M-lady spent a large part of the night sleeping in his room. She was up with him around 7:00, and despite a runny nose, he was pretty chipper. Bud woke around 7:45, and I got up with him to help get him dressed.

We all headed downstairs for breakfast, and I helped get both kids situated. They were both suffering from runny noses which persisted much of the day, but neither seemed particularly fazed by it. After the kids were eating breakfast, I headed back to bed to nap for a while.

M-lady took her turn napping about an hour later, and I played with the kids. We also watched some Blue's Clues on Netflix, which is a hit with both kids. I switched places again with M-lady a bit later, and then joined the family for lunch. The kids ate well, and we played a bit together after lunch. We watched a little more TV together, and then I put Buster down for his nap around 1:30. He barely protested, and fell asleep quickly.

While he was asleep, Bud helped me get up on the roof to pick some more clementines. After collecting a couple of bags worth, we did some work in the garage, and toted empty boxes from the office down to the garage for recycling. Bud was really happy to be helpful.

Buster was running a bit of a fever when he woke from his nap, so I gave him a dose of Tylenol. He protested at first, until he got a taste of the medicine. He proclaimed it 'nummy' and asked for more.

We spent most of the rest of the day playing and watching TV. The kids weren't slowed down too much by being sick, but were also pretty happy just chilling in front of the tube. We definitely watched more TV than usual, but it seemed like an appropriate day for it.

We had snacks early, at about 7:00, and the kids enjoyed Jell-O which Bud had helped M-lady make in the morning. After snacks, I took Bud into the shower, and M-lady gave Buster a bath. I got Bud to accept a hotter shower temperature than he usually does, and the steam seemed to help his nose a bit.

I put Bud to bed around 8:00, and he fell asleep quickly. Buster has woken a couple of times this evening, unsurprisingly, and will likely be a little restless tonight as well. I'll keep an eye on his temperature as he sleeps, to make sure his fever doesn't come back. Hopefully everyone will feel a bit better tomorrow.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Way Crazy Night

We had a very eventful night. Shortly after posting my blog entry for yesterday, Bud walked into the office, having a tough time breathing. It was a return of croup/stridor, with a heavy emphasis on the stridor part.

We got him into the bathroom and ran the shower, where he worked on breathing. He coughed and vomited a little bit, but we managed to keep that mostly contained. It was definitely his worst croup attack to date, though, and I quickly made the decision that we would take him into the ER.

I opened the door to start getting Bud dressed to head out, and the hot air released from the bathroom set off the fire alarm. Our house doesn't have a small fire alarm, either... it's tied into the home security system, which lit up the house with a really loud alarm and the voice of god telling us to get out of the house (because there was a fire). Sadly, the alarm system is the piece of technology in the house that I haven't spent time to understand, and I didn't know how to turn off the alert.

I didn't have time to spend figuring it out, however, as I needed to get Bud to the ER. Buster had been woken by this point, and I left M-lady with him and the alarm going. Apparently the alarm turned off when I opened the front door, however, so M-lady was able to get Buster back to sleep before too long.

Bud and I headed off to the ER. Unfortunately, the ER had moved since were were last there, about a year ago, and I didn't see the signs until we were nearly at the old door. We had to get back in the car and find the new ER entrance.

Bud's vitals were good when we arrived, but his stridor was still severe enough that he got fasttracked into a room. The doctor showed up before too long, and Bud barfed on his shoes while we were talking. The vomiting seemed to be a turning point for Bud, however, and he was more comfortable after that as we waited to get some medicine.

We watched some of Star Wars on my iPhone while we were waiting, as well as reading another chapter of Alice in Wonderland, which M-lady had packed for us. Bud got his shot of dexamethasone before too long (he was fantastic again... the boy can take a shot), and started perking up a bit more. He was doing well enough at that point that they decided to skip the racemic epinephrine inhaler treatment.

We got home around 3:30. M-lady greeted us as we walked in the door, at which point the house alarm went off again, this time on an intruder alert. Apparently when we'd left, we'd managed to leave the alarm armed. This, of course, woke Buster again, and I finally managed to quiet the system. We got the kids to bed, and they went back to sleep pretty quickly. However, I knew the alarm system was armed and we wouldn't be able to get out of the house in the morning until I figured out how to disarm it.

I finally succeeded in disarming the system, and got to bed around 5:00. At some point I strained a muscle in my back while carrying Bud, so I spent a couple of minutes with a heating pad on it before I put it away and passed out.

M-lady got up with a cheerful Buster a bit before 7:00, and was kind enough to let Bud and I sleep in. We decided to have Bud skip school, as he continued to sleep. I rose around 9:00 and joined a conference call, around the time M-lady was heading for work. Bud rose a bit later, and wandered in to see what was going on.

Bud got himself dressed while I finished up my call, and at about 10:00 I took over watching the kids while Nanny J headed out for a doctor's appointment. We played together and had a snack before I plunked them down in front of The Wiggles for a little while as I did some work. Nanny J returned around 11:30, and I got ready to head off to work. The kids were having lunch as I left.

The boys had a good afternoon. Both had naps, as Bud was now showing signs of having a cold. They also both had baths, and were playing happily when I arrived home at about 5:45. We said goodbye to Nanny J, played a little bit, and then watched a little TV while waiting for M-lady to arrive home.

I ran out to pick up some dinner, and everyone ate well when I got back. I spent some time wrangling Buster into PJs after dinner, and M-lady and Bud did his 'homework' (finding a picture of something starting with the letter 'Q') for next week. We watched 15 minutes of Cars before heading for snack time.

Buster's timer expired at that point, and we ended up heading for bed pretty quickly. He wailed for a couple of minutes when I put him down, and then passed out quickly. Bud had a pretty runny nose at bedtime, and so I gave him a dose of Sudafed. He took a long time to really fall asleep, though, tossing and turning until well past 10:00. Buster has also been up and down this evening, and I suspect he's a bit uncomfortable with a stuffy nose as well.

Hopefully the kids will get some more rest tonight. I can't be worse than light night, at any rate.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A New Party Venue

Buster didn't sleep really very well last night. He was up a couple times in the late evening, and then again around 6:00. I slept with him in his room from about 6:00 to 7:15 or so, when he woke.

I lay down for a few minutes while M-lady handled the early morning routine with the kids. M-lady had a call to take at 8:00, so I took the kids downstairs to get some breakfast. We played a little and picked up a bit downstairs before eating, so we were just wrapping up breakfast when Nanny J arrived. Buster was a little upset when I headed upstairs to get my stuff for work, but was happily playing with Nanny J when I headed out the door.

M-lady took Bud to a birthday party in the later morning at Chuck-E-Cheese. It was both Bud's and M-lady's first trip to one. We apparently have one nearby, and M-lady reports that it's well maintained. They had a good time, and the party pretty much had the place to themselves (as it's not a hotspot at 10:00am on a Thursday). Bud and M-lady played some Skee-ball among other games, and Bud came home with a couple pieces of candy after redeeming his tickets.

Bud had his sports class this afternoon, and apparently had a very good time learning about and playing basketball. I was able to gather that they at least worked on dribbling, passing, and shooting. Buster had a good time at the park while Bud was in his class.

M-lady arrived home in time to relieve Nanny J, and I got home around 5:30. After playing for a few minutes, we settled in front of the TV to watch a few minutes of The Wiggles before eating dinner. Both kids ate pretty well, and we all had a lot of fun playing with the Wii after dinner.

Bud had a piece of his Chuck-E-Cheese candy at snack time, and I put him to bed. We started reading a new book together: Alice In Wonderland. It will be interesting to see how he likes it.

Buster has woken a couple of times already this evening. Hopefully he'll sleep a little better through the remainder of the night.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Settling Down Again

I again got up early this morning, and took Granddad B and Grandma Nese to the airport before the kids got up. I arrived home around 8:00, and found the kids eating breakfast with M-lady.

After they finished up their oatmeal, Bud got himself ready to go to school, and I played and read stories with Buster. M-lady took Bud off at about 8:15, and Buster and I hung out together until Nanny J arrived at 8:45. Buster was a little disappointed that I wasn't going to continue playing with him, but got to go out with Nanny J, so wasn't unhappy for too long.

I got home a few minutes after 5:00, and started playing with the kids immediately. They had apparently had a good day, gotten outside a bit, and taken their baths. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and tussled for a bit in the living room before settling in front of the TV to watch about 30 minutes of The Wiggles before M-lady arrived home.

We put together a makeshift dinner, and the kids ate really well. They both wanted the broccoli. After eating, there was some more playing in the living room before we adjourned for a snack and start to the bedtime routine. Buster was a little resistant of going to bed, but fell asleep quickly once he was there. M-lady didn't seem to have any trouble putting Bud to sleep.

We've really enjoyed having family here, but the kids have had lots of visitors and schedule upheaval since before the holidays started. It will be nice to settle back into the routine, if only for a little while.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Extended Visit

The kids slept through the night, which was great. I got up around 6:30, and took the grandparents to the airport, returning home a bit before 8:00. The kids were up, but only just, and everyone was pretty happy.

M-lady headed off for work a little early, and I took the kids downstairs for breakfast. I had a phone call to jump on at about 8:30, and I divided my attention between that and the kids. The kids were well behaved, though, and we made it until Nanny J arrived at 8:45.

At about 9:00, I got a call from the grandparents letting me know the weather was a bit too inclement for them to try flying out. So I headed back to the airport, picked them up, and brought them back home. The kids were pretty excited to see them again.

I headed to the office, returning about 5:00. Everyone seemed to have a pretty good day. Buster and the grandparents both got naps in, and the kids got baths. Everyone was playing in the living room together when I arrived home.

We said goodbye to Nanny J, played a bit in the living room, and then watched some Cars Toons on the laptop while waiting for M-lady to arrive home to have some dinner. Everyone ate well, and there was more play after dinner. Bud headed upstairs and changed into an Indy costume, and did some treasure hunting for a while.

The kids had a snack of Jell-O at about 7:30, and I did the bedtime routine with Bud. Both kids said goodnight and goodbye to the grandparents, on the assumption that they'll be taking off tomorrow early. Both kids were in bed shortly after 8:00, and they fell asleep pretty quickly.

Monday, January 25, 2010


The kids were up fairly early this morning, and M-lady again took the first shift. I got up to help out around 8:00, and we did the standard 'get Bud ready for school' routine. Buster and I were having breakfast when M-lady and Bud took off.

I had taken the day off work, and Nanny J had a dentist appointment, so Buster and I played with the grandparents a bit before Nanny J arrived. I did have a little bit of work to do in the morning, so I left Buster in Nanny J and the grandparents' care for about an hour. Buster complained a little when I left, but quieted down quickly and seemed to have a good time.

Grandma Nese did some shopping in the morning, and returned home with gifts for the kids which she couldn't resist. Bud got a small Indiana Jones Lego set, and Buster got a Lightning McQueen car and a Mater truck. Both kids were pretty happy with the toys, and played with them for a good portion of the day. Buster toted the cars around until bedtime.

I was able to wrap up my work by lunchtime, when Nanny J returned from picking up Bud from school. She had taken Buster with her, and we all ate together. After lunch, we played together a bit, until Buster announced he was poopy and I took him upstairs for a diaper change. Nanny J decided to put him down for his nap at that point. Bud and the grandparents and I headed out to run a quick errand to let Buster fall asleep more easily.

We had a good time running the quick errand, and settled into the office to play games on the computer for a little while when we got back. Buster eventually wandered in to join us, and we headed downstairs to play some Wii Sports Resort together. The kids also spent some time running around the living room, and got their baths in the late afternoon.

Nanny J took her leave shortly after 5:00, and I ran out to pick up some dinner. Buster cried a little when I left him with the grandparents, but he was fine by the time I got back. We all ate a good dinner, and M-lady arrived home while we were eating.

The remainder of the evening was spent playing in the living room. I played with the kids a bit before dozing off briefly, and rejoined as the kids were having Jell-o and grapes for a snack. Both kids gave the grandparents hugs before bed, much to the grandparents delight. I put Buster to bed, and he fell asleep pretty quickly once I turned the lights out. Both kids have slept quietly so far this evening.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


The kids were up pretty early this morning, and I hung out with Bud and Buster for a little while from a bit before 7:00 to a bit before 8:00. I handed the kids over to M-lady, who took them downstairs and got started on breakfast. I joined a bit before 9:00, and we made waffles for a late breakfast which everyone enjoyed.

Buster got more and more friendly with the grandparents as the day went on. Bud, of course, was happy to have new playmates around, and pulled them into a number of activities with him. Buster kept a little more distance, but was willing to play nearby in the morning.

After waffles, M-lady took off for ballet, and Buster and Granddad B and I headed off to Fry's. We had a good time there, and Buster had fun running around. Unlike Bud, he's willing to take off chasing something, and might not check to see if I follow him. Fortunately, it's still easy to figure out where he's going (balloons).

We picked up some lunch on the way home, and found Bud and Grandma Nese had had fun while we were gone. M-lady arrived home as we were eating, and we all hung out together for a little while after lunch.

I tried to put Buster down for a nap around 2:00, but gave up a little after 3:00. He didn't sleep, possibly in part to being able to hear other folks in the house having a good time. We ended up playing a bit with everyone else and watching some football before packing up and heading out to an early dinner.

The kids were great at Red Robin, and we all ate well. Buster was showing signs of being tired and cranky when he got home, but that was to be expected given the lack of nap. We watched the end of the NFC championship game, and then turned on some Little Einsteins at Buster's request.

Buster climbed onto the couch into his usual TV watching spot, which happened to be right between the grandparents. He didn't seem to mind at all. After watching a little, the kids had some Jell-o for a snack, and then headed off to bed. Buster gave both the grandparents hugs goodnight, which was an encouraging sign.

I put Bud to bed, and he fell asleep pretty quickly. M-lady was able to put Buster down before he passed out, and both kids have slept quietly so far this evening.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Terrorizing the Produce Section

M-lady got up with the kids, and then handed them over to me after I woke up pretty late. Then she took a bit of a nap while I played with the kids. When she got up, we split up, with her taking Bud to Toys 'R Us to shop for birthday presents for his friends, and me taking Buster to the grocery store.

Bud was apparently really good at Toys 'R Us, not once asking to get something for himself. He did a great job of picking out gifts for his friends. They tried to hit the library on the way home, but got a bum steer from the GPS. Hungry, they headed home for lunch.

Meanwhile, Buster and I went to the new grocery store. It was reasonably busy, and I set Buster down since he wanted to walk around a bit. As I got some fruits and veggies, Buster would wander off a short distance, and then return with something like a tangelo, and I'd have to figure out where he got it from to put it back. We played that game for a while before I hoisted him into the cart and we finished up the shopping that way. It was certainly less fun for him, but we did manage to finish the shopping.

I made grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone for lunch, and the kids ate pretty well. After lunch, I put Buster down for a nap while Bud and M-lady headed back out for another shot at the library. Bud apparently had a great time there, and really started to get a sense of how cool a library is now that he's starting to read. He brought home 9 books.

A bit before 4:00 I took Bud and we headed out to pick up Granddad B and Grandma Nese from the airport. We must had arrived just after they landed, since we didn't see their plane arrive. However, it had started raining just as they got in, so we drove onto the ramp (with the appropriate supervision) and they were able to unload their plane right into the car.

We got home a short time later, and Buster was a little hesitant, having recently woken from a nap. We got the kids some dinner, and the grandparents headed out to get some dinner for themselves. Babysitter G arrived at about 6:30, as M-lady and I had a concert to attend up in the city.

Bud was great for Babysitter G, helping out with a still slightly unsettled Buster. Both kids were in bed and asleep when the grandparents got back home, and Granddad B took Babysitter G home. The kids slept soundly, and everyone was asleep when M-lady and I arrived home a bit later.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Revisiting Swing

The kids were up again this morning a little after 7:00, and M-lady again nicely handled the first shift. I rose a few minutes before 8:00, and got the kids downstairs to get some breakfast. After eating, Bud headed off to school with M-lady, and I read some stories with Buster before Nanny J arrived.

The kids seem to have had a good day, although this series of storms has generally kept them penned inside. I arrived home a bit after 5:00 and found the kids engaged in a vigorous lightsaber battle.

After saying goodbye to Nanny J, we played together for a little while, and then settled down in front of the TV. I decided to try something different tonight, so we watched a little bit of Monsters, Inc.. The kids generally seemed to enjoy the beginning, with all the silly monster designs. When the child, Boo, is introduced to the story, all the characters freak out, and Bud found that a bit troubling. Fortunately, it was a good time to stop the movie and get started on dinner.

While I was making dinner and we were waiting for it to cook, I decided to put on some swing music. I jumped around a bit, but I did hit Count Basie, Benny Goodman, Louis Prima, the Andrews Sisters, and the Dorsey brothers. The kids really got into the music, and we had fun dancing and playing air instruments together. After each song, Buster would say, "'nother one!"

M-lady was out late with her work team this evening, so we had dinner, cleaned up, played a little more, and then watched Little Einsteins together before having a snack and getting ready for bed. Bud was fantastic, almost doing his entire bedtime routine unsupervised. I left him in his bed looking at a book while I put Buster down.

M-lady arrived home while I was sitting with Buster, so she put Bud to bed. Both kids have slept well since they fell asleep.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Skimming The Movie

Buster woke around 2:00ish, and I slept with him in his room for a couple of hours during the night. The kids got up around 7:30ish, and M-lady handled the early shift. I rose a bit after 8:00, and took the kids downstairs to get some breakfast.

The kids had some oatmeal, and M-lady said goodbye and took off for work. The kids were already busy playing when Nanny J arrived a short time later. It was looking pretty rainy out, so I warned Bud that he might not get the chance to go to his sports class in the afternoon.

I got home around 5:00, and Bud's sports class had indeed been canceled due to weather. I settled in, and we played with Nanny J a bit until it was time for her to go. I saw Buster go down the slide headfirst on his tummy for the first time, which made me a little nervous, but he was very careful about the whole process. Since Bud does it all the time, it's hard to keep Buster from trying.

Bud was anxious to watch the movie of The Hobbit which we have on DVD. So after playing for a little while, we turned on the movie. Bud didn't want to see some of the more intense scenes (even though he knew what happened), so we ended up skipping the trolls, and the goblins, and the Riddles in the Dark scenes. He then watched until Bilbo was chatting with Smaug, and we skimmed through that a bit.

Buster asked to have dinner at that point, so we stopped and ate. Both kids ate pretty well, although neither child ate a huge volume. M-lady arrived as we were wrapping up dinner, and we hung out while she ate.

After dinner, we played a little bit before finishing up the movie. Since the whole movie is about 70 minutes, and I figure we skipped about 20, it wasn't really too much TV.

The kids had a snack after dinner, and I put Buster to bed. We headed to bed a little early, so we got to read more books together before I put him down. He took a bit longer than usual to fall asleep, but didn't really complain about going down, and has slept quietly so far this evening.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finishing The Story

Bud came to me this morning at about 3:30, wanting some company. I snoozed with him in his room for a little while, and headed back to bed once he was asleep again. Buster slept solidly through the night.

The morning was pretty usual, with M-lady handling first pass duties. I got up a bit before 8:00 to hang out with Buster for a bit, and we joined M-lady and Bud downstairs for breakfast before too long. Buster was really excited about oatmeal this morning.

M-lady and Bud headed to school in the deluge we had this morning, and Buster and I played together until Nanny J arrived. Buster was a little disappointed that I had to head for work, but got on playing with Nanny J pretty quickly.

Buster went to his Gymboree class in the morning, and apparently had a good time again. They picked up Bud after school, and had lunch at home. Bud reported that they didn't get to play outside at school today since the playground was underwater.

I got home around 5:00, and discovered that the kids had taken their baths in the afternoon. We all played together a bit after Nanny J left, and then sat down in front of the TV for a little while. Buster asked for dinner before too long, so we got started on that and were just finishing up when M-lady arrived home. Both kids ate pretty well.

After dinner, we played in the living room for a bit, although I drifted off to sleep for a short time. I rejoined the family having their snack, and then took Bud upstairs to start the bedtime routine.

We finished reading The Hobbit tonight, which was very satisfying for both of us. We had started reading sometime in October, so it took a little while to get through. After we turned out the light and sat in bed, Bud wanted to talk about the story a little. He also wanted to know what we were going to read next, which I haven't given enough thought.

Both kids fell asleep pretty quickly, and have slept soundly so far this evening.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eating Meat

Bud woke pretty early, and M-lady sent him back to bed, where he went back to sleep for a while. Buster was up around 6:30, and I got up with him, but managed to convince him to hang out for a bit before he wanted to wake up. I rolled Bud out of bed at 7:30, mistakenly thinking he had school today. He joined me in Buster's room, and we read stories for a little while.

I handed the kids over to M-lady a bit before 8:00, and got myself ready for work. I took off around 8:30, as M-lady and the kids were heading to get some breakfast. Nanny J arrived at the usual time, and M-lady took off for work after that.

The kids apparently had a good day, although they were cooped up with the storm. Both kids had a bath in the afternoon. M-lady arrived home in time to see Nanny J off, and I got home a little after 5:30. It was nice to see the kids, and we all hung out together for a little while before starting on dinner.

Bud ate his broccoli, but not much else. Buster, on the other hand, devoured a pork chop, which was notable as he has generally refused most meats before. Tonight, he couldn't get enough. He also ate all his broccoli and carrots, again doing his impression of a bottomless pit. M-lady and I have started to rethink our meal prep sizes as the kids eat more and more.

We all played in the living room after dinner. Bud and I played a little bit of Hide and Seek; he's starting to get the hang of it. Buster joined in, counting along with the seeker, and running around looking for the hider. M-lady joined us a short time later, and we ended up turning out the lights and watching the kids dance around the Incrediblock 'camp fire' for a bit. At about 7:00, we slowed things down by watching the end of Cars before getting ready for bed.

Both kids went to bed without any problems, and have slept quietly so far this evening.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Nap Protest

Bud was up really early this morning, sometime before 6:00, but was willing to entertain himself in his room while we snoozed. M-lady got up with Buster around 7:00, and I joined everyone downstairs having breakfast around 8:00.

After eating, we hung out with the grandparents for a few minutes before the kids and M-lady said their goodbyes, and I helped load them into the car (in the rain) and we headed for the airport). M-lady played with the kids while I dropped the grandparents off, and they were still having a good time when I got back.

M-lady took a nap while I played with the kids for a bit. We watched most of an episode of Sesame Street, then had a small snack before we all loaded up and headed for the Great Mall to get shoes for Buster and M-lady. WE had some lunch when we got there, and then let Buster run around a bit as we walked from shop to shop.

The kids were really well behaved overall, and we accomplished our mission. Buster got a new pair of shoes, although he's been reluctant to try them on so far. We got home around 1:30, and I took Buster upstairs for a nap.

He had gotten a little sleepy on the drive home, and seemed agreeable to a nap. We read a couple of stories, I put him down in his crib, and he lay down for a while. He was up again a few minutes later, though, wanting me to play with him.

I kept insisting it was nap time, and he kept trying to get up. Eventually he asked me to get him out of his crib, and I told him I wouldn't because it was nap time. He pitched over crying, and was asleep a few seconds later.

It was about 4:00 when we got up, and found that M-lady had taken Bud out to the grocery store. They got back before too long, and we had a quick snack before having baths. Buster was pretty excited about his bath, and then was cooperative getting into his PJs. M-lady helped Bud with his shower, and we all reconvened for dinner a short time later.

After dinner, we all played together a little more, watched some of Cars, had a snack, and headed for bed. Bud was pretty cooperative during the bedtime routine, and we read some more of The Hobbit. We're probably one night away from finishing.

Buster woke once a bit later in the evening, but went back to sleep quickly. Hopefully he'll sleep the rest of the night again.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Late Nap

M-lady slept in Buster's room from about 3:00 to 5:00, apparently, and I was there from about 5:00 to 7:00, at which point he let me know he was poopy. I changed him and got him dressed, and then plopped him back in his crib with some books while I snoozed for a bit longer. M-lady and Bud hung out with Buster, and they headed downstairs and got some breakfast with the grandparents while I snoozed.

I joined them around 9:00, and after eating a little bit we split up for entertainment. Bud and Grandma W played the Guess Who game which the grandparents had brought for him, and I read stories to Buster. Granddad B hadn't slept very well, so he dozed for much of the morning.

Grandma W and the kids and I loaded up and headed for the mall a bit before lunchtime, and had a nice walk and shop before stopping for some lunch at the food court. Bud ate really well, but Buster didn't eat so much. Buster did have a great time going up and down the escalators, though.

We headed home after lunch (with another escalator detour), and Buster dropped off to sleep on the way. I tried to transfer him to his crib for a nap, but he woke up, so we joined the family downstairs and turned on the football game.

The kids spent most of the afternoon playing, watching football, and snacking. It was overall a pretty mellow afternoon. Buster had a snack at about 4:00, and I turned back to him at one point to find him asleep in his highchair. I took him upstairs and put him down for a nap, where he slept for a little less than an hour.

We had a good dinner, and we all played together a little bit afterward. When Buster got a little grumpy, I put Cars on TV, and we watched that for a little while. Snack time crept up on us, and the kids downed a truly staggering portion of grapes.

I put Buster to bed, and he was really pretty tired. After a couple of stories, he fell to sleep in just a few minutes. M-lady and Bud chatted for a while before Bud fell asleep. Buster woke once later in the night, but went back to sleep quickly.

A big Happy Birthday to Cousins V and B!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Furniture Theme Park

Bud was up this morning around 7:00, and Buster shortly thereafter. M-lady got up with the kids, and they headed downstairs for breakfast, where I joined them and the grandparents as they were finishing up.

We decided to make a family trip to Ikea, mostly so Grandma W and Granddad B could have the full experience after hearing their kids talk about it so much. We loaded up in a couple of cars and headed over to Ikea, arriving short after they opened.

We had a good time touring the store, and we found a few little items to pick up along the way. Buster had a good time playing in the kids bedroom area this time. Bud got a little bored, but all was well after we stopped to get some breakfast and cinnamon rolls.

Buster fell asleep on the drive home, and I was able to transfer him to his crib for a nap. We arrived home around lunchtime, but we delayed lunch after having the late breakfast snack at Ikea. Eventually we ate, and Buster joined us a short time later. After eating we plunked down in front of the TV to watch some of the football game.

I ended up drifting off to sleep a little bit in front of the TV, while everyone else played in the living room for a bit. I joined them around halftime, and we all played for a while. Bud got a little wound up, and ended up taking a bit of a timeout and heading up to his room, where he hung out with M-lady for some time.

We headed out for an early dinner at Red Robin, but the place was already packed, even though we arrived shortly after 5:00. The kids were great, though, and very patient while we waited for a seat. Buster was adamant about eating his corndog without aid, but other than that the meal was uneventful. We headed home after dinner, and played a bit more before getting a snack and starting the bedtime routine.

I watched some videos with Bud before we turned out the light, and I explained to him that M-lady and I were going to see a movie. He was very understanding, and went to sleep on his own after we turned out the light.

Buster was a little less understanding, and didn't want to go to sleep. Eventually Granddad Bill came to put him to sleep, and Buster quieted down pretty quickly for him, and then went to sleep quickly, too. Both kids have slept silently so far.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Playing Hard

The kids were up pretty early this morning, around 7:00ish. Bud was willing to chill in his room for a bit until Buster woke up, which was nice. I hung out with Buster for a little while in his room, while he was asking to go downstairs but refusing to have his diaper changed. Eventually he relented, M-lady changed his diaper, and we headed downstairs.

Bud was having breakfast already, and Buster ate pretty well, too. Bud didn't have school today, and I took a day of vacation from work, and Nanny J had a doctor's appointment in the morning, so the kids played with Granddad B and Grandma W and I. And they really seemed to have a great time.

I had to take a phone call from work around 10:00, and when I got off the call, I found the kids playing and giggling with Granddad B. We all got involved in the play, and by lunchtime we were pretty hungry. Nanny J arrived as I was making some lunch, which the kids gobbled down pretty quickly.

Nanny J put Buster down for his nap after lunch, and the rest of us piled into a car and headed off to the grocery store. Bud was great there, and we had a good time shopping. We headed home, unloaded groceries, and played a little bit of Wii Sports Resort with the grandparents before Buster woke and joined us.

After Buster had de-grogged a little bit, we turned off the game and headed outside. We all pitched in to clean up the fallen clementines, and then Granddad B and I took turns harvesting from the tree while the kids played in the yard. We all had a good time outside, and eventually came back in with three big bags full of clementines. The kids took their baths while I finished up checking in on work, and then we all convened in the living room to play some more.

Nanny J took her leave a bit before 6:00, and we played hard for a while. Eventually we sat down in front of the TV to watch the How to Build a Lightsaber show again, and I headed out to pick up some sushi for dinner.

M-lady arrived home just as I arrived with dinner, and we all had a solid meal. It was pretty late after eating, so we didn't have time for much play before we started the bedtime routine. I got Buster into PJs, and then we watched a couple of Car Toons with the whole family before reading a few stories and going to sleep. Buster fell asleep quickly, not surprising given all the energetic play today.

M-lady put Bud to sleep, and both kids have slept quietly all evening. They're clearly really enjoying having the grandparents here to play with.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Sports Class

I had a 7:00am meeting that I needed to call into, so I rose before both of the kids, and got on that call. Apparently M-lady spent a good portion of the night sleeping in Buster's room. The kids wandered in during my meeting after they got up, and after I got off the meeting I was able to join them for breakfast.

Nanny J arrived at the usual time, and M-lady and I were off to work shortly thereafter. The kids had a good time with Nanny J, and were all set to go to the park when I got home around 2:30. We all packed up in my car, and headed over to a park a couple of blocks away so Bud could attend the first of a new sports class we signed him up for.

We were a little early, so we played at the playground for a few minutes before class started. Bud joined the kids at class as they got going. The coach was very likable, and knew his stuff. The class of nine kids worked on Tee-ball today, going over basic skills and knowledge about the game including base running, throwing, catching, fielding, tagging out, and of course, hitting. Bud had a great time and did really well. He was disappointed that the class was so short, since it only ran about 40 minutes.

Buster wandered around during the class, playing on the playground or watching Bud's progress. When class was over, we all piled into the car and came home. I was able to do some work while the kids took their baths. After his bath, Bud dressed up as Indiana Jones for a while, and then changed into his Jedi outfit right before Nanny J took her leave.

The kids and I practiced some of Bud's new skills, setting out paper plates for bases. Then we had a bunch of lightsaber battles before settling in front of the TV to watch a little bit of The Wiggles before starting on dinner. M-lady arrived home as we were eating.

Buster consumed a whole bunch of fish tonight, which was unusual since he doesn't eat much meat. It's nice to have another protein source for him. Bud ate really well, too.

After dinner Bud and I loaded up in the car and headed off to the airport to pick up Grandma W and Granddad B. Bud was really excited to see them, and chattered all the way home. Buster was a little more cautious when they arrived, but he was getting tired and it was just about bedtime.

I put Bud to bed, and he fell asleep pretty quickly after we looked at a Star Wars book. Buster has slept mostly quietly so far, with one quick waking around 11:00. Hopefully he'll sleep solidly tonight, and be in a good mood to start the visit with the grandparents tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Missed A Day

Sorry this post is late. I ended up working all day, and didn't see the kids much at all.

I was up with Buster from a little before 6:00 to about 7:00, during which time he was pretty perky. I turned him over to M-lady and headed back to bed then. M-lady was kind enough to get up with the kids, and Nanny J arrived at the usual time.

Bud had a field trip which M-lady took him to a little later in the morning. I got up around 9:00, shortly after they left, and headed off to work after waving goodbye to Buster.

Bud apparently had a good time at the field trip, and came home in time for lunch. M-lady got home from work in time to take care of the kids, and they apparently had a pretty standard evening. I was at work until long after the kids went to bed, so M-lady put both kids to bed with little effort. Buster apparently took a little longer to go to sleep, but both kids were sleeping well by the time I got home.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hide And Seek

Buster apparently didn't sleep very well last night, and M-lady was up with him quite a bit. I got up with him a little before 7:00, and I managed to get him to snooze a little bit more before getting up. M-lady had to leave fairly early for an early meeting, so I watched the kids for the morning. Bud was up closer to 8:00, and the kids both got dressed a short time later.

They ran around a little bit while I shaved and got ready, and then we all headed downstairs for breakfast just as Nanny J arrived. The kids got started on breakfast with her, and I packed up and headed for work.

The kids had a good day, although it was a bit rainy out. They did get out to the open gym day at Gymboree now that Buster is signed up there, and apparently had a pretty good time. It was apparently pretty crowded, though.

I got home in time to relieve Nanny J, and found the kids having a snack. After munching for a bit, we all played in the living room for a while. We played some ball and chasing games, and then Bud wanted to play hide and seek. It was a pretty simple game, and the hiding wasn't very good, but we had a good time.

The kids showed signs of being hungry again pretty quickly, and I got started on making some dinner. We were just finishing up when M-lady arrived home, and we headed into the playroom to watch the TV program Bud had been excited to see all day: How to Make a Lightsaber. Bud was pretty sure that after watching the show I'd be able to build him (and myself) some sabers to train with.

We enjoyed the show, and had a snack afterward. That led to the bedtime routine, with M-lady putting Buster to bed, and Bud and me reading some more of The Hobbit before finally turning off the light. Bud fell asleep pretty quickly, and both kids have slept quietly so far.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Major Milestone

The kids slept in a late this morning, waking about 8:00. Unfortunately, we needed to get Bud out the door to get to school at 8:15, so there was a bit of a rush. Bud was great about getting himself dressed and eating breakfast. I got myself ready to go while M-lady tended to the kids, and Bud and I got out the door without too much problem in time to get to school.

The kids apparently had a good day, and M-lady got home in time to get them from Nanny J. I got home closer to 6:00, just in time to have some dinner with everyone, which was nice. After dinner, M-lady headed out on a reconnaissance mission to a PTA meeting at Bud's school for next year while I kept an eye on the kids.

Bud announced that he needed to poop, and headed off to the bathroom. I saw him a short time later, and found that he had successfully wiped himself. I did a happy dance.

The kids and I played football and soccer in the living room for a bit, and then headed upstairs to watch some Wiggles on the computer. M-lady arrived home a short time later, and we headed back downstairs to get a snack and do the bedtime routine.

Bud showed off some of his reading skills, correctly reading some of the title text on nearby books. He's definitely making progress. The process really highlights how ridiculous the English language is, though. Currently all the various letter sounds and combinations of letter sounds are under scrutiny. At some point I expect Bud to think I'm kidding him on some of these.

The snack and bedtime routine went pretty smoothly. I put Buster to bed, and he was perfectly OK going into his crib after a few stories, rather than wanting 'one more'. It took him about 20 minutes to fall asleep.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


M-lady was up with Buster early, but came back to bed before I got up with him at about 7:30. Bud was up a short time later, and we eventually headed down for breakfast after Buster consented to having me change his diaper and get him dressed.

While they were getting started on breakfast, I changed places with M-lady, who took over for about an hour before handing the kids back over, and heading off to ballet class. We played together for a bit, and then all watched Sesame Street. The kids both enjoyed the show, although Buster wandered off after about half an hour.

Buster's favorite word for a little while has been "No", but he's just recently started stringing them together. He rarely says a single "No" when he can just as easily say five or more. "Nonononononono....."

M-lady arrived home around 11:30, and we all loaded up to go to the mall for lunch. On the way to the car, the kids got distracted, and ended up playing with lacrosse and hockey sticks on the driveway for a little bit before we took off. Bud insisted on playing hockey since he had his new, thick parka on.

We had a good lunch, and then walked around a little bit. We turned Buster free to let him walk for a bit, which he enjoyed. He didn't want to stop to try on new shoes, though, so we'll have to try to do that again later.

We played outside again for a short time after we got home, and then I took the kids inside so Buster could nap. Buster protested but fell asleep quickly, and I spent some time hanging out with Bud. We eventually ended up playing a game on the computer.

We had a nice video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, and M-lady and Buster joined us while we were chatting. After the chat, we headed downstairs to try to set up a game of Rock Band with Aunt RuggerMom and Cousin LR. Bud and LR lost interest and wandered away, and RuggerMom and I played with Buster watching on.

M-lady made up a great dinner, which we had pretty early. After dinner I took Buster upstairs for his bath, which he uncharacteristically tried to stall. He was really into a book about trucks, and couldn't put it down to get in the bath. When I eventually dropped him into the tub, he had a great time. He grabbed the book again immediately after getting out, though, and we went to look at pictures of trucks on the web while M-lady gave Bud a bath.

After baths, there was some snacking before a fairly early bedtime. Bud and I read some more of The Hobbit before turning out the light. Bud fell asleep pretty quickly. Buster woke once in the early evening, but has slept well since. Hopefully they'll sleep solidly through the night.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Sleigh Ride Evening

M-lady got up with the kids this morning shortly after 7:00. She got Buster dressed, but Bud elected to remain in his PJs. I took the kids a little after 8:00, and we headed downstairs and got some breakfast. After breakfast, Bud got himself dressed, and we watched a few minutes of The Wiggles on TV before heading back upstairs.

M-lady again took over watching the kids a bit after 9:00, and then packed them up and headed off to the park with them while I finished up a baking project. They had a good time, although there was apparently an emergency run across the wet field to the bathrooms, causing some wet shoes.

When they arrived home, I got Buster into dry pants, Bud changed his own clothes, and I got started on making some lunch. The kids ate pretty well, and we played a bit in the living room together afterward, kicking balls around and rolling them down the slide. We watched a little bit of the AFC wildcard game before I put Buster down for his nap around 2:00. M-lady and Bud hung out together while Buster and I napped for about an hour.

When Buster and I got up, we all loaded into the car and started the drive to visit friends for an annual post-Holidays get together. M-lady had worked hard to make sure all the things we needed to take with us were ready to go, so the packing was pretty quick. We listened to the Cars soundtrack on the way up, and both kids really seemed to enjoy that.

The kids took a few moments to adjust once we arrived, but got into their grooves pretty quickly. The house was decorated for a sleigh ride theme, with white batting on the floor to simulate snow. This not only looked nice, but required care when walking, adding to the effect. The kids managed to traverse it without too much trouble.

Friends Av and An were there as well, and had fun playing with Bud. The two girls ganged up on him occasionally, but he did a good job toughing it out. Buster required attention from a parent most of the time, but generally was well behaved and enjoyed noshing and examining the surroundings.

We all had fun, and did our gift exchange. The kids got some nice items, which kept them entertained. Dessert was also well received. We ended up packing up around 8:30, when the kids were starting to get cranky, and headed home. Both kids fell asleep on the drive, although Buster didn't nod off until well after 9:00. We were able to transfer the kids into their beds without issue, though, and they've been sleeping quietly since.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Rough Night But Mellow Day

Buster didn't sleep well at all last night. I was in his room from about 2:00 to 3:30 or so, and M-lady was in his room for most of the rest of the night, I believe. When I got up with Bud around 7:00, she was still there.

Everyone was up before too long, the the morning routing all occurred on the slightly early side. Bud was ready for school well ahead of time. Buster again wanted to go with them, but ended up willing to play with me for a bit before Nanny J arrived.

M-lady was working from home today, as her office at work is moving this weekend, and I had constant meetings from 8:30 to 11:00, so didn't have a chance to head into the office until then. Buster seemed to have a good morning with Nanny J, although I believe he was a little upset at one point that he couldn't hang out with M-lady while she was working.

Bud took his bath in the afternoon with Nanny J, and apparently is becoming more self-sufficient in the tub, soaping and rinsing himself. He's even doing his own hair. I'm going to have to get him to show me that he can do it sometime.

Buster, not surprisingly, took a long nap in the afternoon.

I headed out to get groceries shortly after arriving home. The kids were having a good time playing with M-lady, and they put together a pizza which we threw in the oven when I got back. After dinner, we played for a short time before having a quick snack and doing the bedtime routine. I was able to put Buster to bed without difficulty, and M-lady got Bud to sleep pretty quickly as well. So far, Buster has slept quietly.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Roasting Marshmallows

The kids woke late this morning, getting up a bit after 8:00. Consequently there was a little scrambling. Fortunately, Bud didn't have school today.

Nanny J arrived at 8:45 as I was getting the kids some breakfast, and they were happily eating oatmeal as M-lady and I left for work.

The kids apparently had a good day, and Bud took a bath with Nanny J in the afternoon, freeing up the evening a bit. When I got home just after 5:00, the kids were with Nanny J in the darkened playroom. They were turning on the IncrediBlock, and holding sticks over the flashing red lights on the top. Bud told me they were roasting marshmallows.

After I dropped my things, we said goodbye to Nanny J, and the kids and I played football for a while. This consisted of me sitting in a chair and watching the kids run around, occasionally delivering the ball to me for redistribution. We had a lot of fun, but they started to get a little confrontational after 20+ minutes, so we cooled down for a few minutes right before M-lady arrived home.

M-lady got dinner ready, and we all played together some more before and after dinner. We had a very nice video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B, with lots of participation from the kids. Bud showed off his Irish dancing, and Buster interacted with them quite a bit. It was a fun call.

There was a little bit more Star Wars pretend play after the call, and then we had a snack and did the bedtime routine. Bud was good about getting into bed, and we turned out the light around 8:15. Both kids have slept quietly so far tonight.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Twin Spinners

I was working late again last night, so M-lady got up with the kids, which was very nice of her. They rose around 7:15, and I joined them a bit before 8:00. The kids and I watched a quick vid on the computer before heading down to get some breakfast, where Bud had his usual oatmeal, but Buster wanted Rice Krispies for a change. He wolfed down a couple of bowls, eating with a spoon, and only dropped about a dozen of them.

M-lady took Bud to school, and then came back home arriving a few minutes after Nanny J. I headed for work, and M-lady took Buster and Nanny J to his first gym class. Buster was apparently a little skeptical at first, until he saw the slide, and then trotted off and had a great time.

The kids were playing in the living room when I got home a little after 5:00. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and played in the living room for a while. The kids played a bit of bumper cars, with Buster on his little fire truck and Bud on his convertible scooter. They would crash into each other and laugh.

The next game was spinning. Bud started it, spinning in place until he fell over. Buster watched him, and then gave it a try himself. That was pretty amusing for a while. Eventually we wound down a bit and watched some TV. Bud was transfixed by a show about sandstorms in China, so we watched that. M-lady arrived home a bit after 6:00, and got dinner ready.

The kids ate a good dinner, and M-lady was able to give Bud his bath afterward while I played with Buster. M-lady played with the kids in the living room, doing more Riverdance performances, while I dozed nearby. At about 7:30 we did the snack and bedtime thing. Both kids went to sleep quietly.

Buster woke once. He's really not interested in having me soothe him, and doesn't quiet down until M-lady comes into the room. Hopefully he'll learn that I'm OK too before too long, so M-lady isn't saddled with getting up with Buster all the time.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Little Performer

Buster was up a few times during the night, and M-lady went to soothe him, sleeping for some portion of the early morning in his room. The kids all got up around 7:30ish, and M-lady took first shift hanging out with them. I rolled out of bed around 8:00, and helped entertain the kids and get them breakfast for a bit until Nanny J arrived.

M-lady and I took off for work. The kids seem to have had a good day, and were happily playing when I arrived home a little bit after 5:00. Bud informed me that he hadn't taken a bath during the day, and I let him know that I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for the evening, so he needed to take his bath when both M-lady and I were home to keep Buster from jumping in the bath with him. He solemnly agreed.

The kids and I played in the living room for a little while after Nanny J left, and then watched a little bit of TV. M-lady arrived home around 6:00, and Bud requested that she give him a bath before we had dinner. Bud was really cooperative, and they had a quick bath while I entertained Buster.

Both kids ate a pretty solid dinner. I had to take off around the time dinner was wrapping up, and M-lady played with the kids until bedtime. Apparently Bud staged a recreate of Riverdance, dancing the lead part himself. The performance included big entrances, dancing and drumming together and in call and response, and singing breaks. He seems to have largely captured the essence of the show.

The kids apparently went to bed without any problem, and were sleeping quietly when I returned around 9:00. Much thanks to M-lady for putting them to bed this evening. Hopefully Buster will start sleeping a bit more solidly again... so far, so good, but it's not very late yet.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Character Study

Bud got me out of bed around 7:15, a bit earlier than usual. I got him started on getting dressed, and then headed back to bed for another 20 minutes or so. Buster woke a few minutes later, and M-lady got him some books to keep him entertained for a little while.

The morning routine went pretty smoothly. Bud headed downstairs with M-lady around 8:00 to get some breakfast, and Buster and I joined them a few minutes later. Both kids ate a solid breakfast, and then Bud got ready to go to school. Buster wanted to go as well, and was a little disappointed that he didn't get to go with Bud and M-lady. We headed back upstairs, where he proceeded to brush his teeth for about twenty minutes while I got dressed and ready for work.

Nanny J arrived at 8:45, and Buster was pretty happy to see her. He was more excited to go outside with us as we got the car seats back into her car, even though it was pretty chilly out. He was less pleased about going back inside, but was playing happily with Nanny J when I headed out a few minutes later.

The kids apparently had a good day. M-lady arrived home a few minutes before I did, and was chatting with Nanny J when I walked in. The kids were making a pretty impressive amount of noise, largely due to a drum Nanny J had brought back for them from China. She also brought a game for Bud, Chinese Chess (Xiangqi), and they had been working on teaching him the characters on the pieces so he could play properly.

The evening went well. We all played together a little bit in the living room, and then watched a few minutes of TV while M-lady got dinner together. The kids ate well, and afterward we headed back to the living room to play some more. Bud was running around a bit, and then did his version of Irish step dancing for about half an hour before I took the kids back to the TV to settle down a little bit before starting the bedtime routine.

The kids ate a snack, and even the bedtime routine was pretty straightforward. M-lady got Buster ready for bed, and I handled Bud. He got into his PJs, and was interested in working on the Chinese characters on the game pieces some more. I went ahead and pulled out my old Chinese textbook from the classes I took a long time ago, and we read and studied characters together before bed in lieu of a story. The lights went out around 8:30, and he fell asleep pretty quickly.

Both kids have slept quietly so far. Here's hoping the routine was established again just that smoothly.

Sunday, January 03, 2010


Buster woke screaming at about 4:00, and it took me a while to calm him down. It seemed a pretty significant night terror, and he caught me trying to sneak out a couple of times. I slept on the couch in his room for a while, and he woke again a bit after 5:00. I finally made it back to bed a bit after 6:00.

The kids were up around 7:45, and M-lady got up with them. They got some breakfast, and I caught up with Bud when I woke up around 9:00, and we both got dressed. We spent the next few minutes getting packed up and set to go, and then loaded into two cars to make the occasional pilgrimage to Ikea.

We take two cars so M-lady can load the kids, and I can load the stuff we get. We've also discovered that if we arrived right around when they open, we can get a good parking spot and the place isn't too crowded. We were walking towards the door when they announced that they were open, so our timing was perfect.

Bud was great, and Buster was pretty good. Buster was willing to ride in his stroller until we got to the kids room area, where he wanted to play on the slide. After playing on the slide, he wanted to walk, run, and be free, so corralling him was a bit of a chore. We stopped to eat cinnamon rolls on the way out, though, which we all liked.

Buster fell asleep on the way home, and consequently had a rare pre-lunchtime nap, probably precipitated by not sleeping well during the night. I spent the time until lunch working on building our new shoe storage cabinet with Bud, avoiding the steps which might wake Buster with loud noises until he woke a bit later. When I'd made the downstairs relatively free of small parts, M-lady and Buster came down and we had some lunch.

Bud complained of a headache after lunch, so took a rest in his room for a bit. M-lady and Buster played together while I spent more time on the shoe cabinet, which sucked up a little more time than expected as I needed to 'customize' it a bit to get it to fit and mount properly on the wall.

Bud joined us around 3:00, and we all headed outside to play for a bit. The kids found their little lacrosse sticks, and played in the front yard with a lemon for the ball for quite some time as M-lady and I picked some more clementines and I took down the Christmas lights.

M-lady eventually headed to the grocery store to get some dinner supplies, and the kids and I wrapped up and headed inside, where we washed up and had a snack before watching a little bit of football. M-lady got started on dinner when she got back, and we all had a good meal. After dinner, I finished up the part of the cabinet installation that required loud tools, and then we got the kids bathed and into PJs.

I handled the snack, and then M-lady put Bud to bed and I put Buster down. He was pretty tired, and fell asleep quickly after a few stories. The kids seemed to generally have a good day.

It's been a wonderful vacation, and getting back to the usual routine will be a little jarring tomorrow. Hopefully both kids will take the change in stride. Nanny J will be back, and Bud will be heading back to school, and M-lady and I will be going back to work. It's been a really fun two weeks at home with the kids, though.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Looking Forward to the New Year

The kids were up this morning around 7:45, and M-lady took the first shift again. She got them fed and dressed, and they seemed in good spirits when they all came and woke me at about 9:00. I got up and watched a few videos with the kids while M-lady got ready to take Bud out to a play date.

Bud and M-lady took off a little before 10:00, and headed out to visit Friend J. They apparently had a great time. It took Bud and Friend J a few minutes to warm up to each other, but Friend J is a big Star Wars fan too, so they were soon running around playing together, and the adults got to chat and visit for a bit.

Meanwhile, I took Buster to the park, pushing him on the tricycle. We had a good time, although Buster was adamant about taking the trike across the grass field, rather than staying on the path. He was well behaved, though, and we didn't have any fussing at all, even for the decision to come home (which I mostly left up to him). We spent about an hour, then came home and had a bunch of clementines.

We played together for a bit until M-lady and Bud arrived home with lunch. Buster had already snacked a bit before they got home, but Bud ate pretty well. After lunch, Buster was showing signs of fatigue, so I put him down for his nap while M-lady ran a quick errand. After Buster was asleep, Bud and I played together for a little bit until M-lady returned home.

Then we headed out the garage, where I worked on the workbench for a short time while Bud played. He wanted to try riding his bike again, so we ran up and down the street a couple of times. He's definitely showing improvement, but still needs a little more practice before he's ready to ride on his own.

We came in for a snack a short time later, and joined Buster and M-lady. After a munch, we had a video chat with Grandma Nese and Granddad B, which the kids participated in for the first half. They ran off about halfway through the chat, and M-lady entertained them until I finished up and we got started on preparing dinner.

The kids ate pretty well at dinner, and I played with them a bit afterward in the living room. After some running around, we settled down by watching a little bit of TV. Bud melted down a little bit after the TV, so went to bed early. After a snack, Buster joined him, and fell asleep pretty quickly. Getting the kids to bed a little early tonight will help with getting back on schedule come Monday. So far the kids have slept quietly.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

M-lady apparently slept much of the night in Buster's room, so I got up with him and Bud when they rose at about 7:45. The kids were in a good mood, and we headed downstairs for breakfast at about 8:30. After eating I turned on the Tournament of Roses Parade, in which Bud seemed very interested.

M-lady took over a little after 9:30, and played with the kids for a bit while I snoozed. They all had a good time together, and I joined them in the office at about 11:00. At that point Bud came with me out to the garage, where we worked on M-lady's car some more.

We had a good time working together until lunch, when we came in and ate with M-lady and Buster. Buster was already showing signs of fatigue, so I put him down for his nap shortly after lunch. While I was putting him down, M-lady did some reading with Bud, who's definitely making progress.

Bud and I worked for a little bit longer as Buster snoozed, although Buster woke pretty soon. We packed up after he woke and headed to a New Year's Day party in the afternoon being held by a friend of ours in Mountain View.

We all had a good time, and the kids were much admired, but the atmosphere was a bit more adult focused, and the kids got antsy after a little while. I took them outside, where they had a great time running around while M-lady wrapped up visiting in the party. We headed out after spending about an hour, where the kids had behaved admirably overall.

M-lady got started on making dinner when we got home, while I played with the kids a bit. We watched some Cars shorts I found on the Disney website, which Buster loved. After a good dinner, I got Buster bathed and in PJs, and then had a nice chat with Grandma W while Bud took his bath with M-lady. Buster wasn't very interactive on the call with Grandma W, but chatted a little bit while he typed on my computer.

We all headed downstairs and watched a little bit of The Wiggles before getting a snack and heading for bed. Buster was pretty tired, but didn't want to go to sleep, and consequently was a bit noisy going down. He fell asleep pretty quickly, though, and has only woken briefly once this evening.