Thursday, December 31, 2009


M-lady headed off to dance class this morning after getting up with the boys, and we played together for a little while before packing up and heading off to Fry's. The boys were generally well behaved in the store, although Buster was really intent on running around and checking things out. He got a bit upset when I'd pick him up to head to another department, but was OK once I set him down again to explore.

We picked up some lunch on the way home, and both kids ate pretty well. M-lady arrived home soon after lunch, and Buster went down for his nap a short time later. This gave Bud and me the opportunity to work on M-lady's car for a bit, and we were joined a bit later by Buster and M-lady. M-lady picked clementines while I kept an eye on Buster, who's recently become very interested in riding the tricycle he's inherited from Bud. Unfortunately his feet don't really reach the pedals yet, but he has a great time rolling down the driveway until I catch him and push him back up to the top.

M-lady eventually took Buster for a walk around the block on his trike while I did some more running up and down the street with Bud on his bike. Bud is improving, and there were longish sections where he was mostly riding on his own. It'll take a bit more running up and down the street on my part, but he'll probably be riding on his own before too much longer.

We headed in and had some dinner after that, and did a fairly standard evening routine. I read some more of The Hobbit to Bud before bed, which he's still enjoying. He didn't want to go to sleep when we turned out the light, but he fell asleep before too long. Buster has woken a couple of times, but gone back to sleep pretty quickly.

Happy New Year to all!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Buster woke this morning briefly at about 6:00, but fell asleep again and slept until about 7:30. Bud woke a little after 7:00, and after getting him squared away, I was able to go back to bed for a little while.

I joined the family downstairs having breakfast a little before 9:00. Buster was complaining of a stomach ache, but it turned out he was just hungry. After getting the kids fed, M-lady took Buster out to run her errand while I took Bud out to run mine.

Bud and I headed over to the auto parts store to pick up a manual for M-lady's car. Bud seemed to enjoy checking out items in the store, and wandered a little bit while I searched for the manual. We eventually found the right one, and headed for home.

M-lady and Buster arrived home a short time later, and we all had some lunch. After lunch we spent some time picking up the toys in the living room, rendering it functional and somewhat tidy once again. Buster was getting pretty tired by the time we finished up, so I put him down for his nap.

He didn't sleep very well, and was up about 45 minutes later, letting me know that he pooped. I changed his diaper, and we joined Bud and M-lady, who were hanging out in Bud's room. I took the kids downstairs and watched a few minutes of Cars with them while M-lady grabbed a quick snooze and then got ready for our family dinner date.

We all loaded up and headed over to Bud's Friend T's house, and spent the evening with her and her parents. Bud immediately started playing with Friend T, and they were all over the place, playing together throughout the evening. Buster was pretty comfortable, and chatted a fair bit. He also really enjoyed chasing the cats around, playing with some toy cars, and typing on the computer he found.

The adults had a nice chat and we all had a good dinner. Buster wasn't strapped into a chair for dinner, and seemed to enjoy the luxury of wandering around with his food. We kept a close eye on him to make sure he didn't leave little pizza fingerprints about the place. Everyone had a great time.

We headed home a bit after 7:30, and the kids were getting a bit tired. When we got home, the kids got baths and then headed straight to bed. Buster was a bit melty by that point, and passed out pretty quickly. M-lady put Bud to bed, who also fell asleep quickly. Buster apparently woke a few times during the evening, but hopefully will sleep solidly the rest of the night.

It was wonderful to get out and have dinner with Friend T and family. We'll have to have them over soon, since Bud and Friend T play together so well.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Learning To Ride

Buster and Bud were up a bit before 7:00 this morning, and M-lady handled the first shift. I tried to take over around 8:30ish, but Bud had a bit of a meltdown on a minor sharing issue, and M-lady needed to console him.

M-lady took off to run some errands mid-morning, and I played with the kids. Bud mostly wanted to play with his Lego, so Buster and I headed downstairs and played with all the toys in the living room. I tried to get the kids out to the park, but Bud wasn't budging. I eventually got the kids outside for a few minutes right before lunch, but we came back inside pretty quickly to eat.

M-lady arrived home as we were eating lunch, and helped out with entertaining the kids. After lunch, we all piled into the car and made a trip to the local Lucky story. We've been using a Safeway, but the Lucky is almost as close and much larger. We found a much better selection there. Bud had a good time running the aisles, although Buster was getting a bit impatient by the time we left.

I put Buster down for his nap when we got home, and then took Bud outside for his first bike ride lesson. I wrapped a towel around his chest and under his arms, and grabbed it behind him, and then ran up and down the street with him as he tried to ride his bike. He's starting to get the hang of it, but it will take a few more attempts for him to get comfortable with it. We took a couple of breaks to throw a ball around on the front lawn, and headed inside a bit after 3:00.

Bud and I played on the computer for a bit, and Buster and M-lady joined us a bit later. I headed downstairs with the kids to watch a little bit of Wall-E before getting some dinner ready for them, and then turning them over to M-lady for a little bit as I got myself ready and went out to pick up Babysitter G.

M-lady and I were going out to dinner with some friends, and Babysitter G was coming over. Buster was a little concerned at first, but seemed content as we left after I put on Cars for him to watch. He was apparently a little fussy, but generally manageable for Babysitter G.

The kids were asleep when we got home, and aside from a brief waking by Buster, have slept well. We'll check with them tomorrow to see how the evening with Babysitter G went.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Mommy Birthday

Bud rolled me out of bed around 7:15, and Buster woke a few minutes later. I corralled the troops in the office, where Buster and I hung out in the hexagon reading stories while Bud played with his Lego. M-lady rose at about 8:45, and after getting on her feet and receiving the first wave of birthday wishes, took the kids downstairs while I snoozed for a little while.

I got up in an hour, and we all packed up and headed over to Aunt O and Uncle C's place, where we met up with them, as well as Ama and Agu. The kids played well today, which was nice. All three kids played in a generally non-antagonistic way, and very little refereeing was necessary.

We had a nice lunch, and M-lady got to open her gifts. Bud was clamoring for cake, though, so we rejoined to table to have some of the red velvet cupcakes that M-lady baked last night. They were really good.

The kids started showing signs of fatigue shortly after that, so we said our goodbyes and headed for home. Buster fell asleep on the drive, as did M-lady and Bud for a while. I took Buster up to his room for a nap when we got home, and slept with him for a little bit while M-lady started on thank you notes with Bud.

I joined them a bit later, and M-lady took the opportunity to run some errands. Buster woke shortly after she left, and we got started vacuuming up pine needles left behind by the Christmas tree (which went out last night). Bud came down to watch some of Wall-E with us, which we watched until M-lady arrived home a bit after 5:00.

I made waffles for dinner, and everyone enjoyed them thoroughly. After dinner I gave Buster a bath, and M-lady gave Bud a bath. With clean kids we played together a little bit more before having a snack and starting the bedtime routine. Buster was pretty manageable, but Bud had a bit of a meltdown right before bed. He fell asleep pretty quickly: I figure he was just worn out. Buster has slept a bit restlessly, waking up a couple of times. Hopefully he'll sleep the rest of the night, as he's done for some time now.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Imperfect Timing

Buster slept late this morning. Bud rolled me out of bed around 7:15, but he was willing to go play with Lego for a while, and M-lady and I were able to sleep until nearly 8:30, when Buster got up. M-lady handled the kids for a bit, and turned them over to me when she took off for ballet.

I got breakfast with the kids, and then we played with various Christmas gifts for a good potion of the morning. Late morning I tried to roll the kids out to shop for M-lady's birthday, but Bud wasn't interested and I really wasn't up for fighting him.

Bud decided that he did want to go when I was feeding Buster lunch. It was too late at that point, so Bud was pretty upset. He eventually came down and had some lunch, though. The three of us watched a little bit of TV, starting with football games and ending with The Wiggles as M-lady arrived home.

I put Buster down for a nap, and he passed out almost immediately. At that point, I was planning to go shopping with Bud to pick out a birthday gift for M-lady, but Bud was involved in his coloring, and didn't want to go. He asked me to pick something out for him. So I headed off on my own.

I got back and found both boys playing with M-lady in the living room. I took over and played with the boys on the slide for a while. Eventually we did pack up and head out to a local burger joint for dinner. Both kids were great, ate well, and had a good time. Buster wanted a balloon first and foremost, but once he got his balloon, he was content through the meal.

It was a bit after 6:00 when we got back, and we watched some football and other programs on and off. Bud went to the grocery store with M-lady for a quick shopping trip, and Buster and I watched some Pingu while they were out.

The kids went to bed without fuss after their snack. Buster again fell asleep quickly, making me think this is phase 2 of his growth spurt (eating for a couple of days, and now sleeping). He may have outgrown his crib by morning.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winding Down

The kids were up a bit early this morning, and M-lady handled the early morning duties. I got up around 9:30, just as Ama and Agu were heading out to go over to Aunt O and Uncle C's house.

Buster was a bit touchy this morning, likely due to the general schedule upheaval. I settled down with the kids by watching a little bit of Sesame Street with them as M-lady took a nap. After a bit of TV, we had a mid-morning snack, and then headed upstairs to play in the office a bit. I read stories with Buster for a bit, and then Bud and I spent some time cleaning up the Lego on his project table so that he could get started on some of his new Lego.

We had a video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese before lunch, which included opening the gifts from them. The kids were treated pretty well, and enjoyed the gifts. Buster really took to the neck pillow he got, and wore/carried it around with him for parts of the day.

We had a pretty straightforward lunch, and afterward Bud got started on Lego while I hung out with Buster. M-lady went out to pick up Babysitter G, and when she got back we all said 'Hi' before I put Buster down for his nap. He fell asleep quickly, and M-lady and I took off to run some errands.

Bud and Babysitter G played Lego for a few hours, and Buster woke right before M-lady and I returned. He was still a bit grumpy from waking. M-lady took Babysitter G home, and I watched a little bit of TV with the kids before getting started on dinner. Both kids ate pretty well, and M-lady administered baths after dinner.

There was enough time for some drawing and hanging out before the bedtime routine. The kids were pretty cooperative, and I read to Bud before putting him to bed. We turned out the lights around 8:30, and he fell asleep pretty quickly. Buster woke once later in the evening, but has otherwise slept well.

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Satisfying Christmas

Buster was up briefly around 6:30, and M-lady tended to him. He dozed again, and Bud wandered into our bedroom at about 6:45. He had snuck a look at the tree, and was really excited about the presents.

I managed to corral Bud long enough to get him dressed, and we headed downstairs around 7:00. The stockings were opened a short time later, and then boys kept themselves entertained with the contents (and Buster's new slide) for a bit while we focused on getting some breakfast.

After breakfast we had a quick video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B, and Aunt RuggerMom and family, and opened some gifts. It was pleasant to chat, but the kids were understandably a little distracted. We signed off, and then did a round of gift opening.

The kids made out pretty well. Buster seemed a bit overwhelmed before too long, so M-lady and I pulled some of his gifts to save for later. Bud was excited about a new bicycle, and both kids had a lot of fun on Buster's slide. A little later Aunt O, Uncle C, and Cousin C arrived, and we did another round of gifts.

The kids spend much of late morning and early afternoon playing. We had Christmas Dinner at about 1:00, and I put Buster down for a nap around 2:30. He snoozed until about 4:00, and M-lady took the opportunity to snooze as well. I spent a good amount of time playing with Bud.

Around 4:00, we set up a video call and game with Aunt RuggerMom and family, playing some Rock Band together. On our side, Bud played drums against the couch, and Buster held a guitar (unplugged) and played along with that. I'm sure they'll be connected before too long.

Dinner was leftovers, and both kids ate pretty well. We watched some of the Chargers game, played more with new toys, and generally had a pleasant evening. I took Bud out to the garage for a little while to fit him on the bicycle, and we talked some theory of riding and how the bike worked. We'll try and get him out on the bike a little bit tomorrow.

We started the snack and bedtime routine a little bit late, and Buster was a bit reluctant to go to bed at first. But he calmed down pretty quickly, and fell asleep around 8:20. M-lady worked with Bud on reading one of his new books, and he fell asleep without much trouble as well. Both kids have slept quietly so far this evening.

Overall it was a really pleasant day. Both kids seem to have had a really good time, and all the adults did as well. Again, Happy Holidays to all.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Twas the Day Before...

Buster was up early this morning, around 5:00ish. M-lady got up with him, and watched the kids all morning with some help from Ama and Agu. I got up a bit before 9:00, and joined the party around the same time that Aunt O and Cousin C arrived for a visit.

We all hung out together for a bit, and the three kids played very well together, overall. There were a couple minor sharing incidents, but they often seemed more noted by the parents than the kids. I played with the shape sorter with Buster, and he learned a new word: trapezoid.

We all had a mid-morning snack around 10:45, during which Buster ate three clementines and a stick of cheese. He's been eating a lot recently, suggesting a bit of a growth spurt.

Aunt O and Cousin C took off a bit later, and M-lady took a nap. We had a real lunch right around noon, and I put Buster down for a nap a short time later. He slept for almost two hours, during which time Bud and I played on the computer a little bit, Ama and Agu got to rest, and M-lady did the grocery shopping and ran some other errands.

Buster was pretty grumpy when he woke up, but hung out with me for a bit on the couch. I eventually handed him over to M-lady to run some errands of my own, returning in time to rest for about a half hour with M-lady while the kids played with Ama and Agu. Buster had a snack in the late afternoon and brightened up considerably.

I made dinner with Ama around 5:00, and we all ate around 5:30. The kids continued to play merrily as I rested my knee for a little while, turning the TV on and catching some snippets of Christmas specials. Bud went out for a walk to look at lights with Ama, and M-lady and I started on the bathing regimen when they returned.

Bud was a bit difficult to get into the shower, but became more cooperative towards the end. We eventually got the kids into PJs, headed downstairs, had a snack and read The Night Before Christmas, and then tucked the kids away. Bud was pretty excited, but fell asleep a few minutes after we turned out the light. Buster also went to sleep fairly quickly, and only woke once briefly during the evening.

Happy Holidays to all!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First Theater Show

Buster was up a little before 7:00, but was apparently willing to wait quietly until 7:00, at which point he asked for some books to read in his crib. Bud was up a short time later, and M-lady handled them both for the first part of the morning.

Bud hung out with Ama and Agu, and I watched Buster for a little while. After watching a little bit of Sesame Street on the computer, we headed downstairs to get some breakfast. Buster had some oatmeal, and started playing with the grandparents as M-lady came down to join as well.

They had a mellow morning together. The kids did some coloring, and showed off pictures they'd made to the grandparents. Bud and Ama did some crafts together as well. M-lady took off a little before 10:00 to run some errands, and the kids were happy to continue playing with Ama and Agu.

M-lady returned a little before 11:00, I got up, and we packed up Bud and got on the road. Buster was watching a video with Agu when we left, but was unfazed when he found we were gone. He had a good afternoon with Ama and Agu, eating lots of fruit, and even taking a long nap.

M-lady and Bud and I drove up to San Francisco. We hit some bad traffic on the way, so I dropped off M-lady and Bud close to the theater and went to park the car. I joined them just after the first act, and we all got to see Riverdance together. Bud was really well behaved, and really enjoyed the show.

Afterward, we chatted about the show as we walked back to the car. Bud enjoyed it, but was clearly a little worn out by the intense focus for a couple of hours, and fell asleep in the car on the drive home. Buster was in a great mood when we arrived home, and we all had dinner together, prepared by Ama and Agu, before too long.

After dinner I set up a video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B. Bud didn't end up making an appearance, as he was busy playing with Agu, but Buster wandered through a couple of times. Buster was in a great mood all evening, and had a really nice interaction on the video chat. He showed off his counting, and was really interested in interacting with the grandparents.

I played with Bud a bit on the computer after that, and we headed downstairs around 7:30 to get a snack. M-lady and Bud ended up working a bit on reading before bed, looking at the Riverdance book that we have. I put Buster to bed without any trouble at all. He fell asleep quickly, and has slept quietly so far this evening.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Enjoying Vacation

Buster and Bud slept well last night, and woke this morning around 7:00ish. M-lady got up with them, and I took over around 8:00. We chatted together for a few minutes, and then headed downstairs and watched Sesame Street before getting some breakfast. Buster really enjoyed the show, but was pretty hungry afterward, and very excited about having breakfast.

After breakfast, we played together a little bit more before M-lady joined us. I took the opportunity to snooze a little bit while they did some drawing. Bud turned out a pretty cool drawing of all the insects we saw at the Cirque Du Soleil show, and was just wrapping that up when I rejoined them.

We packed up and headed out to the park for a little while, where both kids showed increasing agility. Buster was climbing up chain ladders meant for 6-12 year olds. Bud could negotiate the entire structure save for the hand-over-hand bars, which require a little more upper body strength than he has yet. I was able to assist him across most of those structure features, though.

It was surprisingly cold out, so we were bundled up at the park, and couldn't use a couple of the slides since they were wet. We packed up a little bit after 12:00, and headed home, picking up lunch on the way.

The kids ate pretty well, and after lunch we hung out for a short time before I took Buster upstairs for a nap. He fell asleep pretty quickly, and I returned downstairs to find Bud and M-lady working on making cookies. I took the opportunity to head off to Fry's for a quick shop.

Buster was awake and had eaten a bunch of clementines when I got home. I took over keeping an eye on the kids while M-lady finished up the cookie-baking, and we played together a little bit before having a quick video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese. The kids were reasonably interactive, and I also got Buster to show off his counting skills.

Ama and Agu arrived as we wrapped up our chat, and the kids were really excited to see them. As they settled in, I got started on making dinner, and we all ate together. Again the kids ate well, and after dinner we all played a little bit of Wii Sports Resort before I gave Bud a shower and M-lady gave Buster a bath. Buster is so excited for baths that he has a tendency to want to climb in before we can finish getting him undressed.

After bathing, the kids headed back downstairs with M-lady to get a snack and say goodnight to Ama and Agu. Bud came back up so I could put him to bed, and after brushing teeth and tucking in, we read some more of The Hobbit together. We're getting closer to the end, and he still seems to be enjoying it. He went to sleep without any problems after I turned out the light at about 8:30.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Buster woke this morning shortly after 7:00, and M-lady did first response. Bud was up a few minutes later, and I took second shift a bit later.

I ran out for an appointment a short time later, and was gone from about 8:30 to 10:30 or so. Meanwhile, the kids had breakfast with M-lady and played together a bit. When I got home, we played for a little while, and M-lady took off to run some errands. I loaded upt he kids a short time later, and we headed off to the kid's haircut place.

Buster had been there once before, and pretty much screamed through the experience. Bud was willing to go first to show Buster it was OK. Buster didn't really need much encouragement, though, since the chairs for the kids were little cars, and he was really anxious to get in one and drive it.

Both kids ended up doing really well, and came out with much less hair. When we got home, I stripped both kids down and got them into the tub to wash off the extra hair bits. Buster, of course, had a great time, and Bud was cooperative. After they were dressed again, we had some lunch. Both kids ate well.

We played some more afterward before M-lady arrived home, just at about the time I was getting set to put Buster down for his nap. Buster slept for a solid hour, while M-lady and Bud played games together. Bud's reading skills seem to be getting better each day.

Bud and I spent some time picking clementines in the afternoon, and M-lady came out with Buster a short time later. M-lady ran out to get some stamps, and the boys spent the time riding tricycles down the driveway. I had to monitor Buster pretty closely to make sure he didn't plunge into the street, but the kids had a great time overall.

M-lady arrived home and we headed inside shortly. I got started on making dinner, but got interrupted a couple of times: first Buster faceplanted on the hardwood, giving himself a fat lip and bloodying his nose. After calming him down, he and Bud had an altercation regarding a pencil, and we all spent some time chilling before getting back to dinner.

Snack time snuck up on us, and the kids ate pretty well before we headed upstairs to get ready for bed. Buster was fairly cooperative, and I was able to get him into bed shortly after 8:00, where he fell asleep pretty quickly. Bud also fell asleep quickly, and both kids have slept quietly so far this evening.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Starting to Read

I was off skiing yesterday, and consequently didn't interact with the kids very much. I did have a couple of phone calls, though, and was able to chat with Bud a little bit. The kids were apparently pretty well behaved with M-lady, although Buster didn't take a nap in the afternoon and got a bit cranky in the evening.

The kids slept in a little today, and M-lady took them to a park in the morning. They had just finished up lunch when I arrived home, a little before 1:00. We were all happy to see each other, and Bud asked me about my trip. I had injured my knee skiing, and he was very concerned about my crash (I didn't really crash, just tweaked my knee). I tried to explain that I didn't really crash to him, but I think he has this vision of me exploding in a cloud of snow sort of stuck in his head.

We watched some of the videos I'd shot wit the Flip camera I'd taken along. Since I didn't end up skiing a lot, the best videos were of the scenery (which was pretty spectacular in places). The kids were very entertained by the vids.

I was able to put Buster down for a nap a short time later, and he fell asleep pretty quickly. I fell asleep next to him for a little while, and M-lady and Bud read stories together. When I got up, I took Bud with me to return the rental skis, and got back home without incident. Buster was still sleeping, so Bud and I headed downstairs to play together a little.

Buster woke around 4:00, after a solid 2 hour nap, and was pretty groggy. He came downstairs to play video games with Bud and me, though, and M-lady took the opportunity to head out to run some errands. We set up a video game and video chat with Cousin LR, but Bud stormed off in a huff when I told him we were changing the game (from Lego Indiana Jones to Lego Star Wars) so that we could play online. I played with Cousin LR for a little while, and Bud returned shortly and had a good time playing as well.

After LR headed off for bed, we watched a little bit of TV before M-lady arrived home with dinner. The kids ate pretty well, and Bud ate part of my dinner as well. After eating, we hit the showers. M-lady gave Buster a bath while I got Bud cleaned up in the shower. Both kids did pretty well.

We headed back downstairs to watch a little bit of TV before snack and bed. Buster ate more for his snack than he did for dinner. I took Bud upstairs to run the standard bedtime routine, and M-lady was able to put Buster down reasonably quickly. He apparently woke once, but went back to sleep soon. Bud and I read some of The Hobbit before turning out the light at about 8:45.

Bud is getting better at reading, and we're working on it with him with some of his simple books. He's sounding out lots of words with the basic sounds right now. Pretty soon it will just be a matter of learning the million rules of English spelling and pronunciation, along with the bajillion exceptions.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Knock, Knock

Buster woke a little before 7:00, and I got up with him. We hung out for a bit, and around 7:30 I rolled M-lady out of bed, who went to roll Bud.

M-lady took care of getting Bud ready for school, and I hung out with Buster. Buster was willing to have his diaper changed around the time Bud and M-lady were heading out the door, and we were just finishing up our oatmeal when Nanny J arrived.

The kids seem to have had a good day. I arrived home around 2:45, as I needed to pick Bud up and take him to a dentist appointment. Buster was napping, and Bud came rolling out of the house as soon as I opened the garage door. He had already brushed his teeth, so we jumped in the car and headed for the appointment.

Bud was really good at the dentist, and the cleaning lasted about 20 minutes. I praised Bud for his behavior as we left, and headed for home. When we arrived, Bud started playing with Buster, and I had the opportunity to steal a quick nap.

M-lady arrived home before Nanny J took off for the holidays, and she and the kids bid her goodbye. I managed to drag myself out of bed a short time later, and joined the family. We all watched a few Sesame Street videos together, and then I ran out to pick up some dinner.

Buster now loves 'Knock, Knock' jokes. He says, "Knock, Knock!", and I'll say, "Who's there?", and then he'll burst out laughing. And repeat.

M-lady managed to entertain the boys until I got back. I found them playing in the living room, and everyone was excited to eat. After a satisfying dinner, I watched a little bit of TV with the kids before we had dessert.

I took Bud outside with me while I did a little bit of cleanup on my car, and then we headed inside to get into PJs and do the bedtime thing. Bud was reasonably tractable, although he wasn't in bed with the lights out until a little bit after 8:30. I'll be headed off for a ski day tomorrow, so I chatted with Bud about that for a little while before saying goodnight. He's looking forward to a day with M-lady tomorrow.

Both kids have slept well so far this evening. Hopefully they'll sleep through the night, and be good for M-lady tomorrow.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Both kids slept in until something like 7:45 this morning, which was great. The morning was pretty standard after we got moving. Nanny J arrived at 8:45, and M-lady and I took off for work a short time later.

The kids had a good day, and apparently took a trip to the library. I got home a little after 5:00, to the now-usual dark house. After settling in and saying goodbye to Nanny J, we played in the dark for a few minutes before turning on the football game. The kids weren't really interested in football, so we watched some of The Wiggles before getting started on dinner.

The kids ate pretty well, but not a huge volume. I had put some orange juice in a sippy cup for Buster, and even though it was no-pulp juice, little bits of pulp still clog the sippy holes. So Buster was sucking on that through most of dinner. It really kept him occupied. I cleaned out the holes and he was able to finish his juice at the end of dinner.

After dinner, Bud showed me that he'd found my old calculator. It's an HP 48SX, which I still think is one of the greatest calculators ever made. I showed Bud how to add two numbers, and he had a great time adding various numbers for a while. It's never too early to learn Reverse Polish Notation!

M-lady arrived home, and I made a batch of fudge while the kids played with some 2-liter bottles of soda Buster excavated from the drink closet. Buster was very interested in the fudge making process, and dragged the play tower over to see what I was doing. We had to keep him from twiddling the knobs on the range and getting into the ingredients.

The bedtime routine was pretty standard, and I was able to put Buster down around 8:15 and watching some Sesame Street videos. He slept for a little while, then woke a little after 9:00 for a while. He was back asleep around 9:30, and has slept quietly since then.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Reading More

Bud and Buster woke around 7:00, and M-lady took the first shift, which was nice since I was up late working last night. I got up around 8:00, and got ready quickly to take Bud to school. He was cooperative as we headed off, and the drop off went smoothly.

The kids seem to have had a good day. Bud was playing with my bike light in the darkening house when I got home, and Buster was playing with Twilight Turtle. After saying goodbye to Nanny J, we played with the lights a little bit more, and then watched a little bit of MythBusters.

I decided to make pancakes for dinner, and Bud ate about half the batch. Buster wasn't really very interested in dinner, though. M-lady arrived home a short time later, and after eating watched the kids for a bit before we started the bedtime routine.

Bud was pretty easy to put to bed, and asleep shortly after we turned out the light, around 8:15. Buster woke around 11:00, and M-lady soothed him back to sleep.

Bud is getting really close to full-blown reading. He can sound out most words that follow the usual letter-sound rules (haven't gotten to things with silent letters or strange spellings yet), and is pretty close to being able to just read a book on his own. We'll start working on Hop On Pop soon.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dizzy Kids

Buster woke a couple of times around 3:30am, and I slept in his room with him for a couple of hours. I made my way back to bed a little after 6:00. The kids woke a little after 7:00, and M-lady handled the early morning with them. I joined them around 8:30, and played with them for a few minutes before Nanny J arrived.

The kids seem to have had a good day with Nanny J. I arrived home around 5:00, and barely made it in the door, as some very large packages had arrived. Bud was quick to point them out, and immediate let me know that there was a slide with a ladder in the box. I asked him how he knew, and he indicated the big picture on the side of the box of two kids playing on a slide with a ladder.

Both kids had bathed in the afternoon, which let us have a more relaxed evening. Buster was having a snack as I arrived home, though, and he wasn't hungry at dinner time. In fact, he didn't eat anything else during the evening except for a couple of edamame beans, so I hope he doesn't get too hungry during the night.

Bud and Buster both wanted me to swing them around in the living room this evening. Bud is getting pretty big, and wants to go fast. The trick is making sure Buster is far enough away that he doesn't get clocked by a swinging foot. I spun both kids a couple of times, with much giggling. Buster usually falls over a few times after landing, since he gets a bit dizzy.

We settled down by watching a little bit of Smash Lab, which both kids seem to enjoy. M-lady arrived home as the program was wrapping up, and we had some dinner. Bud ate well, and afterward we played together a little bit more before starting the bedtime routine.

I had Buster to put to bed tonight, and he was pretty tired. We watched a few videos on, and headed for bed. He took about 20 minutes to fall asleep after I put him in his crib, calling for me (quietly) every few minutes. Both kids have slept quietly so far this evening.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Trimming the Tree

The kids were up this morning around 7:00, and M-lady and I both got up to field them. After Bud was dressed, I snoozed for about 20 minutes before taking the kids downstairs to work on Christmas cards for Nanny J. Bud got a little huffy when his card didn't turn out just how he wanted (he's something of a perfectionist), but M-lady was able to talk him down and they headed off to school. I played with Buster a bit until Nanny J arrived.

The kids seem to have had a good day. Buster fell asleep in the car going to pick Bud up from school, which apparently threw off his nap schedule. And Bud didn't take a bath in the afternoon, so I needed to bathe him in the evening.

I got home around 5:00, and found Bud had 'trimmed' some of the Christmas tree. That is, he had taken his scissors and cut off the ends of branches that he thought were too long. So there was a small pile of evergreen twigs under the tree, which Buster was having fun with, carrying bits of tree around the room. I reminded Bud that scissors were only for paper, and told him the tree didn't need to be pruned any more.

Bud had a little meltdown (due to unrelated minor disciplining) after Nanny J took her leave, and Buster and I played and watched a little bit of the football game before Bud joined us again. We watched a little bit of The Wiggles together before having some dinner.

Bud ate well. Buster refused eating while Bud and I were eating, and then wanted to eat as we were finishing up. Buster ended up eating pretty well. After we had all finished up, we headed upstairs to give Bud his bath. He was good about getting undressed and jumping in, which was nice. Buster more or less continuously tried to join him in the tub, which was a little challenging. I managed to keep Buster out of the tub, but he did get his hands in the water, and consequently most of his clothing got wet.

Bud was getting himself into PJs and I was drying Buster off and getting him into PJs when M-lady arrived home. We all had a snack together, and then M-lady put Buster to bed while I read a chapter of The Hobbit to Bud. Bud fell asleep quickly when we turned out the light, around 8:15. Both kids have slept soundly so far.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sushi Order

Buster was up a little after 7:00, and Bud was up a short time later. Buster slept pretty well through the later part of the night. M-lady got up with the boys, and handed them off to me a bit after 8:00. I took them downstairs to have some breakfast.

Bud was excited about making pancakes, and agreed to roll-up pancakes when I suggested those. When I got one in front of him, however, he took two bites and decided he didn't want any more breakfast. Buster's reaction was similar. So I scrapped breakfast, and we watched some Wiggles and Zoboomafoo.

The kids never seemed to get particularly hungry, and we played for a bit before I turned them back over to M-lady around 10:30. I napped for another 90 minutes or so while they read and played together, including putting some of the soft Christmas ornaments on the tree.

I got up and watched a few videos on the computer with the kids, and then took them downstairs to start on lunch. The kids did eat a solid lunch, and afterward I made an attempt to put Buster down for a nap, as he'd been showing some signs of fatigue.

Buster did not nap, however, and after about 20 minutes I let him get up and play with Bud and M-lady while I headed out for a quick errand. When I got back, I tried to put Buster down for a nap again, and this time I got him to fall asleep, around 3:00pm. While he was sleeping, Bud and I did some tooling around in the garage.

Around 4:00ish, we roused Buster, and got ready and all loaded into the car to go over to Friend A's birthday party. It was a 'costume' party, so Bud went in his Indiana Jones outfit, and Buster wore his football jersey. Bud was a bit shy, but entertained himself with my iPhone for a while. Buster was a little more comfortable among the people, but most interested in eating once he discovered the sweets available. We were able to share the birthday cake before we wrapped up and headed out.

Bud suggested we pick up sushi for dinner on the way home, and Buster seconded. M-lady and I didn't have big objections, so we picked up sushi and had a nice dinner at home. While M-lady was calling the order in from the car, Buster was trying to say the sushi names after her. "Ninjin" and "Kappa" worked OK for him, but he got a little lost on "Maguru Negi" and "Unagi Nigiri". He also appeared a little confused by the "Stanford" roll, since he associates Stanford with a football team right now.

After dinner, we all watched a little bit of TV before getting ready for bed. The bedtime routine was pretty straightforward. We skipped the snack since we'd had a late dinner. I was able to put Buster down at about 8:15, and he went to sleep pretty quickly. M-lady put Bud to bed at the same time. Both kids have slept quietly so far tonight.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Not So Mellow Weekend

Buster slept through the night last night, which was nice. Bud actually got us up first, and Buster was up a few minutes after him. After getting the kids functional, I took the kids into the office for a little while as M-lady snoozed. We switched places a little after 8:00, and M-lady took the kids downstairs to get some breakfast.

A few moments later, Bud came rushing upstairs to get me. We had an ant incursion in the kitchen, and M-lady needed my help. She bundled the kids upstairs, while I investigated. The ants had come in at a crack under the lip of the step between the living room and the dining room, walked around the dining room, around the breakfast nook, and were getting into the kitchen. Fortunately, they were pretty much just by the baseboards. Unfortunately, there was about a half-mile long trail in the house. I Raided them, then spent the next ninety minutes or so wiping up ant carcasses and enough of the Raid that we felt comfortable letting the kids back into the rooms.

Meanwhile, M-lady discovered that there had been an unauthorized charge on one of our credit cards, so she had that card canceled. Amazingly, it takes 7-10 business days to get a new card. We put a rush on it, so that we can actually finish our Christmas shopping. Our shopping over the weekend is a bit curtailed, though.

After getting those two issues cleared up, I snoozed for a little while as M-lady read stories and played with the boys in Bud's room, waiting for the Raid fumes to dissipate a bit. After I got up, I took the kids downstairs and we got started on lunch.

The kids didn't eat much, but seemed to be in a good mood. We kept an eye on the weather (it had been raining for a while), and when the sky cleared we took our chance and headed out to try and pick up a Christmas tree. The stand where we'd gotten our tree last year wasn't there this year, so we drove around until we found a nearby nursery selling trees. The kids had a good time picking one out, and we wrangled it home. It was still pretty wet, though, so we left it on the doorstep to dry out a bit.

We'd been out during Buster's usual nap time, so I tried to get him to nap for a bit later in the afternoon, without success. Eventually, we gave up, and I planned to run some errands with Bud.

Bud was reluctant, however, and I ended up doing a grocery run and picking up dinner while M-lady hung out with the kids some more. They were playing in the living room when I returned, and we unloaded groceries and then had some dinner. Both kids ate pretty well.

After dinner, it was time to bring the tree in, which involved a few steps, including pulling down all the Christmas decorations from storage in the garage. Bud helped out, and we eventually got the tree into position without too much fuss. Buster was even willing to hang out in his Pack'n'Play so he wouldn't be underfoot.

Bud helped vacuum up pine needles, and actually did a really good job. We got the majority of the job cleaned up, and then headed upstairs to take a shower. I got both kids cleaned up, and we all got into PJs, and headed back downstairs for a snack.

The kids had the usual snack, supplemented by some of the clementines from our tree, which are just getting ripe. After snack we did a pretty standard bedtime routine. Bud wasn't interested in a story tonight, so we watched a couple of videos and he headed for bed. Buster has slept reasonably well, although he's woken once. Hopefully he'll sleep well for the rest of the night.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Circle of Balloon Life

Buster didn't sleep very well last night, and M-lady and I spent a good portion of the night up and down with him. M-lady was hanging out with him when I got up with Bud a little after 7:00 and got him dressed. M-lady looked after the kids for a while, and got them both fed breakfast. I joined them when they came back upstairs around 8:00, and hung out with Buster for a bit before Nanny J arrived.

The kids seem to have had a good day. M-lady arrived home before I did, and they were again playing in the dark when I got home. There are apparently a number of games that can be played with Twilight Turtle, and M-lady and the kids were very imaginative.

When I got home, we played for a short time before loading up and heading to the mall. While playing, the undead balloon finally burst. It was too deflated to pop loudly, but Buster seemed a little apprehensive about the little damp rag when Bud offered it to him for inspection, as if he was afraid it might suddenly change shape again. He didn't seem to upset, though.

We headed off to the mall, and had a good dinner. While I was procuring food, Buster saw a balloon on display at a different vendor, and M-lady managed to get it for him (she tried to buy the balloon, but it was given to her instead). Buster was pretty happy with his new balloon.

Buster wasn't interested in eating when the food first arrived, so I took a little walk with him and the balloon while M-lady and Bud got a head start on dinner. Buster was ready to eat when we came back, and he and I were able to finish up dinner with the others. After eating, we wandered around for a bit, and M-lady did a little bit of clothes shopping for the kids. The kids and I wandered around the Lego store for a bit, and Bud was disappointed to leave without getting a Lego set, although we did pick up a free Lego magazine for him.

It was a little late when we headed home, and Buster hugged his balloon the whole way. Unfortunately, the balloon popped shortly after getting home, as Buster was apparently hitting the floor with it. Buster didn't seem too put out, though, and we proceeded with the bedtime routine.

Both kids went down pretty easily, and have slept quietly so far. Hopefully Buster will have a more solid night of sleep tonight.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Home Movies

M-lady brought Buster to bed around 3:00ish, where he proceeded to push his head into my back for about half an hour before I took him back to his crib. When I picked him up to transfer him, he was sound asleep, and I was able to put him down in his crib without any problem. He apparently woke again later in the night, though. M-lady got up with him around 7:00ish.

Bud got up a bit before 8:00, and around 8:00 they all went downstairs for breakfast. I had just gotten dressed when they came back upstairs and Bud started getting himself dressed. Nanny J arrived around 8:45, and M-lady and I headed off for work shortly thereafter.

The kids went to the library today with Nanny J, which they enjoyed. M-lady got home a bit early today so Nanny J could go to a dentist appointment, and was playing with the kids in an entirely dark house when I arrived home. They were looking at the stars created by Twilight Turtle, and so I did my best to put my stuff down and settle in without turning lights on.

After playing for a little while, we turned the lights on and I watched a little bit of The Wiggles with the boys. They both ate pretty well for dinner, and then we all sat together and watched some videos.

M-lady received a Flip video camera from work yesterday, and she played with it with the kids for a bit this afternoon. I got to see the videos they recorded after dinner. Bud was learning how to use it, so there were some short videos of M-lady giving instructions to Bud.

Most of the videos, however, were of M-lady telling the boys to do 'something', as in, perform. Bud and Buster both get the idea of going and standing in front of the camera. But in most of the videos, Bud would freeze, and then fall down. Buster would quickly fall down too, and then come over to see the video on the camera. When watching these videos later, the boys found them hilarious.

I actually ended up snoozing for a bit after that, and M-lady handled the snack and PJ routine. I joined in time to help Bud brush his teeth, and read him a story before bed. He fell asleep a bit after 8:00, and has slept soundly. Buster woke once a short time ago, but went back to sleep pretty quickly.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Guy's Night, part II

Buster was up pretty early this morning, and M-lady went to tend to him. Bud rolled me out of bed a little before 7:00, and I snoozed with him for a little while before M-lady came in to wake him up to get ready for school. M-lady managed the kids for the first part of the morning, and I watched Buster while M-lady got Bud some breakfast. They headed out around 8:15, and Buster and I hung out for a bit. He had some breakfast right before Nanny J arrived.

Buster and Nanny J went to the park in the morning, even though it was pretty cold out. Bud had a good time at school, and both kids had a bath during the afternoon. They were batting the undead balloon about with lightsabers when I arrived home at about 5:00.

M-lady had another business function this evening, so it was me and the kids. We played together, and then played a little bit on the Wii before starting on dinner. Bud had a minor meltdown before dinner, but got over it quickly. We all ate pretty well.

After dinner, we read a few stories, and then watched some Wiggles before having a snack and starting on the bedtime routine. Bud was great about getting himself into PJs while I changed Buster. M-lady arrived home just as the kids were on the brushing teeth step.

M-lady watched a few videos with Bud and put him to bed, and I read a couple stories to Buster before putting him down. Buster fell asleep pretty quickly, although he woke once about an hour later. Bud has slept soundly so far tonight.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Guy's Night In The Dark

Buster was up around 6:30, but didn't insist on getting up until about 7:00. M-lady got up with him, and brought him over to me at about 7:30ish. Bud got up a short time later, and we hung out together for a few minutes while M-lady started getting ready. M-lady and I tag-teamed the rest of the morning until Nanny J arrived at 8:45.

The kids apparently headed out to the park today, even though it got still colder today. Bud told me that it was OK, since he wore a jacket outside. Bud did manage to find the taillight for my bicycle, which he was playing with when I arrived home around 5:00.

Once again, all the lights were out when I arrived home. Bud and Buster were both playing with lights. Bud had the taillight from my bicycle, which is a red led flasher. They generally refused to let me turn on lights for a while as they played in the living room.

M-lady had a work team dinner, so it was just the kids and me. We watched a little bit of Ace of Cakes, and then we all ate some dinner. Both kids ate pretty well, which generally contributed to a low-stress evening. After dinner, we read some stories and I did some origami with Bud.

Bud was anxious to watch some of The Wiggles, so we watched about 10 minutes worth before snack time. The kids were again well behaved during the snack, and we headed upstairs to get PJs on without fuss. Bud did most of his bedtime routine himself while I got Buster set for bed.

We watched some Sesame Street videos together in lieu of a bedtime story, and then I tucked Bud in. He asked to leave his room light on, since I wouldn't be staying with him, but we compromised and left the hall light on instead. I got Buster into bed around 8:15, and he was asleep about 20 minutes later.

Bud was still up when I checked on him, so I lay down with him for about 15 minutes before M-lady arrived home. Bud was pretty drowsy at that point, and was willing to fall asleep on his own, so I wished him goodnight and went to greet M-lady. Both kids have slept quietly so far.

Monday, December 07, 2009


I ended up working pretty late last night, and M-lady was wonderful about watching the kids today, letting me catch up on sleep a little bit. She got up with Buster around 7:00ish, and started getting Bud out of bed and ready for school a bit after 7:30. I got up and hung out with Buster starting around 8:00 while M-lady did the school prep routine with Bud.

Buster and I spent some time typing on the computer (I set up a word doc with a huge font, hit the Caps Lock key and let him go at the keyboard), and watching Sesame Street videos. We headed downstairs for breakfast around 8:30ish, and Buster was just starting in on his oatmeal when Nanny J arrived.

The kids seem to have had a good day. M-lady got home before me, and I got home just as Nanny J was leaving. Bud was playing 'camping' again, so all the lights were off and he was running around with a flashlight. M-lady offered to watch the kids and let me snooze, which was wonderful, and I ended up not joining again until bedtime.

They apparently watched some of Star Wars and played together, and Bud coaxed Buster under the table so M-lady could get a picture of the camping game.

Buster's favorite word is still "No". He's been using it fairly continuously the past couple of weeks. But in the past few days he's morphed it from a distinct "No" to a series of "Na"s. I'm not sure if he thinks the new sound might be a little more effective at conveying his wishes.

I joined the family as they were getting ready for bed, and helped Buster into a new diaper, then saw Bud into his PJ's and did the rest of the bedtime routine with him. We took a break from reading The Hobbit at his request, and instead read a couple of smaller books. He continues to get better at sounding out words, although he still needs encouragement. I feel like he's on the cusp of being able to really read, though.

We turned the lights off a little before 8:30, and Bud fell asleep pretty quickly. Both kids have slept quietly so far this evening.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Getting Chilly

Buster was up briefly at about 3:00 this morning, and I sat with him until he went back to sleep. He was up again around 6:00, but didn't insist on attention or actually getting up until around 7:00. Bud woke a short time later, and I helped get the kids situated with M-lady before heading back to bed for a little while.

M-lady headed off to ballet at about 9:30, and the kids and I watched a little bit of TV together. We caught an episode of Imagination Movers and a bit of Sesame Street before we had a pear for a snack and started talking about lunch.

Bud got dressed in shorts, insisting that he was going to stay warm by running around. It was about 50 degrees outside, though, and I made him put pants on before we headed out to pick up some lunch. He was a bit upset, but got over it pretty quickly. We brought lunch home, and were just finishing up when M-lady arrived home around 1:00.

M-lady watched the kids for a bit while I headed out to meet a friend for some basketball. If it weren't so cold, Bud could have come along with me. He probably had a better time with M-lady, though, working on soft tree ornaments. Buster went down for a nap around 2:00.

I got home at 3:00, and since everyone seemed to be doing OK, went out again to run a quick errand. Bud and M-lady were making Jello when I got back, and Buster woke a short time later. We had a nice video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, and then we all played football together for a bit as dinner was cooking. Bud and Buster really like running around with the football in the living room.

Every ate a solid dinner, and afterward we did the usual shower routine, followed by snack (Jello!) and bedtime. Buster took a while to fall asleep tonight, but eventually passed out a bit after 8:30. Bud went down without a problem after chatting with M-lady for a bit about the Cirque show we saw yesterday.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Out To A Show

I woke at about 7:30, and M-lady and I jumped out of bed. We mobilized and got ourselves and the kids up and dressed and fed, and rushed out the door to go to Friend C and T and F and G's house. Friend C had agreed to try to capture a holiday card picture of the family for us, and we wanted to get the early to avoid impacting their schedule.

The kids were generally game, and we did pretty well at the shoot. Bud, as usual, was great at posing, and Buster was in a good enough mood that we got some reasonable shots as a family before he got incredibly squirmy and anxious to explore. With much thanks to Friend C and family, I think we got our holiday card photo!

We headed home a short time later, and I headed back to bed for a little while as M-lady hung out with the kids. We switched a little while later, and a bit before noon M-lady got up and prepared lunch for the family. I was playing a game with Bud on the PC at the time, and when we wrapped up we headed downstairs and ate together.

I chatted with a friend on the phone for a bit after lunch, and the boys played with me and each other in the playroom while I was on the phone. They had fun pretending to fight, but knowing that was likely to end badly, and discourage the continued pretend fighting. Eventually Buster did get whacked by Bud with a Lincoln Log, which produced tears in both participants, and Bud headed up to his room for a bit. Buster and I eventually followed, and we all played in the office for a little while.

I put Buster down for his nap around 2:00, and he was pretty tired. A short time after he fell asleep, Nanny J arrived, and Bud and M-lady and I packed up and hit the road, heading for the big top in San Francisco. We had tickets to see the latest Cirque du Soleil show, OVO.

Bud was pretty excited, and we hit the restroom and picked up some concessions before getting to our seats. The seats were about 8th row, almost directly to one side. We generally had a nice, close view, but the show was a much more front-facing production that most of the other Cirque shows we've been to. We all had a great time, though.

Bud managed to hold on while we waiting for a long line for the restrooms at intermission, and he didn't like the clowns very much, but overall thought the whole experience was great. He fell asleep in the car on the way home, where we arrived at about 7:45.

Nanny J had taken Buster out for dinner, and he was pretty happy when he got home. Bud had a minor meltdown, but had some dinner with M-lady and I while Buster snacked a little. I got Bud ready for bed, and we mostly talked about the show.

The lights didn't go out until nearly 9:00, but Bud fell asleep pretty quickly. Buster apparently took a little longer to go to sleep, but has slept quietly so far this evening.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Full Meals For All

Buster was up a couple times during the night, and M-lady responded to him. Lately he's been calling for her specifically during the night, and when I respond, he repeats "No!" until he falls asleep again (which usually doesn't take very long).

M-lady and Buster got up pretty early, and rolled Bud out of bed around 7:30ish to start getting ready for school. I took the kids downstairs for breakfast a little before 8:00, and hung out with Buster until Nanny J arrived after M-lady to Bud to school. Buster was running around opening and closing pocket doors when I left.

I ended up staying at work a little late today, so M-lady got home to get the kids. On my way home, she called me to let me know they were headed out to the mall, where I met them so we could all have dinner together. We made the smart decision to purchase a whole corn dog for Buster rather than having him share M-lady's, which turned out to be a good decision since he ate the whole thing.

After dinner we all walked around the mall a little bit. Buster walked most of the way, and was pretty good about keeping moving. He was entranced by the Pottery Barn Kids store window, though.

We got home in time to have a little snack and get ready for bed. Buster was pretty tired, and fell asleep quickly after I got him into PJs and read a story to him. He woke once this evening, but has otherwise slept pretty well. M-lady didn't have any trouble getting Bud to sleep.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Pocket Door Master

M-lady brought Buster to our bed this morning around 5:00ish. He was actually remarkably well behaved and quiet in bed... he didn't kick me in the head even once. We all slept until about 7:00.

The morning routine was pretty standard, and M-lady took the earlier shift again. It wasn't a school day, so Bud slept in a little bit, but both kids were up and having breakfast when Nanny J arrived.

I got home right around 5:15, and found the kids playing 'camping' under the table again. After Nanny J took her leave, we watched a little bit of the original Star Wars at Bud's request before we got started on dinner.

Buster has recently learned both how to open and how to close the pocket doors in the house. There are actually quite a few, and we tend to leave them all open. Given Buster's new skills, though, we are constantly finding ourselves cut off from the rest of the house.

After dinner we did the usual bedtime routine. I read to Bud tonight, and we managed to finish up the "Barrels Out Of Bond" chapter of The Hobbit. Buster slept reasonably well through the evening, although he did wake once or twice briefly.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Not Ready For Disney

I ended up working late last night, so M-lady was kind enough to get up with the kids. Buster made some noise around 5:00, but I don't think he got up until about 7:00. M-lady took Bud downstairs to get some breakfast around 8:00, and they headed off for school a short time later. Buster wasn't interested in going downstairs for breakfast, so I played with him for a bit upstairs. We did some typing on my computer, which he's started to enjoy since he's recognizing and naming some of the letters.

We eventually headed downstairs for breakfast, and Buster was just wrapping up when Nanny J arrived at 8:45. I headed off for work a short time later, and they were heading out to the park.

Bud had a good day at school, and the kids were playing in the living room, as usual, when I returned home. Nanny J took her leave shortly, and I played with the kids for a little while before we decided to watch some TV. Given the success with both kids enjoying Cars recently, I thought we might try a classic Disney, and slotted up Peter Pan. The beginning of the movie is pretty emotionally turbulent, though, and Bud still doesn't seem to be able to handle it very well. We stopped before they managed to get to Neverland.

We did watch the Science Channel's coverage of Punkin Chunkin 2009, though, which was awesome. It ended up being a bit too much TV for the evening, but we had a good time.

M-lady got dinner ready for us, which Bud and I ate as soon as the show ended. Buster was a bit reluctant, and grumpy to boot. After Bud and I had eaten, I finally managed to convince him to come to the table by offering some Rice Krispies.

I took Buster upstairs to get ready for bed while Bud was having snacks with M-lady. We watched just a little bit of Sesame Street on the PC before getting into PJs and reading some stories. Buster fell right to sleep, and has been quiet all evening.

M-lady dressed Bud in footie pajamas for the first time this season, which Bud was excited to show off before bedtime. He also went to sleep without any problem.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Camping Out

Buster was up this morning a bit before 7:00, and I got up with him. I managed to convince him to snooze for another 20 minutes or so, and then he was up and happy, hanging out in his crib. He mostly entertained himself until nearly 8:00, looking at books in his crib.

At that point, I had to dial into a meeting, so M-lady managed the kids through breakfast and until Nanny J arrived at 8:45. Bud came into the office while I was on the call, and played with Lego for a little while. He and his brother and Nanny J headed for the park a little bit later, and I was off to work before they returned.

I got home around 5:00, and found all the lights in the house off, and the kids sitting under the dining room table with the recently repaired Twilight Turtle and a couple of bean bag chairs. Bud let me know that they were camping, the table was their tent, and the bean bags were sleeping bags. I spent a couple of minutes under the table with them before Nanny J took her leave.

We watched a science show on TV until M-lady arrived home, and then had some dinner. Bud ate well, but Buster mostly skipped the meal. After eating, I dozed in the playroom while M-lady and the kids read stories and played together for about half an hour before we started on snack time.

Bud ate well again, and Buster finally consented to eat something. I put Bud to bed, and he was in bed a little earlier than the past couple of nights, since he's got school tomorrow. We read a little more of The Hobbit, and he was asleep pretty quickly after the lights went out. M-lady got Buster to sleep, and he's been quiet so far this evening.