Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Box

Buster was up this morning a little before 7:00, and Bud was up a short time later. We got Bud ready on the fast track, as he had school this morning. Today was his 'Park Day', so M-lady dropped him off at a nearby park, rather than at the school. I hung out with Buster, and got him some breakfast. He was just finishing up when Nanny J arrived.

I headed out for work, and managed to get home just after 5:00. The kids had a good day, and Bud was busy 'teaching' Buster and Nanny J how to use the Force. After Nanny J took her leave, Bud spent some time teaching me, too. Bud and Buster and I also had fun kicking balls around the living room, and playing with yet another box of styrofoam packing peanuts which arrived today.

We watched a little bit of Mythbusters to try and settle down. Bud wasn't entirely sure what they were up to, but he liked the explosions. After M-lady arrived home, we got started on dinner.

Both kids ate well, and ended up reading stories with M-lady for a little while after dinner, while I snoozed for a few minutes. Around 7:30, the kids had snacks, and we started the bedtime routine. Buster went to sleep without much problem, and M-lady put Bud to bed. Bud was also cooperative, and was asleep pretty quickly.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Popular Packaging

Bud rolled me out of bed this morning around 7:30 or so, and Buster was up soon after. I got Bud some breakfast while M-lady got Buster up. The morning was fairly typical, and M-lady and I took off for work a short time after Nanny J arrived. Buster was good about letting us go this morning, which was nice.

The kids apparently had a pretty good day, and both had baths. Bud even washed his hair with Nanny J today, which he usually doesn't do. M-lady and I arrived home around 5:00, and the kids seemed pretty happy to see us.

I had received a package that I'd ordered, and Bud was anxious to see what was in it. Since it wasn't anything for him, he lost interest in the contents of the package, but was really excited to see the cardboard box filled with foam peanuts. We let the kids play with the box and peanuts in the living room for a little while, keeping an eye out to make sure none of the peanuts ever got too far from the box.

M-lady took over and let me snooze for a while, which was nice. I took the kids again at about 6:45, and worked on feeding them the dinner they had refused while M-lady ate. Eventually the kids came to the table, and with a little bribery in the form of a promised popsicle and the addition of an apple to the menu. Both kids ended up eating pretty well.

It was about 7:45 by the time we wrapped up dinner (and the popsicles), so we started on the bedtime routine. Bud was pretty wired, but cooperative, and ended up falling asleep a bit after 8:30. M-lady was able to put Buster down pretty quickly. Both kids have slept quietly so far.

I checked Bud a couple of times today, but he didn't have any fever. He's back to school tomorrow!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Bouncing Back

Bud got me out of bed around 4:00, and was running a low-grade fever. I gave him a dose of Motrin, and we slept in his bed together until about 8:15. M-lady got up with Buster sometime before that, and fed him breakfast as we snoozed. I took the kids downstairs before too long to get Bud some breakfast and keep an eye on Buster.

Nanny J arrived a short time later, and M-lady took off for work. I decided to spend the morning working from home, just to keep an eye on Bud. But he was fine. No symptoms in the morning... you would never have know he was running a pretty significant fever the night before. We decided to keep him home from school to let him rest, though.

At lunchtime I checked his temperature one more time, and since he was fine, headed off for work for the afternoon. The kids had a mellow day all in all, and Bud did rest a little bit in the afternoon. I got home at 5:00, and Bud was again running a very low grade fever, so I gave him one more dose of Motrin. But he didn't look bad, and didn't seem to be feeling too off.

After Nanny J took her leave we turned on Monday Night Football, and watched a bit before Bud declared that he wanted pizza for dinner. We didn't have any better plans, so I whipped up a pizza while getting some snacks for the kids to keep them from starving while the pizza cooked. The kids ate pretty well, and M-lady arrived home as we were wrapping up dinner.

It was a low-key evening, watching a little bit more TV before having a popsicle for a snack and heading for bed. M-lady did the bedtime routine with Bud, and I put Buster to bed. He fell asleep pretty quickly. Bud was up once, and I snoozed with him a bit. He was asleep by 9:00, and not running a fever before he fell asleep. Hopefully he'll be fully recovered tomorrow, and can go back to school on Wednesday.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another Warm Day

It's been a hot weekend, with temps in the upper nineties on both days. This has largely kept us indoors, although I did manage to get the kids out to the park for a little while in the morning yesterday.

Buster was up pretty early, and M-lady was up with him for a while. I went and hung out with him starting at about 7:00, and we ended up getting up a little before 8:00, a short time after M-lady got up with Bud.

I got the kids downstairs and fed Buster breakfast while Bud did some coloring and M-lady snoozed a little. At about 8:45 we changed places, and M-lady fed Bud. Buster ate some of their breakfasts as well, apparently.

I joined them again around 9:30ish, and we all got ready for some visitors. Around 10:00, a couple of friends arrived to talk with M-lady and I about a choreography that we're doing for them. Bud hid in the other room, and wrote up his own choreography. Buster would giggle when we held him and danced. So everyone seemed to have a pretty good time.

After we wrapped up the meeting, I put Buster down for a nap (which didn't take), and headed off to visit a friend for a bit. M-lady took care of the kids in the afternoon. After Buster got back on his feet, they all played some piano together, had lunch, played cards, did some coloring, etc. They all took turns sweeping the floor in the breakfast nook as well. Buster did eventually take a nap in the afternoon.

I arrived home near 4:00, and hung out with Buster for a little while as M-lady took Bud out on a quick errand. Bud was getting a little tired when they got home, and I lay down with him on his bed before dinner. He fell asleep, and we let him snooze through dinner.

During and after dinner, Buster and I had a good video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B. Buster was reasonably interactive, although relatively quiet. He did a good job looking cute, though.

Bud was a bit whimpery when he woke up, and we discovered he was running a bit of a fever. He ended up forgoing dinner, and I sat in his bed with him watching a DVD for a bit after getting into PJs and having some Motrin. We turned the light out at about 8:00, and he fell asleep pretty quickly. I checked on him at 9:00, and his fever had broken. When I checked on him again later, he was still sleeping peacefully, and wasn't too hot.

Buster has also slept reasonably well, making noise once when he got wedged at one end of his crib. He was a bit fussy and particularly drooly today, suggesting that he might be getting some more teeth in before too long. Hopefully both kids will feel a bit better tomorrow.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Voiced Refusal

M-lady got up with the kids this morning, which was nice, as I was recovering from the concert of the previous night. I joined her at about 8:15, and watched the kids while she got ready for her ballet class. She headed out around 8:30ish, and I got myself dressed and got the kids finished up on breakfast.

A little later, we got ourselves ready for an outing to one of the nearby parks. I sunscreened the kids, who were pretty cooperative, and we loaded into my car. We drove over to one of the parks which is a little farther away, but still very close, and hit the playgrounds.

The kids had a great time, although there was a soccer game going on, and Buster was all ready to run out there to chase the ball. In hindsight, I should have brought a ball for him to play with, as well as a water bottle, as it started heating up pretty quickly. We had fun on the playground equipment, though, and Buster let me push him on the swings for a short time, seeming to enjoy it.

We headed home around 11:00, and the kids seemed hungry, so we got started on lunch as soon as we got home. I cut up an apple for the kids to start, which they split, and then got some quesadillas put together. We each had one: Buster ate a complete one by himself.

We all played together for a short time in the living room after lunch, and when Buster started getting a little touchy, I tried putting him down for a nap. He fell asleep almost instantly, a little before 1:00. Bud and I spent some time coloring and reading stories together while Buster slept.

M-lady arrived home a short time after Buster woke. He was a bit groggy at first, and M-lady sat with him while he lay in his crib for a little while. He warmed up before too long, though, and M-lady took him out on a quick shopping trip while Bud and I worked on the home network. Bud was actually very useful, plugging in a cable to the while as I watched what was happening in the garage so I could configure things properly.

Bud and I went out and picked up sushi for dinner a short time after M-lady arrived home with Buster. We all ate well. After dinner, I took the kids straight into the shower, since Buster had covered himself with rice.

After cleaning up, I watched some football with Buster while M-lady did some kindergarten skills workbook pages with Bud. Buster had a good time crawling over the couch while I watched the game. At one point he was standing on the corner of the couch, holding onto a standing lamp and the shutter of the window. I asked to get down, and he replied, "No", and gave me a grin and a giggle. I asked a few more times, and he gave me the same reply. I picked him up and moved him down. Hopefully this is a trend we can nip in the bud.

The kids had snacks around 7:30, and the bedtime train went pretty smoothly. We had the lights out in Bud's room around 8:30, and he was a sleep before 9:00. Both kids have slept quietly so far tonight.

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Short Post

The morning was pretty standard, with M-lady taking Bud to school again. Buster was eating breakfast when Nanny J arrived, and seemed OK with me going to work this morning.

I headed to a concert in the evening with Uncle C straight from work, so M-lady took care of the kids in the evening. They had a good time, watching a little bit of the show How It's Made on the Science Channel. Bud really seems to be into these documentary-type shows.

Bud was again good as M-lady put Buster to bed, and then enjoyed going through one of his I Spy books with M-lady, looking for hidden objects. Both kids slept well during the night. Much thanks to M-lady for watching the kids so I could go out.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Battery Run

Buster woke about 5:45 this morning, but was willing to snooze in his crib with M-lady in the room with him for a bit. I switched places with her around 7:15, and placated Buster until about 8:00. He would whine a bit occasionally. At one point I asked him what he wanted, and he replied, "Mama".

We all started getting ready at about 8:00, and Bud joined us shortly. The cleaners arrived around 8:30, and Nanny J a few minutes later. I took off for work around 9:00, with Buster trying to get out the door with me.

The kids went to the park today with Nanny J, and both kids had a bath in the afternoon. I had promised Bud that I'd try to get some batteries during the day for his bug vacuum, but I returned home empty handed. He called me on it when I walked in the door, so I promised we'd go to the store and get some batteries when M-lady got home.

Bud and Buster and I watched a little bit of TV until M-lady arrived. After she'd settled in, Bud and I headed out for a quick shopping trip to pick up batteries and groceries. We made it back in time to have some dinner after I'd put the batteries in the bug vac.

The kids and I hung out and watched a little bit more TV before having a quick snack and getting ready for bed. Bud was pretty easy to put to bed, doing most of the changing into pajamas by himself. I read him a story and turned out the light around 8:20. M-lady was able to put Buster down shortly after 8:00. Both kids have slept well so far this evening.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Buster was up pretty early this morning, and M-lady got up with him. Bud got me out of bed around 7:30ish, and wanted to get some breakfast early on. I got him started on breakfast, and then took Buster from M-lady so she could help Bud get ready for school. They took off a little after 8:00, and Buster and I hung out together until Nanny J arrived.

The kids seem to have had a good day with Nanny J, and both had baths during the afternoon. The kids were happy to see me when I got home a little bit after 5:00. We waved goodbye to Nanny J, and settled in.

M-lady was out for the evening, but the evening went very smoothly. We watched a little TV, and then had some dinner when the kids started sounding a little grumpy. Both kids ate well, and after dinner we played a little and chatted with Grandma W before heading outside for a walk around the block.

Buster showed off a couple new words, possibly just imitating me this evening: 'walk' and 'moon'. He was good on our walk, although he was determined to touch the door handle of every parked car we passed. I have no idea why... perhaps he was hoping one of the car doors would open up and he could drive off somewhere.

We watched an episode of Fraggle Rock before having snacks and heading for bed. Bud was fantastic, and got himself into PJs and ready for bed by himself while I put Buster to bed. I was then able to read a story to Bud and put him to bed as well. Both kids were asleep by about 8:30. Buster has made noise a couple of times this evening, but seems to be sleeping soundly now.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Taking In Some Science

Buster was up around 7:15 or so this morning, but was content to hang out in his crib. M-lady and I took turns entertaining him. Bud woke around 7:45, and entertained himself for much of the morning.

Both kids had slightly runny noses today, but otherwise didn't seem to have any illness symptoms. Could be allergies. Nanny J arrived at about 8:45, as the kids were having some breakfast. Buster tried to keep me from going to work without him by grabbing his shoes and sitting down in front of the door when I tried to put my shoes on. Nanny J was able to distract him before I left, though.

The kids had showers with Nanny J, and apparently had a good day. Bud did some more coloring: his coloring has really taken a quantum leap in the last month or so. He seems to be getting inside the lines quite a bit more. I think it's more a matter of him starting to care about his coloring rather than a jump in actual dexterity.

M-lady got home first, and was playing with the kids when I arrived home a little before 6:00. M-lady and Buster and I had some dinner, but Bud deferred for a bit. After dinner, I watched a little TV with the kids. Bud got caught up in a show on the Science Channel discussing black hole life cycle and event horizon interactions with subatomic particles (the Gibbons-Hawking Effect). Buster would see the pictures of subatomic particles, conveniently displayed in blue and red for the particle and its antiparticle, and say, "Ball!"

I was able to eventually switch over to Fraggle Rock, after which Bud had some dinner, Buster had his snack, and we started on bedtime. Buster and I watched a few videos on YouTube before I put him down a bit before 8:00. He fell asleep almost immediately. M-lady read Bud a story and put him to bed. He was up once, but fell asleep pretty quickly.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Back Home

We rolled out of bed a bit before 8:00, and M-lady and I worked on getting Bud up to head for school a little after 8:00. Bud was a bit slow getting ready to go, and took some coercion. Buster woke around 8:20, and I got him into a clean diaper while M-lady got Bud some breakfast.

M-lady took Bud to school while I fed Buster breakfast. Nanny J arrived a short time later, and M-lady came back home after that. While M-lady was out, I was working in the playroom on the media center a little bit with Buster playing around me. Buster was putting on Bud's Indiana Jones hat and singing the Raiders March. It was pretty adorable.

A short time after she got home, M-lady got a call from school letting her know that Bud was a bit zoned out, and looking a little lost. Given the drive last night, it was assumed he was too sleepy, and M-lady went and picked him up early. He didn't seem very sleepy when he got home, but I rested with him for a bit.

Nanny J took Buster to the park, so Bud played on his own for a little while as M-lady and I napped. Bud had lunch, and hung out with me for a bit while I got ready to run some errands as M-lady headed out to the office for the afternoon.

Bud had originally planned on coming with me for the errands, but decided to stay home and play with Nanny J while Buster was napping. I ran out around 2:00ish, and returned about 4:00. Both kids had baths while I was gone, and seemed pretty happy to see me.

After Nanny J left, we watched a little TV, and then got started on dinner before M-lady arrived home. Both kids ate about half a dinner before losing interest and going to play for a little while. M-lady and I played with the kids, then watched a little more TV before having a snack and heading for bed a little bit early.

Both kids conked out pretty quickly, probably still tired after the long night previous.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

First Game

Buster was up really early, and M-lady was up with him from about 5:30 to 6:45 or so. I took over at that point, and Bud joined us pretty quickly. We played and watched a little bit of TV before Ama arrived around 8:00ish.

I was able to snooze for a little while, but got up again to start getting ready for the boys outing. I managed to get Buster to fall asleep for an early nap around 10:00, and then Bud and Agu and I packed up and, after a quick lunch, hit the road to go to the Chargers game. It was both Agu and Bud's first pro football game.

We picked up the tickets, and arrived at the stadium about 30 seconds after the parking lot was closed. So I circled around and dropped off Agu and Bud near the front gate, and went in search of parking. They apparently found their seats a few minutes after kickoff (13th row, 25 yard line). I ended up parking about two miles away, but was able to join them about 10 minutes into the first quarter.

We had a good time at the game, although Bud couldn't see very much. He was a trooper, though, and didn't complain at all. He asked to go once around halftime, but managed to tough it out until we took off around the beginning of the 4th quarter.

We picked up some cotton candy and a frozen lemonade on the way out, and all walked the two miles back to the car. Bud was again a trooper, and walked the whole way (with stops for a bite or two of frozen lemonade). We made it back home around 5:00ish.

We had a quick dinner and finished up packing, and loaded Bud and Buster into the car to hit the road for home by about 6:30, after saying many thanks and goodbyes to Ama and Agu. The kids were pretty good on the drive.

We had a second dinner stop around 7:45 or so, and the kids were all set for sleeping after that. Buster slept a little fitfully: I think he wanted to turn over occasionally, and was a little pestered that he couldn't while strapped into the seat.

We arrived home around 3:00am, and both kids got into bed pretty quickly. It took Bud a while to fall asleep again, though. We were all glad to be home after a fun day and a fun trip.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Zoo

Bud was up a bit after 7:00, which was about the time we were all planning to be up anyways. We all rolled out of bed and started getting ready. I woke Buster at about quarter to 8:00, and he was in a good mood as we all had some breakfast. We were on the road to the zoo by about 8:15.

We arrived shortly after the zoo opened at about 9:00, and headed in. The kids were pretty excited, but I think they weren't as excited as M-lady and I were. It was my first trip back to the San Diego Zoo in I don't know how long, and the place has changed a bit. But the reptile house was still the same, which was where we headed first.

After doing the circuit, we went to the children's zoo for a bit, before wandering down one of the trails to see various monkeys and birds. Eventually, Ama and Agu had to depart to get to a dentist appointment, but the rest of us continued on a little ways, seeing the okapi, hippos, and more monkeys. We stopped for an early lunch/snack, and both kids ate pretty well while we rested. After recharging, we saw the pandas, which was really neat. Then orangutans on the way out. We left a little bit after noon, and covered maybe 5% of the zoo. There's plenty more to see, but I think the kids will need to be a little older to get further into the park.

Buster fell asleep on the drive home, and had a solid nap. The rest of us had some lunch, played a little and napped as well. Buster woke around 2:30ish, and we fed him some lunch before I took him to visit his Great Aunt L.

Buster was great on the visit, and in particular was good with his interactions with the cat. He made a couple of grabs at the cat at first, but when those didn't work, was willing to hold still and let the cat approach him. He seemed to have a good time overall as we visited.

He was very patient on the drive home, but was apparently very hungry, as he inhaled a large amount of dinner shortly after we got back to Ama and Agu's. After dinner, we all had a little bit of dessert before taking baths and doing the bedtime routine. Both kids were good in the bath, and watched some TV before having a snack and heading for bed. Buster passed out almost immediately, while Bud was up until about 8:45. Both kids have slept well since falling asleep.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Escalator Fun

M-lady slept most of the night with Bud again last night. Buster woke around 6:45, and I got up with him. He was content hanging out in the Pack 'n Play for about 15 minutes, but then we headed for the play room. We got him a bit of milk, and then played together until about 7:45, when Ama arrived. I headed back to bed for a while. Buster was a little fussy when I left, but got over it pretty quickly.

M-lady and Bud got up a little later, and they all had some breakfast. I joined them a little before 10:00, as we all got ready to go over to the mall for a little while.

We didn't have any agenda at the mall, but wandered around a little bit. Bud and Buster had some fun at the play place in the mall, although Buster was soon more interested in the nearby escalators. I went up and down carrying him once, and then held his hands as he negotiated the escalators a number of times. He was sad to go.

We had lunch at the mall, and afterward I hit the escalators with Buster again. We headed home a short time later.

Buster was reluctant to nap, even after watching some TV with Bud to cool down. I eventually handed him off to M-lady, who got him to fall asleep around 2:15 or so. Bud played with Agu for a lot of the afternoon, and had quite a bit of fun when Agu pulled out an old Fisher-Price magic set. Bud played with the trick wand for the rest of the day.

Buster woke once around 3:00ish, but indicated that he clearly wasn't done with his nap, and we put him back to sleep a short time later. He woke again at about 5:00, and was de-grogged by dinner time. Both kids ate well, and after dinner we all went for a walk for a bit. When we got home, it was time for baths and bed. I got Bud cleaned up, snacked, and into bed, and he was asleep around 8:30ish. Buster was asleep around the same time, and both kids have slept soundly so far.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two Good Boys

The kids were up around 7:00ish this morning, and M-lady started getting ready with them, helped by Ama and Agu. I got up around 7:30, and after getting myself ready to go, took a turn keeping an eye on Buster while M-lady got herself ready. We got all packed up, and M-lady, Bud, and I were able to sneak out a little after 8:00 to head out to Disneyland.

Due to traffic and figuring out Disneyland's layout (we haven't actually been there in a while), we arrived at about 10:00, which was, fortuitously, when the park opened. We were able to get in the doors by about 10:15 or so. Bud seemed reasonably excited.

The first thing we headed for was Star Tours at Bud's request. We had about a 10 minute wait in line, which wasn't any problem at all given that Bud was able to look at all the droids working in the line area. Bud really enjoyed the ride, and claimed to not be scared at all. He was a little surprised by the robotic pilot being named 'Captain Rex', since that's the name of one of the characters in the Clone Wars series.

We walked around Tomorrowland a little bit after getting out, and decided to have an early lunch and wait for the Jedi Training Academy show. Bud was interested in seeing the show, but didn't actually want to participate. The show was really cute, with a couple of Jedi showing up and teaching a bunch of kids a short fight sequence with toy lightsabers. Bud was a little freaked out when Darth Vader and Darth Maul showed up, but reassured when no one was immediately dismembered. Of course, the new padawans succeeded in fighting off the Sith threat.

After enjoying the show, we headed up towards Fantasyland, where we hit It's a Small World, since no Disney trip is complete without doing that ride. Bud seemed to like it well enough. After that we did Dumbo's Flight and the Alice in Wonderland ride. Those two probably had our longest lines of the day, at about 20-30 minutes. Fantasy Land seemed generally more crowded, probably since it was a school day and there were lots of younger kids there.

M-lady and I realized that the rides in Fantasy Land were largely dependent on the rider having some knowledge of the story or movie which they were a ride for. And since that's where the crowds were anyways, we moved on to Frontierland and New Orleans Square, where we had some ice cream before doing Pirates. Bud ended up being a little scared of Pirates (I think more of the dark than anything else), and started talking about going home after that. We managed to convince him that it would be fun to stay, and headed back towards Star Tours again.

Before getting there, we did the Tarzan Treehouse, repurposed from the old Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. Bud enjoyed Star Tours the second time as well, although again seemed to be getting tired when we came out. I made a bad call and selected 'Innoventions' next, which I thought would be a sit-down affair, as the old Carousel of Tomorrow used to be. But no, it was a walk around and explore the 'home of the future' kind of deal, which sometimes comes across as a big commercial. I ended up giving Bud a piggy back ride through most of it.

We got some pizza for a mid-afternoon snack, although Bud didn't eat very much. After resting for a little while, we headed over to Autopia, which we'd managed to miss on the first pass. Bud and M-lady rode together, and Bud really enjoyed it. We did the Submarine ride after Autopia, which is now a 'Finding Nemo' ride, rather than '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea'. Bud thought that was OK, although he was a little concerned at times.

We wandered back over to the Tiki Room, which Bud thought was OK, but he didn't seem thrilled. Then a relaxing jaunt down Main Street, including some dinner and picking up a few gifts, and we headed out of the park around 7:00pm. Bud was really a trooper, and of course passed out on the way home. We got home around 8:30, and discovered that Buster had been wonderful for Ama and Agu during the day, which was great. He had apparently talked quite a bit, showing off some of his new words.

Bud was a bit upset when we woke him up to take a shower when we got home, but I eventually got him cleaned up and back in bed. He eventually woke again asking for some water and some company, so M-lady lay down with him for a while. I expect he'll sleep solidly for the rest of the night. Buster has slept well tonight so far.

All in all, it seemed a great first Disney experience for Bud. Hopefully he'll be interested in coming back again when Buster's old enough to spend the day.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cuddly Tiger

The kids slept in a little bit this morning, but not as long as I did. Buster was apparently just a little skeptical of Ama and Agu at first, but warmed up to them quickly, going so far as to let Agu change his diaper without complaint and asking Agu to pick him up so he could see the computer screen a little more clearly. Our take is that all the video calls over the past couple weeks with Ama and Agu have paid off.

I joined the family at about 11:00, and found the kids playing with a large stuffed tiger that Ama and Agu had picked up. The tiger can be 'unfolded' from the tummy, producing a flat, squishy, soft tiger rug. The kids absolutely loved it. Buster spent a good amount of time just rolling around on it.

We had lunch a bit after noon, and while Buster was still chipper M-lady went with the kids and her folks to a local art installation (Queen Califa's Magical Circle Garden) for a walk while I went for a bike ride. The kids had a good time, and were playing at home again when I returned from the ride. They'd had a snack, and Buster was starting to look tired. I tried to get him to nap after I cleaned myself up, but he wasn't really interested.

Bud and Buster and I watched Riverdance for a bit, and Buster eventually passed out on my shoulder a bit after 5:00. I was able to deposit him in his crib.

The rest of us had dinner a little later, and I woke Buster after we'd finished so we could give him his dinner. He took a little while to de-grog, but eventually enjoyed the evening with us. Both kids were getting tired around 8:00ish, and after bathing the kids, they both went to bed without much trouble.

Bud enjoyed playing with the Lite-Brite today, and now has the manual dexterity, visual acuity, and reading comprehension (letters for peg colors) to really make it work for him. We just have to quarantine his work area from Buster, since the pegs are so small.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Driving At Night

Sorry this post is arriving a day late. The morning was pretty standard, although Nanny J arrived early, since she'll be off for the rest of the week. M-lady and I prepped a little more for our trip, and then headed off to work. Bud knew we were going on a trip today, and was ready to go in the morning. He was a little disappointed when we told him that we'd be leaving after M-lady and I got back from work.

M-lady was able to get home a little early, and I got home around 4:30. We spent the next couple hours packing and getting ready to go. Bud was bouncing off the walls with excitement, so at about 5:30, when I was largely packed up, I sat the kids down in front of an episode of Fraggle Rock in a effort to chill them out a little bit.

A little after 6:00, we headed outside and started loading the car. Bud and Buster entertained themselves with lacrosse sticks and a broom, which Buster had a good time pushing around the driveway. Shades of his older brother. By 7:00 we were all loaded on on the road.

We stopped for dinner a short time later, and both the kids ate pretty well. It was getting late by the time we finished up, so we set them up to sleep in the car and got back on the road. Both kids were great, and fell asleep before too long.

Both kids slept well during the trip. They woke when we stopped for gas a bit after 11:00, and Buster's eyes were really wide as he took in the whole night-driving thing. He would point and say, "Vroom!" occasionally. Both kids eventually drifted back off to sleep.

They woke again a couple of times, but there was never any crying or fussing. We arrived right around 3:00am, and the transfer to beds inside wasn't too tough, although Bud was awake for a while. M-lady ended up sleeping with Bud in his bed.

We were really relieved the kids were such troopers, and now are much less concerned about the drive back.

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Words

Bud was up around 7:20 this morning, and Buster a short time later. M-lady got up with them and helped Bud get ready for school. I joined them at about 8:00, and took care of Buster while they packed up and then headed off.

Buster and I had a fun time, playing together for almost a half hour before Nanny J arrived. He was just starting to get hungry when she showed up. I packed up and headed for work while Buster was getting some breakfast.

Bud apparently had a good time at school, and both kids took baths in the afternoon. I got home around 5:00, and both kids greeted me as they were playing in the living room. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and watched a little bit of Monday Night Football before M-lady arrived home. Bud wasn't interested in watching at first, but I started explaining the game to him and he became more involved.

Buster exhibited a couple of new words. Over the past couple of days, he's started saying 'shoe'. Shoes seem to be a bit of a focus, since we put them on before we go out. And he loves to go out. The other one we noticed for the first time today. I was changing his diaper, and he pointed to the scrape on his knee from a couple days ago and said, 'owie'. I agreed it was an owie, and applauded his new word.

Later in the evening I asked him where his owie was. He started checking the wrong knee, and was confused, wondering where his owie went.

We all had dinner, and the kids ate pretty well. After dinner we watched some more football until the kids started getting a bit cranky, and then headed for bed. Bud was pretty cooperative going to bed, and the lights were out a little before 8:30. He was asleep around 8:45. Buster apparently went down easily as well, and both kids have slept quietly so far.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Buster starting making noise a little before 6:00, and M-lady slept with him in his room for a little while. Bud came and found me a little after 6:00, and I went and slept with him in his room for a bit. Around 6:45 Bud was ready to get up, so I helped get him started on breakfast.

M-lady handled the kids for much of the morning, which was appreciated. I got to get back to bed for a little while as M-lady got the kids ready for an outing. They took off around 9:30 to go to the Mountain View Art and Wine festival, where they apparently had a very pleasant morning. I took a morning bike ride while they were out.

They enjoyed the festival, and were waiting at home when I arrived. Buster had gotten a balloon, one of his favorite things, and was holding on to it tightly while M-lady was reading him a story as lunch was cooking. Bud helped me put some things away, and we all ended up having lunch together.

They had all walked quite a bit to get a balloon for Buster, and Buster was pretty tired. He had slept about 20 minutes on the drive home. Apparently he didn't let go of the balloon string even when he was asleep. I tried to get Buster to take a nap after lunch, but wasn't successful. In fact, he didn't nap again the rest of the day, leaving him pretty fragile in the evening.

We watched some YouTube clips together while M-lady and Bud were out running an errand, and then all watched some TV together a short time after they got home. Both kids seemed to enjoy ABDC.

Bud and I picked up some dinner, and we all ate, although Buster was starting to really wear down. He started thrashing in his high chair a bit, so I put him down for a nap after dinner. He slept for about 20 minutes, and I chilled with him watching some of his favorite Sesame Street Youtube videos until it was time for a shower.

Both kids did well in the shower, and we had snacks after that before heading off for bed. M-lady read a story to Bud and put him to bed, and I dropped Buster into his crib after reading a story, where he passed out almost immediately. Both kids have slept well so far.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Bud was up first this morning, around 7:00ish. I got up with him, and M-lady got up with Buster a few minutes later. After getting Bud into daytime clothes, I headed back to bed for a little while. M-lady hung out with the kids in Buster's room for a little while before heading downstairs to breakfast with the kids.

I joined them a little bit later. As I was coming down the stairs, Buster faceplanted (from sitting) into the hardwood floor, putting a pretty significant bump on his forehead. After I got him soothed, Bud and Buster and I played in the living room for a bit. M-lady took off for ballet class shortly, so the boys and I did the morning together.

We watched an episode of Fraggle Rock before playing a little more, and then having a video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B. We opened a package that arrived for the kids from the grandparents during the call. Both kids sort of went into hyper overdrive during the call, however, which was a little strange. The clothes the grandparents sent were briefly admired, and the box and packing materials played with extensively.

We snacked a little bit before M-lady arrived home, but the kids were still a bit wound up. I started on lunch a short time later. I grilled some hot dogs for lunch, and the kids gobbled them up along with some fruit and veggies. After lunch, I snoozed with Buster for about an hour. M-lady had a good time playing and singing with Bud while we snoozed.

When we got up, we rejoined the others and started getting ready for a trip to the park. The park was pretty empty, so the kids had the run of the playground. Both kids had a great time, although Bud bumped his chin on a pole as he slide down at one point, leaving a little scrape and a bit of a bruise. No blood, though, and he was consoled after a short time.

We hit the grocery store on the way home to pick up some dinner ingredients, and then M-lady and the kids had a video chat with Ama and Agu as I grilled dinner. The kids ate pretty well, and after dinner the kids and I played in the backyard for a bit before coming in to start the evening routine with a shower.

Bud was a little recalcitrant in the shower, but joined Buster and I in front of the TV to watch another episode of Fraggle Rock before having a snack and heading for bed. I did the bedtime routine with Bud, but he requested that M-lady lay down with him in his bed after the lights were turned out, so I put Buster to bed as well. Both kids fell asleep without problem, and have slept soundly. I think the park wore them out.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Bud was up first this morning, a bit before 7:30, and M-lady got up with him. Buster didn't wake until Bud was set up, and was pretty content for a bit in his crib. M-lady got Bud downstairs for breakfast before waking me.

I checked in on Buster and got myself ready for work, then loaded Bud up and took him to school. He was pretty excited to go, and the dropoff went smoothly. I worked a half day today, and arrived home around noon to take M-lady to pick up her car at the dealership. Bud was eating lunch when I got home, and asked why I was home early, and if I was staying. After I told him my plan, he headed back to lunch.

The kids were good about M-lady and me leaving. I ran some errands, and got back home a little before 3:00. The kids were happy to see me, but left me alone long enough to get a little bit of work done before I tried to take a short nap.

I snoozed for about 30 minutes, with Bud checking in with me every 10 minutes or so. So it wasn't a super restful nap. I did a little more work when I got up, and then played a game with Bud for a bit on the computer. We also played a little bit of Tic-Tac-Toe before heading downstairs.

M-lady arrived home a few minutes later, and we said goodbye to Nanny J. We all played a little bit before ordering some take out sushi for dinner, which Bud and I picked up.

While reading a book to Buster, he pointed to the picture of the car and said, "Vroom!" This is apparently his word for car, and he repeated it deliberately (actually, right now it sounds more like "Vrum"). Buster seems to be into cars a little bit more than Bud was.

We all enjoyed the sushi for dinner, and I got Bud into the shower afterward since he was too busy hanging out with me to take a bath with Nanny J in the afternoon. He was cooperative enough taking his shower that we had time to watch an episode of Fraggle Rock before having a snack and heading for bed. Both kids went to bed pretty easily, and have slept quietly so far.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Both kids slept in pretty late this morning, which was nice. We all roused around 8:00, and started getting ready and picking up to prepare the house for the cleaners, who arrived around 8:30. M-lady took Bud downstairs to get some breakfast, and I joined with Buster around 8:45, shortly after Nanny J arrived.

M-lady and I headed for work a short time later. The kids seem to have had a good day. I arrived home around 5:00, and both kids greeted me before going on with their playing. Bud followed me upstairs while I dropped my stuff, and then we headed back down to say goodbye to Nanny J.

We all played for a bit. In the moments where Buster was self-entertaining, I showed Bud how to play Tic-Tac-Toe. He seemed to get the concept, but we didn't have time to play more than a few games before Buster needed more attention. Eventually we parked in front of the TV for about 20 minutes before Buster wandered out and grabbed his bib, letting me know he was hungry.

Bud deferred on dinner, and Buster just ate a little bit of toast and some milk before he declared he was done and wanted to get down. Buster refused the broccoli and fish I offered, which was a little unusual. But I figured the kids would eat later, so I ate my dinner and then played with them some more.

We horsed around for a bit in the living room before M-lady arrived a short time after 7:00. After she arrived and dropped her things, we all loaded up in two cars to go drop M-lady's car at the shop. Bud rode with M-lady and I took Buster. We had fun singing in the car, and Buster was pretty happy when M-lady and Bud joined us for the ride back home.

The kids ate when we got back home. Bud had a solid dinner, and Buster grazed. Bedtime quickly approached, and M-lady was able to put Buster down without issue while I handled getting Bud ready for bed. I read Bud a story, and we had the lights out right around 8:30. He was asleep pretty quickly, and both kids have slept well so far tonight.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

First Day of School

Bud was up just before 7:00, and M-lady got up with him. Buster slept in until about 8:15, suggesting that he's been getting cold in the morning and the bag was really comfortable. Hopefully we can repeat that tonight as well.

M-lady got Bud ready for his first day of 4-year old pre-school. He had his usual breakfast, and they took off around 8:15. I was just getting up, getting ready for work and dealing with a just woken Buster. He was content to read a book in his crib while I got ready for work. We were able to hang out together a little and run around before Nanny J arrived at 8:45.

Bud apparently had a good day at school, and both kids had baths in the afternoon. Bud liked his school clothes so much that he put them back on after his bath, though. M-lady arrived home at 5:00, and took care of the kids while I worked a little late.

Bud made a bead necklace for M-lady at school, and made it all red just for her. It was very sweet. It seems like he'll enjoy school this year.

The family was eating dinner when I arrived home on towards 6:30, and I was able to join them. We had a nice dinner, and played together in the play room for a bit before watching some Fraggle Rock. Then it was time for a snack and the bedtime routine. The kids were generally cooperative, and I had Bud in bed and was reading a story to him at about 8:15. Buster was a little restless going to bed, but eventually fell asleep for good around 8:45.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Bagging the Baby

Buster got me out of bed this morning around 6:00, and insisted that I stay in his room with him until we got up, around 6:45. I helped Bud start getting dressed and headed for breakfast, and then crawled back in bed for a little while to rest my back as M-lady got up and wrangled the kids for a bit.

I headed for work a bit before 9:00, after seeing Bud in his Indiana Jones outfit all set for the day. Buster again tried to get his shoes on to accompany me out the door.

The kids apparently had a good day with Nanny J, and both had baths in the afternoon. I got home a little after 5:00, but the kids seemed very involved in their play at the time. We said goodbye to Nanny J a short time later, and all played together in the living room for a little while. Bud and Buster enjoyed crawling onto my back as I lay on the floor, and then toppling off. After a bit of giggling, we headed into the playroom to settle down and watched an episode of Fraggle Rock.

M-lady arrived home as the episode finished up, and we all had some dinner together. Neither child was very interested in eating, so after a bit we got up and played for a bit.

Since both kids had already bathed, we had time to play, read stories, and hang out for a bit before watching one more episode of Fraggle Rock to settle down. The kids actually ate their dinner at snack time, and both ate sufficiently that we weren't worried about them starving during the night. Buster was getting really tired, and I put him to bed this evening. After saying goodnight to M-lady and Bud, we read a quick story and turned out the light. Buster passed out immediately.

It was a bit cooler last night for the first time in a while, so tonight we put Buster in his sleep sack. Or as we like to call it, we "bagged the baby".

M-lady had a good time reading a story to Bud and chatting for a bit, and they fell asleep on his bed around 8:30. Both kids have slept quietly so far.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Train Day

M-lady got up with the kids this morning, letting me sleep in a little bit. My back was still bugging me, so I didn't sleep super well. I joined the crew around 8:30, grabbed some breakfast as they were finishing up theirs, and then started to help out in the getting-ready-to-go process. M-lady was packing food for Buster for a picnic lunch, and I helped Buster get into a clean diaper and day clothes.

A little after 9:30 we rolled out, and met Aunt O, Uncle C, and Cousin C at a Train Festival held at a historic park near their house. We saw them in line to get entrance tickets, and immediate got in line for a ride on the train. While Bud was excited about the trains, and Buster seemed interested, Cousin C was a bit pensive, so they decided not to take the ride with us.

After a there-and-back ride which was a little delayed at the 'there' part, we wandered around a little bit in an attempt to catch up with Aunt O and family again. We found them near the picnic tables, and used that as our base of operations for a while Bud and Buster and I checked out the blacksmith, the family checked out the goats and rabbits, Bud went with Aunt O and family to check out the sheep, and we all saw the tractors. Buster had a good time running around, although he seemed drawn to the mud puddles.

We got some lunch, and then wandered around a little more, checking out the pigs, chickens, turkeys, and pumpkins. We eventually made our way back to the cars, with the kids starting to get a bit droopy. We all headed over to Aunt O, Uncle C, and Cousin C's place to hang out for a little while.

The kids were great while we were visiting, even though Cousin C was napping the whole time. When Buster started showing signs of wear, we loaded into the car and headed home. Everyone fell asleep on the drive home, and I was able to transfer Buster into his crib without any problem. He got a good ninety minutes of sleep. I was able to nap for a little while as well.

M-lady and Bud had prepared waffle batter while we were napping, so I got started on cooking the waffles for dinner when I got up from my nap. We all enjoyed and ate solid dinners.

After dinner there was a nice video chat with Ama and Agu, a lightsaber battle, and showers. The kids were pretty good all through the routine. We watched an episode of Fraggle Rock before having snacks and heading to bed.

Bud wend to bed without any problem, but Buster tossed and turned for a while. He eventually fell asleep sometime after 9:00ish, and has been pretty quiet since then.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Indiana Jones Likes Cheeseburgers

Buster was up a bit early this morning, and M-lady slept in his room with him for a bit. Bud rolled me out of bed a bit before 7:00, and I got him settled before I headed back to bed for a little while. M-lady ended up getting going with the kids when Buster woke a bit before 8:00. I got up a little bit later and started getting ready for a bike ride.

Bud and Buster had some breakfast with M-lady, and were having a video chat with Ama and Agu when I headed out. They apparently had a good morning together, heading over to Stanford for a bit to wander around and have a picnic. They had a good time in the quad, and checking out one of the cranes spraying water on the roofs of one of the buildings.

They arrived home a few minutes after I got back from my bike ride. M-lady took some time to try to get Buster to take a nap (with no luck), while I grabbed some lunch and took Bud out to the hardware store to get some lightbulbs (also without luck). When Bud and I returned, we all had a fairly quiet afternoon, largely spent playing in the playroom. My back was sore (from either a bad child lift the day before or just sleeping on it wrong), so I begged out of vigorous play, but was able to read stories and tickle kids that wandered too close to where I was sitting.

We decided to head out to Johnny Rocket's for dinner, and got there pretty early. The kids were pretty well behaved, and enjoyed the french fries. Bud got chicken, despite him letting us know that Indiana Jones likes cheeseburgers. It seems a plausible theory.

After dinner we wandered over to target to check on a couple of household supplies, neither of which were in stock. The kids had fun checking out some of the little coin-op car and train rides in the mall on the way, though.

I dropped Bud and M-lady off at the park on the way home, and took Buster home to give him a quick clean up and get him into PJs. We watched some Sesame Street on the computer together, and he really liked watching Bert do the Pigeon.

When Bud and M-lady got home, we had snacks, M-lady gave Bud a shower, and we did the bedtime thing. I read Bud a story, and he was asleep shortly after 8:00. Buster has been very restless this evening, waking periodically. Hopefully he'll sleep a little better as the night progresses.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Corn Day

The early morning was fairly standard, with M-lady getting up with Buster around 7:00ish. She brought him back to bed to attempt a cuddle at about 8:00, but he was more interested in playing on the bed, and was therefor really squirmy. Bud wandered in a few seconds later to see what the ruckus was about.

I helped Bud get dressed, and then took the kids downstairs to get started on breakfast. Bud had his usual oatmeal, and I scrambled some eggs for Buster and myself. We played together in the living room for a short time after breakfast, and after a few minutes M-lady took her leave and headed off for ballet class and some errands.

The kids and I played together for a bit longer, and then packed up and headed off to check out the Sunnyvale Farmer's Market. At first, I thought it was canceled, since it wasn't at the usual spot on Murphy street due to construction. But we were fortunate when we drove by it in the parking lot of the train station. I parked a little ways away, loaded the kids into the stroller (Bud wanted to ride the rollerboard), and we headed over.

The kids were more than happy to stay on the stroller, which was fine, since it was pretty busy. Bud was interested in the band that was playing, which seemed to have Carribean influences. He was impressed with the marimba they had set up.

We wandered through the market a couple of times, and picked up a bag of kettle corn, as well as some ears of corn on the cob for dinner. We toted our prizes back to the car, and headed for home.

Buster fell asleep in the car on the way home, and I was able to transfer him to his crib, where ended up taking about a two-hour nap. Bud and I got some lunch, and then played together for a while.

When Buster got up, I got him some lunch as well. He ended up eating pretty much the same thing Bud did for lunch: a tortilla and string cheese, along with milk and some grapes. The afternoon was marred by Bud having a minor meltdown, but otherwise things went smoothly. We had a bit of a snack around 3:00ish, and M-lady arrived home around 3:30.

Some friends arrived to chat with M-lady and I about a dance project at about 4:00. Bud holed up in his room for most of the visit, but Buster was a little less shy. Buster did get hungry while we were chatting, though, and so we fed him a pretty solid snack during the visit.

After our friends left, I got started on grilling turkeyburgers for dinner, and M-lady prepared the corn that we'd picked up in the morning. We had a great dinner, and Buster seemed to have a lot of fun with the corn-on-the-cob.

After dinner, I ran around in the back yard with the kids for a bit. We had fun playing tag, checking out some of the roses, and refilling the bird feeder. Eventually we all trooped back inside without any hysterics, which was nice.

I showered with the kids, and we watched an episode of Fraggle Rock before having some kettle corn and heading for bed with Bud. In preparation for our trip to visit Ama and Agu in a couple of weeks, M-lady plopped Buster into his car seat and drove around for about an hour, to see if Buster would be OK falling asleep and sleeping in his car seat. He was fine, which was encouraging, as we'd had some trouble the last time we'd tried a nighttime drive with Buster. He seems to have outgrown his distaste for driving at night, though.

Both kids have slept quietly so far this evening.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Early Morning, Late Night

Bud rolled me out of bed about 6:15, and wasn't very interested in sleeping more. He was willing to hang out with me in his bed, but didn't go back to sleep. At about 7:00, we rolled out and got him some breakfast. I snoozed a bit on the couch while he played in the playroom, and around 8:00 we headed back upstairs to start getting dressed and getting ready for the day.

Buster and Bud seemed to have a good day. I dropped by home around 2:00, and Buster was napping while Bud and Nanny J were drawing pictures. Bud was very careful to warn me to be quiet and not wake Buster. I headed out again a few minutes later.

M-lady arrived home at 5:00 to take care of the kids, and unfortunately I was stuck at work for a while. They had a good evening. Bud got to try on some new clothes M-lady had picked up for him, and they all watched an episode of Fraggle Rock together.

I managed to get home right at bedtime, around 8:00. I put Buster to sleep while M-lady was reading a story to Bud. Buster was pretty tired, and fell asleep after I'd read him a story without any fuss. After that, I lay down with Bud for a little while, and we chatted before he fell asleep around 8:30. Both kids slept quietly for the early evening.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Squishing Broccoli

Bud was up this morning around 7:00, but M-lady fielded him, letting me sleep in. I unintentionally slept until about 8:30. Thanks, M-lady! Buster woke pretty late, sometime after 8:00, and was very cheerful. I joined them as they were having breakfast, after Nanny J had arrived. I headed off for work a short time later, after helping Bud get his hair combed down. M-lady took Bud to his last day of the summer pre-school he'd been attending.

I got home around 5:00, and the kids greeted me enthusiastically. Buster said, "Daddy! Daddy!" as I walked in, which was nice. After Nanny J took off, we set up to watch another episode of Fraggle Rock.

Buster showed off his ability to climb over the couch to get into the fenced-off area of the playroom where all Bud's toys are kept, so we're going to need to develop a new toy-containment strategy. I'm thinking a toybox or two, but we'll need to come up with something.

I was in the process of getting dinner for the kids when M-lady got home. Bud inhaled a huge dinner, but Buster spent a fair bit of time squishing his broccoli in his fists. He ate a couple of pieces, but seemed more interested in the texture than actually eating them.

The kids and I played for a bit in the playroom after dinner, and finally watched one more episode of Fraggle Rock before getting a snack and heading for bed. Bud was good about getting ready for bed, and we were reading a story by 8:00. We had the lights out by about 8:15, but he didn't fall asleep until sometime after 9:00.

Buster was a little restless going to bed, and has made some noises on a couple of occasions this evening, but hasn't needed our comforting yet.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Play Ball

Buster was a bit restless again this morning, and M-lady took care of him. Bud got me out of bed around 6:45, and wasn't really interested in going back to bed. At about 7:00 we headed downstairs to get some breakfast, and I headed back to bed after that for a bit. M-lady was wonderful and kept an eye on both kids for most of the morning.

I headed for work shortly after Nanny J arrived, since I had meetings all day. M-lady stayed home for a bit and took Bud to his Open House Day at school, where he (and M-lady) got to meet his new teachers for the year. Bud also apparently enjoyed playing with Friend M and Friend K, who were there as well.

Nanny J tagged along with Buster, and Buster had a good time, too. M-lady commented to me later that she hadn't seen Buster play on playground equipment before, but it didn't phase him at all. He climbed right up the steps and headed for the slide, where Nanny J helped him come down. He's clearly been following his older brother when they go to the park.

Both kids had baths in the afternoon, so they were clean again when I got home at little after 5:00. Nanny J took her leave, and we played for a short time before sitting down in front of the TV. Bud had noticed the Muppets on one of the DVD spines in the bookshelf, and asked about it. So we put in the first episode of Fraggle Rock. Both kids seemed to really enjoy it. Buster liked Sprocket.

Next up was dinner, as Buster had trucked into the kitchen and grabbed his bib and tray to let me know he was hungry. I got started on mac and cheese, and fed Buster some broccoli while we were waiting for it to cook. M-lady arrived home just in time to join us.

Everyone ate pretty well, and Bud was anxious to watch another episode of Fraggle Rock. I obliged, and M-lady and Buster both enjoyed the show as well. Afterward we played a bit in the living room. With a lot of running around and throwing balls.

Buster was petrified of the Phlatball just last week, but today was carrying it around, and even held it when it popped after he fell on it and smashed it flat. Way to overcome fears, little guy.

Bud eventually had a little bit of a meltdown, but it was about time to start getting ready for bed anyways. After he cooled off a little, we got him into PJs and had a snack. He was in bed shortly after 8:00, and the lights were out around 8:20ish. M-lady came in to lie down with him for a while after I read him a story, and I heard them chatting for a bit after I left.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

New Food and Music

Buster was again a little restless in the morning, and M-lady slept in his room for a while. I got up and hung out with him starting around 7:00ish, and we sat in the hexagon for a while, reading stories and playing with cars. He was anxious to get out and run around a bit by 8:15, though.

Bud got up a short time later, and I helped him get dressed. After getting myself dressed, I took the kids downstairs to get some breakfast. Buster wasn't really excited about eating, though, and ran around a bit while Bud and I ate. Buster decided he was hungry a short time after Nanny J showed up.

I took Bud to school and headed off to work. The kids apparently had a good day, and Bud took a shower in the afternoon, so both the kids were clean when I got home around 5:00. We played together for a bit after Nanny J left, and then watched an episode of Ace of Cakes before having some dinner. Bud was impressed with the cake rendition of Slave I that they did, complete with little stormtroopers, Boba Fett, and frozen Han Solo.

I added some ramen noodles to our usual dinner tonight, and both kids were pretty excited about the variety. I think we need to put a little effort into mixing up our dinners.

While Buster was eating, before Bud had joined us, I started humming the Blue Danube Waltz to him. Buster thought that was really funny, and I thought I heard him trying to hum it himself a little bit later. It might have been a John Williams refrain, though. It's hard to tell sometimes.

After dinner, we played together a bit more, running around the living room a bit, then settling in the playroom for a while. Bud eventually decided he was hungry again, and seemed happy with the idea of a quesadilla. I was in the middle of cooking dillas when M-lady arrived home, so I made one for her, too. Buster ended up asking for milk repeatedly this evening, very clearly making the signs for 'more' and 'milk'. So that was pretty much what he had for his snack.

Bud and Buster got to play with some leftover lightsticks as the evening came. They were the long, thin, flexible kind, meant to be looped into a necklace. Of course, they became lightsabers, and the kids bounced around for a while with them. Eventually Bud had a bit of a meltdown, and we started the bedtime routine. I talked him into a decent mood, and Bud was in bed and asleep by about 8:30. Buster went down a bit before that, but apparently didn't fall asleep for a while. Both kids have slept quietly since they fell asleep, though, and hopefully Buster will sleep a little later into the morning.