Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good Crawler

Buster woke about 7:00 this morning, and Bud wandered in around 7:30, asking me to take his diaper off. I got him cleaned up and we headed downstairs to watch a little bit of TV before breakfast.

After getting Bud situated with breakfast, I snoozed for about 20 minutes before we had a bit of a pee issue. Bud had apparently tried to go to the bathroom in our bathroom, but gotten distracted by the magazine and forgot to lift the lid. Like, the whole lid. So there was a lot of pee on the toilet and floor.

After getting that cleaned up, I got myself ready to go and rolled on to work shortly after M-lady. Bud gave me a hug before I left, which was nice.

I got home a little late, around 5:45, and found M-lady and Buster reading a story in Bud's room as he was waking up. Apparently Bud crawled into bed and fell asleep while Buster was getting his bath, right around 5:00. I think Bud would probably benefit from a regular nap, but that hasn't been on the schedule for a long time.

After wrapping up a phone call, we all had some dinner together. Bud didn't eat very well, but headed up to the bathroom with me to take his bath. He protested through the bath, but got into PJs without much fuss. We played a little bit of Lego Indiana Jones before Bud decided not to have a snack and we headed up to bed.

He was actually in bed with the lights out by about 8:15, but he didn't fall asleep until around 9:00. Buster dozed off and on during the late evening, and M-lady was able to finally put him down around 9:30.

Buster has been more and more stable on his feet, and can squat down for quite some time before pitching over. Walking is not far off. M-lady noted that Bud didn't really crawl much before he walked, perhaps because in our old house we were cramped enough that he could get everywhere by cruising. In the new house, with big open spaces, Buster has to crawl to get around.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Early Riser

Buster was up at about 6:00 this morning, which is a bit earlier than usual. He was pretty happy, though. M-lady got up with him, and brought him to bed around 6:30. I got up with him around 7:00, and he played happily first in his playpen in the office, then on the floor in our bedroom, before I took him downstairs for a bit.

Bud came and joined us downstairs around 8:00, and he got to watch TV while getting dressed. Then it was the usual breakfast and getting ready for school routine.

The kids had a good day. Bud is clearly starting to have a group of friends at school who he plays with regularly, which is encouraging. It looks like the class will largely remain intact for next year as well, so he'll have some continuity.

M-lady and I got home around 5:00, and said goodbye to Nanny J. Buster was chewing on Lincoln Logs again, so M-lady managed to swap a teether in for him. M-lady had to run an errand before stores closed, so I played and watched a little TV with Bud and Buster before she got home around 6:00.

We had leftovers for dinner, and Bud asked why we were all eating different things. M-lady explained leftovers to him, which he seemed to mull over a little bit and accept.

After dinner I gave Bud a bath, and got him into PJs for the usual bedtime routine. He did get an ice cream cone again as a treat, this time trying out the strawberry ice cream. I don't think it's supplanted his favorite, mint chocolate chip, but he seemed to like it.

Bud was in bed with lights out by about 8:20, and fell asleep before too long. Buster went to bed around the same time, and seems to have slept well so far. Hopefully he'll sleep in a little bit later tomorrow morning.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Pleasant Sunday

Buster was up around 7:15, and was pretty cheery. Bud got up around 8:00, and M-lady handled both for a little while. I joined them around 8:30, and we got breakfast for everybody.

Bud and M-lady got ready to go to the Jungle to meet Bud's friend K, and Buster and I spent the morning hanging out together. They took off a bit before 10:00, and we waved goodbye to them. Buster waved goodbye, and said, "Bye-bye" very, very quietly.

Buster fell asleep for his morning nap shortly after they left, and snoozed for about an hour. I changed his diaper when he got up, and we played together for a bit. A little before noon he was getting hungry, so I fed him a couple of jars of babyfood, and then we geared up to go for a walk out in the beautiful day.

Just as I'd gotten Buster strapped into the stroller and was about to head out, M-lady and Bud arrived home. Bud wanted to come with us, riding his tricycle, so the three of us headed off together.

Bud's gotten good at riding his trike, and can ride at a pretty good clip. We had a good walk, although Bud got too far ahead, made wrong turns, and ignored my calls to him to stop. He had a little meltdown when I finally caught up to him and stopped him, and after a bit we found our way home together. Bud took a few minutes to chill out, and then came down for lunch.

After lunch, Bud and I had some reading time together. Buster enjoyed crawling around the playroom for a bit, and entertained himself pretty well. He eventually got tired, though, and went down for his afternoon nap. While he was sleeping, Bud and I put another couple of latches on the low kitchen cabinets.

At about 4:00, Bud and I had a video chat and game session with Granddad B, which was a lot of fun. They played Lego Star Wars together, and really did pretty well. I jumped in a few times when they got stuck, but it wasn't that often.

After playing, we got dinner together, and all ate well. After dinner, I managed to snooze on the couch for about twenty minutes before Bud and I got started on taking a shower. He was pretty rambunctious, but eventually got undressed and into the shower with me. We got him cleaned up and into PJs.

Bud and I had ice cream cones for dessert, and then brushed teeth and did the bedtime routine. He was actually in bed with the lights out right around 8:30, but didn't fall asleep until closer to 9:00. Buster also went down fairly early, and hasn't woken yet this evening. Hopefully he'll sleep well tonight.

Buster's eighth tooth seems to have broken through, but it's difficult to say for sure. Both kids had somewhat runny and stuffy noses today, but otherwise seemed healthy and happy.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

No Spoon Required

M-lady brought Buster to bed with us sometime during the night, as he was fussing a bit. He slept pretty well with us, although his sweaty head left a damp spot on the bed. Bud came looking for me a little after 7:00, and not realizing Buster was in bed with us, ended up waking him up.

I managed to chill with Bud in his room until about 7:30, when we headed downstairs to watch a little bit of TV. Buster joined us for a bit, and we headed for breakfast around 8:30. Since both kids were pretty settled having breakfast, I took the opportunity to snooze a bit. M-lady was nice and took care of the kids for the next hour or so, getting Bud ready to run an errand with her.

They left a little after 9:30, and I managed to get Buster to nap a short time later. Buster woke a few minutes before they returned. They had a good time picking out birthday gifts for friends at Toys 'R Us.

Bud and I packed up shortly after they got home and headed out to catch a San Jose Stealth Lacrosse game. We got there about twenty minutes before the game started, and the arena seemed deserted. Folks started showing up through the first quarter, though. We had some hotdogs for lunch, and popcorn in the second half of the game. Bud seemed to enjoy the whole thing.

We got home around 3:00, and found Buster still awake. He'd gone out on an errand with M-lady, and been playing happily since they got back. I set up a video call with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, and we had a nice chat while Buster tried to type on the laptop. He did managed to rename my primary drive while we were chatting. Bud and M-lady said Hi as well, and read stories together for a bit.

After we wrapped up, I put Buster down for a nap for about an hour. He was grumpy when he got up, due to the fact that the late nap had delayed his usual snack time. I got started on feeding him a banana, preparing to smoosh it with a spoon as usual, when Bud let me know that Buster can just take bites. Apparently that's what Nanny J has been doing this week. I gave it a shot, and sure enough, Buster munched down the banana, taking bites as I held it for him.

After getting some food in Buster, Bud and I started on making turkey burgers for the rest of the family. Bud helped me season the patties, and ate pretty well once things got grilled. After dinner we played a little bit of Lego Indiana Jones before getting ready for bed a little bit earlier than usual.

The push to get both kids in bed was due to a party invitation that M-lady and I had received. Babysitter G arrived shortly after 8:00, and the kids were already in bed at that point. Buster woke once around 10:30, apparently, but Babysitter G has mastered the knack of getting him back to sleep quickly. The kids have otherwise slept well after a long day.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Rough and Tumble

Buster did sleep through the night last night after finally falling asleep near midnight. He got up a little after 7:00, and M-lady rousted Bud and myself around 8:00. M-lady got Bud dressed while I kept an eye on Buster, and then I got Bud going on breakfast. I took my leave when Nanny J arrived, and M-lady took Bud to school.

Bud had a good day at school, and Buster managed to get through the day without bonking his head again. Both kids seemed pretty happy when I got home. Bud was playing with his Lincoln Logs, and Buster was chewing on them.

Nanny J took her leave, and I managed to exchanged the two Lincoln Logs Buster was gripping with a cold teether, which he munched on for a bit. We played in the living room for a little while. When I dashed out for a potty break, Buster noticed I'd left the staircase gate ajar and bolted up the stairs. Bud reported to me in alarm, and then helped Buster up the stairs on my request.

The kids made it to the top OK, and we were playing in the hallway when M-lady arrived home a few minutes later. After she and I took turns settling in, we all wrestled a bit in our room. M-lady was overwhelmed by the two boys at one point, with everyone giggling. After recovering, M-lady took Buster down to dinner and I passed out briefly in Bud's room, with him reading a book next to me.

Bud and I came down for dinner a bit before 7:00. Bud ate pretty well, and then stalled for the rest of the evening as we went through the bath, snack, and bedtime routines. He was in bed around 8:30, and asleep a bit before 9:00.

Buster was asleep around 8:30, playing in our bedroom until he just lay down on M-lady's lap and passed out. He fussed briefly a couple times during the evening, but has certainly slept better than last night so far.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Bump

Buster and Bud were up this morning at usual, not terribly unreasonable times. I got up with Bud a little before 8:00, and managed to get him dressed before I had to head into work a little early.

The kids apparently had a pretty good day, although they didn't make it out to the park. Buster managed to slip and bump his head again, in the same spot he bumped it twice a few days ago.

I arrived home a bit before M-lady, and played with the kids for a while. We played some kick-ball in the living room, which Buster loves: I hold him by his armpits, and swing his feet just above the ground so he can kick balls around the room. This time, Bud rolled the balls to us, and we booted them back. There was a lot of giggling.

We eventually headed upstairs when Buster discovered that I'd left the stairs gate ajar and took off upwards. I followed him up, and then got into his playpen in the office with him. Bud brought toys in and out of the playpen while we were in there.

M-lady arrived home, and I fell asleep for a little while. I got up around 6:30, and we all headed downstairs to get some dinner. Buster ate well, although he seemed more interested in manipulating his food with his hands sometimes than actually eating. Bud ate pretty well.

I got Bud into the tub after dinner, and he enjoyed dancing around naked for a while when he got out. M-lady finally convinced him to put some PJs on, and I took him downstairs for a snack before bed. Bud's bedtime routine was pretty standard.

Buster woke around 9:30, and didn't fall asleep again until about 11:30. He really seemed to be suffering discomfort, and it seemed to be alleviated by chewing on his cold teethers. We gave him a dose of Tylenol, which I think finally helped him pass out. Hopefully he'll sleep well through the night.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cookie Night

Everybody slept well last night, and it seems everybody slept in. I woke at about 8:00, just as Buster was getting up. Buster was very giggly as he woke, if a bit stinky. As M-lady went to tend Buster, I opened the blinds in Bud's room, to try and wake him up. I eventually rousted him near 8:20, and we got dressed and headed downstairs to get some breakfast.

Bud was a little behind this morning, and I didn't rush him too much, so we ended up at school a few minutes after the door opened (we're usually there a few minutes before). The class was already singing their first song of the day, and most of the kids were singing at a full-throat shout. The teachers looked a little taken aback, as did Bud. But he gamely went to sit on his mat and join the semi-melodic chorus.

Nanny J picked Bud up from school, and the teacher apparently reported that Bud played particularly well today with a couple of his classmates. Always good to hear.

M-lady got home before I did this evening, and was reading stories with the kids in Bud's room. Buster was trying to effect an escape through the bathroom, but discovered that he couldn't open the door once he closed it. After I dropped my stuff, I read some stories with Bud and Buster while M-lady took the opportunity to settle in as well.

We got dinner started shortly, and both kids ate pretty well. After dinner I convinced Bud to take a quick bath and get into PJs so we could tackle the project of the night: chocolate chip cookies. We had a good time loading up the stand mixer, and I let Bud control the speed. We played a little bit of Lego Indiana Jones while the cookies were in the oven, and then had a couple of fresh cookies before brushing teeth and heading for bed.

Bud didn't fall asleep immediately, but dropped off before too long, probably a bit before 9:00. Buster was a little reluctant to be put down, but M-lady managed to get him into his crib around 9:00 as well. Both kids have slept peacefully so far.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Bud woke a bunch of times last night before I went to bed, never fully waking, but crying for me. I'd go in, soothe him a little, and he'd fall asleep again easily enough. But rather than make him wake all the way up and come find me, I went ahead and slept with him in his bed. He ended up doing the partial waking a couple more times during the night after I joined him, and he did wallop me on the back of the head a couple times with sprawling limbs, but overall we actually slept pretty well. He was surprised to find me in his bed when he woke up around 7:20.

We headed downstairs and watched a little bit of TV, and greeted M-lady and Buster when they came down to join us. I got Bud settled into having some breakfast, and started getting myself ready as Nanny J arrived.

They had a good day together, with a trip to the park. Bud reported that Buster didn't want to leave the baby swings, since he was having so much fun. But they did come home, and Buster had his afternoon nap.

M-lady and I arrived home at the same time, and discovered Nanny J trying to hold a cold pack to Buster's forehead. He's been practicing his standing, and apparently clipped the side of a chair with his head on the way down. He didn't seem to upset, and was trying to figure out why Nanny J kept sticking that cold thing on his head.

We got dinner started pretty quickly, and the kids ate well. After dinner, Bud wanted to play a little bit, so I explained to him how to run bases in baseball. We set up makeshift bases in the livingroom, and I'd roll a ball to him, which he'd whack with a stick before taking off around the room and touching all the bases. We were just about to head upstairs to take a bath when he decided to add a fifth base.

Bud had a bath, and Buster managed to slip in the bathroom and bang his head again, apparently in the same place. He's got a bit of a goose-egg on his forehead now. M-lady managed to get him to tolerate a cold pack by wrapping it in a washcloth, though.

Bud and I played a little bit of Lego Indiana Jones before having a snack and heading for bed. Bud has slept well this evening: I have no idea why he kept waking last night. Buster fell asleep shortly afterward, and both kids have been quiet so far.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Buster was up early this morning, around 6:00, and M-lady got up with him. She brought him to bed a couple of times, but he was pretty squirmy. And he likes poking at my teeth with his finger.

Bud joined us at about 7:30, and there was a brief period of having the entire family in bed together. Fearing for my incisions, I got out pretty quick. Bud was pretty bouncy, but I eventually got him dressed and headed downstairs to get some breakfast before we headed for school. Buster, having gotten up so early, was starting to get grumpy by the time we left.

The kids apparently had a good day. Bud was a bit sniffley today, and that continued all day. He was pretty happy when I got home around 5:00, though. Buster was in his playpen, with Nanny J watching over him, and seemed happy to see me as well.

After settling in, and wishing Nanny J a good evening, I pulled Buster out of the playpen and let him roam a little. He immediately started chewing on things, so I got his cold teether out of the freezer and let him gnaw on that. He seemed pretty content. Bud and I played a little bit of Lego Indiana Jones before M-lady got home.

Bud had a minor meltdown around dinnertime, but soon came down and ate a good dinner. Buster, of course, was famished as usual, and put away a good portion of casserole. I snoozed briefly after dinner, and then played a little more Lego Indiana Jones with Bud before we watched a few minutes of TV, got into PJs, had a snack, and headed for bed.

Buster went to sleep fairly early as well. Buster has managed to stay asleep so far tonight, but Bud has half-woken, somehwat upset, three times so far. I think he may just be a bit snorky and uncomfortable, but it's hard to say for sure. He's not croupy, though, and doesn't show any signs to be heading in that direction. Hopefully he'll be able to kick this cold before too long, and we won't have to make a midnight run to the ER.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Teeth

Buster was up pretty early this morning, and M-lady got up with him. Bud woke a little bit later, but he played with M-lady as well for a while. They didn't get me out of bed until about 8:30, when I got up to help out watching Buster while M-lady got Bud dressed.

We headed downstairs to organize some breakfast, and got folks fed. I noticed that Buster gained another tooth this week... number seven showed up on the bottom left. It looked the the bottom right one might be getting ready to come in, too.

After getting ourselves dressed and ready to go, I took Bud and did a quick errand run to Home Depot. Bud was good on the trip, and M-lady and Buster seemed to have kept well while we were gone.

Unfortunately, I felt like I might have overextended myself yesterday, and my midsection was a bit sore. I retired to bed to rest for a bit, and M-lady managed the kids for a while (thanks again, super-mom!). They watched some High School Musical 3 and had some lunch. Bud enjoyed a casserole which was made and delivered by the YF family to help us out a bit while I've been out of commission: it was really sweet of them.

I got up in the mid-afternoon and helped Buster get to sleep for his afternoon nap. While he was asleep, Bud and I started working on fixing a couple of items around the house which we'd gotten parts for earlier. M-lady took the opportunity to head out for a couple of errands as well.

Buster woke after sleeping for about an hour, and I got him into a clean diaper and fed him a banana for his afternoon snack while Bud entertained himself by looking at a Star Wars art book. After I got Buster fed, we set up a video conference and game with LR and family. We played a little bit of Project Gotham Racing 4, which really is a bit too much of a sim for the kids. I'll have to keep my eye out for a good multiplayer racing game which we can all enjoy.

M-lady arrived home while we were playing, and spent some time hanging out with Buster. Bud had a little bit of a meltdown after the game, and I coaxed him back into a good mood while M-lady and Buster got started on dinner. When Bud and I joined them, we all enjoyed the new casserole.

After dinner, I took a shower with Bud, and got him cleaned up. He was wired after the shower, and probably spent a good 40 minutes or so running, dancing, and jumping around naked. Buster thought his antics were pretty funny, too. I eventually got him into PJs, and we watched about 10 minutes of TV before having a snack and heading up to bed.

Buster had trouble falling asleep, and finally drifted off while lying on M-lady. He woke again a short time later, and his cries seemed to indicate either pain or fear. I suspected teething pain, and gave him a dose of Tylenol. He dropped off to sleep in my arms a bit later, and has been quiet since. His restless night a few days ago might also have been due to teething. Hopefully the Tylenol will help him sleep a little better.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

An Enjoyable Weekend

The past two weekends I've been either suffering from appendicitis or suffering from the surgery to correct the appendicitis. This weekend my midsection is still a bit sore, but I'm able to play with the kids a lot more. Bud got me out of bed around 7:15. M-lady had already been up with Buster, who was playing in his playpen while she snoozed a little more. I got Bud dressed, and we headed downstairs to watch a little TV.

When M-lady and Buster joined us, we got started on breakfast. I made pancakes for the family, which turned out pretty well. I'm going to have to try the skillet attachment to our cooktop sometime, though. Bud ate a couple of pancakes, and Buster mooched most of a couple from M-lady.

After breakfast, we finished getting dressed and headed out to run some errands. I exchanged a DVD, and we headed off to the mall. The kids were well behaved as we did some shopping for them, getting Bud a new pair of shoes, and some warmer weather clothes for both the kids.

After purchasing the clothes, we took a little time to sit and eat some carrots before heading back to the car and coming home. Buster fell asleep in the car, so M-lady sat with him in the car in the garage for about an hour while Bud and I headed inside. We had a mellow time, getting a quick lunch, drawing letters and hanging out together.

When M-lady and Buster came in, we all played together for a little while. I got groggy before too long, though, and headed upstairs to take a nap. M-lady was kind enough to watch both kids for a while as I snoozed. I woke in time to rock Buster to sleep for his nap, and then headed downstairs to set up a video conference/game session for Cousin LR and Bud.

When LR had to head for bed, we said goodnight, and Bud and I played a little bit more. Buster had watched some of the game and conference, doing his best to look cute for the relatives, and since we were all pretty happy, M-lady took the opportunity to run out and pick up sushi for dinner. Bud was delighted when she returned home with the comestibles.

We had a nice dinner, and afterward I decided to fire up the fireplace, since it was a cool evening and we hadn't used it all winter. It's a gas-burning unit with fake logs in it, so really just a matter of turning it on. Bud was entranced.

We turned it off before too long, and all played together in the living room some more. Bud had a good time playing piano with M-lady. Eventually I ushered Bud upstairs to take his bath, and bedtime followed soon after that. Bud was good about going to bed, although he ate a huge snack. He fell asleep on his own a few minutes after the lights went out around 8:40.

Buster went down around the same time, although he woke a couple of times during the evening. I comforted him each time, and he eventually stayed asleep after I put him down for the last time around 10:30.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Morning Routine

M-lady needed to leave for work early this morning, so I got up with Buster around 7:15. He was a little upset to wake up, which seems a little unusual: he's often very smiley in the morning. After sitting and looking out the window a bit to calm him down, we got his diaper changed and put him in clean clothes.

Bud woke a short time later, and I managed to get him dressed, get myself dressed, and keep Buster entertained while keeping him out of the cabinets which still need child latches. We all headed downstairs together around 8:00.

Bud watched a short TV show before having some breakfast, and then we all spent about ten minutes playing together in the living room before Nanny J arrived. Buster crawled up to greet her, and I got my stuff together to take Bud to school.

The kids had a good day, and happily greeted M-lady and I as we returned home at about the same time, around 5:00. M-lady was again a super-mommy, as my body seems to still be recovering and I passed out cold for a couple of hours. M-lady took care of both kids, and fed them dinner. I woke in time to get Bud into his bath.

Buster crawled around the bathroom for a bit while Bud soaked, and managed to crawl straight into a wall, bonking his head, just as M-lady returned. She soothed him while I got Bud soaped up and rinsed off. After getting Bud into PJs we headed downstairs for a little bit of TV and a snack before bed. The bedtime routine went well, and Bud was asleep a bit after 8:30.

Buster was clearly pretty tired, and M-lady put him to bed after he had his final bottle around 8:00. He took a little while to fall asleep, but was out probably a few minutes before Bud.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


M-lady was up with Buster this morning around 6:00, and Bud got me out of bed around 6:30. Bud was OK with lying in his bed for almost an hour before we got up and headed downstairs. We watched a little bit of TV before having some breakfast.

I took off for work a few minutes before Nanny J arrived. Both kids were pretty happy, and apparently had a good day. They both had some yogurt, which Bud liked but Buster was a little skeptical of. The prevailing thought is that it might have been a bit too cold for him.

I got home right around 5:00, and both kids greeted me enthusiastically. Bud wanted me to lie down with him and rest on his bed as soon as I got my stuff put down, so that's where M-lady found us when she arrived home a few minutes later. I ended up falling asleep for a little while.

M-lady took care of the kids, and did another plush craft for Bud: a torch to go with his Indiana Jones costume. Bud has been asking for a torch since the item figures prominently in the Lego game.

I joined them as they were finishing up the torch, and we all headed down to dinner a bit later than usual. Buster ate well, but was tired, and Bud didn't eat much before we headed up to take a bath. He had to go straight from bath to bedtime, but didn't seem to mind too much. I read him some Mother Goose rhymes before he passed out when I turned the light out.

Buster fell asleep pretty quickly as well, and has stayed asleep so far, after a somewhat restless night last night.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Picking Up The Baby

Bud came and got me right around 8:00 this morning, but wasn't interested in getting going very quickly. It was almost 8:30 before I'd gotten him dressed and downstairs to have some breakfast. He finished up about 3 minutes before it was time to leave for school.

M-lady handled Buster this morning, handing him off to Nanny J when she arrived and taking Bud to school. The drop off apparently went fine. Buster had a nap a bit later in the morning, and I headed off to a doctor appointment and work at about 10:00.

Bud had a good day at school, then ate a real lunch, apparently. I got home a little before 5:00, and found Buster and Bud sharing a smoothie which Nanny J had made for them. They both looked pretty happy. Bud came and sat with me while I worked for a bit before Nanny J left.

M-lady arrived home around the same time, and after letting her get settled a bit, I got a bit more work done before dinner. We all had a nice dinner together, and Bud again ate a solid meal. After dinner M-lady helped Bud with his bath while I got the last bit of work done that was time critical.

I watched Buster a bit while M-lady bathed Bud, which was much more fun since my doctor cleared me to pick him up again today (as long as he doesn't kick me in the stomach). So I was able to pick him up and put him in the play pen, then get in and play with him.

After Bud was cleaned up, I did the TV and snack thing with him before bed. He was pretty cooperative, although he wanted extra snacks. He was in bed with the lights out around 8:30, and went to sleep on his own. Buster was in bed and asleep a bit earlier than that, although he woke once briefly a little after 10:00.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Persistant Crawler

I unintentionally slept in a bit this morning, and ended up feeling pretty sleepy all day. I think coming off the prescription pain meds probably has something to do with it. In any case, M-lady handled both kids this morning on her own. She's awesome.

Bud and Buster had a trip to the park with Nanny J in the later morning, and got home around lunchtime. Bud again didn't eat much lunch: I think he's gotten out of the habit of lunch somehow. We'll need to get back to eating regular lunches as much as we can, and discourage snacks until he gets back into the habit of eating lunch.

Bud came to hang out with me a bit during the afternoon. I had meetings for most of the afternoon, unfortunately, so he just sort of played behind me. I tried to hang out with him a little between meetings. We were able to read a story at about 3:00, and again when I finished up with meetings around 4:30.

I fell asleep again after that, and didn't wake until nearly 7:00. M-lady took care of the kids on her own all evening. Once again, she's awesome. When I joined them, Bud was in the tub, and M-lady was about to soap him up.

Buster really wants to get in the tub when Bud's taking a bath, and can kind of get in the way. So M-lady plopped him outside the bathroom with me and closed the door. Buster fretted for about thirty seconds before crawling out the door and down the hall to try the other bathroom door, to see if he could get in there. I was quicker, but only just.

After his bath, Bud and I did the TV - snack - bedtime thing. Bud was pretty cooperative, although he was really hungry right before bed (from not eating at meals). We talked about eating at meals a bit while he ate. He was in bed a little after 8:30, and went to sleep on his own pretty quickly.

We've also started trying to get Buster to sleep by putting him down in his crib rather than rocking him to sleep. Apparently Nanny J has been putting him down for his naps like that. We'll see if we can get him to fall asleep without too much supervision going forward.

Monday, March 16, 2009

iPod Introduction

Buster was up around 7:30 this morning, and Bud around 8:00ish. Bud was actually quietly reading in his room until I went to get him around 8:00. I managed to get him dressed and headed downstairs, where M-lady got him started on breakfast. I was also able to play with a very happy Buster for a little while this morning as well.

M-lady took Bud to school, and I got started on work at home. Bud had a good time at school, and Buster had his morning munch and nap. Nanny J picked up Bud around lunchtime.

At about 1:00, I headed downstairs to grab some lunch for myself. Bud had declined to eat lunch, apparently, and followed me back upstairs to mooch some of my lunch. I ate quickly, then headed back downstairs to get Bud something to eat.

Bud had a reasonable lunch, then spent most of his afternoon hanging out with me as I tried to get work done. In an effort to entertain him a bit, I put some of his music on a new iPod Shuffle that M-lady managed to come across. Bud was enthralled, but asked me to put several different mixes of music on the device, finally settling on the soundtrack to the original Star Wars.

M-lady arrived home a bit before 5:00, and Nanny J took off a little bit after that. We had a quick dinner, and then a pretty standard evening, giving Bud a bath, watching a little TV, having a snack, and heading for bed. Bud was pretty good about going to bed, and fell asleep on his own around 8:45.

Buster woke around 10:30, and wouldn't be placated. M-lady finally brought him downstairs to watch a little TV with us before lying down with him in our bed, where he fell asleep again.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Style Family Game Night

Buster was up around 7:00 this morning, and M-lady was able to sleep for about half an hour in the playpen with Buster while he played. Bud woke around 7:45, and M-lady handled both kids for a little while. She got them dressed, and then spent some time sewing Bud's Indiana Jones whip for him in the same soft, stuffed style as his lightsabers. M-lady seems to be cornering the market on plush movie-inspired weaponry.

I got up a little after 9:00, and made some cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Bud really enjoyed his roll, although he got hungry while waiting and had some breakfast before they got out of the oven. After breakfast Buster took his morning nap, and I got myself dressed and spent some time hanging out with Bud.

When Buster got up, we all had some lunch together. Bud has come to really like cucumbers over the past couple of days, so we finished off the cucumber we had. After lunch we packed up and headed out to the park.

It's not a long walk to the park, but since I'm still recovering from surgery, and on significant enough pain meds that I can't drive myself, we all drove together. Bud showed me his StompRockets, and we played a little bit of baseball together, while M-lady took some photos of Buster.

We spent a good amount of time playing at the park. Bud and I had a game where I would describe a route through the playground equipment, and a goal time. Bud would race the route and try to get back to me before the stopwatch I had hit the specified time. It was a lot of fun.

We had a snack at the park, and then headed home before Buster's nap time. Bud was a bit tired as well, so after cleaning up I lay down with him on his bed. I ended up sleeping for about an hour, but I think Bud got up and played for a bit.

At about 4:00, we set up a family game night. With the Xbox and Apple iChat, we had a 3-way video call and game session joining our house with houses in Toledo and Boston. Bud and I got to play a racing game with Granddad B, Aunt Kt, Aunt RuggerMom, Uncle D, and Cousin LR. It was really cool to just chat and play with both other households in a virtual game session.

We finally quit for dinner as it got near 6:00, and M-lady had prepared spaghetti while we were playing. We had a great dinner, and Bud headed upstairs for his bath afterward without complaint. M-lady finished up the bath with Bud while I had some quality play time with Buster downstairs. We had fun chasing a ball around, rearranging furniture, and trying to explore cupboards.

After Bud's bath, I got Bud into his PJs and and we watched a little bit of TV before having a snack and heading for bed. Bud was cooperative, although he didn't fall asleep really quickly when the lights went out. He was still up around 8:40 when I went out, and fell asleep on his own a short time later.

Buster passed out early, before we even turned the lights out for Bud. He made some noise a little later, around 9:00, but was asleep again in a few minutes.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Apple Snack

M-lady did a great job of taking care of the kids all day today, again. I'm still recovering, and M-lady and the kids were kind to let me sleep in this morning.

When Bud first woke, he wasn't quite ready to be up, but he couldn't really crawl into bed with me (for fear of kicking me in the stomach), and M-lady couldn't corral Buster into Bud's bed. So M-lady put together a little nest for Bud next to my bed, where he rested for half an hour or so before getting up.

M-lady got the kids fed and dressed, which took a while. Eventually she convinced Bud to go with her and Buster to the mall to run an errand. They took off a bit after 10:00, hit the mall, and then swung by Whole Foods on the way home. I helped Bud get some lunch when they got home, and we had turkey sandwiches together.

After lunch, M-lady and Buster took a nap together, and Bud and I had a good time playing Lego Star Wars with Cousin LR and family. They found the Lego City level, which is pretty much a lego playground, and spent a while just running around there.

When Cousin LR and family had to go to get some dinner, Bud and I played a little bit more, and then had a snack. Bud ate an apple, and did a good job eating it without having it cut into slices for the first time. Last time he tried to eat a whole apple, he sort of started on one side and just kept trying to eat his way through. This time I showed him how to keep turning the apple to eat from the outside in, and he did a great job.

I snoozed a little bit after M-lady got up with Buster, and joined them again shortly after 4:00. Buster had been a little cranky, but wasn't taking another nap. We all ended up playing together in the living room for a little while before I set up a video call with Granddad B and Grandma Nese.

We had a nice chat with them, as well as with Aunt K and Friend T, and their dinner guests as well. Buster took a good look at them, and gave them some cute grins. Bud flitted by in the background a few times. While we chatted, M-lady was able to rest for a little while.

After the call we got started on some dinner. Both kids ate pretty well, and Buster was looking really glazed when we finished up. We had a quick call with Grandma W, and then M-lady took Buster out on a quick errand while I played a little bit of Lego Indiana Jones with Bud.

Bud only had a minor meltdown at bedtime, and after finishing up his dinner and an extra snack was in bed around 8:30. M-lady and Buster got home a little after 8:00, and Buster was in bed a bit before 9:00. Both kids have slept pretty soundly so far.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Resting At Home

Bud didn't have school today, so there wasn't an urgency to get him going in the morning. I was taking the day off work to recover, so I was a little slow getting out of bed, but M-lady did a good job handling the kids.

Nanny J arrived at 8:45, and M-lady headed for work a short time later. I rested a little bit, and then got some work done at the computer. Bud joined me intermittently, and also spent time drumming and singing Imagination Mover songs downstairs.

Later in the morning, Bud missed an opportunity to go to the park with Nanny J, as he was sulking about something at the time. Nanny J instead took Buster out for a walk. Bud and I went to look for them when Bud decided that he did want to go to the park, but we never found them, and they made it home before we did.

The kids had a little bit of lunch a short time later. Bud didn't eat much, though. Around 1:00, I set up a video call and game session with Cousin LR. There was a minor disagreement on the game to play, though, and Bud continued sulking, so I ended up playing with LR, which was fun. We also got to chat a bit with my sister RuggerMom and Uncle D, which was nice.

After they took off for dinner (being on the East coast), Bud and I played a little bit of Lego Indiana Jones before we had a little more lunch together and I headed up for a nap.

I napped until M-lady arrived home a bit after 5:00. Bud came in a couple of times, having dressed up as Indiana Jones. M-lady helped him out a bit with the costume when she got home, so he was looking pretty good when I got up to see him. He'd appropriated my travel/rain hat, had on the explorer vest received for Christmas from Grandma W and Granddad B, and had his long rubber snake he uses as a whip. He was pretty cute.

We had dinner a little bit later, and Bud helped me make some macaroni and cheese. Both kids ate pretty well. After dinner, M-lady and I got Bud into the tub, and then ready for bed. There wasn't time to watch TV, but we did have a snack, a story, and another snack before going to sleep a bit after 8:30.

Buster went down a short time later. He seemed pretty happy for most of the day and evening, but I haven't been able to care for him much at all. When I can't pick him up, I can't really do much for him. I can't get him in and out of his crib, I can't change him, etc. Supposedly I'm not supposed to pick him up for four to six weeks, but I suspect I'll break the rules after a week or so.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Late Night Baby

We all got up around 7:30 this morning, and started a fairly usual morning routine. The big difference was that M-lady and I were preparing to head for the hospital so I could have an appendectomy (which sort of explains my weird hours for the past few days). I'd talked to Bud about it a bit yesterday, and went over it again today, warning him that I might have to spend the night in the hospital. He seemed pretty understanding.

I got Bud dressed and breakfasted. The cleaners arrived at about 8:30, and I kept an eye on both kids while M-lady got herself ready to go. When Nanny J arrived around 8:45, M-lady and I loaded up and headed off.

The appendectomy went very well, and I was discharged from the hospital around 5:30. The kids had a good day with Nanny J: they didn't make it to the park, but they did have a nice walk around the neighborhood. Bud reported that he enjoyed riding his tricycle. They also both got baths, and were having fun all playing together in the living room when M-lady and I arrived home.

M-lady made a quick dash to pick up a prescription for me, and Bud followed me upstairs while Nanny J kept an eye on Buster for a little longer. Bud was really anxious to spend some time with me, and I was happy to see him, but I had to explain to him a couple of times that I needed him to be careful with me, lest I pop a stitch. We headed back downstairs when M-lady got home to have some dinner.

Bud ate reasonably well, and Buster had another helping of casserole. Bud started settling down a little bit during dinner, but eventually went off to play as we finished eating.

M-lady did a great job of taking care of all of us tonight. I wasn't very useful, as I'm not supposed to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk for the next few weeks. So I can't pick up Buster, which seriously limits my ability to care for him. I was able to help out with getting Bud to bed, though.

Bud and I watched a little bit of TV, had a Girl Scout Cookie for a treat, and headed upstairs to get PJs on. Bud wasn't super cooperative, but we eventually got it done. We watched a little video on the iPhone instead of reading a bedtime story (sore throat from the endotracheal tube), and the lights were out a bit after 8:30. I sat in the room with him as he fell asleep in about five minutes.

Buster, I guess, decided that he wasn't really interested in sleeping tonight. I had headed downstairs to camp in front of the TV for a while, and M-lady brought down a very bright-eyed Buster around 9:30. He happily played in his playpen while we watched TV for about 30 minutes, and M-lady held him for a bit before finally putting him down in his crib around 10:30, where he quickly fell asleep. We'll see if he sleeps in tomorrow morning at all. Not sure what kept him up tonight.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Loud Evening

I got up about 7:30 this morning, as I had to head out a little early again. Buster woke shortly after I did, and M-lady went to retrieve him. After I'd gotten myself dressed, Bud wandered out of his room a bit bleary-eyed.

I managed to get Bud dressed after a bit of reluctance, and started him on breakfast. While I was doing that, M-lady was giving a presentation on the phone while holding Buster, who apparently made 'cooing' comments during the call. The listeners were amused.

I hit the road around 8:20, and M-lady took Bud to school. I had a busy day running around, and didn't get home until a bit after 6:00. M-lady had retrieved the kids from Nanny J, and they were all having a spectacular time bouncing around the living room when I arrived.

Bud was being Darth Maul, jumping about and swinging a lightsaber. M-lady was holding Buster, singing "Duel of the Fates", Darth Maul's theme song. Buster was 'da-dum-ing' along as well, which was really cute.

Bud had his volume control jammed on high for the first part of the evening. It wasn't until midway through dinner or so that he started settling down. Both kids ate a good dinner, and Bud and I settled in front of the TV soon after finishing up. Buster entertained himself by crawling around the playroom.

After TV, Bud had some Jello, and we headed up for bed. After reading a story and turning out the light, Bud decided he was still hungry, so we got up for a bagel. He was in bed a little after 8:30, and fell asleep on his own pretty quickly. Buster wend to sleep pretty quickly as well, and woke once a little later, but fell asleep again on his own as soon as I walked into the room.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby Mullet

M-lady and I had to head off early this morning, and we started getting ready before the kids were up. M-lady actually brought Buster to our bed around 6:00, but was able to put him back in his crib when we started getting ready around 6:30.

Nanny J arrived around 7:00, and woke Buster in the process. Nanny J was able to comfort him, though. M-lady and I were ready to go at about 7:15. Bud had just woken up, and picked out some clothes from his dresser and brought them downstairs to have Nanny J help him get dressed. We said our goodbyes and headed off.

We returned around noon, and I got myself some lunch and took a nap while M-lady headed for work. Bud and Buster seemed to have a good day with Nanny J.

We discovered that Bud has continued to sneak snacks when Nanny J is putting Buster down for naps... and then isn't interested in eating his lunch. Today he had a back of goldfish crackers, carefully cut open with his craft scissors. I guess we'll need to start locking up the snacks. Bud did eventually eat a big lunch, including a big serving of fruit salad.

M-lady arrived home around 4:00, and Nanny J took off early (since she'd come so early). The kids were in good spirits, so we had some nice video chats with the grandparents. Buster was definitely less concerned with seeing them on the computer than he was last time.

M-lady fed Buster, and I had a bite myself. Bud once again deferred, even though he hadn't had a big snack in the afternoon. Bud did have a bath with Nanny J, though, so we were able to spend the time hanging out this evening. We read some books together, and watched some TV. After the last TV show, Bud ate a good dinner, and we headed for bed.

Bud was pretty good about going to bed. M-lady brought Buster in as we were reading a story, and Buster giggled like mad as he climbed over Bud and I on the bed. We eventually got the lights out around 8:40, and Bud was asleep a short time later.

Buster was still pretty peppy, but was in bed and asleep a bit after 9:00. His hair is starting to get a bit long in the back. Interestingly, he never developed the baby mohawk that Bud had at about his age. But he's definitely due for his first hair trim.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Standing Up

Bud rolled me out of bed this morning around 7:30, and Buster was up not long after. I watched a little bit of TV with Bud, and then got him on track to get ready for school.

M-lady took Bud to school this morning, where he apparently had a pretty good time. I got home in the early afternoon, and found Nanny J putting Buster down for his nap. I took Bud with me off to run a quick errand which ended up being a little longer than I had hoped, but Bud was a trooper and good company. He really liked rolling the windows down in the car on the trip.

Bud played with Nanny J for a while when we got home, and I got a little bit of work done. Buster woke up a short time later, and Bud entertained himself for a bit while Nanny J gave Buster a bath. M-lady got home a bit after 5:00.

Buster is getting more stable every day. He can now stand on his own for a few seconds, usually after pulling up on our pantlegs. I also saw him push a stool around the kitchen very deliberately: when he got to a corner, he's walk 90 degrees around the stool, and push off at a right angle. He went around the island a couple times.

M-lady fed Buster some dinner a bit after 6:00, and had some dinner herself. Bud again deferred, but ended up eating a good meal right before bedtime. I helped put Bud to bed around 8:20, although with an extra snack, he wasn't in bed until 8:40. He went to sleep quickly on his own after that.

M-lady finally managed to get Buster to sleep by falling asleep next to him in our bed. At about 9:30 I moved Buster to his crib, where he's slept quietly since.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


I was again feeling under the weather today, and M-lady did the bulk of the child care. We had the time change last night, so Bud wandered in at 8:00. M-lady got up with him, and took care of the kids until about 10:30, when she put Buster down for a nap and took Bud out to run some errands.

I got up and got dressed, and then got up with Buster when he woke from his nap. We looked at some pictures from Bud's party on the computer for a little while, and then played in his playpen together for a bit until M-lady and Bud got home.

While I didn't have the massive lethargy today which I had yesterday, I was still pretty tired, and ended up taking a couple of naps. I headed back to bed for a while as M-lady got the kids lunch. Buster went down for his afternoon nap around 1:00ish, and M-lady took Bud out to the park. They visited a nearby open house on the way, and Bud did a lot of walking. They had a fun time at the park, where Bud enjoyed playing with one of the toys he received for his birthday.

They got home right as Buster was waking up from his nap. I watched a little bit of TV with Bud as Buster crawled around the room a bit. We had dinner a little bit later. Bud declined dinner in favor of a handful of carrots, but Buster ate pretty well. Buster actually had a fair portion of M-lady's casserole... he actually tends to be a little bit miffed if he can't eat what we're eating.

After dinner I ended up napping again, and woke in time to read a story with Bud before starting the bedtime routine. Bud was really tired, and had a little bit of a meltdown before getting in to PJs. Consequently, we didn't watch much TV before crawling into bed. Bud was really tired, tho, and fell asleep a few minutes after his head hit the pillow. I think he was still recovering from the party yesterday.

Buster fell asleep a few minutes later, and woke briefly a little after 10:00. Hopefully the timechange won't bother the kids too much, and Bud will be up in time to go to school tomorrow.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Party Time

Sorry this post is a day late. I got up with Bud at about 7:00, but was feeling terrible. I couldn't muster the energy to get him dressed: I just pulled his clothes out of the dresser for him. M-lady came and relieved me, and I headed back to bed.

Sadly, I didn't feel well enough to help out with the party, and was afraid of getting anyone else sick, so stayed holed up in the bedroom, mostly napping. I took care of Buster for a while and put him down for his nap as the party wound down, but that was as much use as I was.

M-lady was awesome, putting on the party single-handed. Aunt O and Uncle C arrived at about 10:00, and Uncle C went out to get balloons for the party. Bud dressed up in his Jedi robes, and the party was on in earnest at about 11:00.

We had about 10 4-year-olds, and a couple of younger siblings. Bud was a bit shy at first, hiding behind the chair with his robe pulled up. But he was eventually coaxed out, and joined in the lightsaber battles and chase-the-balloons game.

He hid again when it was time to blow out his candles: I think he didn't like the idea of everyone looking at him. So everyone helped blow out his candles for him, and ate the Millenium Falcon cake M-lady and I had prepared for him the night before.

After the party I helped clean up where I could, but M-lady again handled the majority of the cleaning duties. She was really super this weekend. I suggested she go out to dinner with Bud (since I wasn't going to be eating anything), so she and Bud headed out to Johnny Rocket's for dinner. I stayed home with Buster and fed him some dinner. He's getting more and more skilled at eating table food, and shared some Saltines with me.

Bud had his first milkshake at dinner, and was happy to report about it to me when they got home. After dinner, I crashed again for a while as M-lady got Bud into the bathtub. I got up in time to finish washing Bud up, get him into PJs, and get ready for bed. Buster went to sleep a short time later.

Friday, March 06, 2009


Bud was up pretty early again this morning, around 7:00. I got him out of his diaper and we headed downstairs to watch a little bit of TV. At about 8:00, we started getting ready for school.

Bud was actually a little excited for school since we were bringing the snack today. Actually, we brought cupcakes, since they were celebrating Bud's birthday at school today. The drop off went very smoothly, and Bud trotted off when it was time for me to go.

The kids apparently had a good day with Nanny J. I got back a little after 5:00, and both kids looked happy to see me. Bud had used his new food sets and cooking toys, and set out a meal for about 20 people on the coffee table in the playroom. Each plate had a piece of sushi, a sandwich part, and a block on it, all very nicely arranged.

M-lady arrived home a short time later, and we said goodbye to Nanny J. I played with Bud and Buster for a bit while M-lady got settled in. While we were chatting, I noticed that the frosting had been licked off of half the remaining cake. When I accused Bud of licking the frosting off the cake, he told me, "I like frosting." There was no inkling that licking the frosting off the cake might be a bad thing to do. We let him know that he shouldn't lick food that's not on his plate, and pitched the remainder of the cake (which was a practice cake, anyways).

After getting some dinner, we got the cake for the party tomorrow in the oven. Bud helped M-lady mix the batter, and then helped me clean up a little bit before settling in front of the TV before bedtime. Buster thinks the light in the oven is hilarious, so we had fun checking if the cake was still in there. M-lady headed out to do some last minute party shopping, so it was up to me to put both boys to bed.

Bud ate an apple for a snack as I was pulling the cakes out of the oven. Buster was pretty tired by this point, but I held on to him as we got Bud into PJs and bed. Bud was cooperative while going to bed, which was nice. He fell asleep on his own pretty quickly after we turned the lights out around 8:30.

Buster also fell asleep quickly. He was clearly pretty tired by the time I got to putting him down. Bud made some noise later, but fell asleep on his own again pretty quickly.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Big Boy Birthday

Bud was up at about 6:30 this morning, a bit excited because it was his birthday. I made a vague effort to get him back in to bed, but he was pretty adamant about going downstairs to watch TV. And it was his birthday, so downstairs we went.

We watched a little TV together, and eventually I headed upstairs to pick up Buster when he woke up. M-lady had a conference call she had to be on, so I got Buster changed into some clean clothes (he'd wet through his PJs) and we headed downstairs again to hang out with Bud. After a little more TV, we headed back upstairs, where Bud opened a couple of birthday cards he'd received, and he opened one of the gifts which M-lady and I had picked out for him: a Sandwich Playset. Bud actually got lots of food-related toys, as that seems to be where his interest lies right now (and he already has lots of lightsabers).

Bud was pretty excited about the sandwich kit, and Buster wanted in on the playing, too. We all had a good time playing with it for a while this morning. Eventually Nanny J arrived, who coincidentally shares a birthday with Bud. So we exchanged gifts with her before I headed upstairs to get myself dressed and off to work.

Bud and Buster had good days with Nanny J. I managed to get free from work a bit early, and headed home to spend a little extra time with Bud. Buster was napping, and Bud was surprised to see me when I got home. Bud took advantage of the situation, though, and immediately plied me to try and get some ice cream. I caved, and he had a small bowl of ice cream before we played together a bit.

M-lady arrived home around 5:15, and we set up a video call with Granddad B and Grandma Nese so Bud could open his present from them. We had a nice chat, although Bud was a little shy. He really liked the blocks he got from them, and he and Buster played with them for a while before we had some dinner.

Both kids ate well, and after dinner Bud blew out the candles on his cake and we each had a slice. Buster looked on longingly, but we'll save his first cake for his birthday in a month.

After cake, we had a quick video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B, and Bud opened his gift from them. He really enjoyed the action figures, immediately pulling out the Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker ones to play with. Buster enjoyed playing peek-a-boo over video as well.

We gave Bud the rest of his presents from us, and he seemed to like them all. The only one that didn't immediately come out of the box was a toy airplane that can be disassembled with included tools. We'll save it for a couple of days down the road.

After playing for a little while with his new toys, I finally got him away to take a shower and head for bed. He was pretty cooperative, and we were in bed with lights out a short time after 8:30. He fell asleep pretty quickly.

Buster was up for a little while longer, and woke again a couple of times during the evening. Hopefully he's down for good now.

It was a successful 4th birthday for Bud, and I'm amazed this blog has been going for 3 years. Looking forward to more.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Laughing at Drawings

Buster joined us in bed around 6:30, and smacked me in the head a few times while he played as M-lady and I dozed a bit more. M-lady finally got up with him a little bit later. Buster tends to be pretty happy in the morning, and it's tough to be mad at a cute, giggly baby, even if he's smacking you in the head when you'd rather be sleeping.

Bud got up around 7:45, and I helped him get dressed and pointed him downstairs to get some breakfast while I got myself ready to go. I had to head to work a bit early, so M-lady took Bud took care of the kids for a little while before Nanny J arrived and ushered Bud off to class.

Bud had a good day at school, and he and Buster had a pleasant afternoon with Nanny J. I was able to make it home by 5:15, and the kids and I had fun wrestling for a bit and spinning around before we watched a little bit of TV and started on dinner. Buster adamantly insisted on one puff per bite of real food, which made feeding him a long process.

M-lady arrived home as we were finishing up dinner. After finishing up dinner, I played with the boys a little bit more before settling in to watch a few minutes of TV before bedtime. Bud was good about going to bed tonight, and fell asleep pretty quickly. While Bud was going to bed, M-lady showed Buster a book with simple pictures of babies: Where Is Baby's Belly Button?. Buster, who really likes peek-a-boo right now, though the book was hilarious, and M-lady managed to get some cute videos of Buster laughing at the book.

Buster went to sleep a short time later, and was up briefly about an hour later, but has otherwise slept well so far.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Spinning Kids And A Sign

Buster was up a little early this morning, but he slept with us for a while when M-lady brought him to bed. He did wake me up once with a little hand smacking me in the face, but I was able to roll out of his reach and go back to sleep.

Bud woke me at about 7:45 this morning, letting me know that he needed to poop. I also discovered he had a bloody nose. Fortunately, it didn't seem to be bother him too much, and he didn't get blood on anything other than his hands and his blanky. I got him cleaned up, and we headed downstairs to watch a little bit of TV before breakfast.

The kids apparently had a good day with Nanny J. I was at work a little late, so M-lady relieved Nanny J at 5:15. They had fun playing together before I got home about an hour later. While M-lady caught up on work a little bit, the kids played with me a little before I got dinner ready.

I've been throwing Buster up into the air and catching him a few times when I get home, and he really seems to love it. Bud asks to be thrown, too, which is a tougher request. But today I took Buster by both hands, facing me, and picked him up and spun around for a couple of revolutions. He thought it was terrific, and giggled, and then pitched over when I set him down.

Bud, of course, asked for the same, so the kids took turns flying in circles for a bit. Buster seems to be sticking his right finger in his mouth to signal 'more'. He did it last night when asking for more tortilla, and did it today when he wanted to fly around again.

After everybody was just a little sick, we got started on dinner. M-lady joined us in short order, and we all had a reasonable dinner. After dinner Bud helped me make a batch of toffee.

It was getting a little late by that point, so I gave Bud a quick shower and we got ready for bed. He was a little disappointed not to get to watch TV before bed, but it was already 8:00 when we got out of the shower. He had a quick snack, and was in bed a little after 8:30. Buster was asleep around the same time, and woke once around 9:30, but fell asleep again pretty quickly.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Poking For Attention

Buster and Bud both got up this morning a little bit after 7:00. Bud let himself be handled by Ama, and they got ready for school together. I kept an eye on Buster for a bit while M-lady did some morning work.

Bud decided that he hadn't had enough for breakfast a few minutes before it was time to go, so ate a quick bowl of cereal right before Nanny J arrived. Then we got him dressed and out the door. On the way to school, Bud and I were able to see a big rainbow: most of the day seemed to be sunny and rainy. We got to school in time, and Bud was excited about being there by the time we got there.

In keeping with Cake Week, Bud had a cupcake snack at school to celebrate a classmate's birthday. Nanny J picked him up from school, and Ama and Agu were waiting to play with him at home in the afternoon.

Bud and Agu were engaged in a vigorous lightsaber duel when I arrived home, and I managed to get settled before I headed downstairs to take Buster from Nanny J. Buster was in a good mood, and the kids and I played together for a little while when Agu took a moment to rest before dinner. Both kids enjoyed being swung around in a circle: we had two dizzy kids and a tired daddy before too long.

We got started on a lovely dinner prepared by Ama and Agu around 6:00, and M-lady arrived a short time after we'd started. I gave Buster a little piece of the tortilla I was eating, and he really liked it. He would eat the piece I gave him, then lean over and poke me to get my attention, then stick a finger in his mouth. It could be that the finger in the mouth was an attempt to sign that he wanted more to eat. He repeated the poke and gesture quite a number of times while we ate dinner.

Both kids ended up eating well, and after dinner Bud and I settled in to watch a little bit of TV before bed. Bud was a little wound up from playing, so sitting in front of the TV for a little while helped calm him down before getting into PJs.

Bud was in bed a bit after 8:00, after saying good night and goodbye to Ama and Agu, who will be heading home early tomorrow morning. It took a while for Bud to drift off to sleep, but he eventually passed out. Buster woke once after falling asleep, but went back to bed without too much trouble.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Cake Week

Bud and Buster actually slept in pretty late this morning, which was nice. Bud got me up around 8:00, and we got him dressed before heading downstairs to watch a little bit of TV. Then it was time for breakfast, and a short time later time to get ready to go to another birthday party.

Bud's birthday, celebrated next weekend, will be the last of the mom's group parties which started in January. But this week is sort of extraordinary. He went to a party yesterday and one today, and there are three birtdays celebrated at his school this week: different classmates on Monday and Wednesday, and Bud's on Friday. Given that Bud's birthday falls on Thursday, and we'll be celebrating this weekend, it seems likely that Bud will get to eat cake of some sort on 6 out of 8 consecutive days or so.

Bud had a good time at Friend A's birthday party with M-lady. He apparently stayed close to M-lady and was a bit quiet, as usual. But he ate a lot of the fruit plate, and of course made sure to get some cake. It was a fairy themed party, with lots of little girls with wings on; Bud wore his Jedi costume, which garnered a number of compliments. And it gave him a hood to hide in.

While Bud and M-lady were out, Buster and I took a nap. Buster actually slept from about 10:45 to 1:15 or so, with one wakeup at about 11:30. Ama and Agu arrived around 1:00, and Buster was a little groggy when he first saw them. I tried to feed Buster some lunch, but he wasn't ready to eat.

M-lady had more success feeding him when she arrived home. We all had some lunch a little bit later, and had some cream puffs Ama and Agu had brought with them to celebrate Bud's birthday. Bud got to open a present (a little cash box), and spent a good chunk of the afternoon playing with that. I spent some time getting latches on cupboard doors that Buster can now access.

Bud and Ama and I played a little bit of Wii and Xbox in the late afternoon, and I grilled some burgers for dinner. Both kids ate well, and Buster tried a little bit of the turkeyburger. He didn't seem to mind it too much, but wasn't thrilled by it, either.

After dinner I got Bud into the bath tub, and read a chapter of Winnie-the-Pooh to him at his request while he soaked. After bath, we watched a little bit of TV and did the bedtime routine.

Bud wanted one more snack before lights out, so ended up getting to sleep after 8:30. Buster fell asleep a short time later, although he did wake up briefly a little later in the evening.