Saturday, January 31, 2009

Two Outings

Due to late notice, they stylist who cuts M-lady's and my hair only had an opening today at 8:00 am. So the plan was to get up around 7:15 and started getting the kids ready. Both kids slept through the night. Bud got me out of bed about five minutes before 7:00, so I hung out with him in his bed for about 20 minutes before we got up. M-lady took off at 7:40 to go first, and I fed the kids some breakfast.

It was a little bit of a challenge to get both kids out the door and in the car, but we eventually got on the road. Bud was fascinated by the fairly thick layer of fog, and Buster was enjoying looking around as well. I handed the kids to M-lady when we got to the stylist, and I took my turn while M-lady took the kids to Target and then home.

We arrived home at just about the same time. I took Bud outside for a little while, as the day had brightened up quite a bit. After cleaning up the yard a little, we headed inside, where we hung out a bit and played a little bit of Xbox before having some lunch.

Bud and Buster both ate pretty well, and Buster snoozed a bit after lunch with M-lady. Bud and I watched a little TV, and then started getting ready to go out for the second time.

We loaded into the car and drove off towards Santa Cruz, to hang out with Friend E and her sister, C. E is celebrating a birthday, and rented a house on the coast a little ways south of Santa Cruz for the weekend. The primary party was in the evening, but we were pretty sure the kids wouldn't fare as well for that. So we visited in the afternoon.

The kids did great on the drive, and the visit was really pleasant. Bud was a bit shy at first, but eventually warmed up and had a good time running around the place. The house had a fantastic view of the ocean, and Bud and I spent some time looking at the beach and other sights. Buster was happy for the whole visit as well, although he was really anxious to get down and crawl around. Since it was a rental, though, we decided it best to hold him and sit him on the couch.

Buster fell asleep for a bit on the drive home, and I managed to snooze with him for about 10 minutes when we got home before he woke up. I got him into a clean diaper, and then watched the kids for a little bit before we got started on dinner. We eventually decided to get a pizza, and Bud had a bit of a meltdown right before going to pick it up. So I headed out alone, and Bud was in his room, wailing for a bit before he fell asleep.

I tried to wake him up when I got home, but he was still in a bad mood. M-lady eventually consoled him, and he ate some pizza and joined me in front of the TV for a little while before starting the bedtime routine.

Bud found our Muppet Show DVDs today, so that's most of what we watched. He's enjoying it, but it's clear he gets about a third of the jokes.

The bedtime routine went well, and Bud was in bed around 8:20. It took him a while to fall asleep, though. Buster was a bit up and down in the evening as well, but hopefully will sleep through the night now.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Home Too Early

Buster woke at about 4:30, and M-lady got up with him. She handed him over to me a little before 5:30, and I managed to get him to go to sleep back in his crib at about 6:00.

I had an 8:00 phone call, so I got up around 7:45. Neither Buster or Bud was up yet, but they woke before too long. Buster was pretty happy to be up, and while Bud took a little prodding, he got going quickly enough.

I helped Bud get dressed and get some breakfast while I was on my call. M-lady took Bud to school today, and I took the opportunity to ride my bike to work. I left a little after 9:00. Buster was happily engaged with Nanny J when I left.

Bud and Buster apparently had a good day, and Bud was in his PJs already when I got home around 5:00. He had taken a bath with Nanny J. Bud had been informed that M-lady and I were going out this evening, and Babysitter G would be coming over. Given the option of taking his bath with Nanny J or Babysitter G, Bud selected the former.

Bud clearly expected that M-lady and I wouldn't be home until after he went to bed, however, and let me know that I shouldn't be home while it was still light out. I was supposed to come home when it was night. I told him I was heading upstairs to take a shower, and he bid me goodbye.

A bit later I came down and got some dinner for him. He was fine when M-lady and I left for the show at about 6:00. Buster apparently wasn't real comfortable with Babysitter G when she arrived, but both kids were sleeping well when we got home a little after 10:00.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Proving Ability

Buster slept pretty well, and woke a little later than usual, around 7:00. We got going around 7:45, which was good, since the cleaners arrived at about 8:00. Bud didn't make it out of bed until about 8:20 or so.

Nanny J arrived at 8:45, but was suffering from some sort of (non-emergency) allergic reaction, and M-lady helped to schedule a doctor's appointment for her at about 11:00. So M-lady stayed home, and I headed for work a little after 9:00.

Bud was really well behaved while M-lady worked, and she managed to get a lot done at home. She fed the kids some lunch, which Nanny J finished up when she arrived.

Apparently Buster ate a whole banana in the afternoon again, and Bud ate a pretty big lunch himself. They had a good afternoon.

I arrived home at about 5:00, and we all played together for a bit after Nanny J left. We rolled balls around the living room for a bit, and watched a few minutes of TV before getting started on dinner around the time M-lady was arriving home. Bud ate a pretty big dinner, and had a bowl of ice cream for dessert.

After dinner, Buster showed off his remarkable feat by climbing the staircase again, this time with myself following closely. He was really quick, and giggling the whole time. It was impressive. I'm glad I got the gates up on the stairs.

Bud had a bath, watched a little bit of TV, had another snack, and then headed for bed. After his story and lights out, he decided he was still hungry, so we headed downstairs for snack number two. After that he fell asleep on his own pretty quickly.

Buster also went to bed pretty easily, and hopefully will sleep well again tonight.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stair Climber

The morning was a pretty standard school-day routine, with Bud getting me out of bed around 7:30. We stayed in his room until about 7:45, and then got dressed and headed downstairs to watch a little TV before breakfast.

Bud had oatmeal for breakfast for the first time. I think he liked it, but we'll see what he requests for breakfast tomorrow.

I headed to work after dropping Bud off, and had to work a little late today. M-lady got home at about 5:00 to pick up the kids. She was greeted with a story about how Buster climbed all the way up the stairs today. She was a little skeptical, but Bud talked about how he was showing Buster how to climb, and Nanny J went up right behind them. Buster has clearly already mastered the single step up from the playroom and living room, and apparently was able to extrapolate that skill to a fifteen-step staircase.

Wonder when he'll figure out the descending part.

I got home around 6:30, just as dinner was hitting the table. Bud ate pretty well, and I fed Buster a bottle while M-lady ate her dinner. After I'd gotten something to eat myself, I was convinced by Bud to invert the usual bedtime routine. We watched a little bit of TV first, and then had a snack, then a bath. It didn't go very smoothly, but Bud was in bed by about 8:20.

Buster took a bit longer to fall asleep, and was up and down a little bit. I suspect he's got two more top teeth coming in, and I'm sure that's a little uncomfortable. He hasn't had a fever or anything like that yet, though.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Honest Guile

Buster woke this morning around 6:00ish, and M-lady fielded him. He slept in bed with us for a little while. Bud woke me at about 7:30, and I got him to hang out in his room for about 15 minutes before we headed downstairs to watch a little TV.

The day was pretty standard, although I was able to work from home for most of the morning. Bud joined me in the office, and enjoyed watching some videos of our dance troupe. He told me he would miss me when I headed for the office a little after 11:00.

The kids apparently had a good day with Nanny J. They were happy to see me when I got home, and Buster crawled over to climb up my leg when I came in the door. Bud followed me around as I put my stuff away, and let me know that he didn't eat any candy today since he couldn't find any in the pantry.

I've taken to hiding the candy recently, since Bud confessed to eating it while Nanny J was busy with Buster during the day. I still produce it for him for small treats after dinner, but I've been working hard to make sure he doesn't figure out where we're hiding it. I was tickled by his honesty at attempted rule-breaking.

Before M-lady got home, we all played together for a bit, and then watched some Sesame Street videos on the computer. Bud particularly liked a segment about Chinese acrobats, and asked to do some acrobatics. So after M-lady got home, we worked on some simple stunting. He's getting better with balance and body control, and we had a lot of fun.

Dinner was pretty straightforward, and Bud again ate a large amount. After dinner it was time for a bath and the bedtime routine. Bud was reasonably behaved, and was asleep by 9:00.

Buster seems to have sprouted another top tooth today, the front right, I think. It was tough to get a finger in there. He's apparently starting to get the hang of the beginning cereal, too.

Monday, January 26, 2009

More Teeth

Buster had a leaking diaper at about 6:00, and M-lady got him changed and cleaned up. I took him for about half an hour, and when he was thoroughly asleep on my shoulder I brought him to bed to sleep with us. As soon as I put him down he popped awake, ready to play. M-lady got up with him, and I joined her about 45 minutes later when Bud got me up.

I got Bud ready for school, and we got him happily dropped off without incident. Then it was off to work with me. The kids apparently had a good day, and Buster apparently ate a large lunch, including an entire banana in the afternoon which Nanny J mushed up for him. I guess his appetite is back.

Buster was happy to see me when I got home, and crawled across the room to greet me. After getting settled and seeing Nanny J off, we all played together in the living room for a little while. Buster's been threatening some more teeth recently, and it looks like he finally broke the upper left #2. I just checked: his first two teeth came in mid-October. He's had just the bottom two teeth for three months. I expect him to get four on top in short order.

M-lady got home around 6:00, and I had to take a work call. I rejoined just as everyone was getting ready for dinner. Bud ate a huge quantity of stew for dinner, and I coaxed him into the bathtub afterward.

The bedtime routine was pretty standard after that, and Bud was asleep around 9:00. Buster took a little longer to put down, but was asleep in his crib around 9:30.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Visits

The kids slept pretty well last night. Buster got up just before 7:00, and Bud got me out of bed a little before 8:00. Unfortunately, he'd saturated his diaper, so we had to strip the bed and get him out of wet pajamas. Since they were pretty wet, I convinced him to take a bath.

Bud enjoyed his bath, and Buster had a great time standing at the edge of the tub. I think Buster really wants to get in the tub and play with Bud. After getting Bud cleaned up and into day clothes, we headed downstairs to get some breakfast. M-lady headed out for a quick trip to Target a short time later, and I managed to get Buster to snooze for about an hour while she was gone.

Around 11:00, friends D and T came over with their daughter K and son Dv. K is a little older than Bud, and Dv is a little younger. Bud was a bit shy at first, but eventually engaged in lightsaber battles and artwork projects with the guests. I think everyone had a good time.

Our guests left around 1:00, and we had some lunch. Bud ate a big bowl of the stew he and M-lady made yesterday, and had a rice-krispy treat for dessert which I had made last night. After lunch, he and M-lady played with legos for a bit while I got Buster to take a longer nap. They had a great time, with Bud starting to get interested in building ships with lego. He apparently wanted to model the Millenium Falcon (a tough job with Duplo bricks).

Aunt O and Cousin C arrived a bit later in the afternoon, and had a nice visit. Cousin C had gotten a little wary of unfamiliar men, so I kept my distance. But he was perfectly comfortable with M-lady. Cousin C and Buster interacted a little bit, and managed not to maul each other too badly.

Bud and I had a nice video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, and Bud and Granddad B had a lot of fun playing Lego Star Wars together.

After playing for a while, Bud and I made an expedition to pick up dinner. We got KFC, which Bud has been asking me about every time we pass the restaurant while running errands. I'm not entirely sure where he picked up the info that KFC has chicken, but he seemed to know that the first time he asked about it.

We had a good dinner, and Bud liked KFC. After dinner we had a really nice video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B. Buster spent a good amount of time trying to get to the keyboard on the laptop, but did interact with the grandparents as well. They got to hear him say, "Uh-oh!" as well. Bud made a couple of appearances, and hung out in the background a little bit.

After the call I got Buster into the shower while M-lady and Bud looked as some photos taken during the weekend. Buster had a good time in the shower, although he keeps diving into the stream of water and then looking startled with water gets on his head a face.

We got Bud into PJs and watched a little TV before bed. Bud was good about going to bed tonight, although he didn't fall asleep until nearly 9:30.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Containment Strategy

I was up with Buster from about 1:00 to 2:00, and then M-lady took him from about 2:00 to 3:00, and they were able to snooze together. I apparently got up with Bud at one point, which I don't remember, although I do remember getting back to bed at about 4:30. Bud got me out of bed a little before 8:00, and after hanging out in his room for a bit, we headed downstairs to watch some TV.

M-lady and Buster joined us a little later, and I was able to head back to bed for about an hour. When I came back down, I found M-lady and Bud making stew together. He apparently was very interested in helping at first, but lost some interest going forward and wanted to play lightsabers.

We all played together a little bit, and I managed a couple of phone calls before we all got some lunch. Bud ate pretty well, but Buster wasn't interested in his solids again. He had a big bottle of formula, though.

After lunch we played together a little more. M-lady and I spent some time setting up the old Superyard fence in the playroom, in an attempt to segregate the room into child-proofed and non-child-proofed sections. The results were better than we anticipated, and after moving some lamps around, things are looking pretty good down there, and much safer for an increasingly quick Buster.

We had a nice video chat with Ama and Agu, and a little later, Buster and M-lady took a nap together. I convinced Bud to finally get dressed and come with me on a shopping trip. We headed to Babies 'R Us and picked up some more of the Superyard fence to finish off the playroom and have some for the office. The local Babies 'R Us is connected to a Toys 'R Us, so we wandered around a little in there. Bud chose to spend a little of the Chinese New Year's gift he received from Ama and Agu, and bought a couple of Star Wars action figures.

We hit the grocery store on the way home to get some milk, and made it home in time to get started on dinner. The stew M-lady and Bud had worked on was great for dinner, and Bud ate a big bowl of it. Buster ate some solids as well, polishing off some apple sauce and carrots. After dinner we watched a little TV, did the shower thing with Bud, and got ready for bed.

Looking forward to sleeping a little more continuously tonight.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Dinner Guests

Buster slept even better last night, not waking until about 5:00. M-lady was able to get him to sleep a bit more before we got up. I was up a bit before 7:00 to get a little work done, and Bud wandered in at about 7:30. I managed to snooze with Bud in his room until about 8:30.

M-lady and I took Buster to his nine-month doctor appointment, where he was proclaimed fit, developing on time, and very cute. He got a couple of shots, which he wasn't so happy about, but otherwise he did very well. M-lady brought Buster back home while I headed on to work.

The boys again had a good day with Nanny J, and I got home around 5:00 to take over. We played a little bit of kickball, and then Bud and Buster watched me while I did some dinner preparations for our guests. M-lady arrived a short time later, and a bit after 6:00, our friends T and S arrived.

Bud did his shy thing for a little while, and eventually T managed to engage him in a lightsaber duel. Buster was a little subdued, possibly due to the effects of the immunizations, but looked adorable all evening. Over all, both kids were really well behaved all night. Bud had a good time playing with T and S, and was willing to entertain himself when necessary, and ate a good dinner. He didn't get to bed until around 9:30, but fell asleep quickly after that. Buster was down a little bit early, but woke a bit later in the evening for a bit.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Apologies for the late post: my internet connection went down last night and I wasn't willing to wait for it before heading for bed.

Buster again didn't sleep really well, but M-lady managed him for most of the night. M-lady and I both had busy days at work, so we headed off when Nanny J arrived.

The kids had a good day, and Buster ate a bit more solid food. He's getting back into his eating groove after being a little sick. Bud didn't eat much during the day again, but ate a good dinner in the evening.

I got home around 5:00, and ended up playing with Bud, Buster, and Nanny J before she left. Bud has a small inflatable beach ball which he received as a recent party favor, and we had a good time kicking it around the living room. As I used to do with Bud, I held Buster by the armpits, and swung his whole body between my legs to 'kick' the ball. And as with Bud, Buster loved it.

M-lady was a little later getting home, so we watched a little bit of TV and then had some dinner. Bud ate a big dinner, and had some ice cream for dessert. Buster had a bottle, and we were just settling in to watch a little more TV before putting Bud in the bath when M-lady got home.

Bud had a good bath, and Buster really enjoyed standing outside the tub watching him. I eventually coaxed Bud out of the tub, and got him ready for bed. Bud had a snack before bed, and ended up going to sleep pretty easily around 8:30. Buster went down a little bit later.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Signing His Name

Buster was up again for quite a bit of the night last night, starting at about 2:00. He seemed to be up mostly due to s stuffy nose, which kept him gasping for air when he fell asleep. I was up with him until about 2:30, when M-lady took him from me for a while. We switched off a couple times during the night, but I don't think any of us slept very well.

M-lady woke Bud and I around 8:15, and I worked on getting Bud ready to go to school. We ended up getting out the door a few minutes late, and then had to take a longer route to school as the traffic in front of the local high school was a bit hairy. Bud commented on the sudden cold weather on the way: we've been enjoying days in the 70's for the past ten days or so, and it looks like it's going to go back to our winter rainy weather for a while. We got to school right as class was getting started. Bud happily joined the class, and I took my leave.

I had to work a bit later today, so I found M-lady feeding the kids dinner when I returned a little after 6:00. Bud had apparently had a good day. He signed his name to artwork at school for the first time, which drew praise from the teachers. He didn't eat much a lunch today, but was eating a sizable dinner when I got home.

Buster had eaten some applesauce today, and his poops are becoming less liquid. So I guess he's getting better, too. Both kids gave me smiles when I came in, and Bud was soon requesting that I join him in a lightsaber battle.

After getting a bit to eat and battling a bit, we all helped pick up the playroom and the living room. Well, Buster didn't help as much, but he entertained himself while we got things put away. We watched a little bit of TV, skipped the snack this evening, and headed for bed.

Bud was pretty good about going to bed. He's also been better about picking bedtime stories... for a while he'd insist I pick a story for him, then nix any of my choices and pick something himself. So either I'm picking better, or he's liking my choices better. Tonight we worked on reading Hop On Pop together.

Hopefully Buster sleeps a little more soundly tonight.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dinner Games

Buster didn't sleep well last night, waking pretty regularly, and showing signs of discomfort. After determining his diaper wasn't wet and he didn't have a fever, we eventually gave him a dose of Motrin at about 6:00am, on the theory that he might be teething. M-lady was up with him at about 6:30, when he was ready to be awake.

Bud woke a bit before 8:00, and I got up around the same time to help out, as M-lady needed to leave for work a little early. We got Bud dressed and eating breakfast, and Nanny J arrived at about 8:45. I packed up, with Bud nearby, and headed out the door around 9:00.

Bud and Buster had a good day, although Buster was a bit poopy again today, and refused solid foods for the second day running. Bud also ate a bit less than usual at lunch and during the afternoon.

M-lady got home around 5:00, and I arrived closer to 6:00. We sat down to dinner, although Bud declined to join us and played on his own while we ate. After eating, I played a little bit of Rock Band with Bud. He lasted about three songs before he asked for something to eat, so we got him some dinner. He ended up eating a huge quantity... I guess he'd been saving up.

After dinner, we plopped him in the bath, got him cleaned up, into PJs, and watched a little TV. He asked for a snack before bed, and ate a fair amount again before we headed up to bed. He fell asleep pretty quickly, a short time after the lights went out around 8:30.

Buster has slept pretty quietly so far this evening, so hopefully will sleep a little better tonight.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Buster and Bud slept pretty well through the night, with Buster joining us in bed around 7:00ish. M-lady got up with him a short time later, since he was pretty determined to be up. Bud joined her before too long.

They had a good time playing on the computer for a little while. M-lady asked me to give her a hand at about 8:30, when Bud had a little cut on his finger and Buster simultaneously filled one of the legs of his sleeper with poop. I got Bud's finger cleaned and dressed, and then spent a short time trying to wipe poop out from between Buster's toes before just hauling him into the shower with me.

After getting the baby cleaned up, I headed downstairs with the kids to get Bud some breakfast. He ate a bit, and I got Buster to munch a little before he passed out on my shoulder.

I left Bud to his own devices while I headed upstairs to put Buster to sleep. Buster napped on my shoulder for about 40 minutes, and then for another hour or so on my chest as I lay in bed and snoozed. It was about 11:30 when we got up.

We had a nice video chat with Grandma W a little bit afternoon, and while Buster was generally content and interested in the video, he got tired by the end. I think he's still a little sick, but the symptoms at this point are really just fatigue and some diarrhea.

After the call, he had a bottle of formula for lunch, and then napped for a couple of hours with M-lady. Bud and I got lunch as well, and then played together for a bit before heading out to the garage to do some cleanup. M-lady took Buster off to do some clothes shopping for the kids in the later afternoon, as Buster seems to be outgrowing a lot of his jackets and such.

Bud and I picked up sushi for dinner, and Bud scarfed down a pretty huge quantity when we got it home. After dinner it was the usual bath/TV/snack/bedtime routine, and Bud was pretty well behaved. He was asleep shortly after 8:30.

Buster was up a down a little during the evening, finally going down (hopefully for good) around 11:00 or so.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Party Recovery Day

Buster was up a little after 7:00 this morning, and hung out in bed with us for a little while before M-lady got up with him. I managed to snooze for a bit, although I was up a couple of times to help M-lady with Buster's poopy diapers. He seems to still be having a bit of diarrhea, and leaked out of a couple of diapers this morning. He was fine for the rest of the day, though.

M-lady played with the boys for the morning, and I joined them around 11:00. M-lady took the opportunity to get a few chores taken care of, and got a nap in herself. The boys and I had a good video chat with Granddad B, and Bud got to play some Lego Star Wars with him.

The boys and I hung out, got some lunch, and put Bud in the bath as the afternoon progressed. Buster took a short nap, and M-lady joined us again around 3:30. At about 4:00, Bud and I headed outside to pick some oranges. That is, I picked oranges, and Bud waited at the bottom of the ladder, playing and eating oranges.

It was starting to get dark when we headed in, and we had some dinner before catching the end of the AFC championship football game. Bud had a lot of questions about what was going on when one of the players was hurt in an unintentional helmet-to-helmet collision. I explained that he was being helped by paramedics, and they were strapping him to a backboard to make sure he didn't move and hurt his neck more. A little later I saw Bud playing lightsaber, battling imaginary Sith. He collapsed, and held very still, saying he got hit on the head. I went and warned M-lady where this new behavior was coming from.

We watched a little bit of TV and then did the bedtime routine. Bud was good about going to bed tonight, and was asleep around 9:00. Buster fell asleep at a reasonable time as well, so getting them back on schedule for the week won't be too hard.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Two Party Day

Bud and Buster both slept through the night, which was nice. They were both up this morning a bit after 7:00. Buster had pooped through his diaper again, and M-lady cleaned up the wreckage. Buster seemed a little dozy, so we dozed together for about half an hour before joining Bud and M-lady downstairs.

We spent most of the morning getting ready for our evening party, and from about 10:30 or so getting ready to go out to friend A's birthday party. We headed out around noon. His party was held at Pump It Up, a warehouse with a bunch of huge inflated bouncy-castle-style play areas. Bud was pretty excited when we arrived, but wanted me to accompany him as he played for a while.

I took Buster from M-lady after a bit, and she took a turn playing with Bud. But before too long, Bud was going down the big slide by himself, having a grand time. He was really independent at the party after that, playing on the slide, and then sitting with the other kids to have pizza and cake. I saw him look up a couple times to check that M-lady and I weren't too far away, but he seemed pretty comfortable being on his own with the other kids.

We headed home at about 2:00, and started getting ready for the party we were hosting. It was a 'Space Opera' themed costume event (although costumes were not required), and we dressed Bud in his full jedi gear. He looked great, although he spent a little while hiding under his hood.

A short time later, friends Av and An arrived. Av is a few years older than Bud, and An is just his age. Bud and the two girls played together, largely independently of the adults, for most of the evening. They had some epic lightsaber battles together, and chased each other around the house. It seemed they generally had a good time. It was really cool to be able to let them play together with minimal supervision for hours.

The party wrapped up pretty late in the evening, and it was after 10:00 before the boys were in bed. Bud had a good snack before bed, and hopefully the kids will have gotten enough to eat that they can sleep in a little bit tomorrow. Since there's no work on Monday, we'll have a couple of days to get them back on schedule.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Stress in the Morning

Both kids slept through the night, which was great. Buster woke having blown out his diaper, and M-lady was changing him with Bud looking on when I joined them a little before 8:00.

I had an early meeting, so I dialed into the meeting a bit after 8:00, as M-lady handed the boys to me and left for work. It was an exciting 30 minutes or so as I got Bud ready for school, entertained Buster, and answered some questions on the phone call.

I dropped off the call a few minutes before Nanny J arrived, and took Bud to school. He seemed happy to go, and the drop off was fun.

I headed for work shortly after that, and got home around 5:00 to find Bud and Buster playing with Nanny J in the living room. Bud was dressed in his full jedi gear, and I played lightsabers with him for a few minutes before Nanny J left. At that point, Bud and Buster and I all played together for a little while before we headed into the playroom and watched a little TV together.

After a program, we all had some dinner. Bud ate well, and Buster munched a bottle. M-lady arrived home a little bit after we finished dinner, and it was time for the bedtime routine before too long. M-lady took Bud through most of his routine, and I got Buster ready for bed, for a change. We switched back so I could read Bud his bedtime story.

Bud did ask for a late snack after his story again, bud headed straight to bed afterward. He fell asleep reasonably quickly after we turned out the light around 8:45. Buster was asleep at about the same time, and both have slept well so far.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Word, Maybe

I got up with Buster this morning at about 6:00. He was a bit stinky when I picked him up, so I got him into a clean diaper. He was pretty chipper after that. I tried to deposit him in bed with M-lady so he'd sleep a little more, but he was pretty much awake and ready to play.

I had set my alarm for 6:15 anyway, as I had to be at work early this morning. I left before Bud got up, so M-lady held down the fort this morning. Nanny J arrived at 8:45, and M-lady headed for work shortly afterward.

I arrived home around 4:30, and Bud was eating what looked like a pretty complete meal. Buster was having his evening two-jar dinner. I settled in and changed clothes, and joined Bud for a lightsaber battle as Nanny J took her leave.

Bud and Buster and I had a lot of fun playing with a Christmas gift of tissue paper in the living room. All three of us, sitting facing each other, would violently wave the paper up and down in the same space. Everyone giggled. It was really cool to see Bud and Buster playing together and both having fun.

We eventually headed over to the TV to veg out a little bit before M-lady arrived home. Bud, oddly enough, really likes the cooking shows that I've been watching recently, so we caught some of an episode of Good Eats before getting some dinner.

Wen Buster drops something from his highchair, as he does when he's not interested in the toy we've given him to keep him content while we eat dinner, I'll raise my hands, shrug my shoulders, and say, "Uh-oh!" Tonight Buster repeated the 'uh-oh' very clearly a number of times. I don't think it counts as a word, but it's really neat to hear him working on the sounds.

Bud ate a good dinner, and we had time for a little bit of Lego Star Wars before starting the bedtime routine. He did eat a big snack again, but wasn't interested in another snack after the story tonight. He passed out pretty quickly. M-lady was able to put Buster down before 9:30, and the kids have so far stayed asleep.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Enjoying Time With Family

Buster slept pretty well last night, and Bud got me out of bed around 7:00. I snoozed with him in his room for a little while before I had to get up a little before 8:00. Bud decided to get up at the same time, and I helped him get dressed.

I had to head to work a little early, but I was able to get Bud going on some breakfast before I left. M-lady was up with Buster, who was exploring the bedroom a bit.

M-lady took Bud to school, where he had a good morning. He was excited to show the pen he got from Nanny J yesterday as his show and tell item. Nanny J picked him up after school, and he apparently spent most of the rest of the afternoon eating.

I was a little late getting home from work, arriving at about 6:00. Bud was excited to see me, and we all sat down to dinner. Bud ate well, and Buster was content to watch while M-lady and I finished our dinners.

M-lady handled Buster for the evening while I played some Lego Star Wars with Bud. We watched a little TV, and then had a snack and headed for bed. He didn't request a snack after the story tonight, but instead fell asleep in about 5 minutes. He was pretty tired.

Buster was up and down a little bit before finally falling asleep at about 9:30. I'm looking forward to getting back to a schedule where we get to sleep for more than 3-4 hours at a time... hopefully that will come before too long.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Play Pen

It was kind of a tough night last night, but M-lady took the brunt of it. I got up with Buster at about 5:30, and when he wasn't willing to sleep in his crib by 6:00, I deposited him in our bed with M-lady. About two minutes after I crawled into bed, Bud wandered in, so I went and lay down with him for a while.

M-lady had to get to work a little early today, so I took Buster from her around 8:30. I was feeling lousy, and discovered I had a not insignificant fever. Guess I finally got the bug that's been eating the family.

Nanny J felt better today, and arrived at 8:45. I handed Buster to her, took some Advil, checked into work, and then managed to snooze for another half hour or so. Bud woke at about 9:45, and I got him dressed and sent him downstairs to get some breakfast from Nanny J.

I went into the office around 11:30, and Bud showed me the 'lightsaber' Nanny J had brought for him: a pen made of clear plastic with an embedded blue LED. Bud uses it as a three function device: pen, flashlight, and lightsaber. He played with it all day.

I got home around 4:30, and managed to change into sweats before passing out for about three hours. M-lady arrived home a short time later, and apparently found both kids in the Pack 'n Play along with pretty much all the toys in the living room. I had pulled out the Pack 'n Play to give Nanny J a safe place to deposit Buster for short periods of time, as he's mobile and the house isn't really child-proofed yet. But Bud was apparently very interested in hanging out with him in there.

When I woke, Bud was making 'soup' in the Pack 'n Play, stirring a big pile of toys, as M-lady and Bud watched from upstairs.

Bud had some dinner, and then I watched a little bit of TV with him before starting the bedtime routine. He once again asked for a snack before turning out the lights, and ended up eating another big plate of tofu, broccoli, and pork. He fell asleep pretty quickly with a full tummy.

Buster hung on to consciousness a bit longer, but we were able to put him down in his crib a bit after 9:00. Hopefully both kids will sleep a little better tonight.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Very Hungry

It was kind of a tough night last night, with Buster, Bud, and M-lady's coughing getting in on the act. We muddled through, though, and I got up with Buster around 7:40. I got him into a clean diaper, and we hung out together for a little while until it was time to start getting Bud up and ready for school.

Bud's diaper had leaked during the night, so we got him into clean clothes and stripped his bed. He had a good breakfast, and was pretty excited to go to school today. The dropoff was uneventful.

Nanny J called in sick today (not terribly surprising, given how things have been going), so I stayed home for the first part of the day and M-lady headed into the office. Buster and I hung out while I did a little bit of email, and then he decided to take his morning nap right around the time I had a meeting to call into. That ended up working out pretty well. He woke up a little after 11:00, and was just de-grogged enough to be alert and happy during our outing to pick Bud up from school.

Everyone had some lunch when we got home. Buster ate a couple of jars of veggies, and Bud had some shrimp and tofu leftovers. It was the first of many more meals Bud had today... he's clearly making up for the calories lost over the past week.

M-lady arrived home a little after 1:00, and I left the kids with her while I headed into work for a couple of hours. They apparently had a pretty good afternoon, with Bud having one minor meltdown before they had a snack (a second lunch for Bud) a little before 3:00. I didn't get home until nearly 6:00, and everyone was happily playing in the living room together after having eaten dinner.

Bud proceeded to eat a fair portion of my dinner, after which Bud and Buster and I watched a little bit of TV together. Then I got the kids into the shower to wash up, followed by a little more TV and another snack. Bud finally headed up to bed, brushed teeth, had a story, and then wanted to go back downstairs for another snack. He ate a bagel.

We finally got him into bed a little before 9:00. Hopefully he'll sleep well tonight.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Coloring Skills

Buster slept through the night last night, but Bud got me out of bed around 5:30. I slept in his bed for a while, and woke up with a sore back at about 9:00. M-lady was up and feeding Buster, who'd woken sometime after 7:00. Since Bud wasn't up yet, I headed back to bed for a little while.

Bud and I ended up getting up a bit after 10:00, and after we got dressed and got going, Bud had some breakfast and then helped me finish up mounting the gate at the bottom of the stairs. And I know it's only the first day with both gates in place, but man does that discourage going up and down the stairs. Poor Bud can't get the gates open and closed himself yet, so he'll have to get some help to get up to his room.

We had a pretty mellow early afternoon. Bud and I did a little coloring together, and I was really impressed. He went from roughly scribbling in the general area of what he was trying to color to actually filling things in and being 90% inside the lines. I'm not sure when the shift happened, but it seems it was a pretty sudden thing.

We watched a little of the Chargers game in the later afternoon, and then Bud and I took a trip to the grocery store. We had a pretty good time there, and then had fun harvesting oranges when we got home. I think Bud enjoyed the three or four we ate together more than the actual picking, though.

We headed inside and I got started on dinner before too long. Bud was particularly hungry this evening... I think the days of not eating this past week are catching up with him. He ate most of his burger, then snacked on milk and cereal as we watched some TV. Then a jelly bean, half a flour tortilla, and bedtime, which he interrupted by requesting another snack. He ate some shrimp and tofu before finally turning in for the night.

Buster was a bit clingy today, but not too bad. He didn't nap as much during the day as he should have, and ended up being a bit grumpy in the evening. He's been eating well, though.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Online Gamer

I was up with Buster from about 1:00 to 2:00 this morning, and then Bud woke at about 4:15 asking for some water. I got him back to bed and lay down with him for a while, getting back to my own bed around 6:00. M-lady got up with Buster and Bud around 8:00ish, and I was able to sleep in until about 10:00.

I joined them and got started on getting ready to head out to the birthday party of Friend A, the first in a series of birthdays over the next two months of the kids in Bud's Mommy Group. We got there a little after 11:00.

It was a 'Princess Party', following the theme of the Disney Princesses. Bud was one of two boys attending, and he opted to wear his Jedi robes, as he doesn't really have anything that fits 'Prince'. In any case, we arrived to find about a half-dozen little princesses running around. Bud spent the first part of the party safely tucked behind me.

Bud eventually warmed up a bit, and was willing to come out of hiding from behind me, but never felt courageous enough to join in the games. He did enjoy eating snacks and cake, though, and stood close enough to the pinata to grab some goodies. Friend A's mother, S, was particularly good about providing the two boys with some non-princessy party favors.

Bud returned to his talkative self when we stepped outside, and declared that he'd enjoyed the party.

We arrived at home around 2:00, and M-lady took off to show the colors at a babyshower to which we'd been invited. It occurred to me we should have brought the happily expecting couple to the four-year-old birthday party, just so they could get a preview.

I stayed home with Bud and Buster, and we had a nice video call with Grandma W. Buster showed off his crawling and pulling up skills, and did his best to get his hands on the laptop. He was quite smilely for Grandma, though. After the call, he quickly showed signs of fatigue, and I was able to put him back down in his crib for a bit after rocking him.

M-lady arrived home a bit later, and Bud and I got an online game of Lego Star Wars going with Granddad B. After figuring out how to connect, it went really well. Bud wore the headset, and gave Granddad B instructions as they proceeded. I think this is something we can keep doing. It's great that they can play online collaboratively. It was Bud's first online gaming experience.

After the game, I watched Buster for a little while as M-lady and Bud went out to get some dinner. Bud ate reasonably well at dinner, and throughout the day, for that matter. After dinner it was bath time, then a little TV and bedtime. Our evening routine was pretty standard.

Bud didn't end up falling asleep when the lights went out, though, and asked for another snack after 9:00pm. He had some crackers, we brushed teeth again, and then he fell asleep pretty quickly. M-lady was able to put Buster down about the same time.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Back to School

Bud woke me this morning at about 7:00. He'd pooped in his diaper, and it needed changing. Unfortunately, the poop was particularly caustic and had burned his butt pretty badly. Wipes were out, so I used warm water on paper towels to do most of the cleaning, and slathered Vaseline onto his butt. I got him into a fresh diaper, and we lightly snoozed in his room until about 8:00.

M-lady deposited Buster with us at that point, as she had to get on a conference call, and Bud and I started getting ready to get him to school. We got him dressed, and I re-applied some Vaseline. His underwear got a little sticky, but he didn't seem to mind too much. We headed downstairs to get some breakfast at about 8:30.

Bud didn't really eat much breakfast, and actually again didn't really eat much at all during the day. Hopefully his appetite will come back soon. He was anxious to go to school, though, and we were ready to go when Nanny J arrived around 8:45.

Bud's school has apparently been talking about the weather, so we checked out the weather forecast on my iPhone right before we left. We talked about 'mostly sunny', how warm a high temperature of 65 degrees is (ed: apologies to people not on the West Coast), and what the rest of the week looked like (more of the same). I'm not sure he understood why we were talking about it, but seemed to get the info well enough.

He was happy enough at drop off, and waved me goodbye. All the teachers seemed happy to have him back. I asked him how his day went when I got home around 4:30, but wasn't able to elicit much response.

We played with his WordLaunch again for a bit, and then hung out with Buster when Nanny J took her leave. We all played together in the playroom for a bit before M-lady arrived home.

The evening was pretty mellow, with some playing in the living room, a quick dinner (where Bud didn't eat much, but Buster had a couple more jars of food), and then a bath for Bud. After the bath, we got him into PJs, had a quick snack, and headed for bed. He fell asleep within five minutes after the light went out... I think he was pretty tired.

Buster apparently struggled a bit as he was falling asleep, but finally dozed off a little after 9:00. Hopefully the kids will sleep well tonight, and Bud's butt will have an opportunity to heal a bit.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Getting Quick

Bud got me out of bed at about 6:00, and I changed his diaper, got him a drink of water, and crawled into bed with him. We ended up sleeping unto about 10:00, which was lovely. Buster woke at about 6:30, and M-lady brought him to bed with her, where they slept until about 8:00.

I got Bud dressed when we got up, and then he shadowed me as I logged into work and answered the morning email. I had to dial into a meeting at 11:00, but I took the call downstairs where I helped Bud set up and play with his new WordLaunch after he had a little bit of breakfast with Nanny J. The games kept Bud busy for the hour I was on the phone.

I had to head into work shortly after that, and Bud was a little sad to see me pack up and go. But he and Buster seem to have had a pretty good afternoon.

Buster is getting really quick. He can cross rooms in the blink of an eye, and really can't be unattended for more than about 3 seconds right now. I think we're going to have to break out the superyard shortly.

Nanny J took the kids grocery shopping this afternoon, and Bud picked out ingredients for food he wanted, including shrimp, tofu, and bok choi. They all had a good time with the brief outing.

I got home around 5:00, and both the kids seemed happy to see me. After Nanny J took her leave, I took the kids upstairs to the office, where Bud played on the Sesame Street website, Buster watched from my lap, and I got a little bit of work done. M-lady arrived a short time later, and we were all delighted to see her.

Dinner followed a short time later. Nanny J had cooked some great dishes, and Bud ate reasonably well. After dinner there was a short play time before we headed upstairs to get Bud into the bathtub. Then it was story, another snack, and bedtime. Bud fell asleep pretty quickly.

Buster also went down into his crib before too long. Hopefully they both sleep reasonably well again tonight.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Low Key Evening

Bud slept reasonably well through the night, waking once at about 5:30 or so, asking for a drink of water. I changed his diaper for him, and he fell asleep again after about half an hour. Buster, on the other hand, woke at about 3:00, and refused to be put down until M-lady took him into our bed at about 5:30.

I had to get up at 7:30 to get ready for work. Everyone else was still asleep when I left at about 8:00, which was good. We decided not to send Bud to school again today, as he still seems a little ill, although recovering. We don't want to pass anything along to the other kids, though.

Bud didn't eat much again today, but didn't vomit today, either. He seemed to be in pretty good spirits when I got home, if a little low-energy. We watched some TV until M-lady came home, and then played together a little in the living room until it was time for bed. He didn't really eat much dinner, but did have some Gatorade and soda crackers.

Buster has been extremely clingy the past couple of days. He gets really upset if left alone by the supervising adult for more than a few seconds. Hopefully he'll get past this stage quickly... it's hard to get things done sometimes.

Bud went to bed peacefully, and fell asleep on his own pretty quickly. Hopefully the kids will sleep a little more soundly tonight... M-lady and I need to get more sleep, too.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Feeling a Little Better

Both Buster and Bud slept through the night last night, which was nice. Bud woke at about 7:30, and M-lady fielded him, getting him into clean clothes. I joined them a little before 8:00 to help change Buster, who's diaper had leaked a little, and was getting a full clothing change.

I got myself ready to head out, and then helped Bud change his pants after a small potty accident. Nanny J arrived at about 8:45, and I headed out the door for another long work day at about 9:00.

Bud and Buster apparently had a pretty good day, although Bud vomited again after having some milk at breakfast. Buster also seems to have a bit of diarrhea, so we'll have to keep an eye on him to see if he picks up the same stomach bug that Bud got.

I got home around 7:00, and found the family in front of the TV. They had been watching the Food Network at Bud's request, and enjoying Ace of Cakes. Bud now seems to have some expectations for his birthday cake.

M-lady handed the kids to me, as she had started feeling a little ill with what might be the beginning of the stomach bug. She napped for most of the rest of the evening while I got the kids set for bed.

Buster was a little tired and grumpy, so I wasn't able to lavish Bud with as much attention as I usually do. I did get him a bland dinner, which he munched down, and got about four ounces of formula into Buster. After eating, we watched a little TV, including some of the Upside Down Show, staying up just a bit later than usual. Then the bedtime routine, which Bud was very cooperative with, which was good since I was holding Buster.

Bud crawled into bed after watching a video on the iPhone, and I promised to come check on him after I got Buster to sleep. Buster was pretty tired, and I was able to put him down in about 15 minutes. Bud was sleeping soundly when I checked on him.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Sadly Sick Again

I was up late working last night, until about 4:00am, when Bud wandered in. He asked for a drink of water, which I got for him as I put him back to bed. I sat with him for a little while, and then turned in myself.

About 20 minutes later Bud came into our room, and then barfed on the carpet. I got him herded into the bathroom, where I got him cleaned up, and M-lady started tending to the floors. Bud had actually already barfed once on the way to our room, so there was a second incident area.

We got Bud cleaned up and back in bed with a bucket nearby, and cleaned up the carpets as best we could. Bud vomited again a little later, but got it all in the bucket, which was good. I slept the rest of the night in his room with him.

Bud woke around the time Nanny J arrived, but he was interested in staying in bed a bit. He was a little disappointed that he wouldn't be going to school, but seemed OK with resting.

Nanny J reported that Bud got up and had a good morning, although he vomited again after eating some breakfast. After that, he had some rice porridge that she prepared for him, which he kept down. When M-lady was preparing dinner, Bud asked her for the same thing again, which M-lady was happy to provide.

Buster was good today, although apparently apt to crawl away if no one was paying attention to him. He doesn't seem to have caught the bug yet.

I was kept at work late, and so M-lady took care of the kids in the evening. They apparently all read a big Richard Scary book together, and Bud was very well behaved. Bud was still just awake when I got home, so I had the opportunity to say goodnight. So far he's slept well.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Reading Time

Bud woke up this morning around 7:45, and M-lady got up with him. He had apparently soaked through his diaper, and M-lady had to get him into clean clothes and strip his bed. I woke with Buster about 8:30, and changed him out of wet clothes as well. Buster didn't soak all the way through his sleep sack, though, so the bedsheets were spared.

After joining M-lady and Bud downstairs as they were having a little breakfast, M-lady headed back to take a nap. Bud and Buster and I finished up some breakfast, and then sat down with Bud's Tag pen. We played with his animal flashcards together for a while, and then headed upstairs, where he played the games in a storybook on his own while Buster and I played a bit nearby.

M-lady woke a short time later, and I took a nap for the rest of the morning. They ahd lunch right before I rejoined them. Bud didn't eat much at all today, and didn't give much explanation. We'll see if that continues tomorrow.

Buster had a pretty healthy lunch, and was looking pretty tired by the time I saw him, as he hadn't napped yet. I put him down for a bit, and he did his usual 40 minute sleep cycle.

I ran some errands in the early afternoon. Bud wasn't really interesting in coming with me, so he stayed home, playing with M-lady and Buster. When I got home, he played outside for a bit while I clambered out on the roof and took the rest of the house lights off.

After coming in and cleaning up a bit, Buster and I headed upstairs and had a nice video chat with Granddad B, Grandma Nese, and Aunt K, while Bud engaged in a lightsaber battle with M-lady. Bud came and joined our chat before too long, and we all had a nice time.

We had another fun time hanging out in Bud's room before dinner. This time, Bud worked on reading his BOB books, and did very well indeed. He's got the concept of reading... now it's just a matter of learning all the ridiculous pronunciation rules for English.

Bud ate very lightly again at dinner time, and after Buster had been fed and M-lady and I got some food, we tackled getting the Christmas tree out of the house and on the curb for pickup tomorrow. Bud was actually pretty helpful, and had a good time vacuuming up pine needles after the tree was evacuated.

It was bath time before too long after that, and bedtime followed soon after. I started reading The Hobbit to Bud this evening, and M-lady and Buster came to listen for a little while as well. Bud really seemed to enjoy it, and listened attentively for almost half an hour before we called it a night. I'm looking forward to reading more with him.

Buster was great all day, if a little clingy. He's really getting the hang of crawling, though, and can get across the floor pretty quickly now. No more leaving him unattended and expecting to find him where you left him.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Forward Motion

Bud and Buster both slept well through the night. Bud woke me up around 7:40, and was ready to head downstairs. His diaper had leaked, unfortunately, so I got him cleaned up and into clean clothes before we headed downstairs.

We watched a little bit of TV (after a talk about not getting too into the TV and forgetting to go potty), and were joined before too long by M-lady and Buster. After a bit we all headed into the kitchen to get some breakfast.

I managed to get a nap in around mid-morning, and M-lady had a good time reading stories with Bud. We switched places around 11:00, and she napped for a while as I watched the kids.

I saw Buster do a real crawl motion today for the first time. M-lady says he's done it over the past couple days, and it's clearly an evolving thing, so it's hard to say he's crawling today and not yesterday. His primary locomotion right now seems to be to lunge from a sitting position, then wiggle/roll a little bit to get back to sitting, and then lunge again. He can actually cover ground surprisingly quickly.

Buster had a brief nap around lunchtime, and Bud and I ate while he snoozed. Buster had a couple of jars of veggies for lunch when he woke up, and we all played together for a while before M-lady joined us.

Bud and I made a quick trip out to Home Depot (again!) and the grocery store, where we picked up some provisions for dinner. When we got home, Bud played outside for a little while as I pulled about half the lights off the house. We headed in, I got started on dinner, and we turned on the Chargers game.

Bud played out back a little bit as I grilled dinner, although it was getting pretty chilly out by that point. He ate a good dinner, and I helped Buster get started on his two jars of fruit at dinner. After the boys and I watched a little more of the game, I gave Buster a quick shower, and then adjusted his crib to lower the mattress so he can't vault out. After getting that squared away (with Bud helping), Bud and I got started on his bedtime routine.

Bud was good about going to bed, and was asleep on his own pretty quickly. Buster was asleep shortly after, and didn't have any problem going down in his crib, where he has remained so far.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Home Depot, and Again

Buster and Bud both slept solidly through the night, which was really nice. M-lady got up with Bud around 8:00ish, and I was able to sleep in a little bit. When I got up around 8:30, M-lady was just checking in on Buster, who was standing in his crib, smiling.

I had to head for work, but Bud was happily making thank you cards for everyone with M-lady, signing his name on each. He's getting good at that.

They had all had lunch by the time I got home, around 2:00, and Bud and Buster and I hung out together for a bit while M-lady went to run some errands. Buster took a quick nap, and Bud and I had a chance to read together a little bit, which was nice. When M-lady got home, I got started on installing the safety gate at the top of the stairs.

When I had determined what I needed to purchase from Home Depot, Bud and I headed out. It was a reasonably quick trip, and Bud was helpful. I had some dinner when we got home, and helped feed Buster a couple of jars, but Bud decided to postpone his meal.

After working on the gate some more, Bud and I took a second trip to Home Depot. It was quicker, and Bud started on dinner as soon as we got home. After dinner, Bud enjoyed a bath, and then as quick snack before bedtime. Bud was really cooperative in the evening, and fell asleep around 8:30.

Buster went down shortly after 9:00, and was up briefly around 11:00. Hopefully he'll sleep well for the rest of the night.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Voice Switch

Bud woke me at about 2:30, and I got back to bed about an hour later. Buster woke M-lady at about 4:00, and she was up for about an hour as well. Bud got me out of bed at about 8:30, and Buster was still snoozing when I checked on him. He eventually woke M-lady at about 9:00.

After some breakfast and hanging out, we started getting ready for a party at Friend J's. We left pretty soon after we collected ourselves after lunch. Buster voiced his displeasure with the car seat again, and screamed for a good part of the trip.

Buster was really cute and smiley at the party, although he was pretty intolerant of anyone but M-lady holding him. Bud hid behind me for most of the party, although we did have a good time for a little while playing with the Etch-a-Sketch he brought along. After a couple of hours at the party, we headed home. Bud found his voice again as soon as we stepped outside the door... it's like a switch.

When we got home, Bud and I had a quick outing to Babies 'R Us to look for gates for the stairs, and hit the grocery store on the way home. Bud was great on the trip, although he wanted to look around the store a bit more as I was studying the gate selection.

Buster didn't really nap much during the day, so was pretty tired in the evening. We tried 'corn and butternut squash' with him tonight for dinner, which he didn't really like very much. Bud ate a good dinner, and we all played in the living room for a while afterward. I spent most of the time planning the gate attachment strategy.

Bedtime snuck up quickly, and Bud was in bed a bit after 8:30. He fell asleep within about twenty minutes. Buster went down into his crib a short time later, and has stayed in bed so far...