Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

I got up with Buster at about 4:45 this morning, and when I put him down, it was about 5:45. I didn't think I'd been holding him for that long... must have drifted off.

M-lady got up with Bud a little after 7:00, and they discovered Buster happily sitting up and playing in his crib around 8:00. I got up around 8:30 to get ready for work. the cleaners arrived a few minutes later, and I took my leave while the family was having some breakfast.

After the cleaners left, M-lady packaged up the kids and they headed over to Aunt O and Uncle C's, where they got to spend time with Ama and Agu as well. I was able to join them shortly after lunch. We had a pretty mellow afternoon. Bud spent a good amount of time playing Lego Indiana Jones with Uncle C.

Bud came home with me, while Buster rode in M-lady's car. We just graduated Buster from the bucket car seat to the Britax Roundabout, in the hopes that he'd be more comfortable in the car. But Buster apparently screamed the whole drive home. We'll have to find better ways to distract him in the car.

M-lady played outside with Bud for a little while when we got home, and I took Buster inside to change his diaper and start thinking about dinner. When Bud and M-lady came in, Bud had a little bit of a meltdown about a snack. I sat with him for a little while in his room, and after he calmed down we all watched a little bit of TV while dinner cooked.

Both kids ate well at dinner, with Buster rapidly putting away a couple jars of food and half a bottle of formula. After dinner and some leftover birthday cake for dessert, Bud took a bath and I got Buster into the shower. With clean kids, we played a little bit of Lego Star Wars before bedtime.

Both kids went to sleep reasonably well, and Buster has stayed asleep so far. Hopefully it will be a quiet night. Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Work Day

Buster woke right as I was going to bed, at a little before 3:00, and was very alert. Since I was just wrapping up work, I rocked him back to sleep, although it took a while. I managed to get into bed a little before 4:00.

M-lady took Buster for a little while a short time later, and Bud tried to crawl into our bed a bit after that. M-lady let me sleep in a little bit, getting up with the kids before 8:00.

At about 9:00, I joined them, and helped get Bud ready to go. At about 9:30, I took Bud with me off to work. Bud was really excited to go with me. My company is currently in the midst of a shutdown (I'm still working as I'm on critical path for a demo right after the shutdown), so the office was pretty empty, and we were only going to be there for a couple of hours.

Bud spent most of the time watching Sesame Street videos, but enjoyed a trip to the meeting room where he could use the dry-erase markers on the walls. Overall, he was very self-contained and unobtrusive. We stayed for a couple of hours, and then headed over to the mall for lunch and some brief shopping.

Bud enjoyed lunch, and was really excited to have an Icee during our walk around the mall. He trooped a good distance along with me, and was pretty tired out by the time we headed home at about 2:00.

I took Buster for a while when we got home, and ended up napping with him for a couple of hours. Bud and M-lady had a good time playing, and M-lady was working on dinner when Buster and I joined her a little bit later. We all ate a good dinner.

Buster is up to four jars of food a day, now: two at lunch and two at dinner. We'll introduce meats soon. I also neglected to mention that he pulled himself up on a chair yesterday evening. He's becoming more mobile, which means we don't have much time left to babyproof things, and figure out how to get the DVDs off the bottom shelves and whatnot.

Bud, Buster, and I watched a fair portion of Mulan in the evening. Bud wanted to skip lots of it, but I think now that he knows how it ends, he'll want to see more of it. When the recruits were training with staffs, he observed, "Just like Darth Maul!"

We had a little breakdown a bit after 7:00, and Bud ended up in bed a bit early, at about 7:30, as a disciplinary action. Buster has been pretty good in his crib so far, although he was up for about 20 minutes at 10:30.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Sleeping Through the Night

Buster slept all the way through the night last night! I heard him cry very briefly at about 1:00, but he put himself back to sleep pretty quickly. M-lady and I enjoyed a relatively peaceful night.

Buster and Bud both woke shortly after 7:00, and I went to hang out with Bud in his room for a bit. A little after 8:00, we got up and Bud joined M-lady while I lay down to try and relax my back a little bit.

I had to head to work around 9:30, after helping to get Bud dressed. M-lady took the kids to the mall while I was away, where they had a pretty good time, although Buster got a bit cranky on the way out. They did managed to pick up a new bedspread to go with Bud's new sheets.

I got home a little before 1:00, and both the kids had had some lunch. M-lady and I got something to eat, and then she took a nap while I watched the kids for a bit.

Buster managed to snooze for about an hour in a couple of short chunks during the afternoon. Bud and I put together a new exersaucer for Buster, and then played a little bit of Lego Star Wars. Bud was good about entertaining himself while I rocked Buster.

M-lady joined us again a little later, and Bud and I headed outside to play for a while. We played baseball on the front lawn, and Bud showed off some surprising good batting ability. I think he hit the ball more often than he missed it. Buster joined us outside for a little while as M-lady ran a quick errand.

When M-lady returned, we all headed inside and got started on dinner. M-lady cooked a nice meal, and we all ate well. Buster ate about a jar and a half for dinner, and only had a couple of sips of formula afterward.

Bud and Buster and I took a shower together before bedtime. Buster really enjoys the shower right now, and is always smiley when M-lady hands him in to me. Bud was pretty well behaved in the shower, and was willing to get soaped up. After the shower both kids got wrapped up in their frog towels.

Bud was a little bit rambunctious before bedtime, and that carried all the way until we turned out the lights. But he went to sleep pretty quickly once we got settled, a little after 8:30. Buster also went down reasonably early, and has stayed in his crib so far. Hopefully he'll have a peaceful night again.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mommy's Birthday

Buster slept in his crib last night, but woke every two hours or so. I took a 1-2am rocking shift with him, and M-lady took him from 2-3am, but he slept until about 6:30 after that. M-lady got up with him in the morning, and was changing his diaper with Bud hanging out with her when I got up and started in on some birthday work.

Bud signed his name to M-lady's birthday card for the first time. Due to inexperience at spatial planning, the letters were kind of randomly distributed around the card, but they were all there, along with and extra squiggle or two. M-lady was very happy to get the card.

We got some breakfast, and got ready to head over to Aunt O and Uncle C's house. At about 10:30 we loaded into the car. Buster fell asleep for a bit on the drive, but woke pretty quickly when we arrived. He was a little disoriented when we arrived, having just woken up in a new place. But he end up enjoying playing with some of Cousin C's toys, and really had a great time in his exersaucer.

Ama and Agu prepared a wonderful lunch, and we had a good time hanging out and celebrating M-lady's birthday. We ended up heading home a little after 2:00, when Buster was showing some fatigue. He passed out again on the way home.

Bud and I spent a little time outside picking oranges before coming in to keep an eye on Buster, who was still sleeping in his car seat, while M-lady went to run some errands. Bud and I watched a little bit of TV and generally chilled out. Buster got a really good nap in, waking up when M-lady returned a bit after 4:00.

We had turkey leftovers for dinner, and Bud ate pretty well. Buster ate two jars of baby food at dinner, which is the first time he's done that. After dinner, Bud and Buster and I watched some of the football game together.

Bud had a bath, we watched a little more TV, and then headed for bed around 8:00. It took Bud a while to fall asleep, though. Buster was pretty easy to put down in his crib, and has been there for a few hours already. Hopefully he'll sleep for longer stints tonight.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Second Christmas

Buster slept pretty well in his crib last night. He woke a few times, and required some rocking, but was willing to sleep there until he was ready to get up at about 6:30. M-lady got up with him, and I was able to sleep for a bit longer.

Bud got up and joined the grandparents, and we all had a pretty mellow morning. I dashed out to pick up a few grocery items I missed yesterday, and wasn't able to convince Bud to come with me. It made for a quick trip, though.

Around noon, Aunt O, Uncle C, and Cousin C arrived for a visit and gift exchange. It was good to see them, as they've been steering clear of this place for a bit while we've been sick. Shortly after they arrived, I got a call from my sister, RuggerMom, and we set up a video call between the households. Everyone said hi to everyone.

After the video call, we finished up the gift exchange, and got started on a late brunch. Bud enjoyed the waffles, and we all had a good meal. After hanging out for a bit after brunch, Aunt O, Uncle C, and Cousin C headed for home to facilitate Cousin C's nap.

Ama and Agu packed up and headed over to Aunt O's a short time later. Bud said goodbye to them, but since we'll be heading over there tomorrow, it wasn't a very tearful goodbye.

Bud and I watched a little bit of TV and played with blocks, and then I held Buster as he napped for about an hour. Bud and M-lady had a fun afternoon coloring and playing together.

After Buster woke, M-lady took him for a little while. Buster had his first lightsaber duel with Bud, assisted by M-lady. He laughed and giggled, and had a great time. I'm sure they'll have lots of epic battles in the future.

M-lady and I had some dinner, and then I watched some TV with Bud before he decided to have some dinner. Then it was bath, a little more TV, and heading for bed. He was reasonably cooperative about going to bed, and understanding that I couldn't hang out with him in bed for a while since we had some friend come over and arrive about 8:00. Bud fell asleep on his own.

Hopefully Buster will sleep well in his crib again tonight, and wake less often.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Writing Accomplishment

Buster slept in our bed again last night, but slept reasonably well. M-lady handled him when he woke a couple of times briefly during the night.

Bud was up around 7:30, and I got up with him. He was anxious to get dressed, but needed a bath before doing that, so he opted to head downstairs and watch some TV before getting ready for the day. Ama joined us shortly, and I was able to head back to bed for a little while.

Bud took a bath with Agu and got dressed a little later, and at about 8:30 M-lady handed a very happy Buster over to me. She and Ama headed out for a quick errand, so Agu and I kept an eye on the kids for a little while.

Buster went down for a nap a little earlier than usual, at about 9:45. M-lady and Ama arrived home shortly after, and I handed Buster back to M-lady.

I was fortunate enough to get to nap from about 10:00 to 1:00, which surprised me, but I'm probably in pretty deep sleep debt. When I got up, M-lady and Buster were just laying down for a nap. I headed downstairs to get some lunch, and discovered Bud and the grandparents had just finished up making a batch of rice krispy treats. Bud proceeded to eat a few, and then brush his teeth.

We had a quiet afternoon, and Bud enjoyed playing Lego Star Wars with Agu. Bud showed Agu how to play, and helped him through some of the tougher parts, just as I do with him. It was pretty cute.

Bud helped make pizzas for dinner, and he and I watched a few minutes of TV while the pizzas were cooking. He was pretty anxious for dinner at that point, though, so was more than happy to head to the table to eat when the pizzas came out of the oven.

After dinner Bud and I played a little bit of Lego Star Wars, watched a little TV, and then had a snack. Before heading up to bed, we happened across his AquaDoodle. Bud drew a 'T', and then with some encouraging, wrote the rest of his name. We haven't managed to get him to write his name before, so that was exciting. Sadly, the AquaDoodle sort of epitomizes ephemeral media.

The bedtime routine went OK, although Bud wasn't really ready to go to bed. He finally fell asleep around 9:00. Buster was up and down a little bit, but we're really pushing to have him sleep in his own crib tonight. Hopefully that won't be too much of a struggle.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Pleasant Christmas Day

Bud slept solidly through the night after falling asleep. Buster slept with us in our bed, and did reasonably well, although I was up with him from about 5:00 to 6:30 or so when M-lady had a bit of a coughing jag.

I managed to sleep until about 8:00, when I was awakened to let me know I was behind the times... Bud had already gotten into his stocking. It was nice to have the sleep, though. I went downstairs to join the family, and we all had a merry time opening presents.

We had nice a video chat with Aunt O and family, and then another with Grandma W, Granddad B, and Uncle D. We opened respective gifts on the video call, and generally had fun. After having a good time playing with some of the gifts, I got brunch started: I whipped up some waffle mix using our new stand mixer, and loaded it into M-lady's new waffle iron (that I got for her). We all enjoyed the waffles.

I took a brief nap after some cursory cleanup, and was joined by M-lady and Buster. We snoozed until about 1:30, at which point I got up and got started on prepping the turkey for dinner. Bud had been busy making sugar cookies with Ama and Agu, and was busy frosting them when I got down to the kitchen.

After getting the turkey set, we had a good video call with Granddad B and Grandma Nese. Bud was excited to open up more gifts, and Buster enjoyed trying to get the laptop. It's really nice to be able to share the holidays with family over the video connection.

The afternoon was largely hanging out and relaxing. The weather outside was occasionally violent, with rain and wind apparently up to about 40 knots. Bud spent a good amount of time going through his 'adventure vest' and playing with his new AquaDoodle. We had dinner fairly early, and Bud ate well.

After dinner, Bud continued to be entertained by his loot, while I gave Buster a bath and M-lady put Bud's new Star Wars bedsheets on his bed. After Buster's bath, I handed him off to her and got started on getting Bud ready for bed. He was pretty cooperative, but way too wired to sleep when we turned out the light at about 8:30. It wasn't until sometime after 9:15 that he fell asleep.

We all had a good Christmas. Hoping you all are having pleasant holidays, too.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas All Of A Sudden

Bustar slept pretty well last night, including a stint for a couple of hours in his bed. He was up a bit in the early morning, and M-lady took care of him. Bud was up from about 2:00 to 3:30 or so, and came to get me every twenty minutes. I finally lay down with Bud in his bed for a while until he dropped off.

We all slept in until a little after 8:00, at which point we all got moving. The grandparents helped with the kids as M-lady and I got ready for the day. I had to go to work, so said my goodbyes and headed out.

Everyone apparently had a good day. Bud reported ate a ton of food today, and was still hungry and eating when I got home. Maybe he's going to growth spurt soon. Buster is clearly largely recovered, and was generally back to his happy self. Everyone apparently took a nap today but Bud, who seemed to still be pretty full of energy when I got home.

We all had dinner, and Bud went off to play by himself for a little while, and then played with Agu for a bit. Bud and I played a little bit of Lego Star Wars before putting Bud into the bath.

Bud was reasonably cooperative, and then we got into PJs, had a snack, put out cookies and milk for Santa, and read The Night Before Christmas. We headed for bed after that, but Bud was apparently still hungry, so we headed downstairs again for another snack before finally tucking in and listening for reindeer.

Between the illnesses and my crazy work schedule, I haven't had a lot of time to think about the upcoming holidays. It really snuck up on me this year. But I'm looking forward to tomorrow, and Bud's first really cognizant Christmas. It should be a good time.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Health Improvements

Buster slept a bit better last night, although entirely in our bed. It did let M-lady and I get a bit more sleep, though.

Bud was up twice, once at 2:00 and once at 5:00. The second time he was looking for his blanky, which got lost among the sheets. Both times he fell asleep again quickly.

Buster finally woke this morning around 8:00. He and smiled at each other for a bit in bed before M-lady came to retrieve him. Bud had gotten up a little bit earlier and joined the grandparents.

They apparently all had a pretty good day. Bud was reading a story with Agu when I left for work, and Buster was hanging out with Nanny J. Buster apparently napped quite a bit today, and M-lady was able to get out and run some errands in the afternoon. When I returned home around 5:30, Nanny J had finished up for the year, and left presents under the tree for the kids.

Bud ate a huge amount of Ama and Agu's cooking at dinner, and then he and I played a little bit of Lego Star Wars. Ama and Agu got Bud ready for bed in the evening, and even reported that he spit out his toothpaste after brushing. We need to keep practicing that to get him off the training toothpaste.

I read Bud a story, and he fell asleep pretty quickly. M-lady was able to put Buster down in his crib, where he's still sleeping. Maybe he'll sleep the night there! But I'm not counting on it.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Very Quiet Evening

Buster had another difficult night. He wa up and down quite a bit, sleeping some in our bed, a few minutes in his crib, and mostly in M-lady's arms.

M-lady was able to transfer Buster to Ama in the morning, and Bud woke and joined his grandparents on his own. Since he didn't have school this morning, Bud had a good time playing with Nanny J and Ama and Agu all day.

M-lady was still a little sick today, so she worked from home. At about 4:30, she took Bud over to his school for a special evening event, essentially one more session before the holidays.

Bud was careful to ask about who would pick him up from school, and who the new helpers were (Teacher J was there, assisted by her two daughters). He was the first one to arrive, and a little nervous at first, but was willing to start in on the planned activities.

When I got home, the house was really quiet. It's amazing how much we get used to the constant chatter of a three-year-old. We had a very mellow evening, and at about 7:30 I went and picked Bud up from school.

He seemed pretty happy, especially when Teacher J gave him a candy cane on his way out. He was a little disappointed to be leaving 'early', but it was getting on towards his bedtime. We got home, chatted a bit with everyone, and then started the bedtime routine.

Bud was very cooperative through the bedtime process, and in bed around 8:30. He dropped off to sleep closer to 9:00. Buster fell asleep a little bit later, but so far has been resistant to setting him down in his crib.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Turn

Buster was up and down a bit during the night, but slept for hours at a time in our bed with M-lady. So M-lady got some sleep, although she was up with Buster a few times. I ended up working until I joined them in bed at about 6:00am.

M-lady got up with Buster at about 7:30, and Bud joined them at about 8:00. They got some breakfast and hung out together for a bit. They had a pretty good morning together, apparently.

I got up around 10:00, made my way into the bathroom, and passed out. Guess I've been pushing myself a little hard. I seem to have also gotten some sort of stomach bug. The family came to help me out, and I made my way back to bed for a couple of hours.

Bud came to visit a few times, as he wanted to show off the Jedi Padawan braid M-lady had made for him. He was pretty excited about it, and during the afternoon even had two versions attached to his head.

I got up around 1:00, and Bud sat next to me in bed while I got some business taken care of. When I wrapped up, we headed downstairs to get some lunch. Bud had an apple for a snack while I had some ramen, and we headed back up to the office together to hang out with M-lady and Buster. Buster's fever had shown up again, so we gave him a dose of Motrin.

Bud had fun on the Sesame Street website. He doesn't seem to like to watch the show on TV all that much, but he really enjoys watching clips and playing games on the site. It's fun for me to see some of the classic clips as well.

Ama and Agu arrived around 3:30, and Bud was really excited to see them. Buster had some misgivings, as his stranger fear seems to be in full effect now. Later in the evening he was very giggly with Ama, though.

Bud spent a good portion of the evening involved in lightsaber battles with Agu. Ama and Agu had brought some long balloons, of the kind to make balloon animals. With some packing tape around one end, they made very serviceable lightsabers.

Ama and Agu prepared a very nice dinner for us, and took Bud all the way through his bedtime routine. I just gave him a hug right before he brushed his teeth. It was nice that he so enjoyed spending time with them.

Buster has been resistant to sleeping in his crib again, but I think M-lady got him to sleep on our bed. Hopefully we'll be able to move him back to his crib when he's healthy again.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Night of Discontent and A Blog Milestone

Buster didn't sleep very well last night. In fact, he refused to sleep in his crib at all, and pretty much didn't sleep while prone all night. I held him until about 4:30am or so, and M-lady took him after that.

He was pretty restless even while I was holding him, and I discovered at about 2:00 that he was running a fever of about 102. I gave him a dose of Motrin, and after about ninety minutes his fever was gone, and he was sleeping a little more soundly. We were surprised that his fever came back, though, since he'd been without for a couple of days.

Bud got me up around 7:30, and I hung out with him in his room for about 15 minutes before we headed downstairs to watch a little TV. M-lady joined us with Buster closer to 9:00, and was willing to take over watching the kids while I napped for a while.

I joined them around lunchtime, just when Buster needed some cleaning from a barf. He was a bit upset, but calmed down before too long. Bud and M-lady had some lunch while I fed Buster some carrots, which he ate somewhat slowly. After lunch M-lady retired with Buster to take a nap, while Bud and I watched a little TV.

During a brief break from the nap, we discovered that Buster's fever had returned (albeit somewhat less severe), and gave him another dose of Motrin. He remained cool for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Bud and I took a break to go outside for a walk. We had a nice time getting fresh air. Bud wanted to take his wiffle bat with us, which he used as a lightsaber against imaginary enemies for the duration of the stroll.

We played a little bit of Lego Star Wars on our return, and then headed out to pick up some sushi for dinner. Bud was pretty excited about the 'shu-shi', and ate really well.

After dinner I got both boys into the shower, and we had a good time. Buster had fun splashing in his little tub in the shower, and Bud seemed to enjoy playing with him. After the shower I got Bud into PJs, and we watched a little bit of TV before heading up to bed.

Bud decided he had to have a snack after lights out, so was up until about 8:45. He went to sleep quietly on his own after that, though. Buster was a little tougher to get to sleep, and was up and down a bit during the later evening. Hopefully we'll figure out a way to get him to sleep without having to hold him tonight, though.

As an aside, this is post number 1000 for this blog. Wow! I never expected to be this diligent in posting.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Magazine Deconstruction and an Anniversary

Buster was up and down during the night, and M-lady managed him for the most part. I got up with him around 6:30, and he slept in my lap for another 45 minutes or so. We did a little work in front of the computer when he woke up, and then I dropped him off with M-lady at 7:30 when Bud woke up.

Bud and I got up around 8:00, got dressed, and headed downstairs to watch a little bit of TV before having breakfast. After getting Bud set up with some cereal, I packed up and headed for work to make a morning meeting. M-lady took Bud to school after Nanny J arrived, where he had a good day.

I got home a little after 5:00, and took over for Nanny J. Buster apparently barfed during the day, and Nanny J found some clothes for him that must have been gifts that we hadn't unwrapped yet. Very cute clothing, though.

Bud and Buster and I played together for a little while before M-lady got home. I deposited Buster on the floor of the bedroom as Bud and I moved the final three boxes out of the bedroom and into the office. We moved into the house one year ago, and it's high time to have all the boxes either unpacked or stowed. I guess we've been a little busy.

While on the floor, Buster headed for a pile of magazines nearby. M-lady had let him play with a magazine earlier in the day, and I found the one he'd already crumpled a little. Buster and Bud proceeded to go to town on the poor magazine, leaving pages over a large area of the floor. We all had a good time with it.

M-lady joined us shortly thereafter, and we had some dinner. Bud was happy to take his bath this evening, as he'd received a little gift-soap in class, and was eager to try it out.

M-lady headed out to run an errand right before Bud got out of his bath, so Buster sat and watched as I dried Bud off and got him into PJs. We all watched about 10 minutes of TV before heading upstairs again. Bud watched a few minutes of Lego Star Wars fan videos on YouTube, then crawled into bed while I tried to get Buster to sleep.

Bud eventually dropped off around 8:45, and Buster around the same time. Buster has been up and down since then, though. Hopefully he'll sleep for a stint in his crib.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Long Night

Buster was pretty difficult to deal with last night. M-lady and I took turns with him, since he wasn't tolerant of being put down pretty much all night. At about 1:00, he woke up and was ready to play for a while. I finally got him to stay down in his crib at about 4:30, and he slept until a little about 8:15.

Bud woke once at about 5:00, but went back to sleep pretty quickly. I managed to rouse him a little before 8:30. The cleaners had arrived shortly after 8:00, and M-lady had to leave for work a little early. We got Bud dressed, and had a pretty mellow morning before Nanny J arrived at 8:45. I unfortunately had to run off to work almost immediately.

I got home around 3:00, and fell asleep until nearly 6:00. M-lady arrived home shortly after I did, and took the kids at about 5:15 when Nanny J left. I joined them as they were having dinner.

Bud and I played a little bit of Lego Star Wars after dinner, and Buster fell asleep on my lap as we played. He snoozed for a little bit, and was a little more cheerful with M-lady as I gave Bud a bath and put him to bed.

Buster got clingy again, though, and ended up barfing a couple times when he got worked up. We managed to clean him up, and he fell asleep a short time later, around 10:00. I was able to put him in his crib, and hopefully he'll stay there for longer periods of time tonight.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

School Concert

Both kids slept pretty well last night. Buster slept from 10:30 or so all the way until 5:00, and Bud was only up once, briefly, at about 2:00. M-lady was up with Buster a bit this morning, although I think they slept together for another hour or so.

Bud came a woke me at about 7:45, and we started getting ready for school pretty quickly. He was pretty excited to go to school, since they were having their music concert today. After some breakfast, we headed out a few minutes earlier than usual and got to school in plenty of time.

The kids all took their places, facing the parents. While one of the teachers played piano, the other teachers sang songs. Oh, and some of the kids sang, too. Bud actually did better than his previous concert, where his mouth stayed firmly shut and he looked grim the whole time. This time, I saw his lips moving with the words of the songs, and he did some of the hand motions, although I don't think he was actually vocalizing anything.

He happily waved at me as the concert finished and I headed off to work. They gave the concert again at pickup time, where Nanny J got to see it.

The kids apparently had a good day, and Buster continues to crawl backward, much to his dismay.

I got home around 6:30, and found M-lady having dinner with the kids. I helped Bud with his dinner, and got myself something to eat. It was getting pretty late after dinner, so we just had time to take a bath before picking up the playroom, watching a little bit of TV, finishing up dinner, and heading for bed. Bud protested going to sleep, as usual, but drifted off around 8:30.

Buster was a little harder to get to sleep, and has been resistant to being put in his crib since about 10:00. Hopefully he'll settle in before too long.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Moving Backwards

Bud slept well through the night, although Buster was up and down a bit. But M-lady and I both worked most of the night anyways, so we were usually up to take care of him.

Nanny J arrived at 8:45, and Bud asked her for a bath pretty quickly, which was good, since he'd gotten some vomit on himself and in his hair the previous night. Bud and Buster both seemed happy and generally healthier today.

M-lady was still a bit under the weather, and came home from work in the early afternoon. I didn't manage to make it into the office, and worked from home today. Bud was happy to keep us company, and played with the Sesame Street website on the computer next to us.

Buster apparently has figured out crawling backwards. Unfortunately, he gets upset because he keeps getting further away from what he's trying to get.

Nanny J left a little after 5:00, and we all hung out a little bit together for a while. It was at this point that I saw Buster execute a new skill: he pushed himself up to sitting from being flat on his tummy. We'll probably have to lower the mattress in his crib soon.

We all had dinner together pretty early in the evening. Bud ate reasonably well, and he and I played some Lego Star Wars together afterward. We had a cookie for dessert, and then watched a bit of Star Wars Episode I at Bud's request. We had a fair bit of time since he'd already taken a bath earlier in the day.

The bedtime routine was pretty straightforward, and Bud was pretty good about taking his cough medicine (nasty stuff). We were briefly interrupted by a friend coming over to acquire some of our outgrown baby items: the Amby and our swing are gone! They were very happy to get them to support their impending little one.

Bud went to bed around 8:30, and fell asleep pretty quickly. He's slept quietly so far this evening. Buster was up once a little after 10:00, but fell asleep again before too long. Hopefully they'll sleep more peacefully tonight.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Slow Road To Health

Buster was up briefly at about 3:00, but went back to sleep pretty quickly. Bud woke me at about 5:00, and as I tucked him in I discovered vomit on his blanket. His coughing had caused him to barf sometime earlier. Fortunately it was just on his blanket and topsheet, and I was able to get those changed pretty quickly. I gave him a dose of Robitussin and he slept until hit was time to get up and get ready for school at about 8:30.

It was a bit rushed getting ready to go, but Bud was game. The dropoff went fine, and he seemed interested in the singing practice they've been doing for the holiday performance on Wednesday.

Buster's appetite came back in force today, which was a good sign. Aside from a lingering cough, both the kids seem mostly over their colds. M-lady had a bit of a fever today, though. I'm still healthy, although very tired.

I got home from work around 5:00, and Bud was pretty happy to see me. We all had dinner after settling in, and Bud ate reasonably well. After dinner Bud accompanied me to the grocery store, and was really well behaved there.

Bud and I had a snack when we got home, and then I dropped him in the bathtub. He played there for a while, and by the time we got into PJs, it was too late to watch TV. So we had a piece of candy and did the bedtime routine, which Bud was pretty good with tonight.

Shortly after falling asleep, Bud began to cough, and ended up vomiting on his sheets and PJs. M-lady helped me clean up, and we propped him up a little bit to try and keep him from gagging on phlegm during the night. He complained to me that it wasn't a comfortable way to sleep about 3 minutes before he passed out.

Buster's been a bit up and down during the evening, although he hasn't been coughing in his sleep. Just waking up crying, like babies will do.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tree Decorating

Buster was up around 5:00 this morning, and M-lady handed him off to me around 6:00. He slept pretty well as I held him from about 6:00 to 8:00 or so, when I handed him back to M-lady. She was a champ and managed both kids from 8:00 to 11:00, when I woke up.

Apparently they had a good morning together, although Buster barfed after she fed him. Buster has shown a tendency to gag on phlegm in the past couple days, which triggers a barf if he's eaten recently. Overall he seemed much better today, though, without a fever and an increased appetite.

Bud and I had some lunch, and afterward I fed Buster, who managed to keep his lunch down reasonably well. We had a nice video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B after lunch, and although Buster was a bit tired, he gave them some good smiles. Bud showed off his Jedi costume, now with a belt M-lady made a few days ago.

Buster took a nap after the video call, and sleep reasonably well until he had a big poop. Bud and I took the opportunity to play a little Lego Star Wars. M-lady joined us a bit after 2:00, and after she'd had some lunch, we got started on really decorating the Christmas Tree.

Bud was pretty excited as M-lady pulled out ornaments for Bud to put on the tree. Bud did have a tendency to try and put all the ornaments in the same spot, however. So M-lady and I encouraged him to distribute his ornaments a little, and we'll probably do some more redistribution tonight. I got to help a bit, but also looked after Buster, who looked like he found a new inspiration to learn how to crawl.

I got started on dinner shortly after, and we all had a good meal. Buster had a little bit of a barf after dinner, and I took him into the shower to get him cleaned up. Bud and I played a little more Lego Star Wars before I gave Bud a bath, which he enjoyed and turned himself pruny. We had time to watch a little bit of TV before heading for bed.

We discovered that Buster's dry skin patches have healed quite a bit in the last couple days... probably due to the use of a humidifier in his room at night. We may keep it up if it helps his skin that much.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Bud woke shortly after midnight, and came looking for M-lady and me. We were downstairs watching a movie, and by the time I heard Bud, he was already in Buster's room. I got Bud back to sleep pretty quickly, but it took M-lady and I tag teaming until about 3:00 to get Buster back to sleep in his crib.

M-lady brought Buster into our bed at about 5:00, and was up with him at about 7:00. Bud slept in a little bit, and I got up with him around 8:30.

We did a pretty standard morning routine. Buster was a bit grumpy all day, largely due to being sick and feeling icky. He had a couple of nose-clearing sneezes early in the day, as well as a couple of spit-ups which necessitated outfit changes.

M-lady got some gift work done in the late morning while I tried to get Buster to nap a little bit. Buster was willing to snooze on my chest a little bit, but not very peacefully. After about an hour, we joined Bud and M-lady at lunch.

After lunch, Bud and I headed out to drop off a package at the post office, and do a little bit of Christmas shopping. The crowds were daunting, and so it was a short trip. We got home around 4:00, and played a little bit of Lego Star Wars before dinner.

M-lady prepared a fantastic dinner, and we all enjoyed it. Buster was grumpy, but that was par for the course for the day. After dinner we tried to feed Buster a bit, but he wasn't terribly interested.

Bud and I played a little bit of Rock Band, playing the drums together. He can now hit beats when he's supposed to about half the time or more. It's really cool. We had a lot of fun playing together.

Bud got into PJs without too much ado, and we watched a little TV before heading upstairs for bed. Babysitter G arrived at 8:00, and Bud was a bit nervous about M-lady and I leaving, but went to sleep on his own pretty quickly when I promised to look in on him when we returned. Buster took a bit longer to fall asleep, seeming only comfortable with M-lady... neither Babysitter G nor I could get him to relax. Hopefully he'll sleep well tonight and feel better tomorrow.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Newly Mastered Skill

Both Bud and Buster slept well last night. Woohoo! Bud woke once at about 5:30, but went back to sleep pretty quickly. Buster slept straight through from 10:00pm to about 7:00 or so. M-lady and I both got a fair amount of sleep.

Bud was mostly cooperative when he got up, and we made it to school on time. The dropoff went just fine, and he waved me away as soon as he found his seat.

Buster didn't seem to have his fever today, so was generally happier. He didn't like taking his medicine very much, but we got it into him. I saw him playing a couple of times where he was really, really close to figuring out this whole crawling thing. I'm pretty sure we'll have to cordon off the Christmas tree before Christmas.

I worked from home today, and Bud came to visit a couple of times. I set him up in front of one of my computers in the afternoon, and he played with the Sesame Street website for a while.

Bud and I headed into the garage in the early evening, where I worked on cleaning things up a little bit (under the guise of looking for a gadget). Bud hung out with me, and was really excited when he finally figured out pedaling. He spent a fair amount of time riding his trike around the garage. We showed M-lady and Buster before heading in to dinner.

M-lady prepared a nice pizza for dinner, and Bud ate pretty well. Buster watched us patiently, and then barfed just as we were preparing a bottle for him. He seems a bit congested, and I think post-nasal drip caught up with him.

I helped Bud with a bath, and then a little bit of Lego Star Wars and a second dinner. He was pretty good about the bedtime routine right up until we turned out the lights. Then he protested for a couple of minutes before settling down and passing out.

Buster was down by about 9:30, and hopefully will sleep as well tonight as he did last night.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Knowing the Drill

Bud was still sounding pretty sick when he got up Wednesday morning, so we let him stay home one more day. He had a good day at home with Nanny J. I worked from home to make sure the kids were OK, and Bud bounced into the office now and then to see if I had time to play with him.

Buster was plagued by fever all day. It broke later in the morning, and he was fine until his nap in the mid-afternoon. He woke at about 3:30 with his temp back up around 101, and it stayed there for most of the afternoon and evening. It finally broke a little before he went to bed, and he perked up substantially. We fed him a bottle in the later evening, which he barfed up, just like his older brother used to do.

Buster fell asleep at about 8:30, but woke around 10:30 with that dreaded, familiar barking cough. Take a cue from Bud, Buster had come down with croup and stridor. We got him into the bathroom for steam, and then I carried him on a walk outside for a while, and it seemed to help a bit. He slept in my arms for a bit, but by 1:00 or so he was laboring too much with his breathing for my comfort. So I took him off to the ER while M-lady stayed home with a still sleeping Bud.

Buster wasn't really happy about the racemic epinephrine nebulizer, but other than that was OK. He didn't really sleep very much while we were there. He fell asleep in the car on the way home, though.

At about 5:00 I handed Buster off to M-lady, and managed to get a little bit of sleep before Bud woke me at about 8:00. M-lady was good enough to watch both kids for a little bit this morning, and then worked from home today while I went in.

Bud slept well through the night, which was really nice. He still has a loud cough in the morning, but it seems he's otherwise healthy and happy. We'll be sending him to school tomorrow. Buster was on and off today, but seemed to be past the worst of the croup.

I got home a bit after 4:00, and managed to nap for a while. When I got up a bit after 6:00, Bud and I had some dinner together. It seemed it was Bud's second dinner of the night... he ate quite a bit today. After dinner I helped get some meds into Buster, who protested a bit, but seemed to get most of it down. Bud and I then made some cookies, watched a little bit of TV, ate the cookies, and got ready for bed.

Bud asked for a piece of candy as well as the cookies, and I told him he needed to pick one or the other. "The Other!" he quickly responded, then "No, the One!"

Bud cooperated while getting ready for bed, and the light was out by about 8:30. I took the humidifier from his room, and got it set up in Buster's room. M-lady handed Buster to me at about 9:30, and I got him into his crib at about 10:00. He's slept peacefully so far tonight, and with luck won't have a recurrence of croup.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Apologies for the short post. I'll update more tomorrow, hopefully during the day. We're all fine, just busy with ill kids.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Then The Other

Bud had a tough night from about 1:30 to 4:00 or so, waking up about every 20 minutes, and fairly upset every time he woke. He finally fell asleep solidly at about 4:15, and slept until about 8:30 or so. M-lady managed Buster, who slept in our bed for a portion of the night.

I was a bit groggy in the morning, but when I got going I found Bud happily playing with Nanny J. Buster seemed to be doing OK as well. I headed out for work around 11:00.

Buster apparently got Bud's cold today, and was running a fever when M-lady and I returned from work. He seemed pretty uncomfortable, and his face was flushed. We gave him a dose of Tylenol, and then had a pretty low-key evening.

Bud had napped during the day, so was feeling well, although he has a bit of a congested cough. He came with me to the grocery store to pick up some medications, and was good, although anxious to get home by the time we headed for the checkout. He didn't eat much dinner, but apparently had a big snack right before M-lady and I got home.

I baked some sugar cookies while doing dinner, and Bud and I had a few after eating. Bud, Buster, and I sat in front of the TV for a little while, and that was pretty much the rest of the evening. Bud ate some more before we headed upstairs for bed, although he was a little resistant to starting the bedtime routine. After a little bit of waiting and some encouragement from M-lady, we got him into PJs and into bed.

The light was turned out around 8:40, and Bud was asleep in about 5 minutes. He's slept soundly since then, and hopefully will sleep a little better tonight.

Buster's been sort of up and down. Once his fever broke a little later in the evening, he seemed excited to be feeling better and ready to play. He drifted in and out of sleep after about 10:00, and was difficult to put in his crib. I expect him to be up and down a bit tonight.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Under The Weather

I didn't get to sleep in my bed much last night, but Buster slept from midnight to 6:00am in his crib. Yay!

Bud was up a couple of times in the night, and I slept with him for most of it. At about 8:00, I got up, and started the process of getting him up and ready for school.

Bud was so resistant to getting ready this morning that M-lady and I decided he must still be feeling a bit bad, and let him stay home. He was a bit sad we couldn't stay home with him, but seemed happy to see Nanny J and had a good day with her.

Both kids got baths during the day, which meant we could forgo the shower ritual in the evening. M-lady watched the kids for about an hour while I napped, and then I had a little bit of dinner while Bud nibbled at his. We watched a little bit of TV together before hanging a couple of ornaments on the tree and calling it a night.

Bud seemed pretty tired, and was willing to head to bed. We had the light out a little after 8:00, and Bud was asleep shortly.

Both kids had trouble staying asleep as the evening progressed. Buster, as usual, was fine as long as M-lady was holding him, but didn't sleep for very long in his crib. Bud woke up several times with nasal congestion and apparent post-nasal drip, so I gave him a dose of Sudafed at about 11:00. Hopefully he'll sleep a little more soundly tonight.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Picking a Tree

Bud woke a bit before 2:00 this morning, suffering from stridor, the non-coughing symptom of croup. It's the part where it's really hard to breathe. He seemed more upset by the fact that he'd lost his voice, though.

We gave him a dose of the meds we keep on hand, now, and I sat and read a story with him in the bathroom while we steamed things up with the shower. That helped a bit, and he was further eased by a ride in the car to breath some cooler, dry air. We got him back to bed around 3:00, and he slept soundly until about 8:30.

Buster woke around the same time as Bud, and slept with M-lady for most of the remainder of the night.

We did the usual TV in the morning, and Bud and I split a leftover cinnamon roll. After some breakfast, we all got ready in a rather leisurely fashion.

M-lady and I made our first batch of homemade babyfood today, using our new food processor. Buster seemed to like the result, although it was a little too thick. Next feeding we'll add some more water to thin it out a little bit.

At about noon, we had things together enough to head out to pick up a Christmas tree. Bud was pretty excited, and Buster seemed happy to get out and get some fresh air. M-lady and Buster took a separate car, in case they had to dash home. We found a nice tree, and M-lady had gotten things set for the transfer into the house by the time Bud and I arrived.

After getting the tree set up and having some lunch, M-lady took the opportunity to run a quick errand. Buster was really happy sitting and playing by himself for a while, and Bud and I played with a balloon for a while. When M-lady got back, we got started on getting the lights up on the outside of the house.

This was the first time putting lights up on this house, but it wasn't too difficult. We had plenty of light strands, and hooks already in place in the eaves. A neighbor lent a lifting pole which helped hook the strands of lights from the ground, which was really nice.

We had a break to chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese. Buster continued to happily try and reach the laptop, and Bud and M-lady wrestled in the background. Bud was excited about receiving another Star Wars Christmas tree ornament, as well.

We went back to putting up lights after the call before the daylight faded. Bud helped out where he could, but had to watch as I put lights up on the second story. We manged to get it done before it got too dark.

Bud didn't eat much at dinner, but was really excited to help start decorating the tree after the lights on the house had been squared away. We go the lights onto the tree, and had extra strands left over, which Bud and M-lady used to decorate the mantle. We decided to leave the bulk of the ornaments until tomorrow, although I spent a few minutes with Bud to put up his three new Star Wars ornaments.

Bud was a little bit difficult in the shower, but Buster was pretty content. After getting clean, Bud and I watched a little TV before he scarfed down his previously untouched dinner. After a small piece of candy for dessert, we headed upstairs to brush teeth and get into bed.

Bud was pretty cooperative about going to sleep, and passed out before it got too late. Hopefully with the meds he's had today, and the humidifier in his room, will help him sleep through the night without another croup incident.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Cleaning Up

Buster was again content only if in the company of one of us during the night. M-lady apparently slept with him on the floor for about three hours from 4:00 to 7:00 or so. Bud got me out of bed around 7:00, right before M-lady got back into bed, bringing Buster with her.

Bud and I watched some morning TV, and were joined by Buster and M-lady before too long. At about 9:00, I got started on making some cinnamon rolls. Bud asked for cereal (apparently not knowing what cinnamon rolls were), and had a small bowl before the rolls arrived. He then ate a good portion of a roll to finish up his breakfast.

We had a nice video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B a little later in the morning, during which time Bud and Buster opened up their Christmas tree ornaments from them. Bud was pretty excited about his Star Wars ornament, showing the lightsaber duel between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker from Episode VI. Everyone was surprised by the fact that the ornament lit up and talked.

We spent most of the afternoon as a family picking up toys in the living room. They'd accumulated there, and we put lots of toys away and moved the remainder back into the playroom. Bud helped some and watched some. Buster mostly watched.

We wrapped up later in the afternoon, and I ran out to pick up some dinner. Bud wanted to come with me, but melted down as I was about to head out the door. He apparently howled for about 15 minutes before resetting. He was happy and very polite when I returned, apologizing for his previous behavior and thanking me for going to get dinner.

We spent a little bit of time setting up for a tree in the living room, setting up the tree stand and moving a bookcase out of the way. It took a little thought, as the piano infringes on the space where we set up the tree last year. It was a little too late to go out and get a tree this evening, so we promised to go out first thing tomorrow to get one.

Bud and I had a reasonably quick shower, and played some Lego Star Wars before watching a little bit of TV and heading for bed. M-lady handed me Buster before Bud had fallen asleep so she could go run some errands, and I had to let Bud know that I'd be back to check on him since Buster was being a little crabby.

I got Buster to sleep before too long, and Bud was asleep when I checked on him around 9:00. We set up music (classical piano) to play in Buster's room tonight. Hopefully it will help him self-soothe a little bit, and we'll get to sleep a little more tonight.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Dentist Visit

A quick update on yesterday... I didn't actually see the kids after I left for work with M-lady in the morning, as we had a dinner to attend and went straight from work. They apparently had a good day with Nanny J, and were both good for Babysitter G when she arrived at about 7:00. Buster even sat contentedly in Babysitter G's lap, which was pretty good considering his oncoming stranger fear.

I had to leave for work early this morning, around 7:30. M-lady brought Buster to bed for a little while at about 6:00 or so. When I got up around 7:00, Buster was up and smiley. Bud joined us right before I headed out the door, so I got the chance to give him a hug before I left.

Bud apparently helped M-lady with directions to his school this morning, and gave her encouragement and praise when she made the right turns.

I was able to leave work early, and got home a little before 2:00. Buster was napping, and Bud and Nanny J were reading a story. Bud was a little confused by my arrival, since M-lady had told him she would be coming home to take him to his dentist appointment today.

I ended up taking him instead, and he did great. He was a little quiet, but that seemed more due to general shyness rather than apprehension about the visit. He enjoyed playing with an Etch-a-Sketch for the first time while we were waiting for the dentist. He did want to sit on my lap rather than sit in the big chair by himself.

Bud fell asleep in the car for a little while on the way home. I woke him when we got to Jamba Juice, and he got his own smoothy for being good at the dentist. We headed home after picking up the juices.

I was able to nap for a little while when we got home. I got up around 7:00, and found M-lady, Bud, and Buster on the floor of Bud's room. They were all having a pretty good time. They'd apparently all had dinner already, and Bud had finished off the leftover turkey.

I took the kids downstairs, got Buster started on a bedtime bottle, and finished up my juice with Bud. We watched a little TV after that, and then did the bedtime routine. Bud was very cooperative, although he protested that he didn't want to go to sleep when we turned the lights out. Once I got him to settle down, however, he fell asleep almost immediately.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Rough Night

Between Bud and Buster, I didn't get much sleep last night. Bud up at 2:00, Buster awake from 4:00 to 5:30, Bud up and ready to go at 7:00. I was a bit sleepy when I headed for work with M-lady at about 9:00.

We were gone all day, and I had to go back to work in the evening, so I'll post more tomorrow. Everyone seems to be asleep now, though!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Anxious to Move

Buster and Bud both woke around 6:00 this morning. M-lady handled Buster, and I went into Bud's room with him. He was very awake at 6:00, and didn't fall asleep again until nearly 7:00.

I got up at 8:00 to get ready to take Bud to school, and M-lady and I worked on getting him out of bed. It took a little doing, but he was downstairs, dressed, and eating breakfast by 8:30. We were able to head off to school on time.

Bud had a good day at school, while Buster spent the morning with Nanny J. Buster is really anxious to crawl, and almost immediately pulls himself over from sitting towards the current object of his desires. When he's on his tummy, he pushes up with his hands, works one leg forward, and then flips himself onto his back when he tries to push with his leg.

That said, with all the rolling around, he doesn't stay in one place for very long anymore.

I got home a little after 5:00, and Bud was happily playing with his Bristle Blocks as Nanny J and Buster looked on. Bud was also enjoying the transparent plastic bucket the blocks came in, using it as a helmet. I was enjoined to don the helmet shortly after I'd dropped my things.

Bud, Buster, and I hung out together for a while before M-lady arrived home. We played together for a bit, I changed Buster's poopy diaper, and Bud and I pulled out the felt advent calendar. Bud was intrigued, as we have a monthly calendar on the wall which he's been paying attention to for a few months now. I explained how it worked, but I'm not certain he really got it. It may take a couple more explanations.

I made some scrambled eggs for dinner, and we all ate pretty well. Bud and I had a quick shower after dinner, played a little bit of Lego Star Wars, and headed for bed. He was pretty good about going to bed, and asleep by about 8:30.

Buster had trouble falling asleep again, finally going down for good a little after 10:00.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Rolling Around

Bud woke me once at about 3:00, but slept well the rest of the night. Buster was up and down this morning again from about 4:00 on, and M-lady and I took turns fielding him.

At about 8:00, Buster was up and a little cranky, and M-lady and I were in the office with him. Bud wandered in, told Buster to be quiet because he was still trying to sleep, and went back to bed.

Bud did get up before too long, and we all had a nice morning together. M-lady got ready for work pretty quickly, and I fed Buster. Bud was looking forward to spending some time with me, since it was my day home with the kids, but unfortunately Buster dominated my time during the morning.

At about 10:00, Buster was acting pretty sleepy, so I tried to get him to nap. He would only sleep about 15 minutes in his crib before I had to rock him to sleep again, so my reading to Bud kept getting interrupted. Eventually I let Buster sleep on my chest. Bud was really understanding, and managed to entertain himself quietly for about 45 minutes without destroying anything.

When Buster got up, around 11:30, we all headed down to the living room for a little while. I plopped Buster down on one of his blankets, and started taking Lego apart with Bud's help. Buster is definitely not excited about staying in one place anymore, though, and squirmed and rolled around on the floor every time I put him down. He can't sit up again on his own yet, though, and I think that frustrates him a bit.

Bud ate mostly fruit for lunch, and Buster had some bananas and a few ounces of formula. We played a bit more after lunch, and then packed up and headed over to the park for a little while. Bud and I had a good time tossing a lacrosse ball back and forth, while Buster watched from his stroller. We all enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine, and arrived home around 4:00.

Buster slept from about 4:15 to 5:00, and Bud had been so good during the day that I pulled out a gift which had been sent to him by Grandma W and Granddad B a few weeks ago, but we'd stashed since it had arrived right before we were leaving for a trip. It was a bucket of Bristle Blocks, and it kept Bud entertained for about two hours. I suspect he'll pick up right where he left off tomorrow.

Buster was a little cranky after he got up from his nap, and was happy to see M-lady arrive home a little before 6:00. We took turns having dinner, and I got the kids into the shower before Bud and I played a little bit of Lego Star Wars and headed for bed. Bud was really good about going to bed, and the evening routine was pleasant.

Buster was a bit reluctant to go to sleep, however, and I held him while I watched some later-night TV until about 10:30 or so.

Monday, December 01, 2008

An Office Visit

Buster was up a bit during the night, but wasn't too bad. M-lady and I took turns. Bud also woke once at about 3:00 or so, but went back to sleep pretty quickly.

M-lady woke me at about 8:30. We were going to be late for school. Bud was awake when she went to check on him, and we all quickly threw clothes on, had a speedy breakfast, and headed out the door. Bud was pretty cooperative about heading out fast.

Nanny J is off for a couple more days, so M-lady took today off work, and I'll be taking tomorrow. She was home with Buster for the morning, and apparently got a fair bit of work done while Buster rolled around on the floor a bit. They went to pick Bud up from school a little before noon, and came home to have a good lunch.

After lunch, they packed up and headed out to check out M-lady's office, where she got some pictures of herself with the kids and her product. Bud really enjoyed checking out the office, and Buster was well behaved. At about 2:30, they gave me a call to see if I was available for a visit. Since I didn't have any meetings in the afternoon, I invited them to come over.

Bud was pretty excited to see where I work. We checked out my office, some of the common spaces, and visited some of my coworkers. The new office I'm in has whiteboards everywhere, and Bud was exited to be allowed to draw on the special walls. Hopefully he won't try that at home.

After a quick visit and a snack, the family packed up and headed for home. I finished up work and arrived home a little bit after 5:00. M-lady ate dinner with Bud first while Buster napped on my shoulder, and then I fed Buster a serving of sweet potatoes before getting some dinner for myself.

After dinner Bud and I took a quick shower, played a little bit of Lego Star Wars, and watched a little bit of Episode I at his insistence. Bud had a little meltdown when it was time to head upstairs to bed, but eventually calmed down, and crawled into bed a little bit after 8:00. We chatted about how I'll stay home with him tomorrow, and we'll find some fun things to do. He was asleep at about 8:30.

Buster woke a couple of times, but seemed to go down for good a little bit after 10:00. Not sure what's waking him up at night, but I hope he feels better soon.