Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick Or Treating

Bud was up a couple of times during the night, and we all ended up oversleeping a bit. M-lady and I jumped out of bed around 8:30 when we realized that I needed to take Bud to school at 8:45.

It was a rush out the door, but Bud and I made it to school on time. He was pretty amenable to going, and the drop off wasn't a problem. A lot of the members of his class were wearing orange shirts today, but Bud didn't want to wear his.

He apparently had a pretty good day at school, and was picked up by Nanny J right before noon. He ate most of her lunch, apparently, and had a good afternoon. I got home around 3:45 and Bud was pretty happy to see me.

I managed to snooze for a little while before we started getting ready for Halloween. M-lady got Buster into his octopus costume for some pictures, and Nanny J thought he was pretty cute. Bud was also in his costume for a while before dinner. He got out of costume to help me get the jack-o'-lanterns set up by the door, and then we had a quick dinner before all getting into costume before trick or treating.

Since there wasn't anybody else out yet (seems most of the neighbor kids are middleschool age), the whole family went door to door together. Bud did his first real trick or treating, since he was a bit too shy last year. He still wanted us to be there with him, but was pretty excited to get candy from the neighbors. We hit a few houses on the street, and then headed back home.

Bud got to eat a couple pieces of candy, and then we started answering the door. Most of the trick or treaters arrived between 7:30 and 8:30 or so. Bud watched as M-lady and I answered the door.

Bud and I managed to get a shower in, and then played some Lego Star Wars. We played a little too long, and Bud was a bit overtired when we headed up for bed. He didn't want to go to sleep, but passed out a bit before 9:00.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Bud woke at about 8:00 this morning, shortly after Buster got up. M-lady fielded them both for a short time, and I got up around 8:15 to start getting dressed and ready.

I got to spend a few minutes with Bud before Nanny J arrived at 8:45, and then had to get right to work. Bud was willing to let me work, which was nice. I found him about an hour later, when I left to go to the office, happily eating a mid-morning PB and J sandwich.

M-lady got home before I did this evening, and I found Bud in his Halloween costume, battling pretend foes with his lightsaber. He was pretty excited to see my costume, and played with the blasters quite a bit. I reminded him that the blasters were part of my costume, and would be going away after Halloween.

M-lady went out to pick up a pizza for dinner while I hung out with the boys. I tried on my costume for them, and they both seemed to like it. Buster is getting really good at sitting up, which makes playing with him more fun both for myself and Bud.

M-lady arrived home with the pizza while Bud was working on the jack-'o-lantern designs. I gave him a pen and paper, and told him to draw what he wanted them to look like. He did a pretty good job, and I smoothed out his drawings a bit to come up with the final designs.

We all had some dinner together, and then Bud and I got started on the pumpkins. It was a little tough for him, since there wasn't a lot he could help out with. The cutting tools are a bit sharp and dangerous and require more strength than he really has yet, and he wasn't really excited about helping to clean out pumpkin guts. Still, we had a good time overall, and turned out some decent looking jack-'o-lanterns.

It was pretty late when we finished, so we washed up and headed straight for bed. Bud was amenable to the bedtime routine, and fell asleep pretty quickly, although it was a bit after 8:30 before the lights went out. Looking forward to Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Search

Bud came and got me out of bed this morning at about 6:30. We lay in his bed for about an hour, but we didn't sleep much. At about 7:30 we got up, got dressed, and headed downstairs to watch a little bit of TV.

Bud was actually pretty amenable to going to school today. Buster slept in, so M-lady got to sleep in, and I took Bud to school. He headed right into class, even after the week-plus break.

Buster was good today, and is starting to show some serious sitting skills. M-lady reports that he steadied himself with his hand when he started to list a little bit. Yay for new skills! He's also really starting to enjoy playing Peek-a-boo, which is nice because he can be entertained from across the room.

Bud was pretty happy to see me when I got home around 5:00, and we played with Lego for a few minutes before Nanny J took her leave at about 5:15. Since M-lady wouldn't be getting home until after 6:00, I loaded both kids up in the car to go looking for a pumpkin patch.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of traffic, and the patch that I thought existed nearby didn't. We swung by the local grocery store as well, but they were pretty much out of pumpkins. By 6:00, Buster was starting to get hungry, so we headed home empty handed.

Bud entertained himself for a bit while Buster and I had some dinner. M-lady arrived home around 6:30, and she took charge of Buster while Bud and I made another foray to look for pumpkins. We found the patch set up in Sunnyvale where we got our pumpkins last year, with a minimal selection due to the lateness of the season, but Bud and I still managed to find a couple of winners. Bud fell asleep on the drive to and from the patch, but was pretty happy to get the pumpkins.

Bud had some dinner when we got home, and by then it was pretty much time to start the bedtime routine. Bud was again amenable, and in bed around 8:30. He's really excited for Halloween, and looking forward to carving up the pumpkins tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Minifig Entertainment

Bud woke me at about 7:00, shortly after M-lady got up to attend to Buster. Whereas Bud used to come into the room to quietly poke me awake, he now calls for me from his room, continuously, until I show up. I think I like it better when he wanders in.

We got up at about 7:30, got dressed, and headed downstairs to watch a little bit of TV before Nanny J arrived. At about 9:00 I was able to head back to bed (I have a bit of a cold), and Bud went to hang out with Nanny J. Bud left me alone to snooze for a couple of hours before I got up and headed to work.

Bud apparently ate a solid lunch and a huge snack in the late afternoon. Both he and Buster seemed pretty happy to see me when I arrived home a little after 5:00. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and settled in to wait for M-lady to get home.

Bud and I decided to pull out the Lego set we got at Legoland last week. It's the Republic Cruiser from the opening scene of Star Wars Episode I. The set includes miniature figures, 'minifigs', of Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Bud pulled out minifigs from other sets, including an older Qui-Gon, Darth Vader, and Darth Maul, and proceeded to entertain himself for about 90 minutes playing with the figures.

He refused dinner until just before 8:00, at which point he ate a hasty meal before we headed up to get ready for bed. I've been coaxing him to bed each night by telling him about what we're going to do for Halloween: tomorrow we'll get a pumpkin, the next day we'll carve it, and the next day is Trick or Treating! He's getting pretty excited.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Settling In

The kids were up earlier than I was this morning, and M-lady was kind enough to get up with them. M-lady stayed home from work today, and I was heading into the office.

Nanny J arrived at 8:45, and we let Bud sleep in a bit, since he'd been up for a long time during the night. This meant that he missed school today, but he wasn't too upset about that. Buster seemed pleased to see Nanny J after the week break.

Buster apparently ate a whole lot of carrots today, his second vegetable. Hopefully he'll end up eating as well as Bud does.

I snoozed a bit when I got home from work, and M-lady entertained Bud by working with him on his Darth Maul Halloween costume. They were working on the mask when I joined them a little after 6:00. After hanging out together for a bit, we headed down to dinner. Bud declined to eat with us at the first pass, but ended up eating well after he and I took a shower after I'd eaten.

We had some candy corn for a treat after dinner, watched a little TV, and got to bed early. Bud protested going to bed, but fell asleep pretty quickly after the lights went out. Buster apparently fell asleep quickly as well. Hopefully we'll all catch up on sleep over the next few days.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Trip Home

Sorry this post is late... once again the blog was foiled by a late-night travel schedule.

Bud was in good spirits today, and generally helped out with our all-day preparations for the drive in the evening. He bounded into the room in the morning, and showed me the green socks he had on. "Green like guacamole!" he exclaimed. Ummm... right.

We ended up not doing the morning outing we'd planned, as M-lady and I wanted to rest a bit for the drive in the evening. We had a good lunch, if a little quick, and then M-lady, Bud, Buster, and I packed up and headed out to visit my Aunt L.

We had a nice visit, and Buster was particularly cute, but Bud was extremely shy. He didn't really come out from hiding behind me for the whole visit. I think part of it was being tired, but part of it was him just being extra shy. He smiled and waved as we left, though.

The rest of the afternoon was spent resting and packing. Again, Bud was pretty helpful, and Buster stayed pretty amenable. We had a nice dinner, and hit the road when Buster started getting drowsy, around 8:00.

We almost had to head back as Buster started complaining, but he fell asleep and we were able to press on. Bud fell asleep a short time later, and things went smoothly until we stopped to refuel at about midnight. Both kids woke up during the stop, and Buster started wailing when we got back on the freeway.

We covered about 25 miles over the next two and a half hours, pulling over frequently to try and calm Buster. He eventually tired himself out, and fell asleep with only sporadic wailing. Bud was a champ, kept awake even though he was exhausted. He also fell asleep again at about 2:30.

Due to the slowdown in the middle, we made it home around 4:30. I got Bud to bed and unloaded the car, and found Buster and M-lady lying on the floor in our bedroom. M-lady was asleep, and Buster was happily rolling around in his blanket, making his favorite growling sounds. I left him there, since he was happy, and slept on the bed a short distance away.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mellow Afternoon

Bud and Buster both apparently slept well through the night while M-lady and I were absent. They got out of the house with Ama and Agu in the morning, playing in the backyard for a while. Buster apparently enjoyed watching the fountain.

Buster was snoozing when M-lady and I returned around noon. Bud was pretty happy to see us. They had already eaten lunch, and Buster had munched on peas again, so the hanging out commenced. We stayed in and chilled through most of the afternoon.

I got a nap in with Buster at about 2:30 or so, and watched some TV with Bud in the early evening. Ama cooked an excellent dinner again, and Bud ate well. After dinner, Bud and Buster and I took a shower to get cleaned up.

After making the boys smell reasonable again, I watched some Star Wars with Bud before getting ready for bed. By bedtime, Bud was pretty tired, and had a little bit of a meltdown. M-lady eventually soothed him to sleep.

Buster went to sleep pretty quickly, and aside from a brief outcry around 11:00, has been sleeping soundly.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Bud slept well last night, but Buster was up and down from about 4:30am on. M-lady handled him until about 5:30, I took him until about 6:30, he slept half an hour, and then M-lady got up with him again.

Bud woke me at about 8:30, and I got up to hang out with him and Buster. The morning was pretty mellow, broken up by Bud heading off with Ama to get a haircut. He was very well behaved, and came back with a nice looking cut. Although he didn't get a lollipop, he did get some grapes out of the deal.

Buster was happy after hed eaten mid-morning, and spent some time on the floor of the bedroom while M-lady and I packed for the wedding we were heading off to in the afternoon. While he was entertaining himself, Buster was growling a bit. We teased him abou it, but he was pretty happy with his new sound.

We had a nice lunch together provided by Ama and Agu, and then M-lady and I packed up and headed out. Bud was OK with us leaving, as he was watching YouTube clips of Star Wars with Agu. Buster was napping when we left. We're spending the night away, and will be back tomorrow.

A phone call later in the evening revealed that Bud was good all evening, and Buster started getting really grouchy around 7:00. Hopefully they'll sleep reasonably, and we'll see them tomorrow.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Bud and Buster were each up a fair bit during the night, enough so that I lost track. Neither M-lady nor I got much sleep. But Bud was pretty chipper when he came in to wake me up at about 7:00.

After being unsuccessful in trying to negotiate some more time from him, we got up and watched a little bit of TV together with some morning milk. Bud still had a bit of a cough today, but it wasn't too bad, and Buster's heat rash looked much improved.

At about 8:30 we started getting ready for our outing, and about 9:15 M-lady, Bud, and I waved goodbye to Ama, Agu, and Buster, and headed out the door to go to Legoland.

Bud was a little reluctant to be there at first, but eventually warmed up and enjoyed seeing the sights. He enjoyed seeing all the different Lego models scattered throughout the park. We saw a show right before lunch, and then did some rides right after lunch. We also had fun in a couple of the building areas, as Bud is just getting into really handling Lego.

We hit the gift shop on the way out, and Bud and I picked up a Star Wars Lego set which we were both pretty excited about. I'm looking forward to building it with him next week.

We left for home around 2:30ish, and made it home shortly after 3:00. Bud fell asleep briefly on the way home, but didn't stay asleep once we arrived. I tried to get him to nap a little bit, to no avail. He did have fun coloring with Ama in the afternoon, though.

M-lady and I rested and kept an eye on the kids in the afternoon, and then headed off to a pre-party for the wedding we'll be attending tomorrow. Bud was a little sad to see us go, but I think that was partly acting and partly fatigue.

Buster was apparently pretty crabby while we were gone, which we felt a bit bad about. Hopefully he'll be better tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Bud woke once during the night, at about 4:00, and I lay down with him in his bed for a while. He woke again at about 7:00 with his croupy cough. Rats.

I sat with him in the bathroom with the hot shower running, and the cough subsided pretty quickly, although he remained fairly congested sounding. We rested for a bit, and he was up and chipper before too long. M-lady got a prescription for the prednisolone we usually give him, and picked it up around lunchtime from a nearby pharmacy.

I had to work again today, but I stayed nearby rather than heading into the local office as I had been planning. Bud stayed in the house and in his PJs all day, and managed to keep busy enough with Ama, Agu, and M-lady that he didn't come looking for me very often.

Buster was good today, although showed a bit of what appears to be heat rash on his body. Agu turned on the AC today to try and cool the house down a little bit. Buster didn't really seem terribly uncomfortable, but was a little grouchier in the evening than he sometimes is.

M-lady fed Buster a few spoonfuls of peas at lunch. Buster was a pro, munching the peas down and expecting more. The peas haven't gone all the way through yet, but we'll call it a successful first veggie.

We had another great dinner together. Bud loves to eat Ama's cooking, and consequently Ama loves to cook for Bud. Everyone's happy. Bud really liked the ice cream we had for dessert, too.

Bud and I watched the first part of Star Wars Episode I again before bedtime, but then just read a story in bed rather than watching a video on the iPhone. Bud fell asleep pretty quickly. Hopefully the meds will help, along with the humidifier in his room, and we'll avoid croup tonight.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crowded Shower

M-lady deposited Buster in bed with me in the morning, and then headed to snooze with Bud for a while in his bed. Buster was pretty mellow, but poked me in the side for a bit while I was trying to sleep.

M-lady, Ama, and Bud went to the Wild Animal Park again today, but Bud seems to be at an age where the concessions are much more interesting than the animals. He was able to tell me about some of the animals they saw today, though. Buster stayed home with Agu, and they had a nice walk together. I headed into local branch office to attend some meetings by phone.

We had an early dinner, shortly after I got home, and both the kids were well behaved. Bud likes the big lazy susan Ama and Agu have on their dining table. He ate well again, enjoying Ama's cooking.

After dinner we took a shower. Bud was relatively easy to get into the shower, and again did a good job of looking up while I washed his hair. After I finished up with Bud, M-lady handed me Buster. Bud didn't want to get out, though, so the three of us shared the small shower space together as I got Buster cleaned up.

We got into PJs, had some apple pie for dessert, and then watched the final lightsaber battle from Star Wars Episode I. Bud and I did our usual little video on the iPhone and a story before bed, and then he fell asleep pretty quickly. M-lady reported that they had walked a lot at the park, so it was not surprising that he fell asleep quickly.

Buster took a little longer to fall asleep. Hopefully he'll sleep solidly through the night.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Traveling with Two

Sorry I didn't post yesterday.

Bud was great all day yesterday. In the morning we said goodbye to Granddad B and Grandma Nese, after having a good time with them all week. M-lady and I spent the rest of the day getting ready to drive down to San Diego to visit Ama and Agu, and attend a wedding at the end of the week.

Bud was left to his own devices for much of the day, and did a great job entertaining himself and being patient with M-lady and me as we got stuff together. He helped pack here and there, and was pretty excited to finally get in the car and get going at about 5:00.

We made it down to Gilroy and got some dinner, and then had trouble getting Buster into his car seat. Eventually I hit upon the idea of holding the DVD player where Buster could see it to keep him calm, and that worked for about 15 miles. We made it to Casa de Fruita before we had to pull over and console Buster.

We spent about two hours there, until Buster finally fell asleep. Bud was again wonderfully patient, alternately spending time with me and M-lady as the other one of us tried to get Buster to sleep. I went with him to the Casa de Fruita store, where we picked up some salt water taffy.

We finally got back on the road at about 9:30, and Bud promptly fell asleep. Both kids slept pretty soundly for the remainder of the trip. We arrived at Ama and Agu's house at about 4:00 in the morning, and spent a little bit of time getting the kids situated and back to sleep before turning in ourselves.

Bud and Buster slept in until reasonbable times, and M-lady and the grandparents took care of them in the morning. I slept until about 9:30, at which point I logged in and got started on work.

Bud went with Ama and Agu to the Wild Animal Park for a little while, where they saw the elephant show and the bird show. Word is that Bud didn't pay a lot of attention to the bird show, as he was chowing down on a Haagen-Dazs bar. He returned a pretty happy camper.

He watched Star Wars Episode I with Agu in the later afternoon. Buster was pretty tolerant of Ama and Agu, although he would rather be held by M-lady as he gets tired. He really enjoyed the activity table that Bud used to play with, sitting up next to it and whacking at buttons.

Ama and Agu prepared a fantastic dinner, and after we finally convinced Bud to join us at the table, he ate quite a bit. He had an ice cream cone for dessert. Buster and M-lady went through the day without any breastfeeding for the first time today. We'll be trying him out on some peas in the next day or two.

Both kids went to bed reasonably well, although we're going to have to teach Buster how to fall asleep in his crib. Right now he howls if put down while he's tired.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Out To Dinner

Buster was up around 7:00 this morning, and Bud around 7:30. I got up with Bud, and we hung out in his room until about 8:00. At that point, I got him settled downstairs in front of the TV with some milk, and started getting ready myself to head out for a hair cut appointment.

Bud was OK with me leaving for a haircut, and had a good time hanging out with M-lady and Buster. They were organizing Buster's clothing when I got back, and Bud was still in his PJs. Actually, he adamantly stayed in his PJs until after lunch.

Grandma Nese and Granddad B arrived in the mid-afternoon, and Granddad B, Bud, and I headed out immediately to Fry's (after Bud had gotten dressed). Bud fell asleep in the car on the way there, and was a little grumpy for a while. He rode on my shoulders for a good portion of our trip, and was fine on the way back. We arrived just in time to take over for M-lady as she went out to get her hair cut.

Bud and Granddad B played some Lego Star Wars together for a bit, before we packed everyone up and headed out to Chevy's for dinner. Having an infant and a 3 year old, M-lady and I don't get motivated to take the whole family out for dinner very often. But it was nice to get out together.

Buster was adamant about seeing what was going on, so either M-lady or I was holding him for most of the meal. Bud was really well behaved, and ate pretty well (even if his taco didn't look like the taco he was expecting). We didn't have dessert there since we were all pretty full and Buster was starting to get a little edgy.

Bud spent the next part of the evening running back and forth in the living room while the rest of us watched him. I eventually got him into the bath, but it took a lot of coaxing. We played a little more Lego Star Wars before saying goodnight and goodbye to the grandparents (who will be leaving pretty early tomorrow) and heading for bed.

Buster was again a little more cranky than usual around bedtime, but stayed asleep after I held him for a bit. M-lady reported that he's got top teeth threatening, so his nursing days may be numbered.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Six Month Checkup

M-lady had a long night last night, and Bud was up a couple of times. I got up with Buster a little after 7:00, and we hung out together for a bit, until M-lady got up a little after 8:00. I handed Buster off to her, and got Bud up and ready for school.

We got out the door a little late, but managed to get to his class before he was too late. The drop off went fine, which was nice. He waved goodbye to me and wandered into class without any trouble at all.

I got home, and we packed up and headed out with Buster to his six-month doctor's appointment. He's still somewhere between 50th and 75th percentiles for weight, length, and head circumference. He weighed in at 17.2 lbs, so he's getting heavier, although at a slower rate now. We talked a little about his dry skin which has cropped up a bit in the last month, but other than that it was a pretty standard checkup. He got three shots before we left, and didn't like them very much, but was OK on the drive home.

Nanny J arrived a few minutes after we got home, and had just enough time to feed Buster before they headed off to pick up Bud. Buster was apparently really hungry, and ate a couple of bottles of formula. We need to get him started on squishy foods... maybe we'll try one this weekend.

Bud and Buster both had a good afternoon with Nanny J. I arrived home around 4:00, shortly after Granddad B and Grandma Nese had arrived. They were both napping, though, and Bud was being careful to be quiet while they slept. We headed upstairs and he typed on the PC while I finished up my workday.

We all hung out together for a bit after Nanny J departed at about 5:15. Bud enjoyed playing lightsabers and starships with Grandma Nese, and Buster eyed the grandparents warily. He's starting to get a little nervous of strangers. Around the time M-lady arrived home, we headed outside to enjoy a little bit of the end of the evening.

Granddad B and Bud played a little lacrosse while I did some minor yard cleanup, and Grandma Nese held Buster. As the light failed, we headed inside and worked out a dinner strategy. Bud ate some leftovers, and then he and I headed out to pick up some take out for the rest of the family.

After dinner we played a little bit of Star Wars Lego, and Bud and Granddad B got to play together. They had a good time, but it was pretty late when we wrapped up. Bud got to bed a little late, and was asleep around 9:30.

Buster got a little cranky around bedtime, probably uncomfortable due to the shots. We gave him a dose of tylenol, and he slept while one of us held him for most of the evening. I was able to put him down a little bit before midnight. Hopefully he'll sleep through the night.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Family Evening

Buster was up a bit this morning, and M-lady and I tag teamed him a bit, but I got the impression that M-lady did more work than I did during the night. I got up with Bud once briefly, but he went back to sleep quickly.

M-lady had to head in to work a little earlier than usual, so I had both kids for a little while before Nanny J arrived. They were both fine, and we had some nice guy time together.

I had to start getting ready for work when Nanny J arrived, and took off shortly afterward. Bud was a little sad, and apparently lay down an rested for a little while after I left. But he had a good day by his own report when I got home around 4ish.

Bud reported that he and Nanny J had played with watercolors, spent some time in the backyard, and had some epic lightsaber battles. As I was finishing up with work a little after 5:00, Grandma Nese and Granddad B arrived to spend the evening. Buster was pretty chirpy, and Bud warmed up to them pretty quickly.

Grandma Nese got involved in some lightsaber battles herself before Granddad B, Bud, and I headed outside to do some outdoor chores and enjoy the pleasant evening. Bud helped me put the registration sticker on my license plate, and followed Granddad B around trimming the roses. We headed back inside as the light started failing to get some dinner.

We all watched a little bit of the recording of Dancing with the Stars, and then had some dinner. Bud ate well, and happily bounced away as the rest of us finished up. A short time later he had some ice cream for dessert, and we watched a little bit of The Upside Down Show before heading up to bed.

Bud was pretty good through the bedtime routine, and again fell asleep shortly after turning the light out. Hopefully he'll sleep well through the night tonight.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Brave Boy

I totally forgot to mention that yesterday was Buster's six-month birthday. Congrats, Buster! And he got a tooth to celebrate.

Buster was up this morning around 4:00, and I took him from M-lady at about 4:30. He was pretty awake, so we headed downstairs and I fixed a bottle for him. He quickly downed six ounces of formula, and passed out a little while later, at about 5:45. He continued to sleep until about 8:00.

Bud was up about 7:30, and M-lady fielded him. I joined them, with Buster, a bit after 8:00. M-lady took Bud to school, again with no fuss, and I handed off Buster to Nanny J at 8:45, reporting his new tooth.

Bud had a good day at school, and was pretty happy to see me when I got home at about 2:30. When I reminded him that we were going to the doctor, he was less pleased. He was a little resistant going out the door, but fine once we got to the car.

We chatted about this and that on the way to the doctor's office, and Bud got a little quiet when we walked in. He was pleased when I reassured him that he didn't actually have a checkup... he was just getting a flu shot. He was very calm for the shot, and didn't cry or even peep. The nurse asked if he'd like a sticker, which he declined.

As we got back in the car, and I told him how proud I was of him for being so brave, and we decided to pick up Jamba Juice on the way home. Bud was pretty happy to get a Jamba Juice, and we had a happy drive home.

I had to do some work when we got home, and Bud sat next to me typing at the computer. M-lady arrived home around 4:30, and she and I took off for a meeting while Bud and Buster stayed with Nanny J a little bit later than usual. We managed to get home around 6:30, and found everyone pretty happy.

Bud ate a pretty good dinner, and we watched a little bit of TV together before doing the bedtime routine. He was a little concerned with lying down on his sore shoulder, and I showed him how he could lay on his right side and keep the shot site in his left shoulder up in the air. Bud fell asleep in a few minutes once I got him to lay down.

For Bud I had a baby journal which included a questionnaire every three months. I'll try to fill out the six-month one for Buster tomorrow and post it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Tooth

Buster woke pretty early this morning, around 5:30, and M-lady and I juggled him back and forth a bit over the next couple of hours. He snoozed a bit, but didn't sleep very well if he was prone, which meant one of us was holding him for the entire morning.

Bud got up a little before 7:00, and I had just managed to get Buster to sleep on my chest for a bit in my bed, so M-lady took Bud. M-lady had a 7:00 phone call though, so Bud came and joined Buster and me for a bit. Buster woke around 7:30, and giggled at his big brother for a while.

Bud and I watched some TV a little bit later, and wrapped that up around 8:45 when Nanny J arrived. I managed to snooze for a little bit after that, as Bud played with Nanny J in the morning.

The kids went to the park around 10:00, and Bud reported that he spent some time on the swings at the park, which in the past he hasn't shown much interest in. I'm looking forward to trying the swings with him the next time we go to the park together.

I got home from work around 4:45, and Bud was patient with me while I wrapped up some work. Both kids were pretty happy, and the grandparents arrived just as Nanny J was taking her leave. We all spent some time hanging out together before M-lady arrived home.

While I was holding Buster, he started munching on my thumb, as he is wont to do. I noticed a little ridge in his lower gumline, and sure enough, the left front bottom tooth seems to have poked through. That may be what kept him up this morning.

While we were hanging out, I showed the grandparents the Koi Pond application on my iPhone. Bud fell in love with the app, and played with it for the next 30-40 minutes.

I grilled turkeyburgers for dinner, and Bud ate really well. We played a little bit of Lego Star Wars before having some ice cream. We bid the grandparents good night and headed off for bed. Bud was in bed a bit before 9:00, and fell asleep pretty quickly. Buster fell asleep early as well, and hopefully will sleep a little bit better tonight.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Showing Off for Visitors

Buster was up briefly at about 12:30am, but dropped off back to sleep after a few minutes of comforting. Bud woke at about 6:00 and got me up, and I crawled into bed with him, where he went back to sleep for a while. He got up for good around 7:45, and Buster followed a little after 8:00.

After the kids had gone to sleep last night, Granddad B and Grandma Nese arrived. Bud was a bit excited and shy about seeing them in the morning. But he warmed up to them pretty quickly as everyone got ready for the day. The grandparents left to go to a conference up in San Francisco during the day, so left the house at about the same time as M-lady and Bud.

M-lady took Bud to school this morning, and apparently the drop off went just fine, no crying. Maybe M-lady and I can alternate drop-offs going forward.

Bud had a good day at school, and was happily playing with Nanny J when I arrived home around 5:00. He was a little upset that I wasn't able to give him my full attention immediately, but we had a good time playing together after Nanny J left at about 5:15. At 5:30, Buster woke up, and we all played together for a bit.

M-lady arrived home a little later, and the grandparents a bit after that. Bud, Granddad B, and I had a pleasant drive together to go pick up the pizzas we had for dinner, and we all ate together. After dinner, Bud showed off his skills with the Star Wars Lego game to the grandparents.

Bud got to bed a little later than usual, a bit after 9:00, but fell asleep really quickly. He was pretty tired. Since he doesn't have school tomorrow, there won't be a problem if he sleeps in. The grandparents are staying up in the city tonight, so we'll see them again tomorrow afternoon. I think Bud is looking forward to it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ticklish Boy

Buster was up a couple of times early this morning, and M-lady took him a couple of times, and then I got him at about 5:30 or so. I got him back to sleep after a bit, and I think he slept in until 8:00ish.

I left around 7:30 this morning for a bike race, before either of the kids were up. M-lady was wonderful and took care of them this morning while I was gone. When I got back, a bit before noon, Bud showed me the new lightsaber they had made. His new one is just a handle, for attaching to the belt of his Halloween costume.

After we had some lunch, Bud and M-lady took off to run some errands, while I spent the afternoon hanging out with Buster. We had a nice video call with Grandma W and Granddad B, and also watched a little bit of football together. Buster is definitely ticklish now, so we had some fun tickling, too. And Buster ate quite a bit of formula in the afternoon.

When M-lady and Bud got home, M-lady took a quick nap while Bud and Buster and I hung out together. We spent some time all resting on Bud's bed, and Bud played pretty well with his younger brother. I think he's starting to figure out how to interact with him. Buster is getting better at sitting up on his own, and I think that helps with their interactions.

Bud ate a pretty good dinner, and M-lady took Buster while I showered Bud after dinner. I finally got Bud to look up while I washed his hair, so as not to get water in his face. He did really well, and we had a good time in the shower.

The shower was followed by ice cream, a little bit of TV, some more snacking, and then bed. We'd been stretching bedtime a little bit, waiting for Granddad B and Grandma Nese to arrive, but they came a little late. Bud was in bed a little before 9:00, and passed out within a couple of minutes of turning the lights out.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pleasant Lunch Outing

Buster slept through the night from about 10:00 to around 8:00am. Bud woke me about 6:00, but was willing to rest in his bed until about 8:00, when we headed downstairs to watch a little TV.

We eventually got ready to head out to M-lady's reunion tailgate, and headed out the door around 11:00. We got to Stanford shortly thereafter, and found a good place to park.

We put the runningboard on the stroller for Bud to stand on, and after we told him it was a battle sled, he hopped right on and enjoyed the ride. Both kids were great for the entire trip.

We found the reunion tent, grabbed some food, and chatted with friends. Bud was a bit shy, but ate a good lunch. Buster was cute. A bit after lunch, Bud let me know that he had to pee, and did a great job of holding it until we found a restroom. We walked through the oval on the way back to the car, and both kids fell asleep on the drive home.

Since both kids were asleep, we did a couple of short errands, then headed home. M-lady was wonderful and watched both kids for a while as I took a nap, catching up on sleep missed in the past couple of nights. I woke around 4:30, and we started to get ready for our evening outing.

Bud was a little bit upset when Nanny J arrived at 5:00, but waved a tearful goodbye as we headed out the door. When we arrived home later in the evening, both kids were asleep, and Nanny J reported that they had been well behaved. Buster had eaten lots in the evening, which is probably good, since he didn't eat a whole lot during the day. Hopefully the kids will sleep well during the night.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Buster woke this morning at about 5:30. I rocked him back to sleep, and after being up and down a few times, he finally fell asleep again around 6:45. He slept until about 8:15, when I got up again to start getting ready to take Bud to school.

Bud was generally unenthusiastic about going to school today, and it was a struggle to get him out of the house, and then into the classroom. He reported that he had fun again in class today, though.

Friend R and I ran some errands in the morning, and had just arrived home when Nanny J and Buster returned, having picked up Bud from school. Bud was pretty happy, and after we all had some lunch, Bud, R, and I headed out to a nearby openspace preserve to go for a hike. We took the bike trailer converted to a jog stroller, and hit the trail a little after 1:00.

We all had fun, and Bud decided to take advantage of the stroller about halfway through the hike. There were great views, beautiful weather, and good company. Bud was excited to see several deer during the hike, although he fell asleep in his stroller towards the end.

We got home around 3:00, played some XBox games together, and then all headed out to the back yard to hit the hot tub. Bud dipped his foot in, but decided it was too hot, and spent the time playing in the back yard while R and I soaked for a bit.

After getting out of the tub and heading back inside, we got cleaned up and dressed again and said goodbye to Nanny J. Buster was pretty mellow for the evening, and I got started on grilling some turkey burgers for dinner. M-lady arrived home just as the burgers were going onto the table.

Bud and I took R to the train station, and said our goodbyes. R will be attending a wedding this weekend, and then heading back to his home on the east coast. Bud let me know that he was a little sad the R was leaving, and looked forward to seeing him again.

Once home, we watched a little bit of TV together before starting the bedtime routine. Bud fell asleep pretty quickly; I think all the extra outdoor time today helped wear him out. Buster didn't go down until a bit later, around 9:45, so hopefully will sleep in a little bit tomorrow morning.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Music Selection

I took Buster again this morning at about 6:00. He went back to sleep pretty quickly, but woke each time I tried to set him down, and also when I tried to lay down with him on top of me. M-lady took him at about 8:00, and I managed to snooze for about 20 minutes with Bud.

Bud waved me away happily as I left for work. I took friend R to the train station on my way, but I let Bud know that R would be coming back in the evening.

Bud and Buster were good for Nanny J today. The cleaners were here in the morning, so the house was in good shape when I got home around 5:00. Bud was happy to see me, and the three of us hung out together for a bit.

On the way to school on Wednesday, Bud asked me to put on Star Wars music. I didn't have any ripped to my iPod, but I assured him that we would have some for our next trip to school. So while I was waiting for M-lady and R to arrive home, we dug out my Star Wars CDs and put them on the iPod.

M-lady brought R home, and Bud and R and I headed out pretty quickly to pick up some sushi for dinner. Bud was excited, since we haven't had sushi for a while, and ate really well. It was a good dinner.

It was pretty late by the time we finished up dinner, so we watched a little bit of TV and headed up to do the bedtime routine. Bud was mostly cooperative. He was in bed a bit before 9:00, and fell asleep within 10 minutes. With any luck Buster will sleep a little bit better tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

New Visitor

Bud was up a couple of times during the night. He might have been unsettled since I was up working really late. I got to bed around 5:45, right around the time M-lady got up with Buster.

Buster was happily awake from 5:30 on, so M-lady had a really long morning. Since I was up late, she managed getting Bud ready for school this morning. At about 8:30 I took Buster and put him down on a blanket in the middle of our bedroom while I got dressed and ready for work. When I got back to him, he was asleep.

Nanny J arrived at 8:45, and Bud was a bit reluctant to head out to school. I finally got him out the door, but I had to carry him. He really didn't want to go to school.

However, the dropoff went pretty well once we arrived. I think since we were a little late, and class seemed to have already started, Bud didn't mind wandering in and engaging while I left.

He and Buster and Nanny J had a good lunch together, and I arrived home at about 2:30, having picked up my Friend R at the airport. R will be staying with us for a couple of days, and I'd warned Bud he was coming. Bud was a bit shy regardless.

R has a son two weeks older than Bud, and a daughter six weeks older than Buster, so he's got the daddy routine down pretty well. Bud warmed up to him before too long, and later in the afternoon Buster was giggling loudly at his antics. We had a good time hanging out together.

Bud, R, and I picked up a pizza for dinner after M-lady got home, which was also a fundraising event for Bud's school. 30% of the cost of our pizza went to Bud's school system. And the pizza was pretty good.

We had a good dinner, and Bud and I played some Lego Star Wars for a bit afterward. I called it time for bed shortly after 8:00, and Bud had a bit of a meltdown. He wailed through the bedtime routine, and finally calmed down a bit with M-lady a little later.

I said goodnight, and R and I were playing a game downstairs a little later when Bud came down to find me. I put him to bed again, and he fell asleep, just before 9:00. Since we'll all be asleep tonight, hopefully both he and Buster will sleep a little better.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Switching Roles

M-lady is working on weaning Buster, and so I took him when he woke this morning at 5:00. He went back to sleep at about 5:30, was up again at about 6:15, down at 6:45, and then up around 8:00. Fortunately, M-lady took care of Buster at that point, as she was already up with Bud. They had a pretty good morning together.

Bud didn't see much of me this morning, but wasn't too put off. He had a good time with Nanny J, and gave me a happy wave as I left for work. The past few times he's seen me leave for work, he's cried quite a bit, so this was a nice change.

I had to work a little late, so M-lady got the kids from Nanny J after 5:00. They had a good evening, and were happily eating dinner when I arrived home around 6:45. Bud ate half of M-lady's dinner before starting in on his own, which he finished. So he had a solid dinner. After M-lady finished up, she took Buster off to feed him, and I played a bit with Bud before we started the bedtime routine.

Bud wasn't as against going to bed tonight, which was also nice. He did voice that he didn't want to go to sleep, but fell asleep pretty quick. He did wake up just before midnight, but went back to sleep after a drink of water.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Tired Kids

Bud woke around 7:15, and I managed to get him to at least chill in his bed for a while (if he didn't actually sleep). We got up a bit before 8:00 to start the usual before-school routine, with Bud repeating all the while that he didn't want to go to school. M-lady had gotten up early with Buster.

Bud cried a little bit when I dropped him off, but it wasn't too bad. And of course he was really happy to see M-lady and I when we arrived home around 5:00. Bud had apparently broken his eating streak and not had much for lunch, and Buster hadn't napped much during the day.

M-lady and I swapped kids a couple times during the evening. We were both unsuccessful at getting Buster to take a nap, but M-lady managed to get Bud to eat a good dinner. Buster was a little grumpy for most of the evening. After Bud ate, he and I played a little bit of Star Wars Lego before heading up to bed.

Bud was reasonably behaved during the bedtime routine, but had a bit of a meltdown when it was time to turn out the light, crying that he wasn't tired and didn't want to go to bed. After a few minutes he crawled into bed and passed out.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

More Lightsabers

Bud woke this morning around 6:00. M-lady was already up with Buster, but Bud wanted to come wake me up anyway. I put him back in his bed, and he actually went back to sleep after about 40 minutes. He slept until 9:00ish.

We all had a pleasant morning together, and after a bit M-lady took Bud out to run some errands while I fed a hungry Buster. Buster managed to stay awake for a while after I fed him, but eventually passed out for a 45 minute nap at about 11:00. M-lady and Bud got home and started on a new lightsaber for him (a blue one) around the time Buster was waking up.

After Buster shook off his grogginess, we packed up and headed out to a birthday party. Friend K was celebrating her 4th birthday, and was having a small party at her place. Bud was particularly shy again, and hid behind me for a while.

K's parents had rented a huge bouncy castle. When all the other kids were out, I finally convinced Bud to come in with me. He had a good time bouncing (as long as there weren't any other kids).

We had a good lunch there, and Bud ate a hotdog and drank a juice box. Buster was getting a bit tired when we finally headed for home a bit after 2:00, and fell asleep pretty quickly on the road.

Bud and I played outside for a bit, throwing a ball around and doing some general yard maintenance. Bud did end up rolling around on the ground a bit, so we headed straight into the shower when we came in. We got ourselves cleaned up, and then had a snack with Buster while M-lady took a short nap.

Buster demonstrated a new capacity to roll repeatedly quickly today. Bud never really did that, so it was a surprise. No more laying Buster on the couch or bed unattended, since he could easily roll off.

Bud requested spaghetti for dinner, so I prepared a portion for him. He scarfed it down, eating a really big dinner. After dinner, we played the last story chapter of Lego Star Wars, finishing up The Return of the Jedi. There's still a lot of game left, but we've worked through all the movie stories.

We had a little bit of ice cream before heading up to bed. Bud was cooperative, and in bed with the lights out a little before 9:00. He fell asleep pretty quickly.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Self Entertainment

Bud slept in this morning until nearly 8:30. Before then, M-lady brought a really smiley and giggly Buster to bed, so I was up a bit before Bud got up. We all headed downstairs together to get some breakfast and get started on the day.

We had a good morning together, and after a nice if short video call with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, I fed and took a nap with Buster a bit after 10:00. He slept for about two hours on my chest. Interestingly, Buster will nap for two hours straight if he has someone to sleep on. In his crib, he usually only stays asleep for thirty to forty minutes or so.

While we were napping, Bud and M-lady hit the fabric store to pick up some pieces for his Halloween costume and for more lightsabers. They ran a couple of other errands as well, and had already had some lunch by the time Buster and I got up and joined them.

Buster can now amuse himself for ten minutes or more at a time with one of his rattles while sitting in a bouncer. He prefers to have an adult (or Bud) within view, but doesn't really need their active attention. It makes getting things done much easier. Buster spent a good part of the afternoon happily chewing on his rattle.

Friend A came to visit for a bit in the afternoon, and I took Bud out to the grocery store to pick up some items. We spent the late afternoon cleaning up a bit, getting ready for a small dinner party. Uncle C, Aunt O, and Cousin C arrived a little bit after 5:00, and friends E and P a little before 6:00.

The party was a little disjointed. Cousin C was a bit put out by lack of sleep and teething, and so we missed the company of Uncle C and Aunt O in turns. M-lady and I took turns looking after Bud and Buster, and making sure they got fed and put to bed. It was a pleasant evening, though, and dinner was really nice.

Bud stayed up pretty late, finally getting into bed around 9:00, and falling asleep around 9:20. We did not give him his steroids tonight, so hopefully we're past the croup danger period. Buster went down about 8:30, but was up briefly a little bit later. Hopefully they'll both sleep well through the night.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Not So Sleepy

Bud woke this morning a bit after 7:00, and we hung out together in his room for a few minutes before heading downstairs and watching a little bit of morning TV. Bud was in a pretty good mood, and we got dressed and had breakfast a little bit after 8:00.

Bud was OK going to school, although he cried a little bit as I dropped him off again. Every day he says he has a good time at school once he gets home, and today even named a couple of friends, but every day lets me know that he doesn't want to go to school in the morning.

Nanny J picked him up, and he ate a huge lunch. Both he and Buster were pretty good during the day, apparently. I got home around 4:30, and Bud was really anxious to play with me even though I needed to finish up some work. He was a little upset when I rebuffed him a couple of times, but was pretty happy when I finally wrapped up and headed downstairs with him.

After wishing Nanny J a pleasant weekend, we pulled out the vacuum cleaner to fix up the playroom a little bit. Bud had been playing with some styrofoam peanuts which had arrived in a package a few days ago. I'm not sure exactly what he was playing, but there were tiny little flecks of styrofoam all over the floor. Fortunately, it's really easy to vacuum up, and Bud had a great time doing it.

Eventually Buster got a little hungry, and when I turned my attention to Buster and dinner, Bud got a little upset and huffed upstairs. He ended up falling asleep for about half an hour while I cooked dinner. M-lady arrived home just as I was finishing up and waking Bud.

We all had a good meal, and then Bud and I sat down and played a little bit more Lego Star Wars. We played until a little before 8:00, and then watched a little bit of TV before heading up to bed. Bud was good through the bedtime routine, but didn't want to turn out the light and get into bed when we wrapped up at about 8:30.

Turns out he actually wasn't very sleepy, as he lay awake in bed with either myself or M-lady next to him until nearly 10:00. Not sure why he was awake, but I hope he sleeps in a little bit tomorrow morning.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Counting Days

Bud woke this morning at about 7:15, but was willing to rest a bit in his bed before getting up. We did a pretty standard morning routine, and Nanny J arrived at 8:45.

Bud was a little bit sad when I left for work a bit later, but not too much. He apparently had a big lunch with Nanny J, and a bath in the afternoon. Both Bud and Buster were well behaved for Nanny J.

I got home right around 5:15, and took over for Nanny J. We all had a good time hanging out together until M-lady arrived home a bit after 6:00.

Bud has recently been into asking what day it is and determining what events happen on what days. So I've been answering that today is Thursday, the 2nd day of October quite a bit today. Yes, today is a work day, but it isn't a school day. Tomorrow is a work day and a school day. The day after that is Saturday, the weekend, and it's not a work day or a school day. And so on. He seems to know the answers to these questions already, though, so I think he's just trying to make conversation.

We had dinner at about 6:30, and Bud ate pretty well. A blondie from yesterday for dessert, and then we watched a little bit of Star Wars Episode I before the bedtime routien. Bud was good through the routine, although he took a while to fall asleep, finally dropping off around 9:15.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Feeling Better

Since his croup episode, we've been giving Bud his oral prednisone, and he's been fine. He's had a little bit of chest congestion, but it hasn't slowed him down at all. He slept fine last night.

Bud woke this morning a little before 8:00, and M-lady fielded him. I dragged myself out of bed a little bit later, and caught up with them having some breakfast downstairs. Buster was a little groggier than usual today, given his late night last night. But he wasn't terribly fussy.

We got Bud ready for school, and I dropped him off at about 9:00. He cried again a little bit at the drop off. I hope he starts liking to go to school at some point.

Nanny J picked him up in the afternoon, and he professed to have had fun at school again. They had a good afternoon together. Nanny J did report that Buster wasn't very excited about cereal today, though.

I got home a little before 5:00, and Buster was watching Bud and Nanny J have large-scale lightsaber battles with imaginary foes. I took Nanny J's place when she left a bit later, and Bud and I dispatched quite a number of stormtroopers and battle droids before I had to take a break to attend to Buster, who had quietly spit up on himself.

After getting the little one cleaned up, we headed downstairs and started a batch of blondies together. I've been craving blondies for the past week or so, and so I tried a recipe I found online. Bud helped with the mixing, and M-lady arrived right before we threw the whole thing in the oven.

Bud ate a pretty good dinner, and really liked the blondies we had afterward. We watched a little bit of TV, had a final bite of blondie, and headed up to bed. Bud was helpful through the bedtime routine, and went to sleep really quickly once the light went out at about 8:30.

Buster was up and down for a bit, but finally fell asleep in my arms at about 10:00. He was protesting when he fell asleep, sort of winding down like a turbine. Hopefully he'll sleep reasonably soundly. Not sure what's been keeping him up, but we all suspect teeth might be looming.