Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quick Update

Sorry for not posting yesterday. We had a return of the dreaded croup... I thought we were done with that stuff. Bud woke around 10:30. We managed to control it without going to the ER for the first time, but he didn't go back to bed until after 1:00, and I ended up sleeping in his room with him. He was still a little raspy this morning, but after he was up for a couple hours he was fine. He had a good day today, and took a nap in the early afternoon, which he needed.

We had absolutely no warning on this one. No sniffles, no indications that he had a cold.

This evening, I came down with what seems to be some kind of gastritis. I managed to get Bud to bed, but I've been pretty useless otherwise. Buster didn't fall asleep until about 11:00, so M-lady has had a pretty tough night. Hopefully we'll all be better tomorrow.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Self Discovery

Bud apparently woke this morning at about 3:30, and went downstairs to wake Ama and Agu. They put him back to bed without much incident. Buster woke this morning around 4:00, and M-lady handled him. Bud woke for good at about 7:20, and came in to ask if today was the 28th. Assured that it was, he knew that Ama and Agu should still be around, and went to look for them. They were still asleep, though, so I got up and hung out with Bud for a while this morning.

After getting Bud set up with the grandparents a little later, I headed back to bed. Before I knew it, it was past noon. The kids had a good morning, and Bud really enjoyed the tsao bing yo tiao Agu picked up for breakfast.

Buster and I spent some time hanging out together in the afternoon, and eventually had a nice video call with Grandma W. After some initial concern, Buster gave her some good smiles. Bud came and poked his head in at the end of the call, when Agu decided to take a nap.

Buster discovered he could suck on his lower lip today. He spent a good part of the day making fish faces and loud smacking noises.

Bud and I spent a little time outside working on my car together before dinner. I needed to install his new car seat, which ended up being a little bit more involved than I had anticipated. I ended up needing to cut a small flap out of the trunk liner I had to secure the seat to the trunk LATCH anchor point. Bud happily played around and in my car while I worked on that.

We headed in for dinner, and Bud used the bathroom and washed his hands. While looking in the mirror, he exclaimed, "Hey! My eyebrows go up and down!" We spent some time looking at our eyebrows go up and down in the mirror.

Bud ate pretty well of a lovely dinner prepared by Ama and Agu. After dinner, I prepared some bananas foster for dessert, largely to say thank you to the grandparents for all the child care and cooking they've done over the past few days. They enjoyed the dessert, and Bud was willing to try it, although he preferred a bowl of mint-chocolate chip ice cream.

After dinner Bud and I played together a little bit. We were bouncing around the living room a little bit when Bud fell backwards and bumped his head on the piano bench. No serious damage, but after applying a cold pack we started the bedtime TV.

Bud went to bed just fine, and fell asleep really quickly, right around 8:30. Buster, however, was wired, and was up and down (mostly up) until about 11:00. We're not sure why he was up, but he was generally upset if he wasn't with M-lady, which made her evening a little tough. He eventually fell asleep, though.

Bud woke a couple of times around 11:45, and apparently had a bad dream involving his clock. I turned it around so he couldn't see it, and he fell asleep again pretty quickly.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sitting Up

Bud slept through the night, and woke around 7:30. He was quickly fielded by Ama, so I went back to sleep. M-lady got up with Buster around 4:00, and again a bit later. She brought him to bed at about 9:00.

I let Buster sleep on my chest for a while, and then managed to deposit him in bed so I could get up. He ended up snoozing for about half an hour.

I took him downstairs after he woke up, and he ate about 2 oz. Bud spent most of the morning playing with Ama and Agu. Buster was pretty happy, and enjoyed hanging out where he could see Bud.

Bud at a good lunch, and afterward M-lady and I started packing up for a performance we were doing in the evening. The venue was up in San Rafael, though, so we had to leave around 2:30. I put Buster downstairs where Bud was playing, and sat him up.

Buster did a great job sitting up today. If I get his hands planted properly, he can sit up for minutes at a time. Then he faceplants, rolls over, and ends up on his back. But he's doing a good job with the sitting up.

Bud's interacting with Buster more, too. He and Ama were playing with Buster when I headed upstairs to get dressed.

We rolled out without too much issue. When I told Bud M-lady and I were going to dance, he asked if he had to come with us. I told him he'd be staying home with Ama and Agu, and he sounded relieved.

Bud was apparently good all afternoon and evening, and Buster was fine until about 7:00. At that point he got a little cranky, probably because he was looking for M-lady to feed him. Buster went to sleep without too much problem, though. Thanks, Ama and Agu!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Nap / Bedtime Interference

Bud woke this morning around 7:45 or so, and was fielded by Ama shortly after he wandered into our room. I promptly fell back to sleep, and woke at nearly 8:30.

I had to rush a little bit to get dressed and ready for work, and M-lady and the grandparents got Bud ready for school. He was ready to hit the road when Nanny J arrived at 8:45. Bud was a little down as we arrived at the school, and cried a little bit as I dropped him off. Apparently he had a good day at school, though.

I didn't get home from work until about 8:00, but M-lady stayed home from work, and of course the grandparents were around. Bud was picked up from school by Nanny J and Buster at noon, and they came home and had a good lunch. Bud had fun playing with the grandparents for much of the rest of the day.

Bud did end up falling asleep in the late afternoon, and it took a couple of hours to wake him up. He was apparently grumpy for a long time. Since I got home so late, I got him into PJs with some help from M-lady, and then read him a story and put him to bed. But he wasn't really interested in going to sleep.

Bud got up out of bed a couple of times, and didn't actually end up going to sleep until after 9:30. We just can't let him nap in the late afternoon, I think. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with the kids tomorrow, as we've sort of missed out the past couple of days.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


We've been counting the days until Ama and Agu arrive for a couple of weeks now. Bud was really excited this morning that today was the day, but disappointed when we explained to him that Ama and Agu wouldn't be arriving until mid-afternoon.

Bud slept through the night, and woke at about 7:45. I headed downstairs with him, where we watched a little TV and Bud had some milk. At about 8:15, we came back upstairs so I could start getting dressed to head into work.

Bud was pretty well behaved this morning, although he expressed some sadness when it was time for me to leave. He didn't burst into tears, however, but wandered off to find M-lady. Apparently, he did burst into theatrical tears when M-lady left, but was fine after she was gone.

Bud had a pretty good day, and at a big lunch. He was happily eating dinner with Ama and Agu when I arrived home at about 5:30.

After dinner, M-lady and I packed up to head out to a show. Bud was a little disappointed that we were leaving, but Ama quickly took him off to have a bath. Bud was apparently good all evening, and went right to bed at the appointed time.

We had Babysitter G over as well to help out with Buster. Buster fussed all evening, though, didn't eat much, and finally fell asleep after screaming for a while. Seems odd after being so good with friend E the previous night. Since Buster didn't eat a lot, we expect him to wake up hungry before too long.

M-lady is staying home from work tomorrow, and it may take a little bit of work to convince Bud to go to school while so many people are still at home. Hopefully he'll get a good night's sleep tonight, though, and be ready for tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Evening Visitor

Bud woke once during the night at about 5:00, and then slept in until a little after 8:00, when I woke him to get ready for school. He was reasonably tractable during the morning routine, although I couldn't get him to eat much breakfast. But we got out the door on time without too much hassle.

Bud was a little reluctant to go into his classroom, but didn't break down into tears. He joined his class singing the ABCs as I left.

Bud once again ate a big lunch. He was happy to see me when I got home at 5:15, although he was a bit put off by the fact that I had friend E with me. E is a work friend of mine, who's been over before, and was in town for the week. So he came over for dinner and some gaming in the evening. Bud acted particularly shy for a little while.

Buster, on the other hand, didn't have any problem with E. While M-lady was still on her way home, I handed Buster to E in order to take care of Bud. Buster was fine, and even fell asleep in E's arms. Buster did get a little grumpy before M-lady got home, and was clearly happy to see her. I think he was a little hungry.

Bud and I played a little bit of Star Wars Lego before dinner, and then Bud played the game with E for a while after dinner. At about 8:00, Bud and I headed upstairs and did the bedtime routine.

The routine went well, although Bud didn't want to go to sleep at the end of it. I had to head back downstairs to be a host, and M-lady assured Bud she'd go sit with him when she was done with Buster. But Bud had fallen asleep when M-lady checked on him a few minutes later.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sleeping In

Bud woke once this morning at about 5:15 or so, and came tearing into our room. I think he might have had a frightening dream, but headed back to sleep pretty quickly. Buster woke at about 6:00, and M-lady saw to him.

Bud ended up sleeping in until about 8:30 after that. That was a little unfortunate, since I needed to leave at about 8:45. Bud was a little disappointed that I didn't get to do the usual morning routine, but was OK with me leaving shortly after Nanny J arrived.

Bud apparently had a good day, once again eating a huge lunch. I managed to get home just at 5:15 to relieve Nanny J, and Buster was looking a little bit grumpy at the time. He wasn't actively fussing, but wasn't interested in being smiley.

Bud and I played in the playroom together while I held Buster for a while, which was nice. Bud had thrown some pillows in the box his car seat had come in, and used it as his boat, which he continually repaired. I handed him new parts.

I had a late phone meeting I had to attend, and got the kids started on dinner before I joined. Bud surprised me by asking for dinner, and ate pretty well as I was on the phone. Buster was well behaved as well. M-lady arrived home at about 6:20, and Bud and Buster had a good time with her while I finished up my call.

At about 7:00, I caught up with M-lady and Bud and I spent a while having a lightsaber battle. Bud had a good time running around the living room, and it was nice to do something at least a little bit active. We watched a little TV before bed, and got to bed a little bit earlier than previous nights. Bud was cooperative going to bed, and went to sleep a bit before 9:00.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sluggish Morning

Bud slept through the night, and then really didn't want to get out of bed in the morning. I had to leave for work at about 8:30, so woke at 7:45 and got myself ready. At about 8:00, I took Buster from M-lady and went into Bud's room to wake him up and start the morning routine. He sounded a lot like a teenager in his protests.

I finally got him out of bed around 8:25, and M-lady supervised getting him dressed while I threw a waffle in the toaster for him. But I had to leave for work, and Bud was a little upset that I didn't finish the routine with him and take him to school. M-lady reported that he did some theatrical crying, which she called him on, and then settled down and went to school without a problem.

M-lady hasn't driven to the school on her own very often, and had written directions on a post-it to which she referred as she was driving. Bud noticed, and offered to tell her which way to go.

Bud had a good day at school, and Nanny J reported that he had a huge lunch. I didn't get home until about 6:00, at which point Bud greeted me with excitement. M-lady had made it home by 5:15 to relieve Nanny J.

Bud was a bit rambunctious in the evening, and had a couple of minor breakdowns. He was a little upset with having to watch football for a big chunk of the evening, even though we ate hotdogs in front of the TV. At least, I did. Bud didn't eat much dinner at all.

Eventually we played a little bit of Lego Star Wars, wrapping up a little before 8:30 and heading up to bed. It took a little while and M-lady's help to get Bud into his PJs, and then the bedtime routine proceeded as normal. He was asleep shortly after 9:00.

He's been getting to bed a bit late the last few days (my fault), and I should probably try to get his bedtime moved a little bit earlier. Fortunately, there's no school tomorrow, so he can sleep in if he wants.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Giggle Game

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, so we headed downstairs and watched some TV together. He drank a lot of milk, and then had to pee a lot. Fortunately, he's getting better about peeing on his own (although he still generally needs to be reminded). But I can say, "Go pee!", and off he goes, and generally doesn't have any problems.

We made some roll-up pancakes together. Bud ate a few, and then entertained himself for a bit as I finished cooking the batch. M-lady and Buster had fallen back asleep, and so I didn't bother to wake them. They joined us sometime after 10:00.

Buster was pretty upbeat, so I tried another video call with Grandma W and Granddad B. We got it working this time, so they got to see both the grandsons. Buster was a little more cautious than he has been on video calls, but Bud really enjoyed showing off his lightsabers.

After I fed Buster a bottle, Bud starting in on lunch with M-lady and I took the opportunity to lie down for a bit. Unintentionally, I slept for about 90 minutes. Bud never ate much of his lunch, but they had a good time while I was unconscious.

After I got some lunch for myself, I took Bud into the garage and dug up some of my old Star Wars action figures. Not the original series, but some of the POF2 figures I had opened up. He spent all his free time in the afternoon happily playing with the figures.

I got ready to go for a bike ride, and Bud decided to come along. It took a while to get the trailer set, and get Bud into it. We discovered that Bud's helmet doesn't fit anymore, but he was able to wear my old helmet. It was a bit loose, though, so we'll need to find a small helmet for him.

He fell asleep on the ride, and snoozed for about 40 minutes. He was OK when he woke up, though, and happy when we got home, although he needed to pee. I got him out of the trailer, and he ran inside, peed, and then went back to playing with the action figures.

M-lady and Buster were out doing a little bit of grocery shopping, and arrived home a little bit later. Bud, Buster and I hung out for a bit watching football while M-lady orchestrated dinner. Buster was a little bit hungry when M-lady returned with dinner, though, and so Bud and I got started while she was feeding the little one.

Bud ate reasonably well with some prompting, and we played a little bit of Lego Star Wars before getting ready for bed. The bedtime routine was pretty straight forward, and Bud was in bed a little after 8:30. We chatted a little bit about school tomorrow, and he was nearly asleep when I took my leave at about 9:00.

Buster has been responding well to tickling his tummy, and will grin and giggle most of the time. It's nice to have a game that gets him going.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cereal and Star Wars

Bud woke once this morning around 5:00, and then slept until about 7:30 or so. He was ready to head downstairs immediately, so we watched a few episodes of Imagination Movers on TV. It was a pretty good show, with really good music. Bud enjoyed it, as did M-lady who joined us a little later with Buster.

We decided to split up, and M-lady took Bud off to Gilroy Gardens again. They took off around 10:00, as Buster was nodding off after having a few ounces from a bottle. Buster and I snoozed together until about 11:30.

Buster was happy and giggly when he woke up, so I took the opportunity to try and run an errand. We packed up, and I loaded him into the car to try for Babies R Us. He was great for the trip. Not a squeak on the drive, and happy to interact with me a little bit and take in the sights as he rode in his carrier on the shopping cart. He quietly dozed off on the drive home. Overall, we were out of the house for about an hour.

With any luck, he's getting used to being in the car. I think maybe the recent trips to pick up Bud from school have helped acclimate him a bit.

We had some lunch when we got home, and Buster ate another 3 ounces or so of formula. I also tried out the rice cereal for him... he's a pro now, and was entirely unfazed by the cereal. I ended up mixing up the cereal a little thicker, since he was having no problems with the thin mixture. I don't think he actually ate much of the cereal, but he knew what he was supposed to do with it.

After lunch, we tried again in vain to have a video call with Grandma W and Granddad B, and had a standard audio chat instead. Hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to do a video connection. Towards the end of the conversation Buster was getting a little bit cranky.

At about 2:30, he nodded of in my arms, and slept there for about 45 minutes. M-lady and Bud returned at about 3:00, having had fun at the park. They had a good time, and Bud's new car seat was a success.

We spent a pretty mellow afternoon. In the later afternoon, Bud and I started watching Star Wars together (Episode IV). M-lady and I took turns watching with him, and we edited a bit, and he closed his eyes a couple of times as well. I was about his age when I first saw Star Wars in the theater.

By the time the movie was done, it was time to get started on dinner. Bud ate reasonably well, and we had a quick shower before finishing up the bedtime routine. Bud was in bed around 8:30, but didn't fall asleep until after 9:30. I'm not sure what was keeping him up. We may have to push his bedtime earlier again.

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Quiet House

Bud slept through the night, waking at about 7:30. He actually wanted to go back to bed, though, so we didn't end up getting up until about 8:00.

I got Bud dressed, and we watched a little bit of TV before having an Eggo and getting ready to head off to school. He was pretty happy in the morning once he woke up, and was OK with going to school. The drop off was uneventful.

I headed home and then to work. Bud had a good day at school, although his teachers changed his pants during the day. We discovered that this was because the slide on the playground was wet... not due to an accident. I guess having extra pants comes in handy for non-potty issues, too.

The house was really quiet when I got home at about 5:00. Bud had fallen asleep in his room at about 4:45, and Buster was napping as well. I tiptoed around until 5:15, when Nanny J took her leave.

Buster was already awake by that point, although a little groggy. We hung out together for about half an hour before I checked in on Bud.

He'd wet his pants in his sleep, so I got him up and into clean underwear. He was pretty upset with being woken, and so I dealt with two generally unhappy kids, both of whom wanted to be held, for about 20 minutes. Fortunately, I was eventually able to distract Bud with the arrival of his new car seat. Buster was content to lie on his playmat nearby while he watched us open up and inspect the seat.

M-lady arrived home while we were working on the seat, and after reading the instructions I got it adjusted for Bud. He was pretty happy with it. We decided on the Britax Frontier, which goes from about 2-year-old size to about 15 years old for people like M-lady and I (not very large people). I think it goes up to 5' and 100 lbs.

After playing with the new seat for a bit, Bud and I watched a little TV while M-lady fed Buster. I eventually convinced Bud to have some dinner, but not until about 7:30. He ate well, though, and even attempted to steal some of my dinner. We stayed up to watch The Upside Down Show again, and then headed for bed. Lights were out a little after 8:30.

Bud didn't fall asleep very quickly, though. He was still up when I left him at about 9:15, and M-lady reported he asked for a drink of water at 10:00. I think he was mostly asleep by that point, though.

Buster again flipped onto his tummy and woke himself up, so M-lady swaddled him. We've had luck swaddling his arms, but leaving his legs free. Hopefully both kids will sleep well.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shy Guy and Flipper

Bud woke once a little after 3:00, but went back to sleep pretty quickly. Then he woke at about 6:30, ready to be awake. I wasn't so ready to be awake, and we stayed in his room until about 7:00 before heading downstairs.

We watched some morning TV together, and then headed upstairs when Nanny J arrived. I headed upstairs to check email at that point, and then took a little nap. Bud played quietly in the room while I snoozed, apparently building a fairly sophisticated ladder in an attempt to reach some lip gloss on the top of M-lady chest of drawers.

I got up and attended a meeting on a phone call, again with Bud playing quietly nearby. He tagged along as I got dressed and cleaned up, and was sad to see me head off to work, but not crying. He resignedly walked up to my room, waving goodbye as I left.

He apparently ate a huge lunch today. Buster continued eating his first bites of cereal well. I arrived home around 4:30, and took Bud with me as I ran an errand to Home Depot.

Bud was pretty excited to see me home, and told me about his day while we drove in the car. He told me about drawing pictures with markers, and playing with his watercolor paints some more during the day.

We got back home just in time to relieve Nanny J. Buster was cooing and giggly, and tolerated watching Bud and I make some guacamole for an evening dinner gathering. I'd invited my new work team over for dinner later.

When M-lady arrived home, we tag-teamed the kids and got the house in order for the party. While waiting for folks to arrive after that, Bud and I spent a fair amount of time whacking each other with his stuffed lightsabers. I had hoped to wear him out a little bit.

When the first guests arrived, Bud hid in his room (actually, under the covers in his bed). There he fell asleep, unfortunately, and wet the bed. M-lady got him cleaned up while I entertained the guests.

Buster smiled at the guests when M-lady brought him down. Bud finally came down to eat dinner, but sort of hid in the dining room to try to avoid contact with the invaders.

M-lady got him all ready for bed, and I watched a video with him and read him a story. He was okay with me not laying down next to him for a while, and fell asleep on his own.

Buster, on the other hand, slept for a little while, and then rolled himself onto his stomach and woke up screaming. He did that a number of times, and was really awake around 10:00 when I picked him up and tried to get him to go back to sleep. He eventually passed out again around 10:30, but M-lady finally had to swaddle him to get him to stay asleep. Hopefully he'll figure out the flipping over thing both ways so he doesn't get too upset at night.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Picture Day

Bud woke this morning right around 8:00, which meant we had to start on getting ready for school immediately. Unfortunately, he didn't want to get ready for school immediately, so I had to do a little bit of organizing behind his back to make it out the door.

The morning routine was further compromised by the need to get him dressed into slightly nicer clothes than usual, since today was picture day at school. Combing his hair took a little bit of extra time, too. He was generally good through the ministrations, though.

Bud's been a little hesitant to select items to take for 'sharing day', a sort of early version of show and tell. I think he's a little nervous about answering the teachers questions about his item. He tried to say he was going to show his backpack (which he takes to school every day) when I told him he couldn't take nothing. Eventually he selected his Transformer toy.

He expressed reluctance to go to class today, but they were already singing songs when we arrived, and he plopped right down on his carpet and started doing the hands for "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". No fussing once we got to class.

I was still at home when he got back from school, and it seemed that he'd had a good time. He was a little upset when I left a few minutes later for work, but looked pretty happy when I got home right around 5:15.

Bud had apparently eaten a good lunch, and had a lot of fun in the bathtub in the afternoon. He played around Buster and I for a bit while we waited for M-lady to arrive home.

I worked with Buster on his sitting up a little bit more today. He's just starting to get the hang of it, managing to keep himself upright for 10-15 seconds at a time. Then he hurls his body in one direction or another. He's showing a strong desire to reach toys that are out of reach, though, and is clearly trying to figure out which muscles he needs to move to get him over there.

I made eggs, bacon, and toast for dinner, which was a hit with Bud. He ate well, and we settled in to play a little bit of Lego Star Wars before watching The Upside Down Show and heading for bed. He was in bed by about 8:45, but still a little wound up. He fell asleep around 9:15 or so.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Buster's First Solid Food

Bud woke once at about 3:30, but went back to sleep pretty quickly. He woke around 8:00 for the day. We got up and watched a little bit of morning TV together until Nanny J arrived.

I headed upstairs and got dressed, and then logged into work from our home office. Bud followed me the entire time, and spent some time amusing himself while I was on a conference call. At one point he asked me if he could go to school today... I think he was a little bored.

He eventually headed downstairs to find Nanny J and Buster. When I packed up and headed off to work around 10:30, I found Buster sitting in his indoor stroller in the middle of the living room, and Bud chasing Nanny J in circles around the stroller. Everyone looked like they were having a good time. Bud happily waved me off to work, and Buster drooled a bit at me.

Bud apparently ate a good lunch, and Buster had his first spoonfuls of cereal today. Word is that while Buster had the usual baby reaction to cereal (What is this stuff?!), he was really taken with the spoon.

M-lady got home in time to relieve Nanny J, and I was in a later meeting so didn't get home until just after 6:00. Everyone seemed pretty happy, and after setting my stuff down I got started on getting some dinner ready for Bud and myself. He ate well, and had a little bit of ice cream after dinner.

We played with Lego for a few minutes before starting on the bedtime TV and bed routine. He was a little wound up when we headed for bed, but settled down pretty well during the story. We've read his new shark book for the past couple nights, which he's really enjoying. Lights went out around 8:30, and he was asleep around 8:45.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Wired Evening

Bud woke around 7:30, and was aware that it was a school day when he got up. We watched a little bit of TV until 8:00, had an Eggo, and got dressed. Bud was particularly cooperative, and consequently we were ready to go about 15 minutes earlier than usual.

We got to school a few minutes early, and I discovered that the children's name tags were kept on the back of the message board. We'd missed putting Bud's name tag on for the past week. I got his name tag on him today, though.

Bud was great for the drop off. He found his carpet by himself, and sat down, all without tears. He waved goodbye to me, and didn't look particularly happy or excited, but wasn't crying, so that was good. I'm sure he'll be looking forward to going to school before too long.

I headed off to work, so he got picked up by Nanny J and Buster. Word was that they had a good day. I rode to work on my bike, so when I arrived home at about 4:30, Bud was a little confused. I explained that I rode my bike to work instead of driving my car, and he thought that was pretty funny.

Bud, Buster, and I hung out together after Nanny J left at about 5:15. Buster was in a neutral mood... not particularly smiley, but not upset, either. I prepared some dinner for myself, putting a leftover turkey burger patty on bread (as we'd run out of hamburger buns). Bud thought the 'hamburger sandwich' was really funny, and wanted one for himself. I got one for him, and he gobbled it down.

After dinner Bud and I hung out for a bit. He had an accident, but it was standing in front of the potty, so it was clear he was trying to get there. I got him cleaned up and into PJs, and we started the bedtime routine after that.

He was in bed around 8:15, as usual, but wasn't interested at all in going to sleep. He was up and down several times, with both M-lady and myself putting him back to bed. Eventually he fell asleep around 9:15. We're not sure why he was wired, but hopefully he'll sleep well the rest of the night.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Orange Tree Work

Bud woke once during the night, at about 3:00. He went back to sleep pretty quickly. He was then up this morning a little before 8:00, and we did the usual morning routine.

M-lady handed me a sleeping Buster at about 9:00, and I snoozed with him for a while. When we got up, we found M-lady making a little stuffed butterfly for Bud (at his suggestion). Bud was pretty pleased with the finished product.

We had a brief video call with Granddad B, and it seems my iChat is broken. The video connected fine today, but kept freezing and hanging iChat. I'll have to do some research and see what's killing it.

We had a late lunch, and Bud ate pretty well, so had some Jell-o for dessert. That made him pretty happy. He slurped away at the Jell-o while I did the dishes. After lunch, we watched a little bit of football, and then spent some time playing Lego before Aunt O, Uncle C, and Cousin C arrived for a visit.

We had a nice chat, and Uncle C and I got to talk about computers for a while. Bud showed off his lightsabers, and Buster and Cousin C had a synchronized barfing event later in the afternoon.

After our visitors departed, the whole family headed out front and trimmed old oranges off the orange tree. We have a new season of oranges coming in, and wanted to get the old ones off. M-lady and I took turns with the pruner, with Bud helping occasionally, and Buster watching from his stroller. We all had a pretty good time.

After finishing up, I got started on dinner. I was preparing hamburgers when Bud asked for a PB and J sandwich. He inhaled it, so seemed pretty hungry. But he then started getting upset when I wouldn't play with him while I was getting dinner ready for the rest of the family.

He ended up melting down a bit, wailed through a shower, and went to bed early. He tried to get out of bed a couple of times, but ended up falling asleep at about 7:45. Hopefully he'll sleep well tonight.

Buster slept unswaddled for the first time last night, and slept well. Tonight he's been sleeping a bit lightly, waking briefly before rolling over and going back to sleep. Hopefully the switch to unswaddled doesn't upset him too much.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Saber

Buster was up this morning around 5:30, and at about 6:30 M-lady got me up to help out with cleaning the little guy up... he'd barfed about 4 times during the morning, and I held the dude for a while as M-lady got herself cleaned up a little bit.

Bud woke around 8:00, and I got up with him. We did our usual morning routine. M-lady brought Buster down a bit later, and I hung out with both kids for a bit. We ended up hanging out in Bud's room for a while before I took Buster to have a small snack and nap.

Buster actually didn't eat much today, but never seemed particularly upset about it. After two ounces of formula he fell asleep on my shoulder, and we snoozed together for about forty minutes.

Meanwhile, M-lady and Bud were busy making a plush double-bladed lightsaber, a la Darth Maul. Bud was happily dancing around with it when Buster and I joined them. We had a whole lot of fun having battles against each other and against imaginary enemies with the his two plush sabers. Buster watched on with interest.

M-lady ran some errands in the afternoon, and Bud and Buster and I hung out together for a bit. I tried to get a video call up with Grandma W and Granddad B, but iChat wouldn't let us connect media for whatever reason. I need to take a look at the error logs and see if I can debug it. Both kids were very patient while I worked on the problem, though.

Buster eventually napped in his swing for a little while, and Bud and I had a good time playing with Lego. In the later afternoon, Bud and I mixed up a batch of brownies to take over to the neighbor's house. They invited us to join them for a barbeque to celebrate the Autumn Moon Festival, but we already had plans to attend a graduation party for a friend.

When the brownies were done, we dropped them off at the neighbor's house, and then headed out to the other party. Buster dropped off to sleep pretty quickly, which was nice. He was great at the party, smiling at people and really observing all the activity. Bud was a little shy at first, but had a good time running around the house and yard. He ended up eating pretty well, too, enjoying some grilled marinated shrimp and spicy meatball appetizers.

Buster did his common crying in the car on the way back, and got so upset that he barfed (as we were pulling off the road to comfort him). Fortunately he barfed onto his diaper cloth, so it was well contained. After comforting him, we put him back in his seat, and I sat in the back between the car seats for the rest of the drive home. Buster was fine while I was back there, and Bud enjoyed my company as well.

We got home a little after 8:00, and so the bedtime routine was pushed a little late. Bud was in bed around 8:40, and fell asleep really quickly. He agreed that we'd had a good day, and we're both looking forward to tomorrow.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Lego Time

Bud woke once this morning around 4:30, and headed back to bed pretty quickly. He got up around 7:30, and we did the school morning routine. Buster also slept all the way until 7:30, so M-lady was pretty happy about that.

He was a bit reluctant to get dressed, and voiced his objections to going to school, but was ready to go and fed by 8:45. The drop off wasn't too bad... he was a bit sniffly, but gamely went to sit on his carpet for the morning circle time.

Apparently his teachers had to change his pants at school, as he had an accident there. He had another in the afternoon at home. Not a huge deal, but we need to keep encouraging him to go to the bathroom. He's made the switch to underwear so well that it's easy to forget it's still pretty new for him. He didn't have any problems at all during the evening, though.

I got home around 4:30, and Bud and Buster seemed pretty happy. Bud frolicked nearby as I finished up my workday, and then we spent a little time playing together downstairs before M-lady arrived home and Nanny J took her leave for the weekend. Buster was pretty hungry, so M-lady fed him first.

Bud and I ended up spending most of the evening playing with Lego. We picked out a couple of sets I had stored away, and I built the models while Bud played with unused pieces. He can stick the legos together himself, but isn't yet making recognizable shapes.

Bud kept playing with the Lego while I had some dinner, and we finally sat down in front of the TV together at about 7:30. He had a bit of his dinner about 8:00, and was in bed a little later than usual, at about 8:30. He was asleep within ten minutes, though.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Conference Call with Kids

Bud woke this morning around 7:00 after having slept through the night, which was nice. We did the usual morning routine, coming upstairs around 8:30 so I could get dressed. The cleaners arrived a few minutes later.

Nanny J arrived shortly after, and Bud glommed onto my hip. He played with Google Earth for a little while as I did morning email, but he was a little upset when I needed to go into work. He kept asking to come with me, and when he figured out that I wasn't going to change my mind, he sniffled his way up to his room to 'take a nap'. I suspect he was there for about 2 minutes before finding Nanny J and having a fun day.

I got home around 4:00, and found Buster looking at me from his bouncer. He started making loud smacking noises at me, and Nanny J arrived shortly with a bottle. I think he was pretty hungry. Bud was having a snack, but came to hang out with me when he finished up.

I had a call I needed to be on from about 5:30 to 6:30, and M-lady was a little late getting home. So I sat Buster on my lap and dialed in. Bud was awesome. He played quietly nearby, entertaining himself for 40 minutes. Buster was pretty content to watch Bud, as long as he was sitting on my lap. I was actually able to pay attention, and the call went much better than I expected it to.

M-lady arrived home around 6:15, and took Buster for a munch. Bud and I headed downstairs when I finished up the call, and I let Bud know how much I appreciated his cooperation while I was on the phone. We played make believe for the next 40 minutes or so, getting on and off a train, pirate ship, and sticky mud.

We played a few minutes of Lego Star Wars before having dinner. Bud ate pretty well, and we started the bedtime routine right afterward. We stayed up a little later than usual to watch The Upside Down Show, which I think is genius. Bud burst out laughing several times, which I don't think he's done for any other TV show.

Bud was pretty tired by the time he got to bed, and fell asleep pretty quickly. Before bed we talked about school tomorrow... hopefully the drop off will go a little more smoothly.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Missing Out

Bud woke this morning at about 7:00, and I got up with him. He'd been up a couple times during the night, but went to sleep again pretty quickly. We headed downstairs and had some milk and TV until about 8:00.

Getting Bud ready for school was a bit of a challenge, and he repeated that he didn't want to go to school.

I eventually got him into the car, and dropped him off at school. He cried again, but went and sat on his little square of carpet without other protest. A teacher was sitting with him when I left.

I went back home and packed up, and then headed off for work. Nanny J picked up Bud from school (bringing Buster with her), which apparently went OK.

I arrived home around 4:30, and Bud was happily bouncing around Buster and Nanny J in the living room. I think Bud had a good time having lightsaber fights with Nanny J during the afternoon.

M-lady had a late meeting, so I took care of the boys for the early part of the evening. We had a nice video call with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, and Buster was smiley for them. Bud flitted in and out of the video while playing in the room. We ended the call when Buster was acting a bit hungry.

Since it was a meal M-lady usually provides for Buster, I fed him about half a bottle. He was a little crabby for the remainder of the evening until M-lady arrived home a little after 7:00. Bud had a little bit of a meltdown, possibly because he wasn't interested in eating dinner, and I couldn't sit him down to eat while I was holding Buster.

M-lady took Buster when she got home, and I got Bud settled down and fed. We did a short bedtime routine, had some popcorn for a snack before bed, and got him to sleep. It was a little strange to miss out on Bud's day... I'll have to get to used to being away at work again.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Last Day of Leave

I'm headed back to work tomorrow, so I wanted to have a fun day with Bud. We ended up having a pretty good day together. He woke at about 7:15, and we headed downstairs for the usual warm milk and TV.

Bud and I came up to the office a little later in the morning and played with Google Earth for a while. He's really having fun with that, and while I don't think he's got the concept of scale yet, he's certainly starting to learn some basic geography. We look at different states, cities, and how far away his preschool is located.

I managed to nap for about an hour after Nanny J arrived, and Bud was actually really well behaved, even though he hung out with me in the room for most of it. He left me alone for a little while to spend some time with Nanny J, but was back when I woke and got dressed.

We got him dressed as well, and he and I headed off to the grocery store for a quick shop. It was about noon when we got back, but Bud had requested the mall and corn dogs for lunch, so that was where we headed after I got the groceries unloaded.

We had a fun lunch together in a relatively deserted mall. Bud almost finished his corn dog before declaring he had to pee, so we wrapped up and headed over to the bathroom. He managed to keep his pants dry for almost the entire day.

After lunch, he indicated that he didn't really want to hang around the mall. I suggested the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo, and he thought that sounded like a good idea. So we headed back to the car and headed in that direction.

Bud fell asleep on the drive over, so we sat in the parking lot for a while as he snoozed. He slept for nearly an hour before I woke him up to go in. He was a little groggy for the first 10 minutes or so, but woke up when we went into the zoo part.

The Junior Zoo is pretty small, with about a dozen enclosures. But Bud really enjoyed seeing the ducks, and rabbits, and raccoons, and turtles. There was a great horned owl sleeping right next to the edge of the enclosure, and we were able to take a look at him up close. Bud really liked the ferrets, too, although they looked as if they were sleeping off a midday meal.

We ended up looking at each exhibit twice before heading back into the museum portion. Bud was a little more awake than when we had originally passed through, and enjoyed some of the exhibits a bit more. He liked the 'human powered machines', where he got to turn a screw to lift tennis balls into a multi-path track for them to tumble down again.

We arrived home around 4:00ish, and spent some time settling in again before heading back outside to play a little bit. The hot weather seems to have finally broken, so it was very pleasant outside today, in the upper 70s. I managed to finally get the hot tub working, and Bud had a good time helping out and running around the back yard.

M-lady arrived home around 5:15, and I helped Nanny J install the car seat base for Buster's car seat before she left for home. It was such a nice, cool evening, though, that I put Buster in his stroller and parked him in the back yard for a bit while Bud and I cleaned up. That is, I cleaned up, and Bud danced around entertaining Buster.

At about 6:00 we headed in, as Buster was started to get hungry. Bud and I ate some dinner while M-lady fed Buster, and then played a little bit of Star Wars Lego before starting the bedtime routine. Bud was really well behaved, and in bed a little after 8:00. He seemed pretty tired, and fell asleep quickly.

Tomorrow I'll take him to school in the morning and then go into the office for a real day of work. My leave of absence is over, and I'll start earning money again. I'll be able to get some things done without a toddler hanging onto my leg. Bud all in all, I'm going to miss hanging out with the kids all day.

Looking forward to the weekend.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Earth Tripping

Bud woke this morning at about 7:30, having slept through the night, which was really nice. I got up with him and we watched TV until about 8:00, at which time we started the slow process of getting ready for school.

Bud was reluctant, but eventually headed off to school with me. He put his bag in his cubby, cleaned his hands, and sat down in the circle. Then he cried when I left. But one of the teachers sat next to him, and I expect he calmed down pretty quickly.

Nanny J went to pick Bud up from school while I watched a contented Buster (or rather, he watched me) as I reassembled his carseat, cleaned from yesterday's debacle. He seemed pretty cheery for most of the day, even later in the day when he usual starts getting a little surly.

Bud was happy when he got home, and told me a little bit about his day. He had a good time playing with Floam for the first time. I couldn't convince him to eat much lunch, but he did have some noodles and chicken.

Bud and I hung out together in the afternoon, and spent about an hour playing together on Google Earth. We did some site seeing, and found our house and the grandparents houses. He had a lot of fun making the globe spin and wondering where we would end up. We even played a little bit with the flight simulator.

Bud and I made a quick trip to Target at about 4:00, but were unsuccessful in getting my prescription due to insurance issues. We came home empty handed, and I called the insurance company and cleared up the problem.

M-lady came home and fed a hungry Buster while Bud and I had some pizza for dinner. We watched a bit of Monday Night Football, and then returned to Target, successfully this time. Bud was really well behaved on both trips. We got home a little after 7:00, had an ice cream cone, and started the bedtime routine.

Bud was in bed around 8:00, and fell asleep on his own around 8:30. I hope going to school becomes less traumatic going forward, since he generally comes home happy.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Projectile Vomit

Bud woke this morning around 7:30ish, and I got up with him. M-lady had already been up for a while with Buster, who had slept in until about 6:30. Two complete nights in a row for the little one!

Bud and I did the usual morning routine, and M-lady dropped off Buster so she could snooze a little bit longer. I got to take care of Buster quite a bit today, which was fun. He was generally well behaved.

Buster and I took a short nap later in the morning, and M-lady took Bud off to The Jungle for a while. They had a great time together, including hitting the slides that Bud and I did last time, and spending a lot of time together in the ball pit.

Buster and I had some lunch together before M-lady and Bud arrived home. Bud ate and spent some more time with M-lady while Buster took another short snooze.

In the later afternoon, Bud and I were working in the garage when M-lady left to go to Whole Foods with Buster. They came back pretty quickly, as Buster had painted the seat back he was facing with a couple of projectile vomits. We haven't seen much of that from Buster (it seemed to be a weekly thing from Bud when he was that age), so it was a little surprising. We think he ate a little too much, and was a bit agitated in the car. M-lady got Buster cleaned up, and I handled cleaning up the car.

Buster and I hung out for a bit while M-lady took the more stable-stomached Bud off to Whole Foods, and we had a pretty good time together. Buster was getting a bit hungry by the time they got home, so M-lady fed him while I got some dinner for Bud.

I took both the boys into the shower after dinner. Bud ended up getting a lot of soap in his eyes, and got upset about that, but otherwise had a good time. Buster was a little wide-eyed, but didn't cry through the whole process. Both kids smelled a lot better after the shower.

The bedtime routine was pretty standard, and Bud was in bed just after 8:00. I left him before he fell asleep, as we're working on getting him to fall asleep on his own more often. He passed out pretty quickly after I left.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hanging Out with the Kids

Bud woke once during the night, at about 3:45. Unfortunately, I was still up. For whatever reason I couldn't get to sleep last night, and Bud found me surfing the web. He went back to sleep pretty quickly, and I ended up falling asleep around 6:00.

Buster slept through the night until about 7:00, which was really cool. M-lady managed to keep Buster and Bud occupied until about 8:00, at which point I got up and did a version of the morning routine with Bud. At about 9:00, I got started on breakfast with him, another batch of the roll-up pancakes we had last weekend. Except this time I used a crepe recipe, and they turned out much better. Bud had a couple, and then M-lady and Buster joined us, and M-lady had a few as well.

I took Buster for a bit, and after chilling for a while he seemed a bit hungry. I fed him a bottle, which he munched pretty quickly. He passed out in my arms, so I lay down on the bed with him on my chest and we napped together for about an hour. While we were sleeping, M-lady took Bud to the fabric store to pick out some fabric for a home-made lightsaber.

Buster and I got up in time to see some of the construction, and Bud was pretty happy to have his new, stuffed, orange lightsaber. He kept himself occupied playing with it for a bit.

Buster took another short nap on my chest while I watched some football, and then I handed him off to M-lady in the late afternoon as it was getting cool enough to go outside for a bit. Bud and I did some more work on the hot tub together, and took a quick trip to Home Depot as well. Bud was fine until it was time to come in, at which point he got a little petulant. I think he was starting to get tired.

We had a nice dinner, and the bedtime routine was very standard, although M-lady helped put Bud into his PJs. He fell asleep pretty quickly on his own.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Old Pro

Bud woke this morning around 6:00, and then stayed in his bed with me until 7:00. We headed downstairs for at least the beginning of our standard morning routine at that point.

I reminded Bud that it was a school day, and he expressed a reluctance to go to school. But we turned the TV off and had some breakfast, and managed to get ready to go without too much problem. M-lady took off at about 8:30, with Buster sleeping soundly in his crib, and Bud and I headed for school when Nanny J arrived at 8:45.

Bud knew the drill this time, and headed in and sat down on his little named square of carpet without any fuss at all. I gave him a hug and let him know that I'd be picking him up at the end of class. He was fine, even though a fair number of the other kids were still upset.

Buster had a mellower day today, mostly spent with Nanny J. I took the opportunity to get a little work done while Bud was at school.

At about 11:30, Nanny J, Buster, and I got into the car and headed over to pick up Bud. Buster once again voiced his displeasure with being in the car. We'll have to figure out something for him... I may have to mount a big mirror so he can see me. In any case, he was fine as soon as he got some attention when we arrived at the school.

We were a few minutes early, so enjoyed waiting outside in the fresh air for a few minutes. It wasn't unbearably hot yet, so it was a pleasant wait. Buster looked with wariness from a distance at the group of moms near the school door, and I realized that he really hasn't been around that many large (>5) groups of people. We'll have to start getting him out more. As soon as we figure out how to keep him happy in the car.

Bud seemed happy to be picked up. I got a chance to speak briefly with one of his teachers, who said he was very quiet, but very helpful, and had started cleaning up at clean up time while most of the other kids were still standing around. Bud's already had a year of school.

Bud told me a little about his day on the walk back to the car, and then covered his ears for most of the drive home as Buster commenced wailing again.

Bud had a PB and J for lunch, and then we played a little bit of Lego Star Wars before reading some stories. I had to get a little more work done, and Bud enjoyed typing on the computer and the Sesame Street website while I worked.

He did some more watercolor painting in the later afternoon, and after a snack I convinced him to come out back and work on the hot tub with me. Unfortunately it was still probably about 100 degrees out, so I put up a tarp over the work area for shade and called it a tent. Bud was delighted.

He explored the back yard while I disassembled pieces of the heater assembly. He had one fall into the bushes that he needed some help out of, but escaped without injury. It occurred to me that he might enjoy running through the sprinklers, but I had no idea how to turn them on manually.

After getting to a stopping point on the tub, I figured out how to turn on the sprinklers while Bud played a bit out front. We may do the run through the sprinklers at some point this weekend. It was a bit after 5:00, though, so we headed inside and got some cold drinks while waiting for M-lady to arrive home.

Nanny J departed, and we managed to all sit at the table together briefly for dinner. Buster was getting a little demanding, though, so M-lady whisked him off for a munch while I finished up dinner with Bud. After dinner, he had a few jelly beans for dessert, and then we played a few minutes more of Lego Star Wars.

Bud requested a bowl of cereal for a snack before bed, and while this seemed a fairly reasonable request, it did take him a while to finish the cereal. He consequently missed his usual evening TV program, and so we watched a short DVD before bed. The bedtime routine was pretty straightforward, if a little late, and he was in bed with the lights out at about 8:30.

Bud complained about being in bed initially, to the point of getting out of bed and sitting on the couch, but after a couple minutes changed his mind, got back in bed, and passed out.

I'm glad he seems pretty comfortable at school, and I'm looking forward to another family weekend.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Bud was up and down a couple times around 1:00am, at one point lying down in the hallway before he put himself back to bed. I'm not certain he was actually very awake. Buster was apparently up with M-lady quite a bit between 4:00 and 5:00, and I helped out putting him back to sleep between 5:00 and 5:30 or so.

Bud was out of bed at about 7:15, and we headed downstairs and watched a little bit of TV. He had an eggo at about 8:30, but we had a small incident while he was eating it. Without provocation (that I knew of) he reached out an bopped me on the nose. I yelped, and he was immediately upset. He headed up to his room for a self-imposed timeout rather than apologize to me, and I took the opportunity to rest a little bit.

Nanny J arrived at 8:45, and Bud wandered in to apologize to me a short time later. Around 9:30 I got him and myself dressed, and we headed off to The Jungle for their opening at 10:00.

Since school has generally started, the place was pretty much empty. Bud and I had a good time running around, and got to play on a couple of features we hadn't tried before. We did one of the tube slides, a straight descent that was really fast. Bud went first, we took turns a few times, and then did it together a few times.

We headed home around 11:45, and Bud requested PB and J for lunch. He ate the whole sandwich, and then entertained himself for a little bit while I looked after Buster while Nanny J got herself some lunch. Buster was a bit crabby around lunchtime, but took a nap in the afternoon and was much happier in the early evening.

Around 2:30 I got Bud set up with a set of watercolor paints I'd picked up at the grocery store a few days ago. I showed him how to dip the brush in the water, wet the paint pots, etc. He had a great time, and spent the next hour or more painting away. He was a little frustrated by the colors inevitably mixing in the pots, but it was mostly a minor annoyance.

After hanging his work up to dry, we played in his room for a little bit before making a quick dash to the grocery store to pick up a couple of necessaries. Bud was well behaved at the store, and we made it home before Nanny J left at about 5:15.

The weather continues to be hot, so Bud didn't get much time outside. The climate controlled Jungle did a good job of letting him run around a bit, though. He was still pretty hyper in the evening, however.

The family had dinner in stages, and Bud joined me in watching some of the football game on TV. We had some ice cream after 7:00, and started the bedtime routine after that. Bud was in bed a little bit after 8:00, and I sort of expected him to stay awake for a while, but he passed out pretty quickly. I hope he sleeps a little better tonight.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Second First Day of School

Bud was particularly restless last night, waking up several times. I slept with him in his bed a bit, and he walloped me with his flailing a couple of times, which is really unusual for him. I'm not sure what caused the restlessness, but it might have been the coming first day of school.

Bud got up for good shortly after 7:00, and we did the usual morning routine until about 8:00. At that point we started getting ready to go to school. Last year he was in an afternoon session, so getting ready for school in the morning was a new thing for him. It probably took me longer to get ready than it took him, though.

At about 8:45, Nanny J showed up just in time to watch Buster while M-lady and I took Bud to class. Bud was fine as we went in, and I helped him go to the bathroom right before class started. But when it was time for the parents to go, Bud started wailing (as did about half the class).

I managed a bit of a nap at home while Bud had a good day at class. At about 11:30, Nanny J, Buster, and I loaded up and headed over to pick up Bud. He related taht he had cried for a very short time, and then had a pretty good day at class. They played outside, and he was pretty excited about having used chalk to draw on the asphalt of the playground, which was a first for him. He also came home with a couple of pieces of artwork, and he pointed out that they got to use glue for one of them.

Buster wailed for almost the entire drive home. Fortunately the school is less than a ten minute drive away, and Buster was comforted by Nanny J when we got home. Bud and I had some lunch, and then hung out for a little bit before heading off to the new Babies-R-Us nearby to pick up a couple of items for Buster.

Bud fell asleep in the car on the way to the store, so I let him snooze for half an hour in the parking lot. He was still groggy when we headed in, but finally agreed to sit in the cart after a bit.

After picking up the necessary items, we headed over to the adjoining Toys-R-Us. I had the intention of picking up a Star Wars action figure for Bud, but he was (not surprisingly) entirely taken with the toy lightsabers. He was disappointed when I didn't let him get a whacking stick, and decided not to get an action figure, although he closely examined several of them. He didn't have any sort of tantrum, however, which I thought was really very nice of him.

We headed home and had some ice cream for a snack, and then spent the remainder of the afternoon playing together on the computer (while I wasn't handling chore phone calls). We had a lot of fun on the Sesame Street site again.

Nanny J departed at about 5:15, and since M-lady came home late, Bud, Buster, and I spent some time hanging out together. We watched a little bit of an Animal Planet show about elephants, and then Buster and I followed Bud around as he raced about the house a bit. At about 6:00 I got some turkey burgers going for dinner, and was just putting them on the table when M-lady arrived home.

Bud and I took a shower after dinner, and then finished up the evening with the bedtime routine. He stayed awake for a bit after the lights went out, but fell asleep before 9:00.

Today was another perfect potty day, making two in a row. Keep it up, Bud!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Perfect Potty Day

Bud got me out of bed once at about 4:00 this morning, and then woke for good around 6:30. He was a little frustrated to have to stay in bed until 7:00, but was excited to head downstairs when the time came.

We watched The Wiggles for a bit, then headed upstairs to hang out in his room and read stories for a little while. I managed to snooze for a little bit after Nanny J arrived, and she took Bud outside to inspect their tomato plants. I think they ate a few, as well.

Bud and I had PB and J sandwiches shortly after noon, and Bud scarfed his down pretty quickly. Some days he eats, some he doesn't. After lunch we packed up and headed to the grocery store for a quick trip.

Bud managed a perfect potty day today, finishing with the same pair of shorts he started with. I was a little concerned when we headed for the grocery store, since I wasn't sure when he'd last hit the potty, but he assured me he didn't have to go. He made it through just fine, and used the potty when we got home.

Bud found my calculator on my desk this afternoon, and had a great time punching numbers on it. Eventually I showed him how to add two numbers, and he had fun with that. Since it's an RPN calculator, adding two numbers take a little bit of process, but he seemed to pick it up pretty quickly. I'm not sure how solidly he has the concept of addition, but seems to enjoy turning two little numbers into a bigger one.

We also visited SesameStreet.com today, and I was delighted to discover their new look. We had fun watching video snippets and playing the much improved games.

Later in the afternoon, Bud came with me for another errand, and was really well behaved while I chatted with a salesman for a bit. We arrived home to find a happy Buster with Nanny J.

M-lady come home a little later tonight, so the boys and I had a video call with Granddad B and Grandma Nese. Buster was checking them out, and Bud was more in frame than usual. We had a nice chat.

M-lady managed to get some dinner before taking Buster for the evening, and Bud decided to put his dinner off until right before bed. He did eventually eat, though, and we had a little bit of ice cream before changing into PJs and getting tucked in. Bud fell asleep pretty quickly, probably at about 8:30.

Bud has his first day at his new preschool tomorrow. He seemed OK with the idea when we discussed it tonight, so hopefully the dropoff tomorrow morning won't be too traumatic.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Not Much Food

Bud woke this morning at about 6:30, and while I convinced him to lie in bed until 7:00, he certainly wasn't asleep. At the stroke of 7:00 he was up and we headed downstairs for milk and TV.

We watched some of The Wiggles from Netflix instant download, and Bud had a good amount of milk instead of a solid breakfast. When M-lady and Bud joined us, and I was able to snooze for a few minutes before Bud and M-lady packed up and headed off to The Jungle for a little while. Buster fell asleep in my arms a few minutes after they left.

He got a little disquieted about an hour later, and I managed to feed him a bottle without waking him up. All in all he slept about two hours, which is the longest daytime nap he's had in a while. Bud and M-lady returned a little after noon, and we settled in to lunch.

Bud didn't really eat much for lunch, and ended up not eating much for dinner, either. He managed to survive mostly on apple juice today. It certainly didn't seem to effect his energy level, which stayed pretty high for most of the day.

After lunch, M-lady headed out to run some errands, and I stayed home with the boys. As I was holding Buster, he started laughing at Bud. The laugh seemed to unnerve Bud and bit, and he retired to his room. I checked on him a couple of times: he was fine, but wanted to play in his room by himself. So Buster and I played together downstairs for a bit.

I had a nice call with my sister, RuggerMom, for a bit, and then a quick chat with Grandma Nese. We didn't set up video calls, but they were both able to hear Buster sputtering and cooing in the background.

After M-lady got home, I made a quick dash out to Home Depot. Bud elected to stay home, and they had a quiet time while I was gone. We got started on dinner when I got back, and Bud once again didn't eat much.

Bud and I watched a little TV, then played games for a little while before starting the bedtime routine. He finally ate some dinner, but not much. He had a little bit of milk before bed.

It was another night where he claimed he wasn't sleepy, and passed out in a couple of minutes. Hopefully he'll sleep in a little bit tomorrow.

Bud spent most of his free time today playing 'lightsabers', swinging pretend swords at pretend foes. Occasionally he would pretend M-lady or I was an enemy, a practice we generally discouraged, particularly when we didn't know we were playing. He'll be starting preschool in a couple of days and we don't want him pretending to chop up unsuspecting classmates.