Sunday, August 31, 2008


Bud woke once around midnight, and M-lady fielded him. He went back to sleep quickly after needing to pee. Bud woke this morning around 7:15, and we did a pretty standard morning routine.

At about 8:30, M-lady came down and left Buster with us. Bud, Buster, and I all hung out together for about half an hour while M-lady snoozed a little. Buster was getting a little hungry when I handed him back to M-lady.

Bud and I made roll-up pancakes for breakfast, which was fun since he could help make the batter. We enjoyed our pancakes, and then I kept an eye on Buster for a little while as M-lady had some breakfast as well. Bud decided to have a second breakfast with her, a bowl of cereal.

Bud and M-lady made a quick outing to a fabric store to start looking for patterns for Bud's upcoming Halloween costume. Buster and I had a good time hanging out together, although he isn't much of a conversationalist yet. He did eat a four ounce bottle and fall asleep on my chest, though.

At about noon, Babysitter G arrived. Buster woke before too long, and was content to be held by her for a bit. Bud played shy, even though he likes Babysitter G... it's just been a while. After settling everyone in for about 45 minutes, M-lady and I took off to get some lunch and run some errands.

Bud was happy and bouncy when we got back, reporting that Buster had cried a lot. Babysitter G reported that Buster had eaten quite a bit, and snoozed for a while as well. Bud had been well behaved and enjoyed playing with Babysitter G, and had been helpful taking care of Buster as well.

Bud and I took Babysitter G home, and then Bud wanted to sit in the car in the garage with me when we arrived home. So we sat there together for a bit, and Bud asked me about all the controls for the car. He knew which buttons controlled the radio already.

Bud had a bit of a meltdown when we came inside, and was very touchy for the rest of the evening. After getting him calmed down, we sat down to watch some of Star Wars Episode I. He had an accident while we were watching, and then melted down again when it was discovered and I tried to get him cleaned up.

He eventually took a bath with M-lady, and I plopped Buster into the Baby Bjorn for a while and got started on dinner. M-lady finished up the cooking while Bud, Buster, and I cleaned up the living room, picking up Bud's distributed toys. We finished just in time for dinner.

After dinner Bud and I watched a little bit of TV before doing the bedtime routine. He was pretty tired, and fell asleep quickly once we got the light turned out. Bud didn't get out of the house a lot today, so tomorrow we'll try to get him out of the house and exercised in the morning.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Switch Day

Bud woke this morning at about 5:00. I managed to get him to sleep until about 6:30, at which point he woke up and was ready to start the day.

Our current rule is to not get up before 7:00, so we hung out quietly in his room for half an hour before heading downstairs for milk and TV. We spent a very mellow morning together before sharing a waffle, and then heading upstairs to see how M-lady and Buster were fairing.

M-lady had wanted to spend some bonding time with Bud, so they packed up and headed off to Gilroy Gardens for a good chunk of the day, leaving me with Buster. Buster was plenty happy in the morning, and ended up falling asleep for an hour long nap on my chest at about 10:00am. I took the opportunity to snooze as well.

He ate a little bit when he woke, and I deemed the time OK to make a quick outing to pick up more formula for the little one. We headed over to Target, and Buster decided he really didn't want to be in his stroller as we headed over to the registers. He screamed like I was pulling his toes off until I took him out and carried him, at which point he was fine. I had to carry him and push the stroller, effecting the check out one-handed.

We came home, and Buster was dandy for the rest of the afternoon. I got Bud's old highchair set up, and deposited Buster in it while I ate my lunch. He certainly liked being up higher than in the bouncer, and was able to see me while I ate.

Buster had a couple of thirty-minute naps during the afternoon, and I was able to get some lunch and watch a little bit of college football. M-lady and Bud returned a little before 5:00, having had a great time together. Bud was thoroughly worn out, though, and a bit crabby after having woken from his nap in the car.

Bud didn't really eat much dinner, but was generally amicable after 6:00. We took a shower to get him cleaned up, and then headed downstairs to watch bedtime TV. Bud opted not to watch his usual, and instead we watched Unwrapped, a show about where (generally pre-packaged) food comes from. Bud really enjoyed seeing the big machines making thousands of popsicles and jelly beans, and I remembered loving that Sesame Street short about peanut butter. So we watched that until they showed some popcorn.

At that point Bud raced to finish his dinner so he could have some popcorn before bed. We had a bit, then headed up to bed. He was in bed around 8:30, but didn't fall asleep immediately.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Bud woke at least once during the night at about 1:15. He may have woken again... I honestly can't remember. He woke for good at about 7:15, and we did our usual morning routine.

I took Buster a little before Nanny J arrived, and M-lady got to spend a little time with Bud before she had to leave for work. I handed Buster over to Nanny J, and Bud and I spent most of the morning playing together.

At about noon I fixed a sandwich for Bud, and we ate lunch together. After lunch I had to head off for work for a meeting, and Bud wasn't too upset to see me go. He apparently had a pretty good time with Nanny J and Buster, and was happily waving one of his 'lightsabers' when I got back. He has quite a collection now, including appropriated mini-flashlights, glowsticks, and an errant cylindrical battery charger.

After dropping my stuff and saying Hi to Bud, I took Buster for a bit. Bud played lightsabers with Nanny J, conjuring images of myself doing the same when I was about his age. Buster and I had a good, if drooly, time hanging out together.

M-lady arrived home just as Buster was getting ready to chew my thumb off. I handed him off to her after she and Bud had a chance to hang out for a few minutes, and then took Bud to pick up a pizza for dinner. We had a nice dinner when we got back, and then spent a little bit of time watching the Chargers play a pre-season game before turning on Bud's programming for the bedtime routine.

Bud claimed not to be sleepy when we headed for bed, but fell asleep pretty quickly.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Outing with Buster

Bud slept through the night last night, which was really nice. I got up with him around 7:15, and we had a pretty standard morning.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and the cleaners shortly thereafter. Bud and I spent a little bit of time outside before it got too hot, and then camped out up in his room for a bit.

I entirely forgot to mention that yesterday M-lady and I took Bud to orientation at his new preschool in the morning. He was a little shy, but waved at the teachers we met, and had fun playing at the tables. He was sad to come home, which we'll take as a good sign.

Bud and I had PB and J for lunch, and then played together for a few minutes more before I got things packed up and headed out with Buster. This was really my first outing with just Buster and myself, and his first ride in my car. I had to put the base for his carseat in before we left.

Bud was a bit upset when we left, even though I'd been reminding him that I was going to take Buster out this afternoon for the past 24 hours or so. He ended up having a good time with Nanny J at the local library.

It was really hot out this afternoon, and so I met Aunt O and Cousin C at the Fry's near their house. Both kids were happy strolling in the air conditioning in their Bugaboos. We shopped for computer parts for a bit, and then spent a little time hanging out in the Fry's Cafe. Buster got a little scared when the tesla coil fired and made a loud noise a little ways away, but got over it quickly.

Buster was a little grumpy on the way home, but his first trip to Fry's was definitely a success. We got home around 4:30, and I spent the balance of the evening playing Lefo Star Wars with Bud. We all had a nice dinner together, and the bedtime routine was pretty usual. Bud fell asleep right around 8:30. I hope he sleeps through the night again.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Bud woke once at about 3:00, and i fell asleep in his bed with him while getting him to go back to sleep. I woke at about 4:30 and wandered back to my own bed with an entirely numb left arm. Bud came and woke me up again at about 6:00, but I managed to get him to sleep until 7:00.

We got up and did the standard morning routine. Bud and I played together, read stories, and spent a pretty usual time until lunch.

Bud ate a little bit at about 12:30, and was acting very tired. I had to run some errands and go into the office for a meeting, and Bud accepted that I was going out without too much trouble. He waved me away at about 1:00. Buster was sleeping at the time, so Nanny J was available to spend some time with Bud.

Bud apparently told Nanny J that he was tired, and went up to his room and took a nap. I wish he would do that while I'm around.

Unfortunately, he wet the bed, which woke him crying from his nap. Nanny J gave him a bath and put the sheets in the wash.

I got home a little after 4:00, and Bud, Buster, and Nanny J were hanging out in the garage. I think they wanted to go for a walk, but decided it was too hot, and spent some time in the shade in the garage. I took Bud into the backyard for a bit to work on the hot tub, and we had a good time splashing each other.

Bud managed to wet his pants while we were outside, however, and I didn't find out about it until we headed inside. I was a bit upset with him for not letting me know (not that he'd had an accident), and we got him cleaned up and had some watermelon for a snack.

I took Buster from Nanny J at about 5:30, and the four of us were in the kitchen together for a bit. Buster started laughing when he saw Bud, and it was the first time I'd heard him really get into it. Buster had a really good time, which causes us all to laugh along with him. M-lady arrived home as we were all guffawing.

Buster and I hung out for a little longer as M-lady and Bud spent some time together. Eventually, Buster started chewing on my arm, and I handed him back to M-lady for dinner. Bud and I spent the remainder of the evening working on dinner and playing Lego Star Wars.

Bud wasn't really tired when we headed for bed, probably due to his nap. He didn't fall asleep until some time after 8:45. It occurred to me that while he wears a diaper to bed, it might be the fact that he needs to pee that's waking him up at 3:00. Not sure what there is to be done about that, though.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Home Again

Bud woke once at about 2:00, and I slept with him for about an hour before returning to my bed. He then woke at 6:00, and was not to be dissuaded from getting up. I guess he's still on Mountain Time.

We watched some TV, and then read some stories in his room. M-lady came to join us with Buster at a little before 9:00, and Bud shyly acknowledged Nanny J when she arrived.

I managed to snooze a bit between 9:00 and 10:00. Bud spent a little time with M-lady before coming in and hanging out near me, checking on me occasionally to see if I was still sleeping by giving me a good poke. When he wasn't checking on me he was kicking the bed.

I took care of some basic work after getting up, and got dressed shortly afterward. Bud wasn't really very interested in his lunch, although he ate a few bites. We spent some time hanging out with Buster and Nanny J, and then played on the computer for a bit before starting the big project of the day.

We headed into the back yard and took a good long look at the hot tub back there. It's been sitting there since we moved in, and I haven't touched it. The water wasn't too bad, although it had gotten a little bit dirty. So I figured out how to drain the tub, and got started on that. Bud helped out.

While we were waiting for it to drain, we played in the garage a bit. Bud helped me clean up my mountain bike, and then played with his baseball bat for a while, using it as a lightsaber against the bike stand, which was deemed a droideka.

At about 4:00 we headed inside for a bath, as Bud had wet himself a little bit and we'd both gotten pretty dirty working on the bike. He was upset at first, but had a great time in the bath once he got in.

Nanny J had to leave at about 4:30 for a doctor's appointment, and Bud wasn't quite out of the bath when she was heading out. Fortunately, Buster was content in his swing. I hurried Bud out of the bath, got him into some clothes, and we hung out with Buster for the rest of the evening.

Bud ate a pretty good meal at about 5:00, and M-lady arrived home around 5:30 to take Buster. I had a quick dinner, and then Bud and I headed out back to work on the hot tub some more. We hosed things off, and scrubbed down what could be, cleaned the filters, etc. We finished up around 7:30 having accomplished quite a bit.

Bud was pretty tired when we came in, and after getting him into PJs we watched The Upside Down Show before heading for bed. Bud was really tired after his long day, and fell asleep really quickly after the lights went out. Hopefully he'll sleep a little bit later tomorrow morning.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Long Travel Day

Bud woke this morning once at about 4:00, again wandering out the bedroom door to look for me even though I was staying with him in the same room. I got him back to bed and he went to sleep pretty quickly.

He woke at about 6:30, which was an hour before I'd planned on getting up. I convinced him to let me snooze until about 7:00, although it was interrupted every 5 minutes or so. We got up and got dressed at that point.

Grandma W had already gone to work, so Bud played with Granddad B while I got us all packed up. We headed out the door around 9:00, although Bud expressed some disappointment at having to leave. He's been treated pretty well by the grandparents.

We arrived at the airport and said our goodbyes to Granddad B, and got ourselves checked in. Bud was particularly patient with me while I tracked down a bag for the car seat before checking it through, which required hoofing it over to another airline's skycap since American doesn't use bags for carseats anymore.

We had a fun trip on the train to the concourse where our gate was located, and spent some time wandering around before getting some lunch at McDonald's before boarding the plane. McD's is doing Clone Wars Happy Meals, and consequently I was delighted to find Bud's Happy Meal box plastered with pictures of Darth Vader. Bud was less impressed, indicating that he liked Darth Maul more.

The first flight was pretty uneventful. Bud and I chatted, played, watched a little bit of a DVD, and enjoyed the drink service. We used the airplane restroom right before landing, which was exciting. Bud did great.

We arrived at LAX a little ahead of schedule, at about 1:20. We had about a 3-hour layover in LA, and I promised Bud we'd look for ice cream while we were there. We didn't find ice cream in the little wing we could access without going out of the security checkpoint, but we did sit down and share a slice of cheesecake at a Chili's. Bud really liked the strawberry sauce.

We headed over to the remote American Eagle terminal, which was probably a mistake, because we still had almost two hours to kill. Bud was well behaved, but getting a little antsy by the time we got on the plane. He was really ready to be done with the trip, but didn't lash out... he just got squirmy.

We also should have eaten another meal at LAX, but there wasn't anything to eat in the remote terminal. Bud ate three granola bars, and complained about being hungry from about 3:30 on. We got on the plane around 4:00, and made it to San Jose around 5:45.

M-lady met us at baggage, and we all headed home after picking up the bags. It was great to see her and Buster. Bud fell asleep on the drive home, even as Buster complained.

M-lady fed Buster when we got home, and I held Bud until he perked up and asked for spaghetti for dinner. It seemed like a good idea to me, so I got that ready as Bud took a look at some of his old toys M-lady had pulled out for Buster.

Bud didn't eat much at dinner time, and was clearly getting a bit tired, having been up since 5:30am local. We watched a little bit of TV, got into PJs, and then came back downstairs to eat a little bit of his spaghetti before heading for bed. He was finally in bed around 8:20, and fell asleep a few minutes later.

Bud really was a trooper today. He took the whole day in stride, and was very patient with waiting in lines and standing or sitting around. He still required a fair bit of attention, and wasn't interested in watching a DVD for more than about 20 minutes at a time, but really never complained, either.

Buster has apparently graduated out of his AmbyBaby, and is now more comfortable sleeping in the crib. Time to get that set up! And I guess I can break down the Amby, too.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Construction Time

Bud woke this morning around 8:00, and I managed to keep him in the room for about twenty minutes before we headed out to find Grandma W in the kitchen. Bud had a good time playing while we had some breakfast, and then joined us for an Eggo.

We packed up and headed off to the Children's Museum of Denver, where we arrived just as they opened. Bud was a little tentative at first, but was pretty excited when we found the backyard play room. There were costumes to dress up as, including an awesome earthworm costume, but Bud gave those a pass. He had a good time crawling through the tunnels and climbing the hill, though.

We also spent time in the little gymnasium shooting baskets, in the workshop building a little boat out of recycled materials, and on the full-size firetruck. Bud really had a great time once he got into it.

Right before we were about to leave, we discovered another room sort of tucked away in a corner. It was a large area devoted to construction. Bud put on his hard hat and reflective orange vest, and spent the next hour or so playing in there. They had a big pile of giant legos, and a conveyor belt to put them on which carried them up to a chute which dropped them back in the big pile. There was a place to see how pipes worked, and allowed kids to put the pipes together and see how little puffballs went through the pipes carried by air pumped in at one end. There was an electrical station geared towards older kids, and a painting station to show how a house is painted.

Bud spent most of his time at the conveyor belt, loading bricks on. He had a great time with that, and since it was well past lunchtime, had a bit of a breakdown as we left. He recovered pretty quickly though, and we all had a nice lunch on the way home.

Bud spilled milk on himself during lunch, but I had the spare shorts with me, so we changed him into those for the rest of the drive home. We chilled for a bit when we got home, and I tried to get him to nap with me, with no success. He let me snooze for a while, and then went and played with Grandma W for about an hour while I got a little more of a nap in. They had fun in the backyard, looking at the plants and insects in the nice afternoon weather.

We had dinner a bit after 5:00, and Bud had a hotdog and about half a watermelon for dinner. I managed to get him to eat a little bit of broccoli, too. Since he managed to get quite a bit of watermelon on himself, we took a shower to clean up before having some cotton candy and siting in front of the TV a little to wind down before bed. He went to bed pretty early, and wasn't asleep when I left the room a little before 8:00, but fell asleep on his own before too long.

We've had a wonderful visit, and we're both looking forward to getting home tomorrow. We'll have about a three hour layover in LAX, unfortunately, but I think I've got enough entertainment packed away, and Bud is such a good traveler that I'm not too worried about it.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Trip To Tiny Town

Bud woke once when I came into the room to go to sleep, but went back to sleep pretty quickly after I got him some water. He woke this morning at 7:00, which was a little too early for me. I managed to convince him to let me sleep (mostly) for the next half-hour, after which we got up and started the morning.

Bud wasn't terribly interested in breakfast this morning, but rather playing with the toys the grandparents have been bestowing on him to keep him entertained. He got his first Transformer this morning, and had a good time playing with that, figuring out how to convert it from robot to car and back.

We packed up a picnic lunch and headed out to a local attraction called Tiny Town. The story is that in 1915 a father started building little 1/6 scale houses to amuse his daughter. Over the years lots of little houses were built, along with a little railroad. It's currently a very cute little area with nice picnicking, a playground, and the little stream engine trains.

We arrived about 15 minutes after it opened, and got on the first train ride of the day. After that, we wandered down to the picnic area, checking out some of the little houses on the way. We had a nice picnic lunch, where Bud gobbled down his sandwich and some fruit, since he hadn't really had much breakfast. We hit the play ground for a little while, checked out some more houses on the walk back to the gate, got some ice cream, and had one more train ride before we left. The first drops of rain hit the windshield of the car as we pulled out of the parking lot.

We had a somewhat mellow afternoon at home. Bud was a bit rambunctious, and managed to largely keep himself entertained with his toys. A little later in the afternoon we had a nice video chat with Ruggermom, where we got to see LittleRugger and the twins. Bud was highly active during the chat, diving in and out of the camera.

After chatting with my sister and family, we had a video call with M-lady and Buster, who were visiting Aunt O, Uncle C, and Cousin C. It was really nice to say Hi and see each other, if only briefly. Buster looked pretty happy, as did Cousin C, and it was good for Bud to see his mom.

We headed out for an early dinner at a pizza place, where Bud was clearly tiring. He fidgeted in his seat constantly, and wasn't interested in eating his dinner. I saw him glaze over and then start once... I think he actually dozed off with his eyes open. At the end of the meal he did eat a bit, though, and was happy to be heading home when we packed up.

At home, we wrote a letter to M-lady, checked out the photos from the day, and had some cotton candy for dessert with Uncle D had picked up for Bud. Bud really liked the cotton candy, starting with pinches and then trying to shove great handfuls into his mouth. We moved the stuff out of his reach at that point, and I doled out an appropriate serving for him.

He and I had a shower to wash off accumulated sunscreen, watched an episode of Blue's Clues, and then headed for bed. He passed out almost immediately after we turned out the light... he was pretty tired. I expect him to sleep well through the night.

The latest Buster news was a good night's sleep, although it started a little later than usual, and that he managed to roll with seeming intent from his front to his back today. I've seen him do that before, but it hasn't seemed that he intended to do it. I guess we'll have to stop leaving him unattended on the couch now.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Zoo Trip

Bud slept pretty well during the night, waking only once at about 4:00. We're sleeping in the same room together (on different beds), but he was wandering out of the room to look for me when I woke up. I got him back into bed and back to sleep pretty quickly.

He woke at about 8:30 or so, and we got dressed, had some breakfast, and packed up to go to the Denver Zoo. Bud was reasonably excited, and full of energy.

In fact, Bud maintained that energy all through the day. We had a great time at the zoo, hitting a couple of 'shows' and seeing lots of animals. We got the perfect viewing of a pair of elephants getting a bath, which was lots of fun. We saw penguins, orangutans, gorillas, kangaroos, emus, zebra, giraffes, snakes, frogs, crocodiles, etc.

We stopped for lunch a little before noon, and apparently hit the lunch rush. But it wasn't too much of a problem, and Bud ate pretty well. We were back on the trail before long, and saw quite a bit more before getting some ice cream for a snack.

Bud sort of missed the next couple animals as we walked with the ice cream, as his attention was on containing drips. We headed out of the park around 2:00, with a quick stop at the gift shop where Grandma and Granddad got him a toy snake that he liked. I was kind of hoping Bud would nap on the way home, but he was still pretty vibrant.

We spent the afternoon lazing a little bit, but Bud stayed high-energy. I tried to get him to lay down with me and snooze for a while, but he just wasn't interested. He had a snack of various fruits in the afternoon, and we all played a little bit of Wii Fit before heading out to dinner. We had a little bit of rain while eating, but managed to not get rained on as we were going in and out.

We got home at about 7:00, and we all watched a little bit of TV before I got Bud ready for bed. Bud had a little snack, a couple of bedtime stories, and fell asleep pretty quickly.

In news from home, Buster slept well last night, so M-lady felt much better today. In the evening, Buster was awake until 10:00pm or so... just excited about spending time with M-lady, apparently. He also rolled over from back to front with intent for the first time. M-lady reported that he was very proud of himself. Hopefully he'll sleep well again tonight.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Awesome Traveller

Bud and I traveled to Denver yesterday, and we've been visiting with Grandma W and Granddad B today. Sorry I missed the post yesterday, but we arrived pretty late.

Bud was wired yesterday from early in the morning, since he knew we were getting on an airplane and traveling to visit the grandparents. Our plane didn't leave until nearly 7:00pm though, so we weren't leaving for the airport until after 4:00pm. I spent the majority of the day packing, and Bud spent the majority of the day bouncing off the walls, scattering piles of things I'd laid out to pack.

M-lady dropped us off at the airport, and we were able to check in, check our luggage, and get through security without incident. Bud was a bit fidgety in line, but not too bad. Since he hadn't really eaten much lunch, we had an early dinner in the terminal, and then wandered over to the gate.

Bud let me know he had to pee, so we got that taken care of before we got on the plane. He was wearing a pull up diaper, but managed to keep it dry all day. We boarded the plane a few minutes late, and got ourselves settled. We had checked Bud's carseat for the first time, so he got to sit down in the airplane seat.

He was great on the whole trip, although a little timid of the crowds in LAX. We had to take a shuttle to the main terminal, and we shared a cookie from a bakery there before getting on the plane to Denver.

Bud was good on the second flight, although getting tired. I discovered that while he's more comfortable while awake in the airplane seat, he's just as uncomfortable as the rest of us when trying to sleep. He finally managed to curl up and pass out for the latter 90 minutes of the flight. He woke when it was time to get off the plane, though.

We took the train to the terminal, which Bud thought was pretty neat. Granddad B met us there, which was nice, since it was midnight local time at that point. Bud stayed awake on the drive home, which surprised me. I guess he was still excited, as it took a little while for him to settled down and fall asleep, which finally happened at about 2:00am. So he missed a good chunk of sleep during the night.

He woke this morning at about 8:30am local, which is 7:30 back home, so right on schedule. Grandma W had already gone to work, so we had some breakfast with Granddad B and hung out for a while. Bud was really excited to play with both grandparents today.

At about 11:00, Bud and I packed up and headed off to meet an old high school friend of mine for lunch. She has a daughter who's a month older than Bud, and a new son who's a month younger than Buster. We were able to chat about all sorts of parenty things. Bud was a little shy at first, but opened up a little after the food arrived.

Bud fell asleep in the car on the way home, and was a bit cranky when I woke him up on arrival. After about 15 minutes he perked up, though, and was really excited to see that Grandma W was home. He spent the next couple of hours playing with the grandparents.

Our hosts left for a dance class about 6:00, and Bud and I relaxed for about half an hour before following them. We met at their dance studio, and then headed off to dinner. Bud was really well behaved all evening, and still pretty full of energy when we got home around 8:00. I took a shower with him to get him cleaned off, and we watched a few minutes of TV before he was ready to head for bed.

We brushed his teeth, hit the potty one more time, and read a story. Bud wanted to be in bed, but was still pretty wired. I think he was looking forward to a little quiet time. He fell asleep before too long, and hopefully will catch up a little bit on sleep tonight.

M-lady has apparently been doing well with Buster while we're gone, although she commented that the house is a lot quieter.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home vs. Gym

Bud woke this morning once at about 2:30, and I went with him to his room for a while. When I headed back to my room at about 3:30, M-lady was up with Buster. Buster was apparently up every hour last night again. M-lady and Nanny J suspect that he is in the middle of a growth spurt, which is keeping him up. Hopefully the sleepless nights won't last for too much longer.

Bud got me up around 7:15, and we did the usual morning routine. Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and after we played together a little bit more, Bud was willing to let me snooze for about half an hour.

We typed on the computer for a little while after I got up, and watched a couple of hip-hop dance videos. I had to head out to run some errands around lunchtime, though, and Bud was very understanding. He had a good lunch with Nanny J while I was out.

I got home about 12:45, and we played together for about half an hour before heading off to his gymnastics class. He did well enough in class, but he's still pretty reserved. When we got home, he was jumping around quite a bit in the living room, so I did some rolls and stands with him. It's too bad he doesn't show the same enthusiasm at the gym.

We had a snack a little later in the afternoon, and ended up playing a little bit of Lego Star Wars before Nanny J took her leave. M-lady was home a little bit later this evening due to a meeting, and so I sat with Buster for a bit while Bud watched TV before M-lady arrived.

Bud and I had a shower together to clean him off before we had dinner, and he was ready to start the bedtime routine after that. I had another dinner meeting to go to tonight, so I got Bud set in front of the TV and headed out. He apparently was very good for M-lady, although he skipped the end of his TV time to have some ice cream.

Bud spoke quite a bit about our upcoming trip... he's pretty excited. I'll spend most of tomorrow getting us packed up and ready to go, as well as doing a little bit of shopping. I need to pick up some entertainment items for Bud for the trip.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Big Boy Underwear

Bud came and woke me up at about 6:30 this morning, all ready to get up. I sat in his room with him until 7:00, at which point we headed downstairs to start the morning routine.

Buster was apparently up quite a bit during the night, and M-lady didn't get a lot of sleep. She was up with him again at about 8:30, though. Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and M-lady was off to work shortly thereafter.

Bud and I folded my laundry for a bit, and then he (sort of) let me sleep for about an hour. I had some computer work to do when I got up, and Bud hung out with me in the office while I got that done.

We had PB and J for lunch, and then Bud absconded with the apple I was eating. He ate the remaining half. It's the first time in recent memory that he's eaten an apple without having it cut into pieces first, which was fun to watch.

After lunch I did a little more work, and then Bud and I packed up to go shopping for him. We needed to get him some big boy underwear! He has a couple of pairs, but not enough for the trip we'll be taking in a couple of days.

We went looking for Star Wars underwear, but didn't have any luck. He picked out a set of Incredible Hulk underwear, and seemed pretty happy with that. The packaging suggested it might be a size big for him, so we picked it up and got a few other pairs in sizes I know will fit. Worst case he can grow into the Hulk briefs.

We also picked up a couple of pairs of boxer-briefs for him, which seem to be all the rage. We'll see if he likes those better.

Bud and I played outside for a bit after we got home, including doing some small chores. We then spent some time kicking a soccer ball around before coming in to play with Legos for a bit before dinner.

Bud ate well, and then played in view for a bit while I held Buster. Buster still thinks Bud is the coolest person ever, and will happily watch him for long periods of time. I think this is starting to occasionally unnerve Bud.

We started the bedtime routine after having an ice cream cone, and Bud was fine through the routine. He fell asleep on his own at about 8:30. I hope he sleeps a little later tomorrow morning, though.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jungle Visit

Bud woke right at about 7:00 this morning, and was ready to head downstairs after I changed his diaper. We watched a little bit of TV, and then headed upstairs to see how M-lady and Buster were getting along.

M-lady was kind enough to watch both boys for a little while, and I managed to snooze for about a half-hour. I got up and got ready to go, and found M-lady had gotten Bud dressed. We all packed up for a little family outing.

We headed over to The Jungle, a habitrail for kids. Bud has grown much more confident since we last took him, although not yet so confident that he doesn't want one of us following him around the whole time. M-lady and I took turns holding Buster and chasing Bud, who had a great time. And frankly, while some of the obstacles are a little tight for adults, it's a lot of fun to run around with him.

We headed home around lunchtime, and Bud once again didn't eat much lunch. M-lady played with Bud a bit after lunch, while I rested with Buster while he slept on my chest for a bit after eating. We switched kids after a while so M-lady could rest, too.

Buster is totally infatuated with Bud, and was smiling and cooing at him pretty much all the time he was within sight today. Bud has shown signs of interest in playing with Buster as well, which is nice.

Bud and I got a chance to spend a little time outside in the late evening before dinner. He helped me with a couple of minor chores in the backyard and garage, and then we kicked a ball around for a bit in the front yard. He was excited about dinner, though, so we headed inside to get started on spaghetti pretty early.

Bud helped mix the sauce, and then ate his good-sized serving of spaghetti pretty quickly. He followed that up with a couple of plates of watermelon. Since it was a relatively early dinner, we all played together for a little while before starting on the bedtime routine.

I had a work group meeting in the evening, so got Bud set up in front of the TV with his bedtime milk and said my goodnights. M-lady ran the bedtime routine, which sounded like it went pretty smoothly. Bud even got some ice cream before bed. Both kids were solidly asleep when I got home, and hopefully will sleep well through the night.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Family Park Outing

Bud woke once during the night, around 2:30ish I believe. I slept with him in his room until about 3:30, then headed back to bed. M-lady was up with Buster at that point, although she made it back to bed before too long.

Bud woke for good around 7:30, and we headed downstairs without taking his diaper off. I was a walking zombie, I think largely due to aftereffects of the cold I've just gotten over. At about 9:00, we headed back upstairs, and M-lady took both Bud and Buster while I slept for about an hour and a half.

They had a good time this morning, and apparently both kids were pretty manageable. I woke feeling much more alive, and took Buster for his first bottle feeding of the day. Buster ate pretty well, and passed out after finishing his meal. He slept for a little more than an hour on my chest while M-lady and Bud played together for a bit and then got started on lunch.

Bud didn't really eat much lunch today. He said he was done after taking a bite, and jumped around a bit until I came down with Buster a short time later. He sat at the table again while I was eating my lunch, but didn't end up eating any more.

Bud, Buster, and I played together for a bit in the early afternoon while M-lady got some work done and rested a little bit. We had a good time hanging out together, although Bud was a little disappointed I couldn't help him build a Lincoln Logs house while holding Buster.

Buster had another bottle and short nap, and at that point I did build a couple of houses with Bud. We had a good time together until Buster woke up around 3:30.

M-lady got up around the same time, and we made a family effort to get things together and walk over to the park for a little while. Buster seemed to not mind riding in the stroller too much, and Bud rode his tricycle with assistance. Bud and I played on the equipment at the park for a bit, while M-lady kept an eye on Buster. Eventually Buster started getting a little fussy, so I took him home for another bottle while M-lady stayed a little bit longer with Bud.

We had casserole for dinner which M-lady had prepared with Bud in the morning, and Bud again didn't eat very much. After dinner, I gave both boys a shower, and Bud finally ate after we headed back down stairs. We watched a little bit of TV together, had an ice cream cone, and headed for bed.

Bud didn't fall asleep quite as quickly tonight, but was OK on his own when I left after about ten minutes. I think he had another accident-free day, and was sans-diaper for our trip to the park. Maybe tomorrow we can take him out to shop for more underwear.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Four Month Checkup

Bud woke once during the night, at about 3:30, but went back to sleep quickly. He slept in until nearly 8:00 this morning, at which point he woke a bit upset at the fact that he'd peed in his diaper. We let him know it was OK, that's why he was wearing a diaper at night, and not to worry about it.

Bud and I did the usual morning routine. At 9:00, Nanny J arrived, and I started getting ready for the day. M-lady took the day off today, and she and I took Buster to his four-month checkup at 10:00.

Buster still generally doesn't like the car/carseat. But we made it to the doctor's office in short order. Buster was in reasonably good spirits, even smiling for the doctor when she arrived. His checkup was fine, with weight at 15 lb 2 oz, and length and head circumference at appropriate percentiles.

He got 4 shots again, two in each leg, which he didn't like too much. But he settled down pretty quickly and eventually fell asleep on the drive home. Bud was happy to see us, and he and I played together for a little bit before M-lady and I took off to have lunch together.

We returned near 2:00, and Buster was napping again. Bud and I watched a little bit of TV before I set up a video call with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, which Bud popped into a few times.

Bud and I headed off to the grocery store together after that. Bud was well behaved, although he danced a bit more in the aisles than he has in the past. It was still pretty hot outside, so we headed back indoors when we got home. We got all the groceries put away, and then played outside for a little bit before coming in to have some dinner.

Bud ate pretty well, and Buster was in a good mood while M-lady and I had some dinner. I got to hold Buster a little more this evening, since my cold seems to have slacked off a bit. After dinner we had a nice call with Grandma W and Granddad B, and Buster was OK for a short time before he got hungry. Bud was again in and out of the frame.

We started the bedtime routine at that point. Bud was getting pretty tired, and fell asleep quickly once the light went out. He had another good potty training day, although he still needs help getting his shorts off. I'm so happy with his progress so far, and can't wait until he's more self-sufficient in the bathroom.

I'd also like to wish M-lady a Happy 10th Anniversary. Thanks for being such a great wife and mom!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

'Why' Fusillades

Bud woke this morning at about 6:15, and we hung out together, lying in his bed, until about 7:00. He wanted to get dressed at that point, so I got him into clothes and we headed downstairs for milk and TV.

I had to get ready for a doctor's appointment starting at about 8:00, and Bud headed upstairs with me to 'help out'. I was able to play with him (and Buster) intermittently while I got ready. The cleaners arrived at about 8:45, and I left shortly afterward, a few minutes before Nanny J arrived to help M-lady out with the kids.

Bud was apparently very good this morning with Nanny J, although Buster was a bit grumpy. Buster was better in the afternoon with Nanny J, after I got home and played with Bud. I've been generally staying away from Buster since I've been sick. Bud will hopefully miss out on this cold, too.

Bud and I played Legos, played on the computer for a bit, and read stories. Over the past couple of days Bud has just started stringing together the "Why?" questions, and today he built up good steam a couple of times. I make sure he clarifies what he's asking, which makes us both think about the answers, and tends to derail the incessant "Why?" cadence.

I got a short nap in the later afternoon, and then Bud and I headed outside to play for a little bit. I was glad I was feeling well enough to take him outside for the first time in a couple of days. We played a little lacrosse before doing some simple chores in the backyard.

M-lady arrived home as we were finishing up. Bud wanted to take a walk, and we got a few houses down the street before he tripped and landed on his hands and knees. No damage, but I think it stung a little bit, so we headed back home.

I decided to hold Buster a bit this evening, and got to play with a giggling boy for a while as M-lady and Bud had some dinner. Bud was showing serious signs of fatigue, so after I ate we started the bedtime routine pretty quickly. He was indeed tired, and fell asleep within a couple minutes of turning out the lights. I hope he sleeps a little bit later tomorrow.

Bud completed a perfect potty day today, although he didn't poop. He still can't pull his shorts down by himself. This may be a product of not having hips, so the elastic to hold his shorts up seems pretty tight. Maybe I'll get him some loose shorts and suspenders or something.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun Day

Bud woke briefly around midnight, and then slept pretty well for the rest of the night. He got me up around 6:30, but was willing to stay in bed (where I snoozed with him) until about 7:15. We got up and headed downstairs for milk and TV.

Buster was apparently up at about 5:00 this morning, and didn't really go back to sleep, so M-lady had a long morning with the little one lying next to her in bed, gurgling and occasionally thwacking her.

When Nanny J arrived, I headed back to bed (still fighting a cold), and Bud actually let me sleep until about 11:00. M-lady and Nanny J kept him busy while taking care of Buster, who was a little less grumpy today as well.

I got up, had some lunch, and then spent some time trying to convince Bud to have lunch. I eventually threatened to go out without him if he hadn't eaten, so he wolfed down the lunch Nanny J had prepared and we took an outing to the mall.

I got some shopping done, and Bud was a trooper. He had his diaper on, but let me know when he needed to pee, which was great. He even held on until we made it to a bathroom, which was a few minutes away. After wandering a bit more, we headed back to the food court to split a cherry lemonade and a corn dog.

We came home pretty soon after that, and Bud's diaper was still dry. He seems to be getting the hang of this potty thing! We played together for a bit, and watched some of the Olympic diving competition with Nanny J before M-lady arrived home a bit after 5:00.

M-lady let me snooze a bit from 6:00 to 7:00 or so, and Bud was apparently a handful. He didn't eat much of his dinner at the time, and was so excited that he peed in his shorts twice. On the other hand, M-lady is really enjoying the time she gets to spend with Bud now, since she's usually consumed with caring for Buster.

I had some dinner while Bud finished his, and we got started on the bedtime routine. We did have a successful poop on the potty. Bud was good through the routine, and although he protested that he wasn't tired and didn't want to go to bed, he was asleep about two minutes after we lay down. I think he could still use his mid-day nap if we could convince him to take one.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Underwear Outing

Bud woke once this morning at about 3:30, but went back to sleep pretty quickly. He woke up at about 7:30 or so for the morning. Bud and I read he new favorite book together this morning, as well as several times during the day: The Making of Star Wars Episode I. We look at all the pictures and identify the characters, creatures, and machines.

I felt pretty awful today with my cold, and tried to go back to bed for a while after Nanny J arrived at 9:00. I stayed in bed until nearly lunchtime, but Bud pokes and prodded me quite a bit, so it wasn't as restful as it might have been.

Buster was a little grumpy sounding this morning as well. I haven't been helping out with him the past few days to try to keep him from catching my cold. I did take him for about 30 minutes this afternoon, though.

Bud and I had PB and J sandwiches for lunch, and then played on the computer with typing until it was time to go to his gymnastics class. Bud asked to wear underwear rather than a diaper to gymnastics, so we got him set up for our first outing sans diaper. He peed on the potty right before we left, and I reminded him several times on the way there to let one of the teachers know if he needed to pee. He did great, was more comfortable for the class, and came home with dry pants.

I 'napped' a little more in the afternoon, and M-lady arrived home a little after 5:00. Bud was reasonably tractable in the evening. We watched the end of Episode I, with judicious editing. I'm impressed that he watched as much as he did, given his aversion to scary movie parts. We couldn't get through the opening scene of Peter Pan a few months ago.

Bud ate a good dinner, had a shower with me, had an ice cream cone, and then started the bedtime TV. He was in bed shortly after 8:00 (after looking at his new favorite book again), and fell asleep quickly.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sick Day

Bud was up once during the night, at about 3:30. I ended up sleeping with him for about an hour before heading back to my own bed. By that time, M-lady had gotten up with Buster, who slept until about 4:30, which was pretty good for him.

I got Bud started when he woke up at about 7:30, and then handed him off to Ama while I went back to bed for about an hour. I was feeling pretty sick all day with a head cold, and snatched what sleep I could.

I had a dentist appointment in the later morning, and Bud barely bothered to wave goodbye while he was playing with Agu. Bud apparently played really well with Nanny J while I was out, as well. He apparently had a successful poop on the potty, as well.

I returned around noon, and Bud was having some lunch. He didn't eat the whole thing, but ate most of an apple with me about an hour later for a snack. Bud and I bummed around the house the whole day, since I wasn't feeling up for much.

At about 3:00 I tried to snooze for an hour, but Bud wanted to play nearby, and seemed to kick or prod me every ten minutes or so. So I didn't get a lot of sleep then. We headed downstairs and watched about 45 minutes of Star Wars Episode I until M-lady came home, including the pod race scene.

I told Bud it was OK to skip the scene if he though it was too scary. He asked me if Anakin crashed in the race. I told him that Anakin won, so he said it he would watch it. The boy asks good questions.

Bud and I wandered around in the backyard for a few minutes before sitting down with M-lady and Buster and watching America's Best Dance Crew. Dinner after that went smoothly, and then it was nearly time to start the bedtime routine. Bud was good for the routine, and fell asleep quickly once the light went out. I hope I feel a little better tomorrow so we can get out of the house together.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Snowball Warfare

Bud was up a couple of times during the night, but fairly early, last waking at about 2:30. He wanted to pee that last time, and woke this morning at about 7:45 with only a slightly wet diaper. I got him out of his diaper and sitting in front of the TV with Ama watching Little Einsteins before heading back to bed.

Buster was apparently up and down all night, so M-lady was pretty tired today. We both snoozed a bit in the morning, while Ama and Agu kept an eye on the kids.

Bud and Agu played a lot of very imaginative games today. Bud is currently into getting 'the bad guys', probably from playing Lego Star Wars. I heard them throwing snowballs at bad guys today.

Aunt O came over with Cousin C shortly after noon, and the grandparents managed to get a photo with all the grandkids. Both the little ones were looking alert, and Bud agreed to be in the photo after a bit of wrangling, so it worked out better than expected. Bud was even looking rather normal, instead of mugging for the camera.

M-lady and I took the afternoon off for a lunch date, while Bud and Buster stayed home with Ama and Agu. They apparently had a pretty good time. Bud did well with the potty all day, although I don't think he pooped today. Buster got a little cranky towards the end of the day, but it seemed attributable to his neck folds getting a little irritated again.

Bud helped me set the table for dinner tonight, which was nice. We were having hamburgers, so it was just plates and napkins. He did a great job, though, and then ate well.

After dinner, Bud and I played different games for a bit. I tried to steer away from Lego Star Wars for a while, but we circled around to it in the end. Bud had a little pee accident right as we started watching bedtime TV, but the rest of the bedtime routine was pretty normal. He fell asleep around 8:45.

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Bud woke at about 3:30 this morning, but went back to sleep after using the potty. He woke me up a little before 8:00.

I was getting him set for the morning when Ama came to take over, and Bud was perfectly happy to go play with her and Agu this morning.

I snoozed for most of the morning, trying to shake my cold. M-lady got up with Buster at about 4:30 this morning, and then again at a little before 8:00. She was able to hand Buster off to her parents and come back to bed herself a little later, though.

Bud was pretty good with the grandparents in the morning. He had already eaten lunch when he came up to find me in the office at a little before noon. I ate lunch, and then Bud and I spent a little bit of time watching Olympic coverage.

I let Bud sit on my lap at the computer and type into a Word doc with the font sized up a bit. We worked on typing small words that Bud could sound out, like 'cat' and 'dog'. Then he would type a whole bunch of random letters and ask me to read it. It's nice that he's really got the connection of written and spoken words.

I did some work under the house in the later afternoon, and Bud was very interested in seeing the trapdoor in the closet which led under the house. He pointed out that it was dirty down there, and I countered that it was, in fact, dirt. Bud waited patiently for me while I worked, playing with some of the clothes that got taken out of the closet while I was working in there. When I came out, he had my felt rain hat on, calling himself 'Indiana Bud'.

Ama and Agu made dinner for us, and Bud ate a lot. I had some after I'd gotten myself cleaned up, although it was interrupted when Bud needed to poop. He didn't quite make it to the potty, and I had a little bit of cleanup on the floor, but Bud was good about letting us know he needed to go. Bud and I played some Lego Star Wars together before starting the bedtime routine.

Bud was pretty tired, and fell asleep quickly. He did wake once at about 11:00, but went back to sleep after having a drink of water. Hopefully he'll sleep quietly for the rest of the night.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Grandparents Visit

Bud woke once at about 2:00, and asked to use the potty. He then fell asleep again pretty quickly, and didn't wake until a bit after 8:00. Unfortunately, I woke with a sore throat, and felt pretty bad all day. So we spent the whole day hanging out inside.

We did the usual morning thing, getting him out of his diaper and heading downstairs for milk and TV. Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and I took the opportunity to crash and snooze for a while. Bud started hanging out in the room with me while I was sleeping at about 10:00, finding interesting things hidden around the room. I woke at about 11:00.

We headed downstairs, and I got myself some lunch while Bud played with the lego sets I still had out. I joined him after I ate, and we played with that together for a while. I tried to convince Bud to eat lunch repeatedly, without success.

We spent some time playing Lego Star Wars and watching a little of the movie, and Bud was delighted to be able to play as a little Lego version of Darth Maul. He reiterated that he wanted to be Darth Maul for halloween.

I did manage to get him to eat lunch at about 3:00. After he wolfed down a PB and J, he watched some of The Wiggles while I did some work on the computer.

Ama and Agu arrived at about 4:00, and Bud was really happy to see them. Buster woke as the arrived, possibly from the noise Bud was making. Buster seemed a little grumpier today than usual, and didn't seem to sleep during the day as much as he should. But he was pretty content and adorable after waking up for the grandparents.

Bud had a great time playing with Agu as Ama and I got some dinner ready. We ate pretty early, and since Bud had such a late lunch he wasn't interested in the meal. He played on his own as we finished up the second half of the meal.

Ama and Agu brought a Tupperware Shape-O for Bud and Buster to share. I tried to figure out when Tupperware first introduced this toy... seems like it's been around forever, and everybody's had one. I can't find much history on it, though.

Bud played outside with Agu for most of the rest of the evening. Ama and Agu brought him in and gave him a quick bath before we all sat down together to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. After about 40 minutes, I took Bud to bed, at which point he finally declared he was hungry. He had some milk and toast, and then fell asleep pretty quickly on his own.

Bud is really excited to see Ama and Agu again. It will be interesting to see if he wakes me up or heads for them first thing in the morning.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Official Star Wars Day

Bud had a tough night, and woke up quite a number of times. I lost count. But I ended up sleeping probably about half the night in his room. Buster also had an extra waking during the night, so neither M-lady nor I felt particularly rested this morning.

Buster, M-lady, and I were all up a little before 8:00. Bud joined us after a bit, and after I got Bud into clean clothes (his diaper had leaked a little bit), we all hung out together in the bedroom for a while. Eventually Bud and I headed downstairs so he could have some milk and a little bit of morning TV.

I was going on a bike ride at 9:00, and was out the door a few minutes after Nanny J arrived. Bud was apparently OK with me leaving (I'd told him about it the day before), and asked M-lady lots of questions about where I was going and who I was with.

He apparently had a pretty good morning with Nanny J, as did Buster. I got home around noon, and Bud was really happy to see me. He had some lunch as I got cleaned up after my ride.After I'd eaten as well, Bud and I played a little Lego Star Wars.

I worked on the computer for a little bit after that while Bud watched an episode of The Wiggles. We hung out in his room for a while after that, and then ended up playing Legos together for a bit before M-lady arrived home at about 5:00.

While M-lady took care of Buster and dinner was cooking, Bud and I watched the first scene of Star Wars Episode I today. I chose Episode I rather than Episode IV because I felt it was a little more kid-friendly. While we were watching it, I kept reminding Bud that we could turn it off or skip parts he thought were scary, he just needed to speak up. He was fine with it. We just watched the first 15 minutes or so, and I'll probably edit the scenes we watch over the next few days.

Bud ate a good dinner, and he played with M-lady for a bit before we started the bedtime routine. He was pretty tired by bedtime, although it took him a little while to fall asleep.

Buster was a little restless at bedtime, and woke a few times before finally passing out.

Bud's nose wasn't runny at all today, so if it was allergies, he's fine now. Potty training continued apace, although he got his shorts wet a couple of times (nothing on the floor). Overall we're still thrilled with how that's going.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lego Afternoon

Bud seemed to sleep well for the rest of the night, and woke me at about 7:30. We did our usual morning routine. Nanny J arrived at about 9:00, and M-lady departed shortly thereafter.

Buster seemed a bit happier today. I took him for about an hour in the morning, and he snoozed for about 45 minutes of that. Nanny J handled him for most of the rest of the day. He had a solid nap around lunchtime, and got a bath in the afternoon.

Bud and I played together in the morning a bit, and I managed to catch about an hour nap before lunch. Bud woke me up to let me know he needed to poop, and we had a successful poop on the potty, which was cool. About two minutes after that, he pooped a little more, which was less cool. It wasn't too hard to clean up, though.

The word on the net was that hydrogen peroxide cleans poop out of carpet, so I headed off to Target while Bud had some lunch with Nanny J. When I got back, Bud waited patiently for me while I tried the peroxide on a small section of carpet in the closet before cleaning up what was left in our bedroom. It worked as advertised, so I called that situation closed.

After that, Bud and I sat down to play some Lego Star Wars together, and had quite a bit of fun. We met some new (to Bud) characters as we progressed through the stories, including Darth Maul. Bud now wants to be "the guy with the red face" for halloween.

After playing the game, we played with real Legos for quite some time, including some of my old Star Wars sets, and Bud's Duplo and Quatro. I have to say it's really cool how Lego, Duplo, and Quatro can all fit together.

Bud and I spent a little bit of time after that playing outside and in the garage, and M-lady arrived home as we were wrapping up. We headed inside to get some dinner, take a shower together, and do the bedtime routine.

Bud didn't have any other accidents during the day aside from the poop incident, and I don't think he wet a diaper, either. The potty training really is going well.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Nice Day

Bud woke this morning at about 7:45, and we did the usual routine. Bud was interested in playing Lego Star Wars all day, but I managed to keep him off the game for the morning.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and I took the opportunity to snooze for a little while. Bud came in and checked on me occasionally, including a request for me to accompany him to the bathroom. He did great today on the potty training... I don't think he actually had any accidents.

I helped out with Buster a couple of times during the day. He was less agitated today, but he also didn't eat very much while M-lady was gone. He snoozed in my arms from about 11:45 to 12:30, at which point I got him to eat about an ounce of formula while he was still waking up. Buster had a poop in the early afternoon, and Nanny J got him to eat a bit more after that.

Bud and I played a little bit of Lego Star Wars before packing up and heading off to his gymnastics class. He had a good time, and hung from the high bar for the first time, I think. We came home and had a snack afterward.

I spent a little more time with Buster, and then Bud and I played outside for a bit before M-lady arrived home. Bud and I took a walk around the block together, and arrived home just as Nanny J was leaving.

Before dinner, I pulled out some Lego kits I had packed up with the intention of showing Bud the kits which we'd seen in the game. But Bud was more interested in some of the non-Star Wars kits, so M-lady, Bud, and I all played with a couple of Bionicle kits for a while before dinner.

Bud again tried to push dinner off, but we managed to get him to eat before starting bedtime TV tonight. We had some ice cream before heading up for bed. Bud was complaining that he wasn't tired, but fell asleep within a few minutes of turning the lights out.

Bud just woke at about 11:40, telling me he had to pee. We did the bathroom routine. It will be interesting to see if his diaper stays dry tonight. And if I get up six times to help him with the potty.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Star Wars and Spelling

Bud didn't sleep really well last night, waking at about 1:15 and again at about 4:00. He didn't seem to have any trouble going back to sleep each time, though. He woke for good at about 7:45 or so.

We did the usual morning routine. The diaper now comes off in the morning, and Bud did a pretty good job of managing today. He had one good poop on the potty, for which he was roundly praised, and then a poop accident a little later in the day. Once again, it was fortunately on the hardwood, rather than the carpet. Over all, the potty training is coming along really well since he decided to do it.

I snoozed for most of the morning, and got up around 11:15 or so to help out with Buster a little bit. Buster didn't eat much this morning after M-lady left, and fought against the bottle all day. I finally got him to fall asleep at about 12:00, and he snoozed on my chest for two and a half hours.

During that time Bud played with Nanny J and had some lunch. I heard him tearing around downstairs quite a bit, and he checked in on Buster and I a couple of times.

Bud managed to get hold of one of my belts today, which he had a great time playing with. I don't normally wear belts, so Bud didn't really have much experience with it, and was very curious about what it was for and how it was supposed to be used. I had to pull out a pair of pants with beltloops to show him.

In the afternoon Bud and I took a quick drive out to Fry's. We had a good time wandering around, and I decided to get a game Bud's been asking after for a while: Lego Star Wars.

I managed to convince Bud to play outside with me for about a half-hour after we got home, and we had a good time running around on the lawn. After playing for a bit, Bud and I headed inside, had a snack, and sat down to play the game.

Bud already is familiar with many of the characters, although he hasn't seen the movies yet. The game is cooperative, so we could play together. He did remarkably well with the controls... I think he'll get much better very quickly as he gets more touch on the analog stick used for movement. But I only had to help him through a couple of challenging platform puzzles.

M-lady arrived home shortly before Nanny J left, and Buster was pretty happy to see her. He ate before we started on dinner.

Bud sat with us at dinner, but didn't eat much. He did finally connect words, starting sounds, and their corresponding letters. He was really excited, figuring out what letter started each word. He would pick something he could see, like a napkin, and sound out the first letter. This lasted most of dinner, with M-lady and I coaching and encouraging him. He clearly knew what most of the letter sounds were, and could match them up, but hadn't made the connection before.

We watched his bedtime TV together, and he finished up dinner after that. He had a stick of Pocky for a treat, and we did the standard bedtime routine. He was asleep before 9:00. I hope he sleeps a little better tonight.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Favorite Animal

Bud woke this morning after 7:15 after an uneventful night. We did the usual morning routine, although sans diaper. Bud did a great job letting us know when he needed to pee today, with only one minor accident.

We also worked on making him more self-sufficient when using the toilet, making sure there's a square of paper available (so he doesn't have to try to pull on off the roll), the soap and towel are within reach for washing hands, etc. The only problem he's having right now is pulling off his shorts... he hasn't quite master that yet, particularly when things are urgent.

In any case, M-lady handed off Buster to me and tried to snooze for a bit, as Buster seems to have been up and down all night. We managed to let M-lady sleep for almost an hour, at which point I started packing up for a bike race. Bud was a little disappointed he couldn't come with me.

I wasn't actually able to race, so made it home about an hour after I left. Bud was happy to see me, and we were able to hang out for a bit while M-lady and Buster snoozed.

Bud and I had some lunch together. Bud has been asking "What's your favorite..." questions for a couple of days now, and today it was animals. I responded with 'tiger', but he let me know I was wrong, and my favorite animal was a snail. Hmmm...

After lunch we watched a little TV to chill out, and then packed up to run an errand. Part of the reason for the errand was to get Bud to fall asleep in the car, which worked well. I found a shady spot in the parking lot of our destination, and Bud snoozed for about 45 minutes. He woke reasonably happy, and we were able to execute the errand quickly, then head home.

Bud was a little cranky when we got home, so we sat in his room together for a bit before coming downstairs for a snack. Bud played with M-lady for a bit while I held Buster, and Buster and I had a nice video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese. Buster was reasonably interactive, although getting a bit tired. Bud also made an appearance.

We started getting ready to go to a friends birthday party a little after that, and while we didn't get out the door as soon as we would have liked, the preparations went smoothly. Everyone was pretty happy in the car.

Bud got really shy when we arrived, and Buster managed to barf three or four times, mostly on M-lady. But it was nice to visit with some folks we hadn't seen in a while. Bud did a great job peeing in a public restroom, too.

It was about 8:30 when we got back, so the bedtime routine was abbreviated. Bud was in bed around 9:00, after he had an ice cream cone, and asleep before too long.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

More Potty Success

Bud was up this morning and woke me several times between about 3:30 and 5:00. Not sure why he was up, as he didn't seem particularly distraught, but he ended up sleeping in until about 8:45.

We did the usual morning TV, and he drank a lot of milk for breakfast. At about 10:00, I took a sleepy Buster from M-lady and let him nap on my chest for about an hour, while M-lady played with Bud. Bud pooped in his diaper this morning, but they took his diaper off after that, and his pants stayed dry ALL DAY. Go Bud!

Once Buster woke up, we had a nice video call with Grandma W and Granddad B. Buster interacted with them a bit before getting fussy, and Bud showed off all sorts of stuff. We had a good time with the iChat video effects, too.

M-lady and I had some lunch after that, and Bud even helped make lunch, but he didn't want to eat anything. We all played together in various configurations after lunch, with occasional potty breaks. M-lady and I praised Bud for his efforts all day.

Bud and I took a little outing to pick up some groceries in the afternoon, and discovered it was pretty hot outside. We had a good time at the grocery store, but Bud announce (unsurprisingly) that he was hungry when we were about halfway done with the shopping. Fortunately, I'd planned ahead, and told him I had a snack for him in the car. He was really excited to share a PowerBar with me on the way home.

Bud and I played a bit outside before dinner, mostly swinging bats and tossing balls. I got a little bit of work done on the bikes, and Bud had a good time running around.

I grilled some turkey burgers for dinner, and Bud ate his with gusto. After dinner, we all played in the living room a bit, running around, before heading upstairs for showers. Bud was well behaved in the shower, and is getting better at washing himself. Buster is still a little concerned in the shower, but ended up clean after a bit of fussing.

We started the bedtime routine after I dried Bud off and got him into PJs, still without a diaper. We had ice cream cones during a commercial break, and then headed upstairs to go to bed at about 8:00. I put a nighttime diaper on Bud, and we finished up the routine as usual.

Bud claimed he wasn't sleepy, but passed out within a few minutes of turning the light out. Hope he sleeps better tonight.

Friday, August 01, 2008

A Poop Success

Bud woke this morning at about 7:45, and we did our usual morning routine. With a little cajoling I convinced him to watch Sesame Street, which ended up causing a little confusion later in the day. The number of the day on Sesame Street was '3', but Bud noticed the date on the calendar was the 1st. We went around a couple of times on that one.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and I managed to snooze for about an hour while Bud played with her. She also took care of Buster after M-lady left for work. At about 10:00 I took Buster off her hands, and he napped with me for about 40 minutes, then consumed an ounce of formula. He was content watching me while I shaved and cleaned up.

Bus went diaperless again this morning, and this time managed without any accidents. Way to go, Bud!

At about 11:15 Nanny J and I switched charges, and I got Bud ready for his gymnastics class today. Since he hadn't eaten lunch yet, we shared a powerbar on the way to the class. He trotted right in, and seemed to have a good time in class today.

It was his second class this week (a make-up class), so the theme was the same as the class he attended on Tuesday. Some of the activities were a little different, though, and he didn't seem bored. After class the two of us went out for lunch, and then headed home.

Bud was pretty tired although he was loathe to admit it. We played in his room, and I tried to direct towards reading stories and other low-key activities for a while. At about 3:30, Nanny J and I switched again, and Bud got his bath. He didn't put a diaper on at his request after the bath.

Buster and I hung out together for about an hour, during which he pooped. Yay, no week-long holdout. At about 4:00 it was his turn for a bath, and Nanny J did the honors. I helped Bud to the potty a few times, and M-lady arrived home at about 4:45.

At about 6:00, Bud let me know that he needed to poop, and was running to the bathroom. I tailed him, but discovered a good-sized chunk of poop on the floor just outside the bathroom (fortunately, on the hardwood floor). I sat him down on the toilet, where he proceeded to finish up his poop. This is the first time, as far as I know, that he's pooped on a toilet. He got lots of praise from M-lady and myself, and I gave him a special treat after he finished his dinner.

He managed to poop on the floor pretty much without hitting his shorts or legs (he wasn't wearing underwear), which was a pretty neat trick.

In any case we're going to try to keep up the potty training success over the weekend. The rest of the evening was pretty straightforward, although we watched some of America's Best Dance Crew with Bud before bed. He seemed to enjoy the dancing.

He was pretty tired by the time we got to bed, and was asleep in about 10 minutes.