Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some Potty Success

Bud woke me this morning at about 2:30, and was still awake when I headed back to my own bed at about 3:00, but he seemed OK with me going back to bed. He got me up at about 7:15, and we started our normal morning routine. Buster apparently slept until about 5:00, which was nice for M-lady.

Bud watched some TV while I picked up the playrooms, and the cleaners arrived at about 9:00. Bud was actually less shy than usual this morning. He and I spent some time in his room, then downstairs, and then in M-lady's and my room for the morning.

Bud was willing to try wearing underwear this morning rather than a diaper, on the condition that he let us know when he needed to go potty. We had three successful trips to the potty, which was fantastic. Bud let me know, we headed to the bathroom, and he peed. Yay! The letting us know part was really exciting.

Bud did play with Nanny J a bit during the morning while I snoozed a bit, but also spent a fair amount of time trying to wake me up. At one point he bumped his knee on a dresser, and requested a band-aid. I was woken the second time from my snooze when Bud wet his pants. Oh well. Fortunately, his socks are pretty absorbent, so not much urine seems to make it to the floor.

Buster was in good spirits today, and was mostly cared for by Nanny J and M-lady. I got to hold him a bit in the evening, and he seemed pretty mellow.

After lunch, Bud asked to play outside for a bit. Since it was a touch hot, we delayed for about an hour before heading out. Then we had a great time in the front yard playing baseball, lacrosse, frisbee, and doing some yard cleanup. We also spent some time on wrenching bicycles, and Bud practiced pedaling a little bit.

We also discovered that the strawberries in the front yard are starting to get ripe. We found a handful of good-looking berries, and had a lot of fun picking them. There were a fair number of berries that still look like they need to ripen a bit, so we'll check back often.

All in all, it was nearing 4:00 by the time we came back inside. Bud agreed to go with me out to the hardware store, and after the first store proved lacking, we headed to a second. Bud fell asleep briefly in the car, but was OK when he woke up after we arrived. The second store had the bits we needed, and we made it home by about 5:15.

After catching up with M-lady, Bud and I had some dinner. Bud didn't eat much, and we saved his dinner for him as he played while M-lady ate and I held Buster for a bit. After dinner, we watched just a little bit of The Wiggles before starting the bedtime routine.

Bud finished his dinner during a commercial break, and we had ice cream cones right before getting into PJs and brushing teeth. Bud was ready to go to bed, but didn't fall asleep immediately tonight, staying up until almost 9:00.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fountain Hunting

Bud slept in this morning until about 7:45, which was really nice. That extra hour sleep makes a big difference. We did our usual morning routine, with Nanny J arriving at about 9:00.

I let Bud know I needed to go to the doctor this morning for a routine blood draw, so he was ready to hang out with Nanny J when I left at about 9:30. They had a pretty good time while I was gone. Buster was apparently also much happier today, which made Nanny J's day easier as well.

I got home just before lunch, and Bud came running down the stairs to greet me. We got him some lunch, and hung out together a bit, playing with puzzles, before loading up and heading out to meet up with Aunt O and Cousin C at Santana Row, a local outdoor mall.

Bud wasn't interested in walking, so I toted him on my shoulders for a good portion of the stroll. We did visit several of the many fountains around the mall, and Bud had a good time peering in and splashing in several. He was a little disappointed that a couple of the fountains weren't running, though.

We stopped by a pastry shop for a snack, and Bud really enjoyed sharing a strawberry eclaire with me. It was a little messy, but very tasty. Bud was very tolerant of Aunt O and I doing most of the conversing, as well.

We continued down the mall, doing some window shopping. At the far end of the mall from where we parked, Bud let me know he was bored and tired and wanted to go home. So we meandered back towards the cars, with a few stops at more fountains on the way. Over all it was a nice visit and a good chance to get some fresh air, although Bud probably could have used a little more exercise.

Bud wanted to play a little bit of baseball outside when we arrived home, so we did that for twenty minutes or so before heading inside. I took Buster for a bit, and after sitting with me for about ten minutes, he pooped. Since we were on day six, it was a relief.

He continued pooping as I changed him, which was a bit exciting. I managed to contain almost all of the stuff, and Buster seemed a bit more comfortable for the remainder of the day. While I was dealing with that, Nanny J managed to convince Bud to take a bath.

At about 4:00 Nanny J took Buster back, and Bud and I played with Play-Doh for a while before switching to trains. M-lady coem home at about 4:30, and helped out with Buster. Bud and I kept up the play until dinner time.

Bud was a little reluctant to eat, so I ate on my own while Bud played and M-lady was busy with Buster. Then I held Buster while M-lady and Bud had dinner. Bud ate pretty well, but since it was a little late, we started the bedtime routine pretty quickly after he finished.

Bud had an ice cream cone before heading upstairs to get into PJs, and was in bed around 8:30. He didn't fall asleep quite as readily as last night, but was still asleep before 9:00.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Early Morning Blues

Bud woke this morning briefly at about 1:45, and I sat with him for a bit before he fell asleep again. He was then awake and crying at about 6:30, but he calmed right down when I came in the room.

We changed his diaper, and when I let him know we needed to lie in bed until 7:00, he started crying again. He finally chilled out about 5 minutes before 7:00, and was pretty happy by the time we headed downstairs.

We had a pretty standard morning, although Bud requested an Eggo for breakfast. M-lady handed Buster off to me around 8:30, and I was able to nap with him from about 9:30 to 10:30.

Buster fought against eating from the bottle all day today, both for myself and Nanny J. He certainly ended up eating enough, but he complained and fussed the whole time. He napped a bit, but probably not as much as he should have. And we're now on day 5 without a poop, so that may have contributed to the fussiness, too.

Buster ate about an ounce after he woke, and I handed him off in a pretty chipper mood to Nanny J. Bud and I got ready and headed out to do the grocery shopping together. We had a pretty good time, and got home just as Bud was getting hungry for lunch.

He ate pretty well, and we hung out together for a bit before heading off to his gymnastics class. It was bring a friend day, and J arrived with his mom K right after the class started. Bud looked pretty happy that J was there, and they ended up doing a lot of the activities together. After class, we said goodbye to J and K, who will be off for a vacation for about a month.

I got a snack for Bud when we got home, and I took Buster from Nanny J. I managed to get him to eat a little more, but he was generally grumpy about it. I handed him off to Nanny J around 4:00, when she took him to get a bath. Bud and I hung out for the rest of the afternoon.

We had a good dinner, again in serial. After dinner, Bud refused to have a shower with M-lady, and after taking away his dessert privileges I managed to talk him into the bathtub. After a bath, he ate a little more of his dinner before we watched a little bit of bedtime TV.

He finished up his dinner after that, and we did the rest of the bedtime routine. He was really tired when we got into bed, and fell asleep as I was reading the story to him for the first time, as far as I know. I don't think he slept well enough last night, and hope he sleeps a little better tonight.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Back to Work

Bud woke this morning at about 6:45 again, and after changing his diaper I convinced him to lie in his bed for about 10 minutes before it was 7:00. Once he saw the 7 on the clock, we headed downstairs to drink milk and applejuice and watch a little bit of TV.

M-lady went back to work today, so she handed Buster off to me and got ready to go. Buster napped with me on the bed for a bit while Bud played around M-lady while she was getting ready, and then played with Nanny J for a while after she arrived.

Buster woke at about 10:00. He sat near me as I got dressed and ready, and for the first time I noticed that he smiled at his reflection in the mirror. I handed him over to Nanny J right around the time Bud's friend J arrived with him mom, K. Bud and J decided a snack was in order first, so we got that squared away before the serious playtime commenced. Trains, music, tools, and general running around ensued.

J and K left at about 12:45, and Bud and I sat down to lunch. He actually ate the lunch M-lady had prepared for him yesterday, along with a couple of pieces of the leftover vegetable sushi. After lunch, I took over Buster duty from Nanny J. Bud spent most of the afternoon playing with her.

Buster snoozed a bit, and ate a bit, and cooed and played a bit. I enjoyed spending time with him. At one point, I set him down in one of his bouncers and put the associated dangling toys in front of him. He showed quite a bit of interest and even some intentionality in batting at the toys with his hands.

At about 4:00, Bud wandered into the office, and Nanny J took Buster off for his bath. M-lady arrived home shortly thereafter, and she and Nanny J cared for Buster for the remainder of the afternoon. Bud and I spent a good amount of time playing music in the office.

Bud ate a good dinner, and the bedtime routine was pretty standard. He was more tired than I had guessed at first, and fell asleep almost immediately after the lights went out, a little before 8:30.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Bud woke again this morning at 4:00, and was still awake about 30 minutes later when I returned to my bed. He didn't mind when I left, though, and I assume he got back to sleep shortly. He then wandered in at about 6:45, and I managed to convince him to go back to bed with me for a while after I changed his diaper.

At about 7:15, Bud decided that it was morning enough to get up. We headed downstairs and watched a little bit of his Sunday morning programming, and he had some milk and apple juice. We turned off the TV around 8:15 or so, and went upstairs to see how M-lady and Buster were getting on.

Buster was pretty chipper, so I set up a video call with Grandma W and Granddad B. We had a nice chat, and Bud decided to join in as well. The call eventually moved from the office to Bud's room, where he showed off quite a bit.

After the call, I fed Buster a little, and then napped with him. He woke briefly at about 10:30, screamed for a minute while I got a bottle, sucked vigorously for about 20 seconds, and passed out again.

While I was with Buster, Bud and M-lady had fun reading stories, and had a long video call with Ama and Agu. Bud apparently was very involved in that video call as well.

Buster and I got up around noon, and after feeding Buster I tried to entice Bud to eat some lunch. He wasn't interested, and in fact didn't eat anything between about 7:30 when he got up and about 4:30 when we had an early dinner. He was pretty happy all day, though.

Bud, Buster and I hung out in the early afternoon while M-lady snoozed a bit, and generally had a mellow time. M-lady got up and helped with Buster for a while when he appeared to not be interested in taking a bottle. After calming down a little, he ate without a problem.

At about 4:00, Bud came with me to pick up some sushi for dinner. Bud was pretty excited to eat "shoo-shi", and chowed when we got home. While he and I were eating, Aunt O and Uncle C came by with Cousin C for a quick visit. It was good to chat for a little while, and Bud occupied himself with Play-Doh while we chatted.

Bud, Buster, and I had a shower after dinner, and then I spent some time stalling Bud from starting the bedtime routine. Since we ate dinner so early, he was pretty much ready to go to bed. We ended up watching a little more TV than usual, but Bud seemed pretty tired. He was in bed a little after 8:00, and fell asleep pretty quickly.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Nap

Bud woke this morning once at about 4:00, and I actually waved him away once in a half-sleep before I woke up. When I did wake up, I got up and lay down on his bed with him for a little while as he fell back to sleep. He woke up for good at about 6:45.

That was a little early, but a critical stage of the Tour de France was on TV, so I got up and watched that. Bud wasn't interested in more than a few minutes of cycling, but was content watching The Wiggles on my laptop next to me. He even wanted to wear headphones.

The Tour stage wrapped up around 9:00, and Bud and I wrestled and played a little bit before I managed to wedge him into his clothes. I got dressed as well, and M-lady got Buster and herself all set to go. We then headed over to a friends house for a mommy book exchange and child play date. Bud seemed to have a pretty good time, although he didn't play very much interactively. He was really excited about a late birthday gift he received from friend C, a plastic softball bat with a couple of plastic softballs.

Buster was great while we were there, and was very much admired by both the mommies and little girls. He smiled and giggled obligingly.

We headed out at about noon, and both kids were pretty tired. I took the long way home, since we were interested in picking up some lunch. Buster's patience gave out before we found a lunch site, though, so I took the family home with the intention of going out to pick something up.

Bud fell asleep right as we pulled into the driveway. So M-lady took Buster into the house, and I went to a drivethrough with Bud in the car and picked up some food. Bud didn't wake when we got home, so I sat in the car with him for about 40 minutes as he snoozed. He got about an hour nap in total.

After he woke, we headed inside and changed him into some non-sweaty clothes. After hanging out for a little bit, Bud started in on lunch. M-lady handed me a sleeping Buster at that point, and spent the afternoon playing with Bud while I hung out a little with Buster.

Buster slept about 40 minutes, and then woke up screaming. He quickly ate about two ounces, and then passed out again. I managed to snooze with him for a while, which was nice. Bud woke us at about 4:45, and Buster was really happy and smiley again when he got up.

Bud and I played outside for a little while before we got started on dinner. Bud really enjoyed playing with his new bat and ball, and we took turns pitching and hitting. He still has a tendency to rush at the pitcher, though.

Dinner was leftovers, and Bud ate about half before declaring that he would finish later. He then headed off to play drums for a while before we watched a little bit of bedtime TV. After the usual Oswald and Little Bill, he did finish his dinner and had a popsicle for dessert.

M-lady got him into his PJs, and it was nice to have her get to do some of the bedtime routine with him. He opted for skipping the story tonight, though, and I lay down with him for a few minutes. He was asleep pretty quickly.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Morning Dance Show

Bud woke this morning at about 7:00, which is again a little early. Rather than watch his usual morning routine, I had set up the VCR to tape America's Best Dance Crew, and we watched that together. He really seemed to enjoy the dancing, but wasn't as interested in the drama of the show. Which was fine, since I wasn't interested in it either. We talked about the dancing, though.

We turned the TV off before Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and ended up playing together for a bit of the morning. Bud watched some Wiggles at about 11:00. I had to leave around noon for a doctor's appointment, and Bud was OK hanging out with Nanny J when I left. M-lady stayed home today as well, and I know Bud spent some time with her as well.

Bud apparently got tired around noon again today, with a minor meltdown around lunchtime. He ended up eating at about 2:00, but didn't have much lunch. I got home around 3:30 after running some errands, and Bud and I had some fruit for a snack before spending some of the afternoon hanging out together. I also managed to snooze for a bit while Bud played with M-lady and entertained himself.

We got started on dinner at about 5:30, making a pizza. Bud enjoyed helping out, and while the pizza was in the oven Bud and I put his drum kit back together. He played drums with all his remaining free time in the evening.

Bud ate dinner while M-lady and I ate and handed a sleeping Buster back and forth. Bud and I started the bedtime routine shortly after dinner, and Bud was in bed around 8:15. He was pretty tired, and fell asleep in a few minutes once I got him to settle down.

Buster, on the other hand, got pretty wired after 9:00. He was awake and happy for almost a half-hour, and we hung out together before he had his final meal and passed out. He managed to be really smiley until I pulled out the camera, at which point he looked concerned. M-lady got some giggling photos the other day, though, so I'll try to post one of those soon.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gym Camp

Bud woke a little early this morning, right before 7:00. I got up with him, and we did the usual morning routine until about 8:00. Then, instead of watching Sesame Street, I coaxed him into eating an Eggo and got him dressed to get ready for his morning Gym Camp.

M-lady took him to camp at about 8:45, and apparently he didn't have any problem trotting off into the gym. M-lady headed into work, leaving Bud there for the 3 hour camp.

Nanny J took Buster from me when she arrived at about 9:00, and I managed to snooze for about an hour before getting going for the rest of the day. I went out to run some errands, and swung back to pick Bud up from his camp a little bit early, around 11:30.

When I arrived, the kids looked like they were having free time in the gym. Bud was less engaged, and yawned before he saw me. When he did see me, he trotted out, sat down, and said he was ready to go home. Since he looked pretty tired out, I agreed, and we put his shoes on and headed for home.

He had a good time at the camp, and told us about the craft and the snack times they had to break up the activity. The craft was a cowboy vest made out of a grocery bag... really cute, and I need to post a picture of it as soon as we can get Bud to model it for us. He had a good time with the activities, and seemed pretty worn out.

We got some lunch when we got home, and after lunch I set Bud up with some watermelon and went to check on Nanny J and Buster. Buster hadn't slept much during the morning, and had just fallen asleep at about 12:45. Nanny J played with Bud the remainder of the afternoon while I looked after Buster.

Buster woke briefly at about 1:00, but fell asleep again after eating just a little bit of a bottle. He then slept pretty solidly for about three hours, waking after M-lady arrived home. After he'd eaten, he was a pretty happy baby.

We had a nice video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, and Buster smiled at the people in the video call for the first time. Nanny J whisked Buster away towards the end of the call for his bath, and Bud popped up briefly, but wasn't interested in chatting.

Dinner was a serial affair, with M-lady eating first, then taking Buster while Bud and I ate. Bud ate pretty well, and he had an ice cream cone for dessert. We played a little bit of Rock Band before starting the bedtime routine.

Bud had a meltdown right before we got into PJs, which is kind of an unusual time. After recovering, we finished up the bedtime routine, and he was asleep within about 10 minutes of the lights going out. He got up early, played hard, and didn't have a nap today, so I wasn't really surprised.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Too Much Pepper

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and I did the usual morning routine with him. Nanny J arrived around 9:00, and Bud almost immediately started playing with her, which was a little unusual. After I got a little work done on the computer, M-lady handed Buster to me so she could do some work.

Buster snoozed in my arms for about two hours, and then sucked down about two ounces of formula really quickly. I headed downstairs to see how lunch plans were proceeding at that point.

Nanny J took Buster, and Bud asked me if he could have a plum for lunch. I warned him that it probably wasn't enough, but he persisted. So he had his plum, and declared lunch finished.

I took Bud to the grocery store shortly after that, and we had a good time doing the shopping. About halfway through the trip he let me know that he was hungry. "I told you so" always seems to roll off toddler's backs.

We headed home and Bud ate some chicken soup for lunch with M-lady. I salted and peppered his soup for him at his request, but apparently added too much pepper. I then spent a fair amount of time rinsing pieces of chicken and vegetables to reduce the amount of pepper so that Bud could eat them. Next time, no pepper.

Bud watched an episode of The Wiggles on Netflix instant while I got some business taken care of on the computer, and then we clowned around together for the rest of the afternoon. He had a bit of a meltdown around 3:00, but eventually recovered and had a pleasant evening. We had turkey burgers for dinner while the Tour de France stage was on TV.

After dinner, M-lady took Buster off to a brief work gathering while Bud and I chilled at home. We watched the TdF for a bit, had ice cream cones, and then started the bedtime routine as M-lady returned with Buster. The routine went smoothly, and Bud was in bed a little after 8:00.

Bud has a whole morning at gymnastics tomorrow, and seemed to be looking forward to it when we talked about it before bed. Hopefully that will go well tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Games

Bud woke me this morning at about 4:00 or so, and I went and lay down in his bed with him. He was still awake almost an hour later, but dropped off shortly after that. I snuck back to my room at about 6:00.

Bud consequently slept in until about 9:15, and I was able to do so as well. I got him changed and dressed when he got up, and then changed a poopy diaper a few minutes later. He played with Nanny J during the morning, however.

I left to get a haircut at about 10:45, and I let Bud know I was leaving. When I let him know I was getting a haircut, he instructed me to make sure I got a lollipop afterward.

Bud had a good morning and lunch with Nanny J, and then went to gymnastics with M-lady. He had a good time there, and M-lady signed him up for a 'camp' on Thursday, which is a three-hour session. Hopefully that will go well. I arrived home at the same time M-lady and Bud did.

Bud and I played together most of the afternoon. I had the opportunity to sit down with him and explain how to play CandyLand. He paid enough attention to get through about 3 turns, and then got bored and ran off with the cards. Still, it's progress, and I think he basically understands the game.

Bud also found a Play-Doh set we gave him for his birthday but he never opened up. He had a good time playing with all the tools, including cookie-cutters, a rolling pin, an extruder, and a pair of scissors. The Play-Doh kept him occupied for quite some time.

He then joined me for a little bit of Rock Band, which we haven't played for a while. We had a good time with that before dinner. Bud ate pretty well, including polishing off a full-sized carrot he started as a snack earlier in the afternoon.

Dinner was pretty late, so the bedtime routine started pretty much right after dinner. Bud was good through the routine, and asleep well before 9:00.

Buster was better today. He ate more from the bottle, and was less fussy about it. We're not sure if it's because we tried a different formula, or because M-lady did more of the bottle feeding, or because it's Tuesday. We'll see how it goes tomorrow, though.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Liquid Breakfast

Bud woke this morning around 7:15. I tried to convince him to go back to bed, but he wasn't interested. So we did our usual morning routine.

For a while now, Bud has had a 7 oz. cup of warm milk while watching morning TV. For the past week or so, he's requested a second cup of milk, along with a couple of cups of apple juice. Sometimes he still has some toast or an Eggo with M-lady, but he's really taking in a lot of fluid in the mornings.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and Bud played with her for a bit this morning. I caught up with them a bit after 10:00, and friend J arrived with his mother shortly afterward. Bud and J had a good time running around the living room, playing with the PlayHut tunnels, and making pretend ice cream.

We all had lunch together a little before 1:00, and I took a break to check email while M-lady played with Bud and company for a little while. I got back at about 1:30 or so, and Bud and I packed up and headed out to the mall to get out the house for a little while after J and his mother left.

Bud and I mostly wandered around, and he was excited when I stopped to get some cookies. We did a little bit of window shopping, but the trip was a success mostly just for the exercise and opportunity to get out of the house for a little while.

Bud and I swept the driveway together when we got back, and then he played in the front yard while I worked in the garage. We got some good outside time together until we went in at about 4:30.

Bud and I crashed in front of the TV for a while. M-lady made dinner tonight, which was really nice. While she was preparing dinner, I held Buster for a bit, who was pretty cranky all day today. M-lady ate first, I handed Buster to her, and then finished dinner with Bud.

Bud and I took a shower after dinner, and he did a good job of washing himself with a little bit of prodding. We did the usual bedtime routine after the shower, and he fell asleep a little bit before 9:00.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hanging Out on Sunday

Buster was up a little early, but M-lady handled him in the early morning. I got up with Bud around 7:30 or so, and we did our usual morning thing.

M-lady and I were sort of wiped out today, and we didn't really get out of the house. Buster was a bit grumpy in the late morning and early afternoon, and didn't manage to get a good nap in until the late afternoon. He ate from a bottle, but it was a bit of a struggle all day.

Bud watched out for himself a lot today, and I praised him for it in the evening. I was sorry I couldn't play with him more, but he didn't seem to mind too much. We did have a good time in the early evening together, when Buster started napping a little bit more.

Bud and I spent a little time in the back yard around lunchtime, while I grilled some hotdogs for lunch. Other than that, we spent the day inside, unfortunately. I had wanted to get out at some point, but didn't manage to make it.

Before dinner Bud and I were exploring the Netflix instant downloads, and came across Hopla. We watched a couple of the 5 minute episodes, and Bud enjoyed them quite a bit. We giggled a lot together with the show before starting on dinner.

We had french toast for dinner, and Bud helped with the preparation. He enjoyed helping out, and then scarfed down two pieces of toast with syrup. We didn't have dinner until after 6:00, so Bud and I started the bedtime routine pretty quickly after dinner.

Bud was great during the bedtime routine, and got a chance to snuggle with M-lady in bed, too, when he didn't go to sleep immediately. I'm looking forward to getting him out of the house again in some fashion tomorrow.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sun Time

M-lady come home late last night, and took care of Buster in the early morning, which was nice. Bud slept through the night, and got me up a little before 8:00. We did our usual morning routine as M-lady finished feeding Buster and headed back up to the city.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and took Buster from me. I played with Bud for a while, but when I heard a somewhat distressed Buster a bit after 10:00, and I checked to see how he was doing. I managed to calm him down a little bit, and Bud immediately asked Nanny J to play with him, so we switched places.

Buster fell asleep on my chest, and resisted me putting him down, so I snuggled with him on our bed and napped with him for a while. We woke up at about noon, and I handed him back to Nanny J while I had some lunch with Bud.

After lunch, Bud and I headed out to Mountain View where I ran an errand and we got to walk up and down Castro Street a little bit. Bud enjoyed the walk, although I think he enjoyed riding on my shoulders even more. We stopped in at the fish store as well, and Bud enjoyed looking at the turtles, fish, eels, urchins, lizards, etc.

We came home after that, and Bud and I put on some sunscreen and walked over to the park. We shared a Powerbar and some water when we arrived, and then had a good time playing at the playground together. It was pretty quiet, mostly just us on the equipment, so Bud wasn't self-conscious and had a really good time. We walked back together a little before 4:00.

The rest of the evening was pretty mellow. Nanny J left at about 5:30, and I managed to convince Bud to have some dinner shortly afterward while Buster was still in a good mood. Buster got a little cranky right around the time I was trying to put Bud to bed, so I couldn't spend the time on our bedtime routine that I usually like to. Bud fell asleep pretty quickly, though, after being out in the sun for a while today.

Buster got pretty cranky after 7:30, and was clearly hungry but not interested in the bottle. After struggling for about 90 minutes, he finally passed out. Hopefully he'll sleep for a while, but I get the feeling he missed a meal right before bed.

We're all looking forward to M-lady being home tomorrow.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Pretty Smooth Day

The night was a little tough, although not in the way I was expecting. Buster hadn't eaten much before bed, so I expected him to wake early, hungry. He slept fabulously, though, waking at 5:00. He was giggly and happy when he woke, gladly munched on a bottle, and was asleep again in about 50 minutes. He proceeded to sleep until about 8:30.

Bud, on the other hand, woke at 3:00, 3:30, and 4:30, for reasons unknown. He wanted me to sit/lie down with him in his bed, which I did for a brief while each time. But combined with Buster's 5:00 slot, I didn't end up sleeping a whole lot.

Bud woke for real around 8:15, and we did our usual morning routine, only interrupted by me needing to fetch Buster at 8:30. Buster wasn't interested in eating immediately, so we all hung out together until Nanny J arrived.

I played with Bud for a while this morning as Nanny J took Buster. Buster ate happily, both around 9:00 and again around 10:30. M-lady came home to feed Buster shortly after that, and Buster munched again, happy to see his mother.

I managed to escape around 11:00 to snooze for almost two hours, which was nice. I sort of missed M-lady being home, which was sad, but she said hello and goodbye to me as I dozed. I roused myself around 12:40 or so, and headed downstairs to find Buster snoozing and Bud playing with Nanny J.

Bud and I took a quick outing together to Home Depot, where we picked up a couple of yard-fix items and headed home again. Bud helped me find weeds growing from cracks in the pavement of the driveway and paths, and I hit them with some Round-Up. Then we refreshed the bait in some hornet/wasp traps we have in the back yard, as I've noticed a growing population. I'll have to keep my eye out for nests back there.

Bud and I played in the garage together for a while in the afternoon, eventually playing some lacrosse out front. Bud was rolling around in the grass a bit, so I bargained with him to come in a take a bath. He eventually agreed to the terms (part of a gummy dinosaur we've been holding in reserve), and Nanny J gave him a bath. Buster had received one while Bud and I were outside.

Nanny J departed around 5:30, and we all hung out together happily until around 6:30, when babysitter M arrived. At that point I handed Buster to him and started on dinner. Bud got a little crabby and headed for his room for a little while, but came down to eat after a few minutes.

Buster ate well in the evening, and didn't start getting crabby until after 7:00, when he was starting to get tired. Babysitter M and I traded him back and forth a couple of times, as I wanted him to stay awake until 8:00ish so he wouldn't wake too early in the morning.

The bedtime routine for Bud went smoothly, although he was again disappointed that I wasn't going to sit with him. I promised to check on him in 10 minutes when I'd send M home and swaddled and laid down Buster, and managed to just keep my word. Bud was sound asleep, however.

Buster has really been enjoying blowing raspberries, which is very cute, but requires wiping the spit off his chin every minute or two. He also gets a little startled when I blow raspberries back at him.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Separation Anxiety

Bud woke this morning around 8:00, but M-lady saw him get up while she was holding Buster. She intercepted him, and I got to sleep in a bit, which was nice. I went down and joined Bud around 8:45, when the cleaners showed up.

Bud and I played together for a while, making vegetable soup, throwing balls around, doing some drawing, and hanging out in his room for a while. I was still pretty tired, though, and at about 10:15 managed to fall asleep for a couple more hours. Guess I needed some more sleep. Bud played happily with Nanny J and M-lady while I was out.

M-lady nursed Buster through a feeding around noon that normally would have been a bottle, as she left around 1:30 to head up to a conference in the city. She'll be gone for a couple days, and hopefully things around here won't be too crazy.

I got some lunch after she left, and Buster napped most of the early afternoon. Bud and I nipped out to do some grocery shopping, and Nanny J made a really nice dinner for us. When Bud and I returned, we spent a few minutes hanging out in front of the TV to settle down a little bit before spending almost two hours playing outside.

Bud found my lacrosse sticks, so we spent most of the outside time tossing a ball back and forth with the sticks. I also got an opportunity to sort some items in the garage while Bud kicked a soccer ball around on his own. We had a good time.

Buster was up and pretty upset when we came back in, and I managed to soothe him enough that he'd take a bottle. While Nanny J was feeding him, Bud and I had some dinner as well. Nanny J left at about 5:45, and it was me and the kids for a little while.

Fortunately, Buster was in a happy, giggly kind of mood, and Bud was willing to just hang out with me for a while. We had a babysitter, M, over to help out around 6:30. Bud got really, really shy, but opened up a bit around 7:00 when I turned on nighttime TV and M sat next to him for a while. M was great, helping hold Buster while I got Bud into bed.

I promised to check in on Bud, took Buster from M, and M left for home. When I checked on Bud about ten minutes after I'd left, he was already asleep.

Buster was cranky at this point, and not interested in taking a bottle. After struggling for about an hour, he finally passed out after only having eating about an ounce of formula. I expect he'll be up a little early, and very hungry. We'll make it through the night, though.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Outside Time

Bud woke this morning at about 7:15 this morning, and we did our usual routine. At about 9:30, M-lady and I took off for a couple of short work meetings. Bud was happy to stay home and play with Nanny J and Buster, which we took to be a good sign.

M-lady and I were out until about 2:00, and Bud was pretty happy to see us when we got home. He was pretty well behaved and happy while we were gone, although he was apparently unimpressed by lunch. He and Nanny J did some drawing, banged on drums, and played basketball while we were gone.

I had a snack with Bud shortly after we got home, and then snoozed for about 20 minutes while Bud kept asking me to wake up. After I managed to rouse myself, we headed outside to play a little bit. We headed out back first, where we pretended we were pirates for a little while, and the hot tub was a giant treasure chest. Bud's finally figured out how to properly say, "Arrrrrr...."

We then headed to the front yard, where Bud played with various garage items while I trimmed the orange tree a bit and then spent some time cleaning the drivetrain on my bicycle. Bud helped out in both these endeavors, and cleaned off his tricycle as well. We then spent a fair amount of time kicking a soccer ball around in the front yard.

It was well after 5:00 when we headed back in, so we were outside for better than two hours. It felt good to get him out into the fresh air and sunshine for a bit.

We had some dinner, and Friend A arrived to hang out with M-lady and hold Buster for a bit. Bud and I did some crafts before starting the bedtime routine, and I showed him a little bit of origami. He was not particularly impressed.

The bedtime routine went well, although Bud professed to be very hungry. Maybe he didn't get enough dinner, or maybe he's growing a bit. In any case, he snacked a lot after dinner. He was in bed around 8:30, and asleep shortly afterward.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Surprisingly Shy

Bud was up this morning around 8:00, and we watched some Sesame Street together after getting him into a clean diaper. I'm glad he's happy with Sesame Street, since I think he gets more out of that show than many others.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and helped out with Buster. After getting Bud dressed, he and I headed out to do some shopping for a friend. Bud was pretty patient as we hit Circuit City and Best Buy. I managed to get him onto the escalator at Best Buy, but he's still a little timid of them. After shopping we headed home, and talked about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches most of the way.

After lunch, Bud and I played together for a little while, mostly drawing and playing with his trains. At about 1:00, I woke M-lady from the nap she'd been enjoying so she could take Bud to his gymnastics class. I took the opportunity to take a bike ride which kept me out until about 4:30 or so.

Bud had a good time at gymnastics, and then elected to return home to hang out with Nanny J and Buster while M-lady made a run to CostCo. Bud was apparently well behaved, and both Buster and Bud got baths in the afternoon.

When I got home, Bud immediately met me outside while I put the bike away. He was a bit wound up when I got home, and after I showered I sat him down in front of the computer for a little while to chill out. About 15 minutes later I got started on dinner. Bud wasn't interested in joining us, and played by himself in his room and the playroom for a while.

At about 6:00 our good friend E arrived, and Bud immediately went into very shy mode. Usually he warms up pretty quickly, but I think he was getting tired, and opted to play in his room, by himself, for about an hour. As soon as E departed at about 7:00, Bud came downstairs and had some dinner, and we did the bedtime routine.

Buster seems to have gotten a little barfier in the past couple of days. Nothing worrying, but he just seems to spit up a little bit much more often. Which means we're changing his clothes, and ours, several times each day. Hopefully he'll get better at holding down his formula shortly.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Worn Out Baby

Bud woke this morning a little before 8:00, and we did our usual morning routine. M-lady got up with Buster around 5:00 or so, but managed to get back to bed for a while when he went back to sleep. Bud and I watched some Sesame Street before Nanny J arrived at 9:00.

Shortly after, I packed up and headed to the local Apple Store to pick up a new iPhone. I managed to get one this time, but I had to wait in line for about 2 hours. Bud apparently had a good time while I was gone, as friend J arrived around 10:30 with his mother for a play date. They've played together each week for several weeks now, and are getting along very well.

M-lady tried to pace the kids a little bit by starting out with a craft, which kept them from tearing around the living room for a little while. But they were off and playing ball before too long, and worked up a good sweat before lunch.

I arrived home as they were finishing up lunch, and got the popsicles we'd made a few days ago for them for dessert. The kids played together a bit more after lunch before J and his mom headed home around 1:30.

Bud and I settled down a little and watched some Wiggles to chill out a bit. Afterward we went downstairs and had a snack, and then he played drums and trains quietly while Buster slept in his swing.

Bud had some time with M-lady working on his tracing skills in the afternoon, and Nanny J also managed to coax him into the bathtub, so he's mostly clean. After Nanny J left at about 5:30, I got started on dinner.

M-lady and I took turns eating dinner and holding a snoozing Buster. Buster managed to wear himself out today, possibly with his complaining about the bottle. He slept for about an hour between 6:00 and 7:00, and then fell asleep again before having his evening meal. We had to wake him at about 9:00, and he groggily munched for a bit before M-lady put him down for the night.

Bud ate his dinner a little late, and then we did our usual bedtime routine. He was pretty cooperative, and even peed on the potty. We were in bed before 8:30, but he didn't fall asleep until after 9:00.

Both Buster and Bud had two poops today. I'm not sure what else to comment about that, other than it's more comforting than Buster's five-day holdouts.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Bud woke this morning at about 7:45, and we did our usual morning routine. Buster slept in until 5:00 or so, which M-lady was pretty happy about.

At about 10:00, Bud and I started getting ready to head over to the mall. I wanted to try to pick up a 3G iPhone at the Apple Store when it opened at 11:00. Bud was happy to come along, and M-lady packed a snack bag for him in case we had to wait for a while.

Bud was game when we arrived and found the line. There were probably somewhere between 150 and 200 people ahead of us in line, and after 11:00, we discovered that the line moved very slowly. So Bud and I bagged the expedition and picked up some Jamba Juice for lunch before heading home. Shortly after we arrived home, Bud finished the 16oz Jamba I had gotten for him and asked me for some of mine. Then he asked me what 'mooching' meant.

We all played together a bit in the afternoon. Buster was pretty happy, so we had a nice video call with Granddad B, Aunt Lil' K + SO, and Grandma Nese. Buster made cute faces at them for a while, and Bud winged in and out of the picture a few times.

Bud and I worked on his headstands a little bit. He's spending quite some time upside down now, having really gotten into watching b-boys. The past few days he's shown really good cartwheels, landing on his knees instead of his feet. But he's almost there. He kicks up into headstands as well, and now holds them for a second or so before toppling one way or another. Unfortunately his arms are still proportionally kind of short, so it's tougher for him to create a stable base.

I gave Buster a shower at about 3:00, and it went pretty well. He seems to be getting used to it a little more, and didn't mind being wet or getting a little bit of water in his face. And he smelled a lot better after the shower.

A little after 4:00 friend F arrived with parents C and T. F seemed enamored of Buster, but also had some fun playing with Bud. They played together unsupervised quite a bit, and the parents got to chat, which was nice.

We had a nice dinner together, and were sorry to see them go at about 7:30. Bud had worked himself into a pretty good sweat, so we chilled in front of the TV for a few minutes before starting the bedtime routine. I didn't get a chance to give him a bath, but we did rinse his head with the hand-held shower head. We turned out the light around 8:20, and he was asleep a few minutes later.

I may make an early morning attempt at the iPhone tomorrow, and will probably take Bud with me.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

First Head Wedge

Bud woke me this morning around 7:30. M-lady had a bit of an up and down night with Buster, but managed to get a few extra hours of sleep in the morning by bringing Buster to our bed for a little while. Bud never really got the opportunity to co-sleep very often, and I'm a little surprised he's never asked to sleep with us after a nightmare or other night-time waking.

After a pretty standard morning, we packed up and headed over to Uncle C and Aunt O's place for a visit and some lunch. Buster seemed in pretty good spirits for most of the visit, and Bud behaved really, really well. He largely entertained himself, although he had fun visiting Aunt O's pet rat and playing with various mostly non-breakable items around the house.

Around 2:00, Bud managed to get his head stuck in a basket. He'd put the basket on his head, and the fairly firm handle slipped down under his nose, firmly fixing the basket in place. Bud stayed calm as I pried his head out. Unfortunately he got a little cut on the inside of his lower lip in the process, but we managed to keep blood off the carpet and had a little talk about sticking his head into tight situations. I'm sure this isn't the last time I'll have to extract him, though.

We headed home shortly after that, and everyone except myself fell asleep on the drive home. Bud was a little grumpy when he woke up when we went inside, but cheered up pretty quickly. Buster snoozed on for a little while before getting a bit hungry.

I managed to sneak out a bit after 3:30 for a quick bike ride. When I returned, the family was watching High School Musical. They finished up the movie while I showered, and then Bud and I had a quick snack while I got started on dinner. Buster hung out with us in the bouncer, and M-lady managed to get some work done.

Bud ate a small dinner. Afterward, I fed Buster and held him as he slept for a bit while trying to entertain Bud. Bedtime crept up pretty quickly, though.

Bud didn't fall asleep quickly tonight, and was up well past 9:00. I hope he's well rested for tomorrow, though.

Friday, July 11, 2008

New Drumsticks

Bud slept in this morning until about 8:30, which was really nice. Buster woke once at about 4:00, but fell asleep again on his own quickly, and slept for another half hour. He slept for three more hours after eating, so M-lady got some more sleep.

I got up with Bud, and we watched just a little bit of TV before turning it off when Nanny J arrived. We had to get ready for friend T and mother D, who arrived a bit after 9:30.

Bud played well with T, which was nice. T was very interested in seeing some of M-lady's dance costumes, so M-lady pulled out a couple for her to examine. Bud was pretty patient with the process as well. It was really nice to catch up with D, too.

T and D had to leave around 11:30, and I convinced Bud to have some lunch with me shortly afterward. M-lady left around this time to run some errands, so I spent the afternoon hanging out with Bud, and Nanny J took care of Buster.

Bud ate a good lunch, and I set him down in front of a video while I made some calls. After I had dealt with tech support, we played together a little more and had some watermelon for a snack.

M-lady got home around 3:30, and spent some time taking care of Buster. I had noticed that Bud had worn through another pair of drumsticks, so I got him to agree to come out to Toys 'R Us with me to get him a new pair. We had a good time on the errand, and I picked up a little rhythms book and practice pad for him as well. He banged on the pad happily when we got home.

Bud ate about half his dinner at dinner time, and then spent some time wrestling with me before we got started on the bedtime routine. Right before getting into PJs he asked to have the rest of his dinner, which he finished up. He was a bit rambunctious going to bed, but fell asleep before 9:00. It was nice to get out a bit more today, and I look forward to cooler weather tomorrow.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sounding Out

Bud woke up briefly this morning around 5:00, but I managed to get him back in bed and asleep. He slept until about 7:45, when we got up and did the standard morning routine.

We've made Sesame Street the regular morning fare the past couple of days, and Bud seems to be enjoying it. Not coincidentally, he's started taking an interest in what sounds each letter makes. Today we worked on the letter 'P'.

Nanny J arrived and 9:00, and M-lady and I ran out at about 10:00 to get to some errands. Bud and Buster were well behaved for Nanny J, which was nice. When we returned around 1:00, both kids had pooped, which was good news.

Buster had a good nap in the afternoon, and Bud played with Nanny J, so M-lady and I managed a brief nap. At about 3:30, Bud's friend A arrived with mom D for a playdate.

They had a good time together, although they spent some time getting used to each other, as they haven't played together one-on-one much for a while. Bud was really good about sharing his toys, and really tried to engage A repeatedly, while A was being a bit shy at first.

We all had some of the popsicles Bud and Nanny J made yesterday with our new popsicle molds. They were pretty good, and got me wondering if a pure watermelon juice popsicle would be as good as I imagine it might be.

Nanny J's car wouldn't start when she tried to go home, so I helped her out by jumping her car. Bud came out to watch, and had a good time running around the front lawn while I worked. Hopefully Nanny J was able to get a new battery on the way home.

After we washed up, we got started on dinner. Bud ate a good serving after a brief delay, and it was late enough that we started the bedtime TV almost immediately after dinner. Buster was in a pretty contented mood as well, so I managed to get a video call off to Grandma W and Granddad B. They were happy to see Buster, and managed to exchange a few words with the distracted Bud as well.

The rest of the bedtime routine went pretty well. Bud was in bed around 8:20, and asleep by about 8:45. I usually lay in his bed with him for a bit when the lights go out, and he loves to chat with me while I'm a captive audience. Tonight's topic was 'raisins', who likes them, who doesn't, and questions about availability. I guess we'll have to buy some raisins tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Making It Home

I left my offsite meeting in time to make it home just before bed, arriving right at about 7:30pm. The family was sitting watching bedtime TV together, and I was really happy to see them. Bud seemed pretty tired, and focused on the TV, but I got a smile out of him. M-lady handed Buster to me, who also gave me a smile.

They had had a pretty good day, although Buster hasn't pooped for four days now. Bud had gotten a haircut yesterday, and looked pretty good (as well as a good deal cooler). It was really hot out again today, so Bud didn't venture outside. M-lady managed to run some errands today, though.

Buster got hungry shortly before Bud's program was over, so M-lady took him upstairs to feed him and put him to bed. I took Bud upstairs and managed to convince him to get into a clean diaper and PJs after some cajoling. He let me know he was hungry, so before brushing his teeth we headed downstairs where Bud ate the dinner he had neglected earlier in the evening.

We watched some Jabbawockeez videos instead of a bedtime story tonight, and Bud fell asleep as I lay in bed with him in about 10 minutes. I'm looking forward to hanging out with him more tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I left this morning for a two-day team offsite meeting. I'll be returning again tomorrow evening. Bud woke around 7:00, the same time I got up, and kept an eye on me while I finished packing and headed out. He had been warned, and seemed content to sit with M-lady.

They apparently had a pretty good day, including a new propensity towards figuring out letter sounds and being a star at gymnastics class. Buster did his usual thing.

I'll write more tomorrow after I get home.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Face Recognition

Buster was up and down a number of times during the night, and M-lady took care of him. She didn't get much sleep during the night, but was able to grab a couple of short naps during the day.

Bud woke me just after 7:00, and we did our usual morning routine. At 9:00, Nanny J arrived. Yay! It was really nice to have her back today after a 10 day absence. Bud was a little clingy to me when she arrived, but played with her quite a bit later in the afternoon.

Nanny J helped with Buster, and during the morning had trouble soothing him. M-lady and I could both soothe him almost immediately on taking him, but he was a bit upset to be held by Nanny J. We concluded that Buster is started to recognize faces, and was a bit wary of the 'newcomer'. He was fine with Nanny J in the afternoon, though.

Around 10:30, Bud's friend J arrived with his mother. Bud and J had a great time together, playing with lots of different toys and running around quite a bit. They really seem to like each others company. Since Buster was being cared for by Nanny J, and M-lady was watching Bud and J with J's mom, I took the opportunity to run some errands.

I got back around 1:30, and J and his mother departed shortly thereafter. I convinced Bud to go outside with me into the heat of the day to help me wash my car. We had a great time, and got the car clean, but Bud really didn't want to get wet, which I thought was kind of odd. He would retreat to the garage every time I turned the hose on. He was very helpful scrubbing down the wheels, though.

Bud had pooped in his diaper at the beginning of the car wash, and was having too much fun to go in and get cleaned up. When he finally did, his butt was highly irritated, and he went straight into the bath. He played with Nanny J for much of the afternoon as Buster and M-lady took naps, and I got some work done in the garage.

M-lady ran some quick errands around 5:00, and Nanny J departed around the same time. I handled both boys on my own for about 10 minutes, without issue. Since Buster was in a good mood, I made a video call to the grandparents, which lasted for about 10 minutes before Buster decided he was hungry.

We had a pretty good dinner, and Bud and I played a bit in the tent city he had assembled with M-lady before starting the bedtime routine. He was a bit wound up when we headed for bed, but was asleep before 9:00 tonight. Hopefully Buster will sleep more soundly tonight as well.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Aborted Outing

Buster had a snack this morning at about 1:45am, and M-lady asked me to rock him back to sleep. Buster decided it was a good time to be awake, though. He wasn't cranky, just alert. For about ninety minutes after I took him. I finally got him to sleep at about 3:45, and got to sleep myself around 4:00.

Bud came in and woke me up at about 4:20. I comforted him for a few minutes, and stayed in his room for a bit to make sure he fell asleep. I got back to bed around 4:45 or so.

Then Bud came and woke me at about 7:15 this morning to get up. So I didn't get as much sleep as I might have liked last night. We did a pretty usual morning routine, and Bud let me catch the last couple kilometers of the second stage of the Tour, which was nice.

We had some breakfast, and I played with him for a while. At about 9:30, M-lady offered to watch Bud while she was feeding Buster, and I took the opportunity to crash again. They had a good morning together, and Bud spent a lot of time today keeping himself entertained, which was nice.

I took Buster from M-lady at about noon and rocked him to sleep. He slept on my chest for almost two hours while M-lady and Bud had some lunch. When he woke, I handed him to M-lady for a feeding while I got some lunch myself and we started preparing for an afternoon outing.

We didn't have any critical errands to run, so I thought we might wander around Fry's or the mall. Bud didn't want to get in the car, though, and started wailing when he got in. Buster quieted down, perhaps startled by Bud's noise. Bud fell asleep in about 10 minutes, and we took the long route over to Streetlight Records.

I made a quick dash in to pick up a couple of CDs, and M-lady kept driving so as to keep Buster asleep. After she picked me up again, we decided to try out luck with an early dinner at Johnny Rocket's.

Bud was still grumpy when he woke from his nap, and had me carry him into the restaurant. Buster was getting hungry, and started crying for a bottle soon after we sat down. Bud also started his wailing again, for unspecified reasons. Fortunately, this was before we ordered, so we cut our losses and headed for home.

I had a chat with Bud about his behavior in the restaurant when we got home, and he stayed in his room for a little while as we got Buster fed and happy again. Around 5:30 Bud came out for dinner, which was a pretty plain affair.

After dinner Bud and I listed to some Simon and Garfunkel while a sleeping Buster lay on my chest. Bud liked a lot of the songs, and we had fun singing along. Before too long we started the bedtime routine.

Bud was really happy and wired during the PJs and toothbrushing, and didn't really settle down when the lights went out around 8:20. He was still up when I left his room around 9:00, and I don't think he fell asleep until about 9:30. Maybe he'll sleep in a little later tomorrow morning, though.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

We're Makin' Waffles

Buster was up a little early this morning, but M-lady managed to get back to sleep for a while. Bud got me up a little bit after 7:00, and we started with the usual morning routine.

We watched a bit of stage one of the Tour de France before jumping to his usual morning shows. Bud's first question upon seeing the peloton on TV was, "Where are you, daddy?"
Ummm, Daddy didn't make it into the Tour de France this year.
"Oh. Maybe next year!"

Bud was kind enough to let me watch the stage finish before we moved over to his usual morning shows.

After watching a little TV, we had some breakfast together, and then played in his room for a bit. At about 10:30, I got up to get dressed, and Bud followed me around. We checked in on M-lady and Buster, and I started preparing for a track cycling clinic I was attending in the afternoon.

Bud helped me get my car packed, but was a bit disappointed he couldn't come along. We had some lunch together, and when it was time for me to go he got a little clingy. I managed to convince him to stay home by promising him some cake for dessert. I think he forgot all about me at that point.

Big thanks to M-lady for watching both kids this afternoon. Bud was pretty good for her. They had a great time doing crafts and making art together, and it sounded like Buster was pretty agreeable this afternoon as well.

I arrived home shortly after 5:00, and the family was just wrapping up watching the songs from High School Musical. I took a quick shower, and then Bud showed me the artwork they had made this afternoon. I took Buster for a few minutes, and then got started on making waffles for dinner. Bud helped me make the batter, and thoroughly enjoyed a waffle.

After dinner, Bud and I sat down to watch a little bit of TV before bed. We were recording America's Best Dance Crew, and Bud enjoyed watching some of that before we switched. He got to bed a little later than usual, around 8:45 for lights out, but was asleep by 9:00.

I'm looking forward to getting the kids out of the house for a bit tomorrow.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Crying For Attention

Buster woke this morning around 4:45, so his nights are getting a little bit shorter. Bud also woke around 5:00, and I slept in his room with him for about an hour before I returned to my bed.

Bud then woke at about 6:30. I warned him that he would need a nap during the day, but we headed downstairs to do the morning routine. He had some breakfast before we turned on the TV, and generally had a good morning together, although I fell asleep in his bed while we were playing in his room around 9:30 or 10:00ish. M-lady found me buried under blankets and stuffed animals that Bud had piled on top of me, and sent me to our bed.

It was really nice of M-lady to let me sleep a little more. I got up a little after 11:00, and burped Buster while I watched Bud for a little while. Buster demonstrated a new request today: while sitting in his bouncer or swing, he'd cry until someone came and paid attention to him. It wasn't necessary to pick him up... just give him a face to interact with. He repeated the request for attention several times throughout the day.

Bud and I had some lunch together, and played a bit. After M-lady fed Buster, she packed up and headed off to run some errands and get out for the afternoon. Buster was a bit cranky, and screamed while awake for the better part of two hours. I could get him to fall asleep for about 5 or 10 minutes at a time, and occasionally he'd accept about 20-30 mL from a bottle. It seemed to me he was hungry, but wouldn't eat enough.

While I was dealing with this, Bud fell on his face while we were playing together. I soothed him as best I could, but Bud got really upset when I picked up a screaming Buster. I herded Bud up to his room and sat with him for a minutes, and lo and behold, he took a 90 minute nap.

M-lady got home shortly after Bud woke up and Buster had eaten enough to be peaceable for a little while. I played with Bud for a bit while M-lady fed Buster some more, and then we got dinner going.

M-lady wanted to test the potential separation situation today, and we fed Buster from a bottle for the rest of the day, with M-lady trying to pump in the evening. Buster ate well from a bottle (better from M-lady than myself), and the pumping effort is ongoing.

After dinner we managed to get both kids into the shower. Bud worked on washing himself again, and then helped out with Buster, who was much less scared of the whole process this time. It was nice to have to good-smelling boys this evening.

Bud and I went straight into the bedtime routine from there, and he was really well behaved. He didn't go to sleep straight away, but he stayed in his room, and was asleep around 9:00ish. Buster passed out after eating a huge volume from the bottle at about 8:30. Hopefully we'll be able to get both kids outside a bit tomorrow.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Little Barfs

I got up a little before 7:00 this morning to take out some donation stuff to the curb for pickup. Bud was getting up around the same time... I'm not sure if he heard my alarm, or got up on his own, but he was in pretty good spirits. He waited patiently by the door as I took a few boxes down to the curb, and then we got him into a clean diaper and did the usual morning routine.

Buster didn't quite repeat his amazing sleep duration from the previous night, but did sleep until 5:30 - eight and a half hours. M-lady was pretty happy about that.

A little before 9:00, the cleaners arrived, and Bud and I had some breakfast before he went to the grocery store with M-lady. He was well behaved during the trip, and even got to help M-lady swipe her frequent buyer card at the checkout. I spent the time hanging out with a mostly sleeping Buster.

I got Bud some lunch when they got home, and we had a good lunch together. I spent some time handling Buster as well, who consistently spit up a couple of times after each feeding today. Just little spit ups, about a teaspoon each, but just enough to warrant the change of a shirt or a onesie. I managed to catch most of his little barfs on the ever present burp cloth, though.

At about 1:00 I headed off to work for a quick meeting, hopefully the last for a while. M-lady was wonderful and watched High School Musical with Bud again. Both boys behaved well while I was gone.

I got back a little after 4:00, and Bud attached himself to my legs for a little while, making it difficult to get things settled. But I eventually got in, and we got the house ready for our dinner guests, A and I. Bud was a little nervous when they first arrived, but was running around casing A and shrieking with laughter withing about 10 minutes.

Bud was really well behaved through the dinner party, entertaining himself for long stretches of time. He watched some of his bedtime TV on his own, and then did the bedtime routine with me very cooperatively.

I wonder if we'll be able to get him somewhere to see fireworks tomorrow night.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Getting Out

Buster slept nine and a half hours last night, from 9:00pm to 6:30am. M-lady was pretty happy. After feeding him, he slept another three solid hours. So he's clearly doing a growth spurt or something.

I got up with Bud around 7:30, and we did our usual morning thing. After some TV and breakfast, we played in the living room together for a while. We did some puzzles, and talked about the Candy Land game for a bit, examining the board and cards.

M-lady got up and generously watched both boys for a little while as I got a short nap in. Bud is apparently showing excellent scissor skills, and M-lady has been working with him on it. He asked to use the scissors again today, but lost interest before they got to it.

Around lunch time, I got up and packed a picnic lunch for Bud and myself. Bud was excited to have a picnic, and we had a good time walking over to the park together. Once there, we ate our sandwiches, ran around kicking a soccer ball for a bit, and then spent some time on the playground equipment. We got home around 3:00ish, and I had to dump about a cup of sand out of Bud's shoes.

Bud and I sat down in front of High School Musical (at his request) while I held Buster, and M-lady went out to run some errands. She was very productive. Buster ate from a bottle pretty well in the afternoon, but was losing patience with it by the time M-lady returned.

Bud and I had some leftovers for dinner, and then he played outside while I worked in the garage for a bit. He had fun sweeping outside the garage, and handing me the wrenches I needed for my bike. We headed back inside around 7:00, washed our hands, and had a little bit of birthday cake before starting the bedtime routine.

Buster pooped in the evening, after his 2 day holdout. So he seems to be feeling better, too. I don't expect him to sleep like that again tonight, but it would be nice.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Self Cleaning

Bud slept in this morning until a little after 8:00, and M-lady got to snooze for a bit after Buster went back to bed this morning. So we were all pretty rested come late morning. Bud and I played together a bit, and then I snuck one more nap in before lunch.

A little before noon, M-lady handed me Buster and went and got lunch for Bud. I spent the next few hours taking care of Buster, which meant feeding him and letting him sleep in my arms. I tried to put him down a couple of times, but he'd wake within a few minutes.

He did successfully eat from a bottle today, which was good. And he slept fine while I was holding him. Not much fussing at all. But he didn't poop today again, so we're on serious poop alert tomorrow.

M-lady took Bud to his gymnastics class in the early afternoon, and Bud was apparently a star again. He did great, had a good time, and is looking forward to going again next week. Yay!

They hit the grocery store together on the way home, and Bud was great there, too. He helped pick out potatoes for tonight's meal.

When they got home, I gave Bud a shower, and then M-lady handed Buster in. Bud was interested in seeing me give Buster a shower, so stayed in to watch that. He was really good, and helped hold the shower head while I bathed Buster. For his part, Buster was fine except for brief moments where he was lying down on the sponge. He was perfectly content while I was holding him in the water.

After Buster got out, Bud tried his hand at soaping himself up. He did a great job, and we'll encourage that going forward. Another step towards independence.

After getting dressed again I got started on dinner prep. Friends R and T came over, and while Bud was a bit shy at first, he was really well behaved all evening. He played outside while I grilled, and ate a huge dinner before trotting off and keeping himself occupied for a little while. He tugged at my sleeve occasionally, but was never rude or overdemanding.

I did a sort of accelerated bedtime routine with Bud tonight, since our guests were still here. Bud was understanding, and went to sleep on his own pretty quickly. Since the air has cleared up quite a bit, I look forward to getting the kids out of the house tomorrow. Maybe I'll take them out to the park for a while.