Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Family Outing

First, a note I forgot from yesterday. While dancing with Granddad B and me, Bud stopped and declared that it was 'booger time'. Then he had me clean all the boogers out of his nose. Once complete, he returned to dancing. Now I'm just waiting to hear him say again, "It's booger time!"

Buster had a reasonably good night, although he was up a bit between 12:00 and 2:00. He then slept until about 5:00, when I woke Grandma Nese to care for him for a bit.

Bud woke up around 7:00, and after I changed his diaper agreed to watch some lacrosse videos with M-lady. They ended up watching Jabbawockeez, and then headed down for breakfast. Granddad B joined them for breakfast, and Bud was played with him for a while when Buster woke and M-lady attended to him.

A little later in the morning, when Granddad B headed out for a coffee run, Bud decided he wanted to go along. He was apparently very observant at the Starbuck's (his first trip there, I believe). I suspect if he goes a few more times he'll come home and play barista.

I had to head in for work shortly after that, but Bud had a good day at school, and a lot of fun playing with the grandparents. Buster did his usual thing, although it seems he ate a bit more today: he's possibly going through one of those multiple early growth spurts. It's a little hard to gauge since Buster doesn't eat much from bottles.

I got home in the late afternoon. M-lady took the opportunity to go for a quick outing, while the grandparents and Nanny J watched the kids. Buster ate a bottle at about 4:00 and fell asleep, setting up our first family outing.

When Nanny J left at about 5:30, we all loaded into two cars and headed over to the local Chevy's for dinner. Buster slept through the whole thing, which was great, and Bud was really well behaved. He ate well, and was rewarded at the end of the meal with his own little ice cream cone, which he munched happily.

It was the first time we had the whole family in the car, too. We asked Bud at one point what Buster was up to. Bud replied, "He said eeehhh-eeeeehhhhhhhh..."

After dinner it was pretty much time to start the bedtime routine, so I got that going with Bud. He was pretty tired after missing his nap today, so went down pretty easily. M-lady nursed Buster while I was putting Bud to bed, and I rocked Buster to sleep after Bud went to bed. All in all it was a very mellow and pleasant evening.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Social Skills

Buster was up this morning from about 12:15 to 3:30 or so. M-lady took the first shift, and fed him and held him until he barfed at about 2:00. I got up to help clean up, then took over the lulling to sleep duties. Buster ate a little bit more from a bottle before eventually falling asleep. He then slept until after 7:00, though.

Bud woke up a little before 7:00, and I hung out with him in his room for a while before we headed downstairs. We spent most of the morning chatting, watching a little bit of TV, eating toast, and generally hanging out with Granddad B. I headed upstairs to get started on work around the time Nanny J arrived at 9:00.

Bud headed to the park with Nanny J and his grandparents around mid-morning. Apparently he started playing with another boy at the park almost immediately when he arrived, kicking a ball around with the other kid. This is very encouraging, as he seemed far too shy to engage in play with anyone else even three months ago. He's learning some social skills!

M-lady was able to spend some time reading stories with Bud, which they both enjoyed. Afterward, everyone took a nap in the afternoon, so it got fairly quiet. Around 5:00 M-lady took off to attend a book signing and run an errand or two, and I fed Buster a bottle as he woke right around that time. He ended up eating and staying awake for a couple of hours, so hopefully will be a little more sleepy tonight.

Bud enjoyed clipping roses with Granddad B before dinner, while Grandma Nese took care of Buster. We all had a nice dinner, cooked by Nanny J in the afternoon. We just finished up as M-lady arrived home, and Bud and I got started watching a little bit of TV before the bedtime routine. He was a bit uncooperative at bedtime, but not terribly, and was in bed before too long. It was a little bit later than usual, around 8:30, but he'd had a solid nap in the afternoon.

Buster fell asleep shortly thereafter, and the evening quieted down a bit.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Checkup Number Two

Buster barfed on me early this morning before falling asleep around 2:00. He slept until about 4:30, at which point I woke the visiting parents and handed him off.

Bud woke around 7:00, and M-lady played with him for a bit until Buster wanted to be fed. Then Bud came and woke me up. Eventually he dragged me out of bed and we headed downstairs to hang out with Granddad B a bit. Bud enjoyed playing with Legos for a while, and then when I returned from a quick trip upstairs I found them drawing and practicing writing letters.

Nanny J was a little late today, since she had a dentist appointment in the morning, but arrived around 10:00 and was playing with Bud by about 10:30. I had to head into work a little before she arrived.

Grandma Nese and Granddad B went out to run some errands in the late morning, and Bud had a good lunch before heading off to school. I returned home a little after lunch to accompany M-lady and Buster to Buster's two-week doctor's appointment.

He weighed in at 7 lbs, 3 oz, and was deemed all healthy. His weight puts him in about the 15th percentile, and he's about 25th percentile length and head circumference. But he's gaining weight on schedule, so all's well. And we don't have to worry about letting him sleep long.

I headed off to work after the appointment, and M-lady took Buster out shopping before heading home. They got to use the Bugaboo for the first time (well, Buster's first time). They had a successful outing, and Buster's showing more and more that he's a really mellow kid.

There were a whole bunch of packages on the doorstep when I arrived home from various different folks. Some turned out to be gifts for Bud, and he was pretty excited to get a couple of books and some finger puppets. The gifts for Buster were very nice, too, but we couldn't really gauge Buster's reaction.

Granddad B, Bud, and I spent some time outdoors, playing and trimming the roses some more. Bud had fun working on pedaling his tricycle and helping with the roses.

We had sandwiches for dinner, and Bud ate really well. After dinner we all had a little bit of ice cream, and then Bud wanted to run around the living room. I slowed him down eventually, but we had a minor meltdown before settling in to watch a little TV and kick off the bedtime routine. Without a nap Bud was pretty tired, and passed out pretty quickly when we got him in to bed a little after 8:00.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Personnel Changes

Buster was up from about 1:00 to 2:30 or so last night, and then slept until 4:45. M-lady and I got up with him then, before realizing we should hand him off to Ama. So I woke her, M-lady orchestrated the transfer, and we headed back to bed.

Ama apparently had a more interesting shift this morning than the past couple of days. Bud woke at about 7:00, and M-lady got up to help out as well. I got up around 9:30, and after checking in to make sure everyone was OK, headed out for a short bike ride.

Bud was reading stories with M-lady when I returned, where he apparently spent a good portion of the morning. I got cleaned up, and then Bud and I played a little bit of a video game so he could see the big robots (the game is Supreme Commander).

And then it was time to go! Bud, M-lady, and I packed up and headed out to the local Cherry Blossom Festival in Cupertino, leaving Buster with Ama and Agu. We got there in time to watch a little bit of the Sumo demonstration, which Bud wasn't too sure about. But we sat down and ate the PB and J sandwiches we'd packed, and waited for the next performance: Stanford Taiko.

Bud really enjoyed seeing the big drums. He had a good time, but it was pretty hot out, so was ready to go home when the group finished up. He talked about the drums a fair bit for the rest of the day, though.

On the way out, we saw another family with a bag full of kettle corn. Bud was interested, so I promised him kettle corn when we got home. I had a bag of the microwave variety available, so we munched on that when we got home before I put him down for his nap.

Buster was up for a while this afternoon, bridging a couple of feedings. At about 3:00, Bud was getting up (having not really slept at all), and Granddad B and Grandma Nese arrived.

Bud was just a little reserved at first, but before too long was telling them about Taiko, and putting puzzles together with Granddad B while Grandma Nese helped out with Buster. I spent some time getting dinner together on the grill, with help from Ama.

Bud and Granddad B joined me outside for a bit, while I cooked, and dinner was on the table around 6:00. Bud joined us after we started eating, but it was a very full table with Ama, Agu, Bud, M-lady, Granddad B, Grandma Nese, and myself. After dinner we all had some of the marionberry pie Grandma Nese brought from Oregon.

After dinner, Bud was pretty hyper, still running around a bit. Ama and Agu left for Aunt O and Uncle C's place, and we started to slow the pace down a little bit. Eventually I got Bud to sit in front of the TV to start the bedtime routine, which ended up being fairly standard. Bud did ask if Grandma W and Granddad B are coming tomorrow, as it seems he's enjoying the change of pace. We assured him they would be visiting in a few weeks, and he'd get to play with Granddad B and Grandma Nese for a week or so.

After his double feeding in the afternoon, Buster slept for about five hours. We woke him up before it got too much later... hopefully the night goes smoothly. The new grandparent rotation has volunteered to take the 4:00am shift, so we'll see how that goes. And I'm back at work again starting tomorrow, so hopefully the day won't be too tough.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Almost Kung Fu

Buster had a very barfy early morning, requiring two outfit changes (not including parents clothing). He finally settled down around 3:30, and slept until 7:00 or so.

Bud was up and playing with Ama and Agu around 7:00 as well, and I got to sleep for a bit. Bud ate a huge lunch, which consisted of eating lunch with Ama, and then eating a sandwich with me a few minutes later.

At about 12:30, M-lady and I took Bud to a children's Kung Fu class, leaving a sleeping Buster with Ama. Bud watched the class with interest, but couldn't be persuaded to participate. The instructors were both really good with the kids, and spoke both Mandarin and English.

Bud was very interested in the drum in the corner of the studio used for the lion dancing, but was a little disappointed that they didn't pull it out for this class. Towards the end of the class he started getting a little antsy, and we headed home shortly before the end of the class. When we asked him about the class later, he said he'd be willing to participate, but we'll see if he'll follow through on that.

I managed to get Bud to nap after we got home, but it took a little bit of work. He fell asleep shortly before 3:00, and slept until a little after 5:00, when Ama woke him up. He ate a good dinner, and then danced with Ama for a bit before he and I took a shower together.

He was happy and well behaved all day, and that carried into the bedtime routine. We shared a bowl of ice cream after getting into PJs, and the bedtime routine was pretty straightforward. Bud was asleep a little bit after 8:00.

Buster has been doing his thing, sleeping and eating. He had a big poop today, and didn't repeat his barfing from last night. Hopefully the 1:00-3:00am shift won't be as soggy as it was last night.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Hip Hop Dancer

Buster slept very well last night, going to sleep at about 3:30 and waking around 6:30. M-lady fed him between 2:00 and 3:00, and I rocked him to sleep after that. M-lady and Ama got up with him around 6:30, while I got up with Bud to hang out for a little bit.

Bud and I lay in his room for about half an hour before we headed downstairs to have some milk and watch a little bit of TV. At about 7:30, Bud started playing with Ama and I headed back to bed. I met M-lady and Buster there, and the three of us had a pleasant nap until about 10:30.

M-lady got up and got herself ready to head out to the local library for Chinese story time with Bud, while Ama took care of Buster. After an email exchange with my boss, I headed out to run some errands.

M-lady got a library card while they were there, and Bud got to pick a couple of books to check out. He was pretty excited to see how the machine does the automated check-out, and seems to understand that we have to take the books back in a week.

Bud apparently ate a good lunch and went down for a nap without too much trouble. Everything was pretty quiet when I got home. At least part of Buster's umbilicus fell off this morning, so hopefully he'll develop a cute belly button before too long.

Bud played with Nanny J and Ama and Agu when he woke up, and apparently spent some time watching hip hop videos with Agu on YouTube. He asked several times for this one, and then made Agu, Ama, and me dance along with him while the clip played. He was actually starting to pick up some of the movements. He would even do somersaults during the headspin.

I grilled turkeyburgers for dinner, and Bud ate quite a bit. After dinner he had another slice of cake, and then played a bit more with Agu before we started the bedtime routine. Agu actually got Bud to pick up and put away his puzzles, which had been on the living room floor most of the day (assembled).

Bud and I did the bedtime routine, watching a little bit of evening TV and then saying goodnight. He was really good throughout the routine, and we had a pleasant time of it. He's gotten a little obsessed with the 'Where Bread Comes From' story in Richard Scary's What Do People Do All Day book, and we read it a couple of times this evening. Bud he was agreeable when we turned out the lights, and went to sleep shortly after 8:00.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cake Request

Buster was awake for a bit in the early morning. M-lady fed him from about 2:00 to 3:00, and then handed him to me. He ate a little bit more and fell asleep around 3:30. I figured he was out until 6:30 or 7:00, so put the monitor in Ama's room so she could take the next shift. As I was getting into bed about 5 minutes later, Buster woke, which had Ama running upstairs to see what was up. I apologized to Ama for waking her up at 3:30 (she wasn't upset or anything, I just felt bad about it), held Buster for about 5 minutes, and put him back down. He slept until nearly 7:00am.

The morning was pretty busy. Agu was back, so Bud got to play with both him and Ama. The house cleaners arrived a little before 9:00, and Nanny J a few minutes later. Around 10:30 friend A arrived to visit and check out Buster, and she and M-lady chatted for a good portion of the morning. I hung out with them for a bit before a handyman arrived at about noon to handle a problem with the dryer duct that I just didn't want to deal with myself. So we had a full, busy household.

Bud had a solid lunch, and then as things settled down a little bit after 1:00 I saw him reading a book with Nanny J before taking his nap. I headed out to run an errand, and he was napping when I returned. Then I took a nap, so I missed him for most of the afternoon.

Apparently Agu went to the grocery store, and called Ama to see if there was anything else that was needed. Bud heard them talking, and when Ama asked herself if there was anything else, Bud responded, "Cake!"

Ama handed the phone to Bud, who normally doesn't talk on the phone much. Bud told Agu very clearly that we needed more cake, even speaking slowly to make sure he was understood. Bud was delighted to have a little piece of cake for dessert after dinner.

Bud was well behaved all evening, and I did a chunk of the bedtime routine with him. We had fun, read some stories, and he fell asleep on his own pretty quickly. I don't think he interacted with Buster much today, but he's definitely still aware of Buster. At dinner he pointed out that we were "two boys and two girls" (M-lady, Ama, Bud and me), and that "two boys are missing", indicating Agu, who had headed over to Aunt O's, and Buster, who was upstairs sleeping. Buster seems to be part of the family for Bud.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

School Mommy Day

Apologies for the late post: out DSL connection dropped last night for a while.

Buster slept pretty well last night, eating at about 1:00 and 4:30, but sleeping in the intervening period. He then slept until about 8:00 or so, at which point M-lady fed him again.

Bud was already up when M-lady got up at 8:00, and played with Ama until Nanny J arrived at 9:00.

I went for a bike ride this morning, but everyone seemed happy when I returned a little after 10:00. Bud was happy all morning, and ate a good lunch prepared by Nanny J before heading off to school.

Buster continued to sleep for about three hours in between feedings. He cries when he has his diaper changed, but otherwise seems like a pretty content kid.

Bud had a Mommy Day at school today, so M-lady and I left Buster with Nanny J and headed in to Bud's class. I stood to the side and took pictures while Bud showed M-lady some of the classroom. They watered a plant together, and looked at the fish tank before heading outside to play for a bit.

Bud spent a fair amount of time playing with M-lady at the water tables, with a short detour into the sandbox area. Bud was enjoying pouring cups of water into a watering can, which he then emptied onto the ground. He was clearly pretty comfortable playing there, which was nice to see.

After outside playtime, the kids and moms headed inside to sing some songs and read a story, all of which focused on appreciating mommies. Bud didn't really participate in the songs much, but neither did a bunch of the other kids. We packed up and all headed home after the story, and Bud was pretty happy on the way home. He told Ama and Nanny J about his day at school with very little prompting.

Bud had a good dinner supplied by Ama, and then played with me for a bit. He and Buster and I had a quick video call with Grandma W and Granddad B, although Bud was kind of in and out of the call, bouncing around the room. Buster was awake and quiet, although spent a good deal of the call looking a bit concerned.

Bud got a little tired as the evening progressed. Friend V arrived to chat with M-lady for a while, and I did the bedtime routine with Bud. He was very cooperative, and the routine went very smoothly. I had to duck out rather than sit with him for a few minutes like I usually do after I turn out the light, but when I looked back in on him a few minutes later, he was passed out cold.

Buster continued with his one hour eating, three hours sleeping schedule for most of the day. He's been really easy to take care of so far.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nap Timing

Buster was once again up quite a bit during my shift, between about 1:00 and 3:30am. It seems to be his time to binge a little, and he slept until nearly 7:00am.

Bud got up briefly around 6:30am, but Ama went and hung out with him in his room, and they slept together there until about 7:30. Bud had a good morning with Ama and M-lady after that.

Ama explained today to Bud that she was M-lady's mommy, just like M-lady was Bud's mommy. Bud spent some time working out family relationships after that, putting everyone in place. He also spent some time hanging out with his little brother, and very carefully touching Buster's hair and cheek. Bud's been phenomenally gentle with Buster, which is great. Bud's still not interested in holding his little brother, but seems to be getting more comfortable with him each day.

After lunch, I took Bud out on a quick errand to a bike store. Bud was really well behaved, and we had a good time hanging out together. I almost timed the outing perfectly: he fell asleep about thirty seconds before we arrived home. As I pulled him out of the car, telling him it was nap time, he protested, "Noooo... it's not nap time." I pointed out he was already asleep, and we headed in and settled down for a nap.

Of course, that woke him up, and he didn't end up falling asleep for a solid nap until about an hour later.

Ama and Nanny J prepared an awesome dinner, and Bud ate reasonably well. I held an awake and alert Buster through dinner, who was clearly a little hungry but not fussy about it. Bud thought it was neat to see Buster at the table, but thought he should be sitting in Bud's old high-chair. Buster's still a little small for that, though.

I played with Bud for a bit after dinner while M-lady fed Buster, and we had fun running around and chasing each other in the living room. At about 7:30 I took over the feeding of Buster, and gave him a bottle, while M-lady did the bedtime routine with Bud. The routine stalled briefly while Bud was uncooperative, but after a few minutes chilling by himself in his room, he let M-lady know he was ready and the routine recommenced without further issue.

While feeding Buster I noticed he had a little blister on his upper lip from nursing. Not uncommon, apparently, but it seems to have made his nursing a little bit tentative. Hopefully it won't bother him too much.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Lil' Squirt

Buster was up quite a bit last night during my shift, not really sleeping more than 30 minutes at a time between about 12:30 and 3:30 (am). That included one barf, which got my sweatshirt and most of his clothes. I was pretty tired by the time I got to bed at about 4:00. After he went to sleep at 3:30, Buster slept until sometime after 7:00.

Bud got up pretty early this morning as well, but got to spend time with Ama and M-lady. I took Agu to the airport at about 8:30 so he could head back to San Diego for a couple of days to make sure the house is still standing and collect the mail.

Bud went back to school today at about noon, and left pretty happily after only eating some of his lunch. He's been a little rambunctious lately, not surprisingly given the change in routine and people around, and we were a little concerned he wouldn't want to go to school. But that wasn't a problem.

Buster is now sleeping three to three and a half hours between feedings and diaper changes. Diaper changes are really an adventure. Just about every time I've taken his diaper off to change him, he's squirted. Even though we know he's going to do it, it can be hard to catch. This afternoon, for example, he squirted three times while I was changing his diaper. I was expecting the first couple, and mostly contained those, but the third one caught me off guard and managed to hit the wall. I spent some time cleaning the wall as M-lady fed Buster.

I suppose we know he's well hydrated.

Bud got home from school a bit after 3:00, and played with M-lady, Ama, and me for most of the afternoon and evening. After a wonderful dinner prepared by Ama, I took Bud outside to pick some more oranges. He had a good time, but ran inside after I handed him an orange to go eat it. I finished up the day's harvest on my own.

Bud was a bit cranky in the evening, which was entirely understandable given the unrest of the family life right now and his lack of a nap. M-lady and I struggled with him a bit to get him into bed, but he passed out pretty quickly when the light turned off around 8:00.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Post

Most of the weekend was spent settling in. We missed Nanny J's help during the weekend a little bit, but overall it was reasonably relaxing.

Introducing Buster
On Saturday we were visited by Aunt O, Uncle C, and Cousin C. Cousin C, about three and a half weeks old, seems to be about double Buster's size. Cousin C is starting to spend some time awake while not actively eating or crying, and seemed to enjoy sitting in the bouncer a bit and looking around the room. Bud got a good look and both babies.

After a nice lunch of sandwiches that Agu went out to pick up, Uncle C, Bud, and I went out for a bike ride. I was at a bit of a disadvantage hauling Bud in the trailer, but we had a good ride. Bud enjoyed himself quite a bit, although he got a little cold on the descent.

I bought some small, cheap walkie-talkies for the bike, and there were a partial success. The channel I chose seemed to have some noise on it in certain areas, and I don't think Bud ever used it to talk to me. I was able to chat tell him a few things as we rode, though.

The caravan rolls out
After the ride, Aunt O, Uncle C, and Cousin C packed up and headed for home. Bud was getting a little tired, having missed his nap, and was a little contrary for a good part of the rest of the evening. He ended up not really eating much dinner at all, and went to bed a little after 8:00.

Buster started sleeping 3-4 hours between meals, rather than 2-3, so the night went pretty well. He does seem to binge a bit between about 11:00 and 2:00, so I ended up having to wash bottles at about 3:00 in order to make sure Ama had enough bottles on her shift. Consequently, M-lady and I went out and bought a couple more bottles on Sunday.

Bud woke up a little early on Sunday, and got to spend some time with M-lady in the morning (as I slept in again). We all had a late brunch of yo tiao, sort of a fried bread and sweet bun. Bud ate a whole bunch, and then had a bit of a meltdown. I chilled with him for a bit, and after recovering he went to the park with Ama and Agu.

Tiny Buster
Bud had a good time at the park, playing on the equipment and blowing bubbles. M-lady and Buster got some napping in, and I headed out to run a couple of errands. When Bud got home, he took a solid nap, and M-lady and I ran out to run a couple errands together, including the acquisition of the extra bottles.

I started cooking dinner when we returned, which was a bit of an experiment. I grilled a rack of lamb with rosemary and garlic, and it turned out really well. Bud ate quite a bit, and the rack was demolished. I'll need to keep the recipe in the playbook.

Bud enjoyed running around in the backyard a bit while I was grilling. I wandered around with him between shuttling items on and off the grill, and I discovered a rosemary bush in the backyard, which made me feel a little silly for buying fresh rosemary at the store about an hour earlier.

Bud documents the first bath
After dinner we gave Buster his first home bath, which went pretty well. On Grandma W's suggestion, we put a space heater in the bathroom, and drove the temperature way up, so Buster was still pretty comfortable when we undressed him. He was a little cranky while I actually bathed him, but was fine again when we dried him off and got him dressed again. Bud watched the process, and took a lot of pictures as well.

Bud and I took a shower after that, and we finally got Bud to bed around 8:30, which was a little late, but both the kids were clean. Agu will be heading back to San Diego for a few days, but Nanny J will be over tomorrow, so things will even up. I'm still off work for another week, although there's a lot of stuff happening there, so I may get pulled in from time to time. I'm planning on resuming daily blogging, though.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Catching Up a Bit

Some quick notes to cover the past week. We've all been pretty busy, so it's been tough to find time to blog. And now I need to figure out how to write the blog to cover both Bud and Buster.

M-lady went into labor mid-morning on Monday, and Buster was born Monday night. Bud was joined by Ama and Agu, who had been helping out at Aunt O's with Cousin C, who is two and a half weeks older than Buster. We had spent time warning Bud that M-lady and I would be at the hospital for a couple of days, so he wasn't too upset. In fact, he's been having a great time with Ama and Agu this whole week.

I stayed at the hospital with M-lady and Buster, coming home briefly Tuesday afternoon to grab a shower while Ama and Agu visited M-lady and their new grandson. When I headed back to the hospital, I took Bud with me for a visit. He was a little nervous, but warmed up pretty quickly.

He went home with Agu, and reportedly had another good night. Ama had gone to help out with Aunt O and Uncle C, so it was just Agu and Bud.

Bud has been on Spring Break this week, so he's spent his days mostly playing with Nanny J, Ama, and Agu. He seems to have been having a pretty good time. On Wednesday M-lady, Buster, and I arrived home from the hospital. The discharge from the hospital was really easy, and M-lady and I had a pretty good night sleep on Tuesday night, but we were all pretty happy to be home. Bud was napping when we arrived, so we were able to settle in a bit before he woke up.

Wednesday night saw the beginning of the nighttime baby routine. We tried to go back to our old Bud procedure, with me taking the first late shift (until about 4:00am), then Ama, then Agu. I can usually sleep a little extra in the mornings, and Ama take a nap during the day (and usually gets up pretty early anyways), so it works out pretty well. Buster, of course, hasn't settled into a routine yet. He'll sleep anywhere from one to three hours or so at a time between dirty diapers and feeding.

On Thursday morning I had to head into work early, but managed to get home in time for lunch. Bud and I ran off to Target after lunch together, and then shared an Orange Julius before he got kind of tired. We had a lot of fun together, and it was good to spend some quality time with him after missing him all week.

I've been calling my parents each day with updates, and we managed to get video calls set up on Friday to each set of grandparents. They were really happy to see both Bud and Buster, and it was good to chat with them and start making plans for their upcoming visits. We're not shy about asking for help this time!

We took Buster to his first doctor appointment on Friday as well, with little excitement. The doctor checked to make sure he's not jaundiced, listened to his heart, and pronounced him perfectly healthy. It was our first outing with Buster.

Bud has been pretty accepting of his little brother, although he hasn't consented to holding him yet. Buster's been doing his things: eating, pooping, and sleeping. Bud was a little concerned with Buster's crying at first, but we explained why he cries, and that he hasn't learned to talk yet, and Bud became OK with the crying. I'm sure he'll be looking forward to playing with Buster as soon as he can.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


On Monday, April 14th, we welcomed Bud's little brother, Buster, into our family. Both M-lady and Buster are doing great. Buster's delivery was much easier on M-lady than Bud's, so her recovery has been going very quickly.

Buster was born at 38 weeks and 2 days, 6 lbs, 7 oz, 20 inches, and good APGARs. He's still coming up to speed on the whole eating, pooping, and sleeping thing, but he's getting better at it each day. He does have a noticeable tendency to squirt when we change his diaper, which Bud didn't.

Bud has been cautiously accepting of Buster, although it's clear he's still trying to figure out the ramifications of having a little brother. He's certainly enjoyed the time he's gotten to spend with Ama and Agu so far this week.

More to come...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Got Your Toes On

Bud woke this morning briefly at about 6:00, and M-lady noticed he was up before I did. She shepherded him back to bed, where he slept for about another hour. I noticed the next time he was up, and got up with him to change his diaper and do the usual morning routine.

We watched a little bit of morning television, and then played in his room for a bit before waking M-lady so she could take a turn with Bud while I slept for a little while.

It's been really hot here the past couple of days, with temperatures in the mid-90s. As such, we haven't been wearing socks as we normally do around the house. We took Bud's socks off as well. Bud's comment when he first saw me without socks was that I "had my toes on". So we've all had our toes on today.

Bud and M-lady had a good time baking muffins, and I managed to snooze for almost two hours. Ama and Agu arrived at about 11:00, and Bud spent most of the rest of the day playing with them. They all seemed to enjoy the time together.

Bud ate a reasonable lunch, and showed off his chopstick skill to the grandparents, who were suitably impressed. He pulled out all his favorite toys to show them, played lacrosse with Agu, and did lots of singing, dancing, and puzzles. He was getting pretty tired around 2:30, but rather than nap he wanted to go with me on a field trip to Home Depot. It gave Agu a break, so Bud and I wandered around Home Depot for a little while.

Bud was pretty tired, so we came home and I put him down for a nap. He didn't sleep, however, sneaking out of his room around 20 minutes later when M-lady and Ama returned from some errands they had been running. So no nap today.

We had turkeyburgers for dinner at about 5:30, and Bud ate reasonably well. After dinner he played just a little more with Agu before the grandparents packed up and headed back over to Aunt O and Uncle C's house. Bud and I played together for a few minutes, wandering around outside a little, before heading upstairs for a shower.

Bud was pretty tired by this point, and had a little bit of a meltdown, but M-lady calmed him down and got him into the shower with me. We had a good time, and I managed to get him cleaned up. Afterward, we were drying off, and he told M-lady and I that he needed to pee. We hustled him off the the bathroom, where he peed on the potty. M-lady and I were very excited, and he got a cookie as a reward.

After peeing, Bud had a great time dancing around naked under the ceiling fans we've got running. He really got a kick out of being naked under the wind of the fan. It took a while to wrestle him into his new lightweight shorty pajamas. We did a pretty standard bedtime routine, and apart from fussing just a bit from being really tired, there weren't any problems getting him into bed a little after 8:00. He passed out pretty quickly.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mommy Afternoon

Bud woke this morning a little after 7:00, and peculiarly opened and closed our bedroom door repeatedly (from the outside). After maybe a dozen repetitions, we sat up in bed and invited him in. Maybe he was just checking to see if we were awake yet. Every 5 seconds or so.

I got up with him, and we did our usual morning routine of changing a diaper (poopy today), hanging out in his room a bit, heading downstairs for milk and TV, then played in his room some more.

We played together downstairs for a bit after that. Bud grabbed a ball, a broom, and a short length of plastic piping used in his microphone stand, and declared we were going to play a lacrosse game. He handed me the broom, and we whacked the ball back and forth in the mostly empty living room. We had a lot of fun and a lot of giggles.

At about 9:30 or so I traded places with M-lady, who was still in bed, and she and Bud played together for a bit while I napped. Around 10:00, both M-lady and I were getting ready for outings. I was heading off to a bike race at the track, and she was taking Bud to see Ama, Agu, Aunt O, Uncle C, and Cousin C. They loaded up a little after 10:30 and hit the road. Bud seemed happy to be going, and shooed me out of the car after I got him strapped into his car seat.

They had a good time, and Ama and Agu played with Bud quite a bit. M-lady even got a half-hour or so nap in while they were there. Agu had bought a cake for everyone, mostly because he loves to watch Bud really enjoy the cake. Bud kept asking whose birthday it was.

Bud snoozed for about a half hour on the way home, but that was all the nap he had. He was cheerful all day, though. I arrived home around 5:00, and found Bud drumming away for M-lady, who was resting on the couch. She took the opportunity to nap a little more after I cleaned up and got a chance to hang out with Bud a bit.

We called Granddad B, and had a nice video chat. Bud got a hold of the camera while we were having a video conference, and took pictures of Granddad B, me, the keyboard, the ceiling, etc. He had a great time snapping lots and lots of pictures. Hooray for digital.

After a nice chat, we headed downstairs for dinner. Bud didn't end up eating very much, but got a little more interested when I told him he could eat with his chopsticks. He actually acquitted himself quite well, only switching to the fork to stab a couple of slippery carrots.

We played together a bit more after dinner before starting the bedtime routine. He was perfectly cooperative through the routine tonight, and in bed around 8:15.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Passing Out

Bud woke this morning around 6:15, and came into the bedroom very chirpy, but a bit confused as to why it was dark out. I put him back to bed, pointing out that it was still very early, and he should sleep a little bit more. Fortunately, he complied, and woke up again about an hour later.

I got up with him, and we changed his diaper and headed downstairs to do the usual morning thing. Bud enjoyed watching Oswald this morning, and we wrapped up a bit before Nanny J arrived.

M-lady took Bud to a play date a little later in the morning, where Bud had a good time playing with friends, and M-lady had a good time talking to the mommies. Bud apparently played very well with friend A, working on a marble race track toy together.

They came home for lunch a little before 1:00, where Bud ate a huge lunch before passing out for his nap. He actually asked to nap today, which doesn't happen too often. After sleeping for a couple of hours, Nanny J woke him up, gave him a bath, and fed him a big snack before M-lady and I took over at 5:30.

We had Babysitter J come over around 6:30, and Bud took a few minutes to warm up to her, but seemed fine when we left. We had a nice dinner out (quite possibly the last for a while), and came back a little after 9:00. Bud had gone to bed around 8:30, but not gone to sleep immediately, and asked for a couple more bedtime stories before falling asleep a little before we got home. He didn't eat much for dinner, either, so he might wake a little early, although he had a big lunch and snack.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Bud got up just after 7:00 today, and I got up to change his diaper before he headed downstairs with M-lady. There were some antics around his 'very high hair' before they headed downstairs, though.

Rather than get back in bed, I got set for a ride and loaded my bike in the car. I proceeded to take my car to the shop for its long overdue 30,000 mile tuneup, and rode my bike back home. The shop is only about 3 miles away, so I was home at about 8:15.

They were happily watching TV when I got home, and by the time I'd changed into clean clothes they had finished up. I played with Bud in his room for a while, mostly tickling, pretending to sleep, and reading stories. The cleaners arrived at about 8:45, and Bud took a good look at them before Nanny J arrived at 9:00.

Bud was reluctant to let me work, but eventually got pulled into Nanny J's activities. M-lady and I heard them leave for the park around 10, and saw some bubbles float past the window.

They had a good time at the park, came home for a big lunch, and Bud took a good nap. Apparently he told Nanny J he was hungry when he woke up: the boy must be growing. He had a snack, his bath, and played a bit more before M-lady and I took over around 5:30.

We played a little bit together before I ran out to get some dinner. Bud managed to throw his toy fireman's hatchet and hit M-lady on the arm, and was sent to his room when he didn't apologize. I believe he and M-lady made up while I was picking up dinner.

After eating a solid dinner, Bud and I played a little bit with some new Motorola Talkabouts I picked up at Fry's today. I wanted a way for Bud to get my attention when I'm towing him in the trailer on my bike, since I can't hear him when I'm pedaling away. So I got a pair of small, short range walkie-talkies with an earpiece attachment for myself. I was curious if Bud could actuate the PTT button, and after a little bit of practice he got the hang of it. We had fun playing with the walkie-talkies for a bit.

We pulled out guitar and keyboard for a little while, and Bud pounded away on the keys while I fiddled on the guitar a bit. That led right up to the bedtime routine, which went off without any problems tonight. Bud was his usual mostly cooperative self, which was nice, and he went to sleep pretty quickly when we turned the lights out at about 8:00.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Uncommon Meltdown

Bud woke this morning around 7:15, and I got up to change his diaper. After that, he and M-lady headed downstairs for their usual morning while I slept in a bit. Thanks, M-lady!

They had some toast together, and drank some milk and chatted. They went on to watch a whole bunch of one of the dance shows, talking about the dancers and the dances themselves. After turning off the TV, they headed upstairs and read some stories in his room before Nanny J arrived at 9:00.

Bud had his standard school day. Nanny J quizzed him when he got home to find out about picture day at school. Bud reported that it was a class photo, taken outside. He also brought home an invitation for M-lady to go to Mommy Day in a couple of weeks, but was a little blase about the delivery.

He had his bath in the later afternoon, and was playing happily with M-lady when I joined them a bit after 5:30. After a bit of brainstorming, we came up with french toast for dinner, and I set about preparing that. Bud mostly entertained himself by kicking a balloon around; he had a great time with that.

We all sat down to dinner a little after 6:00, and Bud ate a piece of french toast. He then sat and licked at the syrup on his plate for a while before deciding he was done. M-lady retired to rest her feet for a bit, and Bud and I played together for a while.

I decided to get some work done in Bud's future little brother's room, and enlisted Bud's aid. We took out some of the built-in cabinets in the room, making space for the furniture that was kind of gathered in the middle of the room. Bud helped out by holding tools and parts.

After working on that for a while, we headed downstairs to start the bedtime routine with a little bit of TV. Bud wanted to watch a TV show rather than the dance video tonight, and we were doing fine until it was time to turn off the TV. In retrospect, I realized I didn't give Bud the usual warnings a few minutes before turning off the TV, but rather shut it down when the program we were watching was over.

Instead of trotting off upstairs like he normally does, he got upset and started crying, saying he wanted to watch more TV. He got progressively more worked up, going into a total meltdown as I tried to change his diaper and get him into PJs. M-lady was finally able to calm him down a bit, but the bedtime routine was largely aborted, and Bud went to sleep pretty quickly, as he was obviously very tired.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Humoring Daddy

Bud woke up this morning briefly at about 4:00am. He had gone to sleep with some small plastic animals in his bed, and he complained of not being able to find them at 4:00. I'm not sure why he was looking for them at 4:00 in the morning, but helping him looked seemed to be the most expedient course of action. I fished the animals out of the sheets, put them on the nearby couch, tucked him back in, and headed back to bed.

He woke around 8:00, and we chilled in his room for a bit before heading downstairs for milk and TV show before Nanny J arrived at 9:00. He was drawing pictures with Nanny J pretty quickly while I got started on work.

He had a good day, with some time outside blowing bubbles even though it was a bit overcast. He was napping in the afternoon when I returned from work, and had a bath right before M-lady and I took him from Nanny J at about 5:30.

M-lady and I got started on making dinner pretty quickly, and I turned on the Stanford women's basketball game. Bud managed to mostly entertain himself while we were prepping dinner.

He ate a pretty good dinner after stalling for a few minutes, although he passed on the broccoli tonight. After dinner, he and I sat in front of the TV watching the game for a bit. He got bored pretty quickly, though, so we ended up playing a tag/tickling game.

I couldn't bear to watch the game after a bit, so we headed upstairs to watch some YouTube videos. Bud clearly had some specific videos in mind he wanted to see, but there was a failure either in his expression or my understanding, and I'm pretty sure he didn't get to see the video he had in mind. In any case, after watching a couple of vids we headed downstairs to start the bedtime routine.

He still wanted to watch the dance show, so we saw a few more numbers before heading back upstairs to change into PJs and do the usual bedtime stuff. He was a little reluctant to brush his teeth, but we managed to get through the routine and into bed right around 8:00. He went to sleep pretty quickly on his own.

Monday, April 07, 2008


Bud woke this morning about 7:15, all ready to play after having his diaper changed. We headed downstairs, grabbed some milk, and chatted for a little bit before turning on the TV. M-lady joined us a little after 8:30, and I took the opportunity to get dressed and ready to head off to a dentist appointment.

Bud had his usual good day with Nanny J, and had fun at school. He got home around 3:00, and M-lady took over for Nanny J, since she had a dentist appointment as well. Since my work has tailed off a bit, I went down to help out around 4:00.

Bud had gotten a little set of nerf darts with a plastic squeeze bulb to launch them from as a birthday party favor at school. He showed off his fine motor skills by carefully loading the little rocket, and then launched it ceiling-ward with a firm squeeze. This activity, couple with running to retrieve the dart, kept him giggling and entertained for the better part of an hour. It was fun to just watch him.

I grilled some turkey burgers for dinner at about 5:00, and Bud consented to eat one at about 5:30. After he ate the bun with ketchup, he started eating the burger itself, mostly as another vehicle for ketchup. The kid likes his ketchup.

After dinner, M-lady took a nap, and Bud and I played a little air band before I headed out back to clean the grill. Bud followed me out, and we played in the back yard, and then the front yard and garage, for the remainder of the evening. Since it's still plenty light out at 7:30, we had a good time checking out the flowers around the house, running around the grass, and going for a little tricycle pedaling practice.

The bedtime routine was pretty standard, watching more of our dance show before bed. Bud's really into the dance video recently. He's been generally cooperative to have his diaper changed on the couch in his room now that the changing table is in his little brother's room, although sometimes he takes a little corralling. He was pretty good this evening, though, and went to sleep quickly when we turned out the light just a little after 8:00.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

First Pro Game

Bud woke this morning around 7:15, and I got up with him to change his diaper and head downstairs. M-lady relieved me at about 7:45, and let me sleep until 10:30 or so, which was great. It gave me a chance to start catching up on the sleep I've missed the past couple of weeks.

M-lady and Bud had a good time. They watched about 15 minutes of TV, and then spent some time working on tracing and cutting books M-lady picked up recently on friend A's mom's recommendation. After that, they went up to his room and discussed some decoration options, and agreed to move the changing table into the new baby's room. They were working on moving items when I joined them again.

I helped move the actual changing table to the baby's room, and we moved a couple of things around in Bud's room. I then spent the next hour or so trying to get him dressed. He was pretty happy and excited, and perfectly content to run around just wearing a diaper. So it was a pretty long, drawn-out process.

Eventually I tackled him a wrestled him into a shirt, finally finishing the process. We packed up and headed out to the grocery store together, leaving M-lady to rest at home a bit. Bud was great at the grocery, and excited to see the return of watermelons. I picked one up, but it still so early in the season that there's no telling if it will be any good or not.

We had lunch when we got back, and then Bud and I played for a little bit. We had a fun video call with Grandma W and Granddad B, which Bud started out pretty shy on but warmed up. After the call, around 1:30, he asked to watch "Mommy and Daddy dancing", so I pulled out one of our show DVDs and we watched a little of that before I put him down for a nap. He went willingly, and fell asleep on his own around 2:00. Yay!

I started waking him up around 3:00, and managed to get him going at around 3:15. We packed up and headed out to catch a San Jose Stealth lacrosse game. The game started at 4:00, and for an event at an indoor sports arena, it's pretty mellow. There isn't a big crowd, getting good tickets at the door is easy, and following the action isn't too hard. But I really had no idea what Bud would think.

We got some popcorn and lemonade and found our seats, and plunked down. Bud was a little concerned with the folding seat-bottom, but managed to not fall through, so that was good. He was pretty quiet during the game, but with all the music and announcements and crowd noise, it was understandable. He looked pretty content munching on his popcorn, and I checked on him often.

At halftime he was still looking content, so we headed up to the concessions to find something that would approximate dinner. I got a corndog for him at his request, and some chicken for myself. When we got back to the seats, he wolfed down his corndog, and then grabbed some of my chicken. Then he went back to the popcorn.

He was reasonably interested in the game, the local crowd, and the dancers which showed up at timeouts and halftime. But he was captivated by the high school marching band set up a couple of sections away which played from time to time. He kept looking over asking when they would play again.

At the end of the third quarter, I asked if he wanted to leave. He said he wanted to stay to see the end of the game, so we stayed. As soon as we got out of the building, his demeanor brightened up and he started chatting with me about the experience. He then told M-lady about it when we got home.

Overall the game was a bigger success than I expected. I was pretty sure we'd come home at halftime, but Bud really seemed to enjoy it, and said he'd like to go see another game. Unfortunately, most of them start around 7:00pm, which go a bit past his bedtime.

Bud ran around and played a bit when we got home, and then we started the bedtime routine at about 7:15. He wanted to watch more dancing, so we all sat and watched a bit of the show before heading upstairs to get cleaned up and changed. He was in bed a little after 8:00, and went to sleep on his own pretty quickly.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Self Squirting

Bud woke briefly at about 1:30, asking me to help him get boogers out of his nose, and went to sleep again quickly after that. His nose was a bit runny... I wonder if he has a subtle cold, or some seasonal allergies as things around here are starting to bloom.

He woke this morning around 7:30 with wet pajamas. I got him cleaned up and changed into clean clothes, and we chatted for a bit before watching some Saturday Morning TV. We managed to catch a cute little interstitial segment of the Happy Monster Band on Disney channel, which Bud enjoyed quite a bit. At about 9:30 M-lady took over for a bit while I snoozed.

I joined them again a little after 10:00, and we all got ready for a trip to visit Aunt O, Uncle C, Cousin C, Ama, and Agu. Bud was really happy on the trip, and excited to see everybody. While we were settling in, he even asked if he could hold Cousin C. We set things up and carefully deposited Cousin C on Bud's lap. Bud seemed a little bewildered, but not upset, and after a minute or two was ready to go play again.

He had a good lunch and then went for a walk with Ama and Agu while the rest of us rested a bit. When they returned, he played with puzzle with Ama and Agu for a while before we headed for home.

Bud dozed off on the way home, and slept for a bit in the car in the garage. He woke up after about 45 minutes or so, and was upset and cranky: we think he was a bit disoriented. After I played with him for a bit, we headed upstairs and looked up the Happy Monster Band on the web, and watched an episode on YouTube. M-lady took over at that point while I left for a quick bike ride.

Apparently after watching for a bit, they came downstairs where Bud spent the better part of an hour bouncing. When I got home, he was pretty wired, and very happy. I took a quick shower, we all had some dinner.

We took a quick outing to Target after dinner. Bud was really well behaved the whole time, and enjoyed picking out a present for his soon-to-be brother. We also picked up some bubbles for him, so he and Nanny J can play with them at the park.

Bud and I took a shower when we got home, and Bud had a great time squirting himself with the squirt bottle he plays with in the shower. This is a welcome change from squirting me, and he thought squirting himself in the face was the funniest thing ever. Along with looking up when I wash his hair now, it made for a very fun shower.

The bedtime routine followed, and Bud was in bed a bit after 8:00. Hopefully he'll sleep through the night. It was nice to spend some time with him today.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Getting Ready For a Little Brother

Bud woke this morning around 7:45, and M-lady got up with him, changing a poopy diaper. They played together downstairs for a while, and then in his room for a bit. I was planning on getting up around 8:15 or 8:30 to help out, but M-lady showed up in the room around then, reporting that Bud was happily watching a TV show. So I slept in a little bit.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and they left for a Chinese language story time at one of the nearby libraries. They had a good time at that, and then came home for lunch, nap, and bath in the afternoon.

They were playing together when I arrived home at about 4:30, and Bud was happy to see me, but clearly busy with what he was doing. M-lady arrived home a little after 5:00, and she and Nanny J caught up before Nanny J left at about 5:30.

M-lady went to take a nap shortly after that, and Bud and I played together for a bit. I eventually convinced him to come help me put together his little brother's AmbyBaby, the baby hammock Bud used for about 6 months before we moved him into his crib. Bud thought it was pretty cool, and helped me assemble it in the nursery.

We chatted a bit about his impending little brother. He seems thoughtful about the concept, but I'm just not sure how much he gets it. We'll be visiting his cousin again tomorrow, though, and M-lady and I talk to him about it quite a bit.

Bud and I had some dinner after finishing up the Amby, and then played a little bit of air band before starting on the bedtime routine. M-lady joined us for the routine, taking her now-usual role of brushing Bud's teeth and gathering a hug before we turn out the lights. Bud was happy all evening, and I'm looking forward to spending time with him this weekend.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Very High Hair

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and I got up with him. We had a pretty mellow morning together after changing a poopy diaper, mostly hanging out and watching a little bit of TV. M-lady relieved me a bit after 8:00, and I went and snoozed for a bit.

I got up again at about 8:45, and Bud and M-lady both came into the bedroom. Bud saw himself in the big mirror in the room, and got a look at the bedhead he was sporting. He really thought that was funny, and came to tell me that he had 'very high hair'. Nanny J arrived a few minutes later, and Bud went on a quest to find a comb he could use to have Nanny J fix his hair. He was really having a good time with the whole process.

Bud had a his usual good day with Nanny J, with a trip to the park, a big lunch, a nap, and a shower. M-lady took over for Nanny J at 5:30, as I was still at work.

I arrived home a bit after 6:00, and Bud was pretty happy to see me. M-lady excused herself and napped for the rest of the evening, so it was mostly just Bud and me. We played together for a bit downstairs before he decided he was hungry.

Nanny J had made a shrimp and lima bean dish for us during the day, so I had some and prepared a bowl for Bud with some rice. He ate all the rice and shrimp, and I convinced him to eat some of the lima beans as well. We had a good time at dinner together.

After dinner we played just a bit more before starting the bedtime routine. Right as we were starting on a bedtime story, a couple of my work friends arrived for gaming. Bud recognized E from a couple of nights ago, and reported to M-lady that 'the tall guy' was here again.

I read Bud a story and turned out the light, and he went to sleep on his own pretty quickly, despite the noise we were making downstairs playing games. Hope he sleeps through the night again tonight.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Quick Evening

Bud woke again briefly this morning at about 3:00am. I was still up working, so helped him clear out his nose a little and put him back to bed. He slept soundly the rest of the night, waking up at about 8:30. He lazed about for about fifteen minutes before getting up with M-lady. The dependable Nanny J arrived a few minutes later.

Bud had a good day, and clearly had fun at school. He didn't nap in the afternoon, but was pretty energetic in the evening. I didn't get home until about 6:30, but he'd been playing happily with M-lady for a while.

I had a quick dinner, and Bud refused to eat. He had some apple juice, though. After my dinner, Bud and I played together for a bit before settling in to watch his Brave Elephant video again. We watched about half of it before Bud proclaimed he was hungry.

He had about half of his dinner, we watched just a little bit more of the video, and then started the bedtime routine. He was happy and playful the whole time. He agreed to a slightly longer story than usual, and was in bed with the lights out around 8:15. He fell asleep on his own quickly.

Work finally looks like it's letting up a little bit for me, and I'm looking forward to spending more time with the little dude again.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Tall Visitor

Bud woke again during the night with a stuffy nose. M-lady put him back to bed this time, as she had gotten up to do some work. She's under the gun to finish up some items before she goes on leave at the end of the week.

Despite being up briefly a couple of times, Bud didn't sleep in much this morning, getting up a little before 8:00. I got up with him, changed his diaper, and headed downstairs. He wanted to watch his new favorite video again, The Very Brave Elephant and His Friends. It was a birthday gift from the grandparents, and Bud has really fallen in love with it. The host sings a number of well-known tunes with different lyrics; since her voice is pretty good, and the lyrics aren't tremendously insipid, the DVD isn't terribly annoying. The worst part, though, is that some of the songs get stuck in your head, and both M-lady and I have found ourselves humming the tunes while working later in the day.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and Bud was ready to see her. They immediately started drawing on his easel while I got ready for work.

Apparently Bud wanted to play with the grown-up puzzle again today, with no better luck. M-lady re-directed him to the Hi-Ho Cherry-O game, and he had much more fun with that. Bud had a good day, going to the park in the morning and playing with bubbles. He had a big lunch, a solid nap, and his usual afternoon bath. M-lady got him from Nanny J a little before 5:30.

I invited a work friend, E, over for dinner, since he's in town for the week and didn't have any other plans for the evening. He's pretty tall, about 6' 2", and bearded, so can be a little imposing amongst us shorter-type folks. But he has a very mellow and calm demeanor, and Bud was reasonably friendly with him.

Bud pulled out some of his toys to show E, including his fireman's hat, mask, and hose. E was suitably impressed. Bud got a little nervous at dinner, as E sat next to him, and ended up edging a bit closer to M-lady. But other than that Bud seemed fine.

After dinner, Bud, E, and I all played some Rock Band together. Bud was interested in switching instruments, so we all took turns on the various pieces. We played a couple of Bud's favorites, and then sort of randomly checked out the set list.

At about 8:00 we called it an evening, said goodnight to E, and Bud and I started the bedtime routine. He was in bed around 8:30, and went to sleep quickly on his own.