Monday, March 31, 2008

Midnight Snotter

Bud woke while I was still working last night, first at about 1:45am, and again a little after 3:00. He had a bit of a stuffy nose, and was trying to get the boogers out. The first time he got up, I helped him with a tissue, and then got him a little bit of Sudafed to try to help dry him up.

The second time he got up, he wanted a diaper change, and we worked on getting a little more snot out of his nose with the suction bulb. I promised that I would lie down with him after I finished working, and he went back to sleep. When I wrapped up work at about 4:30, he was out cold. Rather than accidentally wake him, I crashed in my own bed.

Bud, unsurprisingly, slept in this morning until just before 9:00. He didn't seem to be sick, but he was a little disoriented when he got up and Nanny J arrived immediately; he made her wait downstairs while he had M-lady change his diaper.

He got going with Nanny J pretty quickly, though, and had a good day. When I got home from work shortly after 5:30, he told me about how he did fingerpainting today in class. He's been reluctant so far to get his hands dirty that way, so it was good to hear that he enjoyed the activity (although he commented that "it was very messy").

We opened a birthday package that arrived from Ruggermom and family, and Bud and I spent some time playing with the Hi-Ho Cherry-O game for a bit before we had some dinner. After dinner Bud and I played a little bit of Rock Band and a little bit of Geometry Wars before starting on the bedtime routine. He's starting to be able to play Geometry Wars on his own.

The bedtime routine was pretty standard, and he went to sleep pretty quickly after we turned out the lights at 8:00.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Muffins and Kites

Bud came in this morning around 6:45, which was a little bit earlier than we'd like. I got up and changed his diaper, but told him he needed to stay in bed until at least 7:00. He convinced me to lie with him in his bed for a few minutes, and at 7:00 he popped up and asked to go downstairs.

We watched a little bit of TV with morning milk before M-lady came down at about 8:00. I headed back upstairs to nap a little, and they had a fun time making and eating blueberry muffins. Bud, up in his Learning Tower, was really able to help out, mixing the batter and putting cups in the muffin pan. They worked together to put the batter in the cups, though.

By the time I got downstairs again, Bud had consumed about eight hundred mini-muffins. There were a couple left for me, though, which was thoughtful.

I played with Bud for a bit, and we had a fun video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B. Bud was a little in and out of the conversation, but did have some fun chatting.

After the call Bud and I played a little bit with a puzzle he wanted to look at: a 'grown-up' 250 piece puzzle with a local area map on it we received as a housewarming gift. Bud was really interested for a bit, but got frustrated when he couldn't find two pieces that fit together. I tried to help out, but I couldn't find many pieces that fit together, either. I tried to explain that grown-up puzzles are a longer experience, often taking several days, but I'm not sure Bud really got that. We quit for lunch after about 20 minutes.

Bud had half a PB and J for lunch, and then played on his own for a few minutes before Babysitter G arrived. He was a little upset that we'd scheduled a babysitter, but after a bit gamely sat down in front of the TV to watch a video with her. We snuck out to run some errands, and Bud apparently fell asleep for a nap at about 2:00. He slept until about 5:00.

M-lady was taking Babysitter G home when Bud woke up, and since he hadn't been out of the house yet, I took him on a walk over to the park. We took our little folding kite with us, since it was a little breezy. We had a fun time playing with the kite, although there wasn't quite enough wind to really get it up and keep it airborne. Bud got to hold onto the hand while the kite was flying during gusts, though, which he really enjoyed.

We played at the playground for a little while after packing up the kite, and headed home around 6:00. We sort of had dinner in shifts, and Bud ended up not eating very much. He had a reasonable lunch and ate a lot yesterday, though, so we weren't too worried. After dinner I took a shower with him, and once again got him to look up while I washed his hair. He had a great time running around naked for a little while after the shower.

We ran the bedtime routine after that, and Bud was in bed a little after 8:00. He fell asleep on his own pretty quickly.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Meeting The New Cousin

Bud woke this morning around 7:15, and I got up with him to change his diaper and hang out for a little bit. Around 8:15 M-lady relieved me, and I took the opportunity to sleep a bit more. They had a good time together, reading stories and playing together. Bud didn't really have much breakfast, though.

After I got up and joined them, M-lady took a short nap while Bud and I played a bit. We read some stories, watched some videos on YouTube, and changed a poopy diaper. After M-lady got up again we all worked on some lunch. Bud happily devoured a cold hot dog.

We packed up to head over to Uncle C and Aunt O's place, arriving about 30 minutes before they arrived home themselves from the hospital. It always takes longer to get discharged than you think it will. In any case, Bud and I took the time to walk over to the nearby park, where he spent some time terrorizing the gaggle of geese on the field before we played on the playground structures.

After a bit of climbing, sliding, and generally running around, we headed back to the house. The family, including Uncle C, Aunt O, Ama, Agu, and new baby Cousin C all arrived shortly. They all looked a little tired, but content.

Bud was happy to see everybody, but didn't show a lot of interest in Cousin C. The arriving family had some lunch, and we all chatted a bit. We were able to get Bud to come take a look at Cousin C, but he really didn't seem super curious overall. Cousin C looked hale and hearty, and was pretty content to sleep, eat a little bit, and poop. He didn't like having his diaper changed, though.

Bud wasn't interested in being in the family photograph we took right before we left, and it was clear he was starting to get a little tired. He fell asleep on the drive home, and we took the opportunity to run a couple of quick errands, with M-lady staying in the car with the napping Bud. He ended up sleeping for most of an hour, waking up shortly before we arrived home.

He spent a lot of the evening playing with M-lady while I put some more hours into work. They read more stories, played with puzzles, and Bud spent some time cooking his plastic vegetables. He's taken to salting and peppering them. It looked like he cooked up some of his Lego as well.

Bud came upstairs to let me know dinner was ready, and we all had some spaghetti together. The first batch didn't quite have enough noodles, but Bud was patient enough to wait for the second batch, and declared himself finished. While M-lady and I were eating the second servings, however, he came and asked for bites from our plates. Guess he wasn't quite done.

After dinner he and M-lady played for a few more minutes, and then cleaned up the playroom. Bud helped clean up quite a bit, and when I joined them again they were just sitting down to watch a bedtime video. I finished up the bedtime routine with him, getting him into bed just before 8:00. He turned on George the Twilight Turtle, and went to sleep pretty quickly.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Egg Band

Bud woke this morning at about 7:15 or so, and I got up with him initially. M-lady joined us shortly, and we all headed downstairs together. I read Bud a story while we all hung out in the kitchen for a couple of minutes before I made my escape and headed for bed for another couple hours. I was actually under the delusion it was Saturday morning for most of this time. Bud and M-lady had a good morning together, and didn't even end up turning the TV on at all.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and she and Bud left for the park mid-morning. They had a good day together, with the usual lunch, nap and bath along with various other activities. M-lady took over at about 5:30, as I was still at the office.

I got home shortly after 6:00, and M-lady told me about Bud's egg band. He put three of his plastic easter eggs on his bookshelf: a pink one, a purple one, and a green one. The pink one apparently plays drums, the purple one bass, and the green one guitar. Bud was very clear about their roles. I'll have to find out what kind of music they play tomorrow.

Bud and I headed for the grocery store, and had a good time shopping. Bud was well behaved the whole time. We picked up a pizza for dinner on the way home, and Bud really wanted to eat at the restaurant. But I explained that M-lady was waiting for us at home, hungry, and we needed to get the pizza to her.

Bud had a slice of pizza, and then we shared a bowl of ice cream that we had picked out at the store. It was pretty late by that time, so we started the bedtime routine. Bud got into bed with lights out at about 8:45; a little later than usual, but he was in good spirits the whole evening. And maybe he'll sleep in a little bit tomorrow.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Introducing: The Band!

Bud woke this morning at about 7:30, making it all the way to my bedside before I woke up. M-lady offered to get up with him, but Bud insisted that 'Daddy gets up first'. So I got him changed and headed downstairs with him while M-lady spent a few minutes waking up.

They had a pleasant morning together, and I joined them again at about 8:30, as M-lady had to head for work early. Bud and I watched just a little bit of TV before the cleaners arrived, followed shortly by Nanny J. I started working as Bud transitioned to playing with Nanny J, who set about getting him dressed.

They spent some time at the park this morning, and Bud had a big lunch and a nap afterward. Then the usual afternoon activities, including a bath a little earlier in the day than usual due to a big poop.

I had to work at the office a bit late, so M-lady took Bud from Nanny J at 5:30. Bud was really well behaved this evening, and they had a good time playing together. At one point, playing airband, Bud handed the mic to M-lady but told her to talk, not sing. M-lady introduced the band members (Bud and herself), which Bud absolutely loved.

They were just getting ready for bed when I got home. I got to help get Bud into his nighttime diaper and read him a story before we turned out the lights. He went to sleep without any problem.

In other family news, Bud's little cousin was born today. He weighed in at a whopping nine and a half pounds, although apparently the delivery was pretty easy. Both mother and son are doing fine. Bud should get a chance to meet his new cousin this weekend, and we're hoping it gives him a little bit of prep for his imminent brother.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quality Time with the Grandparents

Bud slept in this morning until about 8:15, at which point Ama found him sneaking a look downstairs from the banister. She changed a poopy diaper for him, and they spent the morning playing together.

Bud had a great time playing with Ama and Agu just about all day. He apparently spent several hours sitting on Agu's lap in front of the computer, watching videos of himself.

Nanny J arrived around noon, and stayed until about 6:00. Bud apparently took a two hour nap this afternoon, probably when Ama and Agu took a nap. He got his bath in the late afternoon, as usual. He ate pretty well today, too.

M-lady and I didn't get home until Bud was already in the bedtime routine. He was happy to see us, but we didn't get to spend much time with him. I finished up the bedtime routine with him, brushing his teeth and reading him a story. He was in bed just after 8:00, and went to sleep pretty quickly.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Evening Excitement

Bud woke this morning at about 6:30, complaining of a poopy diaper. I changed him, and discovered his diaper wasn't actually poopy, but rather very wet. Fortunately, the wetness hadn't escaped the diaper, so I didn't have to change him out of his PJs. I let him know it was still too early to get up, and put him back to bed.

He got up around 7:30, and M-lady got up with him. It was really nice of her to spend the morning with him, as I had been up late the previous night coding. Unfortunately it looks like I'll be doing the same for the next ten days or so, but I'll make an effort to hang out with Bud for at least a little while in the mornings.

M-lady and Bud shared a piece of toast and played for a bit before Nanny J arrived at 9:00. Bud had his usual good day with Nanny J. They went grocery shopping in the morning, so she could cook in the afternoon while Bud was napping. Bud apparently had a big poop in the late morning, so he got his bath early today.

Bud had a solid nap in the afternoon, and was in a good mood when I took him from Nanny J. M-lady arrived home from work shortly thereafter, and I played with Bud for a bit in his room while she settled in. Bud took another jump in his pretend play: his bed and the couch were boats, and the rest of the room was water. Don't get wet!

After a bit of this he played with M-lady for a bit while I snoozed. At about 6:30, our guests arrived: Ama and Agu. Bud was immediately on overdrive; his energy level went through the roof, and he started pulling out all his toys to show them.

After showing them the newly established guest room, we all had some dinner together. Nanny J had made a good beef and onion soup, which Ama and Agu recognized as a particular Shanghai dish called, loosely, 'Russian Soup'. After dinner Bud wanted to show off some of his Rock Band skills, so I obliged him.

We started the bedtime routine a little late, but Bud was pretty well behaved. About 20 minutes after we turned out the lights, he called out, having misplaced his pacifier while he got a tissue. I helped him wipe his nose, find his pup, and get back in bed. He went to sleep on his own without further issue.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Fruit Fiend

Bud woke this morning just a little after 7:00, and I got up with him. He was willing to play in his room quietly for a bit before we changed his diaper and headed downstairs, at about 7:45. M-lady joined us at about 8:30, and I caught a few minutes more sleep before I needed to head into the office.

Bud was reasonably happy to see Nanny J at 9:00, but was ecstatic to discover the leftover fruit salad in the fridge. When I left at about 9:15, he was busily stuffing his face.

He had a good day with Nanny J, including the usual lunch, nap, and bath. He didn't have school today, as it's parent-teacher conference week. We'll be meeting with his teacher on Wednesday.

M-lady took Bud at about 5:30. When she went to chat with Nanny J, she found Bud finishing up the last of the large tub of fruit. He'd consumed the whole thing during the day.

I continued to do some programming after Nanny J left while M-lady hung out with Bud. I've got a deadline in a couple of weeks that's going to keep me really busy. At about 6:45 Bud came upstairs looking for me to let me know that dinner was ready.

We all had the spaghetti that M-lady had prepared for dinner, and Bud had a pretty big helping. After dinner Bud was really excited to play some air band, so I obliged him for a bit before we started the bedtime routine. He got to bed a bit after 8:00 tonight, but after his longish afternoon nap he didn't seem particularly tired. He fell asleep on his own without issue, though.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter and Shower Progress

Bud slept in this morning until about 8:15, which was pretty nice. I got up with him, and we played for a little bit before heading downstairs. I managed to hide all the plastic eggs in the drying rack M-lady had washed last night before he got into the kitchen, and the morning routine proceeded without incident.

M-lady came down at about 9:30 or so, and Bud and I headed upstairs for a bit. I kept him occupied while M-lady filled and hid eggs in the playroom and living room downstairs. When all was set, she called us down, and Bud got to do a mellow egg hunt.

M-lady had put 'dots' gumdrops in some of the eggs, and goldfish crackers in the others. To our chagrin, Bud insisted on eating the contents of the eggs as he found them. Given that M-lady had hidden close to twenty eggs, we were concerned he might barf up a whole bunch of dots and goldfish. I suppose that ended up being his breakfast.

There was some more general play in his room, where I wrestled him into clothes for the day. It's been warm out the past couple of days... we're getting into shorts weather. It'll be time to do some summer clothes shopping for Bud soon.

Bud was a little reluctant to eat his lunch, so I ate the piece of pizza I had reheated for him. When he decided he did want to eat, he was confused as to why his slice had gone missing. I ended up getting a cold hotdog for him.

After lunch M-lady played with him for a bit while I did some computer work, and I caught up with them as they were doing some of his birthday puzzles. He really likes working on them, and insisted on doing all three. After finishing up, I got us ready to go for a bike ride.

I got changed into my biking clothes, and Bud followed me out to the garage to get the bike ready. I haven't taken Bud for a ride in his trailer for a while now, so he was pretty excited. There was a fair amount of prep to do for the same reason, including finding equipment that hadn't been unpacked yet. Eventually we got it all together and hit the road.

I was kind of hoping Bud would nap a little, but he didn't. He did have a good time, though. We stopped by a park by the reservoir after about 45 minutes and wandered around a bit, looking at the water and all the families having Easter cookouts. Bud was a little bit reluctant to get back in the trailer, but didn't take much convincing. He was even good abut putting his helmet back on.

At the top of a big hill, we were fairly near a farm, where we got to hear a cock crow a few times as I caught my breath. Bud thought that was pretty cool. He enjoyed the speed of descending as well.

We got home around 4:00, and shared a Power Bar and some Gatorade to cool down. He waited reasonably patiently while M-lady and I put in a few eBay bids, and then got started on dinner. We made waffles for dinner, and Bud helped make the batter. He put some ingredients in, helped stir, and then munched away. Since he recognizes Mickey Mouse now, he enjoyed our Mickey-shaped waffles quite a bit.

After dinner we had a fun video call with Grandma W and Granddad B, where Bud showed off his drumming skills by playing Rock Band with me to the song Tom Sawyer. He's remarkably good at getting the fills in the right places. After that he did some singing for them, but it was a little less directed than the drumming.

After the call, we hit the showers. Bud was a bit wound up, and ran and danced around naked before I managed to corral him. We had fun in the shower, and I convinced Bud to look up while I washed his hair for the first time. In the past he's always looked down, and clearly doesn't like getting water in his eyes. But getting him to look up today was a major victory.

He was still running around a bit, naked, after the bath, and we eventually wrangled him into his PJs. From there it was pretty much time to start the bedtime routine, and since he hadn't napped, we kept it pretty short. He was in bed with the lights out just before 8:00, and fell asleep with five minutes.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Very Busy Day

Bud woke this morning at about 7:15. At about 7:30, I thought he called for me, and I went to see how he was doing, but he shooed me out of his room. At about 7:45, he started calling, and M-lady went to check on him.

They had a good morning, letting me sleep in (thank you!). They had some breakfast, and then eventually watched a little TV. M-lady got to watch an episode of Oswald for the first time, which she enjoyed.

I joined them near 10:00, and worked on getting Bud dressed. After a bit of wrestling, I got him into a shirt, but he ran around pantless for a while. After some negotiating I got him to try and put his pants on himself. He did a reasonable job, but had some trouble pulling the pants over his diapered butt.

We headed out to run some errands, first stopping at the mattress store where M-lady and I bought a new bed for ourselves. Bud was a little interested in checking out some of the beds in the store, but more interested in the toys they had set up in a play area to entertain children. He was reasonably insistent that I accompany him, though, so M-lady handled most of the transaction.

After that, we headed over to the mall, where Bud got to treat us all to lunch with money given to him for the purpose by Ama and Agu for New Year's. He rode on my shoulders, and was really excited to hand the cash down to the lady at the register after we ordered our corndogs and cherry lemonades.

Bud ate until he couldn't find anymore food, and then we wandered around the mall for a bit before catching up with M-lady at Macy's, looking for bedsheets that would fit the new bed. Bud enjoyed checking out all the bed displays, but started getting a little tired towards the end of the exercise. We eventually got some sheets and headed for home.

Bud was willing to lie quietly in his room for about an hour, although I think his was playing quietly in his room for the second part of that. There was certainly no napping involved. I changed a poopy diaper after he called for me and he and I headed out to run one more errand.

We hit Home Depot and picked up a couple of useful items. Bud was happy riding my shoulders, and carried some of the items we picked up while sitting there. We didn't end up staying very long, and Bud was well behaved the whole time.

When we got home, I did some work re-organizing the garage to make some more space. Bud helped out where he could, and enjoyed riding around the empty space in the garage on his various tricycles. He's almost got the hang of pedaling.

After finishing up with that project, M-lady and I started working on dinner. Bud was pretty good about keeping himself entertained while M-lady and I did some dinner prep. At 5:30, we had both our new mattress and our dinner guests arrive.

While I directed the placement of our new bed, Bud and M-lady welcomed D, M, and daughter T. Bud and T had a great time playing together during the evening. They did some drawing together, played in the tunnels, and ran around the empty dining room.

They both ate solid dinners, and we all enjoyed the cupcakes brought by our guests. After dinner we all played some Rock Band together. Our guests were thoroughly impressed by Bud's drumming and singing.

They eventually had to go after spending a wonderful evening. It was well past Bud's bedtime, so we launched directly into the routine. He was generally happy, although clearly getting tired. He was in bed around 9:00, and fell asleep pretty quickly. We'll see if he sleeps in at all tomorrow. If not, he'll need a nap for sure.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Puzzle Night

Bud woke this morning around 7:15, but kept himself entertained until he called for me a little after 7:30. I got up and hung out with him for a bit, then headed downstairs to get him set up with milk and a TV show. M-lady joined us downstairs pretty quickly, and I got started on getting ready for work.

Bud apparently had a good day with Nanny J. They had fun going to the park in the morning, and Bud even rode his tricycle a bit. He's also starting to play with the other kids, which is encouraging, since he tends to be a little shy. When they got home he ate a huge lunch and then took a long nap.

After his nap he had a snack and a bath, and was clean and happy when M-lady and I took him from Nanny J at about 5:30. All three of us ended up playing in Bud's room for a bit before heading downstairs to start on dinner.

While dinner was cooking, I threw on some swing music. Bud insisted that I dance with him while M-lady watched us. We all had a good time.

Dinner was a pizza, and Bud had a slice with some apple juice. After dinner he and M-lady spent quite some time sitting on the floor working on the puzzles he received for his birthday. He had a good time with them, and M-lady helped him pick the pieces out (though I think he fitted them all himself). He's getting good with them.

That led right into the bedtime routine. Hakuna Matata has fallen out of favor for some reason, although Bud still likes the other songs in the movie. The bedtime routine was pretty standard, and Bud was in bed and going to sleep around 8:15.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Rush

Bud woke this morning at about 7:45, right around the time I got up to start getting ready for work. Bud checked in as I was washing my face, and after I got washed up I got him changed into a clean diaper and situated in front of the TV with some milk. M-lady came to keep him company as I headed for work at about 8:15.

From all the accounts I heard, Bud had a pretty standard day with Nanny J. They went to the park in the morning, and while they took his tricycle, I don't think Bud used it much. He had a good lunch, a nap, and a bath. He and Nanny J were reading stories in his room when I arrived home at about 5:00.

Bud and I bade Nanny J goodbye at about 5:30, and spent a little time playing before he asked to see Tom Sawyer on TV. I remembered the Rush DVD I had, and so we watched a few selections from the concert. Bud seemed to enjoy the music.

We headed up to his room to play and wrestle for a bit before M-lady arrived home. When M-lady arrived, we headed downstairs and played in his tunnels for a bit before getting started on dinner.

Bud ate a hotdog for dinner, and was generally well behaved during the mealtime, which was nice. On days where he hasn't napped, that's usually the time where he's the most likely to melt down. But he was happy all through the meal tonight.

After dinner we played a couple of songs on Rock Band before getting started on the bedtime routine. He was in bed just after 8:00, and fell asleep on his own pretty quickly after that.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Favorite Song

I heard Bud wake up this morning around 7:15, but he didn't come and get us until about 7:45. I got up at that point and changed his poopy diaper, which I think is the reason he came looking for us. We'll see if he lets us sleep longer tomorrow morning.

Bud and I got set up downstairs with milk and Oswald. He really enjoyed a couple of episodes, although he got upset when I didn't come back downstairs quickly when I went to get dressed. I got him calmed down, let him know that we were upstairs and he could come get us, and sat with him downstairs for a bit.

M-lady had to head to work early, but I also had to be in by 9:30, so I took off as soon as Nanny J arrived. Bud apparently had his average Tuesday, spending some time at the park in the morning, having a solid lunch, nap, and bath in the afternoon.

I had a team dinner in the evening, so didn't arrive home until after Bud was in bed. M-lady took Bud from Nanny J at 5:30, and had a good evening with him. He ate a couple of Nanny J's wonderful chicken legs, which she prepared for us again this afternoon. He was well behaved for M-lady all evening, and went to bed without any fussing.

Bud has a new favorite song: Tom Sawyer by Rush. I can't complain too much, as Rush is one of my favorite bands, but it seems like a pretty complex song for a three-year-old to enjoy. But Bud asks to watch the video or hear the song in the car, and apparently can now sing it well enough that M-lady knows what song he's singing.

I hope he's getting enough of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and The Farmer in the Dell. I try to sing those to him, but he really seems to dig the classic (and now prog) rock.

Monday, March 17, 2008

School Report

Bud woke up this morning around 7:15 again. I got up with him, and we hung out in his room for a bit playing with George, his Twilight Turtle, before heading downstairs to do the usual morning routine.

I had a class to get to this morning, so I left Bud downstairs watching a DVD, alerted M-lady, and took a shower. Bud apparently decided that he was being left alone for too long, and got a little upset. But M-lady played with him the rest of the morning, and they had a good time.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and Bud had a usual school day. He was bathed and playing drums when I arrived home around 5:30. When I asked him about his day, he responded by telling me about their leprechaun-trapping exercise. Apparently they didn't get a leprechaun, but they did get his hat. He told the same story to M-lady when she arrived home. It's one of the first time Bud has volunteered information about school.

I was really tired when I got home today, and couldn't keep my eyes open while playing with Bud. We played in his room for a bit, and then down in the playroom. M-lady arrived home around 7:00, and I headed for bed for a while.

M-lady was wonderful, feeding Bud dinner and putting him to bed. I missed the entire bedtime routine. But it sounded like it went pretty well, and Bud went to sleep with George on for the first time in a while.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Scary Bunnies

Bud woke this morning at about 7:30, and after I got up and changed him, M-lady took him downstairs for the usual morning ritual while I snoozed a bit longer. They watched a little TV together, although Bud got upset when something scary happened on Bunnytown while M-lady was out of the room. We're not sure if something actually scared him or he was just looking for a little more attention from M-lady. They ended up not watching too much TV this morning, though.

I joined them again at about 9:30, and struggled with Bud for a while to get him dressed. It really took some effort, and he ran around without pants on for a while. Eventually we all got put together and hopped in the car to head out and visit Aunt O and Uncle C. Aunt O is going into week 40, so Bud should have a new nephew very soon.

Uncle C made some waffles and eggs for us for brunch, which was great. Bud ate an entire waffle, and had a great time playing with Aunt O's yoga ball. I managed to keep the play contained, and kept casualties and property damage to a minimum. We ended up playing a couple of songs of Guitar Hero II before packing up and heading home.

Bud was pretty tired by the time we got home, and we had Babysitter G come over so M-lady and I could go shopping while Bud napped. He was a little miffed about staying home, but got settled in with a video before we left and was pretty content.

He apparently had a long nap and a snack, and seemed in a pretty good mood when we got home. I loaded him into the car, and we took Babysitter G home while M-lady stayed home and napped for a bit. After dropping Babysitter G off, we headed over to the park to run around for a bit.

Bud had a good time watching the kites, and successfully navigated some of the playground equipment I hadn't seen him traverse before. He's getting to be a pretty solid climber. We headed home after playing at the park for a bit, arriving just a little before 6:00.

Bud and I played together for a bit in his room before I got started on dinner. He had a small bowl of cereal as a snack while I prepped some salmon for the grill, and managed to entertain himself by playing drums while I got dinner ready. M-lady joined us as the food went on the table, and we ate just after 7:00.

Bud didn't eat a whole lot, but after his snack we weren't too worried about him. He was kicking the table a bit during dinner, and got upset when I threatened to discipline him unless he stopped (after several warnings).

After dinner we had a nice video call with Grandma W and Granddad B, although we probably went a little too late. Bud was overtired and the bedtime routine got a little out of whack, causing some issues. We eventually turned the light out and walked out of the room, but Bud turned the lights back on and sulked in his room for a bit. After about 15 minutes, I went in, put him to bed properly, and let him fall asleep. It was a little later than usual, around 8:45.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pulling Up Pants

Bud called out this morning just before 7:00, and I got up to go hang out with him in his room for about 20 minutes before heading downstairs and doing the standard morning thing with him. We played for a bit, then watched TV until M-lady joined us a little after 9:00. I took a nap while she and Bud played together for a while.

I joined them again at about 10:30, and Bud and I played together for a bit while M-lady napped and then headed out to run an errand. I started by changing his diaper, and we worked on him putting his own pants on after that. He did a good job overall, sticking one foot in at a time while sitting down, but had trouble pulling the pants on over his diaper. But it was a good start.

We read some stories in his room, and then had hotdogs for lunch. Afterwards we played a bit more, doing some coloring and playing with HotWheels for a bit before M-lady arrived home.

I headed out for a bike ride shortly after that, and Bud and M-lady were playing in his Playhut tunnels when I left. They had a good time together while I was gone, but apparently there was no nap.

I got home just as they were leaving to check out a local Chinese Performance Arts Center opening, and I went and joined them there after I'd taken a shower. The actual performances turned out to be tomorrow, so Bud and M-lady watched a little bit of the practice. Bud seemed pretty interested in the dance and martial arts. With any luck we'll be able to come back tomorrow and see some lion dancing.

We went to Red Robin for dinner, and Bud snarfed down a corn dog with fries. He was really well behaved, and we went and got ice cream afterward. Bud really enjoyed looking at all the flavors and picking one out for his own.

We headed home after that, and started the bedtime routine shortly. Bud was really well behaved all evening, even with his lack of nap during the day. He was pretty tired at bedtime, though, and fell asleep pretty quickly. He did wake up a bit after 11:00, but fell asleep again after a drink of water.

Friday, March 14, 2008

More Cups

Bud woke this morning closer to 7:45. I got up, changed his diaper, and then we came back to our bedroom to see how M-lady was doing. She got up and took him downstairs while I got ready for the last day of our conference. She and Bud were playing together a bit when I left at about 8:30.

Bud had a pretty standard day from the account I heard. I got home around 4:00, and Bud was still napping. He had a bath in the afternoon, and M-lady and I got him from Nanny J at about 5:30.

Bud had a large apple for a snack at about 5:00, apparently, so didn't end up eating much dinner. We were able to entice him to eat a little bit of spaghetti eventually, though. After dinner we all played together a bit, and M-lady went and recovered the smallest four cups of his set of stacking cups. We'd removed them when he was younger as potential choking hazards. He was pretty excited to see the expanded set, and played with them a bit.

We spent a little time as a family on Rock Band before starting the bedtime routine, which went as usual.

Bud called out once at about 9:00, but went to sleep quickly after that.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Good Chicken

Bud woke this morning briefly a little before 6:30. I got up to attend to him when he called, and sat with him for a bit while he went back to sleep. He slept for another hour or so before getting up for good.

I had to go to the conference again this morning, so hit the road at about 8:30. Bud was having a good morning with M-lady again. The cleaners arrived a little before 9:00, and Nanny J shortly thereafter.

Bud had a good day with Nanny J, with the usual nap and bath. Bud was apparently pretty hyper when M-lady got home, immediately showing her all the artwork he'd created during the day. They spent time playing, reading, and cuddling while I was finishing up at work.

I arrived home around 6:30, and Bud and I settled in to play for a little bit before dinner. M-lady and I are, frankly, really bad cooks. Nanny J took pity on us a while ago and started cooking for us once or twice a week while Bud is napping. Today she prepared some chicken drumsticks and a veggie dish. Apparently Bud found the aroma of the chicken so compelling that he ate one in the late afternoon.

So we had dinner around 7:00, which seems to be when Bud generally gets hungry in the evening. He had a few bites of M-lady's drumstick, then ate his own, then split another one with me. The boy likes the chicken. He ate some veggies and rice, too, but mostly as an afterthought. Thanks Nanny J!

It was pretty much time to start the bedtime routine after dinner. We watched a the ending of The Sword in the Stone, and a couple of songs from The Lion King. Bud really likes Timon and Pumbaa. He was in bed a little a bit after 8:00 tonight, and asleep around 8:30.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dinner Together

Bud woke this morning at about 7:00, and I got up with him and got him set up downstairs. I needed to get ready for a conference today though, so M-lady came down shortly and spent the morning playing with Bud. They had a good time, apparently reading stories and snuggling.

I was at the conference all day, and didn't get home until about 6:30. I called at about 5:45, and M-lady and Bud were reading a new story. I could hear Bud yelling about the dinosaurs in the background; he was apparently really excited about the new book.

Bud had apparently had a pretty standard school day. He told me that he painted at school, but I couldn't get much more in the way of details out of him. He'd had his bath in the afternoon, but I don't think he had a nap.

Bud and I played together for a bit when I got home, mostly wrestling and reading stories in his room. I told him we would have dinner at 7:00, so when the time rolled around we went downstairs and had some dinner together. M-lady had fallen asleep, so it was just Bud and me. He ate well, and was reasonably well behaved through dinner. We ate at the counter, and had a good time interacting through the meal. M-lady joined us as we were finishing up, and transitioning to the start of the bedtime routine.

The routine was pretty standard, and Bud was in bed with the lights out just after 8:00. He was asleep in ten minutes.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Nap

Bud woke this morning shortly after 7:00, and was not interested in hanging out in his room at all. We went straight downstairs after changing his diaper and caught The Koala Brothers on TV.

M-lady took over around 8:30, and I snoozed for a bit while they watched a little more TV before Nanny J arrived at 9:00. Bud had a good morning with her, spending some time at the park before lunch.

I heard that Bud did, in fact, fall asleep yesterday... in the car on the way to preschool. Three days without a nap is too many! I'm sure the time change didn't really help things, either. In any case, he did get a solid nap in today, and Nanny J reported that he was much happier in the late afternoon.

I arrived home around 5:30 to again find them playing in the tents and tunnels. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and then Bud and I played in the tunnels for a bit before heading to the playroom to work on one of his new puzzles. M-lady arrived home shortly thereafter and we got started on dinner.

Dinner was a sequential affair tonight, with Bud eating last. He wasn't really interested in eating until about 7:00, and so we ended up starting the bedtime routine almost immediately after dinner. We did watch a little bit more of The Sword in the Stone tonight, and I think it might be a reasonable movie for Bud in its entirety.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Tunnelling and Play-Doh

Bud woke this morning a little after 7:00, and I got up and hung out with him for a bit. We lounged on his bed for about twenty minutes before heading downstairs for milk and TV.

M-lady joined at about 8:30, and I took the opportunity to snooze a little more. Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and was caught up on the events of the weekend, as well as some of the new toys.

By the sounds of it, Bud had a happy morning, and there wasn't any fussing when they left for preschool at about noon. He got back a little after 3:00, played some more, and had a bath in the late afternoon. For those keeping track, that's three days in a row now without a nap.

M-lady went to a work celebration in the evening, so I took Bud from Nanny J at 5:30. When I went down to check on them, they were sitting together in one of Bud's Playhut tents, which were still set up in the living room. I stuck my head in another tent, and a delighted Bud careened through the tunnels to find me.

We said goodbye to Nanny J, and Bud and I played in the tents for a while. After that, he had a quick snack and then played with his Play-Doh at the counter while I had some dinner. He's really into the Play-Doh recently, even though it's just a little bit of green. We've got a set for him stashed away somewhere, and can pull it out when the green starts to not hold his interest as much. But right now he'll spend half an hour playing with it.

We headed up to his room to read some stories and hang out for a bit, and eventually headed back downstairs for his dinner at about 7:00. He ate reasonably well, but didn't really end up eating all that much. We started the bedtime routine pretty quickly after that.

He agreed to watch something a little different, so I threw in Disney's The Sword in the Stone. We only watched a little bit of it. He was a little nervous, but didn't seem to upset by it, so we may continue with it tomorrow. As M-lady arrived home, we wrapped up with Hakuna Matata and headed upstairs for potty time, diaper, brushing teeth, story, and bed.

He went to sleep pretty quickly after a long day without a nap. Hopefully tomorrow he can spend a few hours sleeping mid-day.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Looking For Bugs

Bud woke this morning at about 8:00, which would have been nicer if it wasn't the equivalent of 7:00 yesterday. In any case, he was happy, and we had a mellow morning together. M-lady came down and played with Bud for a while as I caught another hour of sleep.

They watched a little bit more TV, and then spent some time playing with the new Lincoln Logs. When I caught up with them a little later in the morning, M-lady was working on extracting some toy animals from the packaging. Each foot of the animals were individually wired down, so it took a little work to extract them with an impatient toddler waiting to play with them.

After getting dressed, Bud and I walked over to the park. He showed me some of his hopping skills, and even skipped for a little ways, although I'm not sure it was intentional. We had fun at the park, playing with bubbles, checking out the other kids, and looking for bugs. Bud was excited to find various beetles, millipedes, ants, and bees. He started getting a little tired on the walk home, and asked me to carry him on my shoulders for the last leg.

We had some lunch, and Bud ate pretty well, although he didn't want to eat at the table. He likes eating at the counter on his learning tower now. After lunch, we played for a little bit, then had a fun video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B. Bud had some fun with paper hats and showed off his new animals. After the call he finally consented to try napping.

I went for a quick bike ride while M-lady sat with Bud for a bit. He didn't sleep, but he was very sweet with M-lady, giving her a kiss on the cheek. M-lady managed to get a lot of kisses and snuggles out of him, so wasn't too upset that he didn't nap. They were having fun watching some of High School Musical 2 when I returned from the ride.

Bud and I took a quick shower, and then did a video call with the other Granddad B. Bud was pretty absorbed in playing his Sesame Street computer game, but did chat with Granddad a little bit. We headed for dinner shortly after that, and then Bud and I played for a bit. After dinner M-lady made a quick errand run, so Bud and I did the bedtime routine on our own. Bud was more than ready to hit the sack. M-lady arrived home just in time to get a kiss goodnight, and Bud fell asleep within a couple of minutes of turning out the light.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Rockin' Birthday Party

Bud woke up this morning at about 6:00. I think he's been getting up earlier with the sun rising earlier in the morning. Of course, with Daylight Savings Time starting tomorrow, he'll be back to getting up after 7:00, hopefully. We'll just miss an hour of sleep tonight.

Balloons! Lots of 'em!
I got up with him, and we hung out in his room for about an hour before changing his diaper and heading downstairs to start the morning routine. M-lady joined us, and I snoozed for a bit before getting up, getting dressed, and joining them. M-lady had managed to get Bud dressed while I was asleep, and they'd had a pretty good morning setting up Bud's Playhut tents in the mostly empty living room.

I headed off to the grocery store to pick up some last-minute party items, including the balloons. Bud was really excited when I got back with them. The ribbons had gotten tangled in the car on the drive home, so he helped M-lady untangle them.

People started arriving shortly after 10:30, and kids immediately dived into the tent city. All in all there were eight other toddlers who showed up, along with about a dozen parents. Bud was pretty shy and nervous about the invasion at first, and was extremely clingy.

The kids rockin' out
About 30 minutes into the party, Bud agreed to play some Rock Band with me. Bud played guitar, one of his little friends played drums, and I drove on another guitar. We quickly drew a crowd, and by the third song I think we had all the kids on instruments, including a couple of vigorous singers (with microphones). Between songs everyone switched instruments. I kept driving the songs along, and we ended up doing about five or six songs before moving on to the next activity.

After wrapping up with Rock Band, we did the non-violent pinata. The new toddler-friendly style of pinata has a whole bunch of ribbons attached to the bottom... each child pulls a ribbon, one of which will open the bottom of the pinata, dropping the goodies on the floor. M-lady and I had picked up such a pinata shaped like a bull.

Pinata Prep
Rather than have the children pull the ribbons one at a time, I gathered the kids into a circle and had everyone grab a ribbon or two. Then we all pulled together. Overall, the activity went much more smoothly than I expected, and everyone seemed to have a good time.

After the pinata we did the traditional cake with candles, which M-lady had decorated with the shape of a guitar. Everyone enjoyed the cake, and afterwards the party started to wind down. The kids took balloons and gift bags on the way out, and Bud, M-lady, and I sat down to a lunch of PB and J sandwiches before starting to clean up.

After settling down for a bit, at about 2:00 we tried to put Bud down for a nap. No dice. He didn't sleep, and I got up with him at about 3:00 and we did some cleaning while M-lady napped. M-lady got up around 4:00, and she did some cleaning while I snoozed for a bit. When I came back down at about 5:30, the kitchen was very clean, but Bud had been beating up on the pinata in the playroom, and there were little bits of colored paper everywhere.

Cake and Candles
Bud eventually decapitated the bull with enthusiastic play, and we got started on dinner. I tried to grill some small burgers to make sliders, but they ended up looking more like meatballs. After a bit of fussing, Bud consented to eating dinner and munched up a slider.

We opened his presents after that, and Bud was excited to see all the gifts. But since it was getting late, he didn't nap, and the night was going to be an hour shorter, we started in on the bedtime routine without opening up any of the new puzzles, games, or toys.

Bud was pretty tired, and after a straightforward bedtime routine, he went to sleep quickly, a little before 8:00.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Looking For Batteries

Bud woke pretty early again this morning, and M-lady watched him for a bit, until she needed to start getting ready to head into an early day at work. So I changed Bud out of a very poopy diaper, and we headed downstairs to get some milk and watch TV.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and Bud read stories with her for a bit in his room before heading downstairs to play. He came to get me at about 10:30. They had pulled out the new HotWheels track set we had played with last night, but the batteries for the motorized car launcher were missing (I'd put them away). Bud was concerned that it was broken. I replaced the batteries for them, happy that Bud was really interested in the gift.

He went to the park with Nanny J before lunch, and then ate solidly before taking a good nap. He had his usual bath in the late afternoon as well.

M-lady arrived home shortly after 5:00, and took care of Bud when Nanny J left for a bit as I was wrapping up some work. Bud came in to keep me company for a bit while I finished up. When I was done, we headed downstairs and played with his HotWheels cars for a bit.

Bud wasn't really interested in eating dinner with us, but after we finished up had a solid dinner. We had Babysitter J come over tonight so we could finish up preps for Bud's birthday party tomorrow, and Bud was a bit shy for about 10 minutes. After he figured out that Babysitter J wasn't going to eat him, he was really excited to share toys and play with her for a bit. They were just starting the bedtime routine as M-lady and I left.

Bud was apparently well behaved, but I heard a noise from upstairs when we came home around 9:00. Bud had snuck out of his room and was listening at the banister upstairs. I corralled him back into his room, put him in bed, and wished him goodnight. He fell asleep pretty quickly after that.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

More Birthday

Bud woke this morning at about 6:45, and I got up with him. We spent about half an hour in his darkened room, playing with his Twilight Turtle, before getting up and heading downstairs. We were up early enough to catch a show that we usually don't see: The Koala Brothers. Bud enjoys the show quite a bit, and I enjoy the Australian cultural setting of the show.

M-lady sat with Bud after about 8:00, and I napped for a bit. Bud apparently named the Twilight Turtle "George", after the turtle mail carrier on The Koala Brothers. It is, as far as we know, the first time he's given a 'proper' name to a stuffed animal.

At about 9:00 we all started getting ready to take Bud to his three-year doctor appointment. Bud was a little reluctant, but generally well behaved as we got in the car and headed off.

He didn't like the beginning part, where the nurse had him get on the scale, and checked his height. It got worse with the blood pressure cuff, which he wouldn't allow until I showed him that it was ok, and he got to poke at it a bit. But after that, he was pretty much fine.

He was perfectly amiable with the doctor, opening his mouth wide when asked, and offering his ears for inspection. The examination was really smooth, and Bud was great for that part. He also didn't need a shot this time, so we didn't have to deal with that trauma this time. Next year he'll get one, though.

I took Bud home while M-lady headed off for work, and Nanny J was waiting for us when we arrived. Bud showed her his new toys while I got started on work.

He had a good day, although he was a little tired having gotten to bed late and woken up early. He had a solid nap, and a bath in the late afternoon. He and I played for a bit together, mostly with George, before M-lady arrived home around 6:00.

Bud had received a couple of boxes during the day, so we opened them together. It was a book and a little scooter, and Bud was really thrilled with the boxes and packing peanuts. That was really the best gift. Unfortunately there was no indication on the packing lists of who sent the gifts. So we're waiting to find out who to thank for those.

We also gave Bud a gift that we didn't get to yesterday, a small HotWheels track set and a couple of cars. Bud enjoyed the track, but I'm not sure he's really got it, yet. I thought it was fantastic. I can't believe the design of the track hasn't changed for the past 30 years or so: the basic track and connectors were just as I remembered them.

Nanny J had prepared dinner for us, and Bud had a solid meal. He ate pretty late, though, so shortly afterwards we started the bedtime routine. We sang songs from one of his kids' songbooks rather than read a story tonight, and he didn't want to turn George on before falling asleep. He did want George nearby, though, and now that he knows how to turn him on and off I suspect Bud will play with him first thing in the morning.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today was Bud's third birthday. He woke a little before 7:00, and I got up with him. We chatted a little about it being his birthday while lying in his bed, and after a few minutes got up, changed him into a clean diaper, woke M-lady, and headed downstairs.

Happy Fireman
First we showed him his learning tower, given by Grandma W and Granddad B. After Bud figured out how to climb in and out of it, and we got the height adjusted properly, he had a great time with it. He ended up using it all day.

After playing with the tower for a little bit, M-lady and I gave him one of our presents: a kit of fireman's equipment, including a hat, mask, gloves, axe, etc. He really got into the fireman stuff, and played with it for a while.

Bud and M-lady watched a little TV, and Nanny J arrived at 9:00. It turns out today is Nanny J's birthday, too, so we exchanged gifts with her. She got Bud a book and a tin of cookies. The cookies were to be dispensed when Bud successfully poops on the potty. We'll see if the bribe is effective.

With his Learning Tower and Cookies
Bud had fun playing with Nanny J in the morning, and headed off for preschool at noon. At the end of his preschool, M-lady and I joined him for the special birthday celebration. Bud got to wear a crown and cape, and sit on the birthday throne, and decorate a toy cake. Then M-lady and I played some music for the kids: Here It Goes Again by OK Go, of course. Bud looked happy, although a little nervous to be the center of attention.

Nanny J met us again at home, and she and Bud were OK for a little while. But Bud had a bit of a meltdown after his intense day, and ended up falling asleep around 5:00. M-lady and I woke him at 6:00 to start on video calls with family.

Grandma Nese got to see Bud open his gifts from her and Granddad B, and chatted for a little bit before she went to bed (on the east coast). We then had a brief chat with Granddad B. Unfortunately Bud was still a little surly from being woken up for these interactions.

Dancing in Class (almost)
We then had a more successful call with Grandma W and Granddad B, where Bud showed off the learning tower. He also spent some time on that call playing with the puzzle he received from the other grandparents.

We had pizza for dinner at Bud's request, and then started the bedtime routine almost immediately after that. Bud had received a sort of a planetarium turtle from Grandma Nese and Granddad B, and we set it up in his room as a nightlight. He absolutely loved it, and was counting the stars when I left him in his room at about 8:30.

At about 9:15, Bud came out complaining that the turtle had turned off (as it is supposed to). We switched it back on for him and two minutes later he called to ask me to turn it off again for him. He must have fallen asleep pretty quickly after that, since it was so late.

Today marks the two year anniversary of both this and M-lady's blog. I think I've missed two days on this one, with this being post number 719. I think this blog will be changing shape soon, certainly by the time Bud's little brother arrives, but I haven't decided on the new form yet. I'll keep you all posted on changes, though.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Chasing Bubbles

Bud woke this morning at about 7:30, and I got up with him and got him going. M-lady had to leave early for work, so it was just the two of us getting milk and setting up in front of the TV.

I actually had to get to work reasonably early as well, so I got dressed and shaved while Bud watched TV. Nanny J arrived at 8:45, and after saying goodbye to the happy dude I headed off.

Bud and Nanny J had a good morning, and headed off to the park with Bud's new tube of bubble solution. They had a blast at the park, blowing bubbles and chasing them around. They eventually headed back home around lunchtime.

I happened to see them walking back as I was driving home, and was at home when they arrived. Bud recounted a story about a big bubble that drifted towards Nanny J: he thought it was pretty funny. As I headed out to run an errand, they settled in for lunch and a nap.

Bud took an early nap today, waking mid-afternoon rather than his usual late afternoon. For whatever reason, he was ready to pack it in pretty early this evening as well. We had simple omelettes for dinner, eaten at the kitchen counter rather than the dinner table, followed by a little bit of family Rock Band. Bud was ready to start the bedtime routine at about 6:30, though.

We stretched it out a bit, but he was in bed and falling asleep shortly after 7:30. Hopefully he won't wake too early tomorrow morning, although he'll surely be excited about his birthday.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Getting Up High

Bud once again spent the morning with Ama and Agu until Nanny J arrived at 9:00. Apparently he got up and headed downstairs on his own, looking for Ama, rather than coming into our room when he got up.

He had a good morning, although his runny nose returned a little bit. He came to me asking for medicine (he really likes the taste of the meds). I told him the medicine was only for sick people. He asserted, "I'm sick. I need medicine." Nice try, kiddo. Fortunately, he was quickly distracted.

He got a bit fussy when it was time to go to school, but after a short break trotted off happily. He had a good day at school, but didn't nap in the afternoon, and was a bit tired in the evening.

Bud and I hung out for a bit, and got started on dinner pretty quickly. He ate a big serving of spaghetti, and after dinner we all played a little bit of Rock Band. Bud insisted that I sing, though, which is really tough for songs one isn't terribly familiar with. We all had fun, though.

We watched some of The Lion King before bed, and tucked Bud in a bit before 8:00. He went to sleep on his own pretty quickly.

M-lady pointed out to me that Bud has stashed his pencils and pens on the highest shelf of the bookcase. He managed to reach that by climbing on the arm of the adjacent couch. With his facility with stepstools, it's getting near the point where there isn't anyplace out of reach for him.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Grandparents Day

Bud slept in this morning until about 8:30, at which point I checked in on him and found Ama changing his diaper. So I went back to bed.

Bud had a good time playing with Ama and Agu in the morning. They were dancing and singing nursery rhymes when I came downstairs. M-lady and Ama took a trip out to run some errands, and I had a short bike ride around lunchtime, so Bud spent some time hanging out with Agu.

Bud used his new training chopsticks with lunch, and had good success. He ate well, and was back to singing and dancing with Ama and Agu when I got home from my bike ride at about 1:00.

After I cleaned up, we had a video call with both Grandma W and Granddad B, and Ruggermom, Little Rugger, and Grandma Nese, who's there helping out with the twins. Bud was very interested in seeing the twins, and had a good time on the call, although he jumped up a few times to raid M-lady's pen cup.

I settled Bud down for a nap shortly afterwards, but he snuck out of his room. So I went and lay down on his bed with him in the hopes he would nap. I snoozed on and off for about an hour while Bud played quietly around me in the room before I deemed the nap unsuccessful (for him).

We got up and played together quietly in his room for a bit, as the rest of the family was napping. After a while, everyone got up and Bud reengaged with Ama and Agu, who gave him his birthday gift: a Lite-Brite! Bud was pretty excited, and had a good time matching peg colors with the little letters on the guide. While he was busy with that with Ama and Agu, I got some work done in the garage.

I grilled burgers and asparagus for dinner, which everyone seemed to enjoy. Bud didn't eat as much of his burger this time, but had a fair portion of veggies. After dinner we all played a little bit of Rock Band together before starting the bedtime routine.

Bud requested The Lion King; he really likes the Hakuna Matata song. He successfully peed on the potty before bed, and went to sleep pretty quickly after turning out the lights.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Jedi Mind Trick

Bud woke pretty early this morning, around 7:00, and I got up with him. He was just a little damp, so I put him into fresh PJs when I changed his diaper. He wasn't interested in hanging out in his bedroom much, so we went straight downstairs and popped in Animusic.

After watching a bit of TV, we headed upstairs and played in his room for a bit, reading stories, wrestling, and tickling. After a bit we headed into the bonus room and played for a few minutes with my guitar and bass guitar before Ama and Agu arrived.

Bud was really excited, and showed them all the cool things that had happened since he'd last seen them: his big-boy-bed (which they'd sent up, incidentally), new books, new toys, etc. M-lady arrived home shortly afterwards from ballet class, and the whole family caught up for a bit. Ama and Agu had brought some dominoes with them, and Bud had a great time with them building little structures and knocking them down.

They had a good morning together, while I took a late morning nap. Bud ate a solid lunch, and went down for a nap at 1:00. He didn't actually sleep, but was quiet in his room for about an hour. I ran some errands, and Bud was playing some more with Ama and Agu when I returned. He'd made a game of putting dominoes in his stacking cups, pretending they were cubes of ice, and making drinks for everyone.

At about 3:40 we headed out to friend A's 3 year birthday party, which was held at a Little Gym. Bud generally had a good time playing on the equipment, but wasn't interested in the organized activities very much. There was some circle time near the beginning where the kids were asked to say their name and an ingredient they'd like to add to the birthday cake for A (ice cream, chocolate, jelly beans, etc.). Bud did say his name, but when asked for an ingredient he scooted himself backwards and to the side, not in a particularly hurried pace, until I was directly between him and the group leader asking the questions. "I'm not here, and you'll move on to the next person in the circle..."

Bud enjoyed the meal and cake after the party, but was clearly getting tired and zoning out a bit on the way home. M-lady and I took the opportunity of her folks visit to head out for a date night, and Bud was apparently really well behaved. He ate some dinner with Ama and Agu, and did his bedtime routine without any problems at all. He really enjoys seeing and playing with them.