Friday, February 29, 2008

Rocking the Mic

Bud woke this morning a little before 8:00, and I got up with him to get him into a dry diaper and set up his morning TV and milk. M-lady joined us shortly thereafter, and I snoozed for a bit while the watched Animusic.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and I headed off to work a few minutes later. Bud had a good morning with Nanny J. Nanny J took Bud to have a haircut mid-morning, where Bud was apparently very well behaved and didn't cry (after seeing the jar of lollipops by the front of the store). He was so well behaved that he got two lollipops.

When they arrived home, Bud asked if they could go play at the park, which is really unusual. Bud is usually really happy to stay at home. But it was a nice day out, and they went over to the park for a while, where Bud tired himself out before lunch. After getting home it was lunch and nap time.

M-lady picked up some new shoes for Bud, which he tried on when he woke from his nap. When I arrived home mid-afternoon, Bud was still wearing his new sneakers in the house, playing the end of the coffee table like a piano, and singing vigorously, making up the song as he went. He pause long enough to give me a smile and roll onto his back with his feet in the air to show off his shoes, and then went back to his singing.

After Nanny J left a bit after 5:00, Bud and M-lady and I played together for a bit. We ended up playing some Rock Band together, and Bud decided that he wanted to sing for the first time. So he grabbed a mic, M-lady played drums, and I played guitar for a bit. We had a lot of fun as a family, and Bud did a pretty good job singing the songs. He's got a good memory for melody and lyrics.

He had a good dinner, and afterwards we settled in to watch a little TV and start the bedtime routine. We watched a couple of songs from The Lion King before heading upstairs for bed. He did, in fact pee on the potty tonight before bed, which we thoroughly praised. He was in bed around 8:00, and fell asleep shortly after that.

He was excited all day about Ama and Agu visiting tomorrow, and will certainly ask after them all morning until they arrive.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mousing Skills

Bud woke this morning just a few minutes before 8:00, and I got up with him to see how he was doing. He wanted to lounge on his bed for a few minutes before getting into a dry diaper and heading downstairs. M-lady came down after we got Riverdance started and spent the rest of the morning with him.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and she managed to get Bud dressed in short order. They were playing in the back yard at about 10:00, and spent a reasonably chunk of the morning out there. Bud had a good lunch, a solid nap, and a bath in the late afternoon.

M-lady was a bit late getting home from work due to bad traffic, so Bud and I hung out together after Nanny J left at 5:30. We played with his Lego for a few minutes before he asked to play the Elmo game on the PC. He had a good time with that for a bit, punching each letter in the alphabet in turn. He received a Sesame Street PC game for Christmas as well, and after finishing up with Elmo he asked to play that.

The new game asked the child to click on certain objects, and that's been a bit of a stumbling block for Bud before. Today, I turned down the mouse sensitivity a bit, and he had no problems at all. He had a great time playing the game all by himself. He was very methodical about playing each part of the game in turn, and exploring all the opportunities the game presented.

After playing on the PC for a bit, I decided it was time for a little activity, so I threw some swing music on. Bud had a great time dancing to the Andrew Sisters, and insisted that I dance some as well. We did that for a few songs before I got started on dinner.

Bud ate well, but couldn't wait to get back to dancing. He had me put the music back on after dinner, and kept the energy level high by requesting the Riverdance music. M-lady arrived a few minutes later, and after getting her started on getting settled, Bud and I got started on the bedtime routine.

We watched Animusic, sat for a while on the potty, and did the usual routine. He was in bed and heading off to dreamland shortly after 8:00.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Recovering Nicely

Bud woke this morning around 7:30 with his nose still running a bit and his PJs pretty wet. I got him cleaned up and changed into dry PJs, and we headed downstairs for the usual TV and milk. Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and Bud started playing with her pretty quickly.

It was a really nice day out today, and mid-morning Nanny J got Bud dressed and outside for a while. I saw them toodle off down the street with Bud on his Christmas tricycle, with Nanny J pushing for him and working with him on the pedaling concept.

Bud apparently was feeling better by lunchtime, and his nose dried up. He ate a big lunch, had a solid nap, ate a reasonable sized snack in the afternoon, and enjoyed his bath. M-lady and I took over at 5:30.

Bud and I had a nice video call with Granddad B, and Bud did a little more artwork for him. But Bud was high-energy and not easily contained, so he ran off pretty quickly. He did ask where Grandma Nese was, though (she's off helping RuggerMom with the twins).

After eating a nice Nanny J-prepared meal for dinner, I ran out to pick up nighttime diapers for Bud while M-lady kept an eye on him. When I returned, they were taking turns dancing and playing the piano for each other. It looked like they were having a really good time, and Bud certainly didn't look like he was recovering from a cold. We all spent some time dancing together before settling in to watch Riverdance before bed.

We tried adding sitting on the potty to the bedtime routine, without luck tonight. We'll keep it up, though, and hopefully cut down on the diaper saturation in the mornings.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Little Slower

Bud slept through the rest of the night after his 11:00pm wakeup, and I got up with him around 7:30. We lay side by side on his bed for a while before getting up, and then headed downstairs to have some milk while watching TV. He had a runny nose, which carried on through the day, but otherwise seemed fine.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and at about 10:30 she came to me because she thought Bud might have a fever. I took his temperature, and since the results looked like they might be a very low-grade fever, I gave him a dose of Motrin. He really likes the flavors of the kids medicine, and asked if he could have some more.

Bud was never really unhappy today, although he was a little more subdued than usual. Besides the low energy level and the runny nose, Nanny J also reported that his eyes were tearing up a bit, which seems like it might indicate an allergic reaction of some sort. But there don't seem to be any new allergens around.

I checked his temperature a couple more times during the day, but didn't really find much to call a fever. I did run out to get "Children's" versions of our OTC drugs, however, since Bud is no longer classified as an 'infant'. In the afternoon Bud had a dose of Sudafed, but it didn't seem to slow down his nose too much.

M-lady and I took Bud at about 5:30, and the theme of the evening was 'low-key'. We watched a little TV, and then I left Bud and M-lady watching while I headed out to pick up some take out for dinner. Bud ate his portion, then mooched from M-lady and I. I'll have to get him more next time.

After dinner we watched just a little more TV before starting an early bedtime routine. Bud seemed pretty tired, and was more than happy to hit the hay. We're hoping he doesn't develop croup during the night, and will probably keep him home from school in any case.

We've been lucky with colds so far this year, and hopefully this one won't get any worse for Bud.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Big Burger

Bud woke this morning a bit after 7:00. I got up with him, spent some time lying in bed with him, and then got up, changed his diaper, and headed downstairs. I got him set up with milk and Animusic, and then headed back to bed while M-lady spent the morning with him. They had a good time, reading stories and hanging out in his room together. He apparently patted his mattress while sitting in it, and said to M-lady, "Lots of room!"

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and they had a pretty good day together. Bud had fun at school, but apparently came home pretty wet. From what I gathered from his story, he was watering the plants, but got a little enthusiastic with the watering can. Nanny J changed him straight away when they got home.

Bud fell asleep for about ten minutes on the drive home, but other than that didn't nap today. He did get his bath in the late afternoon, though.

Bud was really happy when I took him from Nanny J at about 5:30. We talked a little about his day, and then I started making the hamburger patties for dinner, which Bud found fascinating. When M-lady arrived home, I threw the burgers on the grill, and Bud spent some time enthusiastically playing his drum kit.

The burgers I made were pretty big. I gave Bud probably near a quarter of a pound, not really expecting him to finish it. But he really enjoyed the burger, eating most of it cut up into pieces with a fork, dipping it into ketchup. He polished off the whole thing. Quite a meal.

After dinner we played a little bit more before having a video call with Grandma W and Granddad B. Bud was really excited, and danced and interacted with them more than I've seen before. He showed off some dancing, his Here It Goes Again routine for them, and a bunch of his toys, all at a hyper level of energy. We finished the call in order to calm down a little bit before bed.

Bud checked out some of the movies he hadn't seen before on the shelf, and decided he wanted to watch The Lion King. After getting our VHS player hooked up, I showed him a couple of the good songs, which he really seemed to enjoy. We sang Hakuna Matata for the rest of the evening.

The bedtime routine was pretty standard, and Bud went to bed around 8:20. He was asleep pretty quickly. Unfortunately, he woke crying at about 11:00.

He was coughing, had a bit of a sniffle, and he responded in the positive when asked if his throat hurt. After giving him some Motrin, we discovered that he also responded in the positive when asked if his elbows hurt. So no telling if he was actually in pain. In any case, after about twenty minutes we got him settled down again and asleep. We'll see if he's actually sick tomorrow, or if it was just a bad dream that woke him.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tracing Numbers

Bud woke this morning briefly at about 6:30, but I managed to convince him to sleep for about another hour. After getting him into a dry diaper, we hung out in his room for a few minutes before heading downstairs for milk and TV. After that, we played together a little bit, starting on breakfast.

I decided to do some cinnamon rolls this morning, and Bud seemed interested, but got a bit fussy as I was serving them. So I ate one, and M-lady came down and ate one, but the little dude managed to miss out. He didn't really seem too disappointed, though.

M-lady played with Bud from about 9:30 to 11:30 or so, while I snoozed. They had a great time, and read stories, sang songs, and played quite a bit with the short pipes and connectors from M-lady's sweater drying rack. Bud fashioned an improvised microphone, and spent a good amount of time rocking out.

M-lady and I switched again around 11:30, and after I wrangled Bud into some clothes, we headed downstairs to play for a bit. We did some drawing downstairs, and Bud showed off two new tricks. First, he tried tracing the numbers from one to ten I wrote down on the paper. He even wrote his own ten with was perfectly legible. Second, he tried a couple of simple connect-the-dots puzzles, with pretty reasonable success. His hand-eye coordination is growing by leaps and bounds.

We all had PB and J for lunch, and Bud tried out his new booster seat. It's a Kaboost, actually a booster for the entire chair, raising it up so he's at the right level at the table. It took a few minutes to convince him not to sit on his knees, but he seemed to like it after taking some time to get used to it. Looks like it's going to work pretty well.

After lunch he and I played a little bit more, including a couple songs of Guitar Hero. He got a little fussy around 2:30, though, so I put him down for a nap. He got really upset, and M-lady sat with him for a few minutes as he calmed down.

He snuck out of his room around 3:00, and I captured him and noticed he was a little stinky. After changing him out of a poopy diaper, I asked him to lie down and close his eyes one more time, not really expecting him to actually nap. He ended up sleeping until a bit after 5:00.

We were getting dinner ready and starting to watch the Academy Awards when Bud got up. He had a solid dinner of spaghetti with us, and then played with me for a little bit. We shared a bowl of ice cream for dessert, and then watched some of the Awards with M-lady before bed.

Bud was good through the bedtime routine, and went to sleep pretty quickly after I got him into bed around 8:10.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bouncy Day

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and I got up and changed his diaper. He had oversaturated it again (third time in three days, I think), so I changed him into clean PJs, as he wasn't willing to get dressed yet. His pillow was also a little wet, so M-lady washed that when she got up with him a few minutes later. I crashed again for another three hours or so, sleeping off the illness I'd picked up yesterday.

Bud and M-lady had a pleasant morning together, reading stories, drawing, and looking at pictures on the computer. She also managed to wrangle him into his clothes for the day. I joined them at about 10:30, and Bud and I played together for a bit while M-lady rested.

We pulled out my guitar and bass guitar, and Bud and I had a good time playing with those. After a bit it was time to start getting ready to head over to one of Bud's friend's birthday party. Bud was pretty excited, jumping around the house as we gathered coats and whatnot.

The party was held at Pump It Up, a facility full of inflated play equipment, including bouncy castles, slides, and general bouncy playgrounds. Bud did a lot of jumping. He had fun on the slides with M-lady, and did a pretty good job of wearing himself out.

After about an hour of jumping, we all headed to an adjacent room for pizza and cake. Bud wolfed down the pizza and some fruit, and then waited patiently for the cake to be served. He was getting pretty tired by that time, though, so we said our goodbyes and headed home.

We tried sitting on the potty for a bit when we got home, without success. So he went down for a nap after that, snoozed for about an hour, and then woke up and pooped (in his diaper). M-lady played with him for a bit while I napped, and he was, once again, well behaved all afternoon.

Bud and I read some stories in his room after I got up, and then watched some YouTube. We watched a couple of b-boy videos (I love Junior), after which Bud tried a couple of the moves on the floor in the bonus room. He was clearly a little disappointed at the difficulty, and that he couldn't do them immediately. He's got a few years to work on it, though.

Bud had a good dinner of chicken soup, and then we watched a little bit of Animusic before Babysitter G arrived at about 7:00. Bud was pretty upset, but settled down with a video after a couple of minutes and M-lady and I escaped to do some birthday shopping for him. He was very good for Babysitter G, and went to bed after some stories. He was sleeping soundly when we got home.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Cooped Up

Bud woke this morning shortly after 7:00, and I got up with him. We did the usual morning routine, playing in his room for a bit before heading downstairs for milk and TV.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and Bud was pretty quick to start playing with her. He was apparently pretty well behaved today, enjoying his drawing and drumming as usual. Nanny J reported that he's perfectly happy staying inside, which is good since the weather this week has kept them from making a trip to the park, and his pre-school is off for the week. Bud doesn't seem to mind at all, though.

He had his usual nap and bath, and M-lady took him at 5:30 as I was feeling a bit under the weather. I joined them at about 6:00, and we all spent some time drawing together before M-lady started working on dinner and I watched an episode of Blue's Clues with Bud. After the show I retreated again to the bedroom, and Bud spent the rest of the evening with M-lady.

He was well behaved, at a big dinner, and played happily with M-lady until they started the bedtime routine, which went smoothly. He was in bed around 8:00.

M-lady dashed out to run an errand, and Bud called out at about 8:20, once again complaining of a booger. I found one this time, and he fell asleep on his own quickly after that.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Being Agreeable

Bud woke this morning a little before 8:00, and I got up with him. We read some stories, changed his diaper, and headed downstairs to watch a little bit of TV and have some milk. We headed back to his room for a few minutes before Nanny J arrived at 9:00.

Nanny J reported that Bud was really good all day. They did some drawing and dancing in the morning. Bud ate lunch, pooped on the potty, took his nap, and happily reported for bath time. Guess it was a good day for him.

Bud wandered into the office a couple of times after his bath, requesting potato chips. He's gotten savvy about looking for them on the desk and shelves, but he's usually placated with a single chip. When he gets his object, he runs off to play with Nanny J again.

At about 5:30, Nanny J took off, and Bud and I played for a bit while M-lady settled in. I left at about 6:00 to go to a friend's birthday party, and M-lady and Bud spent the evening together. They had a good time, drawing and reading stories. M-lady had her dinner, and as she was finishing up Bud decided he was hungry, too. He took a piece of broccoli from M-lady's plate, then ate a big bowl of shrimp and broccoli for dinner. Again, he was well behaved all evening.

After dinner they did the usual bedtime routine, and Bud went to bed without a problem. A few minutes after lights out, however, he called for M-lady. When she came in, he said, "Booger." M-lady looked for the phantom booger, wiped his nose for him, and confirmed that his nose felt better. Not sure if Bud's nose really itched or he was just stalling on going to sleep, but he went to sleep pretty quickly after that.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Talky Day

Bud woke this morning around 8:00, and I got up with him. We hung out in his room for a bit after changing his diaper, read a few stories, and then headed downstairs to get some milk and watch Animusic.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and after a couple minutes of tightly gripping my leg, Bud relented and starting having fun with her. I heard them reading books, and getting dressed, and generally having a good time. When I saw them around 10:30, they were having fun drawing.

Bud's really gotten into drawing recently, mostly with crayons and markers. His favorite drawing implements are pens and pencils appropriated from M-lady's or my desk. M-lady salvaged a fair amount of the paper used for packing up our fragiles, so Bud's had some nice big canvases to work with. He's starting to occasionally draw recognizable shapes, too.

Nanny J reported that Bud was chatty all day. I heard him drumming and chatting when I got home from watching the bike race at about 4:00, and it continued all the way until I picked him up from Nanny J at 5:30. At that point he was really chatty with me.

We had a nice video call with Granddad B for a little bit. Bud told Granddad a little about his day, and then ran off to steal some of M-lady's pens. He did do a nice drawing which he showed to Granddad, though.

We watched a little bit of Blue's Clues before M-lady got home, which was the first time Bud had seen the show. He was quite captivated, and it quieted him down for about 30 minutes. The show was about boats, and Bud wanted to make a boat afterwards.

We had some dinner when M-lady arrived, and then I fashioned a little tinfoil boat for Bud which he delightedly floated in a mixing bowl. Tomorrow we'll try to decorate it a bit.

The bedtime routine was pretty standard, and Bud was in bed and going to sleep by about 8:00.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pigs In Space

Bud woke this morning about 7:30, and I got up with him. We hung out in his room for a bit before changing his diaper and heading down for the standard morning routine.

M-lady came down a bit after 8:30 to watch Bud, and I headed upstairs to snooze again for a bit. We had agreed to let Nanny J sleep in a bit, with the hope that she'd feel better, so M-lady kept an eye on Bud until about 10:30, at which point I watched him until Nanny J arrived at 11:30 or so.

Bud was pretty good this morning. He and M-lady had some toast and orange juice, and then had a good time reading books. I heard a large giggling fit from both parties as he managed to get both legs into one of his pantlegs while getting dressed a little later in the morning.

Bud and I spent most of the time from 10:30 to 11:30 reading and playing in his room. He's really enjoying spending time in there, bouncing around, jumping on his bed (the mattress on the floor), and reading stories. Bud and I mostly read stories, but we did some dancing and wrestling as well.

Bud had a good day with Nanny J, although he poked his head into the office a few times, particularly when he knew we were eating potato chips in there. He did have a reasonable nap and a bath in the afternoon, though.

Nanny J took off at about 5:30, and Bud and I spent a while playing airband and Rock Band before dinner. Bud ate a sizable portion of chicken soup which Nanny J made for us during the day, and then we all had some ice cream for dessert. We let Bud have his own bowl of ice cream tonight for the first time. Usually he and I share a bowl, but he's getting bigger and wants more of the ice cream now.

After dinner Bud and I watched a little bit of TV before heading upstairs to read a bit more before bed. The routine got a little out of whack, with reading stories replacing the usual TV time with milk. Bud pulled one of his books off the shelf called Astronaut Piggy Wiggy and asked me to read it. As I opened the book, Bud exclaimed, "Piiiiigs iiiiiin Spaaaaaace!" I guess he's been enjoying the episodes of The Muppet Show we've been watching. Right on, Bud.

After reading a few stories, we headed downstairs for a quick cup of milk before coming back up to brush teeth and get the bedtime routine back on track. Bud was in bed right around 8:00, and went to sleep on his own pretty quickly.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Surprise Kid Day

I had to head for work a little early this morning, and hit the road before Bud woke up. I understand he had a pretty usual morning with M-lady and Nanny J, though.

However, M-lady gave me a call to let me know that Nanny J wasn't feeling very well, so I headed home after my meeting so she could take the day off. I got home around 11:30, and Bud was a little surprised but pretty happy to see me.

He was already dressed, so after playing in his room for a little bit I managed to convince him to come out to a park with me. We drove to the next closest park, just for a change. Turns out it has three different playgrounds, so Bud had a great time running around, climbing on the equipment, and trying the slides. I played with him a bit, and spent some time watching from the nearby benches.

The park is also adjacent to a really nice dirt bike park, and Bud enjoyed watching the bikes hitting the jumps. Since it was a holiday, the park was pretty busy, so there was lots to see. We ended up hitting the road at about 1:00 and heading out to get some lunch.

Bud ate his entire kids meal, which I think was a first. We headed home after that, and after a little bit of haggling Bud agreed to sit on the potty for a while. We didn't have any success, but I figured it was worth trying.

He was getting a little drowsy, so I set him down for a nap at about 2:30. Ten minutes later, I heard some noise from his room, so I went to go check. He had brought a stepstool over to the light switch so he could turn on the light, and was just getting started on playing quietly. I put him back to bed and turned the light out, and he fell asleep shortly after that.

He woke around 4:00, and we read some stories, played Guitar Hero, and then played some air band before M-lady arrived home. Bud had a reasonable sized dinner, and then took a shower with me before we started getting ready for bed.

He was a little hyper before getting into the shower, and didn't want to get dressed after the shower, but we managed to slow him down for bedtime. He fell asleep on his own a little after 8:00 after a standard bedtime routine.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Prologue Day

Bud woke this morning about 8:15, and I got up with him to get him into a clean diaper. Then M-lady took him downstairs for the usual morning routine.

About an hour later, I was shaving my legs for a bike ride, and Bud wandered into the bathroom wondering what I was up to. M-lady ran interference while I finished up shaving, and then Bud and I hung out for a while while M-lady took a nap.

I got him dressed, and then we pulled out my bass guitar and played with that for a while. After putting the bass away, we headed downstairs for an early lunch. Bud had half a PB and J sandwich and some orange juice, and then managed to keep himself entertained for a few minutes while I got ready for a bike ride.

Bud was apparently a bit upset when I left at about noon, but got over it quickly. He and M-lady packed up after a bit and drove up to Stanford to meet me and watch some of the prologue of the Tour of California. Bud and M-lady walked more than a half mile across campus, picking up a Jamba Juice on the way, seeing some of the sights, and then spent some time hanging out with me and a couple of riding buddies watching the race.

Bud got into the cheering thing, clapping for each rider as they went by. After a bit he and M-lady headed off, without any fuss at all. He got tired on the walk back to the car, but kept it together and fell asleep on the drive home.

He woke when they arrived, and played a bit more with M-lady before I got home. He was apparently a bit obstinate a couple of times, but other than that very well behaved during the day. It does seem that he's been pushing to find out how much he can get away with: we'll ask him to do something (e.g., pick up a toy), and he'll refuse. It's a bit annoying, but hopefully he's learning that the consequences of not doing things we ask are generally worse than he'd like (e.g., we confiscate the toy).

I got started on dinner when I got home, and after a minor bit of fussing Bud joined M-lady and me. He ate pretty well, and after dinner I threw some cinnamon rolls in the oven for a treat. Bud and I split one, and then played together a bit more before starting the bedtime routine.

He was pretty tired, having only napped for about 30 minutes during the day, and fell asleep quickly after the light turned out.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lots of Juice

Bud woke this morning a bit before 8:30. I got up with him and changed a poopy diaper, and we read stories in his room for a bit before heading downstairs to check out what was on TV. We managed to catch a couple of episodes of My Friends Tigger and Pooh, a show which is reasonably enjoyable and doesn't commit some of the atrocities some of the other Winnie-the-Pooh adaptations. M-lady took off for ballet class while we were watching, so it was just the two of us for the morning.

After some TV, we headed upstairs and played in his room for a bit longer. I managed to get both him and myself dressed, and we headed back downstairs to share a couple of slices of toast and some juice before heading out to the mall. Unfortunately, Bud got a little enthusiastic with his orange juice and poured a fair amount into his lap. So I changed his pants before we left.

We had a good time at the mall, and Bud really enjoyed reading the signs. That is, he would stop, point, and list the letters in the sign, and then ask me what it spelled. We had fun wandering around the mall doing that. Eventually we played in the play area for a while, and then hit Pizza-a-GoGo for lunch. Bud was really well behaved the whole time, and we had fun. Bud towards the end of lunch, he tipped his apple juice bottle up too far and soaked himself. So we came straight home.

I plunked Bud in the bath on arrival, and he had a good time in the tub. After cleaning him up, I got him into clean clothes, and we chilled for a bit before trying to nap. M-lady arrived home while we were settling down.

The napping didn't really happen today. Bud did spend about 3 hours in and out of his room, occasionally lying down, with and without company, but none of it was spent sleeping. M-lady and I switched off spending time with Bud, but neither of us could convince him to nap.

He did take a (washable) crayola marker to the couch, which got his marker privileges taken away for a while. But other than that, he was reasonably well behaved in the afternoon. For dinner Bud ate a solid portion of grilled salmon and asparagus, and M-lady and I marveled that our young son eats his vegetables. Bud and I had some ice cream for dessert.

The rest of the evening was spent playing Rock Band before starting the bedtime routine. Bud was pretty tuckered by the time we got him into bed, and fell asleep within about 5 minutes.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Bud woke this morning around 8:15. He snuck into the room after M-lady had wandered down the hall to the office to check mail. I got up with him, and then got his diaper changed. M-lady then played with him for a bit, and took him downstairs to watch a Muppet Show as Nanny J arrived.

Bud had a good day with Nanny J, with much playing and giggling. He had a solid lunch, and eventually took a nap after quite a bit of restlessness while lying in bed. He had his usual afternoon bath as well.

I arrived home around 5:00, and Bud found several opportunities to sneak away from Nanny J while M-lady and I were chatting. Nanny J apparently blinked, and he was gone. M-lady and I wished Nanny J a good weekend at 5:30, and we all played together for a bit before starting on dinner.

Bud had some leftover chicken and a couple of oranges for dinner. He then waited patiently while M-lady and I finished up so he could have some ice cream. After ice cream we all settled down to watch some TV before bed.

I thought I'd give Peter Pan a try, but Bud found it a bit too scary. So we switched over to watch another episode of The Muppet Show and called it a night. Bud was very agreeable going to bed, and actually for the entire evening, all in all. I'm looking forward to spending a little more time with him this weekend.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dinner Evening

Bud woke this morning at about 6:30, and asked me to sleep with him in his bed. He didn't really sleep, and consequently neither did I. We got up around 7:00 and did the usual morning routine, settling downstairs to watch a couple of episodes of The Muppet Show.

M-lady relieved me at about 8:30. I do enjoy spending time with Bud, but it's awful hard when I'm so groggy. I snoozed for a bit while M-lady and Bud played together until Nanny J arrived at 9:00.

Bud and Nanny J went to the park in the late morning, and returned to have lunch at about noon. I saw them briefly before I headed out to lunch at about 12:45. Bud was starting to get fussy, and was clearly very tired. He had a solid nap in the afternoon, although Nanny J woke him after about 2 hours.

Bud enjoyed his bath, although he burst into the office at one point (right before his bath) without pants on. "No pants!" he exclaimed to me, then ran out again, giggling.

M-lady arrived home just as Nanny J was leaving, at about 5:30, and we mobilized shortly to go out to a family Valentine's Day dinner. We headed over to the local Red Robin, which we haven't had a chance to try yet. It was pretty crowded, and consequently the service was pretty slow. I'm sure it would be much snappier given a normal night.

Bud was well behaved throughout the evening. While we sat in the waiting area, Bud sat on M-lady's remaining lap in the seat of an unplugged driving arcade game. Bud had a great time turning the steering wheel and pressing the buttons.

He was pretty well behaved in his seat, although it was good that we brought a couple of extra distractions along that we used while waiting for our food. He drank a whole lot of milk, didn't eat as much of his chicken as he should have, and enjoyed dipping his fries in ketchup.

It was about 7:45 by the time we got home, so M-lady retired and Bud and I did the bedtime routine together, fairly quickly and entirely uneventfully. He's gotten much better about letting me brush his teeth, which is good. We're going to have to schedule a dentist appointment for him before too long.

Happy Valentine's Day to all.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Poop Denial

Bud woke this morning around 7:15, and he and I got up and hung out for a bit. We read some stories, changed a wet diaper, got him dressed, and then headed downstairs to have some milk and watch Riverdance.

Bud was pretty mellow, and we hung out until about 8:30 when M-lady came down. I took the opportunity to snooze a little bit more, and they had fun watching Riverdance together until Nanny J arrived at 9:00.

Bud had a good day with Nanny J, and at school. They exchanged valentines today at school, and Bud was apparently pretty excited when he got home to look at and show off the valentines he collected.

Bud apparently had three poops today which he did not tell Nanny J about, however. The consequence was that his butt was very irritated in the evening when M-lady changed his diaper. He denied that it hurt, but he was gritting his teeth when M-lady wiped him. Not sure why he's not interested in getting changed... he's going to awfully great lengths. I'll try to have another talk with him about it tomorrow.

I was gone for the evening to hear a favorite cycling commentator speak, so Bud spent the evening with M-lady. They had a good time, and played together, with the only disagreement coming over diaper changing and proper reporting. He had a late but good dinner, and watched more Riverdance before bed.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rare Spill

Bud did almost exactly the same thing this morning as yesterday: woke a little before 7:00, then was willing to stay in bed until about 7:15. We got up at that point and changed his diaper. M-lady took him until about 8:30, at which point she needed to start getting ready for work. The two of them watched an episode of The Muppet Show together before M-lady brought him upstairs so she could get dressed.

Our new house cleaners arrived a few minutes after Nanny J, so Bud had plenty of legs to hide behind and watch the work. After a bit, he and Nanny J played as usual.

They spent some time playing in the backyard: I saw them dancing and singing. Bud had a good lunch, spent some time on the potty waiting to poop (he didn't), and then took a solid nap in the afternoon. He had his bath in the late afternoon, and was playing air band with Nanny J (he was playing guitar, she, bass) when I came down at about 5:30.

Bud and I spent some time playing Rock Band, switching off instruments about halfway through. After a few songs, I got started on dinner. Bud took a 5 minute break in his room, then joined me for dinner.

Bud ate a fair bit of a shrimp, carrot, and green bean dish, but he did knock over a full cup of orange juice. All over the freshly cleaned floor! Oh well. I got it cleaned up and we finished dinner without further incident. We shared a bowl of ice cream after dinner, and chilled in front of the TV for a bit before M-lady arrived home.

At 7:30, we got started on the bedtime routine, watching another episode of The Muppet Show. Bud really enjoyed a dance number with gingerbread men, and asked to see it again later in the show. The rest of the routine was pretty standard, and M-lady sat with Bud as he fell asleep tonight.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Not For The Last Time

Bud woke this morning just before 7:00. I managed to convince him to snooze for about 15 minutes before he came into the room and requested some company. M-lady offered to go downstairs to get some milk with him, but he insisted that I go with him. So up I got.

We did the usual morning routine, extended a bit. After getting into a dry diaper, we watched a couple episodes of The Muppet Show. Bud asks about what's going on quite a bit, but seems to enjoy the shows and asks for more.

One of the shows had a running gag of a moose (Mickey Moose). Afterwards, while Bud and I were playing in his room, I tickled his feet when he wasn't looking. He asked what it was, and I said it might be a moose. He giggled, we repeated, and then he tickled my feet and said it was a moose. This went on for a few more iterations before Nanny J arrived. I related the tale to M-lady so if Bud tickled her feet and said it was a moose, she'd know what he was talking about.

Bud had a good day with Nanny J. I heard him giggling in the morning, then head off for school at about noon. I headed into the office at about 12:30, and noticed that Bud had left his snack bag behind. I dropped it off on the way to work, sticking my head in and saying "Hi!" to the teachers, and waving at a surprised Bud in class. I figure I'll probably be taking Bud's lunch to him at school a few more times over the coming years.

I arrived home from work around 4:30, while Bud was happily splashing in the bath. I took him from Nanny J at about 5:30 -- he was happily running around the mostly empty living room in his PJs. We watched some YouTube videos while waiting for M-lady to get home, mostly music related, and then got started on dinner.

Bud ate a pretty good-sized plate of spaghetti, and we played a little bit of Rock Band before starting the normal bedtime routine. M-lady fell asleep while we were watching The Muppet Show, so Bud and I finished up the routine on our own. He was really good, letting me brush his teeth, and not trying to get a second story or otherwise delay the proceedings. He fell asleep on his own a bit after 8:00. Hopefully he'll sleep a little later tomorrow, given his early morning and lack of nap today.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nice Weather Sunday

Bud woke up briefly around 4:30, and fell asleep pretty quickly after I came in and helped him find his pacifier. He slept until about 8:00, when he snuck into our room. I got up to hang out with him, and discovered he had a poopy diaper. So we got that changed and headed downstairs for milk and TV.

We chilled out together for a bit before M-lady joined us. I started getting ready for a bike ride while Bud and M-lady hung out together. Before I left, I found them both lounging in our bed watching an episode of The Muppet Show.

They eventually got dressed and headed out to the outdoor mall to enjoy the weather. They did a little shopping, had a nice walk, and shared a couple of ears of roasted corn on the cob. They arrived home a few minutes after I did, at about 1:45.

We couldn't convince Bud to have much lunch with us, but after lunch he and M-lady had a nice video chat with Ama and Agu. The chat was cut a little short when Bud got a little poopy. After he was changed, we mellowed out in front of the TV for a few minutes before trying to take a nap.

Bud and I rested (mostly) quietly from about 3:15 to about 4:00. At that point it was pretty clear he wasn't going to go to sleep, so we got up and headed out front to take a little more advantage of the nice weather. Bud played in the driveway and front yard while I spent more time up a ladder trying to pick more oranges.

Bud had fun in the front yard, and eventually found a 4-foot length of dowel to swing around. He was having a great time just swinging it (and saying "ha!" with each swing), but also enjoyed hitting pretend balls that M-lady tossed to him. I don't think he's even seen much baseball.

Nanny J arrived at 5:00, and M-lady and I left for a show with little issue. Bud apparently had a good time with Nanny J, although he pooped again and didn't tell her until his butt was really irritated. Nanny J had to give him bath, since he hurt to much to be wiped. You'd think Bud would figure out that leaving a poop in his diaper irritates his butt. I'll have a chat with him about that in the morning.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Park Time

Bud woke up this morning shortly after 7:00, and M-lady got up with him, which was nice. They lay on his bed for a while, hung out in his room for a bit, and changed his diaper before heading downstairs. Bud spent some time looking with interest at my yearbooks, but he was a little confused as to why M-lady and I didn't appear in the same books.

They got some breakfast and watched a little bit of Animusic before coming up to wake me up at about 9:15. M-lady started getting ready to go to a ballet class, and Bud and I spent time hanging out in his room. We read books for a bit, I managed to get him dressed, and then had a fun video call with Grandma W and Granddad B. Bud was very energetic on the call, showing off some dancing, playing with tools, and reading books with the grandparents.

After wrapping up the call, we headed downstairs and started working on heading out to the car to go for an outing. Bud was a bit resistant, but eventually I got him out. We got gas, took a quick turn through REI to look for some water bottle accessories, and then grabbed some lunch at Carl's Jr. Bud ate a big lunch, and as I couldn't really justify any other errands, we went to the park to play for a while in the beautiful sunny weather. Bud had a great time running around and playing on the equipment, and watching lots of other kids play. We spent about an hour together playing at the park before heading home.

M-lady was eating lunch at home when we arrived, and after changing a very poopy diaper I left Bud with M-lady in an attempt to get Bud to nap. M-lady ended up napping a bit, and was slightly startled awake to find Bud's forehead touching hers, as he was trying to determine if she was asleep. Bud didn't really end up napping.

Bud and M-lady finished up a crafts project to make Valentines for the kids in his class while I played some online games with my dad. When I finished up, Bud and I played for just a little bit more before he was starting to get pretty tired. I convinced him to try to nap again, and he fell asleep a little before 4:00.

We let him nap until about 5:45, at which point we began what turned out to be a pretty long process to wake him up. He was a bit groggy for a while, but eventually awoke enough to join us for dinner. I grilled salmon and peppers on, and Bud ate a fair amount of the fish. He was a bit willful at dinner, however, and so we skipped dessert.

After dinner we played a little bit of airband before starting the bedtime routine. He was in bed by about 8:15, but didn't fall asleep until after 9:00. He does fall asleep quietly on his own, though, so it's really not much of an issue.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Pinata Time

Bud woke this morning a little after 8:00, and we did our usual thing of reading a few stories before heading downstairs and watching a few vids. M-lady took over at about 8:45, and they watched together until Nanny J arrived at 9:00.

Bud went out to the park again today with Nanny J. It's great that he's getting out a bit more after that series of storms largely kept him inside. The weather's been beautiful the past few days, sunny in the mid-60's.

He had a solid lunch, a good nap in the afternoon, and a bath at about 4:30. M-lady and I were both working from home after about 2:00, and Bud would occasionally pop his head in and request a potato chip. Nanny J managed to mostly keep him occupied until she left at about 5:30, though.

Bud and I played a little bit of air band before Bud requested to play a 'different game'. He looked at the games on the shelf, and picked out Viva Pinata. We'd played some before, so he enjoyed watching the garden maintenance. He directed me a bit, suggesting where to plant trees and helping look for sour pinatas.

We had quick video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, and then got started on dinner. Bud ate a huge dinner, and we shared a little bit of ice cream afterwards before starting the bedtime routine. We watched about half of a Muppet Show before heading upstairs to put him to bed. Watching the Muppet Show with Bud (on DVD) is giving me flashbacks to watching the show on TV when I was a kid with my parents. I think I get a lot more of the jokes now, though.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dinner Guest

Bud woke this morning a little after 8:00, and I got up with him. M-lady was already getting ready for work, so Bud and I did the morning thing until Nanny J arrived. Once again, he was interested in reading for a while before heading downstairs for milk and TV.

He had a good day with Nanny J. They went to the park for a while in the morning, had a good lunch, and Bud took a solid nap in the afternoon. I know they talked a bit about the Chinese New Year today as well.

A friend of mine from work, Mt, came by a little after 5:00 to hang out, have dinner, and play some games. Bud tagged along as I gave Mt a tour of the house, and when Bud discovered that he was going to play Rock Band with us, Bud went to the living room and got everything set up, with the guitars and drums distributed appropriately around the room.

I fired up our new grill and threw some steaks on for dinner while Mt played Rock Band with M-lady and Bud. They had a great time, playing some of Bud's favorite songs. After a few games, we all headed for the table.

Bud ate a little bit of steak, skipped the grilled asparagus, and enjoyed the bread thoroughly. Towards the end of dinner he stormed off to his room, then came back down shortly for the ice cream we had for dessert.

Mt and I played a couple of games of Rock Band while Bud read stories with M-lady in his room. They had a good time, and came down to get the bedtime routine going. Bud was good, and had his milk while watching a couple of animated shorts. I read a story to him, and M-lady sat with him tonight as I returned to hang out with Mt.

Overall Bud was really good this evening, interacted with Mt nicely, and went to bed with minimal fuss. He's such a good kid.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dinner Date

Bud woke this morning a little after 8:00, and I got up with him. After changing his diaper he wasn't interested in heading downstairs for milk and TV, so instead we lay on his bed together and read stories. At about 8:45 M-lady took over and I went to snooze a little bit more.

Nanny J showed up at 9:00, and Bud transitioned over without too much issue. He had a good day with Nanny J, and enjoyed school as well. They apparently read one of his favorite books, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, in class today, and he responded really well. We're happy he seems to be more comfortable talking and interacting at school than he used to be.

I got home at about 5:15, and took Bud at 5:30. I discovered that he'd had a small poop which he'd neglected to tell Nanny J about, so his butt was pretty irritated. He also managed to plant his sock-covered foot directly in his dirty diaper while I was changing him, so the changing process got a little extra complex. In any case, we got him cleaned up and more comfortable, and packed up to head over to a friend's house for dinner.

We've been trying to set up a dinner with friends D and M and their daughter T for a while now. T is Bud's age, and they seem to play well together when we've had the opportunity to spend a little time together. Bud, unfortunately, fell asleep on the way over, and was pretty groggy and clingy when we arrived. Eventually he warmed up, though, and had a good time playing with T.

When it came time to eat dinner, he and T sat at a little table separate from the adults. D and M had even made little octopus-shaped hotdogs for the kids. T let me know at one point that I should put eyes on Bud's hotdog (as her mother had for her), but by the time I looked over Bud had bitten the head off the octopus. So it was kind of moot.

Bud ate really well, and continued to interact well. D and M broke out the Guitar Hero after dinner, and Bud and I showed how we played. Then we let the others take a turn, and showed off our air band stylings. Bud let M-lady and me know what instruments we were supposed to be playing; our hosts got a kick out of Bud's enthusiasm.

We departed a bit after 8:00, and didn't get home until after 8:30. We did a quick bedtime routine, and Bud was in bed shortly after 9:00. He fell asleep pretty quickly after his busy and long day.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

New Non-Communication Skills

Bud slept in this morning until about 9:00, when Nanny J arrived. M-lady opened his window at about 8:50, and he apparently rolled over, grunted, and pulled his blanky over his eyes. Seems a little early for him to be turning into a teenager.

He eventually got up, and spent some time running between the three adults in the house, trying to avoid a diaper change. After a bit he settled into playing with Nanny J, who got him changed and dressed.

In the late morning they headed out to the park, where Bud had a great time running around and climbing on things. It's the first time he's been to the park in ages, given all the rain we've had recently. I'm glad they were able to get out.

Bud had a good lunch and a bath, but no nap today. Which is really too bad, since he doesn't get one Monday or Wednesday due to preschool. He was cheery enough in the evening, though.

M-lady and I took over at about 5:30, and I dashed out to pick up some dinner. M-lady reported that she had witnessed a new technique which Nanny J had encountered today: Bud will pretend he doesn't hear you when he doesn't like what you're saying. He apparently ignored several instructions today.

After Bud ate a solid dinner, we got him dressed and headed out for a quick outing to vote in the primaries. Bud was curious about the whole voting thing, and I wasn't up to explaining the whole social contract foundation of democracy. Fortunately, he was pleased and satisfied to get some stickers at the polling station.

We sat down in front of a couple of episodes of The Muppet Show, which rolled into the bedtime routine. Bud was generally good, and clearly getting dozy by the end. He was in bed shortly after 8:00, and asleep a few minutes later.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Reading In Bed

Bud woke this morning a little about 7:45, and I got up when he poked his head into the bedroom. We returned to his room, where I changed his poopy diaper. He wasn't interested in going downstairs immediately, and instead we read stories while sprawled on his bed. He must have relocated about 25 board books from his shelf for me to read. We got through about 10 before M-lady arrived at about 8:30 and went downstairs with the kiddo.

He had a good day with Nanny J, and apparently ate a really big lunch. He also pooped a couple of times. I heard him head off to school happily at about 12:00, and they returned a little after 3:00 and headed straight for the tub.

I took Bud at about 5:30, and we played air band for a few minutes before we ended up reading stories together on his bed for a little while. After reading a few books, we headed downstairs and I got started on dinner. M-lady joined us shortly after dinner was ready. Bud, however, was not interested in the ravioli I prepared, and played around and under the table while M-lady and I ate.

Bud had some orange juice, and we all played some air band together before settling in to watch an episode of Little Einsteins. The bedtime routine was pretty standard, although Bud thought he wanted to eat dinner after the TV time and before we headed up to bed. He decided he didn't really want dinner, though, and was in bed right around 8:00. Having not napped during the day, he fell asleep in about 10 minutes.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


I got up this morning around 6:45 to go to a bike race. Actually, I wasn't riding, but needed to pick up this year's uniform for the club I ride with. Bud woke before I left, at about 7:00, so I got him dressed and we went together to let M-lady sleep a bit longer.

Bud and I enjoyed the drive, and then chatted with a few folks at the race start. It was raining, so we sat in the car for a bit, but it lightened up enough for us to watch the riders leave the start. Then we packed up in the car and came home. I was pretty happy to not be riding in the cold rain this morning.

We drove back, and Bud sang along to the music in the car, although he was making up the words for the most part. We had a fun time.

M-lady was up by the time we got back, and we all put some effort into cleaning up for the housewarming/superbowl party in the afternoon. Bud helped pick up a bit here and there, and managed to keep himself entertained while M-lady and I cleaned. He did help me sweep and vacuum a bit.

I took a brief nap around noon, and M-lady played with Bud. They had an orange or two, but no real lunch. When I got up I set about fixing a PB and J sandwich for myself, and Bud decided he wanted one as well. We ate lunch together.

While munching, we talked about age a little bit. We talked about how he was two years old, and would be three soon. Bud eventually asked me if I was five years old. I told him I was a bit older than that, but I'm not sure it really sunk in.

Folks started arriving for the party at about 2:30, and Bud was remarkably outgoing and interactive all afternoon. He chatted with just about everybody, and played quite a bit with some of the other kids who showed up. He was very high energy as soon as people started arriving.

We had babysitter G come over for a while to help out, and she tailed Bud so M-lady and I could host a bit more effectively. Bud trailed behind me a few times on the house tours I gave, showing off his new bed, but he generally seemed to stay entertained with the other kids. M-lady had planned a craft activity which apparently went over really well, too. I think they made Valentine's cards.

After the game, folks trickled out until only our friends Sv and Ka were left with their kids Av and An. The three kids spent fifteen or twenty minutes running around the empty living room, kicking around M-lady's big yarn ball. They were having a blast; the rest of us got tired just watching them. When it was time for them to go, Bud gave each of the girls a hug.

It was after 8:00 by the time we started dinner, and Bud ate some eggs and orange juice before we got started on the bedtime routine. He was still a bit wound up, but after watching some Winnie-the-Pooh he got into the spirit of the bedtime routine. He was in bed around 9:00, and asleep before too long after that.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Enumerating Grandparents

Bud woke this morning around 6:30, but I managed to convince him to go back to sleep for a bit. He woke for good at about 7:15, when he wandered into our room. I got up with him and found he'd saturated his diaper. Fortunately, his bed was still dry... it hadn't leaked out of his sleeper. So we got him cleaned up and into fresh clothes, and headed downstairs to watch some TV and have milk.

M-lady joined us a little before 9:00, and I took the opportunity to snooze for a little while. They had fun playing together this morning. M-lady recounted that Bud picked up his little play cell phone, and said, "I call Grandma W and Granddad B," (using their full names). He then proceeded to say hello, 'chat' for a bit with a string of nonsense syllables, say goodbye, and hang up. He then repeated this with his other two sets of grandparents. It's the first time we know of that he used their full names to identify them.

At about 11:00 I got up and we entertained a video call from Aunt K, Grandma W, and Granddad B. We also got to see cousin H, and Bud's brand new cousin twins, Bk and Vi. They were sleeping after a tiring bath. Bud was pretty interested, though.

After a nice chat, in which Bud showed off some of his OK Go dancing, we signed off and packed up to go to Home Depot. Bud was pretty good there, holding my hand when I insisted and generally staying out of other people way. He enjoyed picking things up when I stopped to examine something, but was good about putting the items back when we moved on.

When we got home, M-lady was heading out to Target, so Bud and I had lunch together. I made a PB and J for him, which had PB on three-quarters of the sandwich. He ate the whole thing pretty quickly.

We played a little together after lunch, and then tried to nap for a bit, with no success. At about 1:30 we wandered out of his room, and hung out with M-lady for a while.

I headed off to work on the old house for a bit, and M-lady continued the effort to get Bud to nap. After watching some Animusic, reading some stories, a minor meltdown, and a dot bribe, Bud went to bed and fell asleep on his own at about 4:30.

I arrived home at about 5:30, and at about 6:00 we woke Bud up to get started on dinner. He was loathe to come down, so we let him wake up while we started dinner. He joined us pretty quickly, ate a good meal, and got a couple of cookies for dessert.

After dinner, Bud and I took a shower for the first time in a while. It was tough convincing him that he wanted to get undressed and join me in the shower, but M-lady eventually did it. She had picked up a squirt bottle for him at Target during the day, and Bud played with it all through the shower.

After getting out, drying him off, and wrangling him into some PJs, we got started on the bedtime routine. He watched more Animusic before bed, and went to sleep pretty quickly around 8:30.

Friday, February 01, 2008

The Potty Game

Bud slept in again this morning until 8:45. I can't imagine this is going to last much longer. We read a story in his bed before getting him changed into a clean diaper and going downstairs to get some milk and watch a short DVD. Nanny J had already arrived by the time we went down, and I was able to wander in and out during the DVD watching. By the time it was finished, Bud was ready to hang out with Nanny J.

He had a good morning, with lots of loud, happy play. I heard him banging away with his tools for a while, as well. He ate a whole lot of lunch, primarily chicken soup.

Apparently after lunch Nanny J asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty to poop. Bud said he didn't need to, and came up to see me while Nanny J had her lunch. He got stinky pretty quickly while hanging out with me, and convinced me to change his diaper. Then he went back down to Nanny J to tell her that he was ready to sit on the potty (to very little effect, of course). We're not exactly sure what he was trying to accomplish, but he managed to deftly avoid pooping on the potty today.

He had a good two-hour nap in the afternoon, and a bath around 4:30. M-lady and I took him at about 5:30, and played for a bit before I ran out to pick up a pizza for dinner. Bud didn't really eat all that much dinner, but he'd had such a big lunch today that we weren't overly worried about it.

After dinner we all played a little bit of Rock Band together as a family, and then started the bedtime routine. We watched Animusic tonight for the first time in a while. Or at least, Bud watched it while M-lady and I dealt with a newly discovered leak under the kitchen sink. Got that under control, and put Bud to bed a bit after 8:00. He went to sleep quietly on his own after about 8:30.