Thursday, January 31, 2008

Helping Out

Bud slept in this morning until about 8:45. I went into his room then, and he was lying in his bed awake. So we got up, read a story, and then changed his diaper. Before we'd even headed downstairs, Nanny J arrived. M-lady got Bud set up with Nanny J, and she and I started the workday.

Bud was apparently less fussy today than yesterday, and Nanny J reported that they had fun for most of the day. Bud peeked into the office a few times during the day to check out what I was up to. At one point he came in a little stinky... I mentioned it, and he ran out, calling, "Nanny J, change my diaper!". I suggested he add a 'please' to that request. So not as much potty success today.

Nanny J had a doctor's appointment at 4:30, so M-lady arrived home at 4:00. We took Bud, packed up, and headed over to the title company to sign off on the escrow docs on our old house. Bud was very well behaved during the meeting, spending the time coloring with some new crayons M-lady got for him recently.

After signing off, we hit Johnny Rocket's for dinner. Bud had fries and some chicken, as well as a good portion of milk. He entertained himself by drumming on just about everything in reach, including me. But we all had a good time.

After dinner we had a quick swing by a Radio Shack so I could pick up a part, and then headed for home where Bud and I shared a bowl of ice cream before playing a little bit of Rock Band. Bud got a little overly enthusiastic playing drums, so we had to call it quits after one song. He was a bit disappointed, but perked up as we started working on getting his old crib out of his room.

It required disassembly to move it, so Bud went to get his tools as I got mine. I had him keep track of the screws, and he handed them back to me as we reconstructed the crib in his little brother's room. Bud was overall pretty helpful, although he got a little distracted playing with the screws at times and was a little slow to hand them over. By the time we finished it was about time to start the bedtime routine.

We watched some of Meet the Orchestra, then got him into PJs and ready for bed. He was good through the whole process, and fell asleep pretty quickly a bit after 8:00.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Muppets

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and I got up with him. He wanted to see another Muppet Show episode, which was fine by me. It's much more entertaining than most of the kiddie shows, if not quite so educational. We'll need to switch off with Sesame Street, I think.

M-lady joined us at 8:30, and I took the opportunity to go lie down again. She and Bud snuggled for a bit in front of the TV, then worked on not whining a little bit when Nanny J arrived.

Bud had a good day with Nanny J (after the initial whining), and happily headed out to school at noon. I returned home at the same time he did, around 3:30, and we chatted a bit as we went inside. He had a bath in the afternoon, and even had some success on the potty. We got a new seat for him that sits on the big toilet, which seems to have rekindled some of his interest.

I took him from Nanny J at about 5:30, and we played a little bit of air band and then watched another Muppet Show episode before starting on dinner. He was a little fussy before dinner, but decided to give that up pretty quickly and ate a solid meal with me. After dinner we watched a little more TV until M-lady arrived home at about 7:30.

The bedtime routine got into full swing, but Bud was getting a bit fussy having missed his nap. We ended up cutting out his story time in the evening, and he fell asleep within five minutes of hitting the bed, a bit before 8:00.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sharing Favorites

Bud woke this morning around 7:15, and I got up to hang out with him. M-lady had to leave fairly early to head for a class, so Bud and I waved goodbye to her as we watched some TV.

Bud was in an adventurous mood, and M-lady adn I had recently managed to unpack our DVD collection, so I went searching for something I thought he might like. We ended up watching the first few songs from the Disney version of Mulan. I also noticed that the DVD has a Mandarin dubbing... we'll have to check that out sometime.

Bud and I watched a couple of other videos before Nanny J arrived, and I got started on work. Bud had a good day, with a solid lunch and a two-hour nap. He was apparently still groggy when Nanny J woke him for his bath at about 4:30.

Bud and I had some fun wrestling together after Nanny J left at about 5:30, and then played a couple of songs of Rock Band before M-lady arrived home. Bud wasn't interested in dinner, so spent time playing around the table while M-lady and I ate.

After dinner Bud found The Muppet Movie on DVD. We ended up watching the first episode of The Muppet Show, but he insisted on seeing the movie. So we watched the songs from the movie (which are fantastic).

It was getting late by this point, and Bud finally decided that he wanted some dinner at about 7:45. I re-heated his dinner, and he wolfed it down right before we started the bedtime routine. He was well behaved all evening, and went to sleep without any problems at about 8:15.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Enjoying His Big-Boy Bed

Bud woke briefly at 4:45, having dropped his pacifier. Of course, now that he's on a mattress on the floor he could have looked around himself, but I suppose that didn't occur to him in his groggy state. In any case, I retrieved the item for him and he went right back to sleep. And slept until about 8:45, which was really nice. Sleeping on the bed is apparently no problem at all. I heard him kick the wall once or twice, but he slept pretty soundly aside from the one waking.

He was unhappy to see Nanny J so soon after waking, so I sat with him to watch a couple of short videos before turning him over to her. He was still a little grumpy about it, but I heard them playing together a short time later.

He had a good day, and a good time at school. Nanny J had to run an errand after she picked him up from school, and Bud was really well behaved while he waited with her. I heard them come home around 4:15, and they headed straight for a bath.

M-lady arrived home at 5:30, and Bud and I had a great time wrestling and dancing while M-lady changed into comfy home clothes. Bud was really excited, and we had fun with lifts, running around, and lots of tickling. By the time M-lady arrived, he was ready to chill a bit.

I ran off around 6:00 to go get a quick bit of shopping in, and M-lady and Bud apparently had an OK Go marathon while I was gone. They did have some dinner as well. Bud wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which he asked for a dozen times on the way to the kitchen. As M-lady was making it, he cried, "No peanut-butter! Just bread and jelly!" So he had a jelly sandwich for dinner. He asked for a second one, and M-lady used the opportunity to get him to eat some slightly more healthy food while he was waiting for the second sandwich.

I arrived home around 7:30, as they were watching some videos. I watched the last few minutes with them, and then helped Bud brush his teeth and wipe his face. We read a story and he plopped into bed at about 8:00. He was asleep by 8:05.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Bed

Bud woke this morning at about 8:00. At least, he woke us at about 8:00. He actually managed to sneak into the room and tickle my back before I woke up. I got up with him, and we did our usual morning routine, with M-lady going downstairs with him after I got him changed. They played together until about 10:00, when M-lady and I switched places. M-lady reported tracing hands, and drawing hands for the family whose hands were not available at the time: me and baby brother.

Bud and I had a pretty good morning together, doing some more drawing, watching a little TV, playing a little Rock Band, and doing the usual wrestling match to get him dressed. After M-lady got up again around 11:00, we all got ready and packed up to head over to do some grocery shopping.

We stopped at a dim sum place in the same shopping center as our grocery store that we've actually been to once before. They have a couple of excellent items on the menu, although it really is a primarily Chinese place. The menu we received was in Chinese, although they apparently had an English menu available. M-lady ordered for us, and Bud was overall well behaved.

After a good lunch we wandered over to the Safeway to do our grocery shopping. Bud was good in the store, not venturing too far and generally staying out the way of the other shoppers. He got a little stinky right before we checked out, though, so we wrapped up and headed for home to get him into a clean diaper.

We had a pretty mellow afternoon, and M-lady took the opportunity to take another nap. Bud and I watched some DVDs for a little while before heading upstairs to try and nap.

Bud didn't ever fall asleep, and got himself up after about 30-40 minutes. He had some quiet time, though. After he got up, we played a bit more before starting to work on getting his new bed in place.

We left his crib in the room, and put the new mattress on the floor. He was pretty excited... I mean, it was like we put a trampoline in his room for him. It took a while to get the message through that it really wasn't for jumping on. We may have to reinforce that over the next couple of weeks.

A couple of friends arrived for a quick visit and to borrow some dance materials, and Bud had a good time playing with them after he warmed up. He threw some balls around, showed off the new bed in his room, showed off some gymnastics (with me lifting), and showed Rock Band as well. Overall he was pretty social.

we had dinner afterwards, and Bud ate a solid meal. He kept eating after we thought he'd finished, and asked for a couple of extra slices of toast. We played some family Rock Band after dinner, but it was getting late, so the bedtime routine started pretty soon after that. Bud was looking pretty drowsy, having missed his nap, and was in his new bed, falling asleep, at about 7:45. The new bed didn't seem to pose any problem at all; I expect we'll be able to take the crib out of his room tomorrow.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sushi Night

Bud woke briefly at about 6:55 this morning, and I convinced him to sleep for another half hour. I got up with him at 7:30, and we did the usual morning routine.

M-lady joined us at 9:30 or so, and I snoozed for a couple of hours myself. They actually had fun playing 'baby' with one of Bud's stuffed animals, changing it's diaper and rocking it gently. Bud is clearly working on this new brother idea, which is good. They read some stories, and looked out the window from the nursery and talked about all the things they could see.

At about 11:30, we switched places again and M-lady took a nap while I played with Bud for a bit. Bud and I played some air band, and then played a little bit of Guitar Hero before getting a PB and J for lunch. Bud munched happily away at his sandwich while I got ready to go out with M-lady.

A little after 1:00, Babysitter G arrived to watch Bud for a bit while M-lady and I ran errands and cleaned up a bit at the old house. Bud was a little surprised by Babysitter G, and decided it would be a good time for a nap. He slept for about two hours, and then woke to play happily with G for a while before we got home.

M-lady arrived home and took G home with Bud riding along. I met them afterwards at a sushi restaurant for an early dinner. Bud ate a whole bunch of carrot rolls and a couple of California rolls. Unfortunately, I was unable to get his chopsticks set up properly, and so he ate with his hands. This wasn't really a problem with the carrot rolls, but the California rolls got a little messy. Bud had a great time, though, and ate a lot.

After dinner Bud went home with M-lady while I picked up a few more things from the old house. When I got home, we all played a little bit of Rock Band together before starting the bedtime routine.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Preschool Visit

Bud woke this morning at about 7:15, but didn't come into our room until about 7:30. I got up with him, and after getting him into a clean diaper we headed downstairs for milk and TV. We watched his Baby Noah DVD, which he hasn't watched very much. He seemed pretty interested.

Bud and I had time to play just a little bit before Nanny J arrived at 9:00 and I got to work. They had a pretty good morning together, and I heard them playing piano and generally enjoying the morning.

M-lady got home around 11:00, and at 11:30 thirty we all packed up and drove over to a nearby preschool having an open house. Bud really enjoyed getting to use his umbrella to and from the school and the car, since it's still raining.

Bud and Nanny J had fun playing in the artwork area while M-lady and I chatted with teachers. It's just down the street from our place, so Bud will go there next year instead of continuing at the school he's currently at. His current school is really excellent-we've all enjoyed and appreciated it, and he has some friends there-but it's a bit of a drive now.

We headed home for lunch, and Bud had a good afternoon with Nanny J. He pooped on the potty (yay!), and took another nap on the bed instead of in his crib. I'll have to get the new bed set up in his room tomorrow.

M-lady and I arrived home at about 4:30 after running errands. Bud had a bath, and M-lady chatted with Nanny J for a bit before she took off at 5:30. I joined them at 6:00, having fun playing the piano. I hung out with them a little bit, and then made some eggs and toast for them for dinner.

At about 6:30, I took off to see a lacrosse game over at the San Jose sports arena. Bud was actually OK as I left when I explained that the game would go pretty late and be loud. He wasn't really interested in coming with me at that point, and happily had some dinner with M-lady. They watched Riverdance for a while after dinner, and then did the bedtime routine. He got to bed a little late at about 8:20, but wasn't any trouble for M-lady, which was nice.

The game wasn't really all that loud, and I saw some other tots there. Maybe Bud would like to go for a half of a game sometime.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Different Nap

Bud wandered into our bedroom this morning right around 7:30. I got up and changed him into a dry diaper, and he, M-lady and I all headed down to start the morning routine. I'm in the process of upgrading our MythTV box, so no Sesame Street this morning. He watched his On The Go DVD instead.

I got him set up, and M-lady spent the morning with him while I snoozed for a while. I think they came into the bedroom at one point, and Bud combed my hair (I think) while M-lady was dressing and getting ready. I was pretty zonked, though. I did hear them playing the piano together, as well.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and she and Bud had a good, if housebound, day. It rained pretty constantly throughout the day, so they stayed inside. Bud had a solid lunch, but didn't want to nap. Nanny J thought he looked tired, and eventually he asked her to rock with him in his old glider chair. The chair is now located in his future little brother's room, so eventually he crawled onto the bed we currently have set up in there and fell asleep. He slept on the bed solidly for about two hours. I think it bodes well for the upcoming switch from his crib to a twin.

He had a bath in the afternoon, and I found him looking out the front window with Nanny J when I came down at 5:30. He asked to play the piano, so we did that for a little while, followed by some serious Lincoln Log work. He's getting a little more patient with the building process, and even helping out now and again, rather than just going for the smash moment.

We eventually ended up playing a little bit of Rock Band, which is where M-lady found us when she arrived home. We had some dinner, which Bud ate sparingly, and then all played a couple of songs together before starting the bedtime routine.

Bud's ears were pretty dirty, so I attacked them with a Q-tip for the first time. Bud thought the cleaning process tickled, so getting him to hold his head still was a trick. But his ears are a little cleaner now. Bud was in bed around 8:00, and fell asleep pretty quickly.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Piano Day

Bud woke early this morning, around 6:40. I got up with him and tried to convince him to go back to sleep, but he wasn't having any of it. So we headed downstairs, got some milk, and watched Sesame Street.

A few minutes after the episode ended, around 8:00, Bud and I were chatting about what to do next when the doorbell rang. It was too early for the nanny, and since we weren't expecting anyone I was still in PJs (sweats, actually). It turned out to be the movers who had brought a few things up from Ama and Agu for us. Like a piano.

The movers were very efficient, although reassembling the piano was a bit of a task. The other items found homes pretty quickly. M-lady supervised, and I alternately helped out with assembling the piano and hanging out with Bud, watching the proceedings.

When Bud saw all the tools that appeared to work on the piano, he went and got his tools to help. He spent some time 'working' on the other pieces of furniture which arrived. After the movers left Bud and I had a good time sweeping and vacuuming the entryway.

Nanny J arrived a little before the movers left, and Bud had some breakfast with her and M-lady. I heard Bud playing the piano throughout the morning.

Bud had a good lunch, good day at school, and a bath when he got home. He did not get a nap, and combined with his early rising made him a little grumpy in the evening. I took him from Nanny J at about 5:30, and we ended up watching YouTube for a little while after we wrestled for a bit. M-lady arrived home around 6:15, and we all got started on dinner before too long.

Bud had a lot of scrambled eggs and orange juice for dinner, and we had some family Rock Band time afterwards. But as Bud started to flag, we spun up the Winnie-the-Pooh DVD and got started on the bedtime routine. He was reluctant to go to bed, but fell asleep almost instantly after turning the lights out.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Family Rock Band

Bud woke up this morning at about 7:30, and I got up with him. He'd saturated his diaper for the first time in a while, so we cleaned him and and got him changed into daytime clothes. He and I went downstairs to get some milk and watch Sesame Street.

In a few minutes, M-lady came down to hang out with him for a bit while I snoozed. I got up again to join them at about 8:45, and Bud and I played some air band for a few mintues before Nanny J arrived.

Bud had a good day with Nanny J. I came down around 11:00 to head into the office, and Bud had her playing air band with him in the empty living room. He'd set up a different makeshift drum kit with bins and boxes, and was having a great time banging away on them. He had a good nap later in the afternoon, and got himself cleaned up with a bath as well.

M-lady and I were busy with real estate issues (selling our old house) until we got home a little before 7:00. Bud was pretty happy to see us. As I walked in the door, he smiled at me and said, "I'm pooping!". Great. We talked a bit about letting us know before he poops while I changed his diaper.

M-lady and I had our dinners, and Bud poached from M-lady's dinner even though he'd already had a good one with Nanny J. I guess he just couldn't resist the french fries. After eating we all sat down and played some Rock Band together. It's really fun to play all together as a family. We had a great time for about 30 minutes before starting the bedtime routine.

Bud was a little disappointed to have to go to bed, but fell asleep pretty quickly after the light went out around 8:15.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Picking Up Stones

I sort of expected Bud to sleep in this morning until maybe 9:00, but he was up around 7:45. I got up with him, got him changed, and we watched some Sesame Street together. Bud's really starting to dig Sesame Street, which I think is fantastic.

M-lady joined us around 8:45 or so, and I went to snooze for a bit while M-lady and Bud spent the morning together. They read a story together which had been given to Bud at the party last night: Baby on the Way, a book aimed at letting Bud know what will happen when the new little brother arrives. When M-lady asked Bud if there was anything he wanted to teach the new little baby when he got older, Bud replied, "OK Go, Guitar Hero, drums." I think he's looking for a band mate.

They were having some breakfast and watching YouTube videos when I came downstairs around 10:00, and we watched some birds at the birdfeeder before Bud and I sat down to play a little Rock Band and Guitar Hero together.

Around noon we packed up and headed over to Aunt O and Uncle C's place, where we joined them for lunch. Bud was a bit rambunctious and not particularly inclined to eat, so Uncle C and I sat with him for a while in the living room while he spent time playing with the decorative stones of a little indoor fountain. The fountain was not running, and Bud had a good time playing with the stones, handing them to C and me, and counting them.

Eventually Bud got hungry and ate a slice of pizza before we left. He fell asleep on the way home, and M-lady sat with him in the car in the garage for a bit while he napped. When he woke, he was a bit grumpy, and refused to get out of the car. So M-lady drove to get gas, then came home. Bud was perfectly happy to come inside at that point.

Bud and I had a nice video call with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, while M-lady worked on making some spaghetti for dinner. Bud was willing to eat dinner with us, which was nice. We all enjoyed the spaghetti, and afterwards had a quick video call with Ama and Agu before playing a little bit more Guitar Hero. After that we started the bedtime routine. Bud was a little fussy at that point, but it wasn't unexpected given his short night last night. He was in bed around 7:45, and asleep shortly thereafter.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Partying Late

Bud started making noise this morning around 7:00, and I got up with him around 7:30. We wandered downstairs and had some milk while watching an episode of Sesame Street.

M-lady joined us around 9:00, and graciously watched Bud while I snoozed for about two hours. They had a pretty good morning together, playing a lot of Memory and Legos, and playing some drums and air band, of course.

After I got up, we set about the task of more clemetine picking. I climbed out on the roof and picked the ones towards the top of the tree that I wouldn't be able to reach with a ladder. Bud and M-lady waited just inside the window where I'd stepped out onto the roof, with Bud calling after me, "Be careful, Daddy! Daddy, be careful! Remember to be careful, Daddy!" I think we tend to repeat that to him pretty often.

We ended up with another six large bags of clementines, bringing the total to somewhere around 100,000. Seriously, we have a huge number of these things, and the tree is half-picked at most.

Bud wasn't interested in lunch after we finished up, so he and I played air band while I watched the Patriots-Chargers game. I asked him several times if he was interested in lunch, but he put it off repeatedly. Eventually I scolded him for standing on the coffee table (which he knows he's not supposed to do), and he ran off to have some alone time in his crib. He fell asleep on his own, and I closed the blinds so he could have a proper nap. He slept until just after 3:00.

At that point M-lady and I were packing up to head to a party up in Alameda. We packed Bud up as well after he had a snack, and we all drove up chatting happily. Bud was really well behaved at the party, and generally seemed to have a good time.

There were about a dozen adults at the party, and two other children, little girls Av and An. Av is a couple years older than Bud, and An is a couple weeks younger. Bud's interaction with them was limited, but civil. He sat with the girls at the 'kids table' for dinner, which was an extension of the main table. Bud kept himself entertained the majority of the evening, and entertained the others with his vigorous drumming and enjoyment of a flashlight he received as a gift.

The party didn't wrap up until about 10:00, when we said our goodnights, packed up, and headed for home. Bud eventually fell asleep during the drive, woke briefly when I put him into his crib, and was out again pretty quickly. Hopefully he'll sleep in a little bit tomorrow to make up for the late night tonight, though.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Oranges and Ice Cream

I left for a bike ride this morning before Bud woke up at 7:30. He had a good morning with M-lady, doing the usual routine and watching some Sesame Street.

Unfortunately, I flatted during the ride, and called M-lady to come pick me up. When M-lady told him they needed to go pick me up, he responded, "I'm watching TV". Once he figured out that I was 'in trouble', Bud was apparently very concerned. I managed to get the flat fixed with the help of a passing rider's frame pump, and made it home around 9:45. Bud immediately opened the door to the garage when I got home, saying, "Is Daddy and the bike alright?"

I snoozed for about an hour after the ride, while Bud and M-lady played drums and watched some YouTube. When I got up around 10:30, Bud and I played together for a bit while M-lady took a nap. Bud enjoyed running around the empty living room for a bit chasing a ball, and then we spent some time vacuuming (although I didn't plug the vacuum in so it would be quiet for M-lady).

We had a nice video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B, who are getting ready to head out to Boston to help out with RuggerMom and the new twins. Bud enjoyed seeing them, and showed them a good somersault or two. Bud ate a PB and J for lunch after that, supplemented with some potato chips.

M-lady joined us as we were getting ready to head outside and start picking the clementines from the tree in the front yard. I set up the ladder, and Bud puttered around the front yard while I picked oranges. He helped sporadically, spent some time trying out his tricycle, and did a lot of sweeping.

After collecting about six bags of clementines and apparently not making a dent in the tree's production, we came in and started settling down a little bit before a potential naptime. Bud and I watched an episode of Sesame Street, after which we had some Pocky and a little orange juice before Bud was ready to lie down for his nap. He fell asleep in about twenty minutes, at 3:45 or so.

He slept for about two hours, waking just as M-lady arrived home from a coffee meeting with the Mommy Group. We all packed up and headed out to dinner at Johnny Rocket's. Bud ate a reasonable meal of hot dog and packed in the fries.

After dinner we walked around the mall briefly before heading out in search of ice cream. We came across a Baskin Robbins not too far away, and Bud enjoyed sharing M-lady's mint chip. I managed to finish my scoop before they finished theirs, so Bud was a little disappointed to see my empty cup when he turned his attention to it.

He was happy all evening, however, and we started the bedtime routine when we arrived home. Winnie-the-Pooh was the video of choice, and although he got to bed a little late, around 8:30, he was still awake when I left the room at about 8:50. He fell asleep before too long after that, though.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Family Band

Bud woke this morning around 8:00, shortly after I got up. He wandered into the bedroom, where I fielded him and we changed his diaper and headed downstairs to get some milk and watch his On the Go DVD.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and Bud did his usual hemming and hawing for a few minutes before joining her. They had a good day together. Bud ate a solid lunch, but had his nap cut a little short in the afternoon when our gardener arrived and started pruning the trees with a chainsaw.

M-lady and I picked Bud up around 5:30, and said goodbye to Nanny J for the weekend. Bud played with M-lady for a little bit while I cleaned up outside, and then I sat down with Bud for a bit before dinner. We ended up playing some Rock Band before dinner time. Bud was a bit upset when it was time to have dinner, but eventually peeked into the dining room and ate a good dinner. We shared some Pocky after dinner, and then played Rock Band as a whole family for a while. Bud directed us to different instruments on each song, and we all had a good time together.

Bedtime rolled up pretty quickly, and Bud elected to watch an episode of Little Einsteins with his bedtime milk. He was in bed by about 8:00, and pretty drowsy having been shorted on his nap today. He fell asleep pretty quickly.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Cousins

Bud woke this morning right around 8:00, and I got him changed into a clean diaper. M-lady took him downstairs to get him some milk and watch a Baby Einstein video, and then I played with him for a bit from about 9:00 until 10:00.

Fairly early in the morning we heard the good news that RuggerMom delivered healthy twins: they're all doing fine. I chatted with Bud for a while about his new cousins, how they are Little Rugger's little brother and sister, and how he's going to have a new little brother before too long.

We spent some time playing, and dancing, and then watching YouTube videos. At about 10:00 we started getting ready for a trip to the doctor, and the whole family headed out together around 10:15. It was a trip to see Bud's ENT specialist to see if there was anything to do about the croup issue. The appointment was pretty straightforward, Bud was fantastic, and the doctor told us there's nothing really wrong with Bud and that we don't need to come back. Which was nice.

Bud held still while he was examined, and behaved really well the whole time. As a treat we picked up lunch on the way home from Carl's Jr., and Bud enjoyed french fries and chicken nuggets for lunch. Nanny J had already arrived when we got home; she took over after lunch, and she and Bud had a good time playing together this afternoon.

Bud had a nap and a bath, and was in a good mood when M-lady arrived home at 5:30. I played air drums with him for a while, and then we played a little bit of Rock Band while M-lady got dinner together.

Bud ate a good meal of chicken soup and baked fish, and had a few M&Ms for dessert. After dinner we looked at some pictures of the new cousins, and then some of Bud's baby pictures. Bud certainly seems to be pondering some of the ramifications of having a baby brother.

We started the bedtime routine near 7:30, and watched a section of Riverdance before bed. The light was out by 8:00, and Bud went to sleep pretty quickly.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Bud woke this morning a few minutes after 8:00, but it took me about 20 minutes to convince him to let me change his diaper before we headed downstairs. We had some milk, and Bud wanted to watch some Sesame Street for a change.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and Bud went to play with her pretty quickly. They had a pretty good day together, and Bud had a good time at school. It sounded like he enjoyed his bath when he got home, and was having fun dancing when I checked in around 5:30.

M-lady worked late this evening, so Bud and I called Granddad B and Grandma Nese before starting on dinner. Bud was particularly rambunctious during the call, jumping on my lap, dancing around, and making lots of noise. I think the grandparents found him to be pretty entertaining. He's starting to interact with them a little more, answering questions and honking their video noses.

We spent a little bit of time dancing the OK Go video (rather than Russian Dancers) before starting on dinner. Bud was a little upset that we started dinner, since he wanted to keep dancing, but it was starting to get late. He sucked down a cup of milk and a cup of orange juice while I made some scrambled eggs, and then had a good share of eggs and toast for dinner.

We played some Rock Band after dinner before M-lady got home. We all chatted together for a bit after she arrived home, and Bud actually answered some questions about school. I'm not sure we understood the answers entirely, but he's starting to volunteer more information, which is nice. Before long it was time to start the bedtime routine, and Bud was in bed around 8:15. He fell asleep pretty quickly after a long day with no nap.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Bud slept in this morning until about 8:45, at which time M-lady got him up and going. He'd woken briefly around 4:45, calling out again around 5:00. Not sure how long he was awake, but he certainly wanted to sleep in.

The painters were already working in the bathroom downstairs, and Nanny J arrived at 9:00. They had a pretty good day, although Bud reported that he didn't take a nap. I did hear him enjoying his bath in the later afternoon, though.

Apparently Bud broke his pacifier at some point before his nap. Nanny J took the opportunity to start the process of breaking him of his pacifier habit, which is why he ended up not napping today. He was reasonably happy when we were all home playing together, however.

I got started on installing the new blackout blinds in Bud's room before dinner. Bud enjoyed playing with the bubble wrap, but waved it in M-lady's face when she arrived in the room. M-lady requested an apology, and Bud decided to sulk instead. He's at a point where he really doesn't like being wrong, or not knowing something, or being corrected. So after about a half an hour of sulking and fussing he finally apologized and we all got on with the business of dinner.

Bud ate well, and after dinner helped me finish installing the blind. I finished just in time to start the bedtime routine. Everything was going fine until he asked for his 'pup' (his name for the pacifier), and we reminded him that he had broken it. He cried and fussed, and then asked for the backup pup (he broke the orange one, but we still had a blue one). We told him we didn't know where it was, but he wanted to look for it anyways.

Having the good memory that he does, he knew exactly where the pup was, and we hadn't thought to move it. So he went to bed with his blue pup. We warned him that when this one broke it was the last one; I'll see if I can sabotage the pup in some manner to speed its demise.

Monday, January 14, 2008

New Prop

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and after I changed his diaper he went downstairs with M-lady. They had a fun morning together. I had to leave for work around 8:30, and Bud waved me goodbye after asking where I was headed.

The tile guys arrived around 8:45 to finish up the downstairs shower, and Nanny J arrived at 9:00. Bud had a good day with Nanny J, including school, but no nap. He had a bath and was dancing happily in his PJs with Nanny J when I arrived home a little before 5:30.

Bud and I spent some time playing with Lincoln Logs before M-lady arrived home. They had some dinner together and played for a bit while I ran an errand out to pick up fixtures for the new bathroom. When I returned, Bud showed me his new trick.

Bud's favorite YouTube video right now is the first half of this one, followed closely by the original that everyone's seen by now. When I'd put my things down, Bud took one of his sports bottles, set it down, carefully pressed the top to start the music, and then his the first two poses while singing the song before throwing himself over on the carpet and giggling furiously. He had apparently also directed M-lady to do the dance with him.

We started the bedtime routine at that point, and Bud was in bed shortly after 8:00. He was really well behaved all evening, and we all had fun together.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Scared of Jack

Bud wandered into our room this morning shortly after 8:00, and I got up with him to do our usual morning thing. A little before 9:00 Ama and Agu arrived, having come over from Aunt O and Uncle C's place. Bud was pretty happy to see them, and got some breakfast with them and M-lady while I snoozed for another half hour.

At about 10:00 the Chargers game started, and Agu and Bud and I sat around and watched that. Well, Agu and I sat around, and Bud bounced around us for most of the game. We took turns helping to keep him entertained and watching the game. M-lady and Ama took the opportunity to get some shopping in while the game was on.

At one point during the commercials, Bud ran out of the room saying, "I don't like it." It took a little while for me to figure out what exactly he didn't like, but I realized shortly that he was afraid of Jack in the Jack in the Box commercials. I hadn't really thought of Jack as scary, but I can see how a three-year-old might find him a bit disturbing.

After M-lady and her mother returned, and the game wrapped up, Bud had some lunch with them while I packed up to head off to the old house to get some work done there. Bud had a good afternoon with Ama and Agu while I was gone. They walked to the park, had a picnic, walked home, and had about 45 minutes of quiet time. No nap, but that's not really unexpected.

I arrived home at about 5:30, and we all had a great dinner to celebrate Agu's birthday today. Bud ate well, and practiced with chopsticks a bit more. After dinner we all played some Rock Band together. Bud enjoyed mostly playing guitar, although he took a turn on drums, too.

That took us right up to the bedtime routine, which went pretty smoothly. Bud was in bed a bit after 8:00, after saying goodnight and goodbye to Ama and Agu, who will be leaving early tomorrow morning.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Extra Cake

Bud slept in this morning until about 8:40, at which point he wandered into the room. I got him into a clean diaper, and M-lady took him downstairs for milk and TV while I snoozed a little while longer.

I got up and headed off to the old house to do some fix-it work, and Bud and M-lady had a good morning together. When I left they were munching on a bagel and cinnamon toast, and playing with M-lady's computer. She had a word processor open and they were typing letters in a big font.

At one point Bud made a concerted effort to see his little brother again, but M-lady managed to fend him off.

M-lady also managed to get Bud dressed, which was apparently no small feat. When I returned around lunchtime, Bud had just finished a PB and J sandwich and was accepting a tithe from M-lady's chicken soup.

We all got ready to head out, and a little before 1:00 we were all in the car driving over to Aunt O and Uncle C's place to attend their baby shower. They're expecting a boy in a couple of months, so Bud will have a cousin to examine before his little brother arrives.

Bud was pretty well behaved at the party, playing with Ama and Agu, and I spent a good deal of time keeping track of him as well. He enjoyed the food, particularly the slices of orange, the crackers, and the M&Ms. We let him take some pictures with his camera, some of which turned out reasonably well.

Towards the end of the party there was a wonderful ice cream cake. Bud ate his slice with my help, then ate about half my slice, then wandered off to help M-lady with her slice. I think if anyone else had still been eating at that point he would have taken bites from them as well.

We took off around 4:30, and Bud fell asleep in the car on the way to our next destination. We attended the 3 year birthday party of friend A at a local kid's gym. Bud was a bit groggy when we went in, and held himself apart from the activities for a while. But he eventually enjoyed running around, jumping on the mats, trying out the balance beam, etc. He was pretty well involved by the time it came to eat, and he enjoyed the pizza, but particularly enjoyed the cake. I ate my piece by myself before helping him this time, and so he only really got one slice at this party.

We'd had fun, and headed home around 7:00. We started the bedtime routine pretty quickly when we got home, and Bud watched WordWorld with his milk. He was still reasonably full of energy when he went to bed around 8:30, but fell asleep pretty quickly after a long day of parties.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Rice On Knees

Bud woke this morning at about 7:45, and wandered into our room. We got up with him, and I got him changed and downstairs watching an episode of WordWorld before the contractor and tile guy arrived at about 8:00 to work on the shower. Bud was very interested to see what they were doing, particularly when they started pounding with a hammer. It was actually a stapler, putting the wire up for the tile, and so Bud let me know that it wasn't a hammer.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and I was immediately dismissed as Bud started angling for breakfast. They had a pretty good day together, although Bud wouldn't admit that he'd pooped in the later morning, and he dumped a cup of water out of the bathtub again at bathtime. He had a solid nap in the afternoon, though.

M-lady and I took over at about 5:30, and we got Bud dressed and ready to head out for dinner and a couple of errands. He was a bit resistant, but that was mostly because he was having fun playing with my new pocket flashlight.

We got him into the car and were all heading towards the general direction of food while discussing restaurant options. From the back seat, Bud piped up with "sushi!" So we tried a new sushi place near our errands, which turned out to be really good.

They had a nice kids menu, and we ordered a teriyaki chicken meal for Bud which arrived in a little boat for him. He had a lot of fun and reasonable success using chopsticks (with the little spring attachment) to pick up california rolls, chicken, and rice. He did manage to throw a fair bit of food around as well, though.

M-lady and I enjoyed the food and quick service. Bud was happy all through the meal, and ate pretty well. We discovered on leaving that he had ground a fair bit of rice into the knees of his pants when he switched from sitting to kneeling on his chair, though. It's not often you see rice on the knees of someone's pants.

We picked up a book at the nearby Barnes and Noble, and then took a quick side trip up and down the escalator. Then it was on to Target. Bud was really happy the whole time, bouncing, running around, and making a fair bit of noise. Towards the end of the Target trip he started getting a little tired, and he rode on my shoulders for the end of the errands.

We got back home around 7:30 and started the bedtime routine. Bud was still pretty high energy, but cooled down with some milk and WordWorld. He was in bed around 8:30, and fell asleep pretty quickly.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Being Good

Bud slept in this morning until about 8:15, and which time he wandered into our bedroom. M-lady had already left for work, and I was getting dressed when he came in. After I finished dressing, we got him into a clean diaper and headed downstairs for a little milk and WordWorld.

Bud's getting the concept of writing and words, but seems a bit reluctant to practice letter sounds. He does recognize some written words, though, in particular his name. We'll keep practicing... I'm sure he'll be reading in no time.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and after clinging to me for about 30 seconds, Bud got interested in whether Nanny J brought anything for him to eat. I escaped to the office for a while.

When I left to go to work at about 11:30, Bud was eating oranges with Nanny J. He looked like he was thoroughly enjoying them, and he waved goodbye to me as I left.

Bud had a good nap and a bath, and Ama and Agu arrived in the later afternoon. Bud was really happy to see them, and played with them for the rest of the day. I arrived home around 5:00, and Bud showed me the tool bench Ama and Agu had brought up for him. He had put the tools he got for Christmas on the bench; he's got quite a collection now. He showed me how he works the vice and table saw.

M-lady arrived home at 5:30, and we all said goodbye to Nanny J. Ama and Agu had brought dinner with them, and prepared it while M-lady and I decompressed a bit from work. Bud ate a good dinner, and then played with Agu for a bit while the rest of us finished eating. Ama and Agu had also brought a new Barbapapa book for Bud, which he insisted Agu read to him several times.

At about 7:00 Ama and Agu left to stay with Aunt O and Uncle C, and Bud and I spent some time reading the new book before we started in on Baby Bach and milk. Bud got to bed just a little later than usual, and went to sleep without any problems.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Spaghetti Night

Bud woke this morning just before 8:00, got himself out of bed and wandered into our room, in keeping with his current schedule. M-lady got up with him, although he wanted me to come change his diaper. After we got him changed, he hung out in bed with me for a while before M-lady lured him downstairs with milk and a little bit of TV.

He proudly showed off that he could turn on the lights himself, and then watched a short episode of WordWorld while having some milk. Bud found a pair of craft scissors after that, and he and M-lady had a good time making lots of little holes in a sheet of packing paper. They turned the paper into a face which they decorated together.

Bud hung out with M-lady for a bit while she put makeup on and got ready for work, and then transitioned to playing with Nanny J when she arrived at 9:00.

He had a good day at school, and a good bath, and was pretty chipper when I got him at 5:30, even though he'd skipped his nap. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and Bud gave her a big hug.

Bud and I puttered around a little bit before playing a some Rock Band together. We switched off instruments a couple of times, and then hung it up in favor of some air band practice time. M-lady arrived home from work soon after that, and we got started on dinner.

I prepared spaghetti for dinner, and Bud had a great time eating it with his hands. We encouraged the use of a fork, but he eschewed it in favor of stuffing noodles directly. He got a little messier than usual at dinner, but it wasn't too bad overall.

After dinner Bud and I shared a bowl of sherbet, played a little more air band, and then started on the bedtime routine. Bud watched a whole lot of Act II of Riverdance, convincing us to let him watch 'just one more dance' a couple of times before I carried him upstairs. The rest of the routine went smoothly, and Bud, who was pretty sleepy by this point, was asleep within five minutes of turning out the light.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Robot Flashlight

Bud wandered in to our room this morning right before 8:00, about 15 minutes after M-lady got up. I got up with Bud, we changed his diaper, and headed downstairs to watch the Baby Einsteins On the Go DVD. It's geared towards kids a little younger than he, but it seems he's looking for new stuff recently rather than watching the same old thing.

Nanny J arrived at about 9:00, and Bud transitioned to playing with her without any problem. They had a good day, with a nap and a bath and everything.

M-lady and I took him at 5:30, had some fresh chicken soup for dinner, and then loaded up to head over to Home Depot Expo to pick out lighting fixtures and towel bars for our downstairs bathroom. Bud was game, and well behaved for the whole trip. During the trip, however, he wanted me to sing the music from his new favorite YouTube video. The Imperial March is really hard to sing.

The part that M-lady and I find hilarious is that he refers to Darth Vader as 'the robot with the flashlight'. Yes Bud, exactly. I can't wait to watch the movies with him someday.

When we got home from the Expo, we immediately started the bedtime routine. It was already pretty late, so the routine was short, and Bud went to sleep pretty quickly.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Too Much Vacuuming

Bud woke this morning at about 7:45, wandering into our room on his own. M-lady got up to take care of him, but he was adamant about seeing me, so I got up, got him into a fresh diaper, and got him set up in front of the TV watching the rest of Baby Bach while M-lady cleaned up a little bit. Then M-lady watched him until Nanny J arrived.

We had taken our Christmas tree out last night, and left the living room covered with pine needles. After Bud had woken up a bit, M-lady informed him that he needed to vacuum. He was a little skeptical until M-lady told him he could use the big vacuum.

Bud got excited, and directed M-lady on ow to assemble the pieces of the vacuum cleaner. We have central vac in the new house, so mostly it was getting the hose out of the closet and attaching the sweeper. Then Bud went to town in the living room.

He'd work for a while, then switch the vacuum off and move the chairs he could lift. Eventually he got tired of vacuuming, however, and made M-lady do it while he directed and searched for missed pine needles. I thought we should have left some for tomorrow, but I think they got them all before Nanny J arrived at 9:00.

Bud had a pretty good day, and went back to school for the first time after the winter break. He missed his nap, and by the sound of it had a lot of fun in his bath after school.

I took Bud from Nanny J at about 5:30, and we played together until M-lady got home around 6:30. I asked Bud what he did at school, and he answered, "I cried." I asked him why he cried, but couldn't really get much more of an explanation out of him. I'm sure the first day back was a little stressful for everyone, though.

Bud and I had a good time wrestling, dancing, and jumping. He wanted me to lift him while he jumped, so he could fly a bit. We did some of that in the now extra-empty living room, until my arms got tired. Bud did managed to balance standing on my hands for the first time, nervously, at a very low height.

He was pretty tired towards the end of the day, though, and wasn't interested in the first dinner I prepared for him (grilled cheese sandwich). After his milk and TV part of the bedtime routine, he wanted something to eat, though, so had half a PB and J. He was happy enough through the routine, and in bed by about 8:00. He was asleep within five minutes.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Go Chargers!

At about 2:45 this morning we were awakened by our alarm system talking to us. It was repeating, "breakfast nook left window open," over and over again. Since it would have just said it once if the window had been simply opened, I figured it was an alarm malfunction. I went down to check, and sure enough, the window in question was securely closed.

The alarm quit its alarming after about a minute, and Bud didn't wake up. I figured I could figure out what was wrong with it in the morning. Unfortunately, it took me about an hour to get back to sleep, with the adrenaline jolt of waking up to the alarm voice.

Bud then woke up briefly at about 4:30, and I went to comfort him. He went right back to sleep after I tucked him back in. I was able to sleep again pretty quickly. Bud woke for good around 7:45, and I got up with him.

He was content to putter about his room for a little while before we changed his diaper and headed downstairs. We got some milk for him and watched the second half of Cars together. After that we played air band and Lincoln Logs for a bit until M-lady came down at about 9:45.

Bud and M-lady had some breakfast and got dressed while I snoozed for a bit. I heard them dancing downstairs as I got myself dressed. After I joined them, Bud and I had a nice video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B. Bud was a little extra rambunctious, climbing all over me while we chatted. He also showed off some of his dancing during the call, but he was a little close to the camera for the grandparents to see it properly.

He had a good portion of a PB and J sandwich for lunch, and then we spent some time watching YouTube videos. He watched a little bit of the Chargers game with me, but was more interested in the online videos I pulled up for him of Muppets and Disney musical numbers.

At about 3:00 I tried to put him down for a nap. He stayed in his bed quietly for about 30 minutes before getting up and coming back into the office. I sat him down and had him play his Sesame Street video game for a bit while I finished watching the Chargers go on to their first playoff victory in 13 years.

After the game we all packed up and headed out to the local Johnny Rocket's for dinner. It was nice to get out of the house, even though it was raining a bit. Bud ate a little bit of a hot dog and a whole lot of fries. After dinner we wandered around the mall for a bit before coming home.

Bud was pretty tired after not napping, and was ready for bed after just a little bit of Rock Band. M-lady watched a little bit of an old Baby Einsteins DVD with him, Baby Bach. He was pretty zoned by the time we pulled the plug and finished up the bedtime routine. He was in bed before 8:00, and fell asleep in just a couple of minutes.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Weekend Nap

Bud wandered into our room this morning shortly after 8:00, and M-lady got up with him. They had a fun morning, although Bud went looking for the baby down the front of M-lady's shirt again.

I joined them at about 9:30, and M-lady went to take a nap while Bud and I played for a bit. We spent most of the time counting Lincoln Logs.

At about 10:30 we started getting ready for an outing, putting on rain coats and grabbing umbrellas. Bud got to wear his rain boots. After playing on the driveway with the umbrella for a bit, we loaded into the car and headed off to the grocery store to pick up some general provisions.

Bud loved using the umbrella in the heavy rain that fell as we walked into the store, and then was very well behaved while we were shopping. It wasn't raining when we came out of the store, but Bud used the umbrella on the way back to the car anyways.

We picked up some lunch on the way home, and then had lunch on arrival. Bud enjoyed a taco for the first time. After lunch, we watched a little bit of Cars in an attempt to settle down for nap time.

At about 2:00, M-lady went to take a nap, and I put Bud in his crib and sat with him for a bit. I presently nodded off, and was awakened by Bud tickling my toes after climbing out of his crib. I let him run around his room and climb on me for a bit, but when he started pounding on my head I put him back in his crib. He fell asleep around 3:00.

He slept for a solid two hours, and woke at about 5:00. He was a bit groggy, and watched me take a stab at righting a small tree which had listed a bit in the strong rains. Unfortunately the ground was too wet to get it to stand up again, so I'll make another attempt when things dry out a little bit.

We had a fun video chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, during which Bud showed off some of his guitar hero moves. He played the guitar behind his head, which was one I hadn't seen him do before.

After the chat, we settled down for a dinner of leftover stirfry. Bud didn't eat really well, but he had a lot of milk and orange juice. We had a little bit of Pocky and some chocolate cake for dessert.

After dinner we played some Rock Band for a while, and then watched some Totoro for the bedtime routine. He was up a little late, but it wasn't too bad given his good nap today. He fell asleep on his own shortly after 8:30 or so.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Weathering the Storm

We got hit by an ugly storm this morning, and it rained pretty much all day. But Bud never went out today (neither did I, actually), so we were snug in our non-leaking new house.

Bud woke around 6:45, and I convinced him to snooze until about 7:05. We got him changed and headed downstairs, listening to the wind and rain. Bud and I watched a couple of episodes of Little Einsteins, followed by a couple of episodes of Pingu at his request.

After watching TV Bud was ready to play and make some noise. We played a little bit of air band before I handed him off to M-lady and headed back to bed for a few minutes. They spent some time working on how to look through the viewfinder of his camera, since the battery was low and the display on the back wasn't working.

Nanny J arrived a little before 9:00, making the trip through some pretty nasty weather. Bud was a little clingy to M-lady until he noticed a treat in Nanny J's lunchbag, at which point he trotted off after her without reservation.

He had a good day with Nanny J. At about 12:30, the power went out for about half an hour, but Bud was eating lunch at at the time so it wasn't much of an issue. The alarm system in the house helpfully announced that the power was out (the same way it announces doors and windows opening), and Bud curiously piped up, "Who's that?"

Bud took a reasonable nap in the early afternoon, but woke up with an ugly diaper rash for whatever reason. Nanny J immediately plopped him into the bath, which he enjoyed, and carefully dried his butt and got him into a diaper.

M-lady arrived home around 4:45, and wished Nanny J a good weekend at about 5:30. Bud was really clingy to her right before she left. When she said she was going home, Bud thought for a minute, then said, "I'll stay here with Baba." He ran over to me and jumped in my lap.

Bud ate a solid dinner with us. After dinner, we were talking about his little brother, and he asked to see the baby. We told him he couldn't yet because it was in M-lady's tummy. He proceeded to reach an arm down the front of M-lady's shirt, convinced he could find the baby down there.

After dinner we all watched some Riverdance, and Bud showed how he uses a cookie tin as a hand drum. After that we eventually settled in front of the Wii for a while. We had a good time with the games, and as bedtime rolled up we watched an quick episode of Bob the Builder before doing the whole bedtime routine.

His butt was too tender for me to wipe it, but I cleaned it off as best I could and got some vaseline on it for bedtime. He stalled a little bit, but not too much, and was in bed around 8:20. He fell asleep on his own pretty quickly.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

More Agreeable

Bud woke this morning around 8:15, and M-lady got up with him. I snoozed until about 8:35, and then joined them. They were downstairs in the kitchen hanging out. We got Bud some milk, and I sat with him in front of some Winnie-the-Pooh until Nanny J arrived at 9:00.

Some workmen arrived around the same time to work on the bathroom, and Bud eyed them suspiciously. He was a bit reluctant to let me go, and got upset when I extricated myself in order to start working. It sounded like he wailed for about two minutes before he was distracted by Nanny J.

They apparently had a much better day together today. Bud was apparently happier and better behaved all day. Hopefully this indicates he'll be back to his old self once the routine gets re-established. I got home around 2:30, and found a chipper Bud who welcomed me home, but was willing to let me go so he could get back to playing with Nanny J. Bud went down for a 90 minute nap shortly after I got home.

Bud had a bath around 4:30, and I heard him playing happily in the bath. I don't think there was a cup of water on the floor incident today.

M-lady got home around 5:30, and we relieved Nanny J. Bud was having a great time rolling around on the living room floor. Without furniture, and with wall-to-wall carpet (something we didn't have anywhere in our last house), the living room is pretty much just a big play yard / tumbling mat for him.

After a bit of rambunctious play, I ordered a pizza and went out to pick it up. M-lady and Bud continued to play in the living room, having fun with M-lady's new full body pregnancy pillow, and an older digital camera we decided to let Bud use. They were still having fun when I got back, and we all had a good pizza dinner.

After dinner, Bud and I played together a bit while M-lady settled down for a nap. Bud and I had fun for about half an hour before we started in on the bedtime routine. Bud was still pretty awake when we did the routine, so he kept trying to stretch it out. I finally got him into bed after multiple stories at about 8:20. He called out once about an hour later, but he was mostly asleep and didn't really respond much to my comforting.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Bud woke this morning around 6:45, but I convinced him to snooze until 7:15. At that point I got up with him, and we went downstairs to watch some Pooh and have some milk. M-lady relieved me around 8:00, and watched Bud until Nanny J arrived at 9:00.

Bud is really getting into being two years old (a little late). He's testing, deliberately doing things he knows are bad to find out what he can get away with. It's certainly tiring.

Ha managed to break (further) the microphone stands he got for Christmas from Ama and Agu. I'm afraid we're going to have to take them away, because they've essentially become big sticks he likes to swing around. He does use them as air band instruments: the smaller is a flute, and the larger a bassoon. Bud he also spends time swinging them around a bit.

He was tearful when M-lady tried to leave to run some errands around 10:30. He was apparently willful all day with Nanny J, although they did have a good time at the park in the afternoon and he had a fun bath. He didn't nap today, though, and he had some naughty behavior: at the end of his bath, he deliberately dumped a cup full of water on the floor.

At about 5:30 M-lady and I took Bud, and Nanny J took her leave. Bud and I played together for a bit while M-lady grabbed some dinner. Bud was a little fussy, but I eventually got him to calm down and we sat and watched a little bit of Pooh together. He was willing to sit and watch for a bit on his own while I grabbed some dinner, and then he had a PB and J sandwich for dinner himself.

After dinner we came upstairs and played with a new Sesame Street game he got for Christmas (thanks, Great-Aunt L!), which is starting to teach him how to use the mouse. We played for a few minutes before starting in on the bedtime routine.

Since he didn't have a nap, Bud was really tired. We watched some of an episode of Sesame Street, then washed hands and face and brushed teeth. I read him another Nursery Tale, and he was asleep a few seconds after we turned out the light around 8:00. I guess a long day of being willful can be taxing.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Waking Up First

Bud pulled another first this morning. Rather than make noise and call for us, he climbed out of his crib and appeared at out bedroom door at about 8:00. Not surprising, and totally inevitable once he started climbing out of his crib, but it makes us think a little bit. I may need to put an alarm on his door now or something.

In any case, I got up with him and we went downstairs for milk and Winnie-the-Pooh. M-lady relieved me after about an hour, and I went back to sleep for a while, since I'm still getting over a cold. She and Bud had a pleasant morning together.

A red-PJ'ed foot
Bud had half a PB and J for breakfast, and then some of M-lady's cinnamon toast. After cleaning up they played truck driving, and then some air band. They actually played drums together (simultaneously) for a while, which for Bud is a bit unusual. He generally wants complementary air instruments being played. Eventually he did something cute and M-lady had to take a picture.

Bud wandered into the bedroom a bit later with our little digital camera, taking pictures of everything. He wasn't usually holding the shutter release down long enough, though, so he was mostly just focusing the camera on different subjects. He did get a couple of cute shots, though. Thank goodness he didn't figure out how to shoot movies.

Glad he didn't drop the camera
I got up and hung out with Bud for a bit before lunch, although he got a bit fussy. He eventually had the second half of his sandwich, and we had a little bit of Pocky afterwards. Then we spent some time hanging out in his room reading stories.

A little after 1:00, babysitter G showed up. Bud was being a bit stubborn, and eventually allowed us to sneak out after we set him down in front of Winnie-the-Pooh. Apparently he lasted for a few minutes before almost nodding off in front of the TV and consenting to lie down for a nap. He slept for two and a half hours.

He was much more chipper when we returned, having had a big nap and another PB and J. He'd had fun with babysitter G, and we all piled into the car to take her home. We picked up sushi for dinner on the way home, and Bud enjoyed quite a bit before deciding he had too much rice on his hands.

A fantastic self-portrait
After dinner we had a brief video call with Grandma Nese and Granddad B, but Bud wasn't really interested in talking. He got a little too enthusiastic about hitting things with his drumsticks, and continued after I asked him to stop. So I took the drumsticks away and gave him a timeout, which he didn't really like very much. By the time we were wrapping up the video call, he was happy and ready to behave again.

Bud and I played some Rock Band for a little while, and then started the bedtime routine. He insisted on having his milk and watching Winnie-the-Pooh before getting into his PJs, which was a little unusual. But other than that the bedtime routine was routine.

About 30 minutes after he went down, he called out asking for water, which I brought to him. He repeated that another 20 or 30 minutes later, before finally falling asleep.

Nanny J will be back tomorrow, which I hope starts restoring routine for Bud. He's been out of routine for what seems like a month now, with the move and the holidays. We're really hoping the afternoon nap starts happening regularly again.