Friday, November 30, 2007

Tolerant Fellow

Bud woke this morning around 7:15, as usual. We did the usual morning routine, interrupted at about 8:00 by a guy from the moving company who came over to look at how much stuff we have and tell us how much it was going to cost to move it all. Bud kept a wary eye on the interloper, but since he didn't get in between Bud and Bob the Builder, things were OK.

Nanny J arrived a little before 9:00 to take Bud to his gymnastics class. Bud was a little resistant to going, but was happily bribed with a wafer cookie.

Bud apparently wanted to watch the Tai Chi Chuan practitioners outside of class rather than go into gymnastics, but once Nanny J got him inside they had a good time. They watched the Tai Chi for a while when they came out.

We saw Bud again in the evening when we got home around 5:00. He had a solid nap and a bath today. After M-lady and I handled some house documentation, we all headed out to dinner. Unfortunately, since it was Friday night at about 6:00, the restaurant was pretty busy and we had about a 20 minute wait. Bud was really patient and well behaved the whole time.

When we were seated, Bud diligently colored his menu and generally entertained himself throughout the meal. He had a big glass of milk, and some chips, but wouldn't eat the proffered chicken quesadilla. Didn't seem to bother him too much, though.

We meandered home a little bit, checking out the neighborhood around our new house. It was just past 8:00 when we arrived home, and we got started on the bedtime routine right away. After a quick episode of Bob the Builder, we got him into PJs and into bed. He went to sleep quietly and quickly.

I should mention that I was tempted to not post tonight to celebrate the close of NaBloPoMo. :P

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Usual

Bud woke this morning around 7:30. For some reason, the extra fifteen minutes seemed like a long time this morning, which was nice. I got up with him, as M-lady had to leave for work early, and we watched Bob the Builder for a bit together. After that, we watched a little bit of YouTube until Nanny J arrived.

Bud was bribed to go hang out with Nanny J with a gummy bear, and I got ready for a meeting with our realtor. Apparently they had a good day together, Bud had a solid lunch and a bath before his nap, and was just waking up when I arrived home around 4:30.

Bud, Nanny J, and I were playing together when M-lady arrived home at about 5:30, and after chatting with Nanny J for a bit M-lady and I sat down to dinner. Bud wasn't really interested, and continued to play while we chatted and ate.

I realized we were out of milk, so made a quick grocery run while Bud played with M-lady. I got back around 7:30, just in time to get started on a new episode of WordWorld. The bedtime routine was pretty usual, and while Bud tried to pee before putting on his nighttime diaper, we didn't have any success on the potty. Bud got into bed a little late, around 8:15, but went to sleep quickly.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Good Mood Kid

Bud woke this morning around 7:15, and M-lady got up to hang out with him, which was really nice. They watched a little TV, read some stories, and played some air band. I joined them at about 8:30, and Bud and I played a bit of Guitar Hero before Nanny J arrived.

I was working for about 30 minutes when Bud came into the office, and had a bit of a meltdown with Nanny J and I tried to remove him. It seemed temporary, though, as I heard him laughing with Nanny J about five minutes later.

Bud had a good lunch of chicken and rice, and headed off to school. They celebrated another child's birthday today, the second of the week. Bud again came home with tales of cake at school, and a little party favor bag including a blowout, some stickers, and a stamp, all Cars themed. It's made M-lady and I start considering what we need to do when his birthday rolls around.

Bud didn't have a nap today, but did enjoy his bath at about 4:30. I escaped from a conference call and took him from Nanny J at about 5:30. He was in a happy mood, and actually stayed that way all evening. We played air band, cooking, and general horsing around for the better part of an hour before I got some dinner ready.

We had eggs, bacon, and bagels, and Bud ate a lot of eggs. After dinner, we played a bit more before M-lady arrived home at about 7:00. We made sure she got some dinner, and then continued playing together until we started the bedtime routine at about 7:20. We watched one of the new episodes of WordWorld, and then did the teeth, face wash, and change diaper. Since his diaper was dry, I asked him if he needed to use the potty. He agreed that he did, and peed on the potty for me before I put his bedtime diaper on. Cool!

After that we read a couple of stories and went to bed without incident. He's starting to 'read' along with the books, although he's really just memorized them. Bud he tries to point to the words as we read them, so I think he's sort of got the concept.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bouncing Around The New House

Bud woke at about 7:15 this morning, bright and cheerful. I got up with him and we watched Bob the Builder with him, his new old favorite.

M-lady watched Bud after about 8:30. The cleaners arrived at 8:40, and Nanny J at 9:00. I heard Bud doing his cleaning schtick for a while after the cleaners left.

Bud had a solid lunch and nap today. He spent a good chunk of the morning playing with his new drums as well. Fortunately, since they're electronic, the volume can be turned down. I think Nanny J really appreciates this feature. He was banging away when I left for work a little after 10:00.

M-lady and I had an appointment to meet the roof inspector and a contractor at our new house. I suggested this morning that if Bud was up from his nap, Nanny J should bring him down so the two of them could check out the house. While I was chatting with the contractor in the bathroom, I heard them arrive.

Bud was really thrilled, and spent the next half hour or so sprinting around the house, with Nanny J diligently trailing him. He was very cautious on the stairs, which was good, since that will be a new obstacle for him. But he really liked seeing his new room, and running in circles in the new big family room.

We finished up a little after 5:00, and Bud wanted to come home with me. So we all said goodbye to Nanny J and headed for home. On the way, Bud and I stopped at Circuit City for a quick look to see if they had the AC adapter for his new drums. Sure enough, they had one in stock, and I picked it up. We tried it out on arrival home, and Bud banged away happily while M-lady and I got some dinner together.

Bud ate a good portion of a chicken drumstick and a big cup of milk at dinner. He seemed a little hesitant to get his fingers greasy on the drumstick, though. It took a little encouraging and example.

After dinner M-lady played with Bud for a bit while I caught up with my dad on the phone, and I picked him up around 7:00 while M-lady took a nap. Bud and I played together for a bit before watching another episode of Bob the Builder to kick off the bedtime routine. Bud was well behaved during the routine, and went to sleep quickly.

Monday, November 26, 2007

New Construction

Bud woke this morning about 7:15, and we got up and watched some Bob the Builder until Nanny J arrived at about 9:00. Bud was pretty happy to see her, and began playing pretty quickly after M-lady and I said goodbye.

Bud apparently had a good day at class today, and they celebrated one of the children's birthdays with cake and balloons. Bud came home with a purple balloon and a blowout. He didn't get a nap in the afternoon, but he sounded pretty happy taking his bath.

When M-lady and I got together with him and Nanny J at 5:30, we found them playing on an airplane Bud had constructed out of items in his playroom. The chairs were set in tandem with the pilot's seat in front, and the "people's" seat behind. Various toy boxes constituted the wings, and brooms and vacuum cleaners made up structural elements of the fuselage. It was quite a play area he put together. He shooed M-lady away from the pilot's seat "because it's dangerous".

We all had fun dancing and playing in the early evening. At about 6:00, Friend C came by to pick up some media I'd been working on for her. Bud was really excited to see her, and wanted to show her all sorts of things. She was even brought into our 'Russian Dance' in the kitchen. She had to leave earlier than we would have liked to get to a class, and we got started on dinner shortly afterwards.

Bud had a fair amount of chicken soup that M-lady put together, and fished out all the broccoli in particular. After a reasonably solid, if not huge meal, we had a video chat with Granddad B and Grandma W. They had sent an early Christmas gift of an electronic drum set (the Yamaha DD-20C), and we wanted them to watch while he opened it. He was pretty excited, and enjoyed it for the rest of the evening. It plays a lot of different sounds, so I think he'll get a lot of mileage out of it.

We got started on the bedtime routine at about 7:30, watching a new episode of WordWorld. Bud was pretty exhausted by bedtime, and melted down as I put him in his crib. After a few minutes he calmed down and fell asleep almost instantly.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nap Resistance

Bud woke this morning around 7:15, and I got up with him. We did our usual morning thing, although he wanted to see Bob the Builder this morning. I've got to see about deleting our recorded episodes of Dora the Explorer before he circles back around to those.

Feeding the Goats
M-lady watched Bud from about 10:00 to about 11:00, while I took a quick nap. They read some Richard Scarry while having some breakfast. There was some air band played, as well as some blanket "parachute" games (mostly lifting it overhead and giggling).

When I joined them at about 11:00, we were agreed that we needed to get out of the house, but we weren't sure where. Eventually we decided on Happy Hollow, and made our way there.

It was cool at the park, but we had a great time visiting the capybaras, jaguar, and lemurs. Bud was excited this time to feed and pet the pygmy goats in the petting corral, although he wasn't as happy about the goat spit on his hand after he fed them. We washed our hands and continued on.

Bud really doesn't like the parrots. I think they're a little loud for him. Bud he was fine during the rest of the trip.

Happy with Mommy
We headed over to the park side after visiting all the animals (except the parrots) in the zoo, and headed for lunch pretty quickly. We ran into friend D with daughter K and son De in line at the lunch stand, and got to chat with him a little bit. Bud waved hello to K, and she said "Hi!" back.

After a lunch of corn dog, fries, and apple juice, we headed into the more playground style attractions. While playing in the maze, Bud suggested Hide and Seek, and put his head against a wall and started counting. Neither M-lady or I have played Hide and Seek with him yet, so we were a little surprised. He wasn't sure about the details of the game, and was a little confused when he didn't see me after he stopped counting, but we can work on those details later.

Playing Hide and Seek
After the maze, some fun slides, a ride on the dragon-tram, and a bonked head after a collision with a larger child, it was time to go home. Bud seemed reasonably worn out and ready for a nap when we got home, and went to his crib willingly. And didn't nap for an hour.

We eventually got up when he claimed he had to go potty, and we sat on the potty without results for about 10 minutes. Afterward we watched Sesame Street videos on YouTube for a while.

At 4:00, Bud was yawning, but screamed when I tried again to get him to nap. So we got into the car and headed out for a drive. About 15 minutes into the drive he passed out, but only slept for about 40 minutes. He woke up a few minutes before we arrived home.

We had dinner pretty quickly after getting home, and Bud actually ate a decent dinner of chicken, broccoli, and biscuit before sharing a piece of cake with me. Then he watched a little Bob the Builder and Little Einsteins with M-lady, and we started on the bedtime routine. He was in bed a little early, at about 7:45, but went to sleep pretty quickly.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Grouchy Evening

Bud woke this morning at about 7:20. I was already up preparing for a bike ride, so I got Bud out of bed, got him into a fresh diaper, and got him set up in front of an episode of Little Einsteins. I took off a little before 8:00, letting Bud know that M-lady was waking up and if he needed anything he could find her in the bedroom.

They had a good morning, although M-lady didn't managed to convince Bud to get out of the house. She showed him pictures of a local place called The Jungle, and asked if he wanted to go there. He replied that he was content just looking at the pictures. Oh well.

I got home around noon, and we had some lunch. Bud wanted a hotdog, but didn't want me to heat it up. He snarfed one, with the bun, and then asked for a second one. He ate about half of that before he decided he was done.

Bud and I hung out for a bit, and tried to get a video call going with RuggerMom and family over there, without much luck. Bud was starting to get a bit antsy, so I put him down for a nap at about 1:30.

After not napping for about an hour, he got up and we watched a Bob the Builder movie. We played some more after that, and watched some YouTube videos, but he was starting to get a little crabby from not napping. I eventually got him to fall asleep around 4:45.

Unfortunately, we were having a dinner party at 6:00, and Bud was really unhappy when he woke up (at 6:00) and found strangers in the house. He wailed for a bit, and I spent a good chunk of the evening soothing him rather than cooking dinner. Thanks for holding dinner together, M-lady!

He eventually came out around 7:00, and ate a little bit of PB and J in the playroom. He wanted some cake, but wasn't willing to venture too close to the strangers in the dining room. A compromise was eventually reached when I moved his chair to the middle of the kitchen, a fair distance away from the guests. He insisted that it faced away, though.

The guests left a little before 8:00, and Bud was already watching an episode of Little Einsteins. The bedtime routine was a little abbreviated due to fussiness, and Bud fell asleep quickly when he got into his crib shortly after 8:00. We're definitely going to have to get him out of the house tomorrow.

Friday, November 23, 2007

It's Not Sunday?

Bud woke this morning a little after 7:00, and M-lady got up with him. They watched some Little Einsteins, unloaded the dishwasher, had some breakfast, and played together. Bud was in a good mood.

I joined them at about 9:30, and played with Bud for a bit while M-lady did some work. Bud asked me if it was Sunday, which seemed a slightly odd, until I realized that it was the second day in a row we've been home. Since that normally connotes a weekend, Bud really made a good deduction. Or that's the only day he knows. No telling for sure. In any case, I explained that it was Friday, and we had a couple more days together ahead of us. Apparently Bud asked M-lady the same thing earlier in the morning.

Bud and I went out to the park at about 11:00, and after figuring out that he wanted to go to a park with a playground (rather than chase ducks around the lake), we had a good time at a local park with a big playground. Bud had fun on the equipment and in the sand, and really enjoyed some of the slides. He tried the big boy swings again, and giggled and giggled for about a minute before he was ready to get off.

We spent about an hour running around the park, and then headed home for lunch. He had PB and J for lunch, and then we changed a poopy diaper and played together for a few minutes before Babysitter G arrived. M-lady and I had scheduled a little bit of time off, and had Babysitter G come for the afternoon so we could have some off time together.

Bud was really excited to see Babysitter G, and immediately started showing her all sorts of stuff... his drums, the Rock Band controllers, drumsticks, these CDs over here, etc. He barely acknowledged us as we left.

He apparently had a really good time with Babysitter G, had a good 2.5 hour nap, and picked out the shrimp and peas dish for a snack for himself. He was happy to see us as we returned around 5:00.

I drove Babysitter G home, and Bud came with us. Bud and I had fun singing songs on the way home. When we arrived, I got some dinner ready.

Bud enjoyed his potatoes and turkey, but really liked eating turkey right off the wing. M-lady and I got the idea to cook up some chicken drumsticks for him, so we'll try that later this week.

After dinner Bud and I had fun in the shower, got into PJs, watched another Little Einsteins, and headed for bed. Bud fell asleep pretty quickly after a full day.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

We all had a good day today, although there was a distinct lack of nappage.

Bud woke around 8:00, and I got up with him. We ended up watching PBS, including a little bit of Clifford the Big Red Dog and an episode of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. Bud really seemed to like Mr. Roger's, and it was the first time I'd seen the show in many years. There was a little bit of explaining about the Land Of Make-Believe, and I had a little trouble remembering some of the characters' names.

What I'm thankful for.
M-lady joined us a bit later, and she and Bud had some breakfast together. We all played a little Rock Band, and generally had a good morning together.

Around 11:00 we all got dressed and headed out for a drive. We went down to take a look at the house we're going to buy, and scope out the neighborhood a bit. We made our way over to the nearby park, which is a few streets away but easy walking distance. There was a nice playground there, and Bud enjoyed running around and playing on the equipment quite a bit.

I got Bud to sit on a normal swing for the first time. That is, a swing that doesn't have a basket at the bottom for really little kids. He was a little nervous at first, but sat solidly, and really liked it once I started giving him a gentle push.

We walked around the rest of the park, and headed back to the car. After driving around the neighborhood a little more and discovering some of the local stores, we picked up some lunch and headed for home.

SwingDaddy and SwingSon
Since it was just the three of us for Thanksgiving, I figured it would be a good time to learn how to cook a turkey. No one but us to be disappointed if it didn't go well, and we had a frozen pizza on standby. So after lunch I got the turkey prepped and in the oven while M-lady played with Bud for a while.

After the turkey was in the oven, Bud and I played for a bit together while M-lady rested. Around 2:00 Bud started showing signs of being tired, so we got set up for a nap and I put him down in his crib. He chatted to himself, rolled around, and called for me every 20-30 minutes.

At one point he asked to go sit on the potty, so we did that for about 10 minutes with no results. He'd already pooped earlier in the day, so I wasn't too surprised. Eventually he got up around 3:30, having not napped.

We played a little bit more until I needed to start prepping some of the other dishes for dinner, and Bud went and woke M-lady up. She entertained him for a bit while I did dinner type things, and then helped with the dinner for a bit. I think Bud got a little annoyed at this point that he wasn't getting a lot of attention (and was a bit tired).

The turkey turned out really well, though, and we all enjoyed dinner. Bud didn't like the cranberry sauce much, though. He also dumped a good portion of a cup of juice in his lap, but that was largely my fault for overfilling the cup. He was more careful after we changed his clothes, though.

After dinner there was a lot of clean up, and Bud again got a little antsy at the lack of attention. Eventually we all got to hang out for a little bit and play some air band together.

I kicked off the bedtime routine at about 6:45 with a little bit of ice cream, and Bud was in bed by 7:45. He passed out pretty quickly.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Mellow Day

Bud woke this morning at about 7:30, and M-lady got up to take care of him, which was nice. I slept until about 8:15, and took Bud at about 8:30. We played a little bit of Rock Band before Nanny J arrived.

Bud had a good day with Nanny J, including a walk around the park and a trip to the library. No school again today due to the upcoming holidays, so Bud had a good nap in the afternoon. I got home while he was napping, and M-lady arrived shortly after he woke up. He had a bath around 4:30, and Nanny J took off around 5:00.

We all played a little bit of Rock Band, and then I got some dinner ready. Bud ate good sized servings at dinner, and afterwards we played a little more and had a video call with Grandma W and Granddad B. It had been a while since we connected via video, since my mac had been away for repairs. Bud had a great time showing off for and interacting with the grandparents.

Bud and I played a little bit more after the call, and then started the bedtime routine with some ice cream. We watched an episode of Little Einsteins, brushed teeth, washed face, and read a story. Bud was content all the way through the process, and went to sleep quickly. It was nice to have a fairly normal day after the craziness of the past couple of days.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Total Rocker

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and I got up with him. We did the usual routine, and watched an episode of Little Einsteins together.

M-lady came out to sit with him around 8:15, and I snuck back to snooze for a little bit. I heard a lot of giggling, though. Apparently Bud picked up his little piano book, held it sideways, and called it an accordion. The dude knows his instruments.

Nanny J arrived at about 9:00, and Bud had a good morning with her. They went to the park again this morning, and Bud had a good run-around. I saw them shortly after they ate lunch around 12:30, and Bud was having fun playing air band with Nanny J.

Playing drums with Daddy
In the afternoon, M-lady and I were busy with various activities, and M-lady managed to get home around 5:30, a little before I did. She took Bud from Nanny J, and they greeted me at the door when I arrived home a few minutes before 6:00.

Bud was really excited to see the big box I was carrying with pictures on it of drummers, singers, and guitar players. That's right, Rock Band was released! I spent the next 20-30 minutes doing the 'some assembly required' bit while I chatted with M-lady and tried to keep Bud from stepping on the guitar or microphone.

Singing along
Bud was thrilled with the little drum kit. We played together for a little while, and eventually took a break to have dinner. Then we played some more. Bud was very inclusive, making sure both M-lady and I had turns on each instrument. At about 7:30 I gave him the option of playing more Rock Band or watching some WordWorld. He elected Rock Band, and eventually got upset when it was bedtime. After he cried a little bit, though, he asked for a little warm milk and went to sleep pretty quickly.

The other big news items of the day: Bud will be having a little brother (who is so far healthy), and we bought a house today. So it's going to be a crazy holiday, moving into a new place hopefully before Christmas.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Drumming Habits

Bud woke this morning around 7:45, and I got up with him. We got him out of a wet diaper and slightly damp PJs, and into clean clothes, and then headed out to the living room to watch a little bit of WordWorld.

M-lady came by to say good morning, and then again to say goodbye as she headed off to work a little early. Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and Bud was a little bit loathe to let me get to work, but started playing air band with Nanny J before too long.

He went for a walk in the park with Nanny J in the morning, had lunch and a nap, and was still asleep when I arrived home around 4:00. I heard him get up and have a snack before taking a bath and getting into PJs.

At about 5:30 M-lady arrived home as I went out to take Bud. We all chatted for a few minutes before Nanny J took her leave. Bud and I played a little air band before getting started on dinner.

Bud usually sets up his lego bin as his snare drum, and a tower of stanchions for his train set as the high hat, and with the high hat to the left of the snare crosses his arms over to hit the high hat with this right hand and the snare with his left. Today he'd set the high hat to the right of the snare, and didn't cross his hands over, so he was still hitting the high hat (or ride in this case) with his right and and the snare with his left. Which is the proper way to do it. Good work, Bud.

M-lady shared her dinner with Bud, and he had a couple of oranges to supplement. After dinner we played together for a few minutes before M-lady and I met with our real estate agent. Bud was really well behaved, and watched an episode of Little Einsteins and an episode of WordWorld before going to bed. He was a little fussy about the last bits of the routine, but OK once we got to the reading of the stories. He fell asleep reasonably quickly.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Potty First

Bud slept in this morning until about 8:00, which was fantastic. And then M-lady played with him until about 11:00, which was amazing. I helped get Bud out of bed and changed, and then M-lady took over, and I slept.

They had fun watching a little bit of WordWorld, sharing a waffle, and reading lots of books together. They cuddled under blankets together on the couch, and made sure a lot of the stuffed animals were warm. They watched a claymation version of Traviata quite a number of times, apparently. Bud likes the parade.

After I got up, Bud and I played together for a little bit before checking out some clips on YouTube. We had a phone call with Grandma W, and Bud was willing to wave at the phone a bit, but still doesn't really talk into the phone. Before long we got started on lunch.

Bud started with some grapes, had an orange, and then some chicken soup, followed by another orange. He's really digging the California Clementines. After lunch I changed his diaper and we packed up to go check out an open house.

Bud was well behaved at the house, and we had a good time wandering through. He was a little shy with the realtor, but had a good time looking into the closets. We eventually got back into the car, and decided to visit a nearby park rather than check out the second house.

Bud had a good time at the park, which was one we hadn't visited before. He got to climb on a bid turtle statue, and drive a big play steamboat. We walked around the park a bit as well, and he had fun jumping on and off of the big stones lining the paths.

We eventually headed for home around 2:30, and after getting the sand out of his shoes we went inside, had a snack, and he went down for his nap. He didn't fall asleep, but was willing to lay in his crib (mostly singing to himself) for about an hour.

He called me to get him up around 4:00, and asked to go sit on the potty, saying he needed to poop. A first for us! He sits on the potty for Nanny J, but so far hasn't for M-lady or me. So I sat down with him in the bathroom, and we read some stories while waiting. No poop, but he did pee on the potty. Yay!

We eventually got a diaper back on and did a short video call with Granddad B and Grandma Nese. The video was only one-way, unfortunately, so Bud wasn't really engaged as he couldn't see them. After a bit we said goodbye and played about ten minutes of Guitar Hero before joining M-lady for dinner. M-lady prepared pasta for dinner tonight, which was great. Bud had another orange while waiting for his pasta, and then ate a reasonably sized bowl. Then he had another orange.

He did make a bit of a mess with the marinara sauce, so we headed for the shower pretty quickly after dinner. Bud was a little reluctant to get in the shower, but we had a good time once we got in. I took his squirt bottle in with us, and he had a good time squirting everything.

After the shower he ran around naked for a bit before M-lady and I were able to wrangle him into PJs. We played together for a few minutes before getting started on the bedtime routine. He watched Little Einsteins with milk and cereal, washed his face and hands, had a story, and was in bed by about 7:45. Without a nap today, he fell asleep pretty quickly.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Holiday Card Photos, Take Two

Bud woke this morning a bit before 7:30, and I got up with him to see how he was doing. We got up pretty quickly and headed out to get some milk and watch Little Einsteins at his request.

After a couple of episodes, we watched some classic Sesame Street on YouTube while I got his fingernails trimmed. I found some great ones, include "I Love Trash", as well as some of the great Ernie and Bert skits like "Eating Cookies In Bed" and "Counting Sheep".

We eventually pulled ourselves away from YouTube, and found M-lady getting up around 9:00.

She and Bud had some breakfast while I napped a bit, and had fun playing air band together.

When I got up again a little after 11:00, Bud and I played together for a bit. We played a little bit of a Wii game, and played a little Guitar Hero, before having some PB and J sandwiches for lunch. Bud ate an entire sandwich.

M-lady got up a little after that, and we all got ready to meet Nanny J and her husband at the park again to take more photos. Bud was a little reluctant to get dressed, so I bribed him with gummy bears again. We all headed off to the park around 1:30.

Bud had a great time playing in the trees, running around the lake, and chasing the ducks. The light was much better today, so I expect we got some good shots. Bud eventually fell down chasing the ducks, and got duck poop on the knees and butt of his pants, so that kind of ended the photo session. He was pretty tired by that point anyways, and we headed home, got cleaned up, and got him into bed for a nap around 3:00.

I heard him tossing, turning, and singing to himself until about 4:00, when he must have fallen asleep. He napped until about 5:30, when M-lady and I woke him up so we could all go to the mall for dinner. Bud was a little grumpy about being woken up, but was happy by the time we got to the mall. He ate a good dinner, and we wandered around for a bit.

We ran into Bud's friend F and parents C and T, and caught up with them for a bit. We also swung by the Godiva store, since M-lady had a coupon for a couple of free ganaches. Bud enjoyed the chocolate, and we headed home shortly thereafter.

It was pretty late when we got home, and we dived immediately into the bedtime routine. We watched one episode of WordWorld, an episode of Pingu, then did the usual brush teeth, wash face and hands, get into PJs, read a story, and go to bed. He was in bed just a little later than usual, but fell asleep quickly.

Friday, November 16, 2007

New Bribe Currency

Bud slept in this morning until about 7:45, which was nice. I got up with him, and we got him changed into a dry diaper. He had gymnastics class at 9:00, so I tried to get him into some clothes, but he wasn't interested. So we sat down on the couch in his room a read a story (rather than head out immediately to get some milk), which was a bit of a change from the usual.

I eventually talked and wrestled him into his clothes, and we headed out to get back to the usual routine. We watched a little bit of WordWorld, and M-lady joined us while we were watching. I snuck off again to sleep a little bit more.

Nanny J took Bud to gymnastics a little before 9:00. He had a good time, and I heard them return about 10:30. Bud apparently ate everything today. He told Nanny J he was hungry a couple of times (which he almost never does), and basically consumed all the snacks in the house. When M-lady and I took him at about 5:30, I offered to take him to the grocery store so we could restock.

Bud was already in his PJs by that point, since Nanny J put him in them after his bath, so I had to talk him into getting dressed again. I gave him a couple of gummy bears the other day, and he's really into them. For the price of three gummy bears (one before, two afterwards) we got dressed and got excited about going to the grocery store.

Bud was great at the store, and held onto the cart most of the time, sticking close. We had a pretty steady conversation, and had fun looking for different items. As we were standing in line to check out, I noticed he was a little stinky. I asked if he was poopy, and he confirmed. But I hadn't brought his diaper bag along, so we just lived with him being stinky until we got home. Fortunately, he was really cooperative the whole time.

When we arrived home, I got him into a clean diaper, and we got started on dinner. He shared a little bit of a bagel with M-lady, and then ate two of the California Clementines I got at the store. He also had a lot of milk.

It was pretty much time to start the bedtime routine at that point, so he got another gummy bear, and then milk and cereal while watching Little Einsteins. After that we had some warm milk, brushed teeth, and read some bedtime stories. He was in bed right around 8:00, and went to sleep quietly.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Very Observant Kid

Bud woke this morning at about 7:00, but snoozed in his crib (with me in the room) until nearly 7:30. We got up and did the standard routine with WordWorld.

Bud and I then unloaded the dishwasher together, counting the dishes as we went. Eight plates, twelve bowls, etc. Somewhere in the past couple months Bud started being able to count higher than five without losing track. If the items he's counting are in a row, no problems counting accurately to twenty (and beyond, if he gets a little prompting).

Bud and I played a little bit of air band before M-lady joined us at about 8:30. I snuck off to snooze a little longer, and M-lady played with Bud until Nanny J arrived.

Apparently Bud did some dancing with M-lady. Riverdance stuff. In fact, he danced a significant chunk of the The Contess Cathleen / Women Of The Sidhe choreography. He took the part of one of the threatening Russian dancers. He'd kneel with an arm extended upward (and had M-lady do the same), saying that they were "waiting for Jean" (Butler, that is, the lead female dancer, to come onstage). Then he'd get up and take hands with M-lady and turn in a circle, and then do some runs, jumps, and X-jumps. All in all a pretty good summary of the choreo. Or at least the parts he finds interesting.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and Bud had a pretty standard day with her. They went to the park in the morning, and had a good lunch and nap in the afternoon. He didn't protest his bath in the afternoon, so that was good. M-lady and I took over at about 5:30.

Bud and I played air band together for a bit while M-lady got some dinner. We then all danced together for a bit, and finally, just before 7:00, Bud and I had some dinner. He ate a bit of my bagel, had his noodles, and then split a bagel with M-lady. Lots of bagel.

Bud and I then played a few minutes of Guitar Hero before starting the bedtime routine. We watched Little Einsteins, and he went to sleep quickly once he was in his crib.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Half a Fortune

Bud slept in this morning until about 7:30, which was nice. He seemed pretty happy to see me when I went to get him, and we got him into a dry diaper and headed out to get some milk and watch WordWorld together.

I gave him a the stuffed armadillo I picked up in the airport in Dallas for him, and he seemed pretty pleased. He carried it around with him a bit this morning.

M-lady said good morning at about 8:30, and Bud and I played some air band for a little bit before he asked to play Guitar Hero. I agreed to one song, which we were just wrapping up when Nanny J arrived.

Enjoying the feast
Bud sounded like he was having a good morning with Nanny J, which included some air band and loud singing. He was singing with her when I left for some errands.

In the afternoon M-lady and I met at his preschool for the Thanksgiving Feast. We went in and found Bud singing with the rest of the kids in a circle, wearing a paper pilgrim-style hat made for the day. He sang along with the group, and after a couple of songs we got started on the Thanksgiving Feast, with several dishes prepared by the kids. We had corn muffins, mashed potatoes, and vegetable soup. Bud really liked the soup.

We'll never know...
There were also a couple of offerings brought in by parents, including some spring rolls and fortune cookies. Bud grabbed one of those, and munched on it first. I was alert enough to rescue the fortune before he ate it. We took a look at it, and a little later in the meal Bud went back for another cookie. This time, unfortunately, I wasn't paying as close attention, and I looked over to see the tail of the fortune sticking out of Bud's mouth. I was only able to rescue half of it.

Teacher A reported that Bud had done some dancing on his own during free time, and the teachers had recognized it as Riverdance. He's pretty good, apparently. We had a good time at the feast, and after helping to clean up, Bud and I headed home in M-lady's car. We did this because I forgot to put the car seat back in my car after taking it out last weekend to get a second bike into the back. So M-lady took my car back to work and Bud and I headed home in her car.

Nanny J was waiting for us at home, and helped get Bud settled at home. They had another snack, and then a little relax time before a bath and PJs. Since it's dark before she leaves at 5:30, PJs don't really seem out of place.

M-lady had a late-ish meeting, so Bud and I played together for a while. We played some air band, and some Guitar Hero, before M-lady arrived home. As she came in, Bud asked how her day was, which was really cute.

Dinner was chicken soup, and Bud ate a solid amount before pilfering some of my bagel. Then some dancing, with M-lady and I both be required to join in. That was quite energetic right up to ice cream time.

The bedtime routine was pretty standard, with an episode of Little Einsteins, a last cracker, tooth brushing, story, and bed. Bud went to sleep pretty quickly: he seemed tired but not too cranky after a non-nap day.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hungry Boy

I got home a little bit after Bud went to bed tonight. Many thanks to M-lady for taking care of Bud again today. Bud was apparently pretty good all day for Mommy.

Nanny J reported that Bud ate a huge quantity of food today. She listed one item after another, and M-lady kept thinking she was done, and she'd list more things that he ate. He was asking for more cookies right up until Nanny J left. Then he started asking for Riverdance.

They watched the Radio City Music Hall version, the 'proper' one with Colin and Jean, and Bud was pleased. Apparently he even did a few X-jumps when the Russian dancers came on. Go Bud!

He was sadly asleep when I got home, but I'm looking forward to catching up with him again tomorrow.

Happy Birthday, Grandma W!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Another Riverdance

Sorry this post is a little late. I'm in Dallas right now, and forgot about posting last night.

Bud somehow knows, and after Ama and Agu left early this morning, he woke at about 7:00. I got up with him and we did our usual morning routine. He'd saturated his diaper again, so we got him dried off and changed into daytime clothes before heading out to get some milk and watch some WordWorld.

M-lady took over a little after 8:00, and had a good time with Bud. I heard lots of drumming and singing. Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and the singing and drumming continued.

I had to leave for the airport around noon, and Bud was very understanding and gave me a hug goodbye. He went back to drumming pretty quickly, though. He apparently had a reasonable nap, followed by a HUGE snack in the late afternoon. He wasn't happy about his bath, but it sounds like he behaved OK most of the evening with M-lady.

They watched the first act of Riverdance (the Geneva version), had some dinner, and then watched the second act. Bud was a little disappointed that the lead dancers weren't Colin and Jean, but enjoyed it nonetheless. The bedtime routine went OK with the exception of a decided lack of enthusiasm about brushing his teeth. He was good about the story and going to sleep, though.

Thanks, M-lady, for watching Bud today and tomorrow while I'm away!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sleeping In

Bud slept in again until about 8:00. I think the grandparents do a much better job of wearing him out than we do: he only sleeps in when they're visiting.

I got up with him, and started getting him changed since he saturated his diaper again. I suppose that's the downside of sleeping in. In any case, Agu took over the changing when he discovered Bud was awake, and I snuck back to the bedroom for a little more snoozing.

Bud had a good morning with Ama and Agu. They read some stories with him, and had some breakfast. Bud found a folding garment rack they brought with them, and he turned it on its side, added a couple of his little chairs, and pretended it was a car. Later, he pretended it was an airplane, but that required the person sitting in the back seat to extend their arms (as wings).

A little later in the morning, they headed out front to scrape berries off the sidewalk. We have a tree with beautiful red berries right in front of our walk, and it drops all the berries right on the sidewalk where pedestrian traffic squishes them. So a couple times during the winter we go out and scrape all the squished berries off the sidewalk. This was the first attempt this year, and Bud was able to help out a bit, apparently. Since he likes to sweep and all.

They took a short walk after scraping, and then came in for a bit. I was playing Halo 3 with my father online, and Bud watched us play for a bit. After that it was lunchtime, and Bud decided to lie down in his crib for a bit.

He had some lunch a little later, and shoveled in a solid meal which included a fair amount of broccoli. He went down for his nap at about 1:30, although he didn't fall asleep for 30 minutes. He got up again at about 4:00.

Bud had a snack and played some more with Ama and Agu before I arrived home a little after 5:00 (I went biking in the afternoon). Bud was pretty happy to see me, and we played for a little bit before dinner. The Chargers were playing on Sunday Night Football, so I turned that on, and we watched a little bit before sitting down to dinner.

Bud ate well at dinner, finishing off the rest of the available shrimp. That boy loves his shrimp. He also ate good portions of green beans, steak, and rice.

After dinner we played and watched more of the football game, with a break at halftime to play a little bit of Guitar Hero. At about 7:15 we started the bedtime routine by splitting an ice cream sandwich, and then getting PJs on. Bud watched an episode of WordWorld, washed his face and hands, said goodnight and goodbye to Ama and Agu (who will be leaving early tomorrow morning), and we read stories. He was in bed a little before 8:00, and fell asleep quickly. We'll see if he sleeps in tomorrow morning.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Getting The Christmas Card Shot

Bud slept in this morning until about 8:00. I got up with him, and we got him dressed since his diaper leaked just a little bit. He asked if Ama and Agu were still here, and was very happy to find Ama in the kitchen. I handed Bud off to her, and headed back to bed for a while.

Running by the fountain
Bud had a good morning playing with Ama and Agu. Lots of drumming. And singing. With encores.

I joined them for lunch, and Bud snarfed down his shrimp, but was a little hesitant with the rest of the meal. We hung out a bit after lunch, and got dressed up for a photo shoot. Ama and Agu left a little before 2:00 to go look at some houses for us, and Nanny J and her husband arrived shortly thereafter to take some family photos for us.

Go get those geese!
We all headed over to the park, where it was threatening rain, and ran around and took some photos before we got wet. Bud was pretty tolerant, and generally had a good time. He chased some geese around, looked at the lake and the fountain, and had a great time playing on trees with his drumsticks.

It was about 3:00 when we called it quits, and the rain came down as we were headed back to the car. Bud had a bit of a meltdown, and we took him home to let him have a nap. Of course, he didn't nap, but lay in his crib for about an hour singing to himself.

Drumming on the trees
He got up shortly after Ama and Agu returned, and played with them and me for a bit before dinner. He rested in his crib a little more as well, and Ama hung out with him in his room for a bit.

He wasn't very interested in dinner, unfortunately, but ended up having a lot of french bread (toasted, with butter). After dinner we played a little bit more before starting the bedtime routine. We got into PJs, watched some WordWorld, brushed teeth and headed for bed. Since he didn't nap today, I got him started on the routine a little early, and he was in bed by about 7:45. He fell asleep pretty quickly.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Happy With Grandparents

Bud slept in pretty late today, until about 8:00. He actually woke once briefly at about 4:30 and called out, but I was able to talk him into going back to sleep pretty quickly.

Bud woke with a big grin for Ama and Agu, and he had a great day with them. They got him dressed in the morning, and when Nanny J arrived a little before 9:00 they all headed over to his gymnastics class together. After class, they watched the Tai Chi practitioners in the park working with fans. Bud apparently liked the idea, so when they got home Ama and Agu made paper fans for Bud to practice with.

That's the baby's face right of center,
showing some fingers as well.
During the morning, M-lady and I were out getting the first pictures of Bud's little sibling. Everything seems to be going fine with the little one (just one!), although he/she wasn't showing off, so neither the sonogram technician nor the doctor wanted to hazard a guess at the sex of the baby. We'll know in a couple of weeks when we get the results from the amniocentesis, though.

Bud had a big lunch, and then rolled around in his crib for a hour or so before falling asleep for his nap. He eventually woke around 4:00, played with the grandparents for a bit more, and had his bath.

The little one is about 5 oz right now.
Nanny J took her leave at about 5:30, and M-lady and I joined the others for dinner. Bud just loves Ama and Agu's cooking, and make a big show of shoveling down vegetables. He almost managed to sneak a couple of shrimp off of Ama's plate while she wasn't looking. All in all he had a really big dinner.

Bud, Ama, Agu, and I played airband for a while, and then danced to swing and waltz music in an effort to tire Bud out. This eventually led to a little bit of karaoke before getting Bud into his PJs and watching some WordWorld. The rest of the bedtime routine was pretty smooth, and Bud was in bed just a bit before 8:00.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Cranky 'Til Naptime

Bud woke this morning around 7:00, and he and I got up and headed for the living room. He asked to watch Cars this morning rather than WordWorld, which seems a bit of a break in the routine.

M-lady joined us at about 8:00, and I tried to turn off the TV, but Bud wanted to watch more Cars. M-lady eventually got him to leave the TV by just leaving herself... she headed out to the kitchen, and Bud eventually joined her. But it seems we need to utilize shorter media in the morning.

Bud ate M-lady's waffle, and they read a new book we got about a hedgehog together for a while. Nanny J arrived at 9:00.

Bud was a bit grumpy with Nanny J this morning, and I heard him crying and upset a couple of times. He had a smallish lunch, and went down for a nap immediately afterwards. He apparently passed out at nap time, rather than rolling around in his crib for a bit as he often does. He must have really missed his nap from yesterday.

Bud was much happier after he woke from his nap, and ate a large meal worth of food as a snack in the late afternoon. M-lady and I joined them at about 5:30, and Nanny J took her leave.

Bud and I played a little bit of Guitar Hero, and then I started working on dinner. We had eggs and bacon, and after a bit of running around Bud was convinced to sit down and have some dinner. He drank a lot of milk and ate a lot of eggs. He was having some problems getting the eggs onto his fork, apparently, or it was just too slow; he picked up his plate a shoved the eggs with his fork into his mouth. Then he licked the plate.

We gave him some more eggs, and he repeated the process. On the suspicion that he might do a little better with a spoon, we offered him one, which he gladly accepted. Then he picked up the plate and shoveled the eggs in his mouth with the spoon.

After dinner, Bud and I played a little bit of air band, and then had an ice cream sandwich to kick off the bedtime routine. Into PJs, and then we sat down to watch the rest of Cars. Ama and Agu arrived just as we were wrapping up the movie, and Bud was pretty happy to see them. We finished up the bedtime routine without too much trouble, gave hugs all around, and read a couple of stories before bed. Bud was in bed just before 8:00, and fell asleep quickly.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Stuffed Animal Attachment

Bud woke this morning a bit before 6:30, and I got up with him, hoping he'd snooze for a while. No luck. We watched some WordWorld, and then munched on some crackers. M-lady joined us around 8:00, and I snuck off to check email and get a little more sleep.

So far, Bud hasn't really shown a strong attachment to his blankey, and hasn't regularly slept with any of his stuffed animals. But in the past few weeks he's added his stuffed buffalo, Buff, to his sleep retinue. Basically, if it's a situation he's got his blankey for, now he has Buff there as well. Usually this is while sleeping, and immediately before and after. Blankey and Buff are along for chunks of the bedtime routine, and they come with us out to the living room to watch TV in the morning as well.

Bud seemed to have a good day with Nanny J, and a good time at school, although he missed his nap again. M-lady and I got home from work a little bit late, and Bud was pretty happy to see us. We played a bit before having dinner, for which I prepared some crescent rolls to go with our stir fry and noodle leftovers.

Bud snarfed a crescent roll, but that was all he was interested in for dinner tonight. I hope he had a reasonable lunch. We started the bedtime routine at about 7:00, got into PJs, had some milk and cereal, and watched the end of Cars. Bud was a little upset that it was actually bedtime after that, although he was consoled with a Melba round. After that we finished up the bedtime routine happily, and he went to sleep just after 8:00.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Walk In The Dark

Bud woke this morning right at 7:00, so I guess we're back on schedule after the time change. We did our usual morning thing and watched some WordWorld. M-lady took over at a little after 8:00, and had a good time with Bud eating some breakfast and reading stories.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and they had a good time together. M-lady left for work around 10:30, and as she left Ama and Agu arrived to Bud's great delight. I heard him loudly singing and drumming for them for most of the rest of the morning.

They had a good lunch together, and then Ama and Agu took off while Bud took a nap. I got back home a bit after 4:30, and Bud greeted me fresh from his bath.

Bud, Nanny J, and I played together a bit from about 5:20 until M-lady arrived home shortly after 5:30. Bud set us each up with an instrument, so we all played airband together. After Nanny J took her leave, Bud and I played a little bit of Guitar Hero before dinner.

Bud ate a solid helping of noodles, as well as some of M-lady croissant. After dinner we all bundled up and headed down the street to the local polling location to cast our votes in the local election. I let Bud carry a small Maglite, which he enjoyed tremendously. He was actually really good about generally keeping the beam pointed at the ground in front of him.

We had a pleasant walk, and after voting spent some time looking at the murals painted on the walls of the school before heading for home. Bud had a good time for the whole event.

When we got home, M-lady took a nap while Bud and I started on the bedtime routine. It was a little early, so we watched Cars for a while before bed. I managed to convince him to watch the movie instead of WordWorld, which was a nice change.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Bud woke this morning a little before 6:45, and was ready to get up pretty quickly. We got some milk and watched some WordWorld for a while. M-lady joined us around 8:00, and I crept back to bed for a little while.

M-lady reported having a very pleasant morning with Bud. They had some breakfast, and read some stories, and cuddled a lot. Bud would come over to receive a hug from M-lady regularly this morning, which pleased M-lady quite a bit. Nanny J arrived at 9:00.

Bud was happy all day, even without his nap. He had a good morning with Nanny J, a solid lunch, and a fun time at school. Nanny J arrived to pick him up a little early, and looked in to see him singing and dancing with the other kids during circle time.

He played a bit when they got home, and then apparently had a big poop, followed by a bath. Nanny J reported that Bud sang a lot today with her as well... seems to be his recent thing. M-lady arrived home at 5:30, as I emerged from the office.

Bud and I played together for a bit, mostly with puzzles and an attempt at the 'clean up the playroom' game. He didn't bite so much on that last one. Dinner was a somewhat disjointed affair, but Bud ended up eating an entire PB and J (after a bit of fussing).

After dinner M-lady took a nap, and Bud and I played a little more and then settled down for some Guitar Hero before kicking off the bedtime routine. While watching WordWorld, Bud cuddled close to me a couple of times. He was clearly in a huggy mood today. The routine went smoothly, and Bud was in bed shortly after 8:00. Without the nap today, I hope he sleeps past 7:00 tomorrow, but I understand that his circadian rhythm is still adjusting to the time change.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Loud Visit

Bud did manage to sleep in this morning until almost 7:00 (new time), which was nice. I got up with him, and we watched some WordWorld together for a bit. M-lady got up and joined us a bit after 8:00, and played with Bud for a couple of hours while I snoozed.

They read some stories together, and sorted M-lady's backlog of magazines. Bud did a good job of separating the Newsweeks from the Entertainment Weeklys. He also started using the handle of the little wagon he received as a gift from Ama and Agu yesterday as a microphone. So he and M-lady sang songs for a while, during which time M-lady reported that he revealed that he knows most of the lyrics and tunes for "I've Been Working on the Railroad" and "Jack and Jill". I wonder if he picked up my knack for lyrics...

I woke and joined them around 10:00, and M-lady rested for a bit while I played airband with Bud. I eventually convinced him to go for a walk with me, although he wanted to play in the back yard for a while, first. I figured we'd walk over to the local EB Games so I could pre-order Mass Effect (non-gamers can ignore that last line), but about halfway there Bud realized we weren't walking towards the playground and turned us around. We headed over to the playground, where Bud had a good time for a while. We eventually headed home for lunch.

Bud had a leftover slice of pizza, and we played a couple of songs of Guitar Hero and then went down for a nap. He slept solidly from about 1:00 to 3:00.

When he woke, we packed up and headed over to Aunt O and Uncle C's place to celebrate Aunt O's birthday. Ama and Agu were there as well, and Bud enjoyed playing with them until dinner was ready.

We also brought the wagon with us, and Bud sang very loudly into his microphone for much of the evening. Mostly 'la-la-la', making up his own tunes. There were snippets of Swan Lake or other pieces in there, but mostly he was improving. Loudly.

He ate a good dinner and enjoyed a good-sized piece of ice cream cake. We played a little bit of Guitar Hero there, and overall Bud was pretty well behaved, if a little noisy. He and I played together a little bit when we got home around 7:00, and then it was time for a shower, and that was when he broke down.

He howled for the entire shower (again), and we went straight to bed afterwards. He wanted to watch WordWorld before bed, but I explained to him (after he settled down a little) that if he was going to scream through the entire shower that he must be pretty tired, and so it was bedtime. He agreed, lay down, and went to sleep pretty quickly without any of his usual bedtime routine. Hopefully he'll get the message that it's not OK to scream for the duration of the shower.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Well Behaved Evening

Bud woke this morning briefly at a little bit after 6:00am. M-lady got up and retrieved a pacifier for him. He went back to sleep until, you guessed it, 7:00. I got up, we chilled in his room for about 5 minutes, and then started the standard morning routine.

M-lady joined us at about 7:45, and I went to snooze for a little while while they snacked and played together for about an hour. Then we switched places.

I got Bud dressed, and he ate a bowl of cereal with milk in the late morning. I eventually convinced him to come to Fry's with me. He was a bit upset, and cried right up until we got to the door. Once inside, he was fantastic. We looked at some items, checked out the Guitar Hero III display, picked up the items we needed, checked out the vacuum cleaners, and came home. He was awesome the whole time.

When we got home, we checked in with M-lady, and had some stir fry for lunch. Bud played while M-lady and I ate, and I snoozed for about half an hour while Bud ate a good lunch with M-lady. When I got up shortly after 1:00, we all got ready to go check out an open house.

Bud was clearly getting tired on the way to the open house, but didn't quite fall asleep. He had fun running around the place (which was gorgeous), and was a little disappointed when it was time to come home. Once we were home, he wanted to play outside for a while, so he and I ran around the backyard for a bit.

As 3:00 came near, I brought him inside and we settled down for a nap. Which he didn't take. He lay in his crib for about 30 minutes, during which time Ama and Agu arrived. I think he heard them arrived, and started calling out shortly. He was happy and excited to see them, and showed off all his new tricks.

So he didn't take a nap today, but ended up behaving pretty well all afternoon. He played with Ama and Agu for a bit, and he and I played some Guitar Hero while M-lady caught up with her folks.

We had a couple of friends, E and P, and C, arrive in the evening for dinner and hanging out. Bud was a little shy at first, but eventually wanted to show off for them, too. He was really well behaved all evening.

After dinner, we all played a little bit of Guitar Hero, and Bud had a good time with that. When it was time for bed, we did his routine very nicely with other people around, watching an episode of Pingu and then saying goodnight to everyone. All the company remarked on how well behaved he was.

He was up until 9:00, without a nap, but I'm sure he's going to be up at 6:00am tomorrow (with the time change). Sigh.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Spider Wrangler

Bud woke this morning at about 7:15, which doesn't really count as sleeping in yet. I hope he adjusts to the new time reasonably quickly when that takes effect this weekend.

We got up and got him dressed, and then watched a little bit of WordWorld. After an episode, we played some air band and read some stories until M-lady joined us at about 8:30. Bud read with her for a bit while I snoozed before Nanny J arrived a bit before 9:00 to take him to his gymnastics class.

Bud was really happy to head off to gymnastics, and apparently had a good time, although there's a new coach he's not terribly certain about. He didn't report negatively about the class, though.

Apparently during the day today Bud saw a spider next to him on the floor in the playroom. "An eensy-weensy spider!" he exclaimed, and ran off to his room. He picked up a wipe from the changing table, came back, grabbed the spider, and chucked it in the trash. Another example of him picking up behaviors from his parents. Except we usually don't call them 'eensy-weensy spiders'.

Nanny J left at about 5:30, and Bud and I played a little bit of the new Guitar Hero III, which I picked up today. New songs, new graphics, same gameplay. We played though a couple of songs, and then woke M-lady from her nap to all head over to the mall.

Bud was a little upset getting into the car for uncertain reasons. I think he wanted to go in Daddy's car, but we went in Mommy's car. He was crying for about 2 minutes, at which point he figured out that we were already on the way in M-lady's car and crying wasn't really achieving anything. He was really well behaved for the rest of the trip.

We had corn dogs, french fries, and cherry lemonade for dinner, and then wandered for a few minutes before heading over to the Apple store where I was dropping my laptop off for service. Bud and M-lady had fun going up and down the escalators while I was busy in the store, and when I finished up they were just returning. Bud had a balloon with him: he had even asked the lady handing out balloons for one by himself.

We all headed home, where M-lady lay down for a rest while Bud and I got started on the bedtime routine. It was pretty short, since it was already pretty late, and Bud was in bed around 9:00. He fell asleep much more quickly tonight.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Late Night Singing

Bud woke this morning at about 7:00 again, and I got up with him. We got him into a dry diaper, and headed out to have some milk and watch some WordWorld.

The morning was pretty typical, with some TV and a snack followed by some general play time and some stories. M-lady took over at about 8:30, and they read some Richard Scary while M-lady had her breakfast. Nanny J arrived at 9:00.

Bud had a good lunch and nap today, and was just waking up when I arrived home around 4:30. I heard him having fun in his bath, and he was very energetic and happy to see me when Nanny J left at about 5:30. He really wanted to do some backflips, and made a point of saying goodbye to Nanny J while hanging upside down.

After some acrobatics, Bud decided it was time to dance. So I put some energetic swing music on, and Bud and I danced hard for a couple of songs. Bud really likes the drums in those swing tunes.

We had some dinner, and Bud ate enough that he had a little bit more of his Halloween candy after dinner: a bite-sized Nestle Crunch bar, which he thoroughly enjoyed. After dinner we played a little with my guitar and keyboard for a while, sang some songs, and then watched a little bit of TV before starting the bedtime roll.

We shared an ice cream sandwich, got into PJs, and then I managed to talk him into watching Little Einsteins rather than WordWorld. However, M-lady wasn't home yet when the show finished up, and we're trying to slowly adjust for the time change anyways, so we watched a little bit of WordWorld afterwards, anyways. M-lady arrived just as the episode was wrapping up.

He was pretty good for the rest of the routine, although he wanted to eat again right before we put him in his crib. I let him munch on a little bit more cereal, and he was in bed around 8:30. M-lady and I heard him singing to himself well past 9:30, so I hope he sleeps in a little bit tomorrow morning.