Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treating... Almost

Bud woke this morning at about 7:00, and I got up with him and hung out for a while before getting him changed into a fresh diaper and his clothes for the day. We watched an episode of WordWorld (what else?), and then had a bowl of cereal with milk. Bud's getting pretty good at spooning cereal out of the bowl by himself, although milk still ends up running down his chin and onto the bib.

We read a couple of stories before M-lady joined us and took over for me at about 8:30. Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and Bud was having a snack when I joined them at about 9:45. We packed up, grabbed Bud's costume, and the three of us headed for the special Halloween event at Bud's preschool.

We managed to get Bud into his costume for the first time when we arrived, and I quickly snapped some pictures. I think the fact that it was pretty cold out helped. We were fortunate and arrived at the same time as friend D with son A, and friends C and T with daughter F. There was quite a line to get into the event, so it was nice to chat with them while we waited.

Bud got pretty shy while were were in line, probably due to the close proximity of so many people. But overall I think he enjoyed the event. We were let into the school in small groups to work our way through a number of different little areas that had been set up with little activities for the children, and a little prize at the conclusion of each station. There were pots with things to feel in them, and pots with things to smell, and a fishing game, and a counting game, etc. Bud was pretty shy at the beginning, but got into it a little bit more as the maze went on. He was noticeably more comfortable with his teachers than with teachers he didn't know.

We managed to get some pictures as we emerged from the maze, and Bud was clearly pretty tired by the time we finished up, so we headed home pretty quickly. Bud and Nanny J spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon playing with his loot. He was particularly fond of a little stamp of a cartoon spider that he got.

M-lady came home from work to take Bud to the doctor to get both his and her flu shots. Bud was apparently fine until they came to give him his shot, at which point he broke down a bit. Nanny J had some trouble getting him back into the car afterwards, and he went straight to his nap when they got home. He was pretty tired at that point I think, and had a solid nap.

I got Bud at about 5:30 from Nanny J. He was still playing with his stamp, and some of the other goodies from school. M-lady was a bit late at work, so Bud and I hung out for a bit, and then started getting ready for the trick or treaters. I put the jack-o'-lanterns in the window, got a bucket of candy ready, and we waited for it to get dark while we had some dinner.

There wasn't as much early action as I expected, with the first kids arriving around 7:00, shortly after M-lady got home. M-lady settled herself in a little, and we all got ready to take Bud out to a couple of doors. He was excited, put his costume on, and seemed to have the concept.

We headed out, and Bud refused to go up to a door. He was clearly scared of interacting with strangers. We tagged onto another group of kids, and Bud got to deliver his line to a friendly neighbor who encouraged Bud to take a couple of extra little candy bars. Bud, of course, obliged.

After that door, Bud was ready to head home. A brief taste of trick or treating. We had some of his candy when we got back, which Bud enjoyed tremendously.

We started the bedtime routine a little later, both due to the excitement of the evening and the fact that the time change is coming up this weekend. It was pretty standard, aside from the occasional interruptions by kids wanting candy. Bud was still up at about 9:00: I heard him singing to himself in his crib. He went to sleep on his own, though.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No Letters In Pie

Bud started making noise this morning shortly after 7:00, and I went in to his room to find him still asleep. Not sure what the noise was about, but I did remember to get the trash on the curb before the garbage trucks came by.

When I went back to check on Bud, he was getting up, and we changed him, got him dressed, and headed out to the living room to watch a WordWorld. I've started trying to push Little Einsteins again, but haven't had any luck yet.

After some TV time, Bud and I sat down to read some stories. We got through Edwina once, and then M-lady came to spend some time with Bud while I snoozed a little bit. They apparently read Edwina another few times. Bud scared himself while he was running around the kitchen by pulling a chair over on himself, but he was uninjured and fairly straightforwardly comforted by M-lady.

Nanny J arrived at about 9:00, and our maid service arrived at about 9:30. I saw Bud shortly after they left pulling the rugs back to sweep under them, and generally cleaning the whole house himself.

He went to the library with Nanny J in the morning, and they had a good time at the computer and reading books. They apparently got to do some crafts as well, as I saw some cool construction paper lantern that they had made on the table when I got home. Bud had a solid nap today.

I took Bud from Nanny J at about 5:30, and we played a little bit before doing a video call with Granddad B and Grandma Nese. Bud seemed to mostly entertain himself by drawing on each page of my postit pad. But he did enjoy seeing the grandparents, and delivered each of them little smiles, if not full-fledged conversation.

M-lady ended up being pretty late coming home from work, so we had time to make a video call to Grandma W and Granddad B as well. We spent most of the call playing with the new iChat features in Leopard, particularly the backgrounds. Bud thought they were pretty fun. He started climbing all over me towards the end of the call, though.

M-lady arrived home and we got started on dinner. Nanny J had prepared a great shrimp and snow peas dish for us, and Bud really liked the shrimp (if not the snow peas). We all enjoyed dinner, and had apple pie again for dessert. Since there's been a lot of discussion of pie in WordWorld, I asked Bud, "What are the letters in PIE? Is there a P in PIE?"
Bud took a long, searching look at the slice on his plate, and responded, "There are no letters in the pie, daddy!"
I couldn't really argue with him there.

We air banded a couple of songs together before kicking off the bedtime routine. The routine was pretty normal, although about two minutes after I put him in his crib and was sitting in his room with him, we had a pretty significant earthquake. Maybe twenty seconds of rumbling and rolling. The house swayed nicely, and I was just thinking about finding something solid to lie next to when it quieted down. Bud gave me a really nice Keanu "Whoa."

He didn't mind the quake too much, though, and went to sleep pretty quickly. The quake was a 5.6, located about 10 miles away from us, and there's apparently been a slew of little aftershocks, but we haven't felt any of them here yet. If you're interested in the details, the info is here. The preliminary report was up on this site about 30 seconds after the quake, and the magnitude was calculated and posted within 3 minutes. What a cool automation system!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Orange Pear

Bud slept in this morning until about 8:00, when I got up with him. We put on a fresh diaper and watched an episode of WordWorld, and then headed back to his crib for a pacifier. While he was sitting in his crib, I read a couple books to him, including Edwina a couple of times. He really likes that book. M-lady joined us a little before 9:00, and I took my leave and got online to start the workday.

By the sounds of things, Bud had a pleasant morning banging on drums and playing with Nanny J. M-lady reported that he happily left for school at about noon, announcing that he was going and asking where his lunch sack was, then trotting merrily away when it had been located and he had his shoes on.

I saw Bud again right before Nanny J left at 5:30. He had just finished up having a snack, but asked me to get him a pear. So we waved goodbye to Nanny J, and then I went to the fruit bowl. "This pear?" I asked. "No, different pear," he responded. We went through all the pears in the bowl. I brought him over to the bowl to have a look at which point he selected the orange.

So we split an orange for a snack, and then watched MNF until M-lady arrived home. I got started on dinner, and Bud rested for a bit.

I didn't really expect Bud to eat much for dinner, since he'd just had a big snack, but he ate a lot of eggs and tried the bacon. I think the bacon was a little too salty for him, though, and M-lady had to wipe his tongue off for him. And his hands, as he'd tried to wipe the crumbs of bacon off his tongue by himself, first.

After dinner we played air band, watched a little more football, and then started the bedtime routine. For not napping today, Bud managed to keep it together pretty well. There was a minor breakdown around brushing teeth, but other than that, he was fine. He fell asleep quickly when he finally got into his crib a little before 8:00.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Wake Up! Wake Up! Zzzzzz..."

Bud woke this morning at about 7:00, and I got up with him. We did our usual WordWorld time followed by a return to the crib for a few minutes to chill. At about 8:30 I got started on some breakfast, whipping up a batch of waffles. Bud helped stir the batter, and M-lady joined us just as the first waffle was coming off the iron.

Bud and M-lady each enjoyed a waffle or two, and after finishing the batch up I had a couple myself. Bud and M-lady then played together for a while, and M-lady managed to get some of Bud's smaller clothing packed up into boxes for storage while I snoozed for most of an hour.

Grinning Jack-O'-Lanterns
At about 10:30, after getting dressed myself, I got Bud into a fresh diaper and some clean clothes, and we awaited the arrival of Bud's great-aunt M, her daughter cousin M, and cousin M's 5-month old daughter cousin Sb. Bud was a little shy when they first arrived at about 11:30, but was interested in the baby.

After a few minutes of the adults talking, Bud wanted some attention and started playing vigorously. He first showed off some of his drumming skills, which I quieted quickly in order to not started the young one. Bud obligingly switched to throwing and kicking balls around. It was interesting to note that he was specifically angling to get the guests to play with him a bit.

Bud grins to match
We all headed to Fresh Choice for lunch, and Bud ate pretty well. Certainly well enough to garner the jealousy of cousin M, who has two other, slightly older daughters. Bud had his own ice cream cone for dessert, and he and I ran around outside the restaurant a bit while the others were finishing up to burn off some energy.

We said our goodbyes and headed home, and Bud and I watched a little football while M-lady took a nap. Bud wanted to read a story which the relatives had brought as a gift, another Mo Williams book called Edwina. Bud really enjoyed it, and we read it twice before I put him down for his nap.

Bud protested as I put him down, saying the phrase he uses to indicate that he wants to get out of his crib: "Wake up! Wake up!" He was out cold about two minutes later.

Bud slept until about 5:30, when I opened his window to bring him back to life. He was a bit grumpy on being awakened, but sat with me watching football for a few minutes before I took off to pick up some dinner. He cried a bit while I was gone, but was pretty happy playing with M-lady by the time I got back.

Bad ate reasonably well for dinner, which was a nice change from the previous night. After dinner we tried chatting with Grandma W on the phone, but Bud mostly nodded and smiled at the receiver rather than actually chatting. My favorite move is when he holds something up to the phone for a grandparent to see. He's gotten so used to video, he expects it constantly.

We also took a few minutes to light up the jack-o'-lanterns, and Bud oooohed and ahhhed over them for a bit. We managed to get a couple of nice photos, though, and Bud smiled for the camera a couple times as well.

The bedtime routine was pretty straightforward, and Bud was reasonably willing to go to sleep. He took a while to actually fall asleep, however, calling out a couple of times in states of moderate grogginess before passing out for good.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Waltz Time

Bud woke once early this morning, around 4:00, but went right back to sleep when I retrieved his pacifier for him. He woke again at about 7:15, and I got up and got him changed out of slightly wet PJs and cleaned up.

We got set up in front of an episode of WordWorld, and M-lady got up to spend some time with him while I snoozed a little bit longer. We all got going before too long, though, as M-lady and I were teaching a dance class at Stanford in the morning.

Bud was excited about coming along for the dance class, and grabbed his shoes and climbed into his car seat on his own. When we arrived, he was a little nervous when we entered the dance hall and he saw the 120 or so students waltzing away. I carried him in, and he watched the dancers with big eyes for a while.

These are good ones
Friend A, one of the members of our troupe and a fellow teacher, had agreed to keep an eye on Bud while we were teaching. They sat in the corner of the hall, playing with a new pair of safety scissors and some construction paper, stickers, and crayons. Bud seemed to have a good time, and was really well behaved. Friend A reported that she watched him learn, through trial and error, how to use the scissors most effectively. He was very safe with the scissors the whole time, apparently.

After class, we picked up some lunch on the way to the pumpkin patch. On the drive, M-lady and I heard Bud counting to himself: "one-two-three-one-two-three..." He'd clearly been listening to us teach.

Posing with Mama
The patch had some big inflatable slides and bouncy castles, as well as pumpkins, but there were lots of kids and families running around on the inflatable attractions and Bud was a little put off by the crowds. Combined with the fact that adults couldn't go on the inflatables, and we decided it was better to skip that part of the patch this year. Bud had a great time examining all the pumpkins, in any case.

We picked out a couple, purchased them, and I noticed Bud was a bit stinky. So we hightailed it home, where M-lady started in on a nap and I chilled with Bud for a bit after getting him cleaned up. We played a little air-band, where I watched Bud work out how to drum 3/4 time. He tried a couple things, and then got the quarters with his right hand and dotted halfs with his left. It was really cool to watch him work it out, and to see him figure out how to drum a waltz.

We watched a little TV, and then I set him down for his nap at about 1:45. M-lady and I heard him singing to himself, occasionally quite gustily, for more than an hour.

At about 3:00 I pulled him out of his crib, since there wasn't much sleep happening. He was excited to get started on carving the jack-o'-lanterns, so we rustled up what tools we had and got down to it in the garage. Bud helped draw the faces, and we generally had a good time, although Bud was a little frustrated that he couldn't really do more.

After the jack-o'-lanterns were done, Bud continued to play in the yard and garage. I got some work done on my bike, and Bud had a good time entertaining himself, occasionally helping grab a tool for me. He eventually got a bit fussy and tired, and at about 5:15 we came in, washed our hands, and Bud passed out in his crib.

I woke him at about 6:00, and he never really forgave me for that. I sat with him in front of the TV hoping he'd de-grog for dinner, but we couldn't get him to eat. At about 7:00 I got him into the shower with me, where he howled nonstop for about 10 minutes while I got him cleaned up. Since he was clearly tired, we declared bedtime and put him into his crib at about 7:15. He was asleep in about 20 minutes, after calling out to me a couple of times.

It's a shame he was so bent out of shape in the evening, since we'd had such a good morning and early afternoon together. We didn't even get to show him the jack-o'-lanterns lit up. I guess we'll do that tomorrow.

I think the secret to keeping him happy in the evenings is ensuring he has a good nap, and the way to do that is to really wear him out in the morning. Guess I'll start jogging with him or something.

Friday, October 26, 2007

More Riverdance

Bud woke early again this morning, at about 6:45. I used to have a 'don't respond before 7:00 rule', but that was when we were trying to get him to sleep through the night. It really isn't a problem anymore, and at 6:45 he'd call for me until 7:00 in any case.

So I got up and let him know it was pretty early ("See, it's still dark outside, Bud."), and sat with him for about five minutes before he wanted to get up and watch some WordWorld. At about 8:00 I started working on getting him dressed for his gymnastics class, and M-lady joined us at about 8:30. I headed for bed to catch a short snooze before my first meeting, and M-lady and Bud shared an Eggo and read a story before Nanny J arrived and took Bud to class.

Bud once again did great in his gymnastics class, and the teacher used him as an example of some of the skills. Bud seems to generally have pretty good balance, and when he pays attention is capable of reasonably complex skills. I can't wait to start him (and us) on wushu.

Bud was in a good mood when I arrived home in the afternoon, and was having his bath with Nanny J. I heard him banging on his drums a bit after that, and when I joined M-lady and Bud after Nanny J had left, they were watching a video tape of the original Riverdance. M-lady had to explain to Bud that this version had Michael Flatley dancing instead of Colin Dunn, but Jean Butler was the female lead in both versions. Bud seemed to keep expecting Colin to pop out on stage, though.

We had dinner after watching Act I, and Bud ate a pretty good dinner of beef and broccoli stir fry. He did managed to get broccoli in his hair, on his forehead, in his ears, etc. After we finished up and I wiped him down, we each had a bowl of ice cream for dessert. It was Bud's first personal bowl of ice cream, and he was licking the bowl when I finally managed to wrest it away from him.

We all watched the second act of Riverdance, and then started the bedtime routine. Bud managed to negotiate for a part of a mallowcreme pumpkin before bed, but other than that the routine was pretty standard.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dinner At Nanny's

Bud woke this morning a little after 7:00, and I got up with him and watched the currently requisite WordWorld.M-lady joined us a little bit after 8:00, and I took my leave to start getting ready to bike into work.

Bud saw me in my biking clothes and immediately knew I was going for a ride. He didn't seem to show any interest in coming along; he was content to sit and read stories with M-lady. They did go to the window to watch me ride off, though, and I waved to them as I left.

Bud had a good day, and a long nap. He was asleep when I arrived home around 2:30, and didn't wake until after 4:30. Must have been a nice nap. He had his bath shortly after he woke, and I heard him drumming away until about 5:30.

At that point, Nanny J took him over to her house for dinner, since M-lady and I were scheduled to attend a meeting at Bud's school. The meeting turned out to be a bit silly, but we enjoyed the time to chat and seeing friends.

We arrived back home around 8:00, and Bud was wide awake and really excited to see us. Nanny J encouraged him to tell us what he ate for dinner, but he wasn't interested in telling stories. It took a little while to settle him down, get him into PJs, and start the bedtime routine. He was agreeable, and eventually went to sleep when we got him into bed a little after 8:30.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Daddy Day At Preschool

Bud woke this morning at 6:30, which was a little early. He was willing to hang out for about twenty minutes, but ended up getting up a bit before 7:00 to head out to the living room and watch some WordWorld. M-lady took over at about 8:20 (thanks, M-lady!), and I crawled back into bed for a bit.

Bud had a good morning with Nanny J, although he did come looking for M-lady and I a couple of times in the home office. He trooped off to school happily at about noon.

A bit later, M-lady and I headed over to the school for the fall Daddy Day program. I got to hang out with Bud at school, and M-lady had volunteered to take pictures of the event. Bud was surprised to see us when we arrived, and initially broke into tears. We're still a little mystified by that reaction. But after I explained that I was going to hang out with him at school, he got a little more relaxed and eventually showed me around a little bit.

He had all the hand motions down for the songs during circle time, but didn't sing along. In fact, he was particularly quiet. I'm starting to get a little concerned about his shyness.

After circle time we went outside to the field where there were fall activities set up. Bud enjoyed examining the pumpkins, and we played on the playground together a bit, too. He did thank Teacher A for a cookie he received, and she remarked on his speaking at school. I guess having his parents around made him at least a little braver.

We had fun for the afternoon, and at about 3:00 I signed Bud out and we headed for home, where we met Nanny J. I had to get a little work done, so Bud had a snack with Nanny J and then settled down for a nap. He was clearly pretty tired, and slept for a while before getting up and playing with Nanny J for a bit before I took him at about 5:30.

M-lady got home a little later this evening, so Bud and I hung out together for a while. We read some stories, and discussed his little pumpkin, and I drew pictures of jack-o'-lantern faces to convey the conversion process. I'm not sure he got it, so this weekend we'll try to pick up a couple of pumpkins to carve up.

We had mac and cheese for dinner, and Bud ate a pretty good portion. Bedtime wasn't too far away after that, and while he was a little reticent about getting into his PJs, after that everything went smoothly.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Bud woke this morning just before 7:00, and I got up to see what he wanted. Turned out that he wanted to get up, but I convinced him to chill for about 10 minutes before we changed his diaper and headed out to the living room to watch some WordWorld.

M-lady took Bud for a little while after that so I could get changed, and then he and I watched some YouTube piano performances at his request. Nanny J found us there watching the vid a little before 9:00.

Bud played happily with Nanny J during the morning, although he crashed into the office once or twice while M-lady and I were on the phone. I guess he heard us talking in there. We all played with Legos together for a few minutes before M-lady and I had to get ready to head into the office.

Bud had a good nap in the afternoon, and was in good spirits when I arrived home around 5:00. He came looking for me at about 5:25, and we played together with Nanny J until she took her leave a few minutes later.

Bud and I greeted M-lady when she arrived home, and then had a quick video call with Grandma W and Granddad B. Bud was pretty happy to see them, and showed off his puzzle skills for a while. Eventually he got a bit restless, and as we needed to make a grocery store run before dinner, we waved goodbye and packed up for a quick trip.

Bud showed a new skill as he was excitedly getting ready to go. He grabbed my hands, as he stood facing me, and walked up my legs with his feet until he was hanging upside down. He hung there for a moment before piking his legs and completing the assisted backflip. There were lots of giggles as he repeated the maneuver several times. M-lady caught it on video, which I'll try to post soon (it needs a little editing).

Bud was fantastic at the store, being very careful to hold my hand when it appeared to him that he might be getting in someone's way. He did jump out in front of folks a few times, but for the most part stayed pretty close.

We had fun talking about the moon which was pretty high in the sky in the early evening, on the drives to and from the store. He voiced that he thought the moon was 'following' us.

He helped unload the groceries, and then ate a solid dinner. We shared an ice cream sandwich after dinner.

Bud was a little surprised by a friend, P, who arrived just as we were finishing up dinner to borrow some costume dresses from M-lady. Bud interacted with her shyly for a few minutes before I noticed that he'd gotten a bit stinky... we said our goodbyes and I changed Bud into a clean diaper and PJs.

We started the bedtime routine, watched WordWorld, brushed teeth, washed face and hands, read a couple of stories, and got into bed. Bud fell asleep pretty quickly.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Bud woke this morning a few minutes after 7:00, and we got straight up and started in on WordWorld. We managed to limit TV to about 30 minutes, and then played together for the rest of the morning. We did watch a little bit of YouTube, but only while I was checking email.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and Bud was happy to see her. They were playing together quickly.

Later in the day, Bud had an early lunch and headed out for school shortly after noon. I was heading for work at about the same time, and Bud happily waved goodbye as they left.

I returned home at about 4:30, and Bud was just about to take his bath. He gave me a cheery hello as Nanny J herded him into the bathroom. I didn't hear him unhappy at all during the day today.

Bud and I played some air band when Nanny J left at about 5:30, and continued into singing traditional kid's songs for a while. Bud was less interested in drumming to those songs than looking at the pictures in the song book. I really need to pull out the guitar for some of the songs. Bud is solidly drumming quarter or half notes with his right hand and whole notes with his left, but had trouble with 3/4 time when we tried that this evening. I'll have to expose him to more waltzes.

M-lady arrived home, and we started working on dinner. Bud started his dinner by raiding the casserole on M-lady's plate, but we got him into his chair, where he ate most of a piece of toast and some eggs. It was a solid dinner for him overall.

We watched a little bit of Monday Night Football, shared some ice cream, and started the bedtime routine a bit early as he missed his nap today. Overall he never had a serious meltdown, although he got a little fussy before bed. He passed out pretty quickly once he was in his crib, though.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Just Pretending To Nap

Bud woke this morning at about 7:10, about 90 seconds after I lay back down in bed after dropping Grandma Nese off at the airport this morning and picking up a couple of critical grocery items. So I got up, we got him into a dry diaper, and watched some WordWorld.

M-lady watched Bud, got him dressd, and shared her breakfast with him from about 9:00 to 9:30, during which time I snoozed for about 15 minutes and then got up, shaved, and cleaned myself up a bit. Bud and I hung out for a few minutes while M-lady got herself ready, and then we all headed out to the Mommy group Halloween party.

Bud had assured me that he wanted to wear his costume at the party, but balked when we arrived. He was a bit shy, particularly at the beginning, but warmed up a bit and had a good time playing with some of the available toys. He also didn't seem so shy when the party favors came out and he had the opportunity to ask some of the mommies for goodies.

We headed for home around noon and got some lunch. Bud had a solid serving of chicken soup, and we both sat and watched football for about a half an hour before I put him down for his nap. He seemed to be OK with it, and after he had lain quietly for 15 minutes I assumed he was on his way to sleepyland. I left the monitor with M-lady and headed out to run some errands.

Bud was waiting for me at the door when I returned home about two hours later, which wasn't too surprising. But M-lady reported that he hadn't actually slept at all. Sly boy.

Bud and I played for a bit, called Grandma W and Granddad B, and got started on dinner while M-lady snoozed for a bit. I baked some crescent rolls, which got M-lady out of bed, and Bud munched on one as well. But I couldn't convince him to eat the bowl of rice, veggies, beef, and chicken I had thrown together for him from leftovers, so he ran off to lie in his crib for a while. I was pretty hungry, so I ate his dinner.

He ended up not really eating dinner until about 7:15. It was at that point that I explained that this was his last chance for dinner: if he didn't eat then, we were going to put him into PJs and he could have his bedtime snack, but he wouldn't get dinner. He quickly headed for the kitchen and climbed up into his chair, and shoveled in a good portion of the second rice bowl I prepared for him.

After dinner we did the basic bedtime routine, shortened to a single episode of WordWorld due to his lack of nappage. The routine went smoothly tonight, including the toothbrushing, and he went to sleep quickly after a couple of stories.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Back Home

Another big thanks to M-lady for posting while I was on hiatus. I'm back now, after a great week of road-tripping with my dad. We covered 1500 miles and drove through seven states in four days, most of it with the top down on the convertible. It was a blast.

In any case, M-lady, Grandma Nese, and Bud picked me up from the airport at about 1:30 today, coming from a birthday party at Happy Hollow. They apparently had a really good time, and Bud seemed pretty happy with the party favor bag he came away with. I was really happy to see him, and he seemed pretty happy to see me, too.

The afternoon included watching some college football, a solid nap from about 2:30 to 4:30, and a visit from Aunt O and Uncle C. Bud was a bit shy and groggy after his nap, but eventually said hi to O and C.

We got take-out pasta for dinner, and Bud enjoyed some breadsticks and lasagna. He didn't eat a lot, but apparently he had a big lunch and stuffed himself with fruit at the party. After dinner we played together for a few minutes before heading off for the shower.

M-lady fell asleep after dinner, so Bud and I did the shower, got into PJs, and did the bedtime routine on our own. Bud managed to talk me into a second episode of WordWorld, but the test of the bedtime routine was pretty standard. He went to sleep quickly. I'm looking forward to spending some more time with him tomorrow.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bedtime for All

The little dude had a great day with Grandma N and Nanny J. I wasn't feeling so great, so this will be short.

Trip to the library, where he offered another little boy the chance to share the computer game. Much drumming, dancing and reading of stories. The new drumsticks arrived, much to his joy. A very cooperative bedtime ritual, complete with the airplane book and an extra cup of water. Bedtime for all.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Almost Bedtime

A snuggle while watching a post bedtime snack, pre bedtime story episode of Word World.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Learning Our State Capitals

Q woke up cheerfully (and in dry clothes) this morning, requesting that I open the curtain and let the light in. We chatted a bit, and then I set him up with the Riverdance DVD while I took an early morning conference call. He was pleased to see the cleaners arrive shortly after, and spent much of the morning sweeping, mopping and vacuuming after they left.

He and Nanny J worked together to make a casserole, and it was ready to eat by the time Grandma N arrived at noon. Q recognized her immediately and pulled out the airplane toy that she'd brought for him last time, to show that he remembered it.

I had to leave for work shortly after, but it sounds like they had a good lunch, good nap, and then a complicated game involving rolling balls under the sofa and convincing Grandma N to fish them out for him.

After I got home from the office and Nanny J headed home, we ate dinner and shared fancy Halloween cookies sent by SwingDaddy. I chose the smallest one for Q, since we wanted to minimize the sugar intake. Unfortunately, it was decorated with a cute green spider on a black background. He loved it, but the food coloring did a good job turning his hands, lips and tongue black. He looked like a little ghoul. A happy ghoul though, with yummy cookie.

After much application of soap and water, he was ready for a treat from Grandma N. A new wooden puzzle of the United States! When you handle the piece for each state, a recorded voice says the name of the state and its capitol, and each piece is decorated with a representative symbol. Q was particularly delighted with the pronunciation of "Honolulu."

Eventually, we convinced him to leave the puzzle, get changed, and settle for bed. In all the excitement, he managed to bump his forehead pretty hard against the wall, and we iced the bump for a while. The swelling went down quickly, so hopefully it won't be noticeably tomorrow. Milk, stories, bedtime. Kisses all around.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Splashy, Sloshy

Like yesterday, SwingDaddy changed Q out of damp clothes this morning, although fortunately the sheets didn't get wet. They played before Nanny J arrived and then SwingDaddy took off for the airport.

Q seemed to have a good day at school, although he was exhausted by the time he got home. He didn't nap yesterday, so he pitched over for a nap pretty quickly after they got home today. This is the third time he's come home from school with wet clothes, so I have to ask the teacher what he's doing in class. There's both an indoor water table and an outdoor fountain, and he's reported "splash!" to us, so I can guess that perhaps he needs to learn to be more careful. Today was a colder day, so they sent him home in dry school clothes.

After I got home from work, we chatted for a bit, and Q accompanied me to the grocery store. He's already eaten most of the muffins that we bought for Grandma N, and we needed some other items for the week's menu. I was so proud of him, trotting along in the store, fetching things, chatting cheerfully, not melting down. In fact, he held it together really well all night.

I started falling apart at 7:30, which was pretty good for me, since I'm still not feeling that great. I asked Q for his help very seriously, and happily, he stopped wriggling and let me change him into PJs quickly. We snuggled through an episode of Word World, two stories, and then bedtime. He poked at his teeth, saying that something was bothering him, so we brushed a second time. I'll have to take another look tomorrow - hopefully it was just a piece of food.

I'm fully expecting to have to change him out of wet clothes again in the morning, because I could hear the little guy's stomach sloshing while he jumped up and down during his bedtime story. Cute little round tummy.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Bud woke this morning a little after 7:00, and had soaked through his diapers and his PJs. I got him cleaned up, changed his bedsheets, and we headed out to the living room to watch some TV. We started with an episode of Sesame Street, and then caught an episode of WordWorld on TV, which I recorded for him.

M-lady got up around 9:00, and took the later morning shift again, letting me sleep for a couple of hours. They had a good time with various activities, including some soft and loud drumming (I heard the loud part).

I got up around 11:00 when they came in and plopped down on the bed with me. Bud was anxious for me to get up and play with him, and I joined him as soon as I could. We mostly played airband today with our free time.

I got some lunch together for the fam, and we all sat down to eat together, which was nice. M-lady went back to bed for a while, and I had intended to get Bud out for an outing after lunch, but he wasn't interested, and I didn't push very hard. We ended up coloring, playing both airband and real instruments, and watching a bit of football. At around 1:00 I started trying to get Bud to take a nap.

He kept asking for "just one more song", and then "one more crayon color", and then one more of something else. He just kept pushing back that nap time. I eventually got him into his crib around 2:00, but even then he kept finding excuses not to sleep, and for me not to leave him.

He spent a quiet 20 minutes or so, but never slept, and eventually I gave up on trying to get him to sleep. We headed out to the grocery store and had a pretty good time. Bud is finally beyond the 'grab everything in sight' phase, and was mostly content to run around, fairly close to me, and take in the sights.

Bud helped quite a bit in carrying the groceries into the house, and then unloading the bags. After we wrapped up that errand, Bud and I played for a bit more before we packed up and headed out to Chili's for dinner.

Bud was reasonably well behaved at dinner, and ate a whole lot of chicken, although he didn't eat his broccoli. It might not have been steamed enough: he likes his broccoli pretty limp.

It was straight into the routine when we got home, with a shower, PJs, a short episode of WordWorld, and then teeth and a bedtime story. Bud asked for water shortly after we turned out the lights, but was clearly pretty tired having skipped his nap, and fell asleep pretty quickly.

I'm going to be traveling again this week, so M-lady may make a few guest posts.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Long Nap Day

Bud woke this morning around 8:30, and I got up with him and got him set up watching Riverdance. M-lady got up a few minutes later, around 9:00, and spent a fun morning with him while I slept for almost another two hours. Thanks, M-lady!

I got up and hung out with Bud for a while, and we made some crescent rolls together for a late morning snack. M-lady got up and joined us for the rolls, and afterwards we all got ready and headed out to the mall to get some winter clothes for Bud.

We hit the Carter's at the mall, and got Bud a whole armload of things: long-sleeved shirts, pants, a big, waterproof jacket, and even a pair of rubber boots for the rain. All of it in 3T, so it should fit him for the winter unless he makes a ridiculous growth spurt.

After Carter's we had lunch in the mall, and wandered around a little bit before heading back home. Bud seemed a little tired when we arrived, and had a little bit of milk and the leftover crescent roll he didn't finish in the morning, and then happily passed out for a three-and-a-half hour nap.

He was a little groggy when he woke up, but we had a nice chat with Grandma W and Granddad B before dinner. Or at least, I had a nice chat with them. Bud was sort of running in and out of the room while we had the video set up. But he at least said, "Hi!" and interacted a bit.

We had a quick dinner after the call, and I played air band with Bud for a bit before we started getting ready for bed. We got PJs on and started watching WordWorld again, and then I got ready to go out with M-lady. Nanny J arrived a little before 7:30, and Bud was happy to let us leave. He was apparently really well behaved for Nanny J, trotting right off to bed when the video finished. He lay in bed for a while without falling asleep, which isn't too surprising, given his long nap. But he was content to lie quietly in bed until he fell asleep.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Little Gymnast

Bud woke this morning a little before 8:00, and I got up with him. He was willing to hang out in his crib for a little bit, and then got up to watch an episode of Little Einsteins before Nanny J arrived to take him off to his Friday gymnastics class.

Apparently Bud has mastered the class that he's currently in. Nanny J says he can do all the skills, and is starting to get a little bored and ends up running off to do his own thing. Unfortunately, the next level gymnastics class is for 3-5 year olds, without parental assistance. We're not sure he's quite ready for that.

In any case, he had a good time at gymnastics, but he and Nanny J came straight home afterwards since it was raining so much. He spent the rest of the day inside, and while it didn't bother him, we're definitely going to have to run him around outside this weekend if the weather's OK.

He had a good lunch, nap, and bath, and was in a good mood when M-lady and I took over for Nanny J around 5:30. Bud and I showed off his new acrobatic tricks to Nanny J before she left, and she remarked on his good balance and jumping. Apparently one of his new games is to stand on his step stool, pick a letter on the playmat, and jump to it. Which explains the loud thudding sounds I heard this afternoon.

We had french toast for dinner, which Bud enjoyed thoroughly. After he was done sharing a couple of pieces with M-lady, he came over to me to poach a bite from my plate. We'll have to break him of that habit eventually.

M-lady played with him after dinner while I took a twenty-minute power nap, and then Bud and I played for a while before bedtime while M-lady napped. We shared the last of the ice cream before getting into PJs and watching the 'WordWorld' video again. The rest of the bedtime routine was routine, and he went to sleep pretty quickly after I got him a drink of water.

Staying In

Bud slept in this morning until about 8:30, probably because he skipped his nap yesterday. We watched a quick episode of Bob the Builder, and Nanny J arrived just as it was wrapping up.

I had to be in for a meeting, so took my leave as soon as Nanny J arrived. Bud didn't seem to mind.

Bud apparently had a huge lunch today, and a solid nap. Apparently he didn't want to go out today, so they skipped their trip to the park and stayed inside all day.

When Bud woke from his nap, he indicated 'poopy' to Nanny J. She discovered that he hadn't actually pooped yet, and sat him down on the potty, where he proceeded to poop. Yay! He then went on to count the poops (four).

I took over for Nanny J at about 5:30, and Bud and I read some stories together for a little while before heading back to his room to play with some foam tools. We had a good time together 'fixing' his crib before M-lady showed up at about 6:00 and we got started on dinner.

Bud ate some grilled cheese sandwich, a fair amount of broccoli, and a few bites of my pizza for dinner. Overall it wasn't an enormous dinner, but he didn't seem to be particularly hungry. After dinner we played for a few minutes before sharing some ice cream and starting the bedtime routine. We watched a bit of Cars for the first time in a while, and only had a minor meltdown about brushing teeth before heading for bed. Bud went to sleep pretty quickly after a short bedtime story.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Little Acrobat

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and I got up with him. M-lady had to go to work early this morning, so she was already getting ready to go when we got up. Bud and I said goodbye to her as we got started on Act I of Riverdance.

Bud and I had a pretty mellow morning overall, and Bud was excited to see Nanny J arrive at 9:00. He greeted her at the door, and they started playing together immediately.

Showing off our new stunt
Bud apparently had a good day, with a solid lunch and a good day at school. During dinner Bud volunteered information about his school day, unprovoked, for the first time that I'm aware of. He told me they had a parade at school today. Since I knew today was picture day at school, I sort of envisioned the children all lining up to have their picture taken, and that could certainly be effected as a parade. But maybe I'm way off track. It was tough to get Bud to elaborate.

In any case, M-lady was also a little late getting home this evening (long day!), so I took Bud from Nanny J at about 5:30. Bud shook hands with her as she left today; we both found it very cute and funny. I should have asked Bud about that, but it slipped my mind.

I was a bit tired, so rather than entertain Bud myself I took the easy way out and sat down in front of the TV with him. I decided to try exposing him to Cirque Du Soleil, figuring he'd like the music and acrobatics. We watched scenes from Quidam (Banquine, M-lady's and my favorite) and Saltimbanco.

Bud really enjoyed the acrobatics. He insisted that we practice after I turned the TV off, so for the next half-hour I hoisted and slung Bud around his playroom. He had a great time, and we actually nailed a few new skills. He can stand up pretty comfortably on my shoulders now, although he seems to enjoy jumping off more than the standing up.

We finally settled down for a bit and had some dinner. Bud had a solid serving of toast, eggs, and milk, and we shared a pear for dessert. M-lady arrived as we were finishing up, and Bud was really happy to see her.

After dinner we played for a few minutes, showing M-lady our new tricks, before having a little bit of ice cream and starting the bedtime routine. We watched a little bit of Finding Nemo before bed, and Bud did have a little bit of a meltdown right before getting into his crib. He didn't nap today, so he was doing well to last as long as he did. In any case, once he settled down he fell asleep very quickly.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bouncy Call

Bud woke this morning a little before 8:00, and I got up with him. We watched an episode of Little Einsteins, and then read a couple of stories before Nanny J arrived.

I'm starting to get tired of the episodes of Little Einsteins which we have recorded on the MythTV box. I need to get new scheduling information so I can start recording new episodes. Bud, of course, doesn't seem to mind watching the same dozen or so episodes over and over again.

Bud had a pretty good day with Nanny J. They spent some time at the library, and Bud took a solid nap. He fussed a little bit towards the end of the day, but seemed happy enough when I returned from the grocery store around 5:30 and M-lady and I took him from Nanny J.

Bud and I had a fun chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, and Bud bounced around with seemingly limitless energy. He showed off enough somersaults to make himself dizzy. He still doesn't really aim his somersaults very well, though: he crashed into several toys in his hasty rolls.

Since we suspected Bud would want to eat what M-lady was eating, we put the dish M-lady prepared for Bud in front of M-lady. Bud immediately wanted some, and ended up eating a pretty good dinner. Hopefully we won't have to continue to make him think he's stealing someone else's meal to get him to eat, though. After he finished, he wandered over to me to see what I was eating, and mooched a bite of that, too.

We played together for a little bit before I started the bedtime routine with some shared ice cream. The routine was pretty standard, and Bud went to sleep without trying to stall tonight. I think he was pretty tired after his high-energy early evening.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Poaching Soup

Bud woke once this morning around 6:30, and after some re-assurance was willing to sleep for about another hour. I got up with him around 7:30, and we did the usual morning thing with Little Einsteins.

Nanny J arrived as we were playing with the train tracks a bit, and Bud pretended to be shy for about 30 seconds before trying to get a cookie from her. I slipped off to get some work done.

Bud had a good day with Nanny J, and seemed to generally have a good time at school today. He did tell Nanny J that he cried at school today, but didn't explain anything beyond that. We'll have to check with Teacher A. He did confess to going down the slide today, and reading stories, and playing in the water a little bit, but was pretty tight-lipped otherwise.

Bud had a bath as soon as he got home, and volunteered to take a short nap after his bath. He slept for about an hour, and got up right before I got home. He and Nanny J were playing with his legos when I took over at about 5:30.

Bud and I played with legos for a while until M-lady arrived at home, and then we all had some dinner. Bud wanted to eat M-lady's chicken soup. We offered him his own bowl, but he was insistent on having M-lady's soup. She shared a little bit, but we eventually posited that he wasn't all that hungry, since he was bargaining about who's soup he would eat.

Bud and I watched some MNF together for a little while, this time without jerseys, and Bud also played with the Yamaha keyboard I set up for him for a while. He's figured out which buttons to press to change the keyboard voice, and enjoys discovering different sounds.

Later in the evening, Bud had a solid meal of chicken soup (his own bowl, this time), and broccoli, as well as a crescent roll. We started the bedtime routine after that, and watched a Bob the Builder with M-lady. The bedtime routine was pretty straightforward, and Bud agreed to go to bed after just one story.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hangin' Out Sunday

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and I got up with him. We did our usual morning thing, including an episode of Little Einsteins. M-lady got up around 8:30 so I could catch a few more minutes of snoozage.

A planned outing for 10:00 with D and K fell through, so I packed Bud up a bit after 10:00 and we headed out a-wanderin'. Our first stop was the farmer's market on Castro St. in Mountain View, which is held in the parking lot of the Castro St. train station. A train pulled up as we approached, and we sat on a bench to watch the loud train pull away from the station.

We then spent some time wandering around the market. Bud enjoyed seeing all the veggies, but was a little put off by the crowding. We spent a little bit of time watching a clown make balloon animals, and a musician playing guitar and singing. Bud thought both those exhibitions were pretty cool.

We walked back to the car after escaping the market, and drove over to Krisy Kreme to pick up some donuts. Bud really enjoyed seeing the donut-making machinery, and we spent a little time examining the production line before ordering a half-dozen. I expected to head for home to share the treats with M-lady, but Bud insisted on sharing a donut before we headed back out to the car. So we did.

At home, I whipped up some bacon and eggs to go with the donuts for an early lunch. Bud declined the eggs, and had a hotdog instead. Then he ate half of M-lady's eggs. We all enjoyed the donuts.

Bud and I spent the next ninety minutes or so just chilling, watching some football and Little Einsteins, playing games, and chatting. Eventually I convinced Bud it was nap time, and he headed to his crib. After making noise for about an hour, I think he finally fell asleep.

He slept until about 5:30, at which point I went in and opened his window. After de-grogging for a bit, he got up and we went to play in his playroom for a bit, picking up where we'd left off when he went to take his nap. We had a video call with Grandma W and Granddad B while he was playing, and enjoyed a nice chat.

Before it got too dark, I tried to convince Bud we should go for a walk to the park. He wasn't interested, but I did eventually convince him to come outside to help me re-attach a wire to the eaves which was knocked down when the house was painted a couple of weeks ago. Bud did a great job holding the fasteners and hammer for me while I was moving the ladder, and handing them to me when I needed them.

After we finished up, Bud wanted to climb the ladder, so I helped him up a couple of steps. He really liked that, and fussed when I took him down and we headed inside. After resting for a few minutes in his crib, he joined M-lady and me for dinner.

He ate large servings of chicken soup and broccoli, and wrapped up by finishing off his last donut. Bud and I took a quick shower after dinner, and the bedtime routine followed shortly. We got Bud into bed a few minutes later than usual, around 8:20, and despite a pretty long, late nap, Bud went to sleep quickly.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Pushin' the Nap

Bud woke around 8:30 today, and M-lady got up with him, which was nice. They had a pleasant hour together before M-lady handed a rowdy Bud off to me.

Bud and I played quietly together for a bit (M-lady was snoozing), and eventually sat down in front of an episode of Sesame Street. Afterwards we worked together to make some roll-up pancakes for brunch.

We woke M-lady when they were ready, and we all had some roll-up pancakes together. Bud and I spent some time getting dressed after brunch, and he kept a close eye on my as I shaved. He declared that he wanted to shave, too, but I pointed out that he couldn't really shave until he had prickles on his face, too.

After we were all set for the day, we all packed up in the car and headed out to check out a few open houses. We left at about 1:00, which is usually Bud's nap time, but the open houses started around then, and we hadn't seen houses together for a while. We picked up a light lunch on the way to the first house, and enjoyed spanding some time together.

Bud was really well behaved at the two houses we saw, although he desperately wanted to take a closer look at the pools in the backyards of each. He was a little disappointed that we didn't let him go jump in. By the time we were heading home, he was pretty clearly tired. We arrived home at about 3:00, and Bud fell asleep for his nap pretty quickly.

He woke shortly after 5:00, right around the time I was getting home from a grocery trip to pick up dinner components. We made pizzas at home, and after waking up a somewhat cranky Bud, got him excited about making his own pizza.

When the pizzas were ready, we all sat down and ate dinner together, which was very nice. Bud ate a good amount of pizza, and was largely self-sufficient at dinner, sitting at in one of the full-sized chairs.

After dinner, Bud and I played for a few minutes, mostly air band, before changing into PJs and having a popsicle. We started the bedtime routine, watching an episode of Little Einsteins, and getting a good toothbrushing and a couple of bedtime stories in as well. Bud went to sleep pretty quickly, and a few minutes earlier than usual.

Friday, October 05, 2007

New Skills Every Day

Bud woke about 7:30 this morning, and we got up pretty quickly since he was wet. I got him changed into his clothes, and he asked to see a Sesame Street today. Nanny J arrived soon after we finished the episode, and took him to his gymnastics class.

Nanny J reported that he's really doing well in gymnastics, picking up the skills and having a lot of fun. I'm going to have to go with them to class sometime!

In the late morning, while I was working from home, I heard Bud and Nanny J counting together. Very loudly. They got to about 40. Bud hast he hang of the decimal system thing: Nanny J would say, "Thirty!", and Bud would go with it: "Thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three, thirty-four thirty-five-thirty-sixthirty-seveneightnineten!" He got a little excited. Then they repeated the exercise in Mandarin.

Bud took a while to fall asleep for his nap this afternoon, and was still snoozing when I arrived home around 4:30. Nanny J plunked him into his bath pretty quickly after he got up, and M-lady arrived home around 5:15. All four of us played together a bit, tossing a football around before Nanny J left for the weekend. Nanny J reported that Bud pooped on the potty again today. We'll have to see how well we can do with that over the weekend.

I played with Bud a little bit while M-lady got started on some dinner, and then left Bud with her for a bit while I did the grocery shopping. Bud ate a solid dinner with M-lady, and was just finishing up when I got back. M-lady reported that Bud accurately read the number of minutes (thirty and fifty) from a clock face we have in the dining room during dinner. He must be learning that from Nanny J... soemething else we should check on this weekend. There was a little time for chatting and some air band before we started the bedtime routine.

Bud was well behaved through the routine. He asked to see the book of family photos as one of his bedtime stories, and we identified all the family in it. Then he went to sleep pretty quickly. After all his energy in the evening, I think he finally got a little tired.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Watch His Every Move...

First, the news from yesterday that we missed. Nanny J reported that yesterday Bud pooped in his potty for the first time! Afterwards, he negotiated for five M&M's. Not a bad deal. I guess I need to go get some more M&M's.

On to today. Bud woke a little after 8:00, and I got up with him. M-lady had gotten up a little earlier to head in to work, so she said goodbye as we were watching an episode of Little Einsteins. After the episode finished up, Bud asked to watch Sesame Street for the first time in quite a while. So we watched Elmo's World for about ten minutes, until Nanny J arrived.

We haven't even watched those
great old Tom 'n Jerry cartoons.
Right before I left for work at about 10:30, I found Bud in the playroom with a book set on a little structure of train track stanchions, holding one of his drumsticks and waving his arms.
You go, Bud.

I arrived home around 4:30, and Bud was happily chasing around the house with Nanny J. He waved a hello to me as he ran by. I heard him have a bath before M-lady arrived home, although he didn't repeat his potty performance. Perhaps there weren't enough M&M's offered.

The three of us played together with a new music book for a bit before dinner, and I prepared some eggs and toast for M-lady, of which Bud promptly begged about half. We all shared an apple as well. Bud sat at the table next to M-lady, rather than in his chair, which he's been doing a bit more at dinner time. We may need to see about getting him a booster chair for sitting at the table.

After dinner M-lady and Bud played together for a bit while I did the dishes, and then Bud and I played while M-lady rested for a bit. We eventually shared a popsicle and then started the bedtime routine, watching another episode of Little Einsteins, followed by an episode of Pingu. The rest of the routine was pretty straightforward, and Bud wen to sleep reasonably quickly.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pleasant Longish Afternoon

Bud woke this morning briefly at about 5:00, having dropped his pacifier. M-lady and I actually both got up, in tandem, and met in his room. She managed to get out of bed first, and I hadn't noticed she'd gotten up.

Bud did, in fact, sleep in this morning, waking up just as Nanny J arrived a few minutes before 9:00. He was a bit upset that we didn't have our usual morning time together, but after hanging out with him for a few minutes, he relented and let me get started on work.

I headed in to the office pretty much immediately, and didn't get back until he was already at school. Nanny J returned with a very happy Bud at about 3:30. I started to help him take his shoes off, and discovered his pants and the lower half of his shirt were soaked.
"Did you play in the water today at school?"
(Big grin) "Yes!"
So the nanny and I got him out of his wet things, including a fairly well saturated diaper, and into some dry clothes.

Nanny J had to leave for a doctor's appointment, so it was Bud and me for the rest of the afternoon. Bud expressed concern for Nanny J when he learned she was going to the doctor, and hoped she wouldn't get an 'owie', pointing at his arm. I guess he remembers his last shot. I let him know that sometimes doctors give shots to keep people from getting sick, but I'm not sure it stuck with him. I wonder how long it takes for kids to pick up on the whole 'short term discomfort to ward off long term pain' thing.

Bud headed for his crib after we'd gotten him dressed, and clambered in. He was jumping on the bed, yelling, "Nap! Nap! Nap!" I figured actual sleep was unlikely, but left him to it for about 15 minutes before he called me back in. I hung out with him in his room for a while, and then convinced him to come hang out in M-lady's and my bed. We had a good time there for a while, lying about, reading magazines (bike- and computer game-themed), and wrestling a bit. The wrestling was mostly Bud trying to jump on me, and me warding off that event.

We played a little Guitar Hero, followed by some air band, and Bud had a big bowl of stew for dinner. M-lady was a little late coming home, so I started some crescent rolls, which Bud was very excited about. He kept a close eye on them, and they finished up in the oven just as M-lady arrived home. We all sat down at the table with fresh rolls.

Bud ate his allotted two rolls, and managed to beg another half from M-lady. Afterwards, we played together for a few minutes before heading off for a shower, since he hadn't had a bath today. We had a good time in the shower, and Bud's only fussing of the afternoon and evening came when it was time to get out. Fortunately he was expertly handled and dried by M-lady, and we got him into PJs and started the bedtime routine.

Bud was pretty sleeping, having not napped, and passed out pretty quickly once the lights finally went out at about 8:00.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

High Energy Evening

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and I got up with him to see how he was doing. He was content to lie in his crib for a while before we got up and watched some Riverdance.

The cleaners arrived around 8:30, and Bud was fascinated, as usual. We went off looking for the vacuum cleaner at one point: he saw it come into the house, but lost track of it and wanted to find it again. He was also enchanted with the mop, as usual. The cleaners think he's pretty cute.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and I extracted myself and got involved in a conference call for work. I headed for the office shortly after that, and Bud and Nanny J were enjoying a snack as I left.

I think Bud kept eating today, as he was having a meal as I returned home around 4:30. Nanny J reported that he couldn't wait for dinner to have some of the stew she prepared: he insisted on having it as a snack at about 4:00.

Bud had his bath and was all clean by the time M-lady and I took him at about 5:30. Bud was pretty hoppy, so M-lady and I had a quick dinner (the stew was great), Bud and I shared a popsicle, and we all loaded into the car to head for the mall for a little while. Bud was a little reluctant to get into the car at first, but warmed up to the trip as we played "Things I see while in the car."

Bud was revved up by the time we got to the mall. He took off running, and often took wrong turns in front of M-lady and me, prompting us to call him back several times. It showed a level of comfort with the place that he usually doesn't display.

Bud and I got some Mrs. Field's Cookies while M-lady did a little shopping, and then when we hooked up with M-lady again we all munched happily while we wandered around a little bit. Bud kept up his high-energy pace all the way back to the car, and then sang songs to himself most of the ride home. It was around 7:30 by the time we got home.

Bud had another serving of stew, we all shared the last of the cookies, and then we started the bedtime routine with a relatively short episode of Bob the Builder. Bud was in bed by about 8:30, but I heard him kicking the sides of his crib as late as 9:00. Maybe he'll sleep in a bit tomorrow...

Monday, October 01, 2007

MNF - Jersey Time

Bud woke this morning at about 8:15. We had put him in his footie pajamas the night before, and this morning he attempted to get out of them by himself... I guess the room was too warm. In any case, I found him with the sleeper unzipped to his waist, and his shoulders shrugged out but his arms trapped in the sleeves. He was a bit upset at his predicament.

I got him sorted out, and we changed his diaper and went to watch a little bit of Riverdance before Nanny J arrived. He wanted to go back to his crib briefly when we turned the TV off, but got up shortly.

Bud had a good morning and seemed to have a good day at school. He didn't protest as he went out the door, but apparently was so tired when he got home that he asked for an immediate nap. After his nap he got a quick bath, and M-lady and I arrived home a little after 5:30.

Bud was pretty happy to see us, and I played with Bud for a bit before dinner. We gave a video call to Granddad B and Grandma Nese, who were happy to see him. We had a nice chat before Bud and I started getting hungry.

Bud ate a couple of taquitos for dinner, as well as a portion of my meal. He's still eating big. After dinner, I turned on Monday Night Football, and Bud sat in my lap as we watched a couple plays.

Presently, he jumped up and insisted that we both go put on our football jerseys. So I grabbed my Charger's Seau jersey, and we trotted off to Bud's room to grab his Tomlinson jersey. Bud was much happier, and after watching a few more plays he went looking for the football so we could toss it back and forth and tackle each other a bit.

After playing various games with the football, we shared a popsicle and started the bedtime routine. We got Bud into his PJs (we'll try the sleeper again...), watched an episode of Little Einsteins, said night-night to M-lady and read a couple of stories. Bud went to sleep pretty quickly.