Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Stuff and Helping Out

Bud woke once at about 3:00 this morning, and I checked on him and soothed him back to sleep. Not sure what woke him, but he went back to sleep pretty quickly. He woke again this morning a little after 7:00, and I snoozed with him in his room until about 7:30.

Beautiful wife and son
We got up and watched Act I of Riverdance, and read some of the Richard Scarry books until M-lady got up and joined us around 9:00. I snuck back to bed for a bit while they shared some toast and hot chocolate. They read some books together as well. Bud came bounding into the bedroom a little after 10:00 to loudly ask me if I was awake.

I got up and we got started on getting ready to head out to Friend K's three-year birthday party. Bud was a little tentative about going, but I was eventually able to talk him into getting dressed and getting into the car.

Bud was his usual shy self at the party, which was held at the park across the street from K's house. Bud had a good time at the playground, though, and we had fun as a family playing together before we wandered over to check out the refreshments.

Excited about bouncing
D and T, K's parents, had rented a large bouncy castle for the party. Bud really wanted to go in, but was really scared. Eventually M-lady took him in, and he had an absolutely fantastic time. At first he jumped on M-lady's arm, but later just bounced by himself, although he really wanted either M-lady or myself in the castle with him while he was bouncing.

We managed to pull him out of the castle to eat something, and he had some of M-lady's hotdog along with some fruit. He also had his very first juice box. He liked it so much, he asked me for another. He asked for a third when he'd finished his second, and we shunted him towards some water instead.

Lots of bouncing kids
Later in the party we revisited the bouncy castle, but the fun eventually came to an end when he got an inadvertent bonk on the head in a minor child collision. He was already pretty tired, so we headed for home.

Bud fell asleep in the car right before we got home, and never really had much of a nap, as he woke when I put him in his crib. He was quiet for a while, but after about 30 minutes called me in to let me know he had a poopy diaper. I got him cleaned up, and he rested for a few more minutes before he wanted to get up.

I took him outside with me, as I had a little job to do and thought he might be able to help. When we had our house repainted recently, the painters smacked the satellite dish and knocked it out of alignment, and I wanted to get back my TV channels. So Bud and I set out to re-align the dish. This involved getting the received out of the entertainment center, toting it outside with a spare flat-panel monitor, and wiring the whole thing up to the dish so I could see the signal strength from the satellites as I adjusted the dish.

Bud solemnly eyes his first juice box.
Bud actually was really helpful. I told him the name of all the tools as we took them out, and had him carry the non-sharp implements and coils of wire. While I was working, I asked him to hand me different tools: the only one he had trouble remembering was the 'large socket wrench'. I think he got all the others.

Of course, when I left him too long without instruction, he started clipping leaves off the nearby bush with my diagonal cutters. Overall he was quite excited to help out, though.

We came in and had a really nice chat with Grandma W and Granddad B before getting started on dinner. Dinner was french toast, and Bud ate a solid portion. After dinner he asked for some jello, so M-lady accommodated him. M-lady and I were both tickled by Bud trying to get the very last drops (scraps? bits?) of jello out of the cup with his spoon. M-lady kept trying to take the cup, and Bud kept insisting there was more jello in it.

Bud and I took a shower after dinner, and then got some PJs on. There was actually no meltdown this evening, and we had a generally pleasant bedtime routine kicked off by Little Einsteins. Bud was in bed by 7:30 or so, and sleeping soon after that.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bouncy Day

Bud woke briefly this morning shortly after 6:00, and M-lady check on him. He went back to sleep pretty quickly, and was still sleeping when I left for a bike ride at about 8:30 this morning.

M-lady and Bud lay around together until about 9:00. They had a fun morning together, reading stories, doing some drumming, and generally playing and having a good time. Bud ate a big lunch with M-lady a little before noon. I arrived home just as they were finishing up.

They played together some more while I took my shower, and burst into the bathroom just as I was finishing up. M-lady was excited because Bud had recited the poem "Hey Diddle Diddle" to her more or less in its entirety. M-lady had questioned Bud about it a bit, and ascertained that he picked it up at school from Teacher A. Since Bud still doesn't talk much at school, M-lady send Teacher A an email to let her know that Bud is, in fact, learning things.

M-lady rested a bit while I played with Bud and fixed my lunch. Bud was very curious about my meal, and ate a good portion of it. The kid is an eating machine right now.

We played together a little bit more, watched some videos on YouTube, and then lay down for a nap. I slept in Bud's room, so I'm not sure if he actually slept, but I got a solid hour nap in before he woke me up, at any rate.

He was bouncy again when he got up, and joined M-lady in our bed while I got ready for another house-hunting outing. M-lady played with Bud for about an hour while I checked out a couple of houses. Apparently there was a lot of snuggling and jumping on the bed involved.

Bud was still pretty wired when I got home. We tried to do a video call with Ama and Agu, but Bud was a little too squirmy. Since he hadn't been out of the house yet during the day, I took him for a walk down to the local playground where he had a good time burning off energy. He's clearly been playing on the slide at school, because he had a lot of fun going down the slides at the playground, which he's been hesitant of even fairly recently. He also showed quite a bit more skill in climbing and clambering around the equipment.

After a bit of running around, I convinced him to walk home with me, where we found Uncle C and Aunt O visiting. After some hellos, and some initial shyness, I took Bud with me to pick up a couple of pizzas for dinner. Bud ate a couple of pieces of pizza for dinner, along with a fair bit of a peach, and then showed off some of his drumming skills to Aunt O while the rest of us chatted a bit.

After a few drummed songs, I took Bud off to get him into PJs. We said goodbye to Aunt O and Uncle C while Bud started watching an episode of Little Einsteins, and the rest of the bedtime routine actually went pretty smoothly tonight.

I did get a gander in his mouth while we brushed teeth, and saw at least two of his two-year molars broken through. I have no idea if these teeth coming in have influenced his behavior recently, but he was certainly pretty chipper all day today.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Demonstrating Gymnastics

Bud woke this morning a little before 8:00, and I got up with him and set him up with Riverdance. M-lady came out and joined him, and I started getting myself ready for an early meeting. They were enjoying the show when I left.

They had a good time together this morning, and M-lady strategically fast-forwarded the show so it would end in time for Bud to leave for his gymnastics class with Nanny J. He was apparently really good in gymnastics today, called out as an example by the teacher several times.

Bud was pretty happy when we got home, and M-lady caught up with Nanny J while I made a quick dash out to the supermarket. Bud was happily bouncing around the playroom when I returned, and we got to see him do unassisted somersaults for the first time. He crashed around a bit. Tomorrow, we'll work on aim.

He also showed his 'hop-jump' skill: he'd hop on one foot, hold briefly, and then jump onto two feet. He showed a fair bit of balance. It was very cool.

M-lady was again craving crescent rolls, so I whipped up a quick batch. Bud ate two of them, and then shunned other dinner suggestions. So Bud and I sat and watched some videos on YouTube for a while before returning and finishing up dinner.

He requested a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, so I fixed one for him. He munched away happily, and asked several times for me to wipe the peanut butter off his fingers. We're going to have to teach him to wipe his hands on his own.

After the sandwich we got into PJs and watched an episode of Little Einsteins. He knew the TV was over when the show ended, but he kept asking for "one more thing." More milk, raisins, look at the moon, more stories, etc. He's clearly trying to delay going to bed. I think we need to get back to a rigid routine.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Working on the Bedtime Routine

Bud woke this morning shortly after 7:00, but I managed to convince him to go back to sleep for a while. He woke again a little before 8:00, ready to get up and start the day.

I got Bud set up in front of Riverdance, and M-lady came out and kept him company while I snoozed for a few more minutes. Nanny J took him at 9:00.

Bud had a pretty standard day, with a good lunch and solid nap. He didn't repeat his potty performance today after his bath, but we'll keep trying. He was in good spirits when M-lady and I took him at about 5:30.

Bud and I played with trains together for the first time in a while. We had fun setting up the track, and when I let Bud know it was sufficiently finished he immediately grabbed the remote-controlled engines and started running them on the track. We had fun with that for a while.

M-lady started her dinner cooking and went to lie down for a few minutes. When the timer went off, Bud jumped up, ran off to find M-lady, and dragged her back to the kitchen so she could eat her dinner. It was awfully sweet of him.

After M-lady ate, she got a bowl of soup ready for Bud. Bud, once again, had a really big dinner. He even mooched some of mine. We shared a bowl of ice cream afterwards, and then went and changed into PJs.

M-lasy and I decided not to do Riverdance in the evening again given Bud's reluctance to give it up. So I sat down with Bud and we watched some of the Wallace and Gromit shorts. Unfortunately, the humor is pretty sophisticated and the overall mood of the shows is remarkably dark. Bud didn't like them too much. We ended up watching some train videos on YouTube before finishing up.

Once again, Bud didn't want to leave the TV. We may have to find something else to do at bedtime to settle down.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Potty Success

Today was a mostly usual Wednesday: Bud woke at about 8:00, and I got up with him, setting him in front of an episode of Little Einsteins and getting dressed myself.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and Bud immediately started playing with her. They had a good day together, and Bud went to school in the afternoon, and didn't have a nap. He maintained a pretty good attitude all day despite the missing nap, though.

Nanny J reported that Bud agreed to sit on the potty after his bath, and did, in fact, pee. He has received much praise from everyone. I expect him to soon be cheering for me when I pee.

Bud with his makeshift kit. He plays everything
from the big green tub lid on his left
to the black wheel cymbal on his right.
I got home around 4:30, and Bud and Nanny J were playing with his lego. M-lady took over for Nanny J around 5:30, while I grabbed a quick nap. They had some fun chatting in his room for a while, and then had some dinner. Bud ate another really big meal; I suspect he's going through a growth spurt. He just got new shoes, too!

I joined them at about 6:30, just as they were finishing up dinner. Bud and I played together for a bit, including some Guitar Hero and air band. Bud was perfectly willing to change into PJs to start off the bedtime routine, but had no interest in a repeat performance on the potty before bed.

We watched Riverdance again before bed, and again Bud was really upset when we turned it off. I think we may need to stop watching Riverdance before bed. He gets too into it. After a bit of cajoling and a little more milk, Bud fell asleep quickly before 8:00.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Picking Up New Tunes

Bud woke this morning a little after 8:00, and I got up with him to hang out for a bit. He was ready to get up, so we headed out to get milk and watch a Little Einsteins. I got dressed and ready for work while Bud was watching, and joined him for the end of the episode.

Afterwards, Bud asked me to play air band with him. He set up a cool drum kit last night, and I left it up for him to use today as well. Nanny J arrived while we were playing, and Bud shifted to having her play air guitar fairly seamlessly. I headed off for work.

He had a standard day, with a good lunch and nap. He was wearing one of his new pairs of bigger shoes today when I got home, getting used to them and enjoying the thump they make when running down the hall. We usually have a 'no shoes' rule in the house, but since the new ones haven't been worn outside yet, they're OK.

Bud and I had some chicken for dinner which Nanny J had prepared, which was great. Bud ate a lot of the chicken soup, with potatoes and carrots. He then proceeded to eat a whole box of raisins. I think he might be doing the growth spurt thing, as he seems a bit hungrier than usual recently.

We played a little bit of Guitar Hero after dinner, and I unlocked a few new songs. Bud really enjoyed 'Less Talk More Rokk' by the Freezepops 'Jordan' by Buckethead. After he heard 'Jordan', he immediately wanted to play it in the air band. It's a tough one, though.

We got him into PJs, and watched some Riverdance before finishing up the bedtime routine. Bud was pretty upset we didn't get to watch one more dance, but we'd already watched 'one more'. After putting him in his crib, he asked for milk.

We don't give him milk in his crib, so I got up up and took him to the kitchen, granting him milk on the condition that he brush his teeth afterwards. He agreed, and we proceeded with that plan. He fell asleep pretty quickly after we got him into bed the second time.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Last Minute Hunger

Bud woke this morning at about 7:30. I was already up, getting ready for an early start at a convention I'm attending this week, and went to hang out with him for a bit. He wasn't interested in milk at first, but we eventually sat down in front of an episode of Little Einsteins and he had his usual morning beverage.

I had to leave for work shortly after that, and Bud and M-lady had a good morning together. Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and I caught up with them again when I arrived home shortly before 5:30. Bud reported that he'd had a good day at class, and we said goodbye to Nanny J a few minutes later when she took her leave.

Bud and I played together for a few minutes before M-lady arrived home. We all sat on the couch together playing with Bud's laptop computer toy: we played the 'find the letter' game. Bud would punch the correct letter, and then grab my finger to have me punch the next letter, and M-lady's finger for the next letter, etc. So we were all playing. Bud was being very inclusive.

We got dinner ready a little bit after that, and we couldn't convince Bud to have any dinner. So he sat in his crib with a pacifier while we ate. M-lady was a little concerned that we hadn't heard anything from him for a while, and we went in to find him asleep.

Bud hadn't had a nap during the day, and it was just too close to bedtime, so we woke him up. He wasn't too happy about it, though. We still couldn't convince him to eat anything other than raisins, so we started the bedtime routine, had some milk, watched some Riverdance, and headed for bed.

Bud get really fussy as we put him down, saying he was hungry, and asked for a sandwich. I told him it was a little late, but since he hadn't really eaten any dinner, I relented and we headed out to the kitchen. Bud ended up eating a sandwich, the noodles we'd prepared for him for dinner, some crackers, and some milk. It seemed he might have kept on eating if there'd been any more food readily available.

But we headed for bed at that point, and he went quickly to sleep after a bedtime story.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Drum Skills

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and M-lady got up with him. They ate some breakfast, read stories, and watched Riverdance again. At about 9:00, they came into the bedroom and I got up to play with Bud for a bit while M-lady snoozed.

Bud and I watched a couple of Little Einsteins, and then read some stories before getting into the air band. At some point yesterday Bud found a big Post-It style pad of notepaper from my desk. He put it on the floor in front of his makeshift drum kit and started using it as a foot pedal. He's now drumming with his feet as well. I certainly didn't coach him on that... he must have picked it up from observation.

In any case, I was eventually able to reclaim my notepad by trading an old guitar stompbox for it. Bud's using that now as his bass drum pedal, and his overall drumming seems to have picked up a notch of sophistication.

M-lady joined us for some fresh-baked Pilsbury crescent rolls for a late breakfast, and Bud discovered that he really liked them after a little convincing.

It was a bit rainy today in the morning, so we didn't get out until around 12:00, when I convinced Bud to come with me to Target. We didn't really have a particular goal, but had a good time wandering around the store. When Bud started getting tired, we headed over to the Jamba Juice to pick up some lunch and headed home.

Bud had his entire 16 ounce Jamba, and then played a little more air band before heading for his nap. He had a solid two hours from about 1:30 to about 3:30.

We played together a bit more, including a brief game of Guitar Hero, before we packed up and headed to the mall to grab some dinner and wander around a little bit. Bud enjoyed a corn dog, fries, and a cherry lemonade, but showed some fatigue pretty quickly as we started walking around after dinner. We decided to bag it and head for home early.

Bud and I played outside for a few minutes when we got home, since the skies had cleared up a bit. Unfortunately, it was getting late, so we had to come in a little bit sooner than Bud would have liked. We had a nice video call with Grandma W and Granddad B, and after chatting for a bit headed for the shower.

Bud and I had a nice shower, kicked off the bedtime routine, watched a Little Einsteins, and headed for bed. Bud was a bit fussy at bedtime, but was clearly pretty tired. He went to sleep quickly a little before 8:00pm.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Spoon Feeding

Bud woke up briefly around 5:30, and I went and checked on him. He went to sleep again, and I slept on the couch in his room with him until about 7:00, when he was ready to get up.

We got up, changed his diaper, and watched a couple of episodes of Little Einsteins. It was raining out, and Bud thought that was pretty cool. We haven't seen rain in a while.

Bud and I played together through the morning, including a little Guitar Hero and some air band. Bud's definitely less interested in Guitar Hero than he used to be. I think he's more interested in playing himself, rather than watching the action.

M-lady left at about 9:30 to get her hair cut, and Bud and I followed about an hour later. It took me a little while to convince him to come with me, but once I did he was giggly out in the rain, running to the car.

We met M-lady at the hair salon, and Bud left with her after playing with a broom for a few minutes kindly offered by our stylist. They headed over to the mall while I got my hair cut.

Bud was really well behaved with M-lady at the mall, and they had a good time together running a couple of errands before heading home for lunch. I met them at home shortly after they arrived. Bud ate some noodles and watermelon, and after playing with him for about an hour, he decided it was OK to take a nap.

He ended up going to bed around 1:30, but didn't fall asleep until 2:00 or so. I was slammed by jetlag, and passed out about that time. M-lady checked in on Bud when he woke around 3:30, but he slept for another hour after that, so he had a really good nap. We figure he's fighting off a cold.

When Bud and I woke up, we played for a few minutes before starting on an early dinner. Bud asked for some jello, so I decided to share a bit with him. He had a couple of bites, then grabbed the spoon and fed me the rest of it. He did a pretty good job with it, too, with a couple of cute learned behaviors: he tapped the spoon on the side of the cup between bites, and exclaimed "All done!" when we'd finished most of it.

Bud didn't really eat very well this evening, but mostly had crackers and raisins. He turned up his nose at the tacos and PB+J sandwich offered as alternative dinners.

After dinner Bud and I had a nice video call with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, and Bud showed off his drumming skills. He drummed on my desk, and keyboard, and most anything he could reach. Eventually he got a bit squirmy and we said goodbye and headed for another shot at dinner, which didn't go any better than the first try.

We all watched the first act of Riverdance again before bed, and Bud finally got fussy when we shut the TV off. It was still a little earlier than his usual bedtime, and he'd had a long nap, but he was acting as if he were really tired, so we put him to bed. He fell asleep almost instantly.


Quick update: Made it through the night without a trip to the ER. We're all fine here now.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Hopefully No Croup

Bud made noise a couple of times during the night, and I got up to check on him. I don't think he actually woke up, but he was making some whimpering type sounds. One time I retrieved a pacifier for him, and both times I got him under a blanket, as it was reasonably chilly in his room last night.

He woke this morning around 7:30, and I got up with him. He complained a little of being cold, but I couldn't get him to put a sweatshirt on after we changed his diaper and got him dressed. We headed out to get some milk and watch the first act of Riverdance again.

Bud was shivering by the time he finished his milk, so I got him into his sweatshirt and cuddled with him while we finished watching. He warmed up pretty quickly, and was entranced through the whole act, including the musical (rather than dance) numbers.

He had a bit of a sniffly nose in the morning, but otherwise seemed fine. Nanny J arrived a little before 9:00, and after some protesting got Bud off to his gymnastics class. He apparently didn't want to go, but had a great time once he was there.

He had a pretty good day, with the standard lunch, nap, and bath. I got home around 4:00, and fell asleep at about 5:00. M-lady kindly let me snooze for a while, although Bud came looking for me at about 5:30. He lay down next to me on the bed for about 30 seconds before he got bored and ran off to find something more entertaining.

I got up a little before 6:00 to help out with dinner and keeping an eye on Bud. Bud and I chatted briefly, and then I asked him if it was OK if I got started on dinner. He agreed, and managed to entertain himself while I cooked some bacon for M-lady's BLT. Bud had a bite of bacon himself as well.

Bud and I played airband for a little while before he was ready for dinner, but he ate a whole bowl of noodles with some veggies and chicken: a good, solid dinner. Bud and I shared a little pineapple cake after dinner, which he enjoyed immensely.

Immediately after dinner, we all sat and watched the second act of Riverdance. Once again, But sat entranced through the whole thing. I think we might have a new favorite program.

That included his milk and cereal to kick off his bedtime routine, and he happily headed for bed afterwards. We did the toothbrushing, washing face and hands, got into PJs, and read a story.

Bud was still a little sniffly in the evening, and M-lady and I feared his tendency to develop croup on a moment's notice. So when I heard him cough a couple of times around 11:00pm, I set up the heater and humidifier in his room. Hopefully we'll get through the night without a trip to the ER.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Prickly Greeting

I arrived this morning at about 10:30, almost exactly 24 hours after I left the hotel in Singapore yesterday morning. Long, long flights. In any case, I was pretty happy to be home, and Bud and M-lady were waiting for me in his room.

Bud was excited to see me, and clambered into my arms from M-lady's immediately. I asked for a kiss, and he pressed his cheek against mine. "Prickly! Baba, go shave!" Yup, I definitely need a shave, Bud.

Bud pulled me out to the play room, where I sat and colored with him for a while before he got engaged with Nanny J. He didn't seem to mind when I wandered off to check email and get a shower.

Bud had a pretty good day, ate a big lunch and had a solid nap. I managed to get out for a quick lunch, and wandered around a little bit. When I returned about 3:00, Bud was still napping. I managed to stay awake for another 30 minutes before I keeled over and napped for a couple of hours.

Nanny J took her leave at about 5:30, and M-lady arrived home 20 minutes later to find Bud and I playing a little bit of Guitar Hero. It's the first time for a while, and Bud was pretty happy to play again. He was a bit tired in the evening, though, and took several opportunities to run off to his crib to 'nap'; he'll crawl in, grab his pacifier, and lie there for a few minutes before feeling recharged and asking to come out.

He mostly ate raisins and crackers for dinner, but he did have a meatball and some potatoes as well. He's apparently been eating well all week, so M-lady wasn't too concerned that he didn't eat a solid dinner.

After dinner we all watched the first act of Riverdance together. Bud was enchanted, and wanted to watch more. It was bedtime, though, so we ran through the routine and got him into bed just after 8:00. He fell asleep pretty quickly.

A few hours later, he was fussing a bit in his sleep. I returned his pacifier to him and he quieted down again.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Play Day

The little dude slept in today, probably catching up on sleep missed from Monday's lack of nap. We had enough time to chat with SwingDaddy on the phone for a few minutes and have breakfast before Nanny J arrived.

Today was Preschool Park Day, and Nanny J and I met the kiddies, teachers, and other moms and dads at a nearby playground. Q was a little shy to try out a "rocket" toy where you stomp on an air cushion to propel a foam rocket into the sky, but after gathering the flyaway rockets for his friends for a while, he consented to try it out.

It was nice to catch up with other parents and Teacher A, who says that he's doing well and looks happy in class. He's still fairly shy and follows her around the room a lot.

After some daring climbs up a large playstructure and down a steep slide, we extracted him from an arrangement of large rocks and headed home. I finished with meetings for work, we played with trucks, ate a big dinner, and I tucked him in bed.

SwingDaddy comes home tomorrow!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Alleged Somersault

We were sad to see SwingDaddy leave for the airport yesterday morning, but Q was distracted by a toy stashed away for exactly such an event (wooden pegs in a workbench with matching hammer from Grandma W). Never underestimate the power of a bribe on a small person.

He was on textbook-perfect behavior for my mom and dad for the rest of the day, the kind of rosy sweetness that makes our friends think that having children wouldn't be all that hard.

We got plenty of fussiness and a little diaper rash today to make up for it, but there were still some highlights. After an early waking and breakfast together, I crawled back into bed, and he joined me, pulling his blankie and Cars pillow along with him. And he rested with me, with only minor wriggling for TWELVE minutes, which is about twenty-four times longer that the previously held record.

My folks reported that he also performed several somersaults for them, which none of us have ever seen, including Nanny J. The practice has finally caught up with him!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Spending Some Time

Bud woke about 7:15, and M-lady got up with him. They got something to eat together, and read stories for a while. They were just going back to his bedroom to rest a little when I joined them, at about 8:30. M-lady took her turn snoozing while Bud and I watched some Little Einsteins together.

After watching a bit of TV together, we headed for the office, where we played an Elmo game on the PC for a while. Bud's getting much better at hitting individual keys, and knowing what letter to hit to get a particular item. It's fun to watch his progression.

We started getting ready to go out at about 10:30. After the usual running around without pants ("No pants!"), I finally corralled Bud and we got everything and body loaded into the car. We headed off to a birthday party of the younger sister of one of Bud's classmates.

We saw T, C, and daughter F arriving, as well as D with son A, all at the same time we were pulling up. It was nice to chat with friends, as well as meet some of the other parents from school. Bud wasn't interested in the bouncy castle, which most of the other kids were jumping in, but found a toy lawn mower that he had a great time with. Oh, and the blowouts.

We headed for home after snacking a bit, since Ama and Agu were planning on coming over. They had already arrived by the time we got home, and helped out with lunch. Bud refused to eat, then refused to nap, then ate a bit to top off the snack he had at the party. We put him down for his nap again, and he eventually fell asleep around 2:45.

I got some work done around the house with Agu's help, and Bud woke up while I was working. Apparently he overfilled his diaper a little bit, and was particularly stinky. Fortunately, I missed that part.

Aunt O and Uncle C came over for dinner, and Bud ate a huge portion of food provided by Ama and Agu. He stayed entertained with Ama and Uncle C while Agu and I finished up outside.

After dinner, there was a cake, which Bud really enjoyed. We have to eat our slices quickly, or when Bud finished his he asks for bites of ours. After the cake, Bud and I had a quick video call with Grandma W and Granddad B, which Bud enjoyed very much, although I had to wrestle his pacifier away from him during the call.

Bud, Agu, and I headed over to Home Depot to pick up a couple of other items for yard work, including some more bags of bark chips to spread around the yard as ground cover. Bud enjoyed seeing the store, and got to ride on top of the bags on the flatbed cart. He had a good time with that. Unfortunately, he also wanted to climb the movable staircases used by the store employees, and tearing him away from those was a little tough.

We started on the bedtime routine when we got home, including a shower. We said goodnight to Ama and Agu after the shower, and we all watched some Animusic before bed. Bud skipped the toothbrushing tonight, but went to sleep pretty quickly.

I'll be out of town for the next few days, on a surprise trip to Singapore for business, so M-lady has the helm for the next few days. Many thanks to Ama and Agu for helping her out this week while I'm gone!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Not Enough Time

Unfortunately, I didn't really get to spend a lot of time with Bud today. So this report will be a little spotty.

Bud woke up a little after 8:00, which was nice. I got up with him, and we got dressed immediately since he was going to gymnastics class at 9:00. We ended up playing together rather than watching TV, and watching the painters start their work.

Nanny J arrived at about 8:45 to take Bud to gymnastics. He was a bit resistant, since he wanted to stay with me. Eventually he headed off with Nanny J, and I believe he had a good time there.

They returned a little after 10:00, and Bud had a good morning with Nanny J. He did sound a little tired around lunchtime, and went down for an early nap after lunch. I headed off to work while he was still asleep.

When I returned, Ama and Agu were visiting. Bud was pretty happy, and seemed to be having a good time playing with them. We all went outside in the early evening to do some yardwork. Bud had fun outside, and was reluctant to go in. We all had a great Ama and Agu dinner again, though.

After dinner, Bud kept close to me while I made a couple of phone calls and got ready for the evening. M-lady and I were going out to a concert, and I needed to take a shower. I was on the phone at the time, and Bud dragged me off to the shower, saying, "I'll shower with you, Baba." And then, noticing the phone, "Oh, put the phone away first, Baba." It was very cute.

We distracted him with an episode of Dora while I got ready, and he was happily drinking milk and watching TV with Babysitter G while M-lady and I headed out the door. The report when we got back was that he had been really good, and really liked to have books read to him before bed. It's too bad I didn't get to spend more time with him today. Hopefully we'll be able to spend some more time together tomorrow!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Excitement of a Visit

Bud woke this morning at about 7:00, and I got up with him. He wasn't really interested in snoozing, so we got up, grabbed some milk, and watched a couple episodes of Little Einsteins. The painters again arrived around 8:30, and Bud enjoyed watching them set up, although they weren't using as much in the way of power tools today.

Nanny J arrived at about 9:00, and Bud was pretty quick to ask her to cut up one of the watermelons I purchased last night so he could have some.

Bud had a good lunch and nap, and a bath shortly after his nap. A little bit after he got out of the bath, I heard the voices of Ama and Agu in the house. They'd just arrived from their drive up, and will be staying with Aunt O and Uncle C for about a week. But they'll be spending parts of the days here, playing with Bud. Bud was thrilled to see them.

I heard Bud jumping up and down, giggling, and generally having a grand time playing with Ama and Agu while I finished up work. M-lady arrived home around 5:30, and we all played together for a bit before Ama and Agu got dinner ready. It's so nice of them to bring dinner with them: they even packed coolers full of food for us to put in the freezer! We have dinners for weeks.

Bud, who usually doesn't like to eat dinner very early, immediately ran to the table when it was time for dinner, saying, "I'm so hungry!" I don't think I've ever heard that from him before. In any case, he did well complimenting Ama and Agu's cooking.

Ama and Agu left for Aunt O and Uncle C's place shortly after dinner, and Bud and I got started on the bedtime routine. Bud had worn himself out a bit with all the excitement of Ama and Agu's visit, so the bedtime routine was pretty straightforward. We got into PJs, watched Animusic, skipped the toothbrushing tonight, and read stories. I sat with Bud for a couple minutes after we turned the lights out, and he went to sleep without a sound.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fear of Jello

Bud woke up this morning a bit after 8:00, and M-lady got up with him. They had a good morning together, and got to watch the painters set up again. No powerwashing today, but they did set up the paint sprayer.

I got up just after 9:00, and greeted Nanny J. Bud and I read a book together before I headed for the office to start working. Bud visited a couple of times during the morning.

It was a pretty normal school day for him. He had an early-ish lunch, headed off to school, got picked up, came home, had a bath, didn't have a nap, and then transferred over to me at about 5:30. M-lady was home a little later today, so Bud and I read some stories and played some video games before she got home.

I was preparing dinner when she arrived, and we all had some scrambled eggs and toast together for dinner. Bud and I shared a popsicle after dinner, and then headed off to get him into PJs and start the bedtime routine.

We watched Animusic tonight instead of Little Einsteins, and the routine went pretty smoothly. I realized after we'd put him in bed that I'd forgotten to give him some milk and cereal while we were watching TV. He didn't seem to miss it, though.

As for the title, M-lady has been making and eating jello recently. She makes it in little plastic cups, so it's individual-serving-ready. For the past couple days, Bud has been fascinated. He'll approach M-lady, mouth open, asking for jello. When she offered him a spoonful, he'd lose his nerve and run away giggling.

After two days of this, M-lady finally pursued him a bit and got a spoonful of jello into his mouth. His face instantly lit up with a big grin... it was better than he was expecting. M-lady now has to share her jello with Bud.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Bud woke this morning at about 7:15, and I got up with him to see how he was doing. His PJs were a little wet, seemingly due to a slightly mis-aligned diaper and a near-saturation effort. I got him cleaned up and changed into his daytime clothes, and we set about having some milk and watching an episode of Little Einsteins.

At about 8:00, the painters arrived who will be painting the exterior of our house over the next couple of days. They started with powerwashing the house; Bud found the process fascinating. Although he did try to dry things off a bit. He watched them work from inside almost until Nanny J arrived at 9:00.

M-lady took a turn watching him so I could check email and get my morning going, and when I returned we spent some more time watching the workers outside. Bud ran off to his crib for a few minutes of alone time right before Nanny J arrived.

Bud had a good day, and I saw him a couple of times in the morning when he wandered into the office to check up on me. Nanny J was usually able to distract him with a book or a snack.

He took an early nap, and I snuck out for an errand while he was sleeping. When I returned about 4:00, he was happy and bathed and reading books with Nanny J. I managed to escape and get some work done.

At about 5:00, I started hearing loud thumps reverberating about the house. Eventually the answer to my unvoiced questions came looking for me. Bud had found his little step stool, about 8 inches high, and was having a good time jumping off it. He dragged me off to the play room, and insisted I take a turn jumping off it as well. So we took a couple of turns each before I went back to wrap up work for the day. We ended up playing the same game for a little bit after Nanny J left, as well. It's remarkable how much 'thump' a thirty pound kid can make landing on his feet from a height of about 10-12 inches.

M-lady ate dinner while I entertained Bud with some stories, wrestling, and video games. We eventually took our turn eating, and Bud had a solid dinner of rice, cauliflower, and chicken which had been prepared for him by Nanny J. Good stuff! We just had time to share a little ice cream after dinner before starting the bedtime routine.

Bud was ready for bed, and went to sleep quickly. It was nice that he was pretty happy all day. The nap helps a lot.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Late Afternoon Meltdown

Bud woke up around 7:30 this morning, and M-lady got up with him. He was a bit fussy, and didn't want his diaper changed, so M-lady let him wait in his crib while she got a quick morning snack. He was ready to get out when she returned.

They had a snuggly time, and had just started watching a Little Einsteins when I joined them at about 8:30. M-lady went to snooze for a bit while Bud and I watched a Bob the Builder, and hung out for a bit before Nanny J arrived. Bud was pretty excited to see her, and they started playing together quickly.

They had a good morning together, and Bud went off to preschool after lunch happily. He had a good day at preschool, and I heard him return in a good mood. He had a bath, and a snack, and no nap.

He was pretty happy to see M-lady and me at 5:30, and after Nanny J departed I loaded Bud up into the car with me to head to the grocery store to pick up some dinner provisions. Unfortunately, Bud melted down when we arrived at the grocery store, and rather than trying to haul the howling little one through the store, I brought him back to rest in his crib and headed out to run the errand alone. He was happy again when I returned, but was clearly tired and on a short fuse for the rest of the evening.

We played a little bit, but mostly spent the time trying to get dinner prepared and eaten. Bud had a little bit of bacon, which he enjoyed, and eventually actually ate a pretty decent meal of salmon, broccoli, and rice. We started the standard bedtime routine immediately after dinner, though. Bud was in by by about 7:45, and fell asleep quickly.

We're going to have to find a way for Bud to at least get a short nap on school days.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Being Helpful

Bud woke this morning a bit before 8:00, and I got up with him to see how he was doing. We changed his diaper and headed for the kitchen, where we picked up some milk on the way to watching a bit of Little Einsteins. Another usual morning.

M-lady joined us at about 9:00, and after preparing a slice of french toast for M-lady and a bit of negotiation with Bud I managed to escape to nap for a bit while Bud and M-lady had some breakfast together. After breakfast, they snuggled on the couch for a while and read stories together. They reportedly had a very nice morning.

I joined them around 11:30, and got started on some lunch. I made roll-up pancakes again, since I'd been planning on making that for breakfast but Bud wasn't interested at the time. He had a whole bunch of them for lunch, though.

After lunch we started getting ready for a bike ride. Bud was actually helpful loading the car, since we had to ferry all the gear for a ride with Bud's trailer over to friend D's place. It was a bit after 1:00 by the time we got all loaded up and hit the road.

Bud was just as helpful getting the bike and trailer set up when we arrived, and climbed right into the trailer when it was time. I set him up with his juice and snack cup, and he was content for the duration of the two-hour, no-rest-stop ride. He slept for at least an hour towards the beginning of the ride. But man, he seems to be getting heavier. Maybe it's the size of the snacks. I can't wait until he can pedal too.

We got home around 4:30, and Bud helped unload the car. He was pretty happy to see M-lady, and they played together for a bit while I showered and cleaned up. M-lady had picked up some little grape tomatoes at the market while we were out, and Bud had a great time munching on them. M-lady started on dinner when I emerged, getting a pot of spaghetti on and starting up to sauce. I took over about halfway through and finished up, and we all had spaghetti for dinner. Although Bud didn't really eat very much of it, he kept chomping on the tomatoes.

We watched a bit of TV after dinner, and checked out a DVD M-lady had received for free at her BlogHer conference. Bud liked it well enough, but didn't seem as excited about it as his standard Little Einsteins.

I snoozed for a few minutes after that, and M-lady managed to coax Bud to eat some dinner by cooking him a scrambled egg. I got up to help Bud take a shower with M-lady, which sounded from the outside like it was a lot of fun. He managed to pee in the shower tonight, rather than immediately after getting out of the shower, which was nice.

I dried him off and got him into PJs, and we split a popsicle instead of sharing a bowl of ice cream. The rest of the bedtime routine was pretty standard, though. He called out about 15 minutes after going to bed, asking for water, and slept pretty quickly after that.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Where's That Sound Coming From?

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and M-lady got up with him. They read a book together as Bud drank his milk and M-lady ate a hard-boiled egg. After a bit, Bud wandered into the bedroom and woke me up, around 8:30. I started getting ready so we could hit the road a little later.

We ended up getting out of the house around 10:00, and headed over to Aunt O and Uncle C's place. Bud was happy to see them, but also pretty happy to play a little bit of Guitar Hero. We all had a good time there until about 11:45, when M-lady, Bud, and I left to meet an old friend of mine at the local Fuddrucker's. Bud wasn't interested in leaving until I mentioned french fries; he immediately waved goodbye to C and O and headed for the door.

It was great to see friend S, and I was very grateful that M-lady took the bulk of the work watching Bud during lunch so I could catch up with her. Bud ate a pretty good lunch of french fries and chicken strips (which he split with M-lady).

During lunch, Bud seemed perplexed by the music playing over the restaurant sound system. He kept asking where the sound was coming from. We have postulated that because there was a TV he could see which was showing sports, but all he could hear was the music, he got a little confused about the mis-matched video and audio signals. In any case, he asked about where the sound was coming from all through lunch.

He was very well behaved, though, and we had a good ride home after lunch. We headed for nap time when we arrived at home a little before 2:00. Bud probably slept for about an hour before he got up around 3:00. While he was sleeping I was out looking at another open house, and M-lady was resting a bit. She got up to play with him while I snoozed for a half-hour or so.

When I got up, Bud and I played for a little bit before we packed up and headed out to the park. Bud had a good time playing in the sand, and eventually picked up a couple of short sticks. I showed him how he could play drums on all the different surfaces at the playground: support poles, guard rails, floors, walls, etc. He had a great time experimenting and finding different sounds.

When it started getting a little chilly we headed for home. Bud managed to entertain himself for a bit while M-lady and I had some dinner, and then he and I played some Viva Pinata for a while. Eventually we convinced him to have a little bit of dinner, which was mostly a piece of toast. Last week he was eating huge meals, and this week he's just lightly snacking.

In any case, Bud and I had a nice shower after dinner. We wrangled him into his pajamas, and started the bedtime routine. Since it was already pretty late, we just watched a Bob the Builder before brushing teeth and reading a story. Bud fell asleep quickly when we turned the lights out.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Shy At The Park

Bud slept in this morning until a bit after 8:00. I got up with him, and by about 8:30 we were up and changed and watching an episode of Bob the Builder. Bud had his gymnastics class again this morning, after bit of a hiatus. M-lady took him to his 9:00am class, where they met Nanny J.

Bud has become more physically capable since he last did gymnastics. He was able to do some of the exercises entirely unassisted, and did much better on the rings than he used to do. He's still got excellent balance, and can negotiate the balance beam without any trouble.

He arrived home around 10:00, showing off the stamps he got, one for each hand. I got to admire them before I had to leave for the office.

Bud had a good morning and took a solid nap in the early afternoon. He was still asleep when I returned around 3:30, and woke about 4:00. Nanny J took her leave at that point (after preparing an awesome dish for us for the weekend), and Bud, M-lady, and I packed up and headed out to the park to visit with playgroup friends.

There were several of Bud's friends, running around the park, with the moms congregated on the bench. The park was pretty busy overall, so there were a fair number of kids running around. Bud clutched at my finger and watched from the sideline. It was about twenty minutes before I convinced him to come play with the ball he had on a slide, and we had a good time rolling the ball up and down the incline.

M-lady got the chance to catch up with the other mommies, and Bud and I tossed the ball around for a bit, and then played with sticks and twigs in the dirt. Yay! Dirt!

We headed for home after that, and Bud had a solid dinner. I started working on a gift I was preparing for a friend's birthday. Bud read some stories with M-lady, with breaks to come check on me and see what I was doing. Overall they had a good time reading Richard Scarry.

When I finished up, the three of us shared a bowl of ice cream before starting the bedtime routine. Bud watched an episode of Little Einsteins, and the bedtime routine was pretty usual from there. Bud went to sleep without any problem.

We left for our friend's party after Bud went to bed, and Babysitter G kept an eye on him while we were gone. He slept peacefully.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Bud woke briefly a little before 7:00, and M-lady went to check on him. I think he went back to sleep for a while when she returned his pacifier. He got up for good a little before 8:00, the same time M-lady and I got up.

I plunked Bud down in front of an episode of Little Einsteins, and M-lady and I finished getting ready for the day. We had a gardener come to put new sod in our back yard today, and he arrived a little after 8:00 with his crew. I had to jet for work around 8:30, and said goodbye to M-lady and Bud.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and Bud was apparently a bit fussy this morning again. They did have a good time watching the landscaping going on in the back yard, though. Bud apparently thinks wheelbarrows are the coolest thing now.

Bud had a long nap in the middle of the day, and was in a much better mood in the afternoon. I arrived home a little after 4:00, and Bud was enjoying a snack. He came to see me after his bath, and I eventually went out to hang out with him around 5:30. After Nanny J left, we turned on the football game.

Yay Football! It's the first real game of the season, and Bud and I enjoyed watching the first quarter together. He then dragged me into the playroom, where we tossed a football back and forth and took turns tackling each other.

His throwing has much, much improved. He could get the ball over to me almost every time. Very cool. His tackling needs a bit of work yet.

With M-lady home, we started on dinner. Bud rested for a bit before joining us. He professed to not want to eat anything, and then chowed down on broccoli and a piece of toast. I had put some jam on the toast, and he refused to pick it up because he didn't want to get his fingers sticky. He asked me to pick it up for him. In hindsight, I should have offered him a fork.

We started the bedtime routine after dinner, and it went pretty smoothly. He was in bed around 8:00, and went to sleep without any issue.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Bud woke this morning a bit after 8:00, and I got up with him to see how he was doing. He was actually willing to chill for a while: we didn't actually get him out of bed until shortly after 8:30.

It was too late to watch a Little Einsteins before Nanny J arrived, so we watched most of a Bob the Builder. Bud was a little disappointed to not see Little Einsteins, but after some stories and playing was willing to let me get to work and start interacting with Nanny J.

I heard Bud fussing a couple of times during the morning with Nanny J. He ate a reasonable lunch, but he didn't want to go to school. He requested going to the library, and Nanny J finally promised to take him to the library after school. So they didn't get home for his bath until about 4:30.

Bud has been pretty tight-lipped about what he's doing in school. Hopefully he'll become more interested in describing what they're doing eventually.

I went for a bike ride around the same time that M-lady arrived home and Nanny J departed. Bud and M-lady had a very snuggly evening watching Totoro while I was riding. I returned at about 7:00, and helped Bud have some stew for dinner before starting the bedtime routine. He eventually ended up eating a pretty good dinner.

The bedtime routine was pretty standard, although we skimmed through the episode of Little Einsteins to shorten it up a bit, since he hadn't had a nap and we wanted to get him to bed early. He went right to sleep when I finally got him into his crib.

After he went to sleep, I went out and picked up my repaired Xbox. So once we get the controllers back from Uncle C and Aunt O, we'll be back in Guitar Hero business!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Parent-Teacher Conference

Bud woke this morning a little before 7:00, but M-lady returned his pacifier to him and he was willing to chill in his crib until almost 7:30. I joined them in the kitchen around 8:00, and M-lady and I took turns getting ready and tending to Bud.

The cleaners arrived around 8:30, and Bud was only partly distracted by them. We spent most of the morning reading books and watching some YouTube vids. M-lady left for work around 8:45, and Nanny J joined us at about 9:00. Bud was clingy for a while, but after about 15 minutes I was able to escape and get started on work.

Bud and Nanny J seemed to have a good morning, and Bud had a good nap after a reasonable lunch. I went out to run some errands while he was napping, and he was happily awake and reading with Nanny J when I returned home. He was sitting cross-legged on the floor, with a book in front of him, and lifted his arms to the sides with palms up asking "Where's Mommy?" Sorry Bud, she's not home yet. You'll have to settle for me.

I played for a couple minutes before I snuck back to the office to get some more work done before M-lady arrived home around 5:30. We immediately departed again for the parents orientation for Bud's preschool, leaving Bud with Nanny J a little longer. Nanny J took Bud back to her house for dinner while we were occupied at the school.

Most of the information given was pretty mundane stuff, the mechanics of dropping kids off, volunteering time, etc. There are four teachers, and the kids have been divided into small groups of four or five with a particular teacher. We got to speak with Bud's teacher towards the end of the meeting.

Teacher A said Bud was really cute three or four times. I'm sure she says taht about every child, though. Bud has been pretty clingy to her, never letting go of her hand the first couple of weeks. He now will leave her side for a few minutes at a time to focus on something interesting, but will come back frequently. It's good to hear that he's starting to feel more comfortable in the class.

In any case, I felt reassured that the class is going to be a good experience for him.

We arrived home just as Nanny J was returning with Bud. We chatted with Nanny J about the day and the weekend a bit, and Bud and I played together for a few minutes before kicking off the bedtime routine. We watched My Neighbor Totoro for a change tonight, at Bud's request. The rest of the routine was normal, and Bud went to sleep pretty quickly.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Mellow Family Day

Bud woke around 7:30 this morning, and I got up with him. We played for a little bit, and then headed out to watch an episode of Little Einsteins, followed by a Bob the Builder. After that, I checked and saw a new program on the Disney channel which Bud seemed to enjoy. It was a computer-generated Mickey, Minnie, Donald, etc. show which seemed to be, content wise, somewhere between Dora and Einsteins. M-lady spelled me at about 9:00.

She and Bud had a good time, sharing a hard-boiled egg and reading Richard Scarry. Bud tried the egg with caution, and had a couple of nibbles after some testing licks.

They came into the bedroom at about 10:45, and Bud had fun jumping on me a bit. I got up and played with him for a few minutes, before he decided that he wanted to take a nap and climbed into his crib. He didn't nap, but I used the quiet time to get dressed and ready for the day.

After a bit more play, I tried to feed him some lunch, but he wasn't interested. So I packed lunch away and we headed out on some errands. Bud enjoyed both Target and Toys 'R Us, and was very well behaved in both. He's really getting into escalators now, and we had fun on the set at Target.

Bud didn't want to come inside when we got home, and got a bit fussy. But after a couple of minutes was willing to sit down and have a hotdog for lunch. We headed for a nap immediately afterwards, but the little dude spent about an hour singing to himself and jumping up and down in his crib. Not in a nappy mood.

We got him up and had a nice video call with Granddad B and Grandma W, and then spent some time playing some Wii games together. Bud did pretty well with some of them. But overall he seemed to prefer watching me play to playing them himself. After a bit he started getting grouchy, so we tried putting him down to nap again. This time it stuck, and he fell asleep just as M-lady was getting dinner ready.

M-lady and I enjoyed a quiet dinner together, and then woke Bud up. He was a bit surly at being woken up, and wasn't interested in eating at first, but eventually had some broccoli and carrots.

I was angling for another trip out to DQ tonight, but Bud wanted to just have some ice cream at home. Since we didn't really need DQ, I relented, and we had a pleasant evening in the playroom all together.

We started the bedtime routine a little early, since Bud had only napped for about 40 minutes, and he was in bed by about 7:45. He fell asleep pretty quickly, although he woke groggily once to request someone sit by him for a few minutes.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Family Play Day

Bud woke pretty early this morning, and M-lady got up with him. They had a good time playing and reading together while I slept in a little bit.

I got up and played with Bud for a bit at about 9:00, while M-lady took a turn snoozing. We read stories, played with brooms, and eventually ended up watching some Caltrain videos on YouTube.

After an overall mellow morning, we packed up and headed for the park. It was a longer drive than some of the local parks, but overall was worth it. Bud had a great time exploring, climbing structures, and running around. We went down a few slides, but they were a bit hot in the afternoon sun, so Bud wasn't particularly interested in them.

We stopped for a while and sat in the shade to eat sandwiches which M-lady had packed, and Bud drank a bottle full of apple juice as well. It was good for him to stay hydrated! After packing up lunch, we played for a bit longer. Bud had a good time running up and down some of the hills, and M-lady enjoyed the bouncy platforms.

We packed up and headed home at about 1:30, and I suggested a stop on the way at a Dairy Queen. Bud took a tithe of M-lady cone and my blizzard, and enjoyed both thoroughly.

We went straight to naptime when we arrived home. Bud was a little reluctant at first, but once we turned the light off he stretched out and fell asleep pretty quickly. He must have been making up for missed sleep over the past couple of days, because he slept for a very solid three hours. I went in to wake him up around 5:30, and found him just getting up in his bed.

We de-grogged for a bit, and then managed to get a video call in to Granddad B and Grandma Nese. Bud showed off his memorization of all the different planes in his alphabet airplane book.

Afterwards, we packed up again and headed out to find a restaurant with air conditioning for dinner. Bud was a little upset when we first left, but was pretty happy by the time we got to the restaurant. He ate a fair bit of chicken, some fries, a cob of corn, and drank a large glass of milk. Overall it was a good dinner.

We hit a bookstore on the way home, and Bud was good there, too. We headed for the shower as soon as we arrived home, and Bud and I enjoyed a pleasant shower. He was reluctant to get out, but calmed down as soon as we started the Little Einsteins episode for the bedtime routine.

Bud went to sleep just fine, but woke about an hour after we put him down, and called for me. I went and sat by him for about five minutes, and he was fine after that.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Short Nap on a Busy Day

Bud woke this morning about 6:45, and I got up with him. He was willing to lounge for about 15 minutes before we got going.

We headed out to the kitchen, and had some milk while we read stories. That lasted for a bit, and eventually headed for the TV to watch some Little Einsteins and some Bob the Builder. Yay for MythTV!

We watched TV for a while, and then spent some time coloring. After a bit, I switched places with M-lady, and she played with Bud for a while as I grabbed a little more sleep. I got up again around 10:30, and M-lady and Bud were having a pretty good time together.

I got ready to head out, and took Bud to the grocery store with me. He was a little reluctant to go at first, but we had a great time together once we got there. There was a lot of grabbing of produce which I had to tell him to put back, but he did grab a few things that we needed. Overall, he was more helpful than not, I think. And we had a good time regardless.

He helped me unload the car when we got home, and then we got started on lunch. We all had some fried rice, but Bud didn't really eat very much. M-lady and I didn't worry about it too much, as he's been eating large quantities for several days: he's due for a break.

After lunch we put Bud down for a nap, but there was no nappage happening. He spent most of the time jumping up and down in his crib.

We pulled him out of his crib around 1:30. M-lady kept an eye on him while I did some dinner prep, and we loaded into the car around 2:00 to head up to a friend's place in SF. Friends M + L's second daughter, G, was turning 1 year old, and we hadn't seen them in a while. So we joined them for the birthday celebration. Bud was a little shy at first, but warmed up after a while and enjoyed playing with all the balloons.

We headed back home around 4:30, and Bud napped for about 40 minutes on the way home. That was the extent of his nap today. He woke when we arrived home, and stayed in a good mood for most of the evening.

We had some friends over for dinner, C and A. Bud was again a bit shy at first, but eventually warmed up to them. He had a great time at dinner, singing and chatting and generally showing off. Although he didn't end up eating very much.

After dinner he got really wound up for a while, playing with C and A. We slowed him down a little bit by watching a Bob the Builder for the bedtime routine, but I thought he might never go to sleep. Turned out the lack of nap today must have finally caught up with him, because he fell asleep pretty quickly after I put him down at about 8:30.