Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Getting Acclimated

Sorry this post is up a bit late.

Bud Slept soundly through the night, after falling asleep just a little later than a normal bedtime here on the east coast. He woke a little late, at about 9:00am, and we had a good time as a family hanging out on the bed in our PJs.

The rest of the family was already up, munching on blueberry pancakes. Bud was a bit reluctant to head downstairs, so we missed the first batch. Grandma Nese was kind enough to make up a second batch for us when we did get downstairs, though. Bud wasn't interested in the pancakes, though.

Bud was, overall, happy to see all his relatives, although he's been having a little trouble getting used to Cousin H. Cousin H is about six months younger, and they're still working on the sharing thing. And Bud is a bit overly sensitive as well.

So Bud will cry for a bit when Cousin H yanks a toy away from him. Later in the afternoon, Bud tried a new defensive technique. When Cousin H tried to take the toy Bud was playing with, Bud started smacking away at Cousin H with his free hand (not letting go of the toy). We separated the kids, and explained the 'no hitting' rule to Bud.

They do seem to be starting to understand how to play with each other, although there have been some setbacks. All in all, Bud seems generally wary of Cousin H, although willing to try to play with him and share things now and again.

Grandma Nese had some presents for her grandsons which she had brought back from her recent trip to Europe. Fortunately, she brought two identical toy airplanes, which seemed to be the most popular item received. The boys (and parents) have been pretty good about finding the unused airplane, rather than stealing one from each other.

Bud took a pretty good nap after lunchtime. Aunt K had to leave for the airport to head back home and get to work, so we aid goodbye to her before we napped.

In the afternoon we went outside to play for a little while, and Bud and Cousin H had a good time playing in a little kiddie pool. Cousin H climbed in, while Bud preferred to stir the pool with a toy shovel. They also had a cool fountain which launched little plastic balls into the air, and Bud and Cousin H had a great time playing with the fountain. They both got pretty soaked, along with some of the parents.

As long as we were wet, we decided to wash the car RuggerMom has kept in storage for a while. This is a 1965 Mercedes SL, which belonged to our grandfather (Bud and Cousin H's great-grandfather). We all washed it together, although Bud preferred the drying part (since he didn't have to get his hands 'dirty').

Bud and I took a shower to clean up after we came in. Bud didn't want to get in the shower at first, and then didn't want to get out when we were done. Eventually we got him dried off, dressed, and back downstairs in time for dinner.

We had bowtie pasta with meatballs for dinner, and Bud ate a pretty good portion. After dinner, M-lady kept an eye on him for a bit while Granddad B and I headed to the store to pick up some ice cream. On our return, we all had ice cream for dessert before starting the bedtime routine.

The bedtime routine was as usual as we could make it, but Bud wasn't ready to go to sleep. He cried when we put him in his crib, calling out that he wanted to 'wake up'. M-lady stayed with him and managed to calm him down, and he passed out in short order. He was a little overtired, and still excited by the newness of the situation. He slept well through the night.

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Second Leg

This is about Monday, but was posted on Tuesday, so I've backdated it accordingly...

Yesterday we managed a reasonable trip to Boston. The night in the hotel was pretty interesting. As I said before, Bud fell asleep quickly in the king-sized bed we were sharing. I joined him at about midnight, and fell quickly asleep myself after a long day.

At about 2:00am, I woke when I heard a loud thump. Bud had fallen out of bed. I checked the far side of the bed, and found him still asleep, face down on the floor. The fall didn't seem to have bothered him too much. I hoisted him back into bed and put the unused comforter on the floor where he fell, in case he headed in that direction again.

He thrashed a bit between 2:00 and 3:00, and finally woke up at 3:00am. I spent the next couple of hours imploring him to go back to sleep. He finally fell asleep again at about 5:00am.

Since our flight wasn't scheduled to leave until 1:30 or so, I wasn't in a big hurry to get up. But I did want to catch the continental breakfast provided by the hotel, and start adjusting for the time zone, so I dragged myself and Bud out of bed at about 8:30. I convinced Bud to head for breakfast... he was more interested in setting up the portable DVD player again.

Bud had some juice and milk, but I couldn't convince him to have any muffin. Afterwards, we wandered back up to the room and packed up. It didn't take long, of course, since it was just our carryons. I let Bud watch an episode of Little Einsteins while I got things ready.

Checkout time for the hotel was 11:00, but we were ready to go at 10:00, and I figured there was nothing to lose by getting to the airport early. We checked out and caught a shuttle to the plane, which Bud enjoyed quite a bit, since the shuttle was a small bus. The driver and other passengers were tickled as Bud excitedly pointed out airplanes.

At the check-in counter, I got the first good news in a long time when the agent informed me that she could get us on the 12:00 direct flight to Boston rather than the 1:30 with a layover in Chicago that we had tickets for. I thanked her profusely and we dashed for the gate. Glad we went to the airport early!

We got to ride a train between terminals, so Bud enjoyed that as well. He particularly ejoyed being able to see all the airplanes as we rode on the train. We managed to make the gate with enough time to changed Bud's diaper and get on the plane, but sadly not enough time to get some lunch before we boarded.

Bud was once again stellar on the flight. We ended up sitting on the tarmac for almost 90 minutes before taking off, due to minor mechanical issues and weather delays. Bud and I munched on granola bars and goldfish crackers together, but ended up missing lunch as the flight attendants ran out of the turkey sandwiches for sale before they reached our row.

Bud watched some DVDs, and eventually started getting tired. I checked his diaper, discovered it was pretty wet, and managed to get him changed in the airplane lavatory. Bud was a bit reluctant, but happy to be in a dry diaper. He slept for about two hours after that.

He was pretty groggy when he woke up, but munched on some Clif bar with me. By the time we landed he was chipper again. Several passengers and the flight attendants all commented on how good a traveler he was. I informed them that they really had no idea how patient he actually was, given that this was about the 32nd hour of our journey.

We made it out to baggage claim, where M-lady found us. Bud was really happy to see her. My sister, RuggerMom, joined us shortly thereafter and we made for the car after I had retrieved our luggage.

Bud was a little disconcerted with all the people: RuggerMom and her husband, Uncle D, Granddad B and Grandma Nese, Aunt K, Aunt K's friend A, and Cousin H (LittleRugger). Eventually he settled down and just was a bit apprehensive of LittleRugger.

Cousin H is still working on sharing (as is Bud), and they had a couple of minor conflicts. But all in all it was a smooth evening, and Bud went to sleep pretty quickly after plenty of attention and an abbreviated bedtime routine. Given the screwiness of our schedule the past couple days, he ended up pretty close to this timezone. We'll see how that plays out later in the week.

It was nice to get here. Once again, I'm a day behind on the posts. I'll try to catch up tomorrow.

Quick Post

Super quick post, 'cause I'm really tired.

We made it! Even sooner than I had hoped, with a direct flight from DFW to BOS. Bud was, once again, a fantastic traveller. I'll post the whole story tomorrow.

And this just happens to be post number 500 for this blog. Woot!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Greatest Two-Year-Old Traveller Ever

Bud woke this morning at about the same time I had my alarm set for: 7:00am. We got up, got him dressed and plunked down in front of an episode of Dora while I got myself ready to do and finished up the last of the packing.

Uncle C arrived to take us to the airport a little before 8:00, and Bud was already excited and ready to go. We packed up, put Bud's carseat into Uncle C's car, and headed for the airport.

Uncle C dropped us off with plenty of time to make our 10:15am flight. Which was good, because the San Jose airport was busier than I have ever seen. Ever. We had fortunately already checked in online and just needed to drop a bag off, so that was reasonably quick, but the line for the security check in streched all the way to the parking lot. It was ridiculous.

Bud was brilliant all day. He was patient, quiet, happy, unflappable. I simply run out of words to describe how unbelievably good he was today. He was happy when I engaged him, and quiet and patient when I had to deal with something. He's just the coolest kid ever.

So he didn't mind the line, and was willing to sit in his carseat on the GoGo Kidz until we got to security. He stayed close while I unpacked to get through the checkpoint, and was even helpful while repacking.

I thought I'd try to treat him to Cinnabons for breakfast, but he tried a bite and didn't like it much. So I got him some hash browns from Burger King, and he munched away on those for the rest of the morning. I decided to change his diaper as well, as I didn't want to have to change it on the plane.

We didn't have a long wait at the gate, as security had taken so long. Bud did get to marvel at the plane through the window for a few minutes before we boarded, though. Bud helped get settled in our seats, and kept munching away on those hash browns.

Bud was just wonderful on the flight. I did my best to keep him fed and entertained, but it seemed really easy. He didn't struggle in his seat, had fun looking out the window, shared granola bars and orange juice with me, and generally had a good time. He did ask to see Cars when we got going, as that was what we did last time on a plane. I had the new portable DVD player, so we watched a chunk of Cars together.

Sadly, the trip itself sort of fell apart. We were scheduled to change planes at Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), and from there continue on to Boston. But DFW was closed due to thunderstorms, so our flight was diverted to Witchita Falls, where the plane was refueled and we sat on the tarmac for a bit more than an hour. Bud was still fine, though.

We ended up missing the Boston connection, and they had canceled one of the later flights (I expect because the incoming flight was delayed). The remaining flight, at 6:20, had a 50 person standby list. So after arguing with several airline reps, I sat outside with Bud and we started looking for a hotel.

Bud had been quiet as a mouse while we waited in line, and I spoke with airline folks. As we sat on the bench outside and I looked up potential hotels on my OQO, Bud had a good time playing with his matchbox cars and gobbling down a powerbar. I called about half a dozen hotels nearby, and none could provide a crib. Rats.

I also was unsuccessful in getting ahold of my luggage, so it was just ourselves and our carry-ons jumping in a taxi and heading for a Best Western that I booked online. It was a quick trip, and we got settled into our hotel room in short order. Bud was a little scared of the room at first, since it was dark when we went in, but warmed up quickly enough.

After dropping the heavy bags, and a few phone calls to family to check in, Bud and I walked down the block to the corner gas station to have dinner at the Whataburger and shop for diapers. Dinner was reasonably successful, although Bud wasn't interested in the chicken strips I got for him. He had a fair bit of milk and some french fries, though. We didn't find any diapers, though. The hotel has some size 3s for sale, and I may pick up a couple and see if we can duct-tape Bud into them if necessary.

We changed a poopy diaper after dinner in the gas station restroom, as I am deathly afraid of soiling his clothing. We have one change of clothes, but hopefully that's for tomorrow. We wandered back to the hotel, where Bud spent some time watching a DVD of his new favorite show, Little Einsteins, while I worked on planning for tomorrow.

As bedtime rolled around, I decided to take a shower with Bud. We got into the shower and cleaned me off, but the shower head was stuck way up high and Bud wasn't interested in stepping into it. So we took a bath together instead, and I got him mostly clean in the process of much splashing.

Bud has also developed a taste for Swedish Fish today, so I had been using them as bribes occasionally. He calls them 'pink cookies'. We had a couple more after our bath, and then watched a little more Little Einsteins before bed, with some milk I picked up at Whataburger. Then I tucked him into the bed, padded some pillows on the edge to keep him from rolling off, and turned out the light. I had his bedtime music CDs with me, so played one of them on the DVD player, and he fell asleep without any trouble at all.

Unfortunately we have another long day on planes tomorrow. The only flight I could get leaves at 1:30pm and has a connection in O'Hare, so we won't get in until about 8:40 tomorrow night. Only about twenty-three and a half hours late!

We'll be able to have a mellow morning tomorrow, and get to the airport in plenty of time. I hope Bud is as good tomorrow as he was today, but that really would be asking so much. He is so cool. What a trooper.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Getting Ready

Bud woke this morning around 6:45, but was willing to hang out in his crib until about 7:15. We got up, got him into a clean diaper, and headed out to the living room to watch some Bob the Builder and have some milk. I also managed to watch the important bits of today's Tour de France stage between Bob segments.

After watching a little bit, we went and got dressed, and then headed to the play room and played with trains for a while. I tried to convince Bud to eat something, offering a waffle, but he wasn't really interested. Nanny J arrived at 10:00, and Bud still hadn't eaten anything beyond the milk he had a bit before 8:00. Nanny J was kind enough to come for a few hours today so I could run some last-minute errands before we leave tomorrow.

Nanny J started Bud's laundry, and Bud took the opportunity to ask Nanny J to take him outside to see the tomatoes. I left them to it, and hit the road to pick up a few items. I hit a Jamba Juice while I was out for lunch, and when I returned around 12:30, Bud was just finishing up his lunch. He saw the Jamba Juice cup, and got excited about having some. There was still a bit left, so I let him finish it off.

He went down for his nap at about 1:00, and Nanny J took her leave. She took the fish, too, so they get fed while the family is away.

Bud slept until about 2:45, when a vehicle with a siren went by rather loudly. He lounged in his crib for 15 minutes or so before we got up and started playing again.

We got a call from Aunt O at about 3:30, inviting us over for dinner. So at about 4:00, we packed up and headed over. Since my Xbox had died, I took the Guitar Hero guitars and game, along with all my other games, over to O and C's so they can play the games while my Xbox is getting fixed. Bud was thrilled when he realized we'd be playing Guitar Hero at O and C's.

I had to get gas on the way, and while I was pumping gas Bud asked me to use the 'broom' on the windows. I guess he remembered me cleaning the windshield, and wanted me to do that again. So I cleaned his window, and the windshield, and kept him entertained while the car was filling.

Uncle C was out picking up food when we arrived, so we all just chatted for a bit before he returned. Dinner was good, and Bud ate a reasonable portion of fried rice and some broccoli. He was anxious to play, though, so after dinner we indulged him. He had a great time rocking out to a couple of tunes.

After playing for a little while, we turned off the game and Bud spent some time showing O and C and his Where's Waldo? book. Bud shows remarkable patience and attention span with that book, and they all sat quietly looking for Waldo and his associates for about 20 minutes.

It was about time to head home, so we packed up and headed that way. Bud was a little disappointed to leave the Guitar Hero guitars behind, but I promised him we'd play with my (real) guitar when we got home.

We ended up running around in the backyard for a little while before coming in, which was nice to burn off some energy before bedtime. After that we played with the guitar, sang a few songs, and then started the bedtime routine. There was a little bit of fussing before he got into pajamas, but after that the bedtime routine was smooth and complete. He was in bed around 8:15, and fell asleep pretty quickly without calling out.

I've been reminding him all day that we're going on an airplane tomorrow, and will get to see lots of family. His reaction has been mixed... I'm not sure he's really excited about getting on a plane. He'll like looking at the planes at the airport, though. Tomorrow is going to be a long flying day, but I'll put up a quick post when I can after I arrive.

Friday, July 27, 2007

A Pleasant Evening

Bud woke this morning around 7:15, but was content to lie in his crib (with me snoozing on the couch) until about 7:45. We got up, changed his diaper, and had some milk while watching Sesame Street. Bud confused me by asking to turn off the show when the "Elmo's World" segment came on, but immediately asked that I turn it on again when I turned it off for him.

Bud and I played for a few minutes in his play room after we finished watching the show before Nanny J arrived. Bud plied her for watermelon immediately.

They took off for gym class at about 10:00, and Bud had a good lunch, nap, and bath. He was playing with trains when I took over at about 5:30.

We had fun watching a few videos on YouTube, during which I managed to clip his fingernails. We then had a very pleasant video chat with Grandma W. Bud was happy to see her, and ran off partway through to conversation to grab a book which he brought back to show her.

Grandma W made the wise suggestion of showing Bud some recent pictures of his Aunt (RuggerMom), his Uncle D, and his cousin LittleRugger. I pulled up the blog and we looked at some recent pictures together. Bud correctly identified RuggerMom and Uncle D, but identified LittleRugger with his own name. After we looked at some more photos, Bud seemed to get cleared up on the young boy's identity. I reminded him a couple of times that we're going to go see them (along with other family) towards the end of the week.

Bud had fun playing air guitar to some Rush tunes while I cooked scrambled eggs for dinner, and he happily climbed up into his highchair when I let him know dinner was ready. He at a good portion of the eggs, some toast, and had some milk as well.

After dinner we played for just a few minutes before starting the bedtime routine. PJs, ice cream, Totoro, skipped toothbrushing tonight, face and hands washed, Kiss Goodnight and his ABC book for stories, a drink of water, and then lights out. He didn't call out at all, and fell asleep pretty quickly.

Aside from not wanting to brush his teeth tonight, I don't think he fussed once. Must have had a really good nap.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Playground Fun

M-lady left for the airport this morning a little before 5:00, so I got up with Bud when he woke up a bit after 7:00. We lounged in his room for a few minutes, and then got up, changed his diaper, and headed for milk and Dora.

I'll admit to being a bit lazy this morning and letting Bud watch a second episode of Dora rather than engaging him in a more constructive activity. I don't really have much of an excuse. Well, not today, anyways. Come Saturday I may have more excuse.

In any case, we played a bit of air band together, and then Bud ran back to his room 'to nap' again. He seems to do this occasionally right before Nanny J shows up. Today he was in his crib for about 10 seconds before we saw Nanny J's car arrive. Bud got excited, but wasn't ready to get out of his crib to go to the door. So I greeted Nanny J, and let her know that Bud was 'napping'.

Bud seemed to have a good day with Nanny J, with a solid lunch and a good two-hour nap, early in the afternoon. He was playing with trains with her when I got home from work at about 4:30, and playing air band when I took him at 5:30.

We said goodbye to Nanny J, and I tried to convince Bud to go for a walk with me. We ended up on M-lady's and my bed, with Bud going through all my bicycle magazines. He looked at just about every page in three different magazines, counting the bikes on each page, and pointing out helmets, bike shoes, pedals, wheels, etc. He asked about parts he didn't recognize as well.

Eventually I convinced him to go to the local playground with me. Bud found my soccer ball in the garage as we were walking out, so I pumped it up and we brought it along. Bud held my hand for most of the walk to the playground, and we practiced looking both ways before crossing the street.

Bud and I had a good time at the playground, which we had all to ourselves. Bud seems less interested in the slides nowadays, but had fun chasing the soccer ball around. We spent a good 45 minutes there, and headed home when Bud started to get a little tired.

We played in M-lady's car for about 15 minutes when we arrived home, with Bud climbing into the driver's seat, strapping on the seatbelt, and trying to connect the iPod to play his favorite driving music. The kid has the routine down. We spent about 15 minutes there, before heading in for dinner.

Bud had a minor meltdown as we went in, but after a few minutes of timeout came out for dinner. I luckily had some leftovers from a fabulous dim sum lunch with Aunt O this afternoon, and Bud chowed down on a couple of steam buns. He ate pretty well, overall.

It was pretty late when we finished dinner, so it was straightaway into PJs. Bud was agreeable, and we had a little bit of ice cream after getting into PJs to start the bedtime routine. Animusic tonight, with toothbrushing included in the routine.

I read Kiss Goodnight to him as a bedtime story, and he took his ABC book to bed. I checked on him after about 40 minutes, and he let me take the book and turn out the light. He went to sleep without calling out at all.

He asked after M-lady a couple of times during the evening, and I explained that M-lady was in Chicago and we would be seeing her in a couple of days. He seemed OK with that answer for now. We'll see how he is tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Drumsticks Down

Bud woke this morning at about 7:00 again, and M-lady got up with him. They watched a Dora and spent a good chunk of the morning playing air band. Bud set up his two Elmos to play today, though. One on drums, the other on guitar.

Taller than Bud!
They came in to wake me up a little after 8:30. After some pleasant wrestling on the bed, I got up and watched a Bob the Builder with Bud. He professed to be tired after that, and ran off to his room to 'take a nap'. In reality, he bounced around in his crib for a few minutes before he saw Nanny J arrive, at which point I took him out the crib and he ran for the door to let her in.

Bud went for a walk with Nanny J today. They saw what appeared to be a granddaughter of one of our neighbors playing in her yard, and she and Bud waved solemnly at each other. Bud did his usual lunch and nap and bath today.

Almost Bloomed
Bud has been using a pair of plastic baby bottles to play drums. We had a set of three of the bottles, and Bud has been using the red and purple ones. In the past couple of days, those two bottles have finally bitten the dust, developing big cracks and shedding pieces. So they're in the recycling bin now, and Bud has moved on to using the green bottle and a plastic spatula we bought for him a while ago.

Playing and Singing
Around 5:30, when Nanny J left, I also took off for the evening to go to a track bike race. Bud wasn't too upset with my departure, and he and M-lady had a good evening together. They read a little bit, but spent most of the time playing air band. Bud has set up a microphone stand so he can sing and play guitar at the same time.

The went out back for a little bit, and admired the sunflowers growing in the backyard. Looks like they're going to bloom soon!

M-lady leaves for the BlogHer conference early tomorrow morning, so it'll just be Bud and me (and Nanny J) for a couple of days here.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Garage Play

Bud slept in this morning until nearly 8:00. M-lady and I were both already up as the cleaners were due to arrive, and we plunked Bud down in front of an episode of Dora while we picked up.

M-lady and I both played with Bud for a bit before Nanny J arrived at 9:00. Bud involved her in his air band practice, and they went and got him dressed shortly after that. Bud was a bit reluctant to go to his music class, but eventually agreed and had a good time.

Bud's music class is finally starting to recycle material, so it's probably time to find a new class for Bud. We may try his art class or gymnastics again, since he's a year older and more capable.

I was eating lunch out today when I ran into D with daughter T, and S with daughter A, from our mommy group. It was fun to catch up with them over lunch. Too bad I didn't have Bud with me!

Bud didn't eat much for lunch today, but did have a longish nap. I was out picking up a new bike this evening, so M-lady took Bud from Nanny J at 5:30. When I arrived home with the new bike a little after 6:00, Bud was positively vibrating with excitement.

We admired the new bike together, and then Bud had fun playing in M-lady's car while I cleaned up, inspected, and polished the new bike. Bud eventually climbed out of the car and had fun running around playing in the garage. I discovered that he can reach the shelf with most of the cleaning supplies on it. Fortunately, he hasn't figured out how to unlock the spray bottles by twisting the nozzle.

He would grab a bottle and then pretend to spray and wipe all the wheels on M-lady's car. Then he'd put the bottle back, grab the next one, and repeat. That kept him thoroughly entertained until dinner was ready. But I'm going to have to see about getting those cleaning supplies up to a higher shelf.

Bud didn't want to come in, and fussed a bit, but eventually sat down and ate a pretty big dinner of pasta and milk. We had a little bit of ice cream afterwards, and started the bedtime routine in earnest. It went smoothly, and he took Kiss Goodnight with him to bed again. He called out after about twenty minutes, handed the book to me, and curled up to go to sleep.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Frustration Management

Bud woke this morning a bit before 7:00 again, and M-lady got up with him. They watched a Dora with breakfast milk, and played with trains and air band for a while before coming in to wake me up a little after 8:00. Bud climbed on the bed and started poking at my toes through the blankets.

We all wrestled on the bed for a few minutes, and then I took Bud out of the bedroom while M-lady got ready for work. Bud and I watched a couple of Guitar Hero YouTube clips, and then played some air band until Nanny J arrived at 9:00. Bud involved her in his play pretty quickly, and I was able to retire to the office to start on work.

Bud must have had a pretty mellow morning, because he was still in his pajamas when I left the house around 11:30 to head into the office.

He had a sizable lunch, and a solid nap, and a bath before I got home. I took over for Nanny J around 5:30, with a happily playing Bud. We played some air band together before M-lady arrived home.

Bud is clearly trying to figure out an appropriate method for handling his frustrations. He'll get upset if, for example, he wants to be playing air band and M-lady and I need to be cooking dinner. He'll usually whine and fuss for a minute or two, and then with his frustration mounting, he'll throw his guitar or drumsticks. M-lady and I usually give him a time out when he lashes out like that.

This evening, while I was helping prepare dinner, an upset Bud walked right up to me and booted me in the shin. We gave him a timeout for that, but I really feel for the kid. We can see his frustration, and oftentimes the best we can offer to try to alleviate the frustration is the promise that we'll play with him soon (or 'after dinner'), or to try to distract him with a task or other activity. He seems not easy to distract, though.

In any case, he usually changes his mood quickly in timeout, and after a minute or two is agreeable to the next activity (dinner, in this case). He ended up eating a good dinner of fish, peas, and toast. After dinner it was time to get into PJs, and from there we started the bedtime routine with a small bowl of ice cream and then Cars.

Bud was particularly agreeable for the bedtime routine tonight, and happily brushed his teeth and even sat still to have his face and hands wiped. We read the ABC book for a bedtime story, and he went down in his crib with Kiss Goodnight again. He did call out about 20 minutes after we put him down, asking for a drink of water, which I supplied. After that, he fell asleep on his own after a while.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Relaxed Sunday

Bud woke this morning around 6:30 with a poopy diaper. I got up with him, got him changed, and we rested in his room for a bout 15 minutes before he was ready to get up.

We watched an episode of Dora while he drank some milk, and he then asked to play Guitar Hero. When I reminded him that the XBox was broken, he trotted off to the playroom and pointed to the box of batteries we keep there. "Batt-ries fix!" It's a great thought, Bud, but sadly, dead batteries aren't the problem this time.

He settled for playing air band for a while. We went through a number of songs, and then sat together on the couch and read a few books. Eventually, we went and woke up M-lady, who had been up late last night finishing up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. She got up and watched Bud for a while, and I snoozed for a couple of hours.

Bud had fun looking through a box of videotapes we picked up at the party yesterday, describing what was on the covers and sorting them. We don't think he realized that they're media... I think he thinks they're just sort of big, funny-shaped blocks.

He and M-lady also had a good time playing with trains. M-lady set up a track with an intersection, and they drove the two remote-controlled trains around, having to stop one occasionally to let the other through the intersection.

I joined them again at about 11:30, and we started talking about lunch. After playing with the trains with Bud for a little bit, he eventually agreed to have a hot dog. M-lady and I had some chicken soup, and Bud ate his whole hot dog, followed by a couple of helpings of watermelon. We played together a little bit more, and then trotted off for a nap.

I put Bud in his crib with his Where's Waldo book today, and left the light in his room dimmed so he could read for a bit. He never called out, and must have fallen asleep eventually. He was in his crib at about 1:30, and was still drowsy when I went in to wake him up around 5:00. So it was a huge nap today.

We got ourselves together and headed out for dinner, treating ourselves to pizza. Bud enjoyed a few pieces, including the tomatoes we had as topping, but didn't really eat a huge amount. He was really well behaved for the meal, though.

When we got home, it was getting a bit later, but we had time to have a bit of a video call with Granddad B and Grandma W. I had brought the laptop into the playroom, and they got to watch Bud play with his trains, and run around the room a bit. It was a fun call.

Afterwards we herded Bud into the shower. He was a bit reluctant, but we eventually got him into the shower with me. Bud and I had a good shower, and he was even OK about getting out today. Getting him dressed again was a little trickier, but eventually we got him into PJs and got started on the bedtime routine.

We watched some of Cars tonight, and he again wanted to take the Kiss Goodnight book to bed. I again left the light on in his room a little dim so he didn't strain his eyes, and went in again at about 9:30 to take the book from a very drowsy child and turn the light out.

Bud hasn't called out after being put down for a week!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Guitar Hero Tragedy

Bud woke this morning a bit after 7:00, and M-lady got up with him. They had a good time together, watching a Dora and having some milk. They came in to wake me up at about 8:30.

We all wrestled in the bed for a few minutes, and then I got up and offered to play some Guitar Hero with Bud. Sadly, the XBox 360 locked up, and then gave the dreaded red ring of death. Bud was upset, and it took me a while to explain that we couldn't play Guitar Hero because the XBox was broken.

Eventually he settled for watching YouTube videos of Guitar Hero, so that was OK. We did that together for a little while, while I looked up warranty procedures for getting the XBox fixed.

M-lady had taken off for her hair appointment while we were dealing with the tragedy, and since I was going to get my hair cut after her, we spent some time getting me dressed and ready. Bud had fun going through the routine with me.

He didn't eat anything more for breakfast, but munched on some goldfish crackers in the car. He was happy during the ride, and was pretty excited to go into the salon and see A, our stylist, again.

After M-lady finished up, she took Bud off to a BBQ party with a group of dance friends while I had my hair done. Bud was really good on the trip, and helped out when they stopped off at a grocery store to pick up some snacks for the party.

He was apparently a little shy when they first arrived, and hung out close to M-lady and shared snacks with her. I arrived after a bit, and Bud seemed happy to see me. Bud didn't really eat much lunch, but he did munch on some watermelon.

He opened up a bit after lunch, and found a walking stick which he used as a makeshift guitar. He then spent a fair amount of time showing off his guitar skills. He also shared his Where's Waldo? book with Av and An, the two daughters of friends S and K. They all looked for Waldo together (Bud was helpful in pointing out Waldo, since he pretty much remembers where Waldo is on all the pages now).

At about 3:00 it was time to pack up and head for home. Bud fell asleep on the drive, so I parked in the shade near home and let him sleep in his carseat. He slept for a total of about ninety minutes. Afterwards, we went inside and got him changed into dry clothes, as he had gotten pretty sweaty during his nap.

We had a nice video chat with Grandma Nese and Granddad B, and Bud even went and got his ABC book to read to them. He seemed pretty happy to see them.

We watched a Dora after chatting with them for a bit. I decided to lie down for a few minutes after the Dora episode, and Bud got pretty upset that I wouldn't play with him. He fussed for a bit, and then eventually got up to help M-lady with dinner.

He didn't really end up eating any dinner. It was just a light food day for him overall. I think he's balancing out the massive quantities of food he ate earlier in the week.

The bedtime routine was pretty standard, although he asked for multiple bedtime stories. We ended up putting him to bed with Kiss Goodnight, which he was enjoying when we turned out the lights. He didn't call out until about an hour later, at which point he handed me the book back and curled up to go to sleep.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Fruit Monster

Bud woke this morning at about 7:00, and I got up with him to see how he was doing. He let me know that he was poopy, and indeed, he was very poopy. Fortunately, his diaper hadn't leaked, so he was able to stay in his pajamas for a bit.

We watched episodes of Dora, Sesame Street, and Bob the Builder this morning. It was probably a little more media than necessary, but it did afford us some snuggle time together this morning.

We filled the remaining minutes while waiting for Nanny J to arrive with air band practice. Bud's still improving on drums, learning different beats for different parts of songs and regularly showing more complex rhythms. Plus he's starting to do his own singing, too, which is great.

Bud was reluctant to go to Sports Day with Nanny J this morning, and cried in the car all the way there. Once they arrived, he quieted down, said "Hao bao-bao," and had a great time in class.

They came home, and Bud ate pretty much all the fruit in the house. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and a peach. He finished up the watermelon yesterday. Bud took his nap a little bit later in the afternoon today, and woke up around 4:30ish.

I left at 5:00 to go watch a bike race down in San Jose. Bud and M-lady had a pretty good evening together, although it took a while to get Bud into the car to go to the grocery store. He was apparently really well behaved at the store, though, carrying things for M-lady and behaving himself very well.

He refused to eat dinner when they got home, though. I arrived home at about 7:40, and found Bud playing drums, having not eaten anything all evening. I eventually convinced him to have some of the peanut butter toast M-lady had prepared for him, and he had some watermelon after that.

Then we wrestled him into PJs and started the bedtime routine. We got him settled in front of Animusic, and I had to leave again for a Dads of the Mommy Group Night Out. M-lady finished up the routine with Bud. He didn't want to brush his teeth again, and wanted to read the ABC book for a bedtime story again. Oh well.

He once again went straight to sleep without calling out. Woot!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

On Music

Bud woke early again this morning, a bit before 7:00, and M-lady got up with him. He was apparently very hungry when he got up. M-lady and Nanny J postulated that he's not getting enough protein/fat towards the end of the evening, which is why he's waking up so hungry. I think he's also going through a little bit of a growth spurt, so he's just generally a bit more hungry.

Bud and M-lady had a good morning, and I helped out with Bud for a few minutes before Nanny J arrived. Bud had been busy 'cooking dinner' with M-lady. We finished up the stew he'd been cooking, and he served it to me. It was mostly his plastic veggies, stirred up in a bucket. After that it was a little bit of air band until Nanny J arrived.

I wanted to point out that we do expose Bud to more than just classic rock. He mostly listens to Chinese language kids songs with Nanny J, and he falls asleep to various classical piano. We haven't been as good about exposing him to recordings of the usual American kids' music, but he'll surely get that in preschool.

We probably should be making a little more of an effort to expose him to a few other forms. I know he loves swing music, but M-lady and I have a reasonable collection of classical, pop, musical theater, and other genres. I'll probably hold off on the heavy metal for a little while yet, though.

Bud took his nap a little later this afternoon, and we just getting into the bath when I arrived home at 5:00. We let Nanny J go a little early today, and Bud and I played air band a bit until M-lady arrived home a little after 5:30.

We all piled into the car to get some dinner after M-lady dropped her stuff and changed. Bud was a bit reluctant to go, but eventually got into the swing of things. Fortunately, he didn't scream all the way to the restaurant in the car.

We had a pretty good dinner, although Bud didn't really eat very well. We offered him plenty of stuff that he likes... I think it might be the atmosphere in that restaurant or something. In any case, he had a few of M-lady's fries and some milk, but that was about it. Otherwise, he was well behaved during the meal.

We headed home, played for a few more minutes, and then started the bedtime routine. It was pretty standard, with Animusic with milk and cereal, a skip of the toothbrushing, and the ABC book again for a bedtime story. For the fourth night in a row, Bud went to sleep without calling out. We officially have a trend!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More Classic Rock

Bud woke this morning at about 7:00, and I got up with him. He smiled as I came in, and informed me he had a poopy diaper. Not only was his diaper poopy, but his PJs were wet as well.

So after getting him cleaned up and into fresh clothes, we headed out to the living room for some milk and a couple episodes of Dora. We had a quick check on the progress of the Tour de France stage, and then watched an episode of Bob the Builder. Quite the media intensive morning. We started playing with trains a bit after that, and Nanny J arrived shortly thereafter.

Bud seemed to have a good day with Nanny J, although the first thing he said to M-lady when she arrived home around 5:30 was "Mama buy watermelon." He apparently finished up our reserves today.

Bud and I played air band for a while while M-lady grabbed some dinner, and then we all wandered over to the Sunnyvale Jazz night block party held on Wednesday evenings. Bud wanted to ride on the running board of the stroller on the way there. We arrived just as the band was finishing up their set. So we wandered back towards the food stalls to grab some dinner for Bud and myself.

We got another ear of corn, which proved to be too hot for Bud to eat for a while, and I got a plate of fish and chips. Bud nibbled the fish a little, but really enjoyed the chips. Of course, he thought they were french fries.

After finishing up, and wrapping up the ear of corn for later, we headed back towards the stage where the band was starting their second set. I put Bud on my shoulders so he could see, and we watched them play Sympathy For the Devil by the Stones and Walk This Way by Aerosmith. They played a couple other classic tunes, and I halfway expected to hear something from Guitar Hero that Bud would recognize. In any case, Bud really enjoyed watching the real life guitars, bass, and drums.

Bud walked all the way home, and was really good about holding hands with either M-lady or myself as we walked. It was really a pleasant outing all the way around. We arrived home a little late, but let Bud tear into the ear of corn which had sufficiently cooled by that point.

After finishing that up, we launched straight into the bedtime routine. We changed his diaper and got him into PJs, watched some Animusic with milk and cereal, brushed teeth, wiped face and hands, read a story (the ABC book again), had a drink of water, and went to bed. Bud didn't call out again tonight, making it three in a row. Part of it could be because he got to bed a little late tonight, but I'm not complaining at all. With any luck he'll get out of the habit of calling for us.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More Mommy Time

Bud woke up this morning around 7:00, and was willing to hang out with M-lady for a few minutes before getting up. They had a good morning, singing songs and reading books. They enjoyed quite a few of the Sandra Boynton books together today.

I didn't get to spend much time with Bud today, as I had dinner with my team at work. Bud and M-lady did come in and visit for about 15 minutes this morning before Nanny J arrived, though. Bud had a great time crawling up on the bed and jumping on me. We had fun wrestling and giggling.

Nanny J reported that Bud ate a ton of fruit today, and they had a good time at music class. The teacher thinks that Bud doesn't know the song lyrics since he doesn't sing in class, but he comes home and sings all the songs completely. I think it's just another shyness thing.

M-lady got home and relieved Nanny J, and they played with trains together and read more books. Bud showed M-lady the chicken noises he learned in music class, along with flapping elbows. There was apparently quite a bit of air band practice as well during the evening.

M-lady ate dinner first, and managed to get Bud interested in dinner about an hour later. Bud got a little out of hand during dinner, making a bit of a mess. M-lady cleaned up and took his food away, and let him sit in his chair for timeout time briefly. Bud wailed for a minute or two, and then calmed down and said "Hao bao-bao" (good baby). He did the same last night when we put him into his crib for timeout before changing his diaper. They finished up dinner and then had a little more air band practice before getting into PJs.

I managed to get home while they were watching Animusic before bed. The bedtime routine went smoothly, although Bud asked us to read his Cars sticker book to him as a bedtime story. Not much plot in that one. After flipping through the sticker book, we read Kiss Goodnight as a proper bedtime story. Bud fell asleep quickly without calling out again.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Run Out Of Steam

Bud woke this morning at about 7:15, and was willing to chill in his crib for about 15 minutes. Then we got up, changed his diaper, and had some milk while watching an episode of Dora at his request.

After Dora, we played a couple of songs of Guitar Hero, and then played air band together for a while. I finally figured out that when he requests to play (that is, for me to sing) the song "hotch" he's actually asking for "Rock 'n Roll Hoochie Coo" by Rick Derringer. I know it's a little frustrating for him when he can't name something properly, or get me to understand, so I was happy we finally figured out that request.

Nanny J showed up at 9:00, and Bud was happy to see her after the weekend. They immediately got down to the business of playing with trains, and I headed back to the office to get working.

I saw Bud briefly before I left for work. He smiled and waved, and went back to what looked like pretending to use a leaf blower.

I relieved Nanny J at about 5:30, and Bud and I played more air band together until M-lady arrived home a short time later. Bud was a little upset when I started getting dinner ready, and he got progressively more easily upset during the evening. I think he just got a little tired.

He ate a pretty good dinner of chicken soup (homemade in the crock pot last night), and played with M-lady with his trains for a bit. We had a quick video call with Grandma W and Granddad B, and Bud showed them his toy police car, and his "Where's Waldo" book. He seemed pretty happy to see them.

We played a couple of songs of Guitar Hero, but Bud got pretty upset afterwards when it was time to change into PJs. After a short timeout, he'd recovered and we got started on the extended bedtime routine. He enjoyed watching Animusic with his milk and cereal, but didn't want it to end. We ended up skipping teeth tonight, but did read a bedtime story. He chose one of his ABC books, which makes for slightly odd bedtime reading. But he seemed to enjoy it.

He passed out almost immediately after we put him in his crib. No stalling, no calling out. I think he was pretty wiped out.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Good Day With Mommy

Bud woke about 7:15 this morning, and M-lady got up with him. He asked after Aunt O when he got up, as she was the person who put him to bed. Bud seems to ask for the person who put him to bed unerringly. It's a little uncanny.

In any case, he had a good morning with M-lady. They were playing together when I got up and got ready to go to a bike race. Bud helped me make sandwiches and pack up, and was generally helpful. He got a bit upset when I took the umbrella (to use as a sunshade) and didn't let him play with it. But other than that, things went smoothly.

I was racing at the track pretty much all day. M-lady and Bud joined me there a little before lunch time. Bud was apparently very helpful in getting ready to go, carrying items out to the car and helping pack up. They arrived just in time to see me race a 1K time trial, and then we all ate lunch together in the stands. Bud ate his whole sandwich and then snagged half of M-lady's, as well.

After visiting for a little while, Bud and M-lady headed home. Apparently Bud helped M-lady find the car in the parking lot. That's my boy! In any case, they got home, unloaded, and then headed out again to the local market to buy some berries. Bud charmed the market employees, and then ate a whole boatload of raspberries and strawberries when they got home.

M-lady put Bud down for his nap a little after 2:00. He happily rolled around, kicked, and sang to himself in the crib for nearly two hours before falling asleep for a shortish nap.

Looking for Waldo
Bud was in a good mood when I arrived home, and after I took a quick shower we sat down and had some air band practice while M-lady ate some dinner. Then I made some dinner for myself while Bud read his "Where's Waldo?" book for a while. I tried to entice Bud to share some of my dinner with me, but he wasn't interested. Since he'd eaten such a huge lunch, we didn't push him.

After dinner, shower time came up pretty quick. Bud had a fun shower with M-lady, and I managed to catch him in the towel as he tried to streak out of the bathroom. Tonight the fun exercise was wrapping my head in the towel as I was trying to dry him off and get him into a diaper. Lots of fun, lots of giggles.

I did eventually wrangle him into his diaper and PJs, and he agreed to eat some dinner. He actually ate quite a bit, and afterwards we had a little bit of ice cream to kick off the bedtime routine. He watched Animusic with milk and cereal tonight, and the rest of the routine went smoothly. He called out once after being put in his crib, but fell asleep pretty quickly.

M-lady was awesome today, watching Bud all day so I could go race. Thanks, M-lady!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fun Bike Ride

Bud woke this morning briefly at about 6:45, and M-lady checked on him. He woke up for good at about 7:00, and I got up with him then. We watched a couple of episodes of Dora and a couple of episodes of Bob the Builder. Bud ate a whole waffle, and drank something like 20 ounces of milk. He was really hungry this morning.

We played some Guitar Hero, practiced air band, and watched a couple videos on YouTube while I got Bud's nails cut. After wrangling him into his clothes, I got ready for a bike ride. We had a quick early lunch, and Bud ate about a third of a hot dog.

Friend D and his daughter K arrived, and Bud and I got all set for a ride. Bud was really helpful, and we got all set with the trailer on the bike. K rode in a trailer behind D's bike, and the four of us set of on a fathers' ride with kids.

Bud was pretty excited to be back in the trailer, and chatted a bit, but ended up falling asleep for at least an hour of the ride. He woke about 5 miles before we arrived home, and cheered me on for the last little bit of the ride. He was in a good mood as I lifted him out of the trailer, and helped get stuff put away as well. What a great kid.

He then shared his raisins with K, and we all went inside for some drinks and a little bit of playtime. M-lady arrived home shortly thereafter, and D and K took off after visiting a little bit.

I took a quick shower and we all headed out to visit an open house nearby. Bud was really well behaved, and thoroughly enjoyed opening all the closet doors.

Bud was just really agreeable all day. We played together a little more when we got home, and Aunt O and Uncle C arrived a little before 5:00. M-lady and I were off teaching dance for the evening, and Bud seemed to have a good time with Aunt O and Uncle C. He was reportedly well behaved and went to bed without issues.

I went in to check on him around midnight, and he was standing in his crib. I'm not sure if he heard me approaching and jumped up, but I tucked him back in, rubbed his back for a minute, and he went right back to sleep.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Visual Menu

Sorry this post is late. I just totally forgot to post today. Seems funny that I could forget, since I post every day, but it just never occurred to me.

In any case, we all had a pretty good day. M-lady played with Bud in the morning. They watched a Dora, had some air band practice, and worked on Bud's "Where's Waldo" book together. Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and Bud, as usual, quickly pulled her into his play.

He had a pretty standard day with Nanny J, with a solid nap and a bath in the afternoon. He was playing happily with Nanny J when we got home around 5:00.

We all played together for a little bit, and then we started working on what to have for dinner. I asked Bud if he wanted pancakes, and he declined. So we started getting out the taco leftovers from the previous evening. But Bud saw the pancake batter packaging, pointed, and said he wanted that. "Pancakes?" I asked. He responded with an enthusiastic positive.

It suggested to me that sometimes Bud forgets exactly what a word means, but doesn't let on. So I'll make sure he knows what I'm offering for dinner in the future. 'Cause the boy certainly likes pancakes.

He wolfed down five of six cakes with syrup, and had some cran-ras juice with it. He actually ate more for dinner than I did.

After dinner we played a little Guitar Hero, and before too long Babysitter G showed up. Bud was a little shy for the first 5 minutes or so, and then played happily with her as M-lady and I left to go see a movie. He apparently was pretty well behaved for Babysitter G, doing an abbreviated bedtime routine and going to sleep reasonably quickly.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yup, It's Nap Time

Bud woke this morning at about 6:40, and I got up with him. He was willing to lounge in his crib for about 10 minutes before we got up and got some milk. I plunked him down on the couch and we watched an episode of Sesame Street together.

Bud was content to watch TV for a while, and after a quick check on the Tour de France stage, he asked to play Guitar Hero. I promised him two songs, and then we put the game away and went and played air band for a while.

We had a good time, playing together until Nanny J arrived at 9:00. Bud was pretty happy to see her, and let me go get to work pretty quickly.

Bud had a good day with Nanny J, although he started getting a little grouchy shortly after lunch. Nanny J told him he'd feel better if he had a nap. Bud agreed, and trotted off to his crib to go take a nap. I wish it was that easy every day!

Bud was in a good mood when Nanny J left at about 5:30. He kept himself busy mopping with his horse mop and riding his trike around the house for a bit. There was a little bit of fussing before dinner, but he eventually sat down and ate a whole lot of taco with us. This time he tried actually eating a taco in the shell, rather than just spooning out the innards. "Just like a chip!" he said, which was what I told him last time we had tacos.

After dinner we played a little more Guitar Hero, and then a little bit of Viva Pinata at Bud's request. He had a good time looking at all the different pinatas.

M-lady and I wrangled him into PJs, we had a little bit of ice cream, and started the bedtime routine with Totoro. The routine went smoothly, and Bud went to sleep pretty quickly tonight.

I guess it turned out to be a fairly media-full day.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Loves That HorseMop

Bud woke this morning a little after 7:00, and M-lady got up with him. They had a good time together, and Bud showed off some of his mopping skills, dipping his hobby horse in a bucket and wringing it out. They came into the bedroom around 8:45, with Bud still clutching the hobby horse. We made him put it down before climbing onto the bed with us.

I got up and played with Bud for a few minutes before Nanny J arrived. He pulled her into his mopping and sweeping play pretty quickly, and I got started on work.

I saw Bud briefly at lunch. Nanny J had given him his spaghetti, and dropped some broccoli in it. He was happily munching away. Spaghetti and broccoli wouldn't have occurred to me, but Bud didn't seem to mind at all.

Bud thankfully napped today, and had just gotten out of the bath when I arrived home around 5:00pm. He and Nanny J were reading stories, and they were playing airband together when I came out at 5:30. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and played with his vacuum cleaners and the horse mop for a while. I discovered that Nanny J had mended the horse head while Bud was napping, which was really nice of her. It's almost as good as new, which is really cool since it's about thirty years old. And Bud loves using it a s a mop.

M-lady was working late, and I was getting pretty hungry, so I asked Bud if he was in the mood for anything in particular. I didn't really get much of a response, but he got pretty excited when I asked if he wanted a hotdog. Hotdogs it was!

Bud and I sat at his little table and ate dinner together. He pointed out that he had one hotdog, and I had two hotdogs. I tried to show him that there were three hotdogs all together, but I'm not sure he had a solid handle on the concept. In any case, he made short work of his dog.

We read a couple of stories, and then watched a couple episodes of Bob the Builder. I realized that I needed to get Bud running around a little if he was going to fall asleep tonight, so I chased him around for a couple minutes before I remembered and pulled out the Playhut tents. That was a winner. Bud and I had a reasonably hysterical time chasing each other into, out of, and through the tents for a while.

After I finally managed to get the tents put away and Bud calmed down a little, we played a couple songs of Guitar Hero before I got Bud into his PJs. After that, we shared a little bit of ice cream and sat down to watch some Animusic and have milk and cereal.

M-lady arrived home while we were watching, and we finished up the bedtime routine together. Bud asked to hear Kiss Goodnight for a bedtime story again. He took a while to fall asleep, calling out several times.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A New Old Broom

Bud woke at about 3:30am this morning, and M-lady was quicker to respond to him than I. He was quickly soothed and went back to sleep, although M-lady fell asleep in his room for a little while.

Bud slept in this morning until about 7:45. M-lady and I were both up already, as the house cleaners were due to arrive at 8:00. I got him up and out of bed, and we played around together a little bit before the cleaners arrived.

We watched a Dora together, and then spent most of the rest of the time before Nanny J arrived watching the cleaners. Bud checked out the mops, brooms, and went looking for the vacuum cleaner.

He had a pretty standard day with Nanny J, although he didn't take a nap today. He apparently lay in his crib for a couple hours, rolling around and singing to himself. Oh well.

He was doing OK when we got home although he had found my old hobby horse and had spent most of the day using it as a broom. This was a hobby horse that my mother and father made for me when I was about Bud's age. It's still in reasonably good shape, although a seam has split on the stuffed horse's head. We quizzed Bud a little, and he knew it was a horse, and knew how to ride it, but clearly preferred using it as a broom.

We had a good dinner of scrambled eggs and toast, and Bud ate several helpings. After dinner we had a nice video call with Grandma W and Granddad B, and Bud was happy to see them and keen to show them the horse. My mom was impressed that is was still in such good condition. Bud then proceeded to show them how he used the horse to sweep the floor.

After a pleasant chat, we changed into PJs, had some ice cream, and started the bedtime routine. Bud was agreeable throughout the process, and we got him into bed nearly 45 minutes before his usual bedtime. He even fell asleep pretty quickly, so he must have been tired.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Cold Lunch

Bud woke this morning arund 6:45, and M-lady got up with him. They had a good time this morning, and M-lady decided to try working on his alphabet again. We've been so busy playing air guitar and drums with him that the letters and numbers haven't been exercised quite so much. Bud was apparently a little bit rusty.

They came into the bedroom at about 8:40, and Bud came jumping on the bed to say 'Hi'. After de-grogging for a minute or two, I got up and played with him for a bit while M-lady got dressed. He was anxious to play air band, so we did that for a couple of songs before Nanny J arrived. Bud immediately asked her for some watermelon and blueberries, so I was off the hook pretty quickly.

The day was pretty standard, aside from a power outage that occurred from about 11:00 to about 12:30. Which meant there wasn't a way to heat up Bud's lunch. He didn't seem to mind too much, though.

I got home around 4:00, and after getting the home network back up and running, I busied myself getting clocks set to the right time again. Bud took a later nap again today, and got up just in time to take a bath before M-lady arrived home at about 5:30.

I played Guitar Hero with him for a while, and then a little bit of air band, with the iPod playing music, before prepping a simple dinner. We all had dinner together, and Bud ate a reasonable amount. He saw me take my vitamins after dinner and asked if he could take a pill, too. We let him taste one: he decided he didn't like it, and would rather not take the pills.

After dinner we all played a little more air band before I kicked off the bedtime routine with a little bit of ice cream. The routine went smoothly, although there was a little bit of struggle getting him into his PJs.

We read the book Kiss Goodnight for a bedtime story tonight, as Bud seems to have gotten a little bored with our usual selections. It seemed to grab his attention a bit more, so we'll have to start mixing up the bedtime stories more.

Bud called out a few times before falling asleep for the night.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Thumbs Up

Bud woke this morning around 6:00, and I got up with him. He was willing to hang out in his crib for about 15 minutes before he really wanted to get up. So we got up, changed his diaper, and went to get some milk.

We played air band for a while, and then played a little Guitar Hero. I was still pretty groggy, so I hit a lot of sour notes, but I don't think Bud minded too much.

We watched a couple of Bob the Builder episodes after that, and then headed back to the playroom for more air band time. I worked with Bud on giving the 'thumbs up' sign: it was really funny to watch him use one hand to mold the other one properly get his thumb extended.

M-lady got up a little after 9:00, and watched Bud for a few minutes while I caught a 15 minute power-nap. They watched some YouTube videos together.

M-lady took off for ballet class after I got back up, and Bud and I watched a couple of YouTube videos ourselves before I convinced Bud to get dressed. We wrestled him into shorts and a T-shirt, watched the hamster dance song again, and then he kept me company while I got dressed. Since we were both in day clothes, I considered it a successful morning.

Bud and I headed out for a quick outing to Fry's after that. We had a good time wandering around, although Bud was very disappointed that the Fry's Guitar Hero demo unit wasn't turned on. He stood in front of the TV with the guitar, looking sort of hopeful, while I browsed magazines nearby. Eventually he let me pull him away and we checked out portable DVD players for an upcoming trip. We also spent a fair amount of time checking out the extensive vacuum cleaner selection.

Bud was getting tired by the time it was time to go, so we came home for lunch. We had hotdogs, blueberries, and watermelon. After lunch we played for a few minutes before Bud started showing signs of getting really tired: I put him to bed around 1:00, and he went willingly.

M-lady got home shortly afterwards, and I took a nap. Apparently Bud didn't actually fall asleep until about 2:30.

Bud woke at about 4:45, and was pretty well rested. We had a nice call with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, but Bud was a little shy and kept hiding from the camera. After the call, I played some more Guitar Hero with him while M-lady started on dinner prep, and I finished up with dinner prep while M-lady took a turn playing with Bud. We all sat down to spaghetti and broccoli. Bud didn't touch his spaghetti, but ate some broccoli and other fruit. And he had a fair bit of milk after dinner as well.

We all played together for a while, and I finally got some video of Bud playing air guitar and drums, as well as doing Tai Chi. I'll have to upload the video before too long. We all played air band together for a while, and this time he let me hook up my iPod to his boombox. So we had some real recording to play air band to. That worked pretty well, and carried us right up through to ice cream and then the bedtime routine.

The bedtime routine was really smooth tonight, and he was in bed with the lights out by 8:00. He called out a few times, but fell asleep before too long.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Playing to Exhaustion

Bud had a good day today, but after missing his nap, ended up crashing pretty hard in the evening.

He woke around 7:30, about the same time I was leaving for a bike ride. Bud made comments on M-lady's laundry while she folded for a while. They had a good time playing and reading together for a while, before they went to the local farmers' market. They had a great time there, and got to dance to music, play in the fountain, and eat fresh berries.

After a bit, they went to the Great Mall, and had fun there while running an errand. Bud got to walk a bit, which helped tire him out. He was fascinated with the vending machines. They came home and had lots of berries for lunch, and they were just about to have a nap when I got home.

We read Bud a story and put him down for his nap, which he agreed to happily enough. M-lady went to take a nap as well, and I cleaned up and watched a little of the Tour de France prologue. Bud, while waiting patiently in his crib, never went to sleep. After a while I went and sat with him for a while. We got up around 4:00, after his waiting patiently for me to get him out of the crib and play with him for quite some time.

So he didn't nap, but was in good spirits for most of the rest of the afternoon. After playing for a little bit, we packed up and headed over to Best Buy to look at a few items. We didn't end up buying anything there, but Bud really wanted to play the Guitar Hero demo setup they had there. So we played one song together, with him sitting on my lap and 'helping'. Bud did a good job, and we had fun.

We picked up some dinner on the way home, and Bud was a little bit fussy before having a bite to eat. He ended up eating pretty well, though.

We had a good call with Ama and Agu after dinner, and Bud had a good time chatting with them. They had fun singing songs and, what else, playing airband.

I read some stories with Bud for a little while afterwards, until we started getting ready for a shower. Bud was just starting to show signs of fatigue, getting a little bit hysterical.

We had a good shower together, but Bud started really falling apart when we ended and it was time to dry off. As I carried him to his room to get a diaper on him, M-lady saved the day by getting a pacifier into Bud and chilling him out.

We had a pretty good bedtime routine, with cooperative toothbrushing and a mellow story time. Bud was clearly getting tired, though, and fell asleep quickly when we turned the light out.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Little Rocker

Bud slept in this morning until nearly 8:00, which was nice. I got up with him, and we watched a Dora with morning milk. He was excited to play some Guitar Hero after that, so we played a few songs until Nanny J arrived. Bud, Nanny J, and I all jammed in the airband together for a little while until Bud re-arranged the instruments, and I was excused to go work.

Bud and Nanny J took a walk together this morning before it got too hot out. I saw Bud briefly at lunch, having a good time.

Bud had his usual nap and bath in the afternoon. M-lady and I came out to play with him around 4:30, having wrapped up work a little early. We chucked balls around a bit, and Bud and I eventually ended up playing a little bit more Guitar Hero before Nanny J took off for the weekend. We wrapped up and packed up and headed off to Chili's for dinner.

We had a pretty good dinner, although I accidentally dumped my drink in M-lady's lap, and Bud didn't really eat much of anything. He tried a couple of items, but all he really had was his milk. He was well behaved, at least.

We came home and jumped right into more airband practice. Bud got a little upset when I tried to play 'YYZ' through his boombox in the playroom, for reasons unknown. He had a nice cuddle with M-lady to calm down.

After a little more Guitar Hero, we got into PJs, watched some Meet the Orchestra, brushed teeth, read a story, and hit the hay. Bud was pretty ready for bed, and didn't fuss at all after I got him a cup of water before turning out the light. He went to sleep without calling out at all.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Backyard Evening

Bud woke this morning at about 6:45, and M-lady got up with him. They hung out in his room until about 7:15, and then headed out to watch a Dora and have some milk.

They came into the bedroom around 8:45, and I got up and watched Bud for a few minutes before Nanny J arrived. We played a few air band songs, and had just started on 'YYZ' when she showed up. Bud and I played a little bit more, and then Bud handed the drum sticks to Nanny J, took the guitar himself, and I was left free to go start working.

Bud had a good day with Nanny J, doing the usual.

I played Guitar Hero with Bud for a while before dinner and after Nanny J had left. We wrapped that up around the time I started cooking the fish that M-lady prepared. Bud was a little fussy before dinner, but after a timeout (dispensed for spitting water after being told not to do so), he was ready to eat. He had some fish, half a cob of corn, and some rice.

After dinner Bud and I went and played in the back yard for a while. He showed me his plants, and we wandered around looking at bugs for a little while. Then we visited the garage, and Bud had a good time carrying a Super Soaker around for a while. He pretended to water the plants with it. M-lady kept an eye on him for a little while before he decided it was time to come in.

We had a little bit of ice cream, changed into PJs, watched some Cars with milk and cereal, skipped the toothbrushing but wiped face and hands, read a story, and went to bed. Once again he was a little upset that no one was sitting with him while he fell asleep, but after I tucked him in, he fell asleep quickly and quietly, without calling out at all.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Busy 4th (with a Long Siesta)

Bud woke this morning around 6:30, and I got up with him. He was pretty happy to be up, so there wasn't really much time spent hanging out in his room. We went right out to get milk and watch a Dora. After one episode, we played a little Guitar Hero, and then jumped into our airband practice.

I decided to have something closer to a real breakfast this morning, and made pancakes with Bud. He helped me stir up the batter, but got a little rambunctious while I was cooking. M-lady got up around the same time, and after I'd finished up and had a few cakes to eat, she watched Bud for a while (and got him to eat a fair number of pancakes, too).

M-lady made an attempt to get Bud dressed, with moderate success. They played airband for a while, as well, and Bud astounded M-lady with his lyrical knowledge.

I joined them at about 11:00, and after wrestling with Bud a bit to get him the rest of the way dressed, we all piled into the car and headed over to Happy Hollow. We picked up some lunch on the way, and enjoyed spending the hottest part of a hot day wandering around the shady paths, looking at lemurs and pygmy goats. We wandered around the park without the stroller for the first time.

Bud was excited to see all the animals, although he showed a marked dislike for the macaws this time. I think they were a little noisy for him. He liked the monkeys, and got some good looks at napping lemurs. He also got some close looks at the muntjac and wallabies.

We wandered over to the park side of the Hollow after seeing all the animals, and sat down with a couple of Icees. Bud didn't like it as much as I thought he would, but M-lady and I certainly enjoyed them. We headed home after cooling off a bit, and arrived around 2:00. Bud was just drifting off to sleep when we got home.

We washed hands, had a little bit of ice cream, and then Bud went down for his nap. He fell asleep quickly, and slept for a solid three and a half hours. The boy was tired out. I think he was also catching up on some missed sleep from the past couple of days.

After he woke up, I changed his diaper and his shirt, as he was pretty sweaty. We all got into the car again and headed over to visit Aunt E, who was holding a mellow, impromptu 4th barbeque.

Bud was a little shy of all the people at the party, but enjoyed eating a fair bit of watermelon and roasted corn on the cob. He also really liked the ice cream pie which we had for dessert. We didn't get to stay too long, as bedtime was looming, but Bud was really well behaved the whole time.

We sang songs together in the car on the way home.

When we got home, M-lady gave Bud a shower. We got into PJs, watched some Totoro, and did the whole bedtime routine. He was a little upset to go to bed, but didn't call out at all once we left the room. I think he was still pretty tired, and fell asleep quickly.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Bud woke this morning around 6:45, but was content singing to himself for a while in his crib before calling for us. He called out around 7:00, and M-lady got up with him. They watched a Dora together, ate some watermelon, and then Bud danced and sang while M-lady cleaned up the kitchen a bit.

Bud didn't eat any of the apple bread M-lady baked last night until later in the day. Nanny J took some pieces of bread with them to Bud's music class, and Bud chowed them down afterwards. After that, he ate about half a loaf during the rest of the afternoon.

Bud had a solid nap, and was happily banging on drums when M-lady and I returned home in the afternoon. We all hung out together for a little bit before Nanny J took off, and then M-lady and I loaded up with Bud to head off to a pre-4th cookout hosted by one of M-lady's co-workers.

Friends D and T were there with their daughter K and son Dv. There were also two dogs, a little mutt lap dog and a beautiful samoyed. Bud saw them together and observed, "Mommy dog and baby dog!"

He was a little reserved at first, sticking close to M-lady or me. He ate some prawns and a hot dog, enjoyed playing with the ice in the cooler, and eventually chased the dogs around a bit. The garden in the backyard had a beautiful path with small stones, and the stones proved to be an endless source of entertainment. For a while Bud would pick up a stone, hand it to K, K would say "thank you", and Bud would reply "you're welcome." Over and over and over again.

We had a good time chatting with good company, but had to roll at about 7:30 to get Bud home for bedtime. Bud was really well behaved the whole time.

We washed hands when we got home, changed into PJs, and started the bedtime routine. Bud had milk and cereal with Totoro, skipped brushing his teeth, wiped face and hands, had a bedtime story, and plopped into his crib. After a drink of water he settled down with M-lady lying on the couch in his room for a while. He got upset briefly when M-lady left the room, but I tucked him in, wished him goodnight, and he went quickly and quietly to sleep.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Crushed Ice

Bud woke this morning at about 6:30 again, which was a bit early, especially considering how late he got to bed last night. I got up with him, and we watched a Sesame Street for a change of pace. Then we watched a Dora.

After that it was a couple of songs in Guitar Hero, and then air band practice for a while. Bud's starting to sing the songs pretty well himself, and his drumming is getting better. He can hold a three and one pattern now (three beats with the right hand, one with the left).

At about 8:30 Bud decided he wanted to laze in his crib for a while, and we hung out there together until Nanny J arrived at about 9:00. Bud was really excited to see Nanny J, and ran out to meet her and ask for watermelon.

He had a pretty good day with Nanny J. At lunch, he reportedly ate a whole lot of the chicken and green beans M-lady and I prepared for him last night. He only slept his standard two-hour nap, which was a little disappointing. But he was in good spirits later in the evening.

I ran out for a bike ride after work, and M-lady took Bud to the grocery store with her. They had a great time, with Bud helping out very cutely. They got comments from other shoppers on his cuteness. Overall he was really well behaved.

We all arrived home at the same time, and I set Bud up with an episode of Bob the Builder while I took a shower and M-lady prepared dinner. Bud sat in his chair gamely while M-lady and I ate, but didn't eat anything. He drank a bit of milk, though.

He was very interested in the ice water I had, and asked for his own cup, which we provided. The crushed ice was a hit.

After dinner (still not having eaten much of anything), we had a video call with Grandma W and Granddad B. Bud was happy to see them, and kept them entertained. M-lady brought him a cup of crushed ice while we were chatting, and he really got into that.

After the chat, he had one more cup of crushed ice, and then we got ready for bed. Totoro with milk and cereal, and then skipping the toothbrushing and the story tonight. He was a little upset at being put to bed, but after his third stalling gambit failed, he went to sleep quietly. I think he was pretty tired.

He never ate dinner, so I expect he'll be pretty hungry in the morning.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Later Outing

Bud woke this morning at about 6:30, and M-lady got up with him. They let me sleep until about 9:15, when M-lady took a nap and Bud and I played together for a bit.

Bud and I sort of had a usual morning: Dora, Guitar Hero, and air band practice. We spent some time in front of the computer playing some Sesame Street flash games, and had some watermelon as a mid-morning snack. I had originally intended to get out to a park to run around a bit, but we never really built up the necessary momentum.

M-lady went out shopping later in the morning, and got back in the early evening. Bud and I had peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch; Bud ate an entire sandwich, which was pretty impressive. Afterwards we played together a little bit more, and then watched a couple of episodes of Bob the Builder to wind down before his nap.

He fell asleep a little after 2:00, and woke again around 4:15. We chatted with my sister, RuggerMom, briefly, and then changed a poopy diaper a few minutes before M-lady arrived home.

After a bit of negotiation, we got Bud into the car and headed over to P and R and T's house to hang out a bit. P is trying to clear out some of his stuff, and happens to have a spectacular collection of vintage military uniforms. We found a couple which fit me reasonably well and picked them up.

Bud was very well behaved the whole time, if a bit quiet. He enjoyed playing with some of the toy lightsabers, using them as vacuums and brooms. He also found a collection of little foam building blocks, and had a good time playing with those with M-lady and friend J.

It was getting to be Bud's bedtime when we left, and we picked up some dinner on the way home. Bud was in good spirits the whole time, chatty and happily munching on chicken, fries, and milk we handed back to him.

When we got home, I showered with him to get him cleaned up, and he found a new game. Spraying me in the face with the shower head is apparently the funniest thing ever. So he did that for a while. I think he was just getting me back for all the water I've gotten in his face while washing his hair (and face).

M-lady dried him off, and we got him ready for bed. He watched a few minutes of Totoro with milk and cereal, did a cursory toothbrushing, and enjoyed the story time. He did call out a few times after we put him to bed, but fell asleep reasonably quickly. Which was good, since we got him to bed about 90 minutes past his bedtime. Hopefully, he'll sleep in a little bit tomorrow morning.