Saturday, June 30, 2007

Name That Tune

Bud woke this morning around 7:00, and I got up with him. He was willing to snooze for about ten minutes before we got up and changed his diaper. Then it was out to the living room to watch a couple of Dora episodes.

We played a couple of Guitar Hero songs after that, and then played drums and guitar together in the playroom for a while. I discovered during this playtime that Bud is pretty good at recognizing tunes now. I would hum a couple of bars, and he'd tell me the name: "Message in a Bottle", "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", "YYZ", "Old MacDonald", "Cherry Pie", etc. When I showed his newly discovered talent to M-lady in the afternoon, she was just as impressed as I was.

We stopped for a snack of watermelon around 9:30, and M-lady took over for me so I could catch a quick nap. While I was snoozing, M-lady and Bud had a good time watching the video from the dance show on Tuesday (he liked the dances that M-lady and I were in). After that they danced together a bit, and then spent some time reading books together.

At about 11:00 I took over again, and M-lady ran out briefly to run an errand while Bud and I played for a bit. Eventually we called Granddad B and Grandma Nese, and had a nice video chat with them. Aunt Little K had just returned from Spain, so Bud got to see her as well. We all had a nice conversation before it was really time for lunch.

I lured Bud into his highchair with some kettle corn, and he demolished a bowlful of stew while I wasn't paying attention. That boy can really put it away when he's focused. He had a bit more kettle corn after the stew.

After lunch, we watched another episode of Dora to wind down, and then worked on napping. He called out and wasn't really interested for a while, but eventually slept from about 2:30 to 4:30. M-lady took the opportunity to take a nap as well.

When Bud woke, we de-grogged for a bit, and then packed up and headed out to the mall. For the first time, we didn't take the stroller with us, with the intent of having Bud walk lots and wear himself out a bit.

We headed over to the food court, and had Hotdog On A Stick for dinner. Bud finished a corndog, had a fair helping of fries, and loved his cherry lemonade, as usual. He out-ate M-lady by quite a bit.

Afterwards, we wandered around the mall a bit. Bud eventually turned a bit poopy, so I took him out to the car to change him while M-lady did a little more shopping. We came back in just in time to see her make a purchase (new shoes), and we all headed back out to the car to head home.

Bud had found the umbrella in the car while I changed him, and was anxious to play with it. We reminded him that it stays in the car, and consequently he didn't want to go inside when we arrived home. M-lady stayed in the car with him for a while, reading a magazine, while Bud played with the umbrella. Eventually he was convinced to put the umbrella away and come in.

We got changed into PJs, had a little bit of ice cream, and started the bedtime routine. It was a little late, and Bud got a little grouchy at the end. We skipped his tooth-brushing tonight, as well as the story. He was a bit loathe to fall asleep initially, but drifted off with M-lady watching over him.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Family Sports Day

Bud woke this morning around 7:00, and M-lady got up with him. I didn't even hear him, actually, which is pretty unusual. They had a good morning, watching a Dora and generally having a good time together. There was apparently a booger wiping incident, but I'll let M-lady tell about that one.

They came and woke me up around 8:30. Bud had been primed, and jumped on the bed, wishing me a happy birthday. M-lady handed him the cards to hand to me, and he proceeded to open each card for me before handing it on.

Bud and I hung out together for a little while, checking out some YouTube videos, and checking our email. We eventually headed into his room to try to get him dressed, but he objected strenuously. Eventually I managed to get some real pants on him, but he kept his pajama top on. Since we figured it was generally indistinguishable from a T-shirt, we let him keep it.

I took Bud over to his sports class while M-lady ran an errand. He was a little reluctant to go, but seemed to tolerate it when we got there. Unfortunately we had a little incident almost immediately upon arrival: I handed Bud a basketball, and another child came up and took it out of Bud's hands. He screamed for a bit, until I distracted him with the T-ball setup.

M-lady joined us while we playing with the soccer balls, and the three of us had a great time kicking the soccer ball around. Bud would chase it giggling, and kick or throw it towards one of us. After a bit we played a little hockey as well. Bud did very well during the circle stretches at the end of class, but was a bit shy about going up to the teacher to get his participation certificate.

We got home a few minutes before Nanny J arrived, and M-lady and I packed up to head to Stanford for our last classes.

Nanny J took Bud over to her house for dinner, and M-lady and I caught them briefly as the returned right before Bud went to bed. Bud seemed pretty happy, and said, "Mama, Baba dancing! Bye-bye, Mama Baba!" So we waved good bye and headed out to the evening event. Bud was fast asleep when we arrived home.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Showing Off Cuteness

Bud woke this morning around 7:00, and I got up with him. He was willing to snooze for about 5 minutes, and then was anxious to get up and start the day.

We got him changed, and headed out to the kitchen to get some milk. From there he asked to see some Dora, so we watched a couple. When he finished his milk (while watching), he asked for a waffle, so we shared an Eggo, too.

After Dora, we played a single song of Guitar Hero, and then Bud wanted to play the drums for a bit. I accompanied him on guitar. We did the rock band thing for a little while, and then took a break to play with his still-awesome train setup. Nanny J arrived while we were starting the second band set.

Too cool
M-lady ran a quick errand while I snoozed before getting ready for class in the afternoon. When M-lady returned, she loaded into the car with Nanny J and Bud and they headed to Stanford for a little lunch outing before class. I had a work meeting, so caught up with them as soon as I could after my meeting finished.

We met up at Roble, with Bud watching as some of the younger dancers, Nanny K included, danced in the fountain in the middle of the Roble courtyard. Bud was a bit skeptical. He seemed a bit reserved overall, with all the dancers paying so much attention to him.

We eventually walked over to Jamba Juice to grab some lunch. Bud seemed to catch the eye of just about every passerby; I saw some smiles, and heard some exclamations to the effect of "He's so cute!"

The line at Jamba Juice was pretty long, so I started waiting. Nearby, Bud broke into an impromptu Tai Chi routine. Some girls in line in front of me recognized what he was doing, and were tickled. More with the "He's so cute!" Apparently Bud also showed off his belly button to the audience he attracted, but I missed that part.

We all enjoyed our juices as we walked back to the studio. Bud and Nanny J joined us as M-lady and I started our first class, and eventually headed for home after Bud got a little bored. He apparently fell asleep on the drive home, but woke up when they arrived, insuring that he wouldn't nap for the rest of the day.

They had a generally good afternoon, if a bit napless. Bud was in a good mood when M-lady and I returned at about 5:30, and took him from Nanny J. We packed up and headed over to Armadillo Willy's for dinner.

Bud had a reasonable meal, and afterwards we did a quick errand over at Office Max. Unfortunately, at some point in the lifting Bud in and out of his car seat, I strained an oblique. Guess I'm getting old. We'll have to teach Bud how to climb into his car seat on his own.

When we got back, we all played a little Guitar Hero before getting ready for bed. The bedtime routine was pretty standard, although right before brushing teeth Uncle C arrived with the two rats.

Uncle C and Aunt O have two rats as pets, Oreo and Cupcake. I offered to take care of them for a while while Uncle C and Aunt O are on vacation. So Uncle C brought them over tonight. Bud was pretty happy to see them, but I think he was pretty tired, and didn't let the excitement break up the bedtime routine too much.

He didn't stall at all beyond asking for a drink of water, and I think he passed out pretty much as soon as we left the room and turned the light out.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Popcorn In My Hair

Sorry for missing the post last night... a whole lot of missed sleep finally caught up with me. I've backfilled the post. Since M-lady and I have been busy teaching at the Stanford Dance Week this week, the posts for the week are going to be a little on the short side.

Bud woke this morning around 8:00, and M-lady got up with him again, letting me sleep a little bit. They had some milk and watched a Dora together. I got up around 8:30, and played with Bud a little bit before Nanny J arrived at 9:00.

Nanny J: Railway Engineer
I had to leave for a meeting shortly after that, but M-lady had a good morning playing with Bud. There were lots of hugs and kisses: M-lady felt lavished. M-lady joined me for lunch a few minutes late as she was basking in Bud's attention.

When M-lady and I arrived home, we discovered Bud and Nanny J playing with the coolest train track setup we've seen yet. Nanny J rocks.

After Nanny J took off, played a couple rounds of Guitar Hero with Bud, and then we all got ready to go for a walk. Being a summer Wednesday evening, the Sunnyvale Jazz Night was going on. So we walked over to check out the scene.

Bud enjoyed seeing the backhoes working on demolishing the old Sunnyvale Mall as we walked. "Scoops!"

When we arrived, Bud got to see a mariachi band, as well as the cover band playing on stage. He was, as usual, fascinated by the musicians. We bopped around a little bit, and then picked up some dinner. The pulled pork sandwich was a little spicy for him, but he really liked the roasted corn on the cob. And then was really excited about the kettle corn we picked up just before heading home.

That was good corn, Mama!
Bud rode my shoulders most of the way home, and I handed kernels of kettle corn up to him periodically while M-lady pushed the stroller. It was a very pleasant walk.

Once home, we had a little more kettle corn, then started the bedtime routine. Pajamas, Cars, teeth, face and hands, pacifier, story, blankets and bed. He called out a few times, but eventually went to sleep without too much problem.

Later in the evening I discovered the tell-tale signs of someone messily eating kettle corn over my head...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Climbing Higher

Sorry this post is a little late.

Bud woke up this morning around 8:00, and M-lady got up with him. They had a good time together, playing with trains and finding Waldo, and I joined them around 9:30.

After a bit of wrestling with Bud, I convinced him (bodily) to come with me to his music class. We arrived at the community center and couldn't find the classroom. So I asked at the front desk, and they advised me that (for some unknown reason) there weren't any classes today. So Bud and I watched a woman outside doing Tai Chi for a while.

Bud was anxious to go home, but I wanted him to get a little exercise. So I drove over to a park with a playground, and cruised slowly by, pointing it out to him. He was ambivalent, but after the second or third pass agreed to head over to the playground.

He tolerated being coated in sunscreen, and then spent a fair amount of time playing in the sand. After that, he re-discovered the ladder he climbed up before the last time we were at this park. He scrambled up it a few times, and then tried his hand at an even taller ladder on the other side. He successfully navigated that one, and got a little bit cocky the second time. He had a couple of slips on subsequent climbs, and might have bruised a shin or rib on the rungs, but I kept him from falling or getting too stuck.

After a bit we headed home, and had a little ice cream before Nanny J arrived. Bud and I were watching a YouTube Buddy Rich solo when she arrived. "No wonder he knows how to play drums!" she commented.

Bud had the special treat of having dinner with Nanny J at her place in the evening while M-lady and I prepared for a dance performance. They had a good dinner and a good time. Bud was asleep by the time we got home.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Napping Again

I took Uncle C to the airport this morning before Bud woke up. M-lady got up with him when he did get up, around 8:00, and they watched a Dora together before Nanny J arrived.

Bud had a good morning with Nanny J. M-lady and I are teaching at the Stanford Waltz Week this week, so we were both home around lunchtime before heading off to Stanford to teach. Bud was happy to see us both, although wasn't interested in eating while we were having lunch.

Nanny J, apprised of the napping situation over the weekend, noticed that Bud was starting to slow down a little bit around 1:00, and immediately stuffed him full of lunch. He passed out for a solid two hour nap.

Bud was pretty happy to see us when we got home a little after 5:00, and M-lady played with him for a bit while I napped. They had a great time playing guitar and drums for a while. When I joined them, M-lady had eaten dinner, but Bud hadn't. They were just putting together a train track while I started getting my dinner ready.

Bud entertained himself playing with his trains for about fifteen minutes before he started investigating what I was up to. We looked at a magazine together while my dinner finished toasting. He liked one of the pictures with guitars in it. I pointed to another picture of a woman in an evening gown and asked "Hey Bud, is that a pretty dress?"

Bud responded, "Just like Mama."

I managed to get him to repeat his compliment while M-lady was in the room a few minutes later.

He eventually ate a really solid dinner, right before we started the bedtime routine. We all watched some of Cars together, and then brushed teeth and read a story. Bud was a little reluctant to go through with the routine, but we eventually got him into bed. He tried to stall a bit, and M-lady sat with him in his bedroom while he settled down. He fell asleep before too long.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

More Time With Mama

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and I got up with him. He was pretty chipper, and we hung out together for just a couple minutes before getting up to go watch a Dora. As he stomped down the hall, about three-fourths of the way down he realized that Uncle C was in his play room (since that's our guest room right now, too). He slowed up, peeked around the corner, and gave a big grin to Uncle C who was just getting up.

While hanging out with Bud this morning, Uncle C and I got our things together and packed up for a day trip down to Santa Cruz. We finally managed to get out the door around 9:15. Bud was a little sad to see us go, but it didn't last too long. Bud spent the morning with M-lady.

They had a good time together, with a fun outing to the outdoor mall. Bud had a great time checking out fountains, as usual, but they also got to hear an accordion player who played some tunes just for them.

Bud was generally happy all afternoon, although he once again didn't take a nap. He fussed when put into his crib, and had a great time reading Where's Waldo? with M-lady when she relented and gave up on the nap thing.

Uncle C and I arrived home a bit after 4:00, and M-lady took a bit of a nap. Bud, Uncle C, and I played a bit of Guitar Hero hero together, and had a lot of fun. Bud didn't really seem like he'd missed his nap.

Dinner came along not too much longer after that, as Babysitter G arrived. M-lady fed all five of us from the barley stew she'd prepared the night before: it was excellent. Bud really chowed down on it, and ate quite a bit.

Uncle C, M-lady, and I all left for a dance event in the evening while Bud was still watching Cars. He was upset that we left, but only fussed for a couple of minutes. He went to sleep really quickly. Hopefully he'll get his nap back tomorrow, though.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fun at Stanford

Bud slept in this morning a bit, which was nice. He woke around 8:30, and I got up to see how he was doing. We changed his diaper, and headed out to the living room to watch a Dora.

Hanging out with Uncle C
M-lady surprised me last night by bring Buddy C over to stay with us for the weekend, in town from Seattle/New York. I was really happy to see him. He slept on the fold-out bed in Bud's play room, and arrived after Bud had gone to sleep last night, so I informed Bud of 'Uncle C's arrival. He didn't seem particularly upset by the news, and acclimated to C being around pretty quickly.

We all hung out together for a little bit this morning, taking turns getting ready to head out to Stanford. M-lady and I were teaching a class at the Stanford Waltz Weekend.

We eventually all loaded into the car and headed off. We met Nanny K there, who was going to keep an eye on Bud for us while we were teaching. Bud got introduced to the whole ballroom full of people when we walked in the door... he handled the admiration with his usual aplomb. The five of us (M-lady, Uncle C, Nanny K, Bud, and I) watched the previous class finish up and caught up with some old friends.

Climbing walls
Before M-lady and I started class, Uncle C and Nanny K headed off with Bud to wander the campus a bit. They had a great time. They apparently wandered down by the bookstore, checked out the clock tower, visited the tensegrity sculpture, and played in one of the fountains a bit. They were all enjoying a Jamba Juice when M-lady and I caught up with them after our class.

Bud was pretty happy to see us, but had clearly been having a pretty good time. Uncle C had taught Bud how to clink his cup with someone else's and say "Cheers!" Bud certainly enjoyed that, and showed off his new skill several times. M-lady and I picked up some Jamba Juices as well, and we all enjoyed sitting around a little bit.

Eventually it was time to head home and take a nap. Bud rode my shoulders back to the car, and was pretty happy all the way home. We got him ready for a nap when we arrived.

Playing near the fountain
But he didn't go to sleep. No nap for Bud today! Uncle C and I headed out for a bike ride later in the afternoon, and M-lady reported that Bud never actually took his nap. He stalled, he sat and sang to himself, he rolled around and kicked the wall. But no sleeping. So M-lady eventually got him up and read some stories with him for a while.

When I arrived home, it was about 7:20, and M-lady was in the shower with Bud. It's the first time that M-lady has given Bud a shower, I think. They sounded like they were having a good time. I got cleaned up enough to help out, and then dried Bud off as he came out of the shower and got him into a diaper and PJs.

We all sat in front of Cars for a little while, and then finished up the bedtime routine. Bud was pretty tired, not having had a nap, and after a little bit of stalling went to sleep pretty quickly.

I wasn't around all day, but I don't think I heard Bud fuss much at all today. He was clearly just having too good a time.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Tekka Maki

Bud slept in pretty late again this morning, and M-lady took care of him until Nanny J arrived (which was really just a few minutes).

Bud had fun out back with Nanny J in the morning, followed by a good time at sports class. I saw him happily munching away at lunchtime. He had a nice long nap, getting up sometime after 4:00, followed by a bath.

M-lady didn't quite make it home before Nanny J left at about 5:30, so Bud and I had about 2 minutes hanging out together. When M-lady arrived she suggested an outing to the car wash so we could get her car cleaned up. Bud was amenable after the reminder that he could have some popcorn and lemonade there, as well as the fact that they have some really big vacuum cleaners.

So we headed over to the car wash, and Bud was a little nervous about someone else getting into and driving the car. Then he was a little nervous about the whole washing thing, with the high powered sprays, soaps, and big brushes. But he really liked the popcorn and lemonade.

We sat on a bench in the very pleasant afternoon shade and waited for the car to be finished up. After we were back on the road, Bud asked for more popcorn and lemonade, but we were on our way to get some dinner.

We headed off to Miyake's for dinner, and Bud was really excited to see the chopsticks on the table. He spent most of the meal with a chopstick in each hand, playing drums. We managed to keep him from banging on the window and wall, though.

He had some ninjin (carrot roll), and really liked that. But then he wanted some of my Tekka roll (tuna). We've been a little leery of giving him raw fish, but he was really interested in the sushi that Baba was eating. So he munched away on a Tekka roll with great enthusiasm.

He didn't really eat much else at dinner, although he had a great time playing drums with his chopsticks.

After dinner we headed for home, and Bud was pretty happy to get there. We had a little bit of running around time before we got him changed and into PJs, and then we watched a bit of Cars with milk and cereal. Bud wasn't interested in brushing his teeth tonight, but settled in to read a story with us before bed. He tried stalling for a bit before going to sleep, but it didn't take too long after we turned the light out. He didn't call out after he'd settled in a little.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lots of Guitar Time

Bud woke this morning a little before 8:00, and M-lady got up with him. I heard a lot of giggling and stomping up and down the hallway before they came in around 8:15. M-lady had to go in for an early meeting, so I watched Bud from about 8:15 until Nanny J arrived at 9:00.

We watched a Dora the Explorer, and Bud convinced me to play some Guitar Hero with him after that. Bud convinced me to play his toy guitar while he played drums for a while after that, until Nanny J arrived.

They had a good morning, again with the stomping up and down the hall, and much giggling and chasing around. It sounded like Bud got a pretty good workout. I saw Bud having lunch in the afternoon as I got myself out of the house for a little while, and he was really chowing down. He happily waved goodbye to me as I headed out the door.

He was napping when I returned, but must have only just gone down, as he slept until nearly 4:00. He had a good bath, and apparently they're using his new shower visor, although we haven't gotten a report on how that's working. I guess I'll give Bud a shower this weekend and find out what he thinks of it.

M-lady arrived home right around 5:30, and we took custody of Bud from Nanny J then. I had gotten a new toy for my guitar, so Bud helped me check it out. We wired up the guitar to the amp, and I played for a little while before Bud asked to play. He sat next to me on the couch, and had a good time strumming away while I twiddled with my new toy.

After a while we put the guitar away, and played a couple more songs of Guitar Hero. Dinner came up after that, and after a bit of fussing, Bud sat down and ate a good meal with us.

After dinner, it was back to the music, with me on toy guitar and Bud on his drums for a couple of songs. Then Bud took the guitar and had me play drums for a while. He really got into his performance.

By then it was time for PJs and the start of the bedtime routine. Bud fussed a bit at the beginning, but got into it when we started watching Totoro. He brushed his teeth, or at least sucked the toothpaste off the brush, and listened to his bedtime story patiently.

He wasn't very interested in going to sleep, though, and fussed in his crib for a while. M-lady left for dance rehearsal, and I waited for Babysitter G to arrive. Bud was a little upset that a babysitter was coming, and didn't want me to leave.

He fussed a little when Babysitter G arrived, but was starting to get tired. Apparently he didn't fall asleep until pretty late, though, as Babysitter G rocked him and comforted him for a while. Maybe he'll sleep in again tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Relaxed Evening

Bud actually slept in this morning until about 8:15, which was really nice. I got up with him then, and we changed his diaper and headed out for milk and Dora.

After an episode, we played a song of Guitar Hero: "Rock and Roll Hootchie-Coo" by Rick Derringer. Nanny J arrived while we were playing.

I went ahead and accompanied Bud on guitar while he played his makeshift drums for a run through of "YYZ" before I managed to sneak away to start on work for the day.

Bud had a good morning with Nanny J, and I actually spent some time with them around lunchtime. I emerged from the office a little after noon to get some lunch, and Bud was singing and dancing with Nanny J to some of his Chinese class songs. He was having a pretty good time, and pulled me into the dance: run around, clap hands, jump up and down, one new action for each verse of the song.

We played a little bit, and eventually I got my lunch put together and headed back to the office. Bud was distracted by Nanny J offering him some watermelon.

He had a reasonable nap, and a bath shortly after that. I saw him briefly around 4:30, when he poked his head into the office to see what I was up to, but Nanny J lured him away again pretty quickly.

M-lady had to work late today, so I took Bud from Nanny J around 5:30. Since we hadn't had the opportunity to chat with Grandma W and Granddad B in a while, we set up a video call with them. Bud had a great time, chatting and participating in the counting book that they read together. He showed off his cowboy hat, a little bit of Tai Chi, and a bunch of general dancing around. I held him upside-down for a little while when he got squirmy, and then he asked to be held upside-down repeatedly. We all had a good chat together.

Afterwards, it was dinner time, but Bud wasn't really interested. I plopped him into his crib with a pacifier while I had my dinner. He stayed there, content, for about 45 minutes, just chilling. I hung out with him there for a while.

Eventually he asked to come out to dinner, and I obliged. But he got really fussy when we got out there, and we had a little bit of a power struggle. I could tell Bud was hungry, but he was being a bit stubborn, too. M-lady arrived home just as I was getting him to agree to eat the corn on the cob I'd set in front of him.

He chowed on the corn and another zongzi, and ended up eating a pretty significant meal. We got into a clean diaper and PJs immediately afterwards, and started the bedtime routine after sharing a bowl of ice cream with me.

We watched a little bit of My Neighbor Totoro, skipped the toothbrushing, enjoyed reading a bedtime story, and hit the sack. He asked for water when being put down, his latest stalling tactic, but after that went to bed without a problem. He didn't call out at all after we turned out the light. Maybe this sleeping in thing will continue, too.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Bigger Store

Bud woke briefly at about 6:30 this morning, but went back to sleep after M-lady retrieved his pacifier for him. He slept in after that, waking at about 8:00. M-lady got up with him, and they had a pretty good morning. The first thing they did was rescue a couple of the small stuffed animals that fell behind his crib during the night, and after that they changed a poopy diaper. Most of the rest of the morning was spent carving up and eating the watermelon Bud picked out at the store yesterday.

A little before 9:00, they came in so M-lady could get dressed. Bud waved to me, saw I was awake, and crawled up on the bed so he could jump on me properly. M-lady eventually enticed him away with a promise of more watermelon, but it was about time for me to get up anyways.

Bud had a good day with Nanny J. His Chinese music class teacher said he was 'hen gwai': very polite. Bud managed to avoid the major collisions between students that seemed rather rampant today in class.

Nanny J brought some great Zongzi for the Dragon Boat Festival: sticky rice and pork wrapped in bamboo leaves. We assume that's what Bud had for lunch, and we all enjoyed them for dinner later in the day.

Bud had a good nap, and was just getting ready for a bath when I arrived home around 4:30. M-lady arrived home around 5:30, and we said good evening to Nanny J.

After settling for a few minutes, we packed up and headed out to CostCo for some paper towels, toilet paper, and baby wipes. We managed to convince Bud to go by reminding him of how much fun he had running around the grocery store last night, and promising him a bigger store in which to play.

We saw a couple of Caltrains when we parked at the CostCo, and Bud was thrilled. He immediately asked to see a third train.

In the store, we generally had a good time running around. Bud got a little attached to a rolling tool bucket, and had a brief bout of fussiness after we left it behind, but overall had a good time. He was even willing to ride in the cart for a while on the way back to the car.

Bud helped out unloading the car and putting the spoils away when we got home. He's just the right size to carry two rolls of paper towels.

Dinner was pretty quick after that, including some cookies M-lady got at CostCo (you never just get what you go in for). After dinner there was time for a few minutes of play before I changed his diaper and got him into PJs.

The bedtime routine was pretty straightforward, and Bud had his milk and cereal while watching more of On the Go. He skipped the story tonight, but the rest of the routine was pretty standard. He asked for milk in his crib again, but I managed to substitute water. Again he tried his stalling requests, and we gently reminded him it was time for bed and turned out the light. He didn't call out after that, and fell asleep pretty quickly.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Wait For Me!

Bud woke this morning around 7:15, and I got up with him. He was interested in getting up immediately, so no lounging around his room. We watched some Dora while he had his morning milk, and then repaired to his play room to eat a waffle and play instruments.

M-lady came out and joined us while we were playing, and I made a quick run down the hallway to mark down notes on when Bud woke and what he'd eaten this morning. As I was heading towards his room, I heard from behind me, "Wait for me, Baba!"

He came running after me, and grabbed my hand as we went into his room. He jumped on the couch and looked out the window as I jotted the notes down, and then went running back out as Nanny J arrived.

He had a good morning with Nanny J. They collected some tomatoes from his little tomato plant, and he ate them as a mid-morning snack. I also noticed, in the evening, that Nanny J had used some twine to support the tomato plant and some cucumber vines growing nearby.

Bud was asleep for his nap by 1:00, and had a good long nap. I saw him again around 3:45, when he poked his head in the door of the office to see if I was there. We smiled and waved at each other, and he ran off to have a snack. The snack was followed by a bath, and he was looking clean and happy when I saw him again a little bit after 5:00.

I helped him and Nanny J clean up some of his trains and tracks, and then we played instruments again until M-lady got home around 5:20. Nanny J took off around 5:30, and we all started getting ready to go out on a grocery run.

Bud was a bit resistant at first, but warmed up to the idea once we were about halfway there. By the time we got to the store, he was anxious to get inside and help with the shopping.

We started in produce, where he was determined to pull the plums out from the bottom of the stack. Fortunately, I caught them before he was buried under a fruity avalanche.

Bud was thrilled to pick out a watermelon. He had a tendency to touch or lift anything he could reach, so M-lady and I kept him busy carrying items or putting them in the cart. We split up a few times, and I'd often hear behind me, "Wait for me, Baba!"

It was a successful shop. Bud got good exercise, and we got food for the week. We headed home and had fish, corn, and rice for dinner, and Bud ate a significant meal. It was pretty late by the time dinner was over, so we played for just a few minutes before changing into PJs and starting the bedtime routine.

Bud was much more agreeable about the routine tonight, and less insistent in his stalling techniques when we put him in his crib. He didn't even call out after we'd left the room, and fell asleep pretty quickly.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

New Tricks

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there. And big congratulations to the new grads out there, in particular to Nanny K and FireOpal.

Bud woke this morning around 7:00, but contented himself with sitting in his crib and amusing himself until about 8:00. M-lady took care of him, as I had taken off for a Father's Day bike ride with a couple of friends.

M-lady had a pretty good morning with Bud, although Bud wasn't interested in going out. So they spent a lot of time playing in the garage. Bud played with all my bike tools, and M-lady finally distracted him by letting him sit in the driver's seat of her car. He played there for about an hour, pretending to drive, and investigating the switches and buttons.

Sometime during the morning Bud decided he wanted to sulk in his crib. He ran back to his room. When M-lady found him, she discovered him actually in his crib. He's figured out how to climb in. Wow.

Bud ate an entire peanut-butter and jelly sandwich for lunch, with tidy sips of milk between quarters. After lunch, M-lady finally managed to convince him to go out to the library with her, where they played with the computers and Bud got a little bit of running around time.

I arrived home at about 2:00, a few minutes after Bud had been put down for his nap. He called out a few times, and I went in to say "hello", but he finally fell asleep around 2:30.

He woke again around 4:30, and we a bit groggy for a while. We all sat together and played a little bit before heading out for dinner. We ate at a nice brewery/restaurant in downtown Sunnyvale, and Bud enjoyed a meal mostly consisting of french fries donated from M-lady's meal and ketchup.

After dinner we walked around a little bit before heading for home. Bud got to play in one of the nearby fountains briefly, and enjoyed that quite a bit.

Bud and I took a shower when we got home, and with the warm weather I was able to turn the temperature down on the shower enough that Bud didn't really seem to mind getting the water in his face. That, along with the fact that he has a lot less hair to wash now, made that part of the shower a lot easier.

We had a good time in the shower, but Bud got a little rambunctious during the bedtime routine. I managed to get all his finger and toe nails clipped while we watched a little bit of Cars and he drank his milk, but he skipped brushing his teeth tonight, as well as the bedtime story.

When we put him in his crib, he started in with the stalling tactics, coming up with some new ones tonight. He asked for a cup of milk, then a cup of water, then his bedtime story, then a pair of socks. Most of his requests were deflected, although I had promised him socks when we clipped his toenails, so I acquiesced on that count. He eventually fell asleep about a half hour after we put him down.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

House Hunting Trooper

Lots of stuff going on today: Big "Happy Birthday!" wishes to RuggerMom and Nanny K. And a big "Happy Anniversary" to Aunt O and Uncle C.

Bud slept in today until about 7:40, which was a nice weekend present. I got up with him then, and he was ready to get up immediately. We changed his diaper and headed out to the living room to watch some Dora.

After the intro, Bud asked for some milk, so I got that for him. We watched a couple episodes together, and then played a couple of songs of Guitar Hero. I managed to steer him away from "Cherry Pie" this time, and he got down to a couple of instrumentals: "Jessica" by The Allman Brothers Band and "YYZ" by Rush. After putting the video game away, we went to the play room and Bud asked me to play (sing) "YYZ" while he played drums.

At about 9:00 we woke M-lady up, and then headed to his room to get dressed. The next 45 minutes or so were spent getting ready to head out the door to meet our real estate agent. We got out the door about 5 minutes late, and Bud and I shared a Clif Bar on the way.

Bud and Mommy K play basketball
When we arrived at BC's office, M-lady went in to get her. I noticed Bud had Clif Bar on his nose, so I wiped his face right before they got back.

M-lady and I figured we might be able to see three or four houses before Bud got too cranky to continue. Bud was awesome, and we managed to see seven houses (two were right next door to each other, though, so we got those in one stop). Bud really had a great time running around the empty houses, although we had to make sure he didn't fling himself into a swimming pool or lock himself in a closet. We were a little startled when he figured out the lock on a sliding glass door to get into the back yard on his own.

Bud's turn to be the basket
In any case, we had a really productive house hunt, and Bud was a real trooper. We finished up right around 1:00, and after dropping BC off, drove through a Carl's Jr. on the way home to get some lunch. Bud enjoyed his french fries tremendously, and even ate some of the chicken we pushed on him.

When we got home, it was pretty much straight to naptime, and he fell asleep pretty quickly. He slept for almost three hours, showing how tuckered he was after our long morning. When he woke, M-lady played with him for a bit while I got ready for our evening out.

Nanny K arrived with her mom at about 6:00. Bud was a little shy, particularly of Mommy K, although I think a lot of that was due to being still a little groggy and probably a bit hungry. He got particularly clingy when it was time for M-lady and me to leave, and cried at our departure.

Bud on drums, Nanny K on lead guitar.
(not pictured - Mommy K on saxophone)
He was sleeping when we got back, but the report was good. He had cried for all of 30 seconds or so, and then mellowed out with a pacifier in his crib for a little while. After a couple of minutes, he came out and had a great evening playing with Nanny K and Mommy K. They shot baskets, did Tai Chi, and played instruments. Actually, it sounds like Bud wore out his supervision with the long band set.

The bedtime routine went smoothly, although Bud didn't fall asleep for a long time. Nanny K reported hearing Bud sing to himself in his crib for about an hour before she went in to see if there was anything he needed. He asked to be rocked for a little bit, and fell asleep shortly thereafter. With any luck he'll sleep in again tomorrow.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Highly Entertaining Morning

Bud woke this morning a little after 7:00, and M-lady got up to hang out with him. Apparently he lounged in his crib for a while, telling M-lady all about seeing Aunt O and Babysitter G the previous night. Eventually M-lady got him up to change his diaper, and Bud entertained himself by dumping a cup of water he'd been sipping on his face while lying on the changing table. He apparently thought it was the funniest thing ever. M-lady got him dried off after she got his clean diaper on.

They had milk in the kitchen, and then came back to the computer to watch a couple of Bob the Builder videos on YouTube. Nanny J arrived not too much later. All in all they had a good morning together.

Lollipop for a haircut
Bud had fun at his sports class, as usual, and afterwards Nanny J took him to get his second haircut. It seems to have gone well. I saw him when they arrived home, and Bud was happily sucking on a lollipop and looking quite a bit cooler about the head and neck.

After lunch, Bud wandered into the office where I was working. It was just about his nap time, and Nanny J got his room ready while I queried Bud about his day so far. I carried him into his room and dropped him into his crib for his nap. Nanny J and I were about to leave when he stood up, turned his back to us, bent over slightly, and pointed at his butt. Yup, he had a poopy diaper. The indication motion was perfect.

It took him a little while to fall asleep, and then he napped for quite a long time, waking up after 4:00. From there it was bath time, followed by huge fun running around the house singing the Bob the Builder theme song.

M-lady and I took him from Nanny J at about 5:30, and we packed up and headed out to the mall. Bud ate a solid dinner, and M-lady got a little bit of shopping done as we wandered around for a bit. Bud had a good time and got to stretch his legs.

We headed home and started the bedtime routine on arrival. Bud was mostly compliant, and we had a good time watching Totoro. He seems to have gotten into the habit of wanting a drink when we put him into his crib: he's been asking for milk, but I think we should be giving him water. I gave him a little bit of water before bed at his request tonight.

I turned on the fan as well, although it's not as hot tonight in the house as it was last night.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Family Evening

Bud woke this morning around 6:30, and I got up to see how he was doing. He'd managed to misplace his pacifier... it was still in his crib, but he'd lost it in his blankets. I helped him recover it, let him know it was really too early to be up, and went back to bed. He snoozed quietly until about 7:00, when he decided it was time to get up.

We headed out to the kitchen, picked up his morning milk, and plunked down in front of the TV to watch a couple of episodes of Dora the Explorer. That kept us entertained for a while, and afterwards we played with the train track I'd set up last night. After that it was just one song on Guitar Hero, followed by accompanying Bud on guitar while he played drums. His drums of choice recently have been his Lego bucket, played with a couple of extra plastic baby bottles.

That lasted for a while, and we wrapped up the morning by watching a couple of train videos on YouTube while I checked email. Nanny J arrived as we finished watching, and Bud and I went out to the playroom to say 'Hi'. Bud was a little reluctant to let me get to work, but eventually Nanny J tempted him away with a promise of food.

They had a good morning, although the day really heated up in the early afternoon. Bud was really upset when I left for the office around lunchtime, but it was nearly his naptime anyways, so I'm sure that contributed.

M-lady stayed home from work today, and got to spend a lot of break time with Bud. She really enjoyed interacting with him during the day; I'm sure he loved it, too. Bud's got a couple of new tricks: he can answer his age ("one, two!"), and will carefully, and with a little help, use 'sword hands' (two fingers of each hand extended) for his tai chi.

M-lady and I took him from Nanny J at about 5:30, and we all plopped down and watched a little bit of last nights So You Think You Can Dance, followed by a couple of songs in Guitar Hero. We all sat around and played 'band' for a while after that, with Bud on drums, me playing guitar, and M-lady singing. Bud developed an affinity for the song 'Cherry Pie' by Warrant, so we sang that one a lot.

We watched a couple of videos on YouTube after that, and dinner followed shortly thereafter. Bud had a good dinner, and afterwards decided that he wanted to watch the YouTube videos instead of a DVD for his bedtime routine.

So we watched some train videos, and some keyboardist videos, which he really enjoyed. The kid really seems to get into music of any type. M-lady had to head off to dance rehearsal before we finished up the bedtime routine, but it went smoothly enough.

We brushed teeth, washed face and hands, read a story, and headed for bed. I told Bud that the baby sitter would be coming to watch him when I headed off to the rehearsal, and he seemed pretty excited.

The babysitter, Babysitter G, was a few minutes late, so Aunt O came and covered for a few minutes. Bud apparently called for me, and when Aunt O went to check him, he immediately pretended to be asleep.

Babysitter G reported that he called out once, and was really hot (it was a hot day, and the house heated up in the evening). She got him a drink of water, turned on the ceiling fan, and rocked him for a little bit at his request. He's been sleeping soundly since.

Hangin' with Baba

Bud woke this morning about 7:00 again, and M-lady got up with him. They had a good morning together. Bud asked for the pineapple he saw on the counter, but since it isn't carved up yet, M-lady managed to talk him into a plum instead. He really liked the plum.

Bud snuck into the bedroom around 7:45ish to find me. He jumped up on the bed, and I wrestled with him a little while M-lady took care of some morning ablutions. They left again to go watch a Dora while I snoozed for a bit longer.

I joined them at about 8:30, and Bud and I played together for a while, and then watched some train videos on YouTube while I checked my email. Nanny J arrived while we were in front of the computer, and after finishing up the video we were watching, I managed to convince him that we should go play with her. They immediately headed outside to check out his tomatoes, which are apparently doing pretty well.

He had a good day with Nanny J. They played outside for a good chunk of the morning, before it got too hot, and then had a good lunch and a solid nap in the early afternoon. He had his usual bath in the later afternoon. I arrived home shortly after his bath: he was looking clean and well-groomed. I think he's due for a haircut, though.

At about 5:30 I took over for Nanny J. M-lady had departed from home around 4:00 to go to a concert with Aunt O, so it was just Bud and me for the evening. I gave him a small cup of granola and we headed out for a walk.

I pushed the stroller, so he could ride when he tired out. He had a good time running along just in front of me for a fair distance, though. Our walk eventually led us to the nearby Toys R Us, and we went in for a bit.

I picked up a new track pack for Bud's trains, and he got really excited about the PowerWheels cars. He climbed into one of the Jeeps and wasn't interested in coming out. And admittedly, it's a pretty cool toy, even though I don't think we'll get him one. I'm more an advocate of self-powered locomotion.

We eventually made our way home, amid some fussing, but by the time we got close to home he was having fun running in front of the stroller again. We headed into the house, and got started on dinner.

I had intended to serve him some stew which we'd prepared the night before, but he saw the package of hotdogs when I opened the refrigerator door, and asked for a hotdog for dinner. So we had hotdogs. I supplemented my dog with a little bit of stew, which Bud got interested in and shared a bit.

After a solid dinner, we played with his new train tracks for a little while before starting the bedtime routine. We watched a little more of Cars, had milk and cereal, skipped the toothbrushing tonight, and read a story and got into bed. He called out a couple of times, but overall fell asleep pretty quickly.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Getting Back to the Routine

Bud woke this morning right around 7:00. I heard him chatting to himself for a while before he called out. I went to see how he was doing, and he was content to sit in his crib for a while. Of course, when he heard the first garbage truck go by, he was very interested in getting out and getting to a window.

We got changed and headed out to the kitchen, picked up some milk, and parked by the window to catch some more garbage trucks going by. That got old pretty quickly, so we eventually settled in a watched a Dora the Explorer episode.

For some reason he was a bit upset seeing the cleaners arrive, fussing even as they walked up to the door, but was happy as soon as they got in the house. He did his usual shy wave at them, and then was interested in the mops, brooms, and vacuums as usual.

Bud was really excited to see Nanny J today. He clapped his hands and immediately started playing with her when she arrived. I was able to escape and start the workday pretty quickly.

Bud had a pretty good day, getting dressed and heading off to music class with Nanny J. She reported that he was a bit more engaged in class than he often is, although she related how he remembers the kids who crash into him or run around recklessly and tends to give them a wide berth.

He had a good lunch and a solid afternoon nap, and once again fussed during his bath. He doesn't like getting the water in his face when we wash his hair. I've been trying to teach him to tilt his head back, but he's not going for it yet. M-lady ordered a hair-washing visor for him tonight, so we'll see if that works.

He was happily getting dried off when I got back home, and all four of us: Bud, Nanny J, M-lady, and I played together for a while before Nanny J took her leave. For the first time Bud was really upset to see Nanny J go: he cried and clung to her legs. I managed to tickle him into submission, though.

Bud and I watched another Dora while M-lady made spaghetti for dinner. Bud actually ate a whole bunch of spaghetti, but we finished the dinner when he took a mouthful of orange juice and started giggling before he swallowed. I had to change his pants.

We all played some more after dinner, including some time with my guitar, his toy trains, and hopping on pop (still discouraged). We eventually got situated in front of Cars for a little while before bed. We got back to the standard bedtime routine, including tooth-brushing and his bedtime story. He called out a couple of times, but fell asleep pretty quickly.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Home Again

Bud woke this morning fairly early again, and M-lady got up with him. Ama and Agu took over pretty quickly, though, and M-lady was able to get back to bed before too long.

Bud went with Ama and Agu to tai chi practice again this morning, and was much more comfortable with the folks there. He worked on three different forms with the class.

After class, he came home and helped Ama water all the plants in the back yard. He really seems to enjoy gardening quite a bit. Or maybe it's just playing with watering cans and spritzers.

While Ama and Agu continued to play with Bud this morning, M-lady and I got packed up for the trip home. We left the house at about 11:00: Bud was excited to be going back to the airport. He sang the Bob the Builder theme song (well, one line from it) over and over again on the drive.

We got checked in, and had the usual adventure trying to get through security. What with the kid's stuff and multiple laptops, it makes for a lot of effort to get through. Bud was also a bit more agitated, as he was discovering that Ama and Agu weren't coming with us.

After we got through, and we'd waved our final goodbyes to the grandparents, we got settled at the gate. Bud made a quick friend in a woman who was the mother of three young kids and traveling without them for the first time. We all chatted together for a while, and Bud had a great time watching the comings and goings of planes and support vehicles on the tarmac. He also ate an entire peanut butter and marmalade sandwich.

We managed to get on the plane without undue drama, and after we got settled in Bud and I discussed the surroundings and view out the window while we taxied and took off. Once electronics were allowed again, we fired up the laptop and watched a chunk of Cars together.

Bud got tired of the movie just as we started the descent, so his timing was pretty good. We chatted again on the way down, and got off the plane without problem. I lofted him onto my shoulders and we all made our way down to claim our luggage.

M-lady kept an eye on Bud while I grabbed the suitcases, and we made our way out to the curb to await a pickup by Uncle C. He ferried us home quickly. Bud passed out cold about 5 minutes before we arrived home.

We unloaded, and I deposited Bud, still sleeping, in his crib after M-lady readied the room. He slept for about two hours before waking up around dinner time.

Bud was pretty grumpy in the evening, but we're willing to chalk it up to significant change of routine and supporting cast. Hopefully getting back into his normal routine will restore the pleasant and happy little boy we're used to.

Bud got his first taste of KFC for dinner tonight, and of course, liked the skin better than the chicken itself. But he ate a fair portion, along with some milk and orange juice. We watched some Dora the Explorer after dinner, and played a little Guitar Hero as well. Bud enjoyed playing rock band with M-lady and me for a bit before we started the bedtime routine.

He went to bed around 8:00, and called out once, but fell asleep really quickly after a long travel day.

I got tagged for a meme! It's on my other blog, here.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Park and Play

Bud woke this morning at about 6:30, before anyone else was up. M-lady's parents usually get up pretty early, but they were up late the previous night on the elation of a successful party, and were busy sleeping in. So I got up with Bud.

He was in a good mood, and after getting changed and having some milk, we played with the accumulated toys in the family room of Ama and Agu's house while I looked for interesting TV programs. Little Einsteins came on at 8:00, but we were a little ways away from that. Fortunately, the Potato Heads he received as a gift from one of the party patrons last night kept him thoroughly entertained.

Ama joined us a little before 8:00. I let her know about the impending TV program, and headed back to bed for a little while. It sounded like she and Agu had a pretty good time with Bud this morning.

At about 10:00, we had planned for M-lady and I to take Aunt O and Uncle C to the airport while Ama and Agu took care of Bud for a while. Bud was being a little bit intransigent, so we decided to switch roles.

After a little bit of time-out time, Bud was more agreeable and joined M-lady and I on a walk down to the local park. Bud actually rode my shoulders most of the way, but had a great time running around at the park when we got there. He played on the equipment, showed off his improving climbing skills, and let me persuade him into going down a slide with me a couple of times. After a bit, Ama and Agu joined us and he got to show off all his skills again. He ran around a bit more with them, too.

They had brought their car, which had the car seat in it, so we all got to ride in the car back to the house. Lunch was the next order of business, and leftovers filled the bill nicely. Bud didn't eat a huge lunch, but was clearly ready for a nap before too long.

We put him down at about 1:00, and he called out a few times before falling asleep around 2:00ish. He slept until nearly 5:00.

In the morning sometime, while M-lady and I snoozed, Ama and Agu brought out a toy workbench which they had picked up at a nearby garage sale recently. It was quite a find, with a whole slew of toy tools, including table saw, vice, hammer, crescent wrench, needle-nosed pliers, safety goggles, etc. It also included a handful of toy nails, nuts, and bolts. Bud had a great time playing with the bench and its tools all day today.

and Running!
The bench disappeared after the nap, but we had all had a lot of fun with the guitar and keyboard Ama and Agu made available. Bud had fun playing the instruments, directing others to play the instruments, and dancing.

Dinner came before too much longer, and after that, including the last of the cake for dessert, we had a shower and then started the bedtime routine. He was pretty tired, so went to bed without much fuss. He called out a couple times, but fell asleep after about 30 minutes.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Staying Busy

Missed the post yesterday. Ah well. I'll cover the past two days in this post.

Yesterday Bud woke up a little before 7:00 again, and M-lady got up with him this time. I was able to sleep in a little bit. He had a good time playing with M-lady and Ama in the early morning.

Walking with Ama
at the Wild Animal Park
The mid-morning planned activity was M-lady and Ama taking Bud out to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. They had a great time, and Bud wore himself out walking around. When they came back, Bud told me about the flamingos, lorakeets, meercats, and elephants that they saw. He was pretty excited.

We all had some lunch together, and then we put Bud down for a nap. Once again, he didn't really nap for very long, and woke up after about an hour. He managed to wake up right around the time M-lady and I needed to leave to pick up Aunt O and Uncle C from the airport, and after some negotiations Bud decided to come with us. He was a bit grouchy on the drive, not having his pacifier and blanky with him, but cheered up when Aunt O and Uncle C got in the car. By the time we got home he was in a better mood.

The original dinner plan was to go out, but Bud wasn't looking like he was going to survive an outing. So M-lady and I told the others to go out while we had left-overs, but everyone else decided they were too tired to go out anyways. So we had take-out.

Bud ate a pretty good dinner, and we all had a pretty mellow evening hanging out together. The bedtime routine was standard, although we had to move Bud's Pack 'n Play. He's been sleeping in the 3rd bedroom, but Uncle C and Aunt O had moved into that room, so we moved Bud's bed into the office. Bud didn't seem to mind too much, and fell asleep reasonably quickly. He slept through the night without problems.

He woke this morning shortly after 7:00, and I got up with him. Ama and Agu were already starting to prepare for the party they were hosting in the evening, so Bud and I played for a little bit on our own. I found Little Einsteins on TV, and checked it out. We like several of the Baby Einsteins DVDs, but Bud is starting to get a little more sophisticated.

He really liked the Little Einsteins, and they seemed to be a good fit for him, as they seem very music-centric. We'll try to catch a few more episodes and see if it's more of the same.

Checking out the steam engine
M-lady relieved me after a while, and played with Bud for a bit while I snoozed for an extra hour. When I got up, we started prepping to head down to Old Poway.

There was a little farmer's market, and a park nearby with a little train running around it. Bud was pretty excited by the railway crossing we walked through in order to get to the park. We danced a bit to the local musicians playing, and looked at the train and an older steam engine folks were working on in the train house. The enthusiasts were happy to see and chat with Bud, who was wearing his little engineer's cap.

We eventually got in line to get on the train, and had a great ride around the park which lasted about 5 minutes. Bud really enjoyed it. Afterwards, it was getting on towards lunchtime, so we headed back for the car, picking up some kettle corn from a vendor at the farmer's market on the way.

Dancing with M-lady
Bud pretty much refused lunch when we got home, and eventually we put him down for his nap without him eating much more than a couple of cups of orange juice (by his choice). He fell asleep for his nap quickly, and slept for about four hours. That's right, four hours. I think he was making up for his missed and short naps for the past three days.

We got him up and fed him some dinner, of which he was mostly interested in the cauliflower. He ate a whole lot of cauliflower. After dinner I spent some time with him wandering around in the back yard, and after that we came in to get changed and ready for the party.

They party was to celebrate Ama and Agu's 40th anniversary, and they had a number of their friends over. Bud was pretty universally admired, and while he started out shy, later on in the party he spent time showing off his Tai Chi moves. He also ate a whole bunch of carrots, grapes, pineapple, and tomatoes.

We started the bedtime routine at about 8:00, and Bud was in bed by about 8:30. He went to bed willingly, and fell asleep more quickly than I expected having had such a long nap. Hopefully he'll take a normal nap tomorrow and stay fairly happy.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Great Day 'Til the End

Bud woke this morning a little before 7:00, and I got up to see how he was doing. Turned out he'd woken up with a big poop, so I cleaned that up, got him changed, and then handed him over to Ama and Agu, who were already up. Then I went back to sleep for a while.

Apparently Bud and M-lady went to Ama and Agu's Tai Chi class with them this morning, and Bud went ahead and joined in. He had a great time, and collected a lot of compliments from the other class participants. It turns out he goes deeper into his stances than most of the others there.

I got up and joined them briefly around 10:30, and then got to work. Bud had a good time running around the house, picking up anything that interested him. He's clearly very comfortable here.

He had a big lunch, and then went down for his nap around 1:00. But he didn't fall asleep. Eventually Ama and Agu got him up and sang karaoke with him for a while, and he went down for his nap again at about 3:00. This time it stuck.

I woke him a little after 5:00 so he, M-lady, and I could get ready to go have dinner with my Aunt L, Bud's great-aunt. Bud was a little cranky about being woken up, but seemed OK on the drive down. He was a little shy when we arrived at Aunt L's, but enjoyed seeing the cat and some of the things at Aunt L's place.

We all headed out to dinner from there, and went to an Italian place, Gaetano's, that I used to go to as a kid (Aunt L lives in the neighborhood in which I grew up). It's still there, and still pretty much looks the same. The food was good, but Bud didn't really eat very much: I think he was tired, had too many new things thrown at him all at once, and he wasn't used to the flavors.

We'd had a nice visit with Aunt L, but towards the end of the dinner Bud had a full on tantrum/breakdown. Fortunately we were finishing up with dinner, and it was about time for us to leave, anyways. He screamed for a good portion of the drive home, but eventually quieted down a bit.

Ama fed him a little more when we got home, and Bud and I took a quick shower before heading for bed. He was a bit cranky and on edge all through the bedtime routine, and was happy to finally get into his crib. He fell asleep pretty quickly. Hopefully he'll be a little closer to 'on-schedule' tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Fun Travel Day

Bud woke a called out a couple of times between 2:00 and 4:00am... not really sure why. He went right back to sleep when I checked on him.

He woke in the morning at about 7:00, and had saturated his diaper for the first time in a while. I got him dressed in his clothes for the day, let him know we were going to get on a plane and fly out to see Mama, and then went to get some milk with him.

He was understandably excited about going to the airport, but we weren't leaving home until about noon. So Bud and I watched a couple episodes of Dora the Explorer until Nanny J arrived.

Bud and Nanny J had a good morning together while I packed up. They played outside, and headed off to music class in the later morning. Bud had an early lunch, and then we all played together a little when I finished up packing.

I introduced Bud to his little backpack (picture to come soon) for the second time. The first time, a few weeks ago, he showed no interest at all. This time, I told him it was "just like Dora", and he was really excited to put it on. After getting it adjusted, we took a couple of his things out of my backpack and put them into his. He did a great job of carrying his backpack for the rest of the day.

Auntie O came and picked us up at noon, and we got the car seat into her car and said goodbye to Nanny J. Bud was excited about going to the airport, and our drive was uneventful, although I had to answer a lot of questions about what things were as we approached our destination.

Auntie O dropped us off, and Bud and I did the curbside check-in thing. From there it was the security gauntlet, which is really a pain with a laptop, car seat, go-go kidz, backpacks, and diaper bag. And they made me take off Bud's shoes. Sigh. At least I wasn't trying to carry on any potentially dangerous liquids.

In any case, after getting ourselves reassembled on the other side of the security check, we swung by a Burger King to get lunch for me. I had intended to troop down to our gate to eat, but Bud found a table for us nearby with a view of the planes on the tarmac. So we shared some french fries and watched the planes for a bit.

Bud really enjoyed seeing the planes, the baggage cars, and all the other activity on the tarmac. We spent about an hour just looking out various windows at the action around the airport.

When we finally settled in at our gate, I popped out a surprise toy for Bud I purchased yesterday for our trip: a couple of Matchbox cars. These are Bud's first official Matchbox (or HotWheels) cars. I bought a five-pack, and gave him two to play with. He had a great time pushing them around on the floor, the window sill, and the nearby chairs.

Eventually we headed down to the plane, and managed to get seated. The plane was pretty small, just three seats across, and getting down the aisle with my backpack, the diaper bag, and hauling his carseat was a bit tricky. But we got ourselves situated without too much fuss. The plane was probably only about a third full, which helped.

He was a little nervous on takeoff, but a pacifier solved that problem nicely, as well as helping with ear pressure compensation. I suggested taking a nap, but he was having none of it. So I popped in a DVD for him into my laptop, and that pretty much lasted for the duration. I even managed to snooze a little while he was watching.

We waited for the other passengers to deplane when we arrived, and then made our way to the gate. M-lady, Ama, and Agu found us just after I picked up our bag. Bud's diaper was pretty wet by this point (not soaked through, fortunately), so I got him changed before we loaded up in the car and headed for Ama and Agu's house.

Bud was very happy to see the three, but pretty tired, as he hadn't napped yet. He fell asleep on the drive home (at about 4:30), and continued to nap in the car in the garage with Ama watching him for a bit after we arrived.

Bud explored for a bit when he woke, and we had pizza for dinner shortly afterwards. Bud enjoyed the pizza and the watermelon which followed, and then spent some time playing with Ama, Agu, and M-lady while I took a bit of a nap.

Bud was really tired by the time bedtime rolled around, and waved M-lady and I out of the room so he could go to sleep. I think he passed out pretty quickly.

Overall, Bud was a joy to travel with today. What a great kid. He was well behaved, cute, and patient all day.

Thanks to our housesitters while we're gone!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


No noticeable bruise today, so that was good.

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and I got up to find a very happy kid. He was ready to be up and about, so I changed his diaper and we took off for the kitchen immediately.

He had some milk as we read some stories and played for a bit. After a little while I suggested we try and watch a program I recorded during the early morning for the first time: Dora the Explorer. Bud agreed, and was immediately enchanted.

When it finished, he asked to watch another, which was a problem since I only had one recorded. Fortunately, I found another coming on a different channel shortly after we finished up with the first one, so we watched that. Bud had a blast.

We played a little more together until Nanny J arrived. She got him dressed and they headed out to his music class, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

They had a good day overall, and when I saw Bud around 5:00, he was pretty happy. They were having a good time playing with trains, and Bud was enjoying dancing and rolling on the floor.

Nanny J left around 5:30, and Bud and I wrestled a little bit and played with the trains for a few minutes before he asked for Dora again. Wow. I played another episode that had recorded during the day for him, and managed to get his nails clipped while we watched. Dora is clearly a winner. This episode was about ice cream... it started with Dora and Boots saying how much they liked ice cream, and asking the audience if they liked ice cream. Bud nodded his head vigorously. I was sure he would demand ice cream immediately, but he seemed too engrossed in the show.

We got started on dinner afterwards, and he ate a lot. He ate enough that I needed a snack later since he poached a good portion of my dinner.

We played together a little bit more before getting into PJs and starting the bedtime routine. He protested as I cleaned out his nose, but the boogers were getting really big. Then some Totoro, and finishing up the bedtime routine.

He got a bit fussy towards the end there, but I think he was just really tired. He fell asleep pretty quickly.

Monday, June 04, 2007

My Son and Me

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and I got up to see how he was doing. We lounged for a few minutes, and then got up and had some orange juice. We read a few stories together, and then I turned on an episode of Bob the Builder for him while I got a waffle ready. We munched on the waffle together while watching Bob.

Bud got a little fussy after we watched Bob, wanting to play some Guitar Hero. He eventually ended up in his crib with a pacifier a few minutes before Nanny J arrived. She took him from there while I got ready for work.

They had a good day, heading for the library in the morning, and having a good lunch and nap in the afternoon. I got home around 5:00, and M-lady called to check in. When Nanny J left at about 5:30, Bud and I played with his lego for a bit before heading back to the computers to make a video call to Granddad B.

Grandma Nese is gone to visit Aunt K in Europe for a while, so Granddad B is batching it, too. We had a nice chat, although Bud got bored pretty quickly and wandered out. He poked his head into the office now and again, playing peek-a-boo.

After the call, we headed off to Armadillo Willy's for dinner. Bud munched on a small cup of kettle corn on the way there, which made him walk pretty slowly. I maintained a steady, if not too speedy pace, but Bud fell behind regularly, and would call to me and run to catch up. He got a good workout on the walk there.

We had a nice dinner together, and a good walk home as well. It was about 7:00 when we got home, and we played for a few minutes before getting into a clean diaper and PJs. We watched some of the Baby Einstein: Baby Noah DVD, which is all about different animals. We hadn't watched it in a while, and Bud was riveted.

On the way to brush teeth, Bud ran headlong into a support beam in the living room: sort of like running into the corner of a wall. It knocked him over, and he cried a bit. He didn't want to brush his teeth after that, but the pacifier seemed to make everything OK. I hope he doesn't have a huge bruise on his face tomorrow.

Friend B arrived shortly after Bud went to bed, and she came in to say goodnight to Bud as well. He called out once about fifteen minutes later, but went to sleep pretty quickly over all.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Family Time

Bud woke a little after 7:00 today, and I got up with him. He was content playing in his crib for a while, but eventually we got up and had some orange juice.

We read some stories, and then sat in front of the TV for a bit and watched Zoboomafoo. M-lady joined us towards the end of the show, and I snuck off to snooze for a little while longer. Bud and M-lady apparently had a good time together this morning, and when I joined them a little around 9:30, they were both dressed, and Bud was munching on some toast.

We got ourselves ready and headed over to the Sunnyvale Art and Wine Festival. It's close enough to walk, which is nice. It was still early, so it wasn't too crowded or hot, which was also nice. We wandered through the stalls, just sort of browsing.

The highlight for Bud was seeing a firetruck, which we got to sit in and walk around. Bud really enjoyed taking a good look. It was surrounded by police cars as well, which he thought was pretty cool.

We picked up a shaved ice and some kettle corn before wandering home, both of which were a hit with the kid.

When we got home, Bud ate a pretty good helping of casserole, accompanied by a few fistfuls of kettle corn. I put him down for his nap after that, and he fell asleep quickly.

M-lady packed up while Bud slept. Bud woke around 3:30, and we played a little bit of Guitar Hero before hitting the road around 4:15. We took M-lady to the airport, so she could catch a flight out for a conference for work starting tomorrow. Bud was a little distraught when we left her, but I was able to perk him up by letting him know our next destination: we were heading to visit Aunt O and Uncle C, and see Ama and Agu who were staying with them.

They offered us a very nice dinner, and Ama kept shoveling food into Bud. He ate a whole lot. He also drooled a bit, both during dinner and while playing. I think it's the teething thing.

We headed back for home around 7:00, since I needed to give him a bath before bed. We had a little more kettle corn when we got home, then hit the shower.

Getting him dried off was a bit trickier without M-lady to help, but we managed OK. After wrangling him into PJs, we had a little bit of ice cream and started the bedtime routine. The routine went smoothly, although we ended up getting him into bed about 30 minutes later than usual. He called out once, about 5 minutes after I put him to bed. After tucking him in a second time, he fell asleep pretty quickly.

Bud and I are going to be on our own for a few days, which should be fun. And maybe a little tiring.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Family Dinner Out

Bud woke this morning early, which was a little surprising after his late night. M-lady and Ama and Agu took care of him, and I managed to sleep until about 9:30 or so.

Ama and Agu were heading over to Aunt O's, so we kept Bud entertained while they finished packing up. We all played a little bit of Guitar Hero together, and eventually sent Ama and Agu on their way. I got ready for a bike ride after that, while Bud spent some time hanging out with M-lady.

Bud was a little upset that I was going, but seemed to get over it pretty quickly. While I was gone, M-lady planned on taking Bud out to the Sunnyvale Wine and Arts Festival, but Bud protested as they were leaving. So they stayed home instead. I arrived home to help out with lunch a bit, and then put Bud down for his nap, which he took enthusiastically.

He slept until about 3:30, and he and I had some snacks while M-lady was out running errands. He had a cup of orange juice at his little table while we read some books, and then found and started munching on a piece of toast he had left over from lunch.

Bud and I watched a little bit of YouTube before we decided to pile into the car and head to Taxi's for dinner. Bud and M-lady shared a burger, fries, and a shake (which Bud loved). They each ate about half the meal.

Afterwards we walked downtown Palo Alto for a little bit, visiting the R2-D2 mailbox in front of the Palo Alto post office. We headed home afterwards, and all plunked down in front of the TV until bedtime, watching a bit of Spongebob.

He went to bed without problems (although we skipped the toothbrushing), but didn't fall asleep until sometime after 9:00.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Quick One

I thought I didn't see much of Bud yesterday...

It's like a broom!
I got up with Bud around 7:30, and changed his diaper, and then handed him off to Ama and Agu, who were more than happy to play with him pretty much all day. They went with Bud and M-lady to sports day, where everyone had a good time. Bud looks like he's doing better with the tee ball, and M-lady reported that he does all the stretches at the end of class with the coach.

Bud and I played a few minutes of Guitar Hero between work and heading off for the show, and it was thoroughly enjoyed.

Nanny J and Agu brought Bud backstage before the show, where he was a little wary of all the chaos with people in funny costumes. But he was happy to see me, M-lady, Aunt O, and Nanny K in the fray. He was, of course, much admired by the others.

Better at tee ball
Bud, Nanny J, Ama, and Agu all stayed for the performance, although Nanny J and Bud headed home for bed at intermission. When M-lady and I first went on stage for our first dance, we heard Bud exclaim from the audience, "Mama, Baba!" He apparently did it each time we came out. He reportedly really liked the show, and was well behaved for the entire first act.