Thursday, May 31, 2007

Short Time Together

I got up with Bud this morning a little while after 7:00, and hung out with him until about 8:30, when I handed him off to M-lady. Other than that, I saw him a couple times during the day, but that was about it.

We did the usual morning thing: change diaper, some orange juice and waffle, read stories, changed a poopy diaper, read some more stories, played a little bit of Guitar Hero. Bud got a little fixated on GH this morning, and had a little tantrum when it was over. We gave him a little time-out, which corresponded with the handoff to M-lady as well.

They had a good time, apparently singing rock songs (Bud could tell which were rock and which were not) and playing guitar for a while together. Nanny J arrived around 10:30.

I saw Bud briefly around lunchtime, when I headed out to go to the office. I saw him again when I arrived home, around 4:30. Ama and Agu had arrived for a weekend visit, and Nanny J and Bud were enjoying their company, while Bud munched on a mango the grandparents had brought.

Bud was thoroughly entertained, and waved a happy goodbye to me as I headed off for the dance show shortly after dinner.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Complicated Rhythms

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and M-lady got up with him. Bud apparently enjoyed playing with his toy laptop in his crib for a while before getting up. M-lady took care of Bud and let me sleep in until 9:30, which was great. At that point, M-lady was getting ready for work, and she tried to sneak him into the bathroom. Bud, of course, wanted to know where I was.

I got up with Bud at that point (after a bit of wrestling in the bed). We watched some videos on YouTube, and then got ready to go to his music class. He was a bit reluctant to go, but a cup of orange juice got him moving.

I could see pretty quickly why Bud was less than enthusiastic about the class. The teacher was clearly a talented musician, but not particularly good with the small kids. The first song we sang, sitting in a circle, had a complex rhythm comprised of hitting the floor, clapping, and snapping. I had trouble with it, and had to hear it three or four times before I nailed it down. And I'm pretty good with rhythms. Most of the other mommies were struggling with it, and the kids never had a chance.

The rest of the class was sort of in kind. The kids did enjoy playing with sticks and shakers for different songs, and got to play other percussive instruments later on. We also got to do some free dancing as well, which was fun (although the music, again, had a pretty funky rhythm). Over all I can see how Bud was getting frustrated with the class.

We walked around the fountain at the community center before heading home and having some lunch. I got some food ready, but Bud wasn't really interested. We ended up playing with trains until Nanny J arrived at about noon. Bud didn't want me to go to work again, but was eventually lured away by the promise of watermelon. I think he ate most of his lunch eventually, too.

I saw Bud again in the late afternoon, and played with him for a bit before heading out to rehearsal. Most of the play was the simple stunting we've been doing: I'll lift him by his hands, facing me, and he'll stand on my shoulders. He loves it. We had fun with that and some chasing around before I had to leave.

M-lady reported that Bud likes grapefruit. Nanny J had been bringing them, and Bud has been bribed with them. He must really like the tangy.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Notice of Erratic Posting

The next couple weeks are a little crazy for us. M-lady and I have rehearsals each night this week for the Danse Libre show, and next week M-lady is off to San Diego on Sunday. I'll be joining her with Bud on Wednesday. So posting might end up being a little sporadic for the next couple weeks.

However. I've got a post for the part of the day I was with Bud today.

Bud woke around 7:45, and I got up with him and got him out of bed pretty quickly, as the cleaners were due to arrive shortly. We got some orange juice, and played in his play room for a while with his partly-deflated balloon from yesterday.

He had fun drumming a bit, and we spend some time watching the cleaners as well. Bud fired up his little vacuum to help out, too.

After the cleaners left, we spent some time watching Bob the Builder. Bud asked to play a little Guitar Hero after that, and at that point we took a break from the TV to get dressed, watch garbage trucks, etc.

Unfortunately I had an 11:00 call I had to be on, so I plunked Bud down in front of the TV again while I took the call. He was initially watching the Hoobs on Sprout, but grew tired of them pretty quickly. He was entertained by Cars for the balance of the call, though.

We started working on lunch after that, and he was munching on grapes while I made him a PB and J sandwich. He wouldn't touch the sandwich for me, but apparently ate the whole thing a little later.

Nanny J arrived at about 12:00, while we were working on lunch. Bud got flustered when I tried to retreat to the office, and had the biggest tantrum I've heard from him. I came out to put him into timeout in his crib, and a few minutes later I heard him singing songs with Nanny J. So that seemed to work out OK.

I got to play with Bud for a few minutes after work and before I headed off to the rehearsal. He was having a high-energy time, running around and jumping. I'm working on more simple stunting with him... someday we'll be able to do some cool lifts. He had fun being hoisted up into the air.

Nanny J's husband swung by to say 'Hi' and see Bud right before I left. Bud waved goodbye to me, and then continued to show off some of his toys.

He apparently went to sleep without problems, and was sleeping when we got home.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Double Mall Day

Memorial Day! So one more day of weekend. Bud woke at about 7:30 this morning, and I got up with him. We snoozed for a few minutes, then got up and headed for the living room. I put on a Sesame Street, and Bud requested some orange juice rather than milk. So he had some OJ and a waffle while watching.

After Sesame Street, we watched a little bit of a Kung Fu instructional video we were given at some point at Bud's request. He did a pretty good job imitating some of the moves, and picked up some new stances. He's going to be pretty good at this stuff before too long. We played a little bit of Guitar Hero after that, and said goodbye to M-lady who headed off for a coffee with a friend.

Bud and I had a nice video call with Grandma W and Granddad B. Bud was pretty happy to see them, and interacted on the call quite a bit. He even did a little Tai Chi for them, although he got a little shy and didn't really get into it like he occasionally will. I made a tactical error and he saw me put a CD into the CD drive in my PC: shortly afterwards, he pressed the button, grabbed the CD, and ran off. He knows how to get into the CD drives now. Uh-oh.

After the video call Bud and I headed off to the mall to get some lunch and wander around. We decided to get lunch shortly after arriving, at about 11:45. It ended up being a good decision, as the place started to get really busy shortly after we sat down. We had corn dogs, fries, and a cherry lemonade. Bud ate his entire corn dog, and loved the lemonade (no surprise there). It was a fun lunch.

After a little wandering and a poopy diaper change, we headed for the kids play area. It was fairly busy, but not crazy. Bud was a little more adventurous than he has been in the past, and was willing to play with structures across the area from me. He did keep looking to make sure I was still around, though. He didn't really interact with the other kids very much, though, and after a bit came trotting back and was interested in moving on.

We headed to the information kiosk in the center of the mall and got Bud a balloon, which made him pretty happy. I led him back out to the car, and we headed for home. He agreed to go down for his nap without too much argument, although it took a little while for him to fall asleep.

M-lady arrived home while he was napping, and right before he woke up we decided to meet Aunt O and Uncle C for dinner back at the mall, as M-lady had an errand to run there. So I woke Bud up, we piled into the car, and headed back to the mall.

We met Aunt O and Uncle C at California Pizza Kitchen. Bud was particularly squirmy (happy, but squirmy) during the meal, but M-lady managed to keep him mostly contained. He didn't eat a whole lot at dinner, but definitely had a good time. Afterwards I took him back to the play area while M-lady went to run her errand.

Bud behaved similarly to our earlier trip there, although he showed a couple of small 'pushing off' gestures when another kid got too close or climbed on the same thing he was on. We'll have to make sure he doesn't end up pushing other kids.

We met up with M-lady again and finished up the necessary shopping, and headed for home. When we got there, Bud wanted to run around out back. It was starting to get on towards bedtime, but we needed to water his tomato plant, so I ran around with him for a few minutes before dragging him into the house.

M-lady and I got him changed and into PJs, and Bud and I shared a little ice cream before we started the bedtime routine. He wanted to watch more of the Kung Fu video, so we saw that instead of his usual movie fare. We skipped toothbrushing due to fussiness, and even abbreviated the bedtime story. I think he was pretty tired. He called out a couple of times, but fell asleep quickly.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pool Party

No croup last night! Bud woke this morning a bit before 7:00, and M-lady got up with him. In an effort to get Bud not to play with the electrical cords in the his room, M-lady got him to help her take the humidifier out of his room. They watched some train vids on YouTube, and eventually made their way out to the kitchen for some milk and a waffle. Bud isn't really drinking as much milk as he used to.

After playing some drums, they came into the bedroom to wake me up at about 9:00. I heard a little pitter-patter, a questioning "Ba-ba?", and then the thump-thump-thump as he crawled up on the bed and jumped on me.

I got up, and M-lady took a nap, and Bud helped me with my morning routine. He likes to put contacts in now: I'll put my contact in, and then he'll stick a finger in the empty contact cup, and then try to jam the finger in his eye. I've tried to discourage the behavior, but he doesn't seem to be actually reaching his eye, so I'm not too worried about it.

We played with legos together for a while, and watched some YouTube videos (mostly Thomas the Tank Engine), and then played some Roller Coaster Tycoon. M-lady eventually woke from her nap and went to ballet class, and I was left trying to decide what to do with Bud.

In the pool with Daddy
We headed out to the park for a while, and Bud had a great time on the play equipment. It was a gorgeous day, and there were lots of other kids and families at the park. Bud enjoyed climbing up the steps onto the little structures, but wasn't interested in the slides today. Eventually we found a short chain ladder which he attempted and conquered (with a little coaching), and he went up and down that about a dozen times.

Eventually I asked if he was hungry and wanted to get some lunch, and he agreed to that plan. We headed back to the car and picked up a pizza on the way home, since I was feeling lazy.

When we got home, we shared a pizza lunch, and Bud had a solid piece and a half, along with some orange juice. I let him know it was nap time after lunch, and he went straight to sleep. I think all that climbing got to him. He napped from about 1:00 to about 3:45.

So cute together
M-lady arrived home shortly after Bud went to sleep. When he woke, we packed up to go to a pool party being thrown by the YF family. Bud was a bit shy when we arrived, although he was very interested in the pool. I asked if he wanted to go in, and he demurred, and managed to entertain himself with a bucket of water and an assortment of cups, pitchers, and watering cans. M-lady and I got an opportunity to chat with friends while Bud mostly entertained himself for a while, occasionally looking up and checking that we weren't out of sight.

After a bit, I asked Bud again if he wanted to try out the pool, and he accepted. So Bud and I got our swimsuits on and jumped in. He wasn't timid at all, although he got a little spooked when we got a little too far away from the edge of the pool. He climbed out pretty quickly after that. We were proud of him for trying and not being afraid of the water.

Soon, he'll be ready for a lightsaber
After getting out, Bud found a plastic baseball bat which he played with for a while. He got into his Tai Chi forms, and kept the partygoers amused for a while. He was very good about not hitting anybody with the bat, too.

We all had a good time at the party, and headed for home around 7:00ish. First thing we did when we got home was jump in the shower, and Bud and I got ourselves cleaned up. Bud had eaten pretty well at the party, and just had some raisins before we started the bedtime routine. We watched some Tai Chi videos on YouTube (on the Wii on the TV), and a little bit of Cars, before not brushing teeth, doing a quick once-over on face and hands, reading a story and crawling into bed. He called out a few times, but went to sleep pretty quickly.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fun at the Track

Bud woke this morning around 6:45, and I got up with him. He'd dropped his pacifier again, so I got a new one for him, and we snoozed together for about 5 minutes before he decided it was time to get up.

We got him into a clean diaper, read a few Pooh books in the glider in his room, and then headed out for some milk and Bob the Builder. Bud asked for more milk very quickly, but I countered with the offer of a waffle which he accepted. He munched away on the waffle while we watched Bob.

Afterwards, we played a little bit more before going and waking M-lady up. I needed to get ready to head to the velodrome, so handed Bud off to M-lady. He was a little grumpy about me abandoning him, but eventually had a good morning with M-lady.

He's happy to see me. Really!
They had fun pulling the sheets of the bed to do laundry, then emptied the trash and did some other chores around the house. Bud was selectively helpful. They then packed up to come see me at the track, and in the process of packing lunch Bud got interested in the PB and J sandwich and ate half of it.

After his significant mid-morning snack, they came down to the velodrome to hang out with me and watch some races. Bud was pretty happy to be able to watch me ride, and not actually ride out of site. He also really liked the backhoe parked in the middle of the velodrome infield, which is currently undergoing renovations.

Checking out the cyclists
M-lady and Bud watched a few races, chatted a bit, and then headed for home. I came home about 20 minutes after them, and Bud was happily chowing down on the second half of the PB and J when I arrived. He finished up his late lunch with a couple bowls of watermelon, to help re-hydrate him after being out in the sun, and then we put him down for his nap.

Bud took a while to fall asleep, but eventually had a solid nap from about 3:15 to 5:45. He was a little groggy when he woke up, but ready to get out of the crib. We watched most of Meet the Orchestra, at his request, while I chatted with my dad on the phone and helped him out with his Linux server.

After the call, it was time to go run around outside again. I started grilling some salmon for dinner, and while we were waiting for that I kicked a ball around with Bud in the backyard. He had a good time running, kicking the ball, getting chased, etc. I did my best to wear him out a little bit.

He wasn't excited to come in for dinner, but eventually sat down and ate a whole lot of salmon, rice, and spinach. We all had a nice dinner together, and played with drums and legos for a bit afterwards. Bedtime crept up pretty soon, though, and we got into PJs, watched some of Cars, brushed teeth, and read a story. He fell asleep reasonably quickly.

He did have a slightly runny nose today, so we set up the humidifier in his room tonight. Hopefully we can escape without and ER trip in the wee hours for croup.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Dinner at a Friend's

Bud woke this morning, briefly, at about 5:15. I got up and checked on him. He had dropped his pacifier into parts unknown, so I went and got him a new one, and he went right back to sleep.

He woke again around 7:00, and I got up with him to change his diaper and keep him entertained for a while. We headed out to the living room, and I set up some Bob the Builder for him to watch. He didn't want milk at first, but after watching a little Bob he asked me to get some for him.

After watching for a while, we headed into the playroom to play. We tickled and wrestled for a bit, and I managed to keep him out of the computer room, which he really wanted to get into for whatever reason. There was some unhappiness there (I never let him do anything fun, apparently), but we were back to having a pretty good time when Nanny J arrived.

Bud was a little clingy with me for a few minutes, but I eventually made the hand-off to Nanny J. Bud really wanted a pacifier, and was crying for it for about 10 minutes before M-lady and I decided to concede and let him have one. I suggested we start a system of limiting the number of pacifiers he can have in a day... if we only have 3, and he uses one for nap and one while sleeping, he can have one at one other point during the day. Then his pacifier bowl would be empty, and we'd have an explanation he could understand as to why he couldn't have another one. We'll see if that works.

Bud had his sports day again this morning, and Nanny J reported that he loved it. He's starting to get the hang of basketball (or at least hoisting the ball up through the hoop), and hockey is still his favorite. But he had fun kicking the soccer balls and hitting tee-balls as well. He apparently came home for lunch and then immediately passed out into his nap.

I saw Bud later in the afternoon, around 5:00, and he was having fun playing with Lego with Nanny J. I managed to escape long enough to check email, but Bud followed me into the office shortly thereafter and I went out to hang out with him and Nanny J for a while. We all did some Tai Chi together at Bud's insistence.

M-lady arrived home a little before 5:30, and after we all got settled we packed up to go pick up some dinner and take it over to D and T's place. We grabbed Chinese take out, and while M-lady ran in to pick it up Bud and I circled the parking lot near the train station. He got to see two CalTrains, which he talked about for the rest of the drive.

D and T have a daughter, K, who is a little bit older than Bud, and a son, Dv, who's about 9 months old now. Dv has just started crawling, and he's having a good time getting into trouble. While we had dinner in the back yard, the kids were running free. I saw Dv from across the yard sitting in the grass, where he picked up a dry leaf and examined it for a few seconds before cramming it into his mouth. D jumped up and dashed over to get the leaf out of his mouth, and I found the whole thing pretty funny.

Bud was well behaved and less shy than he sometimes can be. I think he's starting to remember D, T, and family, and feels a little more comfortable with them.

We all had a nice dinner, chat, and playtime. We headed home a bit after Bud's bedtime, so we started the bedtime routine as soon as we got home. We watched a little bit of Cars, changed into PJs, brushed teeth, read a story, and hit the crib. He called out once, but was asleep pretty quickly.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Catch and Throw

Bud woke this morning around 7:00, and M-lady got up with him. They apparently had a good time this morning reading every Sandra Boynton book he has. There are some great books there. But Not the Hippopotamus is my favorite. Bud recognizes the armadillo at the end, now.

They came and woke me up around 8:30, and I got up to hang out with Bud for a bit. We shared a waffle, read some stories, and played some drums before Nanny J arrived at about 9:00. He was trying to get a pacifier at the time, which we've been discouraging during the day.

He had a good morning with Nanny J, and he got a treat at lunch: Nanny J brought over some handmade dumplings and cooked them here for him. It sounded like he really enjoyed them. He went down for his nap right after lunch.

He had a good nap and bath, and I saw him at about 5:00 when I got home. He and Nanny J were playing with drums, which they kept up until I took him at about 5:30. M-lady arrived home soon after.

We all watched a little of the NBA playoff game. Bud can watch about 45 seconds of a sporting event before he gets bored, though, and wanted me to turn the TV off. M-lady entertained him for a while, and then I took a turn playing with him while she got some dinner.

When Bud realized we were watching basketball, he had run off to the playroom to get his little basketball. After I turned the TV off, we had fun throwing the ball back and forth. He's getting much better at catching, managing to corral the ball out of the air more often than not if I give him a decent throw. His throwing is a little suspect, though.

Right now he likes to throw underhand, while jumping, and releases the ball way late. So it usually flies straight up overhead or angled behind him. He thinks it's hilarious though, particularly when the ball comes down on his head. He'd run off and grab the ball and throw it again. Eventually it would come close enough for me to grab, and he could try catching again. He interspersed this activity with some wind sprints up and down the hall, doing a good job of wearing himself out.

Eventually we joined M-lady for dinner, having some of the casserole she prepared last night. Bud did a good job clearing his plate, although there was a non-trivial portion which ended up in his lap and on the floor. But his plate was clean. He had some orange juice to wash it down, and while he didn't intentionally dump it in his lap this time, he did spill enough on himself that we had to change his shirt after dinner.

After we got him into a clean shirt, we played and watched a little more TV before starting in on the bedtime routine. M-lady got him into a clean diaper, and we watched some more of Meet the Orchestra. He did a reasonably good job of brushing his teeth, we had a nice story, and got into his crib willingly. We let him know that the babysitter was coming to watch over him while we were out at rehearsal, and he seemed to take the news well. In any case, I think he wore himself out enough in the evening that he just went to sleep without calling out at all.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Juice in Lap

Bud woke this morning around 7:00, and I got up with him. We snoozed together for about 5 minutes, and then got him into a clean diaper and headed out to the kitchen.

We had some milk while watching an episode of Sesame Street, which Bud enjoyed. Afterwards, we played and read some stories, and shared a waffle. Nanny J arrived as Bud had just started playing with his waterbottle. I gave him an old cycling bottle of mine, and he really likes to have a little water in it. This morning he managed to spill a bit of water, but it was unintentional, and he was happily wiping it up with Nanny J when she arrived. Later in the day his spills were a bit more intentional.

Bud tolerated his Wednesday music class again in the morning. We'll probably find something different for him after this class runs out. I saw him really enjoying some shrimp and noodles for lunch as I left for work, and he happily waved goodbye to me. "Bye-bye, see you later!" he says.

He had a solid nap and a bath, and was enjoying a snack with Nanny J when I got home. About 30 minutes later, M-lady arrived home as I came out to take Bud off Nanny J's hands. They were playing with lego, so Bud and I played with that for a bit while M-lady caught up with Nanny J.

After Nanny J left, we all played together for a little bit. I got some dinner ready for M-lady, and Bud and I wrestled for a few minutes before I told him he needed to have his nails cut. "Let's go!" he said.

So I took him back to the office and fired up Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, which I'd recently re-installed for him. Basically, it lets you build 3D rollercoasters and ride them (along with having a SimAmusementPark kind of game). So we built a couple of rollercoasters, and watched them, and rode them, while I clipped his fingernails.

After a little bit of that, M-lady watched some Tai Chi and Wushu clips on YouTube with him while I cooked some eggs for myself for dinner. I shared some of the eggs with Bud, and he was having a pretty good portion when he asked for some orange juice. We gave him a cup and he drank about three-fourths of it, and then dumped the remainder in his lap, giggling all the while.

We whisked him off to the bathtub, as he'd soaked himself in juice, so he got a second bath for the day. M-lady got him cleaned up and we put him in PJs together.

We all played together a little bit more before sitting down to watch some of Meet the Orchestra, which he requested. He had his milk and cereal with that, and skipped toothbrushing tonight. The rest of the bedtime routine was pretty standard. He called out a few times before falling asleep.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Thirteen Trains

Apparently Bud woke this morning around 5:00, and M-lady checked on him. He was chatting, but not really awake. She soothed him back to sleep, and he woke again a bit before 7:30. M-lady got up to take care of him. Thanks, M-lady! They came in around 8:30, and Bud eventually rousted me from bed. We went out to the playroom, had a little bit of milk, and read some stories.

Bud got interested in playing with trains, and we were working on a track setup when Nanny J arrived. She took over for me working on the track, and Bud was so absorbed that he didn't mind my departure at all.

Bud didn't have his usual music class today, so Nanny J set up a music class at home. They put the class CD on, and Bud did all the dance steps and played all the games with the music that he usually does in class. It sounds like they had a pretty good time.

Bud did his usual lunch, nap, and bath in the afternoon. He was having a snack when I got home around 4:30. M-lady arrive home shortly after 5:00, and after Nanny J left at 5:30, we all decided to head out for dinner to celebrate M-lady's successful project presentation at work today.

We drove up towards Mountain View, and Bud spoke fairly continuously about trains on they way. I promised we'd see one or two, so was happy when we saw three at the Mountain View train station: two CalTrains and a LightRail. We ended up sitting at the light trying to turn onto Castro street for a while, and saw a third CalTrain roll by while we were there.

We parked and wandered down the street looking for a restaurant, eventually stopping at a pasta place. We sat at a table out in front of the restaurant, with beautiful weather, and the added benefit that we could see the train station from our table. Bud got to count the trains as they went by.

We had a good dinner, and Bud enjoyed his chicken and broccoli. But he enjoyed seeing the trains more. We also saw a few buses, ambulances, and tow trucks. For Bud, it was a great dinner.

We saw one more LightRail train on our way home, making the total tally of trains seen for the evening thirteen: eleven CalTrains and two LightRails. Bud was a little sad that we didn't see more, but was reasonably distracted by the sweet milk tea we picked up at Verde's that he was sharing with M-lady.

He got a little fussy at home, as he was clearly getting tired, but eventually we got past the fussiness and got into the bedtime routine. He was pretty happy as M-lady got him into PJs, and we watched some Totoro with milk and cereal. The rest of the routine was standard. He called out a few times before falling asleep.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Watching Tai Chi

Bud slept in this morning until about 8:00. M-lady was already up and getting ready to head to work, so I got up with him. He was content to chill in his crib for a little while, and we hung out in his room for a bit before he accepted the offer to change his diaper and head out to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

We watched a little bit of Bob the Builder while he had some milk, and then sat down to read some books until Nanny J arrived. Bud didn't want me to leave, and I had a bit of a time extracting myself to get started on work. He was apparently a bit fussy today until he had his nap in the early afternoon.

Bud did have a solid nap, a snack of yogurt, and then a bath. I arrived home from work while he was just waking from the nap, and heard the subsequent activities while I was in the home office. At about 5:30, I went out to see how Bud was doing.

He had just run into his room to get a wipe, and was enjoying himself wiping the floor in his playroom. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and had a good time wrestling and running around a bit. Bud was interested in practicing his Tai Chi, and it occurred to me that we could watch some Tai Chi demonstration videos on YouTube. So I brought my laptop out to the living room and we explored some vids of Tai Chi and Kung Fu (my style, Tai Chi Praying Mantis). Bud really enjoyed those.

Eventually we had some dinner. I heated up a hamburger for him, but he refused to look at it. He was happy with a hotdog, though. He ate the whole thing, along with some orange juice. Not a great dinner, but you can't win them all.

After dinner we played some more, mostly variations on Tai Chi, dancing, wrestling, and chasing/tickling. He was getting pretty tired by 7:30. So at that time, after a quick ice cream break, we got him into his PJs and started the bedtime routine.

After PJs we watched a few minutes of Totoro with milk and cereal, and then brushed teeth and wiped face and hands. I managed to excavate a good-sized booger, too. Then we read a story and plopped him down in his crib.

M-lady arrived home from work a few minutes after he went down, and she checked on him to say goodnight when he first called out. He called out a few more times before finally falling asleep.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Carwash and Bikeride

Bud woke this morning at about 5:15, and M-lady went to see what he needed. She managed to get him to go back to sleep, but stayed up herself to get some more work done this morning. Bud started calling out again a bit before 8:00, but wasn't interested in getting out of bed. Eventually he agreed to a diaper change when I went in to check on him at about 8:15. I pointed him towards the kitchen and headed back to bed.

M-lady and Bud had a good time this morning, going through one of his alphabet books. Bud apparently got all the letters and most of the words associated with the letters (recognizing the pictures). He missed a couple, like 'Ink', but he hasn't been exposed to many inkwells before, either.

I got up and joined them around 10:00, and immediately went to work on getting Bud dressed. It took some wrestling and trickery, but I eventually got him into his clothes. M-lady took off for a while to go have lunch with her sister, and Bud and I set about doing something entertaining for the morning.

I was interested in giving him the chance to run around a bit and tire himself out, but every time I suggested we go to the park or a playground, he nixed the idea. So we ran around out back for a little while. Eventually he got excited when I suggested we head to the car wash. We don't get our cars washed very often, and Bud hasn't been to the car wash place before.

When we got there, he was a little nervous about the noise, but I assured him most of it was coming from the huge vacuum cleaners, and he got very interested. Bud attracted a little bit of attention from the other patrons, being spectacularly cute, and handled the attention with his usual aplomb.

Overall, Bud wasn't really fond of watching the car go through the big car wash machine, but he really liked the complementary popcorn and lemonade we got while waiting for the car to be finished up. He finished the last of the popcorn as we were driving home, and asked to go back for more.

We played a little more in the backyard and garage when we got home, and after a bit I managed to encourage him to come inside for some lunch. He ate a whole lot of mango sausage, along with some orange juice. After lunch we were just sitting down to play when a friend, D, called to let us know he was on his way over on his bike with his daughter K in the trailer.

Bud and I set about getting ready for the ride, and we were pretty much ready to go when D and K arrived. Bud was getting a bit tired by this point, and was more than happy to get to sit and relax for a while while I did the work of hauling him around. He fell asleep about 15 minutes into the ride.

Bud woke about 15 minutes from home, and so had a nap that lasted a little bit more than an hour. He was still content when he woke, but was happy to crawl out of the trailer when we got home. M-lady helped extract him, and we all came inside to relax a bit.

After showering, I had a phone chat with RuggerMom, and then Bud and I had a nice video call with Grandma W and Granddad B. Bud was busy drawing, but showed some of his work to them on the call. He also had fun looking and Granddad B's doodles.

I got started on grilling some hamburgers for dinner after the call, and Bud played with trains with M-lady. They got a good track set up, and Bud had fun pushing trains around.

He ate a lot of hamburger, but was mostly interested in the ketchup. He kept asking for more, so I put some ketchup on his plate and showed him how to dip his burger before he takes a bite. He thought that was pretty cool. We still need to work on his burger grip a little... he's got this weird, underhanded burger eating style going that just looks a bit awkward.

After a good dinner I had a shower with Bud, and then we wrangled him into PJs. I tried to play with Bud for a bit after that, but kept drifting off. M-lady relieved me, and I went to lie down for a few minutes. Bud wanted to come nap with me, or rather, crawl into bed and nap with me for about 10 seconds, and then get me up to come play with him. M-lady eventually lured him away, and I could hear them playing drums for a while.

When I emerged a half-hour later, they were watching Totoro, and getting started on the bedtime routine. Bud wasn't interested in brushing his teeth tonight, but otherwise the routine was fine. He went to sleep pretty quickly. I think he didn't get enough nap today, and was pretty tired by the time bedtime came around.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Staying Busy

Bud woke this morning a few minutes after 7:00. M-lady was already up, getting some work done for work, so I got up to take care of Bud while she was productive.

I got Bud into a clean diaper and dressed for the day. We headed out to the kitchen, but he wasn't really interested in milk. We drew some pictures and played with legos for a while before he got hungry. He had some milk, some orange juice, and a little bit of waffle.

M-lady eventually wrapped up her work and came out to play a bit. We all got ready for the busy day, and I sent M-lady and Bud off to Nanny K's teacher presentation. She's wrapping up a year of study and teaching in the STEP program, and M-lady and Bud headed off to hear her present a summary of some of her work.

Bud was apparently a bit shy, but much admired. When Nanny K described him to the attended guests as particularly cute, he proved her right by unleashing a smile. It sounded like he was very well behaved for the presentation, as well.

I met up with M-lady and Bud shortly thereafter, and we proceeded up to the Maker Faire in San Mateo. We pushed Bud a bit past his naptime, but we all had a pretty good time at the Faire. We got to see the guys do their Diet Coke and Mentos routine, which was pretty cool. Bud enjoyed all the different robots (these were our favorites), and in particular the robotic drumset we saw right before we left. It looked just like something out of Animusic: a little drum kit with sticks attached to pneumatically driven actuators over the heads. The actuators were controlled via MIDI, so you could play the drums with a remote keyboard.

Bud didn't fall asleep on the way home, but he was pretty tired. We had a little snack of leftover pizza when we got home, and he headed for bed and dreamland right afterwards. He had a pretty good nap.

I was out and about when he got up, but M-lady reported that they had some nice snuggle time while he was still de-grogging. When I got home, they were playing in the back yard with brooms. Bud was doing his Tai Chi routines again. I headed inside to start on dinner, and they came in a little while later.

Bud ate a good dinner of shrimp and noodles. We played some more drums and legos for a little while before starting the bedtime routine. Jamas, Totoro with milk and cereal, toothbrushing and face washing, story and bed were all carried out as usual. He called out a few times before falling asleep, though.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Sports Day 2

Bud woke this morning a little after 7:00, and as M-lady was already getting ready to go to work for an early meeting, I got up with him. He wasn't really interested in snoozing, so we got up and got dressed immediately. Then it was off to the playroom.

The first thing he noticed was that his broom was missing. He was starting to use it as a club again towards the end of the day yesterday, so M-lady hid it last night. Bud spent a good 15 minutes looking for the broom before he got hungry enough to want his morning milk.

We watched some Sesame Street and Bob the Builder, and spent the remaining balance of the morning playing with vacuum cleaners and drums. Nanny J arrived at 9:00, just when Bud was pretending to be upset with me about something. He was laying on the couch, hiding his face, but we could tell he was grinning. I told him I was off to the office and got a giggle from him in response.

Nanny J took him to his sports class today. He apparently had a good time, and Nanny J said he came home happy and worn out. I left home for the office while he was eating lunch, and he waved goodbye to me and told me to "have a nice day!"

He had a solid nap, and was playing with legos with Nanny J when I returned from work. He immediately asked me to open a package which had arrived, which turned out to be a back-issue magazine I had ordered. But he loves the thrill of the package being opened.

I asked Bud about his Sports Class, and he told me about kicking the soccer balls, and a couple of new activities. He had done some push-ups, apparently (or approximations thereof), as well as vertical jumps from a squatting position. We had a great time jumping together for a while, before we got into drumming until M-lady got home.

I managed to pass off the drumming accompaniment duty to M-lady for a few minutes while I ran out to grab a pizza for dinner. Bud enjoyed a couple of small slices and some milk, and had some pineapple for dessert. After dinner we played some more and finally wandered into the living room to play a little Guitar Hero.

That lasted until it was time to start the bedtime routine, which went smoothly. We changed into PJs, watched a little Totoro, brushed teeth, read Goodnight, Moon, and went to bed. He called out a few times, but fell asleep before too long.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


I got up this morning early for Bike To Work Day. The funny thing was, I was planning on telecommuting today, anyways. But there was a celebration at work, and a free jersey for people who showed up on their bikes. So off I went at about 7:00. I hung out with some of the other riders for a little while, then pedaled my way home again.

Meanwhile, M-lady was keeping an eye on Bud this morning. They did the usual diaper and milk routine, and spent a good amount of time watching YouTube Pigloo clips.

Looking cool in shades
After I'd gotten home and showered off, Bud and I watched a few videos on YouTube while I tried to figure out how we were going to spend the rest of the morning. I wanted to get him out and about a bit, and it was a beautiful day. So we headed up to the Stanford Shopping Center to wander around a bit before lunch.

Bud chattered the whole drive. Most of the conversation went like this:
"Yes, Bud?"
"Police car."
"Did you see one? I didn't see one. But maybe we'll see one on the way."
"Yes, Bud?"
"Choo-choo train."
"Well, we're not near the track right now, so it's unlikely we'll see one on the way there. But I can make sure our route back goes by the train tracks, so we might see one then."
"Yes, Bud?"

Our favorite playhouse on display
In any case, we made it to the mall, and had a good time walking around. Bud looked at the fountains, and the flowers, and the 'Dreams Happen' playhouses on display there right now. We wandered in a big loop, and Bud stayed close, holding my hand most of the time. I managed to get a few good photos, though.

Eventually Bud got hungry, and started asking for lunch. We headed back to the car, drove a somewhat circuitous route which did let us see a CalTrain shoot by, and ended up at Arby's for lunch. Bud ate some fries and a big chunk of my sandwich. I've got to start getting him his own sandwiches, or I'm going to go hungry.

After lunch, we headed for home, and Bud was clearly getting pretty tired. I put him down for his nap about 12:50, and Nanny J arrived shortly thereafter. I holed myself up in the office for a while, getting some work done that I'd skipped out on that morning.

Bud had a solid nap, from about 1:15 to 3:45, and went to play out back with Nanny J for a little while when he got up. I suspect they visited and watered the tomato plant, and Bud probably wore himself out running around a little bit. They came back in a bit after 4:00 and Bud had his bath.

My attempt at arty photos
I took Bud at about 5:30 when Nanny J left, and M-lady arrived home a few minutes later. Bud M-lady needed to get some more work done, so she headed for the office while I played with Bud. Bud discovered his broom in hiding under the couch, and spent most of the evening playing with that. I don't pretend to understand his fascination, but it certainly keeps him occupied.

Bud and I had dinner around 7:00, and Bud ate a whole bunch of chicken nuggets, some broccoli, some rice, and milk. It was a pretty good meal. After dinner, he did a lot of Tai Chi using his broom as a sword. We're going to have to start him on Tai Chi and Kung Fu pretty young. He'll be great.

Bedtime rolled up pretty quickly, and Bud decided to play Guitar Hero with me rather than watch a movie. His new word for the evening (not sure where it came from): "Rock and Roll!" Except he says it more with W's than R's. The rest of the bedtime routine went smoothly, and Nanny J arrive just as we were depositing Bud into bed. She was there to watch him while M-lady and I went to dance rehearsal. He fell asleep pretty quickly.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Symmetrical Construction

Bud woke this morning around 7:20, and M-lady got up with him. Bud was very cooperative, and they changed his diaper, had some milk (from a big boy cup), and read a lot of books. At about 8:15, they came into the bedroom so M-lady could get dressed, and Bud climbed up on the bed with me. We spent a good 20 minutes or so wrestling while M-lady got ready for the day.

Bud was lured out again by M-lady with the promise of watching trains on YouTube, and I slept in a bit. Bud apparently had a good morning with Nanny J as well, having a good time looking at the fish and tolerating his new music class.

I got home at about 5:00, and took Bud at about 5:30. Bud watched some various YouTube videos while I had a quick call with my sister, RuggerMom, and we then proceeded to play some Geometry Wars, Guitar Hero, and Viva Pinata.

After Bud decided he'd had enough of that, we had a quick dinner of leftover waffles. Bud ate a good portion of his waffle, along with some milk. He kept asking me to wipe his hands when he got syrup on his fingers, though.

After dinner he broke out the lego, and we started building. He asked me to build an airplane, and I though I constructed a fairly good one. He then started adding blocks on top of it. After he'd been at it for a few minutes, I noticed that his additions had been entirely symmetrical, including brick color. I was thoroughly impressed. M-lady arrived home while he was still working on it, and thought it was pretty cool, too.

M-lady had her dinner while Bud and I played with legos and drums, and joined us shortly thereafter. Bedtime was fast approaching, though, so after we put the legos away Bud and I shared some ice cream and then started the bedtime routine.

He was extremely giggly while we put pajamas on ("jama, jama, jamas!"), and we mellowed out in front of Totoro while he had some milk and cereal. The rest of the routine was just that, and Bud went to sleep pretty quickly, only calling out once.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mommy and Son Evening

Bud woke this morning around 7:15, and I got up with him. He was ready to get up... no snoozing for him this morning. We changed his diaper and headed out to the kitchen.

Bud wasn't interested in milk at first, and we played with his trains for a bit before he asked for a cup of milk. While enjoying his milk, we watched for garbage trucks. Joy! After that, it was the usual trains and drums for a little while until the cleaners arrived at about 8:00.

Bud was, as usual, excited about the vacuum cleaner. And broom, and mop. I'm not sure I understand the fascination, but it certainly makes him happy.

We watched a little bit of YouTube (Pingloo, trains, and Sesame Street) until Nanny J arrived at 9:00. Bud was happy to see her, and they got back into his trains pretty quickly.

I ended up going out for a bike race after work, so Bud spent the evening with M-lady. They had a great time. When M-lady sat down to eat dinner, Bud wanted to keep playing. He kept pulling at her hand, saying "Mama all done!" Eventually M-lady got Bud to sit in her lap, where he ate all her peas while professing to not be hungry.

M-lady got him into his booster chair eventually, and he ate a whole lot more peas, as well as a little bit of fish for dinner. He kept saying his was done, and then eating another spoonful of peas. We'll have to work on the definition of 'done', I think.

Bud apparently also had a good time chewing on one of his ice teethers as well. I've noticed him seeming a little extra drooly recently... I wonder if his 2-year molars are coming in.

I managed to arrive home just as they were reading the goodnight story. Bud and M-lady both looked happy having enjoyed the evening together. I got to say goodnight to Bud, and then hit the showers.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Milk Mustache

Bud woke this morning around 7:00, and M-lady got up with him. They had a good time, mostly playing trains and drums. He was happy and cooperative through a couple of diaper changes, and helped unload the dishwasher. They carved up the watermelon I got last night and Bud ate a good portion of it. At one point he indicated that he wanted M-lady to sit in the glider-rocker in his room, then said "book, book, book, book..." until M-lady picked out a book. He crawled up into her lap to have her read to him.

I got up a little before 8:00, and Bud and I had a video chat over Skype with Aunt K, who's spending a year studying in Spain. She's been having a great time, but we haven't seen as much of her this year. Bud was a little shy, but eventually gave her a smile and a wave.

After the call Bud and I played with trains and drums until Nanny J showed up. Bud got more watermelon from Nanny J, apparently. The boy loves his watermelon.

He had a good day with Nanny J. They went to the library in the late morning, and apparently there was no line to use the computers, which is a little unusual. So Bud got to play educational games on the computer there for about 40 minutes. When Nanny J suggested they come home, Bud agreed, much to Nanny J's relief.

He had a good nap, a bath, and was having fun playing drums with Nanny J when I got home. Maybe we should get him a drum kit.

Bud and I played a little bit of Geometry Wars and Guitar Hero before M-lady got home. Then we all piled into the car and did a quick shopping trip at Fry's. M-lady needed to pick up a few things for work, so Bud and I cruised the vacuum cleaners section, and I thought about parts I'm going to need to pimp his bike trailer for him.

Bud was pretty well behaved at Fry's, and we got home around 7:00. M-lady and I had some leftovers for dinner, and Bud joined us as we were finishing up. He had a solid amount of salmon, broccoli, rice, and milk. He's drinking milk from his non-sippy cups now, and getting milk mustaches for the first time. It's pretty funny, and we all giggle about it.

After dinner we shared the last of M-lady's petits fours, and Bud and I played for a few more minutes before starting the bedtime routine. He was a little resistive, but ended up going to bed without much trouble, and fell asleep without calling out at all.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

I should have put this on my post yesterday... Happy Mother's Day! Particularly to all the Moms reading this; you're all amazing.

Bud woke this morning around 6:30, having dropped his pacifier and soaked through his diaper. I rectified the situation, and dropped him back in his crib, where he lay contentedly for about 10 minutes. Then we got up and headed for the kitchen.

I got some milk for Bud, and then had him draw a little on the Mother's Day card I bought for M-lady from him. He then had a good time drawing on a piece of paper, as well. He asked me to draw a Totoro for him, which unfortunately ended up looking more like a fat, demented rabbit. I'll need to look into how to improve my drawings of Totoros.

Driving his trains
We played with his trains for a bit, and then Bud and I watched a little bit of Bob the Builder, and were joined by M-lady shortly thereafter. We gave M-lady her Mother's Day cards, and Bud was coached into saying "Happy Mama's Day" to her. M-lady kindly offered to watch Bud for a while while I got another hour of sleep.

Bud and M-lady had fun playing with trains, and trying to call Ama and Agu to wish Ama a Happy Mother's Day. They didn't connect, but managed to leave a message.

M-lady got ready to go to her ballet class, and Bud helped rouse me out of bed. I got myself dressed, and then we had a video call with Granddad B and Grandma Nese. I think Bud most enjoyed the part where Grandma Nese showed him the little bird she's currently caring for. He thought that was pretty cool.

Little Tai Chi Master
After the chat, we had a quick outing to pick up some flowers for M-lady. It went well, and after the mission was accomplished we came back, played in the garage with the brooms for a few minutes, and checked out his tomato plant in the back yard. It's sprouted some tiny tomatoes! After watering the plant, we went in for lunch. I heated up some of Bud's untouched dinner from last night, and he had a reasonable amount of chicken and milk. I made him use a 'big boy' cup instead of a sippy cup, as we need to start phasing those out.

After lunch, Bud went down for a nap, and slept from about 2:30 to about 5:00. He woke once briefly at about 3:30, trying to untangle his blanky from his larger blanket. I helped him get sorted out, and he fell right back to sleep.

M-lady was at her massage by the time Bud got up from his nap, so Bud and I headed out to the grocery store to pick up some supplies. We had a good time, and Bud was very good about staying close, not touching too much, and staying out of other people's ways. I plopped him into the cart when we got in line at the checkout stand, and he didn't mind at all. It was a good outing.

When we returned, M-lady was back, and she played with him (more trains and running around it the backyard) while I grilled some salmon and stir-fried the broccoli. When it was all set, we all washed our hands and sat down for dinner. Bud ate a little bit of salmon, some broccoli and rice, and had some more milk in a non-sippy cup. He also spilled some milk, which I suppose is an occurrence to which we should start becoming accustomed.

After dinner, we managed a quick video call with Grandma W and Granddad B, and Bud was pretty happy to see them. Again, with a bit of coaxing, I got Bud to say "Happy Mama's Day". He was generally happy to see all the grandparents today.

We had a shower shortly after that, and then started the bedtime routine. Bud watched some of On the Go, had some milk and cereal, brushed his teeth, and went to sleep without a peep. What a great little kid.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Out and About

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, as usual. I got up with him, and after the standard diaper/kitchen/milk thing, we played with his train set for quite a while. I proceeded to chase him around the playroom for a bit with a tissue, trying to excavate some serious boogers from his nose. After a bit of success, we settled down in front of an episode of Sesame Street.

M-lady came out and relieved me at that point, and she and Bud played together for about an hour before they came back into the bedroom. Bud promptly climbed on the bed and jumped on me.

M-lady prepared and then left for her haircut appointment, and I spent time corralling Bud while I got dressed. He then ate about half a boatload of watermelon as a mid-morning snack. After the watermelon, I wrestled him into some clothes, and after some more wrestling we headed out for a quick trip to Fry's.

Coloring on the street
We generally had a pretty good time at Fry's, although I didn't really find the things I was looking for. After a few minutes, I noticed Bud had gotten a little stinky. We headed back to the car, where I changed him without much drama. Thanks goodness for a well-stocked diaper bag.

We headed to the hairdresser's next, where I handed Bud over to M-lady and went in for my hair appointment. Bud and M-lady headed over to Santana Row, where they had what sounds to be a lovely afternoon. They walked a lot, saw fountains, made chalk drawings on the sidewalk, shared a hotdog and a juice, and watched dance performances. Bud apparently got into the performances, doing his own dancing from the audience. M-lady reported that before they left, more of the audience was watching Bud than the performers.

They arrived home a little after 1:00, and Bud was pretty tired. After cleaning up, he let M-lady put him in his crib with no struggle at all. I arrived home a little later, and Bud was still up, so I went in to see if I could help soothe him to sleep. He gave me his Keanu Reeve's 'whoa' when he saw my hair, but went to sleep pretty quickly after that.

M-lady and Bud at dinner
I snuck out for a quick bike ride, and got back before he woke up. After a shower and a brief rest, M-lady and I got ready to head out to an early dinner. It was an early Mother's Day dinner to celebrate with M-lady, and she decided on a steak house. After waking Bud up, we headed out to the family-friendly Outback Steak House.

They told us it would be a 10 to 15 minute wait, and then buzzed our little electronic coaster about 30 seconds after they handed it to us. Seriously. We didn't have time to sit down in the waiting area. They put the three of us in a six-person booth, which gave Bud a fair bit of room to run around.

We had a nice dinner, and Bud got his own meal of chicken strips and green beans. He ate some of the green beans, a few bites of chicken, and a fair bit of M-lady's and my broccoli. And about 16 ounces of milk. We all left full and happy.

We made a quick stop at Trader Joe's on the way home, and then spent most of the rest of the evening playing with trains. I pulled out the last of the train toys we'd been hoarding in the garage, and Bud had a good time with the new pieces. Nanny J will probably like them too. After a bit, we got him into PJs, watched a little bit of Cars, brushed teeth, and headed for bed. He went to sleep without a peep after his long day out.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Sports Day

Bud woke this morning around 7:30 again, and M-lady went to take care of him. She had to be in the office for a 9:00 meeting, so I took over when they came into the bedroom at about 8:20. Bud climbed up on the bed next to me, and I immediately noticed he was a bit stinky.
"Hey, Bud, I think you're a little stinky."
"Not stinky!"

Despite his denials, he was a bit poopy, so I got him into a clean diaper and into sweats for his class later in the morning. Afterwards we played for a bit, and then watched a couple of YouTube videos (mostly Pigloo). Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and Bud again quickly plied her for watermelon.

Playing with trains
I got a little bit of work done, and then at about 10:00 the three of us loaded up to go to Bud's sports class. It was held in the gym at the Sunnyvale community center, which is a pretty big space... maybe 3 full-sized basketball courts. There were four different activities set up around the room, and the kids (about 20 of them with parents in tow) were basically turned loose on them for 40 minutes. Bud enjoyed the basketball and little hoops, the low tee-ball, and had a lot of fun kicking a soccer ball around, but was most enchanted with the hockey sticks and tennis balls. There was a little goal set up, but But really just enjoyed hitting the ball with his stick. He tended to use an overhand, vertical slicing chop at the ball though, so when he hit, it wasn't easily predictable which direction the ball would shoot off. Nanny J and I had a good workout retrieving balls.

While we spent most of the time playing hockey, and trying to get Bud to keep the end of the stick on the floor, he did have a good time at the other stations. With a little help he hit the soft tee-ball with the little soft bat, and giggled quite a bit at that one. Left to his own devices, he went back to the overhand downwards swing at the ball, though, which wasn't quite as effective. Later I showed him the bases, and how to step on them. He had quite a good time running bases, and was the only kid I saw doing that.

He hoisted the basketball up through the hoop a couple of times, but wasn't very interested overall in that sport. We did have a good time kicking the soccer balls around, though.

There was a brief circle time at the end of class for stretches, and then the coach high-fived the kids (rather than distributing stamps). Bud was a little leery of the high-five, but eventually delivered one.

We headed back home, and Bud and Nanny J got started on lunch pretty quickly while I packed up to head off to work. Bud apparently had a huge lunch, a solid nap, and then a big snack after he woke up. Must have gotten a good workout at the sports class.

M-lady arrived home around 4:00, just in time to catch Bud taking his bath. Nanny J left a little early, right after Bud's bath, since she was coming back later in the evening to watch Bud while M-lady and I went out for a dance performance.

I got home a little after 5:00, and Bud was really happy to see me. Bud and M-lady had played trains for a while with a really cool setup that Nanny J had put together. I got to play trains with Bud for a few minutes before we packed up and headed out to Armadillo Willy's for dinner.

When we pulled up to the restaurant, Bud pointed at the armadillo logo painted on the door and said "armadillo" very clearly. I had told him what it was the last time we had been there, but we hadn't heard him say it before.

We had a good dinner, Bud eating mostly french fries and his milk. He'd had a big snack not too long previous, so wasn't too hungry. After a pleasant dinner together, we all headed home again.

Bud and I had a nice video call with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, and they read Bud a story with great pictures about a hippo and a tortoise. Bud paid attention, and really liked the pictures. He got a little bit squirmy after the story, but we had a good chat all together.

After the chat, I helped get Bud into PJs and we watched a little bit of Cars. Bud had milk and cereal, and was pretty eager to head to bed. The routine went smoothly, and Bud was quiet (if not asleep) when Nanny J arrived. She reported that he fell asleep shortly after we left.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

More Opinions

Bud woke around 7:30 this morning, and I got up with him. No interest in snoozing, so we pretty much got up, changed his diaper, and headed for the kitchen.

He had his milk, we read some stories, and drew some pictures. Today he was very interested in having me draw 'robots' for him. So I drew a whole bunch of different color and size robots.

We watched a short Bob the Builder (about 10 minutes), and played a little bit of drums when Nanny J arrived at 9:00. Bud pretty much immediately asked her for watermelon, and he got started on his morning snack as I got to work.

Nanny J reported that Bud was a bit opinionated today, throwing mild tantrums when he didn't get his way. His tantrums aren't very serious yet, and usually culminate in Bud showing his displeasure by hiding his face and sulking (standing in a corner, burying his face in the couch, etc.). He sometimes screams and cries a bit, but usually not for very long, and can sometimes be distracted.

I relieved Nanny J a little before 5:30, and was all set to take Bud out to pick up a package that had been delivered to the wrong address when M-lady arrived home. Bud asked to sit in her car, and M-lady humored him. While I ran off, Bud sat in the driver's seat of M-lady's car, M sat in the passenger seat, and Bud 'drove' the car for a while. I opened M-lady's door to let them know I had returned and Bud said:
"Close the door!"
I complied, and M-lady reported that he said,
"That's better." when the car had been sealed up again.

Showing his displeasure
Bud was a little upset when they finally came in, but I drew another couple of robots for him, and then started on some dinner. Bud ate a reasonable portion of eggs and toast, and then got to share some of M-lady's Mother's Day petits fours which I got for her.

Bud did his upset thing when I explained they were M-lady's cakes, but she was likely to share.

After dinner Bud sort of followed us around as we got ready for a dance rehearsal tonight. I was also trying to fix our phones, as we were switching to a new provider and things were a little wonky. In any case, we ended up starting to watch some Cars before too long.

Our babysitter, G, arrived about 8:00, as Bud was still watching Cars. We tried to introduce her, but Bud studiously ignored her for a little while (being shy). We ran off to brush teeth, and then came back and said goodnight. He waved at her then, and as we headed off to read a story tried saying her name.

Bud fell asleep pretty quickly, although he woke and called out once. G was able to put him back to sleep without any trouble.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Trying Out the New Helmet

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and M-lady got up with him. I snoozed until they came in around 8:30. Bud crawled up on the bed and pounced on me. The past few days he has really started to enjoy playing in our big down comforter, jumping and rolling on it. Other people in the bed at the time just happen to be collateral damage.

In any case, I got up, put some clothes on, and played with Bud for a little while before Nanny J arrived. We did the standard drums and books thing, mostly. I spent a little time trying to get his helmet adjusted a little bit better, but he wasn't very interested in holding still.

Nanny J arrived, and he immediately started playing with her. I retreated to the office to begin the workday. The day wasn't quite as hot, and Bud had a reasonably good time at the class he's been a little reticent about so far.

I got home from work around 4:30, and at about 5:00 started getting ready for the bike ride I promised for Bud yesterday. Nanny J's husband swung by right around 5:30 to say "hi", and to see how Bud was doing. Bud started showing him toys and engaging him right away.

After Nanny J and husband took off, Bud and I finished getting ready for the ride and got him into the trailer with helmet and sunglasses. He looked cute and comfortable. I'm glad to get a helmet on him, too, even though he's in the trailer. He seemed pretty comfortable in it as well, which was good. We managed to pull out of the driveway at about 6:00.

We had a pretty short ride. About three miles in, Bud started asking to "Go home." A couple of things occurred to me as I headed back: 1) it's hard to talk to Bud while I'm riding. I have trouble hearing him, and he almost certainly can't hear me. Maybe I should install a two-way radio of sorts in the trailer. And 2) as long as there's a 2-way radio, maybe I should add provisions for him to listen to music. So I think I'm going to pimp the trailer with a sound and communication system. I'll let you know how it goes.

We got back home a little before 7:00, and Bud helped me put the bike and trailer away. We headed in, and since M-lady wasn't home from running an errand yet, I tried to get started on dinner. Bud wasn't interested, so we watched a little bit of YouTube. I found another set of french computer-animated characters... this time with penguins and music. Bud loves them.

We watched a little bit of Cars before Bud got interested in dinner, so at about 8:00, normally his bedtime, he had a fair bit of chicken and toast. We picked up the bedtime routine after that, brushing his teeth and heading for bed.

He was pretty tired by the time he got into his crib, but called out to me a couple of times before falling asleep for the night.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New Helmet and a Visitor

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and I got up with him. He was pretty excited to be up... no snoozing this time. So we changed his diaper and headed out to the kitchen for some milk.

Bud was only moderately interested in his milk, and instead we spent most of the morning reading books, playing drums, and playing with trains. I pulled a couple of new train cars from the stash in the garage for him, and he was thrilled to play with them all morning.

We spent about 20 minutes watching an episode of Bob the Builder, interrupted by the occasional garbage truck going by. Boy, does he like watching the trucks on Tuesday mornings.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and Bud pretty much immediately plied her for watermelon. The day was already starting to heat up, and I think Bud was looking to start cooling off a little bit.

He had a good music class in the morning, and a solid nap in the early afternoon. When I got back home around 4:30, he was having a yogurt/milk smoothie. It looked like a nice, cooling thing to snack on.

M-lady arrived home around 5:15, and after settling in took Bud from Nanny J at about 5:30. When Nanny J left, we discovered a big package on the doorstep. Bud brought in it, and asked me to open it with excitement.

He was able to recognize the packaging ("Mike and the Bike!"), and was really excited when I pulled out the new helmet for him. We spent a few minutes getting it attached and adjusted properly, and he customized it a little bit with the included stickers. Then he put it on and ran for the garage door, expecting to go on a bike ride.

Unfortunately, we had company coming, so couldn't take off for a bike ride just then. But I promised Bud we would go for a ride tomorrow. He wore his helmet right until we left to go pick up Aunt E at the train station.

We got to see a couple of trains come and go before Aunt E arrived, and Bud was pretty excited. The two northbound trains rocketed through the station without stopping, and the southbound ones stopped to drop off passengers. Bud was interested in them all.

We were really happy to see Aunt E, and Bud was reasonably cordial with her. He got a little upset when we tried to leave the train station for dinner. Aunt E showed him a toy car she had brought for him, but he wasn't interested while he was sulking. Eventually we got him into his seat and headed for Fresh Choice.

Bud was great at Fresh Choice, and got to sit in a booster chair there rather than a highchair for the first time. He ate an assortment of veggies and legumes, some corn bread, and shared ice cream with M-lady and me. All in all he was a happy camper.

When we got back to the car, he asked for the little toy car Aunt E had presented to him earlier. He had rejected it then, but clearly not forgotten about it. He enjoyed playing with it in the car and when we arrived home.

After playing with Aunt E for a few minutes, it was time to start the bedtime routine. I put him into PJs, he had some milk and cereal with Totoro, and the rest of the bedtime routine went smoothly. I'm looking forward to the ride with him tomorrow.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Expanding Grammar

Bud woke this morning at about 6:15, and I got up to see what he wanted. He had dropped his pacifier, and I had high hopes that he would sleep for another hour. He was quiet for a few minutes, but called out pretty soon.

M-lady got up with him, and they had a good time playing together after degrogging a bit. They watched some train videos on YouTube, and Bud identified Thomas, even though we haven't watch much Thomas the Train. There was lots of sweeping, too.

They came in around 8:30, and after we all played in bed for a few minutes, I got up and watched some YouTube with Bud. He asked specifically for penguin videos, which I thought was a little strange, but we found some videos from Happy Feet which he enjoyed.

I also ran across a bunch of Hamsterdance variations... Bud really liked that tune. Sadly, I've had it stuck in my head all day.

When Nanny J arrived, Bud ran to his highchair and requested watermelon. I hope Nanny J doesn't think we starve him in the mornings or something like that.

It was a hot day today, and I think they stayed inside most of the day. M-lady got home a little bit after Nanny J left, and Bud and I were on our way out to go play with the water table in the back yard. M-lady joined us shortly, and we all had a good time cooling off.

Eventually we wrapped up back there, came in a dried off, changed into PJs, and headed in for dinner. Bud was happy playing on his own while M-lady and I sat at the table, but eventually wanted some of the tomatoes we offered. He chowed on tomatoes for a while, and had a piece of toast with jam and butter on it as well. He did have a whole bunch of beef stew for lunch, so we weren't too worried about getting lots of protein into him.

After dinner, we all played together for a while. It was mostly drums and sweeping. Bedtime crept up pretty quickly, and Bud and I shared a small bowl of ice cream before watching some of On the Go, and then finishing up the bedtime routine.

Bud is starting to use many more complete sentences. Before he and M-lady came into the bedroom in the morning, Bud said, "Let's see what Baba is up to." When offered something he doesn't want, rather than just saying "No", he'll often say "Not for me!" And tonight, after being put into his crib he called out, "Baba! Baba! Where are you, Baba?" I love the way communication with him is getting richer and richer.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Pushin' the Nap

Bud woke this morning around 7:15, and I got up with him to see how he was doing. He was very awake, and immediately asked for a diaper change and an exit to the playroom.

So off we went, got some milk, and read stories for a while. Bud spent a large portion of the day playing with his broom, which he discovered hidden in M-lady's closet Friday evening. He's been pretty good about not whacking things with it, but we have to sort of stay on top of that.

Bud wasn't really interested in watching any TV this morning, so we read lots of stories, wrestled, tickled, and played with the broom and vacuum cleaner. He's also pressed the popcorn popper into service as a vacuum cleaner as well.

M-lady took Bud around 9:30, and I conked out until she left for ballet at about 11:00. She and Bud had a good time, although she was unsuccessful at getting him dressed. I took up the challenge, and after a bit of wrangling got him into some day clothes.

We headed out to the grocery store to pick up various sundries, and Bud took the opportunity to walk on his own in the store for the first time. He was pretty well behaved, and didn't take too many items off the shelf. He got a little bored while we were standing in the checkout line, but didn't object to riding in the cart when I hoisted him up there. I think he was happy to get up where he could see a little bit more.

We headed home and Bud helped me unload and put away the groceries, which was nice. I cooked up some scrambled eggs for lunch, and Bud ate a good portion of eggs before we cut up the watermelon. He ate a whole bunch of that before calling lunch done.

He played on his own for a bit while I threw some veggies and a roast into the crock pot for dinner, and managed to keep himself fairly well entertained. After I got dinner started I asked him if he wanted to take a nap. He agreed, and I dropped him into his crib around 1:30.

It turns out he wasn't really sleepy, apparently, because he called out to me about every ten minutes for an hour. At about 2:30 I took him out of the crib and we watched an episode of Bob the Builder. He went back into his crib around 3:00, but didn't fall asleep before M-lady arrived home. She checked on him around 3:30, and managed to get him to fall asleep a few minutes after that.

Bud slept until about 5:45, so he did get a solid nap in. He was really groggy when he woke up, though, and lay with M-lady and I in our bed for a bit. As it was starting to get late, I though we'd try a video call with Grandma W and Granddad B. Bud was a bit groggy and fussy on the call, but did eventually give them some smiles and waves.

We had a quick dinner of the pot roast and M-lady packaged up the remainders to make lunches for Bud this week. After dinner, of which Bud ate reasonably, Bud and I headed out to the backyard for a bug hunt. I was digging up more of that red valerian stuff, and Bud was anxious to see the bugs turned up. We had a good time for a little while, before we headed in to try one more video call.

Bud was in better spirits chatting with Ama and Agu, and seemed to have a good time. Afterwards he and I shared a small bowl of ice cream, and started on the bedtime routine by changing into a clean diaper and getting into PJs. We watched some more of the On the Go DVD, brushed teeth, and headed for bed. Bud fell asleep pretty quickly when we put him down.

The bedtime story tonight was Goodnight Moon. On the second page, there's the picture of (a picture of) the cow jumping over the moon. And every time I read the line "...the cow jumping over the moon.", Bud adds, "Whoa!" It cracks me up. He sounds like Neo watching Morpheus jump between buildings for the first time.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Down By The Sea

Bud woke around 7:30 this morning, and M-lady got up with him. It sounded like they generally had a good morning. I got up and got myself dressed around 8:30, and M-lady went to grab a little more sleep.

The big event of the day was a trip down to the beach in Santa Cruz, and we needed a few things before we left. Bud and I packed up and headed out to Target and Toys 'R Us, where we picked up the necessaries: appropriately sized swim diapers, a couple of field chairs, sunglasses for Bud, etc. Bud was great during the trip, and we managed to find just about everything on the list.

We got home around 11:00, and I started getting ready. I decided to ride out to Santa Cruz and meet M-lady and Bud there, and then we'd all drive back together. I packed up my car with the things I'd need out there, made sure the GPS was set for M-lady, and got my bike gear all set to go. I hit the road a little later than I would have liked, but finally waved goodbye to M-lady and Bud and hit the road a few minutes before noon.

M-lady and Bud had a good lunch together, and then set about packing up for the drive. They ended up getting started a little later than they intended, but only by a few minutes. M-lady promised Bud that they were going to meet me at the beach, but Bud got very concerned when M-lady turned out of the driveway the opposite direction to the way he saw me ride off. M-lady had to explain that they were taking a different road to the same place.

They had a good drive out to the beach, and Bud fell asleep just a few minutes before they arrived. M-lady found a shady place to park, and let him snooze for a bit while they waited for me to show up. I found them as Bud was waking up, and we all headed down the beach to the party.

Bud really enjoyed himself. He had a great time playing in the sand, digging, sifting, shoveling, etc. He kept himself entertained for 20 minutes at a time that way. He also found the party bucket full of ice and drinks particularly interesting, and had frigid little hands after playing with the ice for a while.

He didn't like the surf. I picked him up and we went down to look at the waves a bit, and see if he wanted to stand in the water. He was not interested at all, and clearly didn't feel safe near the water and waves.

It was pretty windy on the beach as well, and I tried to fly the kite briefly. Unfortunately the wind wasn't really constant enough, so I packed it up pretty quickly. Bud had a great time chasing the tail around in the wind for a bit, though.

Bud also ate a lot during the party. First tomatoes and carrots from a veggie plate, a whole lot of pineapple, some of my cookie, some hot dog, and some chunks of steak. But the exciting new food was king crab legs. The party host had a whole bunch of crab legs, which he cut open and handed out as finger food. Bud really enjoyed the crab meat, and had quite a bit of mine.

We stayed out in the sun, quite comfortably, for more than two hours. We all had a good time at the party, and Bud seemed to really enjoy himself. M-lady and I agreed that we need to keep trips to the beach open as options on weekends now that the weather is warming up.

Around 5:30 we started packing up, loaded into the car, and headed home. We got home near 7:00, and immediately headed for the shower. Bud was a bit reluctant to get in the shower with me at first, but we had a good time getting him cleaned up, and getting the sand out of his ears. He has a cup that he plays with in the shower, and for the first time he had fun dumping water over his own head (he usually giggles as he dumps water on my head).

We pretty much started the bedtime routine immediately after the shower, starting with a little bit of ice cream, and then having milk and cereal while watching On the Go. We read the Cars books again for a bedtime story, and I think Bud fell asleep before his head hit the pillow.

Friday, May 04, 2007

New Bedtime Story

Bud woke this morning at about 6:15, and I got up with him (ugh). I managed to get him to snooze for about 15 minutes, but at 6:30 we were up for good. It was diaper time, and then milk.

Bud actually requested orange juice after a couple sips of milk, and had a small cup of OJ before finishing his milk later in the morning. We spent a fair amount of time reading stories, playing with bikes and trikes, and watching a couple episodes of Bob the Builder. He was pretty happy all morning.

We were watching a couple of train and airplane videos on YouTube when Nanny J arrived. Bud didn't want me to go to work, and cried a little bit, but was eventually enticed away by watermelon.

Bud had a good nap, and a really long walk with Nanny J in the afternoon. He was very well behaved on the walk, holding her hand when he needed to, and running around when he could. They reportedly had a great time.

I got home from work around 4:00, and managed to get a nap in which lasted a little longer than I expected. I woke around 6:00, and M-lady and Bud were playing on the computer together. After I de-grogged a little bit, Bud and I opened a package which had arrived for him from Granddad B and Grandma Nese. It was a set of Cars books and bedsheets. The bedsheets we'll save for when he gets a bed, but he was really into the books. Eventually, after reading through each of the four in the set, we wrangled some shoes onto Bud and headed out to walk over to the Pasta Market for dinner.

Bud was good on the walk, riding his rollerboard part of the way, and holding hands for part of it. We had a good dinner, although all Bud ate was breadsticks and milk. But he had a lot of them. He was well behaved all through dinner as well.

The walk back was a little quicker, as the temperature had started to drop a little bit. It was getting late by the time we got back to the house, and it took a few minutes to convince Bud to come in. We started the bedtime routine pretty much immediately after we got his shoes off.

We watched some of his On the Go DVD after getting him into PJs, then brushed teeth, washed face and hands, and read a story. Bud wanted to read the Cars books for bedtime, and got a little fussy when we only read one before bed. But he was pretty tired, and fell asleep within a few minutes.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Preschool Evaluation

Bud woke really early this morning, at about 4:00, and M-lady went to check on him. Apparently he had a bit of a nightmare, and went back to sleep before too long.

The nightmare must have really taken a lot out of him, because we had to wake him up at about 8:30 to start getting ready to go out. We all took the morning off to go check out a potential preschool. It's about a 10 minute drive from our place, and we were shooting to be there between 9:00 and 9:15. Bud was a little bit rambunctious while getting dressed, but we got him into the car before too long.

I still think starting him in preschool at two and a half years of age seems a little young. But there are some factors which helped us decide to go for it. One: it's two sessions a week, for a total of five hours. Doesn't seem like too much. Two: Bud could use the socialization. The young 'uns stay in groups of six or seven with a dedicated teacher, which seems like it will be a nice, small, handleable society for Bud. Three: It's a lot easier to get into the three year old program if your child's already enrolled in the two and a half year program.

The preschool we visited looked great. Some of Bud's friends will be attending there as well, and Bud may even share a class with one of them. We opted to enroll him for afternoons, since it works with our schedules a little bit better, even though it may impinge on his nap time a little bit.

When we got there, Bud got shy as we talked with some of the teachers. He did look around in interest as we toured the school, though, and got excited at the end when he saw the little roadway with tricycles and little cars (and no other kids around). All the teachers seemed to be enjoying tending to the kids, and the kids all pretty much looked like they were having a good time.

Bud wasn't really interested in coming home after he saw the tricycles, but we eventually convinced him to come with us. M-lady left for work shortly after getting home, and Bud and I played for a bit.

I couldn't convince him to go out to visit the Mom's group today, so we stayed home. I did make an effort to run him around a little bit so he'd nap... we chased, and laughed and shrieked, and tickled, and chased some more. I got tired. I'm not sure it wore him out at all, though.

We read some stories, played with legos, and played with trains. We rode bikes, and wiped down everything in his room again. He played with his vacuum cleaner. He's really getting very good at it, moving things out of the way, moving them back, etc. He's been paying attention to the cleaners when they come over.

We watched an episode of Sesame Street later in the morning, and started on lunch after that. I cooked him a grilled cheese sandwich, but he wasn't really into it. He had some milk and some watermelon, and I had just heated up some fish, broccoli, and noodles for him when Nanny J arrived and took over.

I had to bolt for work, but Bud looked like he was eating more. He had a good nap in the afternoon, and was having fun playing with trains with Nanny J when I returned. I took him back from Nanny J shortly after his bath. M-lady arrived home about ten minutes later.

We all went to dinner at Armadillo Willy's, and Bud did his bottomless pit impression again. He ate a lot of pork from my sandwich, some french fries, and lots of corn bread. He was still eating long after M-lady and I had finished. He probably would have eaten more if there had been any more to eat.

He played with M-lady at home while I took a quick powernap, and we all did the bedtime routine together starting at about 7:30. The routine went smoothly, and he was in bed by 8:00. He seemed to fall asleep pretty quickly, after calling out once or twice. Hope he sleeps peacefully tonight.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Loving Boy

Bud woke this morning around 7:45, and I got up with him to see how he was doing. He wasn't immediately excited about getting out for a diaper change, so we relaxed together for a bit. He was interested in finding one of his little stuffed fish which had fallen out of his crib, though. I couldn't find it since it was still pretty dim in his room.

Eventually we got up, changed his diaper, and headed out to the kitchen to get some milk. We read a bunch of books, including his favorite Chinese clock book, Japanese counting book, and the Happy Feet find-the-penguin book. A couple of times each.

We played with my guitar a little bit, and Bud grabbed his drums to accompany. After that it was bikes and trikes for a little while, and then he had a good time wiping down everything in his room. I was trying to convince him to throw the wipe away when Nanny J arrived.

I think he had a pretty good day with Nanny J, doing the usual stuff. He was having a good time around lunchtime when I left for work, and happily waved goodbye to me as I went out the door. He had a solid nap in the afternoon, and was happy to see me when I got back.

M-lady worked late tonight and then ran some errands, so Bud and I were on our own. We wrestled and tickled for a little while, and chased each other around. I managed to find the fish which had fallen behind his crib, and he was pretty happy about that.

We played with my guitar again, and then played a little bit of Guitar Hero. I got started on dinner after that. We had pancakes, and Bud helped stir the batter. He got a little fussy before dinner, but the suggestion of a timeout sobered him quickly.

He had a couple of pancakes and quite a bit of milk for dinner, and afterwards we played for a bit before sitting down to watch an episode of Sesame Street.

We took a break before the Elmo's World segment to change into PJs, and then had milk and cereal while finishing up the episode. The rest of the bedtime routine was pretty routine. He went to sleep quickly, only calling out once after a very loud jet aircraft flew over the house.
"Ba-ba, big airplane!"
"Yes it was, Bud. Night-night."

Bud seems to have gotten the hang of giving hugs. He really likes to cling to my legs while I'm trying to cook, but he'll also sometimes give hugs when asked. It's really very nice. Of course, he's always been pretty good about getting hugs. I haven't had him ask me for a hug yet, but it's probably coming soon.