Monday, April 30, 2007

Brave Boy

Bud woke this morning around 7:45, which was really nice. Or it would have been if I hadn't been up so late last night. In any case, I got up with Bud and we immediately changed and got dressed, as we had an appointment with the allergist at 9:00.

I woke M-lady up around 8:00, Bud had a little bit of milk, and we all loaded into the car. When we arrived, Bud declared, "Doctor for Ba-Ba!"
"Nope, this is a doctor for Bud, Bud."
"No! Doctor for Ba-Ba!"
"Sorry Bud."
"Go home."

He wasn't excited about seeing a doctor again, and was understandably a bit squirmy during the exam. We had a little trouble getting him to open his mouth to take a look at his throat, but eventually got him to open up.

We decided with the allergist to do a basic screening skin test. for those not familiar with the procedure, basically a number of potential allergens are injected just under the first layer of skin, usually on the back. The pricks are really small, and don't draw blood, but they do hurt a little. I had to do a complete workup as a child, involving several batteries of 30+ allergens at a time.

With the basic screen, Bud got tested for 14 general environmental categories (molds, trees, grass, etc.). I held him while they did the pokes, and he cried a bit, but overall did very well. We had to sit for about 15 minutes while his skin reacted. He got squirmy towards the end, as his back started getting a bit itchy. But he held tough, and we got good results.

Bud tested moderately allergic to cats, and that's it. Yay! He's played with cats before without severe reaction, so it's probably similar to my allergy... I'm fine until I pet a cat and then rub my eyes, or something like that. It doesn't get us much closer to figuring out what's causing and how to prevent the croup, but it mostly rules out allergies as a worry.

Bud was pretty excited to leave, and happily waved goodbye to the doctor. No grudges held, as long as he's going home. We headed that way and met Nanny J there. Bud immediately started playing with her and catching up after not seeing her all weekend.

Bud had a pretty standard day with Nanny J, with a good lunch, nap, and bath. M-lady was still on her way home when 5:30 rolled around, so I took Bud. Since the weather is supposed to be a little bit rainy for the next couple of days, I thought I'd try to get Bud out for a quick bike ride before it got dark.

M-lady arrived home while we prepared, and she entertained Bud by letting him sit in the driver's seat of her car. I got his trailer ready, and at about 6:00 we took off on a short, 50 minute ride. He had a good time, munching on goldfish crackers, drinking juice, and watching the cars go by.

We got home and started on dinner pretty quickly. Bud shared a little of M-lady's dinner, but really ate a fair portion of my mac and cheese. I think it's the first time he's had much of that.

After dinner it was time to start on the bedtime routine, so we changed into PJs, had a quick ice cream treat, then watched Cars with milk and cereal. The rest of the bedtime routine was standard, and Bud fell asleep quickly.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Three For Three

Bud woke this morning around 7:00, which was a nice break from the really early mornings he's been doing recently. M-lady got up with him, and they had a good time together until about 9:00, when we traded spots.

Bud was in a good mood when I started playing with him, and we had fun reading stories for a while. He then grabbed his tricycle and headed into his room with it, where we stayed for almost an hour. We played with the trike, his toy screwdriver (he worked on the trike a bit), and some wipes. He enjoyed wiping just about everything in the room.

Hey Look! Bugs!
Over the course of the hour I managed to wrangle him into daytime clothes. M-lady got him some new, non-crotch-snapping undershirts, all the better to make quick trips to the potty. So he was having fun with the novelty of exposing his belly button all day.

After we finished wiping things and getting dressed, we headed over to the computer room to give a call to Grandma W and Granddad B. We had a great chat, and Bud enjoyed looking at photos of their vacation. He showed off his two Elmos, and had fun looking at their stuffed frogs, too.

We got started on lunch after we wrapped up the talk, and Bud ate a good half of a grilled cheese sandwich. He had me take the first bite, though. Maybe he's afraid of assassination.

After lunch we played with drums, vacuums, stories, and the other usual suspects. He was enthusiastic about going down for a nap at 1:00, and after about 30 seconds decided he wanted to get up. So we watched some Bob the Builder for a bit, got a snack, and tried again about 90 minutes later with much more success.

M-lady returned from her class and outing while the two of us were napping, and so the three of us all went out to the backyard to play for a bit after Bud woke up around 4:30. I got a little yard work done, and Bud really enjoyed looking at bugs as they scurried for cover after I turned over some earth or pulled a weed. We took some time out to closely examine some of the critters.

After we came back in and cleaned up a little, we had another video call with Grandma Nese and Granddad B. Bud was a little more squirmy, but it was a good chat and he enjoyed seeing his grandparents. Afterwards, we headed out to the kitchen to get some dinner.

Bud ate a fantastic dinner of fish, broccoli, and noodles. He really wolfed down the broccoli, and we had to refill his bowl several times. We even bribed him into eating more fish with broccoli. Weird. Afterwards we had some ice cream.

We were able to get one more video call in to Ama and Agu before starting the bedtime routine. Bud showed off some of his Tai Chi skills, and they had a good chat. Three sets of grandparents all in one day!

Afterwards, we started the bedtime routine, changing into PJs, watching a little bit of Cars, brushing teeth, and heading for bed. He fell asleep pretty quickly after a busy day.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Some Success

Bud woke this morning about 6:00, and I got up with him. I tried to convince him that he wanted to sleep for another couple hours, but he wasn't interested. We got up, changed his diaper, and went out for milk.

Bud and I played for a little bit before watching most of an episode of Sesame Street. Afterwards we read some stories, played drums, and watched some train videos on YouTube.

Two Elmos
At about 9:00, I handed Bud off to M-lady, and got a nap in. M-lady reported that they had some success this morning peeing in his training potty! However, Bud didn't really seem to get that he'd done anything extraordinary, so reinforcing the behavior is a little tough. I'm sure he'll figure out what he gets the rewards for pretty soon, though.

Bud and M-lady had a great time together, playing with his two Elmos (he got the second one a couple days ago from Nanny K), making a quick trip to Target and then spending some time at the park. I took off for a bike ride after my nap, and got a chance to see them before I left as they returned from the park.

They had lunch together after that, and Bud didn't really eat anything. In fact, he ate very little outside of some goldfish crackers between a piece of toast at 10:00 and dinner around 7:00.

They played a little more after lunch, and when M-lady suggested a nap he went right to bed. still sleeping when I returned from my ride.

Saying Bye to Daddy
M-lady left to run some errands just as Bud was waking up. Bud and I hung out for a few minutes while he de-grogged, and then packed up to head to the bike store so I could pick up some fresh water bottles. Bud was excited to go, and was really well behaved at the store. We looked at the bikes, and the helmets, and lots of other things ("What's that?").

When we arrived home, we played in the garage a little bit. Bud grabbed the broom, and had a good time whacking the racquetball suspended from the ceiling to indicate how far the car should pull in. Eventually I managed to coax him into the house for a little while with cookies and train videos on YouTube.

We headed back into the backyard right around the time M-lady arrived home. I set up his watertable for him, and he had a great time splashing away. Got himself soaked. I got started on burgers on the grill while M-lady played with Bud for a bit, and then I helped get him inside and out of his wet clothes. We had a little bit of a meltdown at that point, largely in part to his lack of food during the day.

Bud ate a huge dinner, including his entire hamburger and part of another. Every time I thought he was done, he'd ask for more. So I think he got caught up for the day.

Dinner was pretty late, so it was straight into the shower, and then the bedtime routine. The shower went well, and we watched some Cars afterwards. The rest of the bedtime routine was standard, and he was pretty tired by the time we got him into bed.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Corn Dog

Bud woke early this morning, first briefly at about 5:30. I got up and changed him and got him some milk, and he seemed to go back to sleep.

But he got up again at about 6:00, this time for good. M-lady got up with him, and they had a good time together until about 8:00, when we traded shifts. They apparently read his Happy Feet find the penguin book over and over again. Bud's pretty good at finding the penguins now. We should get him a Where's Waldo? book next.

Bud was still hungry at 8:00, so I cooked him a waffle. He was excited, took a bite, chewed it up, and then spit it out. Yuck. Then he did it again. So we shelved the waffle and I cut up a pear for him instead. He ate about three-fourths of the pear with some water to drink. Afterwards, we spent some time coloring.

Nanny J arrived, and Bud immediately started playing with her. I got to work.

Bud and Nanny J did their usual routine, with a morning outing, lunch, nap, bath, etc. Bud didn't take a very long nap, but was in good spirits when M-lady and I picked him up at about 5:30. He was having a good time throwing lightweight plastic balls around the room.

We settled in for a few minutes before packing up and heading for the mall. Bud had a good time riding his rollerboard, and had almost all of a corndog to eat with some fries and a little of M-lady's cherry lemonade. His eyes got really big when he tasted the lemonade for the first time, and then he got a big grin as he drank more.

We wandered around the mall a little after dinner, including stops at the Lego store and the Apple store. It got late pretty quickly, though, and it was nearing 8:30 when we got home.

We watched a little bit of Cars, skipped the toothbrushing due to fussiness, and headed for bed. He was clearly pretty tired, and fell asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Extremely Shy Day

Bud didn't sleep well last night. He woke at 2:00, 2:30, 4:30, 5:30, and then was up for good around 6:00. Not quite sure what the problem was, but he was extremely hungry when he got up. Maybe he didn't eat enough last night.

In any case, he was fine today, if a little tired. I got up with him at 6:00, and we had some milk and a waffle. We watched a little bit of Bob the Builder, read some stories, drummed some drums, and generally had a good time. Around 10:00ish we started getting ready to go over to L and A's for a playgroup get together.

Bud was excited to get out, and we walked up to the door together. He took one look inside, saw the other moms and kids (L and A, and D and son An), and turned around and walked back towards the car, asking to go home. He wasn't quite running, but it was close.

I picked him up and took him inside, at which point he started crying pretty seriously. We stepped out again, calmed down, and went back in. This time he was was willing to sit on my lap and eat strawberries for a while. S and daughter Am showed up, and Bud continued to sit on my lap.

When everyone headed out back to play outside a little bit, I managed to coax Bud to come out, but he was never willing to interact with any of the other kids. Or any of the other parents, for that matter. He was just really, really shy today.

After about an hour I decided to cut our losses and head for home and lunch. We said goodbyes and thank yous to the host, loaded into the car, and headed for home. Bud immediately brightened up.

We had mango sausage (thanks D!), tomato, and toast for lunch, and headed for a nap immediately thereafter. Bud jumped around in his crib for about 45 minutes before falling asleep. He had a good two and half hour nap.

Nanny J arrived at about 1:00, and I headed for work. I got back around 5:00, right when they were starting his bath. He was pretty reluctant to take a bath, but I eventually heard him having a good time. M-lady arrived home around 5:30, and we took Bud from Nanny J.

M-lady and I were both pretty exhausted, so I went to pick up a pizza for dinner. Bud wanted to come along, so I loaded him up and we made a quick trip out. Bud had a solid dinner of pizza and orange juice, and we played together a bit and watched some YouTube after dinner. Bedtime rolled up pretty quickly, so we watched a little bit of Cars, had some milk and cereal, and did the bedtime thing.

M-lady and I had dance rehearsal this evening, and Nanny J arrived to watch Bud right as he was getting into his crib. He ran out to see her as she arrived, and then we all said goodnight to him. He fell asleep pretty quickly.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Video Gaming

Bud woke this morning around 7:00, and I got up to see how he was doing. I think he's been getting up with the light. In any case, he was ready to get up, so we changed his diaper and headed out to get some milk.

We watched an episode of Bob the Builder, but really spent most of the morning reading books. I had a big stack of them on the couch next to me as he pulled them off his bookshelf to read, one by one. I interrupted reading time briefly to share a waffle.

We played with his trains just a little bit before Nanny J arrived as well, and had just picked them up and put them away when she walked in the door.

Bud seemed to have a good day with Nanny J, and had a good singing class in the morning, a solid lunch, nap, and bath in the late afternoon. He was in good spirits when I took him from Nanny J at 5:30.

I decided it was time for Bud to get exposed to gaming a little bit more. He's been watching me play guitar hero, and he has a phonetics game on his toy laptop that he plays occasionally, but I thought he might like playing a colorful, retro-gameplay game on the TV.

So I downloaded Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved from the Xbox Live marketplace, and played it with Bud a bit. I showed him the controls (just the two analog sticks), and showed him how things blow up colorfully all over the place. He loved it, particularly when his own ship blew up ("Oh no!!!"). We had a lot of fun giggling and playing together.

M-lady found us playing shortly thereafter, and after a few minutes of settling in we all packed up and walked over to Baja Fresh for dinner. Bud ate a couple of cups full of salsa fresca, along with a fair bit of chicken from M-lady's and my dinners. He enjoyed riding on his rollerboard all the way there and back.

I played with him outside in the backyard for a few minutes before going in, running around and kicking a ball to burn off a little excess energy. We went in, had some cookies, and played drums for a few minutes before sitting down to watch a little bit of Animusic and kick off the bedtime routine. He called out a few times from bed, but fell asleep pretty quickly.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Favorite Question

Bud woke this morning a little after 7:00, and I got up to hang out with him. His diaper had leaked a little, so the first thing we did was change his diaper and get him into dry clothes. He asked for milk immediately, so there was no lounging about this morning.

We watched for the big garbage trucks for a while, and then watched an episode of Sesame Street. Afterwards, we shared a waffle, some orange juice, and read a bunch of stories before Nanny J arrived.

Bud now has a favorite question: "What's that?" It's certainly less aggravating than the "Why?" stage which is sure to follow, but occasionally it's a little confusing. Particularly in the car, when he's pointing at something, and it's hard to determine exactly what he's pointing at. I find myself occasionally responding, "What's what?", which of course doesn't really help much at all.

He also uses the question lots while watching TV. Pretty much every time something new appears, he asks. So I think I answered about 100 times while watching Sesame Street. "That's a fuzzy, anthropomorphic letter X, Bud."

The rest of the day was pretty standard. M-lady had to work a little late, so Bud and I hung out together for a while before she got home. We played a little bit of Guitar Hero, read some more stories, watched a little bit of YouTube, and then started on dinner. I cooked a grilled cheese sandwich for him, which he consumed entirely. He's also doing really well with real cups. I gave him a cup of milk with his sandwich, and he only had one minor spill... just a few drops on his bib when he got a little enthusiastic with his drinking.

M-lady arrived home around the time Bud was finishing up, and I cooked a sandwich for her, too. We all played together for a little while, and then settled down to watch some of On the Go and Totoro.

The bedtime routine was fairly uneventful, although Bud did make a break for it with his toothbrush. I herded him back to the bathroom and we finished up. He went to sleep reasonably quickly.

On a sad but not unexpected note, I found one of the three fish dead this evening after Bud went to bed. We flushed him, and will probably have to explain that the fish went bye-bye to Bud tomorrow. Which leaves one healthy fish, and one fish that's not quite so healthy, but doesn't seem at death's door yet, either.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Short Day

Bud slept quietly through the night, and woke up, as usual, around 7:30 this morning, and M-lady got up with him for the first part of the morning. I got up around 8:30 and joined them. M-lady took the opportunity to get dressed and check email, and I got to spend some time playing with Bud. We each had some orange juice, and Bud got more practice using a real cup instead of his sippy cups. Then we both brushed our teeth before I had to leave to make a dentist appointment.

When I got back, Bud was having a good time playing music with Nanny J, and M-lady was off at work. I was able to say "Hi", give him a hug, and then head into the office to get started on my day.

Apparently the fish aren't doing so well. Two of them seem to be suffering from an unidentified fish illness, and are developing black patches on their bodies and fins. One of them has gotten pretty lethargic. So they've been quarantined, and we've got the happy, healthy one separated out. Hopefully he won't contract what the others have.

Bud took a good long nap after lunch, and had a bath before M-lady and I took him from Nanny J at about 5:30. Nanny J reported that he only had a slightly runny nose during the day, and seems to be feeling OK. We all played together for a while, with trains, YouTube, and drums. He's started pushing his trains around the tracks now, which seems to be a new behavior.

I got Bud set up for dinner with M-lady, and then took off to help O and C with emergency hot water heater repairs. Apparently, C found their water heater leaking today, and procured a replacement, but due to his recent shoulder surgery wasn't in any condition to get the old one moved out and the new one put in. I was able to help, since he helped me with the same job about five years ago (although there were more complications when we did mine).

Bud and M-lady had a good evening together, with a solid dinner and some stories, games, and snuggling. They had one minor disagreement about a poopy diaper, but it was resolved without too much issue. Bedtime went smoothly, although M-lady had to hunt Bud down with a warm washcloth to get at his nose.

When I got home, we decided to hide his really loud, ringing pot that he likes to bang on. Apparently, it's giving the nanny a headache, and it's certainly not worth that. Bud has lots of other buckets, drums, and quieter pans to bang on.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Shredded Wheat

Bud again slept quietly through the night, and woke this morning around 7:45. I got up with him to see how he was doing. His breathing was fine. He immediately asked to be changed, and I discovered that his diaper had leaked a little and his PJs were wet. After getting him changed and dressed, he wanted to lounge in his crib for a bit before getting up and heading out to get some milk.

We caught some of Zoboomafoo on TV, and Bud had a great time asking me what each animal was when it appeared. Sometimes the animals appeared in quick succession, and severely tested my zoological education.
"What's that?"
"That's an elephant."
"What's that?"
"Ummm... it's a two-toed sloth, I think."
"What's that?"
"Got me, Bud. Looks a little like a small wolverine." (Turns out it was a binturong)

Afterwards we played some music, mostly drums and guitar, and then set up a train track. I decided to go and get a bridge from the pieces of track we were keeping in reserve, and Bud enjoyed seeing the new parts. But Bud didn't want to let me run trains on the track we set up, which was too bad, since it was a really cool configuration with the new bridge. Sometimes it's tough to let him play with his toys...

M-lady woke and offered to watch Bud for a bit while I napped, which was very generous. I passed out for about three hours, which was more than I expected. I think I was still recovering from my Thursday night watch. They had a pretty good time the rest of the morning and early afternoon, but Bud refused to eat much of anything for lunch. I found them watching videos on YouTube when I emerged.

I convinced Bud to have some lunch with me, and he ate a couple of leftover pancakes. I started eating some Frosted Mini-Wheats, and he was interested in them. So I gave him a little piece of one of the biscuits and he munched happily away.

After lunch, I took him outside to run around a little bit to tire him out for his nap. We played in the backyard, kicking a ball around for a while. I took care of some serious weeding (red valerian is rampant in our backyard), and Bud helped me by picking up pieces of the weeds I missed. Unfortunately he's not tall enough to get the bits he picks up into the yard waste bin, but he's trying. He had a great time helping with the shovel, and sweeping up with a broom afterwards.

After finishing up in the backyard, we did some work on my bike, and Bud helped ferry things around the garage. We had a good time together, and he was pretty tired by the time we came in. We washed our hands, grabbed a pacifier, and he passed out cold around 2:40.

I took a quick bike ride while he snoozed, and he woke up around 2 hours later. We all straightaway piled into the car to head over to Aunt O and Uncle C's place for dinner.

Bud had a pretty good time at O and C's, and got to see the rats, listen to Aunt O play violin, and play with their broom. He played with the Guitar Hero controllers, but we never actually fired up the game. He was only passingly interested in Viva Pinata. He did eat a reasonably good dinner of rice and green beans, though. Lots of green beans.

We headed for home a little before 8:00, after getting him changed into PJs. He stayed awake through the ride home, and we watched a little bit of On the Go when we arrived home to kick off the bedtime routine. It a little late, about 8:45, when he finally got to bed. He fell asleep quickly.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Visit To Guitar Center

Bud slept soundly and quietly through the night, which was nice. He woke at about 7:40, and I got up with him. He was pretty content sitting in his crib, so we hung out for a bit while he de-grogged. We made our way out to the living room, where Bud had a cup of milk and I turned on a Sesame Street for him.

I stepped back into our bedroom to get a sweatshirt, and M-lady offered to get up with Bud for a while to let me get a little more sleep. I took her up on the offer, and she and Bud had a pretty good morning together. They watched about half of the Sesame Street, and then read some stories, played, and snuggled (M-lady liked that part).

I woke again a little after 9:00, and we all got ready to head back to the doctor's office to check in with Bud's pediatrician. She suggested this last round may have been triggered by allergies (which isn't terribly surprising, given the variation in presentation), and offered to write a consult order for an allergist she likes. I hope allergy testing is less traumatic for Bud than it was for me a long time ago.

Bud is always really upset when we go into the examination room, and nervous during the examination, but gets really happy when we start leaving. He happily waves goodbye and says, "Bye!" to the doctor and assistants. It's pretty cute. He was happy to escape the doctor's office without a shot today.

After the appointment, we headed over to Guitar Center so I could pick up some fresh strings and picks, we could check out some keyboards, and Bud could generally ogle the guitars and drums. He really enjoyed himself, particularly in the drum department when we let him walk around a little and he actually banged a bit on a junior drumkit. When we sat him down on the stool in front of the kit, he asked, "Where's the sticks?" He was pretty sad when it was time to go.

Eventually he forgave us, as we headed home for lunch. He had a reasonable lunch of broccoli, rice, tomatoes, a little bit of chicken, and some orange juice. We deemed him pretty tired, though, so shortly after lunch we put him down in his crib for a nap.

He bounced around in his crib for about an hour before M-lady went to play with him for a bit. They had a good time during the afternoon, and Bud continued to not nap.

I took over for M-lady around 4:00, and she got out to run some errands and pick up dinner. Bud and I watched some videos on YouTube, and eventually he started looking a little drowsy. I dropped him back in his crib around 5:00, and he fell asleep pretty quickly.

M-lady returned home with dinner, and we managed to have a nice dinner together before I woke Bud up around 6:00. I didn't want to let him sleep and push his bedtime out. So we watched a little more YouTube together while he woke up, and then sat down for dinner. He shunned the lasagna we had for him, but ate some bread and more tomatoes.

After dinner, we had a quick shower together, which went well. Bud enjoyed playing in the shower with me, and seemed to have a good time getting dried off by M-lady after the shower as well. By the time we got PJs and a diaper on, it was time for bed.

We watched a little of Finding Nemo and then some of his On the Go DVD, and then took another dose of his oral prednisone and had some ice cream to wash it down. The rest of the bedtime routine was pretty standard, although he graduated tonight to a real toothbrush, rather than the one with rubber bristles which we've been using.

He went to bed willingly, and fell asleep quickly. I think the one-hour nap wasn't enough, and he was pretty tired by 8:00.

Friday, April 20, 2007

And Yet More Croup

So after I posted last night, I was all set to go to bed when I noticed that Bud had started breathing loudly again. I went in to check on him around 2:45am: he was still asleep, but his breathing was labored. I decided to sit with him and be ready to head back to the ER if necessary if/when he woke up.

He was sounding pretty bad, but didn't wake until about 4:45am with a coughing fit. I took him outside, into the colder air, and we hung out there for about 15 minutes. His breathing improved, and while it wasn't perfectly free, I felt OK about trying to put him back to sleep. I propped him up in his crib so he wouldn't be lying flat, and he fell asleep as I put him down.

He slept the rest of the night, waking at about 8:45. I managed to sleep a little bit, from about 6:45 to 8:45 or so. He was pretty groggy when he got up, and was content just sitting in his crib for a while. He breathing was still a little labored, but not scary. Nanny J arrived at about 9:00, and eventually Bud got up, got dressed, and got some breakfast.

He sounded pretty happy during the day, and I think his breathing was fine as long as he was upright. It got sort of ugly sounding again during his nap, and he eventually woke up coughing. But after being awake for a while, he was fine again.

At about 3:45, M-lady and I took Bud to the pediatricians office. They found a different brand of oral prednisone that Bud could stomach. So he got a dose, we borrowed a nebulizer (with Xopenex, an asthma medication), in case he has another attack tonight. It seems Bud tends to get croupy whenever he gets a cold, and if there's a way we can avoid late-night trips to the ER every two months, we need to do it.

Bud also got a prescription for the oral prednisone, and we gave him a dose around dinnertime. He protested, but took most of the dose, and didn't barf it back up.

We played together as a family most of the evening, and M-lady and I took turns eating dinner. Bud never really had much dinner, but did have some milk, apple, and some grape tomatoes. We watched some of Cars before bed, and did the normal bedtime routine. He fell asleep pretty quickly, and so far his breathing has been clear. Lets hope it stays that way tonight.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Croup, and Croup Again

Bud woke this morning around 7:00, and I got up with him. We changed his diaper, and then hung out in his room for a while before coming out to get some milk. We watched a little bit of Bob the Builder, and I discovered that he had a runny nose. So I spent a good portion of the rest of the morning chasing him around with a tissue, trying to get to him before his nose got to something absorbent and permanent, like the new couch.

When we went into his playroom, he discovered the boombox, and we spent a fair bit of time listening to music on it. Bud also figured out how to turn it on and off, and how to play CDs. So he's pretty much set.

He showed off the new music station to Nanny J when she arrived, and I was able to sneak back to the office without a problem. They had a pretty good day together, although Bud's nose continued to run throughout the day.

M-lady got home at 5:30, and after settling in for a few minutes we decided to head out to Chili's for dinner. I wrangled Bud into his clothes, and off we went. Bud was great, and we lucked out and had super fast service. It seemed like our food arrived about 2 minutes after we ordered it. Bud ate lots of fries, and some tomato, but shunned my burger.

After the satisfying dinner, we came home, played for a little bit, and then watched some Cars while winding down and starting the bedtime routine. Bud seemed pretty tired, and fell asleep pretty quickly.

At about 9:00, and hour or so after he fell asleep, he woke up with his barking cough. He actually didn't cough all that much this time, but he was definitely struggling to breathe. We settled down and waited for an hour or so to see if it would get better on its own, but no luck. So we packed up and headed for the ER. M-lady managed to get barfed on this time, and Bud lost most of his dinner. He was pretty miserable when we arrived at the ER.

We did the nebulized epi, followed by a shot of dexamethasone and the 'cool mist' nebulizer. Bud also got a couple of chest x-rays, which he didn't really like very much. All in all he was a trooper, though. We arrived at the ER at about 10:00, and he was starting to feel better maybe a little after midnight.

At that point, we struggled for a while to contain a squirming toddler on the ER bed. He was interested in all the stuff going on, and all the tubes and wires and instruments behind him. We worked on getting him to say 'sphygmomanometer' for a while, but didn't have any luck. He was pretty happy and energetic by the time we left.

When we got home, a little after 1:00am, he had some milk while we watched a little more Cars to settle down. He went right to sleep after we changed his diaper and got him into some clean PJs. Hopefully he'll sleep in a little bit tomorrow, having missed out on about four and a half hours of his normal sleep schedule.

It seems that Bud gets croup whenever he gets any sort of small cold. I think we're going to look into getting a home nebulizer and a prescription for epi, with the hope of forgoing more late-night ER trips.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Less Media-ful Day

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and M-lady got up to take care of him. They had a fun morning together, reading Astronaut Piggy-Wiggy a number of times. They come into the bedroom so M-lady could get ready for work and Bud could wake me up around 8:30.

I gout up with Bud, and he took me out to the playroom to read Piggy-Wiggy again. We did some drawings, working on different happy faces for a while. He's finally starting to try to draw faces on his own, rather than asking me to draw them for him.

Nanny J showed up around 9:00, and I got to work. She and Bud had a good time outside, and had an outing later in the morning: I think they headed over to the library. He had a good lunch, and was just waking from his nap when I got back from work at about 4:00.

I picked up Bud from Nanny J around 5:30, and since M-lady had to work late, we were on our own for dinner. We played together for a while, mostly with various musical instruments. I got a call from RuggerMom, and we chatted for a bit while I minded Bud playing with my guitar.

After the call I got started on making pancakes for dinner. Bud enjoyed helping mix the batter, and counted the pancakes each time I poured a batch onto the griddle or flipped them over.

About halfway through the cooking he decided he wanted to eat some, and went to town on them. He had three with syrup, and a big cup of milk to wash it down. He was really well behaved during dinner, which was nice.

After dinner we played together some more, including some chasing and wrestling. Eventually we played about 10 minutes of Guitar Hero before I noticed he was a little stinky. We changed his diaper and then watched a little bit of Cars to start the bedtime routine.

M-lady arrived before toothbrushing time, and finished up the routine with us. Bud went to sleep quickly and soundly.

During the day, I managed to pick up a boombox for Bud to use in the playroom. I set it up after he went to bed, so we'll see what he thinks of it tomorrow. I'm sure it won't be long before he figures out how to use it himself.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Media-ful Day

Bud woke this morning at about 6:45, and M-lady went to check on him. After a few fussy minutes where he wouldn't consent to a diaper change, he agreed to rest a little longer in his crib. I went to see how he was doing at about 7:00.

Unfortunately, I forgot the diaper doubler last night, and Bud had overflowed his diaper and was soaked. I managed to get him undressed and wiped down, and into a clean diaper and clothes.

We had some milk and watched some Bob the Builder, and generally had a good time together. M-lady had to leave a little earlier than usual to get to work, so Bud and I held down the fort. The cleaners arrived a little after 8:00, and Bud had a good time admiring their brooms and vacuum cleaners. We watched them work for a while.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and then did some more vacuum watching before the cleaners finished up and left. They had a good time feeding the fish, checking out the (rapidly growing) tomato plant in the backyard, and then at Bud's music class.

He had a pretty big lunch, and took a solid two-hour nap. He had fun in his bath in the later afternoon, and was happy and clean when I went out to see how he was doing at about 5:30.

We watched some videos on YouTube until M-lady arrived home, and then played with my guitar and a little bit of Guitar Hero while M-lady made dinner. We all sat down for dinner together, and while Bud didn't eat any of the spaghetti M-lady prepared, he did have some toast and watermelon. Good thing he had a big lunch.

Bedtime rolled up shortly thereafter, and we watched a little bit of Cars before going into the standard bedtime routine. He was a little fussy when changing his diaper, but otherwise things went smoothly. He called out a couple of times, but ended up falling asleep pretty quickly.

Looking back on the day, I didn't play with him as much as I should have and relied on TV and PC media too much. We'll need to read more books and play games a bit more going forward.

Odd Schedule

Bud woke this morning around 7:00, and M-lady got up with him. Thanks, M-lady! They apparently had a pretty good morning, and when Bud wandered into the bedroom at about 8:30, he was already dressed. He romped about on the bed with me while M-lady got dressed and ready to go.

Nanny J arrived shortly thereafter, and Bud immediately plied her to take him outside to see the tomato plant. He didn't ask us to take him to see the tomato plant. I guess it's just a nanny thing. Bud did permit an aside to feed the fish before they went out, but they were out in the backyard pretty quickly.

Bud took an early nap today, at about 11:00. He only slept for a little more than an hour, and didn't take another nap during the day. That made him particularly cranky by dinnertime. Hopefully he doesn't have the cold M-lady recently fought off.

M-lady and I took Bud from Nanny J around 5:30, and Bud and I watched some train movies on YouTube for a little while before dinner. Bud got fussy when I tried to break for dinner, and didn't want to eat anything until I suggested some watermelon. He cheered up quite a bit after that, and ate a reasonable dinner of watermelon, toast, and milk. Not much protein, but he'll get some chicken at lunch tomorrow.

After dinner, we played a few songs of Guitar Hero, watched some Totoro, and headed for bed. He was pretty tired, and fell asleep fairly quickly. Hopefully he'll get back to a regular schedule tomorrow.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Kite and Concert

Bud woke this morning at about 6:30, and I got up with him. We hung out in his room for a few minutes before changing his diaper and heading out to get some milk.

Rather than watch Sesame Street this morning, I checked out what was showing on PBS. So we watched a little bit of Thomas the Tank Engine, which I have a few gripes against, and then took a little break before watching Zoboomafoo, which I whole-heartedly endorse. My issues with Thomas mostly stem from the fact that I know most of the stories are trying to send a moral message, but sometimes I can't figure out what it's supposed to be. That, and the faces on the engines are a little creepy.

Afterwards, we played, shared a waffle, and banged on drums for a while. Eventually M-lady joined us, and took over for me at about 10:00. I went and napped for a bit while they played together for a while.

They fed the fish together, spent some time drumming, and generally had a good time. They shared a lunch of scrambled eggs and toast, and I joined them shortly after they finished up.

Bud and I played some Guitar Hero after that. About midway through the third song, I noticed that he had gotten a little stinky. So we went off and changed his poopy diaper, and he went down for a nap shortly after that. He was perfectly happy to go into his crib, but didn't fall asleep for a little more than an hour, probably because we never got him outside to burn off some energy.

So when he woke up about two hours later, at 4:45 or so, I took him out to the local park along with an old (really old) kite that I had lying around in the garage. The kite is a little soft parafoil that rolls up into a 2"x3"x4" bag. It's got a multi-streamer tail, each streamer a different color, that's about 10' long. I think I got it more than 15 years ago. In any case, the wind would gust and hold the kite aloft about 15' off the ground, and Bud had a great time chasing after the tail. He got a pretty good workout, and really enjoyed playing with the kite quite a bit. We may have to make the trek out to Shoreline Park or some other good kiting spot sometime.

Bud walked all the way to the park and back, so he got a reasonable workout with the kite chasing. We had a hurried dinner when we got home, and all three of us loaded up in the car to go to a chamber music concert. Nanny J had suggested that Bud might like it, and she had a friend performing. So we met Nanny J and her husband there, and sat down in a lovely little theater at Santa Clara University.

Bud asked a few questions, but overall just sort of took it all in. When the music started, he was rapt. It was amazing. He was quieter than lots of other folks in the hall (like the person sitting behind me noisily sucking on a lozenge). Bud seemed to understand that he was supposed to be quiet, and pointed a few times, but never made a peep.

He stayed quiet through two Brahms pieces (piano, viola, and alto), two Dvoraks (four-handed piano pieces), and a three movement Sonata for Clarinet and Piano by Francis Poulenc. We left at intermission, but Bud had been almost silent for about 45 minutes. We were very impressed.

To celebrate, we hit a Cold Stone Creamery on the way home and got some ice cream. It was pretty late by the time we actually got home, though, so we changed into PJs, brushed teeth, washed face and hands, read a story, and went straight to bed. Bud didn't mind too much. He called out a few times before falling asleep, but it didn't take too long for him to pass out after a busy evening.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rainy Day

Bud woke this morning a little before 7:00, and I got up with him to see how he was doing. We hung out in his room for a few minutes, and then got up, changed his diaper, and headed out to the living room to watch Sesame Street and have some morning milk.

M-lady seems to have a bit of a cold, and since it was raining, I wasn't anxious to go out for a ride. After Sesame Street, we played with trains for a while, and then drums. M-lady got up and joined us a little after 10:00, and I escaped back to bed for a bit of a nap. They had a good time being loud while I was sleeping. Mostly sleeping.

We all had lunch together, and Bud and M-lady split some taquitos. They played together a little more (with more drum banging) while I ate and cleaned up after lunch. Then Bud and I played Guitar Hero for a few minutes before nap time.

Bud was very willing to go take a nap, and trotted off to his crib. But it did take him a while to fall asleep. He kept calling out to me and talking about police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances. He likes the siren sound, I think.
"Baba, police car go wah-wah-wah-wah!"
"That's right Bud, but it's nap time now. Have a good nap!"

He did get a solid two hour nap in, though. It was drying out a bit by the time he got up, and we got out to run a couple of errands. First up was Target, where Bud got to ride on the escalators again (with close supervision). Then over to Fry's, where he got to check out the vacuum cleaners with M-lady.

Afterwards we picked up some dinner and took it home. Bud ate a good portion of M-lady's lasagna, and some of my breadsticks as well. The rest of the evening was spent playing together, and then a little Guitar Hero and Totoro before bed. We did the potty routine again, and he seems to be having fun sitting on his little toilet, but no results yet. He fell asleep pretty quickly.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Maybe the Fishes Will Like It

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and M-lady got up with him. They had a good morning together, and had a good time looking at the fishes. Bud apparently tried to feed them a lemon. M-lady managed to catch him just before he dropped the lemon into their bowl.

Hey! Fishes!
Nanny J arrived at about 9:00, and the transition went reasonably smoothly. M-lady unfortunately seems to be suffering from a cold, so she decided to stay home and take it easy today.

We heard Bud loudly disagreeing with some of Nanny J's proposed plans ("Let's get dressed!" -- "No get dressed!"), but they ended up having a good time. I think he was just being contrary.

When M-lady and I took over for Nanny J, we decided to walk over to Armadillo Willy's for dinner. I got Bud dressed again, and he was happy to ride on his rollerboard attached to the stroller. He was really well behaved, sitting in a booster chair at the table. He ate a good meal of cornbread, pork (from my sandwich), and french fries. It was getting chilly by the time we walked home.

There's a third one in there
When we got home, he was a little upset to come inside (he wanted to play with the brooms in the garage), but as soon as we got in the house asked to play some Guitar Hero. So we all played together for a little while before bed.

The bedtime routine was pretty standard, including the potty time before we put his nighttime diaper on. He was pretty ready for bed by the time we turned out the lights. He called out a couple of times, but fell asleep reasonably quickly.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Egg Hunt #3, and Fish

Bud woke up around 7:30 this morning, and I got up with him. He was already set to be up and about, so we changed his diaper and headed out to get some milk. I put on an episode of Sesame Street, but Bud wasn't really interested in it this morning. He seemed more interested in jumping on me as I lay on the couch with him.

He asked for Guitar Hero after the show ended, so we played a few songs of that together. From there it was sort of general music time as we headed into the playroom, playing guitar, drums, bass, violin, cello, harmonica, etc. I split a waffle with him, and eventually we headed back to his room to get dressed.

Then it was my turn to get dressed, and Bud kept me company while I cleaned up and changed. We watched a couple of train videos on YouTube (while I did a quick email check), and then packed up for our morning outing.

First stop was the post office, where I mailed our taxes. Bud walked through the building with me, looking at all the PO boxes. It was a quick stop, though, just dropping off the letters.

Then it was on to mommy group at D and daughter T's house. Bud was really shy, although he knew just about everyone there. D and T, mama L and daughter As, mama D and son An, and another mama with daughter E, who were new to the group. Bud consistently wanted to play in the room where everyone else wasn't.

He was lured into hanging out with the other kids by some watermelon, and munched happily while staying pretty guarded. He also found a broom to play with, so that kept him pretty content.

Eventually we headed outside of a group egg hunt. All the parents distributed eggs about in the grass outside, and the kids followed along finding eggs and putting them in baskets (and buckets). Bud knew what to expect this time, and did a pretty good job. We all sort of exchanged eggs, so Bud got eggs with animal crackers and other cookies as well as the goldfish cracker laden eggs I had packed. He was pretty happy with his haul.

We all ran around a bit outside, and Bud and I played a game of running between different trees.
"Go touch that tree, Bud! I'll race you there!"
And off we'd race. Bud giggled and had a good time, and wore himself out, which was nice. All the other kids followed suit.

Mama D invited everyone to stay for lunch, but only Bud and I took her up on the offer. She prepared mango sausage, and Bud munched away happily, sitting at a little table with T. It was really cute. He did a good job drinking water from a non-sippy cup, had a couple of grape tomatoes, and then polished off the remaining watermelon. He was pretty full and happy as we said our goodbyes.

Bud was talking about a nap before we even got home, and after we cleaned up he immediately headed for bed. I think he was pretty tuckered out.

Nanny J arrived a few minutes after Bud went down for his nap. I was surprised to see she had brought some goldfish in a little plastic container. As in live, swimming around goldfish, not the edible cracker kind. Apparently Bud has some pets now.

Bud had a good afternoon with Nanny J after he woke from his nap. He had fun looking at the fish, and would stop playing now and again to watch them. Nanny J reported that they would be looking after the fish together... we just need to feed them on the weekends. I suppose we'll have to come up with names for the three of them. Groucho, Zeppo, and Harpo?

Bud had his bath and a good time playing with Nanny J; I heard them singing enthusiastically for a good period of time in the late afternoon, and caught a glimpse of Bud playing his guitar. I picked up Bud around 5:30, and M-lady arrived home soon afterwards.

We all wrestled together for a bit on the bed, and then decided to try to give Ama and Agu a call. Bud was happy to see them, and we got a good chat in before M-lady went to start on dinner. I occupied Bud with some train videos, and then we went out and ate together.

After dinner Bud and M-lady banged on pots and pans for a bit while I cleaned up, but M-lady managed to get a stuffed animal under the loudest pot, which damped the sound a little bit. Good move, M-lady!

We finished up the evening with some Guitar Hero, and then some Animusic before bed. The second potty try was also non-productive, but we didn't have an accident immediately afterwards, so that was good. The rest of the routine went smoothly, and Bud went to bed without issue.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Potty Lesson Number One

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and M-lady got up to hang out with him. They apparently had a pretty good time. I got up around 8:45, and Bud came and joined me in the bathroom as I was going through my morning ablutions.

After I finished getting dressed, Bud and I hung out together for a few minutes before Nanny J arrived. I had to run to a meeting for work, and Bud was a bit clingy, but I managed to extract myself and make it to the meeting in time. Bud smiled and waved goodbye to me as I left.

Apparently Bud had some minor digestion issues this morning, as evidenced by a little bit of diarrhea and indications that his tummy hurt. It didn't seem to bother his mood much, though, and he was happy and giggly all afternoon. So maybe it was just the fries at dinner last night or something.

I went out to hang out with him when Nanny J left at about 5:30, and we watched some train videos on YouTube. He can't get enough. And there's a surprising number of videos of CalTrain, Amtrak, Union Pacific, CSX, etc. Trainspotting goes hightech.

M-lady arrived home shortly, and we had a pretty good dinner. Bud had a solid amount of chicken noodle soup, although he decided about halfway through that he didn't like the chicken. Even though he'd already eaten quite a bit of it. Afterwards we had a video call with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, who were very happy to see him. Bud showed off some of his artwork of the day, a crayon drawing. But he got squirmy pretty quickly, and we ended the call before too long.

We spent the rest of the evening watching his new On the Go DVD, which he's really enjoying. It's a winner! He had his milk and cereal, and we started the bedtime routine after watching a bit.

We decided to add some potty time to the bedtime routine. As I was changing him into his nighttime diaper, we trotted off the to bathroom so he could sit on his potty. He made a good effort, with no results (not unexpected). So we got up and started washing his hands, since that's what you do after you go potty. And of course, he peed on the floor while standing at the sink. Sigh. I suppose a success of sorts...

After getting that cleaned up with M-lady's help, we finished up the bedtime routine and put him to bed. He called out a few times before falling asleep, but it didn't take too long.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

No Pants

Bud woke a little after 7:00 this morning, and I got up to see how he was doing. He'd heard the big garbage trucks go by, and was excited to see them. So excited, in fact, that he didn't want to wait through a diaper change, or go get some milk.

I did manage to change his diaper, and after sitting at the window in his room for a while I promised we wouldn't miss the truck if we went quickly to the living room. So we dashed over there, and I got some milk for him, which he drank while we sat at the window, watching the world go by. It's kind of like sitting at a Parisian cafe in the morning. Except we're waiting to see the garbage trucks.

After a while (and a couple of trucks) he got bored, and we moved on to reading books and playing. M-lady joined us, and I managed to sneak off the head back to bed for a little while. Bud and M-lady had a good time together until Nanny J arrived at 9:00.

I discovered Bud and Nanny J working on potty training when I came out of the office around 1:00ish. Bud was having a blast, running around with no pants on, gleefully giggling. He was occasionally directed to sit on his little toilet by Nanny J, but overall it looked like they were having fun with it. I suppose M-lady and I should start practicing in the evenings before bed, as well. Maybe a potty time before the night time diaper.

Bud apparently ate a huge lunch, but didn't fall asleep for his nap for a long time. He sang to himself in his crib for an hour or so before drifting off.

He was having a great time throwing balls around when M-lady and I got him at about 5:30. He was trying to throw them straight up, and laughing when they hit him on the head. Fortunately they're all pretty light.

Bud and I watched a few train videos before getting dressed so we could go out to dinner. Nanny J had put him in PJs after his bath, and since we decided to go out for dinner, it was back to day clothes. He didn't protest too much with the promise of french fries for dinner.

Which was pretty much all he ate, although he took a bite of M-lady's burger and spit it back out ("Yucky!"). He didn't seem to mind the burger a few days ago... just wasn't in the mood for a burger today, I guess.

He was really well behaved at dinner, though, and we decided to hit Best Buy on the way home. We picked up a new Baby Einstein DVD, On the Go, which we watched when we got home. Bud was riveted, getting to see cars, trucks, planes, firetrucks, buses, etc.

That led into the bedtime routine, which went normally. He called out a few times before falling asleep, but it didn't take too long.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Bang Bang Bang

Bud woke this morning around 7:15, and I got up with him to see how things were going. We snoozed together for about 10 minutes, and then he was ready to get up, have a diaper changed, and head for the milk.

We watched a Sesame Street together, although at times he seemed more interested in jumping up and down on me than watching. But he curled up with me and lay his head on my chest for a while, so that was sweet. Then he jumped some more ("Don't hop on pop!").

After Sesame Street was over, we read some stories, had a waffle, and generally had a good time. We were still reading when Nanny J arrived and I extricated myself to start the workday.

Bud apparently had a pretty good day, with a solid nap and a bath. He was a little fussy about having his diaper changed today, but that may be due to a bit of rash.

M-lady was stuck at work a little bit late today, so I kept an eye on Bud when Nanny J left at about 5:30. He wanted to watch trains on YouTube, so we set up to do that for a little bit. After about 15 minutes, M-lady arrived home and we got started on dinner.

Bud had a pretty good dinner of broccoli and chicken from the leftover stir fry, as well as a few cups of milk. He was pretty well behaved, although he's started showing a propensity to tap is fork on the plate or the edge of the table (more drumming). We need to pay attention to discourage that behavior.

After dinner, M-lady played with Bud while I washed up. Bud pulled his pots and pans out of the cupboard to bang on them a bit. They had a really good, really loud, time banging on the cooking utensils. Bud has one pot in particular that really rings when he hits it. I keep trying to stuff something in it to damp the sound a little bit, but he's having none of it. Oh well.

After a fair bit of banging, we played with my guitar a little bit, and then watch Meet the Orchestra. Bud really got involved, naming the instruments as we saw them and paying very close attention. He had some milk and cereal, and when the DVD finished up we started the bedtime routine.

He was in bed a little before 8:00. It's starting to still be light outside when he goes to bed... thank goodness for the blackout curtains!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Egg Hunt #2

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and M-lady went to see what he was up to. They had a good morning together, reading stories and playing instruments. I heard Bud's squeals of laughter as I dozed a little bit.

I joined them at about 9:30, and M-lady distracted Bud for a few minutes while I loaded 10 plastic easter eggs with goldfish crackers. I hid them around his playroom and the living room, and managed to get the video camera going before he really figured out that we were doing an easter egg hunt.

He liked this hunt a bit more, since he was really interested in the goldfish crackers. Each time he found an egg, he'd open it up and eat the crackers (one by one) before looking for another egg. He did a pretty good job finding the eggs, only needing a little help on the last couple. A good time was had by all.

Bud and I hung out for a while, and eventually managed to get dressed. M-lady took off for ballet class, and Bud and I had a nice video chat with Grandma W and Granddad B. Bud showed off some of his improving counting skills for them.

Bud and I had some lunch after that. I made a grilled cheese sandwich for him, which he nibbled at for a while, eventually eating most of half a sandwich. He supplemented the sandwich with more goldfish, some milk, and a couple of cookies for dessert.

After lunch we got ready for a bike ride. Bud was really excited, and was well behaved as we got things together in the garage, pulling down his trailer, getting it connected to the bike, pumping up the tires, etc. He more or less dove into his trailer when it was time to get in, and chattered at me while we rode for a while.

Due to reasonably good planning on my part, Bud fell asleep after about 20 minutes and slept for a good 90 minutes, waking up a few miles from home. He was in a great mood as we pulled up to the house, and helped put things away after the ride. He was a little reluctant to come back in the house, but settled down with (you guessed it) a couple of goldfish crackers.

We had a pretty good snack, including milk and pineapple, as well as the crackers. Bud was only interested in eating the crackers from the eggs, though. He'd bring me a couple of egg halves, and ask me to put goldfish in them. So I'd drop a couple of crackers in each half, and he'd trot away happily, and munch away.

We played for a bit, and watched some Bob the Builder before M-lady arrived home. At that point Bud and I took a shower and got cleaned up before Aunt O and Uncle C arrived to have dinner with us.

Bud had a good time playing with his aunt and uncle while M-lady and I got dinner ready, and Bud enjoyed the chicken stir fry with us. He wasn't keen on the bell peppers, though, and picked them out of his bowl and put them on M-lady's plate.

We all played more after dinner, including some GH2. Aunt O and Uncle C took their leave a little before Bud's bedtime, and we started on that pretty quickly. Bud was amenable, and fell asleep without calling out once we got him to bed.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Egg Hunt

Bud woke up this morning at about 6:30. I tried to ignore him, but he stayed awake. Oh well. I headed over to his room and we laid quietly for about 10 minutes before he was ready to get up. I changed his diaper and we headed out to get some milk.

Bud was willing to watch an episode of Sesame Street for a bit, and afterwards we ate a waffle and read some stories. I managed to find his nail clippers, which had been eluding us for a while, and so we sat down in front of an episode of Zaboomafu, a charming kids wildlife show. Bud really enjoyed the episode, which revolved around a baby elephant. I managed to clip his nails, which had become dangerously long, while we watched.

Finding eggs in the grass
We wrestled for a while afterwards, and then got dressed, which involved more wrestling. And some tickling. M-lady took over around 10:00ish, and I crawled back into bed to get a little more sleep.

Bud had a great time with M-lady at Target, where he got to walk for the whole trip, including a trip up and down the escalator. M-lady reported that he held her hands appropriately on the escalator, and did a great job of getting on and off. Considering how much he liked the moving walkways at the airports we've been at, I'm not surprised he liked the escalator.

Bud had a little bit of a meltdown on the way home, but after a time-out was back to being cheerful. I was out for a quick bike ride when they returned, but joined them by lunchtime. M-lady cooked fish for lunch, which was appreciated by both Bud and me. Bud had a good serving of peas at lunch, too.

After lunch we read a couple of stories, and then it was nap time. Bud trotted off to his crib and lay down willingly, but didn't fall asleep for about an hour. After 45 minutes or so he called me in and proclaimed himself poopy. Sure enough, he was, and so I changed his diaper and thanked him for calling me to let me know. He eventually dropped off to sleep a bit before 3:00.

We had a little party to go to in the early evening, so I woke Bud up a little bit after 4:00 and we loaded up into the car. He was a bit groggy, and did his shy thing when we arrived. There were five other kids there, ranging in age from 8 months to 4 years. Bud stayed close to me for a while, and started getting comfortable when we had a big easter egg hunt in the backyard.

He did a pretty good job in the egg hunt when he figured out what he was supposed to do. There were little toys in the eggs, and unfortunately they didn't really interest him at all. But he had a good time collecting the eggs.

He played in the sandbox out back for most of the rest of the evening. We'll have to get him one to play with here, and set it up in the backyard. He can get out and get some more sunshine that way.

The hosts cooked burgers and dogs on the grill, and Bud ate an entire hotdog on his own. Then he lunged for my cheeseburger, eating a good quarter of that. He had some of M-lady's hamburger as well. He certainly ate more than M-lady did for dinner. It was a pretty impressive showing.

Got wheels
After dinner, he found a toy broom and had lots of fun playing with that until it became an object of contention with the other kids. But it was time for cake at that point, so the issue was reasonably sidestepped. Bud and I shared a piece of ice cream cake.

We played indoors a little bit more after that, but before long it was time to go. Bud was willing to drop everything and race for home when I promised a couple songs of GH2 before bed.

We got home, changed into PJs, and played a couple of songs while Bud had milk and cereal. The rest of the bedtime routine went smoothly, and Bud was in bed by 8:00. He fell asleep without calling out once: he must have been really worn out.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Ummm.... I Can't Fix That

Bud woke this morning around 7:00, and M-lady got up with him. They had a good morning, playing with trains and reading stories. I had a couple of meetings I needed to call into this morning, so I actually didn't get a chance to see Bud until later in the afternoon.

He apparently had fun this morning with Nanny J, and since her husband had the day off, Bud and Nanny J headed over to her house for lunch. They went to the park after lunch, and Bud got to run around a bit.

He had a good nap, and I saw him having a snack when I got home around 4:00. When I walked in the door, he saw me and said, "Ba-Ba shou!" I looked to see what he wanted me to fix: it was a broken cookie. We have some alphabet cookies, and he wanted me to fix the letter 'H' with one of the legs broken off. Nanny J and I laughed, and I let him know that I didn't think I could fix his cookie, but it would taste OK anyways. He proceeded to eat the cookie.

M-lady arrived home a little before 5:30, and we took Bud from Nanny J a little early. Bud had his bath earlier and was already in his PJs, but M-lady and I decided to make a mall run, so I got Bud dressed again. He was a little resistant, but with wrestling and tickling I finally got him into his clothes.

We had a quick dinner at the mall, and then M-lady went off to do some power shopping while Bud and I wandered around a little bit. Bud wanted to go find Mama at first, but soon got distracted by all the cool things to see.

We spent some time at the Lego store, and some time in the (crowded) play area, and most of the time just wandering. We met M-lady at about 7:45, and had some ice cream.

We headed home after ice cream, and played a few songs of GH2 while Bud had milk and cereal. He had fun brushing his teeth, and then a story and bedtime without too much fuss. He got to bed a little later than usual (almost 9:00pm), and fell asleep quickly.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

No Croup Cause

Bud didn't sleep really well last night, waking up briefly at about 2:30am, and again at about 5:30am when he dropped his pacifier. He got up for good at about 7:15.

That was really fine, since we needed to leave the house at about 7:45 to make his doctor's appointment. Since he's had croup and stridor so often the past year (twice in February!), we decided to have him looked at by an ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) doctor to make sure there wasn't some underlying condition which was causing the croup. So when he got up, I immediately got him dressed and ready to go.

M-lady, Bud and I all loaded into the car and headed off to the appointment. He chattered to us for the whole drive, pointing out big trucks on the freeway and the cows he saw in the fields we passed. When we arrived, Bud was a little nervous in the waiting room, but there was a big widescreen flatpanel TV showing The Lion King which grabbed his attention.

The most traumatic part of the exam came first: checking his weight and height. Bud wouldn't stand on the scale, or let the nurse get his height. Fortunately, they were able to do without that info, and Bud calmed down quite a bit sitting on my lap in the exam room.

He let the doctor look in his ears, nose, and mouth, and didn't even mind too much when the doctor sprayed a light topical anesthetic up his nose. He didn't even mind too much when the doctor stuck the scope up his nose and down his throat to take a look at his vocal chords and larynx (I'm sure the anesthetic helped with that). He was a little upset about being laid down on a table for an x-ray, but other than that he was fine. I was really proud of him.

And the results? No obvious issues which might be causing croup. We'll go back in about 4 months for a follow up, but it seems Bud is just a little generically croup-prone. We're glad the croup doesn't seem to be indicative of a more severe issue.

We came home, and I hung out with Bud while M-lady went to work. We had a fun time playing, and reading, and wrestling. After splitting a pear for a snack (he had most of it), we headed over to Fry's to wander around a bit. I decided to let Bud walk on his own rather than push him in a stroller, and all in all he did pretty well. He really liked looking at the vacuum aisle. He enjoyed taking little items like DVDs off of shelves, but was usually pretty good about putting them back where he found them.

We ended up not buying anything, and headed over to Arby's for lunch. Bud again had a good third of my sandwich and some french fries, and we headed home afterwards. We just had time for a couple of songs in Guitar Hero II, and then Nanny J arrived and I had to bolt for work.

Bud went down for his nap shortly after I left, and slept for more than two hours. He had a fun time playing outside with Nanny J after his nap, but reportedly got fussy when it was time to come home. He didn't want to take his bath, and then didn't want to come out of the bath after he was in it, and didn't want to get dressed, etc. M-lady picked him up from Nanny J around 5:30, and I arrived home about 15 minutes later.

We had a nice chat with Granddad B and Grandma Nese, but once again Bud got a little shy when asked to perform his lion dancing. We'll have to get it on video. After the chat, we had some dinner. Bud shared some of M-lady's dinner, and mooched a little of my scrambled eggs after he was ostensibly finished up.

After dinner we played some more GH2 until bedtime. We took a break and put on some Animusic while Bud had his milk and cereal, and Bud went through the rest of the bedtime routine without issue. He was in bed around 8:00, and fell asleep pretty quickly.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New Guitars

Bud woke extra early this morning, at about 5:45. I got up when he dropped a pacifier, and got a fresh one for him. That kept him occupied for about 15 minutes. M-lady was kind enough to get up with him and play with him all morning. She's napping now...

They had a very pleasant morning together, and M-lady reported that Bud was very snuggly this morning, which she appreciated. They came to visit me in the bathroom while I was getting ready to head out to a dentist appointment. Bud managed to abscond with one of M-lady's spare toothbrushes, and made it his own. After a bit we managed to convince him to only use it for brushing his teeth, and not to brush things like, say, the computer with it and then stick it back in his mouth. I suppose he's just giving his immune system a workout.

While I was out at a dentist appointment, Bud, M-lady, and Nanny J went to his new music class. He apparently enjoyed it thoroughly, swaying along with the new songs and getting involved, and then pulling back and observing very closely. He'll jump in when he knows the songs and the class a little better.

Bud had a reasonable nap during the day, but it didn't really make up for him getting up so early. M-lady worked a little late this evening, so I played with Bud for a while before she arrived home. We had lots of fun drumming together. I would start a rhythm, and then Bud would match it. He's got a really good sense for it.

After a bit we plopped down in front of an episode of Bob the Builder, M-lady arrived home, and I got started on preparing spaghetti for dinner. Bud had a reasonable portion of spaghetti, and a lot of the pineapple that I carved up for dessert.

After dinner I pulled out the surprise I'd been saving. During the afternoon, while Bud was napping, we'd received our copy of Guitar Hero II with a couple of the guitar controllers. "Uncle C Guitar!" Bud exclaimed. He was thrilled. We spent the rest of the evening playing. That is, I was playing, Bud was holding one of the guitars and watching.

He was a little upset when it was time for bed, but I promised him some more GH tomorrow and he went along with the usual routine. We had a little struggle brushing teeth, since he has two toothbrushes now, and wanted to use both. Other than that things went smoothly. He was in bed by 8:00, and fell asleep pretty quickly.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Grilled Cheese

I woke up this morning at about 7:45, and went to get Bud up in an unusual turn of events. We had the cleaners coming at about 8:00, and I wanted to get Bud up before they arrived. Bud was a little groggy, but woke up in a couple minutes once I let some light into his room.

We got up and changed his diaper, and grabbed some milk. Since it was also trash day, we went to the living room to watch for the big trucks going by. He was actually pretty content for most of a half hour just watching cars, kids going to school, and people walking their dogs.

When the cleaners arrived he got interested in their brooms, mops, and vacuum cleaner. But he was much better today about looking but not touching. Nanny J arrived while we were watching the cleaners, and lured Bud away with the promise of a snack.

He apparently had a good day with Nanny J, with his usual getting out of the house in the morning, good lunch, nap in the afternoon, and a bath. He was still sleeping when I got home from work a little after 4:30, so I guess his nap happened a little later than usual today.

M-lady had to work a little late, so Bud and I hung out for a while together. We played drums for a few minutes, and then he trotted off to the computer room asking to call Grandma and Granddad. We had a nice video chat with them, and Bud showed off his lion dancing skills just a little. I think he got a bit shy in front of the camera.

M-lady arrived home while we were chatting, so I got started on dinner as soon as we wrapped up the call. I made grilled cheese sandwiches for M-lady and Bud, and Bud enjoyed his and ate most of half a sandwich. It's the first time he's eaten more than just a bite of a grilled cheese. He also mooched a little bit of my leftover pasta, and had some pineapple for dessert.

Dinner was a little late, so we only played for about twenty minutes before watching some Totoro with milk and cereal. Bud was a little reluctant to continue with the bedtime routine after that, but we did the whole brushing of teeth, changing of diaper, and reading of story, rather than skipping any steps. He fell asleep pretty quickly without calling out too much.

We'll have a surprise for him tomorrow...

Monday, April 02, 2007

Drumming and Dancing

Bud woke up this morning around 7:30, and I got up with him. He was content to snooze for a few minutes, and then started handing me blankies and pillows. Then it was time to get up, change diaper, and go get some milk.

We watched a Sesame Street for a while, and afterwards Bud immediately went to find his harmonica. It wasn't in the little harmonica case, so we conducted a search and found it in one of his toyboxes. Bud got busy on the harmonica and handed me the saxophone, so we played with those for a while.

Nanny J arrived at about 9:00, and Bud was pretty happy to see her. I picked up a drum and started the lion dance beat, and Bud went into his lion dancing routine. Nanny J was very impressed. Bud got interested in a snack, and I was able to escape to the office without undue fussing.

He had a good day with Nanny J, including a trip to the store to buy a zucchini plant (we think). They planted it out back next to the tomato plant. Bud had a good lunch, good nap, and a bath in the afternoon.

We did more drumming and lion dancing when M-lady and I came to get him at about 5:30, and this time Bud coerced Nanny J and M-lady into lion dancing with him. I was spared, as I was drumming.

I made a quick dash out to pick up sushi for dinner, and Bud had a pretty good portion when I returned. He mostly ate the middles out of the rolls, but had some of the rice from the beef teriaki roll.

After dinner Bud and I played with trains for a while, and then watched a couple of Bob the Builder episodes with milk and cereal to start the bedtime routine. M-lady joined us for bedtime story, and Bud went to sleep pretty quickly.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Lion Dancing

Bud woke up this morning around 7:15, and M-lady got up with him. They had a good time playing saxophone, and I woke when M-lady came back into our room at about 8:45. Bud apparently decided that he wanted to take a nap, although he was calling for M-lady within about 5 minutes.

I went out to hang out with him for a while, and we watched a Sesame Street before having a snack and getting dressed. We changed a poopy diaper, watched a little bit of YouTube, and then headed out for the Castro Street train station about the same time M-lady was heading for ballet class.

We parked near the library, and walked the 5 or so block to the train station. I was hoping the walk would tire him out a bit. He was really good on the walk, holding my hand and letting me carry him across the intersections. We arrived at the train station about 30 minutes before the trains were due to arrive.

We whiled away the time by visiting the nearby farmer's market, sharing an orange, and exploring the little park area by the train station. While we were waiting we also got to see a couple of light rail trains arrived and depart. When it was finally time for the CalTrain to arrive, Bud got a little scared. I think we stood too close last time, and they are really noisy, after all. So we stood well back this time.

After watching two trains arrive and depart in quick succession, we wandered back towards the car, again with Bud walking the whole way. We took a detour into the tropical fish store on Castro, and looked at some surprisingly large fish, turtles, and other reptiles. Bud was disappointed to leave.

After we got back to the car, we headed for lunch, hitting an Arby's on the way home. Bud had a half pint serving of milk, about a third of my sandwich, and a fair share of fries. I think we can probably start buying him his own meals...

When we arrived home, we changed a wet diaper and I put him down for his nap. He dithered for about 45 minutes before falling asleep around 2:30. He slept until about 4:00, so had a reasonable nap.

M-lady arrived home while he was napping, so we all played a little before I got started on dinner. We had grilled vegetables, and Bud really enjoyed the corn. He tried the asparagus and peppers, but wasn't really into them. All in all he had a pretty light dinner, but after his big lunch we weren't too worried about it.

After dinner we had an outing to go observe a lion dance class at the Kung Fu studio we visited about a week ago. Bud sat on my lap at the side as we watched first the advanced, and then the children's classes.

Bud watched it all very closely, and clearly liked the drumming. When we got home, I started playing the drum rhythm they used for the majority of the children's class, and Bud started doing the movements that they had worked on in class! It was a remarkably good imitation... his stances are really very good. If he wants to pursue martial arts, he could be really, really good.

We played drums and lion dancing for the rest of the evening, including a quick shower. Before bed we watched a little bit of Animusic, and the rest of the bedtime routine went smoothly. He called out a couple of times before falling asleep, but was definitely asleep by 8:30, which is a fair bit earlier than the past couple of nights.