Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Another Early Morning

Bud woke early again this morning, around 6:30. He had saturated his diaper (with diaper doubler) and leaked a bit, so I changed him, cleaned him up, got him dressed, and put fresh sheets on the bed. He was pretty awake after that, so we played at the window for a little while and then headed out to get some milk.

We watched Bob the Builder this morning for a bit, and then played for a while. He asked to play with his popcorn popper, so I pulled it out for him. He played with it as a vacuum cleaner for a while, then as a guitar, then a bass, then other instruments....

Nanny J showed up at about 9:00, and Bud again tried for a cookie. He happily waved goodbye to me as I headed back to the office to start working a bit. The weather cleared in the late morning for a bit, so they went for a walk. He had a good lunch, and was napping when I came out of our home office and headed into work.

When I returned around 4:30, Bud was just coming out of the bath and getting into his pajamas. He gave me a grin, and waved to me as I disappeared back into our home office. I noticed on the way in that he had some new track for his train set... I think Nanny J might have walked to Toys 'R Us with him in the morning and gotten him an early birthday present.

When I came out around 5:30, Bud was busy trying to climb onto the back of the couch to turn the light on in his playroom. As he brings his knee up, if he leans too far forward he'll bump his head on the wall, and if he doesn't lean enough he won't get enough purchase with his knee to pull himself up. He was working hard at finding the right balance point.

Eventually he made his way up, but had forgotten about turning on the light by that point, so came back down. We said goodbye to Nanny J, and I started preparing dinner. I had fish for myself, but Bud wasn't very interested. He kept himself entertained while I ate, though, which was nice. Afterwards he started getting a little fussy, and when I asked if he needed a time out he asked for a pacifier and happily trotted off to his crib. I obliged and dropped him in, and a few minutes later he called me to come out for dinner.

He ate some fish and had milk at dinner, but didn't really eat a whole lot. M-lady arrived while we were finishing up, and while she was eating I decided to take Bud on a quick errand. His diaper pail is not as odor-proof as it used to be, and I've finally decided to replace it. We headed for Toys 'R Us, and Target after that, but couldn't find the same model of diaper pail. I suppose we'll have to order it.

We watched some Totoro before bed, and Bud agreed to let me brush his teeth tonight after a little bit of cajoling. He refused his bedtime story, though. He called out a couple of times, but fell asleep reasonably quickly.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Bud woke really early this morning, around 6:00. I went in at first to see if I could get him to go back to sleep. He woke again 15 minutes later, and M-lady got up to take care of him. Thanks, M-lady!

I got up around 7:15 and got dressed, and joined them at about 7:30 looking at pictures on M-lady's PC. I plunked Bud down in front of an episode of Sesame Street, and then had to run off to the DMV (fun!). M-lady managed to get some work done while Bud was thus preoccupied.

I got back at about 8:45 or so, and played with Bud until Nanny J arrived. We pulled out my guitar and played with that. Bud really enjoys sitting next to me and strumming the strings. I've been trying to teach him the string names (E-A-D-G-B-E), but I'm sure that's way too confusing right now.

Bud immediately angled for a cookie from Nanny J when she arrived. They had a good day together, and went to his music class in the morning. He had a pretty good nap after lunch, and a bath at about 4:00. M-lady arrived home around 5:00, and took Bud from Nanny J at about 5:30. I joined them a few minutes later. Bud was having a good time putting an old Red Vines bucket on his head.

We played for a bit, putting lego pieces in the clear plastic bucket, putting the lid on, and shaking it. Then he'd ask me to take the lid off, swap out the lego, and repeat. After a bit he tried to climb up my legs, asking for a piggy back ride. I complied after we all cleaned up the lego together.

We played with crayons a bit after the piggy back ride, and he showed off a new skill. I would draw a circle or square, and he would fill it in! We worked on this for a while, and he really enjoyed it.

We had chicken noodle soup for dinner, and Bud ate quite a bit. He had a couple of cookies afterwards, and then it was time to start winding down. He protested when we changed a slightly poopy diaper, and afterwards he sat down in front of Totoro with M-lady while he had milk and cereal. He was really pretty tired when we headed for bed, and refused brushing teeth and the bedtime story.

He called out a few times before falling asleep, but not too many and fell asleep quickly.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Learning Experiences

Bud woke today a little after 7:00, and I went to hang out with him. He got out of his crib after about 15 minutes, and we changed his diaper and played at the window for a few minutes before wandering out and getting some milk.

We read a couple of stories before settling in for a few episodes of Bob the Builder. Bud seemed to really enjoy sitting on my feet on the couch: I tried to move them a couple times, but he protested.

M-lady joined us shortly thereafter, and she hung out with Bud for the few minutes before Nanny J arrived. She briefed Nanny J on Bud's supposed illness, and Bud agreed to have a snack.

He was really interested in the lemon left over from the fish dinner the previous night. We offered him a clementine, but he insisted on having some lemon. So I cut a wedge and handed it to him. He smiled, delighted with the new fruit, and then took a nibble. His face scrunched up just like you might expect. I had to leave, but I think he tried one more time before agreeing to have a clementine instead.

He had a good day with Nanny J. He didn't eat a big lunch, and had a bit of a cough all day, but it was never very bad. I think they stayed inside for most of the day since the weather was fairly inclement. Bud had a bath in the late afternoon, and I found him happy and clean when I picked him up around 5:30.

We played with his playhut tents for a while, and then he decided it would be fun to sit on me. I was lying on my back, and he straddled my torso and bounced on my abs. He's getting heavy enough for that to be a bit dangerous. M-lady got home just in time.

M-lady and I had some dinner while Bud refused to join us, and then I had to run an errand. M-lady was kind enough to watch after Bud while I was gone. He had another clementine, and some scrambled eggs for dinner. He specifically asked for them to be reheated in the microwave for the first time, I believe. Apparently he pointed at the microwave and said: "Voom-voom-voom!".

Bud and I sat down in front of the TV after that, and we watched a bit of Cars before bedtime. Bud was a little resistant to going to bed, but eventually got into the spirit and enjoyed his bedtime story tonight. He called out a few times before falling asleep, but eventually succumbed.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hanging Out at Home

I got up this morning a little before 7:00 to get ready for a bike race. Fortunately, I called the club hotline and discovered that the race had been postponed due to weather. So I crawled back into bed.

Bud woke a little after 8:00 this morning, and M-lady got up with him. I slept until about 10:00, when I got up to see how they were doing and find out if M-lady wanted to go to ballet class. She accepted my offer to watch Bud for the rest of the morning, and headed out to class while Bud and I played. We read some stories, and then set up watching Sesame Street.

We went to the kitchen for a snack, where Bud ate three clementines. Man, he likes those little oranges. Afterwards, I gave my sister a call and we rapped for a bit while Bud played around me. I noticed he was a bit more fragrant than usual, so changed his diaper while chatting with my sister. He's good about it: usually, when I let him know it's time to change his diaper, he'll run off to his room so I can lift him onto the changing table.

After changing his diaper (but still leaving him in his PJs), we played a bit more while I chatted. After calling my sister, I gave my mom a call, and we talked while Bud watched YouTube videos on the PC with headphones on. He's started liking headphones, which I thought would be nice, but I find myself wanting to hear what he's hearing. It's nice that he can listen to music or watch videos without disturbing the people around us, though.

We played for a bit more, had a brief timeout when he got a little worked up, and then started lunch. He ate a clementine, some of a hotdog, and some milk. M-lady arrived home while we were munching, and joined us for a bit. After lunch I put Bud down for his nap. I had to change another poopy diaper, but he fell asleep before too long at about 1:30.

He slept soundly until about 4:00, when he got up and we started his haircut and shower. He was very good for his haircut, sitting on my lap while M-lady wielded the clippers. She did a great job, and got the hair out of his face and off his ears. We got into the shower immediately afterwards to wash off the bits of hair.

Bud and I had a good shower, and he didn't mind the water in his face too much today. He was willing to get out as well, which was nice. M-lady got started on getting him dressed, and we all got ready for our dinner guests.

Bud had a pre-dinner of another clementine and some toast with jelly while we turned the Oscar's on and M-lady and I started preparing dinner. Our guests arrived around 6:00, and Bud was a little shy for maybe the first 5 minutes or so. Then he had a great time showing off his musical knowledge and general cuteness.

He ran around while we ate dinner, with M-lady and I alternately checking on him. He ate a little bit of the grilled salmon and broccoli, but his interest was arrested by the ice cream and cake we had for dessert. He even sang 'Happy Birthday', since that's the song that goes with cake.

After dinner we all chatted for a bit before M-lady and I got Bud ready for bed. He was very willing to go, even though we watched the Oscar's in place of a usual bedtime show. He only called me once before falling asleep.

I've heard him cough a few times, but it seems non-croupy. I wonder how much the humidifier helps. We all hope not to make a repeat trip to the ER anytime soon.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Really Not All That Sick

Bud slept in today until nearly 10:00, which was good. M-lady got up with him, and they hung out for a while before changing a very poopy diaper and getting some milk. I joined them at about 10:30, where I found them looking at pictures on M-lady's PC. Bud was happy, giggling, and showing no signs at all of being ill in any way.

Bud and I watched some YouTube videos, mostly classic Sesame Street, before we got dressed so we could all go to lunch together. Bud wanted french fries, so it was off to Arby's. He ate pretty well there, commandeering a good chunk of my sandwich along with his fries and some milk. We came home, and M-lady left to get her hair cut while Bud and I hung out for a bit.

We played, read some stories, and then watched some Bob the Builder before it was time to go. We headed off to the stylist, where I handed Bud over to M-lady and took my turn getting a haircut.

On the way home, Bud indicated that he really wanted a haircut as well. So M-lady promised him that we'd cut his hair that evening. They hit Trader Joe's on the way home, and had a good time shopping together. When they did get home, Bud apparently didn't nap, even though he and M-lady lay down together in his room for about 30 minutes. Oh well.

I got home around 3:30, and they were having a good time. We hung out a little more before heading for an early dinner over at Chevy's. On the way there, Bud was coughing a little bit. It wasn't the croupy cough: it sounded more like a tickle in the throat kind of cough. But it was the first sign that maybe he did have a cold or virus of some sort.

He was a little restless at dinner, but ended up eating pretty well. We spent some time looking at the tortilla machine before the food arrived, and he really liked the neon cactus as well. He did a good job eating pico de gallo with a fork, as well as some chunks of steak from M-lady's dinner.

We had a good drive home. He's started figuring out traffic lights. We'd talk about green meaning go, red meaning stop, and look at the lights we were approaching. This kept us all occupied for most of the ride home.

When we arrived home, Bud had a bit of a meltdown. He hadn't napped, and was clearly at least a little sick, so we decided to postpone the shower and haircut until tomorrow and get rolling on the bedtime routine. We got into PJs, watched a little bit of Totoro, brushed teeth, read a story, and headed for bed. He fell asleep quickly, without any calling out tonight at all.

We did hear him coughing a bit around 11:00, but it wasn't a croupy cough, and it didn't even seem to wake him up. Hopefully the humidifier in his room and the dexamethasone he got yesterday will keep the croup at bay tonight.

Friday, February 23, 2007

What? Croup Again?

Bud woke this morning around 7:15, and I went to see how he was doing. We hung out for about a half hour before getting him changed and dressed, and heading out for some milk.

I turned on Sesame Street, and we watched that for a bit. Afterwards there was just enough time for me to get dressed, and to get us all packed up and off to gymnastics. We met Nanny J there, and all participated together. Bud did reasonably well, and tried every activity at least once. He did (assisted) somersaults forward and backwards, a basket, and an bar-over (also both assisted). He ran down the beam a few times, and his balance seems to be improving.

I left for work directly after class, and Bud stayed at the park with Nanny J for a while.

I got back home around 5:00, and Bud was looking pretty good. He had a late afternoon snack and a shower, and was having fun reading Mike and the Bike, a gift from Nanny K.

M-lady and I took Bud at about 5:30, and I sat down with him in front of YouTube for a little bit. We watched some classic Sesame Street, as well as some guitar and drum videos. I left him with M-lady to dash out and pick up dinner.

We had sushi for dinner, and Bud ate well. First he poked the middles out of a kappa (cucumber roll) and a couple of ninjin (cooked carrot role). After we'd tried some of the rice and seaweed, he ended up eating a couple of M-lady's Stanford Rolls. The Stanford Rolls are just like California rolls, except they have tomato and asparagus instead of the more traditional avocado. Bud deconstructed and ate the majority of two of them.

After dinner we played a little bit, and then sat down to watch a little TV. We ended up watching some of Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco, which Bud found very entertaining while he had his milk and cereal. The bedtime routine went very smoothly.

Unfortunately, he woke with the barking cough around 12:30 am. We thought it a bit odd, since he hadn't show any signs of being ill at all during the day. No fever, cough, runny nose, etc. But his breathing was labored enough that we decided to take him in to the ER again.

We knew the routine, but it ended up going a little slower this time, and we got out of the hospital around 3:00am. Bud insisted on watching a Pingu before going to bed... I think the epinephrine wound him up a little bit. We're hoping it's isolated, and that he won't have any trouble tomorrow night. But the sudden onset was a little weird. And it's only been three weeks since his last episonde.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Playing Catch

Bud woke this morning around 8:00, and I went to see how he was doing. We hung out for about 20 minutes, getting him changed, checking out the window, and looking at the rain outside.

We eventually made our way out to the kitchen for some milk, and from there to the TV to watch a little bit of Sesame Street. Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and Bud got set up for a snack (or perhaps the second part of his breakfast) while I got to work.

Bud was napping when I came out and headed for lunch. He had a bath early in the afternoon, and I saw him again at 5:30 when I took him from Nanny J.

We turned on some swing music and danced until M-lady arrived home a short time later. Then we all danced as a family for a little bit. Bud and I watched a few videos on YouTube while M-lady prepared some dinner, and then we all sat down to dinner together, which was nice. We haven't done that in a few days.

Bud ate a reasonable dinner of casserole and toast, and afterwards we all sat down in the playroom together. Bud had a great time playing catch with M-lady. It was the first time I've seen him actually play catch. He and M-lady were sitting across the room from each other, and they were bouncing first one and then two balls back and forth, and having a great time. Usually, Bud will run up to you, throw the ball at your feet, run away, go after the ball, etc. But tonight he got into the throwing back and forth thing.

After a bit more dancing, and some letter practice with his play mat ("Where's the R, Bud?"), we watched a little bit of TV before turning on My Neighbor Totoro and having milk and cereal. Bud sat with M-lady to watch tonight. The rest of the bedtime routine was pretty standard, although he decided to forgo the story tonight.

He only called from bed once, about 10 minutes after we put him down. He went to sleep pretty quickly after that.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Late Night Concerns

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and we got up pretty quickly since he had a poopy diaper. After getting him changed, we headed out to get some milk and read a few stories.

I found Sesame Street playing on one of the PBS stations we get, so we watched that together for a while. There's one regular part of Elmo's World, Mr. Noodle, that Bud doesn't like for whatever reason. It's generally at the very end, though, so we just turned off the TV when Mr. Noodle showed up.

Nanny J arrived shortly afterwards, and Bud immediately plied her for a cookie. I guess I didn't give him enough for breakfast. I chatted with him for a little longer and then packed up to get him signed up for his next set of classes.

He made it out to the library with Nanny J in the late morning, had a reasonable lunch, and a good nap. He was all grins when I saw him in the late afternoon.

I prepared ravioli for M-lady and myself for dinner, but Bud wasn't having any of it. We played around, spent some time on my guitar, and generally hung out together until about 7:15, when he decided he was hungry. At that point he ate a yogurt smoothie and a piece of toast, and then it was time to start the bedtime routine. So he had a cup of milk and some cereal immediately after dinner.

The bedtime routine went well, although he was so anxious to get into bed that we skipped brushing teeth and the story tonight.

I bought a new nightlight for him today, and it glows blue. I pointed out the blue light to him, to make sure he was OK with it. He seemed fine. But he ended up calling out three times before he fell asleep. The first time I walked in and he said, "Blue light!" Yes, Bud, your nightlight is blue now. Time to go back to sleep.

The second time he call I walked in and he said "Pingu!". Not sure why... I suppose he was thinking about Pingu. I assured him we would watch some tomorrow, and he went back tot sleep.

The last time he called out he had misplaced his pacifier. I got him a fresh one and he fell right back to sleep.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Deciding What to Watch

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and M-lady got up with him. They had a pretty good morning together.

The cleaners arrived around 8:00, just as the garbage truck came by to pick up the trash. Bud couldn't decide what to watch: the garbage truck, or the 'big vacuum' which the cleaners were bringing in. There was a moment of panicked indecision. After the truck moved on, he had a good time helping the cleaners sweep and pushing their vacuum cleaner around.

He did his music and art classes with Nanny J again today. I got home around 5:00, and Bud had already had his bath. He was in a good mood, playing with trucks and making truck sounds, which is a new thing.

M-lady got home late today, so it was just Bud and me for most of the evening. We played for a bit, and then gave Granddad B and Grandma Nese a video call. Bud had fun showing off climbing skills, and generally bouncing around the room while we talked.

After the chat, I started getting dinner ready, scrambling some eggs while Bud played in the sink a little. I turned on a trickle of water for him, and he happily splashed away while I cooked. He was a little miffed when it was time to eat, but eventually had a good meal of eggs and tater tots. We had some raspberries and a cookie for dessert.

After dinner Bud and I played with my guitar for a while. He had a great time with it, strumming and trying to fret chords. He's clearly got the ideas down.

We watched some selections from Lilo and Stitch, which is still probably a little too intense for him. We'll probably put that movie away for a little while.

M-lady arrived home as we were finishing up the movie with milk and cereal, and Bud was pretty tired. We read him a story and put him to bed, where we discovered that the bulb for his nightlight had burned out. I substituted a little desk lamp, but his room is a bit brighter tonight than usual. He called out a few times (as usual, nowadays) asking what the shadows were around the room. I did my best to eliminate the shadows, but we'll need to get a new, dim bulb for his nightlight.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Chinese New Year's Goodies

Bud woke this morning at 8:00, and we hung out in his room together for about 20 minutes before I got him changed and out to the kitchen for some milk. We had some fun reading stories, and after about 10 minutes he was stinky. So I changed him again.

We were reading stories when Nanny J arrived, and she looked at pictures with M-lady for a few minutes while they caught up on the weekend. Bud and I trailed after, and we all hung out in the office for a few minutes before Bud started angling for a cookie.

Nanny J had brought some New Year's treats for Bud, and he really liked the little cookies. He gagged and barfed on the little strips of sweetened coconut, though, so those are for M-lady and me now.

Bud had fun this morning playing with Nanny J, and was excited about going over to her place to hang out with her husband for lunch. I think Bud knew that he would get some treats over there, and immediately went for his shoes when it was suggested that they might head over there. He apparently ate a big lunch with them.

I got home a little earlier than I have the past couple weeks, and got to say 'Hi' to Bud before he took his late afternoon bath. He was having a good time drumming on various surfaces with a couple of plastic spoons. Maybe I should just get him a pair of drumsticks.

We hung out after Nanny J left, and played together for a bit before I got some dinner ready for him. He asked for yogurt first, with a straw. I added some milk to his usual yogurt to make an instant smoothie. He pounded that, and then had a fair bit of casserole, followed by a handful of raspberries. I promised him some ice cream a little later in the evening.

Afterwards we had a nice video call with Grandma W and Granddad B, and M-lady arrived home while we were chatting. Bud told them a little about his party, including the goat eating his fingers ("owie!"). Around 7:00, we wrapped up the call so Bud and I could go watch the broadcast of stage one of the Tour of California.

Bud was a little bored after the first ten minutes of watching bicycles, so ended up playing with M-lady while I caught the end of the broadcast. He came and sat with me and drank milk and ate cereal for the very end of the show, though.

We did the bedtime routine, but he wanted to brush his teeth himself. We let him, and he did a reasonably good job. Afterwards, he was getting a little fussy and we skipped the bedtime story at his request.

Bud called out about three time before he fell asleep. He didn't actually get to sleep until about 9:30 or so, I think. Hopefully we can get him on schedule again before too long.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Guitar-Filled Day

After not having a long nap and waking up for an hour during the late evening yesterday, Bud slept in until a little after 9:00am today. He was cheerful, ready to get out of his crib, and very poopy. So I changed him, got him dressed, and we headed out to the kitchen for milk.

We played and read stories for a bit, and then watched a Bob the Builder while I clipped Bud's fingernails. They were getting dangerous. He's very good about letting me cut his nails if he has something which holds his attention.

M-lady left to go to ballet, and Bud and I packed up shortly after that to go to Fry's. On the way out to the car, Bud became fascinated with all the stuff in the garage, and so we spent a little time poking around and looking at things. It occurred to me that he doesn't recognized the shopvac as a vacuum... maybe I'll show it to him as a vacuum someday.

We wandered around Fry's a little bit, and since their display for Guitar Hero II wasn't being used, I sat down and played a song with Bud. He held one of the guitars, watching while I played the song with the other. He really enjoyed watching, and was sad when the song finished and I picked him up to go. I managed to distract him by walking through the vacuum cleaner aisle on the way out, though.

We headed home and got some lunch, and Bud ate a hotdog along with quite a bit of juice. It seems he's been drinking a lot the past couple days, although we haven't really been keeping track of juice and water intake, so that's mostly speculation.

After lunch we played a little and watched some TV, and M-lady returned from class and some errands. At about 2:00, I sat down with Bud and watched a couple of Animusics in preparation to putting him down for a nap. He seemed pretty tired, and fell asleep quickly at about 2:15.

I packed up and headed out for a bike ride, and M-lady dealt with a somewhat cranky Bud when he woke at about 4:15. I arrive home around 5:00 to find them playing together and reading stories happily in the playroom.

We invited ourselves over to Aunt O and Uncle C's, and packed up and hit the road a short time later. Bud chatted all the way over about a 'big airplane'. We weren't sure if he was talking in generalities, or remembering his last trip, or just looking for them in the sky. But he seemed very intent on them.

As soon as we arrived, Bud was interested in playing Guitar Hero. We put him off until after we'd all eaten dinner, and then it was non-stop GH until bedtime. I played with Bud holding the second controller, I played with Bud holding my controller, and M-lady played with Bud as well. We all had a good time until it was time to go home.

Bud got a bit upset when we pulled him away from the game, but settled down when he got his pacifier and we got into the car. He didn't fall asleep on the drive home as we expected, but did start talking about big airplanes again.

At home we watched an Animusic and put him to bed pretty quickly. He called out to me a couple of times, but didn't stay awake too much longer, which was good since it was pretty far past his bedtime.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Group Birthday Party #2

Bud woke this morning around 7:00, and M-lady got up with him. They had a good time together, and baked muffins while I tried to catch up on sleep a little bit.

Bud was happily pulling things out of my bathroom drawer when I woke up. He'd trot up to me, show me what he pulled (a brush or a comb), and I ask him to put it back. He'd trot back to the bathroom, and return shortly with another item. We played this game for a while as I got dressed and ready for the day.

We spent a few minutes packing up, and shortly managed to get into the car and get going to our Mommy Group birthday party. It was held at Lemo's Farm, on the way out to Half-Moon Bay. We got out there without too much trouble, which was nice since the weather was beautiful and I was a little concerned about traffic heading out to the beach.

We had a great setup at Lemo's. For our private party of about 10 families, we had 4 riding ponies, unlimited train rides, a dedicated bouncy castle, and access to all the playgrounds. After dropping our stuff at a picnic table, we plopped Bud onto a pony (he had been excited about the ponies all morning), and let him ride for a little bit. He'd had enough after about ten minutes, and we went exploring.

M-lady and I both rode the train with him, and he liked that lots. We explored a little more as we headed back to the picnic area, chatting with other families, and spending some time checking out the fountain. We settled in for some lunch when we got back to the tables, and Bud ate a solid amount of pizza, muffins, and fruit.

After lunch we tried out the bouncy castle, and Bud had a pretty good time bouncing in there. He'd get two or three good bounces in before he'd lose his footing and plop over, giggling. I wish the adults could have gone in, too!

After the castle we went to check out the petting area. Bud had a good time until a little goat (it only came up to his waist or so) started sucking on his fingers. That scared him a little, and we had to abandon the goat corral. It took a few minutes to calm Bud down, but we did go back and say hello and goodbye to the goats from a safe distance.

After that we rode the train again, then hung out in the playground for a while where Bud spent a good amount of time figuring out how a tricycle worked. He didn't quit know how to get the pedals to work, but he knew he was supposed to put his feet on them. It might be time to get him a trike shortly.

We all convened at the tables again for cake and a group photo, and Bud enjoyed the first and tolerated the second. It was getting pretty late by that point, so we all started packing up and saying our goodbyes. It was great to see everyone, and marvel at how much the kids have grown. Make sure to check out M-lady's post to see how much, as well as more party photos.

We hit the road around 2:00, and Bud was asleep by 2:10. He had about a 30 minute nap on the way home, and then didn't fall back to sleep. I sat up with him while he played in his crib for the next hour or so, and then M-lady took care of him for a while while I napped a bit.

When I woke around 6:30, M-lady was feeding Bud dinner. She'd made spaghetti, and was just finishing up their meal. I helped get Bud cleaned up and played with him for a bit. He had a good video call with Ama and Agu while I grabbed some dinner, and after washing up we went and took a shower.

After the shower the bedtime routine was in full swing. We watched what appeared to be the Chinese MTV music awards for a while, and then a little bit of Animusic while Bud had milk and cereal. We brushed teeth, read a story, and Bud pretty much passed out in his crib before we got out of the room.

He did wake a little later, around 10:45, and had some water and a couple of reassuring visits from me before falling asleep again. All in all a good family day.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Just in Time for Barf

I had to leave for work before Bud woke up this morning, but M-lady reports that he got up around 7:30. They had a good morning together, although M-lady had to listen in on a conference call while keeping an eye on him. It all seems to have worked out, though.

Nanny J arrived a little early so she could take him to gymnastics. They apparently had a good day together. Nanny J left at 3:00, and M-lady took over then.

I arrived home around 6:30, and walked in on M-lady cleaning up a big barf Bud had. He seems to have choked on a piece of apple towards the end of dinner, and barfed his whole dinner back up. I took care of getting Bud cleaned up and changed while M-lady got the floor.

Bud was in a good mood. I tickled him quite a bit in the process of getting him cleaned up and into his PJs, and we giggled together. Afterwards he snacked a little bit while I prepared some dinner for myself.

Nanny J arrived again at 7:00, and M-lady and I prepared for our dance performance this evening. I heard Bud and Nanny J reading books while I packed my bag and dug my shoes out of the closet.

He was having a good time when we left, and happily waved us goodnight. He was sleeping soundly when we returned.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Short, Late Post

Sorry this post is late. I've been working crazy hours, and getting home after 2:00am for the past couple of nights. Work will let up Monday or Tuesday, though. And I shouldn't have to spend too much time working over the weekend.

In any case, Bud had a pretty good day today. Sometime in the early morning the monitor broke, so I set my alarm for about 7:00, and at that point went into his room to join him. He was just waking up, and we snoozed a little together for about 10 or 15 minutes.

We spent a fair bit of time playing with the window blinds and climbing up to the window on the back of the couch, and eventually I got him changed and we headed out to the kitchen for some milk. We spent some time watching Bob the Builder before Nanny J arrived.

I had to stay a little late at work, and got home around 6:00ish. M-lady and Bud had just finished up dinner, and I was just in time to change a stinky diaper. Afterwards I got myself some dinner, and we shared a piece of candy for dessert.

We watched a little TV together before bed, but I had to take off to pick up the baby sitter while M-lady finished up the bedtime routine, which apparently went smoothly. M-lady and I then dashed off to our dance rehearsal. Bud was sleeping soundly when we returned.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Not Much Time Together on Valentine's Day

Bud woke this morning around 8:00, and M-lady went and took care of him. What a wonderful wife. I was up late with work the previous night. They came in around 8:30, and Bud played with the clothes rack we have in our room. He's getting very good at maneuvering it around. I was eventually coaxed out of bed to hang out a little bit. We read some stories together when the nanny showed up, and I had to take my leave to get to work again.

Bud had a good day, although he didn't want to go for a walk which the nanny proposed. The weather was nice, but Bud was interested in playing inside. He had a solid lunch, nap, and bath, though.

I wasn't able to get home until a bit after 6:30, and Bud and M-lady were already having dinner. Bud ate a pretty good dinner, and got down and ran around a bit while I finished up mine. We shared a cookie for dessert.

There wasn't much left of the evening, unfortunately. We all watched a little bit of a show about global weather patterns on Discovery (beautiful in HD), and Bud actually stayed pretty entertained. When they showed a computer rendering of the earth freezing over, Bud exclaimed, "Egg!". Yup, that actually does look a lot like an egg, Bud. Good job!

We ended up watching the Berenstain Bears on Sprout rather than Cars or Pingu tonight, and while Bud protested a little bit during the bedtime routine, he went to bed with minimal fuss. We ended up skipping the story again, but he only called out once tonight. Maybe he'll get over the calling out thing soon.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Got to the Light Switch

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and M-lady went to take care of him. I heard them playing around for a while, and then went out to join them around 8:30. I picked him up just in time to discover he was pretty stinky, and so wrangled him onto the changing table where M-lady did the honors.

The three of us played and hung out until Nanny J arrived at nine, at which point I got to work again. It's been a busy work week for me.

Bud had his art and music class double-header today, and apparently had a good time. The art projects are getting a little out of his range, though, so we probably won't sign him up for that class again for a little while. He's doing great in his music/dance class, though.

He had lunch and a nap, and a bath in the afternoon. M-lady took him from Nanny J at 5:30, where she found them reading lots and lots of books. They played with (non-connected) computer keyboards for a while, and then Bud discovered that he could just reach the light switch in the playroom if he climbed up onto the back of the couch and reached over his bookcase. He had a great time turning the lights on and off.

I made it home around 6:30. Bud immediately showed me his new skill, and I marveled at his climbing, balance, ingenuity, and fearlessness. I got a reasonable video of him climbing up, as well. M-lady and I got started on dinner. Bud wasn't really interested, and got a little fussy, but after about three minutes of quiet time was ready to come out and eat.

He ate a lot, too. M-lady had prepared some leftovers from dinner at Nanny J's over the weekend, and Bud chowed down. He ate all the food M-lady was planning on having for herself.

I made some Mac and Cheese for myself, which M-lady shared and Bud tried. He liked it, but having eaten so much already for dinner, he only had a couple of bites before declaring himself "All Done!".

After dinner, we played a little and then sat down to watch some TV. Bud was very interested in the dogs of the Westminster Kennel Club competition, so we watched the end of that before turning on Cars. It was getting a little late, so we ended up skipping the bedtime story at Bud's request. He went to sleep pretty quickly.


Bud woke this morning at about 7:15, and I got up with him. We hung out in his room for about twenty minutes before we changed his diaper and headed out to get some milk.

He was in a pretty good mood this morning, and we played and read some stories before we watched some Bob the Builder episodes. He's enjoying getting back into those.

Nanny J arrived around 9:00, and Bud was a little distraught when I disappeared into the office, but I think was consoled with a cookie.

He went with Nanny J to the library today, although there wasn't a reading hour. They played outside for while as well, although I think they came back home in the afternoon when it got a bit rainy. Bud had a nap and an bath in the later afternoon.

He was pretty happy when I saw him around 5:30, and we played with balls and his step stools for a while. He would climb onto the step stools and jump off, repeatedly, and was having a great time with that. He seems to have a pretty good sense of balance, all things considered, and managed to stick his landings more often than not.

I cooked pancakes for dinner, and Bud watched for a few minutes before discovering a measuring cup in the sink. I turned the water on at a trickle for him, and he happily played with the water in the sink while I got dinner ready. In fact, he didn't want to stop to have dinner.

Eventually he joined me eating pancakes, and ate three. With syrup, of course. We worked on forking the pieces of pancake, but it's a remarkably subtle skill.

after dinner, we played for a bit, and worked on drinking water from a non-sippy cup. Bud enjoyed practicing with his sports water bottle without the spout attached. He only dribble water down his front a couple of times.

M-lady arrived home from work shortly before we sat down to watch some Cars. We did the bedtime routine together, and Bud was clearly a bit tired and ready to go to bed, so was very agreeable. He only called for us twice before going to sleep tonight.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

First Corn Dog

I left for a bike race this morning right as Bud was waking up, around 7:30. M-lady got up with him and hung out with him in his room for a while before they got dressed and went out to have some milk. The had some waffles as well, and generally had a pleasant morning.

They went to Target together, and M-lady let Bud walk around on his own. He stayed pretty close, and had a great time. They arrived home right around the same time I did.

M-lady kept an eye on Bud while I showered (and she lunched), and then took a nap while I hung out with Bud. I ate my lunch while he played, and tried to entice him to eat. He wasn't really interested, though. Eventually, after I finished, he sat down in front of the food M-lady had put out for him and started munching. He had a reasonably solid lunch, including a fair bit of apple.

After lunch we watched a little TV, and he was getting a little drowsy so I tried to put him down for his nap. He was resistant until I promised to lie down on the couch next to him in his crib. He fell asleep inside 5 minutes.

He slept for a solid two hours, and was a bit groggy when he got up. M-lady and I let him wake slowly, and after spending a few minutes in the computer room watching YouTube clips, we packed up and headed off to the mall to get some dinner and do a little Valentine's Day shopping.

At the mall Bud and I split a corn dog for dinner, along with some fries and a cherry lemonade. He really liked the corn dog, and ate about a third of it. M-lady went and got one for herself (never having had one before), and Bud ate about half of that one. He had a lot of corn dog. The fries were a hit, of course, as was the cherry lemonade. Bud ate a lot for dinner. Were going to have to make sure the junk food doesn't happen too often, though, since he really likes it.

Bud was content to ride on his rollerboard for a while, but wanted to walk after that. The mall was pretty crowded, and we couldn't let him walk without holding one of our hands. He got a bit frustrated and fussy, so we headed home before too long.

At home, we played for a bit before starting the bedtime routine, watching Cars and having milk and cereal. He was happy through the routine, although he escaped after we got his PJs on and made a break for the play room. After a few minutes, we got him back on track and brushed his teeth.

He called for me several time before falling asleep tonight, rather than just once. Each time he called, I was just able to stick my head in, say goodnight again, and he'd lie back down. I hope the repeated calling was because he was still pretty energetic when we put him to bed, rather than a new trend. Eventually he fell asleep on his own.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Dinner at Nanny J's

Bud woke this morning around 7:30, and was coughing quite a bit. M-lady went to see how he was doing, and offered him a drink of water. He accepted, then snoozed and was mellow in his crib until about 8:15.

I went out and joined them in the playroom around 8:30, and M-lady went back to sleep for a little while. Bud seemed to be feeling pretty well, so we read some stories, played with his new play set a bit, and spent some time with his new karaoke/CD player. He was more interested in the CD capabilities today, but I'm sure he'll like the mics and singing part soon.

We watched a couple of Bob the Builder episodes later in the morning, and then had a snack of toast with butter and some more milk. Bud hung out with M-lady and me in the bedroom while we got dressed, and showed off his climbing skills by getting up to previously unreachable parts of the bookcases. Guess it's time to evacuate some of the items to higher ground...

M-lady took off to run some errands, and while I had considered a trip out with Bud, it was getting a bit close to nap time. So we sat in front of the PC for a while and watched some YouTube: mostly drum clips, guitar clips, and lots of Pat and Stanley. Boy, does he love that hippo.

We repaired for lunch after a bit, and while Bud ate, he didn't really eat very much. He had a yogurt (through a straw), some crackers, and some apple. I couldn't interest him in the fried rice or tortellini. In any case, he went down for his nap graciously after lunch, and slept for almost three hours.

M-lady was home by the time he woke up, and she got him up and changed before we packed up to head over to Nanny J's house for dinner. Bud was a little wary of Nanny J's husband at first, but warmed up quickly and had a great time chasing balls around the living room, swapping CDs in the CD player, and trying to get at the blind pulls in the windows.

Dinner was fantastic, and Bud ate pretty well, as he missed his usual afternoon snack. He really was very well behaved, although all four of us didn't really get to sit at the table together very much after he had finished eating.

We left at about 8:00, a bit after Bud's bedtime. When we got home, I watched a little Cars with him, and then we got ready for bed. M-lady and I discovered that he'd had a big, non-stinky poop which had leaked a bit, so we spent some time cleaning that up. He was good about getting his teeth brushed again, and went to bed without a problem. I wasn't too worried since he had a long nap today, but it would be nice if he slept in a little bit tomorrow.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Umbrellas and a New Playset

M-lady got up with Bud this morning around 7:30, although they ended up hanging out in his room for a while before he actually got out of his crib. He had his milk, and they played for a little bit before M-lady could get him ready to go to gymnastics.

It was raining pretty hard, so Nanny J came to our house rather than meeting M-lady and Bud at gymnastics, since she figured it might be a good day to skip class. But Bud was determined to go, so she and M-lady took him to class. He apparently had a great time with the umbrellas. He didn't do any of the activities in class, just played with the umbrellas the whole time. Nanny J got him to hang on the rings once by putting the umbrella up there, but other than that, it was a non-gymnastic kind of day.

Bud slept and ate well during the day, and was having a snack after his nap when I arrived home from work around 4:30ish. M-lady got home at 5:30, and we said goodbye to Nanny J.

Bud and I opened up a package which arrived from Grandma W and Granddad B, which contained a play set which Bud had enjoyed while we were visiting in Denver. Bud, however, found the styrofoam peanuts in which the play set was packed to be extremely entertaining. For a while, he was taking each peanut out of the box, breaking it in half, and putting the halves back into the box.

Bud and I had a video call with the grandparents to say thank you for sending the play set, and Bud enjoyed chatting and watching videos with the them. M-lady made dinner while we were talking, so after the chat it was dinner time.

Bud didn't eat any of the tortellini, but he did have some toast and some graham crackers. Not much of a meal, but he'd had a reasonable snack not too much earlier. He did drink a fair amount of milk, too.

It was just about time to get ready for bed after dinner, so we watched a little bit of Cars, and started the routine. He went to bed without too much fuss, although he seems to be in the habit of calling for M-lady or me about 15 minutes after we put him down. He goes to sleep after we go in and lie him back down, though.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dental Routine

Bud woke this morning a little before 8:00, right as I was getting back from dropping R off at the train station. He and I hung out in his room for a while, and eventually got up and changed his diaper. He then proceeded to stand on top of the back of the sofa for a while before he decided it was time to go get some milk. He had some milk and we read stories until Nanny J arrived at 9:00.

Apparently they did go to the library yesterday, but today they didn't get out of the house. It was rainier today, and Bud still has that cough, along with a slightly runny nose. Doesn't seem to be slowing him down much, though. He had a good nap and got a bath in the late afternoon.

I took Bud from Nanny J at about 5:30, and he immediately climbed all over me. After a little bit of wrestling, we settled down in front of the TV to wait for M-lady to get home. We were just reheating some pizza for dinner when she arrived. Bud ate a whole piece of pizza for dinner.

M-lady watched Bud while I went and tried to nap, but Bud has figured out how to open doors. He came into the bedroom several times and crawled up on the bed to have a look at me. So I dozed a bit, but didn't really get a nap.

At about 7:30 I got up and sat with Bud for milk and cereal while we watched some Cars. Bud let me brush his teeth again, so I think we've established a healthy dental pattern here. The rest of the routine went smoothly, and Bud went to sleep well.

We had a dance rehearsal tonight, and had a babysitter over while we were gone. Bud apparently woke while she was here, and she let him know that we were out dancing and would be back soon, and rubbed his back until he went back to sleep. He seems to have handled it remarkably well, as he hasn't met this babysitter before. He was sleeping soundly when we returned.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Climb Every Sofa

Bud slept through the night, and actually slept until about 9:00. He's clearly still recovering from his cold, and had a bit of a loose cough today, as well as a bit of a runny nose.

Nanny J got him up when she arrived around nine, and he was in pretty good spirits when I saw him a few minutes later as they came out for breakfast. I had to leave for work in short order, but it sounded like they had a pretty good day. They stayed in (it was a little rainy), and he napped well and ate well.

I got home around 5:15, and after I'd set down my stuff and gotten settled, I went out and found Bud standing on the back of the sofa looking out the window. He was having a grand time, having reached the window shade pull. Nanny J was keeping a close eye on him. I suppose it was only a matter of time before he discovered he could climb on the back of the sofa...

M-lady went to pick up dinner, and I watched Bud on the back of the sofa for a while. He was very content to stay perched up there. I took him down a couple times, once to say goodbye to Nanny J, and the first thing he did when I put him down was run back to his room and climb up again.

Eventually I lured him into the car so we could go pick up friend R at the train station by telling Bud we were going to see a train. We arrived at the station just in time to see the train pull up, which Bud enjoyed. He told R about the 'big train' we saw, and we said goodbye to the train as we watched it pull away.

M-lady met us at home with sushi, and Bud had a couple of pieces: a couple of kappa and a Stanford roll. He actually ate a roll's worth of the kappa, and just kind of pushed the Stanford roll around. He also ate a fair bit of a scrambled egg I prepared for him.

We played a little bit with R before bed, and then watched some Cars with milk and cereal. He let me brush his teeth again, and went to bed quietly. M-lady asked if he wanted his piano music, and he declined, asking for music with bass and drums. I think he wanted to fall asleep to Led Zepplin. Since we didn't have anything like that, we didn't start any music for him.

About ten minutes after we left him, he called me back into the room, asking for yogurt again. Since I knew he'd just eaten a pretty good dinner, I ignored the request, laid him down again, and started his music. He fell asleep pretty quickly after that.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Real Tooth-Brushing

Bud slept peacefully through the night again. I had another long day at work, and consequently left before Bud got up in the morning. M-lady woke him at about 8:30, after the cleaners had already arrived. She was afraid he might be a bit grumpy, as he often is when not allowed to wake on his own. Instead he blinked, smiled, and said "Vacuum!" having heard the cleaners working in other parts of the house. I guess it's a good way for him to wake up.

He had a good day with Nanny J, going to both his art and music classes, and then took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. He got a bath later in the afternoon, and M-lady took him at about 5:30. I arrived home a little before 6:00. He told me a bit about his day, and we played and wrestled a little bit. I seem to have caught his cold, though, so we kept it pretty low-key.

At about 6:15 I left to go pick up friend R from the train station, who will be staying with us the next couple of nights. We grabbed a couple of pizzas on the way home, and all sat down to dinner when we arrived. Bud munched his pizza quietly, keeping an eye on R. I'm not sure if he remembers R or not, but he didn't show immediate distrust and fear. Bud was also pretty tired by that time, as well.

After dinner we watched a little bit of Cars, and then it was time for bed. Bud didn't want to brush his teeth, so we skipped that part of the routine. Then when we got to reading the story, he ran away from M-lady and I and trotted off to the bathroom, saying "teeth!". So I went back to brush his teeth with him.

Tonight he let me hold the toothbrush, and opened up so I could get a good look and do a reasonable job brushing his teeth! I think I got all four molars, and fronts and backs of the upper and lower incisors. I gave him lots of praise... with any luck we'll be able to repeat this.

After that is was story and straight into bed. He went willingly, and fell asleep quickly.

Monday, February 05, 2007

No Barf Today

Bud slept through the night last night... no midnight ER trips! He woke this morning at about 9:00. He clearly needed the sleep. He was in a pretty good mood when he got up, and Nanny J had just arrived. He didn't run a fever today, and seemed to be feeling OK every time I checked in on him.

He didn't go to class today, of course, and spent a pretty mellow day inside. He ate a reasonable lunch, but ended up not falling asleep for his nap until about 3:30. Nanny J woke him at 5:00 so he didn't throw off his sleep schedule too much more.

M-lady took him from Nanny J at about 5:30, while I napped a little (I got the cold, too). Bud came into the bedroom at 6:00 to say "Baba, dinner!" while pointing back at the kitchen. He can carry messages now!

He didn't join M-lady and me for dinner, but danced to music and figured out how his portable CD player works. He knows how to play, pause, and skip tracks now.

After more not-eating, I sat down and played with him for a bit before he told me he had a poopy diaper ("Poopified!"). So we went and got him changed, and went ahead and put him in his PJs at the same time. I sat with him and watched a Wallace and Gromit, and then we watched some of Cars while having milk and cereal. The bedtime routine went reasonably smoothly, although he seemed a bit fussy. When we put him in his crib he started asking for dinner (which he'd missed).

So we took him back out to the kitchen and fed him his dinner. After he'd had some spaghetti, some pineapple, and a yogurt he was ready to go to bed. We managed to get him into bed right around 8:00, so the late dinner didn't cause too much delay. He made noise once, and I went to sooth him. After that he fell asleep peacefully. Hopefully he'll sleep through the night again.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Still Fine During the Day

I snuck out to a bike race this morning, before Bud and M-lady got up. M-lady took care of Bud this morning: they had a mellow and fun time. Bud was sort of snacking his way through lunch when I got back around noon.

Bud was in good spirits. No fever, no cough, plenty of energy. He didn't really seem very sick at all, and was fine for almost the whole day. He never ran a fever, and we didn't have to give him Motrin (although he asked for some, apparently).

Friends started arriving about 1:30 for our Superbowl party, starting with Aunt O and Uncle C. Bud was happy to see them. We tried to get Bud to take a nap, but he was too interested in the people showing up.

Other friends arrived, and Bud got a little quieter, although he seemed reasonably comfortable the whole time. Since he was sick, none of the other young ones came to the party, so he was the center of attention. Eventually, Bud decided to take a nap.

After being in his crib for about five minutes, I heard him call me, so I went to see what he wanted. He asked for yogurt. "Um, OK." So I took him back out, sat him down, and fed him a yogurt. After that, he asked for his nap again, and fell asleep quickly.

He slept for about an hour and a half, which was most of the first half of the game. He was a little groggy when he woke, but warmed quickly enough. He had a good time chewing up carrots (and mostly spitting them out again), eating cherry tomatoes, investigating the drinks and other items within reach, and climbing on me. He also enjoyed flirting with Nanny K and some of the other folks present.

Eventually, as the outcome of the game became more certain, fewer people watched the game and more watched Bud and his antics. He wanted to do the run in a circle dance for a while, so I obliged him until I started feeling a bit dizzy. We had a good time with that. He didn't really eat a well defined dinner, instead sort of snacking on the things we had available (cold cuts, veggies, chips, etc.)

After the party we got him to sit down for dinner around 7:00. Using M-lady's fried rice, I added some chicken broth to make a soup. Bud ate a bowlful, and we tried to give him his medicine after that, which is a liquid prednisone. The liquid is very, very bitter, as prednisone tends to be. Bud had a little taste, made a terrible face, and didn't want any more. I couldn't blame him. While I was considering alternate ways to get the meds into him, he vomited up his dinner. We've had this problem before... the medicine really turns his stomach.

We decided to chance it and not give him the medication tonight (I'm not sure there's a way we could get him to keep it down, anyways), and we'll call the doctor tomorrow.

He went to bed without fuss after we got him cleaned up. After he was in his crib for about five minutes, I heard him call my name. When I went in to check on him, he asked for yogurt again. Since he'd lost most of his dinner, I obliged. You can reread the paragraph above: he ate yogurt, and went to sleep without issue after that.

With any luck he'll manage to sleep through the night. We've heard a little bit of coughing, but it doesn't seem to be too bad.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Only Sick at Night

Bud woke this morning at about 4:30, running a 103 degree temperature. We gave him some more Motrin, and put him back to bed. I slept in his room with him for the rest of the night. He woke me up around 8:30 or so.

We got up and hung out in his room for a bit before heading out to get some milk. He wasn't running a fever in the morning, and seemed to be doing well pretty much all day. I thought we'd take it easy for the morning, though, so we read some stories and sat and watched Sesame Street. Eventually I tried to get him dressed, but he didn't want to wear anything except his football jersey ("No pants!").

We watched a little bit of an indoor track and field meet on TV, and eventually, I got some pants on the boy. Once he was mostly dressed, we packed up and headed out for a quick trip to Fry's. Bud was well behaved there, and once we had determined that they were not showing Animusic on any of the display TVs, we spent some time perusing the vacuum cleaner aisle. Bud really liked that.

Bud was cute enough that the cashier offered him a couple of balloons when we were heading out. Balloons!

We got home in time to get started on lunch, and Bud mostly refused the noodles and spinach I prepared for him. M-lady got home from ballet, and I prepared some ramen for her. Bud enjoyed sharing a fair bit of M-lady's ramen, so he got something for lunch.

Bud had a reasonable nap after lunch, and M-lady and I slept some as well. M-lady got up with him when he got up, and they played together for an hour or so before I joined them. We spent the next hour slowly getting ready for a grocery store run.

Since we took so long to get going to the grocery store, we decided to pick up some dinner first. Bud had french fries, milk, and shared a portion of M-lady's sandwich. It was a respectable meal. We headed for the grocery store afterwards.

Bud was great in the grocery, and we were able to get most of our shopping done pretty quickly. When we got home, I cut up some pineapple for Bud, which he thoroughly enjoyed. We checked his temperature, and discovered he had a low-grade fever, around 100 degrees. So we gave him another dose of Motrin, and started getting ready for bed.

Bud was pretty tired, so the bedtime routine went pretty quickly. We watched some Animusic, skipped most of the tooth-brushing, and skipped the story again tonight. He fell asleep peacefully.

Unfortunately, he woke around 10:30 struggling to breath. He wasn't coughing too much, but it was clear he'd gotten croup again. Rats. M-lady and I did our best to handle things, but eventually ended up taking him to the ER.

We spent a couple of hours at the local ER, and all in all Bud was pretty good. He got his same nebulized racemic epinephrine treatment and shot of dexamethasone, and then got a 'cool mist' treatment.

Basically for the 'cool mist' was a humidifier hooked up to a tube which I pointed at Bud's face. Bud tolerated it for a while, then wanted to point it at my face, then M-lady's face, etc. So we all took turns. After the cool mist treatment finished, they wanted us to sit for a few minutes to make sure he didn't relapse. Bud looked at the tube, grabbed it, held it up to his face and asked for more.

The doctor decided he was doing OK and let us get out of the hospital around 1:30am. When we got home, we settled Bud by watching a Pingu, and then headed for bed. He fell asleep pretty quickly, and although his breathing is not as labored as it was, it is still a little noisy. I hope he sleeps in a little tomorrow.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Gymnastic Progress

Bud managed to sleep in this morning until a bit after 7:00 (yay!), and M-lady got up with him (yay!). They had a good morning together, and came in to say hi around 8:20 or so.

I got myself dressed and managed to get him dressed, and we headed out to his gymnastics class. We met Nanny J there, and Bud seemed pretty happy to be at class. He did his warm up runs back and forth across the floor pretty well, and even managed to do a couple of new skills. First, the coach demonstrated sideways bear walks: the standard bear walks are like crawling, but without letting your knees hit the ground. As far as I know, Bud hasn't demonstrated consistent bear walk skills. But he went ahead and did the sideways bear walk pretty well. There was some sideways crawling involved, but overall he did a remarkably good job, both of following the instructions and executing the exercise.

The other first that I witnessed today happened a few minutes later when we started stretches. The stretches are mostly for the parents, I think, but the kids humor us. Today when we started with the neck stretches, Bud joined in for the first time. He looked up, and down, and tilted his head to each side. It was pretty cool to see the level of coordination he's starting to achieve.

He had fun in gymnastics, particularly on the Tumble Trac that we went to later. At the end of class I headed for work, and Nanny J took Bud back to the Tai Chi class, where he was invited in again. Apparently there wasn't music today, though, so Bud found it a bit less interesting than last time.

He apparently had a pretty quiet day after that, and when I got home around 5:30 he was already looking a little sleepy. We watched some guitar videos on YouTube, when I thought we might want to check his temperature. Sure enough, he was running a fever of about 102.5 degrees. He was also chewing on his fingers and drooling all over the place... maybe it's a teething-related fever. We gave him some Motrin and laid low for the rest of the evening, mostly watching Cars.

He ate some chicken nuggets and milk for dinner, and his appetite was still reasonable. He topped it off with some cereal before we went and changed his diaper and put him to bed. He wasn't interested in a story again tonight, so we skipped it. He fell asleep pretty quickly, with the fever down under 100. With any luck it won't wake him during the night, and he'll be OK tomorrow.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Drawing Techniques

Bud woke this morning first at about 6:20, and M-lady went to see what he was up to. I think they slept together for another hour or so, when I went to hang out with Bud. I changed his diaper about 15 minutes later, and we were off to the kitchen for some milk.

Bud and I watched a Sesame Street this morning, and afterwards he wanted to draw with crayons for a bit. He's dabbling with a new technique: scribbling. Whereas before he had a tendency to draw a single line, then lift the crayon and draw another single line, this morning he started scribbling the crayon back and forth. Usually over a 'happy face' I drew for him at his request. Yay for new drawings!

Nanny J arrived shortly thereafter, and Bud quickly lost interest in me. He dragged his feet a bit, but they eventually went to the library in the later morning. He had a good lunch and nap, and finished up the pineapple chunks we had socked away in the fridge.

M-lady got home to hang out with Bud for a while before I managed to get home. When I arrived, M-lady told me that she was feeling sick, for the same reason I did last night: dancing in circles with Bud. I'm glad he's having such a good time of it. Hopefully he'll come up with some less-nauseating dances soon, though.

We had a thrown together meal for dinner, and Bud enjoyed munching carefully on some Grape-nuts, just like Daddy. Crunchy!

After dinner we played for a bit, and read some of his Mandarin word books. He knows more of the words than I do, now. We sat down in front of Cars for a bit before bedtime, and started the routine with Pingu. Bud got a little cranky after brushing teeth, and didn't want to read a story. He was pretty happy in his crib with a pacifier and his blanky, though. He went to sleep without a problem. Hopefully he'll stop waking up quite so early...