Thursday, November 30, 2006

Back Home Again

I arrived home this evening at about 6:00pm. M-lady hadn't quite gotten home from work, so Bud and Nanny J greeted me at the door. Bud actually didn't seem terribly excited. I got a couple of smiles, but he was really into playing with the pan he was holding.

He became very interested in my suitcase when I brought that in. I had been giving a set of demos on my business trip, so the case was packed with telephones, laptops, power bricks, a hub, lots of cables, and my clothes. It weighed a bit over 50 pounds. Bud tried to move it after I set it down and declared it "Heavy! Very heavy!". I moved the case to our room so I could unpack it, and Bud pushed at it again: "Too heavy!" It's pretty neat that he's applying multiple adverbs.

He had a good dinner of chicken, but we ran out of milk, so M-lady had to make a run to the store before bedtime. Bud and I chatted and played for a little bit, and then watched some Animusic and some Totoro. I made a quick call to my mom to see how things were going; when I put Bud on the phone to talk to his grandma, he smiled at the phone while she talked for a bit, and then said "Cookie!" Not quite sure why, but I'm sure he'll ply her for cookies when we head out to visit in a couple of weeks. Maybe he's just getting warmed up.

Bedtime was straightforward, and he only fussed once after we put him in his crib. I think he might have been afraid that I was going to leave again. I reassured him that I would see him in the morning, and he fell asleep quickly after that.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Sorry for the lack of posting: I'm on a business trip up in Seattle for the week. M-lady is being supermommy, taking care of Bud by herself. What a star.

There may be a guest post or two coming. I'll be getting back home Thursday night, and will try to put up at least a short post then. Missing my family!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Settling in at Home

Bud slept well last night, and woke up around 7:15ish. I got up with him, and changed a poopy diaper, and we eventually headed out to the kitchen after he de-grogged a bit.

He sipped at his milk, and we played with his veggies and toy cars quite a bit during the morning. He seemed to be in a pretty good mood, although he wasn't very hungry. At about 8:30 we looked in on M-lady, and I handed Bud over to her at about 8:45.

I had a short training ride to go on at about 9:30, and M-lady took care of Bud until I got back at about 11:30. They made a trip out to Macy's, and seemed to generally have a good morning.

I helped get Bud set up for lunch, and then jumped into the shower to clean up. When I emerged, Bud was just finishing up his meal, which consisted mostly of milk and noodles. A ton of noodles. Bud and I played for a bit, watching some YouTube clips and then catching the end of the 49er's vs. Rams football game. At about 1:00 he seemed to be getting a little tired, so I put him down for a nap. He went right to sleep.

He had a good two-hour nap. When he got up, we played with his toy cars and trucks some more. We also spent some time reading books, and wrestling. He ate raisins periodically all afternoon as well. Since it was too rainy to go out, we just had a nice, mellow, indoor afternoon.

We had spaghetti for dinner, and Bud enjoyed some more noodles. He had a little orange as well, and another cup of milk. After dinner M-lady and I played more with Bud until we decided it was shower time. After the drive yesterday, we needed to get him washed off. The shower was pretty quick, and he had a good time.

I endeavored to trim Bud's toenails after we got dried off and warmed up. I set him down in front of Animusic and wrestled with his feet for a while. He squirmed. I managed to get the most offending nails clipped, but there are at least two toenails that escaped untouched. I'll have to try again soon. But I think his feet are fairly safe again.

It was time to start the bedtime routine after the nails got trimmed, so we had milk and Pingu and went back to the old routine. Bud seemed to find it very comforting. He went to bed smiling, and fell asleep quickly. What a great kid.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Awesome Little Traveler

The grandparents took care of Bud in the morning, letting M-lady and I blissfully sleep in once again. They had a good time with karaoke, as promised, as well as watching some Sesame Street. Apparently Elmo dressed up as a broccoli, which I assume Bud just loved.

M-lady and I managed to get packed reasonably quickly, and joined Bud and the grandparents for lunch before the final car loading. Agu's new television arrived a few minutes before we needed to go, and Bud was very interested in getting his hands on that TV. He was a bit tired after the busy morning, and got fussy pretty quickly when we wouldn't let him play with it. So we loaded up, said our goodbyes, and hit the road at about 12:30.

Bud managed to stay awake for about 15 minutes, and then passed out cold. He napped for a little over an hour, and then woke up when we switched drivers.

We hoped he would sleep a little longer, but he was up for the rest of the drive. Fortunately, he was terrific. We listened to his music for a while, and sang along, and then M-lady put on some recent Madonna. Bud liked it quite a bit, and asked for "'donna" several times during the trip.

We stopped again for an early dinner and some running around at a truck stop just north of the Grapevine. We had waited too long to change Bud's diaper, and he had soaked through. After a quick change of clothes and a fresh diaper, he was ready to go. Bud shared some of pizza with M-lady and me, and then he and I ran around the truck stop a little bit while M-lady pulled his PJs out of the back and rearranged things in the car. Bud and I picked up a little more apple juice for him as well.

We drove for a little more than an hour before our next stop. Since it was getting dark, and we were in the middle of the central valley, there wasn't as much for Bud to look at outside. I set up one of his Animusic DVDs on my Mac, and that kept him entertained for a while.

After that it was a little more music before we stopped in Kettleman City for another dinner. Bud had some french fries, and I shared a shake with him. I was planning on taking the shake with me and sipping on it as we went, but I hadn't counted on it being delivered in a clear plastic cup. With whipped cream on top. Bud took one look and dove for it ("Ice cream?"). I knew there was no way to take it with us, so Bud and I finished it at the table.

Before we left we changed Bud into his PJs, and made sure he was pretty much set to sleep. We drove another hour, and Bud watched his Baby Einstein Meet the Orchestra DVD. He was clearly getting sleepy at that point, so we made one last stop, got gas and checked his diaper, and then drove the home stretch. Bud fell asleep a little after 8:00.

He had been up from 2:00 to 8:00, with two hour-long (or so) stops to stretch his legs and run around a bit. He didn't really fuss very much at all. What a trooper! I think as long as we have DVDs and music available, he'll handle a short plane trip with ease. Over the next few weeks we'll need to get him used to the idea of listening to music or watching DVDs with headphones. I'm sure he'll pick it up pretty quickly.

We arrived home a bit after 10:00, and Bud made the transfer to his crib without comment. He woke up a little when we stopped the car, but went right back to sleep when I put him down. What a great little kid.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Soap in the Eye

Bud woke up this morning at about 7:15, and I got up and changed his diaper before handing him off to Ama and going back to sleep for a little while. Bud apparently had a pretty good morning, and ate lots (waffle, toast, cereal, milk, etc.).

The grandparents had another new toy for him this morning, but apparently he wasn't very interested in it. It involved little nested eggs and sounds that they made, but I didn't really get a very good look at it. He continued to have fun playing with his veggies, though.

I managed to get out for a ride in the later morning, while the grandparents and M-lady took Bud out to Old Poway. There was much admiration of a big fountain, as well as dancing on the enpty pavillion stage. The grandparents recommended that we go back on a weekend sometime, so that we can take Bud on the replica train they have there that runs around the park.

Bud had about a 90 minute nap in the afternoon, and a reasonably good snack of crackers after he woke up. It reminded me of how much I loved Ritz crackers when I was a kid. We'll have to pick some up for him when we get home.

We spent most of the later afternoon playing with the Mega-Blocks, his veggies, a little beach ball, and tumbling on the couch a bit. He would push a foam block up to one side of the couch and then crawl over the arm, tumbling heels over head onto the couch, giggling and laughing. We had to keep an eye on him to make sure he didn't tumble to the floor, but he had a great time.

At dinner we were visited by Great-Aunt L, and although Bud was a little shy of her at first, he warmed up pretty quickly. Bud ate a spring roll at dinner, as well as a startling large portion of broccoli. It was one of those "Where does he put it all?" moments.

He played around Aunt L for much of the rest of the evening, and had a good time dancing to some Fogerty that Agu put on. He also got his Christmas gift from Aunt L a bit early: a train of animals! He really had a good time with it, even still in its packaging.

Bud started getting a little tired by the end of the evening, and we plopped him into the shower with me. We had a good and successful shower, but as I was putting on his diaper he grabbed the baby soap and dumped a bunch into his eye. Johnson & Johnson's 'No More Tears' does, in fact, produce tears when dumped directly in the eye. I managed to wash his face without too much incident, and his eye didn't show any ill effects. He was a bit sniffly as we started the bedtime routine, but was fine after watching a couple of Animusics and snacking a bit.

He went to sleep quietly. The grandparents have plans to set him up on the karaoke machine tomorrow morning...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey Day with Veggies

Bud slept in a little bit later today, but not as late as M-lady and I got to sleep in. Thanks, grandparents!

The grandparents had kept Bud entertained by pulling out a new toy for him. Velcro'd Vegetables. Plastic veggies, in sections that are velcro'd together, that he can "cut" apart with a plastic knife. Check out M-lady's post. Bud spent hours today cutting veggies.

We managed to get on the road a bit before 10:00, and all headed up to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. It was a pleasant walk, and Bud had a great time looking at the animals. He really liked the lions, the meercats, and a monitor lizard which we got to see up close.

He would get a little frustrated by our insistence that he walk on the marked paths, and when he got tired that made for some fussing. After a solid lunch we made our way out of the park, and Bud slept for about three hours when we got home.

After he woke up, it was more vegetable cutting before dinner was ready. He enjoyed some beautifully prepared turkey, spring rolls (one of his favorites), and green beans. I couldn't convince him to try the cranberry sauce, though. His loss...

We showered him later in the evening, washing away the remnants of the Wild Animal Park. Bedtime was again supplemented by Animusic and My Neighbor Totoro, which Bud is coming to enjoy quite a bit. He went to bed willingly, and fell asleep quickly tonight. I think the grandparents have been wearing him out.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fun With Grandparents

Staying with the grandparents is nice. Particularly since they get up early, and take care of Bud in the morning. M-lady and I were indebted to them for watching Bud this morning for a bit while she and I slept in.

I needed to work, so actually spent most of the day holed up in the office. I could hear Bud having a great time, though. The grandparents had a bucket of Mega-Blocks for him, and also found a little aquarium net which Bud spent most of the afternoon running around with.

In the late morning they took a little walk around the backyard, and turned on the small fountain they have in their garden for him. Boy, did Bud like that. He got soaked, and had a terrific time.

He ate a big lunch and had a good nap. Afterwards, the grandparents took him on a walk to the local park while M-lady and I dashed out for a few odds and ends at Target. We all had a nice dinner together, and then Bud enjoyed playing some more before settling in for the bedtime routine. We didn't have access to Pingu (I probably should have burned some DVDs), so we watched a little Animusic and a little bit of My Neighbor Totoro.

Bud took a little while to fall asleep, but seemed to be pretty content by himself, turning his music on repeatedly before drifting off.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

First Conscious Road Trip!

Bud woke this morning at about 7:00, and M-lady went to watch him. Bud didn't eat a lot in the morning. When Nanny J arrived at 9:00, she tempted him with a cookie. He immediate ditched me and headed for his chair... I think he understands cookies now.

Bud went to his class in the morning with Nanny J, and she fed him a pretty reasonable lunch. M-lady and I packed frantically all morning, as the trip kind of snuck up on us and we hadn't even thought about packing until late last night. Bud was a little concerned as we packed the car that he might get left behind, but was pretty happy when we put him in his seat and all loaded up.

We grabbed some lunch on our way out of the neighborhood, and Bud shared my french fries. We tried to get him to eat a little bit of chicken, but he was not interested.

When we got on the freeway, Bud sang songs for a few minutes before passing out for his nap, which was expected. He ended up sleeping for a little more than two hours, and we had made good progress. He woke when we stopped at a rest area a bit south of Coalinga.

We all got out and stretched our legs a bit, and we changed Bud's diaper. He didn't want to get back in his seat, but we bribed him with a ginger snap cookie, and he seemed reasonably content with that.

Bud really enjoyed looking at all the trucks on the road, and generally taking in the scenery. We also put on a CD of his Chinese songs, and we all sang along. He's really got some of those songs down.

We stopped again about an hour later for dinner, where Bud had more french fries. In fact, he ate fries to the exclusion of the ice cream I got for dessert. I had no idea that fries trumped ice cream. After dinner we ran around the truck stop store for a little bit, and Bud was intent on touching every single different kind of candy within reach on the display racks. He had a good time burning off a little energy, and I had fun watching him (although it was a bit exasperating putting all that candy back).

We loaded up again (with the help of a cookie bribe), and drove for another hour. It started getting dark, but it was still too early for Bud to go to sleep. I fired up his Animusic DVD on my laptop, and he had a good time watching that for a while. The next stop was to take a quick stretch and put Bud in his PJs.

Bud managed to stay awake until about 8:15. He woke briefly when we stopped about an hour later, but went right back to sleep when we got on the road again. He also woke when we arrived at Ama and Agu's house shortly before 11:00, but eventually settled down and went back to sleep in his Pack 'n Play crib.

This was the first time we've tried the long drive with him while he was conscious for long periods. He never really got very fussy, which was great. The music and the DVD kept him pretty occupied. Having him nap at the beginning of the trip was also good, since he was in a pretty good mood when he woke up. We'll probably try a similar timing strategy when we drive back.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Bud woke this morning at about 7:15, and I got up with him. We had a very mellow morning, including reading some books, playing with his peek-a-blocks, and settling in to watch a bit of Sesame Street. He was in a good mood, although he didn't eat much overall... just a few ounces of milk and a little bit of waffle.

I handed him off to M-lady at about 8:45, and Nanny J arrived shortly thereafter. Nanny J brought a gift for Bud: a set of little trucks, trains, and trailers. Bud had a great time with them without even removing them from the packaging! Later in the day I took the snowplow out for him. He drove it around for a minute or two, and then stuck it back in its place in the package.

Bud went to class with Nanny J today, for the first time in a week. He still has just a little bit of a lingering cough, but his energy is back up to normal, and he seems healthy again. He had a solid nap in the afternoon, and a bath a little after that.

In the evening, Bud and I sat a read some books before M-lady arrived home. I prepared a bowl of shell noodles and peas for him, and then watched him feed himself with a spoon. So cool! We can plunk him down in his chair and leave him unattended and happy for a few minutes!

He also ate some chicken and a little of my pizza at dinner, before asking to get down and running around again. We wrestled a little bit and changed a diaper, and then I put some swing music on.

Bud and I danced for a bit, but by then end of the tune Bud had started coughing just a little bit. I decided it was time to calm down, so we watched a little bit of Animusic and a little bit of My Neighbor Totoro before settling in for milk and Pingu.

Nanny K arrived for a visit right before Bud went to bed, and he looked at her suspiciously at first. She pointed out that Bud probably thought M-lady and I were going to leave. When he figured out that we were all hanging around, he smiled and waved goodnight to Nanny K.

The bedtime routine went fairly smoothly, although he cried when we first put him down. I think it was still some anxiety that we were going to leave. I soothed him for about 30 seconds and he was fine.

We'll be pretty busy for the Thanksgiving weekend, so updates may come a little sporadically this week. Apologies in advance.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Bud was very rambunctious today... he certainly seems quite recovered.

M-lady took care of Bud for almost the entire day. She got up with him in the morning at about 7:00, and after some coaxing Bud had some milk. They watched some YouTube, and eventually I joined them briefly while I was getting ready for a bike race. M-lady took the opportunity to get dressed for the day, and then I left them reading books and watching a little more YouTube.

They played a little bit more, and then came to see some of my bike race. M-lady told Bud they were going to see me, and he called my name expectantly when M-lady opened the garage door, apparently expecting to see me in the garage. M-lady had to go on to explain that they were driving somewhere to see me.

They arrived a bit before my race started, so I got to hang out with them a little bit. Bud was really happy to see all the bikes, and was having a great time. The race was a criterium, so I was doing laps. Bud was apparently a bit distraught each time I rode away, and happy to see me approaching again a couple minutes later from the other direction. He learned from the other spectators and started calling, "Go! Go!" as the riders would go by.

M-lady and Bud stayed for the first five laps of the race or so, and then headed home to play some more and have some lunch. Bud ate a very solid lunch, and then trotted to his room for his nap. But he didn't nap. I got home from the race at about 12:30, and sat with Bud for a while before he fell asleep.

He napped from about 1:15 to about 3:00, and M-lady took Bud to visit Nanny K. Nanny K and M-lady had a good time chasing Bud around her apartment. He apparently had a lot of fun when he figured out how to open and close the blinds, and that kept him occupied for a while.

They arrived back home at about 6:30, and I was already halfway through cooking a batch of pancakes for dinner. Bud watched me finish up the cooking, and then ate a solid dinner of 4 pancakes. He inhaled the first 3 remarkably quickly. Fortunately, he's so determined to feed himself with a fork that he didn't actually choke himself stuffing pancake in his mouth.

After dinner we played and wrestled a little bit, and he had a bit of a coughing fit that ended after a little barf. So he's not entirely well, but he didn't seem to mind too much. We cleaned up, and watched a Bob the Builder and a Pingu before doing the bedtime routine. He went to bed peacefully.

Mostly Well Again

Bud woke coughing this morning at about 3:30, and M-lady went to check on him. He apparently went back to sleep reasonably quickly. He woke for good at about 7:00, and I got up with him.

We changed a diaper, had a little bit of milk, and read some books. Bud was interested in seeing some of My Neighbor Totoro, so we watched about 15 minutes of that. We caught some of his favorite clips on YouTube as well during the morning.

M-lady left for ballet at about 8:30, and Bud and I hung out, had some raisins, and eventually got dressed to go out. Bud didn't want to get dressed, so we eventually had a little time-out, where I put him in his crib for about a minute.

After getting dressed, we headed out to the nearby SportMart so I could pick up a new pair of track pants. Bud had fun running around in the clothing racks, as well as looking at all basketballs, footballs, and soccer balls. I think he really wants a basketball. Eventually we managed to leave without acquiring any excess equipment, though.

After SportMart we headed over to Fry's, and Bud was very patient riding in his stroller. As soon as we walked in, Bud started asking for Animusic, which had been showing on some of the overhead monitors the last time we were at Fry's. Unfortunately, they weren't showing this time, so I promised Bud we could watch some when we got home.

Once there, I put on Animusic and started preparing a hotdog for Bud for lunch. He had a good portion of the dog, and a good portion of peas as well. He ate the peas with a spoon by himself! He's starting to get the hang of self-feeding with utensils. Yay!

M-lady kept an eye on Bud for a bit as I did a little bit of music work for our dance performance in the evening, and then we put him to bed for a nap at about 12:30. He went down peacefully, and slept for about 90 minutes. M-lady watched him for a bit while I snoozed and started getting ready for the performance.

After I was showered and cleaned up a bit, I watched Bud for a bit while M-lady started getting ready. We shared three little oranges together... I believe they are California Clementines. Bud had most of the sections. He had a couple of crackers and some cereal to top off the snack. We watched some Sesame Street, and flipped over to the Ohio State / Michigan game occasionally.

Nanny J arrived at about 5:00, and M-lady and I departed for our performance. Bud wasn't too concerned about our leaving... he was busy drawing with a crayon, and waved us away happily.

Bud apparently had a pretty good night with Nanny J. He ate a good dinner, and played a lot, and went to bed without much issue. So he didn't need any medication today, he nose was only a little runny, and the coughing has subsided dramatically. He had enough energy to run laps around the living room, and discovered that the new couch is really bouncy when he jumps on it. So I think he's mostly recovered.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Feeling Better

Bud is doing better.

He woke this morning at about 5:30, briefly. I went in to check on him, and he lay back down in his crib. I sat next to him for a while, and eventually dozed off. We got up together around 7:30.

He had half a cup of milk, and we read books and played for a while, before watching a bit of his "Meet the Orchestra" DVD. He was generally in a better mood. No fever, just a little bit of coughing and runny nose. I didn't think his symptoms warranted any medications, and he managed to go the whole day without.

Nanny J arrived at about 9:00, and M-lady and I handed Bud over. He's managed to miss a whole week of classes, but better that than other kids getting croup. I think he's starting to get a little restless, though, and would rather start getting out and about a little more. Of course, the issue has been compounded a bit by the recent rainy weather, so even when he's felt good it's been too wet to play outside. I'll have to take him out tomorrow morning to a park or something.

He had a good lunch and a good nap, and got a bath in the afternoon as well. From the office it sounded like they generally had a good time today.

Bud has started using the adjective "big". "Big cough" he'll say after he coughs a bit. He's applied it to some other things as well... he clearly knows what it means. His other new trick today was covering his mouth when he coughed. He must have learned that from Nanny J, since we haven't really been pushing him to do it. It's nice, though.

M-lady and I took over from Nanny J at about 5:30, and Bud was pretty happy to see us. We watched some Sesame Street, and played for a bit. We ended up having a frozen pizza for dinner, which Bud enjoyed thoroughly. He had a fair bit of milk with dinner as well.

After dinner he wanted to see his "Meet the Orchestra" DVD again, and really engaged with it. He's naming all the instruments, and clearly having a good time. Can't wait to get this guy started on Suzuki piano or some other instrument.

The bedtime routine was back to normal tonight, including tooth brushing and a story. He went to bed peacefully.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Next Phase of Sick

Bud had less of a runny nose and cough today. He did have more of a fever, though.

He hasn't been sleeping particularly well, and this morning M-lady got up with him around 4:30 or so. After a little bit of juice and little bit of napping, and a lot of YouTube, M-lady handed him off to me around 7:00. I immediately thought he felt kind of hot so went to take his temperature.

It measured about 103 degrees, so I gave him a dose of Motrin and we were also pretty mellow during the next few hours. I checked his temperature periodically, and it fell steadily over the next few hours. He had some cereal and some more juice, and we watched some Animusic and looked for new clips on YouTube.

At about 9:00, Bud went back to M-lady's care, who did a fabulous job watching him for the next few hours. M-lady found a great video on YouTube of an animated hippo and dog singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", which Bud watched over and over again. I got to watch it with him quite a bit later in the day, as well. She also managed to feed him a reasonable lunch of rice porridge. He was significantly less barfy today, which was nice for everyone.

After lunch we gave Bud a dose of Tylenol and put him down for a nap, and he fell asleep pretty quickly. Nanny J arrived shortly thereafter, at about 12:00. Bud didn't sleep as much as he should have, only getting about 90 minutes. He was pretty cranky when he woke up with Nanny J, and I went out to check on him at about 2:00. He didn't have a fever, but was so grouchy that we figured he must be uncomfortable and I gave him a dose of Motrin. We sat him down in front of the TV for a while, and he was loathe to let me leave. I hung out with him for about an hour, before heading back to the office. He cried for a little while after I left, but Nanny J got him distracted before too long.

When I came out again near 5:00, Bud was having a good time playing with Lego and balls and looking a little more like his old self. Nanny J said he was feeling better, and he looked a lot better. Nanny J took her leave, and Bud and I went to investigate that singing hippo on YouTube. Bud loved it. After about 5 repetitions, I was ready to look for something else.

M-lady arrived home, and we all ate some dinner. Bud shared a bit of M-lady's broccoli, and had some rice as well, and a tithe from my noodles. I got some ice cream for him after dinner, but he only wanted a few mouthfuls.

Dinner lasted until nearly 7:00, so we watched some of his Meet the Orchestra DVD before turning on Pingu. He had some more juice and little bit of cereal with Pingu, and then we did the abbreviated bedtime routine. He didn't want to sit still for the story again tonight, so we ended up skipping it.

He's been sleeping a little restlessly. If he ends up waking up again, I'll check his temperature and see if he's still running a fever.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Happier Today

Bud was, overall, much happier today. But he's still pretty sick.

He woke up at about 5:20 (ugh...) having soaked through his diaper. I got him changed an put him back in his crib, where he lay quietly for about 20 minutes while I sat next to him on the couch. As 6:00 approached, he started asking for milk, so we headed off to the kitchen to get some.

He drank about 3 ounces before handing the cup back. He was pretty miserable with post-nasal drip and a cough, although he didn't seem to be running a fever. I gave him some of his decongestant/cough suppressant, and he immediately barfed it back up. Fortunately, he mostly barfed on the floor. There was minimal clothing involved.

After getting that cleaned up, we sat and watched Sesame Street. Today's episode was very Oscar centric, and Bud hasn't really been exposed to Oscar much yet. I'm not sure Bud likes him much. Actually, Bud is clearly preferring the animated shorts to the scenes with people and muppets. But Elmo and Zoe seem to be OK so far.

After Sesame Street, I tried to interest him in some toast or waffle, but he wasn't having any of it. We wandered back to the office to watch some YouTube clips, and eventually handed off to Mommy.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and I checked in on him around 10:00. He was looking much happier, although he was still suffering from the cough and runny nose. I gave him another dose of the cold medicine, and this one he kept down. I think it helped him sleep when he took a fairly early nap.

He was still in good shape when I checked in on him around 2:30. A little later, after he woke from a nap, he asked for lunch, which Nanny J was happy to feed him. Unfortunately, he barfed it up a little bit later.

In the early evening, I gave him another dose of the cold medication, along with a dose of Motrin as his fever had returned. He ate sparingly during the evening, and we watched another episode of Sesame Street along with some Animusic.

A little later in the evening, friend M came over to chat for a while. We started Bud on some milk and Pingu, but Bud drank the milk too fast and barfed it all back up. Friend M got to see the whole thing, as well as wait while we cleaned Bed and me up, put him in the bath, and got him to bed. So far, Bud has been sleeping a bit restlessly. We're not using the humidifier tonight, but I'm pretty sure we're past the croupy stage.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

No Croup, but Sick

Sorry this post is late...

Bud woke this morning at about 7:00, after mostly sleeping through the night. M-lady got up to find a pacifier for him at about 4:30, apparently, but I missed it entirely. It seemed he slept a little better than the previous night, although he still had a bit of a cough.

M-lady called me for help around 7:45, when Bud had barfed after drinking his morning milk. It was probably a combination of post-nasal drip, coughing, and pounding too much milk all at once. In any case, we got him cleaned up, and I watched him for a bit.

Bud was grumpy and fussy for just about the whole day, with a runny nose, lots of coughing, and occasional sneezes. I think the coughing hurt his chest occasionally, as well. He didn't really eat much, and didn't nap very well. M-lady, Nanny J, and I all spent most of our time with him trying to entice him to eat something. He generally refused most offers. We all spent a lot of time watching TV and DVDs today, which seemed to keep him distracted. He's starting to enjoy Sesame Street more, which is nice.

In the evening, I made some pancakes for Bud on the idea that he'd like some butter and syrup. No go. We finally got him to eat a pancake by putting chocolate syrup on it, but he only wanted one. At least it got some calories into him.

I gave him a dose of Motrin in the early evening, even though he wasn't running a fever, since he seemed so unhappy. Towards the end of the evening he seemed a little bit happier (or perhaps just less fussy), so maybe the Motrin helped a little. I also tried to give him his dose of dexamethasone, without much success. I again crushed the tablets into chocolate syrup, but he wasn't so anxious to eat it this time. Over the course of the evening, he got maybe half his dose. On the other hand, we weren't too worried since it seemed likely he was over the croupy part of his illness.

Later in the evening, I tasted the meds in chocolate, and discovered that the crushed tables left a very bitter aftertaste which wasn't being masked by the chocolate. So either I needed to use more syrup, or find something else to cover up that bitterness. Next time I'll taste it before I give it to him.

He was really anxious to watch Animusic, which we haven't watched for a while since the disc got stuck in our DVD player, which broke. So I disassembled the DVD player to remove the disc, which he was very happy to see again (we played it on the MythTV box).

He got very fussy again at the end of the evening, and had a little bit of milk and cereal while watching Pingu, but not very much. We abbreviated the bedtime routine a little bit, and he wasn't interested in a bedtime story. But he did fall asleep quietly.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Still Croupy

Bud managed to sleep through the night, although he coughed a bit. It probably kept M-lady and I up more than it kept him up, though. I got up with him around 7:00, and he was in a pretty good mood. His breathing was fine, and he seemed well rested. I changed a poopy diaper and we headed out to get some morning milk.

We had a pretty standard morning, with milk, books, and some YouTube. I eventually got him to eat a piece of toast by putting some butter on it. He mostly licked off the butter before nibbling at the toast. But he ate the toast eventually.

M-lady kept an eye on him for a little bit before Nanny J arrived, and then filled her in on the events of the weekend. Bud was a bit excited to see her in the morning, but they settled down after a while.

After Bud took his nap, he woke up with the dreaded barking cough and labored breathing. Nanny J steamed him in the bathroom for a bit, but that didn't seem to help much. He wasn't suffering too much, but his cheeks were rosy so I took his temperature. He was running a very low grade fever of about 100.5, so I gave him a dose of Motrin and then sat him down in front of one of his Baby Einstein DVDs to mellow out for a little bit. That seemed to do the trick for his breathing, which came easier after about 30-40 minutes of sitting and relaxing.

M-lady arrived home a little after 3:00, and she set up an appointment for Bud at the doctor's office at about 4:00. We were mostly concerned with him having another croup episode during the night, and having to make an ER trip. The doctor prescribed an oral tablet version of the dexamethasone for Bud for two days, which we were all very pleased about. She also thought his ear was fine, and said he could go off the antibiotics. Which was great, because I wasn't looking forward to getting barfed on again. So we escaped the doctor's office without shots or barfing, and all was well.

When we got home, I headed over to the grocery store to fill Bud's prescription. When I got home, he had just finished watching Animusic and was in a pretty good mood. We had some leftover pancakes for dinner (again with butter), and after dinner I crushed up the tablets of dexamethasone and gave them to him in chocolate sauce. He loved it, and there was no problem with barfing afterwards. Yay!

We watched a little bit of Monday Night Football, and then had a brief video call to a set of grandparents, which Bud enjoyed, although he was a bit fidgety. Bedtime rolled up pretty quickly, and the routine was uneventful. We had set up the humidifier in Bud's room earlier in the evening, and his room was almost foggy when we went in there for bed. Hopefully he'll sleep comfortably through the night.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Bud woke this morning at about 7:00 again, which was nice, but he woke with an ugly barking cough and a fair bit of difficulty breathing. M-lady got up with him initially, and I got up around 7:45, after Bud had had a couple of coughing fits. M-lady called the on-call nurse while I took him into the bathroom and cranked on the shower to get some hot steam into him and see if that eased his breathing.

Since Bud wasn't in immediate danger (it wasn't as bad as last time), we set up an appointment at the after-hours clinic at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital rather than take him in for an ER visit. The appointment was for 11:15, and by the time we got there, Bud was doing much better.

However, when the doctor started her examination, Bud got a bit upset, and the symptoms came back with a vengeance. He had more difficulty breathing, and the coughing came back. Eventually he started vomiting as well (due to the coughing), and of course got me a couple of times. Just like old times!

In any case, the diagnosis was croup, along with a minor ear infection in his left ear. So he got another shot of dexamethasone, and a prescription for azithromycin for the ear infection (we didn't get the standard amoxicillin since M-lady has shown some allegic reactivity to it in the past). Bud managed to get a hand on the syringe when the nurse was finishing up his shot, and consequently got a bit of a scratch on his leg when she removed the needle. That was my fault for not hanging onto his arms securely enough.

He calmed down a bit when we left the examination room after changing him into fresh clothes, and I got a chance to change into some clean pants (M-lady packed fresh clothes for us, after our last experience in the ER. Thanks, M-lady!). He was breathing much more easily in a short time, I believe largely because he calmed down a bit.

We took the opportunity to visit a friend who's currently in the hospital while we were there, and Bud was generally very well behaved. He did his shy smile thing occasionally to passing nurses... one even came over to say "Hi", and then went back down the hall saying to someone, "You're right, he is really cute..."

On the way home, we picked up some lunch, and Bud fell asleep on the drive home. Unfortunately, he only slept for about 35 minutes, waking up after we sat together in the garage for a few minutes. I put him in his crib and sat with him for a while, but he didn't fall asleep again. He really could have used a better nap today. Oh well.

The rest of the day was spent very low-key. His coughing was never really very bad for the rest of the day. We watched some football on TV, watched some highlights, and then I put one of Bud's Baby Einstein DVDs on for him. M-lady went out for some groceries and to fill Bud's prescription, and Bud and I mostly hung out. We pulled my guitar out for a while and played with that, as well.

When M-lady returned, I whipped up some dinner of spaghetti with meat sauce while M-lady sat with Bud watching his DVD for a while. Bud ate a reasonable dinner of noodles, cereal, and crackers with margarine. After dinner, we changed his diaper and tried to give him his first dose of antibiotic. He didn't mind it too much, but as we were about to get into the shower a couple minutes later, he lost his dinner all over the bathroom floor. Fortunately, since we were just about to get into the shower anyways, Bud and I got cleaned up in there while M-lady took care of the floor (thank you, M-lady!).

Bud was hungry again after that, and ate a box of raisins along with some cereal after we got him dried off and wrestled into his PJs. We tried to give him another dose of the antibiotic mixed with ice cream, but after one bite he immediately started showing signs of barfing again. He didn't barf, but the stuff clearly doesn't agree with his stomach. We'll call the doctor tomorrow to find out if there's an alternative, or if we should just give him very small doses spaced throughout the day with the hope he can keep them down.

After a quick chat with a set of grandparents, it was time for bed, and while Bud was a little upset at being taken away from the ethernet cable he was playing with, he was very happy to get some milk and sit in front of Pingu. The rest of the bedtime ritual went smoothly, and Bud was drifting off to sleep even as we were reading his bedtime story. I set up the humidifier in his room, and he went to sleep quietly. Since then, he's coughed now and then, and based on the sound we won't be surprised if we need to get up with him sometime during the night. But I hope he sleeps through OK.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Mellow Saturday

Bud slept in again this morning, getting up at about 7:00. I got up with him, and we hung out reading books and watching YouTube after his diaper change and morning milk. M-lady came to keep an eye on him a little before 9:00, and I went and snoozed for a bit.

I took Bud back about an hour later, and M-lady went out for ballet class. Bud ate a solid snack of cereal and pear, and then we packed up and took a quick outing to Toys 'R Us. Bud was pretty content sitting in the stroller, and remarkably well behaved. We looked at potential Christmas gifts for him, and picked up another box of diapers as well.

When we got back, I made up a lunch for Bud of rice, spinach, and chicken. I made a really big portion, based on how much he's been eating lately. He ate all the chicken, and about half of the rice and spinach. So I saved the rest for later.

Bud had a poop then, which really irritated his butt. He was pretty uncomfortable as I changed his diaper, and I slathered his butt with Vasoline to try and keep it from getting any more raw later. After the diaper change, I handed him a pacifier and his blanky and put him in his crib, and he fell asleep in about two minutes.

He took about a 90 minute nap, which was OK, but not really long. M-lady arrived home while he was sleeping, and was eating some lunch when Bud woke up and joined us. He was a bit groggy for a while, but eventually nibbled on some toast for a snack.

The afternoon was mostly hanging out, snacking, watching YouTube clips, and catching some of Sesame Street. There was also some reading and music time with M-lady during which they both had a lot of fun. At about 5:00, after I had taken a brief nap, we all put on jackets and wandered over to the playground near our house. It had rained earlier in the day, and the slides were still a bit wet, but that didn't deter Bud in the slightest. He had a terrific time running around, throwing himself down the slides, giggling, laughing, and screaming. I think he was enjoying being out after being cooped up inside for most of the day. M-lady and I had fun watching him.

We left the park with minimal fussing, and headed back home to get some dinner. Bud's started with his lunch leftovers, with added chicken, which he finished. M-lady then shared some of her ravioli with Bud as well. He ate some of that, and smeared a good deal of it around on his face, hands, sleeves, and tray. Oh well. Overall he ate a pretty good amount of food for dinner.

Afterwards, we played a bit in the playroom, and put some music on for dancing. Trev enjoyed that for a little bit. Then he puttered around the family room while I channel surfed for a little while. Bedtime rolled up pretty quickly, and Bud was ready to have his milk and watch Pingu. He ate a fair bit of cereal as well, and went to sleep without issue.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy at Gymnastics

Bud woke this morning a little later again. It's a trend! Well, two days in a row, in any case. He woke at about 6:45, and M-lady went to see him up. They played together until about 8:00, when I got up and hung out with Bud for a bit. He had some more cereal with me (after cereal and milk with M-lady), and we read some stories and played with his guitar and danced a bit.

At about 9:00, M-lady took him to gymnastics, where he apparently was totally hyper and happy. He was running around, rolling on the floor, screeching with laughter. Not really with the program, but having a lot of fun. They mostly let him do his thing. Bud came home with Nanny J shortly after M-lady arrived home.

Bud took an early and fairly long nap, and was generally OK during the day. He got a bath in the late afternoon, and when I came out of the office a little bit after 5:00 he was playing with Lego with Nanny J. M-lady arrived home right at about the same time, and Nanny J took off shortly thereafter.

I made pancakes for dinner, and Bud was a bit upset when he couldn't help. We got his pots and spoons out after a bit, and he had a good time playing with those. Eventually he realized there was syrup on the pancakes, and sat in his chair and ate a solid dinner of pancakes.

After dinner, we watched a little bit of TV, mostly channel surfing. Bud enjoyed flipping between NBA basketball and a college football game. He would point his remote (without batteries) at the TV and hit the buttons, and I would flip the channel. The entertainment value of that activity lasted for quite some time.

We also watched a little bit of Spongebob before getting some milk and starting the bedtime routine with Pingu. M-lady had dozed off after a long day, so Bud and I did most of the routine ourselves. M-lady joined us for the story before bed, gave Bud a kiss as we put him down in his crib. Maybe he'll sleep until 7:00 tomorrow, too!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Last Day of Grandparents

Bud has had a pretty nice week. He's been getting lots of attention from two sets of grandparents since last Thursday, when M-lady's parents arrived.

Bud slept in a bit this morning, waking up at a little after 7:00. M-lady actually had to head in to work before Bud woke up. I went to get him up, changed his diaper, and we went and had some milk. He had a pretty good quantity of cereal after that, and we read some books. Actually, we read three books, each one four or five times. Fortunately, Dr. Seuss is really good stuff... it doesn't get too old very quickly.

After hanging out reading for a while, Bud ran down the hall to the office door, asking for "choo-choos". So I searched for trains on YouTube, and we watched some videos of trains going by. There are some 3+ minute videos of really long freight trains: Bud was riveted. It was only afterwards that I realized that he probably wanted to see "Conjunction Junction" again.

The grandparents arrived at about 9:00, and after getting him dressed, Bud ate most of a waffle and we chatted over breakfast a little bit. Then it was time to go to Mommy Group. We picked up some bagels on the way, and we were the first to arrive at L and A's place. We were followed shortly by D and T, S and Am, C and F, and A and Al. All the kids there today, aside from Bud, were girls. Bud was pretty shy for most of the time, sticking close to my leg.

At one point all the girls were loaded into A's crib, and they were jumping up and down and having a grand time. Some great photos came of it. I tried to get Bud to join them, but he flatly refused. Oh well.

Bud asked for a hot dog on the way home from Mommy Group, and I prepared one for him when we got home. He ate the whole thing. At that point it was about 12:30, and since the grandparents could stay a little longer we pushed off his nap for a little while. When Nanny J arrived at 1:00, the grandparents said goodbye and collected their hugs and kisses, and Bud went down for a pretty solid nap for the afternoon.

Bud got a bath and played more with Nanny J in the afternoon. I briefly came out of the office at about 4:00, and discovered Elmo standing in the middle of the playroom, and Bud playing with him. It's nice that Elmo can come out of his box for more than a few seconds at a time now. Maybe in a few days we'll try turning him on again.

Bud and I watched some Sesame Street after Nanny J left at about 5:00, and M-lady prepared a big rice, spinach, and chicken soup bowl for him for dinner. He ate the whole thing, which was quite a bit more than I think I've ever seen M-lady eat at one sitting. He even tipped the bowl up and drank the remaining broth (with a big grin). I fed him some more shrimp tsao mien after that, and he ate all that, too. What a meal.

After dinner, we read a few books and changed a poopy diaper before Nanny J arrived. She helped put Bud to bed while M-lady and I headed out to our dance rehearsal. The report at the end of the night was that Nanny J sat with him in his room for a few minutes, and then when she left to do his laundry he waved goodnight to her and went to sleep without fuss.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Squeals of Glee

Bud woke this morning around 6:00, and M-lady got up to take care of him. He was in a pretty good mood, and I got up around 7:00 to help out with a diaper change and take over for a little while. We read some stories, wrestled a bit, and played some Elmo games on the PC. The grandparents showed up again a little before 8:30.

At about 9:00, Nanny J arrived and she and the grandparents played with Bud for most of the morning. I was doing some coding in the office, but I could hear Bud giggling, laughing, squealing, and running up and down the hall. By about 11:00, I think everyone was worn out.

The grandparents left to visit other family in the area for lunch, and Bud had a quick outing with Nanny J, followed by lunch and a long nap after his energetic morning.

After his nap, M-lady and Nanny J took Bud to the doctor's office to get his flu shot. He was apparently pretty good. He started crying when he was put on the examining table, but the nurse was very quick and efficient and it was over very quickly. He was again in high spirits when they got home.

The grandparents arrived again at about 5:00, and Bud had a good time playing with them. We put some swing music on and danced a bit, and we even got Elmo out of his box for a little while (although we didn't turn him on).

We ended up ordering Chinese take out for dinner, of which Bud had a reasonable portion. He had some rice, chicken, shrimp, tsao mien, and half of a spring roll. After dinner, we played and watched a little bit of a recorded 'Dancing with the Stars', which Bud found moderately interesting.

Bedtime rolled up pretty quickly, and the routine starting with Pingu and milk went smoothly. Bud said nice goodnights to the grandparents, and gave them each a hug before going to bed.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fun Music Class

Bud woke this morning a little bit after 6:00, and M-lady got up with him. He was reportedly very well behaved, and did two things that M-lady really enjoyed. The first, while M-lady was lying on the couch in his room, he came up and pressed his cheek against M-lady's lips. A kiss! The second, after accidentally hitting M-lady in the shin with an errant chair, he pulled up M-lady's pantleg and rubbed the spot he hit, saying "Sorry!". M-lady was tickled with that, too. They also had a good time dancing to the music from his little guitar.

I joined them at about 8:00, and Bud and I were just getting settled in front of YouTube ("Conjunction Junction") when Grandpa B and Grandma D arrived. We had a second breakfast of cereal and pumpkin bread, and then got ready to go to Bud's Chinese music class.

The grandparents and I took Bud to class, and we all had a great time. Bud was really very well behaved, and seemed to enjoy himself. He sat in my lap most of the time, but went and got props as they were made available: sticks for banging together, scarfs to dance with, and musical instruments each in turn. He was also very good about putting the props back when it was time to put them away. The grandparents also got involved in class, helping with some of the activities. We all had a great time.

After class we took a stroll around the lake at the park, looking at the fountain, the ducks, and the great big oak tree. Bud was pretty much ready to dive into the lake to chase after the ducks, so we had to keep a close eye on him. Towards the end of the stroll he was getting a bit tired and hungry, and didn't want to go back to the car.

After getting home, Bud had a lunch of rice and chicken, and then went down for his nap at about noon. He fell asleep around 12:30, and slept until 3:00, making for a very solid nap. Nanny J arrived at 1:00, and the grandparents and I went out for a shopping trip.

Bud had about half a loaf of pumpkin bread for a snack when he got up, and also got a bath in the late afternoon. We arrived home a little before 5:00, and Bud was very happy to see us. We all sat and played together and looked at pictures on Grandpa B's laptop until M-lady got home.

We all went out to Chevy's for dinner, and Bud had a good time there. He absconded with the lime slice from my glass, and had fun shredding it. He ate some chips, and some chicken quesadilla, and four shrimps mooched from my fajita. He really seems to like shrimp. He got a balloon right before we left, which he really enjoyed as well.

When we got home we had a quick video call with Grandpa B and Grandma W, and Bud enjoyed seeing them. It was already pretty late, though, so we started the bedtime routine shortly after the call. We said goodnight to the visiting grandparents, grabbed some milk, cereal, and Pingu, and Bud was in bed by 8:30.

Monday, November 06, 2006

A Long Nap

Bud woke this morning at about 5:30. Ugh. I got up with him, and he was pretty quiet until about 6:00, at which point he really wanted to get up. So we got up and got some milk.

He wanted some cereal after his milk, so we read some stories while he ate his cereal from a cup. We started playing a bit more rambunctiously after he finished his cereal, but it was cut short by a need to change a poopy diaper. Afterwards we returned to the playroom and got back into running around.

Grandpa B and Grandma D arrived near 9:00, and Bud was involved with interacting with them (as well as munching on some pumpkin bread and grapes) for a while. Before too long we all packed up and headed for Happy Hollow.

We had a good time at the zoo, and Bud really enjoyed seeing some of the animals. We got to see the jaguar and some of the lemurs up close, as well as catching our first glimpse of the Reeves' muntjac, which usually hides in the foliage in his enclosure. And Bud had grandparents to show around as well.

After the zoo we headed over to one of the playgrounds, and Bud figured out a slide. We watched him watching other kids go on the slide for a while, and then he climbed up the stairs, figured out how to get both feet in front of himself, and off he went, giggling and laughing. He immediately wanted to do it again. It was really neat to see him take the steps to try something new, and be rewarded for his efforts. It was a pretty small slide, but I have a suspicion he will be very interested in going down slides by himself for a while.

We wandered around the park a little bit more before lunch, and then got hotdogs and french fries. Bud ate almost an entire hotdog himself, as well as a good serving of fries. It was an impressive showing.

Bud, as well as the rest of the passengers, fell asleep on the way home. We were able to transfer Bud to his crib without incident, where he slept for a full 3 hours. He must have been catching up on that hour of sleep he lost this morning.

He was a bit groggy when he got up, but brightened up a bit after some yogurt. We played for a few minutes before we all packed up and headed over to Armadillo Willy's for dinner. Bud didn't eat quite so much as he had at lunch, mostly eating corn bread. He was cheerful and chatty all through dinner.

We turned on Monday Night Football when we got home, and Bud had a good time playing with Grandma and Grandpa. We pulled out my guitar for a little while, and played with pots and pans, and even had a little bit of ice cream. But Bud did start to get fussy after a while, and we decided to start the bedtime routine at about 7:30. He was in bed by 8:00, looking sleepy, and drifted off quietly.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Four Grandparents At Once

Bud got up this morning a little bit after 6:00, and M-lady went to keep an eye on him. I joined them a little while later, and Bud played with my water bottles while I got ready to head out for a bike race.

Bud and M-lady had an OK time this morning, although Bud was apparently a bit fussy. The made pumpkin bread together, and Bud had large quantities of pumpkin bread all throughout the day. I arrive home around lunchtime.

Bud wanted more pumpkin bread, but we convinced him to have some chicken and noodle soup, along with water from a water bottle (drinking out of a water bottle like daddy...). He brightened considerably after eating a bowl of soup. After the soup, he had a little bit of a cookie and some more pumpkin bread.

He didn't seem to want to take a nap after lunch, but I put him in his crib, and he fell asleep after about 5 minutes. He was pretty tired. He slept from 12:30 to 2:45, a nice solid afternoon nap.

After Bud went down for his nap, M-lady left to go visit with her parents, and then Bud's Granddad B and Grandma D arrived shortly after that. When Bud got up, he was a bit groggy and shy, and sat curled up in my lap for a while while we chatted, sneaking covert looks out and grinning from time to time. Eventually we headed to the kitchen for a snack of some yogurt (and then a couple of slices of pumpkin bread), and the grandparents took off for a few minutes to check into a local hotel.

Bud and I read a few stories after his snack, and then settled in to watch a little bit of Sesame Street. M-lady returned from visiting with her folks, and then the two sets of grandparents arrived. Bud had a great time seeing all of them ("Two Amas! Two Agus!").

We took a quick walk down the street to an open house, just out of curiosity, and then all headed off to Fresh Choice for dinner. Bud was pretty excited to be there. He ate some corn bread, and broccoli, and an assortment of beans, although not in great quantity. He also had some raisins, and of course was really excited to have some ice cream. He got most of a cone to himself, and then got to share some of M-lady's cone, too!

After dinner we spent a few minutes at the fresh produce stand next door, grabbing some grapes and apples, and then headed for home. M-lady's parents took their leave, and said their goodnights and goodbyes, and Bud gave them each a hug. The rest of us sat down in the playroom and played with Bud for a while.

Granddad B and Grandma D had brought Bud's Christmas gift with them: they had managed to get hold of a TMX Tickle Me Elmo. Bud really liked the box. And he was pretty excited when we brought Elmo out. But Elmo's thrashing around while he laughed upset Bud a bit, particularly when Elmo fell over. I think Bud is pretty empathetic. In any case, once Elmo stopped laughing, Bud picked him up and stuck him back in the box. We all thought that was pretty funny. I'm sure Bud will come to enjoy the TMX pretty soon.

We all had fun playing and chatting for the rest of the evening. Eventually the grandparents headed for their hotel, and we started the bedtime routine with Bud. He ate a few more pieces of pumpkin bread along with his milk, as well as some cereal. I don't think the kid will starve before morning. Too bad we're running out of pumpkin bread.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Bud woke once during the night, at about 3:00. He was looking for his pacifier, which he had lost in his crib. I handed it back to him, and he immediately curled up and went back to sleep.

Bud woke up a little bit after 7:00am, and I went to check on him. He had a poopy diaper, so we got that changed, and then headed out to the kitchen for morning milk. After milk we read some stories, and then had some cereal and more milk.

Bud had a good time with the Bob the Builder books and his new guitar again in the morning, and we took a little break from them to watch a Bob the Builder episode as well. Unfortunately, our DVD player seems to have died, so Animusic may be out for a little while.

Eventually we changed another wet diaper, and then got dressed and headed out to Fry's while M-lady went to ballet class. Bud was great at Fry's, and lo and behold they were showing Animusic on the monitors over the DVD section of the store. So we paused and watched for a couple of minutes.

After Fry's, Bud was still in a good mood, so we headed to a bike store to look for a new bike helmet for Bud. He's outgrown his old one. We didn't see anything I really liked the look of, so we headed back home to start thinking about lunch.

Bud ate an entire box of raisins when we got home, at about 11:00, so that pushed off lunch for him for a little bit. We watched a few clips on YouTube, and then M-lady returned home and we started on lunch in earnest.

Bud really wanted a cookie, and got highly distraught when we told him he had to eat some tsao mien before he could have one. Eventually we decided to head for the nap without eating, since he was clearly pretty tired. After a couple of minutes in his crib, calming down, he asked for the tsao mien, so we gave it another try.

He ate 2 bowls greedily, at which point we got him a cookie, which he thoroughly enjoyed. After cleaning up it was nap time, and he fell asleep after about 30 minutes of lying in his crib.

M-lady got him when he woke up, and they had a snack and played a little bit. We all got ready to head over to Aunt O's birthday party, and managed to get out of the house around 3:30. Bud was happy to see Auntie O, Uncle C, and Ama and Agu there.

Bud had a good time at the party. He was the only child there, and received quite a bit of attention from the grandparents as well as the party guests. He ate very well, including a spring roll, a bowl of cooked carrots and broccoli, several shrimp, and some nibbles on snow peas and tri-tip. After dinner, the birthday cake was brought out, which Bud eyed with serious ambition until it was cut and he was served a slice. He ate pretty much the whole slice.

It was getting towards bedtime by that point, so we changed him into PJs and loaded him into the car. He fell asleep on the way home, although he woke again when we brought him in and put him in his crib. He finally looked to be drifting off around 9:00.

Friday, November 03, 2006

More Grandparents

Bud woke this morning at about 6:30. His grandparents were up before him, though (they run on a pretty early schedule), and were waiting for him to get up. He was apparently pretty happy to see them, and M-lady and I were pretty happy to get the chance to sleep in a little bit.

Bud went to gymnastics today with M-lady and the grandparents, and they all had a good time and a good workout. When they got home, Bud apparently danced and jumped with Ama for an hour or so, and then more or less collapsed into his nap after lunch.

Nanny J arrived for the afternoon while Bud was napping, and played with him and gave him a bath while the grandparents headed over to Auntie O's house and M-lady went out for a quick shopping trip. I hung out with Bud for a little bit after Nanny J left, and we looked at and read some of his new Bob the Builder books. They came with a couple of bookmarks, which Bud has shown more interest in than the books themselves.

After M-lady arrived home, we decided to head over to Baja Fresh for dinner. We drove instead of walking, since it was getting dark, was a bit chilly, and was threatening rain. Bud got to sit in the big chair again, since he did so well last time. He was very well behaved this time as well. He wanted to try some of the salsa into which I was dipping my chips, but I don't think it tasted quite like what he expected. That said, after making a face, he asked for more. After that he moved on to the tomato in the pico de gallo, but eventually had quite a few chunks of chicken from M-lady's quesadilla.

After dinner we walked over to the Trader Joe's in the same shopping center, and Bud had a good time looking at the produce. I let him walk for a bit, and then carried him on my shoulders for a while. He seemed to really enjoy the whole outing.

We caught a little bit of the movie Drumline on TV when we got home. Bud enjoyed seeing the marching bands ("Toot-toot! Drum!"). He started getting a bit fussy around 7:30, so we get the bedtime routine underway, and put him to bed without incident.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Baby 'Tar

Bud woke this morning around 6:30, and I went in to check on him. He had a poopy diaper, so we got that changed, and then went out a had some milk and a whole lot of cereal. He really had a good time munching on Kix from a cup while we read stories and hung out for a while.

We watched a Bob the Builder, and generally had a mellow morning of it. M-lady joined us at about 8:30, and I was able to sneak off and get a little more sleep.

Nanny J arrived at her usual 9:00am slot, and she and Bud headed off to a park in the later morning. They had a good day, and were giggling together quite a bit when M-lady returned home at about 4:00.

M-lady's parents arrived shortly thereafter, and I got home just a few minutes after that. When I walked in, Bud was checking out some Bob the Builder books which the grandparents had brought for him. They were very impressed that Bud could name all the characters.

When I had a chance to put my things down, they brought in a gift for Bud... his own toy guitar! When he started figuring out what it was, he had a grin a mile wide. We eventually freed the guitar from its packaging, and Bud had a great time playing with it for most of the evening.

The grandparents had also brought dinner with them, which was most appreciated. Bud ate two large helpings of tsao mien, and was very content during dinner.

Afterwards, there was much playing with the guitar, and puzzles, and generally showing off for the grandparents. They loved seeing all the stuff he knows and can do now.

A little bit after seven we watched a couple of Animusics, and then started the bedtime routine. It went smoothly, and Bud said "Night-night!" to the grandparents before heading off to bed. I'm sure he looks forward to seeing them again in the morning.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More 'Tar

Bud woke this morning a little bit after 6:00, and M-lady went to hang out with him for a while. When M-lady went in, Bud handed his bigger blanket to her, so she would have something to curl up with, and then curled up with his own blanket in his crib for a bit. After about 15 minutes, they got up, changed diaper, had milk, read books, and did all those morning things.

They watched a few of the Sesame Street clips on YouTube, and came in to get me a little after 8:00. I took Bud back in front of the PC, and he immediately started asking for guitar ("'tar? 'tar?"). So I found some clips of Joe Satriani teaching guitar techniques, which Bud sat and watched with great interests. Some he liked, and would sit and watch for several minutes. Some he liked less ("No, no..."), and we'd move on to another. But he was always looking for the guitar (and sometimes drums).

We took a break to eat a little bit of pear and some cereal, and Nanny J arrived shortly thereafter. I handed Bud a Lego guitar, which he showed off to Nanny J. They were engrossed in playing guitars when I headed for the office.

Bud went to the library today, and apparently had a good time. Had a reasonable lunch, a good nap, and a bath. He also had a couple of slightly off-color poops, indicating that his digestive tract isn't entirely recovered yet.

Bud was in a pretty good mood when M-lady and I got back from work, and I caught him talking to Nanny J about guitars again. After a dinner in which he really didn't eat very much, I pulled out my guitar and we played together quite happily for a while. I'm going to have to plug it into an amp sometime and see what he thinks of that.

After playing with the guitar (and picks, and the strap), we watched a little bit of recorded Sesame Street, and then played in his PlayHut tents for a little while. Bedtime snuck up pretty quickly, though, and Pingu and milk and cereal followed. M-lady accidentally put her toothpaste on his brush instead of his own, and he looked really confused for a little bit. Once he got some of his usual toothpaste, he was OK, though.