Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Bud woke this morning at about 6:15, and I got up to go hang out with him. After I retrieved his pacifier for him, he actually lay back down in his crib (not sleeping), and we sat and looked at each other for a while. I suspect I dozed off for a little while, because he started making noise and wanting to get up around 7:00ish.

We changed his diaper and went out for some milk, and then read books for a while. Bud was very interested in his alphabet books today, and we read them several times each. We also read 'Hop On Pop' through a few times. After reading, I flipped on a Sesame Street, which we skimmed through as before.

Our cleaning crew arrived at about 8:30, and Bud was immediately taken with their brooms. He didn't want the brooms to get out of his sight. The vacuum cleaner was OK, but boy does he love brooms. M-lady and I finally relented and got his toy broom out for him: he carried it around for pretty much the rest of the day. You can see it in the picture above, which was taken later in the evening.

Nanny J arrived shortly thereafter, and while Bud was a little fussy, He had a good time later in the morning when they went to music class. He had a solid lunch of rice and chicken and took a reasonable nap, and got a bath later in the afternoon as well.

Bud picked out some yogurt for dinner by himself when we opened up the fridge, and added a few bites of tomato and some bread as well. I tried to get him to eat some chicken nuggets, but he wasn't interested. He wanted to get back to his broom.

After dinner, we took a quick walk around the neighborhood to admire some of the Halloween decorations. Bud pointed out the pumpkins ("Po-tah! Big po-tah!"), liked some of the scarecrows and other dummies set up on some of the yards. We made it a short trip, since Bud's still to young for candy or trick-or-treating, and we needed to get back to man our door before the first trick-or-treaters came by.

We played for the rest of the evening, answering the door occasionally. Bud was always interested in seeing who was coming to the door, and after the third or fourth group started wishing them "Happy Halloween!" in imitation of M-lady and me. It was really a remarkable string of syllables to get out, but he did pretty well with it.

Bedtime went smoothly. Bud occasionally asks for more milk after his first cup, and we've started giving him some cereal rather than loading him up with more milk. Seems to have cut down on the oversaturated diapers at night, as well. The rest of the routine was routine, and Bud didn't seem to mind the doorbell going off a few more times after we put him to bed.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Maybe Vaugely Sick Just A Little Bit

Bud woke this morning a little bit after 6:00, and M-lady got up to keep an eye on him. I was called in a little bit later to help with a diaper change, which was a little stinkier than usual. But Bud seemed pretty cheerful.

I got up again a little after 7:00 and hung out with Bud for a little bit while M-lady got ready for the day. We read a few books, including the 'Peek-A-Moo' and related books several times each. He was very interested in the last page of each book, which has flaps for all the animals introduced earlier.

I had to go to the DMV this morning (ugh...), so I left at around 7:30, returning a little more than an hour later. Bud was still pretty chipper, although I changed another poopy diaper when I returned. It seemed Bud was suffering from a little bit of diarrhea.

We watched some Sesame Street clips on YouTube before Nanny J showed up, and Bud started playing ball with her soon after her arrival. Bud had a little more diarrhea a short time later, and M-lady made a quick call to the pediatrician to find out if there was something going around or if there was any particular care we needed to give him. Other than keeping him hydrated, there didn't seem to be any worries. And Bud was still in a good mood, so it didn't seem to bother him much.

Since he might have been a little sick, we decided not to have Nanny J take him to his Gymkids class today, and spent most of the day at home. He didn't eat much in the afternoon, but took a good long nap, and had a good time in the bath.

I started dinner shortly after Nanny J left: pancakes! Bud really wanted to watch me cook, so after I got the batter mixed up I was able to hold him with one arm for most of the cooking. We counted the pancakes on the griddle ("1, 2, 3, 4"), said "Flip!" each time I flipped one, and counted them again as I stacked them on a plate. Bud really seemed to enjoy watching the process. And saying "Flip!"

Bud ate a lot of pancakes (with butter and syrup), and managed to grab his hair with butter and syrup on his hands. After wiping him off as best we could, we set him loose to play his lego guitar with M-lady while I cleaned up after dinner.

A short time later I turned on MNF, which we alternated with Animusic. It was a pretty mellow hour before bedtime, surfing channels and turning on the DVD occasionally. Bud really wanted to see guitars, though, and I don't think I have any concert DVDs except for a Metallica/SF Symphony collaboration. Rather than expose him to Metallica this early, I'll start looking into DVD options. Maybe I can get a 'learn classical guitar' DVD or something along those lines.

He was pretty tired by the time bedtime rolled around, and the routine went smoothly. He didn't poop again in the afternoon, so maybe it was just a one day thing.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Insidious Fast Food

We all had a good day today. Bud woke up around 6:30, which was very reasonable given the time change. I got up with him, changed his diaper, got him some milk, and played with him a bit in between changing all the clocks.

I handed Bud over to M-lady at about 8:30, and snagged another hour of sleep or so before M-lady went off to dance class. She and Bud had apparently played a follow-the-leader kind of game. M-lady would put her hand on her head, and Bud would then do the same. They went through a number of motions, and then Bud wanted to lead. Eventually he started jumping up and down, and M-lady, who was sitting down, had to stand up and jump up and down as well before Bud was satisfied with her performance.

Bud and I got dressed and headed off to visit Aunt O's and Uncle C's rats, who are home alone while C + O are off at a triathlon for the weekend. We arrived and refilled the rats' food and water, and then put some rodent trail mix on a nearby table to entice them out of their cage for a little bit. They seemed a bit shy, but the trail mix eventually won them over. Bud really enjoyed looking at them, waving "Hi" and counting them repeatedly.

Bud fell asleep on the way home, and I decided to break my diet and get McDonald's. I got some Chicken McNuggets for Bud... his first McDonald's, and perhaps his first official fast food. He ended up eating 5 of the six McNuggets. It's a good thing we aren't eating as much fast food as we used to eat....

After lunch Bud and I watched a little bit of football. When M-lady arrived home, we all went for a walk over to Toys 'R Us for the dual purpose of picking up a little football for Bud to complement his Halloween costume and to look for potential Christmas gift ideas for him. We all had a good time, although Bud was getting tired by the time we headed home.

After a bit of a nap when we got home, Bud was in a better mood. Bud had some yogurt, and then we had a video call with a set of grandparents, which Bud enjoyed quite a bit. They looked at books, played with stuffed animals, and traded high-fives.

Afterwards we went and had some dinner, with Bud mostly not interested in anything. He really didn't eat very much, but after the big lunch we weren't too worried. He had a little bit of cheese and tomato and some ground turkey (taco fixings), but not very much before he wanted to get down and run around again.

After dinner, Bud started having a great time playing with the football we got for him. He chased it around, and I worked on throwing and catching with him a little. I can get him to hold his arms out in front of him, and then if I toss the ball onto his arms he'll grip it and giggle. We had a good time, whiling away a good portion of the evening as a family just sitting and playing.

We started the bedtime routine a little after 7:30, and it proceeded without incident. Bud was pretty tired by bedtime, I think in large part from having two short naps today rather than a solid long one. In any case, he was in bed by 8:00, and went to sleep quietly.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

So Patient

Bud slept in this morning until about 7:45, a promising sign for the upcoming time change. M-lady got up with him, and I joined them shortly afterwards, just in time to help with the diaper change.

I packed up and headed out for a bike ride for a chunk of the morning, and M-lady took Bud out to a pumpkin patch. Bud had a good time playing with the pumpkins, picking up the ones which weren't too heavy, dusting them off, and occasionally bestowing kisses on them. He came back a little dirty.

Bud and M-lady got back the same time I did, and we all had some lunch together. Bud had some raisins, cereal, and nibbled on a hotdog. For whatever reason his usual enthusiasm for the hotdog was a little subdued today. He had fun shredding the bun, though.

After lunch we had our hair appointments. I went first, and Bud fell asleep on the way there in M-lady's car. He woke after a 40 minute nap, and they showed up together after that. Unfortunately, Bud was sans shoes, so M-lady and I took turns holding him while we both got our hair done. Bud was pretty good. He snacked on some cereal, and enjoyed looking around for a bit. Then he wanted to play with a broom, which kept him reasonably happy, but was a bit harder to manage. He did get a little attached to the broom, and was upset when we had to go.

After haircuts, we headed to the mall. Since Bud was still shoeless, we had him in the stroller, and overall he didn't seem to mind too much. We had a snack and then did some quick birthday shopping, and then I headed home with Bud while M-lady stayed to do some more serious shopping. I rolled down the windows for a good part of the drive home, and Bud giggled with the wind in his face.

At home we changed a very wet diaper, had some juice, and played for a bit. We watched some Sesame Street for the first time, which I had recorded earlier in the day. Bud seemed to like the counting segments, but was less enthralled by the alphabet sketches. He really liked seeing Elmo and some of the other characters, though.

M-lady arrived home, and we had some chicken and rice for dinner. Then it was just a matter of keeping him up until 9:00. We threw balls around, and wrestled, and dumped Lego all over the place, and generally all had a good time together. At about 8:00, we plunked Bud into the shower and got him cleaned up after pumpkins and 2 leaky diapers. The shower went well.

Afterwards, it was late enough to start the bedtime routine which went well except for a break for freedom during tooth-brushing. I've been holding Bud up on the counter while he brushes his teeth, and he's started reaching for other things on the counter. So I set him down, and he ran out of the bathroom, toothbrush dangling from his mouth, drooling and foaming like a rabid dog. We managed to get him to trade the toothbrush for a pacifier, and got him cleaned up and put to bed without further incident.

Friday, October 27, 2006

New and Old Friends

Bud woke this morning at about 5:30. I hope he starts sleeping later, with the time change coming up. M-lady got up with him, and handed him off to me a little after 7:00.

We had a pretty good morning watching YouTube clips, reading a bit, eating a waffle, and playing with balls. At about 8:30 I started getting Bud ready for gymnastics class, which started at 9:00.

This was a new series of the gymnastics class, and there was only one other child besides Bud. This was good and bad. Bud was certainly less shy with fewer kids around. But that also meant he was much less interested in following directions. I managed to get him to do each activity once or twice, but that was about the limit of his attention span today.

I headed back home afterwards while Bud spent some time at the park with Nanny J. They had a good time, and Bud said "Hi!" to everyone they passed. It's nice that he's not as paralyzed by stranger fear anymore.

Bud had a pretty good nap in the afternoon, played out back for a bit with Nanny J, and had a bath. He seemed in pretty good spirits when M-lady and I took him again at about 5:30. We packed up, put shoes on him, and headed over to a friend's house for dinner.

B was a high-school buddy of mine who I fell out of touch with. We reconnected online recently, and I discovered that he and his wife, K, have a daughter, V, who is 4 months younger than Bud. He lives nearby, and so we went over to have dinner and spend the evening.

Dinner was fantastic: grilled teriaki chicken and vegetables, as well as beef and potatos. Bud ate a lot of chicken. After an initial shy period, he had a pretty good time playing with V's toys, and although he did his sharing alarm a couple of times, he also actually picked up toys to hand to V on several occasions. We all applauded him heartily for this. V played very well with Bud as well, and did a good job of sharing.

We purposefully stayed late at B+K's, and changed Bud into PJs there so he could fall asleep on the way home. We left a about 8:45, and he passed out on the drive back. He opened his eyes when we transferred him to his crib, but didn't make any noise, so I think he was looking forward to getting back to sleep.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sharing Issues

Bud woke this morning at about 6:30, and I got up to get him. He was bright-eyed and ready to be up, and after a few minutes of bouncing around in his room, we went out to get some milk and hang out in the play room.

We had a reasonably good morning, reading books, playing with puzzles, and then spending some time watching shorts on YouTube. Bud really likes "C is for Cookie".

Bud was a bit on the fussy side later in the morning, and was really trying to push me around a bit... didn't want to sit in his chair to eat, wanted me to put a DVD on for him, etc. When he had a poopy diaper and wouldn't hold still to have it changed, I put him in his crib and left him there for about a minute. Maybe less. His entire attitude was changed when I came back. He was well behaved for his diaper changed, practically climbed into his seat to eat a snack, and was generally happy. It makes me think that time-outs may be a very effective discipline method in the future.

In any case, we had a much better time getting ready go to visit Mommy Group in the late morning. There were 5 other mommies and kids there, and Bud had a pretty good time playing with host D and T's toys. In particular there was a play golf set which was prized by many of the kids there.

None of the kids are really good at sharing yet, but Bud has recently developed a particularly bad reaction when faced with the prospect. When another child approaches him, and he suspects that child might try to take something he's playing with, Bud will go off like an air-raid siren. It's a remarkable shriek with instant waterworks. It tends to freak out the oncoming child, and concern other parents. So we're working on toning that reaction down and understanding the concepts of sharing and taking turns.

All in all Bud had a good time playing at Mommy Group, and particularly had fun running around outside with the other kids. We put them all in their Halloween costumes and sort of herded them together for attempted group photos, with minimal success. We've put Bud in his Chargers jersey for Halloween; I couldn't find a good little helmet, and he probably wouldn't wear it in any case.

Bud was getting tired by the time we got home, but gamely had some chicken and rice for lunch. Nanny J arrived while we were eating, and Bud went down for a long nap shortly afterwards.

When I saw Bud again in the early evening, he was in a good mood. We sang some songs for a while (he seems to have a handle on quite a number of songs from his music class), and then made a video call with one set of grandparents. Bud had a good time with them, particularly having fun with high fives. I've now got little fingerprints all over my laptop screen.

After the video call, I made pancakes for dinner, and we all enjoyed that. A little bit of playing, a little bit of TV (we watched the first few minutes of My Neighbor Totoro), and then it was time to start the bedtime routine. Milk and Pingu, change diaper, brush teeth, wash hands and face, read story, and into the crib happy as can be.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ummm... Whoops

So I was lying in bed this morning while M-lady was getting up with Bud at about 6:00, and started thinking about this upcoming time change thing. And I realized, and confirmed, that we're going to want Bud to start going to sleep later, not earlier. Whoops. Otherwise, he's going to be waking up at 5:00am regularly. Which would be less than ideal.

M-lady handed Bud off to me at about 8:00, and we sat down for a waffle. He ate pretty much all of it, and from there we played with Lego and read some stories. All in all he was in a pretty good mood. I think he was pretty happy all day. He immediately engaged with Nanny J when she arrived, and was giggling with her pretty quickly.

When I saw Bud again in the afternoon, he was reading a book with Nanny J and having a good time. He waved bye-bye to me as I dashed out for a quick errand in the later afternoon.

Nanny J had left by the time I returned, and Bud and M-lady were having a good time playing. I suggested the local Baja Fresh for dinner, so I put Bud into going out clothes and we set out for an evening walk. We put Bud on his running board, and he really seemed to enjoy the ride.

Bud was an angel all through the walk, dinner, and the walk back. We let him sit at the table in a real chair (he probably could have used a booster), and he was entirely well behaved. He had a pretty solid meal of chicken quesadilla, topped off with some tomato chunks. All in all it was a really enjoyable dinner.

When we got home, I tried to set up a video call with a set of grandparents, but it didn't happen due to some network issues. I hope they were temporary. In any case, Bud got a little upset when I stopped paying as much attention to him and talked on the phone for a while, but was pretty happy once he got involved in drawing with a crayon. We gave up on that when he started eating the crayon.

M-lady and I played with him with his Legos for a while longer, and then we watched an Animusic and a little bit of a Chuck Berry concert. Man, that kid loves music. And if there are guitars, he can't get enough. In any case, we managed to keep him up a bit later and start the bedtime routine a little bit after 8:00, and he was in bed and falling asleep around 8:30 or so. Maybe he'll sleep in a little bit tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sneaking Bedtime Up A Bit

Bud woke this morning at about 6:30, and M-lady got up with him, which was very generous. They had a good time in the morning, unloading the dishwasher together and watching clips of Sesame Street and The Muppet Show on YouTube.

They came in to wake me up at about 8:00, and I took over watching Bud at that point. He wanted to watch a DVD, but I distracted him with a waffle. Then we played with Elmo on the computer for a while, before moving into the playroom and playing with Lego. He managed to build a pretty good sized tower today with minimal help... he finally seems to have gotten the hang of sticking two lego blocks together.

Nanny J arrived at about 9:00, and she and Bud were having a great time throwing and chasing balls before too long. Bud really loves that: he'll giggle and jump up and down with excitement.

Bud had a good afternoon, and had a big lunch of chicken and rice. He had a good nap, a pear for a snack, and a bath in the afternoon in which I heard him splashing joyously. So I assume that was pretty good, too.

After Nanny J left, Bud and I played with my guitar for a bit before M-lady got dinner ready. Bud was getting very fussy: it turned out he was exceptionally hungry. He ended up eating quite a bit more chicken and potatoes than M-lady did.

After dinner we watched a little bit of Animusic, and then started the bedtime routine a little early. With any luck we'll have him mostly adjusted by the time the time change comes around this weekend. He was in bed by about 7:40, and went to sleep without issue.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Bud woke this morning a little before 7:00, after a quiet night. M-lady got up with him, letting me sleep in, which was very nice. They read a lot of books this morning, and Bud's counting skills seem to be very solid. He was well behaved for a couple of morning diaper changes.

At about 8:45 M-lady needed to get dressed, and tried to sneak back into the bedroom with Bud. Apparently she told Bud to be quiet so as not to wake Ba-ba (me). Bud seemed to understand, making shushing motions, finger to lips, and even sneaking motions while he walked. They came in, he saw me, and said in a loud voice, "Hi, Ba-ba!", while waving. Then he shushed me.

Gymkids was apparently more of the same today, and Bud had a good time. He had a good nap and a bath in the later afternoon as well.

We played with my guitar again for a while after Nanny J left, and had dinner shortly after that. Bud had a pretty good serving of taco innards again, although he stopped eating a bit before I think he was full, as he was anxious to watch Animusic.

Rather than watching Animusic, however, he selected one of his Baby Einstein DVDs, which we watched for a little while before one of our friends, C, came over to visit.

Bud was wary of C to begin with, but after some raisins and a little exposure time, had a good time throwing a ball around with M-lady, C, and me. We started the bedtime routine a little early, as we hope to move his bedtime up a little each night before the time change next weekend. The routine went smoothly, and he went to sleep without any issue.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Musical Evening

Bud woke this morning a little before 7:00, and I got up with him. We hung out for a while, read some stories, and played with Buff and Kissy Cow. Bud had his usual morning milk and some waffle.

M-lady went to dance in the later morning, and I took Bud to the grocery store. He was well behaved, and we generally had a good time. He kept looking around, and I didn't even have to hand him an item to keep him occupied this time. I do find I need to steer a little more towards the center of the aisles to keep him from pulling things off shelves, though...

We came home and M-lady fed Bud some rice and spinach right after he grabbed the leftover waffle off the plate and devoured it. M-lady managed to get him down for his nap more quickly than I've generally been able to get him to calm down.

He slept for a little over an hour before he got up and it was time to join Auntie O and others at a 'Wooster and Jeeves' tea. Bud was still a little groggy and shy when we arrived, but after some shortbread, which he loved, he woke up and started interacting and exploring. Auntie O had brought Bud a little plastic chair she found for him which was just his size: he not only enjoyed sitting on it, but swinging it around as well. M-lady's and my trained parent reflexes prevented structural damage, although there are probably more shortbread crumbs in the carpet than the hosts might have otherwise expected.

When Bud started getting a little antsy we ducked out and headed to a local park. Bud had a great time playing with a ball, checking out the dirt and sticks, running around, and trying to catch one of the squirrels. I was a little bit afraid he might actually catch it... it seemed to be a little lax.

Tired and dirty from the park, we came home and jumped straight into the shower, which went very well. Dinner followed: M-lady and I had tacos, and Bud ate a very large quatinity of taco meat, tomato chunks, and shredded cheese. No shell, and the lettuce seemed to make him gag regularly, so we didn't try a 3rd time.

After dinner we watched a little bit of Animusic, and then I discovered a concert being shown of Joe Satriani, one of the modern rock guitar gods. In fact, the guitar I have is a very early model of what became the 'Joe Satriani' series of guitars. Bud recognized the guitar right away ("ba-ba 'tar!"), and we watched Joe rip through several tunes.

The rest of the evening was spent switching between the JS concert, Animusic, and putting on some swing music and dancing a bit. Bud generally had a great time, although he got impatient with the swing music now and again. Eventually bedtime rolled around, and the routine went smoothly.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Shopping and Photos

Apologies for the lateness of this post. Blogger was acting up a bit.

I wasn't feeling altogether well this morning, so rather than get up early and head out for a bike ride, M-lady let me sleep in a little and we all went down to Gilroy to hit the outlet mall. We got on the road about 9:45, and Bud managed to stay awake for all but the last ten minutes of the drive. On the way we sang songs: Bud will now pick the next song and start singing it, and M-lady and I both join in.

It wasn't too crowded when we arrived, so we headed for the Carter's, when M found a couple things for Bud, and wandered over to the OshKosh as well. Bud had a great time playing in the coin-operated trains, trucks, and cars scattered outside the stores. We'd let him sit in one for a time (no coins necessary for entertainment), and then pry him away and press on.

When we switched to the second part of the mall, we put Bud on the running board of the Bugaboo. He finally got it and loved it. He had a fantastic time riding standing up... totally worth it. The only downside is that he's not tethered, so if he decides to run off it can be a little tricky to coral him.

Had some pizza and raisins for lunch, hit a few more stores, and then headed for home. Bud, predictably, fell asleep on the drive back at about 1:00, and we made the transfer to his crib without much problem.

After a good nap, we ate a pear for a snack and headed over to C, T, and F's for a family photo shoot. Bud was generally in a good mood, but he did find a small mop and broom of F's and wouldn't let go of them. So they're in the family photos. Some of them actually came out really well.

We had a good time visiting and generally hanging out with the friends. They have a beautiful new home which we got to tour and admire. Bud enjoyed chasing the cat for a little bit, and playing with and petting their chocolate lab. Everyone had fun.

Afterwards we headed home and had some dinner. Bud really hadn't eaten enough during the day, and had a pretty solid meal of chicken nuggets and wontons graciously donated by Auntie O. It was pretty late, and bedtime came up pretty quickly after that. The routine went smoothly, and Bud went to sleep quickly after a busy day.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Lovin' that Ice Cream

Bud woke this morning at about 6:00, and I got up with him. He snoozed a bit until about 6:45, at which point we got up and got some milk. We read lots of books this morning, keeping things relatively low key while M-lady got a little more sleep.

At about 8:30, M-lady got up and got ready to take Bud to gymnastics. They apparently had a great time there, and Bud did really well on the tumble track again. M-lady had taken the day off work to take care of Bud, and they had a good time with the rest of the morning as well.

Bud got a short nap in before I met M-lady and Bud at an informal event at work this afternoon. Bud was a bit groggy at the beginning of the event, but woke up after nibbling some hors d'oeuvres and crackers, and did his shy smile at some of the other attendees.

I followed M-lady and Bud home after running a quick errand, and got to spend a pleasant afternoon with them. Bud was in a good mood for the afternoon. We decided on an early dinner at Fresh Choice.

Bud ate a pretty significant quantity of peas, kidney beans, lima beans, broccoli, and croutons. When he saw one of the other patrons get ice cream, he got very excited. Fortunately, he had eaten enough that we didn't mind getting a small cone for him. He ate the whole thing! Towards the end, he was shivering as he ate, but still had a big grin on his face.

After dinner we picked up some fruit from the shop next to the restaurant and headed home. M-lady cut Bud's hair while we watched some Animusic, and then Bud and I took a shower. He had a great time in the shower, playing with bubbles and the shower head.

After the shower, he was pretty wound up. I played with him for a bit, trying to slow him down a little, and finally watched a couple more Animusic shorts before starting milk and Pingu. The bedtime routine was uneventful, and he went to sleep peacefully.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Super Cute

Bud and M-lady had a good morning. Since M-lady and I were teaching dance in the late evening again, and Nanny J was coming over then, Nanny J had the morning off and M-lady took care of Bud for most of it.

Bud made some noise at 5:45 again, and M-lady went to check on him. They ended up getting up then, although they spent some good snuggle time together. I got up about 7:20 to hang out with Bud while M-lady handled a work call.

Bud had figured out how to open the tupperware/pots and pans cabinet and had emptied it out by the time I got up. In particular he enjoyed the big stew pot today. We had a good time playing with the spoons, pots, and pans, before moving on to reading some books and general tickling. He had a piece of toast with me, and then later shared a waffle with M-lady.

After M-lady wrapped up her call, she and Bud ate the waffle, got dressed, and played some more, before heading out to run some errands. They did a quick trip to Macy's, where Bud was cooperative, before taking a very pleasant stroll at lunchtime up and down Murphy Street. People would smile at Bud, and he would back away a little bit behind M-lady and smile slowly and shyly back at them. So cute! This photo, incidentally, is of the same behavior, but taken over the weekend.

M-lady got home in time for lunch, where they had rice, spinach, and fish. Bud ate a ton. Nanny J arrived at about 1:00, and asked why Bud wasn't in bed for his nap yet. Off to nap he went!

He had a good nap, and was in a good mood when I saw him in the later afternoon. He was having a good time throwing balls around and chasing them. He got a bath in the afternoon as well.

Bud and I had a good time drawing, and playing with Elmo on the PC before dinner. For dinner I gave Bud a hotdog (a real one), while I had a fat-free dog. He had a good time with it, eating big chunks. M-lady noticed how deliberate his biting motion was while taking bites from the dog. I suppose it's one of the few things he eats where he really has to bite properly to separate the skin of the dog. In any case, he ate a good amount.

After dinner, we played for a bit, including spending some more time with the petticoat, and then watched some Animusic before grabbing milk and watching Pingu. The bedtime routine went smoothly, and we've remembered to have him brush his teeth again the past few nights. He seems to have a lot of fun with it. He fell asleep quietly, and slept soundly while Nanny J kept an eye on him and we were at dance rehearsal.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Play

Bud keeps on coming up with new ways to play. He's awesome.

However, he woke this morning at about 5:30. Which wasn't so awesome. I went to check on him, and he'd dropped his pacifier. So I picked it up for him, and he went back to sleep until about 7:00. Or at any rate, he was quiet while I lay on the couch in his room until then.

We got up and did the morning thing, and he was a little more fussy than usual. I guess that generally continued through the day. But we had a good time while he wasn't fussing. We read some books, including several readthroughs of Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb. I think he was really interested in the drums, although we also went back to the banjo page several times ("'tars").

Bud currently can distinguish between zero, one, and more than one. But it's a little fuzzy beyond that. He's currently using 'two' to refer to any quantity greater than one. But we count object together, and he seems to sort of have a grasp on that. In any case, it's an interesting phase.

M-lady took Bud at about 8:30, and Bud had a bit of a tantrum during the exchange, although he had fun playing with M-lady after a while. Apparently he had another fussy exchange when Nanny J arrived. It was just that kind of day.

Nanny J suggested Bud is growing, which might explain some of the fussiness. In any case, they had a good time at the library today, and Bud had a big lunch, and the took a walk in the later afternoon.

Bud was in a great mood when Nanny J left. He had been pushing a block around on the floor, and making train noises. I wasn't sure if he was pretending the block was a train, or that he was a train himself. In any case, it was really cute, and he was having a good time.

We decided to try to make an outing to REI, and worked on getting Bud dressed. He put up an awful howl, not wanting his diaper changed, or his clothes put on. He even grabbed his clothes (before we got them on him) and tried to put them back in the dresser. Eventually we got him dressed, with a bit of persuasion and struggling. fortunately he hasn't figured out how to get his clothes off by himself yet. Otherwise, he would have spent most of the evening naked.

We managed to get to REI, and Bud got to ride his running board for the first time. Big grins. Unfortuantely, they didn't last as long as we'd hoped, as he got distracted by all the water bottles and power bars at REI. In the end, he had another fit as I took him out of the store, where we waited for M-lady to finish up a purchase.

We had dinner as soon as we got home, which included a big plate of rice and spinach, and some chicken as well. It was all topped off with a good amount of cereal. He must have been hungry. Since it was so late, we went straight from dinner to milk and Pingu. The bedtime routine was actually very smooth, and he went to sleep easily.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Drawing and Flashlights

Bud woke this morning at about 6:45, and M-lady got up with him. They had a very snuggly morning, apparently, although there was a bit of a commotion about the diaper change. Bud also helped M-lady unload the dishwasher. He'll pull the dishes he can reach out and hand them to one of us to put away. It's really cute.

I got up around 8:00 and joined them. The cleaners arrived shortly afterwards, and Bud flirted with them a bit, but was really more interested in the broom and the vacuum cleaner. He thought those were really cool. I managed to distract him with Elmo games on the computer for a bit, and we played with the pots and pans as guitars and horns again for a while as well.

He had a good day with Nanny J, enjoying his music class and taking a solid nap. He had a good lunch as well, with lots of chicken nuggets. He got a bath, too. He was in a good mood when I saw him again in the evening.

He immediately wanted me to pull out my guitar, but we only played with it for a few minutes. We played with pots and pans some more, as well as a serving spoon/fork which M-lady picked up expressly for Bud. He had a good time stirring the pot, and then tasting. He offered tastes to Buff and Pooh, as well.

He had most of a pear and some pancakes for dinner, and then was very interested in playing with my phones. Shortly after dinner, we retired to the office and he immediately grabbed a pen and asked to draw. We pulled out a new crayon for him (blue, this time) and went back to the playroom with the pen, crayon, and a clipboard. He had a great time doodling away.

He also found my mini-maglight in the office, and took that back to the playroom for a while as well. I turned the overhead light off, and he had a great time shining the light on the ceiling and shaking it vigorously. We had fun with that.

After one Animusic, bedtime rolled up pretty quickly, and the routine went smoothly, with milk and Pingu and then off to sleep.

Monday, October 16, 2006


Bud woke up this morning at about 6:45 after sleeping well during the night. I got up with him, and we had a pretty good morning together. He was in a new sleeper that was a little too big for him, so his feet occasionally worked their way out of the feet of the sleeper, which would flop around while he ran down the hall.

We read some books, and had a pretty good breakfast of pear and toast. He was really interested in watching Animusic, but we ended up drawing and playing with Elmo on the computer a bit instead. M-lady pulled out a crayon for him in the later morning, which was apparently broken before noon.

Bud apparently had a pretty good lunch, and had a nice long nap. He was pretty happy when I saw him in the early evening. The running board for his stroller arrived today, and he had a lot of fun playing with the pieces after I unpacked it. I got it attached to the Bugaboo after he went to bed. We'll give it a try tomorrow... I think he'll really like it.

He spent a lot of the evening asking to watch the Animusic DVD, but I managed to push it off until after dinner, which is now our designated TV time. He had a pretty good dinner, sharing our spaghetti with meat sauce. Boy, does that make a mess. And boy, does he hate having a mess on his tray. He tries to brush it all off, forcefully. Which means saucy noodles scattered far and wide around his chair.

After getting him cleaned up, we alternated watching Animusic songs and Monday Night Football. I would play a song when there was a commercial break, which seems to be about every 3 minutes or so. Bud was not so interested in football tonight, probably because the Chargers weren't playing. He would wait anxiously to see the next Animusic song.

We had a little bit of ice cream later in the evening, and watched Pingu and had some milk starting a little after 7:30. The bedtime routine went pretty smoothly, and Bud went to sleep quietly.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Staying Cute

Bud made a little noise this morning between 4:30 and 5:00, but went back to sleep before too long. I went in to check on him once, and retrieved his pacifier for him. He still cried a little bit after that, but not for very long.

I left for a bike race before Bud woke up, which was at about 7:30. He and M-lady had a good morning, and Bud stayed entertained while M-lady got ready. He apparently got ahold of one of her older tubes of makeup, and mimed putting makeup on himself, and then on M-lady. She thought it was really cute.

They ran a few errands before lunch, making trips to Target and Toys 'R Us. I got home a few minutes before they did, and we all had lunch together.

Bud ate a respectable lunch, starting with most of a pear, some chicken, and a fair bit of cereal. After lunch we headed back to his room for a nap. He played in his crib for about an hour before falling asleep, but had a good nap of about 2 hours. M-lady and I were also able to catch a few Z's.

Bud was in a reasonable mood when he got up, and we had some juice and a yogurt. He's getting much better at using a spoon... he could dip the spoon in the yogurt (not really scooping yet) and get the yogurt into his mouth on his own. Of course, there were some drips and yogurt all over his face, but that's how it goes.

I wore my old Chargers jersey today, and even though I didn't mention football, or the Chargers, and we didn't have the TV on, Bud still said "Go Chargers!" after seeing the jersey. What a cool kid.

Bud and I made a quick trip out to Fry's after that, and he was really good in the store. He enjoyed holding some of the things we picked up, but was particularly interested in the ink cartridges for the printer. This is because there was a picture of a guitar on the box for the cartridges. He said, "'tar" all the way back to the car while pointing at the picture on the box. He even strummed it a few times.

M-lady had gone on an errand by the time we got home, so we unloaded and played for a few minutes before making a video call to a set of grandparents. Bud had a good time on the call, and showed off some dancing and and drawing skills. He was pretty happy while interacting with them.

We had pancakes for dinner again, and Bud ate a pretty healthy portion. He didn't want to get in his chair at first, but eventually figured that the syrup was worth it.

Bedtime rolled up pretty quickly after that, and we had milk, bread, and pingu. He got into one of his new, big sized (2T) sleepers, which looks a little baggy on him, but lets him straighten his legs. He was pretty tired by the time he got into his crib, and went to sleep peacefully.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Perfect Child Advertisement

Bud was a model child today for the public. He got up around 6:45, and I got up with him. We had a reasonably good morning, with a couple of minor breakdowns. At one point he got pretty upset when I wouldn't open the door to the office for him. But we did have a good time playing with the guitars. I turned him over to M-lady at about 9:00 for a bit while I snoozed. At about 10:00 we all started getting ready to head to the tailgate party of my class reunion.

Bud ate a large quantity of naan bread on the way there, and was pretty content riding in the stroller across campus. He was cute and generally more approachable than usual when confronted with a large group. He even smiled as some folks, and giggled, and let himself be thoroughly admired. M-lady got some great pictures of him.

He ate a good portion of turkey and barbeque beef at the reunion, and then had more naan when we got back to the car. We had to leave before the football game to get ready for a wedding up in the city. Bud ate a couple pieces of naan, drank a little water, and passed out on the drive home.

When we got home, we were able to transfer him to his crib without much issue. We left for the wedding before he got up, and returned after he'd gone to bed. Aunt O and Uncle C came over to keep an eye on him during the afternoon and evening.

Aunt O reported that he was a perfect little boy. No fussing, had fun, ate well, no problems having his diaper changed, and went to bed without any complaints at all. I think Bud wants a cousin. "See, taking care of a child is really easy!"

Friday, October 13, 2006


Bud woke up this morning at about 6:45, and M-lady got up with him. He was apparently very snuggly this morning, and M-lady had a good time cuddling with him. I joined them at about 8:45, and Bud was munching away on a waffle.

We headed out shortly to his gymnastics class, where we met Nanny J. Bud did pretty well in class. The coach laid out a carpet with a hopscotch board printed on it: while Bud wasn't hopping in the squares, he did get the idea to hop on the pattern, and had a good time with that. He also did very well with the handstands and on the balance beam.

He had a good time at the park with Nanny J, watching one of the regulars feed the ducks. He apparently had a really big lunch, and is putting himself to sleep for his afternoon naps now. We'll see if he'll do that for M-lady and me this weekend.

In the evening, he was in a pretty good mood when Nanny J left. I decided to start on dinner early, and made pancakes from a mix I picked up during my last grocery store run. Bud really enjoyed the pancakes. M-lady even grudgingly gave him a little syrup, which he seemed to like. He would lick the syrup of the piece of pancake before eating the pancake.

He also really doesn't like to have sticky hands. So we had to wipe his hands pretty often.

After dinner we were pretty mellow. Bud pulled all the tupperware and pots out of his cabinet, and he fell in love with pretending that the pans were guitars. He designated one for me and one for himself, and we played the guitars together for quite a bit of the evening.

The bedtime routine was very straightforward, and Bud went to sleep quietly. Hopefully, he'll sleep in a little later tomorrow.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bear Heads

Bud woke this morning at about 6:45. I went in to check on him, and he was pointing at his pacifier on the floor and said "Oh No!" as I walked in. I handed the pacifier back to him, and he lay back down in his crib, eyeing me. I lay down on the couch in his room, and we rested for about 10 minutes before he decided it was time to get up.

So that piece of the Pack 'n Play Bud was playing with yesterday? I had put it in a bag, slated for the rafters in the garage last night. Bud found it this morning when we went out for milk, and played with it all day. It's a flexible rod, about 2 feet long, with some fabric and three bear heads attached meant to arch over and dangle over a child lying in the Pack 'n Play. He used it largely as a broom, sweeping the floor with it, although he would occasionally bestow kisses on the bear faces. Boy, did he have a great time with it. Unfortunately, towards the end of the day he started whacking things with it, so we'll need to remove it for tomorrow.

He had a good day with Nanny J (aside from some of the aformentioned whacking), and a good nap. He was in a good mood, and still playing with the arch piece, when M-lady and I took him at about 5:30.

The evening was nice. I made grilled cheese sandwiches for M-lady and Bud, and Bud really enjoyed his. I think it was his first grilled cheese. He ate more than half of a sandwich.

The rest of the evening was pretty mellow, and Bud was getting tired early. We started the bedtime routine at a little before 7:30, and Bud was in bed just after 7:45. He fell asleep pretty quickly.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Routines and Furniture

Bud woke this morning at about 6:45. M-lady went to take care of him, and reported that he was pretty chipper this morning. I watched him at about 8:45, and we read some of "The Cat in the Hat". I had forgotten how long that book is. Definitely a step or two up from "Hop on Pop".

Nanny J has taught Bud a new trick. After lunch, he grabs his blanky, asks for a pacifier, and trots down the hall to his room and stands by his crib, ready to take a nap. He has clearly identified the pattern, and is happy to go along with it. Which is great.

We're going to try to use his understanding of such patterns to try to limit TV. Nanny J suggested we set a particular time each day for TV. He should start to figure out that we watch TV just at that particular time in short order.

Bud was in a pretty good mood after Nanny J left. We took delivery of our new sofa in the evening, and so before it arrived we moved all the furniture in the living room around to make room for the new sofa. We packed up the Pack 'n Play we had set up in the living room, and Bud had a great time playing with one of the pieces.

Bud was eating dinner when the new sofa arrived (hotdog, peas, and potatos), and looked a bit startled when he came back into the living room. But he seemed at home quickly enough. He's having some trouble getting onto the new sofa: I think it's just a little too tall for him to climb up on right now. Shouldn't take too long for him to fix that. Or find a step-stool.

After dinner we decided it was OK for him to watch a little bit of TV, so we let him pick one of the DVDs (he chose Animusic), and we watched a little bit of that.

He asked for milk and Pingu a little bit before 7:30, so we accomodated him. He seemed a little tired. He protested his diaper change mightily, and looked a little sheepish afterwards. Otherwise, the bedtime routine was uneventful and he fell asleep quietly.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mall Night

Bud slept a solid night last night. Yay! He woke at about 7:15, and I went in to get him. But when I went in, instead of finding him standing is his crib as usual, he was still lying down. Awake, but lying down. So I lay on the couch in view of his crib, and we lay there together for about 10 minutes before he decided it was time to get up.

The morning routine was straightforward, although a little later in the morning he really wanted to watch some Animusic. We're afraid he's been watching too much TV and computer recently, so we'll start cutting back. I may need to hide his DVDs.

He took a really long nap in the afternoon. I assume this is making up for all the time he hasn't been sleeping at night for the past week or so. Nanny J had a dentist appointment in the late afternoon, so I looked after Bud after about 3:00. But he stayed asleep until 4:00.

He was in a pretty good mood when he woke up, and we had some juice and played with my new bike helmet. M-lady got home while we were still at that, and after M-lady and I both wrapped up work, and Bud had a box of raisins, we all packed up and went to the mall. We hit the food court first, and all had some pizza for dinner. Bud really enjoyed the pizza.

After dinner, I took Bud down to the play area while M-lady ran an errand. She met us there a little later. When we arrived, there were only two other kids there, and Bud was emboldened. He took off and played on lots of different pieces of equipment, showing much more interest and initiative than he has in the past.

The play area got busier as we stayed there, but Bud still had a good time playing on lots of different things. He spent a good amount of time in the little cars, and climbed on the turtle as well. He also went through the tunnel for the first time. And second, third, fourth, etc... times. Eventually we pulled him away.

We managed to keep him awake on the drive home by dancing and clapping to Madonna's latest CD. M-lady and Bud had a great time. He stayed awake until we got home, but was showing signs of flagging. We started the bedtime routine as soon as we got home, which went smoothly.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Work That Remote

Bud cried for a bit last night between 1:00am and 2:00am, but went back to sleep on his own. He woke this morning a little before 7:00, and M-lady got up to take care of him. He was in a pretty good mood, although he protested having his diaper changed. Sometimes he just does not want to be changed, other times he's perfectly content to lie quietly while we change him. Not sure why he's so on and off about it.

He had a good day with Nanny J, going to his gymkids class in the morning. He had a bath in the afternoon, and was nice and clean with damp hair when I saw him at about 4:30. When I saw him again at just before 5:30, Bud was sitting on a chair in the living room, with the nanny, facing the TV, and playing with the remote control. He told us he wanted to watch 'Bob', and kept punching buttons on the remote while pointing it at the TV. He's clearly figured out how things work.

After Nanny J left, I offered to watch a Bob with him, but he'd moved on by that point. We watched some Monday Night Football, and I put a Baby Einstein DVD he requested on my laptop for him to watch.

Dinner was pear, peas, and buttered toast. He refused a portion of M-lady's ravioli. He had eaten a good amount of protein at lunch, so we weren't too concerned. He had a good time licking the butter off the toast before eating the toast. Mmmmm.

After dinner we played with the guitar a bit while watching more MNF. Bedtime wasn't too far away, and soon we watched a Pingu and had our milk. The bedtime routine was easy, and he went to sleep without a fuss tonight. Yay!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bikes and Football

Bud slept well through the night, and woke this morning at about 7:00. He was in a pretty good mood, and we played a bit, and watched some DVDs. He's started pointing at his DVDs in the stack, and then he'll open the case, pull out the disc, and take it over to the DVD player. It's pretty cool that he's figured out how DVDs work, although we still generally try to discourage too much TV.

He had a resonable breakfast of toast and waffle, and then we got ready for a bike ride. Friend D and his daughter K came over, and we each packed the little ones into carriers and hit the road by a little before 10:00am.

For the first few miles, Bud would say "Oh No!" every time we hit a bump. It was pretty funny. He fell asleep before too long, as he is wont to do on bike rides. K fell asleep as well, and D and I had a good chat while we rode. The kids slept for about 90 minutes, and were pretty happy for the rest of the ride as well. D and I got about 30 miles in, and got home a little bit after noon.

After putting the bike and trailer away, and saying goodbye to D and K, we had some lunch. Bud had good portions of chicken nuggets and peas, and nibbled at a hot dog as well. He was eating the hot dog since he saw me have one, but I didn't encourage him to eat it as he probably shouldn't be eating hot dogs too regularly. He mostly ate the bun, which was fine.

M-lady had gone shopping, so we were on our own for a while. We turned on a football game, and had a pretty good time watching and playing in the early afternoon. We pulled out a bunch of his Playhut stuff, and had a good time with that.

M-lady arrived home mid-afternoon, and I took a little break and Bud and M-lady played together for a while. They watched some videos and looked at pictures on the computer, and played games on the Sesame Street website. He asked for 'Elmo' several times... we may have to get him an Elmo toy of some sort eventually.

For dinner Bud wasn't interested in the tacos we were having, but he liked the little grape tomatoes. He must have eaten a small bucketful of those. He had a little bit of the taco meat after that, and then a little bit of milk and a snack box of raisins. We had turned on the evening game by this point ("Go Chargers!"), and enjoyed the raisins sitting in front of the TV.

We played with my guitar a bit, and Bud really enjoyed some of the strummed tunes. I'll need to learn the chord progressions for some kid songs. He's working on strumming himself, but has trouble holding the pick at the right angle.

At about 7:30 we started the bedtime routine, and it went very smoothly. He went to bed and to sleep without fussing. Since he took such an early nap during the day, he was pretty tired by bedtime.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Dinner with Friends

Bud woke this morning at 6:30. Whew! He made a little noise at 4:30, but managed to sleep though it, as far as I could tell. M-lady got up with him at about 6:30, and I got up around 6:45 to get ready for a morning bike ride. I watched him for a few minutes while M-lady got dressed and ready, and we started watching a Bob the Builder. Bud transferred back to M-lady to finish watching the show while I headed out for my ride.

Bud and M-lady had a good morning, and after breakfast they headed out for a little bit of shopping at the Smiling Frog, a children's second-hand store. They got a new sleeper for Bud (the one I couldn't find at Carter's yesterday), and Bud was really well behaved in the store while they shopped, walking around and staying close to M-lady.

Bud fell asleep in the car on the way back, and managed to get about a 45 minute nap in. I arrived home while he was still napping, but he was up by the time I finished my shower.

Bud had most of a hotdog for lunch. It's great: I can prepare a dog, stick it in a bun, and just hand the whole thing over to Bud. He'll grab it and munch away for a while. If he drops it or it falls apart, he says "Uh-oh!" and I put it back together for him. But it's a meal he can mostly feed himself, which is really nice.

After lunch, Bud and I played for a little bit, and then made a video call to one set of grandparents. I was a little concerned, as Bud didn't want me touching the laptop (he was playing with it), and was having a little tantrum as the call connected. I was pretty sure the call wasn't going to last long. But Bud really enjoyed interacting with the grandparents.

In particular, he loved playing 'catch'. He had a wadded up piece of Kleenex (used to wipe his runny nose from his tantrum), and would throw it at the screen. GrandDad also had a piece of Kleenex he would throw back. They had a great time with that. Overall, I think it was the longest duration video call we've had.

After the call, Bud, M-lady, and I walked down the street to the local school faire. It was mostly aimed at slightly older kids, but looked like Bud might have fun there in a year or two. As we walked out, we looked at a mural on the side of the school, and Bud said "Go Chargers!" M-lady and I were confused, until we looked around and saw, down the street, some kids throwing a football around. Bud must have seen it too. It's so cool to see him extrapolating.

Bud and I took a quick spin in the car to the bike shop to see if the winter clothing had come in yet, and he had a good time running around the store. I drove the long way home, and managed to get him to sleep for about 20 minutes. Not a great nap all in all, but he seemed pretty perky when he got up.

We ate some dinner: toast, fish, and peas (lots and lots of peas). He sort of shredded the fish, but I managed to get a fair bit into him, particularly when I distracted him with the toast. After his dinner we packed up and headed off to C + A's house for the grownup's dinner.

Bud was a little shy when we first arrived, but warmed up in a matter of minutes. He was very cute. He had a great time playing on C+A's piano, banging away with short breaks to get pita chips. He also had fun climbing the stairs, and exploring other parts of the new environment.

Dinner was delightful, and Bud was generally very well behaved. He never really melted down, even when it was pretty late after his bedtime. We changed him into PJs before we left, and he fell asleep on the drive home sometime around 9:00.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Dancing Machine

Bud started making noise this morning around 4:30, and I went in to check on him at 5:00. I changed his diaper, put him back in his crib, and said goodnight. He cried more, but we've got to get him used to going back to sleep on his own. He made noise until about 6:30, and then slept until a little after 8:00.

I got him up in time to have some milk and toast and get dressed so we could go off to his gymnastics class. He had a little barf after he chugged his milk, but he managed to catch most of it in his blanky. Ummm... yuck. I did have to do an emergency change of clothes right before we left, though. We were just a little late to class.

Bud had a pretty good time in class today, although the class seemed a little more unruly in general than the last time I came. Bud did OK with the stretches, but it's still clear that he's not sure what's going on. He did a great job on the balance beam and with an assisted flip-flop on the first activity course, and then did a good job on the bars in the second activity course. He was distracted by the hardware on the windows several times, though.

Bud apparently had a pretty good day with Nanny J. They spent quite a long time at the park after gymnastics class, and then Bud had a good lunch and a nap. I saw him again in the late afternoon.

I managed to get to Carter's around lunchtime and pick up some fall clothes for Bud. I got two long-sleeved shirts, a pair of sweatpants, and a sweatshirt, all in the 24 month size. They didn't have any 24 month thick sleepers, but the other clothing should help keep him warm as the temperatures drop a little.

When I got home, Bud was in a pretty good mood. Aunt O also came over for dinner, so while she and M-lady prepared dinner, Bud and I played with my guitar and watched a little football. He had a little bit of dinner, not much, and then got upset when we wouldn't let him play with the guitar on his own (it's a bit heavy for him in any case). Bud an I watched some Bob the Builder to settle him down, and he ate a couple pieces of toast while we watched.

After the Bob and toast, I put some swing music on, and Bud spent most of the rest of the evening dancing. He had a great time. I was tired out after the first couple of songs, but he was going strong pretty much through the whole album. He pulled me up to dance with him from where I was sitting several times. Boy did he have fun.

After the dancing, it was pretty much time for Pingu and the bedtime routine. Bud had another slice of toast along with his milk, and the bedtime routine went smoothly. He did end up crying again after we left the room, but fell asleep before too long.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Trip to Baja

Once again, Bud woke during the night. I guess he was up from about 1:00 to about 2:30 or so. I was up with him from 2:00 to 3:00, and managed to get back to sleep myself at about 3:30. He woke up in the morning at about 6:30, and M-lady took care of him in the morning. I was able to sleep in a bit. Thanks, M-lady!

He had a pretty good day with Nanny J, although she reported his nose was still a little runny. She took him out for a couple of walks, and bundled him up pretty well. While Bud was napping, I saw her lengthening the sweater vest that she knitted for him last year.

Bud was happy when we started playing together in the early evening. M-lady settled from a busy day at work, and then we all walked over to Baja Fresh, a mexican place, for dinner. Bud enjoyed the chips and both cheesy chunks of chicken from M-lady's quesadilla and chicken with guacamole from my burrito. He also had a great time drinking water from a cup with a straw. Ah, the little novelties.

The evening was getting pretty cool on the walk back, and it was getting dark by the time we got home. Bud and I played with my guitar for a little bit, and then M-lady set up a video call with her parents. Bud was really excited to talk to Ama and Agu... he ran down the hall, calling their names repeatedly. He had a good time chatting, although it was getting a little late and his attention span was short.

We started the bedtime routine immediately afterwards, although it was a little early. He enjoyed Pingu and milk, and the routine went smoothly, right up to him waving good-bye as we waved and said night-night. Then, as we left the room, he began crying. He kept it up for a good half hour or more before falling asleep.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tough Night, Good Dog

Bud woke up this morning at 2:00. I got up to check on him, changed a fairly wet diaper, and tried to get him to go back to sleep. He was content enough to stand in his crib and look at me for a while, but when I wished him goodnight and tried to go back to bed at about 3:00, he started crying. M-lady got up and watched him until about 4:00, at which point we traded places again. He cried a bit, and I finally got him to fall asleep around 5:00.

Bud slept until about 8:30 or so, when M-lady got up to take care of him. I managed to snooze until about 9:30. Bud went to the library with Nanny J, and reportedly ate a huge lunch afterwards. Nanny J suspects that we're not feeding him enough in the evening, which is why he hasn't been sleeping very well recently.

He had a good nap in the afternoon, and went for a walk with Nanny J before it started raining. He and Nanny J seemed to have a good time with the CD from the "Little Pandas" class, and I heard them listening and singing along for much of the afternoon.

After Nanny J left, we needed to drop M-lady's car off at the dealership for servicing. So I packed Bud up in my car, and we went to get gas before picking up M-lady at the dealership. It started raining on the drive, and we had a good time listening to music in the car, clapping along, and looking at the wet world outside.

When we got home, we started on dinner. Bud ate an entire hotdog. With the bun. I cooked one up for him (and a couple for myself), ended up just handing him the whole thing, which he had a great time munching on. He had a little bit of grape after that, and then had fun squashing a cherry tomato that I handed to him.

After dinner, we watched a little bit of TV, and he found M-lady's umbrella, which he played with for the better part of half an hour. Then it was Pingu and milk. Rather than give him lots of milk before bed, we tried giving him a little less milk and a muffin, which he happily devoured.

He didn't want his diaper changed, but seemed OK through the rest of the bedtime routine, until it was time to leave him in his crib. Then he started crying. I sat with him for a while, but eventually left to let him cry it out. He fell asleep at about 8:45. I hope he sleeps better tonight.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Happy Baby

Bud slept in this morning until about 7:30 or so. Yay! We're not sure if it's because he got to sleep later last night, or the heater kept him comfortable for longer, but it was nice to not have to get up before 6:00. M-lady got up with him, although I had to get up shortly thereafter as the cleaners arrived at about 8:00. He seemed in a pretty good mood during the morning, although he wasn't happy about having his diaper changed.

He had a good time watching the cleaners, and was particularly fascinated by the brooms and the vacuum cleaner. He also smiled and flirted with them quite a bit.

M-lady and Nanny J took him to his new class, "Little Pandas". It's a Chinese music class, and Bud apparently had a great time and did very well. He got to play with bells, and a triangle, and drum sticks (oh boy! drum sticks!), and they sang lots of songs in Chinese.

He had a good nap in the afternoon, and went for a walk with Nanny J. He also had fun in his bath. I heard him splashing and giggling.

M-lady went to a ballet class in the evening, so Bud and I hung out by ourselves. He had some of my dinner (rice and chicken), and I heated up some more rice for him since he was really going to town on it. He had some toast as well, and we wrapped up dinner crumby and content.

After dinner we made a quick trip to the grocery store. Bud smiled at some of the other shoppers, and got admiration from both shoppers and checkers. We picked up a couple of various sundries, and generally had a good time cruising the aisles. Bud stayed in a good mood the whole time.

When we got home, Bud helped me unload the groceries. I put the bags on the floor in the kitchen and he carefully removed and handed me each item so I could put it away properly. So helpful!

We caught a few minutes of college football on TV ("Go Chargers!") before it was time to start the bedtime routine. He drank a good portion of milk, and was happy all through the process, although he didn't seem particularly tired. But he went to his crib happily, and fell asleep quietly. I hope he sleeps in again tomorrow morning: I think the extra hour or two does him good!

Monday, October 02, 2006


Bud woke this morning at about 5:45, and I got up to see how he was doing. He lay back down in his crib when I came in, but he didn't go back to sleep. He just lay there, watching me. So eventually we got up and had some milk.

After that, he didn't really seem interested in playing. I tried a few things, but eventually he just wanted his pacifier ("pats") back. We're trying to start limiting pats usage to when he's going to sleep, so I told him if he wants his pats then he had to go back in his crib. Of course, he screamed when I put him back in his crib. After a couple of minutes, he was willing to give up the pats.

M-lady took Bud at about 8:00, and when I saw him again briefly at 8:45 he was having a great time wiping things with a dishtowel M-lady had given to him. Boy, does he love wiping things. Nanny J arrived shortly thereafter.

Nanny J reported that Bud was a bit cranky in the morning, but had a really good time at his class. Then he didn't eat enough at lunch, and had a really long nap (which is good, since he didn't sleep enough yesterday). When he woke from his nap, he ate a huge meal. Actually, I think it was two meals in one sitting. In any case, he seemed to be making up for not eating a big lunch.

Nanny J took him out for a walk after his late-afternoon meal, and they apparently had a good time. They actually both walked, instead of Bud getting pushed in his stroller. He seemed to have a good time in his bath as well, which he had when they got back.

We watched a little bit of Monday Night Football, and Bud cheered for the Chargers, which I heartily endorsed. Of course, the Eagles and the Packers were playing, but that's beside the point.

After a while he got bored of football, and wanted to watch some of his Baby Einstein DVDs. Those kept him happy for most of the evening. He had a good meal of taco leftovers, and I shared a small serving of ice cream with him for dessert.

Bud was letting out some big yawns at dinner, so we started the bedtime routine a little earlier than usual. He had a good serving of milk, and we watched a Pingu. He went into his crib just fine, and M-lady and I brought the space heater into his room since it was a bit chilly in there this morning.

A little bit after we left him, he started making noise and crying. We went in and checked on him a couple of times, but the only thing we could think of was that the heater and it's 'On' light were scaring him a little bit. He's been so good about going to sleep recently that we were a little surprised. He eventually fell asleep at about 8:45. Hopefully he'll sleep a a little later into the morning with his room a little warmer.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Go Chargers!

Bud woke at the astonishingly early hour of 4:45 this morning. I got up after it was clear he wasn't going to fall asleep again to check on him, and discovered a saturated diaper and wet pajamas. So I changed him, and tried to get him to fall asleep again, with no luck. I turned him over to M-lady at about 5:45. He apparently didn't sleep again until the afternoon.

I got up again at about 6:45, and Bud and M-lady seemed to be doing pretty well. I kept an eye on Bud for a few minutes while M-lady got dressed, and then packed up and headed out for the last leg of my 3-stage bike race. Bud seemed to take my departure in stride.

Bud and M-lady apparently had a pretty good morning, making muffins and playing. M-lady also reported a few new behaviors which seem to indicate a cognitive leap. Nanny K came over mid-morning, and watched Bud for a little while while M-lady took a dance class. They apparently had a good time, and watched a fair bit of the Chargers-Ravens game.

M-lady took Bud out to E's house in the afternoon, and Bud slept on the way there. That was his only 30 minutes of nap during the day. He really didn't get enough sleep today... maybe he'll sleep in a little bit tomorrow morning. In any case, he had a great time at E's, exploring the house and playing with E's little dog.

I was already at home when they arrived home, and Bud was in a good mood. We played together for a bit, and he showed me the new trick which Nanny K had taught him: pumping his fist in the air, he said "Go Chargers!" Sweet! Now I just need to get him a jersey.

We had a quick snack of some muffins, and then played for a while. I prepared tacos for dinner, and it took a while to negotiate with Bud that in order to eat tacos, he needed to sit in his highchair. He was really pushing for eating either from the floor on in my lap, and we had a bit of a power struggle over it. He eventually ended up in the highchair, happily munching on tacos.

The tacos ended up making a pretty good mess, so I swept up and cleaned up after dinner, while Bud ran around happily. I put some swing tunes on, and Bud had a great time dancing. Unfortunately he wanted me to dance with him, and my legs were a little sore from the race today. But we had a good time together, dancing to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Cherry Poppin' Daddies.

We had a video call with a set of Grandparents, and Bud was pretty well behaved. He seemed happy to see them, although once again he was distracted by items on my desktop. I'm going to have to write a keyboard locker for the mac.

We watched a little bit of Bob the Builder, and then a couple of Pingus and started the bedtime routine. He was really tired, and went to sleep without a peep.