Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sunny Mommy Group

Bud woke at about 6:30 this morning, but chatted to himself for about 20 minutes before starting a serious call for attention. I went and started the morning routine with him, and we had a good time.

We read some books, played some games, wrestled a bit, and did a lot of counting. He seemed interested in working on some of the numbers after five. We had a second breakfast at a bit past 9:00 of a frozen waffle for a change (rather than the raisin bread toast we've had recently). He ate a big chunk of the waffle, as well as having some milk on top of it.

Later in the morning we got ready for Mommy Group. It was held at the new house of one of the mommies, with a new pool! So we had to pack for potential pool time. It turned out that we didn't end up getting in the pool, but we all had fun hanging out in the backyard. Bud played with Abbey, the resident chocolate lab, and didn't mind getting licked on the face and ears. Abbey was really great with the kids, not even taking food out of their hands that wasn't offered to her. The kids, of course, offered her lots of food, so she was pretty happy.

Bud also found a couple of brooms in the backyard. That kept him busy for most of the visit. I'm not sure what it is about that kid and sweeping.

When we returned home, we started in on a little bit more lunch before Nanny J arrived at 1:00. Bud was a little upset when I ran off to join a 1:00 meeting, but he fell asleep pretty quickly after all that playtime in the sun.

When I got home, he was happy to see me, but sad that I had to go work in the home office for a bit. I heard M-lady arrive home, and he was really happy to have us both there. We had some leftover pizza for dinner, and I made a quick trip to the grocery store while M-lady tried to get some cute pictures of Bud in his playhut tent. I think she succeeded. When I got home, M-lady and Bud spent some time dancing while I watched (and drifted off to sleep on the couch). Bud woke me up by climbing over me to look out the window, though.

We caught Pingu and did the evening routine. Nanny J apparently noticed some molars coming in earlier in the day. We looked for them while brushing teeth, but didn't manage to catch sight of them. In any case, he went to bed without protest and seems to be sleeping pretty well.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Bud woke at about 6:30 this morning, and I went to get him as M-lady had an early workday. We did the usual morning thing, and it was fairly unremarkable, although he did bop me on the crown of my head once with the pen from his magna-doodle when I wasn't paying attention. We went over the 'gentle' thing again, but it seems like a tough-to-teach concept.

I didn't see Bud much during the day, but apparently he and Nanny J went down to the local park with a big fountain and lake. There were a lot of geese, apparently, and Bud had a great time looking at them.

Later in the afternoon, M-lady and I were hanging out with Bud and Nanny J. Bud was playing with one of his toy phones while M-lady and Nanny J talked. It was a phone that says and shows numbers or letters when you press the buttons, and Bud had it set to display numbers. He would hit the "1" button repeatedly, about 5 times, listening to the recorded voice, and then say "one". Then he did the same thing with the "2" button, the "5" button, and the "6" button. Not sure why he was skipping around, but he seemed to be learning, by himself, in a very methodical manner. It was very neat to see.

After a pizza dinner, Bud and M-lady had a good video chat with M-lady's parents. They played some music for him, and he danced and clapped along. He saw a duck in the backgroud of their image, and pointed to it said 'qua-qua'. When they brought the duck towards the camera, he made a loud kissing sound: "Mwah!" He also tried to share his phone with them.

The rest of the evening was pretty mellow. I turned on a re-run of the Houston-Denver pre-season football game, and we both pretty much ignored it except when big letters came on the screen. That transitioned to Pingu and the bedtime routine.

He seemed pretty happy to be going to bed as M-lady and I changed his diaper and washed his face. I suppose he was a bit tired out. He waved happily to us as we left, and went to sleep quietly.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dancing for an Audience

Bud made some noise around 5:30, but didn't get up until about 6:00, when M-lady got up with him. I took him at about 7:00, when M-lady needed to get ready to head to work.

We did our usual morning thing, watching a 'Bob' and reading some stories. It was also garbage day, so we got to see the big truck come around. Bud really liked that. He also had some raisin toast a bit earlier than he did yesterday.

I needed to head to work as soon as Nanny J arrived, so I didn't see him until late in the afternoon. He apparently had a good time at the library reading session today, and a pretty good nap in the afternoon.

He was really happy around the time that Nanny J left, and we danced to some swing music. He was in such a good mood that I thought we should do a video call, so we connected with one of the sets of grandparents. We used the laptop wirelessly, with the new wireless router set up, and made the call from the playroom. The playroom is better in that he's free to run around (rather than in the office where he really needs to sit on my lap), but by the same token there are more distractions so he overall ends up paying less attention to the grandparents. On the other hand, they get to see him play and interact with him some. I need to figure out a way to lock the keyboard on the laptop, since Bud really enjoys pounding the keys.

The Grandparents also got to see Bud dancing, as well as tugging on the cord of my temporary wireless setup, running around the playroom, and eating some mail. I'm going to have to figure out a way to set the wireless router up in a more permanent and childproof fasion. It'll probably mean crawling under the house to run a wire.

We had dinner after the video call, and Bud wasn't really interested in eating for a while, but he sat in his chair happily enough. Eventually I shared some of my hotdog with him, and he ate some lima beans as well for good measure. It was pretty late by the time we finished the meal, so we just played for a bit, throwing some balls around and dancing one more song. M-lady left for a mommy group meeting at about 7:30, and Bud and I caught Pingu and did the bedtime routine without issues.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Good Eats

Bud woke this morning at about 6:00. It was a little early for me, but he didn't seem interested in going back to sleep, so we got up and did our morning thing. He stayed pretty happy throughout the morning, although he got a little fussy when he didn't want to leave the computer (after checking email (mine) and looking at pictures of animals).

M-lady had to go to work fairly early this morning, so we bid her goodbye at about 7:30. We played with one of his Playhut tents for a while, and also spent some time counting fingers. We watched a Bob the Builder episode, and read some books. It was a pretty mellow morning.

When Nanny J arrived, Bud was a bit clingy (to me). She managed to lure him away with the promise of second breakfast, which we hadn't managed to have yet. I was ditched for raisin bread toast.

Bud went to the first of a new series of classes today, and it was apparently very unstructured day, mostly dealing with signing in and letting the kids get used to the space. Next week will probably be more interesting. When he came home, he had a good sized lunch, and then slept for a long time. I think he got up too early.

In the evening, we all trooped over to Armadillo Willy's for dinner. Bud had a good serving of pork from our sandwiches and cornbread, and seemed to have a good time reading the letters on the signs in the restaurant as well. There were some other children sitting near us, as well as a young baby (probably about 4-6 months), and Bud was fairly fascinated with them as well.

Bud rode on my shoulders on the way back from dinner, and carried on a monologue the whole way. It occurred to me that he doesn't chat to himself when no one's around. We don't hear him babbling in bed before falling asleep, or even when he's playing by himself. I suppose he's either internalized his voice, or just likes talking when he has an audience.

When we got home from dinner, we watched a little bit of Monday Night Football before switching over to Pingu. The bedtime routine was pretty straightforward, and he fell asleep fairly quickly.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dinner and a Shower

Bud slept in a little bit this morning, and woke at about 6:45. M-lady got up to hang out with him for a while, and we transferred at about 9:00.

Bud was in a pretty good mood in the morning, and we had a good time playing with balls, and stuffed animals, and working on counting. He's actually started to count things, and can get up to 5. We practiced counting cups, and stuffed animals, and fingers. It's pretty amazing. But I suspect, as a father, I'm easily amazed.

M-lady left for ballet class, and Bud and I had a second breakfast of raisin toast and then headed for a little outing. I noticed that a new REI opened up in Mountain View, and decided to check it out since it's closer than either of the previous REI alternatives. We had a good walk around the store, paying particular attention to the bike department, and then headed out.

I noticed a PetSmart next door to the REI, so we went in to take a look. Bud had a great time looking at all the fish, and we also saw some rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, cockatiels, finches, parakeets, turtles, and frogs. Bud really liked the birds quite a bit, since they were particularly active and noisy.

As we headed out of the PetSmart, Bud was definitely wearing out and getting tired. He fell asleep on the drive home, and I managed to transfer him into his crib without a problem. He slept for a good 2 hours.

I went out for a quick bike ride, and when I returned M-lady had set up all of Bud's playhut tents and tunnels connected in a giant warren. Bud was having a great time negotiating the tunnels and sitting in the tents. He also apparently had a good time playing with his various toy phones, as well.

Bud and M-lady and I played a little bit, and we made a video call to one set of grandparents. They were very happy to see Bud. I'm going to have to drool-proof my laptop, though.

Bud ended up getting a little fussy before dinner as he got hungry. He had a good meal of ravioli and watermelon, but getting him to eat it at first was a little bit of a challenge since he was so worked up. We even cooked up an alternate meal, but didn't need to go to it as Bud decided the ravioli was OK at that point.

After a fairly messy dinner, I jumped into the shower with Bud. The shower went really well, but he didn't want to get out. I'm going to have to work on a signal that means we're getting out of the shower. In any case, he didn't want to get out, and then he peed on the bathroom floor again. You'd think we would know by now that he pees immediately after getting out of the shower.

When we got cleaned up, it was just about time for Pingu. The bedtime routine went smoothly, and Bud went to sleep without a peep. He gives us a little wave when we say goodnight now, which is really cute.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hangin' In There

Bud survived a pretty long day today. He woke at 5, only took an hour nap in the afternoon, and went to bed at 8. He was pretty tuckered out when we tucked him in.

Bud made some noise at 5:00, so I got up to see how he was doing. He needed a diaper change, so I got that taken care of and tried to get him to sleep again. He wasn't interested, so at about 5:30 we got up and had some milk and hung out for a bit.

We watched a couple of Bob the Builder episodes, played in his playhut tents, and chased some balls around. We also spent some time searching for and looking at pictures of animals on the web. Bud surprised me when we were looking at pictures of cats. We found a picture of four kittens looking out of boxes. Bud said, "Meow, fo'! Yi, Er, San, Si!" (that's counting to 4 in chinese). I was very impressed.

M-lady took Bud for a couple hours between 8:00 and 10:00, during which they read stories and had a good time. Bud also had his big poop of the day during this period. I've managed to miss changing a really poopy diaper for a long time now.

Later in the morning, I took Bud to the grocery store to pick up a few things. We had a good trip, and Bud enjoyed the sights. I picked up some more corn on the cob for him.

After some lunch, we tried to get Bud to take a nap, but he just wasn't interested. After sitting with him for a half hour or so, we got up and played around a bit more. M-lady and I had haircuts scheduled, and we formulated a plan so he could get his nap in the car. M-lady was going to get her hair cut first, so she would take my car to the appointment, and I would follow shortly with Bud in her car. The plan was for Bud to fall asleep on the drive, and then for M-lady to take him home in her car without having to move him from car to car.

The first part of the plan worked well. Bud passed out almost before we got out of the driveway, and was still sleeping soundly when M-lady took him home. He apparently woke up shortly before arriving home, though, and didn't go back to sleep. M-lady reported that he also had a really tough 30 minutes or so before he ate anything where he was really fussy. Once she got some food into him, he calmed down a bit, though. I arrive home at about 5:00 to find them happily playing together.

I took Bud out for a quick visit to a friend's going away party. He had a good time on the drive, and while he was shy at the party and didn't really socialize, he was much admired. We weren't able to stay long, though, since we were hosting a small event at home.

We got home and scarfed some dinner, and a couple of friends arrived for a movie night. Bud was a little reserved at first, but soon opened up and had a good time playing with a couple of the folks who arrived. We all watched Pingu together, and the bedtime routine was a little less routine than usual with all the other people around who wanted to say hi and see Bud. But he was pretty tired, and fell asleep quickly once we put him in his crib and turned out the light. I hope he sleeps in a bit later tomorrow, though.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Fun with M and O

Bud woke this morning at about 6:45, and it was my turn to get up with him. I could hear him on the monitor saying "ba-ba-ba-ba-ba..." for a while before he took up a serious cry for attention. He had soaked through his diaper, so after a change of diaper and clothes and a wipedown we went to get some milk.

The morning was pretty mellow, including watching a Bob the Builder and playing with stuffed animals (Buff and Dino). We also wrestled a little bit, played with his stacking cups, and played with telephones. Around 8:45 we went to check on M-lady, and after letting her get up transferred Bud to her.

He took a walk with Nanny J today which took them past the tomato plants again, which Bud admired. He also got a bath a little later, and took his nap fairly late in the day.

In the evening, M-lady kindly took care of Bud while I went with Uncle C to a pre-season football game. Aunt O came over to spend time with M-lady and Bud as well. Apparently Bud had a good time with Aunt O's digital watch. She set it to chronograph mode, so it would beep every time he hit the start/stop button. This was reportedly very entertaining.

There was a temporary issue with the garage door, so they were unable to get out to Fresh Choice for dinner, but Aunt O picked up some food at a local italian place. Bud got to dig into some lasagna, which he did with great gusto. He asked for more ("Mo'? Mo' peese?") quite a bit, particularly when they had watermelon for dessert.

After watching Pingu, he snuggled up with Aunt O while he drank his bedtime milk. He fussed a little when the light was turned out, but not for too long.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Bud woke a little bit after 7:00 this morning, and M-lady took the first shift again. Since it's normally Mommy Group morning, Nanny J wasn't coming until 1:00, although Mommy Group didn't end up meeting today. M-lady had a 10:00 meeting, so I took Bud at about 9:30 and hung out with him until Nanny J came.

We had a second breakfast shortly after M-lady left of raisin bread toast and cereal, and then played for a bit (more playhut time) before getting ready to go out. I decided to take him to the park where Mommy group sometimes meets, on the off chance of seeing one of the other mommies there.

We headed to a bike store first, one which I hadn't been to before, just to check it out. Not really noteworthy, although Bud certainly enjoyed looking at all the bikes. We then proceeded to the mommy group park, which was empty, so went straight on to a nearby park with a playground. Bud had a great time playing in the sand.

The sand was a bit wet, and it was caked onto that ledge you can see him leaning on in the photo. He got sand all over his arms, legs, me, and ground into his shirt. He even got a mouthful of sand at one point, and tried to brush it off his tongue. But his hand was covered with sand, so that didn't help much. I managed to get some of the sand off his tongue (yuck), but I'm sure he ate some, too. I suppose it counts as a learning experience.

He was pretty tired when we got home, so we had a bit of a snack, and then Nanny J arrived and took him off to bed pretty quickly. He had a good nap in the afternoon.

When I got home after work, he was having a good time with M-lady and Nanny J. I unloaded my work stuff, and after Nanny J left we watched a little bit of the Animusic DVD. He'd had a bath earlier in the day, so I think all the sand was gone.

Dinner was a two-part affair. He had about half of a bowl of rice and fish and broccoli that M-lady prepared, as well as a bit of watermelon, and then took a break. Right before Pingu he shared a little of my noodles, with which he had a lot of fun. The bedtime routine was pretty standard, and Bud went to sleep without issue. I think he was pretty tired by bedtime.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Well Rested

Bud slept really well last night. Yay! He slept from about 8:30 or so until 6:40 this morning. M-lady got up with him, and they had a very pleasant morning until about 8:00, when Bud came looking for me.

I played with Bud until Nanny J arrived, and we had a good time pulling out some of his Playhut tents. He really enjoyed crawling into and out of the tents, and playing with the doors. We hadn't pulled them out in a while, so I was glad to see his renewed interest in them. I wish I could have had something like that when I was a kid.

He seemed to have a pretty good day with Nanny J, including a trip to the park in the morning. He was a little fussy on his return, but I think that was because he was tired and hungry. He had a good lunch and a good nap.

In the evening, I came out of the office to find Bud having a great time throwing himself onto the beanbag cushions we have. He was having a lots of fun... I hope the beanbags hold out for a while. They were really taking a beating. When M-lady got home we all had a good time wrestling in the playroom.

Then we made video calls to two sets of grandparents. He seems to be calling all the grandparents Ama and Ago now. Which means he's made an implicit connection regarding the relationship of those folks to him, which is really fascinating. It could be he connected the fact that we tend to call them all "grandma" and "grandad".

We had a good dinner after the video calls, and Bud ate just as much as M-lady. I had to cook some more chicken since he ate a bit more than I expected him to eat. It was pretty late at that point, and we played a little bit more before catching Pingu and doing the bedtime routine. He was a bit chilled this morning when he got up, so we put him in footy pajamas tonight. He waved goodnight to us happily when we put him in his crib, and we didn't hear a peep from him when we turned out the lights.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Missing the Grandparents

Bud didn't really sleep very well last night. I suspect we didn't tire him out enough, or he was being sensitive to noise we made late at night. I got up with him at about 2:00, and again at about 3:00. Each time he went back to sleep pretty quickly.

M-lady got up with him at about 5:15ish, and he slept with her for a little bit longer. I took him at about 7:00, and we watched a Bob the Builder and ate some cornbread. He was a bit fussy all morning, though, either from lack of sleep, lack of grandparents, or some other, unknown issue.

Bud was cranky with Nanny J as well, but fell asleep for a short nap in the mid-morning. He woke right before I went into the office at around 1:00.

Bud was napping again when I got back from the office, but woke at about 5:30. M-lady was feeling a little under the weather, and napped all evening, so it was just Bud and me. He was really cranky and groggy when he woke up, and Nanny J and I both had trouble getting him to eat something. I finally hit on sitting him down in front of one of the Animusic DVDs, and he contentedly drank some juice while watching.

After he was calmed a little bit, we had some dinner, which consisted of an entire hotdog and a piece of raisin-bread toast. He ate really well, and was content munching away in his highchair.

After dinner, I got him dressed and we went for a little walk to a local playground, where I was planning to let him run around a bit before bed. We met another father and his 3-year old daughter there, and Bud got very shy. She had fun running around and going down the slides, but Bud mostly kept close to my side, and kept a close eye on the strangers. So he didn't really get as much exercise as I had hoped he would.

We made it home in time to watch Pingu, and the bedtime routine was very straightforward. He made noise in his crib for a while, since I think he wasn't really sleepy after just waking up a few hours before. But he dropped off before too long. I hope he sleeps a little better tonight, and wakes in a better mood.

Weekend Review

These are the (slightly edited) emails we received from Ama and Agu while they were taking care of Bud. It should fill in the weekend for those who were wondering :).

Bud was running around a lot, playing with so many of us. It tired him out, so he took a two and a half hour nap at noon. Nanny J had to wake him up. After some more playing around, Bud followed Nanny to the fridge and said "Ah Mi". When Nanny J didn't get anything for him, Bud put on his sad crying face. So the interpretation for Ah Mi is Yu Mi (corn). Nanny J gave Bud half an ear of corn and Bud was happily munching away.

After Nanny J left, we took a walk to Walgreens to get some chips for ourselves. Halfway home, we tried to let Bud walk, but he refused to let us hold his hand (SwingDaddy has pointed that out before). So back into the stroller he went.

For supper, Bud had 10 ozs of juice, roast pork and rice which he liked. He then danced to the music of his favorite cube. Spent a whole bunch of energy throwing the small orange ball and chasing after it himself. If you want to tire somebody out, there couldn't have been a better way. We fed him a little bit of ice cream and replied "May Yiu" to the "More" sign.

Pingu's family was having dinner together. They each had a big fish, but the two kids refused to eat their salad. GrandDaddy penguin ended up eating them all:- I'm not sure that is educational.

Bud downed 7 ozs of milk, laughed and giggled when he brushed his teeth. After a diaper change and a story, he went to bed peacefully (must be tired). The baby monitor was quiet after the bedtime music, we're hoping for the best.

Bud got up at 7:00am. He was so quiet before that, we had to check his breathing. Downed 7 ozs of milk, and watched Bob the Builder. He had one and a half helping of Mama's cornbread and a banana-watermelon smoothy.

We went to a nearby park playground. Bud liked the swing, not so much the horse. Liked the steering wheel on the structure. Nanny J took Bud home for lunch while we ran some errands. Bud had a 2 hour nap.

Later, after Nanny J left, we took him to the local school playground. He was kind of subdued. When we got home, he immediately headed for his high chair and started to eat an enormous amount. 7 ozs juice, broccoli, carrot, lots of chicken, grapes and rice. Then had a whole slice of raisin bread. After that Bud's energy came back.

Today, he was dancing to music and throwing the small red ball at the same time. He then found out that he can fit the ball into a yellow cup and make it look like an ice cream cone. He started licking and giggling and had a great time.

After a quarter scoop of ice cream (real), Pingu and 7 ozs of milk, Bud went to sleep without a fuss.

Bud woke up at 6:00 am and slept on Ama's lap until 6:30 am before getting up. We had a long stroller walk to Toys R Us, Long's Drugs (too bad Albertson's is out of business).

At lunch, Bud really wanted corn on the cob. We had to cook it, and he was watching the whole process (15 minutes starting from boiling water, ending with cooling the corn with cold water) and refused to eat anything else. Boy, did he dig into it, not a kernel was left.

Auntie O and Uncle C came over with their new adopted pets after lunch, and Bud spent a few minutes admiring them.

Bud had a large supper again, finishing a whole chicken steak that M-lady prepared. Plus downing 10 ozs of juice, lots of broccoli and carrot.

Then the exercise on the floor mat began, with dancing, throwing and catching balls. He changed one of the toy jingle that ended with "Red Circle" to "Oh No" (covering his mouth with both hands) and went hysterical- kept playing over 10 times.

After the Pingu, brush teeth, wash hands and face, and story; bed time was easy, but this time we used a pacifier.

Monday, August 21, 2006

We're Back!

Check out M-lady's blog for details on our journey back, which took a day longer than expected.

We got back today at about 2:00pm, and Bud was already up from his nap (he had fallen asleep at about 11:30 returning from an outing). He was pretty happy to see us, but had clearly been well entertained by Ama and Agoo (M-lady's parents). We all played together for a little while before Ama and Agoo left for Aunt O's house. We thanked them profusely, and Bud said bye-bye to them very distinctly.

Bud was pretty rambunctious in the afternoon, but tired out in the early evening, probably because he had his nap a little earlier than usual. He ate reasonably well at dinner, then ate almost as much as M-lady when she and I shared our dinners with him a little later.

The bookcase in Bud's playroom was moved out after he bumped his nose on it while we were gone. We should go shopping for a kid friendly bookcase soon, so he doesn't go back to wanting to keep his books in a bucket.

We encountered some new behaviors from Bud this afternoon as well. I think some of them have been brewing for a while, some he picked up over the weekend, and some were new today. When I took my shoes off when we got home, Bud noticed a hole in one of my socks. He pointed at it and exclaimed, "Aiyaya!", which is what Nanny J uses as a general exclamation. It was very funny. He proceeded to point and exclaim at the hole in my sock several times.

He also has developed a new dance style, hanging onto fingers of a partner. Apparently he enjoyed doing this with Ama over the weekend. He stood me up, grabbed a finger, and started running in circles around me. I had to pass his gripping hand from one of my hands to the other as he raced around me.

We watched some Monday Night Football in the evening, and Bud started saying "football" as the evening pregressed. He also started giving me high-fives at dinner. I worked on getting him to raise his arms and say "touchdown", but no luck yet.

Bud had a great time wrestling with me today. I am really amazed at how much he loves to be turned upside down, flipped over, rolled, etc. I'll pick him up, flip him, put him back down, and he'll giggle and ask me to do it again. I expect he'll really like his gymnastics class.

He was pretty wiped out by bedtime, and went through the routine quickly and efficiently. He waved goodnight to us when we put him in his crib, and went to sleep without a sound.

Stay tuned for guest posts from Ama and Agoo covering the weekend!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Keeping Track of Family

Bud started making noise this morning at about 4:45, and when I went to check on him I discovered he had saturated his diaper and his PJs were wet. I changed him and we rocked in the glider for a little bit, but when I tried to lay him down in his crib he was having none of it. So I laid down with him on the couch in his room, where he promptly fell asleep, and stayed asleep until about 7:15. I managed to get another hour or so in as well.

We got up and hung out until about 8:20 or so, when I handed him off to M-lady. He was in a particularly good mood... I think the sleeping in suits him. It certainly suits me. It's a shame he hasn't been doing it more often.

He went to the park with Nanny J in the late morning, and they took a pail and shovels with them so he could play in the sand. Apparently he played very well with a 4-year-old boy who they met there. The report was that he came back a little 'mud man', so it was off to the bathtub. I suspect that indicates that he had a good time.

In the mid-afternoon, M-lady's parents arrived from San Diego for the weekend. Bud was pretty excited to see them. I saw him holding court in the playroom, with the grandparents and Nanny J. A little later on Aunt O and Uncle C arrived for dinner. Bud was making sure he had a good idea where everyone was. If someone left the room, he'd call their name to figure out where they'd gone.

After dinner I shared some ice cream with Bud for the first time in a while. He really enjoyed it. He was in a good mood all evening... I don't think I heard him whine once. It was very nice.

We all watched Pingu together, and then Uncle C and Aunt O left while Bud and family went through the bedtime preparations. M-lady and I are leaving this weekend to celebrate our anniversary, and it will be our first trip together away from Bud. M-lady's parents were learning the routine this evening, since they'll be taking care of Bud. Bud went down without any issues, although he did take a while with his milk again.

Since M-lady and I will be leaving tomorrow and returning Sunday, this blog might be a little anemic for a few days. I'll try to get some updates to make quick posts, though.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Getting Chatty

Bud woke this morning at about 5:45, and M-lady got up to hang out with him for a little bit. They snuggled until about 6:15, at which point they went to get some milk. I took him at 7:00, but he was clearly still sleepy, rubbing his eyes and nodding a bit. I tried rocking him in the glider (for the first time in maybe 6 months or so), but ended up laying him down in his crib. We sat quietly together, him in the crib and me on the couch, until about 8:00, at which point he dropped off to sleep for another 90 minutes.

In the later morning he went out to the library with Nanny J, and apparently had a good time. I heard him giggling quite a bit when they returned. He went on to take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon, so the extra sleep in the morning didn't mess up his schedule at all.

We started on dinner shortly after Nanny J left at 5:30. He wasn't so interested in the tortellini M-lady had prepared, but ate half of a hotdog followed by lots of cereal. He's started peeling his pieces of hotdog... it's hilarious.

After dinner we had a great video call with grandparents. Bud was very happy and engaged, and enjoyed singing songs, looking at the book they read to him, pointing out body parts, and pointing to other things in their room. It was the most interactive and giggly I've seen him on a vid call.

We had fun playing after that, generally being a little mellow. We enjoyed Pingu as a family before starting the bedtime routine. Bud took his time drinking his bedtime milk, but fell asleep quickly after that. Perhaps a little surprising after all that sleep today, but I guess he's catching up.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Whiny Morning, Fun Evening

Bud woke around 6:15 this morning. At least, I think he did. I forgot to turn on the monitor last night, and I heard him this morning at about 6:15. He was calling for a parent, although not very urgently. I have no idea how long he had been up, though. The past few nights when he's woken up earlier, he's been pretty quick to let us know, though.

The early morning was pretty mellow, reading books and playing with toys. It's remarkably how quickly his play room gets covered with toys. I think it's probably time for us to go through what he has and start storing away things he hasn't played with in a while.

M-lady watched Bud from about 7:00 to 8:00, and then I took him again from 8:00 to 9:00 while she was on a call for work. Bud ended up being very whiny for a chunk of that hour, and I thought it might be because he was hungry. I repeatedly offered him food, but he wasn't interested. Maybe I was offering the wrong food. In any case, he was pretty happy to see Nanny J again after a long weekend, and she managed to distract him pretty quickly.

The report was that he had a pretty good day, although he didn't nap very well. Nanny J tried to get him to nap in the morning without success, and he only slept for about 90 minutes in the afternoon. He got a bath as well in the afternoon. When I got home from work, he seemed pretty happy.

I got a bike ride in after work, and got home at about 7:00. Bud had been on an outing with M-lady to Target, during which he was apparently an angel, getting into and out of his car seat and stroller without a fuss. He also apparently ate well when they got home. When I got home at 7:00 he was all smiles.

I watched him from a little after 7:00 to bedtime, and we had a great time. He was in a playful mood, and we hung out in his playroom for a while before I decided to put a little bit of swing music on. He danced to 'Sing, Sing, Sing' before he got tired out and we settled in to watch a Pingu. I've got to get his dancing on video: it's such a joyful expression.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Lazy Sunday

Well, it would have been lazier had we slept in. Bud woke at about 5:15, which admittedly is better than 3:00. I went in and sat with him for a little while, and we got up and started the day a little before 6:00. Since Aunt K was sleeping in his playroom, we watched a little Bob the Builder and kept things low-key in the living room for a while.

M-lady and Aunt K got up a little before 8:00, and I managed to grab a little sleep while Bud had a second breakfast of raisin bread toast. Apparently during my nap I managed to miss the big poop of the day.

We ate an early lunch, since we needed to head towards the airport to drop off Aunt K. Since Bud had started the day early anyways, he was ready to eat at about 11:00. Taking a cue from yesterday, I prepared a hotdog for him, and he ate almost all of it.

We loaded into the car, fed and tired, and Bud fell asleep pretty quickly. We dropped off Aunt K without incident, and Bud slept quietly all the way home. When we got home, rather than try to move him, M-lady offered to sleep in the car with Bud until he finished his nap. Bud got in a solid 2 hour nap that way.

We had a DVD player in out bedroom which I discovered had died, so I took Bud on a little shopping outing in the afternoon. We hit a Best Buy first, and the selection was pretty emaciated. On the way out, I noticed a PetSmart store across the parking lot, so we went on a little side trip.

Bud really enjoyed seeing all the fish, as well as some cockatiels, rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs. We actually went back by the fish a few times, and he kept pointing and looking. There were some frogs as well, but they were hard to see in their terrarium... I'm not sure that Bud ever made them out.

In any case, we headed over to Fry's, and ended up getting a DVD player there. Rather than stick Bud in the stroller, I opted to carry him into Fry's and let him walk around a little. He had a good time until he tried to climb up one of the rolling staircases used to stock inventory above the ailes. It was painted blue and looked like a piece of playground equipment, so I couldn't really blame him. But I couldn't let him go up the stairs, and he was pretty upset with me. We made it out of Fry's without too much trouble after that.

In the evening, Bud enjoyed quite a bit of pizza for dinner, and managed to have a leaky diaper immediately afterwards. Not too much of a mess, but the boy really doesn't like having his diaper changed right now. Not sure why, but each diaper change is a serious struggle. We may have to modify the routine a little bit.

After dinner and the diaper change, I was a bit sleepy, so took a quick nap while M-lady and Bud watched a new Baby Einstein DVD I picked up at Best Buy while we were there. It was actually a little tough keeping Bud up until bedtime, since he was pretty tired. But we made it to Pingu, and he fell asleep quickly after that.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Party Day!

Most of today was geared towards getting ready for a party we hosted in the evening, including making sure Bud would be in a good mood when guests started arriving. The day started a little early, though. Bud woke again this morning at about 3:00, and M-lady got up and slept with him in his room until 6:00. I took him from 6:00 until a bit after 8:00.

Aunt K was sleeping in his playroom, so we got some milk quietly and spend most of the time in the living room. We looked out the windows for a bit, watched a couple of episodes of Bob the Builder, and caught an episode of Blue's Clues for the first time. Bud seemed to enjoy Blue's Clues quite a bit. Perhaps we'll see if we can watch it more often.

The morning and early afternoon were pretty mellow, and we stayed inside, watched a little pre-season football, and played. Bud was pretty high energy again, running around, wrestling, and climbing. At lunch I prepared his usual rice/chicken/spinach soup, and he had a few bites before he got a look at Aunt K's hotdogs. After that, he was only really interested in a hotdog, so I liberated about a third of one of Aunt K's and Bud downed it in short order. We saved the soup for later.

He was really sleepy after lunch, and went down for his nap without a fuss. He woke once during his nap after about an hour, but I managed to get him to fall asleep again. His nap, overall, lasted a little more than two hours, so it was a good nap.

When he woke, we set up a video call with one set of grandparents. Unfortunately, Bud was a bit groggy, and just sort of stared at them while they did their best to entertain him. He smiled a few times, but didn't interact as much as he normally does. So in the future, I'll make sure he's awake for a bit longer before putting him on the vid. Regardless, he enjoyed seeing his grandparents.

I took him in the shower with me after that, and we had a good time blowing bubbles and playing in the water. I pointed out to him that the soap suds were made of tiny little bubbles, and that got him very interested in the suds. He was a bit fussy getting out, but ended up mostly clean, so I suppose it was a successful shower.

Aunt K and I took Bud out to Safeway to pick up a few things before the party started, and Bud had a good time looking at all the stuff in the store, like he usually does. He also pointed out some sign letters to Aunt K and I, doing a particularly good job identifying the letters on the bakery sign.

Aunt O and Uncle C arrived at about 5:00pm, and Bud enjoyed seeing them again. Aunt O did some decorating, including cutting and arranging quite a few vases of flowers, and Bud managed to get ahold of some of the stems and had a good time running around with them.

Nanny K and her fiance J arrived at about 6:00, and Bud got Nanny K's undivided attention for quite some time. He defintely enjoyed getting to spend time with her, although he still seems a little leery of J.

As the rest of the guests arrived, Bud got a bit more cautious and clingy. He had a good dinner, eating most of the soup he dismissed at lunch. M-lady and I handed him back and forth during the evening, and he charmed everyone in his quiet, reserved, cute way. At the height of the party, we had about 30 guests, and Bud dealt with it all admirably, although he was getting pretty tired by bedtime.

We missed Pingu, but the rest of the bedtime routine was very smooth. We both hope he'll sleep through the night tonight.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Aunt K comes to Play

Bud woke at about 3:00 this morning, and I went and sat and slept in his room with him until he wanted to actually get up around 6:00. We read some books, played a bit, and had a generally mellow morning until M-lady got up around 8:00 to take a shift and feed him his second breakfast.

I took a brief nap and headed for work. M-lady, once again, did a great job of taking care of Bud today. Yay!

My little sister, Aunt K, is visiting this weekend, and arrived this afternoon. Due to airport security wackiness, we decided to have Aunt K take a taxi from the airport to a nearby friend's house, and meet M-lady and Bud there, rather than have M-lady try to drive into and out of the airport. Apparently, the plan worked well.

They met at E's place, and it sounds like a good time was had by all. Bud apparently had a great time sweeping.

They got Jamba Juice for lunch, and Bud put away an entire 16 ounce juice. However, he didn't go down for a nap today. The report was that he was really hyper at home... possibly having Aunt K around, who is having a great time playing and singing songs with him. Sounds like he was giggling/screaming and running up and down the hallways in the house for a good chunk of the afternoon.

I got home and was greeted by a still wound-up kid. He engaged in some wrestling with Aunt K and I for a short time, and then we all headed to Fresh Choice for dinner. Bud ate well there, munching on a variety of beans, corn bread, and of course really going at the ice cream for dessert. He even ate part of the cone for the first time. I over heard an older gentleman sitting next to us remark to his wife, "That boy really gets into his ice cream!"

Returning home after a very pleasant dinner, Bud's energy level was still remarkably high. He started a new game of lunging headfirst from the couch in the playroom, but with the padding underneath he didn't seem to come to any harm. Aunt K caught him a few times, then realized he was catching himself with his hands reasonably well. I think he's going to enjoy the gymnastics class.

About an hour before bedtime, Bud clearly started being interested in going to bed. We managed to keep him awake until Pingu came on, but the bedtime routine was pretty quick after that. He was exhausted when we put him in his crib, and curled up and fell asleep almost immediately. I sure hope he sleeps better tonight, though.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lots of Friends

Bud didn't sleep very well last night. Apparently, he woke at about 2, and M-lady went and slept in his room with him. I managed to entirely sleep through that incident. I got up with him around 6:15, though, which was plenty early.

Nanny J's daughter is getting married this weekend, so she was taking today and tomorrow off. M-lady decided to take the days off as well, since she seems to have a fair bit of vacation accrued. So M-lady took over for me a little after 8:00, and took Bud out to pick up some bagels while I snoozed a little bit more.

We hosted the Mommy group today! Six of Bud's little friends and their mommies came over, making for a very busy household. It was great to see them all... many we've managed to miss for a number of weeks. The kids are interacting more and more, often in ways not just delimited by trying to hold or play with the same toy at the same time (although there was plenty of that). Bud is still a little shy in the big group, but was having more fun towards the end. The conversation with the other mommies is always great, since we're all going through similar issues around the same time.

After a very successful Mommy group, M-lady fed Bud some lunch and I headed off to work. Bud had a nice long nap after not sleeping enough last night and a very stimulating morning. M-lady did have to wrestle with him to get his diaper changed, though. Recently he sometimes really doesn't want to have his diaper changed, just like when he really doesn't want to get in the car seat. Can't wait 'til he's potty trained.

He was a little grumpy when I got home, having just had his diaper changed, but we mellowed out a bit in front of a Bob the Builder episode. Aunt O and Uncle C arrived shortly thereafter for dinner, and were delighted to hear Bud address them by name (or reasonably close approximations). Bud had a good time playing with both of them.

Dinner was fish and corn and noodles, and Bud had a good helping of each. We managed to eat dinner a little bit earlier than usual, so there was more playing after dinner and before Pingu. He was pretty tired by the time bedtime rolled around, though, and said night-night to Aunt O and Uncle C while rubbing his eyes. Changing his diaper before bed was another chore, and he struggled mightily. By the time we put him down in his crib, he was really tuckered, and fell asleep quickly.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Rediscovering Tunnels

Bud woke early again this morning, but not ridiculously early. He was up at around 6:15. Better, I suppose. M-lady got up with him, and I took a brief shift from about 7:30 to 8:00. During our time, Bud was very interested in pulling up letters from the pads on the floor. We had a pretty good time.

Bud and Nanny J went to the library again today, for the slightly older kids (2-3 1/2 yr olds) book reading. There's apparently more stuff to play with in the older kids' session, and Bud had a good time.

It was warm today, and Bud got a bath in the afternoon. M-lady and I heard him merrily splashing away as we worked in the office. Shortly after, he wandered into the office to say hi. We usually have to remove him forcibly from the office, since both Mommy and Daddy are there, and there are all sorts of flashing lights, and buttons, and things to get into. But Nanny J just suggested to Bud that they should go have some watermelon, and Bud immediately turned to M-lady and I, waved goodbye, and trotted off. I suppose that lets us know where we rank.

Bud was pretty wound up in the evening. After Nanny J left, we made a quick call to a set of grandparents, but Bud was a bit too squirmy to interact much. Although he did like seeing Grandma Nese's cat.

We pulled out the tunnels again and Bud had a blast playing with them. He would crawl through, and I would surprise him, and he'd giggle and giggle. Then he would squish the tunnel flat, or crawl through again, or run around it. Later in the evening, he took one of the short ones and stood up in the middle of it and turned circles and giggled. He burned off a lot of energy doing that.

Dinner was spaghetti (no sauce) and some more chicken. We topped it off with a little more watermelon, since it was a bit hotter today. Bud was a little fussy through dinner, but enjoyed the watermelon, of course. Bedtime came up soon, and was pretty uneventful.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lots of Words

Bud woke early again this morning, at about 5:15. We've theorized that he's getting hungry early in the morning, so M-lady fed him some milk immediately and tried to put him back to sleep. He wasn't interested in sleeping again. I sat up with him while he lay in his crib from about 6:00 to 6:40, at which point we got up. We read a number of books and general stayed pretty low key for a while.

He was a little wary of the cleaners who arrived at 8:00, but generally seemed OK with them. He was, as usual, very excited to see the garbage trucks coming by. I commented to M-lady how the garbage trucks are so much cooler than they used to be, with the big automated arm on the side which reaches out and grabs trashcans. I can see why Bud likes them.

M-lady showed me that Bud revealed a couple of new words this morning to her. He now identifies the stuffed giraffe on the mobile over his changing table, calling it a 'jaff'. He also unleashed a new word when he saw a picture of himself and M-lady sitting on a statue of a turtle: 'tuh-tle'. A two-syllable word! M-lady and I were both duly impressed.

I spent most of the day at work today, but news was Bud had a good day with Nanny J. They went to the library today, and apparently read a book on potty training (his choice). It was also reported that he said something like a full sentence to Nanny J today: 'bao-bao shi so'. 'Bao-bao' is 'pick up', he indicated himself while he said that, and 'shi so' is 'wash hands'. He wanted to be picked up so he could wash his hands (read: play in the water) at the sink. His capacity for self-expression seems to be growing by leaps and bounds daily.

An interesting difficulty in teaching him two languages is registering that he's saying a word rather than just his standard chattering. When it's not in the language you're expecting, it can be hard to pick up on. I sort of wonder how many words we've missed, and if he's given up on any words since we didn't offer quick and appropriate encouragement.

Shortly after I got home, we all trooped off to Armadillo Willy's for dinner. Bud enjoyed the cornbread, but didn't go for either my pork sandwich or M-lady's burger. When we arrived home, though, he ate several helpings of chicken and rice soup, and topped it off with 7 ounces of milk before bed. Hopefully that will last him through the night, and maybe he'll sleep a little longer.

Monday, August 07, 2006

A Very Early Morning

Bud woke this morning at 4:15. Ugh. I got up to see if he was OK, and put him back to bed. But he didn't go back to sleep. At about 5:30, we got up for good.

I got him some milk, and some cereal, and we read books and played for a while. At about 6:30, Bud was showing signs of being tired again, and I started to take him back to his room to lie down. M-lady intercepted us, and took charge of Bud while I went back to bed. Apparently, they slept together on the couch for 2 hours, and got up right before Nanny J arrived.

Bud apparently had a pretty good day, with no obvious ill effects to his schedule from the night's activities. He ate very well, and each time I saw him as I passed through he was heading for food. I wonder if he has another growth spurt coming on.

M-lady relayed a story about a walk that Bud and Nanny J went on this afternoon. During their walk, they were invited to pick some tomatos from a neighbor's garden. Bud carefully picked two tomatos, and carried them all the way home. When they got home, he went to the middle of the kitchen, and squished both tomatos, making a mess on the floor.

I got home from work a little after 5:00, and had to run a quick errand which kept me out until near 6:00. I decided to take Bud for a bike ride when I returned, and we did a quick 12 miler. Bud seemed OK for the first part, and we stopped and had some juice and cereal at the halfway point. But Bud didn't want to get going again, and cried in the trailer for a few minutes, which was tough. But we needed to get moving again to get home before it started getting dark.

Bud was pretty hungry when we got home. He downed and egg and a half, scrambled, along with a fair bit of watermelon and some cereal. We missed Pingu in the feeding frenzy. After the meal, the bedtime routine was pretty standard, including another 5 ounces of milk. I'd love to know where Bud's putting all this food.

Here's hoping he sleeps through the night tonight.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Reaching New Heights

Bud got up a little early this morning, at about 6:15. I got up with him, and we hung out and played for much of the morning. He was full of energy (and I was a bit groggy), so I mostly watched him run around the playroom. At one point, as I sat on the floor with my legs steepled in front of me, he climbed up my knees, launched himself headfirst down the far side, and flipped over onto his back on the floor. I was worried for a moment; then he giggled and giggled, and came around to do it again.

At about 8:30 M-lady got up and I managed to get a quick snooze and then get dressed. Bud apparently ate a significant amount of watermelon while I slept.

M-lady left for her ballet class shortly afterwards, and Bud and I read some books before packing up and heading off to Stanford. We picked up some Jamba Juices, and wandered around campus a bit. Bud got a good amount of exercise in, and got to see the Claw, the fountain in front of Green, the Quad, the Burghers of Calais (from a distance... I think they scared him), and the grass in front of the Engineering Quad.

My plan to wear him out seemed to have worked, as Bud fell asleep on the way home. I managed to transfer him to his crib without too much incident. I got a little lunch for myself, and a quick nap before he woke again.

M-lady came home shortly after he woke up. After M-lady got situated, I took a quick nap. Upon my awakening it was reported to me that Bud had been climbing a bit during my nap. He had climbed up onto one of the dining room chairs, sat himself down, and reached for a bowl containing his cereal on the table. M-lady got a shot of him sitting at the table like a big boy.

After I got up, we turned on the first preseason pro football game. Yay! Bud's second football season. I'm going to get him to signal touchdowns this year.

We set up a video call with Grandad, who managed to get his audio working again. The past few calls we've had to use a speakerphone sitting next to the PC to carry audio, which seems like an inelegant solution. In any case, Bud was happy to see Grandad, although he got squirmy quickly as it got close to dinnertime.

Bud was pretty anxious for dinner, and ate well. He had lots of fish, toast, and asked for watermelon for desert. And of course, made a pretty good mess, so we loaded into the shower shortly thereafter.

We had a short video call with another set of grandparents after the shower, and Bud was his usual charming self. We actually connected with audio before the video connected, and Bud correctly identified Grandad by voice. I was pretty impressed.

After the video call, we played for a few minutes before Pingu came on. The bedtime routine was pretty standard, although Bud got a slow sippy cup for his milk and spent a long time on it. He was pretty tired by bedtime, though, and fell asleep quickly.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mommy Comes Through Again

M-lady picked Bud up this morning when he got up around 7:00. I was able to sleep in until about 7:45, when I got up and got ready for another bike ride.

Apparently they had a good time at home, and then spent some time at the Sunnyvale Farmer's Market. Bud splashed in the fountain with abandon, until M-lady had to remove his shirt and mop him down.

Bud was pretty sleepy when I arrived home, but hadn't taken a nap yet. He and M-lady were curled up on the couch, watching a Bob the Builder. I took a quick shower, and then put Bud down in his crib at about 2:15. It was about 45 mintues before he fell asleep.

Bud was apparently pretty tired, as he slept for almost 3 hours. He was cranky when he got up, so we got dinner together pretty quickly. He wolfed down a good portion of M-lady's noodles, and then had a solid chunk of one of my hot dogs.

After dinner, when he was feeling better, we did some web surfing together. We looked at the Bob the Builder site, and noted the existence of Bob the Builder Lego. Very cool stuff. We also looked at the Brio site. Bud was very excited to see the trains.

After dinner had settled a bit, I took Bud into the playroom and we threw the balls around and wrestled for a bit. We both had a great time. The time went by quickly, and Pingu was on before we knew it. The bedtime routine was pretty standard, and he fell asleep quickly, despite the long nap.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Taking in a Play

Bud slept in this morning! How nice. Of course, he apparently didn't nap for very long yesterday, so we don't have to look very far for a cause. M-lady got up with him at about 8:30, and they had a good time before Nanny J arrived.

I saw Bud briefly a couple of times today as I passed through, and he seemed pretty happy each time. He and Nanny J ran an errand in the morning, and also stopped by the Cupertino Library again to say "Hi" to the fish. Bud apparently enjoyed that very much. Bud ate well and slept well today.

There was also some discussion for signing up for classes for next season. We are considering a music class and a gymnasics/tumbling class for him. I think we're going to shoot for one activity a day, in order to prepare him for pre-school.

In the evening, M-lady and I decided to take Bud out to Children's Theater in the Park in Mountain View. The Penninsula Youth Theater was putting on The Golden Goose. We got to Mountain View about a half-hour before the performance, so we wandered over to a nearby noodle house for dinner. Bud ate a great deal of M-lady's dinner, including cabbage, chicken, beef, and noodles. And he really enjoyed a good part of her frozen strawberry drink.

After dinner, we wandered over to the ampitheater to see the production. We showed up after it started, and found a place in the back to throw down our blanket on the grass and plop down. Bud was entranced by the young performers. M-lady and I agreed that the good sound system contributed significantly to the enjoyment of the performance. We could all hear most of what was being said.

Bud's attention waned after about 20 minutes, so we packed up and wandered back to the car. We spent a total of about 75 minutes in Mountain View, but it felt like a full evening with dinner and theater. We made it home in time for Pingu, and tucked a very tired Bud into bed shortly thereafter.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hitting the Mall

Bud woke again this morning at about 6:45. I'm not sure what's getting him up that early... I'm pretty sure it's not me making noise. In any case, M-lady had an early meeting this morning so I got up to take care of Bud.

We were pretty mellow in the morning, reading, eating, and watching a Bob the Builder. Bud now says 'jay-jay!' any time the hardware supply store owner, JJ, appears. He'll actually say the names of many of the characters (Muck is another favorite... 'Muh!'), but JJ is certainly the most successfully vocalized. Probably because there's no ending consonant in his name.

Bud sucked down another smoothie at about 10:00, and we packed up and headed off to the mall for an outing. Bud fell asleep for about 10 minutes on the way there. Interestingly enough, he never sleeps in his stroller. He can be totally passed out, and you drop him in the stroller, which reclines nicely, and he pops awake.

In any case, we wandered around the mall for a little bit, and Bud had a great time pointing out letters on the store signs to me. After a loop and a half, we wandered over to the food court and had some lunch. Bud didn't want any of my parmesan chicken sandwich, so contented himself with the cereal we had brought along.

After lunch, it was on to the play area! It was relatively quiet, but there were still about half a dozen other kids running around. Bud enjoyed running around and watching the other kids, but stayed pretty close to me until about 5 minutes before it was time to go. I got some photos on a new phone camera I have for work, but I'm having some trouble getting them off the phone and onto the PC.

Bud did not fall asleep on the way home. Nanny J arrived shortly after we did, and Bud didn't take his nap until pretty late in the day, I gather. He was pretty happy when I saw him again around 5:30, though.

M-lady got home just as Nanny J was departing, making a very long day for her. I grilled some burgers for dinner, and we offered one to Bud. Once I figured out that he didn't like the ketchup this time, things went more smoothly. He liked ketchup last time! He ended up eating about half a burger, and grabbed the top bun off the burger as well.

After dinner I took a quick jaunt out to Home Depot, leaving Bud at home for some mommy time. They were both happy when I got back, so that was OK. Bedtime went smoothly, and Bud seemed to fall asleep quickly after a long day.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Bud got up this morning at about 6:45, which was a little early for me, but I rolled out of bed to get him anyways. He had dropped his pacifier and his blanky on the floor, and was standing in his crib looking down at them mournfully. I scooped him up, retrieved the items, and we got the day started.

Bud and I read stories and played with puzzles quite a bit in the morning. He's started to be able to get the pieces into the wooden puzzles a bit more often, which is both satisfying and frustrating for him. Satisfying when he gets a piece to fit, but frustrating when he can't, since he knows it's possible and understands what he's trying to do.

He also managed to turn on the radio part of a clock radio we have in the play room. We never use it as a radio, so it was half-tuned to a station and the volume was a bit loud, and it scared him. It also took me a little longer to turn it off, so he was a bit rattled by the time quiet was restored. I'll have to make sure the volume is turned down for the next time he manages to turn it on.

He went to the Cupertino Library again with Nanny J today, and spent some time looking at the impressive fish tank. I'll have to get down there myself sometime to get a picture.

In the evening we all went out to dinner at Chevy's with Nanny K. Nanny K brought a really cute book for Bud: Peek-a-Pet! The book seemed to be a hit with Bud, so Nanny K was happy. Nanny K also got to hear Bud say her name (which he's done before, but not around her).

Dinner was good, and Bud tried some chips, and chicken quesadilla, and had some tomato and grilled onions. He also had a not insignificant portion of my grilled steak, which was pretty tender and cut up into very small pieces.

We got home in time unwind for a few minutes before watching Pingu. Bedtime was pretty straightforward, and Bud went down without fuss.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Developing His Dance Moves

Bud woke this morning at 5:45. Ugh. M-lady got up to take care of him first, and handed him off sometime around 7:30. Bud was plenty happy, although it was cooler last night than it's been in a while and we may have underdressed him a a bit. We'll put him back in a light sleeper for tonight.

Nanny J arrived at 9:00, and Bud seemed pretty glad to see her. I was able to slip off to the office without much ado. Apparently they went to the library for reading hour today, but Bud is getting a little more restless and a little less content with sitting still and listening.

He also managed to turn the range on in the kitchen today, so we'll have to either take the knobs off the range or try some of those knob locking covers. The baby-proofing is never-ending.

In the afternoon, I was called out to watch Bud's new dance steps. Without music, he was pretty worked up, and seemed to have a little routine developed. He would take a step (read: stomp) or two forward, then back, then stomp in place, add a couple of hops (really! hops!), then sit and sort of roll a bit. It looked better than some modern dance we've seen.

We relaxed and calmed down a little as Nanny J left, and got some dinner shortly thereafter. Bud drank near 16 ounces of juice with dinner. Must have been all that dancing.

After dinner we took a quick, unsuccessful trip to Target to look for the range knob covers. Bud got a chance to run around a little in the store, and didn't want to be picked up again as we moved on. It was getting pretty late though, and he had woken up early, so must have been pretty tired.

We arrived home in time to catch Pingu and launch the bedtime routine. Bud let M-lady brush his teeth tonight, rather than demanding to do it himself as he has in the past. I think it was because he didn't want to put down his toys. In any case, bedtime went smoothly, and he seems to have fallen asleep quickly after a long day.